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PACES 13 TO 24.
rv? i ? _ " ?-*
FEB. 11, 1894.
j_re now showing: a larsrc assort?
ment of
many of which are exclusive.
(novel designs,)
at Ol) " yd.
8th St,, 19th St., and Sixth Av,
(18th St. Station Elevated Road.)
Th" February number of "Tho Nineteenth Cen
Ivy" contains un article <in the "Prospects of Pres
Trade in the Unite. States" by aChaunoey M. De?
pt"^ in Which he ti vi-w , the tariff reform agita
tion and the abandonment by the reformers of
their position, an>l reaches the conclusion that "only
s miracle can prevent the ra turn of the Protection?
ists to power" The following extracts are re?
printed from the arti- la:
lt ls aiifticult for an American to understand the
Binsrilai- mixture of Information an'l misinformation
"Shiel- has created In the min 1 ot the Britiah public
meir Impressions cf the results of tha- Pres! l.ntlal
election in th< United States an I tbe csuses and
effects of the recent panic. Thi Congress will do
nothing radical imtii ih<- protective tariff policy.
Silver was not the sole cans'- of "ur buslnesa
troubles, nor ls th.- repeal of th>- purchasing clause
c>f the merman Silver law the full remedy. Por a
clear comprehension <>f our situation a n-vlew of
our revenue leg latloa snd ot its effects or ten
i.- n< les a - ?. Miry.
1-tritish Btate*men "f the Colonial period d<ti-r
nuneFi t.i --online the people 'at the Northern Ameri?
can colonies tn agricultural inns nts and have
England furnish their manufactures. This v.as one
of ths causes whl< ti led t<> the Revolutionary War
and the Independen e of the United States. One of
the earliest messages of George Washington, our
tirst President, waa t" approve ? report 'af the
(Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton,
embodying a scheme for developing th?- res..ur. ??*
and promotinK the*Industries "f the country by a
protective tariff. Uamllton ?"ss one "f the ni"st
original and creative statesmen of any age cr of
hti> country. Hts report has formed th.- basis ''f
all legislation and presented the gist of every argu?
ment ian th>- BUbiect from that day t" this. Upon
the moditl'-ation but never upon the abandonment
of this policy, upon the details of protection, but
never upon the principles of free trade, ?very
politi.-_l contest was fought down t" our Civil War.
The requirements for rev.ie In that tremen?
dous contest led io the enactment in IK1 of ?
blither and more general tarli! than ever, which
remained in force, practically unchanged, except
to Include oth'-r products, until the McKinley bill.
The McKinley legislation hhs really a codification
-f' ths many laws .-.!ii<h had been enacteal stn ?
ISO, with such alterations as changed conditions
Beemed t" demand, lt released wholly or In part
articles which no tonger needed protection, and tonk
tram the free Jim, a,r Increased the tariff upon,
articles hitherto Imported which, i?*-itj--r produced
In the I'nit. i States, would furnish employment lu
new Industries to a population which was Increas?
ing by stimulated snd unusually heavy Immigra?
tion too rapidly to be readily absorbed.
Th'- measure produced unusual excitement anal
alarm because it was enacted "n th'- eve of a gen?
era) election and when a large and comprehen?
sive reduction of duties was expected. Hs poaalble
evils were magnified In prophecy, and there was
no time par demonstrating it-- results. The country,
frightened by tl"- clamor, rushed madly fruin the
Imagined eiant-.-r e>f its enforcement t" the real
pc-ri ls of an Industrial revolution. . . .
S vr contributed nothing to tMj rat-suit, though
lt was an Important factor In the business crisis
whian followed. In several -,t the newer States
the mining "f silver was the principal Industry.
N . party could hope for Ita electoral votes In s
Pri lent tal a-ie.-ti.in which was n..t favorable i" the
monetising "f this metal In sa.nu- fiann. There has
been for n years a growing belief, particularly
in the agricultural mates, thal a Bingle gold .-t.uri?
ari f.-.v..r"l the .creditor against the debtor. The
''.'.. Bug" 'i Wall Btreel aaa a bugal. whose
I ineful power not onlj a arma I communltlef
i . ! money and had little security "f commer?
cial ? ?;? bankable value to offer for ft, bul ll sen!
shivers ol fi..-vit 11.,.-u-^li the grave and dignified
u a.- \\ .i bingi A large majority ot our
people h.id always been favorable to the double
standard, and are still anxious fur and hopeful of
such International agreements aa will nulla, it
Bossll e. Til- Uland bill of 1878. pi ivldlng f'-r a
limit-'i monthly coinage i f silver al the old ratio, ?i<>t
seo :?.;.. lng all that was desired by th.- sii\. r ad?
vocates, :; legislation waa rushing ua headlong
to frea- coinage and fl debased i irrency when the
Sherman suggestion of the purchase at the market
price .,* ai.500.000 ounces of sliver a m.iiitli to he
represent! i by the Issue of silver certificates, snd
to that extent Increase the currency, wss accepted
by all i.artu s ;,-. a tentative compromise, The oper?
ations aif th- lail! hal s< cumulated in the Treasury
vaults ah mt fiW.OUO.OUO worth "f silver at tie time of
the rent-ni panic. Neither ihls sum nor i\hat mlt-ht
br add"! fur :-? veral years to come by tin- operation
"f the uw wouML under normal conditions, have
materially affected the value ur credit .,f ..ur mr
reney, Wn|,.n amounted to about ?.700,ottt,Ofjo.
