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rLorriNc; a gbeat crime.
rEiuTE i xorr.ii TO atti-:, ht it?
David Tl. HUI Edward Murphy, Jr., William
jr. Sheehan and Isaac H. Maynard, with the as?
sistance of a choice lot of Democratic political
thugs, stole the Sonata* of this State two years
ago from the party to which it rightfully be?
longed. Judgment has been passed on thal
theft, and the result is that the Republicans now
have nineteen members of the Senate and the
Democrats thirteen. Lately, however, persistent
rumor!* have been in circulation that the same
.et of worthies who were responsible for the
theft of 1*,91 had determined to aecure the Sen?
ate of 1S94-.3. Two years hrh they did lt by st-al
ing return- and arbitrarily counting in a Sen?
ator, who since has died, who did not come
within 1.700 votes of an election. It is now re?
ported that they intend to get control of the
Senate in an entirely different way. This time
bribery, it is said, will be used to capture three
.-?ats. thus makins the Senut? a tie.
It is difficult to believe, however, that the
men now in control of the Democratic Suit" ma?
chine will dar? to allow this to I..* done, for
they ought to know that the people will not
permit lt if lt should bo undertaken, and th"
men who, lt is said, would goorer to the Demo*
crats hardly would dare to show themselves at
their homes after they cast their lot with the
Democratic State machine. The career cf
O'Palr, the member of Assembly who was
elected by Republican votes, and who earned
the title of traitor, ls still pretty fresh in the
minds of politicians. O'Dair was shunned by
nearly every one In the Assembly, and Cow of
the members of the party Which h. supported
associated with him.
Tl'". ALBAtTT CONFT.nr.xcE.
The conference which was held in Albany on
Yv"ednrf*1-y, between Edward Murphy, jr., Lieu*
tenant-Governor Sheehan, G.vernor Roswell P.
l'lower and others, is understood among poli?
ticians to have had a great deal more to do
with the plot to secure the Senate than it did
with the action of the men who launched the
new Democratic State machine. Some of the
newspapers which are In the confidence of the
men who were at the conference published yes?
terday articles declaring that the confer.n. e
was all about the new Democracy. It is thought
by many that this was merely a blind to cover
up the real plans of the conspirators. Money
would be needed, it ls suggested, to carry out
the scheme which Murphy, Flower and Sheehan
are said to be trying to put through, and some
politicians thought yesterday that the confer?
ence was probably one to secure funds with
which to operate.
Those who think that the Democratic bosses
are really at work on a scheme to steal the
Senate reason this way: There are various rea?
sons, they say, why Roswell P. Flower does not
want to serve as Governor with a Republican
Legislature. He knows that a good many re?
form measures will I.e placed before him and
that he* will be compelled either t" sign or io
veto them. M.. ny of th.* irn-asnies will I,.* those
repealing laws whi.-h he lins signed at th- dic?
tation either of Hill, Murphy, Sheehan or
Croker. If he should sii-n tli.- hills repealing
these laws he would loee th- support "f the
machine, and if h<* should not sign them le'
would lose the rapport af decent people, arhlcl.
he dearly cravee and which be has i.n trying
recently to obtain. A Senate which was Demo*
eratic or tied could prevent theae billa getting to
him, and while- he could poae as a reformer, the
wicked Senate, controlled by William F. Rhee*
han, might stand between bim rmi reform
measures. Sheehan weill ii',' atop at thi*- s irl
of work. He showed when he allowed Charles
A. Walk'-r to h.- teated in 1892 thal he had ii"
conception of common decency. Mr. Sheehan
now is in thi.- dty and ir was learned yeaterday
that he saw several prominent Democratic poll
tiejans and that he held long c maultatlona with
them. He cam" here Immediately after tie- i in?
ference at Albany. What h.- is really doing nero
could not be learned.
It is charged that perhaps a bolder Boheme
tuan bribery may he reaorted t". The <'!<*rk of
tia "-.-nate of the last s> .-sion makes np the
roil of the Incoming Senate. lt is expei ted
that he will prepare the roll in accordance with
tbe certificates which are presented to him.
He is expected under th'* law to do tii.it. Sup?
posing however, he should chOOOO to put on
the names ..f three Democrata and refine to
put or. the names ol' the Republicans who wen
sleeted in th.-ir places, Mr. Sheehan, as Lleu*
leaaat-Oovernor, would refuse to hear the prot?
ests of th- Republicans, ani as each bran ii
of the Legislature is th" Judge nf tin- qualifi?
cation and election of its membera, a reaolu
ti 'ii t-. s.-ai lie- thro.- Democrata would be
voted on and carried, and nothing beyond brut"
force e..u].i get tl"- illegally seated members <"it
of the Senate. Of course this would be a bold
stroke, and even Sheehan might quail, but the
machine is desperate, and ll would rather lose
almost anything than lose the Senate. Boasts
have boon mada by Hill mon that Mr. Owens
and Mr. Bradley, who were elected by the Re?
publicans from Brooklyn, would be found \"t
ing with the Democrats. This is denied "ii the
best possible authority. Mr. Owena already
has pledged himself to the support of his
party, and it is understood that there is no ques?
tion as io the position of Mr. Bradley. Ills
friends declare that he will \"!" With lh- Re*
publicans, as by their vote:- h.* was elected.
Colonel Robertson, of W>- t.theater County, has
been a lifelong Republican, and the ohai-ip-s
which hav-.* i.e.-n mad.* i>> s..m* of th.- Demo?
cratic leaders that h>- will be found with them
ls an insult to him. Colonel Robertson served
in the Assembly several years ago. He then
was elected as a Republican, as be was elected
this yen- t" tl.'* Senate.
Some .,f Mr Sheehan'* friends have been say?
ing that th" Republican who was elected t" the
s.-nate in th.* place of Senator ESndrea, in Erle
County, would !>?? with Sh. .-han on the organi?
sation of the S.-nate. lt is more than likely
that th<y have imagined that ha- could repeat
with this member th.* sam.- performance which
ie- caiilod .mt sn successfully in the caee "f one
Senator who was elected as an Independent Re>
publican some tim.- ag... The last reports from
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rey,r -*?? Tle t,oc,(?f* as Republicans have
Ina!n.?n,"'ed *?* ? ??n?*t from their orig*
and lf^2__.0ni t0 -^PPOrt "i" RepubUcan party
and Its measures in the next Senate.
