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Francis Adam* Crown Iva pp. ''?" Boston
and New-Tork. Houghton, Mlfflln _.- Ca
Four lectures, condensed so as t.. mi two
hours in ? classroom al Harvard College, are
republlahed as s critical contribution t.. tlie
history erf llasaatluisittii Th" author ls seri
tui?!y iii^u.-sm-I with ti,, radical and somewhat
Iconoclastic tendences of his historical studies,
but th" general render, who knows Hawthorne's
rotnancea by bean und has reflected upon the
best chapters nf New-England history con?
tributed by well-known, Impartial writers, will
find nothing thal is either novel or startling lr
these page*. Tin* author, aa ;i descendant of
Thomas Shepard and John C itton, may have
had paastag qualms ii' recording th..il deeds
nnd in commenting upon the religious Intoler?
ance of the C lonlal era, and tbe ii"-"! >gl il
h..rrors which followed it .tt s later perl ><!. The
portraits nf uii tbe Adan ses may have eyed him
Sternly as h.* was writing in his library. Bul
the* bent works < .1 the social, political and re?
ligious history of New-England, whli- temper?
ate In tone, are remarkably free fruin the spirit
of "flii'.-i.'.'tisin." of which h" makes loud com?
Tin- auth.r takes ur the central theme of m.Kl?
ein history Emancipation from (Superstition
and Cast.*, with the two underlying principles
of Bettglous Toleration and Equality before the
law. He concludes, that, so far as equality
before tho law is concerned?thal is, personal
and civil liberty?the record of no community
ls mor.' cn-.litai.1", more consistent and more
Important than that of Massachusetts. Her his?
tory reveals evidences of the gradual and prac?
tical development of a social and political truth
of tl*..-* Brat Importance. "Viewed In this light,"
the author remarks, "tho passage of the Red
_*?-.t was not a in'.i" momentous evenl than tho
voyage of the Mayflower; and tho founding of
.'.'.stun was fraught with consequenc.s hardly
loss Important than those which resulted from
the founding of Rome" While thn Influence of
Massachusetts upon the development of civil
liberty and human ri hts has been world?
wide, aa respects rellgi. s ti leratlon it has
boon of a wliolly different character. Wita criti?
cal examination of whit' is discreditable if this
ro.-..ri! th :-?? panes are mainly Ailed. Pour
periods ar.- traversed: ?i> th" iicri.ni nf settle?
ment frorr. IMO to i<5:'7; (2) th? theological, or
pim ia' period, extending from Itt? to 1760; i"-i
tho pori"., of political activity and organiza?
tion, from I7*M to 1788 ami nt thc scientific, or
florescent, period, from 1TW to 1M3, at flrst
slow, then rapid in movement. His arrtriment
points to thc genera] conclusion thai New-Eng?
land was not blessed, l.ut rather cursed, by the
harshness ami bigotry which for a loin,- time
suppressed all freedom of religious thought in
Massa bluetts. From thia conclusion m. broad?
minded reader will h.* i.-m]>t.-1 t" dissent, sur?
prised as ho may be hy Mr. Adams's acrid
strictures upon tho "flllo-pietlsm" that has "per*
verted thc facts and distorted th.- record."
Mr. ...lams, like ail hi- ancestors, is a fervid
controversialist, and finds it Impossible t" dis?
cuss historical Questions with philosophical
moderation ". sweet reasonableness. H ? ad?
mires Buckle as the foil vic" of a new BcTlO il of
historical criticism, but 1." has profited very
little from the temperance of diction and in
tellectual tolerant of that author's pages.
There aroa hardness'-;' thought and a coldness of
style m thesf essays which are disagreeable and
repellent, ilia own pages bear evidence to tbe
fact that the Influence of N'ew-KnRlan-'s iee
age? '?sterile, forbidding, unproduetivo; Hs his?
tory dotted only with boldness ami stunted
growth"?has not wholly disappeared from
polemics and literature. Neither the princes of
Massachusetts orthodoxy, who proscribed Roger
Williams and decreed the expulsion of Mistress
Anne Hutchinson, nor Jonathan Edwards and
his "hrimstone heotogiana/* wera more Intol?
erant in their religious controversies than this
descendant of the Puritans ls ia his historical
and critical metboda As an Illustration Iel us
cite his treatment of Mr. Gladstone's tribute
to th.- American Constitution ..s "tba mosi
weaderfui mnrB sver stunk off al a given time
by th* brain and thought of m.m." "Wo know,''
remarks the author brusquely, with true ex
cathedra arrogance, "ihat it ls nothing of the
liv. imnssr.s Tin*, iviiktmin. or cut.un
ONE I'l'.i.i IXCT.
Tn dtscusalng the Indictment by the rjrsnd Jury
cf Police Captain William s. Devery for neglect?
ing to suppress diaorderly bouses In the Eleventh
Precinct, commanded by b'm, tbs Rev. Dr. Charlea
H. Fnrkburst, president of tbs New-Tork stn. ?
Society for the Buppnoslon of Crime, said to s
Tribune reporter! "I have been Impellel to do tl,;j
work, ami to seik the Indictment of Captain
Devery, not only because he denied the existence
of crime of which I furnished him the proof ir.
his precinct, and because tbs Police ''"rnnii.-sio.ier-.
would take no action, but also because ol the
ir.any beseeching appeals I have received from
pKrenta, --kin.,' that th.-lr children be shielded hom
allurement and contamination. These appeals do
not com.- alone from affluent families who liv ? up?
town. They come from no single section of trie
city, ami no single chi*..-, of people, but from ail
sections snd all .liiv-'.- ti." pooi as well si the
rich. I hav had no le - than sixty-nine complaii t?
from s single precinct rn s very shori time. No;
lt woui.l i>. Improper for me to Indicate the pre?
cinct at this tin:-- Neither am 1 ;.t liberty to
soy just wh.-.t the so. 1. ty will do in thin eas., bur
the Inf. renee is easlh drawn, winn 1 nay tnil( the
1 !? tv tabulates nil th.* complaints it receive- from
the different precincts for futur. reference, and
tl.ey whl lu- taken .ij. in regular onie,-, and will
he .cte.! upon in due time according to the re?
quirements suggested by the circumstances sur?
rounding each cone, tic cose* niii. li seem to bs
most urgent snd flagrant being given precedence
over others that may be less Imperative. In reply
to your Inquiry as to future proceedings, I can
only Kay that the poll. y adopted by the society
has become evident to ti>>- community, and we In?
tend lo adhere to tbs same policy."
Some Mea of the great ..dvanc-* made in the
value of real estate in the last few years, iti
property near Oue-hUttdredth*St., can 1..- obtained
from the refusal of an offer of HMM a lot for
forty lots ext-liding from Nlnety-elghth-s*:. to
oti'-htindredth-st., ittni from Columbus ti. Am
-UTdam-av.., comprising two full Do. ks. The prop?
erty belongs to William H. Kinsley, a sen ..; Dr.
Hudson Kins)'v. Tin-- tract nt land was bought in
UM ..1 tl,.- l.t.- of $__o a lui. After this purchase
property in thu part of the Island fell In value
from leveral "rms,"-, and In IM these lots were
sold for ti" sadi. Pies yean biter th. two Mocks
a r. sold tr> Dr. Kinsley at an advance of ll 1 ?
At the lowest estimate these lots ..r.- valued al
00.000 each, or MOO.000 for th> two blocks, while
the owner i? holding them at a considerably higher
figure. The main cause of this ri.-.- In values is,
of course, to be attributed to the erection of the
elevated railroad in Columbus-ave., and the conse?
quent rapid settlement alon;; the wesl side
of Central I'ark. The niacin* of the great I'rot
estant Episcopal Cathe lr..l tear by has also en?
hanced greatly the value of this plot.
Albany. Nov. M (Special).?W, C. Hudson's lettera
published here yesterday denying that he was forced
to retire from the secretaryship of the State Kall?
road Commission by Senator Murphy refer to an
Albany dispatch In Tuesday's Tribune. Tor th<
Sresent lt la sufficient to say In rejoinder that Mr.
[udson knows who The Tribune's informant was.
has an Intimate ae-malntance with him and knows
him to be Just as trustworthy as Mr. Hudson him?
