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Help Wanted. li r. wiiit-r iteiurt*. 8 B
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Billilla-** .Voile.*. il
Dividend Noll.ol.ll
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All danger of drinking Impure water is avoided
ly adding -Ju Jrops of Ult. siKOERT'S ANUut'TtHA
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1 year. 9 mos. 3 mo*. 1 mo. copy.
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Tribune Monthly. 2 00 .25 ct*.
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?tump ba iiftixa-d to evuy a?opy of the Dally, Sunday.
or sei.r-Wa-.kiy Tribune malled for local delivery \n
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Tribune from a newsdealer.
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Canada ..,i),l Ma-xl"0) 3 r -nts a ea>py on The Sinl.iv
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DI.RS nf ?.'ll' TRIRI'ME Main offlea of Th- Trlh
m." l.'.l N-FS*nu.?t.. Narw-Tork. M-,!n uptos-n naVe,
1 2?2 nroadwae, Addre** all eornMpondince simply
"The Tribune," New-York.
!'?)?, ;,.-,i-i lirun, -h. for *ilv?rttl?fna?nt* OBIT, 1 Norfolk
S'.ieet. Stranl W. C. London. England.
BRANCH oki ices.
?.? -4 Nth .ne., s ?:. ear S3d-it
. ?-' ? ' ni ?., . or. 13th st.
Ill i lumt-l ? . neil We*t Onth-?t.
I Od w ? v ^^..| v- neal flth-av*.
Sal ' ?l 1 Ith-i t. near .Vh-nve.
"17 WM 4Sd-*l., I'tA-ei. 1th and ?-trt aves.
I'T Uh ive . ? iie-r I4th--t.
ia.'.! M-at/e, I -twe. fi Tait h nnd 77th sts.
I .V. " ; .... . between TBth and Tolb st*.
1 'i'.; fl : ?, ? ie ar niat-att.
ian F-?.. iT-h vf ci rnasf 3d-nve.
r.e. 1. ,-? ison ?
"?'I W il I23th-*t.
IO East iSd-at., nesr Midlion-ava
Linn i" iv< near BOth-it,
Ton lat-ave.mer l7'h-?t
r.-.i -ii ave., n.-ar Ea*! 37th-st.
BJ Avenue A, ts?lwea?n :: l ind 4th st*.
IT i- mal *t mid 137 Dlvl?lon-it.
?"?. nieerker-sl . ne-ir Chrl?loph*r-lt.
t.iio! Id-are., between ll"iv. and lilith its.
I'.K F'lKI.YN <>l 'l-l. I.s
tn; Pulion-al.. l IRS Myrtli-an., r.i Court-it., 5">R ri
Kali-ive., |,2lto tledford-ave
JktoTSfadk sOetfla STrilnvn t
r FFrcieTn.-Tlie rtusso Qrrmsn commerclsl treaty
w?* siKn.d by the representatives of both Pow?
ers in Bellin. ?' ? , Premier Ceslmlr pprler nn
bonmred in tbs Chamber of Deputies thnt the
Frenrli would ii<>t evacuate Tlmbucl -V
dlspnl h received In Londen from c.iiie Town
reports the death of KinR LaOben*TUlS Mr.
?nd Mm Qladntone arrive,l In London from
liiarritz. ? Twelve Anarchists nre to be i x
pelle.l from Switzerland; Anarchist pla aids were
posted on walls throughout London.
DiniftSS- Tim Senate was not in Fegarpm.
h.fus.^: Resolutions of regrel for the
Heath of Representative Houk were passel, and
the House Immediately adjourned.
Domestic ?The env.ys of Hrar.il and Argentina
submitted their case9 ta Pr stdent Cleeeinnd, who
ls to act as arbitrator In tha* boundary dispute.
-r- The new steamer Yurktown. of the Old
Dominion Line, was launched at Roach's ship?
yard. Chester, l'enn. -i? Four small llrep of In
cendlnry origin were discovered by Columbian
guards In various World's Fair buildings and
promptly ostlngulsbed. - The steel selling
ship Dlrlgo wne lnuncbed et Beth, Me, Mny
wheat sold down to 60 cents a bushel In Chicago.
City and Suburban.--Th-; Beney picture sale
was ended. ?.-? The poultry show was c.n
Unued.-: It wai announced i.y the defence
In the McKane trial that its ruse would nil bo
in to-morrow. ?'?= Stocks dull and feature?
less; rmal changes were generally advances, but
the) nu. ly . \.dei i4 per cent; the closing was
hun; money was wholly nominal.
The Weather.- Indi.;]ti..ns for to-day: Fair
r-.nd copier. The temperature yesterday: High?
est, 47 degrees; lowest, M; average, 41.
There ii n possibility that tho price '.f coal,
which has been malatnlaed In ihe face ..f hard
limes nnd the light eonsnmptloii due to s mild
winter, will be iredticed. it is time thal this
*.ii.iiiM happen. The exorbllanl price which
has been exacted by the producing companies
nnd tin' retail dealers f?>r a number <.f years
Ibis been s heavy buruVn on ihe consumers,
a'spcci.iliy among 'ii" poorer ones, and partlcu
laiiy during these times of Bnandal depres
spin. Wht'.'ii, cora, petroleum, cotton simon!
everything which prodncers offer for sale .'uni
ibo people in feneral buy has fallen In price.
Wl.\ has nut coal done the samel
Mt. Qladstone*s ninny ftlends and admirers
mi both sides nf Ihe Atlantic will )?' pleased
lo la-urn thal he lias returned i<> London greatly
benefited by wis mnch-needed holiday In Ihe
smith iFf Prance. While it i? reported thal he
ls in ?? splendid physical rondltlon,'' and full <>f
pdergy lo encounter the many dlfllcnltles <if tin
eptiiii: si'ssimi of Parliament, it must nol be
turi:, iii i'd thal lie is a man considerably over
eighty years <>f nge, and as such neceeanrily
suiiji-ct io tims.- many Infirmities, partlculariy
ns regards sight and bearing, which almosi in
variably marti Ihe close of a long, busy and
wt -il spent life smh as that of England's aston
isiiitu' Grand <>M Man.
