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The season wai danced oat in the nm Heel man?
ner at Sherry'! early on Wednesday morning, and I
a few- hours later many of the Kay dancers walked I t
soberly to chun h, almost too tired to follow the ?
services. The Week Opened with tho l'uTn.'ir.'hs' j J
Hall, which, while a handsome entcrtainm. nt In ' f
.\ery inspect, hud nothing to distinguish it from
all the other balls of the series. Franklin Bartlett
came on from Washington to lead a larg.- cotillon,
in whuh there were no favora He ehose for his
partner HIM Pomeroy, who looked extremely hand?
some in s gown of whit.- latin and blue velvet
A. much livelier and prettier puny was the last of
the Tuesday evening dances at Sherry's on the
following night. There were all the beauty that
New-York cnn bring together. Howers in profusion,
?oft Hants, inspiring musto, young women In gowns
as fresh ns if it were the beginning and not the
end of the ere eon, and plenty of young men. lt
was a lata- bail, the dancing not being well under ,
way until almost half an hour before midnight, | t
but there waa a plenty of spiiit and go from the t
start to the finish, which cane- with the carly J
horns of Wednesday morning. An innovation was ',
made i.y dancing the cottllon after supper, when i
everybody was in the best possible humor and in ! *,
the proper spirit to enjoy the Mardi Gras features )
of the dame. The Ffirit of carnival was demon?
strated in the favora which Included harlequtna '
ami Punchinellos of gay colors mounted on hand- .
sollie wands; large balloons on which were painted a
th..- dm,- and fancy pitui-s. Ii. ins and other J
amusing trifle*. The greatest amusement was J
<reat< I When, al the height of the cotillon, which
was led bj .1. Norman Whitehouse, who danced
with Mrs Edmund I.. Bayllea the dancers were
ahOWered with colls of paper, which wera BUS
pended from the edges of the largs dome. The
.mes Were gorgeoua and t'1" display of Jewels
was the tin. st seen anywhere this winter. Mrs. \V.
?Seward Webb, who. with Mrs. Burke Koch". Min,
J. Frel.i: Keino, han ami Mr-, .lohn Christopher
WUmerdlng. assisted m receiving the guests, wore
a mngniti. tnt gown of whit.- satin brocade and
point lace, coronet of diamonds, nnd a stomacher
..;' iia'iionds. Mrs. Paran "Stevena In buttercup yel
low- satin combined with marcon velvet nnd
trimmed with silver, wore many handsome rubies
and diamond ornaments on her corsage nnd necP*
us will as in her coiffure. Mrs Henry T. Sloane,
in whit<* satin, was abbue with diamonds, Including
a Crer-iun collarette, a tiara, anl many ornaments '
on tin- corsage. Mis. Fran.'-s K. Pendleton was m t
ni effective gown ot blue moire, Iraped with white
gauze festooned with small rosi ttea of shrimp pink, .
Velvet Mrs. Charles l". Havemeyer lookeil hand- i
ie in a dress ..f bl u i- ni In an i lace, the bo i
of which was ornamented with a Bingle American [
beauty ieee. