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The qew Commissioners h.iv- already glvefi prool
of their Intention to Introduce refonna and purlf>
the servl-e in many needed ways. City works
Commissioner White began carly to wield the axt
and has ilamiased a largi number "f employee bta
the gi iiaafj that Ihelr services were no longer need
e<!. Tin- would appear to mean that the vacanclet*
thus created will not be filled, and ls, io far, a In
dicati'.n that under the Democratic Comml
the money of Ihe cky was being thrown away.
Ho ha- ..ls.-. Ulled the Important ellice of 8
tenden! of Streets, far tb.- mun he first eel-1
"refused to Barre after full consideration. Tue toe
eessor "f Bupei ? I Sterling ls Nleh laa I.
Plocken, who waa a clerk In the Water Reg I i
office when Mr. Low waa Mayor He ls said to be a
irvin of energy. Sine n the wa; ' - ''" -
denning ls done In Brooklyn during the winter
months, aome people will wonder why Mr. white
flll.-l the office liel >re -i ting P 'li - Comml isloi er
Welles baa gone i ul " discharge ol bli dutiea
In a businesslike way. One thing he made entire!)
clear un ?he first 1 y on which he conducted the
trula i.f delinquent i-ollcemen; thal t". thnt ne win
not t-alerata- drunk, n -- kinking among tne
gaeenbers of the for ?? One officer wh.nfess? i : ?
having taken t? ? drinks if brandy was fined thirty
?"ays- pay Evidently there ia going to be strict
discipline In ihe police force for tl'- next two years.
Park Commissioner Hauler ilk also found a con?
siderable number f auperfiuous employes on Ins
payroll-* and haa been weeding them out.
The exhii>i,!"*i which McKane made of himself
en th<? -jritnc. a-stand mus! hat ?? been far fr un sall -
factory to hil frlen la thai ls, to the Intelligent men
who arc standing by him. of course In the oyi? of
Ms Ignoranl followers la Gravesend ti" can 'l" no
wrong, and he is nil! a hero and a much Injured
man. They srlll think thi same ifter h? is c,.n
vic-ted. .is ho sei ms very likely to be. In fnct,
nothing cnn save him except Ihe failure of one or
two jurors to agree with their fellows There are
rumors nhroad thal two of tbe Jurymen ar.' "all
right'' ns far na McKane is concerned. Probably
thia ts aserely bluff*, at all events, there is n.i evi?
dence Sf SUC* .i st.it^ of things, and lt is certain
that extrema- entre was taken In selecting the |ury.
McKane's denials, roitradlctlona and Inconsistencies
cannot but have proaluced a lecldedly unfavorable
Impression on Intelligent and fair-minded Jurors.
One man who has been In court during part of the
trial tells m.- that his tirsi Impr-selon <>f the Jun
was r.'it favorable, bul on 1 oking at lt closer he
became convinced thal lt was a good jury aid
would di its duty fearlessly and honestly.
The prospects a>r the enactment of the "Oreater
"New-York" bill seem to be excellent after the irge
majority by which i: was i lased in the Assembly.
The proposed ,-.,111 di la tlon would make a New-York
as broad as it ls long. The . st renie length of the city
?orth and south now li about fifteen miles; ti;- ex
tenslon of its linn's In ac irdance with the pro
T-donS of tho pending bill would carry It sixteen
miles to tho eastward, bul al thc same time would
carry its southern extremity to tbe lowest p lint
of staten Intend, which la nearly twenty miles from
the rity Hall. On Long Island, Far Rockaway,
Cretvlmoor. Hay- 1 ' and Whitestone would be in?
cluded A** has peen said before, this bill merely
provides for the ? 'te of the 1.pie Interested ..ti
the 'iiiea:i..n of union with Now Y..rk. leaving the
ectua! question of consolidation to 1>" consl I
and decided later. Such a measure ls entirely
reasonable Of course there is a huge difference
between the union of New-York and Brooklyn and
the makin-*- of a great municipality covering 31,
square miles. Coi r* lldatlon by wholesale has little
to commend lt, bul there can be no rational ob?
jection to the contemplated vote.
Meantime the agitation for consolidation cn a
?maller scale will continue Hills have been in'.r.
dneed providing for the annexation of the town of
Ftetboab to Brooklyn, in accordance arith tbe wteh
of a good macy of the residents of thal pleasant
euburh. it is mt the first atti mpt by any means
to bring about this result, but heretofore the inter?
ests of the tocal politicians In the town hiv-* I* en
too strong t'1 be overcome, With a Republican
Legislature this difficulty win b-> materially reduce 1.
In all probability New-Utrecht will follow in no long
time?In fact, a hill f.ar Its annexation has Laen
brought forward?and then there srlll i>e univ th >
towns of Flatlands and Gravesend left Thnt '.
will be thouirlit necessary to maintain a full coun?
ty government in addition tai the c;t>- government
for the benefit of two townships is most Improba
ble, and so whether Flatlands anal Gravesend nra?
anxious for annexation or not, tha-y an- likely ta.
be annexeal; and thia without reference to tin
larger rons, .li Lit ion scheme which is more or less
talked of. _
The Republican members of tho Hoard of Super
visors very properly took the I iii by the hom in
seating Frodeil k Lindo aa tbe representative of
the K.g-hth "Ward ar th'ir meeting on Monday. The
refusal of Clerk Tarred to Obey the order aif the
Bnperrloor-at-Large brought about a condition "f
things strikingly similar to that tn th? Btate Sen?