? - m
Cincinnati. Nov. 30.?"The Tribune" lust evening
made an assignment to Aaron A. Ferris. This
morning the paper appeared sis usual with the
following announcement:
" "The Cincinnati Tribune' has passed Into the
ownership of .lames M. 'JJcnn and associates. In
changing control lt has not changed Its policy of
striving for the best Interests of Cincinnati. Po?
litically lt will follow the lines taken by 'The
Tribune' from the beginning. It will be published
every morning In the y.-ar. It ls here io stay."
Suit wus tiled In the Probate Court yesterday to
wind up the business of <? Tribune" Company
and assess the liability or the stockholders. Tbe
sctlon was brought by James A. Gamble, a stock?
holder and prominent merchant of this city, who
says ls tba petition that th-* company has a
capital stock of 0M.OOO, ll" brings Ihe suit to
secure the payment of 12.000, whi. ii he alleges he
advanct in caah. The liabilities w<-.?<? not stated,
nut lt ls believed tin ?? srs heavy.
Waahlngton, Nnv. 30. -Monsignor Satolll, the
Ap..st,iii,- Delegate :" the I'nited stat.s, dael
himself on the subject of Catholic schools al s re
. ?? this sfternoon given to him by tbe faculty
and stud, nts ..." ' i mssgB C. illi ge in tin- Kal] of
No -? Dame. The D ?? nded by th
sccretarli ol I ration Monsignor Sbarettl snd Dr.
Papl. Be vera 1 Bddresoei a'ere mode, lo which Mon?
signor Ral 111 i tsponded si length. His remarks
were a eulogy upon Cath which, in ,
view of thi i ,- mi. expressed purpose by c.ulm lie
authoritlei In Ballimore to .-k Btate aid for the
schools of thi Church, may be regarded as signifi?
cant The Delegate spoke In Latin, and the fol*
j lowing summary ol his remarks -.ia- lurni-... .1 by
i Pr. r.i; i. After a referen ?? to the duty ol Catho
j li.s to observe Thanksgiving Day and pray for the
( proapcrity ol the Republic, Monsignor --._t.?'i_ said
I in pori:
??vv, maj v sure of this, that all Americana of
wh lever Church they may be members, even If of
noi].-, recognise the value >?; the Catholic school;
they sre Interested i:i it. they honor lt, thev
lt to rontlntu and make progress. They have
I. arne! by experience that citlsens educated In '
ti.I,-, sch. ds do ;i"i i'.i)! sh.-rt in knowledg ? and ,
it. love of iii" American Constitution; lhal iii-.' do
not big behind the most progresaive of ti"- Amer!
I < n i.pie; they sre endowed arith stendlneBS of
character, with constancy of righi purpose; that i
i they are Just, acth- charitable and gener.ua unto |
I sacrifice,
"l will sac that whoever seriously medlti ti
1 the principle-: of lh. American Constitution, who*
ever is acquainted with the present conditions "i .
th" American Republic, should be persuaded and
agree with us that thc ncllon of Un Catholic faith
. morality ls favorable In every way t" i" I
rec tion in which tho Constitution turns. Foi th*
more public opinion and ti-." Government favor the
1 Cull..Ile schools, ni.it" and mon will iii" a ll I
of the Commonwealth be advanced. The Catholic
education i- the surest safeguard of the perms
nene* throughout the centurle of the Constitution
..ni th ? best guide ol the Republic In dvil pi ??
From th'- source the Constitution wll -*ath?r on
thai asst dilation so nea ssary for I perfci oi
ganisatlon ol thal greal progressive body which Isl
the Ami rican Republic.
"That is the slncer expression of conviction and |
so to speak the profession of my faith in this mat*
ter. Ij. i" the preseni ii has been Inexplicable to |
me and never perhapi shall I tn-.d #nt uti., was
th" origin "i the suspicion thal my views w.r"'
not favorable to ''atholl' sci.ls. Thom who at
its or evei i.ter have et tributed to me such an
absurd ..nini n ought to polni I.?? word or
action oi minc to lu.tlfy themselve , Mri I spoken
.lin. rent ly I shoul i be unfaithful to my m
ungrateful to the generous bosnltallt) which I
have .-ni"\.-l and am enjoying In America, and
moreover, 1 ho il i have Riven the Ile ? i rn* I
and unchangeable convictions. Every Catholic
school ls a safe guardian of yo,nh. and lt ls si lhe
sam-- time for tbe American youth a pla. ? ol
training where they are brought up for lhe ad
vania n- ot ' 'burch and country.
-.; .-':? : ? avi n th:.' the Catholic school
continue, Increase In number, Brow stronger, reach
the highest perfei lion endowi n a Ith the bl -
of Col. commande I b) thi ' 'hun h
and tbe Hoiy Father, honored and appreciated hy
ever* honest .Risen, from Ihe Illustrious President
down t" ii..- most bumble workmai Th..nly
h. agalnsi them who i" nol kno? ihem or who
in- not animated by Ihe spirit of the Church and
an wanting the sentiments of trui liberty."
Phiia Ielphin, Nov.'JO. The st;it.-m>-nt of the I'hii
r. lei,.iiiii end Reading Railroad Company
gross receipt!! for October of *-. 1 -~-*"?** '-'? ,v:'
? il IR. With the sddi d ? m- nsss for equipment,
Improvement, llxed charge*, etc., a Burplu** ;*
Bhosrn for Ihe month ..f $::-i '.'>:.'.. The surplim In
October, IMS was RM.'M :;i r*or the eleven.
of ihe present flsci i year lhere i- ?-. deficit ol $334,
KIM. F"r th,- rorrespondlng period ol ik'.' there
wu- -i surplus of j.h.:'" 27
The iiatemenl of Ihe Philadelphia end R.
Coal iin I Iron Company foi October show* sro**
receipts, 12.922,622 71; operating expenses, $2,!S9,M_!H
With added espenses for Improvements, Axed
charges, etc., a surplus is shown for the month ol
t_-0.-_7_3. Th" surplus In October, UBS, wa? I
JI3S7. For the eleven months of the preoenl I
year th.-r- is ,-. deficit ol U75._2.9S. For the
spondlng period of UM the deficit xvn* 1117.-8101
Fran, is Ls Cnn. general freight airen* ef the
Wi I Shore Railroad announces thal v. I* fl
has been appointed general Western freight agent,
with headquarters, until further notice, :.t Xi
South Clark-st, Chicago. Mr. Bomera will repn
the fr.-iifht department in Chicago and for
otn>r territory weat of I).-tr.a: and Toledo.
Mllwauki -. Nov. SQ, Th" recelv i I I ? Nor
! them !?;.. i'!- Railway srs trying their i- i
t-r- payment of n. ? amount of the rental Iii
the i'nited stat. Court for the period they operated ,
tl.- Wisconsin Central lines, yesterday th.
n petition in which 'ii'-" claimed o-.? tl ? , ?? * it
Illegal 1. thi : 'tltlon th- receivers .-o-k' I thai
the order of Ihe court requiring lhe payment ol
rental* ?,?? tno'lifi -I and thal tho matter be rel
?., a mai lei lo ascertal I ii "fall rental value" or
iii.- Central linea s-hlle In lhe possessloi ol the t
celvt t?, ft..rn Augti 'r.i Beptemb ri ; : ?
Mat:. '? of th" i" tltlon ni' l thia morning J dge
Jenkins has ordered all pa rt lei tn appear ..; court
Oeember ll, to show cause why th petltl n
nol be granted, bi ti." same time directing tti-ti
further payments be withheld until this matter l
Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 30 (Special) The conl
between the American and (lerman stock**
for control of the Cleveland, Akron snd Columbus
: Railroad Comp-tny wai ren wed there to-day.
Harrison. Olds tt Henderson, representing, lhi
| German syndicate, began i-i ceedins In the 1
I stai.-, Coun to restr_l*i th i u_ ol the M.ooo,ooo
I bonds proVidi I for bv a resolution sim ? the
I American stockholders gained conti il al the an
j nual election li March last. Thu bonis are to be
dated December I, 1*1, rnd the suit was filed
to-day to prevent ? consummation of the deal ti ?
mi mo,.- The bond ? wi i ? tn be delivered to the
j I 'ii"i' Trust Company of New-Vork, *.' ,: "?? h.
