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Cold-blooded, deliberate- murder wai perpetrated
In the Madlion Square Oardpn yesterday. The irene
was the great floor of the auditorium, which ls Just
now given up to the exhibition of poultry and pig?
eon*. Jealousy ls the probable cause. When the
noora had been opened about half an hour and a
thin line Of visitors was filing Into the bull,lins.
above the cackle anl hisses of the cocks, hens,
geese, ducks and other fowl was heard an ear
piercing and blood-curdling screech that came
from a cage In the centre row near the en?
trance door. There was a rush to the spot,
and there, In pen No. 1,788, the spectators
saw B beautiful hen pheasant dead, with
the marks of a murderous bill In her throat. Over
her. ducking with ferocious glee. Blood the cock
pheasant, who until that moment had Peen her
par.ner. Filled With murderous rag" at his failure
to win the first prize for h'.s class In Fri "lay's rom
petition, he had wreaked his veneean.-e on her The
fact that he stood second In the tesl only further
envenomed his passion. He regarde1 thc- hen as
the cause of his defeat, and resolved that she shoul 1
Tha Diana f-up, offered by the Madison Bquara
Garden Company for the best two light Brahms
cockerel! and best two pullets, was swarded IO
Philander Williams, of Taunton. Mass., who has by
far the larpes; exhibit of Brahmins. According to
a rule adopted hy the association Mr. Williams must
win the cup twice more before lt become! his prop?
The American Cochin Association, the American
Buff Leghorn Club ?>nd the American Game anil
Game P-ajitam Club all held meetings yesterday
morning and elected officers for the year.
Karly In the forenoon the atti n '..''.nee nt first
Plight, began to show, a steady and pe-slster.t In?
crease, until as 1 o'clock approached th" Garden
was filled In every part.
Following is g list of some of th" first prizes
Class** a 8 incl 8, lek brown Brahma ec ka hen*
Md juliet*?Newtan Adams.
Clsaaaa H and io. icirr Oochtn-Aaaertcu < ? ks and
pull?-!>i? Oaklan] Faun.
i'la** ta buff Oocbta-Anertrin beni Georg* M
mn k.
dasaea 2.*., Sj, 27, SS, ::t and SS, buff Cochin full
feathered i ?ka ' iff Cochin hum, . Frkereli
partridge Cochin cockerel* ind pullen Adim*. I ,? i
A: Toaaag.
ClassM 41. 42. 41. OS, 4T and 4v black Lungshan
cvks, hens an,l pullets, and wi ti Langai -.
?nd padilla Hempltead Karin
r'.ans 4.1. black UukfahaB cockerel! Dr, r. m i:
Claaa tu. binn Andalusian pullet* \ i: march.
?"?lasses |SJ ar.! nw, Bingil comb, broun, Leal rn
pullet* anl ros.-- ornb, bi lim Leghorn pullet* Jame*
("lapses 137 arid ISA, Luff l^ghurn COCkl and
A. 1>. Arnold.
Classes 13ft and 1 |i> buff Les!;.,ir. cockerel* and pull'd
?Mrs. W 1-. WI,-..,, ?
Cans ,'l4o. ivie in ,ia, li-.. Lest pair--C. F. Newman.
CIlWII 341 rind .'142. I'-kln ducks. I??t nair hut. lied in
I-.' ..nd Rovea duck* bm pair Pin* fm """arm.
Class gsa, whit* Haneovy .lurks, best jair-.1 c. Hayma
Classe* 34P and BB], wood hi, ns find gre.-nw|tic<-d teal,
best palra?Fr?-.l Mather.
Classe* 406 and BBS, TBOlOBlBI geese and Chinese while
gee!". Ix-st palo Pine Tr>-? Farm.
Cia** 4*.7. Kmden gee?e, beat pair- Washington Poad
Poultry Yard.
C!a???? 4'V".. 4*14. 4IHJ and 467. goalen. ?tlv?r. Lady Am
herat and Has*a pheasants, heat palra-s. li. BehleftVlln.
Cla?*e? 4<i"> and 4**, English and rlng-ne-k phial!WI
belt palra Veiner de Clulsa.
CIksi 472, heaviest nnd baal dressed turkey nf |g03
L. H. Myer*.
Class 473. heaviest and be?t dressed turkey, any uk
W. C. House.
-_?? ?
The annual election last night Of officers of th.
Nutley Field Club, at Notley, N. J., was looked for?
ward to by the mambirs and friends of the dub
with great interest aver since il." blackballing of
Mr. Walter Dew snap hy a faction In the club.
That unlucky candidate for membership was an
Innocent sacrifice to a resentment felt against
land-owner* belonging to the club, who. 1t was
charged, twilight to Una UM club to further th-lr
land improvement projects. Wben Mr. Dewanap
wai blackballed, some of the landowning members
resigned, ('ne of them waa Adrian ljarkln, the
president, a lawyer of this city. In the course of
the winter there have t*-en nine social entertain?
ments, and both side* prepared to capture the club
organization last evening.
For several weeks active election! .ring was prose
cuted. The women did lt ut Nutley, ai, l tbetr hus?
bands and brothers and sons carrie.) it on In offices
and business places In New-York, whir.- "Nutley
Ites" have their day's labor. Both atdea were eon
Adent, although it was evident that tbs ele?
ment that had blackballed Mrs. bewsnap was
lt: the ascendancy. Th- ism.- turned on th"
contest nf William Boardman and Georg;*
Small for president Boardman repn ented
iii" "antl-I'ewMiappers," as tiny nie called, and
Small the land Improvement party. Both have been
active and popular member* of the club, which
r ipi nan ta the social importani.f Nutley. A large
annual meeting was expected, and the expectation
was fullv reallied last night. Uembers Of the < lui.
temporarllv living in other pine.-- wera present to
lend their votes to one side or the other, und th'
prettv clubhouse on the bluff overlooking tba En"
ttailroad wai crowded with men ana women.
Tne result of the election was a surprise. Board
man was elected president over Small, the "antl
liewinapper" candidate; Mrs. .Joseph Kingsland,
"antl-l)ew*napper," waa elected vice-president. H.
H. Llorr, "antl-I>ew*napper," was elected BSCretary
on both tickets. Y. It Kingsland, "antl-Dew
mapper," was elected treasurer, and E. L. Field
was elected master of gam-s on both tickets.
The Board of Governor! was aiio elected. The
remit ls likely to restore harmony
Auitln, Tex.. Feb. 10.?Commissioner Hollings?
worth, of the State Insurance Papa lt mint to-day
Issued a notice to the g-encral public stating that
oertaln Insurance companies will not be permitted
to transact builnesi in the future. The Commis?
sioner basel hil proclamation and puts the com?
panies on the black list because, as h?? naya, they
Newark. N. J.
All the companies have been doing builnen rn
the State without proper permission, though in
opportunity ha* been given them by the Commla
?ioner to take out proper charter!.
Practical Results?12 Years' Work.
SEVENTEEN Mn.l.p.N rivi; HfNDKKD Tlinrswii
Thirty-nve Million Dollars already i,r.,| living paltry
nemer* by raaneUaa sf inn-Nan, Eighty Thnu.and pay
Big Members. Two Hundred and Flftv Million Dollars
??**? ln SBrea. T..r*e Million Fly. Hundred Thousand
'ash Surplus- Reserve-Emergenrv Fund. Mar* than
?Wy Million Iiollan Hf* t,uHlne?8 f ,r t..? year Ism.
