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plclons and this open avowal of an angry Jealousy
very grave results may flow.
A second attack by the French, on British
troops on the frontier nf Sierra Let.nc has oc?
curred. Tho K-igllsh endure these accidents pa?
tiently enough, but lt ls suggested to the French
Oovernrrtr-nrihnt two such blunders ar. enough.
The TimiiuCfiiii fa lamil y diverts attention from
8ierra* Leone.' Colonel Bonnier a column seems to
have been completely surprised at night by the
Touaregs, and destroyed. The French Govern?
ment are said to have more news than they
pubffjth, but what is published Is b. be made an
excuse for holding Tlmbuctoo, which otherwise
would hare been abandoned. But fof these
African troubles th.- French Government might
be said to have bad a good week.
The execution of Vaillimt strengthened both
Ministers and President; yet thc Paris papen
continue to show ? morbid interest In everything
relating to him, his family, his burial, bis will
and his associates.
Next week in England ought to be interesting,
Mr. Gladstone will be back. The House of Com
imins resumes. The Liierai Federation will be
In session, and lome Idea of what the year is
to bring forth may then be formed. The attack
on what "The Dally News" calls the "obsequious
horde of nonentities," the House of I...rds to wit,
seems to be rather rapidly developing. Il I11 de?
veloping, I mean, if not in the country or among
the people of England whose p.Utica! future ls
concerned, among the professional politicians,
The Caucus ls going to try 1 fall with the Second
ttrt Liberal Federation, which ls the great
eeumis Of all. meets mi Tuesday at Portsmouth,
and the doom of the House of Lords ns a legisla?
tive i, ?jv is then to he announced. Such, at any
rate. In th" prophecy of the party organ. "It ls
certain," Bays this inspired oracle, with rather
appalling. Solemnity, "that the Federation Will
take a Vdfy pronounced Uno (tn, the .subject "
Slr WRliajn Hare .url ls to appear as thc dis?
penser of damnation and "will address the great
meeting in thoTjrrll hall.*'
A menace of this lott li by no means to bc
despised! lt ls fair ?wstntbg io ths Loyda that
all that can be done for Mn iv (tat met ion by
the machine,'-will be dune. There remains the
very Interesting ajuestlon how far the country
will respond bi thc. invitation from Portsmouth.
That also is, to Some extent. .1 question of the
future. If lt be In truth Mr. Gladstone who
sanctions the annr>uiie?njent of the caucus., if ho
means to draw the sword and throw away the
scabbard, any agitation which ho leads must
be formidable. Short of that there ls not na
yet very much 11 show that it w..uii 1," form!
The experiment was tried last autumn up in
the rejection of thc HOBOS Rule bill, and failed
Ignominiously. Not much has happened iMCe.
The Lords have amended the Kmployers' Lla
biUty bil) and the Parish Councils bill. Both '
are questions of fsstatf There lg hardly B broad
visible Issue on either on which to rouse tho
country. But there is nothing else which is no*
more or less ancient Malory. Mr. Chamberlain.
In a speech this week at Birmingham, makes
light f'f the msnCrfi Of tho canons, in his pres?
ent capacity of defender of the House which he
formerly attacked, lt ls his business to make
light of the danger; and hs does it very well.
But I Imagine thnt If a serious attack ls to be
made, it will not be so much on speotfM ns on
general grounds: two above all. First, on the
hereditary chamber because lt ls hereditary; sec?
ond, because lt stands In the way of certain
measu"es which a large m Ctloa, though not a
majority, of thc people of Great Britain wish to
become law. But Mr. Chamberlain again puts
his finger on a weak spot. The Lords at present,
though not elective, are representative. They
do give effect to the willies of the majority of
the people of Great Britain. They are the legis?
lative allies&l the majority Of British representa?
tives in The House of Commons. It li only when
you count Tn the irish that there ls a majority
the other ny 'fl any of the three bills now at
Stake. Tho lri?h nave r, right to be counted In,
Mit whether tho Hritlsh majority will not staml
by its own champions ls the real questi.'n to bc
Mr. Gladstone arrives to-night from Biarritz to
take command of his party, which during his
month's absence sectus to have got a little out
of hand. It was thought he would find time en
route to telegraph a dental of the Delonclo inter?
view, but none appears this morning. M. Ds
loncle ls a mun Of son,.- position, and has prob?
ably had some sort of intercourse, direct or
indirect, with Mr. Gladstone. But the language
put into the Prime Minister's mouth is totally
unlike, la sui.sta ncc and in manner, anything ho?
over sail. There are a good many people who
think he is coming back to .precipitate an Issue
with the upper house, dissolve Parliament and g>
to th? country with the cry, "Down with the
Lords:" Knless he has Information as to the
Hint-* of public opinion nol accesslbls to others,
it would be a policy full of peril.
What the plaintive Radical 1 ads sometimes the
mauling, and sometimes th" mutilation, and
occasionally the mangling, of tho Parish Coun
ells bill has como to an end. The hill has passed
through committee In the Lords, lt emerges shorn
of much of Its Radicalism anil Agrarianism.
London is put back into tbs hands of the Ves?
tries. Kerleslastlcal charities nro restored to the
trustees designated by the foumlors. Allotments
are granted, with restrictions conceived in the
interest Of the farmer i|tiite as much as of tbs
landlord. The principle of the bill remains.
Probably some amendments have been Intro?
duced with a view to that compromise between
the two houses to which both look forward.
Some are extreme, som? Illiberal. BORM certainly
unwise. Lord Salisbury gave way to the 1'uke
of Tievonshire an the question of compounding
rates, which involved, said the Radicals, dis?
franchisement of a large class Of voters. He
gave way to other colleagues on oth< r taints.
Forthwith the Radical organs, who have ben
taunting tho puke of Devonshire with subser?
viency to Lord Salisbury, cry out thnt Lord Salis?
bury has surrendered to tho linke. They have
been saying for years that Lord Salisbury was
the House of Lord*. They now say the Lords
do not know politics enough to follow their
leader. But inconsistency has no terrors for tho
Radical mind: The Radical, however, on this as
on some other matters, will have to srbtnlt f ti?
the present to Mr. (Redstone's authority.
