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RAWAmBBM itw'0-.\i!A'iii:n
Wnshln<ton. Xov. -O.-Tt-.e annual report of the
Secretary of the Navy, thc Hon. Hilary A. llMtlllt,
gives i voluminous and eon-preh.tjsive account or
the present condition nfl 1 BSSda ol' that impoi't-iit
branch of the public service. Since the dat. of the
last report the felloetng vessels have been haunehed:
Name. Tonnage. Pate at morteh.
Co'u*r*i*is . .'.. i 't'.'7ti Inly 'X. 1*2
Marbleheod ..'.'.'.'.....'..' ?'?"?? i Au*, ll, lett
o' mrla . ????"?> ?*?'"* ?'?? ?**'"
Cincinnati . klM Ko*. 14). WM
Xauhdln . 2.1W ? '????? ?. i***,:i
liv!,ac . . l?.._i?l K.-l.. Sik, WW
M's-i. lo,* IU.' M.-"?> J'"- I" '-'?'"?
J-1-iic..p..IU . 7.3.**i Aus. lt. lom
Ore-ten . I"-"-' Oct. 26, 1MB
The following new esesebi hav.* been completed,
accepted by the Oovernment and placed in com?
mission dur!. | tlc current calfisr year:
| ; 1'nto of cm
Nnu.i. Tonniir.e. u.l.s'.n.
Monterey ., t.l& K.-b. ia, IK*
Baacrof .I ?-?"?*? V"? J \m?
Sad-las ., '?"?' i?l? -*" WW
tVtrnli .| -?""" '??? . _. !
New-York . KU-0 Auk. I. IMS I
Castine . LO."*. N..tv. ??
. UsshNMa. !
The prcllraiiinry trials of the Monterey. Bancroft. :
Detroit, Xew-York. Maehlas, Chitins and columbia ]
resulted successful'../, ns di.', elsa the t'nal iruls of j
the Monterey. PanoTofl and Detroit lt ls s soi
of BratMcatlon lo the DepaHmenl to state thai on
the preiimlr.r.ry triuiv Um apocrts attained wera,
in most rests, in exeem of tbe mlnlmnm speeds
required by the several contracts, as will be seen
by the following lab!*-:
I Trial spaed j CuMrart
In knots tv** ft,
tee I."'ir. Knots.
M'.ni-*i.v .' " U - m
Bancroft . 14.17 12
lvirolt .j 1" Tl 17
New-Tork .' -1.0 W
Maehlas .j l\A?\ ll
Castine .| I.1.I1 V:
???la . gt SO "1
The report continues: "The Increased hors*.- poire;
or speed ever designed rate, obtained by con*
tractors in tlnse ships hes entitled them in some
cases to larne premiums, and has attracted much
comment, lt has been assumed that these pre*
iniums wh'-n paid were mere gratuities, or that
they were, at any rate, all clear profit lo the
builders, the Oovernment being without air. suffi?
ce nt consideration therefor. The system ol' allow*
lng premiums for increase over, and Imposing
penalties for failure to attain, contract rates was
not thus intended, and lt is not believed to have
to operated.
?'When Secretary Whitney, who devised this
method, was considering the question of making
contracts, be very prop.-riv concluded that it would
work hardship if be should tOtOBt In every case
to take, and should throw back up an the hands
of the builder, every vessel that should fall in any
respect to eena! contract reeutrementa Tbe nata?
la! conclusio*.-. was thal if the Oovernmenl -iii ac
cept a ?hip not coming up to all the requirements
the builders should be charged f,.r the defeat a ?
cording to some scale of ratis previously agreed
upon. This resolve.! Itself Into the imposition of
re-nalitca for failure to att. In required r suits.
Th.> corollary, alik- fair ai: 1 reasonable, was
premiums for excelling contract rates. Thus -as
devised a system v. hich was practicable bscaure
reciprocal, and lt was alike Just snd fair to gov?
ernment and contractor. It was a doable Incentive
to diligence, and it M not believe.1 that lt ha.- re?
sulted in any tn'ustic- to the Government Ship?
builders are not less shrewd than other men who
f.nduct great business establishments; competi?
tion between them has always b. en revel'. This
.tatement is made with the fuller-: assurance of Ita
correctness, and lt may as a resell be slated with
dual contlden ?:* that contractors have always
taken Into their calculation:., when bidding, the
amounts lt wan possible to earn ns t lemlumr**.
?lt will therefore be seen that the official trial
of ? Vessel upon Which premiums and penalties de?
pend la a matter of great moment both to th
Oovrrament and the contractor. Elaborate pr<*p'.
tations are always made to secure exact weights,
the bes: of fuel, and the most effclent attendants.
t'ontracts made prior to the Incoming of the pres?
ent Administration provided that the <_over**
ment should pay the expenses of a SUCCISSfUl trial.
When one party to a contract is to ptevMe the
means of conducting a test upon which so much
iepsndS, and the other ls to pay the bill, lt will
tr. readily perceived that disputes will be likely
to arise when settlements come to be made, and
such has already been the case. Hills have been
recently presented for ?rial trip expenses In whl.h
the Department has felt obliged to insist upon large
reductions. To avoid disputes of this character lt
has been provided In the recent contracts for the
three new gunboats that all trlal-trl,. expenses
Shall be paid by the contractors, lt ls not to be
doubted that bidders took thia matter Into con*
st'leration In making their --.tlmates, Vt il te
believed that this course will result In an economy
to the Government. When those who make the
bills are themselves to pay them, expenditures
for the trial cf vessels will not be lavish."
The progress thus far made in our Naval develop?
ment is clearly shown by this report ir. a series of
tables, which give lhe number and type of effective
sar vessels which this country will possess when
those now building are completed, and also a
?inillar list of vessels of the principal foreign
Naval Powers. The tables show that the United
States has the following vessels serviceable for
war purposes:
| Nuki- N'tin- Xiim
'ber ru-, t>*r . ber la
Type. I thor- ! build- j uer- Total.
Uni. I Inf. I vito. ,
r ittl--*hi|<_, lirst class- .i 4.
PatU* ehlpa secemg ehxta.. i.j I.! 2
Atntetoi trotman. .I l! -'
I nat* .1 ?'. n. ?? vessels. .I 4| _ I
H.ti-l. .i-Ucl-nc* mm.! 1 .1 1
Tol_,l .'....-'.. \ n -ll ?
Protected ..tu .sen*.I....
fllllltrmlS .I .1
.*. Si 1.1
z! t
l'yna-n-l* sun \iaael. . .I ll 1
Total. i_3l _71_W__C
*Om__| tomi....... I_ tl_if? i:?: 4i
m . ?-___-__- _-__-_??__? - -
A comparison of tho:ie tables will show that the
Catted States now ranks seventh as a naval Cower.
Of the old wooden ship.- of the Navy but eight
remain in active service as cruisers, and one, the
Hartford, ls now r.-ing repaired for service. With
the exception of lbs Hartford and the Kearsarge,
which are specially excepted by act of Congress.
all of these vessels will disappear from active ter*
vice within three years under the operations of the
10 per cent limit. None of our wooden vessels can
be taken into acccuut lu the consideration of an
effective Navy.
After careful consideration, the Department re?
quests authority le devote the HJ-.000 authorized
for tlie construction of a vessel similar to the
Vesuvius to the construction of three torpedo-boats;
and lt also recommends that Congress should so
Increase the limit of cost of the swift torpedo
cruiser authorized by the act of .lune 30. 1S_0, as to
enable the Department to have this ve.i-el laid
down during the next tlscal year.
rttOBBilfl prut nw vf-w-f...*".