"hesa ar? a few practical results alr?n.ly HMIfdld to tha
-reillt of the
E. R. HARPER. Preildent.
Home OSasa SS Park Row. N. Y.
Send for circular* and rate*.
I'nder the law, ail the candidates al the recent
special Congress elections In the XlVth and XVth
districts should have fi).-,i the Btatement of their
election expenses within ten day after the Fic?
tion. Most of the candidate! have compiled with
this law. but Colonel Willi.un I, Brown, the Demo?
cratic <*rn I;!.it,-, who was defeated by Lemuel E.
Qulgg, and Mr. Marist have not Ried am itati
inent. Congressman ''iiii'K, of itu- XlVth District
leclarea that he did not ' directly ..r indirectly him?
self, .t though any other per.-..tis. expend or cu
tribute any mon.-, or moneya in aid ,,f his elec?
tion." Isidor Straua the Democratic cnn,.:,;.
who was elected ir rn th.- XVth District, make* the
same Btatement. Michael .1. Leonard say* he ineni
t"2. hm Daniel De Leon. William McElveen George
Munro and Lucien Sanlei, who were Hoclallll Pro
hlhltlonls: and Labor candidates, assert that they
did not spend ? cent.
These statements have been filed In the County
Clerk'* office. The law makei lt a misdemeanor
for a candidate to neglect to iii.- a sworn state
m.:.' of hli el.-.Hoi. expenses within len daya alter
the el.-ctlon. Put sa thia whs a special election lt
is not likely, it ls said, that any proceeding* will
be taken against thus.- candidates who failed to file
a Btatement of their expenses \t they o . .-.. by
to-m irrow,
ro the l". Iltor of Tbs Tribune.
Sir: I heartly concur In the Antl-Hachlns move
nent and approve the course being pursued by Ur,
Ioho E Hllnolland. 1 believe thal the Afro-Amerl
?an voters of New-York hav.nfldencc kn Mr
milmiland and approve the course h.- is pursuing
ind has pursued in opposition to Ihe nun and the
nethods which have brought the party i?> auch a
londltlon of disorganisation In New-Tork County,
I win not si; thal the men uh., have controlled
he part) nm. hine In New-York City have worked
m.. th,- linn is of the Democratic leaden, but lt la
?vi,lent to the Republican votera ot the county
ind the country that the methods have become
intlquated and unrepubllcan, and thal In con
tequence the leaden of tim ma hine have lost that
tonflde. without whi.di victories cannot be won
If for t.tier reason than that the machine
.-ai.-rs have lost the confidence of the voting
iiass.-s ot the count) and the State Hind I don'I
:hink Ibis -sill be dispute,1 bj an) one) then
ibould be ;i reorganisation ?,r the puny la tin..
?minty, and the adoption of methods of manage
?neut more in accordance with the science of (.??'..ti
?al management and the demands of the Republi?
can masses, who, v\hil.- they believe that machines
organisation) sn necessary to the effects.n
luci of I party will not tolerate tuch bossism as
:akes fr..ni them entirel) a wiae and Judi
isrticlpatlon In the managemenl of tbs party. No
naif dozen men ran Bock by themselves
Ihe Republican part] In Ihe state .,r thi
Decause the Republican masses think th
trhat ih.-ir iui.ts ai.- an i Imlsi that then
io u.-'.ip.ition of them.
lt should n it I- f thal whll
fort ' ? i ?? i ,? inise the H lb in
???a n iy li dlitin tlve'j a j ? ii iu . N c. ol ii in
u p?.:?.? ? in ma* I over
?ii.intrj ted fforl inl an
watching ? , . ;,.,,.,.f lt with the ki
i ?-'.,, . io reason that Uv ? ih ? il I, b
New-York's el I ral ?? ? u ?
in ele '. in up ?:. the ni I'h l< pen is ihe
?ontrol of the National Government, an i the n ill
? > c .- . , . ? -.> ,i . :? ?! b) :.'.?? '??,:? ii. Ni N
york Cit) In evei rttate and N I
tlon ? . . . n ten
.ip .ii ? ? , ? Den
low ?!? Harlem River The main effort li to
min tie Dei ...... f . i
count li fi, and when the |
!,.-? ms. ? ral f these inn
.in? th. Repu te of the i
I'n- Dem "'i itli ii, mag. ri !<?< io ii tha "? full
liiclpllne I aid tuiii. i il wti Ki m m in in
ls expected lo I ??:?.?.
nco e* lt wher- tl
gol ihi h.:t. bel ' In *hoi.. the I1 ii ? ? -i ?? part)
li . ci:, led ? f the Den ? . ; ai I)
If the - imi rule had ol
the i: pul Iii an party of New York i t
,,; ve i ? n no ?ui i mo
.????. . that
i. i.
large, ai
of ihe pal te. ai mt a
r-hange In i I p. lt v
:?? to chan) th one witt i
There are Important eli
will d.cid- the : c.- of the pan i the Na I m
t>st two yean hence. The Influence : Xe* i ?? ?
. . ? ?? I* iuf!lclenll) un krsl
ml run
?> know
-hali te
-.... . f.
:n thia
cause, the auccen of which ha- never li
plilhed under dishonest ..i li,. ::i| .-!? ?:? n. ?.,,;??
? ?, >r with the maine* an I the m
trustful of each other The Intereal which Afro
American! have in it:- domination of th- Repub?
lican party In the Natl n li I *upreme moi
to them. Th'ir citizen anl mann.1 right* ..r
wrapped up In such domination. They ia tu ral I;
desire, therefore, :. -? ? the party manageinmt !n
competent and truitworthy hand* \i the haul- of
the men who command the e ni len of th.-ir '.-I
low-Republican* as well as thi ninecl nf their
partv opp nent*. T. THOMAS FORTINK
New-fork, Feb IS, ISH
The n.w scheme devised by Allan I* HcDermott,
chidi-tnaii of the Si-it.- Committee, for Ihe reonranl
gatton ..f the Democratic i?arty I* denounced m
Jersey City ai .. plan fi r l< ;? ? lng " I ib" Davli ind
elevating '"Denny" Mclaughlin, who li the political
I ?-.??Muan of .Mr. Md' m vhlli Davli hal In
curred the enmity of Mr McDermott by lefi mug
his previous plan of "reorganisln ' I ie isirty.
The xth CongTeii DI tricl Tariff Reform eli1.
on Friday evening passe'] reiolutlona calling upon
Congressman Daniel l-l Slcklei !?> resian his office
because he had voted again t lh< Wilson bill. The
Information will doubtless reach Generel sickles in
due time, but be probably will give little heed to
the demand,
? - ? - ?
