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Acting upon Section No. Ot <.f ibe Behool 1ms- '
trlct C insoHdatlon law. Which lins passed tni!!i
houses ,f ;!..? l.srglslature, .hit is now being ? n
gi rated prepnrniory lo receiving the signature of
the Qovernor, the members ol ihe Board of K,in?
inti,ri oi DI trlct So. 4 of Eii.st chester (which is
?within the boundaries ol th'* cit>; mel on Friday
nigh: nnd appolntesl committees to enrry snit ihe
provisions of the new law. Th<*->* Include making
mi: .,:ii delivering io the n.-w board created n de
tallest statement, showing nil the Behool property,
bom personal ansi real; the estimated value thereof,
the number ,,f schoolhouses in the district, their
y.s. ?- -n: material* of construction, the departments
int.* Which the .sch i.ils are divided, and the aver
age attendance of each school and department, the
number ..: volumes In each sci.1 library, the num?
ber and m.m.- ,,; iii,- teachers employs**! in each,
their ranis and salaries, the exact financial condi?
tion nf the district, 'Te. The new law provides thu:
the r.oard ol Kducatior of the city, hereafter. shall
connist nf tv, . members 'Tented by each of the
live warda and a prealdeni, to !>e elected at larne,
th--* terms to ie im ; in yeara Those parts .it the
sehool districts ..f r. i il rfu rater lying outside of the
boundaries of the cltj are to in* administered by
lioarls of trustees, as heretofore, un th.- second
Tuesday evening following the Tate ,,f approval of
the now law. tte* members of LIs'rictR .Nos. 1, '1. I
arni :,. ltvlns within the boundaries of the city, are
required lo assemble al 'he Flfth-ave. schoolhouse
and organise .s the new Board of Education by
eiertlnK one of th-ir number as prealdeni nnd ono
not of their number as derk. Th?* report* of the
several committees will then be submitted nnd lifted
Upon. The new board will hold ollie* until the quali?
fication of their successors, who are to lie elected
thirty flays after the new law takes effect Thej
win nmume ths lr dutls?s in August
The last lecvure in the Fnlvrsity Extension
course ,,n German'literature, at Yonkers, will he
delivered on Thursday evening next, hy Professor
JI. H. Bojreeen. :<-xt week the rust of a course of
lectures on *The Science of Electricity" will he de?
liver, d The ?,,'iie,vs an I dates as announced are
February ?. "The Fundamental Principles and His?
torical Dsrveloproenl -,f Electricity": February IS,
"Th" Dynamo and Motor"; February 2\. "Electric
Lighting"; March l. "Alternating Current"; March
8, "Telephone .uni Telegraph." The lectures will be
delivered by professors from the Columbia rollen*
School of Englnj ring, and will Le Illustrated b?
experiments. A i.con-i i-mirsc of Rve tecflursTB will
be arranged if the hrs: proves successful, . . .
The Ue\. i??. a Wale-, of Binn Ring, hus been en?
gaged to inkc charge of Immanuel Chapel, a mission
of tin* Firs; Presbyterian church. This charge has
not hecii tilled fur several months, since the de?
parture of the Kev. .1 Hendrik !"? Vries to Bronx
ville. . . . Yonkers Division of the I'ntformssd
Rank Knlfthts ol Pyf.hlafl has elected these officers:
Joseph .1. Dykes, captain: William Q. Lone, lieu?
tenant; Andrew Paulson, herald; Edgar Huise. rs -
cording secretary; William B. Brener, treaaurer.
. . . The Yonkers Fanciers' Club haa elect, j
James H. Young, president: William Rowland, vice
president: George Langran, treasurer: Kmil Garu*
iost. seor<tary. executive committee, Messrs. Lynde,
,amh. Piggott. Rowland and Thompson.
The Concordii*. "Society will Rive a masquerade ball
In lilli's Union Hall to-morrow night. . . . Mrs
H. E. f-Vhmii and Mlsa Dora Tripp left the place
for Munich. Germany, yesterday, where they will
spend several months. . . . Flans for a twelve
room parsonage for th** pastor of the Presbyterian
church, to be .erected lu Barlter-ave.. near Broad?
way, have been submitted to builders . . . The
Ladies* Aid Soclet) of the Presbyterian Church have
induced Chaun -v M. Iiepew to lecture in the \ l ll*
torlum .*n February IS on his recent trip :,. Rurope
and his Interview with the Pope
Christir-.n Si'unwaldt. of No. 137 Pallsade-ave.,
Jersey City, has begun a suit In chancery t i set
aside the transfer of his property to a man named
Sumner, who hus a real estate ottlce al No, I"
Fulton-st., New-York. Mr. Saunwaldts story ls
that he exchange,! his -ouse and toy si,,re at the
above address for an or-um-e grove near Jackson?
ville, Fl i. For his property, valued at liri""', a il.
led to a mortgage ?.f $l,o-i), he was to receive a
half interest In the orange Kn.ve. He surrendered
the store, hut not rr-.* residence part ol the bull l
ing above, which his family occupied. When he
reached Jacksonville he found 'he orange ITOVB
without much difficulty, ile also found that the
Sheriff of tlie county wis about to sell it on fore?
closure proceedings for $3.f""0. He did not dispute
the Bale, but returned to New-York. Mr. Sumner
denied that he had made any misrepresentation.
and In order to settle the question Mr. Kaunwaldt
begun suit before Chancellor Mcdill to cancel the
agreement and secure the return of his property.
Superintendent Barringer, of the Public Behool
Department. ,,r Newark, has submitted his report to
the Hoard of Education. The number of children
of school avie ii, Newark is ?>.**?''). of whom :-7.<it:;
are females. Th- Increass over last year is l.SI
The numb r ait-iiding school ls 27,861. The number
attending private schools is |,171. Tho city ownfl
thtrtv-nlne school buildings, with 139 regular class?
rooms. Seven b'-lldlnas are rented, There are
2.486 pupils In the evening schools Tlie hool
teachers numlicr WC of whom thirty-five are miles.
The citizens' Aid Association, of Newark, i -il
out yesterday nearly J."'.""" to about 1.200 ol lhe
uneiriploved. ind contributl ms are comlns In i i
liberally that i' is expected that another dlMrlbu
tlon of money can be made nexl week. Tbe
elation has been ?? work nine weeka
The recent .1-ith of Gustav itoberts. an eccentric
old wir.c merchant, whose cellar at No. lie. W.-i-h
lngton-st.. Hoboken, contained liquors rained at
$30.o)i), hits caused bi me peculiar legal c.,indica?
tions. Bo far ss can he learned, th"re are r.i heirs
to the properly. L'ndsrr the general law of Ngw
Jersey. the realty of a person dying without heirs
lt ls said, escheats I i thi State, and under an ora
and almost forgotten statute the personal propertj
of a person dj ins; without heirs reverts to the city
The old safe In which Roberts ke|it his money and
other property haa not yet he*n opined, and ths
value of its contents cannot tie determined, Surro?
gate O'Neill hac taken possession ,,( ihe plsce, and
Mayor Fagan ls keeping an eye on the Interests of
the City. Roberts wis abeu ?event) years old.
At the annual meeting of the Englewood Field
Club, held last Thursday evening, the following
officers were elected for the coming yent. Presl
dent, Donald Mackay; vice-president, J. C. Ander?
son; secretary. (Jarret Ly decker: treasurer, stuart
Lvman; Executlvs i:imtiilii"f, George S. Coe, Jr.,
David 1*. Cory and Yt. S Mowry. Jr The Tub has
now a total membership of 457. forty-three n-w
members having been added in the last year The
finances of the club ar.- lu a prosperous condition.
SEA CUFF. Police Justice Karry F OMI and
Policeman Oeorge Brengel, of Sea cliff, are under
arrest for assaulting Village Trustee William II.
Mershon. Justice i.ike Connorton, of Flushing,
issued the warrants upon which the justice and
officer were srr*sted li appears thu Justice CHI
was taking ev iden,.- ,,n Wednesday evening against
an alleged gambling hons.- The hearing was rap*
possed to be private Mr Mershon was presenl and
refused to leave ii',.* r..om when requested to do bo
by the fustics The policeman was called In and, it
tl alleged, he and th- justice put Mr. Mershon into
the street
lt is also alleged thal the officer and the Justice
struck Mershon several times. The eas.- was to
have been he ird hy Justice Connorton last evening,
but. at tin* request of th'* defendants, Justice Con?
norton adjourned the case for s.ne week. All i he
parties were lu court las' eientng.