The act of Congress entitled "An act making ap?
propriations for the naval service for the tlscal
year endinf,* June 31, l?t, and for other purposes,"
approved March '.'.. WK, authorized the .-tostruc?
tion of three new vessels, these vessels lo be of
the class known as "light-draught, protected gun?
boats." of about l.-*00 tons dlsplac no nt, and to cost
pot more than fV".',(*0 each, excluding any premi?
ums that may be paid for Increased speed and cost
?f armament. The act further provided that the
contract for the construction of either of said gun?
boats shall contain such provisions as ta speed.
and premiums and penalties affected by spee.l, as.
tn the Judgment of the Secretary of the Navy, may
be deemed proper and fitting.
Under authority conferred by the act above
mentioned, sealed proposals were Invited for the
construction of these vessels, which, for the pur?
pose of distinguishing them, were designated as
Gunboats Nos. 7. 8 and _. under two general classes,
each class embracing all three vessels. In class
1 the "hull and machinery, Including engines,
boilers, and appurtenance, and equipment, Complete
In all respects, in accordance wl'h the drawings,
plans and specifications provided by the Secretary
of the Navy." Claae 2. the "hull and ma?
chinery, including engines, boilers and appurte
nancea and equipment, complete In all respects in
awfrrdance with the drawings, flin' ano Spei /.
cations prov.de 1 by the bidder." . . .
1 wo designs were determined UPOB by ttl' I le
partment, the one for No. 7 bein* thnl pf a llght
dniught protected gunboat of abonl LAW tuns dla
placement, having a si.1 "f 14 knots per hour;
nnd that for Koa I and I being of n Mgbt*draughl
protected gunboat for special service, having a
?peed of fl knot* p.-r hour. These veaseli are
designed for usc in rhinesc waters and for rive*
service elsewhere.
Clans, drawings and specif]-nt ion ? were prepared
by the Department ready l"r the Inspection "f all
persons d*.-?iring to bid under Clam 1, and the
sealed proposals under both classes w.-re opened
October 17. w,:.
The bids under the two clusscs were found to be
as follows:
I i dan- ' Gunboats
Name of Mdd r. Oosbost l>":c So. Sn. s ani Ko. 9.
Sn. 7. : lort, i Ea. h. , Total.
Maryton! s:..-i i'n.,
Sparrow i'..;n'. vm. *..so.O-tt Mm uno *B**_,000 fTfiO.OOl
tripe, tr.m Works.
Sae Francisco. Cal 400.000 M5.000 2.vi. ooo TOO.OOI
N*-*-.*?irt News Sion
hulmtna Co., Kew- I
l-urt News. V_.... 2!*UU? HOB,?'''. 187.300 573,000
O Mimla I-'"ii Jr *, una
Machine Co., dr
onad ft. Diego
County, <al. .tTIOOo
lian, lr.m IV a a.
Hath, .M . 4ii"..'*sj 4i>'
; Oonbeali Ko. 7 am! Ko lol No, 9.
Nnme orf Udder. Ho, 7. Ne. S orv. Total.
! Mm.vU.no St-?I r...
Rpsrruw Point. M1 $371,000 1819.010 , 1738,000
I I'm..ii lr..n Warks,
Han Pisa. ? ,, Csl 100.000 ' 3 mu mn 780.000
K.'tt ii u i Krwj Slilt.
i.nri har. Co., New?
port News. V.,? -92.009 BUM 585,000
.1 tm H CH ' A
S.n. Camden. K. .1. . .
OnnboaU Ko 7 ..ni N .. - ol Ko. 9. ?
Nama .-r Mldir. .v.. ;. Nu *? u: :?. Total.
Maryland Btsel Co., ; I
HpiuTnw I'.int. Ml t:\7?.icjo $.17,i.ttti 11,110.000
Catos Iron wot ? -
j-..ii ;?>:,ii.?:.-??.., Cal. 409,000 180,009 7**i,<ss?
N'?|."i .\--. *--.,..
bu ld!.c: Co., Kew- I
*,..** New. Vs. 290,0-0 H0.0M MO 000
J..1,11 lt. Dialogue a
Bon, Canteen, N. .1 -95,831 1". IBfi.S-1 1 "? 1,186,099
ClmABB 1
Usnboat - Ko, <?
. ;:,T,iK,;?t Qaaboal an I Ko, :>.
Name of bid'W. ' No, 7 I No. 1 ? ??
, ti. I"., h Tot- I
t'lnon In.n Works
San Kiaii.ta..'. Cal ,1 . Jr.i77.iH*. 0842,00. fOM.OOO
Hail, trot Works,
!:a-h. .Me. ,Sfis.(X*>| _.?._.OOo :.77.'-'i 734.000
Nain.- of bidder.
i"unl?>al? No. 7 ai, 1 N - I
Ko. 0.
Ku 7. Kn v oi " 'I .lui.
I'nlon Iras Works, Han
.?riin.l_c., Hal.| ?4???.oi"> |_4..0-l' $1.0*4.000
"These bids are very much lower than any ever
heretofore received by the Oovernment, bul before
accepting an;' of them the Depeitmenl li having
all the plans examined by a second board, Ti,.:
board is expected to report during the coming
w.-ek, and th-? contracts will probably be awarded
before Congreaa convenes,
co n st uren on or buips,
"The dUBeulty eaperleneed until r.e. ntl- in pro?
curing armor, has." anya the report, "cans..! long
and unlooked-for delays In tin* construction ol
armored vessels. When new Industries ar- in?
augurated tim** ls reealred t.> perfect plants, a,.;
th**pe cannot i?* operated successfully without
experience. Our armor-maker* have encountered
even greater difficulties than th. t UUtlcipUted,
but these difficulties have ali been overcome, and
deliveries of armor are now being made with natl ?
factory rapidity. Surveying the nrh de Reid, we t\:.\
much to be proud ?.f In the knowledge thal are
can furnish the material f..r, sud bul! I. modem
Ships of war as quickly, and. without any doubl
as well as any country In the world I feel confident
that i ,m" of our shipyards rivet ti,- beat in Bu
The progress of development In the construction
Of lhe TC88rla of the new \ av. I. .?!<?'.>'?> r ' a.'.h Tl- ,
is thus -bown to be so weil sdvanced aa ; i make
lt possible to give a <l. Unit- Idea of the coal lo ins
Oovernment, la consequence <>f which the Secretary
submits tables of details of cst "f completed and
uncompleted vessels of lbs Navy up t.. tl
ginning of Ihe present nsca' year. The lirst table
gtyee details concerning the Chicago, Atlanta. Baa
ton, Dolphin. Newark, charleston. forktown, Petrel,
Balttmore, Vesettliii. ruuhlug. PhUadi Iptda, ^nt\
Francisco, Concord, Bennington, Mlaatonomoh,
Monterey, New-Tork, Detroit, Macblas, Castine,
Bancroft, nu tugheets Wehneta, Iwaaa and Nar*
keeta. The total cost of construction of th.*
twenty-five vess.-is was ii:< x_;.c.. rt-. ,,f their arma?
ment, M i"7."*.i W; i>' then- -t.-am engineering and
oth.-r outfit.*. tM-eVMM; and of premium) paid,
RSRWABt', it grund lotal of l-MIMS*** or abnooi
exactly VABAmi tech, There bsa been rxpendi I
for repairs since conipletion Ibe sum of WWMWW
A second table gives details largely sat lm al? I,
concerning Ibe yet unahtshed veeeele; Malus,
Texas, Olympie, Cincinnati, Haleigh Mon! -?"in. i:.
MarMebead, Ifalahdlii indian.-, Maasschuselti
Oregon, Columbi*. Brleaeen, torpedo heel Na t
Minneapolis. I-tirlun. Mon.dnoek. Amphitrltc Ter*
ror. Iowa. Brooklyn, Onnbenl Ne. 7. Ounbont Ne
8 and Quabaat No. *, in all. tweaty-thre- vessels
nf the toet*named thr,-.- the contracts ar.- nol yoi
awarded. I'pon thees vessels the 'X| el..lit,ire for
con?.iu..-tion is niven as IDJ--.I7I ?: snd for erma
inent in process of muiiufaclure, WAAAASB', B t-? -._ 1
of 0iMMM i'i,.