ate when Lieutenant-Governor Sheehan undertook
to run thingr. to suit himself and Senator Six:.in
was force'l to call the roii. The Demociatlc Super
visors an'l their ascents have been taking lessens
from both Trent.-n and Albany, but the lt.. pul,il?
eane have been too smart for them. The law In re
.spect to the liding of vacancies in the Board ls of
the "democrat*' own devising: lt provides that
such "ra rna rial shall i>- filled >.- th? Hoard of
Aldermen. Of course al Ihe time >f its enactment
the Democratic leaders who secured its passage
had no idea that the Republicans would ever gain
control of the ('??mtn.-ti Council. The vacancy iii
the Kighth Ward wai caused by the i]<.;lih of Su?
pervisor Btlcksvers a few days before the hut elec?
tion. lt might io prompt action have been iiii.a
at that eleen,.n, bul li aaa not. Then the Demo?
crat's Board of Aldermen elected Kehoe to the
place, and .inst before Ihe end 01 the year he re
signed and was re-elected. Thu second election
haa been held by Judge Cullen ii be Invalid To
fill the existing vacancy the new Board of Uder
men (Republican) chose Mr. Lind.'. Th- law haa
been carried "ut, there la no vacancy and conse?
quently n.i occasion for a special election, .1 Gov?
ernor Flower ordered. The Democrats have at
tempted to nuke a great deal of the alleged fact
that Attorney-General Hancock advised th- Gk>v
ernor that the calling of a special election was the
lawtul and proper thing to da Hut Mr. Hancock';
emphatic deni.il that be nive any such advil.- left
them without anything .0 lean on in that respeel
Mayor Schieren has taken a course th.it will win
universal approval in endeavoring to r> luce the
amount which the city paye for electric t''- ?
lights. The Board of Aldermen lins rejected all
the bids put in by the electric companies. This ls a
step toward a reform of real importance. The
furnishing of lights for the city hts heretofore
been a sourc- of Immense profit to the companies,
snd it ls ;i notortoua fa<" that Brooklyn pays a
good deal more for thia service than many
other cities. What the Mayor intends 1.. secure is
a redua-tion .af M per cenl In the cost of electric
lights. There ls no doubt thal the companlee can
?till make a large prof!) al the proposed figure
Mr. Bchleren has i,.,.k.-d into the matter carefully
and surprised the representatives .>f the comnanl 1
who cal leal on him In the course of the wed; by his
knowledge ol the cost of electric lighting Hither?
to certain politicians connected with the McLaugh?
lin Ring have had a large Interest In Increasing
the profits of ti..- companies, and hence all efforts
to reduce the cost of this service hm.- been in
vain. ?
The wls'l.im of the Hoard of education in decid?
ing at this tinta t 1 Increase the salaries of ths
principals of Intermediate schools is open to seri
olia .jua'atiun. lt is w< ll known that th- number nf
schools in the city is Inadequate to meet the de
manda upon th.m. and the Importance Of pitting
forth every effort to in Tease their capacity ls self
evident, lt la also the fact thal many of tbe teach
era are poorly compensated, while thia cannot be
said of th.- principals Tha- Board a,r Education is
c-nstantly aaklng for Increased appropriations l il
certainly public confidence In lt win not be ln
creased by such action ag that taken inst week.
Dr. Tn Image roany eeema to have meant it. He
now declares his intention p. preach bis farewell
sermon in the Tabernacle on the first Sunday In
March, and shortly afterward ha will aol oul on 't
Journey round the arorM, going from San Francisco
to Hcnolulu. and then to Australia. New-Zealand
and India, nf curs,. >,e will preach and lecture a
good .leal, hut his declared purpose .- to study ths
religions of the Barter-- World la their homes. As
he expects to return la October, it would leem aa
gj_to opportunities i? thal direction would t,.- lim?
ited Hie future n ter his return has nol been de
term ned. apparently, but it is not likely that be
Will lack opportune-., ?,, ,,r^a,.,,_ mi l"av oe
The first presentation of "Th" priacese Nicotine"
by Lillian Russell and her company la Brooklyn
wm be nude t .-morrow evsnlng at th.- Columbia
Theatre, beginning a w.-.k's engagement, after
which the comic opera will l?- presented tot an?
other w..-k. at the Amphion. .m,s- Russell wilt be
seen In the title pert, and In the cast with her
will lae Digby imi. Honor l*. riiKliii. Alfred r
Wheelan. Charles a. Bigelow, fait! c. Peak s
Lucy Haly. Mari.- Dressier. Georgia Dennin. Grace
Belaaco. May Duryea, Lillian Thurgate. Marie
Celeste nnd others. There will he iou In the chorus
and ballet. The scenery and rnstumes a,f the Caainn
production will te used in Brooklyn. Th.- ballet
sri.1 be directed by Signor Francloli.
Thomas 0. Senbrooke and his ernie opera com?
pany will present "The Isle of ('hamp_gne" at
tne Amphion Theatre for one week, beginning to
J!(,I0rr.(?w_ even_I-J"- Mr- Seabrooke has taka>n the
Isle through one season, and success has greeted
Ita presentation. The company has been strength
ened. and the costumes and the scenery are en?
tirely new. Kilda Croix, the prims alanna, sou
brette, will be seer, again as Liana, the belle of the
The last of the series a.f six grand opens at the
Hrooklyn Academy a>f Music Alli be given on
Saturday evening by the Abbey company from the
Metropolitan Opera House The gUCCesa that at
tendeaf the first representation if "Carmen" and
th- demand for Its repetition have led to the de?
cision to --ive lt aga-in Mlle. Calve will sing the
title part, anal she will have the assistance of
Mme. Arnohlson. Miles. Bsuermelster and Ihles.
