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I ?
LONO timi: MR STONE'S aki.E ai:'.'
Washington, Keb. I. The debate on the silver
Inflation bill In the Hons.- ?.f Representatives
to-day went ?n In an abpost empty l-gislativ ?
chamber, No quorum of members was present
at any time, and before 8 o'clock nearly every
peat was vacant The Impressli n seemed to I"
gaining Strength that the bill would undergo
material modifications bef .re its passage through
tte House. In onversatiOn With a Tribune
correspondent tin.-; afternoon Speaker Crisp, i'i
reply t.. a suggestion that the bill would pass
without material amendment, replied:
"I am not s.> sun- abOUl that. I am informed
that a good many members Who- favor th- coin?
age of the seigniorage, as lt is called, In order t..
strengthen the resources or th.- Treasury, arc dis?
posed ?... think that that is as far as Congress
OSsfht b> po at tins tinv. u may be. therefore,
that an amendment to strike ..ct the second sec?
tion of the bill will i?- adopted, and ii is possible
that some changes msy be made In the flrst
Heition als... Of course, l may bc mistaken in
regard to both propositions
"No." th" Speaker said in answer to a further
queation, "I have no idea how long Hie debate
Will run before the bill ls disposed of, for 1 have
heard nothing from Mr. Bland In regsrd i ? that.
A greal many members have expressed a desire
t . speak, and if all of them do so a good deal
of time will be necessary."
Despite the slim attendance ..f members and
the dispiriting effect of almost empty galleries,
several strone and able speeches were delivered
In the course of the day. Mr. Bland, who re?
sumed th.- floor at th.- beginning of the Kitting.
disposed of the r.-port that h.- had consented in
drop the second section >>f the hil) by declaring
that he regarded lt as the most important one
of all and would never voluntarily agree tba' ll
?fFhould be eliminated. By far the strongest.and
ablest speech of the day I:, opposltl Ul td the bill
was that of charles W. S:one. of Pennsylvsnla,
wh" prepared the minority report, extracts from
which have been published in these dispatches.
His arguments were unanswerable, but few ad?
vocates of the measure 'listened lo his speech and
fewer still will read it.
Washington. Fd?. :?. -After th.- reading of yea
terday*a Journal In the House whsi threatened
to be a knotty question waa uncovered by the
statement of Mr. Babcock (Rep., Wis i thal )"?
was recorded as voling on ihe las: rollcall by
which the House decided to go Into CommUtee ..f
the Whole to consider the uland seigniorage bid
while ha was i ally absent. As thc- would de?
stroy th- quorum, and thus nullify the action of the
commuter, it promised to cause som- trouble.
Owing to the confusion in the House a: the time lt
was almost Impossible to av lid error, sn . the regu?
lar tally clerk was not "on duty When the vote
was taken. When this err >r was discovered. Mr.
Heed (Rep.. Me.i and Mr. Trace (Dem, N. Vi
showed symptoms ..; an Intention to t .if a Ivanl iga
of Hus mlstske, and ro filibuster. 1: was found,
however, that Messrs Mccleery (Rep.. Minni.
Marshall il>. m.. Va>. dorman (Dem., Mich.), and
Shell ipem.. H. <*.). were present and voted "aye."
but were not .??? irded, so thal the preses of
a quorum was maalfeel L
Mr. Bartlett (Dem.. N". Ya, from the Committee
on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, reported
favorably, with some amenmnenta the campbell
bill amending the act of March '.. 1817, authorising
a bridge from New-Torn to Long Island, so as to
reduce the minimum height from 150 to US fei :. It
was placed on the calendar.
After the call of committees for reports Mr.
Bland (Dem.. Mo.) moved to take up Hie considera?
tion of his Silver Seigniorage bili in Committee of
th" Whole, and the motion was agreed to Without
aerioua objection Mr. Hkmd was ...en regdgiuScd
io conclude his remarks in rapport of the meaeure.
! le said, by way of preface, that he was reported
in the papers as being willing to strike out the
last section of his bill providing for the coinage of
the bullion In the Treasury purchased under the
Sherman law and rema Wig uncoined. That state?
ment was untrue, for he considered that the most
Important feature of the measure. The Secretary
of the Treasury waa of the opinion thal ll would
tako about five years to carry out this provision of
the bill.
Mr. Eland was surrounded by a crowd of mem?
bers and rapidly piled with questions The prin?
cipal object of his bill, hr- sail, was not to redeem
the notes Issued under the Sherman law; but to
coln the silver now remaining in tie- Treasury.
The proposed bill did not go as far as t!:-- Sherman
law, nor give to the Secretary of the Treasury
such wide discretion. Under th.- Uu.-r .he Secre?
tary was authorize 1 to coln the bullion ai Ins die
cretlon, but under the former he would ba com?
pelled to coin it only in such quantities aa might
be necessary to redeem th- certlncatei Issued on lr.
H* coyid not coin the bullion at his discretion.
Under the Sherman law the notes coull be re?
deemed by either silver or gold, and when so re?
deemed might be reissued. If he (Mr. Ulandi had
been Secretary of the Treasury ic. would use that
discretion In the interest of the i.pla and nol In
the interest of the gold-bugs. The Sh. rtn.m notes
ahould not have bean redeemed la gold and re?
issued over and over .main, but th.- certificates
should have been redeemed in sjiv<_r, .mi when so
redeeemed should not have been reissued, Mr
Bland was frequently interrupted by questions and
the close of his apseca waa marked by applause
from his sympathisers.
He was followed by c. w Stone. 0f pennsyl
vania, one of the Republican members ol Ihe Com?
mittee on Coinage, Weights ani Measures, who a,,.
tagonized the bill. He went into a legal de seri p
tion of what constitute.! seigniorage, holding that
there could be no seigniorage until all th- silver
waa consumed. You could not, he asid, take out a
portion of the silver in the Treasury and say that
it wan seigniorage, because lt was not seigniorage
until it ceased lo Ik- bullion. This bullion con?
stituted a collateral trust fund for th.- redemption
of the notes issued upon lt. and if any portion of
this fund ahould be taken and used for the i.e. aa
sary expenses of the Government, or for any other
purpose than that to which it erma dedicated, it waa
not only a perversion of the trust, but was em?
bezzlement of trust funds.