! lui: for the purpose of redeeming outstanding t.i i
land second mortgage bonds, ano th. rem-tnlnx
I Il.4i0.000 to I.-- deliv. "i to ih. pn -i lent ?
company on dem ind. Th petition asking foi h
perpetual Injunction restraining th" execution ol
the mortgage and the Issue ani deliver) ni it
l>i..-els avers that the mi tings ol the company
m.-re Irregularly called, the legal notice nol hav?
ing he. n publlsbei lhe required length "I time
lt ls furtbe ? claim, d thal the lau i of Ohio pro
vide that a railroad corporation shall nol
bond- In an amount exceeding two-thirds the
capital stocx. whli,- In this case it in pi_i-.-. I
t" '"'ni il." property In a sum equal t. tin- full
capital stock. The petition declare a thal this will
burden the property and work Irreparable Injury
to the stockholders, unless thi officers arc pre?
vented by tin- courts from inn muk oul their
plan, or the 40.00U shins oi stock IS.9S1 are held
hy th<* Herman syndicate.
Long Branch, Nov. M (Special). A syndics te of
New-Torh sn J Philadelphia capttsllsts ar.- negotiat?
ing the purchaa. <.f Hollywood Part and tin han :
som.- home of the kite John Hoei al Hollywood
lie- part, which extend* from Hollywood-uve to
the south of Itrlghton-avi . ""nets of over l_u
acres. The offer, it ls said ls I7SH.O0O; Ihe ll.,,-. ,,.,,
pie a.-k n.000._0-. The rumor I thal the sale will
be made within the tiiim days given to the simii
<:.t" to come to i-rms.
un: voni<-ax i.n. lia to oo to rosoww.
San Francisco, Nov. M, Repairs are bring made
on th.- United States stesmcr Mohican, now al
>!''ir" m1','"'1 )sh"n ""''H'><-'i. i; is probabl
Bbs w il be ordered to relieve the Adorns al Hono
I'-';;- i h'- latter vessel ,- |n need of repairs and
will t-nt::- back ta tt,- Navy v.n-i f..r overhauling
o' tit r or Tin: TLOUS WILLS.
Minneapolis, Nov. M.?"Thc Northwestern Miller"
say.-: "The mills were considerably handicapped
by a Rhona;-.- of water power, aii'i despite the
use of a koo! deal ?f iteaa the flour out] I '
Showed S decrease of WjWt barrels. The .ju,,
sround was 'MAAi barren,, Bgataat BMtf barrell
the week before, |$UU barrels for the correr ;,?.,.
lng week In UR, and Vttjm barrell In UM, Ci
trary to expectation?, most of tbs mills thi.* week
- show a bis ii
in.- water power i? vll?rt , , ,
ls too exp-iisive t,. use very largely with the nour
trade In Its preoenl condition.
Tbe mills did remarkably well laat w.-. k accord
lng to statements made as to aalei or flour Tin
orders booked sppear to have been fully iioouu
Police Captain I ?-.?very, who ttBB ln,|? |,.,| ,,..
? - ? *-- r..,.,.)... I V..U..V...1. _? a
tie city.
< oullmiol from .'lr*! P-Mfe.
for the Murray Hill, and on the arrival of tbs
eleven there were two or three hundred wearers
n the orange and Mack there to greel th.-ir
team. As they came up the steps Into the
lobby, the cheering began. Louder and louder
and m.u- enthusiastic it grew with each repe?
tition. Bach Individual player waa greeted by
the wann handshake nf his friends, and was
clapped "ii the back aird praised and flattered
and petted. Later, s dinner was given to the
Neither of thc elevens ',??'' Ibe city Inst
evening. They return to their colleges to-day.
The movem ml of il." crowds on the streets
was confined foi the mosi part to Broadway,
between Twenty-third and Thlrty-flfth sts. ip
to midnight this thoroughfare was s solid mans
nf people. Man" amusing In Idents .urred.
but r.s a wh< le, the crowd was n quiet, orderlj
lol of pe,ipi.-. There was no yelling, and only
an oo i donal sign of drunkenness,
l":i\, i rOX'g BIfl MAS OT -I'.I'.r.STF.I).
dr.- of fi" mool amusing Incidents of Mi" even?
ing's para.le was the arrest of the greal Prince?
ton mascot "Zac" vVataon is a negro, six feel
four Inches tail and weighing alu ul KO pounds,
ii- appeared al iii" game In the afternoon
.1.>ed i'i an orange-colored satin dress snlL
?Aili, Bilk hat, cane and much drapery. Al riv
lime of Princeton's t mchdown li" was only Jual
I.- ginning to feel happy. B> I o'i lock li ? was
"glorious.*' His exuberance and his drees had
collected sboul him a crowd "f boys, wearing
Princeton's colon, imt presumably not college
men, ami with Hus following he started to pa?
rade down Broadway. Al Twenty-eighth-st.
his following had Increased i" i veritable pro
cesslon, iimi their progress was marked by much
shouting an l genera] disorder.
Before h.- reached th" Hoffman House, how?
ever, "Zac" Watson had com? togrief. A couple
,.r policemen had simply turned his ....irs,- In?
stead nf continuing down Broadway and wind?
ing Hp ni til" Fifth .\V"Illle Hotel. Willi li Kielli
che. :? to;- princeton th" police i""k th.- lead
and directed Mi'. Willson and half a dooen "t
hi- leadlns llirhts down Twenty-flfth-at. i" Slxtb
ave.. up Blxth-ave. to Thlrtleth-at., and down
Thlrtieth-st., West, to th" Nineteenth Predncl
Police Station.
"Zac" was rather surprised, but n.-t l-ss
happy, and his following didn't care. They were
all looked .ip. Lui later a Mr. Machins, of No.
ii. U'.-st Thirty-fin t-sl . balled them out.
\ PLTlNfi WI I. IJE np \ NOVEL KIN:.
Another Incident, more reckless and lively
and more novel thm "/a"" Watson's parade,
occurred in Blxth-ave. Three younf women, with
a. degr.f abandon most attractive to young
men Intoxicated with victory, tried a new trick
on tie- crowd in that thoi lughfare Th '
pi ibably had I.i pr..p.-r enough 'ip to aboul
to o'clock i-n' propriety growing commonplni-c,
th"- threw n i" ih" Minds Th.-v drew up
their drenaes .md oklrts and fastened tin tn to
hang about at the knee. This attracted r. i"i
lowlng, and th.- following insist"'! on making
lhe i ntre l us!,, s ,?.,-- a series ol ?'?
im,- wedges m. 'h.- avenue, ir then Intention
was I,, dear th fore 'hetti ti"
.led; but iii" crowd behind them doubled.
They hs ! all the fun i" I..- k<.i out ?? H. 'tl- :.
and ii,.--.- tired nf i' before a poll eman came In
si ??lu.
As usual th.- Hoffman House was a centre ror
illcgiani lal ? n i.r. ht, bul th" h ir thei ?
k. and ti.
made i" ?'? Phe all-night re l
ants < I Broadwa* did a thriv?
ing bi ind the "night-hawk" cabmen
? ? ?
1 Princ Ibo ? i ?? B ir id a i
eel. broil >n il th. ttl irrs Hill H Iel lool ? ?? nins
Itfter their 1 ':
i -if,,- ti -i alumni ..- ? ?
md shook hoi
o\ r lhi
'ii.- .. linnet .-!?? -a to the eleven aft-r the
??.?ani" li. I the B'lvantai
rlth I ....... rhe tal
;'?'?? 'he I
In -iv h. >nth? 'h.- in- n of ibo I'rl ton el,
ari! drank whal the- wanted ani ..* much ??
i'n- tinir and ilti-lni; ind Irinkl . '
iii" ;. nun - "t Hi.- Um ?: a Bong sat t t ;?? -?
wt Ich r. n
"t >ii tn >, oh
How we I" it old KU."
Thnt lt hid only tw ? lin ?/? and One r-fr.iln made
lt all th. ncr. , ind n hundred tim-- In
th.- evenii I ith from tl" happy n
Tl.. :?? a ? : ?? tr
W'li 't >m -i gratulal I th. m -i
hoped tl ??>? t uctn lon t ?
let lei
.-: old '?
?p.i nti:i .Mi \ HAVI A n\:i.v TIMK tim.
.. iwi '?.??
Tl ?? Hrs! of fl i . International
mount* l brou loword
? ? Inc. Thei
other with Koch pall woi
men fought to \
The : I leal I was bell
ir lea .-.
ll .merl an ,.