The conditions, however, were abnormal. Tlie
Presidential < lc. n.m of ISM was a .surprise Every?
body thought Mr Cleveland migbl K" In, bul very
few believed thal both tha Senate and Hi.us.- <>f
RfPresenta-'lvea would a's., be carried by his friends
The ' luntry waa paralysed by the plunge it had
deliberately t. k.-Ti. Every industrial and business
lnter^st ,,; ,)l(. ..in,j wmm inextricably Interwoven
with and Interdependent upon tbe protective syntem.
A party had cnn.- into possession of the Qovern
jnent ple-i*,.,- ,,, -| ,. uprooting of that system. It
had declared in Ita platform that the principle of
preteciton was condemned by the Constitution, snd
that .ts practice wai robbery and fraud. Nut only
w?* its platform tha- most ala ring and explicit
utterance ever given by an American party or sa
a\me-rlc_n stateaainan for free trade, modified only by
th* seoesattlea of the revenue, i>ut the letters of
leceptance .,t its candidates, the speeches of its
>rators an'l the edita rials of ns press promised
.ja hasssdlate and thorough revision of the lew
_nd the excision ot every one "f its protective fea
J*rf-s. Rontir.-s burned on the hilltop"' and triumphal
Processions march-d throuuh Hie valleys to cele
orate the emancipation of the people from the
?"Tanny of the tariff rob|-?-r barons and the |n
sujuratleiri of an era of **heaper -.'."O'lx . . .
Tne bu?inttu of the country al once Ix gas IO
sajust itself to the proposed change. Ii waa In
?" unusually conservative and healthy condition.
' '"'?'lits had contracted within narrow limits. There
**ere no gnat Institutions <>r enterprises in danger
jo precipitate trouble by their fall. Hut a panic
i? as unreasunlnic In the commercial wa.rid as on
?ne!d of battle. When the cry Hut's "Ut. "I.'-t
w_ry-.,nan ??*? himself who can." al! ls lost.
Mr. Cleveland was elected In November. 1 SH_. and
insuxuratel |n March. 1893, and the newlv elected
k?"*1*"" w?" tu me.-t m December. The belief
J?fuam<"' general that at Ita first session the body
Politic* would he strapped on the operating-table
r?A,.m'rcl?*;i', but untrained snd unpractised sur
Wn i^V'*1 "-"P^re with a knife Its heart and
orain, ita liver and lunga. Ha kidney and stomach
& Simpson.
Ladies' Suits.
The following lines are partieu
arly adapted for betweeii-se.isoii
vear. The values speak for them?
At 9.98.
At this very low price we have
just produced a Dress which In
tlie busy season could not bo
made up for sale at less than
They are in plain Serj-es, black and navy,
as well as In a splendid assortment of
mixed eftects; tailor made; new Style
sleeves; new full skirts; new revers, and
new umbrella effects In Hie basque.
At 12.75
Ladies' Storm Beige Dresses
black and navy; tailor made.
At 19.75
Ladies' Cheviot Suits, with the
long .Jackets, in plain shades and
mixed cheviots.
At 37.50
The new Swinging-Jacket Sun
from our own workrooms.
No cha vye fop alterations.
House Gowns.
These phenomenal values repre?
sent a special purchase. AU new
f/oods. Colorings and stifles the
veptj latest.
CA NH HI* III: HOI ME -aOWXB, trimmed
with ribbons, laces, and fancy braids, di p
Cape and Watteau backs, at
CAN ll Til: RF. ami lilli.I.II* HOI Kl,
C-iO'iV.?i, effectively trimmed arith
ar.'J velvet ribbons at
nun kim. iuhi iu.>itii;ri t
HOI Ki: "BOWSfl, elaborately trimmed
wah laces, ribbons ami braidings, ut
Sixth Avenue, Bili to 20th Street.
and i's muscles snd nerves f r pi ?t< I n psi
li i- customary for tbe milla and factories I ? layup
large stocks ..f raw material and sathei equally
large etocka "f manufactured B : fol "?? ap
hing aeaaon, .ii. i for their factora and <- m.
ii.,-.-, .ii nouaes t> receive and i irry the lattei in
they are absorbed by the unual demand* of Ibe
marketa 'li"- banka practically .1 ium? the whole
bui lena lay loan, upon 1 immerclal paper. Tba la- ir
ol loaaea if the tariff was removi 1 :: >m arin.' *
were enjoying 1 ;?? '? n of fi 'in I la -j
j-: cenl paralysed thia whole proceas. The market
.ii. l the ini.l alike The b inka bi ame
alarmi : an 1 refua- 1 to gram th.dinar) .1 -
commodatlons ??' tn-ir cuatomera, and dep
in fright wlthdi n their depoalt* In currencj .a:.:
coln, and locked them up In their ".-.ii ?? 1 ill
The 'itu;;-..ir principle thal .? chain lu no atronger
tl.ur. Ita weakeat link had .1 rude llluatratlon Boon
after Mr. Cleveland'* Inauguration. The weak l.nk
waa silver, th lui-ti Ita po-mlbli danger waa far In
tin- future. Imagination takea the neat -af Judg?