A little spurt of Socialist!" Anarchy has broken
out on Tower Hill, one Williams announcing
that If tho police interfered with his next pro?
cession ho proposed to s-uid them to Heaven by
"chemical parcel post." It turns out that this
neat phrase was originally used by Mr. John
Burns before that eminent reformer had put
the varnish of respectability on his natural vio?
lence. But as Mr. Rums is now a London
County Councillor, Lord Rosebery's honored obj.
leagiu-. a..Member of Parliament and Mr. As
o,uittila ally, lt becomes awkward to proceed
against Williams for morely quoting the words
used by his distinguished predecessor In his mob
leading days.
Williams, however, has varied the language.
He recommends explosives that can bs carried
In tho Becket, and has, no doubt, pm himself
wlthih the grasp of the law, should lt suit the
Home Secretary to proi.1 against him.
Mr. Robert Buchanan has achieved ,1 very c,,n.
slderable feat. Hs has contrived t., present
Hleherd Brinsley Sheridan to an English, audi?
ence as dull, solemn, priggish and vulgar. The
ptayoealM "I?|ck Sheridan" which Mr. Cmyns
Cart- hits produced at the Comedy Theatre, |g an
even less successful dramatic effort than "The
Charlatan" at lbs Haymarket, by the same
author. It ls, I believe, the same whleh Mr.
Krohmen, wisely declined to bring out in 'Xew
Tork, preferring ho pay n large forfeit to the
writer. Mr. Carr has done what couhl bs done
for this melancholy piece, but his managerial
Skill ls of little avail. The chief point of inter?
est on the first night was the appearance of
I shall be at boam as B crow before the Sen?
ate settles this Tariff business." airily remarked
a flir.-iusteriug gentleman from the wild ami
woolly West to a New-York Congressman In
Washington the other dav.
"I always prevent tl) it by the use ...
Piker's Expectorant,
calmly replied tbs other, "in fact, I've told
Bourke Cockran. Tom Ked and a lol of other
f"!!.ws that lt ls Tho very best remedy I ever
tried for Hoarseness, Bronchitis, or nny sort ?.f
C.mgh or Cid."
The West"rn man pondered these things deeply
In bis heart, and now he too has gone to ewell
the ranks of those who sweat by BIKER'S
EXPECTORANT. Only 60 cts. a bottle. Of
your druggist or nt
r,;h Ave. Cor. 22\ St.
Mr. Henry IrVlng'a eldest son as sheridan. The
part giv.-s him little chance, and he has, of
tours.', little experience Bul In his manner, ap?
pearance end evident Intelligence there is
abundant promise fer the future. G. W. B.
Washington, Feb, 10. The dispatch fran Con
stsntlnople published Iii the "Temps" of Parla and
cabled IO this country stating thsl Mr. 'ferrell, the
Knited States Minister t,? Turkey, h.is threatened
to send an Ironclad I i sa are the i nforceinent of
bis demand for the release of i? > American etti
sena of Armdklan birth imprisoned In Northern
Syria la not wedded ai the stat- Department.
Ttiis Oovernmeai has frequently acknowledged the
right ot a foreign Power with reference to those
of its subject! who become cit:/-ns ..r another
country, provided the law! of the country fran
which they comedo noi allow a subject to expatriate
himself. Many Armenians who have returned to
Armenia after i.omlng naturalised citlaena of
the Knited States have been arrested, but in every
case h.iv.- been released and deported al the re?
quest ..f the State Department. The arrangement
for deportation ls the only concession the Knited
States bsa secured from the Turkish Oovernmeni
In the matti r. and lt la considered to be sa much
nv cou! I be experted ender the recognition by this
Government >.f the Sultan's righi ot sovereurnty.
Thc two Armenian-American cltlxeni irreited an 1
Imprisoned Ut Northern Byrls will probably i>e r.
leaaed *i\<\ deported at th.- re iue<<t ..f Mr Terrell,
Before mn kim* any iuch Ihreal as that mention. i
in the 'Temps" dispatch Mr. Terrell would eom
mimic.ite with ths State Department, and he baa
not yet dohe so.
Paris, Feh IO. M. Caslmlr Perter, the Prime Min?
ister and Minister i f Pi reign Affairs, rend in the
Chamber of Deputies to-day dispatches r.Ived
fr.m th>- Governor i f Senegal in regard to the nttn.-k
on the French flying column near Tlmboctoo by
Touaregs. The dispatches stated that when th
lews ,,f the dlaaater reached St. Louis reinforce
ments were Immediately dispatched to flmbucto.
kt I'asimlr perler declared thal it wai impossible
new fer the French t,. evacuate Tlmbuctoo. The
prestige of Frai.ce. asl le fr..m nil other eonsldera
tiona demanded thnt the place ahould be held, He
appealed tc th- coolness and patriotism of the Cham
bet t?i support ths Oovernmeni In thli matter, while
si the same ilma admitting thal ;f waa expedient
th-it military expeditions Involving iarp.< expendi?
tures of mi ni v ahould be brought lo an end.
The "I'ix Neuve nw Steele" saya it is likely mm th*.
4>h Soudanese Battalion will be Bent to the aid of tha
beleaguered French tr.,,p* and tr,at Colonel Archi
nuud, commander of tha French B udan, will i in?
man,! the relnforcementa.
Bong Kong, Feb M The British iteamer Hang
chow, fr un Bamarang for Bourahaya, has bera in col?
lision al sea with an unknown steamer If ls f^ar^d
that the latter foundered, for when the Hangvhow
got cb-ar of l?" she disappeared lt ls possible thal
the lost steamer was the st. Asaph, outward bound
from Hong Kong. The Bt Asaph was owned by
the Angler L'ne. of Ixmdon.
Lohdon, db. 10. The German tat.k iteamer Mann
helm, Captain Hawick, from New-York January lt,
via liowr. where sh.- arrived f..r orders, has bees
damage,i in H eolUaton with the British iteamer K.iiu
bury, Captain Urtnter, from Barcelona T ? ? > I
iVnt riecurred ra Maasluls. The damage auatalnefj
by the Salisburv is n .t known.