Mr. Stone then took up the discussion of tba pur?
pose of the bill. The only object mentioned by th
?" committee was to tide the country over the present
deficit. The Democratic porty In congress had
drawn up a Tariff bill which created a deficit, and
now they proposed to pilfer from that trust fund
- In order to cover up the deficit, 'iii.- attempt to
resuacitate the Industries of the country bv is^u
??. mg more currency, was like trying to revives man
suffering from apoplexy by transfusion of gmre
blood into his veins. The country was not to be
relieved by pumping more currency mto its Boan?
da) system, but by relieving the congestion and
obtaining a more healthy distribution of that which
ahould be circulating ireely. The .lose of .Mr.
Stone's remarks waa warmly applauded.
He was followed by Mr. McKetghan (Ind., Keb.)
tn support of the bill. He arraigned Uk- financial
rpollcy of President Cleveland aral predicted that lt
..Would lead the Democratic party Into disaster.
Mr. Hart.i (Dem., Ohio), oas of th- menib-rs .f
the committee arkosigned th.- minority report, spik.
In oppoMtlon to :he pending bill, il- asserted that
he had Investigated th" aSjaactsi rrmnitisa >>i every
nation of which he could get the statistics; and am. ag
them all, rich or poor, large rr small, Christian <r
pagar, there was none in widen the treason aaa rn
iuc.'i a conditio., as thai of thia .Nation of tt.OMMaif)
people. And of Ute t,e3S National banks In this coun
? try which w.t.- obliged to trike returna of*their op
a rMt.s there was not one in the condition >.f tue
United States Treasury. There was on!) something
over $65,fn/i.oir) in goM ii, the Treasury, against a lia?
bility of yiri.m.i.V). And there whs on. greal ci
Uteral liability to which he bad not ret. rr.-u. imu
that was the National bink notes, for tl ? re lempttoa
of which g. ld im.i to h.- keJd lo the ', reaaui ?? Tm re
fere, he ielt Justified la saying thai there w..
actual reserve in the Tressur*. Tfiere was a book
keeping, nominal reserve, hu' [hera v.as no real r>
aerve. In lieu of Ult- bill reported by Mr. Bland Lr
tiding the Government eve* lt* present OuSDClal iu?
tresa he guirgented several mettle,!* ,.f rai-.pi ? rev
enue. To begin with, he adv.M-atfd the practice .f
nore r.gtd acetAMsry, ami al*, au^sled that the ? il
srtea if all Government omc*r?. Including menders
of Congress receiving over Stitt) a year be j,,We,? .,j
by 25 per cent.
i2SrLjr2!!PL&TL. '?''"'*' : .'.' ,hal Coagrassaii ?
Old net get half enougn now They did three nm.-s
aa muci work in comparison with their aalarlea aa
any other class of nata (Laughter and applause!
An amusing personal colloquy t 10k place bi tv - n
Mr. Hurter and Mr. Denten ii.em' ki, , ,?,,
when the tim.- of th.- former had exDlred Ur
p.nson asked thal Mr. Rarter be allowed to sneak
Indefinitely, which request wss reedit) gnstelr
HOW THE fl'.it'l.E VIEW TH': I -i:M. h I: X. y.
Mr. Harter then pictured In an amusing Wav the
misfortune* which would cine u|H,n the Demo?
cratic party If lt peSBSd the Uland bill. II*, likened
th? Democratic party in Ita attitude up?.n silver
to a Jackaas party: "but.'' he said, -if the paeans
insist upon regarding the pam ns a Jackass thu
la no reason why the Democratic Congressmen
?honld flat- their .-ara just lo show that th-v ara
assea." liquid laughter and applause |
Mr. Harter soon afterward was interrupted by
, queatlon from Mr. Bland. Mr. Harter]prefsced I
his answer by remarking that a short norse waa
mon curried. Mr eland replied laughingly that
ii. twiged from the gentleman a remarks inst ne
regarded him. nol as ., short.horse, bul sss Jack
aaa (Prolonged laughter.) Mr Harter replied that ?
he had not meant to apply the term >'' ' ^ '! ?"?
llnsulshed chairman ot ihe committee, but. inas?
much aa he had taken the appenetion to himself I
and was not then ii ?he halli, he (Mr. Harter.
would take li upon himself to withdraw ta- re?
mark from him (I. lighter i
Mr, Kllgore (Dem., Tex.) addressed the com
?n:-,... In aupi .ri of th- bill, bul he had not pro?
ceeded far when he yielded for a motion thal the
committee ri ? , and when the Speaker had again
taken the chair the repori of the Serccant-at-Arma
announcing his performance ol the order or me
House a fe* days ago relative I i the arrest of
ale-..'.: members waa read. , .
irwine to the llness of the chairmen of the
Coramltl.:. Invalid Pensions, ?'? standing rule
for a nigh' session on Frldaya st i vacated, and
the lions., adjourned until to-morrow.
'UESENT V!'l\ 1
AI-IT. M.IN'.i
IN Till". W I!--' N BILI*
mdltlons which
f iii ? amended
irv iKisBsara to mr. vnsrssi
Washington, Feb. 9. The Democratic sui.-com?
mittee which is engaged In remodelling the
\\'iis..n bin f..r presentation in the Renate ls
(..day credited with an Intention of i.-porting
the revised draft io ihe majority of the Finance
Committee on Monday neat. This sanguine an?
nouncement, though nol likely lo be fulfilled,
has stirred up speculation about the changes
io be made to s lively pitch. The rumors cur?
rent for the laal thr.lays have taken snell a
wide range a- t.> leave little room now for even
the need extravagant and naphasard guess?
work. Th.- r.-al fact, doubtless, is (hat the sub?
committee hi's never bud any other purpose
than to modify the f.,rm of the Wilson bill
slightly, while materially altering it in Ifs scope
and character by a few decisive changes In the
way of Increasing revenues.
There is every reason to believe thal the sub?
committee will restore ihe duty on sugars, both
raw and r.-flne.]; increase slightly the whiskey
tax. extending the bonding pl rlod lo liv-- years;
put back a duty on coal, and retain practically
unmodified the income tax featore of the Wilson
Mil. Whether Senator Murphy ia to be molli
fled by increased duties on collars and < tiffs
is nol yet entirely eertsln, although all th
other changes Indicated have been made ga con?
fessions to the I'em...-ral ic Senators whose
special state interests have been Injuriously
affected by the House measure.