Deputy Bherlff Finn yesteroaj rloaeouptwo
lng sn,r? |n th- Bowery, Noa ZU and" ES, which
w. re carried on by Samuel Rosenstein, on an attach?
ment against hlmfortt,**] iii favor ol Levy, liorwtu
& Lnetii ni. ru.-h and an execution tor ni : in favor
,,f Jacobson A Zn gi. The claim of Levy, Hurwlta ft
I, ?? ni.ruell ls for ni'rei.incli> sold betU'een July ll
and I... emt, r 1, ISM, on credit. The attachment u .s
granted on the ali. g..thai that Mr Rosenstein bsd
disappeared or was keeping hlmiell concealed to
avoid process, sod v.a- removing pi ipert) from one
of th-stores. An aflMavtl made b) Joseph Kravlta,
a <- -1 k of Mr, Rosen11 In ? ? pn ? ??'? I, In a-hlch
Kravlta averred thal Roienitein had len the st. r
ai I p. in '.n Thursday, raying thai ii" woukJ return
to tn- st. r , hut had nol done ?? i up to 1 p. m. i n Fri?
day. Kravlts als,, alleged that tne st.. k hi one of
the Hores had been r> moved and placed rn a van,
a reporter called ai both atom yesterday. At
No. En Bowery, all the stock has been removed,
bul the (ixtiiies r. m.lin. The Sheriff locked up the
place. Th.- names of Whitley kl HcHahon appear
on the Bigna on the atore, hut it is gabi thai this
style was used by Rosenstein for business pur
posea thew being no persons of thou names In
tereited In the concern.
The -tore at No. ;ii Bowery was conducted under
the -tvl "f the Model clothing Company, The
Sher'ff seized all the stock there, Which ls -ill I,,
he worth sevenl thousand doll irs. whip. ?!,.. re?
porter was at the store a creditor called to Parn
what was the matter. ll?- aald that Rosenateln had
glv.-n him a cheek which hid come back fr..rn the
bank "no good." Th- creditor said that Mr Rouen
stein was formerly in buslnass as s Roienitein
& Co. pant manufacturers, at No. IM Broadway,
wher- lie failed three yean ago. and went lu
Canada He afterward returned an l-nvul.. a (.i
promise with tn* creditor*
TOS OFFICERS or nu. ii/'./'/r.t.v r.inir CLUB.
Thc following ticket has been nominated l,\ the
Committee of thc American Va. ht Club for the
annual election, which lakes pine on Tuesday:
Commodore. John ll. Klagler. steam yacht [soleue;
vic,-c?iumo(iore, Caleb <;. Evans, stiaun yacht
Hirondelle; rear-commodore, Charles i. willa
l earn yacht Mistral: secretary. Thomas L. S- ..vii,;
,reasur\r. Qeorg. W. Hall; dset swgeoii Dr.'
emile* i Pardoe; measurer, ( naries ii. Haswell:
consulting engineer. Oeors-e W. Hagee, V s s ?
trustee! to serve three years. Frank H. lawrence
and' William H Parsons; regatta committee, George
W Hull Stephen W. Roach, Isaiah Paxson, Horace
Lae and William E. Tunis.
srnsTtTi'Ti:i> fur VALUABLE ONES
A case of alleged conspiracy to defraud the Gov?
ernment of larg.' sums In customs duties, hy the
Substitution of almost worthless article* for valu
sbla g.is in bond, waa called before I'nited Itstee
Commissioner Shields yesterday. The defendants
Wen John H Matthew-. William P, Todd and
Thomas F.. Jon-s. ampi tye* ol ti,.- European express
linn of Pitt a.- Scott, ol No H Broadway. Samuel
Nlcholsa, a n.gro, wh . i- the driver of a bond' I
truck f,.r John O'Neil, who hal turn"d States*!
evidence, wai examined.
ll- testified that rabatltuttona hnd been made
nioi- than twenty tlmea On .January n he drove
from th< put,lie atores and fr..m bonded warehouses
In Leroy-st I., \,, ;:?! Brosda iy, be said. On the
wriy the truck had been stopped al sn office In
Rroad-at., ..f which Jones was in charge, and *ui?
itltutlon had been made there ..f .cher gooda
which wre m cases resembling th.- original anea
? ii,i ilmllarly marked. Witness hud helped ??
pack *h.- gooda common tables, cheap earthenware,
horseihoea and book* which had been substituted
for antlqun, tn i,-.i-i,rac, .-tc. m.. ),:11 received
orders fi.m Matthews, who wis manager, alva's
lo obey ordere from Todd and .lones, an he had
acted ender their instruction-- He ahotred i roll
? ??' irv,,|,-es .md other mi'moratida In coirobon
timi ..f his testimony.
Assistant District-Attorney Mott endeavored to
show that Nicholii- Incl Leen spirited away by Mat?
thews whose i ,.imeei itrenuously denied the charge.
An atljournmeni till 10:SO ? m on Wednesday ws*
had to give time tor examining and arni
documentary evidence.
It la said that the dectectIve*, have discovered a
:''...:? In Bouth Flfth-ave. where the bogui packing
a ? w.re prepared, and have als., found i potter)
in Connecticut where the earthenware was manu?
factured and a factory In thii city when the taldei
were produced. Interesting dterlosure* ar., expected
On \\,-,Ines l(1\.
l/ou'a i..c.,s. who with othen li charced with
cheating thc Oovernmeni oul ..f larg.- amounts ..f
< 'ust.cns duties through th> undervaluation of many
large Importation! of tobacco, was arraigned bel ir
Fnlted State* c mmlraloner Khli ids. ,,u.,. i,. lb. i li
a member of the firm of Leibei Hrothen .v Co., of
Kan Francisco, and hi* brother, Jacob, is now under
lli.noti hull in that city, awaiting trial for the name
. which is alleged to have been committed
throuah colluiion with Deputy Custom* Coila
D'Aroy H. Canllui, of Ihe name place An Indict
menl found in Ran Francl co against l/Ouli l,-tl,.s
wai preeented yesterday it showed thai tobaoco
winch should have lieen appraise,I al t2 a Doun I
was I-.-!.- ,s. i ..I, |, ,\,.., m ,,{ a dut) of only ?'?
a pound. The warrant under which I..-n,. ;;, i i... n
arrested waa d licha ned and he whs admitted to
? tio.ouo t.. answer the indictment on Honda)
Herman Ocr lial. of No. 19 Weil Klghty leven I
waa ! I* bon linran.
?_?_ k,.-_
? I \TP IN MLE : INO N. 1. A C.
Boston, Feh IO. Some brilliant work waa don.- al
th.- iifih iitiTiuai indoor handicap games ? .:" the
lio-ton Athletic Association, which wen held in
Mechanics' Hall this evening There were nearl)
400 entries and Th.- ll-1 wa* ri muk il le foi the Inri:.
number ol i.i men lt Included Nea fork and
Nea Jeriej had tm-n in ln.e and Worcester, Vale.
\\ lllama, Hal l*hllll| \ ml i ? I ind other
'? ? ? iii..ns of learning w.-r.- well represaMltrd.
Ti;., world'i Inaloor r.-,,ri i : the running high
jump w,,s broken bj M I" Sweeney, of llirvar i,
wh.. -v..... i hil on n record of C feel li i
Im h
Th Nen I il. Hillel Cl lb was essll ba iten
i ? ri A thiel \ --..Lit i ,n in the ?? ? rn nee,
mul Wm "acuity In bi atlng th.
Suffolk Club, nf Moil? il I tell
Ti e - ... .1 fort) ? i- thirteen I
en forty) took
*. v.'nieen heal* I alni numerous
1 rtj ,'i- dash in ? ?..? ? ? \ A III iwn, A A.
A lt tn D, tint I idi W. Allison, w A
<? i9 t....ni. .1 I. Un iver. Jr.. ll \ A ll
.. ,
Kori .ard* d nh ihand \ a Rrown, \ A
A.. Ant, th ll M Oreel , H. A \ .