All linnortnnl airest was made yeatenlny
nrtornlna ai the General Poetiifflce when one
Of the rlerke, Waller E. Norrie by name, was
a;.prole 'lided on fl charge of having abstracted
ininii't-eiis letters, many <.f them containing
iiiiiiia-y. from ile' mails in tills elly. The 'li
cori'fy of ins dishonesty was made by mere
accident, ami a decoy having been pgepared, be
terns found yesterday ai Ihe moment of his ai?
rest with marked hills and coins in his pockets,
Fruin Ihe confession which he subsequently
linnie it wruiiii a).pear thal his thefts have must
ly been ?>n ? scala so small ns to prove ridlcu
lovely incommensurate with Um danger which
ha inctiiTeil liv his dlshooeaty.
lr;isimich as McKaiie's I'.ninsel Intimated
?taring tie- ciiurse of ihe proceedings in court
yesterday that they wouH real their case t<>
SSUflWW, there apiieais in lu- reasonable lu,pe
thnt this trial, which has sJreadj been in prog
less three Wi'a-ks. will le- DNUgh! Within the
next few days lo ? conduslon sallsfacton t<>
nil tltuse good American dtlaens who fieslre the
|illllishinellt Of the ('raveseiul lli.ss for liis yiuss
vliilaiiun of OUT electiain laws. A portion of the
day yesterday \v;is devoted lo testimony as to
tim *riM?al alia racier of MeKnne, Put as Hie prin?
cipal witness did not appear to know whether
lt was (Regal or not to keep saloons open on
Sunday, his evidence can scarcely 1?. regarded
as possessed of tiiiieli weight or importance
Prospects of the maintenance of pence lu
ateatapa are vastly increased by the sinning
yesterday of the treaty of commerce between
Germany and . Russia. Time, the treaty has
yet to be ratified by the Reichstag at Berlin.
But, according to our special cable dis
patches published to-day, IkaTa does Dot ?WP0**
lo he much (lancer of Its being Ihrowa out hy
that budy, a community ol oconomk toteiunta
cunstltutee Ibo sureei sud Moot lasting hood
of amity between foreign nntlniis, an axiom
which Ibo Berlin Oovernmeni lind lu view when
it negotiated Ural lit /."llvereln with tha South?
ern Suites of German/, mill later Its eenuin"!'
dal convention with Austria and Italy. Under
the circumstances, the luitlilealloii Just niven
hy Russia that it will abrogate its commercial
agreement with france unless the latter ab*
stains from putting Into effect Um prohibitive
duties on Muscovite grain, demanded by tho
overwhelming Protectionist majority In the
Chamber of Deputies at Paris, must be regard?
ed as imperilling the defensive treaty of sJUance
alleged to exist between Prance nnd Russia.
The outrageous delny on the Speedway still
continues. The contractor promised to have a
multitude of men at work at once, ami Tam
many urged that the project be hurried sn that
employment might be found tor idle men. who
Mere in dire distress. Yesterday twenty-three
men woe al work on the new road. It ls clear
that Tammany Intends to z'\\<- employment to
none bul faithful followers "f Um Wigwam.
Will iii.' people of this cii.v hear this'.- Will
they tamely submit, while the public ninney
appropriated in haste to give work lo Ihe
needy is ti'iiied into a corruption fund to buy
voles for Tammany? An end should be put to
this farce al once. Fenton, the political turn?
coat and alleged labor "expert." should be sent
adrift; Ihe work should lie started In earnest,
and unemployed workmen should lie hired right
away, whether they wen- the Wigwam collar
or not. _
The conviction of two faithless election In?
spectors is creditable lo thc District Attorney's
office and encouraging lo all honest citizens.
To Mr. Wcllmnu, in pani, ular, who bas done
most uf Hie work of prosecution, public grat?
itude and conunenilation are clearly due. He
has horne an honorable part in many sensa?
tional trials within Ute last few years, bul we
d< ui'i if h.- has ever served die c.>111111u11jt v more
substantially than during Ihe list week. There
are scores of Indictments for similar offences
still lo be Hied, and ii is not expected thal con?
victions can be obtained in all of tln'sr- case*,
inn iii- people hove reason lo rejoice in Ihe
belief thal none of them will fail for lack ..f
skill and seal on the part >>( Mr. Wellman.
ll has seemed to many (hal the long delay in
bringing ihesc offenders lo trial was unneces
shiv, rim! therefor!.numble, since some pan
of thc raine of punlshmeni i- h><t when it is
nol prompt. Hui doubtless tho labor of prepa?
ration was considerable, and there is no present
ndvnntage in complaining of a process which ls
finally producing excellent results.
These convictions ore of great value lo the
community, for thc reason thal ihey convey lo
Ihe willing instruments of fraud at elect lona
their find sharp warning thal their vocation
iv a dangerous one. it is deplorable that tim
inure Important rascals whose work these
subordinates did to order have not been legally
Identified with the crimes committed f>>r their
benefit, bul it is fer better thal Ihey should
learn a useful leason from |be fate of others
than none al all. We are not sanguine enough
to suppose that their moral sense will he stim
ula ted to such on extent as lo make them con
scions of tie- real nature and enormity of Ihe
crime of swindling rolers. Must of tin m. it ls
fair to assume, have passed beyond the poa
sihility of such a regeneration. Mut it will be
an immense sendee to the public If they cnn
be terrified Into acknowledging among them
selves, against their will, thin election frauds
have become unsafe In New-York. And even
if no such salutary effeel can be produced upon
their minds, as alistiiiLniisli.il from their con
sciences, it is extremely desirable thal a sample
of justice should be pul on public exhibition
to frighten Ihe horde of smaller knaves upon
whom Ihey depend for Ihe execution of Heir
purposes, nnd who have hitherto Im-c.i glad In
i.e hired cheaply
Tliis consideration makes it extremely Impor?
tant that mani more convictions slioiilil h.- .?!?
fained, lt will not do lo be merciful ni this
point to tie- Indicted. Ii is ilia.intimity lhat
needs linley and deliverance from lue rorntpi
despotism which has long been opcrntlllg
through such agents as th.se Two convictions
are well worth having bul they ore n >t nearly
enough. The Impression which they lia ve ere
nted will fade away loo soon. The value of Ihe
pranecutlon will Increase in geometrical milo
with every penalty Imposed. Ii ls Ihe emin
lathe effect of numerous rondemnntionn thal
tho public leds for its protection In Ibe righi
of franchise and th.- possession ..f free Instllti
lions. We dale sa> thal many of these scon s
of offenders are only dimly aware that they
have don.- anything deserving of punishment.