"The production of modern hi^h-power guns
at the Washington factory is progressing satl*
factorlly. The gun plant at this SUtabllsbmeM I
not surpassed by any In the world, and Increased
experience has resulted during the ll i fear 1" still
greater economy In all branches of HWUUfacture
Cp to Ibo pre.ent tim.- there have been completed
for Service _37 guns, ranging lu calibre trent 4
Inch to mach, ali >.f which have eel oalj
proved eueceaaful upon trial, but have nlao given
results which show conclusively thal ths g.
system of construction employ.-1 han no supertoi
In foreign countries.
"Rot the new vessels thus far authorised ii. iin
battery guns trill ba required as followe:
Calibre of gua.
Namts r ol Nara Nun.
f-,n*iii*c- I ber of I*, "f Nnin
?.--ii , ?.?.r.i I* ?!
Or- iJe ..?,,,- j i..mk i
a.-r.-i livered, i-i.I , m. mltmi.
tate.| [.lei. ?: __
4-ln.h .I 107I 77 RA '_?> M
6 in.h . m. aa 81 |9 ?.?'?.
n-ineh . 1 il lil li". .? ?.?.
B-toi ii . <;s 7,z :.:: |9 ?.?'.
Ill-iie h . V.i. ?_:. v.. ie
12-1:1. I. ll S > . 'J
W-mt '?. 13 :> ?'? :;.
T..'al . C.: MN -?- '? is'.
"The maximum calibre of Runs building ?* U
inche*. Iii ih. past guns hav. I.e.-n built f".' th
malu batteries of hatti .hips abroad of i cn libr?
as high ai ll'."' toches, and weighing over IW I in
but pm.neal experience under service conditions
afloat has proved th.-m undesirable for naval use
Ai the pi's.iit tim-- th ? weight of foreign naval
opinion ls In favor of ?,'ini*. of not in ire than VJ
In.-h calibre, and weighing nol more than rift) i"M
These guna owing to greeter h ngth of bore and
the use of mon* powerful Btow-bwming powder ot
the inpkelesa variety, give almost aa aood n
aa the larger guns above referred lo, and thia inki n
In ronni 11 km with thc uri-Ai danger of acctdem
io the Mechanical devices use.i to manipulate thu
laraei blgh-pewerod guns, has opera!.?! to < ir-.
a demand for a j-un of maximum weight that ? in
b<- readily bandied by min i-ow r. Information kn
possession ol th,- Departmeet leads to lb< belief thal
this poUcy ls now that of th.- leading nations
abroad, in england the largest gnni ,"i navsl u
under construction al the present timi are of Ul?
indi calibre, ?'" calibres in length, weighing Hfiv
tons; in France, 11.8 calibre and B eallhrca in length.
IT'.ojF.i'TIM *-.
"Thc manufacture of armor-pi.-rcliig projectllet<
In tills country ls now well established. Of thom
heretofore referred to as being produced Under
contract by the Carpenter steel Company, of Read
lng. Pearn* and the Ktcrlln*; Steel CeBopoot, Ot
Delmar, I'ena., MM Of various calibre* hav been
ord.-reu, of which -i.wa hnve been deUveted up to
date. Exhaustive tests of these shells show con?
clusively that they are espial, if not supt rlor, t i
any armor-piercing shell manufactured abroad
Th.- advent of Herveytscd atckel-ateel armor, bow
even, has so changed the con'lltkins of attack as
to render the higher development of armor-plerclng
projectiles absolutely essential. This necessity has
been clearly established bv expert men ti at the
naval proving grounds this year, where in aiii-ulai
tire ngamal curred nlchel-eteel plates, it was demon
strated that armoi-plercinK projectllea would ii"
penetrate at an angle of forty-five .leci.es. and
that Bl even small.r angles of Impact armor
piercing projectiles were liable to break up. Tin
matter is now receiving the serious attention of
the Bureau of Ordnance.
"In this connection, during the nast yesr, forged
steel shelia for the smaller caUbres have been
treated with the Harvey process, greatly cuban,
lng their armor-plerclng qualltie*..
?"During the last few months private firms knee
evidenced their ability to supplv wratight-ateel
shells of such an excellent quality that the De
partment im* doomed it advisable to discontinue
the manufacture of cast-iron projectiles
"St.-l shells fitted with banc fuses for the 4
Inch, 5-tnch and C-lnch guna manufactured bv th'
United Ht-itea Projectile Company have proved
v?ry satisfactory, currying their bnrstmg ensrass
through steel plat, s half a calibre In thlcknesi
without breakifii: up the shelln.
"The progress made in the development of small
arms abroad during the last nev n years ha*
rcrtched such a point th.it the Department baa la
?oms convinced that the time has arrived for i
change In the small-arm rifle now in use in Um
Navy. With this end In view a board of r..v.
offlcesa was appointed In July of this year to "tirst
Consider and decide upon the calibre, an'", then to
tesl ;-nd -mb-rtlt th- .'mr.!l ..rms bet suited to the
? naval servic .
"After careful deMberatlou aad ilaaerch. taking
Into cons'1.-ra'lon irv- seton! i- Ci itttei of our
own naval eervlre the boai I recommended a nag*
asine rite of .TB calibre ?"> use a mokeleea pow
''?r which viii give a RlUSXle velocity of LIM foot*
??? ianda un effective range of a mile ar.d a half,
ani employing cartridges of such a weight cr; to
P-rmit not less thsn aw munda to be carried per
"Thia rifle will t-- "f a smaller calibre than that
Bon In nae by aay otbsr power. The Departm nt
has approved the recommendation of the board
in the expectation that it wiii result In giving the
I'nli.-d Bl nea Navy a rifle with ballistic ami tactical
finalities u. i ...? t0 t.,. of any other small um
now in hitual sst il.? adopt 1 and in course sf
I i;i'i.: ni B.
"Thirty Rowell torpedoes were originally con?
tracted for. with the Opti n of laereeslag the num?
ber to flfty or mere. Bevea torpedoes of this type
have been preamted fer official trial, and the 1.r^i
are ready for assembling. Their perform*
ance, in regard to apeed and accuracy, u;> le a
range of m yerda was nest satisfactory, but,
unfortunately, after tn n ? i f trial, the torpedo
From which ihe teats were conducted brok.
dov ii, thus net-es?.tating i istpon mern of the trlali
until rennin c ? dd b m i le to lhe boat
?' if th tVhlieh r.d t >rpe-!oea (Ifl. of thi i ? e..n
i ,. led for have :??? n I -sted and ac ?? pt. .1. c lt
grt tifylng t" state thal although ements
of the atl ns for th. tesl of these i >rpe
docs v. .?!?? exceptlonsltj ? .'-r.. the trial- resulted
In the ace nts ? ? ol the entlr. lot, snd all sre > on
si.ii r. .1 to h ? equ il In e1 t_ I msde
abroad. The remainder ot the ton contracted for
and ready tr . sembllna aili be d livered bj rep
idly a.i they caa bo tee l.
