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ONE AT WHITEHAVEN, _-_*_?.. Jt_t-__- I" THE
rLA_t_UT-0_ TH AT EOSTS .200,000.
1Ti-laal_BTin Penn . r>eC. 2-Karly this morn
ing two freight trains _____ in'," collision on th*
lehigh Valley roa.l tn the bear! of th- * >wn' ?*?
followed, burning the curs, asd, it ?? thought, nt
least three men ore burned io death. The Hames
communl* .Ucl io the Huhnk.- Hotel, and om <.f
the worst -or.f_.--r..lions which hal /Ulta 1 here Itt
many year* took place. The train* v.'"- manned
tiy non-union men. and no one knowa th" ni ' ere.
lt was aim"' 4 O'clock this ni,.ruin**. A heavy
train caine down th" mountain at it good ipe-d.
When th" level xv..- reached Just above the town
lt seems tba entA-Be. pal on a full head of stem,
ami the new trainmen fail*" I to release the brakes,
with the result that the train I""'"1 w *****
places. Inatead of repairing tbs break the en
Klneer. with a portion of bia train, sped away. b,.x -
lng the esra beblnd on Ihe main Una. ?? ******'
after running a short distance Btopf-d Ju--'- in Illa
middle of tht* town.
A trainman left the -_-TaOM BAd went bach B
abort distance to flan approaching trains. Ha WSS,
lt is said. WM BBOe- ">an sixty yards from bil
train wh.n Bnglnc Ko. 171, drawing s nain of
freight esra, dashed around the curve at a apeed
of fifty miles sn hour. To stop was bnpoSBible,
and In another moment the engine struck tbe sta- ;
tionarv train with tremendous force, turning thc
huge locomotive completely ..round. Tho momentum j
of the trnln drove th.* curs on top of each Other,
which a m.-mei.t later fell a mass of broken tim?
ber* Those wh" witnessed the collision had hardy
r_aJt"Ml- what had occurred when Dames hurst
from the wreck. A heavy wind wa* blowing at tbe
time, and lt was not long before Ibe entire mass
wa** enveloped In Are. Townspeople hurried to the
scene In hundreds, arl the wildest excitement
prevailed The lire had already communlcat-d to
the Ruhnke Hotel, whk-h stood near by. Thc wreck
mom deserted for the time, snd all enerflea directed
.,,'sav- !).*? hotel meeta. This, it _ baUeved, was
Th.* fury of th" On-nea could not be checked, .iud
T ".V Hick.ts store was next burning Bercely.
From' there tbe Ure spread lo the large livery
Mable owned by Edward Cramer, of EnSton. For
rn time it looked a* If thc town was doonM I. bul
R fortunate change in the wind gave the Bremen
nn ndvantage and the flames ware got i-nder con
troi Attention was again turned IO th.- wrecl!
Four cars of b'rain and flour were sill! burning.
The only man to be Been who rode on the ill
fated train xvas the engineer, xvho had bravel"
stuck to his post How if escaped from bis cab
la a mystery.
Thc* fire. Which was subdued and supposed to be
under control, brok" out again at 10:3'l o'clock and
extended, resultln,. in the horning ol' the building*
which Comprised the entire block. In addition io
the Rtructures destroyed, as named above, the
following wei. consumtxl by the second outbreak:
Smith's Hotel, -brigg's Hotel. Prigg's drug stor*\ ti
\V. Koons' dry-good.- store. Fis* h. i's Jewelry stor-".
Poerc?_er*a jewelry store and sev.rri dwelling*.
At 1 o"cloek thin afternoon the north-bound track
had been BUfflclenUy cleared to permit trains piss?
ing. The _oiith-bound track, however, ls still
blocked with smoking wreckage. The engineer, tir -
man and one brakeman of engine No. i7i _r-*- ac
counted for. The engineer sustained a broken arm
and severe bodily contusions. The tii.ni.tn and
brakeman are injured Intel nally. Three Other men
were arnon*- ihe crew, it is certain, but how many
moro no one knows. Of these nothing can >?-?
learned. Th.- cab.,os" and four cars containing
grain are piles of burning ruins. \\'h*n lb*' flre
.tarted this morning;, fttases of burning tVsh per?
meated the air, bul the excitement attending Ihe
rencue of hotel guests waa ao greal that
the wrecl; was forgotten for a time. This and
the fact that no one has seen th.- naen lead to the
ballet that their bodies xviii be recovered In the
fragments when th.- wreck shall have Leer, cleared.
Since the strike was Inaugurated the Lehigh Val?
ley Company hus sen: as manx as ten and txvelx"
men out with a train, and this fscl lead* t.. tile
suspicion thnt lhere ar.- more than three unlortu
r.al"K. Aa the men now taking th.- strikers' place*
bax,- come from all parts of the countn no ..t -
knows them, i'-x* ol them h. xe given their correct
names even at ihe receiving station.
Manager Wilbur, of the Echlj-li Valley Company,
arrived on the acene curly end personally directed
the movements of tbe wrecking train*. The action
of th*.- sinker:; themselves In tbe emergency ha*
been highly*commended as t.:>x rendered valuable
aid In ?ie)* tn*' the cars which were l< ft Intact
Tho loss here to-day xx ii. reach "r_no,0u..
Philadelphia, Dec. 2 (.Special) The numeroua
wrecks on ide Lehigh \. ll y rrystem, especially
the .m.- to-day at Uhttehaven, have Inspired Ha?
st! iv- leader* xx .th confidence and given encour?
agement to the men who at" ."it. Th" wrecka
have not only entailed heavy losses upon th*
company, but haw als,, aerved t... niax the move?
ment of other trains, thus promoting the .iii- ..:
the strikers in two directions. Naturally this lum
ot aft.lits har- strengthenel th.- determination and
raised Hie h.," - ol thc ne li. and thc,- ai." DOW
more confldeui than ever that the official* mud
sooner or later rarrender and accede to their de
m-in.i for recognition President \\ ilbur and rds
subordinates take just the opposite view *.f th<*
situation and are still unshaken in their deter?
mination to run th. road without the assistance
of the milkers, although H. ir *lY',r;s In that
direction were greatly hampered yesterday and to
?l_y by tbe many wrecka blocking travel at various
points *.n ihe Una Ft this r< ison Oeneral Man?
ager Voorheea departed for Bethlehem tins morn?
ing f..r tn. purpose ci' again assuming personal
direction of tne company*? campaign. ':'.. all <>ut
ward -i;,I-i.iaiic.- m.' official- ,,t the compan)
are not In the least xvorrlt-d over the continuance
of tne .strlk., which begun two weeks ugo to-night.
? 'hallinan E. K. Clark, of the Brotherhood lead?
ers, to-day suthoriaed the followlns itatement
'There ls no Instance in which the responsibility
for one dolls!- worth >>f damage Uiat has occurred
caa be braced lo any striking emplove."
A statement was issued her- to-night by General
Manager \'...rliees in which he charges the sttik
ers with having caused n,.. disastrous Whitehaven
wreck. Th" Btatenwnt aaya:
"'The accident at Whitehaven xxas caused t." strik?
ers palling pins on a freight trai.i that stopped In
front of the station. The engineer made several
attempts to start the train and each time found it
broken in two In fresh place*. There xx ns ao min fi
detention resulting Hem th!" that before th" train
got away th.- following tram ran int'* the far nnd
caused th. colllalon. fiver since th- sulk, began
those of the striker* wh., live, nt Whitehaven hav
been active in all manner of mallcloua mlachlet
"It is Idle for any party to say Ihat this action
an.l numerous other Inatarcea ..: obstruction b> our
trains in that vicinity have nol been caused bi
strikers, for the i-eaaon thal rn every case where
crowds hav.- congregated <.r where arrest
have rs-en made for assault*, etc . a large proportion
of those arr-ste,l .hay.- been striker* The co
?any's officer* believe that Ihe moderation thal ha*
b.*m s)?,xvfi in the utterances of President Wilbur
and the stand that hus been Liken by the company
have be* n by nome "t the men -regarded as evi?
dence of weakness. They xviii rind thai they have
been very much mistaken. The company i-' .i-1--j -
mined to carry out its purposes a- announced lo
the letter, anti more stringent and effect! ?? meas?
ures will from this time forth be put into ???.?.',j
Pottsville, l'enn., I iee. _-__? Lehigh Valley
coal brunches are handllm; little ??! anything to?
day. There is a bal block al Pockerton which
prevents any quantity of freight or coal cns belnjf
delivered to the coal branches. The collieries
are only working n few lu,un- to-day.
Wllkesbarre. Penn., Dee. ..-The many wreck* "ii
the Lehigh Valley hav a tendency to keep tbe urik
ers firmly united. They nt" m.xv convinced more
than ever thai th.- company cannot operate the
Wyoming Division <.f its road with any degree .-f
success with lt* "Ban-union fore* of employes The
wreck at Whitehaven to-,lav will alone coal the
company no lesa than "-".OOO, hikI hus delayed ..'1
passenger traffic. The aituatlon at the freight-yards
here and at Coxton to-day is unchanged The
force of special officers was Increased ;lt ii o'elo k
to-day by the arrival of fifty men, but the com?
pany cannot accomplish much In making up trains
in Its yards here when Its main line ls blocked
with wrecks from Sayre lo Whitehaven, a distance
of nearly MB mlle*.
l_He this afternoon a serious wreck occurred nt the
Florence Colliery, near Avoca. Oeneral yardmaster
Frederick Hound had taken an engine at :, p rn
, to the cut-off on the mountain to move Bosae freight
On the return trip the grade was besvy, and the
yardmaster, fearing to trust the non-union engine, r
took the throttle himself. While Masing the coll?
iery ut a good rate ..r ipeed be Slashed int..
