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6ome of nra wast nm_rrTEUAM cHuxca
MEMT-r.ns insist THAT HR IS ISTlLr,
l'v-TOli--o'l'in-::'. SAT BM is not.
The meeting of the West Presbyterian Church
which was held on Wednesday evening for the
purpose of disposing of the question of the
resignation Of the Ilev. Dr. Paxton, the past.r of
the ehunh, instead of settling the vaned ques?
tion, Mema to have plunged th. congregation
into greater uneertHlnty than eyer. Aside from
th'- sir":''' feeHnga entertained by each side in
the coat-overey, the situation ls peculiar. Dr.
Paxton sent his isslgiiBlloit to th>* church. The
session recommended that it be accepted. The
church held a meeting, and after an exciting de
bate voted to request Dr. Past m to withdraw ins
resignation sad appointed s committee to walt
anon Mm At the request of the committee, Dr.
Paxton authorised them to announce that h.*
withdrew bis reslgBatloa. The committee re
portad this fs 1 to the meeting of the church
oa Wednesday evening. The report was ac?
cented, bat .a motion to adopt it was lost by a
rote of '?'?> to 5*
Noa tbe question is. "Is Dr. Paxton still pas
(,r ot the church, having withdrawn his reslgna
t. . or ls the Anal vate at Wednesday's meeting
tu be construed as a refusal on the part of the
Chinch lo allow him to withdraw his reslgna*
tion'."' Opinions differ on this point and both
tie- Mends and opponents Of Dr. Paxton seem
to he walting to let the affair settle itself In
j,.,me way or other. Dr. Paxton is at Bridge*
ville, Penn.. SQ Ins views on the subject could
nut be learned
Dr. Joaeph Finch, one of the committee who
conferred arith Dr. Paxton, was seen at his home,
No. IO.} West Forty-loin th-st.. by a Tribune re*
porter last evening. Dr. Finch said:
??pr. Paxton ls still pastor of the church. 1
have littl" doubt that he will return to us strong
and well, and continue th" good work he has
doing. The stories that have been circu?
lated about him are false. He does tahe s glass
of win-' occasionally, but I don't believe that lie
.?vcr Mas drunk. There is no proof forthcoming
(rom Dr. Paxton's critics."
-Du you think that the return of Dr. Paxton,
after what has happened, will cause any split
in the church?" was ashed.
"I think it lik'dy that ;i few may ko out.
three or four, perhaps. Put they are not tuen
who give largely to the support of the church,
nor ate they men of larg ? moral Influence.
They sre better out Mun In. If they should
empty the church. Dr. Paxt -ti would lill lt,
stn li is his wonderful preaching pow. i and per?
sonal magnetism I hai ? not heard from Dr.
Paxteti sir. <? the last meeting. What will come
cf it i cannot say. Tbe tut ur.- ls problemat?
Robert Jaffray, a member of the evasion and
Hoard of Trustees, one of tin.se who recom?
mended that Dr. Paxton's resignation be ac?
cepted, declined t" .li.-- us:- the probable effect
on the church which the return ol Dr. Paxton
would have. He <-;>.id. however, thal In his
..Iiiii "ti Dr. Paxton was legally the paator of
the church.
Russell Bage takes s different view. Tie told
a Triiiiitie rep 'tt-t wh ' saw him al his home
last evening that he would renew his offer ;?>
give 110.00. to the church if h.- was not c..nert
in the position whit li be took at thi meeting on
Wednesday, thal Dr. Paxton ceased to i"- pas?
tor of th.- church the moment his resignation
was In the hands of the secretary, and that it
would !>.- necessary t.elect him if h
was to resume his pastoral dutlea "I am ;i
member of twenty-seven corporatli ns," said Mr.
Sag*1, "and 1 know what I am talking about.
This case was decided when Mr. Belhnap, Sec
rotary of War under General Grant, resinned.
Th. Senate tried to Impeach him f<>r malfeas?
ance in office hut wilde the pioiee.lir.es were
going <?n h.- met President Grant In tbe street
sud ga\. bin his resignation. The Supreme .
Court decided thal after that Mr. Belknap was
no longer Secretary <>f War. and could not be
? wv proceed on the same policy in the West
era Union and In all the corporations In which
l am Interested. When s resignation is in that
settles it. Dr. Paxton is no lon (er pastor of the
.hinch. I will giv.* $10,000 to the church if this
ts not so."
mi:, siivinski. pianist.
Mr. Josef KIP in -1:1. a pianist of Whom ara have
been toM several times a week during the last
two months that he is a Pole, a friend of Psderew
f-ki. sad s pupil of PadereWskl'i teacher, save his
first concert In America in the Concert Hull of
the Mmilson Square Garden laal night. All the
locations which we have enumerated are doubt
Ups greatly to his credit, yet we eonceive ii poa ?
b!? for a man to possess them all und still fall
short of being a great pianist. This being bo, it
would, perhaps, have been wiser if Ism had been
said about his nationality, his friendships snd his
training and the pabllc had been permitted to think
of him only la his artistic capacity. Also it would
have been wiser If hs liral not been ashed to pul
tWS tenet Its into one. At half-past )>J o'clock be
had just Bnlshed two-thirds of his programme, snd
there remained Rubinstein's concerto ia .p minor
still to be played. The work bs had accomplish! I
consisted in a performance <>f Schumann's concerto
and eleven solos by Beethoven, Chopin, Field,
Mendelssohn. Schubert and Liszt. A little piano?
forte music goes a. great way on Thanksgiving
I)ay, and a large portion of the sudience aeemed j
to have concluded that its curiosity touching bia !
merits was amply satlshsd, for it left the hull
Without waiting for the Rubinstein concerto. The
Inclfleni was unfortunate, for it .seemed to imply
a criticism which we cannot believe to have been
Intended. In such trials of endurance, however, I
the listener is more fortunately circumstanced than
the performer, an 1 s reviewer would lia v.- to bs
endued with an ai.normal ca].:..-ity for enjoymenl
<not to say endurance), and nol a little want of
consideration for the comfort of others, who v. mil
upbraid an audience for being content with two
hourn' of mush chiefly <>i th.- pianoforte vari. ty.
Besi.es it la undeniable that the concert conveyi i
the hap!isalon tbat its purpose waa to snow now
haft hov, ins* ..nd how loud Mr. Bllvlnskl could
play, and for this, agata, th.* programme seemed
to be quite os much responsible as the performer.
?.'on.ernlni* the nature and extent of Mr. Siivin
akl's gifts anil nra. es. there will be opportunities
to speak with snore deliberation and fulneaa
hereafter. H. is beyond peradventure an artist
of high rank. He" hus remarkable nlmblenens
?n l strength of Anger; le- has a line aense of Hie
vale- of ryhthnis; he hes command ol a superbly
snnorouH ton,-, hs baa s stanly and virile style,
?ri'i be haa musical Intelligence of a high order.
He may also have a BUlflclenl degree ot poetical
Charm to make the public anxious to hear his
readings of the many pieces in his Hst; but or
this last night's performance did not give i rn*
yincinj* proof, lie ls not a pultun aentfmentaHat
In Chopin's mual.. which ls a came fur gratitude.
The audience which heard him was well able I ?
Ju.*, of its merits, and it was generous In Ita
applause, ,ven if s. larc*- a portion of ll decllni i
?o hear all the coanpoaMioni he hmi sal down.
The reason v.ns obvioua, and was bo disparage*
ni.nt of his taie.it*.. H.- will play agata al the
same place on Saturday sfternoon, snd will have
the capable help of Mr. Sei.li and his orchestra
a? he had last night.
A professional matinee of "Shore Acres" will be
given by James A. Herne and his company at the
Fifth Avenue Theatre ra Monday. The novel pian
lias heen adopted of Blahing a charge of '?> cents
Wt every ticket Issued, the receipts to ko to the
Waanan'a Profcaaionol League.
Messa-;es from <'hlca?o announce that "The Maid
?f I'lymouth," tbs Boatoalaas* n.-w op. ra. ins been
produced there with great success. Miss Jessls
Bartlett Davis. Mis* Margaret Reid, Miss Berths
?alt-sinner. Mr. Barnabe.-, Mr. Cowies and Mr.
Hoff nirtile personal hits.
"Maine and ileorgia" will be withdrawn from
the atage of the Fourteenth Street Theatre with
the performances of this week. On Monday Wultcr
Sanford's melodrama, "The Power of Gold," will
be given.
Koater & Bial are presenting this week an ex?
cellent specialty programme. The principal fea?
tures sre Harriet Vernon and Ada Reeve, who l*>th
close their American B.'ason with next Saturday
night'* performance. New features of the pro?
gramme next week will be Eunice Vance, characf-r
vocalist; Frank Moran; the reappearm,.-.- of Wool
and Shepard. Harry Hastings, comic ?.m-*er: Frank
gush, the AH Brothers, Arabian gymnasts, and
Kelly, .-(-wards ant Ashby.
