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Hy, for mass plays, which I?in.eton used so
much of the time, nre particularly likely to
cause hurt. There was no slugging either, and
altogether the game was as little open to crit?
icism for brutality as so hotly-fought a contest
could be.
The Yale spirit thone resplendently. Bhe was
cleai'lv outplayed, but her determination nev. r
yielded. In th-- second half Princeton was on
MT len-vard line thrice, but each tito.- did
Yule fight until her efforts, or chan'". n..\" h-r
th-* hall, once the enemy fumbled; th- second
time a Vale mai, -palled an attempt i" ki:!, a
goal from the field, and the third time tre?
mendous playing by Yule mai" Princeton lose
the ball on th- fourth down Twilight had set?
tled "n the ll. ld. and wa'' giving way to dark?
ness when play Anally ended, th" ball ii: Ya!*'s
Fiori, na early hour the streets down t' wn were
fJitre with those whose ribbons, Bowen or Hans
proclaimed them ndherents ".?' one rddi or the
other. Thc rush t i Manhattan Field early
taxed the facilities of the elevated and surface
roads. The day was gloriously lair, fear of
iain or of th.- cold keeping not a single person
away. 'Ihe k...'1-i itured crowd fem.', much to
jirnuse lt whin- waiting fir th- players. A
Titan of a darky, wearing black satii trousers
and ..ranga satin roat and waistcoat, was
heartily cheered by i'i in. e.oi.ians as he prom?
enaded In front of the stands.
The two elevens canoe <:. tie- vu ni ?.1 arter
2 O'clock, the Yal-- | i.n (rsi. Both teams vere
-rigorously spptsuded and cheered. They iii.ed
up thus:
Tole. '.ns. Pri ? ion.
I'Ink..lK-tt i'll.Brows
Mn. clo.I ..-ft ku;, .rt.WI-aC-lM
Mai'r?*a.Lefl lao Ul..Holly
Stillman.iVntrc .I "Millet
Hi. k"k. Righi Kuur.1.Taj lor
Jlrnr.l.lt mat la. ij .I., a
Oretaway.Kin ht end.Trenchs**!
Airnstrons.Left hnlfW-l.Wu.'.
Th' Tn.-.Itiich! lia 11 i.i.ck.Mi cse
Awe.Quarti .back .K.n?
Batterworth.yallbaek. Wake
Play bedail at 2:1."> o'clock Princeton had the
bail and the east goal. A Issy wind from the
weRt hardly Buttered the Ung on thc hilltop, in
a short while Princeton show td that thc game
Wouhl not bc entirely one-sided. The ball was
soon "t| Yale's ten-yard line. Then the fortunes
of war varied, and Val.- managed :?> prevent a
touchdown until near the end of the half, lt
became evident, however, thai there was no re?
sisting Princeton's mass plays mi role's l"ft.
Ward was tinnily, at ;;:1."> o'clock, forced over
tbe line. The Prim .ton sympathizers were be
side themselves with Joy. it was the tirst
time their college bsd scored agalnsi Tale since
3S8f?. King kicked the goal, making the score
t to 0.
The half ended without change In the Kore.
In tho second half, neither side linnie a point,
although Princeton was dangerously near doing
so several time-. The wearers ol the ""ance
and black were made sdditionally exultsnt bj
Harvard's big score against tbe Unlvi ratty of
Pennsylvania, announcement of ,-. hi.-h was
posted on the bulletin board. "i:"\\ we would
like to get at Harvard.' waa Princeton's sigh,
lt was after .". ..'.-lock wh -u the second half
ended. Princeton cheers rent the sky, snd the
crowd rushed out of the gntes, bent on finding
solace or additional Joy tit the Thai ksgiv.n|
M'l.' ULATI 'N IN Til i* l.i-.
The one thing whi h casi a blot >.n the record
of the game was th" ticket -peculation evil.
lt wns undent.i thut the brokers erith whom
the University Athletic nub placed the tickets
for sal-- would demand ai. sdvsnci of only M
cents on t-ii' h "Tc if there waa any such
agreement, it was w..fully disregarded, for
prices were advanced t" from *7 to jr. for de
?uah FOR val;::
sirable seats. Tho publi.- paid these big sums
with the consciousness that ii was j/him,* mool
of its none) not to the tero football associations
but io the speculators. No method haa yet been
employed In connection with a Thanksgiving
game wl.c h .'.es away with thia nuloance. The
college men owe ll to th" public, which patron?
izes their sport with s.. liberal a hand, to ar?
range thia matter "f ticket selling satisfa. torily.
i: HKiii'.v WALL'S wiNiiiAi.i.
Tbe betting in the morning wis limit.- I only
by the amount of Princeton money which was
put up. Yale cash was superabundant, and it
drove the odd- down to HM to ?0 on tin- result
Odds of 2 to 1 were given at noon that Prince?
ton would not score. Of course th" sons of Old
Nassau who ha.l backed their eleven had p""k
ets full of money last night.
When EL Perry Wall made a bl .,f tia ;., . 1'hi
that Yale would not score all who heard of it
simply roared. It seemed tlc* most ridiculous
of wagers for him to make, and be was freely
twitted on what was perhaps thc most re
markab)** bet of the day. Yet th" outcome .,*
tba match completely vindicated what had
been looked upon as Mr. Wall'a vagary.
MOItsL-VAl.i: WOSKEC Haiti) I'l/T COI LO
It was 2 o'clock, and there was a geaMTal move?
ment of the right hands of the repel tn ts toward
their watches. The faint snap as iii. wa:. ..
iM ' : . gt
JS j,-^'yi^S i
1 ie7*%mW
ON "OKAI'll KAI) III 1.1.."
Closed was heard all over the ground*. The col?
lege yells were stilled for an In.-tant. and an al?
most imperceptible wind came out of "the west,
fanning the faces of the flushed and expectant
thousands. Aw the breeze blew down the sieging
Sides of "Deadhead Hill'' and wafted .ncr the
multitude In that little Harlem valley it brought
no thoughts of winter, although the day was the
last of November.
The long hands on the watches moved around
until 1:05 p. m. had been clicked off, and yet the
teams had not appeared. Another minute, and a
wild cheer goes up as the human wall at the north?
eastern end of the grounds parts Slowly. The crowd
knew what that meant, although the players were
still hidden from view. It was Just iift when Cap?
tain Hlnkey and his blue-sleeved mw pushed their
way through the crowd and ran quickly toward the
centre of the Held. No cono.uerin'< army returning
home ever received a grander reception than was
awarded to those hardy Yale champions, champions
then but soon to feel the sting of def'at for the
Brat time In year_.