If th" leaders wilone orders Ihey hore been
brought up to obey have lost the sense <,f righi
ami wrong iii politics and government, their
own capacity to sci- ihe difference is likely to
I..- very feeble. They probably think that a
great fuss is being made about ii small matter.
Hut certainly, if this ls so. lt is an imperative
duty to leach them their mistake.
Hr. Nansen ami his fellow-voyagers have dow
I.n long beyond sight and "reach of their fel?
low-men. Tiny have entered the unknown.
Where and how Ihey are fating tire mailers
only of speculation, and of speculation largely
futile. Vet every idle Milo V.'llUi'S tile extension
of s.-i<-uiItia- knowledge, or who honors manly
daring, must wish lo follow them in thought
and sympathy. There are. moreover, % few
who have ventured upon the margins Of that
mysterious realm, and who ire thus tined lo
form so. partial estlmnte >.f th. ir probable
progress. Among Iheae none, perhaps, is en?
titled to more consideration than Captain Win
gins, the plucky English Bekman who lias re?
opened the old Hade route thi'oiiL'h the Kara
s.a. and has actually established regular ship
ping relations between Ureal Britain nnd Ihe
North Silurian Toast. No om- knows those
waters an well SS he, .'ind no speculation upon
ile- royage of ile- Pram is to be regarded with
moie s.rioiN attention than his.
Writ Im: from Yeniseisk, Whither he last sum
mer conducted his own merchant fleet, Captain
Wiggins discusses in this month's "Geograph?
ical Journal" tin- conditions I?r. Nansen prob
ably encountered after passing Poll Dickson,
and in nnd niter rounding Cane Chelyuskin.
Ile must have found tin- drift lc,, wry near the
shore, fm- Captain Wiggins says it was closet
down limn li*- had ever before seen it nf thnt
season. Ile must, however, Dave rounded the
cape, for had h.- noi, hut had been forced back
to Tort Dickson, word would surely have been
received from him long before this. Captain
Wiggins advised liim lo steer northward from
Cape Chelyuskin, ami tn ivokj Nordeusklolil
Sea nml the fhtngcrous Newsiiierian archi?
pelago, and ibis, the Captain thinks, he lins
probably done, if be baa been able. If so, he
has gone poleward, borne hy Hie strong cur?
rents from Hie Karl Sea mid the great Siberian
rivers. "'Hy this route,*1 says Contain Wig?
gins. " I hgve every faith that tin- expedition
will reach a high latitude, discover new hinds,
ind perhaps closely approach the vicinity of the
POM itsadf.'" ' I
If, on the other limul, on rounding the cape
the Fram was driven eastward hy the park lee
the outlook ls less cheering. If the vessel got
much beyond the 110th meridian, in Nordensk
lold Seo, It would be in danger from the lhal
low water nnd strong, erratic currents of Um
New-Hiberinn Islands. liven then Um expedition
would not necessarily como to grief. At worst
It would probably only have to spend the Winter
among those desolate Islands, or in the Lena
Delta; in which cane we may hear hom it be?
fore long. But such delay WOUld be vexatious,
and would really mean the loss of fl ye.'ir. since
when ihey set out from the Lena next summer
they would be practically no nearer tl.b
Jeets of their quest thnn winn they peened
Yugonkl Strait last summer. Ur. Bunge, of Um
Russian Navy, who has just returned from a
live years' residence on Um New-Siberian
Islands, describes thar entire region as ,,i.f
unspeakable desolation, and one by all means
to be avoided bf Voyagers poleward bound.
The sum of Captain Wigging's speculations is.
however, that the expedition probably went
straight northward from the cope; bul that, in
either eas.-, it is safe and sound. There K
however, little reason lo expert any actual news
of Its doings until we beor ?>f its safe return by
way of th,. North Pole, or by way nf retreat
through tin' Korata Bernita seas, ibo Kara Bea
or the Siberian coast,
The lowest price for wheat ever made c.mes
on the sane- day willi Ihe lowest price ever
made ai London for silver bullion. These are
events of especial nnd by no aieans pleas?
ing significance to two large classes "f pro?
ducers, the grower-; of wheat ami the miners
of silver, wheat ls the money trrop of the
Northwest. Many thousand far.rs depend
upiFii their sales of this product for 11.ash
they have to pay for supplies purchased during
the y.-ar, for lim comforts and some of the
necessaries ,<f their humes, for Ihe clothing of
wives and children, for furniture, light, I.ks
nnd papers, for the principal or Intereai on any
debi thal may be outstanding, nnd often for
wages of barnie When winni brings sith
less for every thousand bushels than it bronghi
A \e.ir ago tin- resources of farmers for every?
thing except ihe bare nivessariee <.f lif" ore
materially restricted. So one cnn calculate how
much disappointment, privation and real want
or serious Mirinee mi< ii fl decline Involves lo
the greal anny <if whenl grower*.
The miners of silver ai-,- nis,, many thousand
strong. They receive l-..oiI wages, bul li\'' In
regions where the cost of BUbslstcliee is exceed
bigly high, nnd lo th?*m also n decrease In
weekly or monthly ns ipis mon ii! n serious
change in condition, a pan. al li isl, of ihe
loss involved by tin- fall iii the price nf
must fall on thom, be, ii use lhere are many
mines which cannot continue in ..p. ,-iii..a while
slhep brings less thnn half ns former price
without som., reduct ia ut ..f wages. Mop ??:.
there are many mines which emilio! I.|s ? i
ni all with profit until silver commands a bel
ter price, ami Un- large iiuiiiIn r nf i
thrown oul "f rmploymonl bj Ilia' closing of
such mlims ni t urn I Iv s. ?? ?!. work 'I- v, here, and
by compeill-on depress the nu gai nf (bose yid
employed. I'ntll within Ihe la-t I went j years
silv.r had nev ??: fallen Mon .'?:? j? -:i<-.- per
ounce, Iml it has non rn kl ai ai. ail 'JU p in .
The grrnl h..dies of pr, du er
sui, ... I.-, i in serious i,,ss. ~ an,| trial* ai.- mich
Inclined lo regnnl Ihe fall In silver ami the
fall in wheal ai h tiring to rtich a?ibor ihe rein
lion of cause and elTe-t. Kvldenilj :i Inrgi
portion of thei , p. li. \ e that * ? :
art lil chilly depressed bj ihe . ? ibm i : i
? ;,.\. rnmenta on I thal rheajar - Iii ???? has
tlcallj lower 'I lin |i
from India and otli i
lu this id.a Ulej -,r.
lion of silver lo f-ill i-oii age ns Hu.Ij n
Farmers think it would m
?1 per bushel Min. i-s timi || would mil
mi worth ni ? r .<! pel oiiui ?