(ind Signori Vf Lucia. Ancona. Gromseakl, Carbone,
Vivian! and RlnaMlul. Blgnor Bevlgnanl will con?
duct the music.
The Republican memhers of the Hoar! of Super?
visors will meet to-morrow at ll a. m. James
Boyd, who w.is elected president pro fem. las!
week, hus appointed a new Finance Committee f r
the board. Supervisor Ackerman ls chairman "f
lt. Atiorniy-irf-neral Hancock bad a conaultatlon
wllh Ct-orge I-'. Elliott, counsel in tba in.i!:-r of
the contesteal seat in the Eighth Ward. In regard
Pi the apodal election ordered for March C, yes?
a lecture win be given liv- William Hamilton
Gibson, author and artist, In Plymouth Church .ti
Wednesday evening, on "The Mysteries of How?
ers." Tlie proceeds of the lectur.^ will be for the
extension of the w.rk ..f the missions of the
i'r.>'. >.--..r Charlee a. Toung, ot Princeton, win
lecture on "Hud's Glory in the Heavens" In As?
sociation Hall to-morrow evening, under the SUS
i .? ? s of tba Brooklyn institute oi' Arts mil
Sal. nces,
Frederick Nlblo. a cl ri- at the Hotel St. Oeorpe,
\ sall yesterday thal ins cousin, Miss lavinia Nlbl.-,
of n.iitlmore, had recovered her diamonds valued
I at $'i.i?i", which she lost af-er lea-ring Ihe French
i Hall in New-York on Mon liv. Ile sail she hal
often l a reward of lf-,000, bul bad lo pay only
. &'...".'?i to the persona who returned thc gems. They
told th.' lawyer who negotiated the nutter that
they found the Jewels in Tliirtieth-st.. near Mall
j son-ave.
It Is expected that the store of the Llebmir.n
j Hrothers company, which was closed a week ? ?
i will h" reopened In a slmrt tim-', as the credit il '
; are favorable to a compromise .nd the resumpMon
j of business. A meeting will be be! I carly this week
The Grand .Jury Indicted Tim.'lr.- McDermott
yesterday for murder In the fir^t degree in killin.
George clancy, a brother of Congressman f*"lana*y,
i on December 24, anil .lames Stephenson, f.r tmn
I slaughter in the first degree in killing Edward
' Pepper. Both pleaded nol guilty.
s..!i,e Pones of another human body srere .m
I earthed In the graveyard of the o'! Banda s:r ?
Methodist Eplacopal Church in grading the plaza
j at the Bridge entrance yesterday.
The Lev. Charles A. Brown will be Installed pas?
tor of the Pilgrim Second Advent CT! nh, at S< '?
j reeant-av*-. and Hancock-st., this evening.
Application was made to Judge Cullen yesterday
for leave to serve nn amended complaint In ;h* sui!
' of Mrs. Marie Hellc Langley for absolute divorce
] from Wllllsra ii. Langley, es material particulars
' have cr.nie t i llcht since the original complaint was
I served. Judge Cullen said th? new complaint could
be submitted ti the counsel for the defendant.
Mra Jane Cortelyou, female seir.-h.er at Police
Headquarter*, was dismls.-iei yesterday, H.r duties
will now dev live on the police matrons H-r pay
was nco a year.
A lust of Benjamin D. Siliim-i". the "renerable
lawyer, ls to be made by William Ordway Partridge
for n committee of Hrooklyn an.l New-Tork nieu '
who have subscribed fl.000 f -r the v\..;k.
A conference a.f ministers and laymen was hell
yesterday afternoon in the Chrlatten Association
Hull.ling to discuss the proper observance "f th- ex?
cise laws. Among the speakers were th.- Rei
Messrs. A. C. Dixon, .tame* Montgomery, Hiram
Hutchins and J. F. Carson.
The 1'nlon League Club will give its fifth ar.n'inl
dinner in celebration of Lincoln's birthday to-mor?
row evening in its clubhouse, at Bedford-sve, ?. i
Ha-an-st. President charles 8, Whitney will pre?
side, an! the dinner win be in < hun-.- of a com?
mittee composed "f Francis H. Wilson, IL.ward
M. Smith. A H. Rogers, Jr., Marshall T. Davidson,
Jackson W'nllacn una! Jesse Johns.in. The speakers
who have accepted Invitations to respond ta. toa la
Include Senator Charles F. Manderson, ot Ne
braska; Suite Senator Charles T. Saxton. <???
John S. Wise, charles Emory Smith, of "The Phils
deiphla l'ra-ss'', General Henry W. Slocum and ti...
Rev. I >r. R. R. Meredith. Tb- last-named will re
spun l to tbe toast. "Abraham Lincoln." The din?
ing hall will be fittingly decorated, nnd several
hundred members of tne club and guests will at?
tend the dinner.