The Princeton men, tli.ir z_.ra-lik. colors show?
ing conspicuously, came out almost upon their
rivals' heels, and tho reception sworded old Nas?
sau's heroes was not a bit less hearty than that
given the champions from New-Haven. There was
a set look upon the bronzed faces of those hardy
athletes, and not a man In the lot looked to the
right or the left, all following stoically In the foot?
steps of their doughty littl" captain. "Doggie"
Trcnehard. lb- appeared a manly fellow sa be
wslked up to Referee Brook- and Umpire DsshleL
lie did not look .-.t Captain Hlnkey until the coin
araa Hipped for the choice. Thes the clever Prince?
ton captain looked his rival Straight in the eye aili
won the toss
Ii waa seen thsl ihe wind would trot plan an Im?
portant part in the rani-, and Trenchard lenalbly
chose ih- bali, giving Sale the west field, with
"Deadhead Hill" nnd tbe wind al her back lt waa
just 1:16 p. in., when Messrs. Brooks and Dashiel
stepped t*'-k and B.!?<? called, "Are you ready?"
Trenchard aald, "Yea," while a pleaaant smile
apread over bia face, hut th- sd. m man from Vale
ma I.- io . un ;? algn of r.nit! rn than io nod bia
head almost Imperceptibly. A mighty roar wenl
up as Brooke raised hia cane .md i!:.- wild muscle*
straining rush was Ital
? \:t kin \i: \l Ssl' CAPTAIN.
Two such lin.* " mui . brawn and ati
ai- Beldon* leen '.cir. each other. Captalna
Hlnkey .md Trenchard fae -i ea< i n,'. ???? and many
thought that Ibe play between thei two men
would i>" h." '"ai tooti.if iii" esme- Hlnkey has
been known to p*M tfce .-._->? ea !?<? point andTi
ard haa the reputation of being abie to take i ire
of his weight In tuen or wildcats. Thc centre
rushers, Balllel and {.tillman, were also expected
to have a ??ravel battle for while Balllel wa.- the
-Uer, stillman waa the heavier. Princeton
thought that Val- would be wreak from Stillman to
Hlnkey, that is. in the left wins, and In this she
their chance*. I'hvstelans were called to the club
house and Hmkev's head was pat. lied up. and In
'ess than live minute* be was Lack on the field.
amil frantic shouts of approbation from his friends,
who yelled "Hlnkey! Hlnkey! Hlnkey!" until they
were red in the face
Blake's ii.-.id was alee bothering him and he put
t)\v*> H WA
Wt'/ i A ? /;'\0
t/aA Sa ?J':-^^V
; on a long-p iked i.i' ycle cap to eave i.i*. scalp as
, mu. hi poss! li
A i il .HOE r.V KI rt i.
King with lowered head charged for Qreenwoy'a
' end, bul he waa downed without gaining any
. ground. Blake follow. I thia with ? fine punt foi
j forty yarda, lan.lei.; t'.. ball on Vale'a Hon- -Uv
yard line. Butterworth made one of his old > let -
trie rushes, charging for Trenchard'a end, snd bi
-.ly running and dodging l" mode thirty-five
yard., King downing him ir; line atyle. liutt.-r
worth tried Brown'i end for a gain "i five yarda
end ih- ball reated on Princeton'* thirty-five-yard
lin., and th.- Val" nen v. re happy for once,
Vale again tried ber flying wedge with Bul i
_____ ..\
?-_***-%? -V '?
Jfcfi^-S. ^^S_i?_r_i^??4ii?
?TT? ?**"????; ?<--*_?_--_ ' ?r/^*-***-**-?--_*J
?V) ~^?
wsa right, while Tale, with her superior weight,
expected to batter down the Tig rs' centre. Here
ls when- val. made a mistake; for the entire
Princeton line waa a wall o; granite,
As tli.- initial ruah waa mad. thi crowd hushed
Ita voice. King atood in lhi ? I ol ih< field,
with th- Princeton f"i" ; .ormed in a wedgi
ern! yards back, ready for th" Bignal. Thi Tlgera
lowered their heads in bull fashion .-.-= they ruahed
forward. -:'h.- Vale ron i I to meet
th.-.lash, bu nw wi' tricked easily. King i
a rapid pass to ids red-headed confederate, Ward,
who brok.- around Hlnkey's end for .- good twenty- ;
yard gain. This, o' course, tUtU 'll' " the I''
'on tiger, and h- roared f.i usly. Prin I
fumbled, bit Bloke fell on th" bri! and no real
damage was done. King ma"- air",! r !""i pass
and as nie bali waa fumbled stillman f.ll upon lt,
capturing the coveted spheroid.
-1>uti.ii r.v Tiirvi ii uti).
Hlnkej directed the attack toward hla rival cap
Iain's end to even up mattel but Trenchard wai
a Iowct of itrength and he stopped th. nish. Kine.
Trenchard and Holly tackling superbly, -"ale had
not gained an inch. Vale tried Sgalfl an I falli I.
and the bail arenl badi te Butterworth for a punt.
Butterworth'! ki. k w.,s good for thlrtj ? i ?
Blake eatehlng ,;" boll, but ' waa downed In irs
tra'kv Prince! rn tri. i M rae and Kins ?" advance
th-- brill, but neither gained an* gi uni. .md tba
bail went to Vale on Princeton'? forty-fl-re yard
Vale trew beeb to make har P.yiuK wedge, a
trick with which .-dc hoped to scatter the Tigers'
Interference. Bhe iiilssfd ber point, however, for
Butterworth Rained only one yard. Thorn- plunged
throueh the centre for three yards almost without
Interference, bet on Hld >.' i lt- kl ii" ? i i
v.,.s foi.-.-.i ta hand over the bad to princeton.
The podgy-fat.. 'i Morse hen won ri wreath "f fame
for himself, and l- rouse. :i crowd lo wild en?
thusiasm by makins .. bold daab foi the end of
tlc line guardi i by Hick".v. .'J eluded th'- Vale
captain, and had carried the ball iwentj ?? yarda
into Vale's territory before he waa downed bj .?
clever tackle by Butterworth. Onlj for Butter*
worth's good play Horse would bave bed .. ck ir
field aiid Princeton would prol iMy hsve 111 ?? a
touchdown. King, Wheeler and Tren.hurd .ooli*-d
r % LP
*? HlM
after the Interferenei for Hoi ?? and they aw.;.t
Tale mu*, ie aside Uke s<> much i herr
Tlie ball was now OS Val"'- 11,,; I y !iv> > ard li:..
sad Hlnkey rallied his forcea and stopped ihe
next rush. Princeton, ? etng auch a aoild front, de
sided to pass iii- bell back to i.ir.k. for ;. punt
The little fallback aenl th" leather ball spinning
to Yale-* five-yard line and lhe Princeton follow?
er- wre wild with joy, v.hil.- ti..- Val" forces were
yelling furiously to encourage their men to better
work. Vale sent Armstrong between Wheeler aid
Holly for three yard; and Butterworth Lied tte
centre, gaining three n. Armstrong tried la
rep. at Hutt, rwoi th's performance, bul h.* gained
nothing. Butterworth advanced thr..- ..nd Thorne
three and Yale drew bach io try aome other
method, aa sh.- found Prineeton'i ii;:.- a hard wail
to ia.-..1; through, li did not bend and niv way
a* the Harvard lin.- br... done al Springfield lu.-l
Yal *a linc biol..-. ...ia parl fell '.. k :.. Irv t''?'
flying wedge. She m?M with b Uer bu. Hlnkey
carrying the ball between Wheeler und Holly for
-iKht yerda. Princeton blocked vi. on Ihe neal
rush, and Butterworth fell bach foi u kich Thi
punt waa too high, however, and gained .ale only
thirty yarda which area no gain al all, consid
.iiiii- thal abe lost th- bail, un the line oj. Ward
Kot around Qreenway'i ..ai r.,r fifteen yarda ind
Morse carried it four i.e..-. . ...i Butterworth*-punt
was almost Riped ...it. The ball wan now on Val*
Ihlrty-ftve-yard line, and tte.
were puffing like poi po
pla \ ?