*. E. Od Imark, ll A A . 'hird
Kui pi- H. F Sweeney,
H \ V ? . ?? I . . ,|-|!?
, ci.irk. Il A. A..
ond; ll M. WI ll A A
. . r< ? ha
C., ' A
- \ I
Mu. \ ? ? '
... \ , ? i ?,..
I*; M I T I., at Worceater ' I ?
time . ? . H A A be it th
',// o / ; i/ Bl / si i Pill nm i es.
A NI. BTK M. KtHHTI ' ? ? ' liri PAIL
... i '? ? :? THU PW 1 ll Kl IT ? "N . IIKRU
?,...,..- , ? r ?; ? iv* and Om I .
.;..? i ,? .... i bari th which i- owna I
ic j >hn F. "funk, a genial and rud.Jy-faced wanderer
from ii,.- Fatherland What incurred then earl)
yesterday m mini ptlj llluitntea the wide mik.
vlallani an mi ii) p li emen. At thai point
the tn i pi. ? Im ? I ? I her, tl . ? piarter*
of one helm In El IO ? hundred?and-fourth-st, and
of the othei i ? ?? hun<|red-and-twenty-slath
it., and pen ni with placn ..f bualneaa in thai
neighborhood have prevtoual) f.-lt particularly safe
from Ihe efforta of "crecksmen." Bul all this la
chaim, i now.
Promptly al the h ur of cl ling arly yeaterday
maiming Mr. "funk lockeajup his place and departed,
I. I,ii-,.; gm l-nlghi lo Ihe watchful city guardian.
who, up to the hour of i losing, li always near by,
When Mr. Vunk returned yesterday, his barkeep
greete<| him with a tale ol i. The .ash register,
weighing over .'."? |>uuiidi and containing about PW
In bill* anal eight) two cen ti In change, had been
carrh d boalll) from the plai ?. ll was faun i by a
;, .ii lunn earl) yeaterday morning on a porch ..f
i.k i? a .. in > ?'.?? bunui .-ii', i
ilxteenth t Several bottle* of Rhine wine baal
also mi.-..j I- areal Whi i fo mal Ihe drawer ..i the
reglstet wr.i broken open and the eighty two cent*
nen taken, bul the thieves, either alarmed b)
i . .,- unable io break the it oul machine,
baal hoi ku. ceeah d In getting the SH
lt wa* found thal an entrence to the barroom
n made through tha real window, and marks |
wiT< plainly dlscernlWe where the paav) regflMei
had i ita ?! ?? i poll 'cd table near the wind,,a
No othei clea-* have been di ? v. id An Iris
v. ho W..S present Bl the io.f Ihe discovery, de
,;.n. i it,.,, the thieves "must have lieen Dutch,"
f,,r no one else wou I have mk. n Rhine wine and
l.fi all ii.-- "n., si liquor," thal lay bo handy. The
, ,ii,.-r ;? brilliant!: fllumtnatea! with electric llghti.
and lt I lurprlali g thal tl ?? heavy machine , |
1... taken from the barroom and carried nearly a
i,,,.. n with ? ii the thu '?? - ?" lng aa ? n by a p -.
man or oth< ? .
ullin ABY.
ciFl.'.NKI. ll M EASTMAN.
portland, He., Feb. 10 Colonel R. H. Eaatman
tilca] lei.- ..j ,,id age '?' '?y I" bis ninety-fourth
\...,r ile w.n a native ol Concord, X. ll. bul
came io .Maim- when a boy H* was one of the
organizers of the Republican party In Main.- al a
convention held In Strong. He ?erycd hi the State
Senile th.- s.u- In which Hannibal Hamlin was
elected an i was always prominent In politics
Milford. Del.. Feb. I" BS C .iiL-r.-sstn.in .lames lt
Lofland died hen Uti
of the iiiii li-- was aevent) on*
Mr Lofland wsa a L'nlon paymaster during th
civil war. .md wai elected to ? ongr
State bj a Republican I" Un
afternoon from an attack
ars of age
from this
Montr-Mi. Feb IS Tbs Rev. it. Douglass, prest
dent Of Wesl.-vaii College herc "lie Of the most
eloquent Hetbodtst ministers In Canada, died this
afternoon, after a long Illness
,?,,? canni, who for IwelVS vars was the cer?
tificate Clerk In the Administration Department of
. ?. ..m.... .lied vesterday after a short
th. BurroawteaJ??. awnj^
'l.l'>'''i,',f7.in\1,ri,,n,i..d-:...d.seve,,teeuth-s,. The
funeral will tak-- pu
to-ill MJTOW.
ram, ttomola Tents gave an Interesting and pleas
(BC entertainment ISSI ****** Si Hardman Hall.
sl.'e recited "Thc Faltbfnl Soul." bj Adelaide Fro,'
' ..N-? v,,ress." by iv J ,:.'"'?'"? "A Quarnl
Between Husband and Wife" and Ths captive."
. rassntsd ("r ,jw consideration of her
Bl,e Biao ,/Q~~Lainm ,,n the Woman Question, Thc
audience Browmria j^ ???,??.., ,,.. M|-a Ukay
\\.,i-t oi m. ,.All(i meinen iinssiu Schiller
(ishorre. WM lau J p M,.h ,iPki(i ? , . RobKn
gan sndJBs nai MM u s(,h , . ^
l'rnn-'" "im i,i we em.- Blume." by Ullebridge,
n'a,".'.'.J l's* Kvcn Are Cray." by Homer M Bart
;*';;' I- M LHlcbrldge gaye two plano solos. Miss
?'.??; .econ recital Will be elvan at the Shei
Tynie o.udlo No. W West FFfty-ieventh-it.. on
ThSriday afternoon at 8*. o'clock. There will be
an entirely ?w w^ramnjs,
" When Grippe Prevails, Everything is Grippe."
Iii" *tat*ni?n' af mnny ph\?tr|an? -hst c.rlrp- cannot
l.e rur?il, but mint run Its course, uni that th- only thin*:
I.. BS don" I* to k?ep the pattest 'inlet. .ii>l give plen'y ef
neiirishnr'nt. nc, is eoatiuiertid bv Dr Humphrey* pre?
paring a Sp?cinr that meet* the em?r|ency In every *ta?re,
the patten- rapidly eamnleselngi and gatckly baring aMa
n. rtMtHM hi* er her .lull's.
THs ls B.cnipli'hfd by Dr. Hnmphrrv.' aew Sp. ,'tv
77. f.r the cure of Orippe. Influenza, Oatanrh, Pains, and
Serenes* In th.- head nnd <h?-i. rough, tori* throat, and
ajten'ral prostnttM and firer.
<'rl|,pn I fi c, lum., ni', known Iv a glltenl sense of ni?
ne**, .,r ?.,ri>n??s over ibm ?) Bl em, or in Th" bead, hack,
er iimhs. iori ihrosi "r eougb, s..ni'Titnes very obatlniti
........ ;,-i ! Often pi In In the IrenKt or st.'.. -. meet?
ing. runnliiK fr,,in Ihe BOS* - areeptng, Itrhmg and red
neats .,f ihi eyelkto; ti- ippetlu li Impaired, ind the
Fvsi-m depreaseai
int. in MiMiKF.v*' rbw npgciric. ??.
