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T1IKY THINK Til!" BltEATHIXa .tack Siro' I.n NOT
-_: ri utah.KU-TiiE HISTORIC hali.
The proposed changes in City Hall Park, which
contemplati' ihe removal "f the old, historic city
Hall to Bryant Park, there to be rem.Hl"l!eil for
library purposes, have bein much diacusaed, and
with a view t.i asea rtainlng the opinion .af practical
nirn as tai the feaalblllty of some of the acbemea,
The Tribune has aska-d some architects of ac
tnowledged standing their opinions aa to the desira?
bility of putting more hulMUngra in City Hall Park;
the relative value of open space an.l liiRh buildings
In that part of the city; the effect upon values
which contraction or extension of the park Would
have, and whether the City Hall is suitable for
library purposes, and if lt would nat. be cheaper to
build a. good llbraiy than t.i tako down the old
building anal r-'-erect lt.
George B. iv st, No. U Hast Beventeentb-st., said:
"I think lt very uadsalrable tl: it any more build?
ings should be erected in the City Hall Park. K
the city and county of Neiv-Y.uk can afford to
spend nine or ten millions for a new city Hall, ther?
ein certainly afford to buy a proper site, without
destroying the only breathing space in the lower
p.irt of the city, where the mass of tall buUdlnga
are eric:. 1
"1 aee no reason why the present City Hall should
rot bi- altered for library purposes, but do not be?
lieve thal any great economy would result from,
taking it down and rebuilding lt for thia purpose.
The only advantage of the proposed scheme for the
City H-i.l is that lt would hide the County Court
House liuildlng."
Klchard M. Hunt was seen at his office, No. 1
Mi Hs n-ave.. and said: "No more buildings should
In '"itv Hall Park; the open space there ls
t)t tomth greater value than any building could be.
WM a T _ ?,T
.1 u
? ll L
The City Hall ls not Suitable for a library. It ls
In every way suitable for a City Hull, and that Is
the very r a^n why lt cannot possibly be appi
prlate for a library. A properly constructed build?
ing," he aided, "can be suitable- only for the purpose
tor which lt la designed; a <;:>? hail remains a city
hall, a library a library. The old City Hall would
make an admirable repository for the city's hist ?
treasures, of which there are many; i's interior
coull be readily altered to meet the requirements
or nuch a bull lln-r. and li would Itself be ? valuable
feature in such a collection. But If th<?. city of
New-York wants a new library building, and "Tie
such ns this great city should have, a new bi,..
Ing should Le put up."
Elwari H. Kendall, No. ISO Flfth-ave., w_s of
the opinion that n.-i further apace in City Hall park
should be taken up by buildings, and that the open
space was not only desirable, but necessary. Mr.
Kendall favors the extension of the park. "The
Postoffice and Court House," he said, "ahould be
removed. the. City Hall should be niad<* fireproof,
which could easily be accomplished, ai: 1 then the
ra'constnicto'l building would make a most appro?
priate and a beautiful museum for the Historical
Rocla ty of New-Y'ark. Falling this. Iel tie- City
Hall be taken to the plot of land which the Hlatorl
cai Society owns, lt waj-iM be a im" m inumenl to
old New-York, and a fitting place to exhibit matt'-rs
pertaining to tho hist ,ry, growth and development
of our city. The city Hall might bo converted Into
a library, but lt would Le inure Satisfactory to
erect a new "building."
R. II. Robertson. No. MO Flfth-ave., Mid: "Speak?
ing from an artistic point of view, it ls certainly
not desirablo to put up nag more buildings In the
park, ai. 1 an c.pen space ls preferable; all 'open
space' would be tho best, and if values were regu?
lated from that punt of v!"w, the preservation of
th" j,ark or its extension would add to tbe value of
the ndjaoenl property. But tha tendency now is to
draw away fr. in thal section of UM city, and. look?
ing upon the tnatt<-r fr im a commercial point of
view, the more public bulldlnga that can be crowd?
ed Into the space, the more traffic can b<* attracted
that way, the more valuable will the property be
come, and both plana ore undoubtedly advocated.
"Trie old City Hall la ... beautiful building, and
would make a good nucleus for a library building,
and though en entirely new atructuro might be
erected with the money that lt would lake to pull
down, remodel aril re erect this, I would be In fa?
vor of taking this building, because by doing l > wo
would preserve one of the best pieces of architect?
ural warfe we have In the city, the Style would be
maintained in the elaboration or extension of the
atructure, and tli.it WOUM -Ct as a balance wheel
an'l pr'-vent any departure to oth<-r more elaborate
and pon-ilbly lens appropriate style."
In any even*, Mr. RobertOM would ?l?-pra-cate any
plan having in view the destruction of Ht present
City Hall.
Bruce Price, of No. l*-0 Flfth-ave., disapproved
of any more bulldlnga la the park. "On the eon*
trary." he sall, "the Tweed monument and the
Postofflr-e should tie takan down in order to bring
out the beautlee of the city Hall, which is a build?
ing that any city might bo proud Of. As lo an open
space ad'Jing IO the value of property near lt, that
depends. As for me, I think a pink WOUld enhance
the value. Another might think thal no park and all
bulldlnga, such as would being people thal way,
would have an enhancing tendency; but In any e.is.-,
Improvement, be lt in the shape of puk or building,
benefits adjacent property.
"The present City Hall ls not suitable for a gOO I.
comprehensive library. While it would be well to
preserve tbe old shell, the result would nol li" a
new, modern library, built bl keeping ivith the
latest Ideas on that subject, and n comparison of
the City Had with any on" of tho Bbrarloa now
being erected will fully demonstrate that point.
New wings would have to be nddtd for book stacks,
and tho changes throughout would be sai ex tenet ve
that th<- east would be quite na much us r.r a new
and more conveniently designed building."
it WOULD .mam: a OOOD mirsCL'If.
Mr. Price also suggested tbe museum scheme, and
eaid: "Tlie City Hall would bo "til raited for ii
museum. .Such a building B Seeded here, where
the various historical societies might store th'ir
relics, where gMOtaSga c.auld be held, an'l wiri" the
?tran-r-r netting Now-Tork might s-e objects nnd
documents pertina nt lo the city's history which are
now scattereal, and In some Instance,, Insecurely
house). Winn th.- n< vv City Hall ls erected. If lt
be placed ,,ri tb.- alta of the present building, lt will
have to be a severe, massive building void of all
light or flimsy doeorattOS, for unless lt be so lt will
?* dwarfed sad dominated by the high buildings
which surround lt."
