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ok Tin nt C iSOKE iATIONS.
Tulon Thanksgiving services of the COngrega*
Hoaa of the Brtch Presbyterian Church, No. ?fl
Fifth-ave., the Rev. Henry van Dyhe, pastor,
i I thc Presbyterian Church of the Covenant,
park-ave. ned Thirty-tif.h-st., the Rev. Dr. J.
Hali Mcllvalne, pastor, were held In the Brick
?burch yeaterday morning. In accordance arith
?heir custom during many yeera and probably for
ti,., laat time ns atperete congregatkma, their
consolidation now being nearly conaummated.
The Rev, Dr. van Dyke, who has been absent
.. i,,st June on account of Hines*, conducted
tli.- aervlcea and the li"'.'. Dr, Mcllvalne preached
th" rn neon. The body of thc church and tho
valleriee were comfortably tilled. i>r. van Dyke,
hist lefor" iii" Bannon, addressed the congrega?
tion at con. i'l.nil'le length, Baying in part:
i lui thankful ti,nt i am ai.ie again to be here
where l have spent th.- beat ten yean nearly
?leven vents of my life. Kv. r sin." the flrsl Sun?
day of last .lune, when I stopped preaching to be*
i*tii ii loni-' Btrugale, a oort "f fo .tball game, as it
were, with pam. In whi.-h sometimes the advantage
was on one aide and aometlmea on the other, mj
thoughta have continue.1 here and my hope has
I.n t" come back. Now that that hope has
s. "p.'! I" i" i. and then- Beema t" be only a short
Innlnc io win. I feel as if i would like to wear
ail the colors of the rainbow t., testify to my
thankfulness. .Many have asked about my health.
I .an only r-ply: "Very well, thank you." of
course. 1 am glad to l,.t\.- my people lu.mire about
li,\ health, but 1 am sick of talking about sick?
ness. The d'" tor will make aome kind of a Btate*
nent hen next Sunday, so that you will know
inst how i am. 1 would like t.. preach next Sun?
day, but thc doctor says that if 1 do preach lt
will make n>" sick acatn; BO I'm afraid that if
I should preach l would make you sick, to...
The best medicine a si'k minister can possibly
have is to know that his congregation ara all
loyal and true to his church. 1 know you are
loyal to mc, but the beat amy you can prove it is
by loyalty to the church. You have made this
church what it has been for the last ten var.-.
and now I want you to assure its continued an l
Increased success for the n.-xt hundred yeara
i am thankful that we have this united service
with thc Church of the Covenant These union
aervlcea have t?? *-n among my happiest and most
.1'iyoiis experiences, lt waa only a von few yean
uko that there waa a great high wall between the
old and the new achoo! churchea I am thankful
that it no longer exists nnd that foolish hair-spilt,
tlng has ceased. I will venture to say that not a
.IiikIc layman In cith.-r of these two congregations
..ni explain the difference between natural ant
moral inability, which ai.- really thc only differ
ences between th..- old and thc new sib"..is. We
ni" In th" future t.> go forward as on. church, to
'i , a larger worh for <i'! in this section of our
<itv. We of the Mrick Church are heartily vlad t..
join with you of tlc- rhurch <>f the Covenant, and
to teel that you also at.- glad to come with. us.
Von are coming to a church that has hal no dis?
sensions, that has been unanimous in all things,
and when you come thc unit*.il church will bc thc'
Some people may say to you: "nh, your church
has be.n extinguished." If so, and th.- persons
happen to be of thc female persuasion. n_j|| ;:vi_
them if they were extinguished when they got mat?
riel. The fact is that our two churches ai" to be
married to each Other, and th" united church is to
become a greal pow.:- for '-tool, preaching good,
old-fashioned Christianity without sensationalism.
1 am thankful that when Dr. Mcllvalne was called
to the Church of the Covenant live vents ago l
was called u[Kin to deliver the charge at his in?
stallation, and that now we ai" to be asooctated
as pastors of a union church. Dr. Mcllvalne was
my old friend In college He is my friend now. and
l look forward with hop" and confidence to th.*
time when WC shall labor together here. If I should
never be permitted again to addreaa von l bespeak
for Dr. Mcllvalne thc same love, kindness and loy?
alty you hav,- no generously .-bown to me.
The Rev. Dr. Mcllvalne sall:
I am glad to feel that tho kindness and welcome
we now* receive are only a moiety of what we shall
receive in the future*. I must confess that wc
feel a little nervous about this Important chance,
and we are triad to receive this assurance. We be?
lieve that the sacrifices of both churchea will be
Rreater than In the past, but we are ho|-efui and
earnest. Had it not been for the fact that the
pastor of the Brick Church and I were friends in
college and are friends now, 1 believe this union
woul'f not have taken plao .
Taking as the title of his discourse "The Hand
of God in American History," the Rev. Dr. Mc?
llvalne, while preaching an earnest conventional
Thanksgiving sermon, from the text In Isaiah
lxill, 7, touched upon the recent election, saying. In
A month ago, New-Jersey was In the hands of
gamblers; Brooklyn was governed by a gang Of
corrupt politicians, and the Slate cf New York
sv-tii" ! to be hopelessly in the hands of a strong
and unscrupulous political organisation. With sin?
gular blindness, legislators in New-Jeney defied
the will of the peo*-ie. and played Into the banda
of pool, tilers, in New-York Btate a man wa
nominat-i for Judge of the Court of Appeals
who had be.n branded with dishonesty by his
nosoctatea at the bar. At Gravesend there' was
disgraceful fraud and brutal opposition to the
laws. All this was too much for endurance, The
moral sense of the people aaaerted Itself, and in
an uprising of popular Indignation the political
condition of both the States of N.-w-York end
New-Jersey was. in a measure, changed. Nothing
more hopeful has haj.pi ned in a tong time than
this evidence that, while there may ba rottenneaa
in certain sections of our public life, the Nation
itself is not rotten, bul la sound at the c to. an I,
when wickedness poets too far it rls-s in its
wrath and rebukes it.
dr. p_L_ucBinwf r.N.joiNs it vron bis madisoh
The horns blown on Yale and Princeton tally-h.
coaches were In full blast at Kifth-ave. and Twen*
ty-thlrd-st. yesterday morning when tli>* Rev, Dr.
Charles H. I'arkhurst, near at hand in the Mad?
ison Square l'r.sl>yt"ilan Church, announced this
t"xt: "-Batar into His gates with thanksgiving, and
into His courts with pm lae, De thankful unto Him
and bless His holy name." The contrast camed a
smile when the preacher said: "The day is some?
what National, considerably domestic, and just at
present pre-eminently athletic."
Dr. Parkhurst gave preliminary announcement to
an appropriate amiability in these words: "We have
no purpose to-day of trying to make the world
b*tter, no quarrel with anybody or anything, no
ambition to raise the general tone of life or senti?
ment, to correct the abuses of the public schools,
to criticise the shortcoming., of the press, to be?
wail our complications with Hawaii, to vilify the
Republicans for giving us high tariff or thc Demo?
crats for trying to give us something else. We Oo
not even propose to imply that this island that we
are living on is not a veritable Citl.ii of Bdea,
or that the agencies through which its municipal
life ls maintained are not a literal transcript from
those that shall govern in the new city come down
from God. . . . There ls no knowing what our
feelings may be to-morrow, but to-day they are
those of universal amiability."
Dr. Parkhurst did. nevertheless, make one al?
lusion to current Incidents, lt was this:
There ls one matter of gratitude that Iles very
close to date and very close to the hearts of us
all, that it would be rankest ingratitude to let pass
to-day without mention. I refer to the victory of
the "th of November. We thank Cod In Hi
courts to-day for the unexpected and thorough
thrashing that was administered to vic* at the
last election, and this matter ls not out of accord
with one portion of the ground that we have Just
traversed, wherein we spoke of the vast amount
of unadvertised and unsuspected Integrity there
is In the world. Kor lt was out of lust that ma?
terial that the victory of the 7th of November was
wrought. The Issue was a distinct OBS between
Integrity and vice. Virtuous men. regordleaa ol
party affiliations, appreciated the juncture and rose
to the occasion. That is all there was to it. There
are no mor. virtuous men In Hrooklyn and New
Jersey to-duy than there were six months ago,
but as a result of thc urgency of the crisis and
the valorous efforts that were put forth, virtue
has stood up and been heaid from; and the thing
can be done in New-York exactly as well as it
can be done in Brooklyn. That is what makes us
happy and profoundly grateful?not simply what
has occurred, but the promise there ls In lt of
mon of the same kind, lt is revelatory of the
Immense reserve of honest purpose that exists
among us, and that is competent to be the easy
arbiter of our municipal destiny. That victory, by
showing us the real complexion of prevalent senti?
ment, furnishes a superb platform on which to
stand In achieving victories on our own side of the
river. And the Issue will be Just according to
the mearure of our expectations. We shall secure
exactly as much as we can agree In expecting
to secure. And that fact, as we confront the
future, ought to restrain uh from the adoption of
anything like half measures. We cannot afford,
therefore, to be content with nny change In affair*
that alms only to make our condition less bad
than lt ts. It is with u municipal administration
as it ls with a man. You may regenerate him.
but you will not accomplish anything to speak <>r
lf you try simply to mend him and to patch him.
There ls integrity enough In this city to effect a
complete revolution, and it will be far easier to
rouse virtuous enthusiasm to the point of an
entire overthrow of evil rulershlp than to rouse
lt to the point of tx partial overthrow. What 1
mean la that it will be easier to elect as Mayor
next year u man that in point of decency and
lntem*ity ls n thoroughbred than to el ?<* aaa who
In these particulars ls a halfbreed. And remem?
ber that halfbreed*, old political hacxs of both
parties, are lounging around in Immense numbers,
waltina to bo borne Into power on the wave of
the returning tide. And you cannot read your
paper without observing how these political im
hotenta are Just now blossoming out into the
!iph.*a"Mi ri_prosp,>ct Sf-f,ms opening of a political
Under tW! n,K",*h" waipa thal crawl nut from
hi'l-.'r -. ,'i'''??I't-.ar.ls when thc sun begins to get
nun. i ,,nu wormer In .-arly aprlag
?tCAaom ros tuanksoiying lostm. ami
The ]*,.v ])r j.,,!?.-, s MacArthur, pastor
of Cahrary -tanita! ("hutch, in West Plfty-aevanth
?t., ii-.ir Sixth-ave , preached a seimon yesterday
morning to a lari;., congregation on "Object l_ei
aona and Moral Forces in Reeent American Poll
tics." Conspicuous among the decoratlona of the
spacious platform, aside from a profuakm of (lags
and flowers, waa an abundance of vegetables and
fruits, whi.ii were distributed among the poor at
the elora- of the aervlcea The text of the sermon
was fr?tn Bseklel xxl. IT: "I will overturn, over
tarn, overturn it. and it siiaii le* no more until He
'..in... whose right it in, and l will giv- it lo Him."