The rehearsals of the ballets to take part In
"The Voyage of Suzette," which will b?- produced
st the American Theatre on Saturday, December
p. began on Monday and will Ix- continued .lallv.
in this production there will be 202 persons upon the
stage at one time.
The performances of "Philemon and Baucis"
and "King Rene's Daughter" at Herrmann's Theatre
?III be discontinued after to-morrow night. Mr.
Oatt will give hla company a rest of two weeks, and
"flu then take it to Boston, where he intends to
Sire taeae and other operas. A vaudeville perform?
ance -*-*?i be tried at Herrmanna next week.
SH-VIAL Sr.RVHTS IN- Till; .-M.l'.f'IIKS. i.v
ttt-E-tnira I'MVS AT TIIK Til. .Tl'.KS AM.
AND MUVATE l-l i;s.,\>
The time-honored obeervances of Thaahaglv*
lng Day were heightened In enjoyim nt by mild
and lovely weather, which set ;?! defiance thc j
malign predictions ..f New-Tork*a forecast oin
car. Th.- bright skies and balmy mr favored
the most brilliant display of women's roatumes
<m the promenades, where ihe out-door sports
drew thousands of spectators, and at Hie thea*
ir-:--. The weather was truly iii for iii- festival
; which has drawn far away in character from
; the austerity whir!] marked the .arly days ,.r
th" celebration tirst s.-t i.y th- puritans, 272
; yeara ago.
Tin- holiday was most widely observed, and !
i all business, except of the mos; necessary
kinds, was generally suspended. Th. social
table, ar.,un.i which gathered thousands of fami?
lies, brought the warmest enjoyment to the]
home circle, but the rrollcs of the children In
fantastic street parades, the masquerading >>r
infant- "of a lai Ker growth," the special hills
of the places of amusement and the games of
football and other contests were large and lm* i
portent features of the day's attractions.
Tie- Thankagivlng services In the churches
were w.-ll attended, too, ar.d the less fortu* '
nate members of the community found ample
che.-r itt generous dinners spread i.y the public j
institutions, charity societies and private benev
olence. The Mg hotels piled up tempting viands !
f"i th.-r bibulous patrons, and turkey iii Amer- |
i.a suffered everywhere from an onslaught, |
throwing into the shade the raids of th.' Rus?
sian hear upon Turkey in Rurope rn Asia. The
shadow of hard limes rested unhappily Upon
the holiday, but foi- the ne.,neut anxiety waa
laid aside Whenever it could be, and the hours
were given ni. to rejoicing snd merrymaking.
Th.- day was marred by few mishaps and th"
.lose of the celebration, ss usual. v,.i? highly
colored by the wild jubilations of th" great
army of friends .-ind patrons ..f the proud vi. tors
in th* foremost contest over thc pigskin. Ami
in the revolution of hop,..: and predlctlona
caused by Princeton's victory lhere seemed t.
many io be a Thankagivlng Incident more Im?
portant than the Wilson bill's proposed over?
throw of the tariff.
BOTS, ..lill.-., min. (.ij) wi' rous ? WWII 'N* BX
.1 >V l'lA-Ts at ii .Mis. IXSTITl'TIOXS
A bountiful dinner was furnished t<> the "..'." girls
who are under the charge of Ihe t'nlted llebre
.'.' irltlei at the Industrial School, So. _S BL Mark's
place. Turkeys, vegetable*, cranberry ss iee, pe-*..
apples and other articles common lu aueh occas?
ion, comprised the bill of fare, Recitations si I
r-iio; t sp.bes, thanking lhe givers i'.>r lhe dinner,
were made by three or foui girls. Addresses were
made by the Ri? Dr. M< fide* end S. I -. I?**vl.
,\n,"tm tie- patron ,.ni srere Mt and .Mrs. M.
Tush... .lillian N.i-:. ii. ll. s. Allen, Mt snd Mra.
Menken Mis. a. Cohen and Mrs. Kllngensteli
? mi- hundred and flfty boys who make t1-. :t home
at the Tompkins Bquare Lodging House, _i No.
296 Bssi EUghth-st., tasted the turkey snd Ihe
customary accompaniments last evening. The din.
re-r was furnished by D. Willis James, presidenl
of th.- Children's Aid Society. After tte- meal iras
over Superintendent M. Dupuy gave ne bo
talk. .Mti"ic was fiiinlsh..i l.y Mlsa K li fisher,
piano, and th.- Young Men's Club from ti." i,
ett ? Bel.1. Wlr" sat:)-, s>-v Tal s. lee; ion-.
A dinner ass given to ths Inmates of the Bliss
b.-th Home f'.r (Uris, ..; No. 301 Basi Twelfth-si.,
by W. Bayard Cutting: Plfty-sls inmates enjoyed
th.* turkey, ham. vegetables, plea cakes, apples
and oranges v.?;i<*>i coastituted the feast, in the
evening a reunion wss bold, attended i,y m_uv
friends .if the school. The entertalnmenl consisted
of wanes, music sud r>-"itutlons. Refreshments
srere furnished, consisting vf Ice erasa., <.?k?- sad
Ti,.- Sixth Btreel Industrial School, si Ko. CM
Plas! Sixtii-st , had its Thanksgtvlni dlnnei Wednes?
day, as it is .i dsy school, and there Brers no ??
prcises yesterday. Mrs. William Douglas siami
gave tbs ilintier, consisting ..I turkey, chicken,
t.ibi.s, pudding and other delicacies. Three hun- |
.Itel children of both sexes were present.
An eajoysble entertalnmenl sras plv<m at St.
Augustine's Hall (Trinltj Parish) by a numbei ..f
iii.- Sunday-school children of thal chapel on
Thanksgiving Eve. lt consisted ol songs, ??
lions and fancy drilla. A violin solo bv one of the
i ,. v..i- 'vii played. A irulj patriotic r*|nr'.; pre
: throughout. "Sheridan's Ride" wa? one bf
the recitations, snd the drills were sccompanled by
Nation.ii son"-, the bo) snd liri- being appro?
priate!) dressed foi each, ;?!. I using A merles n Hags
with mudi dexterity. A tambourine bin by twelve
little ??'i!-1 wai also ? pretty feature. The mem?
bers of the Committee of Arrangements, headed by
If. K Heckner, deserve credll for their pan. bul
ths thorough, caret il tralnlns ss i the -
in i.?tent which every child displayed were I -
entirely to tbe personal efforts of Miss A. B.
Btrackbeln, who can ii- Justly sstlsfled with tho
rt rall
The HS little ones st the Hats iw Orphan tsylum,
at Amaterdam-ave. and One-hundred-and-thlrty
sixth-st.. had - fine time in Hie sftemoon. After
til- feast there was sn entertainment, in i then the :
members of the uniformed company, dressed in
their handsome blue unlformi and led by Captain
Michael Cohen snd lhe ssylum band ol fortj
pieces, had s dress parade on the lawn. Colonel
Comp, of the __d Regiment, viewed Ihe minis 1 in
soldiers. Jesse Bellgmofl and s number of directors,
res '.md Invited guests were present. Much
praise was given to l>r. Herman Etssr, tbe super*
intendant of the asylum, beesusi of ths Rood
ai'i earance of his charges.
At the Juvenile Orphan Asylum, Amsterdam-at/e. ?
and One-hundred-and-seventy-slath-sl the 1,011 lo?
mat--. of whom Mt are boys, enjoyed the dsy
thoroughly. The children assembled In the chapel
ilt | a. m. where appropriate services, conducted
by the superintendent, tbs Rev. K. M Csrpenter,
were held, the children staging songs nitii s n I
whi<h was ??,juulied only by that willi which they
caused a good Thanksgiving dinner to disappear
I.u.r. Tin- children were allowed to romp about. !
and the afternoon was devothd te gaines and the .
reception of visiting friends, of whom lhere were
about .MOO.
Aboul LBW children, of whom IM wera girls, wera
mode happy at ths Romsn Catholic Orphan Asylum
In Fifty-first-st., extending through from Flfth-ave. ;
io Madison-ave. Mass wai celebrated in the chapel
nt 7 a. m.. aft>-r wiii< h tbs Children were at liberty
lo enjoy themselves with Utile restraint They had
a good illnie-r of poultry. fruR8, Confectionery, etc.,
ofter which they Indulged In various kinds of
recreation, and laeslVSd many visitors. An BBBUB*
in.: Incident ks the girls' departsnent was a ponda
through tbs halKraya in srMch s considerable sum*
ber of young misses appealed In costume with
l IdlCUlOUS masks.