Llven'""l. Feb. IO The captain of the Krltish
steamer Ceytc, which arrived here from New-York
yesterday, reports that In latitude et) north, rind
longitude 63 west, he Bighted the iirltish brig w. J.
Oordon Captain Pay saut, from Halifax for st.
Kitts, 'Die brig wa.s In distress, and When the ' '? ,
approached th.- crew ask. l to be taken off, as their
vessel, they Mid, was sinking. They were taken
nlmard the ("evie after they bad set lire to the U r
Paris, Keb. IO.?The Chamber of Deputies to-lay,
on moth.n of M. I'asimlr Perler, Prime Mlnlstei
and Minister of Foreign Affairs, roted400.000franca
for the benefit of the families of the Italians who
lost th.-ir lives in the riots at Algues-Mortes.
There was no debate on the motion The appro?
priation of this mot,ev li considered to be a :-tr..k*
of diplomacy, uh it will enable Prance I., av.ld
discussion and dispute! with Italy over the .,
tucks r.f the rioters on italian subjecta
Zanzibar. Feb. JO. Advices received le ra from
Tamstave state umt a terrible cyclone has de*
vastated the Diego Buartea district in Northern
Madagascar. The m..rm reached its heiuM on tba
niKht of February i Among the vessels in the
harbor was the wooden French transport Euro, a
vessel or i.Gfti tons displacement, sio- sank si her
moorings. Two-thirds of the houses in the town
of iii.*,. Buartea were blown down and completely
wrecked. The hospital, schoolhouse and church
were destroyed, SO far as known BO lives were
Paris, Feb IQ, -Baron de Boubeyrsn, who was ar?
rested yesterday ).ns- of his connection with
the Compton1 iTEscompte, was examined by a
magistrate to-day, and was remanded to prison.
Tbellquidator of th.- SocMti des Immeublea de?
manded his srreat, charging thal he had Illegally
loaned 'li,- society's money to the Comptolr d'Es
compte, whick was yesterday placed in th<- hand*
of ,i liquidator at the Instance of ths Hank *>f
Prance daron de Boubeyran was ,i director in
the Comptolr d'Kscompte, and also In ii," Socleta
des Immeubies. He and VI Merc. ,-, feii,,w direct,,r
are charged with abusing the confidence reposed In
them, and with the misappropriation ..f funds
MR il. F. TRACY.
<Gknteaaago vail*, n. y.
Lame Back-Heart Trouble,
Faintness, Suffocation
Nothing Helped Till Hood's Sarsa?
parilla Was Civen a Trial.
"C. t Ilona * Cu. Lewin. Maa*.:
"For IB yean I waa troubhs] whk a krna i.a^-k nn.i
patna ir, back ol my bead in.i neck, i eoaM hardly rn
dura i? ar. l wn* unfitted for labor, i mew- anne u ,.,,-,
Baraaparirta ?..* mnmraendad. i took ..?.. betti* una it
'?"'"' "?'? ? "-' so a saya work without mt back
iruubllnn in- I BBM bat kee* tlaaBSa BUCk fall..
Bad l.alpltall'.ll. 1
Could Not Lio Down
such nffofstkm! Am sow laking Hood*, aar*aperllla for
thi* trouble mi* ran indy say ll >? ,|lt. ,,?,.. (tlln)f ,
karo f.,un,i which gina nv- relief. I r.,n r?.v. la] down
with aosafart, kim m.-p wen. Hoods SsnwparUki kaa
aeceaipliiked wondon for tn*; I eases*: nrakM it too
Msnhr." HOftACI !?'. TsUCT, CkJttaa?n?o Kali.. N. Y
Hood's Pitta ar* purely vea>t?ble, am] Jo not pm*,
pain or gripe. Sold by all (intm-lata.
ENGLAND'S; political BSfftCdajtE r.K
(Copyright, 110*1 /iv Ike Vktt** Prm.1
London, Keb. io.?There gre many signs thai
the country ls on the eve of ? grata constitu?
tional crista Th,- Question of abolishing the
House of Lords has become scute, and it now
depends upon ths action of the Cabinet meeting
to be held ..ii Tuesday whether or no! the con?
tinuance of the Upper House shall be discussed
In th.- Brat plank of the Hst! mal Liberal Federa?
tion's platform,
Mr. Qladil ins l'3 unwilling In lend i campaign
a ga Ins) the Peers, y.-t he may be forced to it
by a combination of Ministers Insisting upon the
necessity of tbs Issue. There in no doubt thnt
lu the cabinet many favor heroic methods of
dealing with the Lords, Mr. Campbell-Banner
man, Be 'rotary of sin:.' for War. said In a speei h
last evening al Newcastle that th., question was
whether a free, self-governing community or a
body of Irresponsible hereditary Peers ought to
Professor Bryce, chancellor of the Duchy of
I. in mi. r, 11.1 to a Liberal mc, ting In Liverpool:
"If the ll.mse of Lords will rorce iii" conflict,
we must clesr away the bar on which so many
vessels freighted with useful legislation have
been irreched '
Slr ciiarl.t Burnell, Attorney-General, de?
clared, in addressing the Liberals of Wlsbeach:
'Thc question now la whether the Lords, sitting
by accident of birth, can be allowed l.mg
an set passed by thi chosen representatives ol
the i.pie."
These extracts from lbs speeches of con?
spicuous Liberals show whl ii wey the wmd
blown lii-teai of Horns Rule, the abolition of
the House of i. ids ls taking Ural place ? ?.
iii" questions of the day. The PeN is themseli ? s,
Judging from their unusually Industrlou al
tendance of Parliamentary' sittings, seem ! ? '?
elise thal their sttuatl n ls precarious. On all
rotes they now turn oul WO strung against itu
? kivernmenL
Tlc programme whl h Undi mw h favor among
the Radicals inst now ls thal the Ministers
shall bluntly refuse to accept the Peera' amend?
ments to the Perish Com* Hs or tl ?? Kmpli yera'
Liability Mil. and Introduce a Mil to reform
the Upper House by abolishing Ihe system of
hereditary legl lal ira On the itrength nf this
action, Radicals say, the Cabinet, should then
appeal to the country. One obstacle I this course
la Mr. Oladstone'a Invincible attai hment t i the
hereditary Upper House; another I" the Premier's
?trong desire lo see thi il me Rule Issue kept In
the foreground of Liberal legislation. In spite
..f his iniiu.ree. however, the time la ripening
for ths abolition of the L'pper House In Its pres?
ent form. If the wire-pullers of tho N'a'l nal
Liberal Federation have a free hand, tha agita?
tion against the Peers will be ?me the leading
question of Ihe hour.