1- tl..- terned] and euri, ll BBMtl thai epidemic e nll
T|,.n. and l? Hu CSfl fat* Bil III minlfaartatlajM, r. nd.-r
Ing year lysteM "proor' igilnd ii.is potaonoti* germ,
Takes early, lt cola it ?h'.rt promptly; taken daring
Its prev.ii. nre. it prevents H* h?vaitoo; liken whtli
-iiff-rlnic from lt, a r-IW ll q *dll) v..iv-1. Whl ii is
. ntlnued ' i un ? stirs ? un
Mato peri in Millring from Orippe uni Cotdi Br*
ni . ..rilln.-.l la thai Booie, Md Keri ???in.'- In Hi" Br.-:,!
? . i.r-n.f 77. lt MB I.n'-I 1 '? th! bU?lne*?
, 'i- inti pocket; by ii,,, lid) In her puree, ,,r in
ii., pen n t-:i of th,. RchaMl child, ind liken In |
w ithi ni ittrartlng a"?"nt!? -?i
77 win "brisk up" un obstinate cid, that "hang*
na." ind .lee's n,,i rleld la treatment; the relief I*
prompt . the care certain
11.- -itirht mi eau?ed hv th* ireacbsroui weather aa
iv it* aaa bi war.i-i ,,rr. anal thai prevail the more
- troutde* ??( Cough!, '' Ma Orlppi. Pnann
rt,- a na i ? Itali* of 77 v. iii break
cms ,f l-'ever ,,r Cold, ind Us continua*! hm alli cons
; |.-t.. the run, ntri prevent i ri -? eurn ni???
rr**''?ers of tr Humphre -' eihei gp inca ?r| arel me
hil Nan* BpeelSji r..r Orlpi ?
All tba wholiaBli and moil ..f thi retail druggliU ire
n .? (applied, bal fhi< t.eini a te" remedy, '
nisi trill not K"i it f"r you, ll 'Will be mm, prepaid, upon
receipt ,f prtei, :", .???n's. ,.r r. bottle* foi ll 00
llt'MI lll'KYS' MKI'l' INK '-oMI'ANV
T en was enough brutality and blood to snit
ihe m.si depnved mind at the boxing lourna
ii tot the Columbia Athletic Club, si Th- Orana!
iVntral Pal.ic- last night. The police Btopped one
i .ut, .ni l the referee aeni the men from ihe ring
lt u.is sui div many ol the contmanta wen
pi .-. iionala. anl the Amateur Athletic I'nlon ma)
dlwiuallf) the wh ila crowd.
?pi,. firsl * ?'' srss between Robert Paterson, of
the Nen Brighton Athletic Club, and Thomas car?
roll. ..r the Washington Athb tie Club Pan non was
ihe n.or., clever iporrer, end he w m after a cloea
? ?? .i Ri che, of the Bmpin City Athletic
ciai,. arel n Bergner, of the Stsndard Athletic
Club, lot In the -nine elms Roche w,.ii ? ?
c Moree, of the Washington Athletlo Club, anal
M .inn., n aparred two rounds when the police
test, nnd the referi.- refused to de
clai a wh na r .1 M Hr.-.I. of tl ?? ' ireena ??!
Athlei . i .i Vi gel, of the Pastime Uh
i-'i ? . . ? ",. M ?!iel ? e third r Bind M '? lelauie).
of th- Uta I v.. ?';.' i',nt,, wam rath.;- ealll) :. co
.; liam r ? me ttl ? il.- club.
Tl... ? n W I .'liii.-n. of the llanover
n, an ! WI , i the Ban
. tame en igh I ? ? ult any
ifter two roundi D
,, ,? fi llreenp. Vthletlc < 'lub, won by
? ?? ,m l'.. i..rd nih. .,!' th.- IM.- Athh ile
-? ietwa :? U Lyons, of the H'nr Ath
uf 'h.- Na a Bril I
-.. ,- ,i terrill ? one I lumphy' i fs< ?
i of shape, and Lyons won easily
M .1 - of the l\i .'tine Athh tlc duh.
k- ., V ? ? -ill B*rg, ? f ::.e Mvlng Hon Ath
'lub, ai over the roped irena >; ?>;?? Sherer,
, ? nhl. tl. fl ?:'.
f the Pi , ? lilli lthb ' ? dui. In two
? , ipili; the hatti
In Mik. Pat ci. nf ihe i Ire n
?..,l Athletic cluj ? > il parrer, won
Schmidt, of Orange, N J
m in KRI V 1/ ////. {RION BALL.
? f. c ? ? win be prettily typtfle 1 In tha great M ir li
Qraiproceaalonal the masked ball and oarnlvsl of the
(oil) Arion Society In Madlaon t .are Harden next
p'kIii. An enormous, gorgeousl) lecoratafd
fniir-wh.?1>-1 float elli bs drawn In tha parade by
a lol of persona representing tired anal worn out
fauna and aatyn Cupid, arith his t..>w uni quiver
full of darts, will stand er.." in th* front dlicharg*
Ing hil arrows st The s.itvrs, while Hi the entre, on
.i i.u-e| data win be a hine |.ink s.-,, *hell with
V'enu* gncefully reclining within it. Immeallatel)
in fi .-!? ,.f the goddesa will ba a pair ..f billing and
I dovea Rebind her, In s bower of palma
i ,' be m..-n Pani and Virginia tm either "id.- of
the float will bi women Imneraonaiing ''.rac.- and
liveliness Anions the num. .-..us retinue of the
I i ie--, will be fluggefltion, bridegroomss or hv
in-iis. knlghti-errani, hr..ken heans, roues, barona
and counts aft.-r rich heir*asea and women arith
huge money t.a^s walkin,: before them .\ milan
with six of his wives In Turkish costume-, rep
rrsentlng I harem, a Mormon elder, with a half
? P./.en wiv.-s. four nurses with baby rarrisgei .
. ,i'.-i by is mun laparrow) Park pol.men. a
a "tii<-.K > divorcee, with seven of her husband! tied
to tor hv i siring, and many other laughable hits
pertinent lo tha subject
i-'ive thousand electric lights and 10,000 crysta!
prisms will add a beautiful eff.-ci to the exquisite
costumes ..f th. hun.Ire ls ot oarapla taking par!
in this great pageant The Lobby, Pl nance, Ploor
and Vrrangement commttteea each numbei ng
eight) persons, in hands,.ni,. drMSei of the four
tassnth aiil ttfTe.-nth centuries, iifter performing
milli irv evolutl mi, will form in line and Join thc
|.i-o.,"i.-uoii Plftsen thousand gurata are expecte.1,
ns the memben of the society and their families
an I frtenda to be present will number mon than
h nf thal ni iny.
Mlfs I'M;..I.inf. c. THOMPSON, OF NBW-TOBK,
phi iPBRTT DISTR1BI Ti;t >
Bridgeport, Cona., F-di. IS.?The commissioners
a;.pointed to tn ike a p.irtlil dwtrtbuttoa of thc
? tate of tha bate P. T Barnum have made their
rep iii Th'-y divide the i rt"e aa follows:
Mri Caroline C. Thompson! of Nen York, real
estate In Bridgeport, worth itlS,ssj- Mn ll lt
Rennel, of New-York, and Mrs. .Inila ll Clerk,
real .-in., in Bridgeport, S137.71S; Clinton Barnum
Seeley, and Mrs. Caroline C. Thompson, fa trust
f.r Jessa B geeley, and also to canton Barnum
Be ley the undivided Interest In Bridgeport real
? valued m srn.lOO; Mrs c.u lin.- c Thomp?
son, ..ii--third Interest; Mn ll lt. Kennel, ..n.>
alsth int-r.st. god Clinton H., H. ii and .les-,.
lt. Seeley, one-ninth interesl In HM.OOO worth of
Bridgeport real estate. Mis. Thompson receives
property in the Eighteenth Ward of Brooklyn
valu-d ai ??.'".MO; Mn Rennel, I1OJ0O; Mrs Clark,
tl0,10S; canton iiiiriiiini geeley and Mrs Thompson,
In trust for the keeley children, QO.S00. All this
property ls In the "eleventh Ward of Brooklyn Mrs.