Delaware and Hudson coal train which xx.is pull?
ing out of the branch. The Lshlgh Valley engine
waa badly damaged and the coal cars piled in a
big heap. The yardmaster, it ls said, ran contrary
to orders, as the red ball was against him ut the
An Idea of the regularity with which passenger
trains are run on thia division mav be had when
lt ls atated that the only through train whb-h
reached here In twenty-four hours arrived at '45
p. m. to-day.
Coroner Trimmer returned to-day from Fairview
where he Investigated the wreck at that place!
" ? Tbe Jury found a verdict of manslaughter against1
the non-union employes, and txvo of them have
been placed under arrest.
The officials In this city have become reticent nnd
little or no Information can be obtained to-night
regarding the many accidents which have taken
place within the last two days.
The Jersey Central Railroad employes refuse to
pilot Lehigh Valley trains over their road around
wreck* which have taken place near the line of
the Jersey Central, and us a consequence the
Valley road between Hethlehem anti this city is
completely blocked by the big wrecks at White?
haven and Fairview. Suj.n?rintendcnt TTaair. of the
Wyoming division, who has been working almost
night and day since the strike beean, broke down
this evening and waa obliged to take to his oed.
Phllllpsburg. N. J., Dec. ..-The strike on the
I_hlgh Railroad la proving dlnastrous. The green
hands who have taken the place of the strikers
have done such bad work that several collisions
have been caused by their carelessness. Several
collisions occurred last night on the road. At mid?
night a switchman at Hloomsbury switched a train
on the westbound track instead of the eastbound,
wh'ch resulted In a collision between two coal
aajjv*SPia. **-*_ anginea were wrecked and the rood
was blocked for several hours. W. J. Ridley, a
brakeman, was instantly killed. ,.,,,_, . ,
As engine N,> Itt xvas running nt nigh speed nt
fi o'clock this morning to assist in clent lng away
the wreck it cn me Into collision with another coal
train. The engine* - reversed his engine sad umped
?.-/?.?. .___, T_ .,_.,. __-_ hla life. The tireinnn
train. The engineer reversed ni* ro-jrin-wau umpeu
from the cal, [n lime io saxe his life. Thc _"*____?
<s'a|..| also bv Jumping.
?? -The Dorothy, Sui., rta
nglna known a* No. BOO,
Easton, Pen
and he nnd the lir<*maii "ump. i. i ne r.-v-i'.-i . ?
g!ne ran backward and dashed ir:t . Philllp-burg,
J*, .i.. al a mlr*-a-mlnnte rate. A1 Stockton it mel
the Dorothy an*l tossed lt* tank upon ivr. t__
englneer and fireman jumped Jual bel re tba col?
lision, and both engine* xx ,-r * thua lefl i" ihem
s. ires. The big No. itt pu*h_l th" Dorothy through
Phllilpaburg, over the Delaware bridge, past thi
Easton station, thr.nigh ihe South Easton yards,
and had almost reached ih* roundhouse when *
coal train going eaat xvas met. Tin Dorothy wai
smashed between the two engines. The ,-,,,i train
engine was slightly wrecked, .\'">. 192 wa* badi)
damaged. No "!"? xxas hurt. In Ihe wreck at
Orcensbrldge, xxl,bli started th.- series ..;" collisions,
the cali.h.sc and aeveral coal -ai. we ??? smashed.
The three damaged engines were taken to the
Pittsburg. Dec. t?Tl. wss m> Indication of an
outbreak smong the striking miner* si Bnowden.
Oastonvllle nnd Ptah j -villi tins evening. All of the
dav and evening xx,is spent by the men In talking
aboul their prospects. There ar*- man) among the
strikers nh" are wav. ring ns to tte advisability
of prolonging the strike, At the Hackett mines a
con fi Iel between striker* and v-.t laborers who were
loading alack xxas narrowly averted to-day bx- the
timely arrival of the deputy sheriffs. The strikers
.lispers.,) when s.. ordered by the officer*! Superin?
tendent Bonner, "f the Pittsburg end Chicago d,i<
and r,.k." Company at Snowden snd Oastonvllle,
snid thia evening thal a few rn* n n rked lo-daj The
company, be said, would nol attempt to pu: mora
men into th, pits for ll l''XX
Henry Floerahelm, ol Finlcyvllle, said to-day that
the operators along the Wheeling division "f the
Baltimore asd i.iii" Railroad would not attend
next Tuesday's conference ir; Pittsburg, bul would
abide l x what vt i rate mi thi bc adopted. He ??*.
petts ;i fjn cenl rate. The striken are very angry
onci i time, tne proposed evl lions ne_1 Sion.lay.
They say that If th*- attempt I* made there xxiii be
serious trouble,
Th.re .ir.- two Btorle* of thc strike situation
among the mint rs at Snowden. That lu ihe Si ? rift -
office, consisting .d reports fr,'in the deputies, ls
to the effect that everything is quiet. The other
story is told in ? bill ..f equity making numerous
nile,.-;,n,,ns of violence, and asking the Court tn
>nioir. toe striker* from congregating near the
minis nnd from Intimidating the men who ai ?
working, Fifty lesder* nf the striking miners are
named as defendants. Th* Chicago Cia* and Coke
t'ompany is plaintiff. The Houri granted a pre?
liminary Injunction, ?Stag Ihe Anal hearing for
next Wednesday.
Philadelphia, Dec 2.?A misplaced awltch ca ed
a xvreck in the Broad str-et si.iti..ii of the H rm
sylvania Railroad al .'?:'?" o'clock ihla evening.
Train No. '-'*'. from the Schuylkill Division, crashed
Into a number of empty cars which were about t.?
he m.vi"' up Into a main-line irain and s,\,r i
I-is,,m were Injured. Tho*e m..st seriously hurl
ar.*- Bart Lee, aced twenty-seven yeal . of Ches
t.i. Penn., Inclsi i wound of the scalp: John Heaver,
an elderly man. living at Collegevillc, Penn., con?
tusion of the bael;. William Widdin, raliway posi il
clerk on the main-line train, bruis il ab ul He
head; .loscnh Burnett, baggage master on Ihe
Schuylkill Division train, had an nun bruised and
several fingers broken, and Charles I". Bright, fire?
man of th" sam.- trsln, xxas slightly cul sbn
head. The locomotive and three of the mnln-llne
cars were badly damaged. The i ?? ur.-.I
in the train abed, and two boura were required to
clear sws) th*- debris,
Pittsburg, Dec. 2? A st..ry lo th" -ffoct Hint *..'?"<"?
employes on the Pittsburg, Port Wayne snd
Chicago Railroad sr* lo be dismissed ia denied st
tbe g.-ii. ral olllce of thc Pennsylvania Company In
this citx. Til- official- st.,),. ihnl only a few hun?
dred nr- n xx iii be dlspls. ? ?!. Thi* In. Iud* i trnckm. n
and trainmen whose service* arere demanded by
the extra World's Fair traffic.
Th.- number dismissed itt Hil* lime doc* i t exceed
th.- number usually laid off by thc company al this
season of th- \ ? tnt
WHAT MRS. ANi.r.rxv po. -xvs. ni'.r. Bt-DAXO
MOMENTS ni' ki.': "'.-:. M IMI I
OF Till. 01 lf.TY MES
C'l.i'agu. Dec, t?"The Post' this rtern n print*
in del n! Ihe teatlmonv which, lt is sm I, will be
givn by Mrs. Andrea Foy, who will !??? th* ilrst
witness presented i.x th. State in the Coughlln
trial. Th.* facts, Mrs Foy avers, were loki her by
i her husband al timi when rem.,rs.- for bl* part In
' th** crime would overcom** him. The evidence,
; while m.t sdmleslble as against Foy, ls competent
; agnlnsl either of the other men mentioned In her
story. In sut.st.nice, according :> "The Post," Mn
Ki.v's evident >? xx iii bi a fol
Dr. H. ll. Cronin was killed in the Carlson cot
| tag.- ic. repeated blow* "ii the head with a heavy
? carpenter** chisel In the band* "f Patrick Coon* .,
] while .Martin Burke held ihe Btruggtlng victim help
; I*-** ta his siron-; gr.':;., and Michael . non ?
member of Chicago'* police force, stood guai i at
the door. No one but Cooney atruck the doctor,
and only Burke, Cooney and Mid,.:'1 b/ci ? In
th.- cuting." Pstrlch O'Sullivan Hood outside at
? the rear "f the cottage, watching and guarding
against possible Interference. "Dan" Coughlln did
: not reach tbe <?..ttag. until after the murder, when
he esme accompanied by Andrew Foy. Tho man
who called at t'oirkiiiis house xxith Dtnan'a xxhit"
bone f..r Dr. Cronin wm Martin Dawn, of
Hancock, Mich. ?'.). B. Blmonds." who bought si
Revell's the furiiitiii ? found In the coting- and
who rented the Rat at N<>. HT Clark-si, ?.c James
Cunnes, then b clerli in QlUesple'a grocery store,
Tiv nty-secitid-s.. and Indiana -SVO., and now ii
fugitive. Burke end Cooney were Hie person* who
rented the < 'arl ?':?? cottage.
"D:.n" Coughlln waa the head and front of Iht
piracy which Included the foll..xx lng men, who
h.-il escrel meeting:) ninio.-t nightly for Borne lime
prior to the murder:
Daniel Coughlln, detective, to whom all the other*
reported for In tractions, who hired the whit* horse
from Dtnnn, and who wa* "ie "i the three men on
Ibe wac,,;, that carried thi trunk containing the
do tor's mutilated i?.,i\
Andrew Foy, al n ria ?? hon ? the consplratirs
mel and |,li.nie 1 l,en * ll k. nnd xvho ri- .uni
Coughlln :.. the Carlnon cottage Ihe night "t thi
murder and wan mistaken for John Kunai by
the milkman Menes.