The House of Commons will resums w rh on
Monday and 'tc Cabinet will n.I on Tuesday,
Parliament will be prorogued sboul Februarj ZS,
but will rei-..- within a week to hear In
the Queen's speech how tba G - tin ;
p ,u.. io -,???;,? wi: , the l. rds.
The Hyde P.i-k demonstration against the
Lords bids fair to b* the largest p illili al e.
lng ever aeen In London VII the tradi
In the ' mntry will s. n l li I ? ? I
mated thal more than
fr-ai the Thami i Embanki iel I the li of
Parltamenl and thence t. tba Park i i hear the
The silver India b th principal I ?!? o
in the city. Th-- fail i ' the metal to a fri
below ?'.'? pen ?? per oun e i ina that i
now DO per cen! under Its currency value in the
Colonial Empire. Th i < n piece n mitres
.ir- half s ci iwn's worth of metal In its coin?
age. The Indian Oovernmeni sra at their wita*
ends to devise a wsy of mei ting lh< ri ali T bj
Anglo-Indian banks dread thi development! of
the immediate future "T i: "In
dian Importing houses are In dlffl littles. The
fall -"f rupee ps pei
Although for a generation Indls has en ?? i
Immunity from the pani < which g ld countries
have Buffered from time i ? time, th* re now ?me
rum.r' of a i llapse The I I mell might
t . ann >un ?? Immi Kati ly (hal bills n ' i I
pressed upai the market, as well si ?
whole pulley of stopping Ihe mint.np. of silver."
Tli" Admiralty I. a is hn%-e been thrown Into
a st..t.- of consternation by Ihe theft nf th- ma
chlnery plans .f the new torpedo dem rovers of
tbs Havocs, type. The Oovernmeni ordered s
tl? I Of foriy-tWM Hi'.- ks, and deni the pinn
t . a private Brm on Ihe Clyde The papei
st ,,eti < n the w ly Two p il il ".\ '.. 11, s, ho
mus' have ii Helled them, have disappeared
This w-ek's "Field" says ".\.rican yachts
nv j will be disappoint) d i . hi ->i thal I he Val
kyrie will nol race in American waters neal se i
soii li was expected lhai ihe Vigilant and ihe
c.I.nia would h.- fltted oul t i meei the Val?
kyrie, bul a has been definitely decided that
neither will rac with her. ll would be very
Interesting lo see the Ann ric i's Cup races over
again, the Valkyrie having more canvas, bul
Lord Dunraven is righi In not wishing to sall
his yacht against Inferior crafL"
The Queen has sent a special messenger by
way of simla to Cabul t.. invite the Ameer -f
Afghanistan lo visit England Bli Mortimer
Durand, who visited Cabul wjth s special mix
sion last fall, gave a similar Invitation, bul
the Ameer said he must decline any Invitation
which was nol sent bj a ipi rial envoj.
More than i.)uaken have signed a pt-,.teat
against the vivisection of animals.
The prince ami Princess of Wales have nn- j
nouneed their Intention to attend tha Welsh
Festival ..f Souk this year.
Parla Feb IO M lireton, a writer on the "Parti
Socialist," has been sentenced lo two years' Inv
prisonmenl and to pay -. line of 1,000 france for
Baying that if M Carnot inproved of the i, ,t,,
of Valllant, nobody would pity him if "ins wooden
carcasa ahould be dislocated by ? bomb."
London. Kdi. 10 Mr. 'ind Mr.. I tladstdne hive
return.-i herc from their vlsi) to Blarrita Thew
arrived at Charing Cn -? atatton at ins o'clock thia
evening. Tin- newt of their coming bad spreed, and
an snormoua crowd gathered u She lUtieai to wei
ome the rrini" Mints;, r. When he appeared he
Was greeted with hearty che. rs by the crowd. Mr
an,] Mrs. Gladstone were mei inside ihe elation b)
Slr Algernon West and several frlt-ndi a rei
rlsge -R-rts in waltina, and Mr. Gladstone and his
Wife were at -.nc- driven to the ..Ifield rei dence
of the Prime Minister In Downing street.
/.M.v.v ITlAMflC TK.w i:i.u:i;s.
Among the passengers Balling on tbs Chahard
steamship Umbri* for liverpool yesterday were
Knut,nant Kenn, prince Qalltxln, Edward Blake
General John Hewston, Captain J. W. Dillenbeck'
Mr. and Mrs. Budd Hobie. Dr. Carl Hoepfner, i>r! i
and Mrs. Henry Palmer, Mr Bolo**) Klralfy
Newton Anas and it L. Bteretan,
The French lane steamer I .a fJrBSOOgne tor Havre
took om antoni her passengers Dr. and Mn. u. ?'
M. Page, Mrs J. Walla... Mr. and Mrs V A
Krui. o. P. H. Itemon, tl. de Courty, J .1 ?. Justine,
Ueorge Tardree and HS. D. InimooL
Among the passengers Balling un the steamer
Kaiser Willi.Im II f.?r Algiers arid Naples were
william N, Armstrong, K P. Bacon, pr. <;. C
Crandall, W K. Harvey, General von Funks, Hr
and Ure w. J Fields, General und Mia A. K
l?,...!_.. ... . I,.I Uro \l > %. .. ._ .t
".c. .urn. vi. J I'l'r.-, ??'?
Ito. kwell, the Kev. and Mr.
fount V. Manassero, Qeners
W. A. Masker, the
W. Merritt, Waller
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rrltw Chalani Monument Co.