If. as |g now stated, the Wilson lill ls lo be
pushed rapidly t.. a vote, f.-w other modifications
will be possible, f ?! any attempt to alt.-r lil?
li..use schedules radically would lead necessarily
to long delay and a decided eonfllei of Interests
within the party. Until the bill la reported to ti?
rol committee, and its provisions tims become
generally known, no programme of opposition
will be ad >pted by the Republicen minority, lt
being the Intention of tie- Republican members
of th.- Finance Committee to be governed en?
tirely in their strati gy by tin
may arise when the full 8COJ
measure becomes apparent.
This morning the three mem1., rs of th
committee were al the Capitol early, bul
pu; of their tim.. In iii.- room of Mr Mills,
which is in Ihe old part of the building on a
low.r floor and away from ihe crowda thai
usually throng the ? rridors and the men wh >
have been endeavoring to accomplish by pera nsl
Interviews what the full committee ins pro?
hibited under the formal designation of hearing*
To-lay lhere appeared al Ihe Senate end of
th.- Capitol representstlves ..f the (.'lark T
Company, of Newark, and the Barbour Thread
Company, of paterson, N. .1 Mr. Allen, i .pre?
senting the ph isphorua works of Burling! >n
(' .unty, X. J., is als., in the city seeking t > have
the duty on his products retained. He says th .:
his works are the only ones ..f the kind In thu
? ;t.try and that the removal of protection will
utterly ruin thi business here. Tie- McKinley s. i
In ? ised the duty on phosphorus fran IO renta
to 20, an l the Wiis rn bill a* ll passed the House
carrleg an a i valorem duty of ..'? per cent, which
the phosphorus men say ls Insult! lent. The
glass and pottery men >-f New-Jeraey sn I men
ini'-r.-sted in lbs woollen industries ar.- ala >
represented. Although Mr. McPherson does n t
leave his room during tie- disagreeable weather
n nv prevailing in Washington, lils house ls be?
sieged by manufacturers from his State, ..?
morning he waa the recipient of not lesa than
half a donen cal'ers who esme to proti I ...
the pssssge >.f iii-- Wilson bill in in present
shape through fie Senate
It is undera!.I thal Ihe I >ba co m hedule ..f
il... internal rei ernie section of tlc- Tariff bi ii waa
prepared without reference to the Treasury offi?
cials who would le- pleased t., have nome sub
atantlal chsnges made. Tb.- s--. retsrj wanta an
Increase in th.- tax on manufactured lobs, co foi
tl^- r.us .n that h.. believes lt will yield mon
revenue io the Oovernmeni and tba' th.- mg
win come in speedily and accrue l. the advan?
tage of ihe Treasury without having to g..
through a long period of walling. Th- manu?
facturers while opposing any Increase, ray thal
if th.- law- is changed they do md want ti.ld
tax of s rents, l.ui prefer ? revenue las of I]
cents. They ask this because, in the arrange
menl ?.f their packages fer sal.-, they i an handle
their g .ods letter al such a tax Mian by any
amount between 6 and 1] cuts Tu., indications
ar.-, however, thal th*- committee win permit
this Item to remain un.-hanged.
Senators about Hi" Capitol to-day representing
States Interested in tie- production of coal sra
feeling cheerful over the proapect, believing thal
they will secure a duly which win enable their
mines to compete with foreign coal and prevent
it from crowding American min.-* ont of the
business. Mr. Daniel and Mr. Faulkner are en?
ergetically at work in thia matter, and Mi.
Morgan, of Alabama, is said to be Insisting that
this article shall be put back on the dutiable
Atlantic ORy, N. J.
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irv rsueoBAra to matcucss]
Washington, !?? b. I.?The unsnlmous report of
the Committee on Naval Affairs on the Holman
resolutloni relating :. the premiums paid to con?
tractors on account ot th< estra ipted and horse
power of new vessela bulli bj them foi the Navy
araa aubmltted to ti-. House ..:' Rrpresi
late this afternoon. The document will be read
sith gr uer Inti n -t than pleasure by Judge Ho man,
if Indiana, and some of inc other persona con?
cerned, and li will excite Ihe pleasure and Interest
i. .1 onlj of the naval officers bul >.f every cltlsen
who feela an interest in tn- welfare of thc Ameri?
can Navy and a Jealous desire Un* Ita honor and
reputation shall nol be impaired or sullied. The
resolutions were offered by Judge Holman on De?
cember '.. iv.::, ani among the allegationi -???
forth m the krna preamble were these: Tint aumi
amounting to mon Hum ?.000,000 bad i.n paid
to contractors on account of premluma; that "the
extraordinary and exorbitant sum- paid and claimed
ns pi.iniums could not have been allowed or could
sot accrue under th.- atatutea ard terma of the
contracts for building saki ships uni. ss the speed
requirements arlpulated were Intentional!] named
and lived m tin- contract ai a rate nindi leas than
the designs and the engine power would Just.fy;
thal the designs of Ihe ships and the machinery
m re .-?> ma le ..s to attain an i secure a mi ? h
blither apeed than was required hy the lenna of ihe
contract, thereby enabling and permitting the eon.
tracton easily and without rWk to earn and claim
extraordinary, exorbitant and unjustifiable pre*
mulms; that the contractors are permitted on the
(nil trips 10 resort to moat extraordinary and
unusual m. ans t, force the vessels up to speed a
never attained In the Bendee sfterward, and by
straining tba ship'-1 mach.-orv ii make a rec.,rd
f..r apeed upon which to claim extraordinary pre?
miums; .mi that iueh trials, v, conducted, n ill
in ti. benefit to the Government, bul are wi
artificial and Injurious to tba vessels and aerve
p... purpose except t.. give exorbitant awna aa
premluma t > tba contra
Tte tirit resolution directed the Commit!.n
Naval Affairs lo lilllie a complete ned thorough
Investigation and report, ?'more especially whether
th., mw and the terms ..r the contracts governing
In these inatt.-is have been atrictly complied with;
whether any officer of the Oovernnw nt has through
Ignorance er collusion, skied and abetted con?
tractors io earn and aeeure payment of large pre?
mluma . ? d nins and powering ships for apei i
much higher than waa Justified hy Hi requirements
of ihe contracts and what extraordinary and un?
usual m. ana h..\ ?? been n .rti I to and prac) i
by ? mtractors on Ihe trial trips to attain the ex
alvelj high speed i f ir pn mluma "
The ? cond resolution directed the Ri retsry of
th- Xavj "to withhold further payment
and all premluma for warahlpa until furthei
lion of Congress." and required bim to "Inform the
H..us... in specific terms, In vie* ?' ihe faci that
'dd vessela were to be c M icted In exact con?
formity with the law, the (erma ol tl ? reral .