This reai nnlng i|im?s iia?t taha.
of th.- fnel thai progress in lu lu?tria-s ami
reduction in ihe cuni of irans| i, ami ii
ir. a--F' in t!ie etti. ,. m j ..f lalsir ltira llgl
..f I"-Mer ma. hillery and npplian
.-.I the pi lees I sit li nf slit ? i and ' lu all
prodih mu' ''oiiiim ii - i eic i i.lin i* . . .,.
. \. ry I.iial hal <? lieen i'hrn|MMii I li ll
li.dt.'r ma. hiiet'.v and mi hauls, ami I", li tfer
facilities for lrniis|H?rliitii?n, ai l i ...i
have been more i > bleed in ;. ?? . ?? Thu, win
silver Iron and all Iii prubi ls h ? \ ? | ?, r
dm eil more linn half III prk
twenty years, and ii arlj all '? v I . and
other articles al.u wlthottl iiiimls-r li
assumpi iain liol wa rm nt asl by l .|, , .
that Pul for tlc ||i lion of ti lils the.si
two products \\..iii.i hu.' malmaim il
former prices, while ul] other* declined gn illy,
although th.- actual cosl nf umving wini I i
market lus li.. n rednced more iii ni . half
Thi rc ls alni Ihe further fm t ii:." attempts tn
resist tlc- natural decline hy a rt I Helli I I
have worked greal harm Iii prodtlcvra nf Bili t
ami of wheat, lt waa reei-ntl* slevin thal Ihe
legislation providing fnr arbitral") pureba ? ?:
silver hy i Jo\. rm :oi.! hid Been followed lu each
eas.- by fl great Increase in prodm-tlmi ami ;i
great decline in price. When has I,,-, n de
preened In hi>'' manner by systematically false
reports of yield, which hiv ca list si year afler
year powerful combinations of operators. In
maintain artificial prices, thus preventing Hie
natural distribution <Ff the Nations pniliict, nu
Ul the quantity of unsold wheal in si;:hi his
been for years past about twice as large as in
former years. This accumulation of stocks, Ihe
result of false information systematically circa
lated, lu part by organisations of fanmis them?
selves, and the sj.illations thereby engendered,
have done more t,. produce Ihe phenomenally
low price of wheat than any increase in move
meni from sllrer-uslng countries, or reduction
In tho price of wheal shipped from Ihoee corni
tries. _
A remarkable dispatch from Constantinople
is published In " l.<- Temps," the beni inf..ri.I
Tails journal on foreign affairs, lt elates that
tba Culled states Minister has demanded the
Immediate liberation of two Armenians Impris
oneil in Iskanderan, Northern Kyria, Thc de?
mand bt ground.-d upon their A marten n rttlwn
shlp, nnd is accompanied by n threat to have
an ironclad ordered to thc Syrian c,.:isi |f thc
prisoners arc imi released without delay. This
menace is a slnrtllng one, especially winni a
diplomatic "r^iresentaUve of Ihe prefceut Ad
ministration is betti responsible for l.t. Bul
while thc Stale Department under Kecrvtnry
Urenham has been conspicuously Inert ami de
liberate in dealing with diplomatic questions at
Constantinople, lt is represented there by fl re
mnrknbly eccentric ami Impulsive .Minister, who
has dom' more Hum one astonishing thing in
the course of his career. Tin- Paris rumor re?
quires otfi. lal continuation, hut || |fl 1|llt |ncred
Ihle thal Minister Terrell has nnder stress of
excitenietit threatened lo bombard fakanderun
with a ihs't nf American Ironclads. The man
who wrote a acandaloua poem mi thc assasslmt
Mon of Abraham Lincoln, eulogising .lohn
Wilkes Booth as a Brutus striking down M the
hlncknmoor's god." is cnpnble of milking n good
deal of stage thunder behind Ihe diplomatic
The Minister's course, if ii be correctly re?
ported, is particularly eccentric, because Ihe Ad
ministration which be represents has gum' om
Of its way lo befriend the " unspeakable Tink "
nnd tn Justify persecution of Armenians who
are niiMirali/.ed Americans. This fa.-t has
sacaped public observation because there has
been sn much that ls Quixotic and reactionary
In the diplomacy of the last year; but the fol
lowing citntl'iii fmni the President's message of
December, 1893, shows that thc AdmlnUtrn
tlon, far from being in the mood for a naval
d fl mons t rat lon of Ironclads against Syria, has
j already taken up tba cudgell In defence of the
Turkey complain! that lier Armenian Subjects ob*
j tain citizenship la thin country, not to Identify
i them* dves In pood faith with our people, hut with
1 the Intention of returning to the land of their hirth
and tier.- engnajlng In sedition. This complaint is
I not wholly without foundation, a journal published
j in thi* country tn the Armenian laaguugs openly
counsels its readers to ann. organise and partici?
pate in movements for th.- subversion of Turkish
authority In the Asiatic province-". The nt toman
Oovernmeni Ihf< announced its intention to exp?l
from Its dominions Armenians who have Obtained
naturalisation la tbs United .State* since im*s. The
righi to expel any or ell ile sens ol aliens is an
attribute of "mreretenty. It ls s right asserted,
and to a limited extent enforced, by the United
siat.s, uiih tha sanction of the highest court.
ri. being no naturalisation treaty between the
United stat.s end Turkey, .mr Minister al Constan?
tinople has been Instructed that, while rerotrnl7.itiur
the righi i.r thal Oovernmeni to enforce its de?
clared policy againsl naturalised Armenlana he is
expected lo protect them from unnecessary harsh?
ness of treatment
Thc rorie, us our readers are undoubtedly
aware, has I.n conniving at nnd openly en?
couraging the persecution ?>f Christiana In Asia
.Minor nnd acts of mob violence against mis?
sionary stations and schools. A missionary coi
lege lins been burned, ami there have been
many murders, robberies and outrages. The
Porte, having decreed the expulsion <>f nil Ar?
menians who ar.- naturalised American citizens,
has lu "ii rigorously enforcing its barbarous pol?
icy. American missionaries naturally looked
for measures of protection from the Govern
ment nt Washington; bul when they asked for
bread Ihey received n stone. The President
practically rcftued tn intervene on behalf nf
these |iei'seontiii un t urn liz -<l Americana, and
deliberately argued the case against them,
greatly to thc satisfaction of the fanatical
palace ring that surrounds the sultan. What
was worse, his unnecessary and unseemly de
fi in.f th.- Porte was not warranted by th''
fact-; i'..i- it is md true thal naturalised Amert
cans return to Armenia tn Instigate soaiitimi
ami rebellion; .'iud while tin re is no naturalisa?
tion treaty between the United states ami
Turkey, th" indiscriminate expulsion "f Inno?
cent American cltliens from the Sultan's do?
minions i< contrary tn International law ami
precedent. This subject ls ably discussed In a
letter from Clarence Greeley published on an?
other page.