Dr. MacArthur, who was list-tied to with earl
attention, s.? i. 1 in part:
"These e*orda hav.* primarily a distinct spiritual
reference, but they are used appropriately as ap- |
piled to the fort's and factors entering Into the
recent election, which resulted In the rebuke of ;
political evil and the bidoraemenl "f moral good. |
In two greet Btetea aad one greal city unfit men
of notoriety were nominated for Important public
offices; in another great city an attempt was made
to defeat a candidate Simply because 1," had done
his full duty ngataal lewd fellows of the baser
sort." If there was ever cause for gratitude In
r.-gard to political results, thia election has given
such Cause. Honor to the Empire State, and sta- ,
blllty to the principles of our Oovernmenl through
out the Republic! The victory won is gnat and
I'l'Ss.'i. Boase a, racetrack rings and unrlahteoua ;
]Udgea nave been sw pt OUt Of sight by til"
righteous wrath Of a long-suffering people.
Flrat?We thank dod for the triumph of patriot?
ism over bossism. The rule of Coane, Ignorant,
un-American bosses was reducing the country to
a condition "f serfdom. These were, for the most
part, men Of foreign birth or extraction, and of a
religious faith but lin!" in harmony willi th" princi?
ples of th" American Republic. Tli"> seised mu?
nicipal power in Buffalo, Troy. New-York rmi
Brooklyn, and held those cttlei in th.ir larcenous
gratp. They put forth respectable figure-heads
who w-i" weak executives, and who l ??... m.- their
t"..is. Every form of misgovernment ran ii"i
Taxes were Increased and moneys misspent. They
were the enemies of th" workingman, although
they pretended to be ins wannest friends, ani foi
a time they imposed upon liim; bul th" day "!
reckoning cam ?. and th.y were overthrown. Al- ,
though th" bosses were beaten, lt is eatlmated that
tli" actual majority against them wns between
15,000 and 10,000 more than was returned, many
ballots, without doubt, being k-pt on! ol tlc boxes,
and many more that w.t.- deposited nol being
c"iint"'l. Th" victory waa not a narrow, partisan
triumph, an.l the Independent voter ls now a promi?
nent feature in State and National elections,
Second?We ought to thank Hod lhal tiri- i li
h.,* i".n ii triumph of Americanism over forelan
ism. Tlie people of tl.- United stat.- voted for
til.- United States. The American Republl, is .,
protest agolnat monarchy ?'f every kind, lt
gratifying to know ih.ii Immigration itatlstl
the last year show a reduction "f 111,084, ai
pared with thone of !!??? prevloua year. We mus)
shut out all j.,up.-rs and criminals. We cannot
continue to make our country th" 'lumping gi
for th.* worst populations "f Southern i.
We cannot allow communistic ani anarchistic prin?
ciples t.. be practised mi American soil When men
t..k" the oath "f sllegiance to this Oovernment
th.y ought to ink" it without mental r, er*.
f.?;? lungs ..r pop. i li, ome States 'he votes were
the voice fr- m Ur- empty factories and silent mills;
tii.y were a prot.-st against any tariff laws which
work for the profit of foreigners and the Injun
of Americana Workingmen marched by thousands
to east tlc ir ballots in favor of a real
tariff and Ita attendant results?fair wa-'-.
Third?We ought to thank dod that the election
waa a victory of Protestantism over Romanism.
The Protestants have not Introduced religion. .iu?s
tions into tbe sphere of American politics, the
Romaalata insist on their Introduction. The pre?
tensions of tin* Roman < "burch are in conflict with
the principles of the Republic That Church claims
control over the consciences, thoughts and VOtOB
of all Its adherents, and makes the Pope supreme
over all earthly nil.-rs. lt makea the oath of
allegiance to any earthly government of little
or no weight compered wita allegtan ?? to the Pope
as the Vi"' g.Telll of .Je-US Chtl.-t. The '?
betw.'.-n Romanlam and Protestantism was quiet!)
but vigorously waged during th- last election.
I am ti"t opposing tli" Horn.in Church as a rt
llgious body, Imt because it bas become an eeclesl
astlco-polltlcaJ body in th.* American Republic. I
would oppose any Protestant church Ihat would
assume a similar position, lt la stated thal -i
lull will com.- i" fore the nexl session ol oui I
lature favoring State .nd for Roman acbools. lt i->
said that lt Will I" vigorously push" I In both
houses, and c\a ry Roman rhurch in the stat.- .,t
New-York will be Baked to secure signatures to
a petition for its passage. No fewer than i ??
signatures are expected lo l"- secured before the
1,111 will be Introduced al Albany A
we are living men a fierce conflict between Proti i
antism and Romanlam is Impending if !:
leta iir>- wise they will nol challenge lhi oppo
?Itlon of American Protestants snd of ? - .ii.-- patri?
otic Romanists, or thej will hear sn "ii th,md. is
as have nol ech.i over Ibis land since the call
to amis when er.inion boomi 1 from Pori Sumter
We have no desire to stir ip religious strife, bul
we give th- Roman Church fair notice thal If lt
throws down tbe gauntlet of discord it ?
promptly taken up by millions of brave, i
loyal Americana for -0.00O.OUO of free and
pendent Americana will nol be ruled br _.?? ?
Romanists, who for tl"- most part arc importations
from Ignorant, pauperta I snd bigoted counl
and mak.* up the great majority of the paupers and !
criminals of th" Republic,
Fourth- We ought also to thank Clod that re?
ligionism has triumphed over ruffianism. The
whole country ought to rejoice In the election of
Judge Harv, an upright and fearleM il' . who
presided with dignity ano Justice rr the tris
the Anan hists in ChtCOCO and pronounced light
eoua sentence on the guilty men. in^ election re
buked anarchy, honored Justice and gave dignity to
the bench. Ruffianism baa el-to been rebuked In
New-Jersey, and racing lhere will not be a popu?
lar sport 'luring the coming year. Vigorous m.-.is
ures will be adopted to sut.pt? poolroom and ri.
track gamblers. The gates >?( Monmouth Pork,
of Linden, of Elisabeth, of Outtenburg aird of
I'llftmi will rust mi their hinges, and the around
which they m. los.- will bo blessed witta desola?
lu .losing. Dr. MacArthur referred to the Ha?
waiian complication, saying:
There hoi always I.n opposition In connection
with the annexation of territories to the United
st,.i.s. 'rios remark applies to tbe annexation ol
Louisiana and Florida, and especial!) of Alaska.
It ls to I..- accented now in discussion regarding
Hawaii. These forma of oppoaltlon will be ol
temporary duration and unimportant in the Anal
result. Th. doy ls coming when with the con ent
of their people and with the enthusiasm of our
people the American ting shall wai.v.-r all
il,.- lands i.-iated t<> us bv commercial, soda] and
]?-llgious tie* Prom the mighty Atlantic to the
mighty Pacific and over surrounding Islands and
dominions the song ol' liberty shall float, and a
great free mid prosperous >.pie shall dwell, hon?
oring themselves, and honored by all thc nations
of the earth.
ham,, Eaton, sanders ano sabine,
One of the largest congregations which ever m<t
In th.* Fifth Aveline Presbyterian Church listened
to the Kev. I?r. John Hall yesterday morning.
Hr. Hall took his lexi from the xcvth psalm: "Let
us come before His presence with thankagivlng nnd
make ii joyful noise nillo Him wit li psalms." He
?poke of the nature of tru- thanksgiving, and
defined the canoes which should lead to lt
Tba Rev. Dr. Cbartea il linton, pastor of the
Church of the Divine Paternity, Flfth-ave. and
Forty-flfth-at., preached to ., large congregation in
the morning, ll" took as the subject of his Thanka?
givlng ?eimon. "Unlveraal Suffrage in the Light of
Receat Experience."
"The history of more ihan ? century'- growth
justifies the experiment of universal or manhood
suffrage," he said. "In population, wealth, cu
nual savings, agriculture and manufacture'
America leads the world?a homogeneous, pros?
perous and free nation. Hut Borne are so
affected by rec-nt experiences on election divs
and at the ballot-box that they ate becoming
sceptical, and say that while universal suffrage
tran ail right In the Infancy of this country, lt
fails under the strain of modern condition., and
they doubt the value of the principle Which la
th.-cornerstone of om governmental building. Cor?
ruption in the Oovernmenl la admitted by all prai
Heal politicians of every parly." Dr. Baton then
spoke of election return frauds, the falsifying of re
turns,.md the open buying and Intimidating oi .
He thought that no Immigrant should be permitted
to vote until he had been in this country ai lanai
ten years, and had aNorbed something of lhe
methods an.l spirit of this 'government. "The
ballot." h.- continued, "should be defended by
stricter laws, aad a more rigid enforcement of
them. The recent election gave ? splendid exhi?
bition of the real :??dr t of the American people.
Evil force*- intrenched themselves, dishonorable
bosses and election manipulators challenged the
mot il sense of the people, and the burial of .,
self-con fe sci fhl.-f under an avalanche of ballots
was the answer- not Of a political party, but the
general BOBSa of Justice and honor thal is the
result of universal suffrage."
The Madison Avenue Ha pt 1st Church. Madison
ave and Thlrty-flrat-st.. was crowded in the morn?
ing. There waa a special aervlce of music and song.
Trie Hev. Hr. Henrv .M. Bander* the pastor,
preached the Thanksgiving sermon.
Th.* congregations of tlc- Madison Avenue and
Phillips Memorial Presbyterian, the Madison Av?
on" Methodist Episcopal and th" Reformed li:
pal churchea held a union service In th" bulbil ir
'f the tirst mentioned, over which Its pastor, lil?
li' Dr. Charles j,. Thompson, presided. The
Rev Hr. Knsi>,-.-. McChesney, pastor "f th" Malison
Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, read a : it
- ik- nf Scriptui ?. Ttl" Rev I >:? tl I. Shearer, ol
the American Traci Society, offer, i prayer. The
?? i iran was b; the Ri v. 1 >r. V. . T. H ibll
the Refori.1 Bplscoi The bul l<
the speaker's argument was thal Ood deserves and
National and gratitude,
in i ts ',;. Il a signal mark nf his ap| roval,
ind tti.it lt ls v. i--1..;...
par! of a people suitably ti i nlti i ? *i\-ii.>-!>
.'.it'.iiin providence in its affalt divine
beneficence in tin i.. itowal ol merell : Among
tics., mer, les lhe speakei n.t. ? * "the popular np
ln tlc late i le ?! jon, ..t ..ir. p 'int an i an
ither, which show our i.nie, wi:'', the qu<
,f political corruption or integrit) ls brough) t.
ll," testing Of th. ballot. , k ..n IV. t;." ti'
prudi- to stand loyal f .r ti ?? rigrit. '
RI :.' v<\ \ -.:> Mon M ITV MI'ST RI LV.