I'RF.SS GOODS.?Wo are t-r,-- showing an ex?
tensive collection Of now spring Press Gooda in
the latest designs nnd colorlnga Among ih?
prevailing styles are some neat and beautiful
effects in Check Illumine, Jacquard petite, Silken
Tweed nnd Point Moire. A nev nnd choice
assortment of Fancy Suitings at 45, IS, 7.". and
BS cento, a full line of French Vlgoureauz, very
desirable for travelling suits. The greates' v.- -
rlety of French Challlea ever shown, in All
Woo] and Satin Stripe* Storm Serges, nil wool, :
fast colors, BOC. to 11.75.
SPECIAL.?An excellent Storm Bergs, 52 Inches j
wide, unusual value, 7.'. cents.
j Imports contain full aseortmenta of newest styi":' I
in All W.,,.1 and Bilk A- wool, Black an-l Black A- j
White Fabrics, Plain and Brache Crepona In ele- '
gani rich effecta,
Brache .-mal Plain silks in the most popular
w.aves. Black nnd Black a White Figured j
India Silks in greal variety
New Black Grenadines, latest designs.
wash GOODS.?Imported silk Warp Zephyrs
j In new nnd attractive colorlnga Printed india
Dimities, Humetla Organdies, Jack..nets, Hatiste,
Brillanfees, French Salines, English Galatea
clot hs, Bcotch Zephyrs, Ginghams, .Madras nnd
Cheviot Shirtings.
HANDKERCHIEFS.?A lot of Manufacturer's
Samples?Ladle-1 All Linen Hemstitched, IS cenl .
value SS centa La.lies' I j,-t ri-I Embroidered
Scalloped and Hemstitched, GO cents, value 11.00.
Men's All Linen Hemstitched, 23 cents, value .vi
I "lltH.
Hand Machine Embroidered Flannel gi : \
\.-ry inuiii reduced. Fancy Flannels, net* sprint
patterns, In full variety.
GLOVE DEPARTMENT.?A new assortment
of colon In our regular 11.00 Cloves. Dent's
English P: K. Ladles' Gloves, $1.10, regular price,
$l..u. Four Hutton Jouvtn Sue,!,, jj u,, regular
Men's White Kid Gloves, 60c., regular, $1 ,',0.
?Men's white Cotton Military Gloves.
Sade Agf-nts for Jouvln A- Oe. and Fisk, Clark :
aS. Flagg's celebrated Gloves.
Bra?making Parlors, ith ti.,or.
M, M. $0, 32. "14. M FLATl'.rsiL.WK..
_YO, 317, 319, 3.1 Ll VI NG WTA > N* - ST .
Made to Draw or No Charge.
i:xuniliinlion? Mto4tt and I'-.ilruiiteat
I'.'di-rctire, -laurel Hon...', faSSSBSU, R j- >*r,
Llllott V. Sht-i-ard. \V. li. Deens ll m,.k Tw
H''.rv pariah, Austin Corliln. a. 1. Uomm! M DJ
Kennedy THO, Hon anl Lapsley, .SUnl-v M ,_,,, ._ ',oJ
J. H. WHITLEY, "Chimney Expert,"
Thc Days of Extravagant Profits Are Over.
To-morrow ire shall open by far tbe most complete stocks of House
Furnishings, Crockery and Glassware that have yet been seen in Brooklyn, and
fully equal in every respect to the best stock in N'ew-York or any other city.
K.icli line will be as complete in every detail as money and experience eau
m.ike it, and will contain every grade np to the very Quest, Our prices will al?
ways he the lowest (ploted, no matter under what conditions or circumstances
goods may he offered.
Tho same perfect service will obtain in these as in other departments, in?
cluding the delivery, livery day shows that our customers realise that iii
every depart incut we can and do save them money.
Thc Most Important Sale to liui/ers ht the History of the Dry
Goods Business,
silk> .ne to he very fashionable during the coming season, so that we fol?
low our custom of al wa vs offering inducements in goods that are most desir?
able. Wo have spent months in getting together this lot of Silks, and we have
no hesitancy in saying that roch remarkable values have never been shown
he fore.
I..'T i 19-1 noh nil silk Black Surah, S3 eta. per yard: stock price. W ct*
LOT ': 19-Inch Lyons Three-tona Taffeta Check*, IO new combinations, 47 eta. per yard;
al lt pi Ice, 79 rta.
I.'-T :: Si Inch nil sill* H1ra.d- Sir, tin Htia.Limes, 55 r's. p-r vari; stoek price, 90 eta,
LOT -I 24-Inch all sim Black Surah, 69 eta. per yard; stock price, to cts
LOT ?'. 21 li h Two-tone Satin Parisian, 75 new combinations for street and evening wear.
Bt pei ' ii I; stock i?i-i*-?. 11.00
LOT t 21 ii ii Lyons Black Taffeta, '"?'? cts. per yard; stock price. OS eta
LOT 7 .'iii ii heavy all -"ilk Black Brocaded Satin, 10 small designs, 6S cts. per yard;
FT . ',-. ] : . ? . 90 ? I -
l.nT - .".''t'i Lrona nil silk Black Satin Jiervellleux, 09 cts. p-*r yard; sti*k price, fl oi.
-,ot 9 22-li ii hes ) Bia li Brocaded China Siik, IS new desij-ns, 70 eta per yard;
k' ? k prli ??. *i ""..
i."T !?? 22-lnch Tu ? t- Satin Peau <\ Bo'*. W combinations, "?"> eta pt r?rd; stock
ptl..-. JI 10
l.i'T ii 21-lr.ch all .-ilk Black Pallis Kr. in --il"'-. <"? eta r*** yard: *:?? k pr|.-<\ $1 10.
