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Th.- eis'lity- v.-iith .innis- rsary of ths SSUbllSll'
mein of M.th,.-ll-.il in tl.,* village ol Williams.
-B.TR, DOW Hi" Kistern District ot Hrooklj ll
ssas ralcliiiic 1 yesterday lr, thi- South Second
Street listbodlst Episcopal Church, i" Boutl
Hecond-s'.., n-ar Driggs-av-, tbs .-itt* where thi
first Methodist Church waa erected. Ths chore!
ia- flll.'.l ssith s loree congregation at the opening
aervlce, which benn it il o'cl. ck, :h" Rev. A, ll
Wynn, of Norwalk, Conn., s former paator lellver
Inn the sermon. There srere many Methodist min
Uteri, pr K.-nc In th.- evening an anniversary en
t> rtiiintn.nt and -tipper were given lhe supper be
lng in charn nf the Ladles' Aid Society, r.pwortl
League ami Sunday-school pupils.
At fhe supper thc paator of the t-hureh. the Rev
Dr. H. lc Weston, mode m addrsss. Th- . x-r
cises will i.e continued until Sunday. Thia evenlni
specinl aervlcea will !> ? held, ann <>ti Sunday
love feast w-iii be held ..' 9:30 In the morning. Al
JO?:*) Profeasor S. i\ L'pham, of Drew Theologies
Seminary, will preach.
Three poHcomoa se. re suspended yesterday l>5
Police Captain Campbell, of th" First Product, <>r
charges of drunkenness, rand will bs tried by Com
The Hrooklyn Orphan Asylum, the oiliest chari?
table institution in Brooklyn, ls in need of ftmdi
to meet the expenses of the ness- addition now I.e.
Ins malle to Its building. Th- S.Ml Society ol
Hrooklyn lins generously undertaken to al'l th.
management in this work l.y giving ii matinee ai
the Academy of Music this afternoon at '?'. o'clock,
The matinee is to be a superior musical entertain*
ment under the directorship of Anton S-ldl, ;in0
with the assistance of Mme. Amelia Materna. Kmll
Fischer, the orchestra and the choir boya "f Qrac*
Church. The programme is worthy the hearty in?
dorsement of the music-loving public. Tickets f"t
this matinee are on sale at Wi.-sr.-r's, No. 17M Kui
John Y. McKaM and six other residents of
Gravesend will spy ear before .tildie Barnard in
tho Sii|ir>-ine Court to-dny to ntissver to the Charge
of com.mpt of court in their actions on election
A Coroner's jury hiis found as the result of the
Inquest in tlie cns.- of Neil McKechnie, ol' No. :;?:!
Thirty-ninth-:-!., ssh', died ai th.- Norwegian Hoe*
pital l.i.-t sv-.k, that death ssas due to a rupture
and periiortitl.. from unknown causes. He ssas
wrestling la .t liquor-Shop tho night before he ssas
taken to the hospital and injured himself.
John Hastie, driver, and Christopher Chiffoe, con?
ductor, of the Street-car in Sumner-ave. which ran
( vi r sad killed .Mrs. Elisabeth Hillings on Wednes?
day night, afore heM for examination on December
VI by Police Justice duetting in the Gates Avenue
Police Court yesterday.
Locke Richardson will recite "Othello" before the
members of the Hrooklyn Institute this afternoon.
The Kev. Thomas Chalmers has resigned the pas?
torate o. the Church of Christ, in Sterling Place,
which h" has held for a little more than a year.
He intends to become a Congregational minister.
The bow frame church of BX. Barbara, Bleecker*
st. and rentrai-ave.. sv..s dedicated yesterday by
Bishop McDonnell, in the presence of a largs eon*
gregatlon. The celebrant ssas the Hev. Peter Dottf*
fenbach, pastor of the Church of th.* Most Holy
Trinity, Father Weitekamp, neting as deacon and
the Rev. George Kaupert, of the Church of the
Annunciation, as sub-deacon. The master of cere?
monies was the Wot. J. J. Hauselman, of the Holy
Family Church. The sermon was preached by the
Rev. M. W. Wagner, of St. Rernard's Church. The
building cost about fflMMl including the grounds,
lt has a frontage of loo feet and a depth of 175
feet. The pastor ls the Rev. H. F. Weitekamp.
The parish is a new one.
Raltlmore. Nov. 30 (Special).?Prominent coal-mine
operators of Western Maryland believe that Sena
. tor Gorman and several Democratic Congressmen
j of West Virginia nnd Maryland will oppose the
' removal of the duty on coal, as psaposid by the
Wilson bill. Senator Gorman ls personally in?
terested In West Virginia minim? companies. All
the large soft coal companies will probably unite
In a protest to Congress against handing over the
great soft coal business now done in Maryland
and West Virginia with New-England to the Cana?
dian companies. John Wilson, of Rlack, Sheridan
& Wilson, says the placing of coal on the free list
will paralyze their coal trade In New-Kngland. J.
Harry Lee, a Democrat, and president of the
Newbury Orrel Coal and Coke Company, agrees
with Mr. Wilson, and further says:
"The Nova Scotia coal mines are owned by the
Canadian Government. A royalty of from 10 to 15
cents a ton is paid bv the company operating those
mines, and thus, through the Wilr-on bill, th.- I'nit.-d
States will bs causing the Canadian Treasury
to receive a very large sum of money yearly as
revenue from this coal, while the output of the
American mines is cut down."
Charles Mackall, president of the West Fairmont
Coke and Coal Company, and general manager "f
the Montana Coal Company, who is also a Demo*
crat. said that if the Wilson bill becomes a law
Tennessee. Alabama. West Virginia and Maryland
Will go Republican at the next election.
I'.altimore manufacturers generally find fault with
the bill. D. F. Haynes, of the Cheaapeake Tottery
C'ompans*. one of the largest concerns of its kind
In the countrv. said that the reduction of over 45
per cent on the grades of pottery most largely
imported would seriously cripple the Anvrican in?
di ???try. So small was the margin of profit In the
manufacture of pottery to-day, on account Ol
home and foreign competition, that any reduction
of price from lowering of the duty must come
off the ?ag-s of the employes. Wag.ts paid to pot?
tery employes on the Continent are about one-third.
end In England less that, one-hall, what the Ameri?
can workmen receive.
N. M. Rlttenhouse, of the Raltlmore Terra Cutta
Works, announces that If the bill passes, th.* works
will either have to shut down or wages be reduced.
Raltlmore is one of the largest clothing manufact?
uring c ntres In the country. Manufacturers here
supply New-York. Philadelphia and Boston trade.
Th?y are up In arms against the Wilson bill. .1.
Hamburger & Sons, one of the largest li rms, said
that If the bill passes th**lr shop will be closed, as
they cannot compete with firms that pay their
workmen only twenty cents a day.