.1321 ?roac.w;ir\ Hew l?ork.
Opposite Dodge Statue
ah a gucTEsa "nu-: coMMismoNEfal at a
...,?'.' ISM ii'i fsa r>i?'/.i <Tff |
Berlin, I'-h. 1" The commercial treaty with
Russia aaa finally ilgned to-day by representa?
tives of th.- two e infracting powers. The "North
fieri ih i:,i7.,tte." in announcing Ihe fact, pro
.i: !? com men I "ii a line Implying that the
treaty ls ;n> offensive and defensive alliance. In
Ihe Ministerial rtrrle Ihe treaty ls taken for what
lt ls a wort ri that it assists to prevent, but doea
n it actually deter war. Trade and commercial
; hail li as an undoubted luecess. Ii eer
i i vr, al advani otes to tsV Bast Prus?
sian and Berlin markets, n ls difficult to see how
the Agrarian Conservatives can oppose ths
treaty, in \i>w of the fae) thal Russia concedes
?i tariff nm i< generally beneficial t,. all Ger?
bil t esp lally good for the Eastern mar?
keta Tims coal, pia: Iron, i.I, all Morts ..f ma?
chinery, wi dli ii and other textile goods, chemi?
cal pr,.du ls and leather goods Kef imp..nant
tariff reductions. Woollen textiles actually pet
4'-.. per rent off, although Russia ins s flourish?
ing le.m.- trade In textiles. Th.- result of ths
treaty ls expected to be a revival of the'dying
'i..s ,'t' Konlgsberg Stettin and Dantzlc,
while the Berlin Boerae expects an Inflow of
ord "< from Russian speculators.
The treaty i minina n i mention of the decree
forbidding the Relchsbank t. i ike Russian
loans, but during ths week Russian securities
? iv deal I in ,n ths K ena on
Reli hsbank aci ount.
Th.- Oermen commissioners to net,- tints the
treaty entertained the Russian commissioners
this evening st s banquet In the Kalserhof, Th..
banquet was int.tided p. celebrate ths signing
,.r the treaty.
Th.- Reichstag will dispose of tha treaty In
;hre> sittings, and win then take a holiday,
adjourning until March IC. While the Reichstag
sleeps Kin-Hi .? Minister- Minuet, through the com
mlssl m, will work tn obtain his enda Already
lt ls juid that the commlsal< r approves tbs
tobacco tax. PJexi week the wine fax will ho
spptoved. Di Mlquej himself continues to say
that ?H -hie reform and nm.: lal schemes will
I.?>' be ferried, bul he nls.. Insists that .very
one of his measures is necessary to the Ufa of
Hr Mlquel ind I ?? ; - - r William will VtStt
prln ?? Bismarck al Friedrich?.nih on Wednes?
The Agrarian! have called s mass-meeting
for Friday t.. protest against the Russian treaty.
Ta cite im Instance of the relaxation that him
taken place in Ihe Reichsland regime ll can be
i ? ut that the Oovernmeni luis ordered
thal the itud) >.f French shall be allowed in
the publlu schools ol the province. Hence
forth teai hera can i nduct their classes In either
Freni li or Herman.
? ig is In sn e onomlcal mo al.
Kn 'wing thal ll musi I i bead to Chancellor
\,.n Caprivl on leading linea of policy, it pro
I ? - I matters Tims tn d iv the H use
ref -lr,, give l*? bbswiI i , Ihe creation of the
new .Ul.f Postal In.Lr Becretary of St.nte.
th i igh I ir Stephan, the chief of the department,
ui - ? 1 the ni ? ill) ol s; ?, .ni offl -. In the
? ??.!.-?? : the ilebal ? on the subj* I lu Btephan
Russia was about to call an Inter
nail mal i kile ij onfen n ?? lo be held in Bl
Petersburg with a view to bringing about a re?
duction In freight rat's on both imp,.ns and ex?
port a.
Ministerial advices fr >m lt >me sra to the effect
that Signor Crtspl, the l*rime Minister of Italy,
la In bad health. Il u said that h?> desires to re
tira from ofllce. iiih sojourn al Naplee, where
he w.n: on account of ins health, did not help
him tu recruit. He suffers from Incessant In
i .?mila, which drugs .1 . little to assuage.
Emperor William has (sent t.. Qeneral v..n
Weider, Ornum Ambassador In Russia the
itlon of the Order of th.- Black Ragle aa ii
token of his satisfaction* with th>- new treaty.
Among the Americans who have arrived hero
during the last week are Mrs Webb, of Nen
'i irk; Mr .Sharp, of Louisville; Mr. oppenheimer,
of New-York; Mr and Mrs. Washington, ?.f itos
ton; and Pr ml Mrs pitcairn. ..f Harrisburg.
On Bb rove Tuesday. Th.lora Runyon, the
American Ambassador, with the entire staff of
the Embassy, attended thc court ball,
The Oovernmeni Ins appointed Councillor
Behind* er, of Magdeburg, a delegate tu the
Bl I vcr Inquiry Com.nUslon. Hen Bchmelsser hag
Just returned from an otu, lal tour of the gold
a nd ii\ .-r producing countries.
Frau Ma terna, the great Wagnerian artist, will
come i . Berlin, where ihe will sim,' In a series
of Wagner concerts before retiring lo private
life. She has declined an offer to visit the Knited
States again.
Tile "Voes)'. he Zeltung" attacks the American
Oovernmeni for its laxity in carrying oul ths
treaty programme In Samoa. The paper points
out thal iii lTnltqd States commissioner tu
Barm li retires from hi< poll In March, bul his
successor haa nol vi been appointed. The work
of regulating tl" land claims, ll adds, has hardly
l.. kuii. and will rn w fall back Into confusion.
Thc . ;ipit.ii of the s> ndlcate which is to extend
financial aid lo Italy has been fully subscribed,
The chief p.int nf difference non is as to where
the headquarters of the bank which the syndicate
ls p. establish win be. The Oerman bankers
want li t.. be al Milan, while King Humbert and
Hlgnor Ki-tsp! wini ii in Koine.