Ltoutenant-Oovernor Winiam P. Bheohan's
tall figure was prominent In the Hoffman House
corridor and cafe yesterday for Ute Amt time
since the election of November 7. Considering
the terrible thrashing which his party received
OB that occasion and the political whaling that
was administered to Mr. Sheehan personally
and individually in Buffalo and Erle County, it
must be admitted that he looked exceedingly
"I am very well and strong," he said, and
then, aftorasllghl pause, added the word "phys?
ically," as if fearful that it might be supposed
that he was boasting "f political health and
strength, stat- Treasurer Elliot Danforth, who
? scaped the anti-Democratic cyclone by not
being pul Up for vindication this year, was also
a Hoffman House guest. The Lleutenant-Gov*
ernor and the State Treasure;- are members of
the State Canvassing Board, which will soon be
convened to canvass the election returns for
State officers-, delegates to thS Constitutional
Convention and members of the State Senate
and Assembly.
AXOTHEB CONFERENCE nr.r.F. to mot.now.
To-morrow* another conference of the same
kind is to take place in this city, at which the
same persons who mel in Albany on Wednes?
day are to com" together again, with one ii *
portant addition?Richard Crok.r. The subjects,
it is believed, which w.-re discussed at the Al?
bany mee ti nj*, will form the main topics for con?
sideration at to-morrow's conference in New*
v. rk. Naturally, the Grace-Falrchi-d-Antl
Snapper uprising gives Messrs. Hill. Murphy,
Sheehan and Croker considerable uneasiness,
and naturally tin; i- one of the things that
brings then* all together here. How- best to
m.et, overturn and destroy the political party
which is being reorganized to snatch from th'-m
the control of thc State machinery and
the party reins will undoubtedly engag.
a good d.ai of their attention. Bul machine Dem?
ocrats, t . whom the political complexion of the
state Senate ls a matter of personal snxlety,
are responsible fer the statement that the main
question which owners of the Democratic or?
ganisation In this State will decide is whether
there shall be a repetition of the tactics of 1891
and an attempt made to turn the Senate n <-p<*.
omi time Into a Democratic body In defiance i f
the popular will. Whether Senator Murphy and
Mr. Croker will counsel going ahead in the
hasardous and scandalous business of altering
the elecetlon figures In Senate districts or trying
t i steal the Senate In some other way remains I i
be se.-n. That Mr, Hill has a Slate Canvassing
Board whi.-h he can rely upon to consummate
whatever deviltry he may command is shown
by the frauds to whi h this board gave Its
sanction two years ago.
Mr. Sheehan was ssked about these matters
last evening, bul h-^ dis reetly and affably de?
clined either to confirm or deny the reports
which grew out of thc Albany conference, snd
the expected meeting In thi*-1 Ity, What seem.-1
to disturb the Lieutenant-Governor most was a
report as ?.. what he was alleged lo have said
about the New-Tork state Democracy move?
ment. Ho was quoted ss saying: "Wo ex?
pected this sort Of thing. lt's the same old
son-.*. What th- hell will lt amount to?"
"Now," he said. "I don't care much about
this, but I dislike to have language of thia
kind attributed to me. What will people who
don't know me think of me? I never talk that
way to anybody, and ai Albany l talked lo
nobody but Senator Hill and Senator Murphy.
It isn't likely th it .ither of th.*m repeated
talk of this kind as coming from in.-."
Nothing Could induce Mr. Sheehan to talk
aboul the Antl*8nappers ortho Intentions of the
"combine" as to the state Senate, a Democrat
who knows a gr.-at deal of to-morrow's pro?
gramme said last evening that ? plan would be
developed for counteracting the Qrace-Falrehild
movement, and to save Plower and Sheehan
from the fate which the anti-machine men are
j,rei,.uing for them lex- year. To -it -t this no
pams will be spared in the next few ???
tot discrediting the Independent Democratic
I leaders. The men who were prominent In the
! "snowball convention" of February, 1892, ere re >
! r.-s.-nt.-d as more than eagi>r i r another set-to
1 with their antasronl il
Ex-Secretary Charles 8. Fairchild, chairman of
the Oeneral Committee of the Anti-Snappers,
! was pleased yesterday, he said. t.. hear of the
| preparations which the Snappers are reported
r to hav.* on fool for making shori work of Iho
New-York State l>emoeracy. I!-- though! lhal
tl,-- numerous replies already received t.. his
c appeal of November 29 Indicated thai the !><?.
and sinew of the I >-i.r.tt i-- party are with lhe
i: i-emei t. The meeting of tia- Oeneral Commit?
tee, it ls understood, will be held In the second
w.-.-k ..f this month, probablj al ('"..per Union, al
which a call will I"- Issued for a convention
to reorganize the I >? mocratlc party In the State
| and trike ii ."ii of the hands of the Hill-Murphy
machine. The subject t_f permanent head?
quarter* In New-Tork City will l?- considereal,
and .-I-, tie- pinn of reorganisation to be
? adopted.
Mr. I'.,i-al.:: I said thal he saw thal Ihe in?
.i pendent I>emoorats of Brooklyn were pi pa -
I lng io operate on the electl i ll trii I plan. An
objection to ibis system was the expense, lt
j would coal a greal deal of money, he said, for
' rent rm i lo maintain he idquarters in each elec?
tion district. Th h. however, wa a matter
I which would have to be dis 'Ui sed and settle I by
the General Committee, Whatever mlghl lie lhe
details decided upon, Mr. Fairchild was satisfied
Dial thc movement was bound to sue ? ? i
Rx-Mayor Grace declined '?> talk aleut il.-,
r tails, bul le- uris enthusiastic "a the prospects
! of the New-York State Den.racy. That the
j ind.-p. nd.-nt Democrats wi.mpose it would
ultimately rontrol the party organization in lhe
? Slab-, and o\ 'rthrow lhe present leadership,
araa, In bis opinion, a foreaone conclusion. Colo*
! ii.-I lt <li i.-i- Monroe, ex-Sheritt .lane:-- CVBrlen,
! John Pennell, Walter B. I...-mi. and other Dem?