Brunswick. Ga., Nov. JW.?The Yellow Fever
Relief Committee has adopted the following state?
"The expenditures for charity, to those familiar
with the circumstances surrounding our people
before and during the epidemic, need no explana?
tion. More could have l>e<*n wisely expended had
the Treasury authorized lt. The expenditures of
the commissary, beyond the distribution of supplies
sent by a generous public, were largely to purchase
supplies of which the commissary ran short, and
in the purchase of stimulants for tbs sick and
Special food for the convalescent. The city treas*
ury. due to bank failures and other cms' s, wns
empty. Tlie largs expenditures for police sanitation
and special sanitation, made necessary by hurri
rane and flood, have fallen upon this committee
as the only organized body which could attend to
these matters, lt was thought wise to keep as nui'iy
male adult-, who must n-cessarlly be fed, at work
os possible, thus keeping them out of mischief .
and creating the feeling that they were earning I
the food and money received. Every effort has j
been made through the preachers of this city, tne I
members of the committee and special canvassers ,
to Investigate carefully and distribute rations, i
money and clothing to the needy, no matter what ;
their circumstances under ordinary conditions had !
"Confronted by the sad conditions of the last '
three months, we have dealt with them as best are
could, meeting emergencies as they aiose. Funds
have be.n practically exhausted at times, with
rations on hand to last but three days. Counting
upon the generosity of the American people, we
have purchased s-ui-plies on credit, and our trim
bas bei*n su.-talned. for funds and provisions came.
Th- cir. I- of those needing aid widened daily
during the first days of the epidemic. Those "ii
the islands and in the country have been consider.d
Within the range where assistance should be ren?
dered When needed, and over 6.000 people have
received assistance.
"When, upon the partial subsidence of t*he epi?
demic, careful Investigation of our suppliea and
funds indicated that we could null through, thank?
ful to s generous public, which In tinten ..f great
general distress had eome to ..ur Bid, we announced
that with donations <n route w>- would ask no
further aid-ihat we desired no surplus, and would
trust to 'he future to bring us business and place
the people in a position to help themseivea. To the
railroad and other transportation ofllcers. a great
and generous public, to the public press of the
country, to each and every other agency and Indi?
vidual contributing to relieve the distress of the
psople shut In here as a besieged city we tender
heartfelt thanks.'
ASTOR-Oeaersl A. J. Wbhmc, M ?"?**?**??? BtBTmt avi*.
I HUE .s-.semiii.vm ni deon* R- Mali's, of OgiiBBbais,
j and Isaac V. Baker, jr., ol CbsBBtoek, B. v. st.
| JAMES ? ?-?ii Clay ru,.! Reata- Veiw* VICTORIA-Aa
l Blatant rnetmaattr Qi narai yVaali H. lonee,
st. Aadrew*a Society aonnal dlaaer, Dttaaelea'a
i: : i Tranali (*__-_-laBl-Oer_, Ko, S3 sviiiam-?t., J p. m.
Convention ot Association "f Colleges "n't V rep nra la ry
Beta* la, Columbia CoHefc
Lecture hy W'i'.li.un Hamlltos Gibson, No. ll Wr.t
T\v< nty-nitith-st., it:l.'. p. m.
Drcadawonl conleet, Madlaoo Square Oanlen.
Haa*ea_ack'i anlflBol thom, Tattersall'.*.
Funeral "f Ioho J, Kiernan, .*?'? ?tefhan'a Church,
Brooklyn, IO a. m.
Delta I'M i'm tern Itv ron v<*n'l?n. N'.>. TA East Tottf
Binth-at., ti::ui a. m.; dinner Hotel Waldorf, 7 p. m.
Pair it. ail nt treen Air Food, Ko, '."-"J Keap-nt.,
J!r.*..kls n.
Phi '.ailinn Ii-lt.i dinnir, Hotel Miirlliiirniich. S p. m.
SS'. Spencer Waltoo before Pulton-st noonday prayer
Arthur COaaat'i leeton "n "A Memorable Epoch" be?
fore tba Qoldey Society. Ha I West IVmrteenth-st, 0
P. BB.
The Destroyer went out for a trial trip yester?
day. Sh- will start for Ilrazll in tow on Sunday
.lames Skelly, fifty-one years old, a truckman,
died in Bellevue Hospital yesterday from injuries
received by falling from his truck.
There were tsvo deaths from smallpox at North
Brother Island ysslsrtlsy Jamas Supple, twenty
years old, .No. IS" l'ark Kosv, who was admitted
november 21, and Alice Chrtstlanaoa, twenty-eight
years old. No. Ml West Slxty-elghth-st., admitted
November 27. There was only one new case, that
of Dora McGuire, svho was taken from her home,
Nu. M West Thlrty-second-st., to the Reception
Philip Schaum, proprietor of a delicatessen store
at N". Ill Tcnth-avc, believing his life In .langer
at the hands of his giant son l'.-ter. twenty-five
years old, svho ls six feet two inches tall, caused
his arr,ii_iini. nt al the Yorkvllle Police Court yes?
terday. The son ssas hell.
Nearly a year ago Postmaster lluyl-r and his
staff of clerks and letter carriers went to Mount
Vernon and presented a larg- photograph to Poet
master lilias and hts staff of clerks and carriers
as a testimonial ol their esteem sad la recogni?
tion "i nil and encouragement given when the
free delivery system sins established lure. On
Wednesday night the compliment was returned l.y
a presentation t.> Postmaster Huyler and his stuff
of the photographs, cabinet size, of Postmaster
Huss. Assistant Postmaster Hubbell and tbs nins
letter carriers and clerks. The picture*, were
mounted within s handsome gilt frame four feel
long aini three toot wide. The presentation wai
made by Colonel Muss, and the gift was accepted
by Postmaster Huyler. A supper ssas then served
at th.* hotel. Addresses were mads hy Mr.
McCarty, president of the village; a. E. Dillon.
Captain Clark, ol the Cunard Steamship Line;
Postmaster Maynard, of Whit- Plaina: Charlea ll.
St.-i kti-r. "f "The Mount Vernon Argus"; Mr
? 'amp. of "The Fort chester Enterprise, and M.
Blalne, Edltoi of "The Port Cheater Times." Oeorx.
Stephens ("Wade Whipple") also entertained th.
guests, and kept them in a roar of laughter.
John Delflno, who is awaiting death In Sing Sing
prison, pa Bond a quiet Thanksgiving. He had no
visitors except Fathet Milo. D.ltlno and th.- other
murderers had a turk-y dinner. The other convicts
had apples, tea with milk and sugar, nnd two
cigars for dinner. The Hev. .1. C. S. Wallia, the
chaplain, held senrlcss in the chajarl yesterday
Miss Agnes Scott, who shot herself at her home.