Martin Burk**, laborer, x\h. rent- I the Carl >*i
.,.it.me, ..ti" ol the three men to whom f'-n th*
lol of killing i ni.:', nd who held Ihe do* lor ix bile
Cooney beat i ul b_ life with Ihi chi ?
Patrick O'Sullivan, Iceman, xxim. according to In
structlons gix,n. mad* Ihe agreeinen* wTlh the
physician regarding the nr->*-*niatlon ..t the card
which xxas used successfully s - .. mean* lo gel ii.
< 'ronlu to thc place ol m inlei
James Cunnea, grocerj clerk, who si "J. B.
SI m. nels," rented the place al No. Hi Clark il , and
bought the furniture and trunk.
patrick Cooney, bricklayer, the actual slayer
of Di. Cronin.
Martin Dawn, laborer, of Han.k. Mich., brought
to Chicago to decoy the doctor irom home and se
beted i".:iiis. no ..ne xx tm might ace him with
Cronin would re *ognlae him.
Joseph M. K. ima. xx in. drove t" tha Carlson col
tag.- from the South Sid.- the xvagmi ii" d tn haul
away the corps.- In the trunk.
Michael ? now a city policeman, who ama
deputed lo old Cooney and Burke lu the killing and
xxl... opened the door ol the cottage to admit the
doctor and held lt closed while tne minder waa
being .lon.-. This man'i narne i suppressed here,
sa bu early arr'st la probable.
Two other m.ii. on.- in Chicago and one In Han?
cock, Midi., arere ricken ,,r by the conspirators
by sams and in lucfa a xvnv ss t>. leave no doubt
that tiley Wire pur His t,, thc plot.
Th.- nt,,ry shove outlined li practically thal related
to the police by Mrs. Foy, When questioned about
lt th** State's representative* declined t<> talk abou
th*- matter, but virtual!) admitted th.* correct"**
of "The Host's" information by requesting that thc
name of the iiollc* man referred to as Michael _ -
be not publish**.!.
The C-oughlln .ns- was d'voii or ?"?n-*afl<.nu 1 de?
velopments to-day, inongh there xvas ? rumor of
another suspected juror. Tho examination of special
veniremen t<> till the three vacant seata in tbe
Jury box was resumed, bul wh,n court adjourned
only one man hail been passed by both side*
The steamship Al.ana is a "renee] which ls
-rixon to strange experiences on tin xe.,, r_nd usually
brings In a good story. She arrived hen* yesterday
morning from Dundee, which port pat i-f ,,? .\*?.
vembr la. When two days out she Bxperienced ?'
violent hurricane from the north, lasting for
? "?.. hu over the deck.
.. ._.-- '"_-_*__ ? ~ *-g*ag fashion and then
Jumped overboard narrowly missing th* flrsl
mate's head sa lt did so, * ?
i;r.ry".\virK-siixa<i.,r fa Men-ea bb, _baa_Hsa Min?
uter at \V:i.shln-.'1..n. I'll KIMlllAM Pr "-WIBI 0. C.
Marah, al Val- Pali ai ally. BOP-MAN _**"?_-. Btwarl
Marphy, jr.. ..f Tray, MITEBAT HIM. PrBrtdesl E. ii.
.xaiieixs. ,,t grows riiixcrsi'.x. "r_-_-.UA Oesiga M.
_h_BB, o; Dela** ar..
Th? ninth dinner of the Mount WnshlnRton Col
legiate Association will take pines on T_esdnyeven
i itu- al ?:_ i>. m. Anions Um membera who xviii bc
li. . :.; ar" X iii.in; Walter Hh.lps, Adolph I..
Hanger, Julian T, Davies, B. M. W-Utoasa, Piofaaaor
Alexis A. .lullen. of Columbia CtoUegs; Frank TO*
ford and wiiiir.iii H. Besdleston.
Tbe Metropolitan Museum of Art win be open free
to the public H.i* afternoon from l lo I "'clock;
Tuesdays, Wedneedaya Thursday and Saturdays
* from Pi a. tn. to ?'> p. m., and Monday and Friday
\ evening! from I t" IO ..'.dock. Th- admission ,.n
; Mondsyi and Fridays ii _:, cents
Admission b> the Museum of Natural History ls
: fr..- to-day from 1 p. m. to I p. m.; on _*ednes
.1 a Thursdsya sn. Fridays from 9 a. m. to f>
p. *t ? on Saturdnys from '.* a. m. 1" 10 p. ni., and
Tues ,,v evenings from n to io ..'clock. The price
of admission bj -'? centa on M. inlays and Tuesdays
j from :? a. ni. '- ' I p. m.
Dr. charles Stuart Welles delivered an cnter
: tninini" lecture at Cooper I'nion last night, on
"Ollmpsea ,.r the World's Fnlr." Uta "-marka
Were Illustrated by stCTCOptlcon vbxvs of the Hx
poaitlon building* snd Interesting features of the
Midway Plalsance.
Rober! Wilbania who ls charged xvith fraud by
Benjamin n. Oroom, of Kentucky, waived examine
ten in the T01114V- I'.ille,- Ci.ur: <? "t.-rd.-iy, snd waa
hiM f,.r the _rsnd Jury in MOt i...ii. The examina?
tion of Henry H. Finley, charged xxith conspiring
With William* to defraud Oro un, xxas adjourned
until nev Saturday.
!.. c. Stevenson, thc son of the vice-President,
; an.l his brid,, ss I led f"r France yesterday on ihe
steamship BreUgn., for g wedding tour in _urop?.
Th.* New-Tork City Baptist Mis icu Society will
hold Its first anniversary services on Toe?? lay even?
ing In Calvary Baptist Church, In West Flfty-sev
?. between sixth and Seventh svea The
Rev. Dr. Oeorge C. Ixirimer, pastor of Tremonl
Temple, xxiii deliver sn address, his sublet being
"The Bsptbrta In History." Benia In the church
will be free.
\i H.- from Hong Kong, November t, __sn_nal,
November .">. and Yokohama, .November 1".. are due
In Hus city to-morrow morning. The n.-xt mall for
? mi .inp.u. xxiii close al th? Oeneral Post
office bi >;.:;.! p. m. to-day, for dispatch by steam?
ship Peru from San Francis, i
The lirst Messina lemon* arc In the market. Th"
steamship california's cargo, the first sold. rea*.*. I
fmni ta ?"?' i" IS __ a box. The steamer RoMnaa'a
lota xxiii 1... sold thia week. The market ls said to
be clear >>f old stock, and prices begin p. maka up
for h'-i-es' on the bad quality of last summer.
Colonel Rober! <?. Ingersoll will give his lecture
on "The O ..ls" ai the Hro.tdway Theatre one xxck
from to-night.
On a.int Of th.- lari," demand for ticket* for
the concert announced by Messrs. Dobson nnd
Shew for th- evening of Wednesday st Recital
Hall, lt h is i. et, .I. elded t" hold the concert butt i I
In Hi" man: auditorium ..f thc Carnegie Musk ll iii
Tickets ..ni bc exchanged st the box office f i
B* at~ in th.- tn un hall.
Two alanna xx.re rung last evening for n fir.* In
Ihe tue..-.,,rv iuddiiiif N ? ?. ? Broadway.
'inly * portion of Ihe third si..ry xx.i* burned.
Stelnhardl _ Hetdetberg, rlothlem, occupied Ihe
? ? !. fhn I. f mrth snd fifth lori* ? of the build
. ind their l"*s xxas sail to be about $'??*?>. fully
i I x int ui inc* i. !??* ii i s, hleaing. r, "1 I
au ! the Tailor," on Ihe ground HoAr, I I about
*.',"?' by xx..: r, and ti"" building wa* damagi l ??.
the > atenl ol 11.000.
,, i.i ania, whit h arrive 1 hi
| pori rai rday morning;, hud a rough pfi?egr
.--!:?? Itl.lde the 'lip fl ? .
p.".xii iii .'. days, 1'. how minutes, which la
go "i in thi* lesson >.f the | ?? ?
inder SH* ? rbli I, : ,; ij riv* ye .r* old, a ltu?
lantl) killed yesterday
by i" N by a falling pile-driver al Ons*
hundn l-and-flft] and the Harlem River,
Tfi- -., m., r Raltlaloe, which strived here |
? : c. from Mi llb rr inenn port ste im< r
bulli expressly for th. M in. hi ter ahlp canal
trade Ur ii?x-.e[ mn-ts .,r.- bollon ????? i tubes, snd
h.r topmast* ol xx ??'! ...ti !?? dropped down ln*ll<
..f them when th.- ahl| na ? inter u brldgi
Th.- Baltlaloe la i.x-.* montha old. and i* on her Oral
\ Ml 'I i\ I cu- THE PARK n ,x".:i To BR RKLD
TO DIVE < ith'.i \s, \\ upp..in rsi'i v
To Dint iss thi: pcm Ml
Th.- question whether lhere shall be a sidewalk
| on each side of lb* pt.ried Speedway, tn begin
nt * >rie-huii di-.-'l-aiid-tlft v-:if!h -I "t . and *B letts! north
ward alofi- th. rest bank of the Harlem River, or
.??d\- one sidewalk, nnd thal along th* aids- ..f th*
I road forth, si from Ihe rix-r, ls still ,i fruitful
theme of discussion, lt appears, however, thal Com
ml loner* A, ll Tappen, Oeorgi C Clausen and
Nathan Straus, ronsl luting a rm tority of the Part
; Board, have decided lo have only one iklewalk.