'ra. is,ii, i the apectflcattona pre*, rib. 1 by the N
Department, ii| n whal ? ? li premluma havel.n
paid, an l al ? wi il ai now clalmi I to
be du.- by conti ictora on ar ? ml ol ii h ; reml in
... i by whom auch ? lalm la m.i li "
The r--|...rt mh thal "In view of tl
talon i ) f. ? mmlttee, h ? worth noting righi
here thal the Hon William N I! dmai a '..- I t .r
the Immediate adoption by the House of thia , ?
amble and these rea lutlona with il :?:?! ? e."
In vies of ihe t tcta pel foi th In the r.
-?. ms ? i ha! >' been .i nv fortuna!
Ju Ige Holm ni to i .. i.. luse, a- he afb ara ni said
before thi mmll he had no persor-al I
edee ..f the truth of the allen td na ip rn rhl h tl ?
resolutloi ? were i iae>l, bul relied wholl] u| a
-? itements m ide to him i>\ ? ? > ? n n J
Hale Si | h.-r. of I ...ul ia ?..?. ?!'.. Shorn he had
formerl) been - ? lated ?. ? ? ind f >r
>? hom he In I \ . i xer.tl.-mai
li nt i A< coi Ung to tn ? rep >ri of the
committee, "Mr Rypher, from bia ..wu teatimony,
? ? ? he knee ??' n . t. of l
ona I ki ?? '? :*?? rel Hive t - ?? ?. <?. i : h an)
fraud dent I nneetlon with
.-, of ..ic ..f Ihea cruisers, .n. I -i aupp it
..f -ii. r il ? and that h. rn ia no! .. ? ?; ri
In the c mati uetkon of i ? i
lng, and all ids sui. Hons were baaed . .
paper I
.-\ I'HEK H CH AI 'I BXPKtl rs.
Among the i ri imsda b) Mi Bypber I
lbs i unmi" e wa ? the effect thal sith
apeed and wer :. .val ai ' ?
e.iuld calculate Hw speed of .. vi ?. one.
luarter of a knot." Thi truth of thia assertion was
denied by Asslstani Naval L" matru. lor ll btw whom
he had mentioned ..- one naval ar?. ;-.?<?? v.\,, , mid
ita with auch nice accuracy, and who -ol
thal he mlaht predlci within on. knoi the ;. ? I
. i a gunboat ? ' "i llnar) roi iructlon
a knot ....d a half In the ?i.f a v. - i | ? Ulai
dealgn wini wbi. n ie- waa nol I; I ic
?tnei i iii-.'hi. f M.-ivin-. who thu i ihr.-e
quart era of a knoi wu* the be*, mal could ...
i., :. ? ral Bl ? !.?!??. li f hum.ii ??? Uh nit
know hu- th. ? ?!.-? ruction of th ? : - ' . 'bb I
('onatriictoi Hi. ht..in. who aa ld thal ?:. rei?la
of .. new typa with ?. apeed In axceaa ?
knoia a margin of from one-half * . un. : not would
I... required, and bj Captain rtampaon, t'hlel ul the
I'.ur.-iu ?! Naval <>i.iti.ii.e M: Hypher'a .ii.ua
ind asset tl ina In regan! I i thi nature ..ni
,-lf,.! .,! -le- ?p.e I trial-, of Me lort -.!| wei?
ll-, cumpletel) refuted i>\ the tcstlmon) of the
offl. era ali. a Iv n un- I
Th* rep..r: nest discusses th- authorship nf the
Holman rea .lutlona and of a :? ? dutton .
Mr. Blair, ..f New-llampshli on fi tobei l, Isa
.ci the sam- subject, .n, i Hu motlv > which Inatl
sat. i the propoaH Inveatlgatlon When he ilrsi
appear. . before the . immlttee sir Hypher said
that he dil so "pro bono pu bi leo, aa a patriot '
IPd.M W'S rial I.I lg ACTIOXS
Prom the following -xirj.-t from the report l !?
evldenl th it the Commit!.n Navel Affaln hi n ?
..l.l) of th- OpInkM that Mr Syph-r did no' lucite
th- Investigation from pani.nie motives, icu thal
tbs action of .iud*.- ii dman, especially ins attempt
ti bsv< tie- reeolutiona adopted without reference
to in- committee, wsa p...iii,:. :,, ,,,\ t:.- i. .,-?
"The Holman preamble and resolution wera in?
troduced IlltO tile HollSe Ol, |l.||l,. I j] lill ll|S
tirst app.-ai,a ne.- b. tu.- the committee Mr. Bypher
was asked: 'Ind you prepare .. copy ..r thal r< ?
liiiion'." Illa reply waa, 'No, air ll- waa then
asked whether he had knowledge of the reso?
lution before its Introduction. His reply aras,
"Yes sir, 1 had knowledge, and lhal reso
lu Hon probably originated from the s.- -? m.
made by asa based upon these nea papei
articles.? Further along ha waa asked, 'uki
you f.-cier the resolutionT ll- replied. 'Why,
it is nol my chill' He was again asked, 'Hld you
not prepare or eau a* lt :?> ii- prepared T ills replj
was, d did nol prepare, b it I had a i ..ii with
Judge Holman several times .ml ahowed him
iii--- newspaper articles and nave him tins In?
formation.1 Mi Holm m afterward appeared be
for- th- committee and testified mai the preamble
and resolutlona were revised bj him. nm wera
written by Mr. Hypher The evidence mat afr
Bypher .lid n..t Incite the Introduction ..f th- pr.
umbi- and resolution from a patriotic motive
Seem* to be Clear."
The report then relates h,,. history ..f s-ver.il
transactions in which Mr Sv|ih.-r lia I I.u pre
vloiwly ..nc. in.-.1. .in I lu wbh h his part was nol
a cr.di! ii,|e ..ne in Ihe opinion of the i immlttee.