Tire children In the H.-hnw Sheltering OuordUn
Society's Orphan Asylum, at Boulevard and one
hundred-snd-artleth-st., of v.inn. thors ate mc.
about 400 being b.y., were not forgotten. Th.-y
passed the tims from io a. m. lill noon rn the
syaogogBo, where laterestlag exercises wees eea*
ducted by Suportatendoat Losds Shaerhaah, and an
appropriate lectars aas kin'-h by PrssMsat Morns
Qoodhort A lH,untlful dinner wus then served, and
at :! o'f lock a luncheon was eaten. (Same*, and the
r.. .piioii of a larg* number af visitors occupied
the rest of the day.
The -IO children at the House of Industry and
Home for the Friendless. >*-.. 3^ East Thlrtleth-st.,
enjoyed themselves thoroughly yesterday. They
dined at 1 o'clock and th*' table fairly groaned nader
the Kuud 'heer furnished by the good women who
have the work in charge. After dinner the children
OdjeataSd to the chapel, where _inginK. recitation*.
gild kindergarten ev.rcis.-s were Kiven. A;, od;
dress waa made by tbs RSV. Dr. --olin Hall. Tue
taaci work of the children was exhibited In the
?rant parlors. Mrs. Houghton ls president of the
Institution. -^ -____,
The Bali Forty-fourth Mrc-t Lodging Ibm
which ls under the management of the Children's
Ad Society, at No. 217 Kast Forty-fourth-st., gav.
a dinner to the chlldr-n at 7 o'clock.
There was no reg llBT dinner at the Newsboys*
Udiing House, No. Ml J*-***-* THrty-flfth-. t.. which
is also und.r the management of the i/hlldren *
aid Society, but over Bvt harrtW ot turkeys and
Vegetables In abundance wr-re glv-n to the children
to carry home.
wwi.**, BUOY tiir co i> thinus.
A hungry CTOWd of waifs enjoyed the bountiful
dinner provi.b d at Hu- New-York Ko mdlins Asy?
lum, No. 17*. l__*.t Hlxty-.-iKhth-st. Before the din- ;
lier there was a short service In the . hap. :. and In
tho .nurse of tbs day hundreds of visitors went
through the Institutions.
An old-fashioned dinner, with Ibo usual ucces
r. .ri*--., comforted ths hearts and il mschs ?'. fifty
_i\ Inmates of tbe Chopin Hun:.- ror ihe Aged ami
Infirm, In East Bdzty* Ixth-sL A special featufl* of
ths feast wsa i supply of toughs I seat by s
thoughtful (rb tl of the Institution. Mrs, R. 1
sold, the cheery matron, san that nobodj
v.as neglected. Owing to serious Illness in tho
house, the usual festivities In lhe psrlor s I
omitted. .Mts. m. c. Buren, of Brooklyn, om of ths
Inmates, died from le-.rt failure las! night.
At tho Trinity '?hup.! Home, a quiet, cosey little
reti al Ho SI v.'esl Twenty*fourth-sL, where
the declining years of a few ;.ged women ore mods
comfortable tinder the care or Mrs. Anna Stewart,
the mair.iii. a Bumptui is dinner wai orrved si tba
expense of Miss Elbcabe'.h Jackson, s daughter of
Ch irles Carroll Jai kr aa,
On- of the brightest spots hi N'ew-York ? ?
was Xo. i7o i;b-< k-1-*! . the headquarters and home
"f th- industrial Christian Alliance, where more
than 100 men, wards ol lhe alliance, snd s larne;
number <,f inc;-..-! guests sot down m i dinner,
furnished by friends in various part* of thi*. Btate, >
y iv-.i' r ?< and Vermont. There were dosens'
of deliciously browned snd stuffed turkeys, har....
mountain ?? . i, , , . . snd
stocks ..r pies of every sort. The pleasure was
heightened by the presence ol Mrs. s. iii Mllbury,
mother of the secretary of th Alliance; Mrs. A. I.
Prlndle, matron <>f Florence Mission; Mrs. E. A.
Morgan, of Brooklyn; Miss (Elisabeth A. Altsa, of
Hoboken, sn I Ml C. i.-,i-- Kuna
The Ailinn. ?? v. iti i ! I- ? el. bruted Its thli I I ii th
day with the Thsnksglvlns dinner, . ll ? born
m Ul house ,n Mn. lougol*si on Nm-'ir.;, r
Bl lt I-- im orporoti d, sn I i- supported en*
tiieii by voluntary contribu'lnni ll li In need '
ii''.\ "f monej to rsrry on its i iin-r work, The
; Ware, No. i.T Flfth-ave. i
Antons lhe ofllcers ond Ineorporators ..f lhe VIII-j
once sra; Pi ? -ii- nt. O. irge o. Mai 1.1: . vlei ,
Jam' s O Be< nu r; ? ??? lory, Arthur IV. Mll?
bury; William I.. Ht rons, pre Idem ol the Central!
Notional Bank; Edwin Pscs rd, president ol the
New-York Guaranty and Indetnntt; Company;
Daniel W, Mcwilliams, treasurer of the Manhattan
Elevated Ballway: ;:. B. Harper, presidenl of the
Mutual Reserve Fund Life Ass elation: B. M. Btsby,
John >'. Hu) ler sn I U ia les Colgate.
An excellent dinner was provide i for hoi
women at the Day-Star Industrial Home for "?"rtend
l--s and Destitute Women, No. :" : Sl'esl Twenl
f.uitih-st. The ol.;, ts f ile- home bi* "relli
benev di ni refoi tc.ii... y sn I Ind istrial " ll -
t. mi-i rary en ? ? iltute and hom.
women, enabling ihem I.n shelter, food and
clothing until imitable otilsiil rm be
found !". lhi rr- The i hali man is Ihe Rev. Dr.
? H. Ma. Arthm ; lhe se, etary .uri i: -a ?ui .-i, '
A. s. ilnt.ii. No. IS r'ortlandt-st., and the man-1
? ? . 'i ai lot; ? >. No. ;
EU w.-t Ts enty-l ? >
Al Ihe Vt rli - |n, a| \,, ?_-. gt. '
Mai k'_ l'l..' e, ll ?? 'I..' m's obsei ved In the -1 ,
i inn. ?- \*. . -., ellem inner was i I, nnd lhe I
I ?' Us i-i ind elgin Immigrant-, h , I ., Thank* -
V .ile <J. , in in II .m.- lu State -1.
and ul lhi Mission of I lui I. id li. Ho hui>. m
th !?'???-: ii..i, . - -
? 1. WORK >'!' \ l-i.-l'i:-,.-- vlf
Twenty yesra >iro a number of beni I ?'??
. ii .11 Thli
near Nlnth-nve, for the |
?Ick, In that |
? ..I.? r or ? i. ? i. ? i ?
. . isa al -?
?' . - t.L, li:!.. : of | i .
f..i ? lief i li" *.m V. nt lhe dls| ? ? i ? \. >
tn large lhal .. tea y. in as i became evident
to lbs ? ? -,..??..!
tere, ami 11 ?? nen I Ima, ? Forty- I
? , ?
? nd ei ? i ? -,
Tbe bul ra.
..:,'. .. fem weeki Veslerds; ') ? ofllcer* of the,
dil ! ? ? - - ' ? ? ..."- I" ' ah ???.,
Vlco*Fresldeni f'harlei Horn i ?'? K_r* h,
?rith -. ir of friends Istied th.
I I ? ri inksffll ::'.?' 'linter of lhe
Home "f Industry mae glvei VV, . tornhis
in lhe i. illdlng ...' the h..h. i . hlrd-st
. SOI I .!-'.- ?. '! ? lt fd fl I ll s
? p. h.. and i.;i chll.lrei ' Hermon ! *? ? ll -1.
.-. i t .hen I on tmge)
.i.l mom "tie ' _.i lhlii|*i This *?_?? lhi thi- I
anil"-,' dinner of th. I'- Th<
of the i. ..... foi ? large
nuir i" ? of the ofllcer* fri li ol " ? In
Hon were pn eni lo .:.-; ??? I lhe h illdll
\ln. Il ?? mill W"l" -.-I.'.I \.ltll a dillie-!
il .. n. I.. 1 ? ; : ' I
Hrs ol \ ? ? ? i ?
ir, Ma llsom i .- I i linn i
Was the gift f i'a vanderbilt In it.-- even?
ing a mush 11 eni erl il. mi ? a .:n > ? lh.
,i--? .,,1. i; I w ,,i i>'.i '? the
? e. ? -tai . ,, h. branch, wss pre?enl all day. with
a a.,. .| .,! n el. .rn ? ' ? lill - omei a 'ri
Vlesan .? i ' Ita* ? n v .il di ll\-?; ku .< I
befor. Hie i Mi bram ti
Betweei I treal l
? -. .?: dlnni r I III home nf lhi Weal
. .. '.,, :-.! ,:? ll . . . \'(l . ?!