ment .a .-.i'll times, .mi in the popular mind 1
Oovernmeni waa "ii the eve of meeting Ita obli?
gations, the debtor iii? dues and the laboi 1 ot
rei .. .;.?; hi waga liver worth only 88 ci ia
on the dollar. Tne reault can hardly i><- 1 ?.-?? ?'.%?-1
Ly iii'..-'- who is>-r>- ii-.; In the mid ii of the revolu?
tion. Kxchangea ceaaed lo exist, and ihe elaborate
him :;. ? ' credlti di vlw 1 In tbe Mid li'- Agi i
and Infinitely Improved and enlarged since went
lo pk-cea. . . . The demand for the repeal of tbe
.siivr Purchase law became so loud and threaten
?H?, ii... Prealdent waa compelled '..a call Con
?*iv"? andI their ?*S?u%ljanmam Ms vi-wa. hast
The I'r.sMe?t v.mi , )n ,,,? r,.(.Pnt me-|??K,
,-rf to reaaaure th. aoun ,*,,,?? wouM have du,
to Congrea. that an> a SittlWIW
r.**abor SftB committee threw lu doors wid
Handkerchief Sale.
Commencing Monday, February 12, 1804.
They are all frosh Importations, and include all tho latest anti
many exclusive Novelties in their lines.
A glance al these figures will give SOME IDEA of the extreme
LOW THICKS we are asking tor
Ecru and White Point tie Gaze and Oriental, 8 inches) QP_e. yard,
wide, worth 50c, for.\mQ
Ecru Point de (Jeno and Net Top, 13 inches wide, worth ) QQc yard
85c, for.i W ' '
I A Qc. yard.
Point Applique, IO inches wide, worth 7.1c., for . J "O
Complete line of White Ecru and P.enrre In- > m ?* .- ~ vard
sertions, % Inch to f> inches wide, from . \ ^t LIU '
BOO pieces Hambnrg Edgings,! to 0^or ino., 1 Ole., 1 Kc. vd.
inches wide,.[? A-U 1A?> IO
Loop Edging.7r" IO12< < 15'' 18?-yt]
A specialty of narrow Edging with extra wide margin, > QAv. yd.
some of the very hest values to be found in the city for ? *^*
Children's White .Flouncing* . . 32''"' 35<M 40'" 58r* yil'
Matched Patterns, in large variety; also, a lull line of material
to match our embroideries.
India Linen,32-inch,.?\J XI0o LO
Victoria Lawn, 32-inch.IO*" 12c" 15c- yd<
English Nainsook,36-inen.Atc ivv iCU
French Nainsook,48-Inch.#vO " ?vc/ " Ol ' '
Dotted Swiss, Aili width.19*" 25*" oO'' M*
... '??. *}f_ piece.
English Long Cloth,In 12 yard lengths,for . . -, LOO.
BOO dozen While nnd Colored Embroidered llandker- j -i ole. each.
. ? .- . i ..- c .. \ * sW ??
chiefs, worth 23c., for.>
....*? ; 1 CV'- each.
Gents'Unlaundered Initial Handkerchiefs, al . . . -.-AC/
. ? ? for those * .-??.-'. I to be he tri li
of their protective dutlea Thi Oovernmeni Mid
. in effea I "We are ? ;-i- ed on prln :?,-??? ?? :
! (--(iii. <?' Diana, but, om ot r**aai I for tl '
an : empl \ ment ??' ? ir i--- ?jale ind the pi
I of our '?liv, iv.- will ?)?< ti 'tiling Whla-h eal
the trade ol f Ki Tha
refoi:? ? - " ? fr.
and have atnc-i nf urn
. h aleb ai.-, w if. . i. ,. hlna - were
..:.?? year ? ? ? appro! e.l 1
, haa fall'
and i- ir gain up ti i ?.- lutt bf In
??.I a.r lo wei .??! .; ?. . . f. ntro
ver.-a;. l-'i..- trade. ,-. .1 myth, anal i.iriff far reve.
Mont of a un
? ?- ... -. . .
t ? utily .1 -1 a
atagnant, mal ti., maj rlty of our rn
and furnace* In tot.-i ? i ; i
the \ ii -.,i * are experimental
I':., lr j :?.-??.-? ' I Kl ll ??
of hlKli iii ?? ? ? ?? " ???:?? ? i powerful tn be
atta< k- l an I l ??? for weak' i a
? ? ? . . F. ? 11! ? ! I ? ? ^ V . ?. ? not
?HU- WU SON BIM. '; ?'*? ' ''
ti .!-? were no
r.11 River Feb
ot spot standai I "?'? I ,..,?? ,,.,.?? for
thia we-rt,. bul -I."- '?? ? ? '_ '
future delivery on a bai ? ? ? nfor_-jnlnnlns
King ,,..:.,.. ;::? ;?;>-;? ,,.,..?.,
????. ":r.f '" '? fllIM,.P ,. srsgea
la mn..r.-.iive, and ll '? ' , . ,|i;vn
"*pts cut-down tl.-" :.:',' ,?,,? ,?,hU
" " r ',,.,,,.Ik but tl"" ?""i'1
?.>? rtjf'. ; , ,i..?K ws- brighter.