The Rev. lu-, lb my A. Slim om. In his Thanks*
giving Hermon yesterday mon..nc at the Broad?
way Tabernacle, Broadway and Thlrty*fourth-at.,
said, among oila-r tl
lt te ms, Indeed, a small matter thei you or i
aa Individuals, may, during the >. ir. have been
railed lo ko through unusual experience
Ol sorrow "r anxious .no. or that the Nation has
encountered widespread commercial distress and
ir' even now In the thr. "f mr.nv unsettled nial
problems, We have lo thank flod for bountiful
harvests, for Immunity from pestll, i. or
spr.-ad disease; foe undisturbed National peace; for
ih.- rise of the ibu "t comity by arbitration b.
tween the nations, and for the preclou* the i
I.'i "f sound currency and correel roncepi ol
Sall -iii finance which we have been laugh!
Nevei before haa our National life i.n so real
a- it i-' to-day. Xe* ??? hoi our place a mona ihe
nations been so distinct. The ravine rall >>f Ihe
Anglo-Sax ton race as it ls seen In our lani to-day,
ai.. .,i.>11*.* the blood >>r all nations end prei i
thus a n..\v compound for Ihe future, is as distinct
as was the Divine call t" th.- Hebrews.
Referring to the recent election, Dr. Stimson Bald:
H.- are celled gain lo recognise the Impossibility
of eny permam ni political reform thal does not i
on ih- -. i i,il , ulture .! ? leva tion of ever* ?
ll ii i i,. i .-,, ? clean r lhan ? vi r before thal nil
i ?. . mmon Interest sn l n common life;
thai .ill mut i shaie In anj pi"ogi? - ol the
thai I- ' ' be real, or In any n form that
is to i..- permanent. Our political ? impalgm havi
!"?? n campaign* ol instruction as ihey never have
li ? u in itt pa
It. Stimson then spoke of the growth ot In
t Heel tal life among tl"- i.pie, lhe question of
labor .md e.| ital, ind ty of I
patriotism In the he iris of ti," . - - itlon.
[n closing th. 11 ikei Bald
Our American li have sprung from re
liKhi i and i ? ' l.t.. Tie v ?ill liv. " long ns
the religion and th, moral of lhi people ara the
controlling force m the comm
N .Vi - Mil, OF l'l.l \s| |;i; >| i.i; | i;>.
The delightful atmorphere and tunny sky restei
dav were full* i ir"".* I h) the
lyn, r-tii many thousands visited ITo peel Par rf
and the lb ,i b . ome venturi! fa ,
1 nd. The parkways were thronged with \-.
and tl,.", an . v. ?.- ..in .., i ,n the afti moon.
The service* In tl ?? few chm hes which were open
were not fully attend* I, even wier" the corr ?
of half a dooen neighboring churchea united
The im" display ol 11 nits an i -.. : ? .
nt the Tal ? inacle drew ?> | ? -i i lai i
list.-ii to Dr. T it.n ._?- I H Si in preached
Church ol Ihe 1*11 grim a nn "I'erll* and I'i
I'opul .i . iov.-rnn he li ? I
a a k i ri ichi i t- the thr. ? i'nil irlai
In the . ity in the Ch ii
union sei vic. ??? t t.i... M. ihodl i ? ir .
Hanson I'lace M. tho list Kplsconal i hun '? lh.
Rev. Dr .' O u lit on pr. I ? I ll d< n iuw ? i
th.- introduction ol party politics rn lhe control n
the p ibllc ii i. ?'.: i. Dr. < 'harles i' ithb. 11 ll..ll
preach, i it, the : *lrsi vr bytertan I'hui h. I ?,
John Humpstone In the Kmmanuel Rapt I I i'burch
,,t,d Tu r li. Mi i.. .i In the t'enti
tlonal ?'hui ? h
A i'?i ire waa given last evening In lh. ii
Pla. ?? Itapttsl ' "ti ir, h by Ihe Rei, \ oshl I. ik
Lacon, of .lap.tn. upon life In hi native land li
appeared in nate." costume and showi I
Japanese curios and pictures "f i;<- in .lap.in
There were special course dinners .,t all tu?
pi in, Ipal club* ?? ? terday, ind rn my hou ?? l
decided to for.-xo the trouble of preparing Ths
giving dinners snd dined with their husband, al
The cu lom.nv holiday dinners were S'-r\e.i in .iii
the i ob:.- and private Instil itlon of thi
there were ? ape. lal treal Inn ales of the
county building*
THE aniJSO-t bli.I. wii.i. KRIS ; -CORROW TO TIIE
Mull AWN \ Mil v
Qloversvllle, N. v. Nov. 38 (8p< lal) Xow thal
the glove schedule "f the \\ llson Tai Iff l 111
i....-I, given t ? h.- pilbil, li i- nol .. dlffl, ill I
to f"t- ist Ita effect up.
ntry. A brief n ire trude
for the last three ' pla, ,t tin
tim", and will help to a correct knowledge "f lhe
situation, present and pi ispecilve. Since . >?
th" "]?? ral
law in iny "f lhe larg, si c.
at i;;...- ; . ' nd Johnst, an, N. V . h .-.?? t,ca?
than doubled ;l. ii output, while the price at
their , ? ls . ere sold h ia been n lue d. The p. r
diem a?.-??? of lab >r a is nol n, <??
but lhe annual ? .' iii", ol m< ti
? i bj i ? i "ii "t i .'"? longer woi h *?? .
Th.- laborei - . mployi d a < re inti lligeni
prudent, and . _.1 i i of them wei
curing the titi- io thi li I. m . Man) hindi. 11
..I i ouaea hat ?? be, n bulli snd pun ha iii li
I ? given to ? i .:? part of tie
pureba ?? mon. . and payments both ,,f Int
.ml pi lm i i mel promptly. Moi ?? than ?>
thousand l.ulldlni were erected d ll i" i lod
uf unbroken and unparalleled pro p
Vi nh I, ? advent ol the pr. * ni A Imii ti
.?rn i Ita era of "tai in i ? i u m" came a chi
Milla wen clo ed, manufacture almost c , eil, and
iii-l'i ll v and Hit itt are : retied b) Idli ic ss and
il. id allon. Upward "f Ito.ouo has been i .p
in ni"'., i ville alone for the n Iii f ol 'ir'
lui.- since March, IKE.. Measures have been token
by in" common . ouncll to emplo) n
possible ipoii the public worki large sums "t
money have been given by the citlsens and com
mitti ea have di tributed ni ci ssltle i to th. p. oi
Sci.I children were enlisted In lhe work, and "t,
in. d.,\- P. io,.. Thanl gi .. .. thou ii I ol ira. k ,,..s
..: ? al bl. sr. , i ... . cd to the rn, hool i.oll.llnn
and from there were distrlbuti d by Ju ll. lous |
tu those ulm we,.- in need. Defauli hat. ? ls
made In payments of Interest, and In man)
the savin. - accumulated b) years of econoin;
will be i ai pt .. way.
<;i"V" manufactun rs ure almost un mlmnus in Ihe
bell, i that il lhe Wilson bill become law i i
than i" per cenl of the gloves now made in this
country mil be crowded oul or ihe market
Imported gloves, which ls only another way of
saying thal only ?;" per cenl "t the present labor
will lind employment, and thal the wages ot ?
who are employed will be reduced al least _'. p.-r
c l.t.
lt ls oft-n urned that Interest in glove manu
facture ls onl) local; thal only one small t
o' New-York is Interested. Why, then, should the
athole countrj be taxed thal these should uro**, ri. :. '
Th" reply i*-: First Betti r gloves ran ls I? ? .. I ?
la) for less mane) than could hai ? i> -n i.*hl
four years ago. Second We are a nation made up
uf localities and when one suffers all are affected.
Waco, Tex., Kov. M The si.ting of St. v
Learia by Perry McKay al a hacienda a few mil.
above Tuxnan, Mex., laal week, ia causing much
excitement all over Texas, especially here. Lewi
belonged to a Waco syndicate, composed >-f him?
self. E. J. Hurley. H. W. Brown, l>. lt. Gurley
ani ll. M. Taylor, i'.-rry .McKay ls a Bon 0
a. McKay, th.ad ol a Roi koort, Ti v.
, i The syndicate hoi been contending foi twa
^ in tic* couti-, a; jal , .. Bl ??? ol Vi i i Crua
foi- possession ol l_.0_o icn ol land on the /. 11>?.t?.i
lin. r. When .. . I ri ml ?! a ?i it "f
ejectment against the McKay party, .biri Dayton
i ,-..-? ? ? . Isled tl ind
ov.-r the ha< lend i and pre- ? nt. di iring of thi
grrlt iii the iiim. of the I'nlti I Bu tlovcrnment.
Diplomatic correspondence is in | >. thli
Incident, Both the v, ico and Rockport cia In
are atrong. Several nf the Waco ayndlcati
i -re >???-:? i ? V foi .lal..pa. and then ;t .bably wi.;
b" more trouble
-.?? .
Ithaci. N. Y. Sot. IO.?A di", .itch senl from hen
yesterday reporting tba. thi doubt aa
to tin- drowning "f iir. i,. y. Merriam and a 11 ~ >
toartla ...us.-- much Indignation. Despite tbe fact
thal the aearah for their hadlee baa bo tai I en
unsuccessful, cv ry one lier.- ls MtMM that UH
doctor and hla companion arere droamed la Loka
,?, . ... The pn -- ilispatch s. nt oul \? '
w,,s evidently based on an nnonymoua postal card
received al ihe poetofllee her.- several d.\
whi.-h Intimated thal f?r Merriam snd Mi- k i
w.-re in New-York City. Tt,.- , tal ia believed
to hav.- been a hoax.
st. Pani. Wan ? ?N'' ***? ""?a enid wave ot great
?everlty ls in Midna In from the Kortbwest. I
?tervlce reports Indicate that the temperature to*
lay will be tnt below xero ul all points from Helena
to Milwaukee.
tjoroes nu& (Tarrmjcc.
i LAN DR KV a I ?
?,!', a;i :;r.. HiiooMl-'.eT.,
MM a \ i> |r*Kl A'.r .
OK I III. Ill ,-i' i I.A S.S.
LOWES, pup ; -, Koli PltOMlT f*ASir.
BltUfUII -Ms BO) kaways, viv.
TOUIA.-. .Will iil.l.ll- l l'\ss. PHAE?
i'l. i.r.-,. il' ?* m ni Ts, j rv--- i'H tl ?
? TOXa i UAI HHS VYAlioS LITES, 'i l.v
i Kt'Vti v, VUON ri, _>l"l Ul.I'.-*.
1 I.I, -.I" I, ni' KEI i>VI> HAND.
i. \ .;..;> r -t it'K OP
PIN IS ll KO \ r 111 ? I. i ? *>
IN iii,'. WOULD
Kl.AN DI-AU v ' '>.
_ KLAN DU At: \ . > ___
Bsd t'lLlsUI t' WAA.
J. M. (Jl INKY I ' '"?.
S KAW KR. \. .1.
f*"*r..T lt\i;,, MN'S IN -Ki'iiND HAND
. I. AC ll ES, 1:1;>'I''.1I.\M**. It'.i K V.
wu*. .? \ in'ii.i.i rs pn \i l'"Ns.
SfllREYS AXD RI .".irs UV hood
M .Kl US. ALL I.V IT'l'tTi'T OttDl "..