, The origin .! plan ..f th" board xx.is to have only one
sidewalk, and thal to be along the ares] sid,. ,,- th
speedway, and on n level xxith the crown of the
roadbed. Commissioner Haul liana objected io ti ?
plan, on tue groun I thal lt would prevent pr>*mcn
adel ti. in ol,ta,inni' a \ des of the i tv -r. and tu?
pi"!.??: thal a klewalk be conBtrucle*! nN,, ulong
ii" river front on tia rael akli ol the *].Iway.
Illa fello* i',.inti,i stoner* objected. ,,i, th* uro ui I
.? it xxonii i." dangeroua i"t pedestrian* i. a
the Rpeedway al .. grade, and thal bridge* t.. en
' able them lo cn ? safely would h.- unstghty. The
, new pinn adopt" l ic Commissioner* Tappen,
claus* n and Straus is t..itruct a sidewalk al
ja siiili.-i" nt elevation along Ihe xx.st .,.*.. ,,, ,|,,.
': I.., ii p. enable promenaders lo nee the mo
! ani al th. aame lime have a view >.f the speeding
hoi- *,
a meeting of Hi.- Park Board, which waa aug
' gentc-d b) Commissioner Dan.,, win be held at lha
"Hi'.f Ihe board, No, :.i Chambers-et., at la a rn
on Wrdneadny, t.. give onportunlt) lo all rltlsena
,.'?:? ? il in the .subject ti. give their vtewa
i.i;\M) jr;:x is BROOKLTN.
Th.* prepsratlona for th.- Bxtraordlnary Term af
the Courl ol Oyer and Termlner p. try the case* ..r
elect in fi sud, which will eonven ? lu Brookl) n on D< -
, >mbei if, at.- being completed, yesterday a
i mel ...' tiny turora Hom which the twenty-three
members oi ni" extraordinary Onad dury to con
i i.i iii,- casca xxiii !"? selected, was drawn. The
drawing waa done in thc office of thc Commlasloner
.,; .int,.rs. and in thc presence of Judges Cullen,
Clemen! snd Moors snd Associate Justice K Ily.
Judge Cullen win beer ihe excusea ot tho**- ?i?i
hope io lsd oul of Berring.
Tba pnnel is composed of John J. Neale, restau?
rant. No. VB Thlrd-ave . .limes j. Dowling, poultry,
I NO. >>'M Stat.-st.; Chillies N. I'nlheriiU-, lc.*, No.
7a -bambridge Hine; ii.-nty ll Ood-srd, stationer,
j No. Bl Siimpter-.st ; W. ll. V,',udell, boatman,
Hay Ridge; Patrick Csrraher, stsnaalltler, No. iv* _
1 Division av.>? winiam ii Walton, Insurance, No.
Ml Vanderbllt-ave ; Andrew lt, Titus, produce, .\...
... South Porlland-ave.; .lame* Kbbetta, jr., *_
i" iint.'ii li ni, 'No. a'i \'.-Inon inc , Thoma* J.
Mectcy. doik builder, No. _ Cheever Place; Valen?
tine Schneider, engraver, No, 174 Jefferson-st: Bil
, Ki N.d-on, real esta;.", No. VS Hancock-st.
_dward A. Allen, feed, No. IM Rodney-at.; wini.un
C. si.-, rt. stationery. No. PB Kean-st,: christ,
ph.-r \\. Wilson, lumb.-r. No. Ina Taylor -t
Oeorge \V. Karie, pinter, Ko, DB Hudson-sv* .
Hiram a. Dcker. treasurer, No, ? Jefferson-st.;
Patrick 'tullin, builder, No. "lo Huller-**!.; James
a. Templeton, abacs, No, ls. St. Mark's ave ; Danni
i ]?'. Nolan, plater. No. l.l.'d Qates-ave . Ernest
lint/..;, restaurant, No, IM Smith Plfth-st; John
I Nagel, Bfa. No LIB Broadwsy; Frederick Yard?
ley, watch-ens.? maker, Forty-slxth-st., near Fifth
svs.j charles Tish, titismith, Canara!*; Prank Mc?
Cabe, horseman, Cone] Island* Thom.is wilson,
I drygoods, No. 71 Hancock-t: Michael io O'Connor,
hardware, No. Bl WlUougbby-sve.; winiam t.
Oormsn, painter, No. _M H.-rklm. r-st.;
.liimes Boylan, produce. No. Ml Fourteenth
-t Oeorge Zimmerman, chemicals, Na HQ
Ililli'"ik-st; Michael Simon, shoes. Ni,. HU
li uah wick n\e ; r-oberi F. Resrdon, book*
keper, No. -"I st. Mark's-ave.; Henry s. Fulton,
: broker, No, .'H.- Douglas*-*-; A. II. De Witt, mar*
chant, No. Isl Willow-st.; Frank N. lian.lien,
, broker, No. T2 Seventh-SVC.; Isaac- Haren, hotel,
1 I'In tl.mils; Frank Ural tan. bookkeeper, No. IM Van
deibiii-.ive.; John H. Harvey, watch cases, No. Mt
PaclfiC-st.; Daniel .1. O'Donnell, electrician, No.
IBO DeKalb-Ve.j John P. Hanson, grocer, No, mn
Van Buren-at.; Frank C. Klllott, broker. No. EB
jefferson-ave.; John -J. McCollum, coal, No. bil
India-st ; .John LptrugfaUn, coal, No. UKI <'llnton-st..
Charles O, .Sherman, carriages, No. 2M South Flfth
st.; Charles H. Hamilton, broker, No. 1?? Hefferta
I'Ince; John Kckhoff. confectloru'r, No. 1,__ lin..id
way; Henry w. Vaekel, no business, No. IK Hop
klnsrm-ave.'; Charles ll. Jackson, express, No. M
Wyckoff-st.; Thomas Joyce, clerk. No. 1,121 Halsey
at.; John H. O-br, butcher, No. ll. Sterling l>la*-*e.
The Amphion Oles Club, an orgnnfamtlon of the
best male voice.* |n Mount Vi 'mon. xv.'.I give l's
first ?ubscrlptlon concert on December la. In Wil?
lard Rall. This musical orgsnumtkm ama estab
lishcl three years ago, and baa baas successful
from the start. It his now about thirty-live ac?
tive in.tiib. rs. and hn* been maintained by the
annual rabrcriptloni ol Ita patrons and Its mern?
ie,-. Th,- presldenl is David H. Gourlay, ?> jnem
l.-r ..I' various musical ,,t-a niz.i t i"tis in New-York,
and a linger in .,ne of tbe churchea In Mount Ver?
non The conductor of the club la Profeaa ?r H. rt.
Humphreys, now and tor many yeara the con?
ductor of' the New-Tork Hank Clerks' Ole* Club.
In addition to th.- -election* by the club Itself,
professional ti!.'tu from New-York liss been en
_. :r..,i f..t- th" first concert, snd arrangement! ai
b."int-* mn'!.- with other professional vocalists ani
Instrumentalists for the two later concerta in
February and April.
Chrl?t Episcopal Church, c,f Tonkera, will bs re
,,|,ene,| to-daj xxith appropriate cet-__onle_. The
morning aervl-e ::t M:_ will be conducted by Hie
H.v. tir. Langford, '.r New-York, forsaerly rector
.,r Bt John's Church, thi-. city, now secretary of
th.- Board "f Foreign Missions. The afternoon ser?
vice ni :;.;:'i will ba conducted by the Kev. Dr.
Watson H. Warren, of Holy Trinity ch.ireh,
New-York. The H.v. Di. B. a. Bradley, of st.
Annes chapel. Trinity Pariah, New-York, xviii
conduct th.- evening aervlce at 7:!-',. Th" church
has ben practically rebuilt, and now presents a
handsome architectural appearance, arhlle lt* Beal
tm; capacity has been doubled. Th* Interior ttnlsh
ls lu no.,.1 taste and the furnishing* ar** handsome
mid comfortable..Btiburton-ave., between
I'allsa.le and Locust HUI eves., in"- becomi known
as "llri'i.".-' ROW." ?igtll bilda! COUpl*. H'X" I'?
ll.Ill housekeeping within thi- spa ? and
house nev planned will be th" home of the ni."..
. . . Miss Louis* I'ltkln, of l/icuai Hlll-ave.. tJ','"
a tea yeatenlay afternoon, from I to ,' o'clock, in
h..noi- ol' Miss Overaker, ..f Cincinnati, xxh.. is her
guest. . . ? M nv Burna, xx,a. i I d iwn mi em?
bankment i't Nepera Park, In .lune IBM. ami
tain.-1 severe Injin le*, tins begun eult lutanist th
ol V.?niter-, claiming ?_,<_. damages. . . .
The Vonk? ra STai lu Club i ? i :"' thea.Bc rs.
William ll. Blakemore, .modore; John O'leary,
vlei , 'uni. ? i ire; < >. ].. Hloomer, neel car'
Oeorge ll. Holwell, recording secretary; Charles
ll Willi,nus. bl.a: cl.UV. H. Vail All'tt.
treasurer; ?< once Warren, sall measurer; Herbert
.iain."*, steward; .'*. K. Shipman, T. C. Hool.-.
'I':,..nias Lurkey, truati ?-. . . . The boya" branch
of the Young Men'a Christian Association will
have charge of the young people's meeting "i" ihe
Firs* Mothodl.il Kplscopal Church t..-nl?lii. . . .