Charles C. Halght. No. Ill Broadway, when sppxen
*0 on the subject, saki: "To cover the CUM Hall
cipal I " i li "f the bul
in speaking of the advanuigi i of ibis plan, Mr.
Ha tings said:
? .-? i rh a monument sb..ni l mak<
i. I for Itself, and the condemi ng and teni :
down of a bkw l: of ol i houai a, sm h bs sre to be
f.aunai in Bros Iway, s oul I ? ? ?? ' r ll I by tl ??
usual ;.--? ??-?ni' ot of adjoining | rs and
I taxal which would pi -:
:? ? ? .,n iii.- Investmi nt and all iw for a i
fund. .
"There are si reral '?? n ?.i 'us t?i * - ti
thi-. j rim 11-i-- of .. dna thin ?- in nlmu t
In Kn.;. ? The Pan M m. In Par! -. was bu
lt now ? '. nd the Hue .-' i.t: ?? was cut through
lo the Boult ...ii i ? ? Ihe A* n ie de 1 OpAi i,
with ll i gre il li nulli, was I ulll lo le id up to ths
I mei:est.
Ko bill presented In sny Congre a hai i m nand d
m.in- attention from Army ni'ti than one Inti i
duced bj Bena! ir Kyle, and n -w before the Commit
ti'" on Military Affairs. The title la "To regulate
the e in lu I of ? mp >yea of the Army, Nsvj an I
civil aervlce," bul the title would hsva been ap
pr.pr.at- ir chang d 'To pl imote temperance In the
Anny, etc." Some of the mos! a nsltlve might feel
that a r.ti-. la upon the gem ral cond i
In either of the branches, bul a little though! will
remove any such apprehensl. for, unfortunab ,
some officers are now under suspension |,r being
too generous with that which "giveth color in ibe
cup." Hut to the credit of tl.- Army, and the
Navy, too, .t may i"- avem l that there is a far
lesa proportion of wine-taking among the offlceri
than there is among people in civil life and m the
high rank ol . The bill provldee lhal I
b" unlawful for ti, . presl lent, or an) oth i
or appointing pow:-, to appoint In the Army. Navy
, r , [vu aervli ??? an* perron of Inti rn pera te habits.
or one who I'ns been Intoxicated within twelve
months; and thal snj person holding sny oin
ti-.. Anny. Niiw or evil sa ra lc- who becomes Inl <*
Icata i shall '?? rfi ll his offlci
Thc bill is I.;i t and ila effect would prob
ably fall heavleal on the civil service snd create
iFiaiiv vacandea But the Introduction of such a
bill has the tendency to suggest ti people outside
0f tbe Army that the framer had found the pei
centage. of Intoxication so greal among Armj ol
Deers that it waa made necessary i> have .i atatu
lory law t.. prevent Ihe off!cen from "voluntary
intn-ctcaiton "i mental unsoundness." if au eh were
,',,. rase lt would be a libel upon the eervli ?
itllra ls little excessive drinking among officers of
"?Army ? :- ' '??' N'"v' l:" W1" "'" '''" '"' '"
There seems lo bs a change of sentiment
Army OalBcera with regard ;?> the Lill to ravi.
grade of lleutenant-seneral Becretary lamont, In
r,.?iv to ihe Inquiry of tbe House Committee ? i ?
th.- via vvs of the l?-par'm< nt on th* mm its of the
bill, las transmitted a letter written by Mr. Elkins
when Hecretsry of War, onl which he Indorses.
Secretary Elkins wenl over ihe ground br a Hy, end ,
?aid thal "there should pol be ?ni* higher rank, j
but a distinctive grade for me ?ammandlng gen
trai of the Ann-.
In anawer l i two or Ihree correap rn lents, it u
said thal an Anny examining board wbl rr.-, . |?
Washington In about two montha for the examina?
tion of candidates f< r the vneanctoo in the medical
corns of the Army. From the lnrge number of ap?
plications on nie at the War Department it i* ,x.
peeled that there will be a large corps of competl- ;
mrs holding diplomas of M. D. I
Park with a lot of buildings would be a aerioua
?'?i?H'r; that v..is demonstrated when the p ?
"'?'ce w.is built, al the lower end. and I wond r
'nat further ern ros -hmenta on the park j roper
should lie av. n seriously considered, The pn
tlon .if the p_rk undoubted!) adda ? i the value of
&e adjacent property The present cit Hail might
.oe reconstruct! I to ii -a. r for library ,..?.;
?Imost anything can be done with a Ju" ? j
>ou spend timi and mons- enough on I
nore satisf. , ?,?,? ?.?.,,,, ^?n
nen library building were put up."
Walter Cook, a.f Babb, Cook .v Willard. Ko. BS
"'?' ?dway, was ali i opp wed lo p m ng any ad?
di:! na] bulldln *s In the park. "The park." i a
"?aid. "should remain ns it is, and tho City Hall
should not be taken away from where it standi
l do not mean th.it a new i ull Ung ah mid be erect?
ed on tho alto of tho present City ililli, bul thai
{ Ity H.ill la needed, put lt e sewhere If (he build
tm- were transplanted, lt would renal
beauty just as any hist ir il ati icture will when
lt ls rcmovd from Ihe p ? with which i' must
necessarily bc aasoclati I. The Llbbj Prison al
Pago la a good . imnlc of .. ,,,,, ,.,,..,? , ,
buding which would prove my theory, mir City
Hall ls dear to the |.le; lt |. fun . f rem n
Iscencas lt j, architecturally beautiful, and it
should be utilised aa a museum, righi when it la
Rooms In lt should be set aside for civic rut
the i> -v.-rn ira room belongs there, and .
vals hei : undi r ;!..? ausple. * nt it., city -h.mid '
take place. Tha re ls n, good reason why ,,?
rooms should nol be aw.iv from minor offie< The
building might be divested of .-ill ita political nnd
administrative character, and made a beautil I
memorial and f.stival hall, sim::,ir in aome respect a
t.i the lia.t.d Carnavalet, at Parla, which archi?
tecturally famous bul Uni;- w.is purchased by ihe
city of Parla and convert) I Into the Musee de li
Ville. The <*lty Hull could be made Into a llb uv
bul lt would be, al best, a makeshlfi mv >rti.\
of the city, anal If n library ls to be added to New
York's public bulldlnga one sh.niki be built which
would be in every ra spect new."