? ?ri bl Ui
? the OW i; i.n . Hand maa i! \ Ina. i
. mil noi rtxht whil- hi*, hoi ?
fell ..rr .a ins charger : wo
? i nd oo th" mati ii was ?'??? lan
Lieut, nant w. .1. Kendall, . ll ??
.1 A McOuIre, ..' Inrlan I. had
i. ill won in h\" uti ti ? ?. Then ? "bevo
le r .; ii ly, ami \ ?.. ? .. .
? mien I mt" th.- t Ina. Alni" r .,
lime i\ i ? .il- I ?trlafsk) isbed (J
i i tie- same w .*. il. la-..-1 ? u :.-.. ?.
u in;.- t h.- ii rae. >n imt. x?l up the ll i
. Ireco then wm i -mi ntl ilshl round i irl (ak
gol fi- nrtii and Oreen aron lhe -ixti, .ml th"
Til.- la i milt, ii wa" between Duncan ?'. Roan, rep
nu America, and t". ml i: .-:. - . > ??: lt...-,
Mt llooi carvel the I'ounl ns raoily nt it he lui I
been .. turkey, ..r would hav- done -?> if ita .-.,?_!"
h.! i.-t i" "ii encased in armor, rh. blown f. ii
Upon il.-- Italian thli k md fas' Iii ii. e. i
? !? ntl- r ,t ,, i, ta unpli asanl tai for li t.-.;t. i
'ie an -ii, tbrowlns Coi ni '?:? shin . over
? ? i ? il Tl-" . 'ounl wanted to i Ive up i he i... 111.-.
bul t ie in.,.. . ? i -. wrouldn'l have ir boree
of tougher fibre and quieter li |ki Itlon u,h j,m.
. ut. 1 mi v. hi- i: I ':.? . 'ounl iii .:. I . ?| ); until
Rot .1 had vii,H k- -i hun for ?.. : i m nutes, four
round i umi"
Ta nlghl the winni i ?? of Inst ni rh! will <
anions ihemoelvea The \,, -.. r-. will sli i hove
eonaolallon matche* To-morrow nbc bl .-. football
same Imi wren the Varuna*, ,,f flrooklyn and Me
Volunteer*, ..r Hoi '-m, will precode the final boul
ol i' ? conteot,
?I.s j, Corbet) wav announce.] a- ihe referee
He Bpenl part ot ths ovnlng si tbe narden.
i mv li r.t*. at MK.1 Wno BTOST, 7111 m
stimki.i:,-, HOPI ! i I. OF WINMN'G
lu iii- ,r th- declarations of the officer- of ihe
Lehigh Valley Railroad ihat the atrike is practl
...lly .mi, there i the beal of evidence in and
ii> .1- .1" rsi v i 'Hy Mia' I . .
when i' began. Th fei i.n ... ilnol th.- ? ..,.
di t.-''tl\"- i dally, .rn I act* .u \ lolence
i. i i i Ihem are looked for every hour. Inea
i" i" i" "I ui",- u.e. have Uki n the pi,.?
sf hu" co : Mi.- i illroad much. <tne of ila m.
Prank Lt ngli -,. thlrty-rigbl . an old, ot" N .. i.:
Wist Twenty*second*ot., thia city, lost s lei In tbs
Jeroey City ird .i .? He wa i brakeman.
When h.- attempted !?? couple soma cara ni the
Haldwln-ave. ero ,i y ba fell under Mu- caro, .md
his lefl !'??? ws i.var ..t Mu- thigh, il- v.i
taken to the Jersey ''itv ii" ,
'i'h. strikers t"-:i-.. th..- they will win Mi- light
i'i".' hav.- i.ii to,-I thal li they will return t-.
me uiii h. given to tii"in over ti,, applies
Hons of athen, This, iii.- mea think, is an uro ?
non that the Lehigh oglcialfl ate weakening and
Betting ready for .. turrender or a compromlo.
There was a crowd of nun near th" S111_;".-1
im. Machine worits ,,t Blisabethporl yeoterda*,
They v-.. :? mo tl) J< . -? .- Ci mr.ii employ* li
Sid They three stone* mid coal at th. Oregon
letectlvea ss Lehigh trains poa ed rion.f the
Oregory non .-hot nt them, but lt ls not believed
thal nt,.' "ii- nri-; hm:. The Incident ws noi i
Ka rd ed as Important by th.- Lehigh offlclala, althi ugh
m.,- Oregon ne I, A-i. ailinn.-I. and were dlapooml
to stfach conalderable Importance ? to p More
trouble lu looked Tu to-day, hm Oregory soya Mi.i
Ins men v. hi protect iii" by taking III . ,i nee. m
The strikliiK switchmen, who have haadquartera
al Bchweller'a Hall, (..fayette, held a meelina late
VVedneodoy nlahl and declined lo accept the ulti?
matum of President wilbur. One of the men who
was preoenl nald yeaterday: "We will not accept
tbe terma offered by .Mr. Wilbur. We will bo
back all together ... nut .,t all, The tie-up on the
l.-hi.'ii Valley road is ju it sa tight to-dai an when
the -til.-.- benn. The toad i*. loslna money and
cannot atand it long Ws srs receiving our regular
. the Brotherhood, and Mute i- a fund
.1 PBt.om which vv ran dran on All the othei
brotherhood* are supportlrix na, and the aentlmeni
"i ihe Jeroey Central and Delaware and Lacka
wonna roada la s.. ..tn,ne, thal Muir men ure ready
lo ko out at any lime OUt nf sympathy "
Tho ofilc'aH a* the Lehlijh Valley Road Id Jerney
City said last nljrht ihat everything was running
-.ninthly at this end Of the road. Kiv freight trains
?wt.* si nt oul from th- yardi al Jersey Mtj Vs
terday, They carried the usual number at Gregory
detective-). Tl-- usual police guard was k-pt tn
thi vails. The quantity of frelghl offered has
fallen off about n per cent, it is raid, on account
of the uncertainty of the movement of traine.
Xone of the paooenger trains during the last week
have carried leeplng i irs. The paooenger trame
has been gre itly ri doced.
' y. IVOR li \i:i:i->'.\- >? .DE pl BUC.
Chicago, Nov. X (Rpeclal). Ths senior n.'inocrntlc
paper of tin*-, etty, "Th.- Chicago Tim'-*." contljiuea
it.- denunciation of Presidenl Cleveland for his use
ni the appointive poorer for the purpose of establish?
ing ii new !>"!ti"'Ta;i'' machine In Chicago. Ia to?
day*- Issue ii print-, on th- editorial pags fae*
smiles of two letters written by Grover Cleveland
t,. iii" late ?': rter ii. Harrison. The second kiter
was written sfter Harrison bad r.Ived ths regu?
lar l-emocmtlc nomination In tbe last Mayoralty
campaign. The latter bad requested the PresMent'n
moral support In his fight for the Mayoraltj snd
i warded with s polite declination. Ascribing
th.- Democratic succeaa In Chicago and Illinois in
irgelj to the efforts of Mr. Harrison, "The
? denounct Cleveland as s treacherous In
grnts who. i.y his late appointments to Federal
offlcea in Chicago haa deliberately -lapped In the
face the Democrats who gave him th- electoral
rote of tlllnotfl in !?*?_. The letters read ,i? follows:
Oray ashlen, Ltussard'i May, Mass., July 9, UM.
Hon. Carter ll. Harri.
Mv Dear ??'it: Mr. Oeorge I". Parker h.s edited a
l.k made up of my -i.chen, lettera, meooageo,
etc. I baie had nexl lo nothing to do with Its
preparation and have nol even examined it with
any care, though a i ipi has I.n Bent to ms. 1
am very much afraid you will consider ll preeump
Houo, bul l want to s.nd von mv copy ol the book.
I am thin-Inn a good deal lately aboul the relations
Im*tween labor .uro capitol and the condition and
prospect* of ..ur lab..tin:; men. When in Washing?
ton | -..iii tn Com-re*- ii message on the subject
of arbitration as a mean- of adjustment of labor
troubles which I wish you would I.t at. ns well
i.m. r refereneea to Ihe gi neral subjei t to
be found In the book I -tend. I know you ar- In
i |n thi ti pl. I wloh th- Democrat ? might
.mn youl stiii" ni November, and l believe it
would be done If v..i willed ll no. l should be very
glad to hear from yon on the situation, and if you
rome Kalil I would lie happj to hove you call on
m.-. We hav.I weathei here Vouro very truly.