No. Ill Avenue K, Jersey City, cn Tuesday In con?
sequence of the breaking of her marriage engage?
ment with J. I.Inn Hruce, had Improved yesterday,
and Dr. Finn thought sh* might Ilse. None of the
bullets had touched the heart or lungs. The young
woman's relatives yesterday said that Mr. I.nice. In
the letter breaking th-- engagement, besides s.isn.g
h.- no longer los-.-a h. r, declared ti at he loved
another woman.
Th?* new Parochial Sehool of St. Peter's Catho
Uc Parish in Ness-1 imp-wick was dedicated -res
terday with imposing cet-essoaiea The school is
built on a lot at Somerset and Division sts.. glv-n
by the lat.- simon Carter, ssho was a wealthy
m-rnber of the congregation. The school ls of fine
architectural style, designed by Supervising Archi
tect Jeremiah 0*Rotirke, of the Federal buildings
at Washington. lt cost over HMM. Ths dedication
address wns made hy the very Rev. William
O'Brien Partlow, Provincial of the Jesuits of Hew*
York, 'iii- blessing was pronounced by Hlshop
O'Farrell, of Trenton. An American flag ssas
raised by delegations from th- tsvo Orand Army
post.i in th.- city, a parada by Catholic societies
preceded tlie ceremonies.
A new building to be used ns a training school
for nurses In connection with the Herman Hos?
pital was dedicated yesterday. The school is on a
plot adjoining the hospital, and was given by Mrs.
Christina Tr.fz, svho also furnished lt throughout
at a total cost of BLOM. All the prominent for?
man families of th.- city participated In the exer?
cises Judge John Otto presiding. Mrs. Trefz pre*
s. nt ed th- keya of the building to the president
and Hoard of Trustees of the hospital society.
A handsome American flag and pole were pre?
sented yesterday bv Mi,nus I,. Ward I'ost, Cl. A.
H.. to "the Cemetery ->f the Holy Sepulchre. The
pole was raised in the cemetery when the pre?
sentation took place. Monsignor Doane received
the gift op behalf of the cemetery trustees, and
blessed the flag.
_? ? ? rn ??
Covenant Presbyterian Chapel, Nos. -10 nnd "ll
Ka-t roils-:-' ICOnd St., the Hev. ."forge S. Wcb
Ster, minister in charge, was, last evening, or
ganlsed Into a SSIWIStS church, and will here?
after be known by th" name hitherto borne by
Un- PlOSbylfllan Church of the Covenant, Park?
as-, and Thirty-fifth-st., the Hev. Dr. J. Hall
Mcllvalne, pastor, "f which lt was formerly a
part, aad Which is now practically consolidate,!
arith the Brick Presbyterian Church, No. avi rifth
avi-, the H.v. Dr. Henry van Dyke, pastor. The
spacious and handsome auditorium was completely
filled with an Interested congregation, on either
sid- of tlie platform ss.-r- large urns lilied vs Ith
fruits and Hosier.-, while on the wall, in tho nar
of th.* pulj.il, were tsso large bronze medallions,
surrounded with wreaths of evergreen and bear?
ing the dates "UH" and "IBW," Indicating the
year in which th- chapel was organized as ii
mission and ah a church.
The services, conducted by the Kev. Dr. M
Ilvalne, were interspersed with singing by the Cove?
nant Choral Society, with William Iv Hel,t,nr'l
as organist and John lt. Cassidy as precentor
Th" HcriptUie lesaon was read by the Hev. Dr.
Mcllvalne, and prayer was otvered l.y Professor
?francie Hr..ssh, of Colon Theological Seminary.
A congratulatory adilre.H was delivered l.v the
Hey. Henry W, HCEwen, pastor of th- Fourteenth
Street Presbyterian Church, who was pastor of
Covenant Chapel from IBB, to UBI, ami who reel*
'rglv alluded to his former happy association with
the eonjrrezatlon.
Of a Committee on Organization appointed by the
Pre. byt,- consisting of nve cl.-rirryrnen and three
elders, there were present the Hev. Dr. Mcllvalne,
chairman; thc Hev. Dr. Charles j_. Thompson, pas?
tor of the Maddon Avenue l'regbyterl,(n church,
the Hev. Jame., ?-, Hoadley. pastor of Faith Pres?
byterian Church; the Rev. Mr. MeF.wen. and Elders
J. Cleveland 'adv. ..1 Covenant church, and
Ihonii.s Qreenleaf, of the First Presbyterian
burch, 'lin Congregation having been dills organ
iz..i aa a separate church, ofllcers were elected or?
dained .-11111 installed as folios*.-: Kider* Dr r__nl_.
ll svi-ner. Charles s. McKay, t??.,,,%. ,j k''.'.
and William Douglass Moore; deacon* aSrteeW
Pack Lloyd \\. Fish.-r. Thomas T. Tabb and John
A. I j.i ir
The n.sv congregation then held its nrst business
meeting and unanimously extend..) a call whl h -.111
I- BUbmltti I to th- I't. sbytery. to the Hex, M. U ,
st. r to become ns paator at a aalary of __..__ :, v.-.V
Whlch ut toot more than ls nn-.v reSlwd bv Mr
Webater, ssl,.,.as aaaociate paator of the Church of
th- Covenant, has been minister in charge Ste*, _
'imt Chapel n.-arly four years, I'nder Mr Wi
ntrtbutlons and mern"
st< r's ministration th
1" r-hip of Cos.-liatlt Chapel have steadily lurr-a'-i
and the pew church nf the Covens,. 1 ? ,r, .
under auaplcloua circumstances, havt.- "u ?0,,t
ni,_...u i...?.,i-_ c.-,...u-J ""... -'* Kimrnu
nlcanis. insides forty-one other contrihiMMrM",'11,"1
fie- from debt and having a large. wH,^i1,,,t; "ff
handsome church edifice, whleh waa
thoroughly renovated and refurnished.
Sun ri?s 7:0,'. Sun sec l iii M na l*_B " -1 Moon'B ng" '.
A.M?gandy iP-'k ItHiOov, Island !:30|Hell c,ntr i-.\
P.M?gaad] Hook 2:?.Oov, laload JJIiHell Oata t.:
Teaeai From Waa.
itali.-,.st.-tin. No* in.a ""i
l.i 'ta.,.l.iw-.-l'-l, XOV SS.''""
N-.vport.''..I-Ji. N"V _.'..Columbi
Sa. ? ;.,.Hamt.nrt, Nov !!?.Hamb-Arrn
Xiii-.ni.Kansan, Nov :."?.M I ? int
I.a llnilTtinynr.llasl-. N '? '.'.-'.>'?' "?' '' Tral
Viii.la.(Jenna. Nov SI.N ''? I.l??>
li,! un.ll. a t.i.' un. Non -1.Neth-Am.