Thia part of th.- report will nive "Keonomlat"
Holman a line opportunity t . rise to a un.- Hon <<!
privilege in th.- House, and demand an hv a Us itlon
"in vi.-w or ail tba facts" the committee ts ..f the
..pinion that "Mr. Bypher n- a fact...- u, the Inves?
tigation should be eliminated." because "h?> did not
pres.-nt a Bingle fact upon wp.ch i,, ,,, ,. ,,,, In?
"Notarlthatanding ins actleaa and bia cl irseter"
the committee Bays it "hus patiently Investigated
his charges and allegations and they prove to ba
utterly unfounded. Th-re is nu the Brightest evl
dence that any premium has aver i.n paid thai
wsa aol f.illly earned under the contract \ table
which he printed, purporting i . be rn- relative a.'
mal coat of ihe British warship Blake .md the
New-York, was fOund lo be lota]I) incorrect Tin
figures given as io m.- cs- .,( -h.. ii,,i;,. wen for
ger as sh.- was originally dex|,<ne.| Bnd not as she
waa really built."
ii appears that among the exhibits put in i,y Mr
Bypher were two articles from Th- Tribune which
h.- sal I wera written by Lieutenant fleury K
itho...irs. assist un engineer ..f th.- Navy (retired!
A.mllng lo th- report "Mr Rheadea denies that
he wrof the anodes ,,r that he knew- anything
wii il -v. r about them "
The committee, after a careful examination >>f all
the .nts ,u Hoaarreaa authorising th- increase of
th.- Nsvy from August .'.. ISxj, down lo th- present
time, and of ile- contracts thereunder, "linds nm
In ever, instance in. rontrscl was made in accord
ance with the btw regulating the premium t.? bia
allowed contractors for Increase ..r si.i or horse.
power above the minimum required bj ihe law."
Th.. fbUowtng auggestlve paragraph I* fran the
conclueton of tba report: "This committee does
aol d-sir- in thia report to express altbet ita ap
proval ..r disapproval of the policy aif slloerlng
premiums for lillian aed mi" of apeed on horsa
< iii.-hoiiH anil > ??< om naBhSSeS wita aaa ef Dir heat
?W'-teil gpaatSh Wtoea form, iin.lrr the urm?r??llv fumed
name . f Huf??ni.1'a Wine, th? mott garfeel ul tonic*.
At all principal drussiita.
ower above th. ra:.- named in iii" contract or In
he btw, but at the sime time aubmtta that In the
pinion of all the beat-Informed experts in naval
rchltecture who ha-." been examined by the com
ulttee, th.- plan hat been productive of tba not
? lory result*
Washington. i\>,. ;t .vr the request ..r Repre
entatlve Harriet., ,,f Sew-Tork, the hearing thai
rsa to have i. ? kjv n by til- iioi.ae commerce
'ommlttee thia m rnlng to the representatives
if the New-York and New-Jersey Bridge com
anica was postponed until Wednesday of next
reek, when ll ls expected lhal a report from
lecretary Lamoni upon the merits of th" measure
viii be laid before th- ,-emmit: e.
The p>:..inc; bill wsa Introduced by Mr Dunphy,
.f Nev.-'loll;, on Januarj 30, ls ls designed to meet
ii- objectlona made by th" President in his recent
reto of '.h.- former bridge I ill. Ii provides for the
ippolntment by ile presldeni of a hoard consist
n:; of (ive disinterested expert engineers, who shsll
heil.- ..; chat length of siian. ruc lesa than I.OD0
? ??:. a s,f.. and practical railway bridge can be con
Mr. Dunphv, at th.- request of the committee,
c.it.d the dlfferencea between th" pending bin and
I.re vetoed bv th* President, "bu.- <.f the de
.?;.: of tn- bill." said M.- Bartlett, "I.'- thal it
ommlta Congress to a pier In the river, and I
bink we might t'"1 hear what lue Becretary of
War lins to aay about lt before taking fuither
o ii,.ri."
Al this p.etit Representative Geary, of California.
....I; pan in me discussion. Air. deary steted with
?me feeling inn he lia! aa much reepect for the
Tesldenl .- em one, but h<- did not see why
'ongreas should barn the President's wishes or
? .ir ult Hi- >v.st.. s of ihe Executive departments
...for., legislatlngi Congress was herc to pass
nws without .isultlng anybody, and lie added
hat h.-. foi ..ne. was growing tired of the con
itsnt Interference of the departments in the work
,f Congress l..-i t'ongresa make its own laws,
md if the President does nol like th-m. (lien let
im exercise Ins Constitutions! privilege and reto
Mr. Bartlett, however, ?till urged delay. In uti
? w.-r lo a question from Mr (bary he sui I that
he Chamber of Pommerce did not want the
nidge, b.e ni- .: .:,]. ?? I to a pk r In thc river, -nd
lid not believe the bridge could be built without
After om., furth.-r discussion it was agreed
but the hearing should ba made a BpectSl urbr
or Wednesday.
_. .. a> ?
'?> I? i:Isi? i.i:;\ i:i? i;v REI EXT DEMOCRATIC PER?
igion Pi o :> (Special.. Private John Allen.
>f Mississippi, whose never falling wit is ona >>f the
-. ,,f l fe in Hie | .pu!ar brandi ?f Con
tress ls ?'.? ribed In "The Washington Post" aa
. i. ? p rplexi l by the recent performances of the
lem eratic party In Ute Housi Mr. .Mb-, says he
ame t., Waal igton al the beginning >'f the pres.
nt Congresi with sn shaoluti i lian on thi -three
i. ti,.,-ni,- first, thal the
,, ,, eratic : u ?. ??' o ?.?:,;?! il med ly for fr - coln
m !. ilia' tb.- Anglo-flex >n white
nan ass the i. r-i ruler ..f ail eolors; third, tba"
rhom.ia Hm kell ic- - -1 was an Irreprcaslbb tyrant
a li h< mi ki rede, mli a I
? I.. -? i idol : Hu i '? rn HI party, ll ? ??-. a. n?