>; boin ie ima
Princeton WSS too anxioux, and one of lier men
jot off side, and the ball went to Vale. Ar-nntronr?
was asat agiinst Princeton., centre for a two*
.?arl sain, and he repented Ma play lor the -ame
gain. Vale then pla>ed a new nick, which <auj;ht
the Tigers napnlng. 'ihe champion, drew brok, ss
if to work th- Bring wedge, ti,.- -v opened, how
ever, leuvlnu a clear space for Butterworth who
made s good i-mt to Frinceion's forty-yard line
Mlake ateod ready te catch the i...ii. .,,,,1 he,
Hlnkey and the ball came down t.,.....ii?.r with a
brini:. I'm- men met r.ud lo heed and belli
.bopped to the ground aa if relied with cr i ?
When Hlnkey waa helped to kia feet, blood fl wi i
down hi- face from bis right ear. ii" was led from
the Ben, nnd th.-r.* was consternation In the Yale
camp, for the lom, of their captain meant much to
" Tb?* -lo.lein Mother -'
Ila* Waot na' her lim euc* er. Inipr_\<vj ??,,,. ,,,. ..?.
phase-it kpallve, Synin ?r tlxe, ?_c" a S2 ,, .
-.?.-.the "*t.at ..f B (.-.'..te I.-..-.I. tilllll (|V ul, .'V,? .'' jl",
lh-l lt I" ?_-*? -v.-..|..?M.' Ul ll..-,,,. ??,, ,* ., ri..... ,_
-nd it l-U-flU them. Tl., tr,,. ?.??.,, V'Tl\ 5*jV_J_
1.. manufj-tnred by tho Callfuruia >'ij* bynj* lft .ni,
worth in front, and he gained three yanla on the
firs! effort ..cl i." lh" seco P lon gel
tlnn th.- ball for holding in the line. Biak, punt' I
to il.-, rentr. .1 Ihe Iii I I and Thoi ? 1 iain
lt, waa doa ned I hi el Buuel h tr:-.;
il,.- ea un. Lu no mil .?? I rew back for hei
lt) i" 1 wi .Iga. 1. Ins man t.levi ? 1
up. Vale tried h r "Toke" wedge, Butt-rworth
punting t" j'rlncei n'i twenty-yarn line. Th. lin-*
woul I st. .' I "'? lb"" . 1
ii. !\ op n, l erwoi lb a I vhlrh
I., punt.
HI I.- was ol ' 1 '
ir, . 1 ? .a' il ? gb snd
lhi ball ae.io-.- at tar is the tori rivi
line, .* hei ? . ';'- .?' pla) :. ? ' ?? ysrd ll
waa Yale'- I
\ ? ? ., I I . Ile r Butta , -
Hirth ran hi. 'ir , who -1
and kane I
..ni . - th. T ' quickly I roi- ? p ra
I. wan a irm md th, boys * r. heaving iri* 1
? ? 1 ? yale
had s ?? ht here and th?*n
tia I Ide lum ii, rn,.! I',,. ? .i.i ?;. rv linn.: her
OS n M J 'i ll ? . . ima" M"i ta
and Klni had U.-cn doing Hm . Hull) aaa
ht. ri
air .
"A TO''.*HPn**-r
wan ?n bis f< 1
v \' i ' ? w i vi; 1
v . ?? , ? . 1 ? ' 1' ? ? I. 1 - ? 1 ?
lout I I all
I- ni ? ?? thtriy-yard I
lo WOI ll .1 !
ton worked li din rei
.-.ii. nut. ly, nol dep? ndlng on mi-11 I
foi four yard ' 1 ???? ?? ? ,
1 M. in. a .1 !? i. ...ic
? Tl I
??r.'l Vale'* we il ti..--, hs.I lui ni ' th. lr
.'. ('rea, ? I
makin, ?? Bink. te<| fur forty )ardi
..,,.' ??. t, 1 pu 1 1
-. di 11.' kl. klna b hal he dbl al
Sprli gi ? ? ? ind ..1 ni
Brine lon -. "i live .u :h ,,, off-Mala* play and lhe
ball wai on lb. forl rai lim Kli irleil lin
ki end, bul the Tiger quartrrlmck lammeal
toil,, ground in lhe mos) unceremonloim manner,
Morse Irli l lhe c,iir" fnr iv ? ..; 1 HInkey'b
w .ui,.I 1. a- 1. and I. was t.i edin li.! I....
v. i-nt down I I ?' w .1 - on iii*, f. ? 1
In sn insisni !i ern ?! it Ural to 1
1 ? liv 'l'l, ? Mlbstlt a ? a! I ?
roi leal big bl irk. ? lh. ethla la Vela n
Kalnea) the ball on down* on her 6-yard Iln . bul
?le lo 1 li Imi I. Il Itl Iv
H ll linen ?? n i>"**. playing low, when Princeton
.-itt-ln began > work her ult 1 .?? t: Ina
Mani aain< d Ihr, Mor ii ? ? .1 ti-. ?.
Wai l five v..i.1 Th. ? ext had a
. hat i ?? Bl ii ?? rv. lc 1 .. k, 'I ll ? lin", lhe fit 1 lime
f.,r ts., v arda and lhe for thn u ul
. I .,., ?!??,. ? irda, ind lh. ball was on \ I
." v.,i ?] line, ..n.i ti," foll w., nt lhe < hi mi
bevan 1 1 t Iver in .arte 1. a n it, f"i- ;
I'rinc l. 1 waa 1 ' iv ln? .. much h. than ;
en) ''I'- man had expect. I. The l'rln et.in yells j
i;,,v in volume V. .11 1 and M01 . re *..,-?-? ? t
through until ibe ball n Bled on v. il. 1. . 11 :
I lae
I'I'.IM I.TI.V ? '1 "I "I 1." N.
Princeton bad adopted ihe I'ab tactics, .'?"! aha
was working Vale' trick agalnsi the champions.
II '...,' the ont) w..v Princeton could hope to win,
?Alni.- the Tale forces a !?? fairly surprised al the
Tiger's audacity. Ward wai pushed t.trough lhe
c.-,.ti., for five yunis, and :; bull ...... dim.ml .,,,1,
ten yards from Vale's goal. Hlnke* pleaded w,'h
In men IO bia' " Up and atop lhe 11 r:., a , : l,,:i. he
an 1 his warri in tried lo obey th lr chief, bul
Princeton*! ru ii wa ail devouring, and no human
wall euri with land ita cha rae* "A'tird carried the
iu ii for i'n"' yanb i" tween tin 'efl , u_.nl aral
ta.'kle an.l Princeton was clearl) beating 1'ule al
bei own game.