Orinoco.I i-i mud-., Nov ii".'.?;?:..
ouTooiya steamers
V??!"*|. I.In". For Malla doa*. \Y??-! -nil
l.t. snitz. Lampnri A Bolt. Rio Janell AtOOi tn lfl:i? i
Aniiiia, li.ihi.mi Pe ('??, Naoma. ItOOpm 1 "" p
?aol*, N ?'? Upyd. Bremen. ?-Wa m 10-Oflai
1.H Rretoone, Preaeh-Trana, Havre? 7 "." .? m ll .??> a
t'mlirl.i, Cunard, Liverpool. U::m n rn l a*' i> ?
Thlnrvalla, Tlilnsvalla, 1'oprnhagan..lo:i*0 p, m I2:"0m
Ailsa, .Stln? Kingston, eic.I0:-Onm I2:i?) m
Seneca, N T **- Cuba, Havana.Haslam I '?' pi
n-lu-n'iiii.!. Ii-! sun-. Antwerp.11:00 am i 00 i
Maaadam, Neih-Amer, Itottenlsm....11-00a m 1 :??? pi
Kum?ii, Anchor, Olaasi.w.ll '*?> . .., l "" pi
Z.i.iinl.iiii, **.'? tli-.Stn-i, Ain-i. r.!-t:i. . . .11 :'?> a in 1 .'?' pi
"'fin-is cits-. Savannah. Savannah. ivoopi
Seminole, ? * i.. ? i - -. CharlaBtoa. 3 Ot pi
silll'IlM; REWS
PORT of NEW-YORK THURSDAY, KOV. ?"?". !?*'????
Steamer Spree iO-rt. WllHeaerod, Bremen N
tnt Southampton if-, mlth mdaa ami pa aa* neara t" ?'?
richs a.- c.i. .smiv-i bi Ihe liar al I--"'" ? n
Steamer Markomannla lOeri, spin". Ham!-'.rc Nover
ber -'?'.. si.. Halllas r.n.i linatnn, with mdaa In transli
R .1 Cort ls Arri. -.1 al lha Har al 7 p m.
.-'?aiiar Panama 'Kn. Chahof, tVinleam V '
arith H.'ii- ti I 'un. h. Edy* a. .'". Arrived al th. Ror i
- a ill.
Stenmer iMiii.s-.-1l .'Ir t-:iik.. SS'.I, .v.- v -...,!..
S. In ballaat to Oual ve Hejr. Atrlv*?l at th* Ital Ipi
Simmer Mobil, tllrl Layland, I. ndon November 1
ssiiii in,!? an. ll pa ? t-? ? ?? Nea Vork .
.Snr.?I al liv Har a ni" ? m.
Steamer Bl HH.ni iBr), lts.'-r. A sam mouth '
15, m ballaat to (luaus-, h. ? ihe tur i
'i ;. rn.
<?r Sardinian Prli
t-ini.-r Ii, lluenn tyr. la. M?ntevld<-n 25?, Rio de Janell
October 8, Vlcii. i 22, ..'il IVrn.?mbuci Nos,*n
ni'l-- i" .1 <' s-ati'i. An .-I at Hie I ... m.
-?? ,: ipi l-l.--.. ?'. 11 lr I lian-un, Tn;..I *-? ?
Columlw ''???! -a i; ?. ? '? N ., .mi -I H, an
toa i h iy a- illina
v.. i Bi-naoi, n i Soi i, M .rt. naen Rmi
ila' I, Willi I-T l-l
Arrived ... th. Har at s ., itt
Si. am. r < lld i ' , i ? I N..rf..Il
rn itli in I? and , Hie OW
Ht. amer flt jr of Au ll i Novemb.
?JT. v llb i ?
Schooner Henr) ."st ler, . rnnmer, .\ ?;? . ssith Inn
ber lo Harlem l.umb.
[lark ?'a-t..! ni. 11 R mm :?-??? Clot
il.,\ ., willi m !-?? lo .1 W Oreel
r S' ranaoln I Rall, M .//? I Hm- rna 7.1 ?
Hcori. - rool i" M. lindi ? ??? i .\? r ?:: ? . .- io J
Ijr Hook, Nov. .".'i :? '!" p m.?Wind * i
br. exe; . lear.
Steamer- Tlrltr.nnli Uti f ? V i I ? ? I M
M.In. all il!: . ll n : Banna (I H
A. re* Mi kl. ?? .--'pani, ll .\ ..nu N n ar. alan <Bri. ? 1
??ll,.!.! . ? ?
lumbla ll lei > N ; I I ? lei
Ni ara: I '?? Ruyl. ill '. tntweri St .? , ?,_? if,
buri*. Ri' lim a.:. S" . ? i ? ? \ i s url an
NOTICE '!?' li IRIXi-HM.
Notlea l- h^r-hs* alvan lhal na oi
isa; |h.
I'-.i,it Ufl ? -? ? ? t t th.
Bed.ni i ll ,." ' Hui tarda 1 M .
? -uni*. I fi "i Baed white lo Sled
'? '-.I*.
Th- S"-it! ? ???-..
vtat I ?. ': ? 1 ' ' NS'.' . ? I arlll
' 'ti'ir. h. un I I- .' . I: : ?:*.-? I
erly -.??" arlll paaa lo t |
ir-i ..ri.| Ma. k I. ??i'.i ????' *??'-, nd I Ibe <
a rd of North i.. da i>. I
It* ?.-'. ? i .? . iga arlll |
of Ittlnney lt-., k I . *. i s
. |. ??.- t.. Hi ? ?.piu .r 1 ? I "'I i I
ir. i iparl ..ni i ? \ s ,,.
The anuthwest, rly
KHK wealwanl lo NI nd a
? : . . ? lo the i I >.(
ll", k Light. Th. ? .-:? il. eda r tl
ab ail '.ii. I< tn tb* hui ?? f Will
ir- 1 at. I I i - I
tri ilerly -Av ot the lector will I wlfta 1 - li .
N ? i (red -p*iri.
Peel Issi are raasnetle, .rp ? ? . :?.?. ad fros
?.a-.'. ir I dil ' IO' ? - inn lull' al "'?
lly order "f th- ! ? ..rd.
1 Iii: MO* im". rs Ol
Sf-*imer M-.h-s-k (Br). Will
vember ix. arrived -.t Un . - -j,
Steam, r Ht Riititiia ll i j -. i< v .
vember in. arrive,! al I.
St. imer Taurle
l?r M. arrlv. tl
St* mer Ml. t
Ni a v ?-. Novembei .'I
Blear : ' rn !>..,?
t.r-l.m (ol S
S'i an ? ? ii ? i .
W 4 for Sli mn, arris at
Ship I'la: 1
Auk I il" ra I roch *. " - ipoken ' ' ?? ' -. ! I. ll
2 ?. lona. ?'?! ?