He aral Pr. ul I Mi Allen, "sel up th"
-.?,,., md - ?;?!>? -I thi i olnage of sliver.
il.,, h ther. I m<. bul I II ld on to th. other tv.o
irlneipli a, < ?n We lu, a.lat we veted to pul a ( olore I
,. ? -ii.?. r v.ie rica mi n In Haw iii Thaft
<, | t m. av iki -il :? Ighl ' ul I aald, 'I can i Una to
hal ir- ?!? ml ir ? I. He ci rtalnly wa ia ty
? ? ? li ....,?? YOU .an pu ,_?;:. ?
ll I wh? ii the Bp< a!., r. ? u the (|Uonim
, ,. ? Kee.1 in the middle of an ugly
[ghi i. nail) decidi I wroni out i f .. di dre to rive
; ? and out of
.... ? ? i mal >em ?? r.n yet, b .' i am
uai thia inlnut. uul uf rea n
IOU) RI '-.::? Ut THK 1 HE kSI Itt PENDS THE
? ? -i || ??. . UIOVK THK IIOO.000.Oial M KKK
i n, r b :> Ki the cl. ae of busl
la; the Treasury l>epnrtment hod recelveil *iv...i.....
? ? i - ?.... on a.c un! of the new bond l-vi
i:,- 11". . ? ii ihe na r. a >? ? of prind?
in! a- ! ? r : ;n ? r. '::. . -' 00, I I ISBUe
in the Tre.ii ur) la again up to
requirement H reaehed that condition
||. ll the Ki 1 I I' ' Ivi 1 fr.un ti: I
n i i -??? awi reserve tw yon I the tim.nnn.nai
mark un Augual io th. u, ; I In the Treasury
... i at ti ... ne. which date lt 1 ?? ? i .'.-.
p. I ii. I. i irhlng Ita lowi si p -lin ..f fSl.o
when ?!? gobi rei >lv( . from thc Bale
?:? rr. d t i the Treasury caah.
Tl et ; ? t thi Sib Tr ? ...... ,v ,,., .,,..
nt ol lu the ii. w '? per rem Oov rn
inent loan am inted to tl.SK.133 SI, making a total
to h.t. nf <i- ?? 171 Thia amount includes pay
neni made . . I ibai rlptlona b> pi ?
md ii. ? ' - u of town The balance remaining
tn i. paid on account ut New-York'a lubacrlptiona
? I.', lio.ua.
Th. ??...' of the i;.!i paid int.. the Bub-Treasury
thia ??? , will le-. I.inkers my, ?.. mal;.oirlou*
....,'. .i ir. :,- ii- >,, ,. u. wi,i h will nol n tl. iI i ? i.;
,-l by the Bub-Treas
uv f..r g. ld deposit. I axalnai '..,t. I aubaerlptlona
,? ,ii be deducted ne of the banka from the
-? i ii I acco
ahicb rn ld inereaei loans other banka ar.- aald
o have reported ti., i ? ?. i j. i.- aa . \^u. makins ni
Hon .n thal Item and nu increase in han-..
ll i- ex pee I e.| thal the hank ?latemeni will ahow
, la ci ? oj,', i, id I ng ..: cash than the banka
. i tall) hoi I.
u ir*7t ri 17/v, ir ox poko
Pi ci The Phil uh l| his Pi
. ? , ' r pa lng exsn In itlons la tc
matrlrulai i mo M Impi -1\ ?? and aol.
I, ,i >, ? anton, l mei the di n ol ms ? diega al the
?'?.!??? t ???? -'.i m Ith al nil thin j
simpantona In (error, wa rarri. i ,.\. r ... tuc gr emt
lan . bull iii>< ; i be tn i le a mi i
:.. Inatltilllol Wi wei ital ??? I Into a loni;.
raulted r.?.:n dlml) lighted bj candles and hung
pound with the ?? u. portraits ol pun) worthlex
?-. ? i a bU( k oak table m the centre loo led
Sith Mir.r four pond, rous volume?, ,i gigantic
ld. I. u n ..:. 1 several nulli pen <???,<? a footfall
.\a-< h.-afi on the atone floor outside, ai I the vi. ?
lian, .dior entered with a lintier ol' silken robes
ind a dash of I rilli inl ? u ?
\\e weri each handed .. green volnm" of some.
:hlng, whrr non the vlce-rhancellor began a har
ngue In Latin, to which we iny .on.].am,,ns in
md u, si ll looking wuss, gave a ?| i in
taaenl We then wrote our nam.. |n |..,t,,, v\t:,
i quill p.-ii in una of the huge volumea, win. h was
? continuation of the r..|| ,,t students for upward
.1 ? yeal I mUBl admit that I f, lt aomewhat
iimiiii.it. i al Ihe though) of writing my name in
i Hal where mi man) uuneea had ac raw lei I theirs
oii.-r i... Insinuations, bul about half the lord- of
he realm have Inscribed their namea here, besides
-v rai kin:, and princes ol the olden tun.., hut
i..-I, i . un .i inj o if bj the thought that here
tis., w re the namea ..f Johnson, Addison, Hbellej
Gladstone and others We then left the hull and
sere members of Ihe greal university, When i
roi oul Into the open air I took a deep breath
mi pr...-.- led to exam ne the green volume which
i had ni,.:f with me, lt waa a cote. ,,f n?.
mi er?U) et.itui.-s written, for tbc moat part, in
.aim not the bad I..itu., but that Which ll\ s |n
lollow morkery. aa n wer-. a living .bath in n'?.
mils of the creal universities ol' Ku rope
How n Xlsalonarjt Suffered. Death
Only Belief liv peet (!. Speedily
<'.;re<l by Cut'.-nra.
Th.-.re been tr uMed wi.h rhranie yWema e^
ray I mba, Tan Itching was veryauaojlng ami
auHia mc aagi for work, i had tried many
rc dies and . ooanlted a
pood |h\MCiutl, Vl.o | re.
y ni bed lot asa sine monika
Ai |\ arith i" ilermsnent relief, i
' < ^?? Ll gradt'sU) grew wena and
\?..-e. Heath wonk! hara
been a rel 11, and ii v?;-. tim
ot I) r. .< f l expected, .hmt
Ihi i ir.;- wife i trunk Hod
for a ; sid ona lound the
took iou Bent lu Bowe out
of the .<ay place snd read it
thr'ittf.'i. Sha di--, li ir-- -d tho attending phy
mc .-a and Bald wa would try ibo Ci'tici nt
l!ru:t,i:s. I hepui lo nae them ahout tho
mlddl o -.f last August, proenriag a raw aapply
when the t'.i-r i aa axraiiiBteil, I am now areli
at.i attend in mt mlaalnaary work, I am
fteereur) ot tim -u loan Co ?;,:>? [tibia Soi .-:/
(tort rsl I ?' .. :,.)-?? i . Have lawn engaged hi mla
r!..r arv a i. in the mutitv for . gtlleen i-.irn.