Thompson also receives a third Interest, Mrs. Ren?
nel one-stxtb, Mn, dark one-sixth, and C li
Seeley, H. Il keeley mil less.- ii geeley each one
ninth in other Rrooklyn property, rained at 112.800.
Properly m Greeley, Col., worth CKO, is als,,
divided in the same manner. Ratal estate valued
at ov.-r (LOOO.OOO is distributed. Th- entire Barnum
retate was worth ov.-r M.0S9.S00.
Mrs. Llllliin Henderson, who lives lu th,- rfotaH
Si Marc, and who trl-d to IVSdl servire of papen
in suppleBjentary proteeillngi. fake i to appear for
examination yesterday ssornlng m City court,
ChnmberB. Her default \sas noted, and If stn- ? ...;
Hot appear OH \V.dn-sd;iv sh.- will DC Bdjudg -d
in contempt of court. Mrs. Henderion ls being med
on a milliner's hill
Dr. Hlchard Killsh, of No. kl West Tbirty-Slx'h
?t . s.-ut his certlBcatS to the court yesterday morn?
ing, s'lylntr that Mrs. Henderson wai mitering from
"an exacerbation of her attack of rheumatism "
Julius Lehman, counsel for the plaintiff. g*gnlarea
ttuit ?he was aeau ahoyplug "ti Thursday.
? ?
Albany, k-m. io. a bill vvin soon bs mtroducad
In the Legislature provldlinc for un appropriation (,,
estahllsh what ls railed the Department of New
York Women'* Belief Corps' Home for the asrc.l
dependent veteran and his wife, veterans' mothera
Widow* and ;nm> nurses. The Women's U..|,,.f
c.rt.s is advocating the matter, and ls assist,.,[ i)V
a commltt*.- of the State ?' A. R The home wtfl
Pe built probably at Bath. Steuben County, and lt
la to he establlihed mainly to do away with the
necemtty of a dependent veteran and hie wife being
The appearance of John Drew at Palmer's The?
atre haa Peen welcomed by his many frtemls and
admirers, who have been crowding the house for
.the last we.-k. "The I'litterflt.-s" aaems to be quite
as much enjoyed as hlsi previous production, and
he la more than likely to renew his prosperity
of last season.
Another French c..ni|Kiny will appear at Abbey's
Tin-litre this week. It will not speak French, but
lt Will act "-"Tench. It ls the jiantomlme company
which appeared early In the season at Daly* The?
atre it Will present, as then, "The Prodigal Son."
The company was much admired at that time, hut
li was at B period when many of the best .lass
Of thesatn-goen were out of town. The present
engagement ls for two we-ks.
This week ls the la ut hut one of the opera San?
son. The announcements are aa follows: To-mor?
row evening. "Biaroietto": Tuesday, extra pei foi rn
Htice, "Fgust"; Wednesday, "TsnnkkttserM; Thurs*
day. apodal charity performenee; Friday, "The
Marriage ..r Figaro"- Saturday afternoon. "Bemir
amide." At the concert this evening the sototstfl
who will assist Mr getd| and the orchestra in
Mme. Kinma Kaines. Mme. Scalchl, Mme. Sigrid
Arnold.son, Signor Vlgnua and M. Phntgffff
K. H. Willard will lcgln a two weeks' eng."ixe.
jflcnt at the Harlem Operk House to-morrow >->e...
lng. Tlie tlrst week will he devoted to .1. M. Har?
rie's piny, "The Professor's Iaiv>> story." The sec?
ond ireek Mr. Willard will present ".h.lui Need?
ham's Double," "The Middleman," "A Pool's 1'ara
dlae" and "Wealth." Mr. Willard will he support
F-l hv Miss Mari.- BuiTOUghl and his excellent Com?
pile The plays win be staged in tbs same care?
ful manner aa at th.- narden TbeatrS
At the Broadway Theatre to-morrow evening
the Bostonians will slmc for the tlrst time her.,
th.-lr corni'- open. "The < igiillallas." This comically
hus been so uniformly popular that the production
by it of ariv new work la always an occaaior of
"i mr Country Cousins" will he continued for the
pres. nt nt the Lyceum Theatre, and will he lu the
company's repertory when lt goes on the road Mr.
iv,hmm has in prepanttou A. w. Pluero's late it
play, "The A masons," ami it win be produced be
fore loni;.
Thet-.. will he fourteen entertainment* at Duty's
Theatre this week. "Shore Acres" will he played
? iich evening and at thc regular matinees, and .lohn
I.. Stoddard will give si\ lenin's Mr Stoddarl
..peile,I lils s.rle^ of Denten matinees last week, hav?
ing inure and Wei I-pleased audiences. This mwtm.
h.- takes uti the aecood lecture of the aeries, that
..u "The Heart of Old Japan," in which he give*
his experiences on Inland Journeys, where he saw
ti.. Japanese in their bomen and enjoyed the tine
natural scem-ry. The l.s-ture will be given every
dav on Tuesday and Friday nt 3 p. tn. and on
tl.th.-r days ut ll a. tn
"S.AMHK the Wind" continues to please large audi?
ences nt ihe Umpire Theatre, The matinee be nedi
f.r th.- maternity .md tining sekool department!
<>f th.- llabnemana Hospital will take place at the
Empire next Thursday. During thc last week Mrs.
Minnie Maddern Fiske haa tFeen directing the r
bearaals ?.f "A Doll's Mouse." Mrs. r-i?ke will
pta] X.ia llelmer will he acted hy Courtenay
Thorp.-. KregBtad by William H. Thompson, Dr.
Rank by Vincent Sternroyd, Mrs. Linden hy Syd
n-v Cowell Holmes, Ellen hy Miss Bijou FtrnundeS
and Anna by Mts* Leigh.
l'ul-la's drama. "Der Talisman," ls crowding th?
Irvine; pince Theatre nightly. The play has made
a hit, and eyer since its flrsif irroduetlon to running
ns smoothly aa pusnBlla, "Der Talisman" will be
given every evening this week and at the Satur
i.iv marinate,
Mr Hanley makes the announcement ..f the last
nights of Elwari Hgrrigan'a local play "The leath?
er 1'at.h.'' 1" was originally Intended to continue
? ; i iv until the end of the season, which oc?
curs s,...ti. hut the latest decision ls that "Tile
Woollen Mocking," Bdward ll in-ignn'a inst produc?
tion, shall Ui revived. The opening dat.* ls an
nounced for Monday .-vening, February 19- The
piuv will he continued for a short period, after
whick th., company will make an extended tour
through the country.