'"! ?,p" l",p;"..? ..v..'...-lined ??.
1>rl,..M?n ?, prod, n im . prfw b ,
-hi. !*? 1- ?????* ;n">,-.,:,,,f:r,,l:..::, -.,?! *;
while Ihe present price hobI for ,?,,.,?
labor, a .Piste >'- '^ ' ^ r %. '. ,,:
wllM?r..wL'...-. ."-.'"??; ' ;;;??,.? fis weeks
?f il,., m.:--i,:.ve i... r; I;- ,;''.k,1.? improved Th.
hm iii. market renditions M? _? ,?,?.? ,., Dak
Si.lnii'i ?-' lui"" '-'- ?' , . .. .nt down, .in I this
tor a -'.'it down. n.-.i???"! ? ? jl h , lh? ,-.ut lown
bsa been d.? ll ls ifoujiii "? u-,.,,.., Tariff
will rome within len ??>?? ,',,? King Phillp mill
i.i.i la naaaed i he "?_?> ' ,,.. machinery, st a
atste, tl.iii he wll hs ve -?> a. ,,?. manufacture
coat .if i-erhsps $100.??. snd ',..,, backward,
?f I-,..,,'.. fabric. Thta'*g,S,l8_gS5_?il price,
bul lt will be nepeasarj "*""
of labor ar- malntalnea. outlook l" nol ss
in th" print eloth market m*? _|oc|| ?? ,,.??,
l.1 ss it wss a V? nieces, and lh? ??? ?""'
haa been Increaaed ? -.""' ',,..,,.,.- ,,r the production.
only s inti- m es.. ,-___ follow. Production,
The weekly ^VT-rie. 141-000; stock on hand,
moon pi"."-. I*1,',-I,\'?J ,r(. ...i.N snd 'Jl.....-' I-K'.l;
--n.DOu, of "lilah ......-?' ?J' ,,, 119.000, Of Willah
1,,-n week's Btock. -'? ;,",?' n """ -I1"1" ?""l '""""
7. were odda, IS.ooo ?;l%l,,v,-Vl-*s, february. 116.
future, Bales for week) .',' ) M,,v. IT.OOTi; June.
IMO' March, 77.000; -M"11-, * '., ?,,,, Heptember, Z.O0S.
7.060; .Inly. 1000; ?'',i'""n-1 ",ie'|.r. ls Vm cents
the msrksl '- 'i1""' ?"1
I,..min.il f-r fil-iCM. ^^^_
mi:,'arish for the FOOD show
, thal a FOOd l'*xi..islli..n. to lie
The an-iounoe-n- i ? un,liT ,,,,,.?.?,,.,,
ronlUete I Upon a " ' M' '', ?, ?,,. ,.,,?.x l.va-i.in.
?,i?ia''.n.."t. w.i '" i(f a K,M?, ,H1?. for ms
next month, los "'?;" expnmivm one for the
P""1"' ?nd ,"',"a ''??, ", N.w-Vork |.ul" im
mani.fa. ti.niH. bul STU? ( ^^ .^ (hpr(. f;hal|
i?...? tsugbt i" '"i"" ,.,.,,,?? ibouM h.- Kr.iti
l?. an.h a show ti" who ra KkmUOsd
,?.,,. MT, charleai F. "JJ*. ?Yen ,? ?.., city.
with the Brsl Ol -he " CTlilHtors are g|| In?
ls the msnsger, sna a- e_hlbltloB and im the
terested In the prol t ' " n,.kllK,.s of -roods In u'l
pnlillc will recrlve ^?" '.'..,,u,ut.-.l from th,- booths,
illtlon t" the K.imp|.--- |)(.k;ll.rs aa-iimpaiii every
and ranii"'ii-; ti'i >" ? ? lit ^ well patronised with
ti. kat aol-1. the snow" n ._t._ ani| the ,.!ltlr,.
ii'lmlsHl'in *t twenty**' ,nkPn r,y ,xhihltor-a wlm
main floor of th" uj h ro0(- tmemn In thia ainl
have been prominent ?*?
other cltlea. *,i?ehen ?"a a tnodel electrical
A model g?s ?iicu-?
kltrhen win be eahlbilnd snd demonatrstlons given.
'I here u .ll i.king I-- ''ii' evoi ifternoon. and
Mt- Rorer will prealde during t!-" Isa! two weeks,
beginning Man h 19.
>j- rthampton, Mi--. Keb IO Bis Amherst College
. harga i with .1 tull and with Injury t"
a- 11 i<. Tin--! I'a I ; ng .1 forged -rai- r
on hi, clerk, by which ired i negative ot
? ?hm ni ela ? |*1 il >gl ipi . Kettla I tha ll ? 1
il trla-t court thia fan mun hj paying IT:, an 1
Tl ? 1 up about }'>??