Minister Terrell may have ch..son to mark
out a new lino of diplomacy on his own accounl
uiih,.ut r. f. rem .- I., ile- President's message or
to hi- Inst met lona from the State Department.
\ we h n ,? snfd, li-- ls an eccentric person,
capable -<!' tining extraordinary things. If In'
Iii- overruled lin- PreHldont "s defence of Ihe
Mahometan |m,||?-j ol expelling or murdering
Christ in ti* who nre cit hums ot the United Stat?'s.
ii noni.I i.. only mtturnl for him lo tiring in a
:' . .?; Ironclads in order t" render his action
impressive. Uni Hie Minister i.ls to be re?
minded tint th- Pres Iden I ls very serious in
.ill hi- tliplotnntic ndventnres nnd excwdlngly
obst I na ie in his deeds of knight-errantry on
',:, di . :' .i . -, : <.'... ns nnd In tobra ni Mn
trill sovereigns Missionaries are aol ol
lowed to Inti ' ; ? m i'h the President's rever
? ? ihe - icn I soi '???? Ign rights of royal
[Vrrell. Insti nd >?( getting an
iroiia Inti fa>r the Isimbanliiieni of Iskamlerun,
limy receive an sbmpi recall from his master
ni w ashli gi ti
Tl ? ' ' i anni mu ? neill Hie other day thai
r . ii. nt io Isstii" nu Kneyclicnl In re
i; i- ??: i and We rn
es Would i : li re int. r. *| If lhere
, ? Is-llef that such a unity is
- hie.
The u f schism bet wi iii Hie Eas1 and
. We* ... .n i. ,i ;>i j' ? i tutti . entury, tait the
? date from the dh Mon of
i lu . ttahllsbuicut of l"on
, pltals aif the Km pl re
. I, ml. I :.Uh in thi Ki- ? rn churches iii the
: attitude of indc ii ni i ? which Hiey lia I nlways
id toward Kai .'. I'on tl ff. Tile -:? ll
- ? i. ni Hie om nidi. ami of
Alli In ll (Ulai Ja rustllelll "ll Hie
lal I ii'llllirli ?trivell fair prei ? le Ut1
iiwing lia ihe liiiallistiial mid splritiul ibn-a
he ia-: lillee pall ill r :.:,:?-, IT -?'. lind
IVailthl sai ' u 1. ? ras'og
? I '; ? ? . v\ lieu the
, ? ' ? n: liiopl ? tippo ired I.i
rbi' pat ria n li ..i i 'aitistniitiuoplc
uns im I il iii asserting his pretensions,
n i'. h lo in loj.emh?!,. .-. bm t,, itipreiliacy.
I! trmigi arguiii m was, of course, that
. lui I i."inploj ed '. Hie ll 'in in Pon
i..inch, rt..*t spiritual primacy belongs of
right lo Hi.- pntrlar li of Hie chief leal of Kim
|i re I o un l Ibis plea the lb man Pontiffs fell
!. . iniilltioii Hun ihe ' itv of lt"ine
had iiliothcr .Lum oil Hie ipi ri tun I nlleglanee
ol ( lirlsti-udotu li was liol un-rely Hie marni
uiich'tii -ii of Km pl nt, bul it wan doulily an
?p ? ilii r i?, since || wan founded hy Saint
Peter and Paul. Al Ihe same Hine the two
divisions of Ihe fhtircii were drifting apatl on
other questions of doctrine nnd polity, until
town ni ile close of ihe ninth century rope
Nicholas 1 of Home and Hie Patriarch PhollUS
of I'oiisiniitlnople inuttuiHy excomuiuulcated
each other. Ami tic schism which was limn
begun h.i- never been healed since. Pope
Nicholas was strengthened in his claims in
universal supremacy by tho forged Istdorian
decretal**, which Brsl ":nv the li-.'lir sbnul BCO
A. I?. The-'- decretals purported to have been
compiled by Isidore of s.-\ til.- in the seventh
century, and consisted of alleged letters written
by various early Popes in which Um Papal
claims were amply recognised. Thees forgeries
were generally accepted by the Western Church,
ami were s potent factor in establishing the
power of the papacy. Rut they were utterly
discredited in thc Baot, and In bet did much
lo widen tho brench already existing between
the two Churches,
sime then lhere have been numerous attempts
io compose this old quarrel, bul Ihey have
all h. en unsuccessful, inlier difference! than
Ihe Primacy of the Popo now exist] One of
ih.-ni I- the so-called "Wloque" clause in the
i r. i I. Thc Western Church declares thal the
Moly lihosl proceeds "from Ihe father ami
the Bon." while the [.'astern Church says tint
Ile proceeds from Hie Pether only, lt is nd
mit ted by roosl church historians that tim
"iilioi|iie" clause eropl Into Ihe Western Creed
through an inadvertence, n circumstance which
has only Intensified the opposition of tin- fast
em Church to ii. li is. Indeed, probable thal
if th.- Papal claims were entirely eliminated
from the controversy this one thing would keep
ihe two churches apart.
In view of all these facts it is hard to see
how the coming Encyclical of the Pope cnn con?
tribute much toward bealing Hie long standing
breach between Ibo Iwo Churches, unless he
should ililli all Hie points at issue, which is
not wubin the bounds of possibility, pot it ls
certain that Hie Orthodox Creek Church is ns
firmly ns ever opposed tn any compromise.