Tie- usu i > dlnn ?:? .ni Thai ? ?
w orh m men's ?
it., i* i ?? omltti ; esterday.
v r.i ? . :?. Bl ni ?? IRIAN*'
?She Hung irian to Iles' \ I Wo, leij . ,. ? re
,-i aral |.I party at /
i ii The eiii' rlalni , wIth
Thanh ?
to tie relief of Hie p. or. The n ,. fi im
ile of dim ? i lick, ts ni ??' rents each, the
. lal ge mimi ind chid
tr lim'. , !nnl-. nnd ; . - .!? ol | ,n i
packages conialnlus various I orruimeni
?nd ullllt) ' - Iel glvi relief to all needy
i, i ion* wi ' ? ls i> ?
i*ountr) al lea one year. Aboul Ml port ma ?>.'?
pre .eui las! i ?
. UK I I \ IZl ' 0*A I R*i FOL'XD CH P. KB
Tl ?? .*;: Bal nabas Home, whli ;i adjo
Headquarters in Mulberry-at., had lt* annual fes
Hval of tim;.I-' cati rda). Every Tl
_>,n the I't .!. -1 mi Bpi scops I ''ii'.- Mission, of
which ile- iioiti" i- Ihe main feature, feeds ..bout
PW nf lhal part of the sdull male population which
"hates work and hati ihem a* likes lt." All
the iia:n|i populotloif from the Bowery snd from
.. radius of live miles In ever) direction lines up
I thi sidewalk in front of the red brick bu ?
?nd patiently awaits the summons t-> walk In and
i?. e.foi:' I. fi lei U), Inside of thn
iboul Wt tramp * u - ? l< I In eating up 1,100 p ?
of turkey, t-> say nothing of iii" ususl v.table
i 'I ii'S.
All tbs tr.itui'M were old ? qualntancei There
wm scarcely .. blue i" ? or .. stubble chis bi the
crowd which fulled to coll up an old memory In
the niiii'i "' . hi sdqusrteri police snd n pom rs,
Hors snd lhere, behind Hu i.m* and despite th?
ums dr..wu by yean "t "tale whiskey and lodging
house hammocks, could be dis. med the rain I
traces of ., better lift Bul such cases were rare,
in a line tti.it i.-j,.-.I ti.an the windows of Su?
perintendent Byrnes'* offl ? away down lo Bleecker
st., ile- homeless wanderers were ranged under th*
eyes "i iwo policemen, who shifted .<iel jil... >*.| and
replaced them with tbe air of two experienced
players manipulating a Berlet of complicated
evolution* tn rela * ol loo oi more lhe tramps
wera admitted Into the building, and lhere found
ranged along lhe tables mini portions ol turkey,
many heaps of potatoes and turnip*, mon) copi ol
coffee, all portioned oul arith mathematical pre*
etalon, "ne tobie waa reserved for ol iui twenty*
live er thirty poor, weak, old women, whose
wrinkled cheeks excited Ihe pity of the beholders.
nm before thej were llowed to sol tl"- Rev.
Brockholsi Morgan modi ? few remarks. He told I
ti,,, tramps hoi Mn-i Si. Barnabas's w.i In pro ,
iridlns "? '' ' ' '"??'? ihanhful the) ought t,. bel]
lhal they had such .rd, kind, charitable people
;, uit.li over th.ir welfare, and that they o nnht I
lo be glad ther were living. Then the poor people I,
wera invited to eat. snd lhere a.ii a race lol.
hunger They showed theil appreciation of
th,* g.i ? beer sod were bs orderly as posslblo,
About I o'clock 'ic- treasurer, John tl. Boynton, 11
ond Mr. Morgan signalled lhe police thal m\\
dinner-time was ended for another twelve mooth*
K few minutes Ihit rh.- itrstt gras empty.
.ivi.i'* rwusBt and Mij-Ca viv.
The gsnOTOUS hnnil* of the I>-|iariinent of fharl
tii*. nti'i Corrsctlosi moro <*t?-uded yesterday toward
mony unfortunats snd f rims slsbisd Msmbsfg o!
th.- community. The mnssli - ol ths penltentlory
on Block well'a Isisnd i i lbs number sf more th?n
l _w received s k""'1 dinner ..f chicken nnd turkey
and onion*, and >'i mb.-ny MOCO. All the occupants
of the other Island tastKwHogg cann- in ', >r s good
-har- of tbs |.i tmWBA ot tbs doy.
A retHirt. r of The Tribuns visited the Tombs
prison, where ai bunotss srsrs fad. Tbs dtnnei
conststsd of Mt pouti'H of <hl. ken and IM
pounds "f turk y. w',h a*4 *T,*-Cb in the way
tt gotatOOS nnd onions -lid cranberry BMMS
?a he diners could well take care of. On
iiiuekweiri Island lb* prisoners were fed at tables,
aWSTweraM-bTchlldrsti on Randall'a Island. In
ths Tombs ths service waa on .lutes lo ins cells,
ind after the meal, the Inmates had two hours for
-xerctse. Thee BSemcd to enjoy moving In pro
-esslon around the j-ull-rlc*. Religious Berrica*
iver" held in the rnorninK- Many cf thc miserable
sr retches wore remembered by frienda outside, snd
?v'tv now snd then a package would ba received
iy the koepen snd passed In to a favored creatura
Behind the Lar-..
a h.,u ihrough tb" boys' prison revealed many
touching scenes. Here and there was a lad stretched
in hi* touch, weeping, while behind the bara of
dher cells were hard, pale faces of youthful of.
renders, wi -? . m ; nsncea appeared to ex]
'rid.- in their oom il gradation. In the v.- i
.ri-'.n tli.- Inmates were particularly jolly. Bitting
in groups ..:? lounging on benchea they acted aa
f the) il.ght the .Ia) u .-? esueclall) :- a. i -d for
ih.dr Individual enjoyment, mu after .'? -a ting they
hilarious t.. tte- polnl t receiving warning
ft 'tn their kei ,
Tin- prisoners In l/udlow Btreel Jail received a
pwd .linn"! consisting of lurkei and different
iiinds of vegetables, topping off with mince pie and
i>iuni pudding, in thc Police <'.mrt" all prisoners
>"?? supplied arith a regulation Thanksgiving Day
Iiiii,' r. .v., om-, however be I, anywhere within the
reach of the -.- pal tmei t, ??? as foi totten.
-1 WO ii LI rs FAIR IX ro]V.\.
nu: I'RiZE-wiNXERS' Kxuinrnos opexkd.
SOM! "i Tin; T111 x.; s willi ii mw BB SI BS at
_ Tin; i.i: wi. i inti; \i. v u .v fl.
Tho long-promised World's Fair Prise Winners'
? a waa opem I Uisl ? ?..-iiiiiic st tl- ' "rand
Central Palace, Lexlngton-ave. and Porty-fourth-sl
Hie fiont of the building eras gorgeous with electric
lulu* and bunting "f many colors, inside lhe
i">.'? ?? squsi ? feel of exhibition space \.p u Ulled \ th
prise-winning exhibits from the World's Fair, and
mon) of th.- Interesting features <-f that exposition,
Th,- m.ii.i Boor w..* lill I principally with foreign
'Mill., ?-.
The exp li ion iras given, according to the man*
igement, with ri vies to embie the man) thousand
residents ot New*York, New-Jersey snd the New
Kngland States, who could t".i soe lhe Worid'a
Pair, to iee the best features of thal exhibition.
Among the mool Interesting things In th ? pri
rxpa .- ai are lbs art gslli ry, Cairo stn ? t, the
uri. ni.il theatre, Orient il i ife, the Javow
ii-.- and Hi- Syrian and Egyptian dancing Kiri*.
later in the week ihe l-lberty Boll, which ls now
In the Grand Central si.m.m. will bc brought t>>
the "palace ' Previous to thi.* .Mayor OUroy will
tin- bell, on behalf ?f ths city, fr tn ?? i ?m
.ni.nslstlng ol Mi-. Schuyler Hamilton, |r.,
h.iiiman of the Daughters of the American Revo*
utlon; Mrs. Donald McLean snd A. B. De Prefce,
leneral Horace Porter will probably make an ad*
ir.*r bi iii- City Hall, where ihs bell will be tak< n
,ii Thursday
Whli- ihei ? w.i* i<<> formal opening last evening
. reception was given lo a fen In rited gu
rtiese Included Post maa ter Dayton, V. Ballal il,
'onsul-Ueneral of Turkey; Hector l>- Castro, Louis
Ftunkel, .'? uni M iii- Joi kl, Edward Bi indus,
leon Ha ii .-. IV. ll. I. i ginlus Bradli y,
;?.,).- .; ii >i I man, liarr) Mun un. K. J. Crane,
I' intel Brown n . i tleorge i hevall
The n D'- ti "i i- nile; n Uh foi Ign i xhlhit*.