ocrats who have i ai,.-d the new movement *x*
press. '1 similar vies \
TM ic "\ Tin Ll *.D1 R * OP " THE Si 'V
,FnoM tim: RI m i ai: i ..hm mom.i vi .,i inr Tiunrvs
my, Nov. M. When "The Albany Argus*'
I.i oui ol tb" possei i.a ol James ll. Manning
early In the v ir, ll aras understood here thal ii**
?ecret purchasers were Roswell P, Plower and An*
thom N. Brady, Mr. Plower furnishing the ehiel
part of the capital. Politicians si.k Ihelr heads
over the purchase ?? tar ai Mr. Floa -r was con
, med, Intimating thal the utterances "' ti"- nea -
pap r mii-iit al times be i mb in : i him. Bul
Mr. Plower doubt). -: ll.ghi that as "The Argus*
lia,i for many years been looked upon ri*1 the newi
j,,*., r organ of the Democratic party at the Stati
' capital, li would be ot greal ralue to bim p- i >onallj
throughout hi: term as Governor. Such ., neara
paper, In -lew of Its ownership would see nothing
bul -nerti In lil" acts as Oovernor. In this expecta.
' tion, .-.t leaat. Mr. Flower has not been disappointed,
it h:i*r blown trumpets of prs ? over his c tal
trlvl.il as Well M his BJOSl notable BCtlonS ara Gov
. rnor.
To-day, however, Mr. Flower made nse "f iii*.
newspaper in a wsy that surprised people, Ile
was present st s conference yrsterday In lhe Rx
eentlve Chamber of David B. HUI, Bdward Murphy,
Jr., William P. Sheehan end Richard Croker. Thi ?
ra.-n and Mr. Plower were determining upon a line
of policy a** to the method of meeting the attach
whl.h the "New-York State Democracy," the ta ???
Democratic State organisation, whleh fl,mles s.
Fairchild, William H. Grace, Frederic ii. Coudert,
and other*, sra forming. mads os Wednesday upon
ths Democratic machins which iu rna by the men
who u.re holding ths conference. Tbs de I lon <.f
Mr. Flower and his confederates apparently n*aa
that th.- b.-st means ts repel the attack was to
throw mud at the ni'n who signed ths address t.,
rn.* Democrats of the State issued by the New*
York State Democracy on W Mine-day. Mr. Plower,
thr "ukIi "The Aif.''--" ??I""' assails Charles 8. Pall
child, E. Bllery Anderson. Frederic R. Coudert,
Abram S. Hewitt, william ,:. Grace, I'. M. Scott.
George AT Van Hoesen, "no Kempner and ever)
(ith.-r man who signed the address of tba Nsw?
Y?iU state Democracy, in attackim* these men, in
the opinion of many Democrats, Mr. Plower for?
mally announces that he ls not .1 candldata for tha.
Democratic nomination for Governor tba coming
year for ht* certainly Cannot be fleeted without
their support. The violence of ton*, of "The Ar
ru." editorial Indicates that Mr ll,,w.r will (five
all his support to David M. Hill, ..dwan! Murphy,
jr Richard Croker and Winiam F. Sheehan In thu
war which they proP08* l^-?!1*e_ "P"** the New
York SUM Democracy, ana that therefore be aban
dons the thoupht of a re-election. "The ArRiis"
editorial ls as follows:
"What does this call from th*? assemblage of
Pedi ral ofTlceholders and ex-boodle Al li mien mean?
Generalissimo Bombastes Purioso Fairchild has
issued another ot his proclamations, calling on all
uf his kind to k'-t t.^'.-th.-r and be th- Democratic
party of th.- State Does be think that the ma?
jority of th*- Democratic party, the eaV).'**. men who
voted tiv Democratic ticket this fall, will sur?
render the control nf the i..arty organisation to the
men who subsist on Federal patronage, mil have
for their chief grievance tia- fact thal they at.- too
well known to bl elected to any ofBce In the gift
<>f the people? lat ,,- --? who some of these men
ar-" Generalissimo Fairchild i drawing *-'?"' a day
from what is known in the Treasury Departm nt
a- tie- -.''ran.I roil.' nit name i- lhere with the
detectives, Informers and spies whom the
Government hires to expose revenue 'raul". K. El*
\: lenton ls Pacific Railroad Commissioner.
Prederic R, Coudert li a receiver "i '!"? Pacific
Railroad, appointed bv the Federal Government.
Abram s. Hewitt, William H. Grace and I-'. M.
Scotl -ar.- New-York ex-Mavoralty candidates whom
th.- Democratic party in their own city has found
..ut. and who .run.-,; gel a Democratic nomination
to any office in New-Vork, or an election, on no
matter whal llckei th.-y run. George M. Van
li -. ? ?! wa- a jul.-, t > \. i i.. 111 a renomination was
refused. otto Kempner la an Assemblyman to
whom i renomination waa refused. There ls not a
name on this li<i of a mm who . an carry his oem
district or ward. If is a h-r ??! defeated candi?
dates, .,nd "f men whom tr,.- Democratic part) has
found unworthy "f its support, it remains to be
teen bv these allegeal friends of Mr. Cleveland
whether h.- is with them in ,i movement which can
? i > nothing except disrupt the Democratic party,
and put th" executive as well a'- the legislative de?
partments of thc state in the hauls of the Repub?
tr-r..*.! tiik atovLAB i ..i-i----.. i-'iNi.i m or rax rameau
Albany, Nos-. M. Some Republicans In Albany ere
a tittie disturbed In mind hy Ihe rumor which they
hear daile. Boating down spparently from Ihe State
Capitol, thal the Democratic party will "after ail"
control the Sta) ? Senate.
lt ls true that upon the face of (be election re?
turns eighteen "straight-out" Republicans have
been elected and thal one Independent Democrat,
Daniel Bradley, had s Republican indorsement nnd
ls expect) l to n.-t upon many political matters with
the Republican party. This would give the Republi?
cans nineteen rotes In the Senate, or a majority of
six. Nevertheless, remembering Ihe experience of
UH, wh.n, arith eighteen Senators-elect, the Re?
publican party discovered when the legislature
met that lt had certificates ..f ele Hon f-.r only
fifteen Senators, these Republicans sre watching
ii-" proce. of the I lemocratlc polltli ians of the
stat.- with much vigilance.