Mayor Gilroy hus Issued un appeal to the
people of the city, calling upon them for Htlll
further contributions for lbs hem-tit of those in
soreJieed. Ia the opinion "f thone besl com
I"deni lo judge, Im says, it ls likely that special
relief efforts must he kepi up for at least eight
weeks longer. Through s committee nf leading
elli/, ns he hopes to obtain a large fund which
limy lie use<l for giving direct sid or Work tn the
deserving. The Committee ls lo meet tO-IUOTTOW
for th<* purpose ,,?> ganging plans whereby the
object In vlsw may be attained. A good deni hBB
already been done by the liberal-hearted for ths
succor of those In distress, but it ls evident
that much more will be. required to meet th<
fjimanisl that are constantly being made.
The old saying that "fie fools an"- not all dear
yet" conveys the consoling suggestion that theil
Dumber may be diminishing. Hut the McKanc
trial Inspires no such hope concerning liars.
Inasmuch ns Prime Minister Crisp! announcer
that order has benn restored In Sicily, and that
the pacification of the Island ls complete, the
French Government has some ""canon to feel un?
easy at the fact thnt troops are still heine,
dispatched to Palermo ami other points of th?
Island. At the present moment there ls an army
of more thnn flO.OOfl men concentrated In Sicily,
while tim italian fleet has been assembled at
Messina. As the African coast ls only a few
hours' distance by steam. It ls feared at Paris
that Crlspl may at length give satisfaction tc
popular sentiment in Italy by making the long
projected descent on Tripoli, whick would en?
hance the prestige of the monarchy among thc
people and divert the attention of the latter
from the consideration of their own miseries and
difficulties. The nctlon of Signor Crlspl In pro
blotting the dispatch of any news from Sicily,
and likewise |n proroguing the Legislature until
the end of this month for the purpose apparently
of avoiding Indiscreet Inquiries, ls calculated to
confirm rather thnn dispel these apprehensions
at Parla
Mr. Gladstone's resignation appears to be con
llderably more remote than the need of resigna?
tion on the part of his political adversaries.
One of th? l^st Ppeeches of the Republlran
canvass of \W? was made hy a Germen work?
man In Passaic, X. J.: "I work In a mill." be
said at a mass-meeting-. "Since 1S!>0, when the
McKinley tariff was adopted, I have had my pay
raised ind my hours of work shortened until I
can now figure a gain In wages of $117 a year.
That's what I gained hy Protection." That was
an effective speech then, and Joseph Homer, who
made lt, wis enthusiastically applauded. HOW
much more eloquent it sounds now, after a year
of Democratic wage-reduction snd factory-clos?
The Democrats are t.tlklng now of manda?
musing tim Republican Supervisors in Brooklyn
ia ord-r to prevent Mr. Llnde from serving as
Supervisor of the Eljrhth Ward. It ls possible,
though, that they may not bo able to flml a
.indee Clute in Brooklyn.
1' ll a novelty that a sui' lias been brought in
? 'li.- of the elly ...lil!.-; hy a man who wishes
? . recover th.- amount paid hy him to a Tam?
many district leader f.r au office whi.-h ie- no
longer ledds. lt is not In the least degree sur?
prising thnt iii- defendant in th.- action ls a
hroth'-r of pim Commissioner Scannell. Tim
amount F,f th." consideration was |28 a month,
sud in all fl?S waa paid, nf course the transac?
tion was md open bargain and sale. The clerk
wis t lld thal In- must hand over $2."i each month
because th" man whose place he took had been
careless and destroyed several costly books.
Plainly this was a mers pretext; there must
always he "tc In every .ase of the kind. ' tal
:i. ?.- .ne numerous such cases ls inly too prob?
able. According to th., statement of Register
Levy, certain places 1..-1..nu to certain districts
and the "l.-aders" d i with them as they please.
How long a;.- the i.pl.' of Mew-York going
t.? submit to such a rotten system as that of
T immany il di ?
The citizen who could bresthe the pure air nf
\ew-Tork yesterday and at the esme time cherish
a ; mglng, ?'!? even feel a willingness, to p.."ute
it w!;h soft-coal sir. k .-:?:. h.- banished to
i IhlC IgO f :' the : esl Of bbl divs.
Speaker Crisp was ready to rule ..ti Wednesday
'! ?( a quorum of the House ems not a majority
,f th.- t.aal membership, hut a majority of the
members elected, without reference to existing
vacancies, lt was evident, however, that a con
slderabli number of the men of his ..wu party
would natl have supported such a ruling, nnd
m., ti;.. |co;. was not actually reached. As
three f ihe four vacancies are now virtually
? ; i. this nm uion is nol '.i'-? ?;-. soon l i r th-'
..un. i".t li l< evident that such a ruling
i. i ni lead i ? ?? ii us - impllcatli ns. The com
main-sens.it ruction of the Constitution
ls ihai a majority "f tie- - ntlre ma mbershlp con?
stitutes ,i .j'. ?
- ? - ?
'I: ?? \ ung gentlemen of our colleges who ire
-?frill ilia' f .ti. il! r.f .rill :- foina to spoil the
game, and who long for an old-fashioned scrim?
mage, might do worse than g> tn Rio ami
i ickle i i: ixlllan j ress-gang.
The da) i of true her< Ism are I ; l. A
notable illustration of this truth was afforded
hy th.- conduct of the -ix Dutch sailors who
were swallowed up In the sen Ci" other day lu
a aelf-sacrtflclng effort to save th.- lives of a
group nf castaways on a drifting wreck. With?
in two or three days a case has ??, urred nearer
home. Dr. Franklin M.'Kemp, lu.use surgeon
ai tic Long island College Hospital, displayed
th.- sam.- noble quality when he resolutely hared
his arm in order that his Mood might be trans?
ferred to tin- veins of a humble patient overcome
by es. aping gas and in Imminent peril of death.
ile knew wadi enough that he was risking his
life on the bare chance ol' saving that of one In
whom he had no personal Interest. The older
phystctuns In the hospital warned him of the
langer and attempted tn dissuade him, hut he
Insisted on making the eacriltce. Th.- credit due
him ls not diminished hy the circumstance that
lils heroic conduct w is In vain. He showed the
?ort of stuff that ls In him and that lits him pre?
eminently for the profession hs lins ch men.
colonel A. M. Coffey of KnobnoBter, Mo., i
nitiety years of age. Coffey County, K.m., was
ii lined after hun.