You will find the mealing, nn arbitration otoo In
th.- book I s.-nt you containing my public pu pera.
< ;. <:.
Executive Monolon, Washington, March IO, HW.
Hon ''..i ler ll. ila rli on
Mj Dear Hli Voui kttei i- received I sm In the
mid I .i much turmoil and perplexity ond know
bul lim. of lhi complication which attend the
l,?.-,l conte?l In i'lu,-ut" The fact, however, that
, ,,-. .?? i :..-.- j.,., ? xi i imong our I ?emo
,-t.iM.- br. hren then make, lt a very delicate matter
iy an) thins thal mnj bc '-"US' rued
. rft re nc. I am bj no t:,".i--: unmindful
,.r youl exec. Iii,mIi valuable lervlcen In the last
National ? ump . . rt, an ii mr- j ou thal I i nt. r*
t.mi f.,i im the utiii"-t personal friend!
San Francisco, Nov ," 'i'i ? body of Augustus
M. 8ci New-Yoi i
i,..-n ni il"- I, and sra*; .hipped t-. N'ew-York
?? tl..m. N Y. Nov. 0 lohn 'Ii. "tiw.il 1.
' lr- ' 'l . 'I Wai. 1 ?
I !-? nlabi i" ; "" ? In < In en HUI < 'em. ti
ll, i . ? a fanni I was a ii" mb. r
I Voun?r, Orand Armj ol th" Republic.
nna, i : ton Penn .
I..) ? I S' i anton st re. t itaii
-,\ i\ Company foi J*'.'.."* t"t alleged Injnrlei n
ei Ived bj hli -i ? ht< Him while
rs of the ro id.
Ma li " i. Ind . "? ? rge G lard eur
. - nins and naya be
ilth, night ,-i-ik
.lal Hotel In i 'bl. as ? "ii thi ni I
: '.
natl. No' . ai the river
. ill |e| nut coal --it!', len :
ti -ii ? ? ? || -tm
? ? i-' orlll I- li ? oul from PH! i urg an I
? i i Thia will Rive rmploj ?
rr. . a ho havi be> n Idle for
Tob -I". No, ::u \t . Ohio, yesterda)
a boiler In 1 Vent rea* ex
pl"'l.-l. killin-; I Mk... r-i I Jordon, engineer; Kdwai I W
Monro, lawyer, -ml fatal!) Injuring David Wright
la boret Thi i rorw ly lon* I t. ?'?<.
J ll I Ihl.iVS ' Lill I.E. tol.l URIA."'
' H i ? : ? ri team ) i ht win probabl)
ber ? n un I'hlladi Ipnla on rt ii lay RI
ind is much on the m Kiel of
' imbin. The n< ? ? .<? h la y hi on
teed I ? t the record of the
the /
t to Rac. i:-h-k.
lhi record
The nea
.-n 1 b. the
feel over .ill. 3
? ? ? ? lm lieo ..r water
.-? i ?
?i i.*-" rh. i i. i.t wi i . ?? i
Pied by Ml boat a -.11 lie
' '? ? The
yui ht I -. olumblo."
Detain . '.. M.. Noi ed by both
IS I ll A ? ' : ... -l'l
sri battls wll ? ? ight Three
hun.ln d Mexican soldi ? rs th. .. thei
,; i to ihe I r the ( hlhuahua
? under the command ol
? ii" noa in ihe mountain* n. .- bj \
i thin a few daya rhe
' s. lunn, ni j. thal th ii ? ,*,- o in be .|. .
' ' i'.i lesa len 1 i and
h ten
Cl il M< i leo. N i ipi i < ot Chlhu thus
nie I nil -J
i-i f the t -- ? i -1 - - _
? i .1.1.. ii i Th. Govern
ui-i i h re *.? x ii,. Mime ihln . i'h- i \ dutl
' I th. ir numbera
6 ? I i.i ak th. ii. al all foi tnl.lnble Imt
t ? th. facility with which th.an cross ihe hoi I. i
each woy, und ? do.li*. lb. troops v. ,,? |n
Iheli easy. Mean
while, ii "ii opportunli.??? ? i plunder are
Thi feellns her. i thal the I'nited States should
send more troopo to th I Mei.
THE nit lill i: BEPORT.
vii" ?'".! ?-* OF THF. ' "i.i) wwi: i:\sT\v\un
Wo hlngton, Nov. M. The barometer has risen
roi Hi from Mlnnesoi . and tho Dakotas southward
lo i-i attei di i ii- bri k and high northerly
wlnd< ml ' ?? - I wan The baromi lei haa also
ii en slightly in New iin.ri.md, tl." Middle Atlantic
stat.- a.i-l Mi. lal" r Kiona, It baa fallen In the
lower MI"ol lippi Valley ond "ii the North Pacific
. ?,, i l. Fair weather rontlnues in the South.-rn,
Middle and Nea h.ngland Htntea, Light snowa con?
tinue In thi I k. region . and light snow, followed
by fall weather bi reported from the Northw. I
Tho temperature ha* fallen twenty ta thirty de*
from Iowa and Min oui i wi itwnrd i" the
Rock) Mountains, ll haa fallen from t'-o to fifteen
.,??!,. .i the upper lake region, the uppei '.leo
Valli i an I n. tm- Inti ii ir ol the Middle Atlantl -
Si h. .
The Indications ire thal Ihe cold wave will ex
lend over Ihe Central Volley and luke regions I-'rl
?lay, ..od tii.it ,: -.iii I,,- i.it .rn the Middle Atlantic
Friday night or b) s.i'm-.lu morning.
: '? .:;:'? v.st IN DPJTAlf, FOn TO-I) \-..
Pur '.'?'. ian.'.oi i. irnerally fair; west winda; colder
Fol ' ? em Mei '. :' . Mi :,-:n p.am ol', un,. Kew
."id Delaware, fair; winda shifting Iq northwest;
? ??ii' i, pr >babl- a "?! I w ive io .'? itui lo] mornlni
Foi lb. LU in.-i nf t'olumhla, Maryland and V'lralnfai,
fan- Friday; much raider Frlda] alch I; winda dilftlns lo
ourthweot. 'i'i..ld ...i\.- whleh now eatends over Um
'' Ippl mi upper lake reston will prot-oM) ba
fell in ti.,- Mil.il- au,?nu., s- ,,,-. I'rblnv nlirhi
For We-I Vlntlma, Western Nea Yat IV. i-i.i I'.-mi
ilvnnli i.ii-t ol mi . prnlwbl) followed by
sln.l ...
il l
1M II. H'M: Koralng.
1 . j 1 .*. rt 7 8 o io n
-~?1 rn
l I :? i j 17 l'-?*2_i--J
Jin ll lSa.mBJaVtnS ;[0 0
*?.'-? '--'.-:' .r: ""
, lr r f '
ii. ''.,i*. dlasraai . i mtlauotu whits lin* shews ths
shaasea In praoBura as Indicated iv The Tribuno'I self.
roi rains barom-*ter Ths broken Hoe represents tho Iobb*
paratnra a- obaerv-d ut Porty's Pharaaaoy.
Ti ll,me . ,|ti. .-. |i... | I a Bl Iii- 0 ...... "I'i inn-like
weather c..nt..ni i rowing ?""i>,r toward sven.
ink. Tho lamp seaton ranoed kat woos H tnt At ?.
iii.- svarsso 'i.'.i. i.. on; ?, otpre* tower thoa ss I'ri.iuy
tnt is-., degrees blaber thoa "ti tho tosrasgusid-is Ubbo
Issi \.-,,r.
la and n.-.u this .ny I.. .Iny the o .-lither will |.i.il.nl.l)
h.. i di .,;?; raMar,
narf ot c. mabowbbt.
C. MokOWSkjr, the RusSlgn artist, ls ii gUSSl nt
the HotSl Savoy. Mr M.tliou ? ky. whose pl.tureB,
the "Husslun U'eddlni: fttst" and "Choosing ths
Bride" are well known In this country, ls here
lo pursue- his art and his visit wll! be of f-ome
length. He Intends to paint portraits, and lt ls
sal- that he ls to decorate the new Flfth-ave.
horns of <*. P. Huntington.