There was ., conference at th*- Kenmore Hotel,
for instance, Tuesday night, "f si] the I ?? - ttl
Stat.- ..thiers, except Attorney-Oeneral Roaei
Lieutenant i;..y. ri."r Sheehan, Secretary "f State
Rice, State Tr- isurer I'.mr..nh. Controller Camp?
bell and State Engineer Schenck wet ? Why
il dd any conference have been held? Whal was it
about? No State business required such s meet?
ing "f th's.- officials, Every one knows tiwi those
present at the conference, with tbe exception of
Mr. Sheehan, are members of the stat.- r ,i l of
Canvassers, whl.h will meei shortly lo cam iss tba
vote for Si nat-.rs Btate ofllcera and ne mb. rs ..f the
Constitutional Convention. Frank Rica snd Elliot
Danforth wera members of the Democratic State
Board "f Canvassers that counted oul three Re?
publican s- nators-elect In Ml.
It should I"- stated al > that thin rnnf.-r-ne.* was
ju.l-l by a m.-.-tim: In the private room ol I ?
Executive Chamber of Oovernor Flower, Senator
David B, HUI, Senator Edward Murphy, lt., Men
tenant-Governor Sheehan and Charlea i: De freest,
the Clerk "f the Assembly, < hi- of the men who
visited the Executive Chamber nt this time waa
Michael J, Coffey, one of tbe two Democratic
Senators-elect from Brooklyn, i'll hs bring any
poUtlcal n-ws of Importance from Brooklyn in re?
gard lo the State Senate and the attitude of the
Brooklyn Senators upon tha question of tbs organ*
i_-iti"i. of that I, ly:
MU. 1:11 i: M'l.ni.M.Y BECOME- CRITtCAl* __
Secretary of State I'lc* also. Bceordinic to County
Clerk Maxfield and M. W. Van Anker, counsel of
the Hoard of Supervisors ..f Oneida < *..wilt>-.
baa soddenly become critical sa t-. lha form
of ti,.- election returns, "in two-thirds >.f
the counties "f tbs Stats." said Mr Vm
A'.k.-:i here yesterday, "the County Clerks and the
Com.in of Supervisors ur.- having trouble with Sec?
retary of Btate Rlc?* m regard to the form ol their
election returna. We believed thal the i turn of
the vote for state officers snd Senators should be
*--i ,r iti -1 from that for As embiymen, but Ins
tary "f state inalsts upon ..ii being on one
return. We had to reconvene the Board of Super*
of i ue i la ' lounty In order t . do so, and
we had som.- doubt ., io ..ur power to do so. Hui
we di l lt, an l had them sci upon a com 'll lated
return. Then County Clerk Maxfl.ll and n
i r.r Albany with the co.irolldata i return
and al epa ra te returns, for wi hi l . . ?
tawh a ni.: Republli ,:, ? ,ti In Oneida County that
wa were deti rmln. I not to I
gard of the commands ol lhe Kb ct lon law '
i-'.univ ci. rk M .xti-i I Inl rmi I Tl - Tribune
perre pondenl lhal he n ide oul lhe returns of
i,ii. i la County ir he did last ye ir, and
the returns ol were accepted wlihout que-.
tion. Moreover, Secret..**) of State Rice had nol
I. ? a abl ? io point ..I' ? -. .m. n lm< ni ol' in
Kleotlon i..w in ino changing lhe form of making
Ihe . lei ri->n return i, !!? h id received thc fol
)? tt. r f" in the Bea rei ,,-. of Stat.
"Allow ne- to call yu'jr attention to certain pro
visioiis of th, ? ul lhi State i lo the
.?lilted -'tal. ne lil I ..r ran Va ian lo bf .--i.t lo tie?
s' \. ial county el. rli ? ?: I ?.,..,, ,,,,
Stale oil.. ? i ni i-i "* rr ? Kl, .lion
law . Sa ?!,",! I ;l Of I |.lo
\H'- for Ihe makin*; ..i . erialn nl.-ii.-m.ntx .u .-..,,
\ i bj the Count) li . ml, un ? i
' -.--ri. ? ? lo all tl
the earnII.lat. ..r . ach Str.1 offii ?-.' I, Section
2?, Chapter __1, !-??** ol isa ii 'The term "Slate
..Mi., i" in.-Iud- - '-.;'. ..Hi.-, i- n.i uh..-', all lhe
' "i ihe Stat* sn enlltli i lo vol.. rn- t.,i? ? i
ol lhe I. a-i il ire.' .I.-. As m.-ml ? , of Aux. iiil.lv
are ne !i-;.-i In tie li i m "m< r.i-, nf th. I.- Isla
lure.' it would tex ,,, thal the . i tin. I I ila-menl
eal tn nboVe houl I Include1 .? Kial' ne M li ? i
all I!"- ???? - ., ? I-r .-.iel. in- ml.- r ,.| ,\| . ..-... I -
a- w- ll .- for Sen itor and "tie r State offl. el \\ .?
return lei.win. the ntat--.-n<*nt "t t*anv_ -nt i.v
you I., thi i offl, ?-. With ihe uggeatlon lhal il h.
'".,.|i'''d iii conformity to lhe requirement ol th.*
"The statemrnt of cant i ? for stat- oin,-, rs. in?
cluding, s. nat. is un I membei ul \ tnbly, should
h.- under one cover."
County Clerk Maxfield ? iM Ihat he had al once
written to Secretary of State Rice, pointing oul to
him thal if he would r , I Section I ri if Chapter ISA,
Law, of IBB, he would discover i!',t lhere waa
authority foi ii," form In which the Oneida County
return - ii ,-i !?? en nen I lo Alban;
Mr. Maxfield said lhal ll a-an ,,, accordance with
lhi requirement for separat. stat, ments thal Ihe
ri turn for A isa mblj m in ? as m ul. out
Bul Mr. Maxfield did nol escape wlthoui another
letter from th.lice of il,- H rre ta ry of State.
li la given for the Information of other county
clerks who are trying i" understand Ihe Beere
i.ii "i Btate dire. Hom .
' Ri f. iring I i Ihe stati menl of lhi Hoard ..f County
Cai of your count), we beg lo ? ly thal
there I no provision ol law for the nae mission
io this office "i a eparate copy of statement "f
votes ea-t for ile- office of member ol Assembly.
tr,tut.- provides thal Boards of County Can*
vasaers shall make .. teparate latemenl as to the
VOte- east for Bil the i ruell.lat. for ' rodi State
and the count) clerk Khali transmit a certl
li. d copy "i th, mme to the Ka-cretary "f State
The ..iii-.- of member of Anaembly being Included
Ha- ? di ii.I hm Kl it. ..fie. is lr) Se. Hon I
ol Chapter an, Lows ol IBU, tte votes casi for
thal office -t...ul.i u- include.] in lhi teparate copy
,,:' ni itemeni nf voti casi foi candidates for K it**
offl. es. In order toll roi piete retui n from
your '.nt) liefore it. State I toa ni of Can vs --,-.