If im, / /? Ul \ /."'.' I RTA TWX OFFICE.
i-., 1 .. m. Feb l" The nation office al Sparta,
Hi, on the M >blle and tl 1 ll road, north of here,
w?- 1 r .k. ti if ? a ,,i 1 ? 1.1.. i i-. ? m e msaked m. n si
1 o'clock nu morning The nlghl operator, who
waa alone In Ihe building, r.-tu-.-l t > .>i?.-:? ths door
Ihe man rapp I for aalmlaalon. In an Inatant
the window over the operator's Instrument waa
bi '!.??!! .1: 1 i. rei ilv r ihrusi through Inl 1 hi, fai ??
When Ihreat'-n. 1 with Inatanl death if he dbl nol
? he door, he . .m| ll. !. .11 I ile- nn ti enter. 1
Thej I-''.ni and gagged him, and, carrying him out,
threw ii.in Int ? .rn emptj 1 \ 1 .it Thi y then dyna
ti..- offli ? ii ?. obtained "OOO an I fie I. Two
1 .un afters ft i the operator wi-1 found half fr../.en
.11 i ii.ii.1.--. lie ui^ aaalat. 1 and fully r?->-.?-.? r? i
lu- f.i'iilti'-a a -? ii... ni-11 were m.1 k. I. he could
I di ill' iii ol th.-111.
il ?. I'-1 i" \ di p itch ' - "Thi ll- raid'
fr. 111 --.pi ::._. ti- I I. Ullin, 1 .1. i.r.il .1. U.-in-.i
K :f. r haa i>- n emploj. .1 by the thins t.'-irs of Rob
? 11 Morriu, Ihe phil ulelphl 1 bal ker ol Ki v <>lntla-tt;ir*
? ? rei iver }.'..'"i..."' far them, .1 .-inn with 11.
ten t lent tn Ihe I loveriimeiu ai ?' ni \.-i pllal.
r lon, ri- IO 1 hs n ? -ii N -w ll iresti aay,
li tn . have panned oul ? f the public flew, bul it is
nevertheleea .1 fact, that, notwlthatandlng the ex
pl ra tl. in of the bell telephone i>.it.-iiis. the L'nlta :
Si,ii.1 1; vernmenl is .--till taking testimony, Ba it
hus bern for four yeal pa I, to annul the li. 11 paten)
"ii td" claim th.-it Drawbaugh and not Alexander
Oi 1! mi I tad I waa thi original Inventor ? r the tele
I'hone. li ii iii ii |...1 that twaa yeara more mual be
? 1 urned In laking i--tim-in. b) the I'111 teal Ht a te,
? -it,--. 1 - preaentlng ni claim againai the American
Hell Telephone Company. None of thia evidence las
vt been printed, and u la eetlmated thal it will r. st
$i.',..??i ia, prim whai na, Hms tar i.n taken, rne
only r?-.il litigation in telephone mattera that can now
be of public Int. real la 1 ver the Rerilner pat. nt, .url
ihii .-.itv, it la under,.1, will be tried thia aum?
in r Ttiis ,. m.. patent that affect, the long-dta
lance in atruiu- ut.
ri,1.-.ii-... Fi I., in a dispatch to "The Herald" from
Kaiisas 1 'it>, Mo., as) a;
Judgmenta were given In the 1 nlted Btatea Circuit
C'-uri >.-:.ii.if against unfortunate Ht. clair
County fair j:'i?..--i In favor ol Michael ;..|'iri.'k. anl
fair ?.;''..0"uiii favor of Joaeph ti. Dnuglaas. 'lhere gre
still st;,h.linn against Bt. 'lim County unaattafled
ludgmenta amuuntlna io n-.nh ITSu.ww, Incurred on
b nis is-.1 for the bulliflng .f the Tebo ami Keoaho
paper railroad. The ludgmenta yeaterday were
?Imply thc revlvsl if the r.ld Judgmenta, nnd lt l*i
evldent ihat the holder, cf ihe t>"ii'ls ls.?ueil fur 11
railroad which whs never lunn do bo| Intend to re
l.-.-i-.- their Ktii?|i until ihe ??? unty makea a aatlafac
tory compromise.
np (VT A HIM I i> tampia package ol hakka CHUM,
tn* i.a--.t. laalee" Bad ajalckeel ears knosrs
nisiiaii' JOHN I' NEWMAN ?.a; "H it "?< ar-aM
rpri'iil t rn,'itu I lou.- rrrr I. Baa 11 "
"HOWARD." in.- |...|.iii.ii -_Mrssllsl iiti.t iurr,BBsad,at,
l-l.a ? s ll 111 III.- IllKli.Mt I, ,,,,..
Ko timid, im do-ia be bandy lo fairy,
mi read) foe ti*. iVar-a tha h-iei won
ilMfaUy. 'H.- lui., curra ?> aaadr-al eolda
Regular ?.**?. in eoUaaeMa lube* We., ?>{ diagglBte, er
mallad aa .'h' ot prt, r 1,,
A. r. Ht *H ? <*0., 1 in Frnrl ?*_, Hoaloii, Muaa.
Wrllai yuur FULL ftdJre,* 1'l.AlNLV.
West Fourteenth Street.
February Attractions!
in all Departments
To Close.