Tlc Rev Georgs W Huntington, one of Um clergy?
men who ls taking part In the revival services In
Urooklyn, nan an assistant paymaster In the Volun?
teer Navy from October, IM, to November, Una,
Peter van lien.don. one of the most faUKMIB
in.mts of ii.-i^iuiii, died a few dais ago at Lttwen,
.viiere he had Oiled the chair of natural Bdenees
-mee iv,;,. He iv.is eighty-two years old. Van
Eleneden was me of the founders of modern zo
itogy. a special subject "f Investigation and study
for Beneden was the whale. In order to learn a-<
much as possible about the animal, he went on a
number of whale hunts He arranged tha fossils of
srehtstorle bm fanni found in the ex, .nations made
">>r the Antwerp fortltlcationa This work at?
tracted widespread alt. inion.
Rear-Admiral Benham was a lieutenant on the
L. s. B, Crusader, one of a Heet "f four steam vee
<?is ntti-d out in i*.'>:i to cruise err tbs coast of
'aha against the sla re-trading ships. This WM
the first attempt to employ nt.-am.-is against the
riave tr.ui*. The chief engineer "f the crusader
writes to a ChUtago paper, r..-allin*: timi yourie
Lieutenant Benham was ii great favorite In the
N'avy. a line sailor, nu excellent igtt.-.-r and every
nen a gentleman, and characterised by sound sense
irmness and oootneea
I>r. Kr.-d A. Cook, who was the ethnologist of
Uenteneat Peary's tlrst Arctic expedition, ls to lit
ip a whaling steamer and take | lot of Ks.iulmau
logs iii "dodge OVSff Antarctic Ice. He will go
'rom New-York to tho Falkland Islands, and
thence to Louis Philippe Land, where a base
?f Buppiies win ba established. Then be will go
is far south as his ship will take him, and g.1 bv
ilea'ge as near to the .south Pole as he call Kel lu
hr.-.. mouths. There will be fourteen In thia party,
md he expects rn be hack at th- Falkland I Bland ?
n May of neal s/ear.
Ferdinand PottSSet, who Introduced certain Oer
Baa beers Into Frauen, died Iii Paris u few day*
iK". leaving a fortune of 'J..".!"!.!**! francs. He left
,MS,S00 franc-* to be divided among nwentSSB favor -
te gUSUtaof his h.nise, who helped him overcome the
apposition of patriotic Frenchmen to hil Innova?
tor Among the seventeen are leven I well-known
irtiats, authors and newspaper men. Pounet was
'ormerly an officer in the French Army. He took
>srt m the Fraiico-Pruiiian war and went after
u cloia to Yokohama as director of the Behool of
war there. In 1878 he returned to France and eat
tabllshed the restaurant. He kept an exact record
of all the regular visitor* to his place; how oftin
they came, how long they staid, what they ate inda
drank. This book, his will lay*, must be cleitroyedT
There are few boys who will not feel lorry fa
hear of the death of R. M. Ballantyne. He wrote
his llrst story for boys In ISIS, when he wa* twenty,
three years of age, and after he ha.l been for ?at
years a resident of the Hudson Bay Companys
territories. Before he exhauited that field he trav?
elled extensively |n other countries, io that hie
numerous stories cover a great part of the world.
Lincoln's birt relay will be celebrated by the Lin?
coln League of Watertown, X. Y.. with John H.
LlttlefleM's weihknown lecture, "Personal Recollee*
Hons of Abraham Lincoln. '
"Texas Siftings," which ought to he an authority,
hut perhaps IB not. says that Governor Hogg, of
Teaaa has lire children, named tra and Irr,a.
The company are seated at the allnner tabla
Kiit.-r Baptiste s servant haggard, netted ana
exclaiming, "QUlCS, 'mick a ghi** of wine!"
i'a-ople star" at each other, and at last the w|
la cornell, d with. Baptiste drinks off a glass
nine walch has been poured out hy th.- mistress
the house, wiio Inquires what has happened.
"Uh, madame, I've been dreadfully apse-; Ah,
that wine has done me good' I feel better now.
(inly fancy, 1 have Just managed to break both thi
large sevres china marmalade <li?he?:"- (Paris
Grandma Wray, of Falrb.iry, m.. who ha* jua*
celebrated her Md birthday, says: "I hear people
talking of hard times now. Why, If tho*" vho are
Indulging in that km 1 of talk should BBe half
BS hard times ns 1 hale experienced iii my Hf" the
insane asylums would have to h- established In
ev.-ry county, and teould h.- enlarged to ii :i the
crowd. Many times have I taken the ax.- ai I g^.ne
with my brothers .nil asters i" Mi" hills .f vir
glnla and cut wood. \V<- glr> need lo cut Just as
much wood a? tm- boys. We would swing t)l? axes
with every blt as much v,ni in they. \Vh*re bl
there a girl of Iftsea yean nowndavs tha win
do work like that? Main- times hav" I taken a hired
man's pla.-e In the fl.-| 1 with a hoe, cultivating
tobacco, corn, and even cotton."
Some of the best friends the devil has beling tS
chm .li.
People are scarce who think that the folks tn the
next house hine religion i d ugh.
Many a man who a<ks 'i'd to lead him when he
goes to prayer meeting surf, rs th" devil to g..ide
iiim when h.- g les to rote
Som" people neves pray f.r a revival to come
Bt a 'ime when lt inl'. Interfere with theta* work.
lni?t on a Christian's Bible la a top dressing
il.a- the ,|.-vii . iii always ubi ti make % crop.?
(Ham''- Horn.
Pres! lent Harper, of th" L'nlrerslt) of Cl ic.igo,
d..lar. I the other dr that the story of ''.lin and
Abel In the Book of OenentS was a myth, and In
snother lecture. Just deliver, i ..? :;., University',
he declared that the Stories of tha- long-lived ante
dlluvlan patriarchs m the LiMe erere akin to the
BtOriaH of denil-g ids and h. roe*, half beaton and
half divine, In other old th. -dogies. That Merhuse
I il. or anybody ei*F- should have lived "nine hundred
and sixty ;:;,d nim Veers" was contrary tO the
lawi of nature, he said, and a physical imp mlNHty.
Si ii Stories contained i.o historical '.r scientlflo
truth, but were simply told as a crude method of
teaching religious truth. The Rev. i?r. Reason, of
Chicago, has condemned these feaehlngs, but the
fi ulty and students of the I'nlverslty e-.thusle
sst kally approve of them.
Teacher?What ls the meaning of the word "oas*
Pupil I'unno.
Teacher tl meena "touching." Give an example
of a lenience containing the w .ri.