,, ..lilli- I cop) of lhe -l.t. ml nt ol VOteS ea t for
ni; th. ? inalldutea t..r each State office, Including
m-ini"-is ot .\-r-a-nilli-.-. ahould i"- transmitted io
the Secretary of State as soon ..s posalble. lt nc
auch slntemeni I" on file In your omer, or you nre
nol authorised lo make the corrections neceeaary
io comp.) with the statute we would suggest that
the matter b* brought lo the attention "f the
Iloaral of Count) t'anvaaaers "f your county tor
their Immedlati conalderatlon. This office, we trust,
%v i!I not i"- called upon to muk.- any further ex?
planation as i" "i" law at"! ruell,".ls in be fol?
lowed by you and the county canvassers In this
J', will thus be observed that 'in- Republican
county clerks and the vail.,us Republican Board
All imprcvements in lamps to date are in
our new lamp?The " Miller."
Prrrerl in r-a-r* rr*|>. ri ii hu. un e.| ian I.
I-,,.I Wi. atv Sisal- I'*-'" "MiMi-r" lau,-..; belier Ihnn
lian lor n rea.lino Haiti. We v. iri.inl even lain'i.
VV- ir., liu.|.- Mulei roi <?riy toto, tat _e?uiil?l
.1..luii- ?pe.lnllv '"'? -Ul-: ?'??i full line nt ",,i\
,,.?-. .'ii ne* oil heater, th.- "Miller." I- ft Yins
nnlM-r-ril -nll-f'i Mos We n*e tfec l?i_- t in inuf ulur-r -
of lamp* ni ne fn1*'-*1 state*. Write fur illattraM ? mt
lagaa. Inala! on bavlna The "Miller" Inm,. (rom
10 sad K'.sUrff P'****-?*?? B*rrl,M"d p,r- PI..S-W Tsr_.
.icwrlet Ia Mendea. Ct- -'ore In Bo* too. Pt tettl-e*.
of lhl|l SH laois will he rompelle-1 to maka* out their
election returns In one way only. If tney ar.* to
1"- ai cepted iv "good" by the Democratic State
Board >>f Canvassers. It would, therefore, he well
for these officials to take extreme care with their
election returns thin year, and not give any op
Jiorliinlty for I lemocratle Statesmen to .11. repard
th- win ,,f ti,.- people "ii the |.l'-.l that the election
returns were wrongly prepared.
Albany Republicans were considerably puzzled by
th- presence here for nearly two weeks after Elec?
tion Day of Oeorge l-:. owens, th- Republican, who,
to his greal surprise, found that he had defeated
Senator M..'.aii-'-n in Brooklyn. It should he stat.-.l
in .\ii. owns's behalf that be cane here for the
sake "f ids health. Probably, also, be was annoyed
in Hrooklyn beyond endurance by applications for
Charles W. Hackett, the chairman of the Execu?
tive Committee of the Republican state committee,
was here to-day and looked into the situation a
little. Ho expressed no alarm, although he took
precautions against tha counting out of Republican
Senators-elect Ms wm at once request ali tho Re?
publican county clerks and Republican hoards of
supervisors to take great cara in making out their
election returns, Speaking uhout tha matter, Mr.
Hack, tt sriid:
"The Democratic leaders nre ho-isMnr* of having
won "v.-r George W. Owens, Republican, of tin
ivih Senate District "f Brooklyn. I saw Mr.
Owens yesterday In New?Tork, and he assured mo
that he wns (Irmly a Republican, should vote with
the Republicans upon the organisation nf the Senate
.ml never had had a thought of doinff anything
else. We have eighteen RepubUcan Senators. They
are Child**, Reynolds, Owens, Robertson, Lexow,
Donaldson, Kill.urn. Mulila, Coggeshall, stapleton,
O'Connor, Saxton, Sm.-l-.-r, Parsons, Pound. Lamy,
Persons and Higgins. Th.-r.- ar.- eighteen Re?
publican Senators and th.- regular Democrats are
only thirteen in number. Daniel Bradley, the inde?
pendent Democrat, is an honest mid trustworthy
man. Ile will not aet with the men who strove to
d.-f.-it him at the polls to defeat the m.-n who
aided ills election. 1 can scarcely heli.-V" that the
Democratic Btate Hoard of Canvassers will dare
to attempt to count out Republican Senators, aa
they did In IMI, bul I shall mk.- even precaution
poi il hie io prevent their accomplishing such a
The stnte Board of Canvasser! can meet nnv
time before December tt. It tiumot begin to uct
lat! r than thal date.
l'lrrnio.N'-Tiii'.iu PLASH. 101
Tm: rtnruRc
Inr TEtri-rRArn to tub Tttinr**.
Albany, Nov. M.?Tbe firm of Hill, Murphy,
Plower, Croker & Sheehan, dealers In rotes by
lob lota, ie ld ? meeting here yesterd ly nt the ?'a*>it.*j
to take .ni account "f stock uft'-r s disastrous fall
buslni Thi assets of th.* Brm were found to be
in they were a year ago, and the capital
murh Impalre I. Another year's business of the same
nature, it was unanimously agr.l, would compel
the hrm to seek the aid of tba bankruptcy courts
Indeed, hints were given hy two of tha members of
the ilrm. Richard Croker nnd Roswell P. 1'low.r.
that they th night of retiring from the partnership
and setting up In bualnesa ..ri th.-lr own account.
Mr. Hld. if la said, was much shock"! hy this
suggestion, and argued with nr>- it vehemence that
only by continuing their union could the partners
..I.tain any .livid, nd from tho remaining assets of
the tirm.
I " s of the objects of the meeflnp, lt I. said, wns
to concert mea urea to check the growth "f several
rival i illtfcal firms which have lately begun bus!