LOT 12 24-lnrh Two-tone Armures, "X'r.i lin" quality, In changeable ''ff. ?*. SO rnmWtia
tl'tis. 7- nts per yard; s! ck prla-e. li J5.
LOT 13 24-Inch .ill Bilk Black Bro ided Ti r''. lf| new ?!? sl-rti.i. In rpi ami small patterns,
S" . ;?; per yard; st..ck pr li '
LOT it I'l-ii,. ?i all mik Black Satin I'", hes"* M ct"> f'"r v'1"'1- stock price, 11.20.
i."T 15 22-lnch black .md colored hairline -.'"l-l I'-1-' de Bole, -I ???-. per yard; stock
I.nT h Sa .t Pi m ?!?? Sole, Mack a1"* colored Kr."ir,.ls, two-tone effects, large ar.J
sn ..li ?!? signs ?5 cts i ? i mfd; stock | rl( ??. J'. "
LOT IT x\ ,!.. if .iii nik Black Hatln I'- 'i de ?-'"?*' ets per yard; atock price, S1.2S.
LOT i* 22-Inch Sath ITincesa lia. k and col ? '"' grounds, two-tone effecta In large and amall
designs, R9 ctn. i cr yanl; stuck price,
LOT '? 2i Inch extra grade T.fi-';*- four-tone colorlnga, amall seeded designs,
90 cts i i va id. -i .. k prli e, ll :.i'.
LOT 20 21 Inch all .-'.'tin Puehease, ?'-' '"" l'"r F-Md; Rt *k price, 1123.
y."T ?! 22-lnch C i ntl Bi id' I Satin Peau * s '''? IO new combination* black and colored
groin i :? . ? per yard; staick price, .*:
i.a i'l' 22 .'I h. h .,i ?: ;. Bia I .-uah. three .HT"r"rit weaves, 90 <*t*i. p<*r yard; st-x-k prl.*e. ji :.-,.
LOT 23 22-lnch heavy all silk Bis k Halli Hu ' "~- '* ' "*? l"'r -var'l. stock price, ll.SS.
l."T 21 i f ', line h< ivj av i le Bin k Silk Surab, W rts per --ard. st..ci- price, lin*..
LOT 25 24-lmh extra fine, -n,fi finish, Frosted Armures, two-tone changeable etti ta, IO mm
binni lons, ll. mi pei -ard. atock price, 11.05.
LOT 26 22-ln h all Silk ami \\ l H>iigallna-s, f""r ''"'?v weaves, 11.00 pt yard* st..ck price.
Il 50
LOT 27 21 Inch Striped Taffei i, four-1 ' '? *-"'- IO new combinations, ll <>n per yard; atock
price, Il L'.',.
LOT 2S 2!-Inch Colon I Salli Du hesse, extra ??; " Quality, complete as*-..rtment of new col
o rings for i?treet wear, I; 05 i*er ? ird; Bta? '. price, *' ?''
i.a >T . ? rn H ? lt 10 I ,r van!; F'...-k price, Il SO
I.<iT :?' 22-li h all sill Black Satin I'rinca ?< ': 15 P*r yard; Block price, ILK.
I.nT 31 22 Black "irmure Royal, Il 19 i"*-r yard; Block price. $1 so.
LOT 32 22-lnch Colored Hat li Lu r, extra ? ?' ! heavy quality, full lina* of -Kroc* shades.
|1.25 per yard; st' k price, H.7.'
l.nT Taffeta, v. I swivel figure*, $1 29 por vnrd; stock
price, I! ?'"
I.'i'l' ni 22-im h extra ha ivy gr i i ? all Mik Bl ; P*We Pram ilae, $1 IS pt vnrd; stock price
II 75
LOT IS 22-lnch all silk Black Satin T.'it r J' 4 ? it yard; ?-? i k price, $2 on.
I., it ."-'? :?' :? h ? irtrs i ? . Rim k H itln Du -h***"?*?. Il '?> per yard; sf >ck price. $; oo.
l.nT 17 22 Inch Ht. ;. Hr led h with c.,l"?red sw iv.; designs, II -'??? per vari; atock pri.*e
TX 00.
I/iT.is :? |nrh r .1. Ronnel Bis k Pallis Fran1 '?"*. I'M P*T vnrd; strick price, U.28.
I.i.T 39 :'t li ii heavy all silk Bia k Satin Du?'h?*sBe, ll 7*. per yard; atock price, $2M.
LOT 40 24-Inch C J B tinel Bis k !?' 'Ill-- 1'ia ' ?" ilsa**. Il ? l"-r \ ard. Hock pr|.-?. %1 BO,
LOT 41 22 h. li ? lured Ht"- tided Taffei .. five-ton* . ffecta, 10 combinations, Il IS per vnrd; atock
prli e |2 SO
L' >T 42 (' ilore 1 Brocaded Taffeta. 15 c imblnatlons, 12 00 t^r yard; sto.'k price, 12 "5,
LOT 41 li In h Black Moire Antique, 12.10 per vard; st ? 1-. price, |2 7,*>.
LOT 41 -24 Inch P .1 B mnei Black Faille Francaise, 12.15 per yard; s*"-k price, M.00.
l.'i'ri.' 22-inch Four-l me Brocaded Taffeta, 10 new combinations, B3.3S per -.ard; s.-or-k prl.-e
I'-. 00,
Including the Latest Novelties for Spring and Summer, at from
33 IS to .V> Per Cent. Itel on- the Present Market Prices.
We guarantee all oar hosiery t?? be absolutely seamless.