"The Senator" U-adr.-a Its ln*t we??k af the Star
Tha-atre lo morrow night. Tho play i/LI '.?.< v *h
? wu!, a record of having Peen *"cn for forty
two w.-.-ks in this etty, and after lt haa had aev
ral i erforniances on Mr. Crane's spring tour lt
will l - permanently withdrawn from the stage. Mr.
Crane lias decided to revive "Brother John" a week
from 'o-!ii"m>w nlKht
?charley's Aunt" has bellin Its Journey toward
ps 200th performance. After next week the second
n will 1?* irtv.-n. with a quantity of new humor
in th.- three acta for the counterfeit aunt from Bra?
zil. Th:- has Leen tried in the London production.
This w..k will tkerefon h.- th/> last of '"Chnriey's
Aunt" as lt has been s.-en for ova>r MS nights at
the St.nehud
Tony Pastor's pst of attractions for this week
ts a strotiK one. KdwiuM lawrence and Nina Har?
rington will muka their first appearance in New
York in "A Rube's Rebenrsal," Introdtaetng their
imitation of th.. "Bowery Spiders": "vflsavH st. Maur
an I i lardner will sing duets; < "alli amt Orndorf will
appear In a sketch, entitled "The lawyer and the
Con . .lohn and Neille McCarthy, parody lingen;
M natl -al Dui.-. William O'Brien, the "Acrobatic
Adonis"; the Qulgtey Brothern the Bydera, T\my
uni nancee to "A Circus R sk aa rael anil the
Monkey". Joe Lewis and the H.-lstons, top-lxiot
diuici-rs, are also announced.
Th.- Carlen Theatre ls crowded In every part
sin.-,, the coming of the new "1192." The second Mi?
tton of tills burlesque fenns practically s new enter*
tainment, A great daml has in-en expended on new
?cern ry uni cootumen snd only the most popular
of the oil features have hecn retaine-i; the others
ure quito MW. Miss Theresa Vaughn haa ilisoyv
ered that the puhlic demand ls for her old songs,
not for new ..n.-s
Vaudeville li Kt tit to have full sway at the Im
perlal Music ll.ill The expeti.nc." of the lait fort
nlght has demonstrated fully that the frequenters
. f music halls do not want i pera er . perottns so
much a.s variety. Mr. KIWIS has arranged a pro?
gramme f..r the coming week wktck win present
ii. ?n nen faces snd more new acts than have t?een
seen nt this house In any one wc-k since Its ilsirs
opened this senson. Among tho*' who will have
place on the hills are K> kin and Kani, two excel?
lent Jugglers' .Limes Reilly, the warbler and char?
acter Bingar; M.ss Lyla Knvenaugn, the eonilc-opera
soprano, who will bs ln-nrd for the first time at
this house In a. series ,.f character sketches and
songs; Qeorge 'initinm. tnonologulst; the three Con?
tinentals, Bis Irvings. Miss Carrin Tntten. aerlo-com
|c; .lohn and Karry Dillon, parodist!* and singers,
and Ada Melroee, who was, a floulirvtte with tho
ll anions fir several seasons. The Schrode Brothers
and Monroe and Mack will remain an.rther week,
For this evening's concert a programme ?>f apeaetal
excellence has peen nirnngod.
To-morrow night at the Fifth Avenue Theatre
Miss Kathrine Clemmons will make her appearance
In ii romantic drama* entitled "A Lady of Venice"
She has already appeared In various1 cities through
the country. The east will Include Maurla-e Harry
more Frank Carlyle, Clarence H. Taylor. Blchanl
Qanthony, Jacques Kruger, Bdarin (hum. Miss Jen?
nie ('oidthwulte and Mrs Mary' Barker.
The principal new feature of the programme at
Koster A- Bini's) to-morrow night wtll l>e the
tlrst appearance in Amertaa of Mile. Arman d'Ary,
Who has brought with her som.? of the newe-tt
French songs from the Follies Bergerea, Paris. Tho
rest ,,f thc programme will Include "the armless
wonder," ('ethan, In his performance as a muni
el.m. card-player, rifle-shot, etc.; Samlow. In new
Illustrations of his marvellous atrength; Jlgg and
his doit, goat and goose drem; Mlle. A Iel.le Capi?
taine, on the tl) Ing trapeze; Marlo and Dunham. ?n
the triple horizontal bars; the Crescendo*, electrical
clowns, O'Brien and Ra-ldlng. In a aketch; Blair
and Loretto, and the Wettenberg Trio. Hungarian
Mngen and dancers. An extra, programme has been
arranged for the concert to-night.
"A Trip to Chinatown" will return to the t?tage
of the Madison Sipiare Theatre to-morrow evening.
Incidental to the farce the new "Illusion Dance"
will lw given, lt employs a numher of mirror*, and
ls said to produce startling effects. It wai Invented
by V.a I'rtitwtta ra I tn, the desigoar of Um Crystal
' Mass.
[ It ls agreeable to announce the appearance of
Mr Dockstader and his newly organized minstrel
company at the Columbus Th<-atre to-morrow even?
ing. AmOBg the lending members of the troupe are I
.;, Fi-gF- 1'owena, banjo soloist; Frank Dumont. Sy.
monda Hughes and Renton plantation wing-alanc
ers; Memphis Kennedy, mmlcil *|ieclallit; Block
norn and Burns, "Dave" Foy ami John C. Har?
rington, end-man. Mr. Dockstader hal a new spe?
cialty. In which he appa-ar* aa I'olurnbus. The mln
*nr.is will give a concert at the Columbus Theatre
on Sunday evening, February 18
"In Old Kentucky" will be performed at the
Academy of Music for the hurt time on March U.
thc Midnight Oil
may render the sum of in*
dividual knowledge jrrc'Uer,
hut it lines not aid health.
There is .'motlier u-snlt from that
habit?noni all sedentary habits.
It is poor tligentioii?dyspepsia.
I "st* of common > misc would have
prevented it. Ilia' was ijpiond*
Now il is aid, sheedy aid, that is
ivanti'd. Souii'iliiim to avort th.it
threatened nnhi; Miiitefbfng as a
strengthener lietore the break does
eniiie. lt is Johann Hon's Malt
KXTHACT. lt ix.ills' ihe energies,
stimulates the nutritive powers, im?
proves the appetite and aids digestion.
Ono do/en bottles of tue. genuine
Johann Hon's Malt Kxtract will
jiive as much st ron "th and nourish
incut as a cask of ale. without being
I se it with ever) meal.
Bold everywhere. See thal Ihe *i?riaiure "Johias
?i "I I* ii i,., c lat-1 f hu He" No ,.niel l? a* K'od,
Ilialal iip.in Hie BeaulUC .loliiiiui Hoff'* Malt
Khmer & MtaStlma io. Ilarawi Agenta MS nnd UM
Kriinklln Kt.. Nen-York I' ft
Tills is the fourth time thal Hie withdrawal of
this pht\ hus been Bnnosjnced, and each time the
business has been so large tkal out of town mana?
gers were bongbt ofT and the play was continued at
the Academy. Hut this announcement is final, for
Mr. Uti hus ? contract with th- Columbia Theatre,
cnlengo, by whi.-ii he must modem "in old Ken
tu< ky" al thal hons- on M.ireh 14. The donnie male
quartet Introduced Ijs' Monday bai boan received
with favor.