The Sunday meetings of the Voung M.-n's Christian
.\ - ?. iati'.n xviii hei.forth b held in the parlors
of ihe Association building, Instead of in Wiggins
iMxv.u i .t. Snyder, of Rutherford, a member of
Company L td Regiment, was pbtced under 11,000
bail yeaterday by Coronei I llmann lo awall the re?
sult of the In'.".st |-11 |,,i; ,.r th.- killin;; of < ".ai ? BOC
.v.. i. n on T_ankaglvlng Dav. On thal day No
den, Snyder, Lewis, Smith end Bis.I Waller wenl
"ti .1 snooting Hip. 'i if *.? dil noi have mu. ti lu.-k
and decided lo pa) a xi it tn t!.I'l popper mine
In I'fii.ui Townahlp, near Rutherford, Noden xx,ts
th.- Uni ti, reach the mine, und he placed lb* lan?
tern al bl- fe,.| ,,ni uruck a match to light it As
lie di.) the repori t I i gun xx is heard and .v
? ? panton xx. I- horrified t.him pitch for wai I
and Ile still. \\ h-n they reach I bl* sl.i* -
. th.- entire lefl side of No.len's head had been
blown away Wail.. ,u. i Smith hurriedly sum
in ri- I t ir. 11.,,nv., In i .; . 'ollln* also hurri* l f"
Hie pillie .IH,| (hei, |* e 111 f. t'll tile |?.\ | .., | . | t
N."l n's !?,!': xxa ,-,,| .| by Snyder carelessly
handling hl?i gun e tht ruimmet ol the weapon
xx.,- up Snydei ? 1,1 ??! ui . "
\ ? |. n's head II th it Sn: J< r will
become Insane o er the affair. I te ke**ps up an Inco?
herent mumbling and bl* grl f i< pathel
? _? ?
Mr-. Bllaabeth II Cameron, one .f tl..* be?t
kn.,x*ii women In Newark, died suddenly al her
home, No B III : . r- . Dight. Bl
sivtx -i i-M ... I, . ,,; i, ,,-,i . native i I Ireland, hav?
ing P? ii born i i Kenm. n ? 'antle Sh* I
ind Iwo ?! lughl* i I iona 1.1 I., r i Iro iklyn;
"??'i-i! i x. ot I.ff.! Kdward i> and Charles *?'.,
..f Newark; r'Hsat-eth x . nf ,\. * \ rk, rind Kmll:
x m.. :,.,i,i, - lien claim ha* l?-*?*n :?:? -I b) Augual
Kramer, a builder, on .* half-linl*he<l chapel xxhich
I* i." lng h lit ix the Rei li- I-ii. k Kern, i
l'r* sli) '? il , The ? lauri ls f.,r }
""he bulbin nil.,;es thai th" past,, broke faith
X" llb him. un I told lino I ? ? -.? ntl : :," ;.,'- , Ijoln
Ing ti.. ? bur. ',. a-hi
of ti ? m i i Monro* t;. Itrown .x i o .
als,, , han ? - Mt K? ?? Itl ? Ult ,. him tl
ind thal th. ii; ix
imbc r< i He l >l him ii tx- th* lumb r
foi (bl h III ll " rn. .,.
I 'IX ll ll I .Ilk. tie lilli . || ", >,., 1 . I.,,
m. XV .. | v ,.....,.,. ; .
1 , e First N itlon il
vark." Iii* ? med
xx .is ir . I, mk ..f Ihat nam.
in .m.L-l thal Ihe note be i I. Mi Ki rn
Ih* :, - ax ?? run, . n d- ii the \ xx.ii i. i
Company, bul i. d? nol fall du. >nitii December
i" Tb* peal t lent* ihat he pi ., -. ? i any
. .
un ail rlgh'..
eliza, rm
In th* I'nion r mt) Court of Special Beaslons
K i llsnbi th ? ? -i i . ,v Ks i! I Hutteman, the
I Inst" irged with em
bessllng from th il I murat ?-.? romp my
and th.- \,,i: h i ;.?! man i . hip .' m
!? n.x. who ihdui t. i i reda I. nek - . i ? \. nt* en.
from her , a rent*' h .me, x*. . ? in ilgn tl ? ?. t id iy
Iwfore Judge McCormick and "*lende,| millty ;?? ail
th.mpbilnts igalnsi him il" \\.:s enten ? I to
i.x.- years in siat.- Prison on the ,?,,'? .xl
allegation ind to ;.*?' yean for enticing
Laue ka from her l. Roth >*ni i ire to
mn con* ni i etit Th i ? 'xx
led b i' I* to hil . ? ll. .Viii, r li . xx .fe. xx;...ni he
,1. s,.|i...J t,, inn oft .,mi|, m i ,, Dor aux of
Ins tlX" childi en xx ? : ?? In I
Presldenl Whelan, of the Kllsabeth Hoard .d'
li itt h. is going i" '' ilgn ai Ita i" xi me* ? i
account of press of other bush --. He ha* been
pi, id.iit ..f th. Iti.ur.l i ir * number ol years, anil
I* als i citx Tr. ii un i Thi* ui ce mir of Ur.
\\ hi lan xx ill i'l" Vb tor Mr it la*i, tb*
major of the Sd New J erse) Regiment, who hu*
had the management of the flghi t> suppress tbe
recent outbreak ..f nm dipt \ In Hus city.
..? nr
oran a:
Tin* seventh annual cont 'ntlon of ih- Young
M.i.'s Christian Association of the lld District ,,f
New Jersey xx i. held yestei lay In the Kmmanuel
[laptlat Chapel bi Orange Valley, Delegates h.t..
present from Orange, Orange Valley, Newark,
Montclair, Morrl town. Madison, lt,,-.,!" ami Sum
mit. W, B. Porter, "f Summit, presided, und
Charles tl Davis, of Madia, n, * .j s> cn tai j The
following papers serer* d and discussed: "tiduca-i
tlonal Methods,' M. J. Trenery, Orange; "The
\. live M< mi" ? Hi- R. i inslbllity." xx c. Hai?
ley. H. x.i, ":'.ll tt ork." .1 ll Manum. . I'l.un
fluid; '?llevotlonal Service." Charles d'. Kilborne,
Orange; "Our Hoya1 x\',,i:<." ,\ i >. French, Mont?
clair; "Financial Support How Secure?l ' Harri
. 'os* ti?>. N< xviii !<. ' The Itlble rn Asl i. lal."ti X' ol k, '
ll l'.i Medd, Summit; "giiestlon llox." ll-nix Coz
?.-.. ni Newark. In the evening un nd li, - was m I
by J, l'iatil.i',.11 Newark, and t papei was rend
..ti "The X.lum-. Men wubin oui llonlera" by
Klk.mill Drake, rhalrman of th* State Committee.
The annual meelina of the New Kn-land Society.
..I Orange, hhs held Uta) evening, when thi fol
lowing ofllci n an i. ..,,., ie*I it ? I*], nt, ,1 ihn ? >.
Heald; vice-presidents, Willam Head Howe. (Charles
ll. Mann, counsellors, William F Allen. Illeecker
Van Wagenen, James 8 Raker. Wilberforce Fr.
11:111. r.i,.f X'.'. Cutts, Ha.tc B, flat) 1; treaaurer,
11.1,ix p. Starbuck: reconllng secretary, Charles
A. Mndsley- membershli.mmlttee Charles J.
Pn colt, Hixx 11 1 Corning, Kdgar Williams,
ETEIKKES RElI.iT a ci hi prowse
Providence, h 1. Dec. 2 The weaver* who nr.*
out on nike noni th.- worsted mills at Olneyvllle
have rejected the compromise offer ol the manu*
facturera and alma 1 unsnlmoualy rated t" stay
.mt until th.- reduction, xxhich averages .1 per cent,
ls cut In twain, snd that ..f i" per ."iii on day
h.-lp ls almllariy reduced. Bake manufactsrera nf
fered tn t.ik.- ..rr | per cant >.f the bin cul on th.*
weavers, but xvould .1.. unthill)- for the other help.
This offer ama rejected in separata shop meeting!
yesterday, which were attended by four-fiftha or
mora ..f the operatives lu each ihop. An attempt
xxiii be made to "peii the mills Monday, bul the
-.OOO striker* ile* lan* lhere xxiii be no break in their
This murnini; a settlement xxa* reached by the
manufacturers uni the employee >>f the Bason Mills
.rn a reduction of il p.r cant, and thia wna in?
dorsed bx- tba strikers in mass-meeting when li
was announced to them Thc Bazoo employes xxiii
aid the other strikers until the sulk.* la ended.
A puru.I- xxiii be made and a ma BS mailling held
on Monday.
-\ri_ pnbliriiUono.
a-rilli l: DAMNED Tl 11 M..'
X p.* AMBROSE iii 1 :i:i 1:.
A 11,'melinus tale in |*k||___ii Nun lier ot
(V pteat dani,:, ll umbri-. "nt Hceembef Tt!i.l
til*,' .our ll, Uriari!.'' ?,, ,,r|, r fm ll III ,11. e. ,.r -"lill
firle", 'ik eenta, in postage. ?lii",|?-. ..:? Bl.UO fur A innntli.,'
rnl riiiKi liplicii iii. buhu'.' *ni. 1 ii I, -in. ts Number, In
TOWN TOPICS, fl Weat, J.il M., .V V.
DaaManry th.* ban ,f m. r__-_r-ab'e osthm ..f aftmnavaJa
Jual cut lu
Price ?*.() eenie, itu* it Ht nm Heirn Mann, or scud
l'ost-l .Note |e aime llUllle
lliixe jell r, il
Uv .x.mi;i.i 1. iii vi;.*-, 1
Tho mtiiv mea nf tue rouatry eeneedaa Hil* t*i Ui
hcr ?troucrs.t work. l_mo, vlutii, .Ul, 41--U, jw*it.*l_.
Nen publication,.
in. HO UM BS' famous Ko?.{
lu a beaiitirni Holiday Pii tim.
XX'itSi I Portraits,
OO Full-fags ana I'exi Ueslgsa,
I Ili'XV Xiii) I'VI.K.
Atlri.Ilxely I ana I.