St. Petersburg, Feb, IO n is stated thal tbs
Russian Qovernmenl will give notice to France
thal tbs Kmnc.o Kiis.'Tni commercial treaty will
be terminated st ths cud ot ISM if France per?
sists in putting Into effect against Russia the
proposed new duties on Imported grain.
... f a> ?
Rome, Feb. m 'Un' trial of Pinto,,the grata mer?
chant; Chauvet, manager of the "Ptfpolo Romano,"
and Oalltna, a Treasurj inspector, for defrauding
me Oovernmeni ..f BavSM Ure, haa been ta progn <s
Hine w.dn.lay. To-day Chauvel caused g sen?
sation hv telling how "Italia del Popolo," a Radi?
cal joiirniii In Milan, had blackmailed him. The
management luUI gol hold ..f photographa of "everal
compi.ilalhg letters Beni by the witness to Pinto,
and had threatened to publish them. Chauvel
eventuall) pail Z.MS lire f.,r the photographs of ths
letters and Illus saxe.I 111.'in from puhhculloii.
Th.? excitement in th* courtroom was so nre.it
during Chauvet'a statement thal the presiding
ju.lue called repeatedly for order.
London, Feb. lo,?The market ir bar oliver tock
un upward turn to-day, The pries advanced front
Bead sereanee yesterday's closing price, tba lowest
p.lnt evtr reached?to jji^d hld. inc marKet waa
BXORT OF Tin: f tri" OF thi: BEATEN AND DF
London. Keb. lu -A dispatch from Cape Town
states that KohenKula, King of the Matahdes.
Who was defeated and driven I .ward the Zam?
besi Itivr by tho British South African Com?
pany's force*!, is dead.
Th- (asl advices concerning Lobensjula wore
to the effect that he had l-e.'ti deserted by his
followers, and was a fugitive in th" bush, where
be was Buffering; with gout
LobengulB, Kin* of the Matabeiei, was the son
of M iselekat?e. the founder and first King of that
nation. Moselekatse had been one of the chief
pcnernli in the army of T'Chaka. "ihe Zulu At?
tila." but rebelled against him In 1S17. and fled with
10.mo warriors t . MastlOftaland, which he con
qui r.d and made his own. It was a pleasant
luntry, Inhabited by SOMOA peaceful pastoral
f .ik. among whom Moaelekatse and hw men carno
wolves In a sheepfold. They *>w the men and
boys wholesale, -; irinir the woften only to mik*
th. rn their wivs ,rl lervanta Within a K"n<ra
ti.n not m..r- than 100,000 Mash.nas remained nllv<?,
anl the Matabele Kingdom, as Moseiekatse's
realm was known, had taken thc place of the
declining Zulu Kingdom ns the arbiter of fate
in ail South Africa They bore their sway dotta
to th- Orange River mil up fir north ?.f the
Zambesi a military rule scarcely 1*1* ruthless
than that of TChaba. tfosetekatse died In ISM,
anl wea Bueceeded by Lobengula, wh > proved hlm
?elf,a worthy ion of luch a sire; mtghty In war,
Wise In council, b'lt bloodthirsty and eruoi IO the
utmost degree.
This savage monarcfe was bom about flfty-r.in*
vars ago, uni. as Btated, lacceeded to the throne
lu IMI Prior lo assuming the Kingship he discarded
th- Cur..p..in f..r the native dress, aa a gaga to his
people that he was not the white man's poppet.
lb- wan distinguished f,,r a marvellous memory.
and as thlnits go tn Ma'abel.-land h.- was distinctly
a man of advanced Ideas. Ills ttreat aim was to
m. ul l the heterogeneous races in his army Into
a united whole, with e..tunion customs and a com?
mon language. Ile did ht* best to make his nam?
respected and bia power felt arnon* his people
by administering justice Unaly an 1 Impartially. Um
methods were not su<-n as, clvilla.-l nations ara
accustomed to, but none the Uss he waa a man
among his people in advance of his aire. He ems
very temperate, and was never known to e,,n
descend to get Into a passion In all his dealings
his conduct w.is regulated by a dignified ?-. lf-posses
ston. ii- removed from his father's capital, Mosega,
and had bia court at Buluwayo, on an eminence
.? immanding ail the . ,-intrv round. It corniced
of an enormous kraal, surrounded by a double fence
Of i ?: ^ rr.. Items, and contained the royal resi?
dence, cattle Inoiosures smaller krnals for witch
crafi ceremi ni. i for th.- big orTWrs r.f state, and
royal ladle* 1. iheneula himself o<-eupi*d n hous*
I i I ? ,,f mud oil wood erected for him by som*
European. M^ie the great mun slept <>n a dirty
mattress on the ground, watched over by his favor?
ite aeeralri. a lady wh?>?.. proportlona like thoee of
her royal master, snowed tn an eminent decree the
fattening pr .pei ties , f the national beverage. In
one , !i..r ai -1 1 number of rides, presents t.> thu
King from varloua hun tera; In another, sacks of
.??in and basketa ..f tobacco, .vu state and other
business wai iransacted In . 1 it tie kraal outside,
where Hie King, 1 :rTt,r from kuii: uni obesity.
> 1 r m a wheel, i '.111- Tie- around was Uttered
wpm tilth uni 1,.,e..-j ,,f ever) description; a hr
burned close al hand, wherewith the royal chef
prepared <U- choice pieces >.f meat Intended for
the K .... and any gui os h.- wished to distinguish;
after which the l>eergtrl handed "?> h*r master his
; i\ trite drink, fl:xt having tasted lt hers. If. All
r< p,>rts from everj part of the kingdom were here
made, tie- messengers coming toward the royal
preiN-ni.n h icu .ail kneel, ihoutlng the kindly
title* all th.- while li' 1.Mary, a council was
1 .io. ? :?-??. ?? the regent c mmandel In-ohwf,
I 1,1. and witch d >ctori. th* head in tunas, et ?. Never
; ng In one pla< ??. 'he King travelled in a wag >n
drawn J.\ len black oxen from kraal to kraal. In
?peotlag cattle, hi which he look th.- greatest pride,
.md transacting business.