A. J. Hloor, No. is Broadway, said: "iii. n- can ba?
llone too many breathing spots in a city like this,
nor can these be too ian.-.-. The good r. mlts, both
to the people nnd t.i tbe property-owner, are ob?
vious and for that reason I should be agalnai put?
ting any more bulldlnga In the City Hall Parh, I
regard the City ii.iii and Trinity Church ?
best things rn architecture In thia city, and would
be glad i ' aee the building preserved, lt .
made Into a library, though li woubl lack in some
features which are deemed essential t. i moah-rn
building erected for library purposes, and wen- li
not for n desire to prevent Its destruction an i "ms
rem ive a building dear to old Xi w-Yorka ra I w nil i
in-v-er r.-i..min. im lt bs a suitable 11 bran The shell
might b<' preserved Intact, additions could be made
In keei.lng with It. and the Interior s. rem
us to produce a very creditable structure.
Mr. l:;....r had not given tl..- matter of cos! mii.-h
consideration, but thouuht that toa oid build g
tnigi.t be taken down and re-erected as a library at
le-s coi t than .a ie w- library.
Plchar 1 M. i';. ..im, n >. in Broadway, wan! I (I ?
park larger ii any change In ll were made, "To
put more buildings In Ihe park would be deoidi Hy
wi ii g." he i il I. "*]... re I n bli a in N< a york
thal .'in compare in beauty with thia building, and
if only to pr. serve Ita grui ful fi ct md irl tia
staircase, tl.-.- building ah auld bi ; fi Inl i I
John II. Duncan, Ka xi Weal Twenty-fourth-sL,
1 I "City Hall r.irk might I ?? utilise i v>. i
vantage f.r m..re buildings, becsu ? tb-re ls a lack
cf adequate public buildings, but the problem "f
putting an Imposing building In tl:.- midst ol all
the high, towi r-llke edll that would not
look stu.iii and Ill-proportioned, would be a I fri
one. Ti.a- exterior of the City H.ni could easily be
utilised for a library I facade could t
rem.av. i and replaced : i leas than ll would i :
to build it anew, and th.-n. being made tir. pr..of and
the beautiful staircase retained, ti..- Interior i
be made t > eult r< ijuln n ?
Thomas Hastings, of Carrere _ Haal i . No. -ll
Broadway, - il I
"In my opinion lt waa a sacrilege when the ]??? -
en! Postoffici monstrosity wi.s built In Cit: li .
Park, diminishing the park t. it- present Bise, and
lt would be no less a wrong ia build tl
bulldlnga as n nv contemplated, in this j.iru
"l ia.:;.-v.- an open space la nol onl; of greal r
value to the Burrotindini I a lings tl ti ? build?
ing would be, but thl? open apace would ali i lu ? il
of scale, or too small 'or such a <'ll ? ii i i a New
Tork ahould build. The space In fi ml of an nu
mental bm!.Uni; Should h.ii.- a proper I
the sise of the monument, an 1 Ihl I not j
My be obtained in thi i :? uni i "lt i ii
should they bul! 1 as now conti
Ing having the proportions of i public inonu
would look well, eel down, aa ll were, in a I
surrounded by twenty-ap ry buildings,
AGAINST 1 .si.\'' IT 1 "lt A LIBRATlT.
"I bi li. ve that leci te of lhe Cltj i!
Park would materially diminish the value of the
property In the neighborhood particularly In O
tre an i Cham-bi ra sta, aa weil as the uj per i tort I
Park Row, In my opinion, the i ?? ni City Hall
if a library, fi rn an
la as unfit for the pur].t a library, fi rn an
artistic polni of vii a as from ihe utilitarian. A
library bull ling sh >ul I hava ? ?
of Ita purpose, and ih< pn nt ? Ity Hall w
R OMS ] ' BE SECURED \T Fl 1 Ti I .WK.
The sign "T i Let" I* dlspl lyed on I ? N"
x> lafayette Place, which haa been th.- h..nv of the
a: it- club since i's foundation nearly four years
a.'M. On Tuesdaj the club look final action on tha
pi .posed remot .1 uptown, deciding I i leave I i
fayette Place and to go lo Flfth-ave. snd Plf
teenth-st. It has bean evident for the laat ye ir
or two that the club was no longer iii
of the region devoted t.. pub rests The
tirms of man) member have m ??> I up 'o the
neighborhood I ' i n Square or to Twenty-thlrd
? ? , io thai ? |o irney to Lalo* et! ? Place I i
luncheon was o l ng ..ne f..r busy men.
wini The knowledge of thia fact, and the aasur
ht.. ? that other publl hers were about to i
toward Twenty-thlrd-st., the officers of the club
thought lt w ii be wise to And out the Bentlment
of the members on 'he question of securing a new
iae, The ; i ?? explrea May 1, and
In order to have the whole subject definitely set?
tle 1 before th it ? ? mmlttee w..s app ??? ?' :
. Febl iry _. ?t ?*?_P. m. All Harvard
Whether members of the cub or not. are
, , |nvite< ' ? be pres. ni die price of th-.
, . lg wine, will be $6. the dub as usual
paving the' "."ntlonal expense. Th. dinner com
mil lea. is aa follows: Charles C. Beaman, Austen
?V Charlea Howland Bussell, Perry D, Traf
' | Hampden Kobb, Nathaniel B. Smith, Arthur
\t s,.i-a.l nnd w. Klntslng Post
'j, .... ..,, ?f N.iti.aiiii prominence hiv- prom?
ised to^nske s|.hes at the dinner of the Southern
So letv ai Sherry a on Waahlngton'a Birthday.
' The Knlckernockei Whist Club has enjoy-[un?
usual ii -'-t.T'. sine. Ita i moval I i the Hotel
. ,!.?,' -.-ort! ' snd Madlson-ave. The
,...;,, alxty. and Includea aome of
Ke best play' ra In th. city. "Bridge" whist and
betting an ? 'r,i" ,'!',,' ?? "<-'-'">lz"'
three veara bro, and al firs! mel in the bomi of
?.., io Bast Blxteetrth-st. When lt
rrew'lt rented rooms at So 13 Bast Seventeenth
' '. ''i. ,.,?.:?, i uni i Ita laal removal.