The it-ains bad now '.? i n pi.- lng Hu. ?? (|tinrli 1 "'
ai. hour The bulletin board announced "Harvard,
6; pennsylvania, ". al t.ambrldge," bul tie ..
1. ..ni. "in .ni created onl) pasalna attention, for
tb. battle before Ihem marooned ihe whole ...
tent lon of the onlookers, wm, nearlj eight yarda
to gain, Pl Inc ton forci epa ra te. foi .. tlyli
v\-.i,e. v.nii' th. crowd wsi hush. 1 .., ..,...?. \\,.,
I alned three yerda and Waul ..n the nexl .uni made
one. Ward wein for rbi", more, "' lt wu ? ,1
th.i only a ml.le could aa ? Vak*. With only
. ne :? uni to gain, Princeton arenl back for ;. flying
li looked like a fool Uh move, for "IV ?'" wi,, lau
mlghl hav< been p,isled over. < >n tl- 1 , i, \\_rd
li.1.1 ih<* ball, but be did nol gain .. io..i rhume
.1. w., ,1, 1 he - 'Immai ?-. .-iii , ..... Keen
thal h" wa.*- severe) ured. Il- v..,*- ,,,:?,| off
the n. id and Hart tool ,,,*? , la. e. .1 .? ,, p *n.
Princeton mut ed hei fore, and Ward v.a-- putihed
oval na .. touchdown, and ibe Princeton
went wild wllh delight, while Yale'a arni) looked
hiu". Indeed. Ward had Blipped between Murphy
and McCrea. K'ng punted oul lo Trenchard who
caught th. ball dir. 1 tn in 11 ml "i th ? goal. King hud
a twenty-two -prd-' Ki--k and hl.*i aim wau perfect,
the ball Bailing midway between ihe posts. Score,
fi in", ton, ?i; vail. 0
on tbe un- up si 3 is n. n,. rale iti-'i ibe Dying
wedge for sn In Ignlficsni k.?.ind Butterworth
butted the line three times In ti,- iii 11 tor two
the second for thn a and the i'm. \ 1 .,- five
Thorne snd Butterworth followeal with abort galna
until tha ball had 1.n w..rk?al 1. Princeton'!)
30-yard line. Butterworth charged lhe Inc f..r
another flvi yard armstrong gained live more
yards for rale, and Butterworth'* egon waa
fruitless Brown ind Morse atvpplng him finely.
Princeton's defensive work waa uperb, Homet bing
Yul-- bsa not had to meei lo any great extent
this "ai Prim ton was adopting Tale tactics ut
ev.rv move, ...ul it looked odd to Bee th.- Tigers
stealing all the Bulidoi*' th,m.br The i.n sid.*
of Brown's face :..<>it<*.i lts it ba ha.i bees hu with
a mallet, ..nd th-re wan nuich more color around
< brl-tmi-M i.i.i*.
Kv. >-l-a.lv I- (sir in-.- ut tl.,' I...-,..,..-. In ln.aflur. to be
hid ?i f.co. C- Fl'tit Co.'., . ourtceaUi Btrtai.
Laundry Soap
Male bf COLGATE ft CO., EiUUislied lixai.
bis eye than.there wsa in it. a Bowery ;? i I
would have called ii "a beautiful case of fres?
These few rushei seemed to hsve winded th<*
champions, and Princeton Mocked them completely,
taking the ball on downs. Ward could not adi
ii, bul Morse ursa more successful, getting
through yale's centre foi five yards. Trenchard
v.;,.- alternating Ward and Morse with tha ria.
mill ? ?? -ii eal Hi i In ihe . ime. Halli"; wsa
handling (.tillman as ii Mi.- Tale gisnl was a child. I
The iii! wenl to Vale on holding on Princeton's
forty-yard 11*. **.
Val-- massed her for...- to break up the Prince
ton lin.-, ..mi. whi!" she gained u\- yarda on ila
Brui nv. 'le- s-a-on.i and third efforta went for
nothing. Butterworth rharg. ' th.ntre !'"?' five
yards end then r.i two. bul losi the .'ali on a furn
Me. Blake's punting had I.i excellent, and h>
w .*. called upon to pant ide ball bai ??? to the centre
of the field. Thia he did cleverly. Butterworth'*
: exi rush would hav.- been a.I for eight yards,
bul r,," Princeton line fairly forced him Back thre.
.ani*. and hla one-trial gain wss only five. The ball
vax non near ile centr. ..r the Held nnd tl," team*
ha.l i.e.a, ai.uKKli,:;; jual ont h...., a.ul twenty min?
A man wa,aid no down ',"vv With eV-MT ru-!*., and
tim playing wai fast ai I furious. Butterworth
began to pound th centr aith all i'.i-' old pl.ak.
bm tl," wall did nol yield, and hi* galna were
snail. Stillman waa ofl pld. rai Princeton took
tl," ball on her S-yard line. Princel in preferred
to i.r.,':-', the centra rather than kick and Ward and
Morse made steady gains ol from two to five yarda
When time for the first hair was called, al 1:10
p, m. the ball wns in Princeton's possession on
her .i-ynrd line. The Lapsed time was ..ti" hour
and tw -niv-iiv.. minutes, although the actual time
"i plas was only forty-five minti
Princeton's aggressive, bj well bb her defensive,
pkt) rsa b i velatlon to everylwdy. Btlllm
youth uni extra wetghl ravi way before Balll-t'i*
experience end dogg-alne.-*,. 'l'l;,ni"'.- Injury had
also burl Tale, for Butterworth was her onlj
real ground ganter left. King and Trench-mi
; to i.;,"??. . v '-ry Yu!" trii k, tnd their
close ;.!i"iiti"ii to Tale's play during the last two
weeks wa* atandlng lh rn In good itead, Trenchard
? i holding limk-*. safe at all times. Tale**
del.?? aaa maahed repeatedly, and to close
observers "Hiv a mtracl would causa Tale t"
win lu tba second half.
After a fifteen mini''-* rest, which the multitude
needed elmo i aa much .. lhe players, tbe econd
hair watt tari I with Tal on the east aide and
Princeton, with hei ' i< k loo n I "Deadhead Hill."
v.,1 tarted w,u, the (lying wedge, Hart going
fifteen yarda between Wheeler and Holly. Butter* '
worth gal.l five yarda through the teft tackle. ,
?--A-t'jar-- ? *
'I i:vi\i: Fi IB A l.-.w TACKLE.
On Butter* rt, ie fumbli i and lt
hui only b r an In nant, for
di. c:' h. ld li gav. hoi k Its ball lo
al. ??,, !-r,ii""- " ? n Urang tried
Ti. ncha i ? no pun .-? tnd I he Pi ina eton
? mungen) matt Inglng, "Oh, my! <'n. my, what
., I.irk' '
Butt, i v...nh wa I lo punt, snd hi landed
il... ball i .w ni) -...i i Um .
. uni ' li ? '. In ri ? rentn
The ia . ? vi.? i- ali i hi*
iv vv rta ina ?? l'l .