Txxo xidiiincs, crown i.i'iavo.
cloth, .nt t.?". e*. no.
,\:-i lu ll ic -xtni ic i lite..
Edltto-i de Luxe.
I.lllrllell ti 240 .iii.lc-..
Printed on luperflne i_*?er.
11,'i'iit Iii full Vellum.
Price. ""12.00. mt
ll fcl.vai lull sn...ki. NEW-YOu
For Young _____ CUB",
, , 5 1 HA Xii -Hex. Ur. mut Mrs. CHAS. H.
A HUN HU. I'r.iiclniUs; ..itu year bes!"- IM?ber -.
?Madison bquar.' {'? V ?-' "BB- Hrx-d-ay).
Term b.'.lns now.
I.* HENCH.-Tiro yoeini ladles Basted lo jin a lc
irinaci's r!i- . inni t'xo f.r advance! elm-; each mu?
lt,- In -i\; m. il rat", i Las.--. Hm Weat l-aln-t._!
(I i-llMA.V. - Mt*, kohl, BIS E. ItHft-ats, -'ixe. prixiie
B lemon*. 50c. j lei li).. itudcnU' class's rep. "ed at
Ml__ WALK RU'S SI IP")!, rou illK-S*
US M.\f)|s*.N AVEN-B.
M;i nor* Iliiiit'U. friiinir* clti-'s Imii, trine till twelve,
N Beme -indy f. r pupiL- tinder f,airte-n xvh*. remain until
lix., ,.',|?l.. Atlvali' ed erl-* * III EagllSk.
Mis*. OlllBONS' SI limn, roi, ..I III.--. -."> West 47th
Ul sii.Xil ll. !:.-[ l.l*.-.' >N. I'rln lia!. A fesr
boardlna pupils taken. K-.|*ani Oetohor itu. _ ;
Ivfci *.,.. m W.-i ?it.,-t. lilrl* tttted for gperlal Work.
Pupil* neil- rater for .* >lnsle -t ij" o far xxiioi- aaa rae.
lilRLS_Near Day Schools. Spe. lal students f,.r
DrUst**, art. I_ugua_e, -dence. Bcb-ob* -nd profes-*.ri
:,? ; ,.r nt-' option Freni- and lUillan iinkou in
fate!:.*. Exceptionally pr*_?aiit -__*>. MirdcitU ent"l*ed
any 11ti,--. 1 15 l'aiii-axe.
ur*lksiiii-; Diuvt;,
?r,nt ano hi; 111 si'::i:i;is NEW -york.
THF, SALISH! RV BC I lc* H. FOR (HR LS. Central Parg
Plaia, ,il Klftb-ve., "few-York. Uoardlng and div
M'hool. Primary, li,ten..",lute Con ge?prepai-tor) and
linUhlne. M i. Sahel.n . personally in i-narge. Individual
ns*, e. non. Ligat r,,.,nis. Keopeni Weeaeiday, o.t. itu.
l's I'.rist 7tit.-.-_.. I.mo M iii*aii-avo. Hoartlliif and Day
behool for Giri*. Primary Acid "ral.". Collegia-*. Ce ntl at-i
i'tiniis i, te |__dint] <o,i".e- tar women. R.o|_nn Oct. 2.
VAK NORM xN INST. (F-Umi 3 t_gT)7~ "
_S0 ??x.nfx-l r-t Mro-t West.
lTni.rii.il. Mae. VAN NOKMA.V.
For Boys and Young Men?City.
BOOKk_FPl?H, s, |.|i .? af a..i ttl, rniiiiar, r*-__.
-pelling, leta.ng, ai itlui,."tie. lani"i iee.*,
aicnlt, , tun:, nie, li un, i.i .linne*, pi'innaiisblp. _0*llli_e
torr .pond nee; 40 l Mon*, ria Dahra, l-'s Wen _!d -t.
Lenox bc hool. For boy. __.? lu yean oi_
Psyalaal trainlni a tpsclaUy.
771 Madtaoa-ave.
Ni;xv-YORK Bt'SI.VRSS lOLLEOE, I___k.it. H. V._
XII Ji*:.."ll, ill branches; day or- exe.,ta.'. . _'.: or ad
?Hess CI.I'M: sr ? . >; UK EM. Monal Morrti Rank S"Pg.
?If MX K. si ry .;:*. XMMAR siMIOOL SS xx v-t Mtb_t
IJ .',7tn vcar. Prepare* Cor roll _?*. -dentin.- leka-li or
? linen, F*ri~*_ry H* | _rta ur. l-onr r_l_ ni pupil- receive-.
*ll" I sr i.x li ii if"'.!,, ul West Tist MaSB-a,
INSON, JR.. Vlc-Piln.
o.".i? u poora, ti tu ll i. m., 5 to 8 p. ta..
For Both S-'xe-e-nty.
VTTEXD.?l/ihl's Conservatory Mnsle; atoestloa, lan
jon, rornet, ul! tiring Initniments;
?inline : ? .?. tiara, i.x taught: en,h.i n_?ter*
a'l'i i.'ci-. ie-- - -I.',... toimerly *:i and *.'>.
I.- xy... .",|,| ,.
|> ' -i ?? -- i i.i ' xii..-, i.. ,.,?.. ,.ii, srltlna. arith
I* ,,,ii... . ..i !??-, ,,!>,)? i,..... (iH-liiug, i ram mir ?i_ioBrap_j,
l.|'e?:":in.* . Indie**' ib|?i rt tn.-l.t J private ui-ti u, ti..ti .lay
??h.?*? Paine** I" :n.-. '. ,..;. .-. 62 Rot*err, ter.
t-inni-?... ii|t.?xii. pi: xx.--. :ti*h-st . ror. tlr*_d?ar.
Bi lu.n/, BCMOOL OF I.A.\-*it-AiiF__.
- M-diwii _g.inf*>" i2".t*i-sf? atid Uruidway). -?
T in. '? LUI,* 1?JW.
I"/ m. N. ii x' x.'i.xix. -,,i ii j . | itu* iimid^
!?'? if. iel-"., tram Hms i..|,id i>, nd, iii-tiii
?'"ii iooi li_U , lUly* no payment lu ad,aire: OOo
,'.--, ?,.
Muslf-il Instruction.
i'l I.i nu-.,, |fl -i. xi. INSTIT! li: OF AMERICA.
ll -? 1 |,.t en'- f .i non ro-d'.'ai ?tudoiit-*. DIKLI.Y
Pl ' K. Pi.s, Alt. it I*.,,-, Cur-oiis. Vlce-1'ro*.; H. W.
lil ? nc. _?? 'y . '1 ress,
IO v 21 EAST 14TII-S i . xr.W-YORK.
\ . ' . n-i ;;x xi":*. \ . i: j i x- isTll m.' ~"
l~ . II'.' .?I.1J iillfl 'INLY
NF.W-YOKK > "V-l RVAT dix Ol Mt'SI .
112 1 >s|" j-', || s |
ll rx*, i.i \ 4 I 11- \*'I". mal ll-.VIM. PLACE
I u:sc ,.,;., x \,/i ii ?., | BENT Al'i'flMT.D
' oil ni Mt ? ? a'tx
? KS U ', ? ? RV EN I Ml l'..ri'. riv ?n 1 ltli-st.
\"'d'i:. xx ia. *,',!. ,. ix I-' rail upon Mi- Ajrne.
? . hor "f "\'i, al S< lenee," Mon?
ia ra ' ?-.'-. :? 2*i East lilli--f . Itooni I. "Voesl
?: 'i' -I ut Ihe Future" ; xx in ? Be*-in*?
?Mid "'..I lc ,-, lt Cl rsl,mis VOICES, lost
, I \l. -. I - X>.' x;i .. Vlllle? mt-hod *<a- in
d..r-"<I st tie- Columbian : tito, iv the gi H I
nin.rtr. ,il pa. - iel, lier* instruct*'! Isilh
?' md la i *???
Tor Roys and Younx Mon?Country.
IJl '?.; ? Mt.f.Ii iv-ilii ra I'tci,,,ia. X. a.-."i(?th year.
lints' 1" tril*t*-r _ hool. Prim ny. Collegs i'iep?nt.,ry,
|;il*iin ??- i i"r-e. Slaii'iird l * i eix i ititi r l'el.-..'lal.lix .
ITli.r drau.hb>inan .n oualiry t.. t i,vc diatKBof iiiai-hlnery,
i" Ih, menus] if n.i.Mi. STUDY of thc Correipundeute
behool ,f M ,1.11a1'-. Bennion, Pa. To t"_in. Hudenti
i."..I nix know how t> reid md write. Mudcrato ehantea
.-. ' .1 t ,r f e . ir. : ,r _ _
NEWTON (X I) INS riTT-TF. -Rime liff t?_ rire;
rx ? rx- tooiii an.l hid -tcviiu liealc ! , 2 eviiini-luin-; _?w|.
BU ball ten I* ?-??.h. ,|, p". J. xx!'-,ti a , M.. 1'rln.
Till IIHHILAMl MILITARY .xi ? HIM X' xx'.,, i?ter
?p., ilepu.H 3Sth yen 8-pl 12. Clu-aril gelentm,,
llu*in*'si Prep.'t'.." * li. | art', .in-. t, ?. > nu in i. A:h
i*t- . i'ir-d ? lining. Hosie nuiu 'iii.i.
J..-I Pit ALDEN sit xxv a M. II ..I Mailer.
tlO'u x"?r -.nd f.,r Illustrated cat-log-*.
JOHN X. TIL-D-UT, A. M., M. li.. PilaclpaL
For Toting Lncllos?Country.
-.il mu.mn m.-avi;.. NEW-HAVEN, CT.