"The (est. of th.- armor plates at the naval
proving ground al Indian ll td during tbe ; i I
\ mi b iv '? !'?' ii i ? i hi ? es ne Ung
in severity any ever .itt mpted either In this coun?
try or abroad. The results ol thi ? i- ts hate I.n
c, ncluelve bi demons!, itl ii th ? di ilratdllt* ? i lag
thc Harvey pr* ?si foi the armor of all the ??
ti. w under construction, In one test, that <>f a
11-Inch ni' i;. l-ateel Harvey plate, tl"- results were
remarkable Against this plati w-w Bred iui
M-lirch li'ltz.i nriiior j.! ., im; shells, vlth I'.rtltlPg
velocities of 1.471, 1.830, I,Kl nnd -'."??' fool ecor.ds
ri i- ? lively. All four oi lhere projc til w. i
cn .h. ii on tr..- i tote, the great, il ;
which dh! nol exe. il ? I ????n inch. ?.??,:; i
the last shot, win.., a .* nrtsi ..i ,. fragment ? ?; th,
plate wt Ighl lg bul i i lo*i?, ur''. ., trikli ? ? r, ? ?
? ?t ll,',' . i. ai toi . ... 1.3H root-ton- per lo
plat attacked. 1. la !>.?:. ?'.-? i thal iuch an energ)
p r Lm nf pint ? has ;r. \. i I ? ? n
"Durins the tests for acceptance ol urmoi plate
experim, ? ? to .tetermlne tl
ii\- off<' ; ?',? Impact at .. mor-pl, .a ? , ? ...-. ,.;.
on shlp'i f:.im. i| pn.t, ted b) ordln il nick' I
-t' -I plat > an ni ki I ? ? . I Ur ve) lae i ,
lo the ? ipi 11 ni :ri ih, backln ; repr,
ship's frsmlng wai the ime In .-..iii case Th.
untre ned niel i ? mit ? nesi i\ ..:: : ,
energ) within themselves, ind dlstrlb'.it ir
th.- VI iel ... ? .,
fo.t ll ? ? ??- I .In v-v..:. I pl.il
tl ? en, I ?'. ia ir,.p... ; io be pi lm ipul
iii the di itegi lion of lh. ; I
ments developed , marked ditferepc. In tne ??
produced, in one cane a much beavlei nickel un?
treated plate bein. i back bodll) several Inches
undi r Impact of 110 fu
the ion est sti iii.:, r vel 11
plate wai attack. I, v, mi- Ihe totter ara i ircel)
ut"\ ed at all.
"Kxhi .i" 'ii,' ni hav, melli
mon i ra ted the benefit. r< bl iln. il by the
appllc it lon ..i tin- Hal . , , ? :? ii rang. -
ments have recent I j been mad< ;?? Hal
of lhe armor unde th i .1
too far ..iv.ii,.' I in manufaci re t.i admll of iii ?
change, or <? arould >. ?! ??. ? . ?? dela) ll.rn
pl.n.ni ol the -foi* in ? n e.iuenc* "f thi-. much
of th, ? ls armoi 'ii Mi ? ? T i , i
a ar, l Puritan, lhe turrel rn
Ital I'urlt nd Mons.lr s*k i I tht* I ii' iles
l..r li, ? On ."ll v. ril I I nickel lex I
\:i n,. .,. ii oi pi
aili U ?:. .i?? I i?? Ih, Harv pi
v ?., v i. roi
I'nder lhe h.-1 Iii . S I Policy the ?-'? ?
,|.l be f I
lon I in the furtl ? ft I
lo the |
c., -. v..- ar* ? ti,
? ? ? ?
i \ ny- rly *;?;.. The)
troy mei I
Hr. lr nw ii . lai -. i ,i ? ? m< i ai ?
.'. ? I
in ti,- ? .
i ia
i. li..-i' ???..?! i ? aral I
..i. l two little torpedo
all . ono ?.????
le a diversion of an i
tered w ould not 1
, torped. i oat for ll lt mi
.mi out i i progmi
em my with a fleet of batt
while v. ? w.
"Tbe mllitai \ ?. ce?
ri, .-i isi sally "? ??! rated Pi uln i ? ?!"?
enemy'a a ' of
la mag, '; 1 ? ??? i ?..-.. ?? a
ii.- rchanl ? ansi worry I , ll
property they ari ?! i|
hips .,f ihe line theil ..|. i ? ,.. haps never
I. . ii... ol I wal 'I'h ? hi -l il ? "f HUI Civil U 'I
t .i ni -'.? - ? , ? ? ;.i a. : i .-,
men!. The . mir- i of the A
ships were unrornmonij .i Kemmel
?:. ? .; .. ..i ,i. ni i; .i; and ? U
Tr .oin ll;-' -i | wi.I lank hi
l imoui i' > "i the -? ll lill lighted
lo.- < *?. 11 f- lei les, I '.I it lil , ??! '
M in) .in !? ? il ' - ? '
' I i esl.ll ni I in. .. i ? ?
lo search for lhe Con fed r.,t. cruiser* bul ,
Phi wise lo lisle . I" Itu l'l imol Tl.. "
i 'nit< 1 .-'??? were lot :l" i i" lie .".v? 11. i from
their pm.. The) bl kadeil Ih, p .i - i '? lh
Confedel i, ... ihey peneirat. d its riven . .
intel ror ? umn ,, icailoii* ii i thu i isl the
Nat y rendered servl i to ..
,'. hil h Ibe public ii> never ?. ? ' i ... ipi i
In tie- mean Um.. In idle ..f iiepn la lions. Amen I
. ? . i, . i:, 11 r i ?
? ? i bibs, snd In llvl lual los es wen , >-i n, b)
. ..li,tl.ll,ela ' Coi HI. rei .11 rtalillK. |
bul ii dei ,-r. I, would have been m- '
.?it- tual ' ????ii if Ihe ? 'onf. ?'? rab
ten lim- s as man
, . .
??If our Ooveinmenl future ls to have I
naval strength enough to command the i?? ?... > and I
be in < ?>>>? iiti .ii i.. -n, ,r< '? ile i .
lt i sens, ii Ighl .n.i lusilce' lt n
billi, -rap I, ind n " r bull"! I I UM lintier I
Ol torpedo ' ..ai- F'.r Ihe rf. f. nd- "f ,.??:'* ' ,
boats are pi haps mon effeoilv. ? rdin lo coal !
than any othei . ? of ??? ???!?-. The knowledge of
lhi ir exton huv I
about a' . .iv within I
,f this boat I ll .., naval I'.
.nd ;li< > ?, ?? lum. bu I tn
"No on.
lo, and i" nra ?
time when I
IO Ire ii,, r ? li ?? lpn bit lh
?.. .r.ti :? ? hon >i md Its dil
lerall, ... aim ic ls r. ?
milted I" le I ? ? ' N
i.i.; of al IVS I - a. ? \ ? ?? r . ' ? . ii . , ? . 'on- j
gi ."x., ought I.-; t'. li In ia I i
mend that th. ii imcll i of at least un.- I,
ihlp and sis torpe?lo-l I I < '?.:.- i
a i ihe ? omti -
?? Phe au) hoi itt'.n ol I hi ?ould re*
vii- il.*.'?? ndtture of ver) little n i
comlnn ? torperl
. an ii'-v. ???? i ...i for |U '"?> wi. h. ..rai noi mon
than . '?" * ' lng the I
.'?". would '," >?- :?? nd. : w thin i i I
ii lltiK June -'. io much ll mi I r?*>|iilr. : i .
perre, t ti., plan of a battb shl| . pul ll un I r .??>!,
tract, and pi '.i-i" Ihe material, thal nut more lha i
une-lenth of Ihe c..-.. ol such ., icasel, ,f li should
i. ? authorised, would n. i i . i. appropriated f..,
? luring ih" coming lessloii '?; ? - (.very
. nov. authoi ,/.? 'I ma ? !?? ex\ ectiil lo tie in
commit lion b) th. nr i .1 ly I July, sm .. th ?,
unlesi othei ? hips i-- pron ld i for nm
ai that dat" nm have .? single ship In pniccss ..f
construction. The question la Iherefore pre*n-nie?l
whether .' account ?.f Ihe present condition "i the
Treasury the programme ..i building h mo<lerate
?tsed navy ihall ls nb olutelj irrestetl. lt i. hoi
believed that th** Amencan people, Intent ..- the>
ara on enforcing economy In Oovernmenl es pen, 11
lures, ri' willing lhal lhi great work should lie
stopped sh..ri al this time li may be well con- !