I the Iw ? ir tha V ??-? nt
I lhe 'I if - hie to k'
? ' Blake ,.- to I ihirl
., . id
pta] Vale | il ti*,.- I, ,11. I.ot Hart leii.t.;- 1.
b ii hun i. little, and
?? i ? ? I .I hand io lop i th
pl.. arorked wi..-i-t through foi
With I ., ihe liftv ? .:?!
iu," King ???? '??? ?' lons i..- t-i Morse, who made
. . . ir. around 'Il'ik' | I". I la by
' I- ; ,? ba ri ll til ? ?'. i I WSB all
and lt doubled Val"
up In a l" ap
li w gd irk snd fi 'in the
? ha* pUtv.-i kinked bk. epc-trei Princeton waa
rhai verj point,
ind ii '? ..-ii la ??! long enough ll waa only .,
Princeton a ould add
? . I. ion Bk k iried i goal from lh" il.-id.
hui ii ? ? md d.I not mt. S' ile wv
tile tNtll On ' "..valli"
? i ? ?? i lhe h ,:i was on \ ah
i I line. It w.. ? , , and g ime, the h bi ..i
1 prob ildy I ? Princeton
ilrl) with hei
i ? li .?..,'. Hei line woi k
.?.a-.-,;!.,;, euperb All . ill to Captain Trenchard!
nii; m \h ii n i '.;?!.r. iv i hi**; rk**pK' t
I ! -i- OV ? >Mi. >?: in: W CU. li
>\ TIIK ' 'M in - u:, -r wu
v- ha I Itt efl
..a ihe ellenden i .. ci -. .1
w . probal ? ex Heal In point of
my pi
...... I I...Ii.- sr hose fact i nllkti
i hi i. '.p"i tani pa ri lea
.a ? i? n wi. pr -.ni. ome In attrai
. ostuma - "f > i"iu or velvet, nd In? ma li niano
h 'v il] trimmi ?! a Uh fui ami I" ideal a Ith
. lr'. ? ' ,...? m
vv ? , ? moil unplea person . a ho
i ? ,! In I he :? mporai \ ? ? ?. in w il, 'i w ia
? kted t il lhi 'lav bb the ' field bon, * " Tho e
wi.., brough I ii"ivv wrap- snd large fur or woollen
robea with which i.ver them '-hen from Ihe
chilly blasts which usually accompany lhi da of
' i me ; in I no o . . ? ? .m until
after lhe nun had hidden Iteelf behind lhe tall
! "i ? ni i ? .-:.' av . ov TlOOklng lh" Bleep cllflf.
Tl.-cupania ol the boxi In ri grand Bland,
Stand I), while they were sheltered from I ??
wai a, i lya of thc un, * en m i ? table
,i lei i, ".h. v. hen ? I ?? had. - of
bv.ni IO M". bv ' damp, .hilly air. wh'.l; waa ,
fell to ? vei mai row Then ,i a ia lhal fur
wrap* and Hi> ? .mall piecea <>f fur which thii |
?"..-.n a.died collars, but whleh are almost
nough to i- '.ii red copi --. .? ? ? found
i ?n rn ri I) ev, i >? hand w i re
pi ir : I'i- will,",,i number, who bad broil,,'..
cou Ins, ire ? . w ea tba in*, m one ..r the
; v... ii. I ui . ? i ? j ? Th ? v uung women rr- i
t.. hnl< .ii lei m i inllng the i ime a Ith i profll
;;.i<v- and reckleaeneai which were astonli
'I ? pl i) a i. lire ." "' lh, thi! 'i" doing :ii"
.a.i Hying vv.-Ik-." "He*a backllne i pk . Il ;ij.'
end, "Thia la a I ima of llylni Interference," w.-t
? :..|ii.u.' heard fi bi young womrn who w.r.*
nevei though! i" poasesa the smallest bit "t knowl*
,.,; ;.- of lomb ill.
*,. i the enthusiasm of iii . young people i
fully .-.pi.riled by tba, of iii. matrons, wt,., wen- .
pi .rn in la rai numbers and who wavell ns vi-.
orou-d) snd _plrlte.ll- an lhe youngal*-? theil i.
lt. ...I". ?
If lhi i * ii un ".i..i: ic id" to i ile off c ..ich"*.
fr.,,,, thi gmundB ii ?vn nol u.cei (fulls . nforced
Ik< un ?? '" 'Ides the twent) odd coaches which w.-re
IficrQasad Appeii.0
i? one oi thc first good effects
felt by users of Scott's I'lmiilsion
of cod-liver oil with Hypophos*
phites. Good appetite begets
jj?;od health.
is a lat food that provides it*
own tonic. Instead of a tax up?
on appetite and digestion it i* B
wonderful help to both.
Scott's Emulsion ar-\
rests ths progress oj
Consumption, _5i tm
chitts, Scrofula, anti
other mVasting diseases
fry raisins' ii tarrier oj
Iwalthv flesh, strength
and nerve,
Tt*t*t*A by boott a Bama*, ti. V. All <lr_<ti*l?.
?SVeral breaks and tw._ eogch-g
somi: coAcnnro rABTUta
Adrian Iselln drove down from the neighborhood
of the Westchester County Country Club with a
party of Young people on hid black and yellow
coach. Th.-r.- were ui bia party Mr. and .Mrs. h'l
STrd Clarkson Potter. Mr. and Mrs. barbs F.
Havemeyer. Miss Hands. Miss Hope Goddard, very
hand-'t'." In a taltor-made costume ol pepper and
Bait cloth, trimmed with (olds ot black sill.; Wood
1,,,!??? Kane and Carter Hitchcock.
Howw",i s. Pettit, who drove a break, rrow
Orans-e hnd with him as gueata if. I.. Vuralct.
\v k Qulmbey, Farnham Yardley. Winthrop vur
dfci ".-' -; Mr; oi'. 1-edy mi Ulair sad vs A.
Minim. On Kt.mk Beard'a black and blue break
Were Mr and Mrs Charles. M. Clarke, Mr. and
Mra .inward Hinman, Miss Maud- Howard, MUis
Ftose Howard, J. B. Battln, Jr.; I Jewltt, J. l.ob
Inson Beard, and J. H. Bhull
Albert li. Hilton's splendid yellow and black
coach which, with the team before ir. wn tue
I-.- prise ai lhe Hors- s...,vv a fortnight ago,
waa in ch;'.;-.:?? "i J. H. Donnelly, who was on the
b.a when th prize waa awarded. Air. Milton -
guest were Mrs, Mi" in, Mr. and Mrs. J. Abeu
Tot* end, Mr and Mrs. N. B. Bmlth, Miss Hird.