From Th" chicago Tribune.
"What name dies tn- pale-face prisoner give?"
sternly ask?d Powhatan, the warlike and powerful
Indian chief.
"He savs." replied one of tlie braves, respectfully
saluting; the ruler of the tribe, "his name la John
"John Smith!'' roared the infuriate] chieftain
"Does the pale-face chump think he eau keep his
real name out of the papers by working the John
Smith racket on me" Fetch him here! I'll john
Smith him! Now brain him with the tomahawk'"
It was at thia critical moment that Pocahontas
with her hair In cur.-papers, came rushing out of nie
family wigwam and saved the prisoners life by
marrying him on tue apot. She though! he was a
Vere de Vere.
-??- . ...
From The St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
"There are eome touches of nature to be found
among the decayed gentility of the Bout's that o
?' aje ps-rullarly "ymi'arhetlc." said I.. _ ?afford
of Charleston, biting the end off a Henry Clay *M?S
and lighting lt with true Charlestonlan deliberation
"I was in Aug-uata. Ca., some time agu andi
will relate an incident that Illustrates what'l me-n
C,reen-st. In August* ls very wide, upon each side
In a row of large live-oak trees, a double row n
the centre. A portion of It constitutes the prln.it,,
business street and the other parts have the 1, L
residences of the place. At either end of the sf
ness thoroughfare ls a market In the cratroofth.
street. I waa strolling through one of these market
houses when I noticed a very old min Jus
antiquated hat from which all o th ' ?* 'xh ",
_. ___.?__?_?? *__*_? of ?"k h<"? Seeir*bfrushe
a wide shaker, a broadcloth suit, button^ .IT ,V'
throat and carefully darort at th" 2?hn.L 2
around the binding, and carry Ina a tSSSS _n*
cane He walked with!an p__7_t l&g**?_**
his heels trotted a bare-footed, ragged nickanninV
H. went to ? meat stall and In 'taSTS un4_?toi I
patronage said: 'Give me I cents' worth of round
ats ik slr.' The meat was wrapped up and tne o.a
mai searched his pockets, the expression of hli ice
ring the greatest mortification. 'I did "ave i
dlmi slr.' he s.id. Th- dime was found, ami Brier
receiving a nick-! In change the old mm hamlen
the iii-.it ai l the nickel to Ihe little darky, who
trudges I home behind the old man. ll wan i Hine
thing, bul lt c.maine.1 a whole biograph] '
man's lit.* ;,? those who knew the customs d the
old-time Southern aristocracy "
- . -*.
ASTOIt i un"..--.va , M ii Wright, at rVassilTsnla.
BREVOORT .r ?- urossmitti ..t Londes ukin**
WUK lai'iteiiiititiJiiveiirnr .1 A. iTiapi.-.i. ef i.'nT.-,-.
CAM BRI MIR \v. ll. Itel*, rt-.en. United States Omni at
lloattmrg CLARENDON Juli,'. La?sberl Tm sf CM
rofe. i vi iik.ti ?Henri Watf-mon, "f i-owi-vH'e
ii I* r n wi.mt, j,lim ii. Cariisie, Beeretery "f tv*
1r.ii-.nv lliil.l.AN'U l..|ie-,l Tl,nu,... Wt Hyde, ,.f
Mnlne MUIIRAY lill.I. Ill-lio,. WT 1 .un II Wilier
jf Nurtli Dakota. PARN WT.MT', I-\seii;,i,ir A H
Paddock, nf Ketxaska
Tile othes in Hie Mutual Beserve Building,
Broadway and Dunnest., arc renting rapidly, in
consequence of the great Inducements offer.-,i to
"C. <5. K " The election returns for all of the
pres.-nt members of Congress from this State ttbose
elected In MM) will lie found in Tho Tribune Al?
manac for IM, pages ;<"7 to .110
The Xavier Athletic club will gtre a reception
for womm at Hs clubhouse. N^-v?> Yt'fat Six beni li?
st., on nexl Tuesday evening. ,. ,
The annual entertainment ami deception of ft.
Jerome's Lyceum will be niven Ht the Central
opera House. Bis i y-seveiith-M., near Third ave . on
next Friday evening.
The Kev. .lames Jack, the Scotch evangelist, will
to-day hold meetings. morning and evening, In the
Presbyterian Church In Farsytll-sl.. between
Broome and Ivlancey sta Meetings will also In?
field every evening this week.
A concert and fair for the National Christian
League will he given in the Madison Square Garden
Assembly lbnuns on February If.
The Metropolitan Museum Of Art will be open free
to tlie public this afternoon from 1 to I o'clock,
Tuesdaya Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
from io a. m. t" I p. m . uni Monday and Friday
evenings fr,,m I to M o'clock. The admission mi
Mondays and Fridays ls 'ID centa
Admission to tho Museum of Natural History la
free tv.-,lay from 1 p. m. to 5 p m.; on Wednes
Jivs, Thursdays and Fridays from 9 u. m. to 6
p. it.: on Saturdays from !? a rn to hi p. BO . and
Tues.itiv evenings from fi to l" o'clock. Tlie prlco
of admission ls :?'> cents ,,n Mondays nnd Tuesdays
from I a. m. lo 5 p in.
Colonftl R. O. Ingersoll will deliver hts well-known
lecture. "Some Mistakes of Moses," at the Broad?
way Theatre this evening.
'Hie Tribune lins received for the paralyzed and
blind man for whom an appeal was male by "A
(Tty Pastor," $.-. from "M. K. S ," tl from "New?
ark," 12 from "E. T. M " and $f> from "Had"
Louis T. Helwlg. of No. .IIS F.ast Nlnetleth-st.,
through his counsel, c. Wasiibourne Smith, yea?
terday i eco wi ed a verdict in the s'ourt of Common
I'leas. before .Indue Cleirertch and n. Jury, for 16.000
for an Injury to his left foot, caused by the sudden
starting of c Secnd-ave. car while lie was In the
act of alighting. ? >ne of the bones In the (fool wan
The R*v. I>r. Maynard will deliver a historical,
illustrated lecture, on "Tlie University of Oxford,"
at Alumni Hall. Trinity College. Hartford, before
the prealdent, faculty and students, to-morrow.
Next Wednesday evening will be "ladles' nlithf
at the Catholic ClU****, No. 121) West Flfty-nlnth-st.
There will be a vaudeville entertainment al S 10
O'Clock, and dancing will !*egln at IOJ0 o'clock.
The regular monthly muslca! Services of thc I.en ix
Avenue I'riion church, One-hundred-and-nlneteenth
Bt., near I.i nox-uve., will t>e held In the church
to-day. The Kev. .lames Millard PhUputt, the pas?
tor, will occupy the pulpit at both services.
Professor Leon I.andsberg. formerly editor of
various German newspapers la the South an I a
stanch supporter of the Hebrew religion. Will de?
liver a lecture l-efore, the H. P, B TheOfl phi,al
Society. No. 142 West One-hutidred-nnd-tw'en! y
tlfth-st.. on "Talmudlsm and Theosophy," this
??vetting at tilt o'clock.
The Working Women's Protective I'nlon. st No.
18 Clinton I'lace, liefure noon yesterday had paid
out I'S JI to cover nine claims of women whose
wages had been unjustly withheld and which the
society had collected. It was sn unusual showing
for a single morning, and not happily explained.
It signifies t,, tilts orgnnltatl n that In Just I
dealing has riot liei*Ti lessened among miine em?
ployers liv ine bard rn.-.-s ? .
ls dev! ipe :
The American I.me steamer Bins, win. h arrived
here yesterday morning, left Southampton on .lan?
uary IO, and in spite of heavy weather .in! adversa
winds ma le an exceedingly fine run. She carried
speclallj addressed letters The regular ms ll,
which wenl by wa] of liverpool, win pr-,hal.iv i ii
reach heie before nexl Wednesday, the steamer
having been delayed a day at Queenstown
Tie- Maritime Exchange fond for the families of
the mon of the Amsterdam who lost their lives
trying to rescue tiie crew of the Maggie E. Ytt ?
ui- Ts. I yest.-r.lay, the total subscribed being
ll.cu. The New-York and Bandy Hooh pilots gave
John Wools, the ha-kman who was arrested OB
Thursday on suspicion of having stolen ll") and a
gold watch from a woman while sh.- vv.is crossing
ihe Pesbrosses st fern, was -Uncharged by Jus?
tice Byan in the Jefferson Market Court yester?
day for lack of evidence.