A f.-w years ago [.obengula acknowledged the
power and authority of England, and made a treaty
with the ktritlih Bonth A fries Company by which a
virtual protectorate sra* establlehea over tin- whole
country Thli great!) changed the aspect of affairs.
II ri tish iiiii ... 'i 1 rs took charge ..f tie- country;
Mllti-.li prospectors tin. k- '. In anl opened males of
exceeding 1 hfV'ii King Solomon, lt wai found,
hud 11. t not ..'.1 'h. mid out; li" had .nih scratched
i!,.- lurface of th.- deposits Port! were s..,.n bulli
.?mi 1 1..1I1, ??? <?. i'm orgunlivd, and vlllagei ..f Eng
'.Uh folk I' lilli t" KT..W al...ut Ihe fort!. The chief
lla.es thill founded are Port Victoria Kort Salis?
bury. Kort charter r..rt Tull and Tatl The Ma
sh..;:as, all that were tefl ol th,Mil. were already
inder llrltlih protection, Hut Kobenrula either
would not or could net restrain the indur.as and
warriors ..f his army from their favorite occupa?
tion, harrying the Itashonaa raiding, plundering
and massacring wholesale, Thus he whs brought
lan Bummer into collision with the police of the
llrltlih South Africa Company, and a little war
brok- ..ui between them The Itntish campaign
wart directed by Mr Cecil Rhodea th.- .'jp,. Colony
Premier, and his lieutenant, it. Jameson admin
latrator of Mashonaland, both men of extraordinary
aagaelty ami energy, and tts result was victory.
1...1..lyolia and (us armies were pul to iiisht and
his capital taken. The ..nh seri,,,is loss to the
Hritish was the ilaughter of Captain Alan wilson
and ins thirty six- comrades, who ventured too far
ahead In their pursuit <>f the fugitive king, and
were cut ..rr from 1.or b) flooded rivera
Synagogue Opened al Bt. Petersburg?Judging
from the fi.-t thal 11 ui.erb BynagOgUS Ins Jus;
been di llcstc l si St. Petersburg, it w,u:M sppear
thal the persecution of the Hebrew! by the Cxar
ls nol altogether -< terrible a-< haa been described
The synagogue is constructed kn ornate Oriental
?lyle, .md at tho dedication ceremony there were
present .1 large number of ofhciala of nigh rank.
Wolves In Prance Puring the last year the
Prench Government has paid oul ab,.ur 10,000 francs
for the destruction of KM wolvei in ism th., num?
ber of (hese animals destroyed was |,|O0, and the
premium! pal 1 am tunted tq more than loo.ooo
fran.'- iv il. - these premiums, regular battues
ar.- organised yearly by functlonariea termed lieu?
tenants de I'auverterle, who ar.. .1 relic of the
Aiichn Regime.
Beven Hollar.: f,.r a Derby winner. George Bred
erick, the fsmoui horse which'won the Derby in
England as far back as 1*7*. has just changed hands
lu a well-known saleyard lu Landon, for the sum
Of J", at Which price he was purchased by a hucks?
ter, wh.. proiMMes to utilise bli last remaining dava
It seems almost 11 jilt)- that some benevolent racing,
man doea nol start a retreat for equine celebrities
which have passed their prime, so as to preserve
them from figuring between thc shafts of a London
rab, or, worse stui, from the (ate "f Qeorge Fred?
gives you p. feeling of horror and
Oread. There la no longer ncceiiity for
Ita usa lu ninny dlscasei formerly re?
garded ai incurable without cuttlug.
The Triumph of Conservative Surgery
ia well Illustrated bv the fuot that
RUPTURE ?T lircaeh, if no? ri.fi
l>UllUriL Cllllu c.ur(^j WithtjUt tha
knife and without patti. Cliunsy. chaf
ln? truSSSfl cnn bo thrown away ! They
never cum but often Induce inflam?
mation. -tran>ri:l:ition and .hath.
TUMORS "vnnun. fibroid d'tcrine)
I U lit UHO M1(j ?,ony others, are now
removed without thc perils of cut
Pitii TUMORS, b^W. ??
other discuses of the lower bowel, are
permanently cured without palu or
resort to the knife.
QTANC >?> tin. madder, no matter
Ol Ulla. n?w uirj.,., I, crushed, pul?
verised, wsshfl I out and perfrctly ro
nio'v.'d without cutting.
STRICTURE ajaereaioreTwBhout
cutting In hundreds of caaei. lor
pamphlet, rrferencea and all partlcu
lara, aend 10 oenti (In Itampsl to
World'! HU pe marv Medical Aa
Uoa, W Mata bu, liuSsio, N. X.
Annual Statement
Life Insurance Co.
Net Asset*. January 1. 1893.,#.150 SBBJBJ Bj
Tot Premiums.14.OSS.200 OS
For Interest and Kents... 8,144.374 64
Profit and Loss. 6.35182
$?6.M3.f>? t|
For claims hy death
and matured en?
dowments .13,870.458 56
Surplus returned to
policy-holders . 1.286.201 60
Lapsed and Surren?
dered Policies. 80T.855 SJ
Total to Policy-holders.$8,824,013 BJ
'ommlsalons lo Agents. Balarie!,
Medical Examiners' fees, Print?
ing, Advertlslna. Le*;al. Heal
Estate, and all other Expenses. 770,138 00
Tax?s . SM. 136 27
Balance Stet Assets. Dec. 31, 1*93.$30.9*8.INJ)
Leans aaea Real Estate, first lien.$37.<lfi0 404 BB
Loans upon Stocks and Bonds. 12.840 BJ
Premium Notes on Pellet** In fore*. 1.351 ar. M
Coat Bf Real Estate owned by the Company. 7.loft.311 SJ
OMI of t.'nlte'I States and other Bonds. 12.123 628 H
Oast of Bank sr. 1 Railroad Stocks. 8*0 (WO 2f
''ash In Banka. HTS '.'.*< SJ
cash, tn Office. a 811$$
Ullin recelvalle. OOO ST
aglets' Ledger Balances . 3 326 SJ
I !!