Pub K.s mtv \ n.\ p.EDI'CED.
KAlTOU. \ -. ?? . i Ul it... MS Ol'PO
SI , I H. ii \u - p. ST \ I n.v. D., I.. * vv.
r it. th un v mini .ks i ito.*.i n\u*
n \ J OR i IIIIISTOIMIP.R si . ' , [RUY.
I lilli \W! ki; i ,;, la,.
a.toni ?' lop fa ".ii ? n ? n *)
c-it dolli .. I r.r'v li ??? no
. IT ?-?. ,i ' . ' . -? ? ' i.
- a "-. 13" VI ? -' '
' llltlsTM \ i- '.' -'Ni- I'.-.. ? (?:'
, ,, ir biol i tn I ri liable - al<o
' ., . ??.. ?-. ita ii. ?
i . ri titer il Vd. *.??.? Dr. " I*.
.: -.. K- ix, I'. .. itox i ii. .1,,. al i. L. v
(Tonntrn Real Cstnt. -far Salt
a..i viv inn mos rn.au: .Real.
dence i*?'??.-? ir ?-- ,.f -.ll d.riptl.m*. for ailo
x:rl ti. let, f"i rn lubed li .'-?-.
I I Ces - TA Wilt . n-"Ur*,_n.?V
K VST Oil i v.; ?'. N T fl '-iii- -rap
art? f..r vi, ? r->t ti i - **. 'I _."1 >iti'u'nl?.h?*<l
l.iii-p. ? . r cc s. I) CO-fDIT, . | |>. rte
'-. X Churrh RI d'..n.
<f itn Ural Cttafe for Sale.
?i * ? ? ' '.?'?-? kt*
?Ul .-? ? Tl r.i rl? 'do. ATI As IM
.?liol KM EX r CO.. IS Broad a.
Real d'.tate lUnntcb.
CTTtIM.l i m'.'t ?i . a." ' om <i
.f . I ". nli.lt . * d'- rv t" -* il*.
- ll i.i . ?? 1 ": 'I. le.
famished ti cm oro ?o Let.
a KILLI i ;;\ i - l! ? I. I ul ir. I.?<
. ? '.- i . ? ? . i .
I I...url.. Ail.
di... I.M r .i tx e.
-Tinto f?o-?e., Xntitislici..
,i ii a vi- ?.. 'iAT,
I.i. . On .r. With
Brookhill Ueal palate *To ttl.
ka Kl br -
..... . \. - ?:.
...???? . sall I
\ '?. ,
ave. Mal I ? ' ? it. I IS mu.
I ? t , .-. ? ?
' il L . Il- I Uf
?, ? - - . \' ;
? . I ? - - - -, ?....
av-.. <. r M . )ii.
Sot ?;ilc.
Of ail
a !. li'i;
I '
- ?" . . |
, ., \v ? i ?
\ li KN. I. IAN - .. rael ill.'i Ct
III ,.- .
..'}*. UI ? .....
I lie., .li r
? i ?* ill -i.i.i. i., na
' i . n*j .-? in.-lud.i
* ... f .'ir
: .
tl i ,., . id. I'VtTi i -
! ' 1 Wood r.ik| .r .1, MO.kln|| ',, ll a li -
f _',.??: ... bo.; ni anil
? x hair d OEoKOK n EDDY, J,- M.J.
. II ol.
Ult ?. " ; ? r - - , f,U ni ? ;"
III, . 'I
ri ?t SA Ll . ll ; , - \\ _T
Iv. l*w| ....
: ?
| t ll, W.
.-, and Ti wp -'- .
i '<i: .ii ri -??. ? nt . ..?,..,,...???.?"
II ? ??? ? m. 21 NI . .. ?
J*or Oiilr.
I i\ i. in ' dui I. id '.r h. <i wood,
I v.-rv nu
ll I
lol VI Ul HUI . .
vii I ii. i.? nun;*
i - . ? -- .
' ii ai! . I OM TAN*, __o
ll for ?
? .. llii.okl.vii
- ' . : .
?i Md
Head. -'.. i< rift Duane
-.ii- ?.. i.m.?? made up nm mat.
. ii intend it, i ?
. '? r ; ri .. -I ?-.?*.. | :?' , ill ??,| rx'.
: _', I, .? Uer, ". li. or. ins too v.'nir
ii ELL i i. r ... two i
. ? ?
.1. ?? l. KARI'. CH ANCE, I ri-.
r ai,. I HU..*.
IU ir. i ?* lliincono.
? i MAXCK ' ri'llKUV WHOLES Ml'.
I'l'li-I- ' ' ' I ui" , I *alil,,|
Lame-- Ila ?.
in." -. Di ii
' CHAKI S Milli il.T/,,
ol i -, md ?'? ? ni. _\o
A M : HU \.V I'll K.X TS |.i . uri I i ,'
Il* Eu :?? ? '..I lian ai.1 . ..io.
ll) I.l ll",l i.v i , Lil. r
tOW Movi I r M tv CONCI UV Xiii ? ,
i III ll ? nail ! . V.'IU 'li
ba .i Lilli -..lil i ' th' r.iliui sh ? \ -,i hi.
'. in re. I I . tl, . M if.
IO i ll "- . : VK.IIN'AX.
sllK.lt! DAN sn,,,,K.
Dated Nu '. I ?-..:
, v \l IMO I, lld ll, i: \i:. UN's
Koiii bulli i Surd. '-.I- ? ??. HM II .i '
Mt.. : I'i.;'.. ? I'.i.-. l utton*. ..'.'? -. 1 ale a id
rn', I.-, i. . ? I ? ..... |up !? ? . .
?*, JA.MMI > ?? -I Ut i ! ? a,
I vi;, isi ic dki --m \k im, ,,*,
?holt noti ' - . ja ki*u
. ..I tai |. i r* \i:-. ., ?,..!,.
ItOt I* Kat ll ' ,, ? i n i:,.,,-.?uv
oi I I'l.lver-ill I'l ll
DKK.SS.M VK1 lt bj I' ili\ . ' ml. i -' li Oi
? . . Kill- . .tn be re "in
?? ' "i ri 2.1 Ina dal. Mis
KAI.uXS :, -I 3d i .
inti. i>IAKEH l -i ..? ., it i i ii h~
ii nu i * i-'nr. t ? -.'i out ic, dat
.. ii . -...i i ..i.i,..,
. il DHK-jSMAKI lt, iJ'. OUi-aV.'
j ? i _ i - - m vk i c.. i .|, i :.i..,t. -i ,-,r
drop i . :; ?? i i. i '??...,. .i.. ? ? . _ .
i, iii in n.-t tm .i ? i. -? refer ?.-.
tuU ? I h '.. V\ : 1. I -?r.
LA ill i.- 'I All.'-i;i Xiii (stall
I, ill. lal- a.: 'I ? lip . :l . Jil. . ..ii
|l -. all I . .1- ull.-r.-.i
md ii,..'! .i 'i.i.i f. |;i| w ?_-.. i - - r
\; il.I.I.V i lt. lia - h." iiii l .<
? il velv. ?. fr ' ii ? i ad up in iii.
l.f'-t -ii ?? v " ? - ? iii i I. MILLI XEK.
M.. lr-: .-: I. _ _
' MM!., lt. v \ IOI.V1 i , ;"
)74"i--- . - o tar eta t. uk ii-.-. |i.-if... i
' | .. - 11 ..?????..??? Kt.ucl. ft
; -
.'rt, or..at.- rT.-aioaV.-r i
? ??? i. ? ??? al I. ada up In tha int.- ? t ? ti
Cen te | rlcjra; evfiiln^ d .. -
-, .-I i i.t. _ . v" -.-. Kd-at.
r-'-l I |i>v w a.v i i.n i.i a yo .un woman
.. i rt ,, i, it.. ?; to .,
. .h Lit, .'"s .1 I ..'.J ll , . ?
r , . fl. re.
Un. "I. a te . I dil ..-i. il ?I i| t i Ri
ai..I 111.--., ' - i||| ,. , . -;.
?lv*-n lilt Kio I.. I W.-t _.'J .|.
m v i. ii ti ?.'! i- red)eu . pair. ?! i?r
a ada lui , i . tiidiutbl* . ,i|n.-. Mr.
.111.1* lat. IlU \\ ,-t .".i'i,.-r. . 17 \, ar.
? ta . f-ultb, Landon, tai Uuntber'a
Nina. Rthave
'' "'.?"! I"'-' --VI \|, 111 dT-lrei
? it*, l.v da- r.t- 'a..,.i. in ,ir ..nt af
? " ? I" -'''??-' r. fi- ? . \ri\-... W..-.
I !1"\ ? i- . ? , . | a. 1.212
AI'.V. Kl Kt'lU'M". av,, M'ti-i ,.!;?.
Ili.V- Ult* Ttl'.'. NEW.YQKK Tlllli.
' ", ? M.I. ri I'.' ' 'Kl VI D AT 1 UK
L'l'l OWN "lil. I' Vo 1 :,J ?|lr.,...t,,.iy
-'. c or irttf '.f I'dre flr-i..t. ; ,a,d Ab
. i lill- I MENTS _l lr- I .Urn Ile: llr-.i-h
UH,.-.*- J'.i K.'-.;.-|, .ne. ; ?i,i Thhdaio.
i.irn.r Foftj - \ ?M ?t 110 F.a?t ,.,rte
?rev.ntr.*.!.. rnrnrr Tblld-av?.; 18.1 l'.Hit
l'.V.tl.?t.. nrar Tl.lrd.a*e. ; 1,026 Tl\lrd:iv..,
i.e-r BIXtr-Bltt at.; I.Tl's Mr-l-uve. ; 10d
Weat ?orty---."...iid-it ; 19*- tolunibu_-av?.
Boatb ano Roams.
IIAXDMi.MI-.I.V I'ltiii-li'.l rOOBM. "rill
h"-rJ: reference* exchanged. ;-' *"'<
d-t--. _
lil'll-SX., ski WKHi.-K-jniltea or
'.??ntl.?,.i i, requiring pi.-a-ant roooM ?ltei
bolldajri .-a-, i,. a.-'-ou.ii.o'latel; cseu lent
tt- VVK.V1 7isl .ST.-Kuoui, inciv lm
"lUhed; .-.. .ii,. ,t boaid: reawnable; near
72d.at, L .tattoo. _
?ti'.' M VIII-.,..V-Wi Hun ,',?,! rn.nl
-Hum- ro..,,,; ..un larjfj cloaeti; refer
i3ociri} ttanted.
V AN ll li Boaid bl .. -ned., ^iill.-ii.aa'
lu ii r.-Ime 1 \,ie i aa i.? ii.il> ; -rti."tlv prl
Mite; all .M-ineti..--.. With luci. ? .mn
flt-: give !??? in- e .1 particular*. Ad?
el -- Mai iii.I,.iii. it,\ j, Tribune 0*tlce.
ADV Elli Isl Ml.vis AND SUBSCRll*.