Great Offering of Silks
nt lest than
romprlsin-- All quall'le, of Ptain Silks In every desirable
weave an'l cl-.r. nrli figuie.l Hann a|.. rhinos, Besga
lines and Ariiiiir-s In the Intent changeable and doubt,
tinted effe.ta,; Mcur-d ladlee for ai.iv anal evening, and
extra fin.- qualities In Black Satin Iiiirlie.se. lilia.lam-".
Siir.ihs, Failles. BengalInea, (ii"!* Uralns an'l Indlas.
KiinF-y P.-.iu da. S. len
figured Balla da .'hine,
Two t.n^ai Ba ngallo**.
Tv... toned Armurea
Fancy Satins an'l indiaa
B?ngalln**a?evening .hale.
Kana ?? .lap Mik I in--h
White Habutal Bilka yd. Wide
Navy in! .i.?-white spoti uni fl-jm-ea
I'.ii. . India, atreel ahade*
China silks ali ebadae
Crepa da Chine, all .-ilk
I <i.nlb
1 .?'.
I ?an,Ut
{IS r?nts
9S cints
711 cents
T'.i i-ents
M rent.
41a ??nt.
.Ml l.nTS
Mi eenta
to cents
TJla rent,
"I cn',
.",9 tent,
l iri
1 SB
I'l lent,
lg -ents
?9 . -nts
las a-, n-s
"li cent,
ttl cents
ttl cents
Mi cms
tn (.nts
M ?-?-?n's
Rich Dla. u Peas da Ms
Rt. ti Black Batta Duebesss I "-'
Heavy Mack I'res, Silk, 1 M
i;:.i. k Moire, ail silk I to
Black f.ii.ie Prancalae i Kl
III.ii k Batta Blripe arenaitlnra 1 ."hi
BUrk Bengalinc- fine finish 1"-"
Bofl Btack lad|a Twills-'." Inch BB
Bxtra Heavy Btaek Suraha '?>
Bte. k Brocade indus k".
lil , k ItvIf.i. nr..| Sursh, Hit
Bia. k 1'iF-pa <1? .'hines 60
Th* above will r?
attractively displayed m Silk department ii) r?rmlt of
,xan lion?qualltlea win speak for them eal voa.
The aimp'.e truth about our ??oc_ of
Wash Dress Fabrics
ls that
In Value foremost,
In Variety uasurpaaaeg.
Quantities iinparall'lea]
Word, fall ti adequately portray n, resosreea!
Tl la week we rifer
At TIA HINTS nnd a half
Pineal Amerla-nn i.ln_liam?,
Except I nally even sw*-full .12 Inch., wide,
Mair linea, Wide and Karrew strip.,, Plaid,.
Shepherd i'he. ks an-1 plain rail.ar,.These good,
sr. Blsewhers Bald fl, "Imp-'ried," nt double n'ir pr',i-?
.V.'? offer i!;etn as "American." on their own
n;.iit. knowing thal fOC value Ikey can n"t bs surpassed.
Beolek Olnghaina Pee adi ela S"i snd 40
Bml al UUB lu .'If. I'?r.Ul? and Kellin effect,?Stripes.
Ilvr Linea CdMcfca, Plaids-In all the latest
shale, of Iii*. 1'lnVt. H<-Heirn***. Oreen. Gray. Frown
nn 1 Tea- m<-ire than a hun Ire 1 distinct style, and
i omblnal ma
at twi:\tv-?ii:vi"*< CIITf,
iir^der'* ?! i other Novelty .lingham,-French and
In Sateen Section
the-. ? ') 1 e . fi n'.'.i rl.-.iry cff-rlnx pf
New French Sateens at 1!) cents,
Qualities ssually boM ?t to sr. i .it.
Assortment .?ampr!s?s Hm 1 i'-st anal handsomest BtyiSS
In inn.I ?*- ii-:-. 1 i'll ahaded apot affeeta? Bteeh and
lured Ornun I, alao n larne varie'v nt Sea-^pd Moura.
inns at 1 Balli .-'ripe Bia ki al " lut-ly fast?ni equal
tallie In New Tortt.
Al BBVBM Ci:>T"? nnd three-qnartera,
Navy Btu* Bracsda Baleen, ' i. uh lustre-ates r.ia-k
llenrletla Baleens arith col ired naur*. n?w atyie,?tden
ir. gu.ility nilli th'.?e elsewhere BOM at '.".? cents.
Wa nlaa, offer
Apren (lingham**?Ona of the beal.4 rent,
Shilling Hinch,ms Kew Dreaa style..Si, i-a>nti
nii-k Bedford Cord, ?--I'l figures.Sprent,
Kewtoa Barges wool iini?h.(% reata
nh 1?.11?. rent,
. Lustre."_l-| cent,
lalatea Cloth, worth '-"'.13% cents
i'll .-.1 r Turkey r. I, B-lnch .1% cents
Th>- basal Hi" full a.irt s\ !?!?? the finest made.
?Tis aitni. nit to know which BOT to eba ie,
A th.ns ml Hylea m ..-let from'
Wh. rlM ..in shaw .'NI- HALF tba quantities?
At BBVEN ci-'.vr* ant three-quarters,
(mu will lind HM Identical I'er.-ile..
elsewhere BCdd at TWclV,-hundred, of ."tale,.