At I'! I-'! cents.
Ladlee' fine gange Black Cotton ii spll I hecla nnd toes.
Af /; rente.
Ladles' fine gauge Paney Btrlped Cotton Hose, alec stainless Mack with hi*.** soi'v-rd
heels and d uble aoli -.
At til cents.
Ladles" Fancy'Cotton Hose, tan, slate, fan y striped and colored iipp-rn. wl?h stn!nir.?s
black i.ta also 40-gauge and two-thread Black, apllced lion's and toes, with double
.?- li i.
if V'T cents.
Ladles' fine gauge Paney Cotton Hose, tan, mode and 40-gauge black with dougie soles aiso
tan, elate, cardinal and evening shade uppers, with black and colored t, >.13
At 29 ecnts.
Ladies' (0-gauge l.lnek nnd tan Cotton Hole, high -apllced h?e> and donni.-, toes, also
dored and fancy .-^rr-11.--*<_ uppers with colored and stainless black boota In Lisle Thread
and Cotton.
At 3 fo,- $/.oo.
ladles' rxtrs quality Fancy Llsls Thread and Cotton Hose, fan. Biace. russet and hlch colored
ni,,,, is with tan and black I.ts, als.ir-thread Ingrain Hia.-k Lisle Thread Hose ninin
and fancy rib*. ? ? '
At 39 cents.
Ladles' Fancy Llale Thread H se, high colored atiiped uppers, with stainless Mack boots also
extra quality Black J;..'-iain Cotton li. '?
At 48 cents.
Ladl.s' Llale Thread Hosein high class novel ties, pink, blue, canary, Pardlnal. Mle, lavender
and fancy striped uppers with colored and atalnleaa black boots, Richelieu and fancy ribs.
At 48 vents.
Ladles' extra quality Silk-plated Hose tan. pink, blue, lavender, Mle, canary and stainless
black, wini high spliced beela and double t.-. * "?"""? Sl,uni'*!,s
At P! /-? rents.
Men'l fine gaum tan. mode and Hate cotton Half H.,se, spured heels and toes, also stainless
At 17 cents.
Men's medium welghl Colored Cotton Half Hose, high spliced heels and double toes, tans
mode and atalnleaa black.
At lil cents.
bl^'wrtfcolSred'a fronts!10"*' '""? ',""1" M* ^ ????? *<?M"S bto* ^
Af ?.7 cents.
Me's Lisle Thread nnd Cotton Half Hose, high apll.I heels and double sol.-.--, hand seamed.
In ian. mode and nairn.-ss black, plain and lace fronts
CHILD I! i: N \S H O S /;.
At I'! US cents:
Children's Paney and Derby Ribbed Black Cotton Hose, spliced heels and double toes, sizes
1 to ii..
At lil eents:
Chiidr-'fi's French Ribbed Black Cotton Hose, high spliced beela and double knees two
st;, lea of rib, sises 6 to '.''??
At 19 cents:
Children's fine pam-- Cotton Hose, black grounds sith small white polka dds?one of the
latest novelties for the coming season sises :< to ity.
At '!."? a-nts:
Children's full fashioned Black RJbbed Cotton Hose, high apllced beela nnd double knees,
two styles if rib, st/.ei 6 lo lu, also extra quality Black Ingrain
At Ll cents:
LadleV straight and fgflbJoned Ribbed Cotton V.-st.<, pink, lillie, r-ni r)n,1 w-n|te, ribbon In
.tel k and arms.
At HI cents:
Ladies' fine quality Ribbed Cotton Vests, pink, blue, ecru and white, trimmed with ribbon
nt neck and arms.
HUTON ST.__^l>cKAipAyE.
At 2il cents:
Ladies' extra quality Ribbed Lisle Thread Vests, pink, blue, ecru and white, with silk
trimming at neck and arms. _
Irish Point Linens at One-quarter of Regular Prices.
We have sold before this a greal many choice Linen goods at extremely
low prices; but ire have never before been in a position to offer such ? won?
derfully desirable lot. They are some of the finest goods made In France and
Germany, and are ottered at the prices of. and even much lower than, the very
ordinary qualities. All Tea Cloths, Centrepieces and Sett* we wi ll stamp
without* charge. All the drawn work is done by hand, aud many of them are
iri.-h Point Dollies, 7x7. 25 cts, Instead of "?" cts. -______? nt ___?
Irish Point .Squares 10x80. |1.?. instead ot $485; 24x24, $2.15. Instead of $..50.
Irish Point Trays \9xtt, 12.00. instead of HA*.
Irish Point Tea Cl,,ths. 36x30. HM, Instead of UM.
Irish Point Scarfs l?-K UM. Instead of $0.2$; 18x71, $4.35. instead of $10.50.
Hand-hemstitched and embroidered Squares, Tea Cloths and scarr**-?
Hematitched Squares, _lx_l. 7:. eta., instead ..f $2.25, and $1.49, Instead of$3.50. ( t
Embroidered Squares, 21x31. II.S2. Inst.-ad of $4.35.
Embroidered Tea Cloths, 30x30, $3.W, instead of J6.19.