To r.e a cai rai i ha i i i a i sa ;:i ai airs io a:tf
ferlaghumanltv will bea pan oi m.. aUaslonary
worW ia th- fntura.
Rsv. 1IASON nu | ksimk.
P.O. Ros ll, M ?. i?| ,?ullivaa< o.,>. Y.
Tbs ali.: i ilracuV -is carra dairfcrrectad by
Hi ? ( i i ii i .-.\ Ri ,i: ,|i - I roi- iheta to bs the
greal ?i ixln cr^s, biuo.1 | arisen mid bsiucr
reineuies ever eoinpimnde.l. N" Matemenl la
nada rc-ar.iir:/ ibem aol jusuri.-d li ike
atroogaai evidence. r-> ,-'" ia every wad. <>f
b'o usn ihemand rerrmimaml tbern. i nell won?
derful iio|ntirititv nd i : ? sra dee tn the .arc*
effected by them,and thia h tbeasnet anbersa
tial BVidaoea nf Hmut eiritne > .ili.e. J*a!ii
I .. Bier I kan Hm nimblned aales ol all a her
l.i.Hi.i and akin renaa risa
ru.i.l asNaaabsaS tN>- a i al. Mas, fhrrrcrma,
lac.; Roar,slr.; Usaotrxsr, SI. Poirrga luau
ass Casa, roar , re,,. i?i os* ia tats, notion.
S*"" Huw toCSra lass WseaaBB," bmIM fr,-*.
I'LEH, ru, kkeada, red.i.[h, rkappad, and
uily akin eared ky Cse* i sa Hose.
Wasaaasa, tv>r."H'?,. ISBnaasss?f*tnttas
and ralSfl r'Hev-d In o-.e minute by
the i uti, ur.? Anti ''alu Kb??t?r.
Klrst and oaiy raln-klllliig plaater.
obdues Inflaitiniation.
hecks Hemorrhages.
Invaluable for Catarrh. Rheumatism,
Neuralgia, Piles, Chilblains, Sore
Throat, Inflamed Eyes, Toothache,
Earache, Wounds, Bums, Scalds,
Old Sores, Crip, Colds, Hoarseness,
Bruises, Female Complaints, Etc.
far-^rr;!* nf b^trlo faatbenl In Buff Massa!
? *a\Va5s oi
Sore Eyes^aS
??' I have Icng known ns vr.ToS)
McediMpuss his th* prince
-roe-die-, ural I fount ot h*-av
irrhoM-."-Dr. A. M, COLUN&.CaSBS
run, Mo.
CS.t3.rrne susaBsfesrsrlafssBeS
l-.ri'i ar.d throat. Tried moat ?Teiy
known remedy. Fond's K*tr?ct reliereS
me wonderfully, and has effected almn?r?
radical ct.u-e."-PREL?FRIC E. FINCK.
New fork City.
-?'It ae;a liker*a>
VI tr.UCjj
lor sore evts-'-Rev, M. JAMESON.
ncaa usf w ,: eoaasaetir."?MtCHABL.
DONOVAN, N. V. Athletic Club.
ar> ? _ ?'Vor.i'-, Extract hae
|-^J*lHi2PC. bees used with aurrtsj
WJ\ U>^V43? b,,frtt by?ur tntMXt9
ia marr CBSSS of bruisej. and hat slwaws
proredrery base6cUI.*-LITTLE SIS
1EKS Ol- TUB HOOK, New Yor? CUr
??? Mad rr.y left l-.and ?"verer?
J*||C basses,and lost the u*--,!
a titsi it c-.iapletely. Secs*eSre?
lief by IMS of Pond's Kxtrart in twerv?i
h mrs."?Mrs. A SHARMAN. New York
&\ Hemorrhages.
? ?Arri tr-ubi-d with tfcavajrhagta frnrr
lunff, and And Pond's Extract the cnl?
remedy tha* will control ih-m." ? GEO.
w. wak\i-:f.. Scr.-ir.t-n. Pa.
Tba H Ml, JOH!* C. lygKCfR. late Secre
taryof War ara! se.retaiyot theTreaiurr. .'rote
as f.-ir i-ae'e a-. :?,-: '? lt :'?;. reraeJy priestly nie
Sand for our Dook {malled free), lt mill tell you all about H.
na: iii rcri:> OSfct i.v
FOMD'S EXTRACT CQBPANT. 7G Fifth isesao, ?;?? YarL
PON'IVS EXTKACT has obtained an imn.ouse sale otringtO
Its beneficent qualities, and like everything el-c well patronize*!1
luis boon often imitated. Von aro warned against purchasing;
for POND'S EXTRACT snell articles Ol Concentrated or
Doable Distilled Bitnet ol'Wi? ch Hazel, Extract of Haniame
lls, etc. Those siro often offered as POND'S EXTRACT, or*
"the lame thing." There is bat ONE puru mid uniform
Extract, and that is POND'S EXTRACT, as ls amply provers
in its USC bj tbe host physicians of ALL schools and at principal
Hospitals of this Country and Baronet
they take its plaeo. They do r.ct posses* tlie same OT a." 1'avorahle
curative properties; if tho same la appearanee, taste or smell,
are much weaker, easily torn sour, aro often highly diluted
v.ith irater, and are consequently higher In price thoo freanlna
POND'S extract. To buy cheaply, fel the genuine,
tue* mo greed that :t can be diluted Fetas or titree Hine.* t's volume
With water and retain tia medicinal properties. Our Book of
Direction* (Bent free en c pnlieeJkjoh) recom mend* ita dilu.tion for
man u complaint*. A'ira an cull for and ge* POND'S EXTMACT
put up in the bottle, and n'ith the direction, label and trade-mark
vf thc. sole proprletors-tho FOND'S EXTRACT COMPANY,
bolo by nat uoisi; Evaavwuxax. uamui icn si doslv ir
FOND'S EXTRACT CCffiPANY, 76 Fifth Ave., New York.
I Hi; i ns< n, I ur A.'. I /.>!/.''?/'.'.
Kr..m 'l'h>- ??..mm. r i.'I A I ? rtl* r.
aTli. Kesrsanre ahould nol have been aenl to - i
:.k .. drudge sh- ah .nil have lie n (ti- en a - a.