Steam, ii- ?
Vembei I- I! . i . ? ? -i :
Steamar Pi ir- Ipi- lill '. ? \ ?
veml-er 17 f * I., rh at. I I > m !? ?. i ll, * I ,? !
November ii"
Steamer M< hi, dam il>iii.-hi '? .--.. -. fi ? , *
November )'? for Amoterdam, pa
Steamer Rocla (Oer) I. ll iuaer, N--.s . ?ni foe linn
bunt, paaaed S. Illy .??
rorgr calexdass ros to un
Pu pre ma rouri ''- nei .1 ';'? i m !:? ?
Supreme Court I'hamU : - ii. t ..- ll. ,. t,. j Hoi
calendar ? all. I it ll ..'ri I
Supreme Court Special Term Pirti I and ll S"
f..r iii- term
? 'ir- ml Court r.irtu I. II. III un 1 IS' ?
the t. un.
Surrogate'? Coori Chamheri Refoi I, s
Will ,,t Sni-u-i.- Racer, io a. m. i ?
Idatthi-'i. ISO p. m. I'"r probate: ss ills of Jamel 1>
Squires, John ?; Ritter, Adam I tn la i n Ward, 1'i.m
.-In I'.-I.Ima:: SI , i .- I ' ' ,. lilt] SI ?. ? \ \ I || i.. |>. ,
mtayrr. ni in 'l'l a. tn
<'.iiiiiiii.it Pleat Oeneral Tenn Adjourned until 1- em?
ber A.
? ?<.nim<.n ri'.* .*>[..I Term Beforo Rookataver, .1
No. I
Cotnnvn Pleoa?Trill Term-Part* I, II, III and IV
Adj">iM."'l until De. ? n.i..i i
Supei .in .--i.al Term Before Freedman, J.?
M '
Superior ''"in Roulty Term Belora U.Adam, .' Noa
_l_. BOO, .*'!'T. .".!'*.. 'i".'i. 'i<?i. (KM.
Supertoi Court Trial Term Paru I. ll aad ni s !?
J.an rn 1 !<.r the t.-i m.
i'ity fi.un Special Term Before I J M i
Citi Coori Trial T?im Parta I, II, in and i\' Ad*
Journ-'l uni I De. - mber l
Coun ?i 'i'i--.! .-.na Part I Before Smyth, i:
and Aaaletani Dtalrlet-Atlorney Oaborne No I
''"im "f Oeneral Pan II Adjourned ("r tin
? '..ui. of Oeneral See-looa pan iii Adjovmed far th
? ?? ii
B. ft W. " Lbota," K. j_ w.
Hr.vnr A Daxxeia M. D,
?io WEST Stmi-ST.
DI****** of tke Nervoua Krttem, flenllo-Urlaaiv Orr.na,
Impoteti'-y aiid rst.-rilily. Boara, * '. I. _ tu a.
? ??- ?.
A.?A.?Prepare fur winter. Have your svin
lawa Bud wita Ituehurn Wnaiaei Ktrlp*. Will -\ luJ
jil ilnt-s ani redure si,ai ,..,| pm. h. KuebOrk, l._
Milton-.!. telephone, loitlanil -I...
Brown's Camphorated Raponaceous Dentlfrke
- the h?t I-...tn i.m--!. r lu tm- rorid fm proervli ? th
i,'eth. lii'Ir.-hii," and dell looa, SS rent* a jar.
a Luxury tor Tourists.
I)r. Lv""'- I'-rf'? t I... ti. i'l.a.i.i ,i, a,. i:,i boxea, wi*ji
pat<-nt n??*..iriii'- tnt*-. Neal ai i portable. ' ? ta
SHAYNE i.as- tin lira, i,aii,.> In. pa.pin ral 1 ii
t":_ii,nt? of reliability. Pi jmi ij., ss.- i 12d-al
orin's Holiday hmiim.
Gorham MVg Co. arc offering a
arge linc of new goods suitable for
Christmas ^ifts. Thc assortment in?
cludes every article in Solid Silver,
10 matter how small, that can 1><
iscci for the Toilet, Desk, Dinner,
Jcsscrt, or Tea Service.
Particular attention lias been paid
0 the smaller, inexpensive gifts,
Gorham MVg Co.
Broadway and ioth Street.
?" _l I
Special Sale
Girls' Fine Cloaks.
Wc svill "'n-'-:' Saturday morning. Dee, ld,
Girls' long cost* made in iilnin bearers,
colors, red, green and brown, double breasted
front**, umbrelln backs, full bishop sleeves,
Worth collar, edged ssith China seal, and
ti ililli;''1! ssith braid sises6to 14yrs,
original price $15.25.
s;r #11.90,
original price $18.25.
Intermediate itxes aooordiogly.
60-62 West 23d St.
\il?-*rll?<*ni-*n?M n.liiiltlr.l Into tli.-?e col
1111111. :> r<- ri'.*<iin i.i.-ii.I.-.I lu I lu* rciitlcrn of I ll I'.
1111111 Mi ii-. Iii,,r.,,i -lils ri-ll.'il.l,-. it n,I li-ml*
ii,-mk ,??111 I.f ii.-1,i- I., nulli uitli Hm* nils it
11 tc rn ssith ilfflr.-t snfl*t?.
Maa) .nulli., t- "i '!' ?
Ti, ur.'.'* limn for
-I'MIMi (.OHO-.
Vi lc? Min.. IMWIRTA*
nos nt it _>.
T-I* I lrn:.|.i?l llii-iri |
( .... ti.'7
ll |? o \ D U A V .
'In.I. tn Ord ir nnd
' i iiul.il tn nu, I'.i linn.
i s(j RasfM-st.1 H. I?
thoo! ii.7, Itt.Ililli
Yarta n i.isim.**
Mi-rr Slii.li* .uni WM
li, il,-- -oar |nii_.
.in.... ? ii.ni iii
|.-i,ii,-* Bp " " I"'"*
I....,,I ll,, .. I.I.H....
? I I N S SI I. tt%\
Crouch & Fitzgerald
Reliable Trunks
and Bags.
Hil ll ron div ii-*.
Tin liih-uif.
Uss Itr.iii.l,,,, > . \. V.
li.I., ixiss tr*- Hi; si I ll
i:\iiiu m_.ll.
I ur iii ain- is arkara Hud
?*, .l.-iiliii , I'.ol.lr: '.
h.' ...I.,.ii.??,
i ?_u_>. Um
A Ol i-'.! or
miall*. A
ca piala
, ? bi . lattin .
'i i . ..|i,_r.
ll?.r r.?.m ,
n-i. - i- ii
| :: - BBBl ' ' ? " |ir -.'.- li -1 v#>.
; I 1 -.1 b] .1" "*0
I . : iii- ;... ..-r-. ? letty
en a"?