From The Springfield Republican
Among the oldest whimsies thal Ihe question of
foreign Immigration has produce,] in the Ih*t r-w
years thar of one Sydney Fisher N the paragon, ile
Inquires through "The Pbrum." apparently In all
seriousness, "Has Inmigration dried up ,,ur litera?
ture?" His knowledge ,,i the subject mav be seen
! by his statement thal after IMO Immigration to
Massachusetts ceased, and thal her population was
homogeneous and ol pure English stock until about
j 1825, Th truth is that Masaachu etta her. iss I ru
j much by Immigration, in proporilon to her resident
population, fiom Hil', to 17.7I as ar anv peril,I ,t
j thirty consecutive years stn,-.. As f,,r (be purity of
I English blood her.-, there i? hardly uri old family
that does riot Include an Irish, Scolch, Dutch or
French ancestor as far bark aa I7TO, The larg.
Scotch-Irish immigration aft.-r USO, from which
came (he Sullivans. Morrisons, Md "lui.., UT! .,,,,
and many of the Smiths, made its decided mark -rn
Massachusetts, as well a" In Ww Hampshire; the
French Infusion from ihe Channel Islands, ol which
wer,- th.* Ca bot a, Thoreaus, ,.f . and the Huguenot
Immigration of Slgournevs, Oourgases Papilons,
etc, (the dtstlngulahed Bowdoln and Revere families
also), were all fetr* in Boston and in Hs vlrlnlt) be
f,,r,- im Mr Fisher should observe that an Imml
rratlon of 1,800 a year, when we had bul loo.Ofm
Inhabitants. ?,i? as great ., mixture as io.OOO when
we had 1.000.000, or K.OOO, now. He Should also nu
lice thal lt ls onlv mixed races, like the Greeks of
the fourth and tifrh centuries I: c. the Comans of
."he brilliant Latin period, from loo ii c mi jon
A l>. the northern Italians of ihe republics and
Kennalssance Ihe Prencb of th- last thre.nturles
Ihe English of the hist four, and the Germans of
the eighteenth and nineteenth, which have produced
greal literatures; .1 r-n-t which shows thai Immlgra
Hon. In due proportions, Irriga!es and does n il
m. Iniellectual growth, lr' America ls an exception,
sh- ls the onlv one In history; (the Jews nol et
Th.- fact is that the conditions for a great snd
? I irable literature hardly exist In any nation until
after four or live centuries, its we see bj cr-.,.
and Home, by .lu,lea, Italy and Kngland. \ fine
poem. ..r history, or philosophy, is ,,; slow groar.n,
and needs a favorable hat Ional atmosphere, which
viv few 1101 nations ,,?, furnish. Precisely
what the beal condillons are we cannot say,
but Ians.* of centuries ls certainly one, \ trans.
slanted literature mav nourish in fewer yeara bul
not a native gTOWf.h. As for existing Iii. r.,tiite in
America, ll la nol best lo be lou positive, either in
oralee or blame, if Ihe census ol literary men had
been taken in IB7. neither liner -?: Hawthorne,
Foe nor Holmes would have 1, -n ranked among
til- foremost, although they had all then Indli it?*d
chat iv eii,ami, whal Iheir qualll) was .*,*,, |. , ,,.,v
well hiiiuieii that lortv yean heine rrillclsm ma)
discern mon* merit In the rounger authors than Mr.
Fisher hus been aide IO discover. He fixes his at
reiitlori on what hil j* gone, h.* has not ,-, char per
ceptlon "f the pres.-nt. still less of the future l..t
him rub his eves and lake courage; and nol ascribe
all our woes "with loss of Eden." to the Influx ..f
Immigrants. Thai is becoming a rather tiresome
From The Boston Transcript.
Crispi is "worth" perhaps tl.000,000, amasss i in pol?
ities and in law, mostly politics, his enemies say.
During Rudlnl'a leas,- of power lu predeci >,,r
again look up the practice ot law. alni also became
a high-priced contributor lo several foreign mags
tines that were only loo niger io offer him almost
fabulous sums for his articles lt is perhaps,
proper io mention in this connection timi th,. Mar?
quis Budlnl arl this lime was the richest Prime Min?
ister In Europe, lils fortune being estimated .it ::.',
?Mi.isjri francs Ills only rival In the vvav of money
wss i.ord Rosebery, <if other English ministers of
state possessing large foil urns. Lord Ripon, the
colonial Minister, should he named. He ls said to
be "worth" $500,000 per year. Chancellor von Ca?
privl ia poor and so is Prince Winddlschgraeti, the
Austrian Premier.
I.SS I* I" li"M>S AM
TIIKIH sm i:
1 Ml")
rOOgSTfl tua",' THB siTT
N makin.; prni.tr
To the Editor of The Tribune.
Si:: Theae ur- exceptional times, and Ihe eg
crept Ional amount of enforced idleness Justifies ea
ceptlonal pub.lc measures. In the lasl nsource
?; v is responsible for nil Its members Even
fr-,m ;i strictly economic point of view, ? rich com?
munity cannot afford to permit Btarratlon, A large
part of the lona inflicted upon society. In times
like the?". must necrasarll) i,e borne by the rich.
Port una t ely the ri h are for the most part ns will?
ing as they ure able to contribute tu the necessi
ti.s of the occasion. The univ question ls how to
do it.
There is properly prevalent * distrust of the
efficacy of charily to meei thc needs of the sltua
ilon. Workmen who have always leen self-sup?
porting abhor the id'-a of receiving charity. They
would almost rather starve than to have to undergo
the ilegrading ordeal of becoming paupers. This
wholes. feeling is also shared by the rich. The
question, therefore, is not how to give charity,
but how to give employmenl As one "f the means
of doini; ihla li has been suggested lhat the rich
expend more freelj than usual, instead of econo?
mising in ever) direction. Another means sug?
gested ls io open workshops for the manufacture of
various kinds of wearing apparel and give awaj
?h- pr,,d'nrs. thus aiding ii considerable number
by giving employment, and relieving many more
by a Judicious distribution of the clothing. Both
of these suggestions h ive th. ir merits snd should
be encouraged, but they are wholly Inadequate to
m? .t the gem ral situation.
What ls needed in New-York and other larg*
rill's ls u scheme that shell give several months'
employment lo more thsn MO. 11*0 people. This csn
not be found In the avenues of ordinary business.
because Ihe lack of trad- In the various lines ,,f
business ls the cause of th? enforced Idleness mid
want There |a ons direction, however, Iii which
employment can !"? ;:lv*n to an almost unlimited
number for a snort time, mid where the work ls
greatly needed, namely, In public Improvements
For yars lt has been a standing charge against
N'ew Y. rk sV.v that it ls ..ne of the m..si un?
sanitary, 111. lean sud disorderly cities of Its BtSS
in the world, ll is proverbial that Americans upon
returning from Europe Immediately' exclaim against
the neglected, unsanitary and altogether disgraceful
condition of N'-w York City hs having no parallel
abroad The truth of this charge ls arrested by its
rptlonally high rate of mortality. Il occupies the
unenviable position of having the highest d<*ath
r.i*e of anv city of I.OOO.One population
In ian tba death rats In New York CHy was 26
to the thousand mi, ab ii. mts. as compared arith Jo
In Vienna, M In rail- and Boston, *.'l ,n lirooklyn,
philadelphia snd Haltlmore; 20 In Berlin, 19 In lan?
don, Edinburgh an 1 (Incinnatl; ls In Chicago, Cleve?
land, St. I.*.un and Ban Pranclsco; IT in Brussels,
Christi,iiiln, Norway, nnd Rochester. N Y. Il In
Milwaukee and 11 nr.,'.,. 14 in louisville, 11 In Den
V'i. and !? in St. Paul and Minneapolis
N,w is the time for the American metropolis to
rid itself "f this unsavorj rs?putatlon, and st the
same lime to lake front rank for phtlanthrop) sod
public spirit. i't..s can be largely accomplished Li?