?klerbig financial .Iltloi . la inak. uni) ? mod- i
?rate providion f ?' new ship . hui h would i
mucb regretted h Congfesi ihould, ie. niakmg none
whatever, Indicate an Intent!. abandon entirely
the work of conatruciMK lhe nen navj .., ., time
when all the plants are In operation throughout th ?
cuntrv. ready to build In better style and al more
,.,?.,. mk il 'ate" Ulan "v-r before
"We must make and keep .mr Navy in suck i j
condition ?f efficiency ai i" Kiw' weight aad I
pawer le wholstror policy it may be thought wise
oa the pirt of "'ir Qo*era_MM t.< aaKume. Tn*
Navy ls t.. maintain an honorable peace, begotten
by nn aesurcd 5tr'nrth to protect rights, enforce
just claims, beget security ugsins; leranpi ag
greeaion, and c.mnei respect for any declared
policy of mil i' -i'i which iti iv affect foreign na?
ri With the in r.-i>. of -hli,*. herein outlined,
our N'nvv will Still be one for defence rs ther th-tn
offence We would, however, with this pency on*
for, -i. have o;.'.- parts adequately protected and at
the same Mme have rofflctent power on the ld rh
- a. snd bi foreign ports to maintain the tights
and intel- sts of our peo; le. and to apb' 'd the hop.*'
and -: _ - -: i; i *. of mr ii.- arnon! the eattono ol the
earth, without undo.) burdenbM our people or
entering Into ri-.v rivalry with those irreat navies
ntrUned ly nations who believe their existence
:i t:. dr naval strength.
"I cannot too strongly recommend C .r.gresfdon.il
action in reference to tlie personnel ot the ItM of
the Navy. Ito pnooai condition is lo., sortono to
bo neglected any longer, and unless remedies are
to : ene system of promotion
which will produce a regular low rrom the ballam
to the !":? i t ir; ? list, the o nsequences not only to
Um aervlce but also t" the Oovernment arlll soon
be not!;!:!:.- lesa than alarming.
? t: ? ? ',:? ct of any scheme of promottou in the
Navy should be t,. produce efficient commending
officers, th' accomplishment of which neceaulteteo
Officers of the line 1- made to bear thc iv
Itrilttiea of actual command by >.r before the
ti.ii.- th.-y baie reached tbe primo of ur.*; while
they aro still young enough to accommodate meta?
la tho demands upon Intellect and energy
whick are made by tlie assumption of control of
a modern man-of-war.
"A il.ar understanding of the necessity for Im
medlate action in thu matter can only be gained
by a stati ment of the principal causes heretofore
? . which have lcd :?> tho present stagnation
in promotion, which statement will also sii".\ tnat
neither the evt.s themselves nor itu- necesalt) f"i |
removing them are open to dispute, The principal
. which nave ltd t.. the present condition _i
ure, bru lly stat.-.!, sa i illowa:
??|',i.-!. iii lau Congress authorised a scrutiny
ol io" active . . which resulted in the removal of
.. large number of mi...-,-., u, ? vacancies hois cre?
ated bein! tilled from iii" passed midshipmen of
il," Navy, 'il." immediate elfecl of ti..** was the
reduction of il"- number ol offlcen belou lhe grade
Of lieut nair: from ttt In UM tu Ti In Ki,'. Thia
numb r had only Increa eil i" ll when the outbreak
id tr- Civil u..r "'' irred, an event which caused
a great number "f resignations fr"m ail grades
"f the Navy, '"?..-,-..h ai once many vacancies nil
through th.- line, t.i lill wblrli ihci.'toted only
the .nail l. nilli- f ..f Jim!.rte is mentioned
, ting "mi.ane -iii"!,, of ihe I'i
partment fur offlcei in the Junior grades forced
tic (lovel ;?> suppl) Its waaia from the mer*
? iel \ k ??
? r.j I hli tock of offlcen in a lime of sudden need
lue ii,-- unfurl mai. policy which prevailed
IM ' !?? I*..'., in. lu Ive, an l ? he h has con.
tributed, ni > ? than an) othei fause, to the pre
I ag na lion In promotion. During ri;.>si of this
'?'?., th. numbers In th.- class i under Ins)
il lh. N ? .1 Academy were kepi al th.- high*
llde i mil, the ? id ll being i reese I to _t., 1
. numb. : and arith the utmost
rapldlt) un the 1st ..r January, 1*?*.".. lhere meta
;-. midshipmen In ti" ervlce, all of whom had
ent, . ?? i In. ? I he \- ii beg in, In Janu iry, IBW,
there were In the ,<? lemy ic midshipmen In the
si u- \l tdshlpmen were
graduated during the v irs I9K-C7-U al sn average
rate of .boar seventy-etohl per year In IMS the
.?.I In I'M ., necessary reor
mun/...t,"ii. had roch contributed to -., Increase the
i imt-en ii i" make promotion! to the grade of
ml ?? ? ? ? i ipH. dui only for a few yean to
The tenku sixteen midshipmen "f the sev?
enty-eight who wei '? .1 In IW became lieu*
in 1173, at an average sge of twenty-four.
Thi iv.?:..- m...- of thli els - have been pro
mot I : ? itel i " ? >n manden since the begin.
f lh r, nt ai avei age aga of forti .five,
fter hsvlng served twenty-one years in the
ih" - .!..?? lim. thsl thli dlspr inorth
? ? r of :i iduat< * ? ...??!? I the acth ? pi ?. Ice the
Ml ami 1M wei fm ? I '..-.
r nf ..ll.c. i u :,. the
whose ability and e* I, had
m io ',?'. n ? ogn'.tton on u pan of
? ?
? rim ? ff"' t of sn ... ? pa std In IIW,
I the numbers In thi
f ai ed In August,
largely d<
ii ? ? : ? lowing table. ?
?? Un*
v ?
... .'fi
int., . .'it
i arith my de*
? ,-.,i."i is ,' Ui an. ii
i . . ? i ? i ? ? I "'rm' il
;; public for > ? t< mal defence,
from ' ? ?? treal ex Ito. Mr.
onion of th.- ..ttl' er* of lhe
line ni ... ,..,,, i anA body
? |? '?? <: I rn- In Ihe l-.w.-r
, inks ? in.t coi I ihe habit ll I.ti
ni I i ? hei eb) tte
(lovel ' lina er ..f Itl pi ? ? ,n
:? ? ? the) ran be ol
... to i'..- ...untry, In
il , io- ? rr ? nt lakes the
> il '',111" merit and
' .rn th.- pi' ral uf a plan f'.r
the line ol tl.' Navy, which
?a il ?>..??! ti. requirements of i'i" service.
i ? ? : ... ih. honoi in i n ? nt tu Ihe Cora
and ..I " tu lhe Joint
lit' '? t'. I.Stlg I'" ' "1" -''?"
... t of ":.? tank, pa* and ..th.-r mallen relating
la ii,, personnel ot il"- N'sV] proposed In the con
luci ?! b) tli" ll.'t, M M< | i.