? N.-nri f,,r ur i rea
Ut. -io emt'*: i"> ? Karta,
i"..f t) I. lm-I i i-iitfl
rt t-.i ? .I 1 \ . . rniioi.
!-? ii' ?? v. ? Vr>m.
Jhat (fS OK
Boy ;J >6vi*.
SS hv t'"t tit-! "'I' hut whit
? ? I. r Jinn i
I 1'lll.t MU illili tl. IKUtT
w ! lal wli t -, t.--t. mnI
thal ii!' ba mw t..
i BU
. at...Ii ai ?' Il i : li
Ma* il I rv ar
<xi\ your Dealtrfor
ham ku ti naas ok
SHver-Plated Ware
A v l>
1847 Rogers Bro's. Forks and Spoons.
lt ( urea I'll..-, ur III M I KIHI Ol UH I.M-nul or In
t-inal. r, iii ul lil.ilui- ir Ina: ,.,.! Bininu Ill UN'S,
-.. lld
li ..:;.. TOItN i'i' .-in.i I. .'iii.'l SVnunili amt
I'i'i.- - III H.s. I Int "I : . , ? .
im i.. mi ii m ? > m I. inti-: v?ts -nu _. aipidi -
>sl.l mi Kl M. TH
A .tuiie Em k Anneal Revolution
"Washington's Farewell
p. r.nh.r I. 17*,...
A llllinr.t-tiilili- i.l.luro. In .allora, ll liv IS
In.'li.-*. Bailallie f'ir (rn ni I ???;, reprcnen t lilts
ii.-.'.iriiici) tl.,- imii.>.?? ?i-,-ne in Ttfmmmoeyo'e
Tavern, \cu-.ntu iii*. Breemtoot t. U.-ill.
I'.ih,I,-.I l>> li. \. Ouilrii, nit iiutliorltr 'tl
MtBtfBl tin- lincrlcini H'm .iliitli.n, r\|ir<**.*tl>
(or Tin* ",.-?i-\ ni I. TrUiiinc, ,',i|i.<i rlithteil, ami
ol,l ii 1 uti 1.1>- Mill fruin Tl,,* Trllitiiit>. P.ii*
tinii. uri* Kl\,*n of \\ iinliliimiiii. Kno.. Ptit
iiiiiii. *? I.-ii I.-ii. I.lin*,iln. ('lint,,n, Orren.*, \ nil
I ..rt I.null, l.i.iili. nnil 11 fl in -, li ri' > n. 'Ihl?. pic
til ri- In hist i.,Ililli > i'Mii-t, iiiitl lh,* only ont.
ol il,.* m'.-iir will,li , i Ko. Tin* room nnil
Iii,. .-Ir.-1<ti,-iiiii.-<?*. in-,. i-,-|,r.--..'i.lf.l Jual na
llii-j. ?.*r.-, nii.l Un* ii ii I lo rum uri* I'.irrc.'l lo
a hutton nnil ii ron, Kc. In roll*.. -lonlnur
pr. i.iii.l, Im I. all, .ill .ruin ii tOOt, S.lil.a-*-.
Th*. Tri lin nc,
\i*.t-\ .irk.
_? ' . * |
Vi.s : i: i I*: ?: i "? i-. and mii-i liil'iio.s*. i > > ? _
till. NMV-YOKK .1.1111 M'. SSH.I. IIB BJt* I
, ,.1S lu si I'll i. i rr...-, ,\ ii, tlCl ? '*? I -'- ''? Ki?
ll !.lurth a Iiiiitv.iir-.t--t.; ml .sDS'liu
'l-!.S|l.\i> hi lee fail.,..I a ti.*., li ?lill- ?r ._-|
i .h isi-.. * ? m: Tn,, ni .third--1 : I'.'-' MUth-AVB. I
Ul Knmu, :i. *-.. ' urn-r I uiill.-iita tl. . THO Tliiril-ui.'.,
tamer i "i" -> nnh?t.; t.iKifl riiir'-i*-. neat sixty
lii,t-l.. ; 1,708 I ll >t*av_. : IOU IVml I ? '? ?**? ""'' *' "?'_
Columbo* m .-. : .'..' \-,ii.i,. \: | :i-| lli.rdav-. : IO Wrnt
I', nit.. ntli .t : ?..; SS' --t |..'tv?.?iiiI-i. ; 'i'll Thi rd ave. :
I,PBS Third m. : 'j.o.i Thi nt-ava., ob*. One-huu'lra*
Oi.il-t-.'.rlltli ut.il i 'I.' ..'in lift tutl-Uilrtt) ml' *t?. |
Weil Fourteenth Street.
Friday, as Usual, Bargain Day.
A New Month Dawns To-Day.
Aa the Beat Vnlaea in
Popular Dress Goods.
?(O-il-l.* to lind, ive Mibmlt
At Twenty-nine Tenta
llop?,_.*?inj** and iMaiional*-strictly all wool, tn (wild
...lor, and two-toned ??if.trt*. that OOH nwd? to sell at **0
mid M emBti also Plaid*. .Strl|x-i, and UvMMfl (heck,
lu be-t -olors, bBf-Bfllb-t to dupllcutc for Wm than double.
At Forty-nine centa
K.xtra iltir* Arnitii-i, S-ry-s, Uour.ttea and Fanclca?worth
Ta nnd 8*1.
At Fourteen centa and tx half
Diagonal*, Plaid, and Mixture* worth 30.
Sped ii I offering of
bast BtjlBB and coloring- in Silk-and Wool and all Wool
I'lrild-, Mixture* and Kino Cheek*.
vi vero 1 00 OOo were 1 .V)
77>: u..re 1 TA 1 27> w. re 2 00
Fancy Silks-seven _*-?-_!?.
Klg'ir .1 PatlOB tlBIt and -vening -.liiiil-s 'X)('
Ail Mik M-.t-ai.-*- '\tr.i hoary *B*
Balli stripe Matti B_.Ua wide -'?*''?
I'.-!. _. 111 ti> - -light mid tort .-had-,! -'?'?'
t hiua dillis po lathee mlAO :,'?,''
lin. ad- Beafallaea?e-realoo shade* HM
All Bilk Sntlll Biotai-fl ???"?
Black Silks-FisB *?itj_.
All Silk Surahs-21 In. I.e- w.dc WM
All Sill; Satin Dii-h---? Wt
i ?:. k \ Moire* .t in -hi* wide ?'?'
l\:ra Quality 11-ngaliii.ii?var,op.tel cords T1'
BlUr. V-U-ts-al! -hud,- BB*
FlirS. jbix mpfi lAi.ra.
lla.:k Coney Ct\e?rxirx long SOS
ii.,, Bli .rl< Beal ClnealB. Cuih? noi
Kin- i-r-.i'-ii Cooey .M. fis t""-'
i |b El ettie .?al il'iti. 1 lt
IMaOfl Marun lion* 4 BB
tin Mimi. Fur BOM 3 .8
( HII,l)Hi;\S FIRS
AVrnriiitt iluth S- tu 60c
Natara! Lyat N Ua i M
i I..na Lau.li Betta 1 M
mack and coI.im-1 to 3 in'h-s wld-?choice of any?._
.- nt?, usually 8 to 12.