the drys appropriating fr un foul
of dollars for public Imprint
paving and asphalting all lhe
s'-i iel. i ?!, ?..',; md condemning aome ,-t t:.e
srorsl tenement house property, and, wherever pos?
sible, converting Into public squsres and
parks; third, the planting ,f iresrs In all avenues
.l.-r I street* where lt is r lo *-< \-t\ m ich
of the s'r?t repairing sro lld be d ?ne In lha q tarter
where ihi p >i liv* whi h is lha Ural great s*..;,
t-wari sanitation and more wholesome rondillons
for the masses Besides benefiting the poor, rhts
Improve the value of propert) and beautify
tte* .'tv, and !:, everj -? . a -. ia ng bon tit to
ths American metropolis
I '!* < (ursa, 1 large number nt the present un?m<
1 >yed would be un ised * . thia Burt .<f woi ;. . 1
would, t li-r. f.-r.-. h.- leas efficient M. it. 'le,se oi-,||
narlly employe,] in * ich ??. upsilons 'lids w - it 1
make the work roBl more than it otherwise would,
pr,hal ?!. more, 1 .: If ever) i-.; .rer thus
,-l receive I li f ,i : enta worth of work
Us of lhe expenditure would be charity, bul lt
would be unconscious!) rerelvs 1 .nil therefor*
ad the demorallxlng * Uni "f charil) lt rn 1 il 1 ni*
have th'* ure.it a,iv .h.tav uf securing much needed
, Improvemi * ihei wllh a wboteaom
Kiel largel) ?? nomlc di irltiuilon .-f wealth, and
prevent wholesale suffering sud iiarvallon which
otherwise mus! ensue Kverj cltlsen would gladly
contribute t,iu sh.ir.* lowan] lhe mirana of h. n
???nt expenditure The .4*:'st and most'elll
el'-iil amy M t' raise run-- le, ihe hale of
bearing s lon rale t Inieresi Bia milli n dollars
rn >rth ot such tanda wo .. 1 be Ul ? n 1 tr,.- a ? ilth*
!? ?!.f N-w *i-rk flt) In B fsrw heirs, ther- I*
res (ly nu lack of monej nui uf willingness ?io fur
1 .', ll ill '".at ls needed ls an i !?????. rmphnllc
. rr -vt t - , mi -ti ti.- oh ? ll ny legs
cullies should sri -V sch .!? Ihe ? 11v 1 having
reached lhe limit of it* In lebl ? ?>'?!. g
lature would resdllv pass an ??? giving |*ermlas|on
..? bonis necessar) foi - . i. an iii let-taking
Let onl) .1 feasible [dal ' preaenled, and the
proper!) own#ra ol Sen York Hill and Ihe I-egu
r.r ire will do lhe
If this indertaklng were :? 1 ..-,i.ite.| tn N-w York
('Itv, th<* -vampl" w ail I soon be followed in the large
cities throughout tfn- country, ar.', il. . *. be Ides
afr-,r !.?,. li ?? ? ll it< ri lb ? lu Hu 1 ?? lng dial
In our Indu I ria I ???.'rs. it wimbi bring an unprc
. ? 1 Improvement In American cities, and thus
, uah ia ? 1 ?? '* "i???? ' ? In phtlanthrop) Bnd
al progress with nlmosl nu illlinate icrMce
\\.... .vi such a I'M demons*! it.- lo the
m , .. . .,? ? |n f... -.-. mi thal capitalists ar.- nol the
II heartless rls - ihi v generally ssaumed
, , i? 1, ,t iiesldes !??-..' gi ly econ mic bens fas lors
. , , . ? ?? lansl ready to use iheir wealth f..r
welfare whenever 11 ls necessar) and feasible
1, 1, so ,:1 ",:,;i: '?' snis
1 of Social F. nomlca, ' nlon S<|imre, New
York, Jan :?* ? 1
? ?
To the E lltor of Tl,.- Tribune
sir Bvery fJennan-Amerlcan cttlr.en who ha? the
welfare of hla adopted fatherland at heart cannot
fail energetls illy lo denounce such political farces
aa the one produced laal nlghl s! Renwtrh Hall
a few men, wh > claim lo possess g-reat Influence
with the Qerman-Ameriean element of the metro
p .Utan p rpulatl >n, arrange a p dltieal mass-meeting,
draw up .1 faw resolutions and nil several columns
of tl .Tr official organ WlUl sentimental talk which
Intelligent Oerman cWaeng Invariably call "Hi'-sh "
Th.- tr-.uble |a that the very tiers,,n whom manv
Americans look upon as Hie most lnflu-iiti.il maa In
Oerman political cir. les nus actually no Influencs
outside of s sinall circle of promtnenl Germans and
Herman politic il beelera The greal mass ?t the
<;? rm .ii American labor K dead agalnsi that man.
The principal speaker ist thal miss meeting if such
lt can be called was our Commissioner of Immi?
gration, an appointee of the pr.nt a Imtntstratloa,
whee Inleresta bi isl bs Identified with those ,,f
I diligently over
he,-ii repented -i
lections. Hut the
six millions
?irs Klrst, In ra
? 1.s thal i.**e-l it,
ths A (ministration. ll- ebon
a fain a p tri "f ail that had
thousand limes before the la il
best part
that farce li
leaders sre activ- members of t Oerman
rs in
Anti-Tammany organisation, while the nomln
whose favor Ihi ; ? :.? so many iv,rds were
nominate.1 by Tammany Hall, ls mis the wa) to
defeat Tammany Hall? Between ti.lections those
gentlemen ac: like li .ns. read) lo tear un the tiger,
but when election time draws n.*ar. and the tiger
throws them a lump ol sonar In the shape of ap
pointing ,,t.f iheir own hind, they forge! to r-.-ir:
th.-i become remarkably docile. Happily these
f"'ti T" not escape tl.bservlng and In?
telligent (lennans If, therefore, Mr Isidor Straus
and Colonel ia*, L. Brown should 1.lected text
Thursday, it could ri? ? r be considered as ., victory
,,f the Hermans or of the Administrative reform
fores, bul of Tammany Hal), which again will
unavoidably strengthen the Uk.-r's political position
for tile neXI election. Il.lt what do these ,-r-|t
Oerman political reformers of Kenwick M.ill eire
ll m.ev or.1. succeed in launching their Administra?
tion rn> nd. 1 straus, ..n his road ta Congress?
The .div i-form movement may meanwhile ttk.*
cir-of itself. A (1RKMAN AMERICAN
New Vork, Jan. M, ISM
A H-iMi; in Tin; COt'NTRY OFTRRRf!
To tl,.- Editor "f Th.- Tribune.
sir in an wt r., your appeal for aid for The
christian Aid to Employment Boctriy, might I
replj by asking 11 among s,,,?e ?t ??|*?. r,.,|,|,.,.,|
gentlewomen who are facing rh,, cold world for
ih-- llr-r Uni." I ur Hr li 1 not lind one who would be
willing to .on,.- i,, ti,., countr) and Nnd a -.1
home? I applied to tie soclet) aome tim. ago hu*
-I- vt hiv- received ri" applicants I .|-, ,,,,t doubt
but thai many uihers would h.- glad t,> make n,e
san.ff* r K t W
N-w Vork. .Ian. lh. RM
To ihe Editor of Tin* Tribune
*?*" I have though I about your paper and Mr
fl.i'v often "f late. When Mr Qreekry rlalted
Kansas |M |_4, | think ll was he campest] on whal
! irned oul to be my farm At the tim,, he camped
"ii my land I! Wu" Wet, and Iii th., night the rain
Slid tlnn,,I, i wei,- i-rrltl, . hut (lu* wind .Md nol blow.
Th- nexl dav he iv. nt to s isa Walmul,.. Iwetitv-tlve
mils s v.uf h of lils camp, s,n mv farm lu . lo hilson
'?"mr . Kansas lt ls raining to-day, and I have
thought about the long ago in Kansas, and Mr.
Greeley and your paper, and compared the surface
of th,, earth as ll was then and as |t |? to-day.