In Brooklyn, New-Tork and Buffalo. The
proclamation i sued yesterday by ''hari-s s. r.iir
chlld, the head of "i.f these tirms in New-York,
naturally n,,-i read with great care by the men
Mr. Sheehan had to r.-p.>rt from
Buffalo that the Home Huh' Democrata of that
i . ? i.ci taken the name ,,* the Cleveland Democ?
racy, ind had formed alliances with similar bodies
of Democrats In Insurrection against tha Demo?
cratic machine In mosi nt the counties of western
New-Tork, and intended to form a permanent
organisation In <'i?i?'sition to the tlrm of Hill,
Plower, Murphy, croker & Sheehan. In Hrooklyn
also, it. was stated, then is a formidable revolt
against tba Brm, and it waa recognised all over
tba stat*, thut thera would soon be Democratic
organisations In every county opposed to the linn.
lt I* rumored thal tha Hrm will at once begin
.*-:>? to advertise their wares and denounce
ti ? ? ,,f their riv..!*, in "The Albany Argus." th.-ir
i paper organ In the capital city. Willi.un
McMurtrle S|?->-r. th.* Bditor of "The Argus," was
? at the meeting of the linn f->r the purpose
..f getting the -.dvertleement. which, lt le sill.
?1:1 h.- rompa ? i li i ii ti un alluiina style by the
Hon. David B. Hill lhal ..ll the whlskey*aoaked
..ni other wet k.li of Ihe finn will be dlspo ? I
n i iles, lt .-.in (,.? pr- li.-t.-i that bis
advertisement will tell on Ihe vote market.
Another subje. I "f di cu* don by the mi inners or
Ihe tlrm. lt is said, was as t-. the possibility
I... -is in the SI !'?? Hoard "f < 'an*
\ , era to deprive the Republl. tn party "f control
>| ihe Stat.- Senate. Sun.- agents "f the lirra
I thal Oeorge V. ? ?w< ns, elected .1- .1 Ri -
publican in one "f th- Brooklyn 'ii tricia, would
\'.i'- with Ihe I <? tm. ratlc s-na .m In the organisa?
tion "f the s--n.it.-. Another bonal made waa that
Daniel Bradley, In I, 1 ?? n l< ;-.t Democrat with 1 H
pul.h. aa indorsement, would also sci with lhe
lien .eratic Senatoi Sui with llradley and
m.-. na the Democratic party, lt was acknowledged,
would I 1. ? only fifteen votes, and the Republican
I ? 1 r? ?. a ill -till have seventeen Senator*, namely,
.'mids. Reynolds, Robertson, Lesow, Itonaldson,
rn, Mul.in. i'..;:.-.- h.ill. Stapleton, O'connor,
S.v'oii Bmeller, I'.i ?11*'. I'ound. I.nnv. Persons
in r iii via In thi case a c. inti'' ite of election
mu rt i- i'iu" 1 loone Republican Senator among
? named under some prei ki In order to give
.1 to the I .eni".-rats, it wa done In ISSI.
\\ h) ? ol In ISM ' l\ i'h '. va.- "f 16 1 1 IS, Lieu?
tenant Oovernor Bheehan's tie vote would come
Into pluy, mi ome more Republicans could be un*
1 and the l'?:.tratlc party gain a clear pre
p -ii i-i an. ?-.
The two RepubUcan Senators-elect mention, t
:. - in d na;' r ..: I" lng their certificate* ni ? ellon
Were Oeorge VV. Roberl "ii and I'r.uik VV. Ill
So fir ..- the Republican leader* know-, each of
them m. 11 -il hundred majority. What
will be the pretext upon which lhe State Hoard of
< \,,i\ 1 . a < i-i ? . be .1 k- I to refit ? ceri I fl. 11
Ihem was 1 1 So far .1 the Republl in
Pin. ? ? l, nothing would pies ??? it bett" r,
II political re mts only should be considered, Mun
another theft of the Senate by tbe Democratic
party. a political deluge would follow In tht-.
Stale compared with which lhe overthrow of the
lK.110cr.ttlc party thia fall would !??? .. ? Minnehaha
.- a 1.
The engagement of Mi-s Marie Sterling, second
daughter of Captain Tates Bterllng, IT. s. .v, to
.1. I.--'- Taller, of this city, was snnounced rester*
dsy. Mr, Ts lier i s cousin of T Suffern Tailor,
ol coaching fame, who married Miss Maul l.oril
lard .1 fen months sgo The mus of the engage?
ment corni * from Baltimore, Mr. Taller ls Ihe
onlj son "i Roberl VV. Taller, who lives at So. U
I'a-t Tenth-nI., New-York.
fine of the most absurd rumors of a r.-il e.trite
and theatrical natur.' thal have be. n hi ard In s long
lime appeared yeatenlay, and waa thoroughly con?
ti niicti 1 I.. 1 ire it had s chance tn e..-t into print.
lt was lhal Theodore Moss had 1 dd or wa aboul
1.11 palmer's Theatre to s syndicate, two or
three 'of the members of which were named. None
of the persons named i-r lik.-ly to buy s th.-.itr.-. nor
,. xii Mon llkeh to iel I one, Mr. Palmer has a
l.,ii_; lea ?? nf the hon-.-, whi.-h would ii"M over any
0 thal there is no danger of hla losing the
control of it._
Th" st. Andrew's Society will celebrate the one
hun.lr- i-aiid-thirty-s- ?,-. nth anniversary ot the
founding of the society with a dinner to-night at
1 ..in...ni. o'-,. A number of prominent sneakers
uiii be present, among whom will be Andrew
('arnegte, thi Rev. Dr. John Hall, the Rev. Hr.
David 'I. Wylie and the Rev. I-:. <\ Bolte*. Daniel
s I..,.t. Secretary "f War, ls expected t.
present, and n. ("? one of the speaker"). Before
the dinner, s buslneas meeting will be held, and
th- Installation of Oeorge A, Morrison, the presi?
dent-elect, win take pl ne After that, conies the
.imii. r The Scotlsh dish, haggis, will b ? broui hi
I efore the gi.ie.ts, with an ancti ni Scotllah ceremony.
Walters, holding alofi huge platters of haggis.
win march solemnly aronui the tables sevaral
times, preceded by a numb, r of bagpipes.