.luss mik nu. NEW-YOKi* TKIB
i vi. WII.I. Ill .I'.I i'K.1 VIII) .VI I MK II'
rnwN oi-'ni., No. 1,2.2 Broadway. _m
,!<>? r north 'f Thirtv-lli v.->.t ; ami AI.VK.K
.l-l 'll Vis at the folloivinif Bran, li Of?
fice: ?'.! Btk-ave.. *. t. 'or. 23d-*it.
-fnruioheit Booms.
i.i.v'I l.l.vi'.x wanting bright and linnie
rite room* in quiet im, iii can ba accom.
,.intel lt 02 I..-\in.tm,-ave.; rea-on aide
, c. -
I.\lt<.I-., .sVli. JU ll""f n-uiit hall
i ""ii, adjoining; oil convenience-.; IkiiuI
?om. ij furn tabed. 7 Weat r.itti-st.
VI Al II.iiVI .-.-ni ll.mi : KA Hal.
?a.i ?? *l "? p.r \v eli; wlt.i t,eal. a*i,
lng twice.
N ICK ' >n foll ibl. 'ura.-'ie'l ha. - | ii
lol .-I .\ii h.ian for two "r tlit'-.-r iM.aid
W I. il ; ii I. I',,,". 4H lr..lil! I'll.-.
TO RENT, furouhed, to a pratten in,
parlor, i dr oom and bath, rn -.tri. riv prl*
vate dwelling, between '.Hi and 0th av-*.,
and ii.ii. ftOth-it. I. nation, o. B., B<>\ 0,
Trlt.llrie lilllie.
TO LET V large inuit hall Ik.1 room ;
neatlj furnlahed; reference, mila. _r,
. . ,i,i' . n tal I Ith-ei.
.-,i ila v e., ?'>'.."'? i ? egan! tl" ?! wno
: ? , ..,- , ta' i. .j. - r_)i ?? lingi. I ".in-;
... i nun j lr ;..!:. ?- r ie. li dile.
lilli-.-I'.. '.- 1. vs i, block fi'iui lh<T*-.
tray, n tl aldo muan ii ml room; warm
: ouao . in if i. ii , hui I. . gentlem* n
?.9111' T. 12 HAST, between Sth and
'.; i<| .ii - Ki .e - - ngli or en mite,
with >.r wlthoui j. ii it- ii.th-r convenient
i rn ? i il hotel*, riuii-; minced mau;
i . ec , men.
_2 WEST '.TTIIsT. -Il ??"Uitlv fur
lilahed room! evervthlllg e:iili"!y new: de?
ni itlon ..eiit-iitii'! | arlin' Itoor;
ulta le i"r phywlrl .a
??' hi.ST., I'.i vv i sr near Broadway.?
Ila,ii'-..n .-!.- f'rinili'l .ii*: call'li'? , ;
.? and ? - bl ? iti r. ..ll ron v. nleni
: ,'i-i'. :\:i tvEsT^-K.legnnt'y fur
nr-li.-.l ie. ii,- : -ni i"',r Imord ad att-nil.
ati' ?? locution iin-iir;-,--? 'I r cl reace* r ?
UnsiucsG (EhniufB._
\ HAUOAIN li s.il.H Til lt. WEEK.
.. blank ti".;-. loy a dol - . id
nov ;..-; ., fal! line; latiafacCory reaaon
j . Invi -I Kate; no e., nt,-. >., ,..
I KAW1.EE, Cit Market -t., rateraoo,
V .1
\ i i i vii. \ ii .on have ? al ire er
.i. hi.ul rou ul-h aold quick
Vppl* .1 DONALD
v Wl.iOlNS I I" Vu--..' ?L _
iii; ? . I ?. i: -i citato bualno** in
r ? -;;... yeara, .1 a.. |
-ii ul boaiup - : ti ill -'" ea .a-' l. uii- :
ava', man .? ? Bl I a-f tl ruc
|. : i.-ai ? 1*1 lit! ? ? rh. Ail !-?-- Ko.
a tu, ??'??? I' llul'd ii.-. BrooMy",
INVF>TMENT.-The control ..f ?lactrtc"
? - . md iel v railroad com
; allie* . leldlna M |> ? ??? nt "li tie Inv-t.
meni iii :. ?,... a, ? ...? ii .an he h.nl r..r
- ill ".hi . ,;,,-'., a, nj :, ,.;.,,,... f,,r
ill) lind lhi i -".'I onportun'ty.
mi 1, -- " ran mi i i.i i run at K<mn
12 .ii tr..... 120 lin adwai.
-.ii worth of building
lot- foi -a p . and in.,,'!-,i.: t'il- I-. a 6
I I rent ii,"'t:n:' 'I'i- In two real-. AJ
dr>'?* .1 V - lid,'rn.Ul ' .
i\ i i.i. i v v i. ? i is c ' In Hound baal.
i"--- ?.< ie '? non ? i- I'--- m wled than aer
il.???? nf ..\|e I ticed buaineaa mau; hl_.e-t
TKEAHL'KEU, lt... _ _:*s
**?? ? V. rk.
Vin .v.. mw mi, t*.?f reference
would '-."ih r..i ft. p - -reek f.,r 2 month*,
?ii ' would Inri**! *.">ui> if hutlne**
waa - c -f,..".>'\ ronntr |.r.". rr I mu?1
five i. .*. r '.??ce,-. Addreaa i,u*.*_it
i'." '? I rib.ii,.- I |t.,?ii oth.e, 1.212
ll ..arl" a.'.
?3,1 (1 WILL llt'V a Mri" i-u?h eroo-ry
and meal market i,, ii,.?.i\n . ball ea?h.
td I ? -- '. M.. Iin\ m. 11Hum- om.?".
_tjelp C0ait*_&._
I'.I.I-lil >l N 1 , S l.v KNlt<ILLINO MEM
Ill US I "ll 11.1 NTIII.a I ION I.Iii
I'vi I. tn 'i iii moll i MEN l'l KM \
VINT WI. I'll.d 1 I Alli.I. I'Or-lTION.s.
vi i -ri i;v i sion ;u n.i,iv,.
A..IV IS ^Salary or couiliiU-lon. Oreit
r*c Invootion ,,.' lhe are. V'.? i'.,t,.,<
Chemical I ? Eraalng Pancll. Bolla au
lirhi w.,.k. ik, magie. Ar en la n.g.t
? I ". pi , ?"?.. Write MONKOE
EKASER Ml ii. CO., X 700. .'.a Cl-M-0.
Wt a.
W \ V I I I' - , . ,,-. r ,,,, ?| nI
i ;.i...? bkown iii;..-, io.
V ar-. ?, I, en. Ko- hertel. N. Y.
W \ V'l'l I) \ t loroiiKhh tra r , al ri I
. ? muni t., *-. 11 -.li ?.! reit, ? a
Iii ul Hu. a ?'. . I.,: i : r aii?Wi ? In lott, r
rn Iv. Al DINE llMil v,. ACADI M V ,
i-i-- -t. I',. I lal.I phi. Chi,
l\ \ \ ri i. Bo; - un.i ,,;? who ?,-iT
.? i * ia . .int ..f * i. - nd
I H. Will tell . ho? ll" Iii le f
?lilted vt STA. N I. | *. l I H., I'mm.
lt. I.
WANTED i n. ungle, for choir of
ti one li un fi nm railroad fi",,,
, *.. \.I.||. ?-. 'Mil: '.I I.-ll . md
lian r. IDilred, I I I ITZIH oil. .1
lt , i'n nfl, ld v. .1.
U).rk lUitnteft._
\\ IIONK.S I . I Vin xl HUH s MAN
o< I .a woi .. \. uti m. i.iti.- meant nt tuy.
i .ri, wanta ..,, . a, anytntng; >a,, pug,
,i .1 , oi **h'i' \ -i > i andi witn i" i
? n- ?? anti -i ,1 Work I" -a jil
-alic.. i ll HILES, I'., t ll. TH bu nc
m. i m ^ \s a v i ld. travi liligi ..
local, >? I. i ? lin .a lii-l ?!? h e\|?'i |.-n. .? an I
? . ?,. i. ? ni m.,,,e proportional ?
|, otu rel ie i< . ? uni |, nt (rn ii. .1. V.
lt l V MON H. '. _ tsp. nv a M., KO av-t.i,
U'l Ol MAM, Mh.,...* tin, r- nat v hoi
ly .ii_il.iI a.nial v. rd" np rind lake .I.n...
i .-.I nt double-entry booka; could give
?lie "I HUI" daya 1. Meeki" le.v.U.ltlle
i rina; hlahcat leferenre. Addr? Lock.
' *. :.,-. Harken*irk. X. .1_^^
A Si MU di nini hon.-it man, Herman,
tv I shea aituatlon io ,t,. .mv ulna ..r ? :,v
and iiinke liiin-elt QMfUl. U. h., Trlhuio
min c.
a, i ni'v r vS v. ,,t expertonee and nblllty
l-l.. 11. I n. an. ait |Hl-lta,n u- ..Hue inn,.
e." i or i i' lil man. ? a.i.-i : -. . 'apubie
ol tu-viie..- .har'.-" nt large Infereita er
- i lin I.ann..' account* nie-v ej.lli. able r..f.
TH"- rumUhcd. Addie- Al'l DIM ANT,
ii..*, li. Tribune OBIee,
a Vol N'.. .ii. ii-.1 mlniater, without a"
.inii.h. d.-ir.-- ii iltuaUon ??< iollcltor,
.i.lle.t.r. el .; beat ?'f reference and oe.
, u itv .nm Adit aa MINISTER, AH
W< -t iiniii-i.
\ Vol vi, m \ v. vi. wanta ? poaltlon
at. nnv Imn.-t nork : s.iIh'i- atrang himI
. i.li'.-iiiL-. Addreaa JOHN liol.I.Alto, 13'.
I al JI-L-t.
I". .KKid-.l'i.ic. --vii. n.-h. .I. a lab**
rartlal employmeni; ru gtva u- much ?r
little time a- may be denired whenever
...ii'.il i-i.-i h.,-. Addreaa COMPE?
TENT, .--.'.' L'otumbva-ave.
BAKEIt -i"ir-t-,*i:i s bread "ai"l tetto"
lik. r wlahea aituatlwi. UOBK.UT
-iii* i s. etti llooaevalt-at.
i i:n. il i iv mini routh, li', woka .>>,,
nloynunt; nlghe*t reforenc* fran x.-?.
.nrk loiprrtlng houM. Addreaa ami i;i.
KAN, i ur:-1 nu All t*. Employment ....
i rt) Bibi II."
HA KKK Waal, -U'.'.tliiii ..- loreuuui mi'
New-England bread, vie,ina. Kron.ti rolla,
etc, Addreaa i. ii. _B7 Cumberland-at.,
Brook lyn.
. a-iiii.k. Bj I'.iin married mao:
temperate; aocurlty given; good refen-mg
a- tu huneaty, A. A. H.. 175 W. UTtn-at,
I I.KKK V. uni; lnnii, 'S2. fpegklDtf
Engliah riini ...-ii, .m. dealraa noattloe s
?rear*' experience in grocery, etc.: una r
-i.n, I bookki e|iii'. bait ol it 'renee*.