Nearly forty years mci we did not ???,. ?nv bowsss,
femes 01 barna eacapl al,oik the hanks of the
waterwaya Now there are hardly anv dwellings
near the hanks of lhe .reeks. Nearly all the dwell?
ings are far awav from the creeks. There ls no
land that ls not fenced, except In the towns. Paola
1 abolished fences, and the nigs aa scavengers
ana tht "town" cow ts not allowsd to roam at
will. All the land In Miami County ls In cultiva?
tion, nnd the buildings are quite good, some are
Imposing, with lawns and shade trees. We have
some extensive apple orchards, nnd some apple
trees are as large ns apple treat are lu Herkimer
County, N. V., near mv birthplace. <inr fnrmi-rs
are prosperous hevonl comparison, for our crops
ur*, uniformly good
Thia county is ghoul twenty-fo'ir miles square,
and from September I, IMS. to .lune I. MM. will
hav* fattened shout tl.OoO.OOO worth of beef and
pork for export. We also export corn. oats. flu:;.
hay. horses and mules, some butter, milk, eggs and
i iitrv We have never tried to grow wheat for
the general market, yt we have grown over forty
bushels of wheat tn th.- acre, There ure not many
farms for sale. Generally, if there ls a farm for
sale, a resident buys lt Som- of our farmers have
all the land they .-are t,, have They loan their
surplus moii'V al fi to S per cent interest to young
farmers beginning for themselves, lt ls a rare
thing when the Sheriff sells a farm In this county.
Sometimes ne make* a sale, These sales ar.- gen*
erally made to clear lands from defective title, and
often thev sell for caah for twice Co tIU"Unt of the
debt. There are many Other counties that have
been prosperous, ano the people are happy and
contented. In Paola many people cultivate flowers
outside the sidewalk, along the afreet Whal a ion
trust! The population of the county is about IS.noo,
.1. W. HPO.NABI.K.
Paola, Miami Co., Kan , .lan. 'in. lf*M
To the Editor "f The Tribune.
giri In view of tiie alarming condition nf national
affairs, attention is Invited to ii point mil'!, by
Prealdeni Grant, when lu- sail: "In the United
states th.* tariff H .-, question "f labor nnd gold.
The labor part ls too well known to speak about,
but lt ls lhe ({old part that so many of us g|va
to,, inti- consideration, a low tariff will stimulate
Importations In B wonderful manner, and as the
extra Importations will amount to manv millions,
which mus! tie paid In gold, lt will take Int a few
years to drain the Nation ot Its gold"
Now let the Treasury Department consider thin
pointer, and verify or correct the following figures:
mena payable in sold,
Kxtra Importations. |MlJ0sVJ0l
Dividends on Invested fcetgn
capital . 85,000,000
llxpeiidel by travelling Ameri?
cans . 75.0OO.Ui1O
(Expenditure for freights. 60,000.000
Foreign money orders.tlt.000.00ii
L**r-s immigrants' capital . 1,000.000 10,000,000
American gold product.10.000.000
Less used lu the ur's . 11,00) ?**> 2. ?'
Nel gold It-ins. {::,,,,,..,,,h.i
Wh?n we consider the reduced values ,,f future
exportations under changed conditions, it i* possi?
ble that BSAKBLBot in gold must I'-* exp .rr-I If,
however, the "ve" ,,f tn.,000 over commercial
eiportfl ls loo much, make lt one half, or $150,000,(10*1;
muk- I! on- third. ..r nw.oon.OOO; make ir one-fourlh,
ur 17*5.000.001) lt I'rir.n-it be less thei m) person can
tea,Hiv se- that lhe net exportation "f IT.*.."*"",
win pr,,.ino* another gold scare; that llM.ooo.iWi in
two )i:trs will cause the suspension of specie pay
meirs. and tha* IZ2fi.fl0O.O00 m three rears win send
?is ,i-,vvn to a si:\..r basis converting the i'nlted
Statis Into a n?u lelia a Hr'.tish lependency rsud
'hanging rh- t,t,..,d ,,f the Revolution Into a dab of
re-1 paint As s ,,,n as tlie present tariff hill becomes
a law 'her.- wm t?- ? general conversion "f jiroj.
ertv '.tit., K"ld. -specially the presentation of I*g-<1
tenders which win deplete the g.iid reserve.
M li s's.NKI.K
All.intlo City, N. I . Jun Mi ',*'')
? ? -
To the editor of Tbe Trlb-ina
Slr Your able editorial iib lanuary 9. "UKuestlng
th- possible Insufficiency .,f the crop of that useful
.?.I i itritloua food for the asa, ths or Unary thistle,
In view of the simultaneous appearance of Govern
..rs Un!*.*. Lew.Tiing and fenn over, lei,ls me to
suggest a possible substitute for the prickly plant.
lt is the cactus Southern Californians who are
clearing new ranch lands would gladly furnish the
? , ? .. in large iiuantltlea, '.-.-- on board, as foslder
foi the Gubernatorial aases nsmeil, ir tt.a consum?
ers will pay Tie fr.lghr The "niggerhead'' cactus
rniifht be popular Its prickers -t- atr ng en,, iga
lo pi. rc- a flea vi boot, and when lodged beneath
Ihe -k'.n thei w .rk their way through the (leah
If vii. n Into the stomach as too \ the ' nlgger-head'
- prongs might, withoul the process "f dlgeatlor
? ? i their w i, t" riie braii of the long ? ired
bipeds occupying Governors' 'hairs and make "p?n,
. the ci i) ties.f the skull for the entranei
i r?w grains of common sense Doubtls - ll
ai pill stions for this f wxi ur- made ? i the Ran I di g ?
? hamtier -t Commerce they alli receive prompt
allen) M V. B.
Ran l '-'-c-i. Cal. Jan ll I H
To the Editor "f The Tribune.
Slr I wish to warn the householders of
the W.-st Side Of the City against two men -
ede tull uni the otlier short. With smelling
.,f irhlske) tressed ir: rh** garb of maaona
who, ostensjbl) looking for a rk, first rjeatroy that
thev may r.-wiir tits morning I found that they
1.1 1 raise l the two rapetonea to tha pillars at the
?ii ,,f mv stoop, destroying the cement con*
na ithe) had bul recenil) been pointed i,ii
.ifr-tuiri applying lu me fur ihe chan.f doing
th. repairing thal ihej had 'ist rendered ni.a
sary I endeai .rs i lu have them arrest..!, but on
returning with a policeman thei were nowhere
vim,ie Uh: ST SIvVLNTV-SK.i*'>\l? STKKKT.
Ken V..rk Jan Sf IBM
For Yo,linc bullet (.Ity.
\T FREBCtl va; .i-m*i . SM Ri -adway rr f Berger,
fr.au parla; French lastruet a ii advance payment;
daily conversation rlssees, '"" K-uk "French Coll ? tm
ll i.n" fut salt
\T FRENCH Al'A DEM T. K"..*l Iii uli* , Pl ' Berger,
from Paris French Instruction nu payment ir. sd*
i- iaaan, SOr vv - kuhi.hi'- in ?m t Ism na iha
mastering .f i ? rerba ?- dim ult, sail without ?ti#
knowledge ni whick i -I cannot speak French pi >perlj
BERLITZ ss H.ml. Ol' LA MO!! ADK.S,
stadium Ronara .*.*', *.i sad Broadway]?
lern. bigina n,.w
Nu HUT Mil A VI"..
I'ev Pr an.l Mra CHAS ll UAKDNKB Principals.
IV lt KV Tl l"v,n, le eiperlenced nulli* Im.1) . li?r ,,r
pupil's residence; i tri ?*?' testimonial! i-'i weal .'t.-.tr,
? ? . peer Rroadwal
\1 V|,IM..I-KI,l.i: VKI.TIN.
* * BCHOOI. POH fill'.!,!!.
FIBEPBOOF S'*lln'.l. urn.niNri,
IDs. gad M Wu! Tl'h it.
MIHS OtlllloNS' RCHOOL FOB i.lHI.S. (15 Ws-*t 47th
St Mra s-xr.AH ll EMERSON, Principal. A few
( irllin |.uplli tuk?n
TTtitt. '".M.-TuiK SCHOOL
I K:*iti!Ii nnd l'.iv H,-h,,ol ,i,r Girl*. .Ilit yasr.
MlBB IiAV, I'rlnr-lpal. .12 BT?H *0'l, S'rrr-t.
?'pill-: Missrs BLTI RCMOOL JOB girls.