Hemstitched T.-a ci..ths. 30x30. 11.10, Instead of $2.98.. ,_..__>? ?? tic m
Hemstitched Scnrfs, 11x60, $1.46, Instead of $3.25; Itt* jSM, Instead J A*;
Embroidered Scarfs, 16x60, $6.96, Instead of $17.25; 16x72, $7.98, Instead of $10.50.
Hemstitched Stamped Trays, from 19 cts. to $2.2.">.
Hemstitched Stamped Bquares, from 49 cts to $1 42. ,
Hemstitched Stamped Scarfs from 41 cts. to $1 49.
Damask Dollies, .'. cts.. instead of io cts. . ?_.-__
Also a large lot of our regular stuck goods reduced to astonishingly low pnees. ?_*_
for Black Silk Edgings and Hands, from \3 to 1% inches winde. about 30 patterna, were on_>
nally IS to 50 cts. lier yard.
Choice French and German Goods at about One-tenth of Original
No other lion.se in Brooklyn can show half the assortment, or begin to com?
pete with the prieces.
,? cts. per Yapd.
tor Fancy Moss Trimmings, originally soM as high as 75 cts. per yard.
IO cts. pep Yapd
tor HIack Silk Loaf Gimps, excellent pattern, sold previously at $100.
29 cfs. pep Yapd
tor Black Silk Fancy Gimps, about fifty choice styles; sold heretofore at $150 to $2.75.
99 ets. per Yard
tot finest quality French Made Hlack Silk (limps-patterns controlled exclusively by us; herat*.
fore s'lld at $3.75, $4.75 and $.'50.
47 cts% per Yard
tot fine Cut Jet Gimps?a large assortment of patterns; original prices, $1.50, $2.00 and $2.50.
.7 cts. per Yard
f'T .let Fringes, 4 inches deep; original prica-, CO cts.
.7 cts. per Yard
f..r Fancy Colored Silk Gimps, either plain or fancy mixed; original prices, 20 to 35 cts.
Cut Jet Head'ng-A, 5 cts. per yard.
Paney Applique Trimmings, choice colorings, in cts. per yard; original prices aa high as $2.25.
Special l Hu- ? in Bpangle Gimps at 18, 22. 2.'., 35. BS, 75 cts. and $1.00 per yard.
MM gross of r,nest quality Pearl Hutt..ns, white and natural, different sizes, 10 cts. per dozen*
were ZS to 4'i <-ts.
4(mi gross lin.- quality Pearl Buttons M. Is. BK 22 and 24 lines, 5 cts. per dozen; were 12 to 20 CU,
i'm gross shift Buttons, 5 pis, per dozen.
Bxtra fine quality Pearl Butt r.s. Jacket size, with fancy metal rims or hand carved, 29 eta.
per dosen; srere originally $1.50 to $1.98.
Hcnutifiil hand-carved Pearl Buttons, white or natural, four holes or with shank. 47 cte. per
dozen; sold elsewhere at $1.50 to $2 SO.
Paney Metal Huttons, a dozen different patterns, and a full line of colors, 5 eta per card Ht
2 dozen; usually sold at 25 and 36 cts. per >!? -z.-n.
Second Floor, Front.
A wonderful opportunity for Dressmakers and dealers.
Tail..rs Safety Pins, assorted, were SS cts.; now 10 cts, per box.
T,iyl>t's Hair Pins, ass rt-d wer ? 25 cts . now 10 cts. per box.
Kirby'a Hair Hms. lace, assorted, were 10 eta, now I cxs. per box.
Steel II K)ks anal Lyes. In naw bronze an.l white, were 5 ets.. now 2 cts. per card.
Velvet Binding, black only, was 10 cts., now 5 cts. per piece.
English i'l."-. ass -ried, were 4 cts., now l ct. per sheet.
Pan y lin Cushli rs, were .". cte., now 2 cts. ea. h.
Crochet Needles, four lo a cabinet, were 19 cts., now 7 cts. per box.
Seamless Stockinet shields, perfect, 2 and 3, were 14 and 16 cts., now 10 cts. per pair.
Curling Ir .ns, assorted, were 10 cts., now 5 eta each.
Hook nnd Lye Tape, white and gray, 12 yards, was $1.00. now 26 cu. per piece.
Bilk Garter Elastic, all c ilors, *?-, inch, was 15 cts., now 12 cts. per yard, Ti Inch, -eras 34 Ota*
r. >w 1**. eta. per yard.
Paney ni"*.il i. >xes of Nurse's Pins, were I eta, now 2 cts. per box.
Alcohol Lamps, were 16cts., now loots, each.
Pleated Shirt Braid, was 13 cts., now 7 cts. per piece.
Pleated Rubber Skin Faa lng. was 13 cts, now 10 cts. per piece.
Velvet Stockinet I ?r-ss Shields, wer.* 19 eta, now | cts. per pair.
Velvet Blas Binding, black, was 19 cts., now 10 .-ts. per piece.
Reductt< n In Hali's Dress Forma
Wai i post, srere Si 00, nev |
lr. ii post, w?re $',..".'i, now $2.50.
Wire I. tat, were 13.00, now $2.00
Wire bust, complete, were $?">.50. now $5 00.
Papier Machs, complete, $6.50
Home Dressmaking Koks, |A cts. ea*h.