Dla. k .ad in o;.-I ... and 3.1 td. pit rx
Bi | -i.t-.uauillr 7.?
i.rcnt Sain.-* In Drrti Shlelda
BiaaBIbbW Baa I ?l/e?, 8c pair Nfl a do*-n
HI ? I iif-v-No. (, 12 . lr lr 1 i!5 a doze i
RaMei N? 6, t-' ? pair 1 Bl a do/en
Bilk?I to 3. tlc. pair 1 '?'. a Am- ti
l.n.'.|..rrr.l MMrr Manlcore S.ta
T.tr. -.I*-- r-. nie, l'nlUher an 1 r.wd-r Hox
89e.t 40.1 10 . 269
S|**'Uil Value.
mx ,t.ii'? i>;ta and without fe-t?
27f -f* (fl- r,9c.04o
all *p?*lally priced for Friday |
hy tuttle mottle or Lox of two.
.?in lcd niak- -fiagntit and lasting?
'- M . Itt 4 BB., Sic
1 BB- 20* B OB., 1 40
2 o*., 4li. M or., 2 00
?ll odor* -p-mltlu lr half price!
AI*o a Tliou?:cid Il-ttl.-*
whit.- aud ainl.er
4 ouii-e boll - ll NOBB; usually 47
Silver Plated Ware.
niM.lH* MBtT <>\ XICREL.
? : aa '-.* il'it.. Oi;,
lal :? -i ....:,- I ll -.. lo a _? h-t-j dot., 1 !'S
I. tn, ?: lieu ??- _ do/.. I I.'.I
i ? Kalvr. . iel . 1 7,4
i'ti.i.i'.-i.'. t'apa ru'd linet ott
l'hll'lr.-i.'. B t- hair- tart and spoon BBt
?mci. |'.|--r? iimi Nipkln Ringa I'.i.
s.i.nr s-imi.i- .md Batter Knlrei 5:>
Bterlloi Bllrei .Vipum Biaga?2 lad l io
Special Values in Books.
World Pl.ii,.|,'i-i ;n". (agMvtfl * 06o
Il.-m thia ii, 'a ss,r? nini- und cid vellum l'.lc
Btoaiord s'ltiiu- "\f.h.i ? .1,iiii.-i tte
Copula! Authors -cloth hound Bl
l'lk-ii-' \*Torfc_ ' -oniplete 1 .'>!?
Imma-%' SSi.rk- . .mc.lete 1 10
IrMiik'o" SVni .- BBtpletB 100
I li,,t'. SS'.irk ? .a,i:,i.!..'.? 1 49
I.vail - SS'i-ri- i-i-nipl-M 1 51
Laat- r st,.. Wins Tal ? 98_
..II.bon BOB l'lutorcli-coniplrb*?-a. ii 1 l?8
IMscounl* to lairs atHl stnday-'choolaI
Extraordinary ,1-ilu.t lona la
Turkish Table Covers.
-af n -nd WaaBaMO CtOp l-.-lii'ifiilly embroidered hy
linn,I Iii Mik and tin-el, with that consummate art that
utily tlie Url-nti.l pBBaCBOflB,
Tnhi- Caren mote ito co now 90s
Talil- r?vcr? BrON MOO now 4 '.ri
Talil- C0T*fl wore 9 00 now 2 98
of i.ve|.tl..nally h-aiv nn.uttitv and hlith lustre.
T?entycli;ht. of the lute I fan. v .hades,
:i'.? .-nt*.the true GO cent quail tty
Silk ('hanMlly -9 liuh-s wl.l- 19 ct*
Kino Oriental 1- itu hes ir.d'. 25 CU
K'ir*1-d I'olnt d'liian.l- lOBOt,
wl'li Chltia Silk lluinit.'..". 08 ct*
Milli Ininti cml.r.il.l.-ri'il Inlll.ll*.
funr pi.'i-f- lliinau l'.i\-r mid llir-e Mau-In Oriental,
Mallan and l'l itt- Val and MM dl'?prlt fitlBfl HUB and
a 11i1n.it riiiiii.n l_-ann>|_.
2 19. SOO . I r>9.4 59.5 29
All I'M-i-ptiotial \alue.
l-ioiitlciuen'a (limn Milk lluiidk'..
"ith hand rmbroi.l. r< H initial*.
lurer ?nd ?mall Irllrr*?tvidr mid narrow hr tn.
-I.t cent*-?* ort li double!
Biz lp_?_?__ In
Ill SVhlte Wool-Dama*k li. r Jo ra, S3 10
11-4 All SVool-?uhJe.*t t,) lonni
lii!|ier'**-tloii??fflBloflt prier BO OO.T.....777.77....A3 OS
l'JI All Wool-d?ma*k border, tl 40
11-4 All \Vool-S"arlet, 3 0s
Heavier and Flner-valtie C SO, 4 08
11-1 Heavy SVblt.-French n..i>|:cd, 169
Fall Sire C.,inform-lea.
Slll.olln**?dainty colon, 91 ns
Fancy tineen-Turkey red lining. 219
>;?r.-|tlr* d-*-inn?-medallion cent.-*?
89c; vilij. 1 2."> BOB. rilua ISO
All pcrfe-t goods-fall alt*.
Enailah Mnraelllea (lolita,
?lightly lnip,rf.'it. *1 (0; value 2'J5
Scarlet Medlcan-il Flnnaela.
All wool Twill, 13 cvntm
i:\tra heavy- "nually 80, ? 23 cent
Mill liner ami hc.vl.'r-wiiiully 4*. M cent*
(union nni| Dome! Flnnnela
4't cent*. laaa than nilli prl.e!
nimehed. Inlilei-hed.
ID** I!*,. 101 IO1!!'
IM 1M'<0 91 17V
? ' 17'?n H-l U%fl
M 15',0 71 l-l'.''
0*1 m>4C 11. i r.'-ic
MMncli j'j.i40 yt
M *^ IOM ?.4
?????? 1 *
Creal Valuea la
Ladies' Fine Plush Garmenta,
all new?made within pu-t few week* I
latest _ty les -perfect ahap s-rlche.t lliilngi.
Tlt-ht fitting Plush Jackets-full eab!e trim, it-am
Other?with full skirt*?full merni trim, jtjl
Kln.*?t Flush Sac qu ea?se.I ornaments, 19 M
Finest F.n_ll*h I'lush-.-eal finish?12 in, fe .jg
Seal Raak Cap.s-sahU* trim, .)9a
Seal Flush UByBB?eflal trim, 1188
F.xtra full "Sweep" Cap.-*-deep collar, |$?