BIbsIsruffs Jones; known ss tbs "Black Patti,"
ls sinKinp: iii churches nightly to crowded houses,
and m.ikltu,' money for herself, her manager, and
i ?ai parties engaging hsr. "As i.ihrss as a mini?
mum fe.- S-1"" a night Bbs is supported by the
Vitoria Bisters, whom .Mr. Daly brought to this
country imo years ago from Berlin, two violinists
and a pianist Tbs violinists sn pupils of Wil?
helm.). Mrs. .Lines Bang three weeks at the I'ltts
burg Exposition, r.Iring tLOW s week. She has
given sixteen concerts In churches In Hrooklyn.
sh.- has given eighteen concerts in ludini; churches
iu New-Vork. six in Jersey ''ity. four it. Neorark,
two lu Waahlngton and twelve in Chicago, snd has
als., given concerts in all of the largs cities.
I'. Hopkinson Bmlth returns from his painting
ton- to lind that ii much lar?er portion of his time
i- filled lor lecturing Ihnn he experted, but h- has
.1. "i'l"! to put ..If his other duties and keep faith
with th" public. Anionir these engagements are
a , lurae of -i\ lectures at Harvard i nlverolty.
Professor Percy M. Reese, of John- Hopkins
I'niverslty, hos becoml a busy lectun r. ills courses
of historical lectures on "An.?lent Rome and the
Caesars," "Karly I'hrlstlan Home and the Cata?
combs," "M.-llaeval Hom.- and St. Peter's." "A Ro?
man Mosaic" snd "rrom Lucerne to th.- Heart of
Florence" ar. popular with colleges, b.BBdss his
single lectures In ih>- l.yivum.
William Hamilton Mlbson's lectures hHVe brought
this artist int.. sudden demand with th.- public
h nrj Watterson is travelling and lecturing
every dav. Last week he was in Pennsylvania,
Mils weeli in Wisconsin and Minneapolis. Hs PB
celves 1200 ev.-rv day for his lectures.
William il McBIroy i'< getting found out He in
?tructs and entertains his eudlence so charmingly
thal th"\ Invariably call him back wherever he
Miss Marv Proctor, daughter <>f the |Hte Richard
A Proctor.'after delivering B voluntary a.Mi'--. ..;
the World'-. Pair Kindergarten in Chicago, woke the
nexl morning to lind h.-rs.-lf famous. She ls lac*
tuting under educational auspices in different cities
all the tni".
James whitcomb Riley and Douglass Bherley, in
their i"lnt reading's, will make a tour ..f New
Kngland In January and february. Th.-y done for
three weeks' I'hrlsti.ias vacation on December M.
A. lt. Dei ;?i.-r\ ill-- who luis spent two years in
Asia as Honorary Commlaaloner for the Worlds
Mair, has returned from a long voyage around the
world and has begun to deliver lectures >.n his p.-r
.onai .xperien.es iii Japan, Corea and Chino.
Xctu }Jn.li.anons.
Twentieth Rdlttoo, i*"-t pul *'-i -?>'??. or Mompi,
rpHB HUMAN llAIIl. Why it Polls Off:
1 Turns Ore) '"' "" Roo'cdy. Ut I'r.if. li ARLEY
I'AHKP.R. A. M. !,"M. V CO., 1.013 AKtA-Bt.. I'n,lu .
Tn. "Ki rv .,|,, h"ii I read h. ?? I We book."? Athenaeum.
For Voong Ladies-?City.
BO. STH-AVE.-HOV. Ur. sad Mi-. _'.-_. ll.
'.ARON'KU, I'rin'lpala: MM year becai- October A.
Al Mii.M'Jl-i.l.I.I. Vl.l.'UN.
Will reopen 0 t. '.. r.t Iti bow, ??.lally con_tr'icu_
rilli.. PK tot behool it'iii'iin_.
IS ' AXD I0S WEST ri I ir-sr.
KIXIU I'.'. M'.T! N ' "Mil . ii::) i\ PREXCH.
MISS MIIIBO XS' .-I!"',. nJltl.tHLS .",?. \\. at 'Vim
- Miilll M. I.M 111- .\ I-,::, l|at. A ??".
|'|.'- tOkell. Re .;.. -i- il tu'., i Itu.
"ill*--* KARRKU AM) M.'s, m ?N i I Ol', i's MO KM * ?
l'l' '--??- 14 Wwi mi.-' i Hrl. lilted for Sp.-lal >\'o.k.
Pupil* n.i.v .ute. lm a ?|U|I -*. iuv o tor Oho!. ?"
.il I'.i.* Va I) iv School* Special atuie.it- fr
ii .i-i-. urt Unaoapt, * lenci >? h- ? i* and ?.-?:> ? r
ai | iri-nt*' option Kri-ii.'.i aol Ituliun -iioketi la
'i i.*" ? i tr mi I) p--_-.:.' liane-. Magenta intered
n: j lime. 4x7, Caril-r.\'
'I- M MM- *? tvr.M'K
Number* limited, i'm, ar- rlaaa tram ntne till twslva
s home studv fur papiU Biller f urtoen ?-? mania until
/clock Advanced i ?.-?,-. in Rnfllob.
*T*-111. MISSES '.r.lNNFl.I.'S
1 I).\Y SCHOOL rOB Ml KL-*
23 I im .'il'ii -,:;ii... ,,.- EtTKEXTIl TEAR.
?pill; MUSK! l.i.YS school foi: uiKLs.
R1VRXS1DK nr.ivs,
.-.lil AX!) -oin siiM.m*. MEW-YORK.
"? I..-'. ,t: ... l oio Midia-m-a*- noaraing and Day
**. hool foi Giri-, frisian A'-a! mir Collegial* Ce tm at-.
ul: n. u. tr ?? |i-_-l.i_ ro l"ifc- fo- women. l',.*nmtx, Oct. _.
1-AX .N..UM IV IS'sp (Found-.' Ijj.,; .
v 100 *?? 'Veotj tir?t sir.--' -Va
run.-ip.il, .Mt" Vax xuk.mav.
For Hoys and Young M*n?City.
I KNOX SCHOOL. Tot bmyt BOSei 10 yaar* old.
. l* - * eol Halal i . ?!?-- i_u>.
77''. M-dlQ-O-aro._
IVT CW-YORK Itt sim ns . OL 1.1 'il' l_*,tii-*.|. \ V
i* ill ? ? . ? .:. . - .jaT o- evening, i oil or ad
. ' I'MIN'T ' i IAIN Fa Munni Merrin ll.uk B''*_. i
I' mi i.i;*-! iv ..r.AMMAit ..|i(i,.t, .-,-* We*: ;?:< !?!
1 ..threat Prepares ter ..il p . -'-letitlB.- school* or
i , ? t Four r trip nil- :..a tat.
ll' bi ? M> s' hool! fli W ?? "lat m. ?
SEVENTH Vin; ti. jin- OCT. M.
i x -.. - \ j . ?.. i> :
inti .- ho IN --fill tn.. :, to 8 p. m.
For Bath .Vxes-Cltr.
** ? Mi4:.-o.'. bsitara SStn*oa ami Bro-dtstf), ??
Ti ra begini now.
Mnaienl ln*.trucfton.
METROPOLITAN ' "I.I.l'. K "I' Mt-:.'.
Ll MUN'. III'SK IL INsllll il. Ul AMF.I'.Il A.
i;.-,i.|". . I.;., tiiMnil for non re-'Uc i .-ti d'.a-. D nu i
llt'lK, I'rei ih ? I..-- I'-i-oii-. Vice-ITO-, j ll. w.
'?r ? ii", bec v v Tree
lS t -I BAbT Hlll-Sl'. XI'.W.Y'Ol'.K.
1> m'.i-iax m.Mi: roi; '."t'.Ni LADIES.-M
v Har au t-i.lro<iv ... - Cl au i : - -
!i ire-ti i.'.. I'.ii*.
?I'lir. DROO.:LT**l mi ioii:*- SEMIKART, noaM. .
I tug aad Liv sci.l f.ri..:; i-roi .<pcu. Septem?
ber ~s. ISb-llO Monia <??-?. Urookljra, x. Y.
t'or Hoys abd Vouii_r Men?Countrv.
lll.V. T. ll LAN ii".\ t'ttlM li'AL.
