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wiTNassES rou the okfexcs on the stand
):N,'j CHIC]
The end nf Ins protrai ted trial of John Y. Mo
Kane for felon] is drawing near, Yesterday
closed the third week of the trial, and th- di
fence said that their evldenc would probably
i... , included to-morrow. The prosecution ;*tat"d
that only ? few h..ins would be needed for the
rebutting evldem ?, and the Bur-rebuttal cannot
take long. Tin case for the prosecution will be
trammed up bj ex-Seci tary Tracy, who will
probably take an entire day. For the defen lani
ex-Judge Troy will pn bably speak as long. The
gist of the entire matter will be presented by
-Jiwi^a Karti?ti iti ku tharne to the jury. How
rong the twelve men will take t,? agree upon a
verdict ls uncertain, bill they Will Lc In haste to
soe their fumllles, from whom they have lien
separated since they t ok their places In ths
Jury Lox. ono of them, Dennis P.. ard..ti. of N??.
114 Padflc-sl . se ured permission from the Court I
yesterday to visit his wife, who ls extremely 111.
He was accompank d by a c rori officer, who le k
him bach to the Hotel St. George last evening.
DuvM H. Beckett, the foreman of the Jury, who
was ni on Fri lay, said that he felt much better j
A door of ono of the polling booths in the t
Gravesend Town Hall was on exhibit In the
eas.- yesterday. One of the visitors at tha trial
yesterday waa Attorney-General Hancock, who
sat with the prosecuting counsel, Assistant At
torncy-fienei als Tracy and Shepard.
The first witness was Mrs Kate ('randall.
wife of Harlan Crandall, ons of the Gravesend
election Inspectors Her testimony was to the
effect that a nun came to h. r house "ti the
Friday before sleetli t: and asked If ber husband
had a registry book, and she told hint ne did,
and that lt was on the parlor table. Tho man
did ind ask to see ii. and went away with an?
other man. who remained at. th" gate. He asked
when her husband wi uki be at home. She
said at l:S0 o'clock. Xo ons ''.'Fine to the, house
and ask" d permission to copy the Hst. Her
husband told her she should have shown the
book, and she told him the man did not ask
to see it.
Captain Henry lt. Williams, president of the
Gravesend Republican Committee, testified thal
he filled in tbs names "ii the Republl an watch?
orn* eerttflcetea, and signed them before tin* elec?
tion. Nobody suggested any names save A. M.
Stratton and hi
tin cross) examination the witness told Colonel
Lamb that be had i.n a Republican all his
life, and wen; to Gravesend from Buffalo seven
jear.-: ago. He waa an assessor In the town.
gi:m:i;a'. tract ai.kkt.
When a question was ruled out by the Court
General Tracy sprang up end asked: "Can't we
prove that John v. McKane ran both parties in
the town?''
"Do you Intend to prove ll'.'" asked Judge
"Yes, and t i prove that thia witness was the
appoint'.f Ul Kane," said General Tracy.
The Court ruled that this was aside from the
main question. The witness said he was elected
an assess ?r on the town ticket" two yean ago
"Th" Democratic 01 the Republican ticket?"
asked the Court.
"There ain't any party tickets in a town elec?
tion. Judge.'' said iii" witness,
"Was John Y. ItcKsne "ii the ticket?" Baked
Colonel Lamb.
"I don't remember whether ha was or not,"
said the srltntss.
There were some further questions about the
watchers, and the witness said that they wera
appointed t" see thal there was no Illegal vot?
ing, and lt was necessary thal they should know
the voters in their dist rid H.
Mrs. Mary J. !'.;..v. nhill, mother of one of the
election inspectors, could not tell ber son's busi?
ness. Sh" said that some men visited her house
b*?f .re the election and wanted ti see lier son.
They did nut ask to se* the registry t.'.ok.
At this point Foster L. Backus, counsel for the
defence, complained of persons who mads merry
over the answers of tbs witness, and Judge
Bartlett said be could not prevent persons from
smiling, but he would prevent laughter, and
that every' one present should realize that the
courtroom was not a pince for makiag fun.
Mrs. Brownhlll said sh" never asked ber Bob
where he was going when he left home, ur whefi
he gran canning back. Bbc had no idea what he
did for a living, and never tr..ul.led him with
Testimony In regard to the visit* of copyists
to the hotel of Inspector WT. J. Johnson wai
given hy James Mcsherry, his bartender) James
J. Brown end B. <". Storm. They said the reg>
Istry Hst was In the. harv tn. ?' knson told Mc?
sherry to let any one see it who wanted to, but
not to suffer lt to ix* mutilated.
Samuel s. Butler, wbo bulli the polling booths
In tha Gravesend Town Hell, testified to the wey
they were constructed. The doora had springs
and were fastened with plain Iron padloi ks and
staples. Then- w, ra no .hains, as witnesses bad
testified for the prosecution He unlocked the
doora in the morning and locked them up at
night, but not before I ..'.lock The witness had
been foreman for IfcKans for five yeera He
bas a contract for building the new town Uah.
MR. Titi:ii\vKi.i, BHURg ron mk. mkank
The last witness for the day was Alanson
Tredwell. senior partner ot the clothing firm
of Tredwell, Slote &? Co.. of New-York, who lives
at Sheepshead Bay In Summer. He testified that
he had voted in Gravesend for seven years, but
he lived In McDonoiigh-st., Brooklyn, In the
winter. He is a leading member of the Sheeps?
head Bay Methodist Episcopal church, in which
John Y. McKane is Sunday Behool Superintend?
ent. The general reputation of Mr. McKane, in
the opinion of the witness, was excellent. AU
hs knew of McKane's reputation in connection
ir. Lyon's Perfect Tooth Rowels
Thoroughly cleanses the teeth and
purifies the breath. Used by people
of refinement for over a quarter of
a century. Sold Everywhere.
with . I" tiona h.- had heard from th ? tn w p ipi
"ll iv- v,.u n ii heard thal Mr, M Kane
troll Di.- elections ol' Ora".nd Ly Itnproiier
. "' ..>k.-.l <". neral Traej.
"I have heard .' greel .!? il aboul li in th" las!
few weeks."
? ;...; i u eyer ho ir i: chargi l thal thc r< -i -
tratlon 'in il..- Bei nd Dlstrli I C ney Island
". ?- fr iudulen1'.'"
"1 have heard it said by i.pie In ile city who
kn ,.v : 'I.- ..r nothing .-11.0111 Gravesend."
'?Hon much do you know sb roi C ?:???} Island .
"Ori-. ,t little."