THK hm.ism ky S'Tioi'i. FOB girls. Central Psii
Plata. 741 I'Tfth nv,* , New Y.-.*k Hnir'Un* nml ,|.iv
school Primary, Iri(ertne<)t,,te. college Preparatory and
fitilKlilns. Mm Rallsbur) personall) In diarite. Imttv |.|*iiU
Instruction Light r.e.m?. Reopens .Inn. B, 1SIM
TIIK BURRER MERINOTON sn noonee n r?ur,? nt [ta?
nn* in the study ,,f sruiki?p..iiri,. to lie riven si
ih'-lr S^h,, l. IK.1 l..-n,i ara . near Ilpili ?t The ee,irne
win t,? e,.i,.iii, f,.fi i,v Mr Odour I'iiv \dnm? Circular
?poa upiiii, nilen. vv:nt>*r i^rm begiaa FeOmary I.
For noys and Toling Men city.
FRENCH am. (IBBMAN laugh! rapidly t.v aatlra
tenetirrs, gi leesons, |I2
DA III.'I, UK w?i 2.1.1 it.
I BTtti lear )*rep?re? fer i,,lleKea a,*lenllr)e artmila or
bii?in??i I'rimurv departmeat. Four realdenl pupils received
Kor Both Nev-. Cltv
APKRFECT physical form, lhe bios! wonderful ,,f
Ood's cresllons, ii i?,**Mtiie for nil. men, women ,,i
children; luke a course of mv scientific physical culture
Bl bome; nil deformities .--ir.-- t..| undeveloped laal Iel
moulded int-, forms ul heaat) mi alrenath; wreak lungs
strengthened; Hondo* method; simple, entertaining nml
m. *| .-usn.-. .l!,'nl!ii KHANK C .lilNKH, 31'J VV eil
lilith ii
\l*. BBRCT'R BPECIAtraCliOOL ul-*
.1!. We?t I'jis'. oppoalte Bryant Park.
Bl SIMvSS Rtll'CATlON Bookkeeping, M.ltltiK. nilli
iii-tic, i',irr>-*|ii,!iileii,',', spelling, grammar, stenography
typewriting; ladles' department; private Instruction da)
and eieiiitiK TAINT: s llualncM ? -ii.-.,.- 02 Bowery, ,-,r
i"anal-st., uptoam, HC Hfsmi 34th-st., i -i llmailwsy,
? Madison Bqaare tSSth si anl Broad matt, ??
Tenn Iisiki.i* new
rapldli ii.'iulie.l lo experienced graduals lead ?
Ml:s AND MB lil ll V IIIRANIM ll!" lii-i IftTH RT
NKsll.KsTKIi ITT ?'v IT"N Ornmmar, s|H-lllng. Int.i
?iitinK, iiiitiiiM'ii. penmsnship, laadikeeplna HO
leaaons, (in HAHI.'R ISB Weal Sld-sl
IIRIVATR barnina in grammar, spelling, reading, letter
writing, penmanship rapid advancement ku on', i
let-nag moderais Mrs. tdelalde llidlbrnoke, ?.?!:? vv i: i i
MiMlcal Inatrtidlon.
AITKNT. DAHL'S i-,,i,?i i.ii.ti .,f Musli Vocal, In
strum "til elocution, foreign languages laughi bj
grealaal maslen and nimpuaeni i- aoiia BOi' lo ll "SI
V2S VV . -i Jil,I -l
ilril.lrn. p -1 --1-.?t imerit tnt mm leildini Sludsmla I't I >I.Iv V
111 i K, I'rea.; Albert Buss Tara.,rn Vlee-Preai ll vv.
Oir?n?. :.. v nil Tr?ea.
!!? A ??'! CASI UTH HI' . NKW VultlC.
Wot li >vn anl Yum u Mm?Country,
Il'BRRIIOLD iNsniT'Ti:. Freehold, K I. BOth v?r,
ii., Doardina Bel.I. Primary, ilollege Preparatory,
Huaineia Oowras, ahurtfeaad, Typsnrriling, Tels-rgraphy.
or .IraiislilKtiniii. er iiuallf) to lok.- eharga of ma?
chinery- in ti- meiii ii ,,f HOME sriT'V ti Hie Cur*
raapnaiauii s-h.?,i ot Mecnaniea. Scranton, I's To begin
SludenlK neel only kn- tv !,,,? tn rea.I nnd urila. Mo,|
?rate charse? Send fur fre. rltciilar.
^IKWTON (N. .1) INKTITt'TIC llmne life and rsrs;
ItvsM-y room and had ftaam haaiadi t avmnssiuma, bowl
lag, ball, lanais, eaueatriaa dept. J. Wilton. A. M., 1'na.
.Ina traction.
For Boys and Young M"n?Country.
60th year. Send for Illustrated catalog*.
JOHN N. TILDEN. A. M.. M. !>.. Principal.
For Tonne Ladle*?Country.
BOARDINO SCHOOL for Qlrla s-,,II>'S-* preparation;
I i?bi.lent, r.aiive. French and German teacbersi special
courses In music uni urt Term/. ITOO,
'? '.(_ HILT.HOT'SK AVE.. New-Haven, Conn-Weat En-1
?it) [nstltute Behool for Girls. Mrs and Mis* Catt,
; principals. Send for rlrculsrs. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
supplies Professors. Tenchers. Tutu's. Governess**.
*c. te Colleges, Behool* an.l l-'iiiiilie*. Apply to
Mrs. M. J. VOING-KI'LTON. 23 I'nlon H?|uare._
AOENCT Miriam Coyrters supplies tutors, prof-ss-irs.
teachers governesses, etc.. in rill dept*.i rcseomrr.enda
? houis t, parents IV) Sth-ave., Book B*ldlng, cor. Sptn-st.
A LADY of eaperience In learhlng snd In foreign
travel ,!,stres engagement. Involving French snd Oei
man, preferablj t . travel abroad ns companion or luisi
n,-ss tnsnsrer; unexceptionable referenoss* Address
RIVIERA, Til!.one Office
I Former pi.'blic hchool teacher instructs on
English lirnnc!i,-s, backward pupUs; neglects-sl "l
: ..in.,ns rapMI) advanced: delicate children patiently
taught; references Mts* ll. 1.098 8d-a ve, _
1> RI VATE pupils ?i,nr.-,| bj Vassar graduate; ele
menfirv and infhvr Instruction; eily refereneca.
Care HAM'L li TAYLOR. IB vv.ill st
i BSTl'DBNT wishes instruction In theoretical chemlstrj
i^ and in recite iwlce we.kly In other undies lo com*
i petenl person. I'HEMIRTRV, Tribune L'ptown Office,
\ |.2? III .re!".ll
VriSlTINd GOVERNESS A lady of len years' esper?
ance desires prlvat' pupil* In elemsNitar) and higher
i Ee.itiisii branches; special sttrntl n m bu kward pupils;
; highes) references Address M A s. li. Tribun* Offis ? _
WVNTED Governess, English, plsno, for superior
. sit lon: companion dingi. nw young girl; B>?v
i ernes* (Europe) governess, English, French. Miss
I DONOVAN'S Teachers' Bureau. 30 East Uth-st,_
I \VANTED.-A competent swvernese t" In'iruet three
tv children In Oerman, Rngllrh rind music, nnd to luke
entire charge of IWO little girls g nnd !i wars old. Call or
address Mrs vv c. ll. IS3 Pron.,s' ? Baal Orange,
N i_
Y~ or NO LADY WANTED, two or three rimes a week.
to teach elocution In i prl. ate achool; mav want
other work iddrens BCHOOI* Tribune t'ptown si.fir.-,
1.248 Broadwai_^_
Dancing l-UabcmtcB.
ALEXANDER MACOREOOR'B Men<l"tssohn Assembly
rooms, lui West JMh st. Private lessens and ria****
In dan, ing _p
(""-I KOROR xv WALLA'T.S cla?*e* si Music Hall, gTth
I st. snd T'li ave snd Harlem, m. an I x'2 Wes! ISstb
*i s*e circular.
Ci E'> E WALTER lately recirneil fr,rn BttTOMt
J <ia??es ar.d private leMwona in Society Daaeas daily.