Hive exhibit- being or Hi" I
ia ll rles < >n the third sre lhe . I ld wu y
> ? mr.* fi sinrei.. the streets of ? "alro, lhe Java
iese v i: i.. _.-? the Oriental Cnfe and Ihe iU'i-imo
theatre The programme- have ix n io rranged
hat there will praeticall) lie a couth ??? r perform*
t . ?? ,i ti,.- Mid wu). ' 'air.. Kir. -t. ?
u-- ia-, .--v.,, uv ;...;, mu.-li ni"lit, '. but all the
- il ii - ? re,
The modes) price of admission, -'? cents, will
loni.t.-tiv prov [hii last evi nlnii I
i.sni I-- j.I- \ i lt, i the ? .pu . lon, ?? hli b, b)
? i, ls not i|iil(e tn limn ng ord< > Tin man igei -
? el - ? ? ulrlki on lhi I alley
..- lu pla. ? i."i"i. tin- ? nd "t the v ? ? lc. < Hu I tl
ecllona v. In. I, ' ' ? li) the -trlk"
? lh-- tors "f inls proml -
o .\.ni,ii man) of th. pris. -
rtlsl r hown are
, i ... it, I ? ?'? t. mix and Ki ar,
for Prance; an<l ira paintei *
here mas ls mention..I Thoma* Moran, J. Wells
i'..',,|.!i. and ? <'? Brown The valui of the art
'.!.?? in..- ? t that so
jiu- sn the prl.t ad
nlsslon . ineldered, has nevei lN>forc been given.
l'l ?? . \l\ ? lint :;?> li---i I---, ll"
?mount to lhe (egyptian Theatre
of lo cenl lo vb Rail -;y.
i .';?? lax. viii igi ia expecti -.?. ? ;,.- ,,(,. ?,
n .. da) or I wi I i H-ind rh has |iu I
. : , ? "i ,.i iii- kVorld Pall
rill pla ? ? ????? ifb.r, ind evenl Ti
i I 'il II a. lu to 1! p, m.
UOSS .1 Mi liol BA I i VI Ix hi I 11 S'S,
ivy \ i\.. THE iMHtl. ail . \ Cl IM/S
60IIB INTI rn t SO \ ? I*
ThS ' ' wns
mply demonstrated al -i il pert
liven ? ? -?-: la) Bl Patterson's, of ( li
? eorpa >..' lion-tamers, \- the evening per
,. e, a largs thi mg wss ent<
. oltactlon ol i ii.- I kn * of tl
thal bas pr ibobl) --? rr be.
r.rt":-:., which ia al Seventh-ave snd Pilly
n st., sad boon materioll) change.] In lhe hist
Fortnight, tho circle in which the were
formorlj conducted being surrounded I ? I avy
Iron <'.'_'?. which roached to il.liing 1
* the contempt of tho llon-tomers, who iy thal
lbs bea-t* under theil coi s ,i . nol dare io
srlnh without permission Ai 1 Ibis statement was
: i ? a oul by the Bellona of ihe I ii--- ls isis which
i Isa! ei ? ling N >i >.f thi md
i comtnond, and on one occasion, when .. small bo)
au I led the toll of Ol '? wi Darling * lions,
iliat once majestic beast Merely screw. I hli eye
ii'.'.n: i io , : a look st hli tormentor, I
mi dare lu move his hug) frame. While lha
ire traci ? ?. i?. the) ire liol ent lr ly harm
is . vldenced b) Ihe i ? lerit) with which
tyes who p the ped tals make their
?\it ftotii tb.- Lu' rage, and the quickness with
uiii.'a they slam the Iron t-.o * together.
The entrance lo lhe ringi ixe, leading from t!i ?
?: cagi * in tin- ba lemont, i "i ii on, ai I by
? !?- ibh means could sn animal make his w iv
ti'" the audience,
Tha lil- I'l.'lU Of I ll" |" if"! .rr .' l-l
*ommenI wai the fact lhal bi i" time when the
? ipertoi anira il wei ? In lhe iinf \.< .?? -.-i.'i.ti
i-.i,ii iiimi,.! absent The --kill of tli-*-..- animals In
ntlmldatlng lhe Ilona and tigers i- remarkable
The programme lasi evenlns was begun b) Miss
Marcella lier^. who pul an elephant, two Bhetland
an.I several boarhounds through th lr paces;
in- gave way tn M. ii.-k>t..w, au amusing clown,
^ ii., received much applause for ins clevei handling
,f three "wild" boor*.
Th" nexl number eni a thrill of fear thn
many Umbi om ? among Hu - for thia
.n a- ih.ii a lion ma le Illa appearance
n ti..- lin- Black Prince, a hugs Nubian lion,
leati I on Hi" I,ok of a li.ll"\'. ala.mid the
iiii; ai full upeed The trainer ol Un* animal,
?ccordiu*- to the programme, .- William Phllu
The M.-lina.in group, consisting of four linn*-, la i
[gera, two leopards, three neat* and sis boai
loam!*, wen) through an Intereatlng ? rformance
ri ey fo. I |?) t.i: .i.l-. r .1!' 'I gi. bes lb. ul Bl -I
I i h. n Iv. b) toi n.iriK Hi Ina hut dh ? foi
'ie- another i" ,iniii|> over. The enn i this act,
,'. h. a .. lion seated In a charlo) drove two t _ - -. i ? -. _ l
leers about, brought down lhe houae.
I'v.- monster Nubian lions arere treated by Pi"
'essor Darling, their trainer, a* ii lh ? were so
non) kittens He cuffed them, threw them down
md occasionally lifted one and Hires him lo the
-ther .-.id of '.h.- cage, The former soi i -i ,n* ot
hs foresi seemed to feel lhal the) hail been
del I) subjugated, for thi Insertion ol rm arm In
ftc mouth ol several waa productive of no injury,
M in- iln*.- ,.r the a.i Pi ifeatiur Darling ir.-, upon
lu- group - * -i-i threw one ..r lhe Hom ovsr tl.-.' lower
M.rtlon of hla body: wi,en he lefl the cage, with
ii* t.v" lion* pr.-ding iiiin, h.- v. is roundly np.
.i BIO hi) iou the nu: \ri'i:s.
Thanksgiving Day al ths theatres w.i* ti
aOBfx rou*, snd it i* slways count d one of the
,. -?! days of ths ysor, if nol absolutely iii" best
ll. ? mall:'..* ale Seldom largely attended, and
i. i ? roon) which were ti"* ? ?? today, bul in
he evening n!l the houses w.-re crowded. One
H-. uilar circumstance was observed; While sit
ll" ll:.-, iii. -s wei" tnniiliK POOple aw.iv fi,ita I lie
Mixoiiic" iii.- speculators oa ths sidewalk eould nol
ell Mats St all. even though they ol I.-:.-. i in.-m. |
ivy sometimes did, ut a third of tbe regular price,
v manager who i* familiar with th.- capacity of
no*t of th,- thsotrss In Kew*Yorft msd. ., calen
st toa last night of the amount of money taken In al
il the reputable ones in Un* afternoon and even
ag and sold that it could nol be less (hon S'*"**'.
.1 uni'- hails snd minor theatres are ri"t counted in
bis aotlmote.
Larges forces of itudents- thal i* to say, of young
h. ti (rearing riiii-i.:.* were on hind al the theatres,
rhers their presence l* usually not expected. Thy
ra.i-i'-ih, for tbs nio?t part. At Palmer's tin
,,-t_r? tn "11.2" mode upe-fal bl.lu for the favor
f students and not lt Tbs same happened .?'
hs Broadway. Students wore al_o abundani al
>aly'.*>, the Mad leon Square, lhe Au.erl. an and
he Ullon. Thr,-.- v.,ilk: men with rllil.uiis want
nt.) Abb.-y'.* Theatre snd came oul sgsin and
oked f"t- r.-turn chocka before the plo) began
?heir m.'i-..' was given to them Instead .i tbe
he, k*. and they ware reaueated nol io come bach
t ail. ihe moMt of the theatres preferred lo have
* f.-w students an possible, bul iii.-- whore they
_iue in Um l_f|;."t numb' rn .ll.) imt suffer flolil
heir pro gs nee.
The *trame!il|i Purnsssla, sf tbs Anchor Line,
rom lllasguw, arrived bon ye*!, play behind BOT
isunl time. On Voveml .1- _.". lt v....* found that
h<* ?.?r?nk-?iialt of one oi nor engines was showing
lgus of w.-akneHs. The tag-OSS were stopped for
welve hours while temporary repairs were made.
'hen she proceeded on her courae at r**duc<*<l speed.
Ihe had 101 cabin and 1_, steerage passengers.
"im: mail asp ex rn uss" xor sold.