. MM. i. 1) LAN DOM, CO M MA MIAN f.
V*. I.MW.ml. >; HOOL TOR l,)Yb. at MlltortT Conn.-"
It l'arMs wlio yr.- 'iiilurt'.i.at.' In tli- moosSS.n*. of
their e..?- ? - iti'.. lu soil '<? ir..lu :.. Um r. i\ intoaoa i,:le:.-U
to iii) ti iio.il. th- ?? hool i* in * talon J in. n.' enlim
year. FRANK M HOWE, Supt.
1*4 Itl'.KIIOLll IN-llll ll. I .,,?!,..id ~N j Sot,, ,, ,r'
r?,\~- i:...iiUn:i' s? ii.ioi. Primary, Collete Freparstory,
UB-lU.'M Conns, SM": Illulia 1 v i ch ni in . 1.-.-. ...;-m .
\|*.M'. YlMKSI.I.I. A Mit IIANHM. ~!'..\i.l.M-*|'|;
iV|ordrBUKht-uian, er quality t-. take cliaigs of machinery,
i-;. thn method of HOME STUDY of th. i'orre?|ioiid-?a.-a
s.-h..ul af Mecboolc., Sriontou, Pa. Tu Im*sio. -tndoatt
mill only kiinw boo t" rood and \.rit/'. M.'U-r.t, cO_TR**a
Send tor f; ? ?<> ? ir. alar.
N KW I ON (N. .1.1 IHSTITt'T.. Hm,,.- nf-, and cart:
ovett roon, and ha.l Moan li.-ai. t , 2 gvmna-l.iui- ; bowl.
Sig. ball, lennU: i*tiue*trlaii de|K, .1. wTTaon. a. M.. l'rln.
TIM ll I*, li I. AiMi Ml 1.1 VIUV \. ' 1..M V. W. i .??(. i'
Maa*, ii -j i a- .'Ht h ye?i Sept. 12. -ri - ,| ri.'lentlll ,
ii'i-ni'-. -*rrparatori Hcuartaient-, U inna lum. A.i.
Ictl.-i eui-.lilia-; .1. (ar*fill training, h... Iiiiiu-ncea I
ji'MTii m.i.ix sn wv a m Head M.-:
rp HE I'l.i.KSMLI. MILITARY ai'aukmy,
1 COtn var. .-eiiil for IlluitnieS <??-.. omi".
JOllX X. T1I.1H-N. A M . M. I) . IM-i.tpal.
For Touns Litdles?Coiintry.
si ||')?<I, Knit YOI Xii LADIES.
bi llll.l.lint's.;.AVK.. XI.WUAVIX CT.
Mi.iii:i*-!..\SN NKWJKK.SKY. -Miss DANA'S
Iihakium; si hu.a, im uirla. Vollrpp preporo.
Hon; hm.I.'ii', native, Kiench aad ileiman tearht-fsj ipoclol
.am-,-- iii nm.i.- .mj mt. Terma, *ti-j.
For Both So\es-('otinfry.
i 1 i.i NWuui) INSTITUTE, Malawaa, X A.?Bssrtlaa
*i ;.".i Da] s im.,i both --v- . fnii coane; art, uualc,
laiignagea, Par in-uitii and thorough Instruction Olen.
Hood I* not excelled. Nearly furul-hod Winier torm Doc. 4.
?uppiiea Prof-oaor' i-.ci. ra i nora UovoruaaMa,
a.... lu Collefoa, si_.il-, uni i-a.i,,li.-. Applj u>
MIU-. M. .I Y.'i N.i hi i.ru.N. ?.'.. I n n S.niura.
\iii:Xi'Y Mi um Ct.yruir.' auiipii.'*, tntor*.. piuIe?*or*i.
KM. h.Tv eoMTQCk*. h etc.. in ail de|iW. t : > ? ouui.e.-.d.
- ti sonata. ISu Ma-ov? -moo B'mAim, car. uria ot
A > ALI'. ORA DU ATE. e\|x*rl?n<ed Miter, Mohaa prlvat*
_\ pupiu. Mtuii* for colline a ?i>ev?.lty. inanes, refur
.- n AOtrote Yali, it a lOrtrlbuao Office.
IV ?"?Tin '.ti: ni .ii: -n ii companion .ml co..ni's.
vv f..j muns 'ad v vial tin? teochera tcro'luotea): \.<iting
Loveroeaa, rsoldeai _o\enie??e-. mi? Poaavao'i Tajehrr'
lt.ir m. to r.i-t | uh..i
Dancing ^cadcmiri.
ii*.iii*, log vVeM Uth-at. I'ruat.' I.---on-, am u.
in 'tun. iu/. riio ii,en', ela-a win boola Eves Doc. dux,
lor whick prevloui uppiu .iLu. in'i-i '?? mad.v
{,'!;llN\.Mi'is AI'AUKMY IO- li. .'..Uh-?t.-l'Kli:i_.S
IIEDUCED?Claaoa* now fonotoia Prlvoaa HflasasBSS
hour, il. Walt), and all fi-hlonat.le .lani-.-, taught rapidly.
(2 EO. I-:, wai.t ii; ut.h uta rood Ben Bswss,
* i'la*.*.--. aia| Prtvatfl I.I--HII- Iii society Dunces daily
I'.'ll Cl.lllllil ll* ute Mill, n .1 -Ut Ht-. _^
No. I--1I Ptftfe-BVe, _,?.
i i.-- and pru,ir- iraaoo*. Moos ? in-* <OtoBotOOta Mon
Ate Bee. Apt. [Ifia) Taiiso las-two._
" 27 Wast 42d?t.
CiKulata on application.
?ntnmn Resort!
(ei ,7* rp r. rm /Ri n ?. n.? .-M.'aS'a
Halcyon Ball. MIIidmmc, Dutches .oiot. ? /l,*J**
all-year-round re-ert. Clone, uiia rear _S7'***.' ??? SB
lillie- lrom New-York. Elevation, 1 00uf..r Jtin*m
Hoya I '"r.lii-tia thro. U_i_a <_?Uj. Wr't_ ? a,"*a?a
IlluYuotod pruspe.ti,-.. ' V"U' "-?*???? iSi
Take N. Y. Central lt. R., 10:30 a. m "u ?_?.. _
New-York, or 3 .47, c. m.. '.'?, hmm. from'n,.* y^f *?***
A TLANTIi: OITT. X. T. OSSJ ,,11 tho tm sZ" .
patt* tnt september, October a:,.i Bovatnor. ****??"?
P'M 's Molli,, ll A UM a.Al' 1'ARk7n~J-*****
In :i |ili." d.r- -t. If you ar- *iiiie.lni! /rom a rn?__
t-rone-tel or malarial trout)!, s, try tli.- ??im,,,.,-. "BA
tlian nedi. Inca. *-* H?M-|
WU KN IN HlFl'ALOr^T'^'FTH.r ??
NIAGARA FALLS forty minti**, ?,riy.
lUintcr Resorts.
'.V intel lUa.it. "
"lien. Not. ll. la. |a ..I * ?**"
H.VI IV IV s. DENISON', Manager
...,-.:n?'v ?Vlj"t-'ilt!''1 ?*'"-.'"?'Sant DDurtv AMIDST Tam
VIM.-,, unlln.it.d attraction.. 23 mle, fran, CRar* {__
TUX, rr. qu. ut faint, vnanyj,
New.York anira, Marroy mn Hotel.
Chi. ago nlllee. lint -I Bl-hBllW.
" "loSraoiLTira dootSiJ
Op, ri from DsCSSSltS until May. ?
J. R MSad, Mn.
?eibie addreiK?Hot-'l. U< murta.
SINOUS BOOMS with oil witw-i t uatk.
^ TTD(]_E __.&?](3[MEV?
The r-holrest ?;?.!, in tie city. Ou|*0?IU the Vandw*
Mlt M:,i:-i..-i. A i-w deairabli (Ult. ni.I l? aT-r u tS
rel.ahk* occupant-, at reaaonable ratea, lor siiort Btrttfi
i alaine ..mi terrvli - i ond to non .
_ ll. I . SHANNON, M'?'r.
DQdDITOE-L QBCEIRO^[email protected]^0a(lBIE.
1__M(T., ni-..! ur STH-AVE. ?
S">\<?:,! :i|):irtn..-,t- to silt.