In ess-* said i ri ?dutl in he. om< - a
a of sffalri abroad makes it
',??.'. ??? ? ? .? the nen vessels ihou)d
. . i stati ".- .. i apldl) a.->
? wk avallabt. btu the Department, finding
um and bo) i
? . ".. li ,i for thli pm p,isc, l havs
lhe >re< ummend thut this I.? i? in. re . ??? i
I ? lei m.-ti of the Nsvy
? . ' ? itli i ol ti,.- i nite.l ritati I, ll*. lr<
sd th it 'i 'elfins theil , ontlnuous
recommend. I thsl the
pi.. . . ??.,.. .I io enlisted men ..f il," Army by
nf the Ki vised Htatuti - be also Kr
i men "f iii-- Navy,
"lt l" gratifying t.> the Department t, be able
i public Interest In ibe naval militia
, luail) end I idl!) Increasing Al thc date
,.r the last annual report the numbei "f men ceftl
(lcd h ;?;? -:? r ? I ii. ai i| lervlilg In ll na . ,1 militia
Aaa I.i.'i During the I
. . ?. " un ? .. ls. i by t ;i"
i ol pi nn ? i.ania and Illinois, snd the
i.cml'.i rs and men mustered tu snd serv*
! the pn-sen ' - I"!!".* *;
M ?
l-l ? :
m . ....
North '
i ? in of tv i ' thei -*t ? Ml rtlgnn
snd i tl have also passed toa.iihortzttiK
? :. ; naval milli .. h ittullons, but as
v > ,. ? ?tfl ero "i men have I.i mustered in
The ..ii;.mi', it.'.ti ..r th ? ii .\,,i militia
' w 1|| I, ,,?,.. , lloUbtl I '
Hui tb. i " ? .i ? ti i of iii.- -a.!,,-?,
eiillstiil in ':.?? movement nnd the
seal and patriotic ,mlor with which ticv have
II ; ? :.'"!, '"I the duti, ?:; "ii .?. lo. li tlc. nave
are .' ri ..cv enough to Inspire the hope
?." n ,-. al mllttl i a .ii pi .ve t" be of val ie I i
I I I "!l Vi \ WV V IH*-*.
"Rvery faclllt: hu I n afforded by H..* Depart*
mani for carrying out the provisions of tha regu?
lation relatl . to tl ;..,?. m. ni of 1 ibor al th"
Th. i" ls ii" doubt iiiai ike system
of employing laborers without refertnee t., their
polltlca and maklni merit thc sole lest of their re?
tention and advancement ls greatly to tl," benefit
..f the Government, L'nl sa some such system i *
this I"' followed there ls no practicable method
except t. tah" fi- rei immendathms ,.f members
Congress who ara better acquainted with ind have
more knowledge of then- cnnstltuendei than r ns
oil ? , p. rsotn to whom thc ti. ad ..fa l>ep_irtrnent has
nco MD Hrnatora and ttepri-aentatlves, un a.-. i .....
thev are in lhe .ucceia ul tne Uovernineni and of
their party, as a rule, lt may bc safely presumed
will ..nu rei 'mm'nd ii,..-.- wi.i they believe
I., be competent for places under the Oovernment
but the knowledge they hav. ,,r th.< cana itv ..f
tobnrera (?> build end repair ships li generally re?
st,, ted within ver) n irrow limits
"lt ls not practicable to estimate accurately the
. SM
ll'.' I <'-.I.' u.i.i . ;i?,|
l*?l ll .I . -.'ll
I. ; T"tal ...iM
JOHANN HOFF'S Exmtarl?tct
Rcceivco L
One dov.cn bottle, give ga nindi atrengtti and nourliliiiieut un a ra.tk of ala
without being- int??lcnllii'{
It OneMl the aneodee* lllmalalee nutrition nnd -id. dlg--ntl.ui, nnd ll In
a true _en?o ? "ll.liSH AMD HI.OOII MAKHH."
Ilcwurii g| imitations. The "Genuine" t*f / syf^/* _t
km th- WgMleta raf "Johann Hoff" /^ffi/lAAtt'fliT} <A
on tho neck label of every boMc. L/ f /// *
The Exhibit of India from the
Messrs. S. J. TELLERY & CO.,
representing thc Government of India, wishing to dispose of their entirt
stock, have placed the same in our hands.
As this stock must be sold at once we have secured the two large stores
247 & 249 5th Ave., Cor. 28th St.,
and will sell the goods on and after Dec. ist without regard to cost
iain.' >.f thc prevent airateai ?,f employing lni->r el
Navy Yarda but i; certain!) i.< an Improvement
upon former method*. Every o Ulcer ol the Navy
wlth wham i hare coaeultea favor, it; especially
II...S" wh" have had recenl experience*! In Navy
Yarls, And vet experience and it,* constant In*
veatlgatlona ic-ln-* mad; will doubtleaa suggeet
??.'.. rterally the regulatlona adopted by my pre
dece_aor - em to have been falrl; compiled with.
lt.. ni developmentn. however, hnve shown ? ?
violations of the rule* al the Waahlngton Navy
Vni'i. it in the purpoae <>f the Department t>. In*
veetbcate thoroughly every caae ot alleged irr-n.
larlty. and when Infraction, of the rule* are
tabltehed mich atepa will be tulon and auch ordera
issued aa will prevent repetition >l the offences. It
i- hoped thal reaulta ?m be ouch an to satisfy
ni! partlea .,r the propriety and policy <>f making
merit the >?<>i" teal by which labor ia employed uni
retain, ii in our Navy Yarda
"mo oaly lmprovementa of Navy Vari plaati
recommended are ? 'ii aa will maintain th'-m m
good condition to .io repair work >,niv. Com*
petition between shipbuilder! ls norn v. ry sharp.
iin'i tl preoenl rate, they can build m..r. eeetwmt
, div thin mn be done at Oovernment Yarda
Hound policy would, therefore, ???in t>, require that
any new venae!* Congress r.i.iv nee t,i t.. authorlse
shall be li out by prlvata contra I rmi lally as.
In ii'.- .-..nt of ri foreign war, ilie Government
v.."ii i i. ? i onip, lied to ri ly on : ri* ate jr an
i extensive repalra and an} deelrable Increase
"i veal .
F i ti;, i . ..I year rndlng Jui 0 the ha
t'mutei for the Navy and Marim Corp*, Including
ic ; .i ?? of the Navy end public work-, amount t<>
I .102. un will be leen 'v..r.i the foll
tnt.,;!.ir itatement.
"The eatlmatea f'.r lhe name purpoeea f'.r the cur
r-n- t.** il '.i amounted to Ml.171.4_l H, or P.I14,*
H.*. di letta I hun thoae fm Hi*- c-xt Ri il > ar.
"For tl ' irrenl tlacal yeai lh? estlmnti >? tor In*
.,?.?? .,t ihe Navy amounted t>. |0.TuS.tS7, and l"r
thc i, xl :." ,1 \".ir thej amount t. HJ.46a.0_5, it,.
dllfi'i > nee |? un; t2.7Hl.__s.
"The patin tea for th-* running expenaes nf \\,m
Navy and Marine i*orpe, Including lmprovementa
at Nav> Yerila .cl stations for lhe nexl fl cal year.
ni ? ? i ..;' .*-v ?,.'. being WU/HT-l in _xci ol
I mat", of lhe current rtai ii year."
Ul ..l
r 'll i'll! **T" **."*- ANNfM. RI PORT IMPii'.T'
wu KXl'.iUTs or OOLD IUD -li.Vi:!:.