I' MAl-,1 II A I BM ll lli.k-\il|,-, l i.
. titpENTER il nr*t*el-*a mechanic,
.. ? ;u thoroughly uiUktntaaria plana suil
totaii work i 19 yean toraaaaa Ity .,,
coanir* foremaa or othorwlM eau -.truw
| la.i- -ni, Hy n.lier. Ad'Jn -* Ki MlElt l's
? 'UlC _
~ <'AKIM V rid; >ltiiatlo,i woiiled by
ii nu' n ju (carpootor); .uiiini* tn math u
mi Ulina . - i. .until. Audre** ,i
n I inn,in Ofllce.
I I"I.l.I I TOU e.-lr - -nial ,,? ha- a
kni(.viifi_.. ?t bookkeeping; -narri'd "tl
... tra "ai arbon haa eal. :,n?t aotoiaur' win
be ante, u.f c. Addreaa i.. Bu l;.
i ,r ni.. Pince. * '
DKIVEK. ll. au Arn.rT.-nn ; ono who
thoroughly ondcratonda <irl\in_ and tat
ef Imi-.- Al te'eten, ., A,|'',,,,^ ..AllTIl
w ur, 1ST Woat i It-Tot.
" i.i v troii i.i v.ri;. ...?. ppemoa
e ii,,. .1 t* ii. -.aler inn... i or watchman'
17 > ail * Ill la-l l?i. tn.".. I ll VKI.IS
SKIDKK '.''id ?lord -i. Brooklyn.
i.m i ati'd max, :i: i?ii,?.ri' i,:u,k.r'
alan etit.e >.f varioua political newapopcra
In l.iriee: il lear- ma,,a_er lu ihU lotin
in : e\|.erl.'n..'d in .iiniiaryenieli nf l_r;*o
hu-l'ie ?? want* I*.-itlon a? flo .r-ivalk.-r.
ur an. ??n.iu.iii i?-.ini? inj* execuiive ability
?r a hl.-li order; x\vmx* Oermaii. b'rench
nnd KiiulUh. Addreaa MA Kl I'tl, 'HA
Ss -7Ui*ik
tOork UJauteo.
KN.iiN'Er.u. ? riTt tlaar aarlMaatai
thorough iiii.dilnl-f ; H.-h.s Mtuallon aa
h.-ad ngtneci in lar;:.- eataMlahment ur
electric plant, u. i.iiiiiu K, 3d button
I'la. e.
lion or a- hon-e-iinu: lu h..I I ur Imuril
lii'.'-houv.; lent iff... n.e. A.. Unulii ll,
_vj Weat 4i-t -t.
i-iti-.-r.i kain . r.i; - Hm-ciaa*, arlabei
tu w?rk in private hon*-, eltj ur tana*
try, ut ii.-ntiiM" wise*. I 'KITZ DAHL,
;t.i Weat ITth-.t.
JANlTOK or WATCHMAN.?By a mar.
Hed man; '-'om! referenc**; -nlx-r niel i.l
in .triona. Addreaa J. ANDE1U.ON, 577
Warren**!. Brooklyn.
Ja NI TO lt American lamlly; mun.
\-if.-, taro gilla, v: aid ii yeara; waaia
lilve aitaatwn a- janitor for Hut*: nun
rarpenter. hanlon, ko Ka-t gOth-m
LOCKSMITH, i.n. who .ni. ?..rk
nu railing rmi ll*", "i nut - work. Addreaa
lai KSMHTn. -.f. iiin.-i.. w.-t n i. kim,
mi:, ii wi.' My a young ama: bandy
atnuid machinery; wage* rvaaonaWa. a.
ki it-. :-t 11 w.-t itt**.
M\-si;i h. experienced tad aneeea-ful,
wlabea i f..? more angil monta to au-ml
i .nilen "ii a*, theil min r -it'll'-: lil/he-t
reference-. Ad:lr.-a K. 1'.. 1.212 HVuy.
.mas**. L'K with large expel, nee wiall ?
lew naif" engagement*, iTjv ur evening;
terni* ve, v moderate. A.dre-i. M. (..,
Bott SI). Triinili ' Oltlee.
MAN, BU VI.A Its. J"l -. tllnsliu! MVi-tni
Va'* eVpeHell >' ll' Ila I r Unlit III III"'.'-.
fumlabing*: Uga ciao* retail alan -geary
for H. Diinlai. fe Vu.'* hat* ; I- ile-lruu- of
ptnltlgn in uti.'e-ni ? bona*., e.tim: clothing,
Mia rn fornlaniua. gooda; raferencea from
New-Vork piomlncat i,u-in>? m. n. au.
.r.? "mn Deicmhet IU, li. B. KAI.rn,
ii) i.rini.-1-.y Kaili.
M VI lll.NIsi . ll. ii ?-.?: .ral haiti
.n-ton,ed to fartory renal** A. I,CN
Mi's. .'Ul 7th-**... .f.r?v (Itv. N. .1.
rill v i lil;*-, i ia ru,,.lily rapabla mana?
ger (pia timi print I), Will lie u| en far fe.
.* ,. .ut al ..rtiv vii l)?--t, refi.reiic*.
i il..vi \s vikki:, ;>_ Eaieraoa-a ..
K... beater. V. V
IHMtTEll wlabea aituatlon In Importing
I'"',- '.'I ii ur. flirt : sp ak- l.ii.ll-h mel
Herman; good nonrran Hr*t_r|aa* .Itv raf.
-reiicc*. li ll . l'..-t..r_ .? Box 1.-.74.
kai vi ru, ur-'-' I.-- til bram aaa wh*
An Hork reaaonably; n-verenee* frnm own
.; make eatlmate*. I* AI NT ER, Bas
:i!7. l._|_ Broadway,
I'OKTEK ur W VTCII vi AX. Uv au A mei.
lean, H ? ari entor hy ?... I . F. BELL,
-I . M.m. - lt. Hula.kell. N. .1.
I 11.1 ?!. \ V l~ I np inna I min ?nit*
work a* tri .laving .lat, ronfln. or far
ii:..- '. liding, v.. nt rr, ill I- Slat -t,
,i r.r I-' ,\".
si I-i-.lt i.v . i * lu v I , r i OKKMAN. -
it-.- ronna mai, Kl. nm-ciaaa drtugntatuan,
i.ni lilnlat uni p..f.-i h.make ; und' r-t inda
foi tri ii ; failv ro i p a .t t. hu .,? men,
d-v.-lu'i Invention* and rtfecl ..uni' ??- a
inri'ii f .--til .ir. e-t-ii l-lin er-; Qiati ia*
"?"iii .i 'I ref. re i. ?-. ' au I,-. -~ Vu. 41).
Tri i.n nc i ptown tiffie*, i.i'.' Broadwajr.
vv wi;;. I',..., aie rn I*.-i i ni i.V
fl-af-clax* cutter ai.d roal maker; lately
In bii-l. fur him-elf. Audre-. III! I)
A. STltOHMANN, Waitui, Deliiuru
l ..him. X. Y
VOt'NO MAN. 19. li"- ii.-- eollege
rraduate ipraklng oem".", nlahe |?.-'.
?inn. wholeaile ur Imimtting hou?e |-??
fcrred: t.-t rv*. ren<-<*? fuml?ned. W. H..
ITO Oroene ?vi. Brookl'in.
fol \i. -ix..1.1 l-l,rd '..' iminT -iiiii'
nm'. I .ta",!- tho -.In. erv 'md I..Itel.er llll-l
i" -- "n.? "thu. M -'. good steldv \in
attlnn; .it. nr countrj : be?t i P*r nee: *
??ur. I . I.l i- i M
Wm. Sfainmeriian, Gil Mlddletnn-at.. Il'il*...
Yiii'vo MAX, 28. wlabea a poaltlou nt
anvil-!::'.. ?.tl.-.? urefewd. Adore" I,.
I. H.. I'..\ lal. Tril.uti ? L'ptown HUI.e.
i.-.'ij Broadway.
Y.o \,. \\ , \ d-lr . |io*lt'.in in a ba*.
ronm i.r nt anything. N. V. ALES
sax ni; i, :,'. ii..., rann-?t.
yoi Xi. MAX. gr*duat. of bu*ln"i*? . ol
leee. with f.uir rear*' expericnc in oin-.*
t.i larra mannTactuiing hon**1 tn Now-York
I Itv .!?-ii - a e..-it .ai In -un:.- ott,.- uh.-r"
her ? i- r. i han ??? ?( ad ran ? mont ? beat
;n- i-if.-r. ii.-.?.. i ni.'..la.li .are Tribune
I Hine . -p
V"t v... edi Pated" swtdf tim'
year* in thia rountrr, vant* ?Itnatlon In
rlolhlng nr dn coull- ?t..re : und"T***n*la
direreni languag** Al reference SIMON
SON, Ml Went -I.M--'.
A KKK.UT. wi- li.-Idirt Al SD younj
widow tem'tm a iMi-i'ini a- private Beere*
taiy or ocmpaBlou; ? goo raider; winnis
nnd oliHoi- it. .ki ir h. WKrVfLO'lTioll.x.
, i; aad way.
< n.MI'AN IDX. Xl I WK. A Indi, cood j
i.*..l r. would like jm-!i on a.- companion
a nura ; no nbiectlon to travelling; boat
refereneea. A dd ree* Mr-. 1 , l.',_ V/ixi
KORKKM-ON'DKNT, Be.- v widow,
large experience, d-ir-a catalogue vat- nr
iur-.-|'a:,!,.:.t, rte. IM IVI.Y, 4'.)
Weal nilli--t.
I'IUst _4i PK A N'O dealra* paaltloa la
profi.*<l..nai trio ur quai-tet ur thoatrtcal
rhorua: aaperien.n lh# -tr..-. 14- SCk>
?vi . I" k -t. Brooklyn.
-id \...,iiAi'iii Hand 'i'Yi'i.WitKi'i.ii.
Chr -nan; accurate, i.ent and willing;
?<.n<l fffere. . M. H., -.i'm Midi*oa*w.,
ll...-,vi, .:,| r_t.
Domestic Gitnatioiia CUautrb
Itt Tl.lil -nv ., m t, tall vu,m.' man,
.1 a- Imt . .- it: ?!-, ia-- i. f- i.- iei:ie-t,
?ol .a a,, ? ni liv ng- i- vi'.. .;.;i :
iii 11.. ii. .*-1m_i? ?? aila :
niiLdi hun-" -e van; ol goo i babita l li a
? ipa .. KJigllabmah ural; .? yt a .1
pr..<?? a a 1111.0: f im \ . cltr and
I i ....lill l.t.-rn, -. A ld ? -? JI1..V..Y
II lul.l*-iiV .'.ll I.I-t I " |-*l
ll I Ll-.ll "'ii.it Iii III hla dutl.-a
l.:-ll.i-- ,-f.-r iii"- ft-m. beat tainui*
iii Now.Yo K. D. i , li>v IO, l,.'l_
I, "-i.in.iy. ^_
.. i>k . . i,'... ,1 , ' , well re ..'I na n lc 1
in city and I- lorlda ; 11 year.' exp-i-len. ??
tn all rooklug, baking and carving In
-ok .a.1 boardlag-houaea. Dux, 3J4
We*l "Tn. -t.