Pai ire-; Parnham, s. K. Damon. Muxh Murray,
Winari Lester and W. M. Manning. Mr. Beecher,
who diove down from Yonkera, bad a large party
of young i.pie of hi i coach.
in Tin iir.'.n ri;*.::s.
in the ii id boxes were Mr. ind Mi**, .hem .Jacob
A-cir. who had Mis- Wetmore as their K'ie?;. Miss
Wetmore being in ? pretty costume "f black cloth
trimmed with beet-red velvet: Mr. and Mrs. Harry
A. Alexandre, the latter in black cloth and fur;
Mis William Kv.-,",, sinai.. In brown velvet ..no
mr; Miss Massey Biron*-, in pals blue velvet umi
Jet; Miss Evelyn Burden, in a coatume of mauve
silk trimmed with black .ox fur and black satin,
ex-Secretary William C. Whitney, who waa sc*
compa .; d by hla daughter, Miss Pauline Whitney;
Mlaa Willing, In dark blue velvet rind fur: Mr. and
Mra. Perry tiffany, Mrs. Tiffany in a costume of
black cloth trimmed with aa tra khan; Mr. and Mrs.
Charles B. Alexander, Mrs. tlexander wearing ?
rich costume of sage green velvet elaborately -ni'
broldered and trimmed with ,-t and fur; Mr. and
Ml Paul albert Thebaud. Mr. and Mr-. Stanford
White, Mr. and Mrs. .1. Borden Harriman. the latter
in a dress of dark blue cloth, combined with scarlet
? velvet; Mr. snd Mrs. Bdwln Main Post. Mrs. John
C. Wllmerding. in black velvet and fur; Bruce
Price, Dr. and Mi*-. Job.. II."inion french, Mr. and
dix. A. M. Dodge, Dwight Cochrane, James M.
Waterbury, [>?? For bi Manics, Miss Banda In dark,
blue cloth and a boa of black eek feathers; Will?
iam Abercrombie Burden, who had hla two young
sons with him; Iti'-hn-*.| Peters, Miss Potter, Judge
nd Mrs Roger A. Pryor, .\i:=*- Pannli Pryor, J.
clinch Smith, Daniel Word.n, Mr. and Mrs. Cleve?
land Dodge, Mrrt. J. M. Conylnhara, Mr, and Mrs.
P. Hall Butter, A. ?;. Jennings, C. F. Judson.
Oeorge Griswold Haven. E. Bcment. Professor
'?-borne. Mr. and Mrs. H. ll. Hollister, Mr. nnd
Mrs Isaac V, I'.rokaw. Mr. ii nd Mrs. B. P. Whit?
man. Trenor I.. Park, W. Jay Barker, Kov. land
Cox, W. c. Arbuthural and A. w. Hoyt.
u i PANTS OF I ill'. -I.l'oll"! -li?
nn the balcony of the clubhouse were Mayor
and Mrs. Gilroy, Miss Ollroy, Thomas V. Gilroy,
lr.; Mr. and Mrs Richard Croker, Captain Da Ls
Ma.ir and his pretty Wife, Who was Mlsa Sands;
Mr. and Mrs. Simon M. Btern, Mr. snd Mrs, Qeorge
I.. Ki.-hares. Mr. ano Mrs. Charles !?'.. 'lush.noi".
Mr. and Mrs. J. ll. Bilberry, Mr. and Mr . Brayton
iv-.-. Colonel J. Ruppert, Willis Holly, Arthur
White, Mr and Mrs. 8. Pi-nthlngham, Mr. and
Mm, J. I'.aldwin. Mr, and Mrs. Bnyder, Mr, and
Mra. Jamea .'.. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Joel B, Er?
hard!, Inspector and Mrs, Mclaughlin. Senator
and Mrs. Mcclelland, Mr. and Mrs. Prank McKee,
peter Meyer, Colonel .I.a,. Dal r, ?? teslstanl
' I Wi Ich, ''bari - i 'am
li i."i ? Bti:- Holm ?, ch irli M...aid, Andrew
i-'r- ini.in an ! Chark b A. Hess.
IN , ill. . ; \M STANDS.
lu the boxes on the gallery of the grandatand
v."!" Mr. aul Mrs. Qeorge Peubod* Wetmore,
Ml i Maude Wetmore, Pottei i' lm r, Mr. and
Mrs. ''. u'l'. (sella, Vance Mitchell, Ernes) La
Montague, Eugene D. lia..kins. Mr. and Mra
claren B Mitchell, who had as their gueata
Charlea Scribner and Arthur ll Scribner; Mr.
anal M. W. E. Fargo, who*" gueata .???:?? Mes
Mccormack and Lincoln Mccormack; Jamea Hicks,
who had a _r sta vi Bavage, Maa Bogers, Miss
i ??!,?? , Prank Banham . ? lore Keeler, jr.;
Mub.Tt Martin, William Campbell und Jamea
i.nie; Mrs. Jamea K. Pitcher, ol Sba ri Hills,
N. J. who bad with her Mrs-- Prances Tarbox. of
Ht. Paul Minn.; il;. Mlaaea Pitcher, Aubrey Mar?
tin, William Lamed, tin lennl player, and Russell
\ Grlflin; ll N. Dickinson, J. H. Union. W. ll.
Wheeh :? and E. H. Wea th. ?
Some ot lhi occupants of boxes on stan 1 D, OB
Ihe s,,,|t;i s i. the grounda, w.-r<- Mr. and Mrs.
Nicholas l-'r i. i Coleman Drayton, Mr. snd Mra.
De I - ,11, J, An.en Harriman, wh.. had
wiih him hla mother, Mrs. Jame.-. A. Harriman.
.ml Mi*-. Harriman. Iii...-ie i! Lewin R. W, I >??
Pori \ Munn, Mr. and Mra C. Albert
.- ? .??:, (Mr. >;. ven* being very handsome In a
goa.f dark-blue viv-' md fur), J. P Ttl.ot'.
William I- i'i ip r, and Mr. and Mrs. h. C. Duval.
<>'h ra present were Mr. sad Mra. I.n Mari.-.
' . ? Pni , ? Stokes, ll. ,' Bead] ???ci. C H.
lyddington, jr.. C. I. Hyde Oeorge ll. Barnes,
J. J. McCool Louis M. Worn er. J ' Plummer,
ir., !>.? Pores) Grant, s.n.ta- Dubols, John l>
Davis. ..r st. I..".. . u ?rge .; Kip, Carl E But*
i'h.-a. jr ? P Pendleton Rogers, Howard J Hashhurst,
Mian Msrquand, Frederick A Hi k. ,- ll Hooper,
. ?. ? di eve. w iiii.u.i s iii.-.'... m. h.
Cl H ri. P. H. Wagoner, I' <; Roumage, W. T.
is. ' c. i> Matthews, Rufua 1. Set;, jr.
?' \, Parrott, \ W Brown. M li Carman, wu.