Pupil lifter a prolonged mental struggle!-"The
Baba - In the Wo??d" is a trery contiguous story.?
(Worthing! in's Mags sine.
The commissioners appointed by Governor Ruo*
Bell f M is *.i ch u set ts to Investigate the Norwegian
anl Swedish sytem of liquor selling rpport that
?Im pinn I* a gool one and ought to be Introduced
in Msssaehasi Ita
Customer How many yerda in the piece?
Clerk This li a whole bolt; not a yard ha* been
mt ofT. and there ls not another piece of good* Uko
lt in the stock, lt
customer?Well, then, you'll have to ihow mn
nometr.lng else I want enough for bu eves.?(Chi*
? om Intel Dei
It li expectar* tl ll Messrn Moody and Hankey w0|
mike a gr-at many conversions during their en?
gagement in Washington. If they could only con,
trert the Hawaiian "cuckoos" and the tar'lg lo*
fumers they would receive the thanks of thSj
NO Chance for Him Mr Gotham-So you sn gea,
Ing ? f settle rn the I'nited states"
Nen Arr.vii (from BouHi Ameriea)?Tea liri,
they've got to drawing things a little too tire tn
South America to suit me. Why, slr. lt's got so
now that a man can't even get a Job at over'hrow*
lng a Oovernmeni unless he belongs to the garrotted
Monists' I'nton and has pail Ms fies regularly foe,
six months, -(Xew-Tork Weekly.
A correspoi lent ot "The it..s-on Transcript*
thui li - rib* - .i fete ley of the Virgin In the BpnaMi
' Orihuela:
"Tourers snd eastlea bombs and rocket* of well
I . ??.r- :'.". the big Sojliare w.-h a. ioldaao
rain. Tho pyrotechnist hangs over the reef of a
?ry hon-*.- and crl-s ti the l POWd below,
'Well, how ttoea sh- g.."' And everybody yells back,
? .
r. "., 'Hurrah for th* Yir-in of Monsfrate*
, .
" 'Vlva-a-.i-a" fWhlsh, flag fl"""*, boomi)
" 'Hurrah for GodF
" 'Vlva-a-a-a!' (Boom, boom, fizz, whist ntl)
" 'Hurrah for the Inhabitants of Orlhue'.a- l-a-af*
?? 'Vlva-a-at' (Whlsh, w;-.i.*h, whisk, whtsh, boomi)
"'Hurrah f r th< itrangers within our gat'.*:'
"'Vlva-a-a!' (Boom, b eta boom, boom, bang')
" 'Hurrah for ti ? itrangers within our gata?s.
Can we let thal pass? Never! off with your nata
a ma ric mos!
Ihie's to Orihuela! Here's to the Spaniiiril a
better nation never walk.,! the earth! In mai-erof
wealth .rn i boasta i civilisation behindhand n the
race perhaps; bal In the sterling guelttteg of
chivalry, generosity ar, 1 hospitality leaving the
reel of Kurope halMowa at the horizon. Viva
Thoughtless or I'nklnd "Here," *ald the very
young man, "is a chameleon."
"(m. Mr Callow." sh.- eaclalmed, "thi* ls very
kind of you. I shall uk.- good eire of lt."
"I hope you will keep tl to remind foo of me."
"I shall take the greatest pleasure In dOMM BS."
And afier .1 pause she added. "Whal 1 pity lt
doesn't stay green all the time."?(Washington {"Uar.
The fuses to the Gloucester fishing leet *> far
this winter hive !?? en .xtnineiy beavy, n.inhering
ten vessels wrecked or foundered within eight
weeks. This number ha* only twice been e.culled
tu the same time. Them InBtSHfOS were the great
gai.- of February :i. ISM, when Rfteen vessels were
swamped iii 11 single night, the death roi: In trill ! Bg
l'JO men, and the storm of February 2". Mg when
the s.a swallowed up lift.vu vess. la an I l.'T men.
Hal Been Better Days "This parrot, ma'am."
s.i.l The ,I. aler, "is ..p.- that I rail re co mm. ? 1 lt
was in th. family of a clergyman for many yearn
"Well, gems, wiiat'ii ye ha ve? Mame your pisant"
exclaimed the parrot with startling a-mphasls.
"He e is obliged to part with it. however." ron
tlnued the dealer with an apologetic cough, "uni
foi -list year or ta i ll haa belonged to tl..; AI
di mian from our ward." (Chlcag I Tribune.
I'I-, v. >usly acknowledged.$14. t-. 7 07
"One-tenth" . lui
Silver offering at an afternoon ten by the
Whatsoever circle of Kami's lMugnteri.
Haateton, Fenn., per ailee Qetrtrude
Pardoe, treasurer. 70 00
The Kim's Daughters circle of franklin
Balure ami Kalsertown, Montgomery,
ff Y. SOO
C. S. Flatt. Kick Hale Mills. Mass. (00
?lohn I.. Lockwood. 30 00
.1. .1 A. 3500
SJ. lt. M. 100
C. H. C. USI
Mrs sf. -I Munslll. 150?
E. K C. 1'. 2500
a. r. iv, charil. 6?
Total. February H, MM.ll 1.6*5 OT
(The Tribune Coal and Foo.l Fund ls compoied
of contributions from the public, ami every dollar
ot a ls applied directly to the relief of destitute
people In this city after careful prevlnu* Inveitl
gatlon by expert* BS to their a:tj.il vant*. Or?
dinarily this relief uik.s the form of uncooked
food, or coal. All expenses In the management
of the fund, salaries and Incident.in are defiayed
from the same source from whist] The Tribune
Fri>sh-Alr Fund has been so lona conducted. Supplies
furnished to the destitute are purchased by whole?
sale at rate* lower than any private family can pro?
cure them, and often at ratei one-half to two-thlrdi
le** than the poor In the urdlu uv way actually
pay for them.
In Investigating destitute cans, anl some timm ls
tha-lr relief. The Tribune Coal and Food Fund lues
freely the machinery of the Society for the Im
Srovement of the Condition of the Poor, thi C'bll
ren'i Aid Society, and many others of thi beat
organised charities In the city. Agent! of tteea
or other worker! among the poor who vish to make
use of this fund for the .-ellef of their poor, should
spply In person to the Rev. Wll'-rd Pariona, st
The Tribune Applicants thimielvu should set SS
sent to The Tribune offlcej

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