COAl UMAN Y.imi-' ia,. I. I n.an. nn?
il. t-t.nut. i i ? rai al hi.,-,.- .i.i ac -.
? ant* -linen,ui a- . aa.'bmaii rn dru ??! . b.-i
-. < UKI!... Id'l.lL. IW Writ
I DA. Il VI AN". r,,nt.eiinii vv,-.!.- sliua
t loll far III- . ' a> ll ;| I' ' Ul I" ri 1 ? I'-'.'rn
liatld him Hu I" i::i.l. Underitaild* l.i- lr.si?
ll.?-- : I.-;. -.'..a uairrlcd .Itv m .".in
try. ur H..* l.'O I. ..aar I -'.
"(?' \t liv; an - . . - i win rn.',
ol ll'.-lur- : thu ?.,.|. Mv I ut' ri ad- ll- hn-|.
ii - ? bea' it r ?:! i - (ail i mph v- r .-a..
I ? -e. li in eil* ? ..'.-.' , .<_'! '.
. o.Vi isman and ii MIDI NI K Bi a
Kital.- Herman; uaeful, obliging, handy
wit. too*; good i.'ii-reit'.-; .it; or coun*
tn Hoi im.w v. ..;," w.-t :f.t.-.
' 'i.V 11 vi AN.-T-i ai',,, thorough!) niiit.-r-'
der* ii i - ii .? .:'i * ol Hm' I i - -. ?- ii 11 ige ?,
<\ illili. ..al . li', en i-i a : .di li-.-I'll ;
?? .'?', il dil vet -it ? " "m.ti v . i. i"i ni o.
i ii V HM VN, I 0.0 m*_ve.
i ' vi hm an. iii ... .nj, a..,!. r lnii'a'
*lnud" nain: I'l.ti.-t mibar; .ullin: anil
ol ll lui': . ir lui drive' ' 1.-- p.---.. '..I rf
.',.-,i. e. Addie-- m. v.. calv vi Gaffney,
.?.in. .id-av.-.
I I KM HM VN -ii r\- .r.-i -:: : ti.or.u-h
I.u.-.-iia... i.>: careful driver; Hilling,
? bilging; generilly Ba*DH; ti.-h.-t rafe;.
-tn:.-, t.. Box hi i.rj itio-dway.
? '? \. II Vi .X lu-t din ie. e. d mi ri T
count ..' ramil) -iliir:-: ihci i,,,.. - ? 1,-t.
and funnel emptoyera ciin lr <e,'ii ? Un'
?npeai inee, J M . l ld v\,. t ...kl-at,
i OAl'HMAN. Bi tl -? I.-- -., 'I n.,n7
29i fl l.-ai- K"..ll I f. I "ll. , ||,| ,,',j.. (loll lo
.'."?iit-v \it,i-,... j. m.. ll . W. l'.tli-t.
I" VIHMAN or OP.COM. - Ul - I a,tun.
*?!?? :i7, Magi*; lated landed; experloaerd;
i-oiiiiiiy pr ferret; '.-.-..l refor.*nc.a; m.-.lium
?eight. A. p.. i;.*?. ;;,!,.,
< oa, ll MAH or III Illili Mv a -wed.
ronipetenl in ail branrhei ,,f the hu.*lne*a
elty or couti trj : tii-t-.-i.-s reco-tmend itlom
rm,,i ii-t ami previoua employe**. Addi-e--.
ll. I- '.117 il'l-nle.
COACHMAN. Thormghl) under*tand*
hla bualneaa; s-..t. im .an. alnil": careful
driver; atteii 1 fiirna. ?; milk ; gel eralljr
ureful; i n,,ur iv iiiet'-ir-i: _?od referonee.
xti.ii-. - - THOM v*-. n,\ u. Tribune onie.*.
i ii mu vi av. C u peieni. axi-erloncod
driier: etty ?r .uutitry: irn't H..nun di
?-I"'tn nut ufrild of bard Work; 'au ttl
?ure i.f furnace; aa_M other wara; dtp
anil .lr.-.- ha-.- _.. . 1 cite reference*;
."> y..r- one gentleman, thia .-.tv. L.,
'I rd uiie Office._
COACHMAN and t SKI-i I.M \X.
Fob r, kingle man: thor.Ugilv under-tan '?
.ile nf hone*. .-.I'ria - .?- l,.:,i--. Ulllk'ng.
awendlng furnace; e-p,"rlenced rareful
.?river: ev. ll-ut ref. r- '? -.?-. 1 TM IM-iK
vii:. it,,\ .i 'I'liiiun. .mi-.'._
"' nm ii.iia'n and OAr.DK.NEK. V\ a
-lti-1 young K' sll-hiiiin : i n d'r.taiui- .arr.
et inn -'- ' ai da- -. han et* -te, alt. nd
furnace and h" gan ?* 'y oaeftil: can milk:
refercn.ea. JOHN. Trlbnn "rti.e._
COACHMAN Thoroughly understand*
his 1,,1-niii*.< : * intl*. I*..!- I nilling, otlli-.'
lng rind ba* IO ^ear?* reference; cir.** or
country. COACHMAN, Ks ll.y?ard-r-t..
KXl'K-tTlTxCKD "-ngll-h butler and
walter matti.gagameetj tiioruuthiy i*ana
1.1,. hlrhe-t referci.. oi- Addreaa CAPA?
BLE Khrl-tlan Aid td Employment go i-t\.
.-,1. iiltile Hull**-. Nen-i ?r:.._
K vHM BR. Nn' I f00 I 'ml'" .
lor*.*, and fuiaarr; g.xid releNaeo; wagon
motterrate AU lr.- .1 L. .af Mia.
M. i. KA 111 I.il EMI -'-fi-r-t._
,;| a "'Ni Itv a tllu..ill'.-'iH "" ll. |" tent
vnun" n.an : K.'il dil\ia t.re - milk;
baa r *'cr at a* nm hmtta raga*, du o
Sire .j..uv Cl i.n an i . i.. w.-t _1*?
-t?. rtaMa._
.. v.. Di- > lilt- 'ly ii lonni: mau aa
eontlpman'* pla.-.' lo ronntry : under-t.-.nd
,an' of hu,-.*: raa milk; wlllinit t) ba
(Mioraily n-.-r,ii; uood referaa_m. I'- M..
?| rileiii"' i 'IH'''-_.
<,u.xi.vi -I'-y a aabet, tingle maa iSBli
limkI rtrii.-r and inreful handler .f Ha"
hor*.\ ' llr-t-'la*1* li fereni'e f.oni [re-.li:
,,n,,,l.i. I'll t Ll V KKNNKDV. Mo.ill
I ain ville, N. V._
' ..r.n.'M or SKl.OND-MAN'.-llv a vouiib
man' thoroinddv und.*r*tafi.t* lil* dutle*;
-itv or . ountrv; be?t of reference. Ad-tre**)
O. O.. 210 We*t l?l __. ^"
Domestic Situation, ttJanttfr
(formerly MU* L. Campbell),
OH Wl_*?T 2_D-sT.,
MAL.: ANI) l'l- M ALK
ALL Rn-r.m-iM KM
Servant- tir.-akiug engagement* wUl
be u.'.u.i-*.-.! from office and lorfeil aa
claim to Iee bald.
0- WEST 22DST.
too ota-are.,
Mr*. De Witt Wllaoii, I'mprlotre**,
foi m.Tly n.tli Mr*. L. OOOtW.
loreign and Dome-tie Help
uf ali Kind-.
All ordei- are promptly Ulled;
special attention u> .-ountry order*;
reference* are strictly luvo-tlgatod
und .ai tlie.
I .Mils, K. o. HTBOM1 .
.su'-di-li Employment Bureau, I
.'.ll Utfe-ave.. near :<l*t-?t. I
All Jilti_- of reliable .Siv.diati nervana. I
Mv.x .Ingle, 20, i.h.ii-Ii; etta of flu*
ilui-.-,. hame**, carriage*, aad-ll? banoal
lhe *i. kept in l e-i ukI.t: mber, *ty|i*lt
li ive. ; ama rt, "Ulm.' and obllglag; cara
f mac , i,...J. rai. ivatfea; i..-t reft-reo-a* I
lO'infiy no objection. WILLIAM. Bog
ld. Tribune Odfee._
.IA i-a .VI SK lie.iro* a i-.--iti.Hi nm walter
er to .tu general housework; .itv or coun?
trv. 15. M.. l-'il oold--t.. Hrouklyn._
i SI I I I.-Vf \ x. I "L'! i ii; .u.Kl~at all
Lind* Indi*.r \.. rk ; furnacea, lira**, etc.;
COOd ifiri...-. .V.C.. 100 Kct .Oth-at.
t --l.it L.MAN.?Young <?lored niau
vrlafa.ii ululation a* houseman ur treuer*
allv .ful: g.aal ref. tee e. Call C. W.,
?j.'i Worn r.i-t-i._
WANTKO. By a I'rolntant man. aga
:"!. a *lluatlon; willing to do anything;
nini.;-ir"uI- ike rare ,,: ho rae*; 1* a cara
ful .Irlx.-i ; ?'. year*' refereae*, l_*t em
p.i-i . ii! be .-.'"H. Addi*.-** V., 1.209
|-*dford-*ve., ii"."',i.vn.
vv Ali ii; , . ..ung Swede In a
private family -.dlr.-* A. JOHNSON,
07 Bond**., Hr. uki- n.
A.?A.?KOORI..?L-idle* "anting Swed
lat - vafata mil do li rt to .-.'ill at Mr*.
MALM BEBO ti Puma, IMS lth-a\e . up
cmM I'A X lox. A young lady a* in.
valid'* alt'tulane lady'* cnmpaataa, ur
.-ni,ia.- i*,-iii i.. amiable dl-po*ltion, and
willing: refer.'!.'"- -.mu and if.-uli*d.
I. 1 . a'*i M_dl*00*M . Ilinnklyn._
COMPANION" I'v a ii lr .unimei.de*
young i.ti.ll-li '.nu.an "? ani yo-ltloii of'
?m-t; r. ference* c-xi'lungod. Addr?*a;
ii tNETTE K.. t) Addlaon-at, oloioa*'
Ville. N. Y. '
. l.i VN'l.Xii \ . Voling tv.ur, iii .'arrjr
aituation a*olhce or hou**1 clean r, ut a-V
kind of Work : r l : Iii
ir Aiae
COO K.?By a SwodUh " ?Fl: ll r.t" lao* J
good reference. 1-Vi Laat _7th-i>i._
, ' "k tc?ll) . -ai willing, young
Kimi ii girl aa goon rook and I modrea*; ha]
ii bro'ti r ?'?.' eu..? i : mid ratattd* tko .-aro
et horaco; nilli: . | . ? hlnawll n.-eful;
linne preferred t. ? a-e nv oi .omi.ry;
.. .Si la-i, V.it'a-t, top tlonr.