Interest due and accrued.11.010.84136
Rent* accrued. 8.271 2T
Market value of stocks and honda
aver cost. 224.1021*
Kat def?rr*l premium*. 194.2*9 60
-11,4.17.205 SJ
Oeaaa Assen. December 31. 1803.8?1 SCI 404 ?>
aSBSBBM required la re-ln?ure all
i><n*tanding Mtrtaa net. Com?
pany's maitar! .$58.m7.i:moo
All other liabilities. 1.091.222 74
-$S4,?13.fi7? 71
Surplus by Cwipsnv'i S-andard. $8.4*1.027 If
Surplus by State Ilepc.ni will exceed. 7,J.V>.000 0$
Ratio of exr?n*ea of management to re?
ceipt* in 1*3. 0 00 per cent
p.-ilicl-s in larea Dec. 31. IJJJ, 65.701 Insur?
ing .$156 OS*.498 SI
JACOB I.. I.RKK.VK. President.
JOHN M TAILOR, Vlce-Prest.
KU WARP M. Rt 'VCR, gee.
DAMI'.I, H. UKI,!,*, ActaniT*
PHTLIP g. MILLER. General Agent,
1 Wall Street. Cor. Broadway,
jr-rsu j Before Openiwg
t"* I Mpriaig Importations,
Joseph P. McHuqh j Co.
nf clovina! ?nr ni nierrlr n mut na I price*
lill small ol- of
Wall Papers,
Warnes nml Hurders, llut-of-ienn pure -??era),
bringing mrinHieinents of ronna for which pupen
nre wnnteil. < specially bunni.
In the Upholstery Department
n co Ifilloa ol short anmple length*, amiable for rev*
erin 1 cushions ind sim le pl Bes of tarnilnrr, le
ottered without regard lo lb* orl?iiml coal.
West 42d St.-at 5th Ave.
Wall 1'apcr*. carriage free to 'I pnns of ihe Sanei.
BvaPRtsa CAt'SKB isV thi: i.kttkr ok THg
Ths latter BBtlt by th.' directors of the St. Nl-h
..lin Hank te the receiver, ex-Mayor liraiit. In
which ihey announced their wish lo preierve the
charter ol' thc hank, has boen received with a cer?
tain asseeat Sf Surprise in banking circles, for lt lg
not consider-'.I possible fur the defunct Instit allon
to resume nguiu. Tba director* of the bank r.vent
ly informed Mr. Crant thnt lt would bo agreeable
lo them If he could get conferred upon hln the
powers of .a permanent re.-elver, but thai they .iii
not want him mn.lc jic-rmanent receiver They
mentioned In their letter that they hope 1 he would
settle np the uffalrs of the bank at once, aa they
were Beelines ol resemlag bsnJnsaa
( People In banking circles do rot think that the
directors wish to resume, but thnt they want to
glee more time to people who hav>? not settled
their cull loans and those who discounted notes
and have nc yet paid them There ls a belief m.
m.hiv quarters thal the objection of the directors
t> Mr. ('.rant bein* ma,ie permanent receives ls
based on the fear of certain transactions ol' the
bank laing ma.le public.
There l? a Well-founded belief that the receiving
teller, taula .1. lim, may give s,.me information
before long which will expose another fi iture of
th* bank's operations. The loss In the capital of
Ihe Institution was given nut by the Rtate Ranking
Department as nearly $373,000 Mr. Orsnt said re?
cently that his timirrs did not eery much front
these. He has been unable to collect anv of toe
asset! marked ,,ff by Mr. .hilson as bad.
Tiniv aim: SKOCKaTD ux kkimuikkntatI'in* of
m i>k boys ssvbtn reatta <>u> on nu
limn- UBftART m ii.pino.
There ls another "small tempest In a teapot"
regarding ths reproduction of nude male figures,
and this time Kenyon Cox, Um artist, ls thc suf?
ferer, un Tri,lay last thc Common CoencM of Koa
ton passed a resolution that the trustees of the
Public Library then* shenld he asksol t" gawa one
of the decorations In thc facade of tbs new t-ulld
inir removed, on the grout.d that it was indecent.
This decoration ls a small seal made from a deiign
by Mr. Cox. The seal bears the Inscription: "The
Trustees of the Public Library of thc etty of Hos
ton, lSSH-t^TS." lt ls not this inscription that the
Council object to, but they might Just na well, to*
lt ls about as indecent as thc design which theie
wordi surround. The design repres*nts two nude
boys?"genir they are .ailed by iculpiori. TlnM
boys are represented .is holding torches in their
hands, ami are placed on the ris'ht and left of a
Renaissance shield, upon which ls an open book.
representing "The Hook of Knowledge." llehlnd
them la "The Tree of Knowledge." and at their
feet kv v ru I dolphins arv disporting themselves, lt
has been darkly hinted that th-' lloston Common
Council resented the Introduction of dolphins, willoh
arc deadly enemies of the mackerel, In the catching
of which many of Boston's most prominent sea?
faring citizens are engaged. Augustus ft, ilaub na
was seen yesterday afternoon by a Tribune re?
porter. Mr. 8t. Qaadens preserved his usual reti?
cence. Mr. Cox wai more communicative. He suldl
"All this cornel from that rhllculous affair about
the Ht. Claudetta medal. There la absolute!) noth?
ing Indecent about the decoration. I made the seal
and a book plate from S sketch originally made by
Mr. Mt. (laudens. and worked lund over it Then hi
made the decoration. The boys represented ari
about seven years old, and the design ls Inoffensive
tn every way. These Boston people object to thi
nude figures of little boys, bet never do they object to
nudity of female flgurei. n does not bother roi
much, but I must say that there ls no other place
In the world where there would be any iuch non?
sense In Europe they have many such flgurei on
coins ind on windows In churches. The trustees of
the llbrarv do not object. It la only the Commoa
Council whoie eenie of modeity seem* to have beeg
shocked. 'Hont aolt oul mal y pense," " said MS.
nnx. as he bowed the reporter out.

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