Real (Estate.
lu ;ili-lr;i< I i<* Horllil.-i us a pi*Bo
It i? :i mere opinion Lji-.,i1 on ouch
lin!*, u*. (lie itiiiiiiiii'r lima happened
lu limit ri-l-iliii;- to 111.* title.
it la nrhal ???? ssa Ibm i.-d. who ha* had pat
t.'.'l" nit!. h:. Ct! n - booka sri full of .'aw'.it*
Inn IvIOS ir-' ll (CBtO. 'Ih.. nu rt tm- : l
?'I'-- :.-- i" i, ?.,. ?. h. ? _: ,..r th,. dl<*.-itl*.iae.
ii.h. in. grown ..ni i ?,. ],.- t. t.on t.. titi,- atrorji'd br aa
ni -na t aud <i .lukin .,( ? a. ni ?
NVitii. ? fi- Iui.ubi t;.:.' lawaaita sw r titi-*, ah of
".?-- -ri- .'lt, :.i - ... in'.,- ii-:.m.- from then
la-" been li i ? br Wo* Oka hid tl." alj.ti.cta _ 4
ipni ti. oolr, ans ii-ti ..' tin'in iii t':o.. ..ho hid 'ht
? o' titi :i)-- ,:>.i A policy tl At-r tnt th' OlilV
' ?' ? ,.k - i'i li .ii ii.ii.on uoit.i a.i> ti.lim; IS
-..it. toe ai.-..n ?? -i.iit-it.ii-? tn.it it u coneet
TiTlE guarantee and trust C*
' :,:. Liberty St.. N. Y.
Office*- N. K. corner Mth BL & Tth Av., N. T. ?
' 20 Court St., Brooklyn.
i. .
(.-.:. Liberty st. x. Y.
l-tees I X. E. ooraer .'-tli SI ft 7th Av., N. Y. ,
( MO i ..mt St., Ur.ioklyn.
GaaraateM ths nyswl si Bsai. psi Mort.
g:i^'*-i uti res] .-.tat.' in New-Yin-, au'l Kinjs
i liter*, to investors shotts mnrti-a?* i:.1 es**
mont., with payment pUFsstecd iiy it.
...-orpe .;. TfllllBBIl. ie anio II. rotter. /
,\: \aodT I. .ur, v.. lam M. !-.:??.. .ra,
j i i n ll. ScOlS, .lo..n J. 'in' ker.
....im \,. si. rung, x\ u:iriii. Luman*,
Chark'* lt. rleiulanoa, J*mea D. I.yi.i-ti,
ii.jii.- S. Brows, BeajBO-JB i>. lllokt,
i I- .r - l-ottei . .lull.-ii Ti Da\le*,
K. 1- 1) WI lan *, 1 ella .'an.pU-.l
\.il.I.l.\M lt. I8IIAM. MAU11X jno>r.
I'n- :d.*..t v .- PrralSssfe
CLAREN- E II. RKLSET, Od Vl-e l'le-ld.-ut.
se.^-tary. Tr-*?-o*.r.
I,.e,. 1,,lu,..in ir '? Liberty-**. Btm-TerBt
.It'll'. .lOIIlIMM), Jr. S|1,, j,, ,. g^n;.,,. Lota,
Co Let /or Onsinrss Pnrposcs.
LARGE, EI.EOAXT STORK I" T ir.) le C rt o lah
1-.UI.A.NU ? WltlTlXiV.
i UexKmaii-'t.
rpo LET Coron Ml at William ani Ann Om., StXlttJ
1 iA)-*-?-lou iBimeS au*.
r.t'L.WD t WHITIN'U o Reekmsn-n.
? ?^?^_________?___>
Ucal Cstatc ito Cfubiinge.
(,,,' \ i\ >: vr ..r faun ?\ tuit.il for -.Incl.* ai*artiri-Bl
.in urooklrn; billy; llsbtlj nwrt-Bsed.
Owner, MARTIN*, il w.-i:;?t.
Citn propcrtn Sot Sale.
?HUH l-ri.'U \Tli.V. S'EAR 7-0-ST"~S. AT!"V-li*l
Ve?t 78d-at. Splendid home; ereat barinia; tvaif
romfort; on '?:.*.. t lin*, au.:. ..n nremlae*.
Ki\..-.i!.;ii.-..r. M'n -v.'KK i'I'iV.-Wr." \ iiaaHa
.a l i drab otu - |iM "f thro* lot-, con* of
liroodoo) ?'?'.i I'-ii. ? V*H-*-avo., Hoi ihe. ?.tn tko traflM
Imlldlna til.i til- |..." .t. io ii.- iivi-t ii.-...-lit..i ht
iii" m.mi mi"ro\.m.'lit.- now rielna made at Km-'r-l" <l2'-'.
tetnm -a--. I'tne ami p_lU.ul_? (rom JSRE IOHO*
MIN . 11; ', l .).. "il l.ili'it' -^1 N N .
Connlrn propcrtn Sot Salt an& -To Cct
Twelve tin 'i-_n- a. SM of yellow ptna timbered laniS
Iti a Univ, ii.-ar iKivlitable -.tn-.nu. I'hiop for nv\: HO
.iay>. Titi, i-rf.-'t.
llaruniond, Lt, \ ?
XnrniQlici) fjouoce iTo Ld.
f"*riJ....\\'l'I.V .'VU' nMI'l.l TIM.V Inn l*t!iel dwCeinf.
'_ I i \t Sth-ave. an.l li ion 4_.i-.t. to let: .'\.|.i*.|\" an4
.?noi. ? netrbborhood; ta\.ral)l. t.-imt to ?<?!?-.t OttW.
I or nari ' ular* apply tu
I. A I r. t ll. -* 11A N IC i CO., 170 Hroadv??y.
Unfnrnislj.b ^.partmcnis lo Crt.
Ike BaKHUH-7
E .,?''"- aoco.id-.loor coraer apartmeat. couoiatlafSl
parlor, 11-ro.y, dining tvom, 4 rh?_jber?, A >orvanU MB
ri.om* kHiCn, ?te.. *Uo a ann.lei *parti_Oiit.
? 1,037 au. 1 03,? Fifth Ave., cor. 8Jth St.
One i*le.ant ou_,.d" a..ar;ir-.Mit to let; all li-pro\em?atSI
,I'la'or-., at.ain, SI ? _
C. *?V. Fl'ESS. Supt,
1,037 .-ftn Ava.
. i ISI.l) Al Till. IT-i.mN 0-rll.E, Xo. lAWBtttW
vin, Jd door uorili ol Thlrti *tr?t--.t.: and aDVKK
I'I.-. I'..MEX IS at tn., foliowin:.' RlBOCk O-MSSi '*->*
i-.iuiitii-ax.'.. *. ??. ..-I. Tu.-.i'i-thiid-.-:.; i-">2 .sutb-*va;
157 Ko urtli-ni e.. .or.er lourie, ntl.-t.; 700 Third-ave..
rorner loitv-.ev.nth-at. : l.U'.'O Tiilrd-av., near mmxtt*
ilr*.t-?t.; L7'>H Mr-i-iie.; IM Weat Forty BB-BBdl tt IJW
Colunibu-a\e.; *.-' Avanoo A; I.S.- Tlilrd-i-'e., 20 vy.*B
Fourteenth-**.; _'.7 v\"*i Fort i-ieeimd.-.t., .-..1 Thlrd-av*..
I XI* I'hlnl-iiv. . . ".O.-.l lhlnl-aie.. N't. On.;.huiirtI*
and-tHi'lltli and ui."-liiiiidie.|-:iiid-tltlrlci'tith ?U.
At tli- IfARLEM i'll I' KS, thO Birt poO?MSWS?
andtwntvlifli-t. : :4t Weat Oiie-liii'idre.l-and-tw-Bty.
lifUi-at., and 3J'l We-t ,'iiie-!iuiidred-j:id-forO'*Bf*_l-?l., Of
IB 9 a. Bt.. ot h'ptilnr bSBM n*<-? .... na
In IHooklvu, ut ti- Court-*!.; 30.1 D* Kjlli-a.e.- i.nm
Bedford .i\e.,"up t? 8 p. m.. at re/uhr offlre nie*.
ixmdon OBlie for advcrtl-etuent*. 233 Re?en?**t., w, .

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