Letta anl "-"...len. the hand-Jumpers, remain nt
Proctor's Theatre for another week, as do the Ju?
lian", in the"'- contortion act. Mme. Macart's troupe
of trained tioga and monkeys will amuse the llttkav
folks. This will lie the last time for the present that
the public wl'l have Ike opportunity of seeing Press
Bkdrtdge. Among the other artists who will aid tn
Riling the larg.- vaudeville bill are the Aome Four,
th,- Oarnetln Brothers and Mis- Rees ami Miss
Clair. In a conti 1\ -ketch. "Tubbs Visit". Lizite
and Vlnle Daly, Mm- Lillie Langtree, In English
character songs anl Cfcangee; Berry Wation and
Alice Hutching!. Ore-re i.nd Began. John T. Pow?
ers, vocalist and dancer; Rickard and Alice Mo
Avoy. sketch artlsta Prince and Princess Tanakaa
Lillian A. WesTerly. mesao soprano; the All Broth?
ers. Millie Benn.-- and MISS Marie Munt.
The S.imlay Bight roneerts Riven at Herrmann's
Th?-atre have come to be popular entertalnmenta
An sspeelalty strom,' prosjrnmmo bas seen arranged
for this evening's concert Among the new-comem
announced i'.,r th" coming week ar.- S-ft.irita Nin?
netta, gymnastic perfoiner, from the Paris Hip?
podrome, iola Pommeroy, ? *rto-cea*n!e; BkaeSTernni
Btokely, Hines an I Colby, scrobeti; Duval, conto-,
tlonlst; tfce Reeeleys, In songs and dances; McBride
and Ooodrleh, and the three Qurdnsr Pretkasrs, Mr.
hui will continue to glee to sank visitor at the
theatre a bsjlidktg i"' In Rag Barker city, M. J.
The close of the lirst week of "A Woman's Re*
v.-nge" ,-it th.- Amerleen Tkeetre linds that melo?
drama running along smoothly. Frederick Sackett
ls now playing the part <? .lohn Overstone. "Sis.
ter Marj'." a comedy drama in four act*, by Clem?
ent Scott, ls the play which Leonard Hoyne will
produce af the American Theatre on May 12. undan
the miT'ifemeiit of T. Il Ftenck. The lending
reseals part will be Intrusted to Miss .inila Arthur.
Two handsome new wax groups have improved
the art collection at the I'den Muse-. They ara
b.>th tn the lobby, the on.' at the right entrance
teing known hs "The Hayseed," and the opposite
group having the title of "The Flirtation." Tho
new "Dance of Hoses" at'rracts many, and Mian
"fuelirs popularity Incrensea During ike omma
w.?k the "Fan Dance" an.I "Dino of the RoW
will be her apectelttea Mi>. Tortsjndn commajida
her usual amount Oaf admiration. A varying ind
amusing entertainment ls green bf I'rofwssor Mor?
ley. M. Lehmann and Mlle. Frsnenck have l*-?n
engag.>-l for the coming week.
This week will iee the tliial performance of "Dark?
est Hussla" at (he PAMirteenth Str.-et Theatre and
Its last presentations In ths city until next season.
"Tlie i,ar..l of the Midnight Sun." a sensational
melodrama new to this city, will be presented at
the Fourteenth Street Theatre B week from to-mor?
row night, with B cast of well-known actors and
elalxirate. Boonery and accessories August us Pltou
has arranged with Mr RoeenOJUSet to present at
the Fourteenth Street Theatre on March "> W. C.
Hudson's melodrama, "A Man Among Men." Tha
play haa been In active pre|>aratlon for several
To-morrow night logins Peter Dalley'* eighth
week at the Bijou Theatre, where "A Country
Sport" continues to be recurred with laughter andi
applause by larg.- houses. There ls every prospect
thnt Mr. Dalley and his company will continue at
the Bijou until the Puitti performance of "A Coun?
try S|K.rt" has been rencbed
Beginning to-morrow night a denkts bill will ba
given at Kneen becte'a In addition to the many
other attractions seen nt e.tl-n DerfbrunBBgM, Mr.
Mehrmati. with his group of seventeen an:mails, and
Professor Darling, the Itou-tanser, with his Aro
Niil.lan lions, will bl seen rack bight This bill
tuus never before beam given, and ls an aspseW at
traction sm h as ls rarely offered only a short tims
now remains In which to Bee those famous beasts.
Th.- crowds testify thnt the popularity nf the per?
formance ls lu no wai diminished, and Hagen
bevk's trained animals are still molt pefMBjar,
The third .vening petformnnCO of the student*
of the American Academy ..f the Dramatic Arte
will be given al th.- Berkeley Lyceum Theatre on
Thursday, on that occasion will be present ed a rww
play, entitle,! "Then Flowers Grew Fairer," writ?
ten by Sutton Vane, author of "The Span of Life"
and the new BBetodrama which ls s.x>n to be pro?
duced at the Adelphi Theatre, London; "The Cig?
arette fruin java, ' a one -act coan dy from tho
French, by T. Russell Sullivan, author of "Dr.
Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" and "Nero"; and, by re?
quest, the pantomime "Pierrot, the Painter*" which
was originally producfd al thc Berhetey in Decem?
An entertainment will be given by the Kllte Spa
dalt) Club, of which A. ll Rummel is-president
and Tony Pastor is rice-president, this evening at
the star Theatre. The following artists will ap
i-?-.ar Ml-s Lillian Russell, Signor I'eruglni, Miss
.l.nnle O'Neil Totter, ll. C. Harnabee. Peter F.
Dalley, M.*- May Irwin, Miss Resale Bellwood
Ueorge MacDonald. Miss Belene Mora, .john E.
Wellard. James B. lloe\. the Hore Brothers, J. W.
Kelly, little Edna Springer and Tony Panter.
Charles Coghlan and ueorge T. Keogh have signed
contracts hy which Mr Keogh will manage a mar?
ring tour of Mr. Coghlan that will begin within a
month. Mr. Coghlan will appear in a ojme.lv drama
In four acts that bs has jihi completed
To-night at the Hark Theatre fe benefit will be
ottered to Arthur Moreland, the actor sualdenly
stricken blind l>> an accident ,,u the stage. Dele?
gations from lodges of Klks lu all parts of tho
country will be present to express their sympathy
for one who was for many yeera their grand sec?
retary John ll. Robb will have a benefit on Sun
dav next at the Stardard Theatre
To-morrow evening In Baltimore Alexander Sul
vlnl ba?glni a two months' tour of the important
citlea of the South. Hts season has been extended
to June 1. Mr. Salvlnl will then pav hil annual
visit to hts father In Italy.
Carl and Tlwodor Rosenfleld have decided to op*?n
their engagement at the Fifth Avenue Theatre on
March 12 with "Love's Extract," a farcical comedy.
Collector Kllbreth yesterday appointed Handolph
H. Brown, of Jeffers..n County, a Deputy Ool
lector In place of Levi M. llano. The new deputy la
fifty-three years old. and he has lived all his life
In Jefferion County. His appointment wa* recom?
mended by the Cleveland leaders of that district,
and lt ls understood that Secretary lamont was
largely Instrumental In securing the place for him.
Mr. Brown will be placed at the h<ad of the
Fifth Division
For biliousness and all other con?
ditions resulting from constipation,
go by the book on Beecham's pills.
Books free, pills 25c. At drugi
stores; or write to B. F. Allen C-a,,.
365 Canal st, New York.

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