. ' ? ere Flinn -lettes
Kine Pren, h Bate, ?
"tell: Milli Hell*"! t
I, Hie nrd?T of Ihe day.
Bleached ?nl Cnblea. h,
?el da algna BS f< it
M tack Cream
so in. ii White
~.X m. li lilah
m inch Bcotch
ts tai h line Irish
4 Boral, fruit, spit. d>t. anl
ju. 7.' it; h sn. Daaaaah B4e
.;:> si im h me. Damask ',v*<
4s. ;.' ii. ii Bxtra Baa i m
a'.T.- 7'.' m. h High finish 1 B
Rk ~.x in.h still aaec t .?
ah line a '"'l. Bad nea bul epeclally reduced!
r,s m.-ii Cream n^ji Bed itv .'a1* tack Qrera and TW 3*v
M Inch Turkey Bald
;,s iii. ii extra tina
All I.ltl-ii Hi- ll
lin. k yard bwg
I ? un..sk ii', lack
l>,,iii.|? lace border
in.- :.s lack extra fina
llic S*s in. h Cardinal
Large Ku. k Knot f'g'e 10c
A'I Linen lli-ln. h .M..
Crenni anal white?16-ln .T,a
BaCOtch a'rasli toiO
lt..il Itussi.i i-rash fl^a
Cbeck Oteaa 15-im-h in,.
Rx namaak an.I llm-k "tte Cheek uin?-is-inch
Lace b.
were 1 rt)
00 >Hr.| wide
TtllKKV ItKli TABLE corni
Five guarter
Six quarter
Seien guarter
Ithi Righi eiiirter tot
toa Ten Quarter gi. io
fata' Twelve guarter 1.311
trirai below regular prir.,.
Five quarter -la-. Bight anim ta-r OSa
Bia quarter I."'.- Ten quarter gi.*J*>
Seven guarter tte Twelve gunner ll .'.9
Kully a third below regular pricea.
I.I Mil IBTf
Fine c.ermsn Pam,sk Clotb anal a da.en Doyttes white
,nd cnlair.-al borgera?knotted fringe.
lt, yd. Cloth lit-is 31, yd. Cloth |4 4*1
ll vd. Cl 'ill $.'I'.'S 4 >.?. I'loth ?r4 to
were F|v>- tai Blgfct dollars!
fin.iai Bcotch Linen Bs sss shs
. Me ll" 4 .
.|1."B 14-4 .
-_.. 1 ..Ml 10-4 .
Kaw dealgna inn nil reduced 1
. ".* 20
. ".'.r.u
Klve-elahlh-i. Three-unnrler.
ii. ?n:.iii Uara
Bxtra 'I'ullin
irish Unca
Fine Bcotch
Bates fine
Finest li nb
Oernaaa Linen
I'xtru OetrSHM
irish Utera
Kine Besteh
Bxtra Une
da 1 um Kineat lrl,b
i tn
i un
1 .Ml
Sell! Sell!! Sell! I!
The Order of the Day.
Ladies' Cloaks and Dresses.
otb Jaekcto, beat ahare,. 12.0*.; wera $7.00
Finer to $19.98; were $.u and $33.
otb Ca pea, he,t ?hape?, $a*.9S; wera ?14.00
Finer to $15.08; were $28.00.
luah Jacketa, fur and jet. $8 98; were $1800
Finer to 114.00; were |00.00.
tnah Cope*. latest style, $098; wera 18.00
Finer to $21 9s; were 50.00.
aven.tt. p.aln and Travelling Cloak,
now 7 98 to 90.00-were $13.00 to $30.00
idle,' Cloth Dreaaea, ?.*>.75. were $11.00
Finer lo $4D.'J0; were $59 00.
adlea' .Silk Dreaaea, |B.B)j were $15.00
Finer lo .9.00; were $7?>.00.
adlea' Waah Wrappera, 77 et, , wer? ILE
Finer to 1 9>>; were $3 ?"".
adlea' Wool Wrnppera, $1 OS; were $5.00
Fir.er |o 12 98; were $20 00.
adlea' Silk Ton ko ve na, $9 .98; were $18.00
Finer to 2fl.nO; were $40.00.
adlea' Waiata,?silk and wool?beat ahapeo
$1 98 to $5 98-were $3.00 to $..00.
Sell! Sell!! Sell!!!
Is thc opdep of the day,
Irl,' Gretchen Coola plasted cape.108
Others-finest Cloths?0 t 14 yrs-were $8.2 Pg
Novelty Cloths-d to 12 yrs-were $10.S Ot
ors' Strong Cheviot Tan's.19 centa
Boys' Flannelette Waiata -all size,.19 centa
Boys' Navy Cloth Cape?beet shap-s.t9 ceotg
oy?* All Woo' Suit,-worth $4 01).1 98
Extra f\n? Suits?worth $.*. Oil.2 98
Imported Cheviots-4 li I'S year,.3 Og
oy,' Flve-Pa-.llar Overcoat,.now 1 OT
H'.ys' Seven-r>F-a|lar Overcoat,.now 2 08
Eight-Dollar lister,?18 t- 20 yrs.now 3 Og
ifants' Long Emh'd fiats.198
Satin Stripe Ileng.ilir.e ''ap,.49 centa
-hort and Long Natnsook Dresses.CO centa
Sell! Sell!! Sell!!!