420 Columbus ave.. Mitti and Slot sta._^^^^
WANTED Organist an,I cle.ir master for Episcopal
Church in cit) vest-,! choir. A-Mr***s. with refer
?n, es ii Hex 1-'. Tribune l'ptown 0?ce, 1.241 Broadway.
HM Q '.'"rninK' Ft.-ard of
r?e-',mm?*n Is to lt* members and to sll ether* Interested
in the w.-ifare ot working woas?B and iriris ot" Hallow?
ing Retail IllSIaaa, |,ecan?e s , far hs tba fl uni c.in
learn. Mes. Houses deal Jii'tlr by their employe*, and
ai-t-roich n?.ir?st lo (lie prlBstrtplas and standard of the
A A Van'lne A Cr,.S7B Broadway
Al'ken. Hen * Co .Broadway and l*ths?.
Arnold, '',-ns'alile A r"o.BroadwaT ant 1Hth st.
Beal * Ob .id Wstea* tts-st
? Allman A Oo .fith-av*. and 19t*vst.
?Chlldren'a Dressmaking Es'ahl'shment
i Ri shartngl .ll Ens' ISth-st.
i: x ll rrteon * I n .Broadway and 19th st
' le,,ne r Langeabaeher.S2f> Hr,alway
Hit!.'in Kiehange for Women'a Pfork .in xxvst imth-st.
lapin's.* Trading Co.11 East l<th-st.
lal i kteC.v * Co.Broadway and 11th st.
I. I* Hollander A io .200 5'h-av*.
I... Boutllllsf Brothera.IB Wesl tld-st
I M ,v Taylor .lirosdway url 1Mb si
M ? !ls.,n Avenue Dep lltory and Eschanga
f r XVtn'i.s VV rfc.02S Madtson-sv?.
?M ne n g reUda.3rtl Bth av*.
Mme I.. Thurn.?120 (Vh-av*.
Kow-Torb Ex, h,in?* for XVnm?n'* Work.X19 tlrh-av*.
P, a. o gea wart a...i.42 Bast ii'h-st.
1 ' ! .rt A Oo .83 XV.-st Ms-sat
Sri.ar!?i Hro'her*.24 West 2.1-1 sat
Society , . Deeueailee Art."4 Kast 21 st st.
?lera Bi Ibera .xx>?t 2.1.1 st.
foung Women's Christian AMoetatlon_T Ens' 15th *t
?Wa are pleased to n.t* that Mme. Felicia ol .titi Sth
ave t >?> e*.t ibllshed a ?v?i?'n of DI 'flt str.irltrg with her
? nil *???
Tba '''usn!' ? ? .' League ts still prosecuting lt* In
q -iirt.-*. and hop sw t - .1 ? l-l the names of other ?h-,p? tn
., ? .- ? -
BUB lilliivnxx \\ A l.l WRST BOTH HT.
Greatest Aumin! llu?l.*r> nml Ulava Halo.
Xrirr lli-fure Such lin rt; 11111 s Iniivlirre.
1-Vn Instil mea liiiuini I.imhi others!
ir- Mueiie ...... :tiii*.i 4 it Kid, Mts*.
: ?? ll HI iues, tit- ,t .'..-n's' Pique* ????.
lil ll Suede* Sll?*.i 21 ll Suedes BtlSB).
Al * (tels Btslnles* ll *e, sh-.. lu?-.. ll ? ?3c, lTo.
Ks ** iii!.ie,| \..s's ih*? th*., 1 '_t 1 -Be., 17s-.. BSa,
I. s!" Thresd Hose -it., KSe.% ?BBe., Ste.
All I'linlllt cly siiir-Hnir I ur.r I'rlces.
MIIXIMV, l-lvltl I lllvfll DAV.
Penr*' s>os|i, ti.-.i l.iibln's lixlimls. 'Itlc.i Dr. I,ron's
I nulli I'oHdcr. sic.1 Karina. I lei I'inniid'a Quinine,
'/dei ITniiinI'* llrllin,mine. IHs-.t ?rifm I ream, ,'tBc.|
.linn I'uvidci. Ill 1 Slil/11 Violet. Vic; XX tlllmii*' -lui? .
Ina ?snnp. tlc.; Kn|, 1 A I.iillel'. Anthi-n I'otyuer. iittc.
Ree ry 1 Mug eisr prosertlaasately reduced
A M.LE' T 1A.M1I.V HO IEE. noted for lt> Snalent
eulsli ? nml hum,* ilk" comfort*. Moderate pries* to
t.-r. 1? al j- - 1: t kui kt*
C I- ilRIOslS.
S'utniiv Apartmsmta and sinxie Boeasa
American and Buropssan Ptaa.
ine seieet lamlly bnWi ot N'.-w Vork. with apartment*
^?8760063870 "O-OTHIL^
Kith St and In lng Place,
(On* block cast Of t'nl-in Pijuare I
A q.iist hotel "f established reputation arith a cuisine
ef noted excellence. Moderate t.-rms 1,1 permanent
lol between Mli iv. an,l Headway. American plan'
guiles, with bath and toilet: transients, 12 lo l.'l por J-i>.
BROAD * i.n'Tsr nts..
.Strictly lt.* proof and cntlrelv n?w.
Kunst appointed Hotel in PhlladsMphta
ivi-.-iv modirn convenience including pun* ?.n?r from
sn artoeiaa Brett, artaleh suppiiea u,r boom tiiiuagtiinit.
Ji'it\ m. sn xiii* X, ,-ii.
Ulitttcr Rcttortt.
|>!:v!. win itt: RETORT
It Nearly ihimsand feel nurh. "New Berkshire Inn,"
Husi sin active fur honda) ur health Within four boura
?1 H. V. ah nut dieu sp.ns Matchless sceneri moun*
?nil ..11 *pnni waler. Largs mn parlor upen Brea
AtiiU'ti, ruum < ,i|. ny lim I-,,, ulara,
c Xl.Li; TICK NOR, Er.iprlct.ir
sit Barrington, Mesa
SIN JI AN mu I I..
A 11.'ir hrlcL lou. , mt!i avert com nlenrc and lora
Hon i.i.>iir|-a-.ivl. Livery .ita, h d. This T.1st*' i-*,I.
i^ii arter*,
r ll ABBOTT, Eroi.r
**?"* til A LT A MONTE,
oi*., poe loni t.. ,xpr,i 1 .-.ttl.
Booklet living tull desi ruben -wan ?? euMketlea.
Iirml ti.si 11.Hams. t? n*iil ll XV. ITU. LS I'. riut,r.
'lilli, MIAMI X ll X\ , ?
I 1 x i*. *".N villi:. I'Li.r.iUA.
Lo .iti rn i.ii-ui|.a"..l Ku kuli ground, It-lp se.
Isclisl lr.,iii XX lute Mo.in resort*. ll ., mocta iraim
IteaaaaaMs mir- AdHreoa
__>? xv smith.
'I'll B PL A x li." Kl.ii- ,i* PLORIDA
1 Located on i.-..i,.-.i le,ia,- on INT,IAN RIVER, un lat
iio miH, boarlns orang* grove Now uni rienant. acoom*
in,?liit,s 3ihi Rend foi booklet
H. II. PECK, s.niirr anil l'roprl*tor.
Tm: 1.chm in
ATLANTIC CITY. N .1. Ocean ead of Pennsylvania
.oi. AI wayo open, I-' xv. LEHMAN .v- m.
KiAOAIU. rAUJt (oru aJauta* awsv.
tiJin'er lUsom.
m u ml,,
xxiii, OPEN KEBRCARY :t. MM.
?very convenience, including steam beal ?n>! open Uro
places, electric lights aad hell* elevators, sun parlors.
Kor terms, rte. sddres* I .xs H STRONG M?n?*er
lafayette Hotel, Phlla., ur GEORGI? PFEIFFER, Jr.,
Brown's Mills, millington founty, N. .1. _
so teatllied (? bi t.H sis i* With air lioavll) charged
with ??:?. .if. i.i "i. a gi Btesl I. to th- health-seeker;
with scents attnii.ti" unrivali'-d, 'di i-.iinr Comfort
ranks fnremosl ns a wlntei rsMO.-t, whll* its world-famous
llygela Hots!, with li* Improve.! ind boss porfsHi drain?
age snd othei sn,tri -I langements, the unquestioned]
: ? of Ita .:,;nk"i" irater, unajrvossed cuisine, -tu
bracing ever) delicacy of land slid sra foods, th* .harm
of ,'s i-st,i?-nt gs ''??? -n life, ll antindani tnusl, .1 :?niur-s
.mi dancing, constltut* s ? ?? tl n. siMoss
i,rfi'r*-'l ni uni i* - ti
!' \ PIKE. Manner.