Klch V-lour Cape,*?fur and Jet trim, 'Al AB
Other elegant Novelties to 09 00.
In Ladies' Cloth Jackets
Keven great -in-cials all far below value I
Tight flttlnc Korey?braid ond fur trim
Havana Melton Keefer*?black braid trim ggg
Hlaek and Col'd Tlsht Jacket*-fur and braid trim 9 BB
Double Ureas*, Fntrllsh H-av-r Jn-ket* Vito
tat BOOB Kr-n. h lleav.-i-plain and ti m,'d li 98
i;i-_:iiit I'liine-H CflUfl. IBM braided?
sleeves and collar* 17 to
Ladies' Black Cloth Capes
Medium and three-quarter length
Heavy Ker-ey-full l.-ii.th-tit-ht back 6 71
lin.- K-isi-v- tUh ap|lh|Uerl 090
lin- Fr-n-h Beige-<aj.pliqu.-d front ia ?'.?
Clay -liasonal-qull-Mi nttfl lining 19 90
Llmd Cjshri:-i.-all . oiors-tOWt Ott
All Wool Flame 1-Ira d d .".I. - l _|
CaaBflBBN lii-akl-d yuk-, sl-ev-s and belt . $A
.lanni I P*e_fllB| i-ai-qii-.-faii.-y ulm ; mp
ra-hni-ie? ult", cr *.!!< f.ont* 4 _g
Ca-hmere-black and rqlflri lnaM trim ii 98
Kani-v F.id-r 1-IbbbH iIIB girdles 2 69
tOOtt Fljnre'eltc-Iln-l arafat 1 aO
Famy Outlir.' BlBflUMl?-*flfefl and ruffe 1 19
Ri-*-** (?ll to _.-, 01
(.OloM 4 98 to fd Ol
All new, but far below value 1
Six Spedala in
Misses' Department.
t hldr-n's Coit*-*..ft pall* f ff
lin- Cheeki md Btripoa-satin ribbon ?t or.
Double CflJM l,r.-ti-lii-n--6 to 12 yr* 100
lira d trli.i.ned tap- OtBtflkflOBJ vain** 10 00 6 08
[lack and Navy Bttttf lotkaW M to 18 yrt )M
Eiald trlm'd Jackets-0 st cl.,th* g'jg
And this is what we'll sell la
Boys' Clothing.
Full pleated Dom-t an! '"luting F1ani:?l
Waist*?button or lace fronts _t?
Grey and niue Flann-J?usually 63 Og
l'lueh Yu ht and Do.b.e Hand Polo Caps (Bs
Chinchilla Kecf.m-4 to IS rr- 2 0S
All SVool Cajie Overcoat*?( to 12 yri 3 OS
Titan Ulsteis-t to IO yr* 3 pp
Urey Shetland listers?'J to 1( yrs J ?*$
All Wool Cheviot Suits?I to U yrt SOI
Splendid A niara la
Men's Negligee Shirts
all with full sire yoke* and collar and pocket.
Fan<*v Flannel '.'- As*ab-t Flami-I 1 SB
Plain Twill I M Tri' ot -all -olora 1 71
linc Cl,th 1 lil ll--vy Cloth 2 24
Tha above are fn all the best shade, of
Offlf and Tan.
In NAVY 1 'I.ANN KL we Offer
Batta h-avy Twiii-drnii,: braal 1 fli.
With double breast and -'"ill- back I M
Heavy nb?hl^'li co!lar-2 TO ; vulue A 00
plain And F.mb'd Matti-Oil Balm.~ IBO
ill silk-new .ivie, la d;..-k colors. (te
In a larc- vailety of new pattern*
47 cents.value 75 and 1 Ot
Eatraordlnnrr Anluee In
Fine Kid Gloves.
Ladles' ' button Tan Suede* 60c. ; valuo 1 00
Ladles' I button Dr--*.ed Kid 79c.; value I 00
ladles' ( button Pique Kid 'J.e. ; value 2 00
Men's I Boto -""-*t"*t Kl(* l**l valu? *-*
Ot all the above, except first Item?all colors I
Four Great Spectale In
Fine Umbrellas,
doria Silk?Sterling Silver Mandi.a
;0 Inch 1 -9 -8 Inch 1 OS
value 2 -3 value 3 ff
Fine Inion Silk?extra Merlina Handles
10 Inch 1 98 I'S inc li 2 tl
value 4 00 value * W
Novelflea in Cha*ed Gold Handles
at tho LOWKST MUCH ever known I
Engraving /rte nf charge I
' 1 " Special Yalura In
Lace and Heavy Curtains.
v-ottincham ?yard* tit* centi
vottini-hain Ah yard* 98 volt
ieot. h 3*3 yarli 1 (O
ii-ot-h 4 yard* 1 98
?irv I lian Yarn 3^ yardi J (9
?olnt D'Ksprlt ruffle. 198
Vntlqtif?hand mad'* Ah yards I 9d
tiitii*ue-doublo Inserting and edge ( 90
ri-li l'.dnt Vt lotti - '?
;|.|, Point ? nell covered 3 HO
aiiibour worth til) rt:*}
'-.?mlle-dado, frlere and frlngo -(9
?hiMiiiii*?vs ith Oaajat dado 3 19
?fcaalllt Ofirfli ?n over 3 40
'hen 11 lc-lu gli art dados A 40
h.iillle-the beat-figured all over d 98
xtniii-k Sllk-frln-c top and bottom ( 98
i\tra Heavy Uainank Silk-all colon 7 30
Friday Sale of Odd Lota Fine Carmina
Two to four pair* of a kind?at half value I
Three Speelala In Fine Taneetrtea.
?leured lta.Oad Stripe*. I0? i value 1 00
ieavy Silk Warp.. 1 08 I value 3 00
leavy Satin Urocatel*. 2 98; value I lt
'.nih-. Mohair?all color-21 li.cfc, Atp
dottled Corduroy-all colora-24 inch, 000
or Lambrequin* and llordera. ? tteM*
ar Cuahlons and deep Draperies, 88 c*-."
About half real value.
ill Btj-Iea-31 Inch- D', ceutai valua 110
Black, White and plain border?-f_-t colors.
5.4 80e 12-4 ????
PA 01 1? K-l ** **
ill bleich-doublo damask-plaln and knot fringe _
|% yd. Cloth?do.t.-n dollie.; worth 0 00. 9" 9S
ll llnen-'J <d*. ?lde; worth H. *0""
itra beavy-eolored and white bo:der*-l-a ydi.
long; worth 27.
I Ineaea wlde-10 y*. piece..u.?.?J-y * *ABm
? - - *****

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