.... ,. (Ace of th- difference between the
. v g of the New-Tork Athletic aub
, ?ow ls given by the treasurer's
n Mr- ,,r the retirement .rn January l ic xt of the
cen bonds. Issued to raise rnone-a-to build
. , ,.,... ?,-... . bondi w.-r. sold at e.. so that
;?... holders will have received Vi in interest for
eaeh t75 Invested, and besides Will gel a premium
,,' r- ,s i'".- bonds will b- redeemed al par. Yet
when the m<*mberB took the honda they regarded
' ,',', ? an invcstmenl bm sb s way **4 help
"' ' "?,,.'- -. .- The amount outstandlna ls
??? s ? ?* cJub hM ,,...,n nuiking tremendous
?tri-iM in osylng "ff its bonded Indebtedness, and
will i_. in s remarksbly solid condition by ths
Hms work ls begun iii the ne- houee at hfty
nlnth-st ar. l Slxth-ave. On February a tho club
will have a "smoker" In the gymnasium, and on
bowing -lay. a paper chase a Trove rsi IaHnd.
? . xi boxing show will be on Februar) M.
members of the S. venth Begtment Veteran
,-,?;, ^8 offered handsome trophies for tourna
,'. - V .,. ,.;:._; held ut tho club. Edmund Hen
' '" Ea- ill -; ._; ?- I VI* * .'tT-'"*~^: "i V I > '
If -. av jj | I 'ff k'_ ..I *-\-_-_ahaT-um.':i>> ...-i'.'ifV-lT.if'"'"'"'"'"'"'"'"'""
lr. r^__WJfe^/lll
a /?!__*' _*rr*>"_-. 'SC- - ___.1'-Jtf^" ~- ('_.?"?
N*_l L?< vi
. ; Rii .M. /: dink ci.rn.
? I a pl
tha club. Thus, sh. n the rn mb ? l ..n
to \ ile whi tber oi tl tai
'? n. ..f the
I Step.
Titi; COMM ' ' ."PATION.
Thia . ?
Patton, <*l li ,.
A'i b ' ? Held lt 1 . . .
the proprietor ot
..... ,
i ral .?? lo thi ? : .(.. Thia waa r- ? ?? :
to the i ? . ? ' t lt be
ivan laid
? ? ?
An offer w is i
... r that |
? ? .
Fifi' ? ' 'I t. 'a
r nt
benefited I by I
e. Af ter ? il ? I . ti
favor of adopt i n
of the nen
I. The t of Ha I
Ila v i ....'? ? i
A> far ?
i . . '.
? 1 .,
lake their fin.I
' ni-.. .!-...??'?
:.? ?:' To ItfS TIIK I
'i -i men ba ?
? f mi a.i . sill e that I
1 | m. Indi
sith on
.?..:? i always Impossll ?
make bol ? ? A iwaver, will
ill I I feat ' :???:?
Ita cook
I by the
ind ? ? ,
!..-.? ? Por two i
no great I . In the lirst pla
are i. it una-al muil ,
ra-.'.' f..r i
lum. Heebies, i ? ms In tia
Kensington a I
likely ? . ;..? ? |. .a- Hie I
i. tin 1 Lafayette I
A CO! ? ?::.
T ie ww ? i
for few i will lind lt |
! red getting
ii I - -I--. ? near Tweni would
? hut ont tho eh nu ni nh '
i In 1 lalor Place i \\ hlle thu
I ?. ie ni
h ? . i ..f pu ? ? i. and Flfth-ave., i
. ...| '.-.?. I : for the
I the- nietllbel
. a | '
. ? a ni I the I. .' tte P see clubhouse I -> far
from tb .:? ? ei.t.- . vi- ?? i to I ? :i th ? Ai 1,1 ??
lt ls i tobllsh 1 a' Ii" 1 hi re
will also . i from i
... , , ;.. n_t In anj bi ? i .ting to bo 1.1 ..r
ur'. The pru in of the i ni
: | it bins of ni- mb rx i. ? i
"An., : . le i ? ? ?? ?? ? H ' '?'?? ??" one
v. bi a aimil be eligible to m< l i who I I .i
I [her, artist or printer, or who l ? n
K ,.?? i in in ? pul ' or In Uti ?
I'Tillltllll'. BCIllpl ire, 'MLiv li. ?..11 .-.
or wh - I kn sn to lie In aymp ithj with ll.I>.
?. |?i of I be ? li li " 'I if- ; i ' bram I ? tc ?? ??, i., ? , ..
In an) one whom ll ls < mslal :?? i d' Irabl > to eb
?I (,. Mdin. ". b I" ? b ? ii mi uptoM a
and . .i iwntown ? ??? lt hn I.not 1 for the
em.-rt.iiime i ? iii '' ' "i" ""Hilly fair
li- "Story Tellers' Nights." ll waa Hie originator
here of thal form of smusa*meiit. which han been
taken up b<. ? ? i ???? i ilx"itl<>ns >n the
dub b i. nol b i ii ?? s< ? ?? a ua ia! in mis .lue,
bill lt will Pave a "BtOTJ Ti :i" ' ?v-:;-|':l" "o--*.??ar?
in, irhirh proml ? to be uotab.e. ibis will be a
|( i, i ol fan areli to the old clubhouse V ha n the
, ih la settled In Ita new quartern tm re will be
ii "h ci es ii ;.i ? ?? ?
?ll,, .kline ?>?' bas the distinction of having n
rb ? .vi,,.,,, fi r prealdi-nl, Ihe Hw. Ur. Lyman .b
I,.,ii The corporators were Vi il.inn \\. Appleton,
Hen', c lin nc. '? ' '? '';',,'"? V!'",1',, '??
Merrill. Jamen I' Il ? frank I ,1+fott. Artier
n Scribner Henri T ii ima* nml John H. V>.).
,.,?,. mem'bera are iWinlel Appleton, I-.-ii.i-i I-'.
>' v,.. i, !.,:,. I.,im K. i.driak
H ughton, I- ^-""..I'miiton \V.'Mable. Samuel xv'.
laiseph .1 NttlC. ??; ',',,,,,, ..,?? v r. ,.-r.ink
i'. ?'?""'. ' '.,.', -?,.;,,. t. Fred rick \ Ht
-- s-... ut m, i- rlliar . "' I, vail ind J i Url
Earles N, radnl II, nry
,:,. Walker ,. ? ; - ll Platt, ol i .
M stanley ii1
,-,., H MNNBB8.
, ,,,,. Beoubllcan Club al l?. Im ml
? ' '!,"",r "f,;,,.,),.,...? ot !.:?! oln's birth
' "-""'"?"" ;.,?.ne. The IMI a.f sp-.,.!, rs.