The control of the Victoria Hotel, which nutil
tha death of Mark M. Btanfleld, was run by Hoyt
/:- Btanfleld, is shortly t . pa ? into atm banda,
ll. I-'. Hoyt, the manager, bas confirmed the reporl
thal he was contemplating retiring from th.*
business. The plans for the future ?>r the hotel
ai" not y.-t niatur.-d lt is more than probable
that the buslneas will be rantin.I by Charles
Btanfleld, v. h.. n the owner of the lease by tba
will of his grandfather, Mark M. Btanfleld.
.1 tOUCBMAB BIBS at Ills post.
Policeman John J. Grogan, of Hie Twenty-ninth
Precinct, died al his post in tha dawn of the
Thanksgiving morning, Grogan was apparently In
good condition wh.n bs loft thi station with the
midnight platoon, univ six hours hiter, when hts
rell.f tried to t,,k.- Um dog watch, he discovered
Orona lying .lend tn front of No. Ti West
.tne-hundr.d-and-thlrty-thlr.l st. An ambulance sur?
geon found that ('rogan had .lied from hem..!-, have.
Kor a l>na time the .lend man had -uffere.i from
luna .Ila. a-- He nan an Irishman, an.l was ap?
pointed to the force In October, ins*. Eight years
ago bis wife died, leaving one chili, a son.
y**" Zbe V
^f Christmas %
_ "Century."
mj Rembrandt's Masterpieces, Engraved by T. Cole.
W By Joel Chandler Harris, F. Hopkinson Smith, |g>
Kate Douglas Wiggin, Howard Pyle, Anna Lichberg King and others. ?
y ? Studio Sketches by Great Artists. wi
? JJ G-r.me,Bouguereau,Lefebvre, Laurens, Sir Frederick Leighton, Maignsa, etc j
oZ The Opening: Chapters of
__ "
"Pudd'nhead Wilson," a dramatic and humorous American story,
?The Five Indispensable Authors,"
Homer, Dante, Cervantes, Goethe, Shakspere.
J& James Russell Lowell on
? ts --Hector Berlioz," by Ernest Reyer, Composer of ?? SaUunmbo." 9
v *m ?---.? --.-.-*-_-_-__?...v .*._...-.??__ *y
NAPOLEON I. From a sketch made from life by Captain Marryat*-, JR
General Grant at Mt. McGregor. From a new photograph. W'
MARK Twain. An amateur photograph of the famous humorist. JR jj
y. Memories and Letters of Edwin Booth. *ff -V
Other contributions from Geo. \V. Cable,
T. B. Aldrich, R. H. Stoddard, <
'a Charles Egbert Craddock ^Ar
** an(l others. -<**?
I Gbe Best Cbrietmas present is a year's subscription to ?
? "the greatest of all the magazines." New subscribers who begin a year's n
? subscription with the Christmas number (December) can have a November A
84-00 a year. Subscribe through v
number fr.e, beginning the volume.
? dealers or remit to The Century Co., 33 Hast 17th Street, Njw York. JJ
? Cbc Cbrtetmaa Humber ls for Sale Erergwbcre. 35 Cents. ' ?
TRA-NKKX Uren VF. FATAT? INJtT.rES IN* an* ac*
cnir.NX-Ai.r. qfif.t along thk
Bethlehem, Penn., Nor. ?.?President Wilbur, of
tl,- Lehigh Valley Railroad, said thia morning:
"Everything -.long the line la very quiet Affairs
aro th.> auae aa yeaterday. The road is moving
bualneaa us before."
Waverley, N. v.. Nov. no.-A Lehigh flight en?
gine blow up at Van Etten at al. .ut ll o'clock.
Charlea Swart.,nt, of Lodi, actinic pilot, aad Pearl
eolith, of Lockwood, wore fatally scalded. The
ai ai lent occurred through ?allowing' the water to
got too low In th'.* boiler. The Hues were barned
out, and tlie iteam and water were blown out of
the firebox with terifllc force. The engineer and
Breman were unhurt C. E. Jonea, a n.-w employe
of iii- company, was the engineer. Th* Lehigh
officiate say Jon-*- has had twenty-one years' ex
perlence, an'l had paaaed an ezamtnatlon i.y Su
perintendent of M.,the Power Mitchell. The la*
Jured men were tak"n to the hospital at Sayre
this afternoon, Th.y are young men and un
ni.irrl. .1.
Superintendent Pennell was seen to-day at his
Office at Sayre. He says that trains ure moving
more eattafactortiy to-day than any day since
the s'rlke b- gun.
BaatOO, Penn., Nov. SO.?There were a couple of
minor wrecks un the Lehigh Valley road nour hera
the last twenty-four hours, but no one was In?
jure). They were caused by coal cars Jumping the
tiacka at switches. The strikers to-night are
saying that they will not give In. and are per
fectly Willing to walt awhile and see how the
company gets along with ita now men.
Wllkeebarre, Nov. H.?The company male con
atderahle headway this afternoon under polio, pto*
i. .ii' a, an.l darted a good many freight nnd coal
tram.' to their destination* east and weat From
what is learned ai the office of tin* company they
ur.* now in hopea that they will be able to resume
coal train,1 to a considerable extent within a day
..r two. 'lb ? s; rik. rs continue to be brm and are
loud in saying th-y will not accept President wil?
bur's ultimatum to return t" w.,rk. The summary
,.f th'* situation thia aft.'moon is that tho com*
pany has moved a great deal more fr.i_.ht uni
coal from tl.'- Coxton >.ird to-day than at any
tim.' since the strike began. Applications by tho
score ar., being received ra tin* superintendent's
office frun ail parts ,,f the country for emptoynu nt.
Many of them .,i" from competent engineers and
nremen. The officials declare that they h.iv.* all
Ihe hands ii. ??.? want at present, and thal soma
of tha Incompetent mon who w.-re bind the tir-^t
day "f tba strike are i"-iiiL,- discharged t.. make
room for more competent ones, Chief Wilkinson
arrived here thia afternoon, but so far he re?
fuses to talk on mattera concerning the atrtke.
Joseph Travers, ., member of the Brotherhood, and
his fireman, John ilearhar.lt, reported to-day to
Kiiperlnton.ler.t Ksser, of the Wyoming Division,
thal il,'', were ready t.. go i.< work on tbe con?
dition lhal they an to hav their formi r pl
The New v.uk train, due here al 1:45 p. m., with
????ii coach. . wari two hours late, On tins train
were on!) elghl pai lenger* Tho Avoca train
i fl here al ?; p. m. with not a. single passen?
ger on i"Mi'.