MOTEli-* ?7-STTOJ . ST"
Delightful in wlnt-r as wil as In s,imm*r. Pure air of
the country. In algtil ol New-v ?' ?'?ty. Aitaelaa w.*ll
wirer, plasma in glass; ? ??,????. ti ?s; elevator; ii.,ths on
every Boor, jr minu ea tomi (??! of Broadway. Greatly
reduced rates for Winter. It'-M -.it;.* in wiiK.njj.
JAS. II RODGERS, Proprietor.
_ New-Rrlghi n. iluten leland, SJ T.
KC fl IL MM &CK?
Hill spca ii.- .-ii,h. ? ,,i . i,-..i.ian k***t am ?u
stet' iv .j, roi ? -ii. -ms mid on .,-, ? i,,,- . ar-'I -i-iO feel
iu.im- -. . i.i ? .-ii -ii ?? ii- ii iii j, a ikea mr
tlrularly Irv, balmy slid limeo-ratlnc climate: ci -.ml
nalline; pun wstei jm ,-t- I dralosge; - led or-ne.tra,
i'i almiidaiil lei ilium lor out nol indoor ?p ru., fit
booklet asm full urti ni ir- audre*- until Noxeniiier 20tu.
< a i.i\-Li;v ' rta a euua iiotci, Bow-Yets city;
aller Hu* <li!.. Augusta Lu ____^
mm ? ? mm]
K'0 .v'.i.uoi.. , .,? . il?\.
TIIK Musi I'ul'i nil xx.Mi.it .i.isOltl IN 1MB
KOL'Tll. 1*1*1 ..N lA.NL.XHV HUI.
AMir.i xv s. LEK. Propr.
un the weat hanl: of the st. loon's Rh er, a few mm
ut-s' walk from the t-ulpliu: Springs. Dehijhtful walk*
onl drl-?s Ratea l-l (? Il i>er ilay. Special hy tha
weeta. Address J. L. pron. Mgr
A nv'<I<*rn h"t<*l In a s'iperh lo^vi'-n, perfect sanitary
appointments; liberal ma?Baesai'-at: rsa Buna Ma price*, cm
pas ty, BOO. -Mus:- by
fiend f,,r '.'-rms and ,-irculara.
ripens .Inn'i-iry 2,*)rh, r\o.?_. June u?.
The lars***!, test app.tnte.l. and most liberally m?nag?d
hotel in th* s th. with the mist central and delightful
location. Bathhouse is connected with the hotel. .(""or
respondenee ? ? : ti I
_ HENRY N WILLEY. Mnnager,
Myiejl YimwmMEt
Open from DeOOSBbBr to May. Recently rebuilt, s.'entrstly
located on highest ground la city. Distilled watsr us?|
for drinking. Perfect sanitary ?y?tem. Rate*. $.1 per day,
WILL OPFN" FEIIREARY 1PT Dlrectlv on th* beach.
pend for rlrrular. LEEDS A LTPPIMlOl 1.
PORTER A JI'l'D. Managers.
HORArt: l>ORTER. Manager.
m^KEWODODnDp ii_o ?0.
This new and magnillcent holel ls conatructad of brteB
snd s-ii i lied with all modern cunventens**. Por ri-ts,
Ac. address
_J. R. PALMER. Manager.
[LfflDscB^dDdDaDQ Mow cUon0?-?^
Mu?lo by Auitnan Hand In Sun Parlor dally.
Moat beautiful snd healthful winter resort la
the Pouth. First-clas* in all it* sppotntmems.
Special rite* for the season. ! i?'rat*d bo It
let and diagram of room* upon application.
XXM F IN'iOLD. rropnatog.
Directly on the beach; .*pen all th? year. All mod*en
convenience*. Including elevator, ?>in parlors, hot ant
cold ?eu water bath* in tv u?e. CHAS. EX'ANS.
M A. BOWER, Proprietor.
Train, with through sleeping car, via Atlantic Coast
Line. Ii*av9 New Y rk at 0 iisi a m. daily
WM i: DAVIES Manager, Thomasrltle. Gs.
liocated on btghSBI grv,utid in tiie city, ts* n*.| St.
Jaine*' Park. Baaaefl Us kc- offl,." in hotel. B*tmi*
checked to all points, i spaclty 500.
J. lt CAMPBELL, rropt.
Thorcughlv m. Tern ind dry. I^.cute,| ?n site cf old
Tre.asur> Butidlng. 'Hie l,igh.*st nntuial ground in Am?>n
i i's quaintest snd mool fascinating ??io Beautifully
and centrally situated, "ti** squara from Cathedral, p.ist
.,m,'", I"..i..i. old slave market and s.*a wall. Superior an>
comniod.iti.<n al ., m : reasonable tate.
i t SKti.ES Prop'r,
Funnel ly ,f Lura] Inn and Kwehia Inn.
"TC-E EiE ?OT(D?
One of >ne most ategaatly appotaited hotel* In the world.
Accommodations t-t BIM) ?u.-s;s Tourlot* will tlnl Sa\an
n.ili . ne of Ute m-.st interesting and beautiful cities in
the entire South. No plaei that cnn bc named l? moro
lieiilthfnl or desirable as a place of winter r-*s..rt. Write
for Illustrated booklet. WATSON B POWERi-V Prof!*
Michigan ave.. Atlantic City. N. J. Near Baacfc. Jas H nt,
Open J.in *.*ii!i i-'-'i
M 'ii.*. XN H I.I-IXX IS. Prop,
,v Iii'! SE.
i n'? r n.-iv ownssrshlp .in-i iiibiibb'mini Bead f'r ni'is
ii.i' 1 ir.ul.r. OBO. I. ATKINS & SON'S.
Highest and healthlcsi point, on baadsoneel N*uiei-ard.
A (harming spot .,- spend tu- ? ntsn . Southern climate,
ailvantagv* ol .i icu-, city. Healthiest mod* of ?te?:n
heating in lhe world A n iel f.".--..'. ;' N PARUOR ON
roi' I'" lli'i'-i: overlooking the city of Beltimore and
Chesapeake Ilay, Head for descrlptlv* pampblet,
l', WARNER STORK. Propr.
half :, block fr-.r
l '? lei ii-. etc., sddret
tlu- La
I. calli n In Pine woodA,
i H.nel, oa 7th
P. ?. |H5. l.ak. ?... .1. N. J.
I.MUAN RIVER IliilTvI. Tl tu* VIII*. Florida.
Cn,I-i ii, ?? management. Situated "ii Lank of the
river. Fishing mid hiiiitim; In abundance. Guides, dogs
and ya.-bis ? innes te I i\.tii hotel His boms ?f the sports
m.,h. i'll.--1 i,nil,..ii connection wiih ull [Minti ta
Florida. Telegraph iii... in house.
T ur >t Lodge
iM .st.. mar M id
IAKl.XXlls.il, N I.
i hian-ave., hus t'... modern lni|UMvemelit*; nam* are
-ii ?- .uni ii uni-.m.,.|, famished. Superior tah!.* and sc.
?niip.sUti,.ii.. Por rlrrular* addres* THOS, NOBLE
Onlv tr- i-1-.,t etty In Hie C. H. Average temperatura
"n- -? , ,- namdlae Pntvipat hotel.
All Impr..yemeni*. C. T. MERRILL. Prop.
(fount? Uourb.
11HRER linus fi,,m etty; iiigi> BmBf4; ioxeiv homo:
absolutely healthy. Address owner. Itox ld. l.2_
lr. md way._
ltoiitb lUittttcO.
\*.'."i I'ER CENT siiwl .mi grOOOrtea li***, coffee*,
? i-anneil gooda pntrkSOWP, butt.-t. produce, fruit,
ste, Hold m "roaaonabte" guaatlttee ai wholeaal* prise*.
ah Bseaa -Bhreesrl ncc. aspell a co.. lia aad Blt
(Jiai'iin icli *L

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