!'v u ,",'i ''i ..-;- to which they are to respond,
,:;,;V Abraham Lia-.',." Bishop John P,
'? ?' ,.,., ubiic.in Psrty." Congri amen
Newman; i" ,',. ,,, iowa: "Kenubllcan New
_ _? __.,..,_ Mntalnins scenes, Incldenta sentb
Rotogravure i ?';??.< \.f, \\is favorite poem,
"" '"'? a-, '',;? 1 ur-'spirit ..r Mortal Be Proud." ls
?Why Bhould tn gi ,.,_?.. ? trtumnt ,,f ,,,,.
ft'"1 .- nimitiee the oroer members of which are
iinnariemmin 'cl,.|rnllir. }|.,l|v. ,;!..,M,,, ,,,,,,.
'?fST porter, John *? rhnlth and J. Van Voi
??2? twMtr-eigbth annual dinner of the Harvard
nT.'b willI bs *????? *? i"*'f""nico'B on Wedaeoday
mt silver 1 '- ;? -" ip. io oe
?ed -,.- by ? pool play rs, ii I Colonel H.
W T M iii a ; ?'. el iln ? : ? i-. '? flrsi prise and a
nd pris* for i uchre, and a
imhn I a with a
I ? ? nd prise for whist,
? | ii ... ni, have non !?? ? ti tari d. I be
\t . hre W P. Atkin ti. P B ll inn a. ^ ? B.
Dick. C. L. I ? '? '?
|i i, .; . v ri ii ,.-...: h. li L. Johnson,
Ab x :n ler John
F. Il I'll 'I ?? v. A. H. Timpson, B. I*.
Ware ai l I' F V
? ?; neiir Ki mb'.e, I- li.
I' ? kn*-*.' I'M'. \ ' ?' Il i. O '"
V M . II. P !'
iv i ? ii.i-. Hull, Vi. c. B. ix- mp ct. l ii...
I! I 'I I
?,-,..? i: c lienlson H B Beni diet, fl uiver
[ , P Ka ml I t . ' N te, Walter II.
. -, T. ls ti.ci. H '' Ju
i ??:. \V
I- \...i Fl Howland
M. A. de V. F ? alhoun
v . or and fl. M. c im chan
-.? | . ? ? I Bea
prix-s, worth li
c mp '? 1 for iti tts a rifle
? . ? ike ? ? m ihe a in mer il ?!
ler a ir. i ml) members ..f the
. ?,.
I a. -. pp ,,!.i: v ? I AITION RE I Mil'IN_ BR
?? -
ll p irter b h Bi ' pie 1 an Invlta
Regli nt and pn tent the
? lain The
; B .nm ?rv on ?
i I a large number
i lt.it Luis to ? ' out.
;?.!.; proving
? mles a.f the Ol i
, t I.t a bitter di-. i|.j. lint?
on io the m< companies. They
ty in wer f ir their feel
. Ide of I
Cai ? I ' ec imp ink ? would
? i
i |n I the present I ittalion
. ! be !i.;i 1 to BS) vi!:.it
: men to 1 that ? urti sa I >fu
would I 1.1. :i un la r They
I that (1 IV'el : I', cv er was aim
bluff" vv,,. n he oi -
; Ihe .rr j .- Ight thal i.-? WOUl 1
i , ? . . plaa-e the n gi mi ni In rx
i ? . ipied when he 1 1
ll i.- it . ? . t.ii-..- ci ii radical mi ? urea, The old
in ?? - I Ihi .h. ha ? ? ?? ml Inna
wever, tb it tha v were all I i be lak n
, the ii- -ai fel ..? ed Ihe
? :
? Ba '-in t . |>e a Sh ? I 'W of Tl ?'
ri. it vv i' the de, . n . i the conin indi i In
i ;? .i .tiiui--nde| thal
mlea be di ki ii Ii 1. anal th tlon was
lea! Liken b.iek.
. -n vv ill I... acted up.-ii
i lin Afl.i v. Ill jo di.il..'. |.ni.lin
ll lie- ..id feual I-* ? i. ?
a-i;. d ii it m. i f..T ittia n. anal then there a .ll
i imii, chance ,d n i on entirely dlf
I ' O.l 1.1 ? ?? pl .p .-ie 1 .ll (ll
t John A, Qulgley, ol ? 'ompany l-l,
Iti irlnia nt, v mi tande 1 b) ? 'apt un N
ll 'i hui m, haa re un- I He was Ihe .- nloi
I,, .it. nant in I d hes bea n a member
.,r a ,.i.,|...I,v i. iii- i,.-.ir.v eleven yeats. His retire?
ment 's .be |,, I ell Re men tn,
a1 an.!???!?. ii .i : i :?. ... .c. which ls caimmanded
? .ia li Smith, mid I - populai iv
ll ' , ' held Ita ann.i.il
dinner ht tha> 11 ? ?. rf, v ui ..fi Thurml i evi
.:,-.- ever) i.e'i.i-: . : iii.. Caimpaii) waa i
? . er I Invited pu' ' ? ia I i pb mani el enli i;
The niemb-na of him !.?.!, Ri Rlma-nt Athletic \
ii ai.- ii. :killi ? ? ? ... arian-f.-nienta f ir ihe
c .mi ?iiiic ;i''' - ' ic ' vv iu.-ii i-a ia lie given nt Ihe
I.'.elim ii|..-ra House, In Iii ' T.in'.v f..urf'i-T, ,.n
i tt Friday i n nu ii Ide of I he athletic gamea
ibis I-i ihe bli . I nfl ill In tn-- shape ul an enter
. . .a i ii haa .V er attempted,
Th.- -ii;, i talnlnM v- ... be du.>ntlrely by pi
-. but, iiniil:.- maia) ultu I rs of tl ta kin I, li w ill
i ? n in ta ci ..i the morning: A
i-uiall) Kel - un ler full hi adw ly
?i. ? . ii inlalnight, bul Th.- members of the
12th Iteglmi nt Al .tl mi ai ? nevil i
far a thia ri ul au entertnlnment ls concerned
|* ale lill I to hav. il eal ly.
The athletic g in ? ??? ol T. a w id take place al
the arm >rj on ne i Frlila) eva-nlna The) vi ill lie
i.nd,.ubi. oi'. ii rare treal lo th .-?? v. h.. are fortunate
en .h. ii tu f. them. The apara foi ipectators la >x
tremeij ..m.iii. bow ev. i. and to only a limit.-.| num?
ber of tick, ts cm be dlspoae I of The lani drill pre?
paratory fair ihe gamea will be held un Tuesday
evening, and io doubt the armory win be almoat as
badly crowded on lhal nigh I as li will I.n ihe
evening of tlc- Kiiuc". Captain Boo hopes to be In
the new armor) al N'lnety-foiirth-st. and Madison
ave by Hus time m \: year. Then the members will
" il only have a mui h larger -^.o-i- in which to dla
pla) theil fi .: ..i trength anti skin, bul the room
for -pe.t.it.u-s will altai I... increased In sir. ?