M, i, ?lil-.r-.XX S M XX '-.I l-.K-l- V. - .Xli-S HANA'S
Itu X COI M. SCHOOL ff tiltia Colless pr-pan
.i,.i,. i. -i li nt, ii ,'ixe i ,i. ', un,i t.' r.1 mi teacft-ra* .-noni.!
i?n -c. iii ui'i-i," .md ..rt. Penna, #71-.
F'or IVith S*nce-(*ountry.
Ci LEN WOO ll INSTITUTE Matawaa tl. J.?Baai-tag
? ii I Us* B Hool il...th tte\e* . full .ours-: art. music,
languiges, For in_ui> ind tnorough ln?tru,*tlon Olen.
wu d i- n'.t e\, ,ii. .1 x,? ly r md-ind Winter lena Dec. 4.
_ cadi ero.
V Ml.lin ax ami i, u;,. h. \ t i.xt iii.cs* AU ENCY
mppll - Pi.ii -,,r I'.iric". i .ir,. Ho. onie?. ,
_,., u i ..Ile*. -. .s no-,.- md Kamllle?, xpp.x to
HUH M. ?? \i*< .Nu-I i ) l". .?: tn ,, >,, are.
A IH SCI Mi i.e. Coyner.' mppil - ti,?rxs. pr,,fe?-or-.
t, governCM s ct,., in ail den Ls. ; r. coiiiii.fiid*
?.I* ti parent*. l.Vi '.tii-ix ? uook B'lUIng, cor.-juts .a
WANTED, i.eiiii.ui ,.r Kr**i' h comp inion ind ?.'..*? ru -s
lui X". i . i.,,i, t. u "... , .",.?i,,.,t, Mmimno: xi.it
ni" '.-,,x, ra. s, I-, -iii,-,i K_v.ru .*??. xi-- DONOYAN'S
I-. !? ll'ir. rn: SO I in-t 1 ll l-_.
Daiuing 1\ciidciTHft.
ALEXANDEIl M.M i.iu.iioics M(-_lal-__-l As-emUy
:o..ii,s, les xx", si .._: ii- -i. Private I,--on- uni .sillies
la dan. iii.'. Tiio innis 'la-.* xviii begin Eveg Doc. OUi,
I. r Natch prexnei- upplii i;l,,i, in i-l bo n.adc.
f,-|:u\A.\ii . s ,x, xiii.xiv p.j E. "..'.'ii.-t PRICE
iir.iiL'c'Kii ?Claise, nm* iormina Private isaseaa any
liotir, el. XVsit* -ml till fi-l.i,.nat,..- lian."- t?i|rlit r.pidly.
C-* I.HR..I'. XX Xl.I,xi I- lu, in;* * tn-* al MCS10
fllALIj. 57tb-Sl and '. tl. ri\ ?'., ali'l HARLEM, SO-32
Wes* lL'tilh-et. Smc l ir. 'lal
(1 KO. E. WALTER, lat Iv rclurnttd from Europe.
M Ctsaaei and Prlvite Lea?Ml* In "poeiety Daucoi dally.
?I'.*', CulumbU-_Vr., sOlii uni slst st-. _
Miss ii.iVT 1,47S Broadsr-y, i rt and isl ats.?All
dal. ...icfulix. ri|ntllx liii"-*!tt. prix at.- lc-scn* itally ,
al-, rillara: rlubi l?iu ,.r i. iperlal terni*._
? No. nsl Flfth-ave.
cia** amt private leaanai. Mea'l Him con.menr?n Mon?
day. Dee. -itti. (Kesri __ge_e lancl-r*..
(Ttwn Dteamrrtt.
* HARLI.STOX, h. C., UM Soulli and SouUixtc
jai w.vi.nx n.i.i. ai.irud ri.r.ai Balala
tram i*i r .u, i.. u. uot ?i Woaaevailii,j. -i P- m- ,
m..xiinch,i? cbartesteu aug Jacaaena ... Mon-, wan, ?
IIIOQI Ol8. I'lians. ,X JacaiOBVlIll Weiliie.-da- . Hell
I ll lin ?K l-l., i liarl.-ton and JarBaonrlUe I'nOa.v. Dc.', e.
Au ite-nera have mst , ,a- pa_i_iir'? a, ior..ni"Ualioa?.
WM. P. CLY HE _ CO., lietersl AfesjB.
,s lim* uni orara, N. - ?
I'LA. CI'.XT. tr PENH. KAST P. * P. L1 .> K Vii J Ai KS.
..Ul'. SO. I'lll'. m PASS'R LINE. Via X lAKI.I;..sl">.
T. ll. 1 "111.11, li.iri Ag-. ?V0 H'wiy. M. V.
InieiiUi'd _alllii|{? ttom VBBBBS1_B1
ARAWA Dec- MM ?n<1
WARRIMOO':::'.'.'.'.'. .....Jan. 10 ljn::lf,'hi,v.lls_'ii
1-" v NkiwiM i:\ERi-ii riiASAit,
Unt'eral ' tOmim Al''",*, fit-f^fo}** ???"*>
??_ Uro_dxx_y, ti. X. , AV Wall Uttvtt. ?. B*
(Dcean Buamtrs.
._[_fl_l__0?._._ lLQ-_[?
roil so.. lli.urTli.x
galling .rom Ne?-Vork City. I'lmTil, North _1?_
bhjru*it ind moat urn lenient route ? ?^__b_!?'
No U_ii?.er ly leiidr. Si tiUul dil??r
Close coo-ee ti on ai bmthaiiiiitn fo* Hains Ina e.,
hr .-iieclal far*t l_la_Cl.n CliitJ-l *b amore,
it.'r'ln Dee. 0. .*> a. m I I'aii- j_,. jo
Ncw-V'.rh.Dcc.l-, 8:-<) a.m. I C...."* r.
mia.D'". SO a p. m. I Xev-Yerh-raa .: '.n._
Rerlln.lice -J7, 8 a. ml Cari*.lan. 31'. i,7
Netr-Yerh Jan. B, :i s. m. 1 __
Flrt-t cabin pastw..' to soi.ihnmiiton. London or Rm.
SCO and <ip*v?rd; second cabin tat, md ui.w.rd _,__>
lng to steamer, le*efagB at low rate-. ' ?***o
auers. ^*?
-t 10 7:""-._ ,.
?'an. 17, :? a. ??
'.an. 21. 7 ??fj'.r
teamer, si *ers_e at mtv rile*..
(j____D ?TAM lLDR__E
PUN AA . Nf_M__>.
in* Dier a"li,,n,.i.^ I',.,,... il it a-__.- ,*,.
-?JU I
From pier albina.* 1
xv la'i Kiln LA.nd.
First cabin, ait* ant
Sci lt, '
mm. il M... .era. y _l|?,
"J dav. I).'.-. .*,, 3:30 ? ?
XX.-I ,c-Uay. JI .. (J, _ :_U p. |T
ml cabin to ijap
??-? .-_*<> __, _., , .,....,. _c-.uii. caom io
li, __. Steerage a; io? iataa
A?Nul'TIi liKUAIAN 1.I.U1D 8. S. CO'^
fa.*t E__*Rfc__ sii_.x.xn.K_.
Fir*! Cahill, is,0 an.l nj',, ..ri. seo,mi Cabin. _."> ind Bia
Seale, Sit.. Dec. 2. lu a. ui I In.* Tu...., ja,,. | 3 -**?
bpree, Tu _., Do*.. 5, 7 e. m. I Weimar. Tnt",., jau.9 _-,_?:
1 rave, sal., i?... ji ? 4. ? . )'.rave, lue*.. Jan. [i ?j
tabs, Tura., Dee. 12, 0 a.m. . Elbe, Tu.-., .Ian. ?__ 'j _?
I. ...'i. I '"?-. ll r.ltl. li a.m. i.?... lu s? Jau. 30 1 b'bl
Ail'T, Tues., D.c. 20, noon. | _
New-York to I'l.raltar, ...ii,,i. Hasan
Fulde.Ii.c. '.? Hilda..lan. :T Kaiser. Mirrh 1.
Werra-Dee. An U ilaer .I-'.:,, lu XV.rra ...Mirth ?
Kai-er.lan. -ayres. Fi*, iv i-ultu.j..^*.'
bprcc.Jan. lOleuldj . ...March 3
.ruHit .
Tho f.ikt express spamer
Lloyd S. .s -
lu.*." ,,r the North fjtrmtm
,,v I S >. 1,,. Tue*.. Jan. Ill, arel Sn . feb. 17 from
>?_-Y rk tn O.ii'.a. xxiii ?t'.|. 1 San Miinel, Ai./rci. |_
id pBaaeageri f..r thew* I toenda, m
OKLItlCHS tr. CO.. I Bowlltte tirapi.
A - llNAUl) LIN ..
Lucaiila.Dee. li, 01. m. ISenrta .1.1,. I "p *
__t-*-la.Dee. 10, 10 a. m. i I.nm:' lan. 18, 0 JO a' _!
a,irani;* . Dee, -.'A. .'. p. ,, 1 turana Jin. _o 3 ?'lr
Cmbrla. .I*.'.-, nil. Il ., ir .fn.tira Jan. 27, 10 a 8
Krona l'ler 4(?, North Uiver, f,...t of Clal-iea QT
Caoln Ooooottt, $'>0 a'ltl -pw ant. S.cO'.'l catlin, t-ti tot
upward. accord!.iz to steamer ont localise.
Sfs-ra-'B ticket* I,, uti"! fr tn all |-irt* ,f I. rf,pa m
very low rate*. I or fret-til and pl nil" ..|>i.lv ?. _?
lomponx's ollie., Xo. ' Roxxllm.* O'ee'i. X.'.x-Vors.
VERNON il. DROWN .Xi C'?. Vrttrt. .! Agent..
"4 - winn: star line. ?