Ai.oui . o'clock 'his morning the crowd at the
depot h'-oame lomewhat disorderly, and quite a
number .if young men having no connection what?
ever with the strikers, bul who were under the
Influence of liquor, Insisted on making trouble.. A
non-union conductor ittempt. l to board his train.
when i niau in the crowd, "lack" Meehan, "f
Mlnera* Mills, raaghl bim by the neck and pulled
hun from the train. The policemen near .,t hand
? .v. the act, and promptlj placed Meehan under
arrest. A crowd s""ii surrounded the oftleer, and
cried out; "Let bun ro. or we will make it hot
for you." Tbe policeman, however, held on to his
prisoner with a death-grip, oiler officers 'imo to
lu- rescue, ind for atlme a riot was imminent.
While all tins was rK"ini' mi a number of small
boys took .ol.ania,;.' ..t' the affair and removed all
the pins out ot the couplings of thr-->- frelghl trains
-i ,n lim* near by, which were ri idy to st.,rt West
Thia caused ? delay of nearly uu, hours before n >w
plus w.r.* secured. Meehan was safely binded la
jail, and will hav.- a li-'.iring to-mOTTOW m>! liing.
Tunkhannock, Nov. JO This place i*. the centre of
the division, and midway between Coxton and
Sayre, and the trains that gel oul >>f elthen place
are safe to gel through. The passenger service
i. ba.liv crippled. No .".il ls being moved her*,
and the frelghl service ls practically al a stand?
still, though a freight tram, of empty cara princi?
pally, moves through once In ri while.
Buffalo, Nov, SO (Special).?The Lehigh Valley
striko here now is in charge of Orand Master
Hargeant, of the Fireman's Brotherhood, who came
fi.un Philadelphia to-day. Mr. San:.'rmt said to?
night: "The -niko will not be declared off. l>o you
suppose we are going to give up as carly as that
sfter nuking a fight? The situation is most favor?
able for the men, and the outlook is much brighter
Largest and most complete stock.
Rifles, Revolvers, Ammunition, etc.
No Pay until Cured.'
?E tim YOU TS 4,000 p.TIUITt
SST* Tor Circulars and Bank BeferenoeSa
address a&jr of oar offices.
Incorporated Capital At Surpln.. 91,000,000
Offices In all largeottiee of U. a.
Is never ?o compte-e as vrtiea W
Include*- the fe'reut home?
made drink
THE \ w.., ?*~dri,:k _-__?__**._? A
"gyfires'gg *l
'A 25 cent paeKage makes 5 gallona
of this delicious T Maper*
aaos Beverage
than lt has been at any time since the strike
"Do you Intend to rall any ether rr.m out?"
"Now, th"re are som-.* questions whl.h 1 cannot
answer, anil th's is one of them. We are going to
continue making a p.a.'able tight, and wlil win
beyond question. At .-very point on the Ime the
nxn are steadfast and firm, and they feel well
Satisfied over the outlook. Th-* company, on the
other hand, is moving but Uttlc freight and through
th.- Incompetence of lt** men i's motive power Ta
t? inc crippled. A company cannot atead such a
condition of affairs very long."
MRRTING8 AM) i:.\Ti:nTAi\Mi:\rs.
"rvonomle Education ani American Citizenship",
waa the subject of a lecture delivered by Preai?
dent S. th Low, of Columbia College, \\"!n.'sday
night before the School of Bode! economic* at
itr-t hall. Ne. M [Taloa Bquare. President Low
dwelt on the subject of paper neoney with par?
ti.ular !'?,.<?". and hi.-* whole lecture was replete
with Information on practical point.-.
The society connected with Bt Stephen's Roman
Catholic Church, known an St. Stephen's Young
lien's Sod.-ty, ?n Wednesday evening conducted
a successful entertainment and reception at the
Central Opera House, In Bast Bbxty-seventbet
Hope Lodge, No. IMI, F. and A. M.. celebrated
Its forty-third annlv.rs.iry on Wednesday night by
giving its annual entertainment at tba l?**~rtngtew
Open House In Fifty-eighth st. aear Thlrd-ave .v
large au Hence was entertained by a vaud< villa
performance entitled, "The rai perola of Fun."
After th.* >:.ii?n performance there was a bali.
The anniversary discourse before tbs x.-w-York
Academy of Medicine was delivered on Wednesday
Bight at the hall of tho Academy, by Or. William
II. ThomsOlli of London, langland. The (.peaker
gave a review <>f the advances made la medical
science in the laat twenty-five yeera.
The annual meeting of the Ohio Society of Xew
York was tedd on Wednesday night In tii** rooms of
the society, No. 238 Flfth-ave. I'resident William 1_.
Strong v.as in th.* .hair. The el. 1 tion of ofllcers re?
sult. .1 aa follows: President, * olonet william l_.
Strong: vice-presidents, Oeneral Henry L. Burnett,
.1 0. A. Ward. S. S. Packard, Milton I. Southard,
Andrew J. C. Foye; secrel ny. Everts U Prentiss;
recording secretary, Harton M. Hiller; treasurer.
1.. ai,.Lr H. crail; trustees for three Noars, David
H. Bates. Oeorge Follett and B. K. H.ekwith.
A regular m. ?tint,- ot the Church Club of x*ew
Y.'ik waa held Wednesday evening rn the rooms
ol' t..e club. No. llii Flfth-ave. 'i'h.' topic discussed
was '-Tl.-- Attitude ol' tbe church Toward Politics.'?
Herbert lt. Turner, R. Fulton cutting, the Rev
Dr. ll. Y. Bntterlee, Colonel Benjamin Watson and
Francis ll. Holmes -poke.
"The molannhnlj days have come,
The mddeet of tho year."
When from domestic soenesabbbm
wm quickly disappear;
For lo! around his humble home
lieus.. i< .?inn-' waxeth rile,
And brooms, and mops und kindred
Absorb his wedded wile; [things
But he'll return at evcntido
And sweetly smile we trust
If In her worn his busy spouse
Will u-o Fairbank'. COLD DUST.
-w-vns radical chanse In a household by making work ender,
-borter Md less expensive. Try lt In yours. Sold everywhere,
?no A lbs._tor 26 oe nts. _ _ _
Mad. on.f byu N,
Nsw York, Philadelphia. Boston,

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