Is thc opder of the day,
?attics' tucked Drawer,.19 centa
__cqu? and open (toni i'hem!,e,.19 centa
Cambria <'or?et elvera? V ne^k.19 cento
fother Hubbard Gown?~4 ln?erting?.89 centa
Fan-y Yoke,-white and cold emb'y.50 cants
Fancy Lawn-lace edge ruffles.OS cratB
.adie,' Gingham Apron,.10 centa
White Laara?scsllop *-ige.12i^ c?nte
Nurses' Large Apron,.10 centa
hlldren'. Il iffled Aprons-all slr?s.20 cent,
iris-har-best shapes.49 cen'..
Very fine?o.F1 styles-were 1 25.09 cents
'hlldren , tucked Drawer,.9 cent,
With tinks anl emb'y-,ll sizes.29 cent,
Ladlee1 Knit Yarn Skirts-were 9S.39 cents
.adles' Electric Carpet Waist,.49 cent.
Ladle,' Corded Waists- were $1.00.29 cent,
Mi??.s' ll. A W. Wa 1st,-Second,.29 cent*
>r Scott's Electria* Corset,?were 75.29 cent,
Paney Colored Sateen?all aliea.49 centa
Old atyie,-all Blsss euro $2 and $2.50.1 80
et Coronet,-B'ltterfly effects.98 cent,
Nuna' Yelling Bonnet,-full folds.108
Nuns' Veiling Veils?woven border,.101
Sell! Sell!! Sell!!!
Is the artier of tike day*
fens Sanitary Wool Hose.14 centa
l.OOal dos. Men', Silk Sa-arfs.14 eenie
M?n's Braces -patent drawer strap.19 oeatg
fen'? Extra-made Dres, Shirt,.47 cent,
Heavy BroerS MertUO Fnterwear.43 cnta
Extra-long Night Shirts.49 cents
.adles' fine fast Plack H^se.10 cent,
Children's heavy Fast Black.19 cent.
Children-, All-Wool Rib.14 cents
.adles' 5-hook Foster Lacing Gloves. .. .73 cent,
Best Fren.-h Biarritz.59 cent,
English Rod Flque?spear point.93 cents
OOO fine Silk Fmbrella,
Extra innimed?allver and **ci<* handlea
worth $3 and $4 .f 1 to)
Sell! Sell!! Sell!!!
Is the opdep of thc day.
:-,er, Nickel Teaspoons?H sos.59 cent,
Porks and TaMoapoona ', doa.98 ,-enta
Rogan Silver Dinner Knives? 4 do,.$1 Og
iilver Plated Slipper 1'in Cushion,; worth 25..5 cent,
st.imp Platea.10 centa
I ie, "rated Plate,?ribbon trim.29 cents
ilousseline de Sole an'l Gauze Fan,.79 cent,
Ostrich Feather Fania- ,11 color,.08 centa
Spangle OaUSB Fan,.1 lg
*anry Lace Valentine,.5 centa
Novelties In Valentines.IO cent,
llanal p.tintc.l Celluloid Valentine,.49 cents
ikelet-n K>e OlBBBM.39 cen-s
Fine Steel BpeCtadOS.30 centa
lienuine Brazilian Pebble,.1 Bg
apanese Headrests- gold emb-.l.69 centa
Japanese 1'repe Cloth lambrequins.08 centa
japanese Silk .Scarf,-gold emb'd.38 cents
.eather Pocketbook, -Sterling trim.03 cent,
Lizard Comblna'l.-n-Sterllnt trim.I Og
lOBl Grain Shopping Bag,.US ceatg
Muslins and Sheetings
h. h.... lay the yard at le,, than Jobbei, a?ll "by caae->
Sell. Sell, Sell, ls the order of the day.
Were NoSf
"rult of Le-.>m,-yard wida 1) *-,<
ard-vvlde Brown Muslins 07 |*,i
*|-ie White Muslim?I* 08 h\o
lest Pillow Ca,lnK"?-42 Inch ir", t\o
lest Pillow Casings?45 Inch lt li>\0
[est Pllhaw 1'asing.-.?10 Inch 15 ]J\o
leal Plll'iw Casings-C.4 toto) E 11**0
le?t Illa-ai-heal Sheet Inga- 7 4 E 1">"*0
lest Bleached Shan't Inga? 8-4 22'? 17**0
lest Blenched Sha-etlnga?9-4 E I'HO
l.st Bleached Sheetlnga-10-4 27>i 20*40
lest Brown Sheetlngta-7-4 lt 13**0
test Brown Sheetlnga-4-4 "M l'.*a*o
lest Bra.wn Sheeting*-??-4 R'S 17*40
teat Brown Sheeting,-10-4 Si 1H.0
?aimet Flannel, 08 4T,0
Pille Shakera-Ufc-lnch IT ll'-KJ
rillto Shaker, -J0-lneh IS. ?\S
eather Proof Ticking, 17 USS
he abovo are ataplea---food tha year round.

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