'i-ii alongside Borne Saw Yard dock and should
have been preserved as au object lesson In patriot
ism We let the -;i Hartford and "Old Ironsides
herself roi and crumble :'..r eran! .f care, r-.ngland
atlll preserves Nelaon'a ..'.I flagship, Ihe \ Iel i
.,,.,1 no , nu ns her rlba hold tosether th.- glory ..t
r/rafalgar la th. re We have verj little sen
tai patriotism ir this country, unfortunately tor
..ur 11 lint .;.i,.r I lion.
from Tl:.- Washington Poel
[I ^ t.,., had abom the Ki irssrs ? A ihlp with
purr, ,, ,;-,,.;?! ,n4 reconl ahould hat ? li en reseri I
for ,, better fat Had alu gone down In bsttle,
wall enough Thal would have been a more III Inrj
i i.,se i., h..|- historic career. Bul to i ?? wreck* i ,..i
, m. ,i iau rn re is n tl iori of ci.n i.i >n rna
iicJt becomes the declining years of thia gallant oj:
Prom Th.- New-York llecorder.
We hope Ihe Kearsarge msy ?>? be sst I Ws
hope her honored Umber* may hold together on the
reef ,,ii which, In un evil hour, ahe atruck, and that
?he ni i\ I-- real .re i to our navj aa on of the n i
aleut i-f the i.i I war veasela thu flew our ilmr and
?arrl< I if to i Ictorj lt r pla< ?? w.ts a Ith the old
Constitution, and lt was a crime t > send her to Bea.
Prom The Albany Bxp "ess,
Th. fate of thi "ii Kearaarge, which aunk the
treat < ..ut'.-i.i;ii? w.n.-.hip. ii. Alabama, and ended
'h<- naval career of her commander, f*mm< . i
:he fate which comes t<> all r,> -i war vessels Bel?
ier thai :>h<- should - mk In ih ? el. anent ihsi had Ven
h.- H.-.-iS- ..f her triumphs than thal ahe bs broken
ip and boW to the Junkmen.
Prom The Evening World.
The fam.>ii-; ..ll Kearsarge came ... :' r final rn1
iviiii.. sim in act li service sh., iva* spared the
fate ,,f rotting away In uselessn Phis ls a ni
imph for the Am rh in shipbuilding ..f more Utan
thirty reen ago.
Prom Th.- New-York Herald.
li in not too un.-h to aay thal ne other rt sel ka
. .lui li is . . r ir de i >r ii.-r-.- . -. itv re ? ? lu
lng reputation; nor has there been sin,-.- the var
.r 1112 any other naval dual in which tba com
bstantB were *.> equal)) matched and the r aulta
so decisive aa thej were In the fight b tween the
Kearsarge and lbs Al ibema,
nrii rio /.i/i/.i' irorjrsxD,
Prom The gao Prsnetaro Chronicle.
I. Desmond i : So. 219Te! ama-at., a ia l ikes :<> th..
Receiving tfospltal In .. patrol-wagon reaterday
aurrertng norn whsi appeared (?> be a ba llj lei -r
ate-i scalp Hi- long block hair waa matted with
clotted blood, and atreaka <>f p ra derorsted h
shirl bosom, Dr. Sim peon wsa on <int ^ when Doa
mond waa brough! In. and he prepared to make
? ni esandnstlon. The Injured man was laid < n the
operating-table, and th.- doctor csiitloualy began
lu examlue the lacers) ?! scalp. Blood lonccaled
'''.? v...un.i. and i..- f.-lt .,.' the man'a >-.i-> What
area tm surprise t.i rind thal the covering of the
rrsnlum waa loose, ns if lt bsd peen nail., torn
,"^Vn-'. the man's scalp la ahnoal ?ff." aaM
in- doctor i.. M-\.;u-.i Prusnt, who stood near by
gravely watching the operation.
Oh, that'a a wig," said Desmond, opening bli
, -...
'?'H' ai,i -IkxUi-I steward <-mo.'ht the doctor ns he
staggered awaj rrom th.- operating-table. After
sliting a feat momenta In the fresh air ha went
week and removed ii,.- man's wis. ll- fuurui a
Bess na air.ooth aa a builard-ba.ll and s wound
shout two Incbea long.
Table Ware, embracing everything
needed for the table. Toilet article?,
Silver mounted glass, Novelties beau?
tifully enamelled, rory desirable for
Reed & Barton,
37 Inion Square.
At un DrtOooeal
>D woof.
Cleveland, i>hi>, Kel.. Il?The Ifallnasil Dairy Cea
- completed its organ Batten jressasggaj by
.: ting the following officers: il. m. Arms, of ver
m int. president; J. l.. lii.kni.m, of ohio, vlce
p ? ? lent; D P. Ashman, of Ifslsrashg. aaceeaaryi
<'. i.. Oebilsoa, of lows, treasarar. Resolutions
wera adopted anooaraginK the < stabllshment of
dairy sch iola gad ra trading the hand of friend*
."hip t> Baster organtaattona for th>> procuring of
National and Sun- legislation t? protest the da/ry
m. n agalnat the sui- <.f eonaterfett f...?l products
an.I vi. wini; with favor the lull Introduced In the
United sim.s Renate by Senator Hill to place oleo*
margarine aa i ali laallattoa Putter and cheeae
under the control of the laws of fte several States
The congreBa adjourned at the close of tho after*
no in ae
Dad Col'uh, Spit u? Blood, roNsrssnow.
K. C. Mri is. Esq.. of
JTrmparll.'c. Prwet$$
Anne Co., Va., writes j
"When I commenced
taking your 'Discovery*
1 waa very low with a
cough, and at times apes
up much blood. I waa
not able to do the least
work, but most of tbs
time was ls bed. I wag
ail run-down, very
w.-ak, my bead wa* dla?
ay, and t waa extremely
dear ndent. The brat
bottle I fi-ok did not
seem to do rae much
good, but I bsd faith in
lt and continued ualng lt
until I bad taken Sttcea
bottles, and now I do
Mn ir n ...t? not look nor feel like
Mn. E. C. Me!.?. lhe MTT]0 ?,,? i wo ona
y.-rtr ago. People are astonished, and esr*
'well, inst vear this time I wr.uld not have
tiiouglit chat vou would be living now.' I caa
tliankfullv gay 1 *m entirely cured of a <Ste?
asaa whtrh. hilt for your wonderful 'Dlacoe*
rrj," would have resulted ls my death."

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