\'v noll. y. I * v.... burgh, John :: Roa .*? veli and
REI ll VI >
N vv Haves, Conn., Noi IO (Bpe lal) Vale m.'n
are w.arriii; the,blue i-' their hearts to-night. A
wild crowd of several hundred i iple matched
the progresa of the game here thia afternoon aa
di fdoyed ..a bulletins exhibited by .. local tele*
phone company. An, original Ides was nut Into
lng the res,iiis of thi play
In ilelnll, Two puppets, one dr, - il In blue, the
other la titi I ba ' ? cen : -'.,1 i" its,
.. i ? with the b Ivanced er i ???
illr ?.I"! by the nea ? from th'*
a Hon - i Nea v... , .\ Princeton
-aiprl " and aome . oncern srere
manifested, bul strong faith m Yale's ability
t ? null .i" was in cvulenl es. cond
half w.i- falrl) under way did the ? .v. . ?? i
i'. i ; .. ... mi.ii il inger ???' ?;??; it Th -n
? ? mn awaited tie- ,ss,i,. ,,< every play with
is anxl They 'ould nol believe, how-- I
Val would i till the last |
tidings ? neil aa If ih.-r.
nm !?? ??.,-? mistake, and th" members of the
cnn I wi; . dial ? iri Bili nc rush
I . where bulletins were being received
Brm if th, I is
mi ' ? ? it!] ... up i- n r. sull
of I ie They 'olly . xpecte I to vt In.
uni ... id peri li [?'? eta se?
ll ls in nenert-1 opinion here thu: tho
faci ii, ii Yale's i'.v . halfl r k- v..; :,..; in any
kind of condition v.i th. ri il caus. of the whlte
h ' ?; V ile mi ?' ' ??? for >? ai fi ll thal it a aa
? ? ?? Harvard on "n.> ri de and Prince?
ton four -liv ar;, tua, i. .i'd tlc- result of li.I.iv'*
game sen ??? tn confirm lhe f.-u-s on thal
i- ie.w ii. doubt whatever that before an?
other ' either the Harvard gam m*ISI be moved
i..i"l- a a i. - i P inceton will he faced on some
other dal All New-Ha\ n especial!) the Vale
t'a ni pu ls amp] to In i Hence un I gi tom to-i Ight.
TURI .: 1 HOI - imi i'i.::-"\.s hl'l THE '? I-IE
viv hm: n...\ ri; HURT
. - Kov. 30 'I'hc football game played here
thls morning between Ana Arbor University and
.'in".-", i ntvcrslty resulted In favor of Ann Arbor
b>- the foll .wins score; Ann .rbor, lt; Chicago, tO.
Crank Barbour, of Vale, coach for the Michigan
I'niverslty eleven, umpired tie- game, and l'r..i'.-s
s..r a. a. Stagg, .a Chicago I'niverslty, was
referee. When ii.e teams lined up, the) trod ...i :i
lt ??/??ii Ila I I. i";' ic ;? e, and sn..,, soon lad! b> -often
ih.-lr falls. Three thousand enthusiasts witnessed
Ihe game. No rough wort or lerloua Injuries
marn*d Ihe game. The visitor- outweighed ci.l
cago's team, bul the physical ad va nts ge waa a
*'"? ca- oi' danger In the latter half of the comest.
They became winded when sti.^'s men began
playing sn .. ???,?? ?-c.. rushing game, and Ifteen
mi.n.!'-.re would probably have made them
Pi-rberi .?...- disabled In the Hist, hair, and
Shei wm look his pl., e as hulfbai k
I'm ?'i'i:.\l.I. QAM Efl ON MANY PlBLDA.
Washington, Nov. 30. The Georgetown University
and Columbia Athletic Club football teams, of ibis
city, i'la'.el here to-day for the champlonBhtp ?,f th.
District, tlie Cotumbls Athletic Club winning by a
?cora "f IS tn ML Neatly vms pinong wita* I
the game.
Richmond, \ i? .\.,v .... Thi ifl moon il Island
Park ii." i nlversltj ..r Vlrglnlu for the fourth time
m riv. o..iiv u..|, .;,. football championship ol the
South The t'nlventlt) ol North Carolina team
s-hlch I.** t year threat*; eil the uthleth supremacy
of V'lrginlu, v as v :,, ;,ii- |... .1. The s. or., wu. lt to ??>.
Alb tny, No ,. ;??,.- i .artmouth I' don football
game al Wesi Troj this afternoon resulted In ri
vi.-i,i:;. foi the sa in >r te int ol I I ? 0.
Roch. n v \,,. tu Twelve hundred peo
iw tn-- i ni,.., i|ty ,,| Rochester football tea a
defeat ihi eleven from Hymcuw I'ntveraltj ncr. to
das I . ? con of i. to " Ro i" il -.ci,-a the
nnl) touchdown of lhe game In the Brat ten min
, ute*, .uni after thal played vaoiiv rt defensive
- inc, The conteei was characterised bi ronald
? ran. ? ra; ? lng
'?'?>.use, n. v. Nov ?'?" The Sytacu ?? Athletic
| Assoctation football team mei theil first defeal thia
.'-.?ii thia afternoon al ''?? banda of Colgate Col
| legs, ric- . ire srsi 11 to 0 The i in ?? ? as wit?
nessed i.y the largest crowd evet issemhted al i
1 football ? ont.st ia 9yra< use
Harrlsburir, Penn.. Nov. M Bucknall defeated
Ulcklnaon her. lo (Uv al football i , tbe presen.f
'?'??""? 1.pie I v the ,| l to 12
i Wllmlnfton, Del., ...v Jft The Rt. John's ?',.|
, legfl io,,!i(!1|| ,.,.,, ,,, ^ pan i ,., | to-day de*
: ? **-?t..i ii,, |. ,,,. ,,r ,;?. Warren .vt,.,.-iic club, of
thia ? ii ? i, ,i, . ,. ol ?'? to " Thc Wilmington
. iuim Mei,-,, fhrlstiai v ?? ' '??'" defeateil th"
Delaware Plold Club bj ihe rn ore <.f li) to o.
I Ol- ll Naive Taania
i m m. r-i..:-:- \ al Cheepi ii ?
Ot, lt. M ll ,:?? \..;?!.'-,. M?, -.? "1 i- -.aril it
sh ..lie ol n, :, ,, ,, . .., i ,,, , ,? wi,|,h the
i) -lei- require* itu neill and _ nerve tonic. 1 liuvs nut '%
Oaely sith mott tAWARBBt resuiu."
Our Reas_n
for Thanlqgiving. }
We did not exriet to becogM go wen
known to thc (weil dreeaera as va
have in this, ..ir iir-t ssaaoa'a bual*
atm. Wo havi Riven the publig
What they dpsimi-vciy stylish, roadj>
to-wear ch,thin?; pt moderate prices.
Wc have won on tils lint**?and wo shall
adhere strictly u> ft. ?"?
Our overcoats inMto cmiparisons. Our
new Style, 48 and M.nck long, very looa*
back. gingle-bretatNl Hersey overcoat
ls not, we belicv'. easily obtainabk
A call -Ail! coat veil a few minutes of
your time and nay prove a saving to
you of real advan'.agt-. W
Clot hiern and Furnishers,
279, 281 and 283 Broadway,
Bet. Ch imbers and Reade Sts.
S.tt;?r?<*tion _.i.ir_iil"i'.l or mmr.ry rct_nu>4.
id Silver
Holiday Gifts,
We carry in stock a complete
assortment of spoons, forks, fancy
pieces, hollow ware, toilet articles,,
novelties, &c, all of which are ac
ceptable and appropriate as holiday
rifts. Articles selected now may bc
left with us for future delivery.
Reed & Barton.