"Doni you know thnt Coney Island !,;is thc
reputation ?.:' having all Ul burr..oms open on
"1 never heard i' excepl I" court yesterda) I
1 .- liquor sold all around In Brooklyn on San
"Don't yon know thai dance houses sre open
in ?' ney Island "ii Sundays?"
"I only know whal I have heard in court. I
onl) g.; to Ci ney Island ??' ? 1 ye ir, with lb ?
pi, :.i ? ? f mc Sunday school."
('Hi- r wltnesi s for McKane will be ex in Ined
t -p. irrow.
supposed TO ni: nu: DIAMOND THIEF,
i.l- STKALINQ <.".MS WORTH 115.1*00 A'.
M'l'IV.I-'li:'.!'. (.HI...
William Virtue, silas H. C. B- j I, :?>??? nty-two
\. ra old, who aayi lc- li a itenographer, wa .:
.. ? | on Fri la) nigh! al in- home, So, B < c.
st. mil is ii cv locked "i' si Police Headquarters,
Inspect r McLaughlin said thal he waa arrested on
a Marran) fi 'in John l. Bli ??. Cltj M in
Springfield, Mass., anl thal he is charg< ' with
-Hy in the robber) of a trunk
... atoll n from m i" Barnum, s comn
travel lei ii - Lkmi of No. tt < !oi
landt-st., this city. The trunk aa* stolen fi
the baggogi room al Sprint . .
lng, where Barnum left il checked,
Dui ng ,l." morn ng . ng . , ? ? in ted a check
? ie trunk, an l ll was di livered to bim, ll ?
bsd th" trunk aenl lo th Glendi a r Hotel, where
hs ), i ? !.;..? ?? i on the night pr i u H. <',
Boyd. When Barnum went lo gel the Irunk it
s^is gone, Later ii waa discovert I iii ii thc
- . : reed open the trunk .it ihe hotel and ? I >1< n
aeveral hundred ringi and diamond!, ll
that the value of the ai den g.li li aboui ':?-?>
The Springfield ; ? telegraph. 1 In every direc?
tion '? arr,-; ihe thief. A I Kick leather package
Which he lin! ahtppi I I ? Worcester '--as Intercepted
thyre and the itolen genii were i lovered. On Fri
l,i\ Ii -;?? ??"ir Mcl.augh In gol l telegram to BJTelt
William Virtue, ? i* lloyd t'lty Marshal Rice, ol
Springfield, holds a warran! charging him with
grand lal cen - Inipectoi Ucl ighiln
!.: .'?? ,. Ige ol thi ? ? ? ? evldi nee ac
the prison) r. )? it bel .-. ??-? him I i )??? thi tn u
a ? 11 u i.,iin s trunk an I rani h ???
Virtue vas tak< n to tl ?? i' uti ?- I'ollei ? >ui
terdav and reman li I
lt is believed thai Virtue followed Barnum from
N >w-York, ki. Bing thi u? ??: tl i I i i -
the trunk, bi I got i - -Un of li al the
favorabli opportui I ? I unti
is ri wived fi un Sprlni ? to the I le
. : ina ann rom lng hli an
Ban w.r. cl , Kel*. rhere has been bad bl I
ti "Young" MIK ??? H. "the Pai 111 ?' i I i
pl :,!..? ght" pl fr figl '? i si ?! "J." k" M
Auliffe, "the world i ; n lightweight," ?\ r
?Ince 1 ie latt< r ,?:!. ? ? ? ' rei
, nt< I I- tween Ihe fi rmi r an I
Australia, tome < go, M Auliffe hi I i
preparations to return i New-York to-mon w I,
n compai ri. i,- calli ti up ?.
Mitchell sn lusted it he wa* al* ut logo Baal
i called for the purpose i t "iq . ?
order that the) might pan frteitdi ma.
amicable overture? ?>???? ? ?? ???? fi ?
-i ? ? party i a nuntin r of pli
and earl) tl I ? > sere lea-i
them. McAullffe, wii'. ? m<menl
? ?? ?: Mite ell a t-rrll blow. Tl thei took a
the prooi ll ki and Mn hell wm Un wn to
th.- sidewalk. ?"b< ii ali i f the pug Hetti con tin)
to beal Mi, J kick him. OfnVeri were ann.i
to 1 i .i ll parti -'.In
tr,.- p Ure court thli moi ng tbi ia rera aei for
ic \t Monda.) . There I* bt b.
?;,-. pt- mi illtati I, bi up . ?< ? erl I t ??? ?
Mi Vnliffe I i.- thr< alene I to "do up" ' V ung" Mit
I ira I Jul i-1 pn vented him tn rn ap?
pal r in court.
? .?. ?
B ton, Feb. 10.?The Chicago police have arneb l
a man want"! in Bolton. The prisoner is John w.
Luke, fur whom thi iioiton police have been i<>ok
Ing ever linea lait August, and who ls an ex
? of the Ma- ? I netta Stats Prison ll" ts
taunted on tl ?? rhan.I ? onaplracy to defraud in*
banka and various banking concerna of this etty.
Two of hil accomplice! In ths conspiracy were
captured last summer, and are noa serving
tenet* in Un.- State. Jamel I'. Puller, thirty three
years old, claiming at that Ume to live mt No Tt
?.;, it., and Harri r Arnold, alias "Fred"
l.ak", forty-two yean old, and lbs man now under
arrest In Chtragi ii sq eradi I under different
Mun. I,, this city and pretended io bs running
concern* und i dil rent style* The concerns were
known as "White, Newton <v Stockbridge, bankera
roki ri," with an ofBci at No. 7 Stat.'-st , j
us "Charlei ll. Thompson <v Co., oommlSBion mer?
chants.'' with an office Bl Chatbam-Bt and Mer?
chants' How. Tbej hs i been in tbs city bul a
ihorl time when ihej succeeded in swbidflng sev?
eral banks both in this and other Btatea
1 ,i :? . !' i, 10. A. I. Bti ut, United stat. - ipe. lal
agent, return' I yesterday from the new gold dlatrlcf
al ng the In ?< at Ional boundary near Kainy bake.
He aaya that pe pie ire n .eking to the district by
? ?:, conceivable meana of transportation. All the
i.a.lin.ks in Rainy .Lake City an crowded, and hun
? ? . - of people are deeping iii tent* ind Bheda, w1t>i
th.- temperature frequent!) it go and S6 degree s below
z'r ?. Rab ? i.tk- i'll) i- 100 mlle* dlitani from a
railroad, an.) i tb I gold dlacoveriea on the
Minnel .ta al lc ? t the i ni.