' om
In ? a ti
should ?!.-' M ?
lt iiiut t . my
lt in* SON IB El VIVIA! lOOm BUT ll
ll-' lt WBBB OrtXttD TO HIM.
Ever sines Elliott Shepard died there has been
?tai:- speculation about the future of "The
Mail ar.d Express," and from time tn time there
hav- boen reports that it would pa** from the
control of tl,.- Shepard estate festerday it iras
reported thu William Walter Phelps, ex*Mlalster
'? Germany, had bought ths paper, and that it
Moui i p-i -?.. into his han1'*- on January I. This
report waa denied yesterday, bul there still ?-.-'?ms
some probability thal .. sale of the paper baa been
rh! if, snd that tbs most likely buyer win
be Mr. Phelps's son, Sheffield Phelps, who i* now
on the itaff ..r "Th.- Mall and Express."
Bx Minister Phelps was seen yesterday aft re
noon si hla home al Tedneck, near Englewood,
N. J., by s Tribune reporter. He nfc] that th-re
no truth in tli- reporl that h.- had bought
Mali and Express." 'The report probably
.ji. "from tbe fact that then baa
talk of a sole of tbe paper, and that
?it.ns of Colonel Bhepard'a estate
*<-'.l the pop* r th.y w mid offer
in, who i* on t:,- il ir;', ir such
'fr. r were mad. he might bu* lt. i have not
ye) heard thal an offer has seen made, snd I '-un
-tat. definitely thsl I have nol made any nogo*
? -, the paper. ) law my son thia morning,
ai '. aa offer had been mads to him be
In form ed me of it."
Tn the B ll) ir of Tbe Tribune.
Slr; As Indications point to s hird winier f-.r thc
i ?'!. hon does the following plan strike you? Let
bo ? be id..' 'I st Intel val on oui principal thor*
..-.- conl i Ibu) I ins from those
willing io give rmall amounts, who are unable to
give largely. Lei such boxes be opened snd the
contents placed In the hands of responsible per?
ms for distribution. Many would drop in from a
up, and iii- aggi ??? ite would ii" large,
Sea -Vork. Nov. Tt, IW. K. W. E.
(This plan mlghl work well, bul it would be
i:i-ia seary to cons! ler carefully whether the ct I
of putting and keeping ii in operation miK'.it
be aboul as large as the receipts. At ul!
events, such a project should not be started
until i' ba-i re elved the sanction nnd been
taken under the supervision of some responsible
organisation, like tbe Charity Organisation Bo*
Jlety Ed |
The of ii irvard in the class of '"2 >\ho
li\" In or near New-York City held their second
regular dinner at the Hotel Marlborough on
Wednesday evening. These members of th;* ela.**
have started the plan of holding reunion dinners
iwl a year. Thej meei In 111.- sj rmi; on the even?
ing before the Mot) lin n games, snd in the fall
on Thanksgiving '. ire the Vale-Princeton
football game. The dinners are Informal, Inasmuch
i ', , pi ired n| h itlowed '!"- l-l- llo** -
hip, ng and jollity reign. Al the dinner on
Wedin -l ry evening a committee ??.'- appointed to
con Idei i foi mal lass oi inls i lon of the Har?
vard '?'' in- ti In th ell " his coi imltti
John Harsen Ithoades, |r., Arthur ll. l/ocketi and
Alexander M. White
raga Tribune.
v. ? .??? , ? -i . . ri ductlons of du es a I I have
i ? ui knon n [fl pi >voke
h**t th" ..-.- -I...- -.i'll nol suffer
ich, bul American will '.??? repla ed by foreign
ihoi, lt' the li ;yoi; - do i ?; Incr ?? b< -? the
v. irkingmen conseni <?? vt cul In their wi.?-;?* suffl
to en ibl. their ? -ru lo; -i ? to meei foreign
etltlon, then there will be a heavy 'ii ip in
customs receipts.
Pi om The In ll ,:,.,j.oh-> Jo irnsl.
Th ? Wilson Tarin b m i ? i- bile
id leal st i idi toward fri ?? irs le tha:
ba ? I the -..' . ?i-ni "f a v syi
Mem Commltt. ? ol an -merlcnn I'ongress The
M III - li'i was co - om pa red with lt, ind
?'..-? Wall ' fist in I iii- I'lriln-r <fep |ow
h brough) bankruptcy
to the Treaaury, are conservative measures com*
i ii -I with this now before the country.
Prom ? i '"ii itltutlon.
A bill based on th* Idea of equalising the tariff
raw material a id the manufacturing
Industries \ ould be preferable t.. a meosure which
mani red prodw t, and
i ? raw material Industries of ;ii" coun?
try ta make the best of the situation without the
?am. degree uf protection a* that thrown around
tie- ma nu fa. tureu pi < la' '. '
Prom The Charleston Newi i I Courier.
i wover, bi ta"', al li *
ll 'ii,., tr. section, and hits tbe Bot t .i. i
thnn any othei e. tl. ... 'i'i'- b ll t innot be at*
t i. ked - ,' - essfull ..ii th ? groun I avora |
th" :.?'?? nrles of thli par ot ths country
- ? her psi ta,
Pr >m 'I he Milwaukee Sentinel.
'i"'. i i regard t.> the sugar bounty ls
characteristic of lhi general policy of iii- bill. The
- t ? .. pronoui la itroi by the >-x
i ,.|i!!-,.iii \-.-i> generally. It
i,.,-. > them unconstltutlon I,
and Us I-:- ni promlsi . us one of the sure results
. OPtrol. Hut the le .. bill plo..?
to repeal I ?? ? Ighth a ye .?. flnallj
:? ni at the expiration ol eight years sfter
lhe bill ' mea a law.
Prom The i 'hi ..-? i Itccord.
Briefly, the new Tariff bill drsfl d '?:? thi Demo
members of Hi-- <''iiiiinitt" ? on Ways end
lea. ler I h. dil ec) lon of ' 'h i.i man WI t.
outlines a low i itectlve inrlff, ol a revenue tariff,
pi .. . ; : . lided with i onal lerable .nre to
manufuci irers, who have been granted free raw
nu te rbi I ni exchange foi tin-, rn tn the schedule-,
etnbraclng their products. How Intelligentl> this
?,,; i. ! .,v i? i dom ' i ? ls. ivered only after o
careful anal: la i> experts In the different lin.-* of
production So, rn lhe teeth "i the extensive free
lui . mina".-.i iii tli- bill, it can be *..! 1 iii.:'
il tariff ii .. proti - live tarin
Prom The C'lncihnatl Tlmea-htar.
\\w en.- win. examines itu- free li*; and iln* van
on- ? -ii.--i-.it ?. will see at once thal li ls a far mor.
radical measure than wac the Hrs! or second Mor?
rison bill or tb Mm* bill.
From ti." Nev -York. Pn ss.
ii is forced upon ihe country l|i dlrecl opposition
!.. the prayen umi entreaties alike "i labor ron!
capital, of Republicans and Democrats, of North
ani South, ot Bas) and SV'est. In the history of
ti riff legh la tl' n thi re in v- r hus been i db i ted ami
printed -ie; hui a ll.led and convincing arguments
a .i in-,- in existing tariff laws ss ih.>s
wnii-ii ,. m.u..1 o', oj' the committee reporting this
bill hi ard, bul I.ii >l not.
.'. im The Ni work Advertiser.
lt ie--: bul .. glam*, to sho** Ihe sectional char?
il tel ". tie- bill. Northern Industries go on thi free
list; South-ru producers .?!' cotton, augar, .mi's.
rice, 'oranges, lemons, are amply protected. Nor
? ?? .'ma.ia complain. Thul counto ma. send lu
fn-" it., cool, tish, frail i, vegetables, e-*i;>, beef,
mutton, pork, food product agricultural Imple*
mi rn and ma cl traw. si. while America
will pay !i".t\> duties on these n.i* when sent
into -.ie- .'anadlon borders.
Prom The \\ Babington Star.
Thei ? will, of .-ours.-, be local fighting, some of
it very bitter, over lhe prnpoaltiona ol the varioui
???le bil ? i, bul iii- fad thal the revenue tarin
measure lubnittted falls b) inti millions to raise
iii" necessary revenue, and threatens the people
with an Income '..**.. and thal il unneoeasaril) and
lously -trilo- down tin reciprocity policy, will,
li i thought, furnish grounds of National criticism.
Fi tm The Philadelphia Tim. s.
ll will o, eua. i i by Congress snd approved by
th- Pn 'i i nt. and all engaged In legitimate indus?
tries v. ill be the ur*; to prof!I by it. lt s ul go
inti operation <i -monthly ind easily thal lt Will
.mil- disturb bj hastening the quiet and steady re?
vival ni Industrial activity which ls already as?
sured Before a var hos passed we shall won*
der, in our renewed prosperity, at thc fatuity that
ever m.ei. pom!hie *a violent an Interference with
tha lawe "t ira le as t:..- nnv. existing tarin'.