VYaahlngton, Nov. Il l< J-'.. Praaton, th.* Director
i.f the Mini, haa aabmltted t,> the Becretary of the
.tv a reporl of the operatlone of the ininti*
and ?:? a" ofllcoo for the lieoal year ? n tied .lune
???;. lt ahowa thal the value of the t-.>i> 1 .'..?
poalted, Including redcpoelt*, during tbe lineal year
I*--.' ,,t th? mints an.l eaaay ofllcea waa WDAOB,t0A\
tit tin* I ?.'?*-'.IH wai rlaaatfled aa of domeetlc
production foreign gold bullion and coln of the
value ..f Jv" ii,".:, old plate, j. wiry. .tc. <>r the
value ,.f g3.Kto.17e ?n'i i\"i:' and uncurrent ,lo
meottc "?'in of :',i" value "f B0t,S7.natltuted th..
original depoalta
'iii" mn.mut of allver depoalted aggregated
Tt.i 'i.T*'. ntandard ouncea, ,,f the coining value In
allver dollara ? r H5._03._t7. The elaaoUlratlon of the
amount depi Ited waa aa folio wa: Domestic pro?
duction, fl t,0M,oi5; foreign bullion and ciin,
njOl.lll' uncurrent dome*tlc coln traaaferred to
lhe Mini for recoinage, P.CIMH; old plate, Jewelry,
etc. |7I
Th" vain" .f ti... coinage e?*euted at (he failed
St.t". Mint*, during th- (tocal yeer Waa: H'.l'l.
i 1,140; allver dollara, l_,-4t.7lS; iib Idlary allver
? ??.ii. 17,217,231! minor c in, li.'km'..lu:; total, HMS.*
K*. 'iii. number of ptecea coined was I7.?_0,I7S.
The c dnag ? o( the world for the calendar year
IM la ital i t. have been: Oold, n*1,M,Btl; sii
rer, J 8.0
The amount of K>>id and allver used in the (Tatted
states iii ind ti .. .nt* diirinx the calender yeer
UH la eatlmated to have bom: Oold, nt,fU,40|;
?liver, K-.l-t/.'M. The value vt thc gold hill- fur
nlahed by the minta and gooey oillces for use In
the rnduatrlal arti waa W,Tit,_S7.
The iinc'.rts of K?,i'i during the yeer were RS.
?um H.074.HI >..t? L'nlted Stat..*
t .i.l . iln, 1 hi >-xj.ortrt of gold during the year
were: Domeatlc coln and bulli rn, She. 137,3-7; foreign
coln and bullion, IMHJH; total, The
Imports ol ul r ?! iricu lin year vin- (34._H.in,
rx pori
'i. ? xpori i. ?!?? I lomejtlc -*,i\
. ,i:.i .-riv , .... 122.40-: lotal, I11.I47.-1
The ainounl "i allver bullion offered lor iale tu
the Uoverninenl during .ii" year aggregated : \
-t'l.".??'.?" i-i.ncea, Tne amount purchased w.is
. ? ? : .' tit., ouncea, coattail I4f..u11,37l. The average
price i.,.: i" . line ounce waa fl.etl, The .-m.nun
"i illvei offered from July l t" Novel.r I, ISIS,
waa I9.5i_,<iu- lin.ince*, and the amount purchased
ll.917.iiM tin ? unci... wu Ina 18.71 ?.".:!. The total
amount .>:' nih r bullion purchased under i e h ?( "f
Jul) ll, ix,i, to November I. iv. was h_t.ti74.-__
line ..'in,.. . ? .;itu |l_6.'JUt.no2 Thi average price
per mi" "ii.. ??? v.as 10.9224. Th.lng value "i :'i>'
h.tal amount purchaae-l Un allver dollara) waa
f.ix iM4,43l. Tl " lotal numb, r of il'.vei dollar* c titted
under tl..- arl of July ll. IH0, from Augual 13,
iv.", io November I, IIB. was ;.'.,??;..-.'.. The aelgn
lm ,^.- on ii, ? rm" was IS.977.OM Thi balance '.!'
allver I.nlli.mi "ti han.l November Itt, HW, nurchaaed
under the ad of July 14, IHft, v,,.s t4-i.6ii9.fCrb tine
ouncea, coatim ll_6..-8.__i?. Hlnce April I, Mi. the
Oovernmenl han been i lari:.' purcnaaer "t nlver.
The reporl ahowa that the t"i..l amount purchaaed
?? is iMi.PHi, ;??.' line ouncea, tbe coal of which waa
fry'?;;.:.;.;;, The average coal per line ounce was
11.024. Thc total number cf allver dollara coined
nine Maia h I. K*.. */u 119,3-24SO,
The mock of metallic money in tic l'nlte.1 States
July l. 103, ir. eatlmated to nave been: Oold, |M7.
_-7,H-6: allver, HlS.Ml.4lt; tomi. 11.313,1131,10. Thc
amount of monej In active clrculatton, egclualve
nf th., amount h.-M by the Treaaury, la stated u
ll Ra6.701.2_v.
The report contalna n table exhibiting the apprat
Imate Bloch <>f gold, allver and uncovered paper
money in the principal countries nf the world,
naare-rallng: llolil. H.MI.W0.U0O; Kl I ver, H.9U.-0O.O0O;
uncovered paper money, t_.7u0.000.ouo.
Tlie production of the precloun metala in the
world during the calendar yen- IM i? es-timatcd to
have been: Oold, n_t.Hl.000; allver, RH.16-,M.
a t.rlcf review i- given of the cilium" legta
latlon ir. r.i 17H down to the present time.
Th.* Director revtaara the cour.e of rilver
fruin ISIS and shows. the onus.'- of Its de*
oreealon sine lin in ims the average London
price was Wi1, [.euee, tt advanced until l<>9. when
li reached H i-m peaoe. Betareen iw." and UH a
decline took place, the yearly average ranging
fmtn in n-i-i pence te rn l-l peace. From ltm. to
isr_ the variation in the average yoariy price was
?niv l-lt of ? p. nny. In no tt was -tv pence, equal to
ll ir.*.: since that time the decline har. been
ttead) with r.nir exceptlona The average price for
October. ISBk w..s HtHTt a fall of nearly II conto
in ii 11111**** over twenty veera The chumcs ..f de.
pre. lai i..n. according to the Director, were the de.
monetlxatlon ..f allver l.v Oermanv and the lean*
ilnavlali States, the sii-.j..ii-.|,.ii nt Its Coinage l.y
ih.- Latin Tulon, thc Nethertandg, Auatria-Mungary
md Ruaalo, and the Increaaad production of the
metal this bul being the most potent. Thc ta*
rreaae of production has been over Ifl per eetH
?.ncc 1X71
Tho reporl of the american deleajatea to the
Bruaaela Monetary Conf< renee, al which twenty
?oiiritrie** were repreoonted. is preaeated in full, oed
a pi".cid bi a siiort account of fermer interaa
tlonal monetary conference*. The first of theee
aaa held la I'uris in ls,;:, eighteen countrir? were
?epreeented, This conference voted unanlmoualy
igalnai the a!"..tion <>f th- -.liver (tandard exelu
.iveiy. and unanlmoualy, with the exception of tho
Ketherlaada, in favor .,f the ?in?le goi.i ataadard.
Hw sei.iii i International tn.m-t.irv conference, that
if UTI, w ii caltad by th.- United states. Twelve
lountrtea aent delegatea to lt. lt waa their op-aloe,
he delegatea ..f rtnlv .mlv .listen.inn. that it was
leceeaary t.. preeerve In the world iii- tii":i.'tary
'unctions nf sliver as well hm nf *-?l.l. bul tha. lhe
?hole of one or the other .-r both sltnult-ine.iiisly
-ii.ui- be governed by the special situation of euch
Bute or Kroup of Staten. Thc third and last nra.
???dinx lntetnation-1 monetary conference that of
insi. waa called i.y Prance nnd the United .s*at*?
to examine and adopt, for the purpaoe nt nub*
mittinK the same to the Ooveraaaeata t*eereeea3
apian and a system for t:?- re-establishment o.
the um ,,t gold and .liver ni bimetallic money se*
cording to n Battled vain*- between those metala**
Nineteen countrleo were repreeented. This con*
ference adjourned v. it bout reaching any practlool
IT is LIBELS BO APPLY ox i.y to inih.iwtaxc^
an.) ODIPOffAnoyg in;. BKABK in ut.
i.M ls V. ll i:NI .THU VT ._:, OOO 0.