Mrs. Conrad Urteaiinin, H.- midwife who was
?ires! n Friday on a warrant lasui I by Ju
Murphy, of the i. ? ..ve civil Court, on suspicion
of malpractice, wai arraigned yesterday and li-M
for examination. The complainant In th? case lg
Mrs. Emily Winters, v. i... occupies apnrtmenta at
\o r,i Montrose-ave., and whom lira QriesBiiian
ht dis] ? pi .dinga agaim I for non pe) -
ment of rent, which resulted In Mn, Grlesaman's
mr. ? ?. .-.-i told In yesterday's Tribune,
When the case wai called yesterday, .Mrs. Bausch,
ai ther tenant In the house, which la ali. ..c.-'i
pied by the pi. oner, told the Justice (hat lt was
c..min.ci laik In the neighborhood that Mri Oriel I
man had burled ., child In tl,- cellar, and thal !.??
followed ever; one ol the tenanti when Ihej ?? I
nu., the cellar. When the prisoner heard tnls ihe
became oem i. and declared in ? loud voice that
th..- witness was l ms', and 'hit there was no truth
In the . hargi
"1 know." said Mr- Bausch, "that Mrs Grless
msn'i itepdaughtei Mi . Iberia. Stoll, was lil lotns
month! ..?;.. and . . ?? creamed awfully Afterward
1 heard t! ni ? h ,,| bei omi a mother, and that
the child ha<l been taken away. Sometime! I heard
thal iii" <*11d was burled by an undertaker, and
at other llmei thal ll wai burled in th* <?? liar ..f
?? house." Although Mrs. Stol! on Friday ul
? ! having a rhlld, yesterday she in court le
nted thal ihe had ever i?.n a mother
?: letting Hopped laking further testimony
and a .' ? ? the <?,.-. until Thursday. The tu -
on r was aomitti i to ball.
j..; Unaatar Sullivan received instructions \. ter
day iron. Washington, directing lum io make the
t-.ciouii'..- ,n tho village of Flatbush a sub station
of the itrookiyi PostotSce, un.] to establish free
cani.r delivery by March l. Tba term of Chaldea
tu Zelltnsky aa poetsaaster of Piatbush expired n
December, and then have been aeveral applicants
for the office. The movement now decided upon
only anticipates the annexation of Flatbuah to
Brooklyn, a Lill providing for which ia before th
Legislature, ll was urwed bl .1. .' liemlrlx when
hi wai Poitmaster of Brooklyn, and ilnee. he be?
came a Member of Congress he han promoted th
matter. Postmaster-General Blssell found that he
? take the action now dei Wed upon without a
special law being passed, rheri win i? moo allowed
for nut for the aub-atatton, and $j .... f,,r clerk
hire, postmaster Sullivan wtll look over thc Held
early thia WSek, BUd UM how many enrids an
Joseph C. Pooler, a well-known n> wspapsr man,
who waa nrlcken with apoplexy en Tuesday, died
Friday innht al the Hotnoeopathle lb.bj.ital, Brook
lyn. lie -aaa Mvsnty-thrsa "rears old and had
ilH-nt his life as a newspaper and Iniok wrlt-r
He was one of the ?'."irly city edit,irs of "The
Hera.d." mid afterward worked for a num?
ber of New-Vork and Brooklyn MwsDanan ita
wrote stories f,.r "Frank Leslie's Weekly" ind a
number of volumes of detective itorle* ai well as
?everal playi. He left a wife and a daughter.
A RUSSIAN '?' >NV ll T
[f] . ?. VS THAT 1 ll IS OOIXO TO 1 Itt TO ESTAB?
The Sap. at.,,n Ai hiv ::, thli ? ,i ? I I lubtluut OVi r
ii ?? a.-, . ssion to lt* rai k of ? rei live R
King a bi n h ..f
: the ai my In the II In. with a sp lal
, ? . . ? uion i ul ing the route ,
followed b on theil way lo the Siberian j
reporter ci lb I al the Ann '
? National headquarters. No. lil i: di lt., yestei
...; . to obtain a ithorltatlve Inform itl in on the i
' j.???!. Commander ll illlngton Booth and his wife
town, bul I IJutai t Craft rho was In
i charge, furnish* I the desired informall n It ap
j.?.:ir* that ? ri: In October i good-looklng.heavllj
1 .; un, ab ml forty-flve yeal tatelj
p.. . I mannen, arrived In thia city :
from ?? o sn I n-enl ??? Wa 1i1i.km.ci. Il- f
:. | prtn .? ' '? tlltsln of Russia ?
J and i wa ? on a kuii n< ?? around the
' world in the Inti i if the Imperial (leo rraphli al
. Societ) .,: St. I VI li- ni thal he had ab
India. China and Jap in, and
I across th. H i>cean to Un- coumry, and that
hi* next n inn j woiil I b ? hen ??? to thc ;
eastern Pi of thi erl in l: illway,
, mid thei pi ip ro ?'?? i ? Behring
| .-'i1.1 t, i to Alaska, nnd then
??:?'.?' tim it h to Bril
l >u: ii ?? thc stay of tl Bri ton ha
I to have In ? ???? ?! I v ? "
< c.. ? . ? nil -?. a Ililli more than tw i wo ks
I by a
\n:.; meetln , I entered th< ;
Th. \ ? tn ha no lane li tn Itu ?? had
: ? lt! | This
meeting v ww I -
Ing bel Mn Washing! ? i ted
; t.iin Patty Wal g and fervent
Fourth ave.,
Institut i" I ie Pi ? ? leeply
m.i n-ssed with
Its ranks ai ? ?'?? bli
I and m Herta!
v.? :r ? .-l .iii
i i ? ly last 1
. :? : a n.. "ti-in at
I the ell . . I .e.. Which Wi led i) Cap
I Im | ire Iti he ?
Captain "i ? ? . ? : ? :
? .-.. I her that I
ha 1 been a | li ??? n ? ? intrj
! for mai ia t il
the i il w.i-t
a i.
ii ? . i bia
I rofl mom ?
The prince
? .: ?? :
.-? \ .!...:.? - - IVteritftirg
Hi - , 1
- .
? . ?
. I. ile de
Si i
I "Bar,
with a vlei
Ile I ' ' .
; i ?
? ? ?
... ito- Army and
, in ?
? .. Il '!
Mal I
..;. i ........ . .
:. an : .1 ll i: . ,i : .
t of I ti m through
the various ?:?'! Il ?-....