Prom The Buffalo I 'omni irria!.
it seems tc us sn bones) attempt to carn oul ia
legislation Ihe principles of tariff reform advocated
i.y tt:- thinking nen ot ih,. Democratic party in
the contests of 1890-K. As tii.* country Indorsed
tneir programme, "The Commercial" think* that,
wi,ii- th.position, the Republican minority,
sh,mi,I amend the bill and beal ll i: possible, they
should offer no factious opposition t" n* paasags.
n li ii strahle thm the country thould have a
to i-.i*- Judgmen. a Tariff bill thal em?
bodies tin' Democratic Ideas on tbe subject
Prom The Pittsburg Chronicle-Telagrspb.
Tbs hope thut the November ried lons hnd fur
nlshed r. leoaon, which had led t" a recovery of
? du * snit to i gradual accumulation of eapitai
iu i.auk.*, ready ;?' bi employed ia i.s a.* li eras
knows tlnii the leeson had been learned, baa taken
n.ci In ii ,, tee hat '-..iii" the conviction that
months of Congressional t liking are before oa.and
thut meanwhile nothing else ls possible for tbs un?
employed of all kind*, those wllline to work am)
ih"*- owning capital ready for investment, but to
Pram Tbs Rochester Poot-Kxprssa,
The \vi!s,,? Tariff bill I* described by one net of
critics as a protective measure, by another set of
critics ..*. .. free-trade meaaure, ana by it* cham?
pions an a revenue measure. There is a little truth
In each of these descriptions, since there are pro
ted Ive .sutures, free-trade features and revenue
featurea in it; but it ls not dlatlnctly either a pro
teethe, a free-trade or a revenue tariff. It ls a
nondescript makeshift, constructed without ref?
erence to any principle of taxation. It has been
.'naped In secret conclave by a majority of the
Ways and Means Committee, contrary to the sd
vice of certain well-known economist-, and pos?
sibly under the Influence of certain unknown ad?
venturers. How far the element of jobbery enters
Into it only careful consideration of details con de?
From The ft Louis Globe-Dcmoerat.
i if course, the treat additions to the free list
which the Tariff bill makes will largely reduce a
lawn a.- already too -mall to meet expenditurea.
New sources of tar:, tion will have to be created
to make up the deficiency, and thi* will bring dis*
ast.-r to the Democracy at the polls.
Prom The Washington Post.
lt appears that the Chicago platform didn't refer
to the lugar Trait
I.leb lu- Com linn*'-) F.-lrnct of fleet
RsessMoaaSad a? a ? -?*i..i_i< :n?** in place of si.ohot
AA bea baby aroa sick, ara ca." h.-r Cfcatorto.
-".nag she wai :?. Child, sba onad for cuatoria.
When ihs become fellas, sin- dann lo ''astoria.
When ste- ha : . bltdren, she save itirm ".'astoria.
BACCKER IIVATT 'ii UTI .OBS ItBF. N.a-inber 2f?. ot
a-Ai p. m.. si Ul Hoyt-st., Hr-M.klvn. l.y Rev. ;'. A.
Nelson, I>. I... <*lara Merrill, daughter ot Winiam
Hyatt, io Mwsrd iloft Daoeksr.
BAl'MOARTBN -CA BN RICK- 'rn Wednesday. November
_>ih. i-al. ai Ali .??.ml*' Church, by iii- Rev. ll. l-'ree
in.i ., nf prov, .I.-"-'.-I tv Hi- Rex: Or. Heber Newton,
Dorl rude ""ella, daughter nf John farnrkik, to Emile
i: I'.ia-a: t. a. both .,- New-York ?'lt>.
PRTKItS PRK8TON <m -.lilniB-BJT HotOHBOOl 2?. at
Ht. Paul's Episcopal Chun I), Knsl> wool, tt, L. hy the
Rev. iJeurge Ptleui-r, Aluna Louise, ilatmliter ,,t tbe
lat. ?.l. Albert \>. freston, and 1'Uin.lnrr lettie
I- t ts, both "f Bogtewoed.
RI SPELL SAMiS -On Tuesday. Nov. '.'Mil, 1*9.1, st SC
Thomas'! Church, New-York, tw the Rev, Dr. John
M -'I.-', Browo, sits) st fl by iii" Rev. william Dtasssafi
Mason, "f Trinity Church, L'tlcs, N. v.. Florence.
eily daughter ..f .lain? Woodville -.ands, io William
HamUton Kussell, all >,l New-York.
M tices of marriages must be indorsed wltii
full uanie ami address.
COTTER?At ber late resMeoee ?n Um -Sth laat.. Caro*
lin" M. Colter,
Int mrnl Maur-.
CRANK?At SiaisSals. at tlie rssh-soea Bf Ma sister,
lit*. '? ... Marsh, i ?.,-... i < mae, a*"i SI years.
Interment al Berkley, Maa
EDDY Ai .ana.ci. Coan., Nov. ?'?>. USS, at in* horner
K. -.. Hli er Bddy. i?. i'. in im slat year.
Funeral Saturday afternoon.
HENRY In Dostoa, Haas., ..n Wcdaesday, Nor. -Otb,
Margaret Keary, wife of ihe late Phillp Keary, af this
Iniermenl private in Marbia Oaasetary, N. V.
il-ii.iii:.-.' On Wednesday nwrnlag, NOV. Mth, Kate
Wells, witt of John S. Holden, in the SM yeas of her
i'i.te ml friday, Peeembei i I, al Batavia. N. V.
IIOPPOCK Al Dobbs Verry, H. v.. on TosaSoy, NOveSN
ber JMn. 1-98, a' the resldem..' her par-nt.. Mrs.
M..r\ m. Hoppo. - daughter of Joba n aad Elizabetn
?'. Coopers,
funeral sendees si Zion Church <.n r'li'iny. Pocen.ber
l-t ,,.i ai . ai .ii tn.- nam leaving New-York nt 1.10
i>. m. Carriages wUl ).<? In aroitlns ??' the statlso.
II I:.-. ;i.i. .\. the residence of Cherie. Mallory, tttt
Chester, N. V.. November 2Bth, Cornella Mall.irv lt.it*
beU, aired 17 years and i months, .laughter of Hie Ute
-..?i-shum t: sud Corn lia Mallory lim.l. ll. of Hart'oid.
. '.mn,
Funeral service- al iii- residence si Poet Ch oater, N. Y.,
? ' _::?,<> p. m. I'ltiia- . December l?t.
? ai i..i.s v.ui in- i trains leavlna Orand Central Station,
X V . N. II- anil H. ll R . at I '?: p. m.
Iniermenl at Brld-report. Conn., Saturday.
ltrl.t?t-|i . . mi Hartford papen ptaas.py.
JONES on Monday, November -Tth, Samuel P. Janes, ts
lil- Mth year. . ., , ,
I:-ail ? . and friends ere Invited to attend his funeral,
from ld* lat.- residence, ISI Q-tea-avc. Hrooklyn, oa
I'i iday, I.mber lr**, at - p. Sb
Interm. ni . ? oui entence ol family.
I.ik1; \i ' tt Col On .'..lin.. NuriBSbar isiih,
. ? uni Carp, ni,.-. wlfb of Oeorge Luke,
funeral from her late residence, on Krlday, al Hmo.
carriage*, trill meet nain leaving Urana Central Mallo*
al ll "ri.
PLAIN Al Newtown, ?'.. I. aa Nov. with, UM. Francla
I ? , ? In i,.,- iMh -"ai Of li" ? -
? ??:,-. ai Presbyterian ' hureh, Buuooy, l'ecem*
ber 3d. al 1:30 o', loeb.
HCHIRMBR At New-Roefcelle, N. Y.. on T'.i-.day, ano,
.?-ii. Oeorge Hehirmer, sged .'.7 nar*
Kelatlves and friend- ar- Invited to attend 'he ..'.neral
from iii* lab residence, Mew-Recbotl* N. _.. on
I | I.'..'. . I le. I-', at _ p. m.
Intel ntent ;?? kvste.
SMITH?On Nov. SStfe, Qertrude BsMnda. trmtma of BOB*
ru Worthington Smith, M 11 . i i Bat -n. .'-nn.. in His
Mth )>-ar af her ag".
Relatives an-i friends u-v invited i" attend lhe funeral
teevice* ? the residence ol hei monn-law. Robert ?'.
lleer Na 8 Remeen-st., Brooklyn, a Amt p. tn. oo
kVtday. Or Isl,
Iniermenl si Sharon, Cooa., al i-ill I ta. ss sarirday.
TALMA0QE?Oa Thursday mmtilnr. Nov mt >-r ttkat
lia::..-. .?? ? *.???>itt. wife ot Henry Talmadoe.