Extraordinary Safe---Prices for Such Qualities Never Approached
livery garment ls ??.' new Spring style, mada ot the lat<st patterns of goods, and warranted fast
, olors
7$0 Wrappers, best prints, assorted light and dark patterns, large sleeves, round yoke, full front
with belt. 19 eta
t*O0 Wrappers iif striped and fancy printed Cambrle, with balloon sleeves, Watteau back and
plait.-ai ruffle, T'.? ets
4:i2 Wrappers, India ' blue, small figures and stripes, Hishop sleeves, full back, with wide grad*
tuted rufll- over shoulders, '.is eta.
2ir. Flannelette Wrappers, new light spring designs, full Bishop sleeves, plaited yoke loose
fr mt, with belt, $0 cts,
300 Gingham Wrappers, Mgli* and dark stripes, full sleeves, ruffle oxer shoulders, Watteau back,
."inn Percale Wrappers, 'lark flowered patterns, wide ruffles, balloon sleeves, loose front fullback.
als., in Indigo blue, with small white figure, Si IS. '
Ul i*l.iiui. l Tt- Wrappers, extra quality, new stripes, full ?keven, graduated ruffles, and made
extra full, $1 39.
l'j Gingham and Zephyr Wrappers, new shaded t-trlpes. graduated ruffles to waist, full back
large sleeves, M.a. "*
72 Satin" Wrappers, combination of pla'n and polka dot (black and white chiefly), new ruTbed
sleeves, reveres, and trimmed with ribbon, $2 75.
Al.-o, all our Cashmere, Plannel, Challis, nnd Crep.-n Wrappers at equally low pricea "
We garantee, all goods in this department to be sold at lower prices than
can be found elsewhere.
Silk anal Wi..al Suitings, 30 cfs. per yard; price elsewhere, 39 cts.
All Wool Redford Suitings, in all th.- new Spring colorings,' 32 cts. per yard sold else
where al 4H > ts.
AH wool Panama Natte, a new basket weave in nil the new plain colorings. 39 eta ner vard
sold elsewhere nt 59 cts * ' mm ?v*-r >*ra>
High Grade Printed Satines, at the Price of Common Calicoes
ct. per SuTwId rtsewherVTt' 15 cfT '" *** Prteted 9"Um n*M and dark ?TOund8* ?* 10
A very flue quality of sheer Batiste, In a range of designs confined to ourselves printed in tha
most exquisite colorings, l, cts. per yard; sa line aa anv offered at 25 cts pnnica m ,-n?
We Continue to Sell Choice Goods Lower than Any One Flss
9.5n;?dNiS u;x^\,%:i%-'-::;^i eKh" ""??25 ct -: :*8 and 9 ,n<hM "?*???*?
Paney Cotton La es. Haunt Irelande an,I Mertcourt, t cts. per yard- reduced from s ___a ia __?
Real TOrchon Edgings and Insertions, at half prices- 5. 1,10. 12?;. UJ Jjf, 2. TniI ?5 eta ?_
Black Silk Lace*, a special lol 4 to $ inches, io cts.; fi. 6 and Mnch Snanish af H -t. __.
stead of 50 ct.- ; 9. in and lMneh Flounces, 41 lt and W cts spanish, at 25 cts.. la.
orient.il. excellent quality and designs, 1 and 4 Inch, i cte.; 5 and 0 inch. 10 cts. per yard.
10 boxes of Cambric Edgings, at 10 cts. peryard. were 20 and '5 ctn
A few mora' boxen at B els. per yard.
d,i\.dPSm2-,,(Ms.90,,',7,,n *** A" """ ******** Handkerchiefs. 124 cts. each; rv
Ladies' swish Embroidered Handkerchiefs, 12* 17 and ts cte.; famartp m -__-_-__-_>
Fine Rockers and Chairs at Less than Half T>*.imm
JU* b, .me of the ,?,t makers ,-f ?ne goods. S?J**?J*4( f^^ ^
i ?ak Chalts .m.! Rockers, at $3.50 cadi; reduced fnm $6 50
Oak Chairs and Rockers, at $4 on each; reduced from' $8.25.
Bookcases at Half Price.
ofAf"f,ine:.'i:ri,nesm!'fM' * """, ?" **"?"> b^ <>?- and enc.osed. reduced to Ju.t half
?il :.. ii__?__,__ _-,.. ? -- __
$13.50 BookCflfle reduced to $6.75
$13.00 Bookcase reduced t.i a.00
32o.no Bookcase reduced to $10.00
$30.00 Bookcaae reduced to $15 no
__!__ S0o,kcai!e rt,<>uced to $13.00
?H'S *"ookcase reduced to $20.50
.fr _X Bookcase reduced to $28.00
efla.su Bookcase reduced to $42.50
For Almost Nothing To-morrow.
All wool Knee Hants, warranted t.i weir u-,.ti _ , . u
Washable flaUor Butta neat blue and J____ ie.m. r2_5 ."___*_ tnm 9" ct* *? ? ???
whistle attached, nil sises, r-d.,c,i tn . $" '5 ul*,?- warrant**'- ts* colors, lanyard and
Finest quality Lawn HI.mses irimi-__l ?."i,K . ,".
Double breasted Ulster SSS i' 2 wSSiSSST' '^,^*^_!_*Mi|__?te?i_l
$6!K to JHv r,,M,J'' a" w<,t'?* stylish patterns, 4 to 13 years, reduced from
Ail wool Bcotch Cheviot Double-braast-d Snits ?-iaK ,
li: is to $t4t, a'"a ?^"w. ?lth long pants. 14 to 19 years, reduced from

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