? a..i.,.. i .. ..i- .. . i u ........ ...?
an t uki noi ? win i< ????.. ax
been eri 'lia- prince i x
; h ul ai ia i found .1
. ? t .r himself ai
tempting to i by 1 t prince, hil
fatbei .?. h ? in .lidi de oamp !?> the < 'sar
Hil fan li n's of Um klnga
of Llthu inla Uh J one of a ? ?? m I*
the Pi Inn :.,???, | mer Huaalan j
net Mini ter; Mi- Hchewisblne, wife of an
camp ' ? tl ? ?? ? i ind Mia, Hutm n, ?
widow, ll- itlendi i . meeting at the < it.i.l.-l in
C. irtl ave ..ii H'm liv .... idly wearing
lils newly aojulr. I i.., !. ? . ind .??.,? alwin among
a '.ra,'.- iiini.i- r ?>: llower) "tonghi" who wera
pr.-s i ? them lo n !?? rt and
bi laved Hi Balled ..li Ihe Cl -r lay
f ? i' I:- i-i, in, ol ' ' -v lt" iiiirin. said
yesterday thal ? < '?? ' lei min bankers,
for whom he na i iniel, s ere nol ected with
lt T, WU* n .v. ? i banken, In the negotia?
tor tba disposal ol the Cherokee Strip honda
Th? Erlangen were desirous of buying the bonds
from any pen >ns iluly I Ith irlX" I lo sell them, and
t. .ia R r v\ Iii m a Co ni. i Edwin H. Chadlck
.1.inn. I to p ' . Hy Mr. Il iman ru i
: . the Injun tl a
ti 1 in Du Sui r. mi I' >ui I ??{ the Diitrlcl of
rr yins, oul of the contract
bi twe. n the t'het k< ? Natl m and R T Wilson
& ?'... H.- thought that th. ? ? . I,a.i only
b?gun, and nani lt wi- fina ll) decided tha li
lang s ail I d . n.'hun' In the m
The ,,tl!.T li 'I . WI on A < ???. Bl No. a
Walis', h When i Tribune r-;.,,rt.-r
called in, i, afternoon. The elevator man
lld that 11 T. Will ci ar ii oul if I lie city,
Tbs eleventh annual banquet of the St Patrick's
nun of tha City of New-York will be held at the
Hotel Bruniwlck on Saturday, Karcfa 17. Thi ll I
I ..I speakers wdii be mon notable, if possible, than
I on former occasion* The Dinner Committee
I follow-: Edward ?'. Sheehy, chairman; John Henry
I Mccarthy, i: Iv. ir I I Md ' ill, Willis i ghi,: in,
i William J. Fanning, Thoma* J, l>unn, Franc
i. ir, Uebi ? ? ': McOu dd, h.hu D? lehuntj. i 'aptalu
,i ihn Fli m . .?! John I rr) 'I hi officer! of the
Patrick'! Club are Th cn,ts p Donnelly, presl
deni B. T !<? irn* Hi I -.Ice-president; John Long
? i vice-president; l?. M. Brown, trei uni and
<' Mil 'all, ii .i ny.
Ml i'ii:. ? who ? Bppll. Uion f..r m.-ml.cr ship
t . the N? -.\ Vak Yacht Club 1* now under constder
.?.',.h. ihe being the Uni son in who ever applied
f,,r membership In thal body, la the widow af
i .mai \i Carnegie, the In other ..i Andrew i*ar
ii. gie. JI - -1 li une, Dum ? ? ? i . md rn ar H ivan
r...h. was ,,nc tlc property ol Oeneral Natl.-I
(Sreeni Tl.? ll ? on the lil in I. bulli ,.f
c..piin.i, wai laired luring the iTvll War When
Mr r'ameale ho ighi the l ind plantation he erected
fin ra o: ..ii nol far fran the old rulni Thoma*
M. Carnegie die I In I8S6.
New-Haven, Conn., PVb. 10. The Swedish Luth?
eran New-York Conference aili hold ly annual
meeting in Hus eily, commencing neil Tuesday
evening. Th pr ld nt, the Rev. ?;. Nelaeolua, of
Providence, R. '. will deliver the annus! aermon
Pw., bualneii lessloni will be held daily and tha
meeting! will b devoted lo rellatoua services
Tbun .bj will be mission day, when reports from
the house and hom.- .md foreign heida will !><? on
nnted, in the evening, befon nervlces, the a/omen
??' tha church srlll ??? ? nipper for the membera
of the ci.:.;', n n ???. i>n Fri lay evening ? mich I e ?>
gert srlll be given. Sunday morning the nev. J. A.
Norilm, of I'amptvllo, Mass., will preach, and in
the evening Dr. P. .f. O. <'ornell, of Philadelphia,
and the ttev. V. TengWSJd, of Huffiiio, N. Y. Be
twean seventy-five and one hundred d. letatea are
Mpected to attend.
Iai.sitv OF Tin: tai.iv OF FREE RAW MA?
To the Editor of The Tribune
Kir: When Hie menace of fr-- trad" has par?
alyzed the great manufacturing industries of tic
country, reduced the rut. of waa.es in a barga
proportion of the ostubUshnients Immediately af?
fected and overtaxed the generoua charitlea of
itu- people to pi yent euffi rli g "i itarvatlon among
the laboring . :.? ;s , who have l *-?-ti thrown ont
..f employm ;,t by it.;-: tremendoua change In the
policy of th>- Government, it does not require mon
than ordinal") common-si nse to understand that
it- T'u"t and Immr Hate efl el of a reduction of
th- tariff fails up ,n th..- workingmen, either bj
a reduction >..f the rat.- ..r wages or by a lo
employment altogether.
Th- crossroada politician! iii" whose har' tl
Industries of th" country have been commltti .
a.~s"r* that what th" manufacturer need! is to
have th" niark'is of th- world "opened" to Ima
as If Hey w.t.. not open 1" him now it' he .ill
onlj gel as .h...-ip labor as his foreign competl
I ? ind they seem io forget that in this ?.???i
opening pro ess wo are openlni to tlc world the
I.-.! l,,:il,,t upon Ile- la... ol' ll.-- ...lil., and Tl I
foreign manufacturers and the Importen are
awake to this tnm ndoui fact. !.? t
I i i ?? in point: The manufactun of apectaclca
\< a compantlvel) new Induetry in this country.
and under ile protection of th" tariff Amerl an
workmen ha...- been manufa turing ipcctacli
..ur 7".i??'.ii ?>.' of people, and Uer.- il now in ti.:;
. ..in!! . tl ?? I.na a tntilisl ni ni ..f th- kind i'i
th- whole world, with a payroll ol ? lin 1&92.