Relatives snd friends au* Invited lo attend tlie funeral
services at her lute residence, BBS Madison-ave., oa
Saturda* aftern i, i>.stber Sd. si l :i" o'clock.
fr i- kindly requested thal no towera be sen..
WALKER?On Wednesday, Nuvembar WtO, after a lineee.
mg Illness, " . in tin Willi year
of his
Relatives snd lilendK are invited to n'tend the funeral
. .? bia Isle resides e, No ISS Weal l__d-?t..
i-'ii'in. . \.-nin-f. December 1st, at B o'clock.
Internteni i>n. te.
WI1K.ELKR Al Red Hank, N. I., un HOi MS-MS 30. Joha
I. Wheeler,
Funeial ai Mt late reniden. ?>, Sunday, DectmBot 3, at
1 o', I..- k.
Special NskattR.
mile- itt appeal to tlie public outlier than u?ual thia
. .,.. i,., mm ii..mil.v winter i ireatens to be "ne of
...a ' ten.an.l .:p"n tb. -0*|dUU from tke ri.-k
neM and need f".' ehsrltsble ".1" ivhU-h .wu Inevitably
Iw th. result of a greal Increase m the number of people
oin ol employment, aral it ii. ol ihe lu-ct uuporiani?,
.- ss regards charily to tbs p.".:. or un* pravaoilaa
? -lae;..i .f disease, thal provtatoaa hs sssts f'>r
tiil_ < niergency
The .\?m.< lainjn i". o(:iilze_ that. I'-nnles its object of
a^ relief for iii- -t.i. poor, snd the small esp en as
att.-ii-ii'-- lt? collection, th.* method foe diatrllmttng theaa
. mons ni" hospitals on H..- i.ni basia ..r the free work >.f
-.ki:, i a Committee c mprlslog the Mayor "f New-Tork,
iii.- President nf !!:>? ?'h.-unU-r ..I i'..nmi"i.?-. Hu- Post
of New-York, ami Messrs. Morris K. Jeana, Je?*e
Heligman, .'oiiielni.-i vanderbilt snd Edward Cooper, and
lhe absolutely uii-'.taimn character .if thin ?ork ?nd
organisation, have combined In . I'lainins the .?"ntrit.uttona
? f nearly yTuu.iMi which lt has te.-.'iv.'d snd dniried
(inline ihe thirteen years of Its existence, an.l thees is
no i ea wm to believe that any of these .-haravieristlvs will
be lost "f infilnge.1 upon.
Tbe .? rf? i...r coueetloos ?in i"* lakea aa usual nie ia"t
Bal ? -i . and .--iinilay "f the year, December iU'th aad
Stet, bm contributions may be seal al any tlase lo Mr.
? 1..--1- '-ni-i. Treasurer, it Nassau Bti.
<?.!?:?> M.\<-< ri.l.'"II Mil.l.iOR,
JOHN H. Ul S.-..S-.
A. ii. AQNBW,
.IA. 1)15 H. Sl'lill'I".
Bsecntiv* roimniiteo.
New-York, November 2, UML
hos, "n Itt nrerits, a<-g.il.ed uiiiire.-.-deiited popnUi'lty
IbruUgbotit Fiigiuiil and tlie I'niVl NSBSM as tie.- Oneal
uiii.' waler pneunMo.?Adv.
roxton!.-,- -s..?i.-.-.
I"..:, gn mails for the weah er.dina Dec. ?* will cloSS
? ;?: nil.My 111 all CBSSS) at I tilt, office _n follows:
FRIDAY Al _ a. rn for Brosil ?r..I I.a l'I,.t-i .?..untrlee,
!?? - >. la. biiitz, . ia Pernambuco, Bahia, Um Janeiro
and .-'..iii'is iletters for Para and Ceora must tie directed
"per Uebnlts"); al i p. m. (supplementary i:ao p. ol)
f. i Nassau, N. P., P'T ?. ?. Antllia.
SATl HDAT Ai 0::wi s. m. for Oanaaar, per *. e.
Seale, via llremen (letters ...r other sorts "t I'uiope,
\a s.i-itiirmtpt-n sad Hrenicti, must .. directed "per
Saal.' i, at ir.'io a. iii. i>ii|.|ilein, ntiiry 9ttt :t. Bk) f'.r
I'ran ?-. swltserland, Italy. Spam, Portugal. Tuiksv
an.l lu nish in.lia. MT s. :. l?i IIictaKne. , i,t Havre;
si !'r_0 a. iii. usipplemsntary ii.:ui a. bl) for Kurope,
per ?. e. t'ini.ii... via Queenstown: at lu a. m. f..r tn.
K.ind D_marara, pee *. m. Tjomu; at IS u. tx. f"i Sm
moy .li..-ii. per e. ?. Thlngvalla iletters mu*t be di
rerted "per Thlngvalla"); al in s. m. isnppl-metitary
l' irk! a. m.) for Portuas Island an.l tsraalra, par *? e.
Alias (letters for Jacmel aad Aua-Cnyes bium i? daraatod
per Ailsa"); at ll a. m. for Campeche, .'iiiapaH. Tahas
CO, and Yii.aian. per s, 8. Seneca iletters for other
Ilex loan Stat.', an.l .'uba miisi I*, dhrectsd "per He i le?
va ">; al ll a. BL for Hoytl, < 111.1.111,, tn I .'arupano,
pei -. ?>. Prlns Will, ni III. il.--.;.i-? i,.i- other Vcn.-in. Un
Ports, 1'iirao.iii. Trinidad, British an-1 Dutch UutatiH mutt
ii- directed "par run*. Willem III."); ut ll a. m. tor
Belgium direct, |wr x ?. Uetaealand, viu Antwerp Hatters
:nii-t be directed "p.-r belgealaad"); al il a. ?>? for
N.tii.iiai .L direct, per -. h. Ms sada ta, via it,.uei.uH
iletters must i"- directed "per Mssadnm"). at ii _. ra.
for Scotland direct, per s, ?. Psmnssls. \u >;i?i,m
lletiers mus) be .1.led "per Purnessie' I; i.i |] m. tit
liugua, Jamaica, Savanllls snd L'arthsgrna, per t, ..
Black Pi ni- -. ... i p m. f..r Netbertanda dlreet per ? s.
/.a.i!'lini \ ;.i Amsterdam .len.ra muat le* .lire, iel "i-er
Xoandam"): al -.1 p, m. tur Blueflelds, per .. ... j. wilsuo
from New-Orleans.
Mall* i":' China aad fasoa, per ?. ?. ivni ifmrn saa
Kiain i-i-..), etas* ii rt tally up la D?-. ?;{ at I Ai p, sa
Mails fm Australia, New-XeeJaad, Hanrsllsa i*ui nnd
b .in ..in Islands, per *. i>. Alametida (from San PmaalBSSl
ri.>*." her.- .Inily up tn Dee. "J si AM ,.. m. . -. ..n ar?
ri'. .1 al New-Tork of a s. Kirana with -Billah malu for
Australia. Mall* for Hawaiian Island*, per ?. ?. Aus?
tralia (from ??'an Praactaro), .lone here d_n> bo to Dec.
MT at ti..'ID il m. Mails fur tlie .Society Islands. p?r
ship Tropic Hlid (from Kan Kran-lx'til. "lose here dally
np lo Pee. ?_.-. at _:30 p. m. Mall* for China. Japan,
Hawaii and Australia, ila Vancouver (?.p-.lally a.Mreaaed
onlyi etona Bl this < fflce dall/ m SSH p. BL Mull* foe
Newfoundland, by rail to lUHffix. and thence bv ivim.r,
ll tins Offlee d:u>-?ss 9tM p. m. Malls Lr
Mtquetoo. by rall lo Bohioii. and thence by steamer,
clo.--* at (ht* office dally at ?:3o p. m. Malls for Cuba.
liv rall lo Tampa. Plo., and thence bv Bteamer .sailing
Mondav*. Thursday* and BsturdSTS), c|o*e ut this ofBee
daily at 2:30 a. m. Malls for Mexico, overland, anises
sp. lally i. !"re?Hc<| fir U.-,).it.-h ty ateam-r, clo*e at this
.-it: .- daily at U u. m.
>II\l:t.T:S W. DAYTON*. Po?fma??_e.
tlcligione Xotires.
..1NUTON 1KHITH will spe.k in John Sti-eet M. E. Church
ut 1 p. m. i..-day. "-"Hts fr.?.
of London, ls conducting Oospcl meeting* at th.- Gospel
Taliernacl", Slh-nve. an.l 4lihsl.. on We.lne?day. Thurs?
day and Krlday afternoons at A, and evening* at 8 o'clock.
to-day, M'h-si. n.-onday meeting, Mciro|*oiitan Hali. Mr.
va I MAN'S iiu.io Night'' this evening. Annlversars
Bunday. Vee. a.

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