The members of the nth Re-admen I have about c,,tn.
pleti I arrangements for .i big minstrel show al Un?
arm..r, a.ii h.-vi Saturday night.
Culonel lireene and the other 'dil.'.-rs of the 'XX 1
K'l-ini.Tii have al.| given up uny hope which they
had a ft v. mon tha .mo ..r getting In tha
new ii tu: . rv b-f.ire the close of the prenenl drill
??' >n There have I.n so man) mistakes and de?
li, with the work thal tr the regiment gets i wi
furtabl) i|Uarten I In the nea home for next season'a
work t!.- otticera will accomplish aboul all they .-\.
peel nos
Ai ihe annual competition for the 12th Regiment
Rifle \ -elation Trophy !!:?? leam from the (lekl
staff and non-<*ommlaslon< I atari carried off the
honora and broke the .inn..ry record for teams of
tvv.-Ue men. The score ??!' the Individual mern bera
of t ie vv. ming leam, together wu b the total i.-nr...
of t.i other learns, r dion i
B lyds.fiOOydaTouia
' ol. Beman Dowd . :. ;;.i
Firs! Col. McCoskr) Hull. i'd ii
M ?: o' Ch irlea s Burna.I ;:: ,.
< * iff iln John M ir-aulay. 17 fi -'
Surge ai \\ . l-l I ...mb. I '. .'?> BB r-'
Ad lui. ii x. m ,,-.-, .8 tt
it H. H. Clark.-?'- :iu
Ci .I'TTil-a.u-v s. H.!i| .ffi 'em. XX 3;i
Hui ??..ii-m.ii ir W. ll. i> -wna. M ;?,
' id.t iry rtei , t. J. I' dan. to sj
Color Ra ic ini M. ''. rttewan. :'?? "Bj
urum Major IL Meka). to -m
.ni mi ^
Company C. .32?5 rm _m
Company K.3"*0 ::49
Company H.;;i2 S
Comps ny F.2vt ?,,$
Company I. M B
Company II.Ml ^
? ' mpany K.ttl S
Company o.:\z -yo
Recorder Frederick Smyth, who has begun hlH
fifteenth successive year ot service .ni the bench,
is one of the most widely known and highly hon?
ored officials Of New-York. Some of the judge- in
the civil Court have served for much longer terms,
but the peculiarity of the Recorder*! olllce is tii.it
he la at once a judge "T an iinivrtant court, a
financial ofllcer of the city and a trustee of Beveral
aeml-publlc charitable organisations. Beeldea the
hundreds of jurors who cub year serve before him.
ther- are high executive and financial officers of
the city, clergymen wh ? ar.- members of the same
charitable boar!-, lawyers and property owners
who.- assessments are to be revised, and other
prominent titi/, ns who aw brought Into rel
wiih him In 'm.. or the oth.-r of the varied offices
which he holds, The int. uri ty. the acuteness, the
Industry and the faithfulness which he gives t.i the
performam.f hlB offtcUl duties ar.- consequently
well known, but fewer persona have an opportunity
.if knowing some other traits of character which
the Recorder ahows in private life. As a lawyer
he ls extreme!) painstaking, and much of his time
out nf court is ?? ipi- i ia ti'." reading of law
t.ks. He has ennuin. I. in his long practl ?
largo number of tltlea to Imp rtanl p >cea ol prop
.nv. an,) disco- red n il ?' few imp. rfectlons which
otha rs have '.veil Kike I. His skill us a cr ? ? ex?
aminer is remembered bv- many an opponent at
the bar. His carefulne In (in nclal matters bas
i.n of greal value In his poaltion as a member of
the Sinking Fund Commission. Every voucher be?
fore he signs it la carefully scrutinised, and he
signs nothing which ha- not been audlti l by officers
In whom !.?? has confidence, He haa made se*, ral
Important reforms li the work of the Sinking Fund
Commission, .anl I is saved thousands of dollars
i , the city i : re exaci ems ol fin ini leting
than those formerly in use. Aa a friend and In
-...-,.I relations fe- ls loyal, kimi and genial. He
relate*, witti much humor, I lents of 'ni- early
practice at ihe h.ir and exp rlencea al ?? he I ia
lie, n a in- mi er of I I rn h. If he \, ? not un?
willing tl-it th . should be publlcl; lown, bl*
frlen la c ml l relate m iny Incl tenta of
ta dependents and ii those who ere III or In
tr cibie. These private virtues, while less known to
the pubic* than i. go to make up
that remarkably vigorous bi I many-aided person*
familiar to ail New-York rs aa thi Recorder
Among the decisions of la I week In the Court of
App.un was that In th-- important tax case of the
ii i Avenue Railroad Company against the Tax
Commissioners, in which the city wai
/ul. The General Term of the Supreme Court, In
the decision i hlch in- been afHrmi I al tha a "onrt
of App. ali. held that in taxing the personal pt p
erty of corporations the city authorities must de
? the dtbta '?:' tl.impnny. The rule ls the
.is that in taxlna- jinv.it- individuals The
city authorities wara- anxloua to obtain a decision
would -iii .w i.nalderably larger amount of
? ,, be . olia 'ta 1 from il the corpora
of the In tl,., case ol P ttlnglll ngainst
the T'aivn of in un the <v.irt of Appeals affirmed
tbe Judgment of the lower courts. Kdward Pet
the complainant, was riding with a friend
::. a buggy and waa Injured by being thrown from
hil ramage ifi const quenee ? t a defect In the road?
way near 'dean. An attempt waa made i.i >et np
th.- dla. irded mb* of Imputed negligence. Mr. Pet
tlngUI's friend was driving ami had given the In
vltatlon to Mr. Pettlnglll to accompany bun. The
I for the town a ith u Ult a di 'Ire I tbe
to ? barge thal there nii_lit have been negligence
on the part of the plaintiff, bul tb.url held that
the driver r dd not be
? net! t.. hla comp nlon and thal tho plaintiff
waa nol negligent unit ? doing aomethlng
which a cues! .af a driver woul I not
an l bo ? ontributed to his own Injury.
Th* power of cr. ia examlnal on haa been weft
Illustrated In the election passe which have I.n
on trial thia week one in Brooklyn and others
In New-York. Assistant District-Attorney Well?
man haa l"i g been known as ore of the it-...st
.af the .? i->-. an I a'.
Tri!? v who p.ii ju t returned to active practice,
bown that he has not forgotten an) "f hla
knowledge a. a questioner "f witnesses. The con?
trast between the two trlbu ? I In try?
ing thi trlk Roth i Iges are
intoi ? the .ii.!-' t on the bench, bul Judge Bar?
rell manner ia restrain d and al.dil.'rate, while
Judge Ila rt lett i- often nervous and quick In ins
un.Hons ami cuestlona. General Tracy has it
? and deliberate atyie both In examining a
w ii?.. m sn l ad li Court, nhile C
Pellowe and Mr Wellman are both .-bari' aid
-?..-:?-.?!:? - iggn -a-' iii th-lr miinii-'i-. The
strain of lot and the endeavor lo control
unruly witnesses have - ;.-..>-!. r affected Judge
Bartlett, but In both of ihe courts dignity and
. es justice abm.- inn.- I..- n equally mani
fi Red.
The liability for mb tak< i made In caa i of au Iden
ala i ni .-< i. it siwa) ai In two casca
?'?. decided the i mrta have excused plaintiffs
from chargea a.f contributarj negligence, et n if
th.-y did not di |usl tbe right ti.mg In times of
greal excitement. The supreme Court of Pennsyl
.. i in the cam ton againai Tha Manu
' N Rural Has Compan) held that the
; va ? . : . thou t'i he fail-1 to
t irn ? fi' the gas I house while lt waa on
ure Natural i-.is was na d ,i- a fuel, and the
ilatt i b. an ai nil in ??? which was
"????in l ta i?. of order, and so allowa I an unu?
sual amounl of gi I ? et ter the hui;.lin | Th
plaintiff wenl ba menl I i turn off the
the i .: n ice to pr. n nt a i onitagr itlon. Tu?
pi, laure wa i he w.,s unable to cul
off the il : t in i iv,'.- calli 1 t a
him and I I out of the 1 isemi nt a Ithoul
a moment's delay. As he was standing bv- the i ir?
by raising hla hand, have i- ai b-l
the cut-,,rr .ii the outer wall of the hou ? and
tunie i ii valve ? ? abut ff the pply of gas Iti
his excitement h.- v-erluoked thia rm i i ol - opplng
the flow ..f eas, an I thc ? . irt hei i tc it he could
nol b.- conaldereal ii eaaarlly negligent under the
air. 'iiiii-'. m. -.-: A ceo ni In ? : i the eviden In a
. . ? before the Supreme C i iri of \ppe ila
of Weal v.ii-inii. .i raliway workman waa on u
? ??' irred, and waa foun I Im?
mediately afterward "ii in- ground rn ir the train,
ig from i fracture of the leg, which after?
ward paused his death. Th" railway company rn
? I iv ?:?? I io nn v.nt a v.-i Ucl as iii n th 'rn for the
lona a.f bis life by di r'nring tl il he mu?l
reckleaaiv iuiii-??? I fraim the tr..in ai the time of
the accident. The court held thal it' he vier- placed
by the faull ..r the r ills i) c im ? itu in Btieh a
i m tn it h.- w.i-a ci mpelled to rho . ? > in the
race of Immedi ite p rll betwa en two risks, an i
made the choice which was lesa prudent, he would
Billi n il il?.???-- ir I) be ? onsidere i igenl The
trainman was of an excitable and nervous tempera
ui nt, and he may have chosen to lump from the
train rattier :b.in run the t lsk of death In Ihe Col
Halon Th.- Hutu-erne Court of Appeals 1. ld thal
he wa a Had negll-p nt.
The legal status of the oyster has caused i ime
discuss. In the law journals The January
"Northwestern Paw Review" considers the subject
of "equitable oyater stews." a Chicago drygooda
houee became Insolvent and a reacher waa ap?
pointed by a court to take posaeeston of the prop?
erty. Tin- receiver advertised for sale ti..- goods
ot the Insolvent firm, and, ns iiier.- waa ,i restau?
rant attached to the drygooda houae, ha- also ad?
vert! "I "oyater stews only 10 centa." "The
Northwestern Lan Review" lavs down a number
of propositions whleh, it says, should govern
. aunts of equity in the disposition of oysters under
mcdi Ircumsianeea For Instance, "Any party de
bread in addition must apply to the Master
ot the Ibdls. lb- wi:,, cornea Into equity must do
ao with clean nanda and a white apron. (Tills re?
fers to the co.,ks and waiters only.) Th- fee it.i
the walter) may be kepi lu suspense, any rule of
the comm in law to the contrarj notwithstand?
ing; bul no walter Shall receive a fee upon
a fee." Professor John II. Perry, of the
Vii.- I.aw School, has in the current num?
ber or "The Vale i.nw Journal" a more
serious article on "The I. gal Status ..r the Oys?
ter." lt is mainly occupied by a con iderstlon "f
the question ns to whether ?? uers In their beda
H.- personal property or real property, and as to
a-b.ibei- persona who alu not own the land can
lake th" oysters freely. Th- digger ol long clams
luis, according t.i legal opinion, ii"' richi to take
itiain away, although another owns the soil on
which they were, Where oysters have beenptant
?d on a bed which bas been staked out the) have
.n considered the persons! propert) of the plant
?r. and the laking of them BWS) Woul I bs lar
?env 'i'll. New-York .rts have held oysters tai
??? animals "ferae naturae," like b.-.ists or prey.
ind liol domesticated animals, like cowa and
torses, iiiabi- the Connecticut laws oyater kata are
lonaldered personal property for aome purposes
md r?al estate for other purposes. At common
aw, Profeeor Perry saya oratora nra- certainly
?i .m.il property He winds "p his legal dlseus
ilon bv 'Hinting' the old verse* in which Justice
s described hs swallowing the oyster which waa
n dispute between two lltl-rants, and handing to
?ch of the parties In lotitrovcrsv one of the
For Ladies
Who sew or ile lif)U5ewor_. LY AUHEI.LE OIL BALM
1. a ii"!!_.ilf'il articlo lor I: i-t i"tlv softening the
akin .imi .ili.'ivii.g ra .mi.-.. ?<; attn .it once, and only
application net-easarr. when lpplleti drtra la
at.? ? - '?
uiaiiou iirt.t-i.-_rv . iv lien .''lineal a_. .- ._
need not be washed eff dot covered up. Its
cse dm-a not lnta-rffi*e
v.-p.!i t li e Immediate
handling of the Oneal
ri"" ?.-. hilka cr --tina.