That th - i,, i..; production Im I I" n for :i I
h. neill of the worklngmi n, a i well a the ,
proved by tlc fart tl al a rn u ii better ai
..r si.. i ipectacli -. with len mpli le for use,
ii told to-day for less than half what was pall
to Ile pi.silent of th.mp..ny Whrtl hi ?
working at the bench twenty-flve yean ago for
the work of making thi goods, tlc mal
being lupplli d him. And > t under tic- i
ta' iff th,- workli ...? comlderably higher
:' c M ? . ,iii at That tin.. .
li . i.,.i mrprlilng under tlc Imp* ndlng di
.? erlcan hulu tries iii it an Impatient Importei
if ii!.-,.. 1-. boaitii g that he will "k .??, k oat th
Alli"!'., ol
Wilson bill pa- es," sn I ll i knov. ii thal i fo
. Icu ni <fc: ... t'c ? I .(lcd s. mplel ??
good! : .'???. ? . ompany,
rated them ? , I
il,, m on th" market ai |usi iwo-ttilnis iii" whoh ?
; of the A
"an br< :\k don ii Ha- manufacture!
try, when very uatunll) t1"- price a-ould
. 'Heit il.- r. can be i? ... rcasonahl profit
rn inufa I ii ? ol 11 ? < ? '? at pi
for lal...i I shown 1 . lh< rai t. willi i the publi
... nol und< ria: at i
. . ? i :; ? , : th munufacturet
pat.-d v Ith tho ? hargi d b) Th.- reta
For Instance, ii thorough!) good
? -.??tl..- - fi ..... *l sold for I a d rn n in
and ll is th. ? ?? go ??:- that the :
to ell for IP' a gi mill he
, au lunn hi i . ? ? ki king om tic .\m-n
? i - " nnd. r tlc inp. liding W llson
., | ;,. ' , |. . Wltl
ouallt] lenses, are Bold at from V- 0 to M pr
dogen pain, and it require! no argvmenl to how
thal ni Uv ? prl ? *, sith lal or at the pi
colt, there i- not a large margin of profit '
manufa. lunn, con , l< ring the enortnou an
of detail In tlc manufacture and the llltell -
..pi..-., requl I ' thu workmi ii. There
are rn my I. indre la of ityb ol peel I ? ) ?
'? ? I, egi ll in.ia- lu han :??
In order to mm< lat* the wa I
. an 1 of Iel I -. w hi. h la a rn
In thli country, it require* from lS.flW tn
kinds ..f p ..... i- ..id omi ' mei I the
deman i. And, notwlthitandlng all this detail.
il... price ol lured in thi* i ?
bi i been redu i fully :? p- r i ent un li r tb
litlng ti. rt rr
...... i of the Free Pr i len,
that ll tariff la reduced
ted th< :? for n\ "frei r iw m i
? ? ,"!? -t:r-.|>. v : Killsh n ii--:.-'. :i an :
.i "raw matei f whl c m
;.I ll O r less than
: of a cern per pall Therefoi lt I*
app trent to any thlnl
pii-ty i ? i,. " ? rad lotion In thi
? .. rnIng" i tn i
I i, it a ... it ter pan I
paid ' ? thi va ? a workman, will c m\
? , ? ,..?? of the industry In
; ? . ? ? ? ?
di to i irreip in I */ltl n h re i h ;. >n
tariff Pur while I ? il >f I raw i
?; ' ? * ?
?I cent,
. : ? . ? . ' ne*
l'? pel
the balance
An 1 lt ll lull
ter ol
? led to
Iron beal ?
... ...
' ?
; r, i
.- ? ? . . ?
< rn lo thi a;..!. .' ,? ? re
??: pucket 1,
tn dei li given t irv ni
manul g th ii
k m. a are '??? ii liing thal
the tartfl a.- mi a rm
and ll ll a hopeful l proved 1
? thal tl.per.i'!\ ?
rles in H mthuri lg. ? .\ takei
tioi ..:,??.? ? .?? ? ?? t of thi
??, ai, I - ni a I"-' Mon to t'
r r tl ?? def il of the V. ll* >n I I ni has
I.n placed, together wi'ti M in ms nther* nf the
ku. i. ;n the maunoleum of the pan ? ? ong.iKoi
Ung the fon lan mai I . "kilo, k
, :??? the In luitrb
Ma-s, Feb I, i- .| \* n ^
. lill.ll.I.N OF CAROI IN I
T, the Editor of The Tribune
sn- win nome Christian reader listen t,. our
n.!?< and lend a nd? The Schofield Norm.il
.ml Industrial Behool for colored yondi ol
* ges was eitabllihed at Aiken, g. C., in ISS8, From
a modest da) icbool lt bas ur .wu t . an Institution,
arith icop'riv and buildings worth over I
Its aim and efforts havs always b en the develop?
ing ..r obaracter aod making In
hom.- tani.l.-rs- uni ettlseni Parti ulan may be
had by reporta which will bs gladi) sent to any
ons wishing for them. ?'nr harness, printing and
?wing departments an ons Orm footing, but just
now ns ar.- in pnssing need of j:iv \\.- have $.'?
toward a farm fund, hut it will require $_... to pul
It on .i aur.- Pi.m. The ' hool ow as n.-arly ;;.?i
acres of land, taro old mulei anl some Implements.
Then an many yen-; u icu and men ovei
teen without money, who an anxious n> work two
ii onihs for two mom? ng, Paienu an
unable to pay for them, and we want money to
pay for tic work, and they will return 't for board
while they ar., in achoo!, lt la the best way of
helping them, aa w .rk teeta char leter, and we only
wish to help tin- worthy. \\ - begin In a sm.iii v. ay,
hoping Boms lime lo have suitable bunding* and a
ii odi 1 fariii. Th.- pe .ph- nei 1 l< aching of the
lui d. Net on.- in kn knows how properly io take
euro <>f noises, mules, ploughs, h.i or build
Those who have travelled In Southern Stab i know
this, mu a hoi aback nap from Ash, vii:,-. \. r ,
w stopped ai a mansion where'they had 700 acm
under cultivation. Next morning ona ..f our party,
finding his hors., not well groomed, asked for a
curry-.-..mil. "AIn'I got none, Bah." "What do you
b a for Mr 'a horse.Pine cone, lah!"
\\e an pustii 1 t. start the farm now, tx
we have moved a mun Into the empty hon..,-, p.
. iii ? lc cannot ita) In bis own, sixteen miles db
tent. Bight miles beyond him, .1 colon l man won
a lau. nu befon a trial justice. There was a dla
pute and :i wini.- 1111:1 aroa cru.k. Shortl) after
thirty or mon white men went al midnight to
arrest and "lloit iilm." IL- had Some friends lu
his home, and when they opened the door, firing
commenced, and one white man waa fatally .shot
and ot ben wounded. The colored nen escaped, but
in.- whole Ki-ni. u..a! la Buffering from ll
"club" went p, ti., eilan ,.f ..n old m.ni of eighty
yean Ile crawled under the house, when they
? a him lu both kn.es. then dragged him ...it.
nut him across .1 log, nude, .md whipped him until
'th.-y were tir.-l. Th.-y al- . whipped his old wife,
Baying they must hil wlcfe the a.'ti was (who did
not live with tin nu, ss they supposed he was m
tn.- house wide tte firing was done. We sn now
Nen Him Hie linne.
In 1,1,1 n?t<' infh mlllei ind wea ten I ? '.
cap bel ween us hu.I tba grave. Happily Klentlflo ri
nardi and ilium,H. iii skill havi lilied Hi-ii rive* iii fur?
nishing us ii retiahti mean* of imelksratlns thi ailments
Incident lo darllnrag \, .1 ?. ind oj renewing wining
pliy?lr-nl rn-My. It, pjami li Ho*tettir*l M,m?rli Ull?
in*, a wiUriv rninpialHiiiiiii rented) In dinnie, and aa
taaattaaaM* Maaatug t. tai elderly, tin tnbta sud tba
asBJIWlBBBBBt Illieiiniatl.' ullin* n's. treutta willi Hie kl.1
nry* mid tastings sra gai nu th men comm n ailments
af ih? aged. Tessa ure effectual!).nw i n.i by tha
SjKtsrn which i* iik-wis,. a prevention and curative of
milnrlal complMnt*. ginaeBSSa eaSStlpatlOB nm! bUtOflS
ne?*. It I* hlihly promotive of appetite, ilnf mid tha
acauliitloa of vigor.
liking .ire feeding anl warming this aged couple
and a boy of ten. who rm to tell th" white nan
t..r whom they were wotrlctng and was shot on tnt- (
"si irchlng for ths offenders, th" n>enta>ere of this I
?lui.' no ai midnight and demand entrance to
, .Mn. so thal for ? Ighl or ten miles not a
man dare Bleep In tu Ia own house, but goes te tne (
1 i wa mps at night. , ,, , ,
We drove down then and saw when they had |
surround,,l a house containing four motherless
uris .mi three small hoys, made them set up,
,ii-, and light a lamp. Whll- son" searched thc
two-story dwelling, twelve heavily armedl men
.iiine.'i iii the loom with the terrified children.
,\s the eldesl said, "We an scared every time tbs
| dog barkl. We can't sleep, but wes glad lia J
. cu" brave man "wonder why tne
icu hi.."..["ain't because I'm afraid. <Jo*I
knows I've trhd to live a honest iif". I vs lived
., .. . hi, . .,'d can die; bul If I waa in my house
and they cum,. |\| have to kill somebody before
they killed me, and that makes so much trouble
for the rest " , .
An .tier woman, with a married daughter .and sx
I ?!!.. children, whose facei were brave ? ven In their
p ii ? .r. li ned .,'i thi :? ::???? al sae sobbed, I ll
niotlor leaned ..n the fence ai ihe soDbed, ii is
hard: we've harmed nobody, and we waa both born
In this v ttlement, growi d up hen. and nursed
, .. ,w..,,. men." An old woman
?cid. "I couldn't gel up: my old man '.pened the
d....r. but l i??? la) still and told 'ic Lord he'd have
ni that luttle; | couldn't do it."
Having "ia '. i blood," the "club" '-are little
uh. they i.uni down, so it ls some one that *Qod
gave a skin not colored like their own." Ons man
las paid a thousand hard-earned dollan on bia
and was working to make a hom" for bis
. hildn n. Another pam <!.."."?. hut they lent hun word
ai he Informed on them to a
ii..i..i state marshal In the rtoti ot ly*-" Tha
jut) to help ti,?-? greatl) wronged peoph Iles at
some one's door; the Schofield School is sacrific?
ing, thal ii may do its share. If any of you to
whom Hod baa given greater meena want the
pl,., un of thUI domic for those "made In lils
ii, ,. ..- v Kill receive thankfully and distribute
They an nady to work, and If we had
would make i very penny d . double g.!.
This dut) li*'s nearest; thmiKh our missionary
spun r* ctn oul to the guilty who have "forgot?
.\,ic ? . .-? -'. Jan. 2s. ism.
To th ? Edit ir of The Tribune.
Slr: Ai itati l In Preildenl Cleveland's message
to Congr ii, the Turkish Oovernmeni has recently
. i it* intention to expel all Aim. ni.ms from
na who have been naturalised Bines lin
in the i nlted States, a Annan has been Issued to
. lion th" Sultan make* public
long h. .ti the r.ai policy of the Porte
and the "Palace Ring" toward Christian subjecta
.? n i i the papen w 111 remember
u ,? v chocking murders an l robberies of Armenian
with Impunity, aucb as thal of the Kurds
under Moobi Bey. The burning of the Anatolia
mary i ?-??? by a Turkish mah is of recent
I..-; \ ir man:.- prominent Armenians In America
? i a p.t::; n t . President Harrison asking
him to use hia moral Influence with the Bubllme
Pori for ? i? ?? of their countrymen In Ar
The reply waa made that, in iii" absence
ty with the i ittoman Bmplr >, the United
enl could !n no way Interfen wdth
But now al lan a providential oppor
ii ? to the stat.- Department at Wash
prly relieving ??: Past iuch Ar
Turkey aa have bei me Amerii in cltl
Turkey haa alread) begun to carry out its
of expulaion of American dtlsena from its
.1 imaln i. It that, a rdl to bbl
I-. lent Cleveland bi .ins Inclined, not
: ? . Ign in thia opportunity, but to Join the
?; ernmeni In capping the climax of Ar
menlan persecution by refusing, when tlc issue is
I, ? i ; ? ti ? . ? n un American cltl
In order I < pb sea Um Sultan end
the Ottoman bureaucracy, and in direct violation
of the ' ? principles of International law.
ie Intentional Injustice
done by the Pnskient But we think it ls
lie vi ?'[????? reasons why the United States
should refu pi ?? ? this class of its cithMns:
Arm. Itiseni ntura to Turkey to
? s right to exi lude aliens ls an
? ?, then la no naturalisation
tween the United States and Turkey.
Tl i Ant of thi ? Ital tn- nts ls wrong in point
Ur. < mes that all lrm< ??? in
on returning to Turkey, ? r.^age
litton Ths mon exact truth is that no Ar?
ne tai for ' purpose. None of the nvo
ned to be Armenian Ameri?
cana Mr. Cleveland ssserts that a Journal Base*
? i :??. tic United I in the Armenian lan
litton Thi re is only ene
paper In the United Btati ; printed in Armenian,
and Ita i ? ?: ?? dy In his i??ue ..f De
? ? arays advised loyalty to
a '. .mm. nt. H.* is ev.ii blamed by
the I ntchaglai ,r Radical party for his v^w
? ? Mr. Cb I .land of a
the facia, il ha cer- '
- ? ? irate p> rays etlve from I
the Ti ? ht I'orl or the "Palace Ring" of perhaps
i of Hamid II.
The truth i seems to h ive b en clearly
stated In a i lion to The Ti lb me and
in ' iln.k" ,'i' r 1",. which w,- , :, |. nae thus;
aba ilute monarcny of the Sultan
istltutlon) ll dlilo) il to difr-r
:i in the Pori ?-' titan or the bu?
ri Ai m?:. r.: (being a Christian
.h. I not a Mahon io I to assumed to be
n until he ls pi o"i ? u Inn cen* g
bi m.l-i . ixlm. The prejudice i- especially
it the light "f ? ? . ? il n brought by Ar?
Th -I to exclude any allens who
may be found guilt) of sedition is not denied: but
md In llicrimlnate expulsion of inno
' I ': ll - a \ ? ; : dlffl I- III matti I'.
Vs to tin right ol i ? to expel allens,
Th" President, doubtless referring to the Geary
law, lays that the United States Supreme Court
motioned the i n of alb ns from our
bord.'i :. ? ?; . ? mi ni -ii ml 1
ronsl.il with our i' bul ilse
ml law, for w ire . liing ?ith sn
'i ... - hr.its us to the third
of Pr< ? ela I's reasons for refusing pro?
tection to An n Turkey;
i . naturalisation treat) between the
Turke) to prevent the expulsion
. , ll ,.? i I, \\ ?? d ? not -? ? why, in the
of ii treaty, Mr i'la, land should refuse
to protect our citizen* limply becauie ? lobby ..f
half a hiindr. I men in Constantinople request lt,
ll g them, tin >ugh the Sultan and
M -'.usu hal lo do w:: h our cltlgeni,
why >rdlng to International law and
pr ,????:. n'" I.ct me quote from the late Prei
W lol "Inti rnatlonal Law": "No State In peace
ran exclude h.- properly document. I cltlsem <*r
subjects of another friendl) State, or send them
aw i\ after they have once been admitted, without
di llnll ? ? . whli h mm : be - ibmll ted to the
n Oovi Timi- *.* , meei ni I The ? rotectlon of
ai tiring parts or members of
th.* State, i . - it no time or place In stnu t.
the nation which hui naturalized, and thus bound
, ? i p,i -,,n. cann il aban lon Iii ob
int of ih" \i.ws of civic obliga?
tion* which another nation may entertain."
Surel) we have international law enough to Juitlfy
ns In rel lit to this m ihometan policy
, r the expnl in of Christian cltlxcni of the United
ll mi ms the exclusion of naturalized Vr
inenian Christian m'--. nari : now resilient in
Turkey, ? ' il .mau. who might return to Turkey
ni ,.f the International Law and Order
I., a
Ht. Cai rm l Centre, Conn . Jan. St, ISH
To the i: lltor of The Tri!.ur....
Slr: I waa Informed to-day tii.it when the Dan?
bury batten went back t . work, after their recent
-nike, tte first silk hst they made they sent t,>
Presldeni Cleveland, .md that the hal was promptly
? ???uru.d ic the l'r, ildent'a private aecretary, with
the Information th it the President had no usc for
ii became i had lon hts head. I was eurprlied
? i had nol s .n the flags st half mast Can
you inf,,rm mo whether the President's decapita?
tion was ph\ si, .ii or mi ni il?
Ni .\ York, Feb, 8, ISH
John .1. Vail, cashier of the defunct Commercial
Bank, of Brooklyn, secured bonds for no,OM yes?
terday on the indictments against bim far forgery,
ll" is also indicted for perjury, and 00,000 bonds are
requln 1. which I ?? hi not vt secured. The bonds
m.ii who qualified In 15.000 each yesterday were
W acid s Proskey, \,, .;.':; Cllnton-ave.; Dan l-l
I' Darling, No tu Waihtngton-ave.; thc Kev. Dr.
Roberl K. Meredith, No, :'T McDonough-st., and
.bein V Sac lington, No, 265 Jefferson ave
[1 I prob able that within a short time all of the
public business in the Twenty-third and Twenty
fourth wards will be transacted under one roof.
Since the new school building at One-huadrad-end
. 1M .-lil: tal. B/aS opened, tl,.' old M-'lrose School?
house has I.n va ?ami lt ls BOW proposed by the
''"i'm Owners' AsBoclatlon of ths Twenty-third
Ward io centralize the public business In the old
??hool building lt is suggested that the office of
the i .ommissioner ol Street Improvements, which
is ni present al One-hundred-and-forty-flnt-sl and
"hird ave.; the Tenth judicial Court and the Hor
"?janla polli ? Court, and thc branch of the t:lx
??m. es nit move Into the vacant school bundinie
ile lenses of the bull.linns occupied by the com
m.ssl,,,i, ,- and the two courts expire in Mav and
11 ti contended thai by using the school building,
*?"? !l belongs to thc city, expenses could be eur'
lad-., u ? recent meeting ol the Property Own?
ers -Association of tho fwenty-third Ward tho
snide, t waj discussed, and the following committee
waa spjBolnted to lay the mutter before the public
otti.iai.v John Lsarch, Richard Stoker, George W
van Taiacl and Thomas T. Coleman. \
I ii ll uro of Physical and Mental fltaaataa an
I naur mon oin hie I in ped I in eu I?Why
\ot ile ?fssenenshnll
It ls hard t<- get the average reader to peruaa
an advertisement, but herc Is one which will ia.
terest many people.
Ambition ls the corner stone of success, wheth?
er In thc business, political or social world.
He v.'ho suiters from mental depression, depja.
Mon <?f nervous energy, present fear ol impend.
lng evil, or s retusnl on tbs pirt of his phyii.
.al organism to property respond to the de mandi
made upon lt, cannot hope to reach the pinnae!*.
either "f fain.- or fortune.
No on" knows this better than the suffern
himself, thees cnusse Of tsiture being ever prea.
. nt with him.
To relnetnte him in his former condition of
health sud spirits, thereby ennbtlng him to ac
compllsh the end Bougfart for, ls the mission of
Ford's Pastilles. To ii.- tired, ths wak, the
despondent, they ii" sn Invaluable Mend. They
Invigorate the stomach, stimulate th* ll cv of
digestive fluids end sid nntors in wtjrktac a
.ure. Their effect is imigical. One I'astllle
taken half an hour aft-r eating will alleviate
pain In the digestive organn With their aid the
stomach will reeume Its normal functional ac?
tivity, f.x.il will be pi'.p"ily digested and as?
similated, the necessary elements with which
to repair brnln and nerve was;?- will be sup
plled, yuir wonted elasticity will return, and
ii.j.ace more revive.
Ask f..r Fold's Pastilles and geospt nothing
in their pince. Their peculier composltloa pre
i hides any substitution. POT sal" by drug.
guts generally, end where nc easily procnraMi
matb-d by h. I- Pord Company, td and st
Maiden lane. .Vow-York, on receipt of L'". ""nts la
C i.-ii .-r stamps.
54 First Awards,
Being the largest number of awards
obtained by any exhibitorf Md more
than double the number received be
all the other Sewing Machine Companies,
"All over the World."
KSteriala B ld Readi for 1'ae, at Lom Prl ea
Bm I I fal ? ii M< ntl n I
Ma oe Water-tigl..- ,?? n*rti it Otaaa
0B0. E. i;i.lM>. 13 wi:-;-' BKOADWAT, X. T.
AtillDryOoodiSi i ??-.?. :.r:*rn"a
There w.is again heavy liquidation in wheel a*
the Produce Exchange ) iterday, and f..r a time
ttie market was completely dses raUsed. The recosg
for May wii.-at waa bioko**, the pries fl Bg tc
bj t-M eents a bennet. The mark, t ..t>ene< wtm
at '4 c.-nt higher th in Friday"! .?:? ?ing price u
*V.",. . In the early trading lt advanced la '>',. There
wss then a Mg ? ramble to -? ll by th sn si baal
Leight at Friday'i loweei fi ire. Thia desiri to
reap fractional profits caused a decline, ai I nuder
an in. r. i-.tc, niling .. ? rked weakne i
ai. l tbs price fi ll r ipi ll to SS l-la Uqul il n
stopped at this point and i rally foUowi I : i "Wbj
and then im'aln lt fell t I SSS, at Which price the
iiiurk-t c|, -ed.
All Influences in the uh t market srere f i l.*
couragtag character. rnfavorable i porta .ame
from Chicago; tbs fact thal Argeotli usa rs hang
;i go< i wheel >i"p v.as an unpl r, and
u.11 kin.is ..f rumor* made conndeni ? wh 41) bu * cg.
The foreign marketa were Irregular, At Llverposl
whe.it was '?.??!. h.wer. sod In Pal ares a
fractional falling ..rr In the price, Th- . i
markets f,>r Hay wheat opened st :? cent higher nt
it thea f.'.i i" ll and snertl) afterward, ni
? xp. ct.it!,,ns of B hi ak in New-York, il reached ill
lowest prtc... at 0", Th- market closed al ?*%. Tbs
total am.cut bought for ton gu account yesti I
was 100,081 bushels. Th.- total transactions rn thal
city wi re I 105,000 buihi la
Wheat has never before been so low In the N.w
York Produce Exchange. There has been a sn :Jy
decline ali the week, sud brokers say that tho bsa
tom has not y.-t been reached. Heavy ItauMatiM*,
du- to the big-supply of visible wheat, n the three!
cause for the decline, i nfsvorable news and ru?
mors have been present all the week ot a p. til ky
nature, which aiso h.iv.- caused a Heady rush t lett,
Chicago, Keb, i" i.-i- un sis.) wn. ii to
to the >-\eii n>. in ? ts a o isl
cash ;.o cents. It ara* expected at t-'.;.- point thal
a ..t of Inforced N n 1 rn liquidation would hegln,
bm i. Ubini >l the kind happene l The ?
very ? ion after th.- opening wa-, r u
iii.-cent point. In order to hast.-n along : i
which everybodj \\.i> awaiting, but no .??..- ?
n - ,.'.d Tl ere vs...-. a g i -I deal of wheal
al 80 cents, with ver) little : .r isle at thal neut
ducovery of t tu- aitustlon atarted some covei -
. :. i also inspire l aome b .\ Ing for
Slay o|.cn.d al O's, sold between Cl sod 18, bi I
cosed st i'.' ', centB. The newa from the West was
i, ? ii iib. The rn a i from the *< rai a
more encouraging, N'ew-York declaring thi ibo.il
???? ?? bushell ,.f casu wheal had I Priday
.mi aome to-day. The marvellou* i Ing about the
ii.-ws waa the enormous receipt* everywhei twice
aa iari;e in the Northwest an 1 \\ ? il ai a year a?o.
Every >>i\r agreed that there would be a larg< in
rreaie in the visible next week Monday, l.ini ?
birthday, ls a holiday herc Outside markets will
haw thlnga to themselves for thai da)
Corn was duli and lome what ea* ? Haj bbM
from 17% i f g**%, and closed al
Large recelpta and the prospect of an r um be
the local atock Monds) ..f l.SOD.OiW bu*h. i alfi ted
til" tcmn. r. Thi rs were .'.:;; cars. The - n itg
for Monday. O'" < ?it-< were easier, bul dull. Msg
?old from 19% to 28%, and closed at M% . ti
Provisions to-day w.re Mead) ati.r yesterday's
sharp break. Pork .-...?<.?.! ;, cent! over Prtda) : 'ard
and ntis at ul,out Prtdsy'a pricea Receipts "f
boga were liirht. only 11."??>. th.- eitlmati c>r \i n
? ii\ L'4,i?>i Pricea were lower May pork c.-ed
at til lt May lard at ITU, Ha) ribs .'.' NH
"Puts "ii Ha) wh.-iit to-nkrhi were .'?''?. "osfla"
H% centa ruts and calls on Hey corn were >i'i#
H ? centa
Montreal, Peb, 1" Th. re was great exoit. n.ent
ground the Hoard of Trade t ? da.. eaUSSd I ? M*y
wheel in Chicago Belling down to M centa a bushel
the low. st point on record Several men arl i ?''"?
heavy buyera around H were forced to Bell their
real estate and everything else th.-y possessed ts
meet their kissee, which are sud to BBAOunt te
A Pure Norwegian
Oil ir. tbekind used
in the production
of Scott's Emul?
sion? Hypophos- f;i
phitesof Lime and fyV(|
Soda are added -\^l
for their vital ef- ~*"|l\
feet upon nerve
and brain. No ?*?
mystery surrounds this formula?
the only mystery is how quickly
it builds up flesh and brings back
strength to the weak of all ages.
Scott's Emulsion
will check Consumption and il
indispensable in all wasting dis?
_Pwpmd br Scott g Bownity.T..

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