V*'ashin;-t<>n. Nov. 3<i.-An income tax will l? a
cenapteuoei feeture of the Internal tax scheduleo
upon whick the majority members of the \v?yg
und Maana Committee are now working. The de*
tails of the plea ure gradually aaeumlns a defimtoi
form, lt will exempt individual Incomes, and will\
apply only ia a general way to tnberttaacea and
' irp .ration:,. Th" data furnished hy the Treasury
l--;..irtin"nt show that during the tan years the
tea waa la txlatenee the receipts in round numbera
were H47,0H,HI, Hlgh*water mark waa reached in
.*?? During that year the receipta aggregated 17-,
'*- "?? and in th ? year following they oren iTT.ijoit..
HO. '."h.- great tacreaae !:: population nnd wealth
ii,.- then leads the committee to believe that a ux
on cor alone will ?. i r n i - h a considerable
m nt "f the revenue needed to supply tlie deficit
I by tho reduction In tarli, dutfa *
rman Wilson now believes that .i'.unfi.nns will
cover th" ?;.. r.* is- In revenuea from Imports caneei
by ih- hill r-..lit,.', made public. He reached thu
concluelon cft-r a careful examination of the new
Tariff hill, tin-1 this conCluaion I- shared hy Seers
Cartlele. with whom thc chairman his had
.......,;. , . .,;. rencea.
a tat of i" reata a pack on plavins (arda hsa
inen suggest! '. and \.iii ta, doubt be adopted, aa
all 'h.. niajorlt) members n'gai I :: ? i>i? ?;.''Cition
The committee h.is reached no understanding aa
yet regarding whiskey, it is not likely t:* -.t the
tax will h.- increaaed beyond 10 centa a -ralion, with
.i probeblllt> that it may remain untouched.
for. [BLI! ri.nv*, itv lUDOm tABWBM \xn < r.KAfc
Kingston. N*. V.. Nov. H i?p?claIl.-The subject of
road Improve meat miler the new stat.- law waa
brought i? f. ? - the iuperviaofea ot rimer County
I. ? i.ist Hght hy a con-mitt-*- r 'presenting th*
newly formed Comly Road Improve meei Associa?
tion. Judge Aiton i:. Parker aad Oooaty .i-dse A.
T. Clearwater oddreaaed Um hoaH at length. They
dwelt on th- wretched coadltloa of lister I'ounty'a
loads, reminding th" lupervlaora that rister last
y ar apent HI40H upon its public roads, with prac
ii.ally nothing t" slimy for th- outlay. This le
more thin any other counts in the State appropri?
ate.! for its pu.Ho hU'hways. yet. though
ranking eleventh in population, I'lster had the
Wont roads of anv countv In th<* ."tate. The ap.
point men! of a committee of Supervisors for tuves*
ligation and conference was requested.
The siii.crvi.-ois selected a committee of five nf
their nuiiil-er to look Into the subject and sae what
could I.- done nt aome future time without .erliusiy
affecting the pockets of th.ir conatttuenti and en*
dangering th" chances "f th.ir own re-election.
'Mils whole matter waa brought to the attention of
th" i?.ai I three yeera at", and all the evils of the
antiquated svst.-m of road-nuking were fully pre
? nted hi a few men h-r- who were in the van in
this agitation. Then as now the Supervisors tis*
tend carefully. They passed au excellent set of
reeoluttona and that was the last of lt.
coxy;.1 ratios or ni shop WCRRR,
Chicago, Nov. TO.?With all the |*omp and cere*
mony Incident to such an occasion the consecra?
tion of thc Kev. V. T. Dunne, for nineteen yearn
pastor of the Church of All Saints, of this city,
hs Bishop of Dalian- Toa., to which office he waa
elevated two months ggo, v.as solemnized to-day.
'Mic c IO00I rater cf lhe day v.as Archbishop Fe^
han of tills dloceao, wh.. waa atteeded by Father
rutoii. aa deacoa, and Father Thleliinets, ns aa*
slstant deacon. The preacher of the day waa
Archbishop .Ian. sen* of New-Orleans, while Arch?
bishop Ireland Journeyed from St. Peel and Arch*
bishop Ifni?r from Milwaukee in order to honor
the n?".v bishop. At Pi o'clock there was rawr-d
within the chancel thc four archbishops, tirteen
bishops and MO pri 'st*. Th.- Mrvicea opened with
:.;. celebration of IiIkIi pontifical muss, uni after
?li" lesson of th.- day, th" r.i pal Lull appointing
the priest to the blahopric was reel In the Katiti
tongue by the Rev. l?r. Hugh O'Oarra McShoaa
Thc oath of obedience and loyalty to the Holy
Hee wai then administered i.y Archbishop Peehaat
and Archbishop Ryan conducted the usual clean*
nation of the blah .p-elect. The Inter was theo
? lothed with the episcopal vestments and celebra?
tion of the maaa wns resumed. Thc at:. 'lilting of
the t. rah. a l ..rr I !, . r ls o'.' KtstlOp 1 .untie was per
formed l.y Archbishop IV-han. after which a
magnificent crosier, th.- gift of Archbishop Peehae
wos Meaaed and presented t>> him. At the eonclu
sion of tn.- sermon, In which Archbishop Jonaoaag
pal,I Ililli tribute to th.* new bishop atl'i dwelt
upon tli" Importance of his n.-w office, the Te
li.-,mi was chanted by the assembled priests and
lil..'"/, n.'aisi.-.l by an orchestra anil special
i hoir ?r sixty voics. Bishop Deana was men
Ld tn | ,??><?",.si'ii through the church, <lls|><*n->lng
his blessing to the congregation on either sile as
he passed around tile aisles. At the conclusion of
the mass the kiss of peace v.as exchanged, and
Hie ceremony, which had lasted nearly lour boura,
came to'a close.
COVXT VAI.ESSlS'.e estate n.4\KRrrT.
San Francisco, Nov. H (.'pei.iii Tile estate of
'omit lilullo Viilensln, the horseman, who owned
ll..- Btolllea Si.lucy, ls practically bankrupt. Wheo
V'alensin .Ucl ids .state \v?s appraised at I175.00O,
lilt sin, | then Its valu" has shrunk. The stallion
Sidney, supposed to l,c worth f7.>,000, only brought
128.01*. at auction tn Cincinnati. Creditors soon
a-egan to send In claims from nil quarters, and it
now looks us thoui-h nothing would he left for the
lieirs. The I'otint hnd borrowed money, even from
ula mother In Italy. What complicates the case
s that the lirst wife hus brought suit to have
ihe Count's will set aside on the irround of In?
finity The trouble between her and the ( ount
new out of the employment of Monslgnw Capel aa
the tutor of the son, Plo. The Count objected be
?aiise Capel had been attentive to her before she
aaa married, ??opel ls still actinu- as the son a
utor on tlie mother's big Sacramento ranch. Those
rho have s.en him lately suv the once dls
lim-ujshed-looklng Koman prelate is excessively
'it _ _
European QUpfrtiefmtnte.
ttS, li'i" St. Honor.-, Paris,
[leiween tho lailertH -Janie.is, TABBA Vi-ndome and
Vow Op.ru. Advantajj.etti ariiiiueun-iita for fBBB*
Ps, U-'uutiful Hall, Urge I-rswins-Kooms. Mee*
.nc Liiilit, c.*. Telearaais, ?? Lillalbtoe." Parla
17 ft 10, UL tl DAlNOl/,
Jetwecn tho 1'ue de la 1'aix and Boulevari
.les Caimoiiu-s, Paris.
ma p.r.KVATonai. bmcctiuo uosm
ki. H. lioLZSCHLCii. Paopuuno-k

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