"M-JcstlC, Dec. 0, 8:J0 p.m. I ii. rina dc .lal". A. _
liri'...; ni. ..._-? . I.i, J 0. m. | liriuuiil.r, Jan. lu, -__
?Teutonic, De*s_- 1:30 p.m. j leutoiiic, Jan. I,. _^_
?Adriatic, pee. 27, ." a. _. 1 Maj ?t_ . Jan. .1, -_,
From XX'liiu- Mar Doek, f ot ..f XXV-t IJth-at.
Saloon rite*, {.ci 1.ju ai 1 ac, orJInil ti aMgBHI lal
location cl berth. ?:-, omi cabin cn tlie-e it-tuneri |(u
and *M6. btearasa lo or lion tne Old Cuuotry. a__,
Ko. '-. ilro'J".xa.., Nev.-Vork. I':.; .1 1 ? ,; :..., 0-i.? lui
Walnut-rt. '
__? N'en.X'irk len. 19, I ? 1,. 17. ism. sn,, steamy,
D.ih'il,. ali-. E\ciir*loiis anti tld* t< Ut C'liforiia.
Clorida, vc Oreen Hi kets
is..Ns. I iii Broadxray, H. Y,
?'" '? 1/ tte. ll. I.AZEg
(Est. ls 11 "
NEW. YO RK-1 or.ox.
Panama, Souili PSelOe, (.-it.nl Amcri-a, ?
Mexlc and CldfiiMla.
SlUIng- DOSI Pi : 14, foot cf 1 a:i.V-?t.
NF.WPOR1. M'n-t'v. Ree. 11, mm,
COLOMBIA .W.d"eedav He.-. 20, aeZ
CITY OF PARA. sjiuril iv. D-c. BO, n ?_,
For fr>*icht. paaeaga and oeneiai Lnfonaatioa -noir 11
tho Oetie a! Agents.
k a."> bra_-wt_r, ar Pier hot * ami--* n. r
sa .::,_?? (rom CAIRO Tor the
every few __yi during tho -.-a..,.,. First il p.iiiun, Bo,
>eiuoer 14.
leave* "few-York lan 4, 18. Feb. 10. IV, 22, Mir. I isl
.4 (for Greek Easter In Jenaatom).
Rei rds procfiansnei and Infrrttatinn from
TliaS. COOK I SOX. SCI anti 1.__.". P.roadxvay, R. T.
COMPAONIE GENBRALB Tr:ins_itbintiq_r
t Ki'.N. ii line to Havre.
LA BO-ROOONE, l/*l.enf. Hat.. Hey. 3, A a. a,
LA UAKCOONE. Saut, ill.Sat., Dee. 16, lo a. m.
I.x i llxMl'AONi:. Laurent. J>e. SI d a. ia,
Kew-Yurk f.. Me\:*n<1rt:i. K.xpt via Pin-, trip Villi
ao days: i-r.f.,di.* aiao: *.*e-eiasi eui.
A. fOR'lET. Oenera: Aeenr. No. 3 Hoxvllim Oreen.
S^_^/c_?_^[}00_[_]]_^ "
?teen."rs leive ban FranclKo:
PERU...."?,.D*c. ff. 3 p. _b
ni I. a MC.Dee. pi, 3 i>. a,
* 11 *? OK Rio DE JANEIRO .Dee. SS, 3 j), av
oaelic .im ii i p, ta
CI CT Of Pl KINO .Jin. 18. "pa
For frc!--ht. j : ?i..- and general lB-or____ee apply te
843 Broadxv.iy, or 1 Raltvry Place, WaHuii.ton b.Jllnrj,
and BtS ilroa-lix iy.
*?I I.INI; PO Al...il.ll-, NAPLES AND OCX.IA.
Nomanala, Dee. 1-, ti a. m. | Xortt-nnia, Jaii.is,.:_ p.ta
*i . ii..!'.a. Jan. 4. 3 p m ,
Extra -teamer Oellett, D ,-en,ber 'Jl. S a- m.
'Coluniblii, Jan. 4, to Alexandria, F.tvpt, mi AlglnB
and Xiipl,--.
ru-rst Btaaaarck tom Eew-Tork Keb. l. _*?, to Olbrel*.
Mr. algtet*. Oesoa, \,. ? >. Al.xandria (Cairo ail
Pyramid*!. .latia (Jeri-a!"!*,). Smxria, Con-t.'it.n, ii..*.
Athen-, Malta, Messina. Palermo, Xapl_, Oeuoa, Xiv*
lorie. Duratloi 05 da vs.
Send for llln?trated Pamphlet aid TrivellcrV Ontll.
St.-an.era leave from HBl-Dtira pier-, ll hoK.'ti. N. J.
From New-York, XV due-iy, Fi.tay and Saturday.
Killi IKXAS. OkllltOlA AND FLO lt I II A.
ThMuyh ticket* to lil poll,:* In Tessa, COlorvdo, Cfc*k
Arizona. California, Mexi.o.
In 'J'exa*
*<:.. Oe.,raia.
1 lortda.
lt c."." a. Cuba. t-keeUest Ba?aen|H a. con moOatln
Writ- lor our B4-P-SI l?.?a ".lanna! (nallci froel.
C.jU^MALLORY _ OO.AeS-. Agti.. Pt r -0. E.R. N.T.
/ Steamer* for NORK"OLK. PORT-MO-TH. OLD
POINT COMFORT -.n.l NF.XVPOIU Nlixxs .-ounf I r.1
MOND, VA., and WA-itl NOTOX. D. C.-lue"., xVed.,
Tkurs. am Sat. For Richmond via JAMES ;:;VEIl_
Wc.1. and Sat. F-.r XVEST POINT, VA.-T.iea.. Tiiura,
Md Sat. From Km 20. new No.. N. II., foal pana n*.
at a p. m. Thr nili tkkets and frei-h*. late* to ad pointe
bouts and We-t. w. L. OUILLACDEU. Traine Mansgir.
lao, CAiiiiviN*! Ai.s,i mails an" p.x-_l.nuei!_i
Foll MA KA.'.Xl IP). Ma CI'IIM A...
s. P. caracas .in.-ct ty. Dee. 5. lpn.
K S. VENEZUELA .'th :r-d.v. He . 11, 1 fe. Bb
,s. rs PHILADELPHIA.. .. Samr-lav, Dee. 23. 1 p. ia.
rhos., .xn.ei." ai -t. aii.siiip-. bulli expressly for tue
trade liuxe very fuperlol aeeommodaUoni for pna-ensun.
S s MARACAIBO . Saturday. Dee,J
A Steamer.W. dti"?diy De*. 30
ROULTON, lll.iss v DALLB-r,
ilea oral Managera, IM K*roni-?t.
O WEEKLY rrom Kew Pier 3">. X. ll., "sit of ?sa_BS**_
s. s. i lix i i Aii.'.u 'UKI-: .sat.ir,iav, Dae. '.'. :* p nu
s. s. kansas CITY Monday, Dee. 4. "|i. itu
s ?, i', OP RIRMIXOHAM xv. ,1 .? .ri tx, Dee. fl, la m.
8, s TALLAHASSEE FFAor, De., f. 3 p. nu
Coiuie.'lii'.* xxlth Central Railroad of lleorell ind Savin
nah. Florida and Weafem Rall?ax* for si! w.int- Itt
ani Lui 1st xs A Caaurpaiaed iccomrrt-datieei. First*
class MMe d'hote. Fer Delphi and pa?an alp:* to
J. D. HASHAOEN, I XV. ll. RHBTr*. 6m. Agt.,
EaK. A(lt. S. F. Md XV. R'y, bax-.n- ah Fast L-il,
?ii'.l Uro.rt*x .v. .117 ltr..alx*av.
R. L WALKER, Acent Ocean Stean:_ o Co., Nm
Pier 35, N,.ith River
tjorsfs, (Tarnagrg, ftc
DCCEMBER ".. .'? 7. I AND 9,
U':u amt I*, i. ti-- .
THE MOOT I'.xsiniiN.xiu.r. MIAREE
'HHS IMPORTAKt SAI.I'. x*m .'otiim-o.-e at
Mxt)l-"N SQl'ARE OXI'.HI'.N oil Tn, -ai BM8>
|_i ii,\i at ll) iiVI.'v. coiil.iinliif iwy .ind BfBSSBJi
until Ole elli!re ntB-Bl-a I- di-:.,..-. st
GAT?_0_U?Bs nix lu. a d< tail - lan r s__a if i'l
Hie aiiiu_!H to ba mid. "iay bo obu.u-d ou aiipllca
U\VM. R KAMO. Mana-'e. _*M_Bg D pirfnent.
rATl'VilSAl-l-'S. .">otli--t. and 7th-axc, Xew-Vork.
t__"-W-l)-I TKIIICXE XVll.L UE K_.
. IV FD Al THE ll'lOXXX OlilCE. No. I_l_ Btoad
,.;U M door iiortii ot Tlilrty-tlr-t-.t.; anil AIlVFil
?T fir Ml MS lt tho folio-liu- I'raiixdi O.ll.es: iii
?__fi. axe * ? cor. Twenty-third-t.; 1 >- _i\tli-av*.J
a- lia h-te .-unii-r Ioi:U'?i.i--*t.: 7*' Third-a*-..
_LJ FiitvXV'x.-rf-I ; WM Tldrticx.'.. m_r M.xly;
I."' r ? 1 -1.8 FrUaixe.: IOU W.*H I'orti-_'.,i.d-*t. . 1?
lll"l ,T, I*,',*Vx?. ? '" 7x-iuo A; LAM Tliird-axe.: CO W.H
to i!,i:^,^rc??^ pV^BbU^
Bir__ .mes mnVm^.*isr* ^wr w,

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