COOK .I KAIADKI -> ie rriatif
a!-u . ha i b.i n aid .ml wa,lr,--.; ?_? ream*
ref ,. li --: city e..l.t'.v. COOKKK-t*1
I .nipt .j li - ii' Bur -'U. '. 19 0 I'-iim-.
. I.M XDKl.? " . r ll'" -r.T
WOKKEK.?By ir'a' .upai,'..' girl : ."tv or
...'iiti'i uIk r, ia t .ml nut afraid mt
work. Call at LADIES' DIKKmuKY,
115 Oth-ave. _
cook.?A lodi wlabaa to obtain a eWBA*
Voa ru ;, comp.tent ,-ook; '-tidei-tand* ali
kind* of Houp., meaia, ina ad .inri btacutta;
a1-.. pantry. Apply 1.2."' L'.in.toii.ave.
rr!; li, ?? I roi i ',:i-t employ.
MU* HMM AUK. ?.?-,_ Hui.
COOK.?By a tir-'-l.-- s?e<!i*ri .-ooh:
or to <? o'., dinners *.' a day; hl_h-*t ref.
"n-iiT. Call Air., rs .'ll" vi's lliirca'i. old
_ _
Cf mic.?Bj ? - Ich girl a* ~4. cook
and Laker: oupa and deaaerta, a*?l_h
waahlng; city or covntn : good teteteuoo.
aklioal. I.-i- I'.roadwai
iimi'. I'i an e\p. il"ii"*l conk ; wash
in1.' uni Ironing; ii, t-.'a-* referoneo. Call
at Mr-. I KNNINOI) IV- 235 E. 'J-fto-at.
..."!< V. Al _ 1.1--*. I'v t?o Weis*
Protestant*; i"-. '.her *cpara* ; i!r*t-i-iaaa
p.r*oiially r.*,on.nietid-*d lervnataj city,
country. Mr*. , vi.i-.;.. Sid Oth-arw.
~~~,aT K_swed - tr: ,,-,'?hf-*"kltch."
onnuld l- ive.,.: highly i-eeummended; r-itrr .
cr country. Call Mr-. MAI_MBE_U_*t
It'll. :"i . 32 ttli-:ive.. e; -ti.i:-.
COOK, W\s|| a.ai [EON.?By neat,
tiiiv girt; tiist-'ii r- i- '-.eil''*- tent bread.
Maratta, aonpa, deiwerto: iuu.ier.it' wagaai
elly ur country. Call l-l Ka*t 41*:-?u
CHAMnKKMAII) and LAL'n Dr.i-._-->.
-lly a _-. 111111 vg and ol.li _rlrit. color.-.! ititi:
too] reference. Addreaa SLATER, _03
Wea I rtie-t._
"i HATSTrT'.ltvi AID ? A indy ii I-.he* *ltu*T
tl" i fi- lier rhanibenaaM ..hon. -lu- caa
r- min, ei i lilchlv. 21 Weal ;*"th-*'.
. o a mi?, .km ? 11> tc?Br ii neal eat*
red girl a* < ind waitraaa or
ciiambermald -. .-ai -t ??* i-o-nbiued; etty
reference. Cal *l ?<? M-?'?-..
\ Heit. t,d\ thoroughly compoMH girl(
Hr*:-, ir..* '-itv r-f'i-i" -. n. <l r_t? wa-*-*;
tv ar country. Call l-l E**t lint at,
' . tl A MD KN .., LAEN fi KY Wokki-By ?
voini. -iii uni ratonda Meaaa, Addreaa
M.. la -!?..". .1 I'"".
" ( IIAMIIKK.M ii vTi:v'*....|?. ?
lunn. An.- l< ,,, ;'i i i- wil Iii', and ohll*(.
. itv r el nee. 157 K. iUnh *?.
i LtAMBEKM vi I, arni SEAMATRE!-.. -
By a i-e-i* i iii.' -.- id ". . tomi httat lu
.rofe 'ti to i I rh a ?<?-" - v.ldi- -.- i -B
|a-t 17tii--t.. Ml*. M l KKK! .
. Il V MU KUM VII. ?',d \\ AlTKI-*S.-Br
I young ititi : lir-t-lj*-: L .1 .-Kv refer.
?H.-. ISO VV-, |i',tli.*t . _d flihir. b-ifk.
< HfAMBEKMAID and vv a I TilKss -lly"
Scotch Protestant: i.. a private rimiir;
tt at reference. Call Krldai and ."--it.ir.liv
N. H., ia:.- nf Mra. JoliUatOOO, -ll W'.-ag
DAY'S VVOllK I". i7*7?.,-mi,|.. ?voriiaa;"
lu-i furnll .r ur do o.ii ??? .1 -lulu.: or day'a
work, iddt -, ;.< , TUi-ave., mp iv ll.
'"|"D LAKNDRK.S!. aaat* tun* af
boan oi will.rt by tho day ; ?lil do
any kimi of work. Apply to HOUSE*
Kid KKK. .I'. I -? -81 il
I'll - WOKK, ki7.?A n^lt ro!?p~d Birt'
would UK" day'* "ar., o, chambermaid'*
1 i' I ? I "i ri htrea* Ml** KINO, ?*?*$
ith-ove. : -Jd Knur
nw - lAORK, By n-ap-ctabta woman
W -.n bj ?;. ? dav ?a-iuii-.- or bon*.
ii .'.inn- ?_, ? d "'?.k : beal reference*. ,\d
r." VS i,K? ?;;?; \V,-t rl-t.-t.: Boam Jl.
I ill*-I-' I.Ass h in I-i,! a .I ,,n,| ?*?*_-*
atresa tl Ire* .Ituatlon; uuderstanda alter*
lliif un.' re-.a I ring d-e-; .Itv er . ountry 1
Cood let. mn. ". K. D., B..\ __, 1,212
i ,"\ i || v I --> |'y a voung Kreiidi lady,
i'n .-i a. i i.it. iv i md. a, aa gove* ??-- mt
?nail children itt a small fin.iii : nuder
Manda dreaamahlng. Ad ire-* bv letter.
KKKNCH KAMILY, 027 Illouinfield-st.,
lluN.a.n. V. J.
HOrsi Kid ITU
'I'll Bv re-i.'i t .1,'e vining
Ml Ll.;'.ll, SIT, l-j-t _-,_a.
-r.. I a-".lent.
HOI SI Kid Till. H. re-pe-t..bl?"iie_r
man woman. Ti1 i i-t i_'tn--t.. i rticht.
liol si ,\\ i u;K . Bj uiii 'n -mall pr.
vate family for n.-neial housework. Ad?
ie-. . Bve I :?- li., ll l.ii*-t l.*ith-*t.
Hui s|-'.\Vi.iik. I'.y ? neat, tidv young
itirl; nr-t-vlaa* t*-f. raaeaa : cood plalu :
onk ,?ndur and ironer; moderate wi.ij.-aj'
itv oi country. . all 121 Ka-t .lst-nt.
HOf'SRWORK.?Young canadian; (.-nod
i-iH.lv. laiiiili"-*. and Willing to wear .apo
null wail at ta'.ie : .Itv or country. Mr*.
I VI.K.lfs, HU lith-av ?.
HOTdsKKld.l lilt. II.-IH-'table Oerma?
M'Uinii N-ant* .-"irallnt, ?* hu.Kekeeper;
,.f.', a.- VI. m .1 Ml LT, ?J.', .M. Marh'O
I'lru" i-'.-.--i . ground Beor. Boam ".
Hui si Kl I l-l'.lt. I'/ .1 -h" -ionian (.AA).
as liou-e'-vi-a, , : excellent te-timonial*.
Addre** vu. UOWAHD. 81 Tatt HMb-aa.
liol sKKKIKKitT"itv u-eai-able. well-*
?da. Hod ...lill'-' American ladv ahere ?er
\:int- are hepl ; underataoda .are of;
rhlldren; Ix-t of r.-f.-i neon. U. B.^
Voiiket*. A
I,ai xinti ss itv >i Canadian wnrnTnT
lli-t-i la-- . ru, du ul, hind- of lill" wad.lng
nut Inning; wmiii .-iN.k or do gi'iieral
\\..rk. Call at -CM li.-f -V.ith -t.
maid. -By a Kr.nch |kt-u.i ; thurmiahlr
un-.ct.mt; :. v.-ar'' Ht.-t-.la** refereneagi.
_.. - .1 .1,.--. ii,, i'i. r. 'nil ur ad_r.'~. Jnll.V*
?ox, ;.va nv.-t i_.;t'i--t.
""miuhl: Am ii Wpm a ir wp fa BF-f]
imiaowork: competent to take charge. Ai>
.iv to preaont employer, llirrlck, log
.\'e-t 0lM-*t._
"nciusi mi- ui~a fina Amerlcai"
it.; ii.ini-t. nroo-iyn.
Xl RSE Mi a rellabS Ptoteatint
aroman aa fli-?t- b- InCMf* nor*.'; etan
|.'t-nt Mitti buttle: h?t employer teen :: city
.r countr.-. .'."." i , t :*? tii-M- aecond ttoor.^
"".\'i:-r amt SEAMSTREML-Ry _>
voiiiiB girl: willlnir ml nlillgtng; city
r.|eren,e. IBO W.-t 'l-.ta.-t.
"Ni i;>K an- CHAMBER!! AID.?Bf a
nat iidv vonna tiri: can ? ??; fl-.t-cl?i*
?(?leriiie-?'wi linc amt ohl'.-.ln?; moaerata"
,.,_.- etty or .ountry. Call 121 Eavi
ii-t-t. .
""TciyT-Tor COM!'ANION to elderly lady
,r iinaUl Ut*. ADKLIA YOL'NJ. OraU
dle. n. r._
m \MnT|-i:? i m.,i eleni: by tba
la* remodel* and make* new di***?*'t ene
i,?l. r?.*ar aid runlli ?>?" lag of every Kind.
Hld'.-.- DAVIS I, ii Std .lie.___
si. sm -Tit i '.sk wanta a j*.*iUon In a
tr-rll* ind.'i-'and* div-.;niklng and chll.
;?.??- clothe.; uuuld a.*-l-t ?Uh chaml-er.
inrk and walt on ladv. Call or odrtr****
I.A.MsTi;i.>s, .are Mra. Kyno. .88 Weal
WASHIKO. ? A rc?|)acubl.. l"*)??r*
roman ul*he? lo take in ivaahlnsf. Att
w? or eall R1RO, IM _w'***_j______-___.
YO I* Vti VVi'vl.N wi* be* paattSS a*
oniprnlo'i or la.:)'- nial will tok.* amati
on p-n-aHoa. M _H 2' ? -70 W.-t -'iid-t.^
WRT.NUR8E.-Bi yoong, healthv Oer. ,
nan woman; apeak* '_.-?? Il*h. 190 aOa%
OKti-xx, ,

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