37 Union Square, Bf, Y.
Tin: I'ivs-vi.vwi \ PLATERS DEFEATED, _?T0*
in -it. : vn: ri. win,; to wipi: Ott
Till. DEFEAT AT -I'ltlN HTKU).
fl!V Tl tMt-M TO TIIK TRl-INK.}
.'ami.rid-,?. .\l;;--.. NOV, BL?Harvard ;c!m!nl?*
tered en overwhelming 'l*-f*-it this afternoon to
ih.- eleven from th- <,u;.k-r City. Thc score waa
H t" i. The "Penn'a" team iron taken completely
ott th.-ir feet hy tho H. rca mai ef Harvard*! play*
Inf. "Penn"1 made .i determlci d aland in tho .oe*
.md half, which .li! her splendid credit, but not
>.t any time was th.- r.*n.ilt of th- Kamo in doubt.
I.' abe ha.l playe.1 at BprtagMd each football aa
aha played to-.lay Harvard'a Thaakaglv-ng would
have been far differenl from what it I*, to-nis-t,
and if tlie eleven eoald have just one mon "so"
at Val- Crtmaoa money would again h.- rta dy by
tin- thousands tn back tho t-am to vietorv. lt waa
a j-roaf. BtTUggle, nev.r before egUaBod en Jarvie
Field, and thc tifteon thousand spectator! wore
treat..1 t.i a ThaakagtvtBg fast.
Tlie 1 larval'! cloven appeared first nn tho Hold.
The toss fell tO Harvard, and she chooa thc west
Koal with tho wind behind. Harvard, hy maRnl
flcont work, w.-nt to "Penn's" 1-yard line. Here
the ball was given to Mucki--, hut lie dropped it
and the CrtaHOM lost their lit-' chance to .core.
"Pegu" tried t.> ki?k. but Newell again vhs through
like a shot .ind spoiled the attcm;>i a WCOBd time.
"Penn" --.as tims forced to a safety Harvard wt
tlc- ''.ill "ti c. kick and then Brewer ;;iid \\righting*
tm bogan wonderful work, parUctilarty Breerer.
Down, duwil the lieid th.y w.-nt. gaining wherever
tho backs struck the lino. Tho play was Betta ami
mao, "P.-mi's" ic.un worked Kin karoca, but to ne
avail; th.y could not preveal Prewar from scoring
nor from kicking th- goal. The scare was then I
to 0.
Killin..,is had b.-.-a repeatedly hurt and several
attempts ha.l been mada- to make him leave the
field, hut Iv would Mt go, He v.as carri' 1 off tba
iieid. proteetlng at every ?******?. A- Brewer t.."k his
iii ? i ???mi'--" n xt pl.iv v.as directed around
his end ll-- allow. ! btUMelf t" h.- dr;,wi: in. and
Knipe, itarting from th.* middle ..f the Held behind
th.- Hying wedge, made ooo of th.- brilliant runs of
i...- afternoon, never stopping until Brewer fawned|
him "ii the i '-jard line. Harvard hell f.r thrice
downa .ml forced "Pail" to kick. lt was ono of
tl ahort*alde hicks which aha aced in the Vale
tam ? Brooke pm bia men mi the side and ' Penn"
secured the ball on the tyard Baa. The neal ru?b
advanced the ball t" tha J-yard hu., then Oageei
n le th. '.irrik'T contingent wild by carrying the
i>..il over the line by a rush around .Mucki.-. Broofcg
failed to kick a goal. Bt. I I.
Thia wak.d Hat.ard up i" a splendid rt.'*rt
Her Hying aredge came thundering down upon the
Quakera, and craehed through them, gteveaaoa
galnli , .-???'? ? v.u!-. Th n Beale signalled for
"Charlie" Brewer round S'ewtoa'a ??**< 1 and around
he went like ? frightened deer, beautifully blocked
ty Mackie. Artkur Brea r was with hi*, brother,
too, an.l clevrly pushed Osgood ovl "t the pUy.
Brooke , rt.i-a-t th.- fleetl.ed Brewei wltb dogged
pei-sistencv. but jus: as he tackl d Brewer plaagei
.ucl i.n over th.- line at th- v.-iy comer "f the
gridiron, lt was aenaaUoaal, .ind the crowds fairly
bowled with d.-iittht. Steveaaon punted out to
Newell and Brewer kicked mo goal. Seora H to 4.
Here th.* -c..rira; -h.,.d.I have -tapped for the
lirst hali', bul th" ref. rc'-- iv, tell -.'..i ..ut nf order
and ihe . l.v, ns were k pi at It fm- fully twenty
mlnutea after lime should have boca called.
lt was a blunder, eua of many on tho part of the
..tli-dais, lt.,th sides, however, shared ..pially the
injustice. Harvard continued her pood work. The
line gave the backs excellent rugger I and Dunlap
scored another touchdown, -taking the score for tba
Ural half, -'i> to i.
Iti th- -.-."nd "I'enn's" Hi;.- braced wonderfully.
There eras coaatderaMa punting, as ia tho first
half. Harvard pushed lo within live yards of the
.juakers' ^*,>ai several times, nut could aol ieee*
Brewer was hurt, and forced to leave thc rio id.
while ilr.v took his place. Oray played In lint
form I'-"' a feu ruahee, and thea ba, too, was hurt,
.md gave way !?? Qoute ran in. Rae ea was tajare4
and Oliver look hl> place. Wharton golnjf Iii at
guard tor Oliver, Harvard started with the ball,
and her wedge ga Inert tea yarta, ..nd Brewer made
twenty around Newton. Then more rushes by
Brewer and Wrighttngton carried the ball over,
Wrteta-r-gvof, mato* .h* tovKhdowa and Bteww
kicking ti. goal, Final eeore iM to f.
Tho-- was brilllani playtna tfter tins, ard Har?
vard kepi up h.-r pace pretty areli, though ?*
out ionti il. good v..?k by l'< nnsylv.-aiii 1 s team
et critical a-omenta k' pl the aoore freon hems any
h'-:ri:?'- Harvard CrtaMOtt" reopl- added bJobBWB
to the nam- by noatlng bulle'-liu1 ol the W
Princel in game. The) had .. mitt direct to Mr*
hatten Ki-il for this purni ?? Om.nate af~r
--., ,-i,?. of tl* game they laaued an extra <*?;???'?*
Inp .1 full account of the game, cutaei tne ptayer*
histories of th.- piav.-r, end ah edltarW of ata>
graiulattou. The .lev ns llaad up as toiiows.
Karvart. *******} P*,"*K____5
r..?..,..a \ Breareri. I-n -ni .Mi_a_ .
\l,i, 'ru.K.ght ?u_. d.- - ? '-^ssE**
\'..,, ,11.Kt.-.h: tat kl-.Karte <??'-''J
-levenson.Ki*ihi ent..Wammt
tUtlt . Uuertcrtx i* .,.. 'HfTSZ
?.Vrtehtlaatf-n Dualou. Bi il rim ?).?.Ome.-od. **-nn??
1 ::.???? loray, n.n
.1111. Kuliba -k* .
1. - . . Hf Debert ITaipMe ":r '?
Spare heariine
Spoil thc Wash

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