Will not grease ncr toll
r.nj-thln-r. Will amooth
omi clear tho most an
i .vii L- skin orcomple
ion, iii-es a healthful
.. a a al fra. *__-.'__
'I..'.'? e vvtiu i_e
?^ej \U ^--5v Toneotrallteths talari.
"?-"?v ?" -"- *"**? ^ ona eff ea t of any poa* ocr
or liquid, use LI'AIT.KLLE OIL BALM If Uw pow
der la naed SI night apply LEA I l(r.l.l.l.lndaytl_i-.l_
dorina the day appl} ul i.l?!it. er* r-t Iwi!:.-th-nea-k
orfoa-ewlth LEAVRELLE 'UL BA-M, tlirnapiilr
tbe powder. I !?? effe, i ia n na* ejeaaat. KeeMSfli
aoft.?mav-thand pllahl?>. Try WELLS' 1 *?.'*. IMBI E
2f->. at draggHta, Fancy Qeodfl stare-or ky mad.
mn bt> put on iii.metliately after nalng LE At HELLI
OIL HAI.M fair thuin or liougii skin slr.cai lt arlee
lnlnstaii'lyiiTi'l needs fin vviisliliii-eff. lt ia nol-nicko
ter inn-?; win nei aoll glorea. wika, salina uer rfa.
tion?; nun-. I'la-aii. ciilurl.-s. harmleaa. A rii'llirhtfol
taiikt fimirv. SOC, nm) lim 'littles nt Urngi-lRt* OJ
Kancy Storm or by Kapil ss pre pi, ld ou receipt ST
price. E S. WELLS. Ja-reey ruy, N.-J.
For Complexion, Skin & 1 lc__t?
?I" oh?
A gram rong-, rel lam ar banda cr a eoarso.
(-ralii'sl. -merell ur muddy sk in il. ?iroiMbipl'-aiiing
effect of the moat han dwain, face. LEA! UKI.I.E OIL
Hai.m ".ii ai mr .i clean. Mnooth -kin ami rom
plrilun; ten'-s down the rr.l noae, r.a. e or haste
baniF-ties pimples blackheads, Moteha>s, frecklr-a
maintains i >.ui_ful, frc-k ylow. to tko skin sod
who shave ' r a re exposed to wind n; <* wo, r. rf the
aki:. i- roazh, dry. irrltiau ?1. chafed, c happed, tender
or r.-v. i bli. from ..ny cause, one ,i cpl kui ion of the
elegant toilet r-. pitalu.', LEAl'llKI-l.E dil. BALM,
?Till iT.-atantly F-iiiooth and hen! It nm! thc aan.e will
Mooee ba made pliable. Unlike any otherpnoaras
tlon .tildes In ipili kl.', obviating Ihe rn-crs-tlty of
washing p cr..:-, irering ll ap. Tbs .ic-ir-d ef.
feet la iBstantanawea I""" swit .trraao nor soil any.
ililli;: ls pare i I ian, .-Morl.:*, hamil'k*. o-ollntr. nv
frr-liii:;; indi --,. ? -..l.i-- tn.-very gentleman a toilet
Tha- HAI.M I- lu a_.
. ai.al |l_0 fxiit!.--, al I-pimtlsu
l -ni y si. res or may tie hail at Who!. ta-ilc Dye*
fl?t?T nr i l.n- kalila, mid n ix-, box of WM.!*
aent pren -Tal by i spit a- uti r-eelpt of tl~0.
E. B. wf.i.!.'-,:;i,', ,r:f,-.indct...!'-raeri';ty. N.J
l;ot't;lt os Ci (UN's. Ker bani or soft ennis. 1.V;.
Itol'Ull o.v TuuTlLVCUE, Instant relief, I*.
nu: toiubt woram
Tor Complexion, Skin & i-'lcnh
LEAl'RELLE OIL BA1 -ponai a -;?.'.;;..r r-ojyc
t ?-; in-- idency tn whisk I.i.i w-eina or
v. it*;. rln..- of the akin, or dry! Off up of, ih. i'.. -h. Thia
InimlUbk t .. | v ;..,r a..! irria! -..-.miller will
Bmooth and clear the moat annoying akin er com
plcslon. The wonder and rh a.-tiro ,,{all who ase lt.
Lie?ri the llfeleaa, clay-like, Ballow t-umpii-xion.
t. ? ? ? niithfiil Ime !.. the roin-h, cn.',r-r-_Tiilnrd
akin: ..'? Ilahea I Imples, I rea kira. Biol h.s. Meeka
bead*. Tan,! ml r . v.. utely harmlc-M, pure,
cle.ir, color -. The moro yon n-ae ll the better ron
llkelt ri.-cant t lla-t nvil-ite btu drliThtfuI
effect If thi banda or f co become rontrh or chapped
fre'ii liotisehold v ort cr exnot ir.-: ('nc application
of LEAl'RELLE OIL BALM will silten BiillSllirtB
<Uie skin at once, You need Dot wash kt off. uss eever
Uie face or handa. since it dries in Ina-antlri aloes
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I.I.-.MI t f. I .'fit.-. Irrlint.ain or Scurf. AhrnMnna,
Scaly Itching-Skin: Refreshing ind ( .salina,'. In'Oc.
ami ?1 .li b tri,. . Tr-.- ul-. V. Cl.f.V INV!SIHL*g
?'.. N caa, both at Dragglata a.r Fancy (inaxl* store*,
or -?: ? I repaid ie sny aadreta oa receipt <vf prices
L. --. WUAAi, Jeney City, M. J.
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j.r. v. a,f. dundrnffi if gtray, grad-ally reatorei the
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"?V.. 11.(11. Al Itelall ? r Whola-sale l>raa_Mt_. Kanct
in ??.!-. Mure., ll .ir i ii. ?. ra, aw prepaid hy a-xpreiaon
iBoslpt a.f peko, i. s. WELLB, Jemey city, n. j.
W- . TRADE ff (7 * I tj
^. [f MARK x V
Bed Bugs, Flies,
BL'?8, 'in'-;-"*'* K'',KS' ?a't"
MK E, _ . i;?
WATER urns. th? mosi etfawtlva- _nd*p*r!
manenl tem.-Iv i? for in., ,?? ihr. .> night- "
aprlnkle lltHHII ON KAI'S ,lrv i^iwda-r.
anl v..-I . ,ii irk ..I.t ,--1,1 ?*_ ?___. _
I tlT-atlve and p^r
l.ar m.a or Ihr. ?' ni?nt? te
Utile i_ver Purgstl
Hes le'ii.*, lu u. lia.
SOI-T rilR.VS,
R0U8JLA_lCJRII8 --JiyS?& J5p.

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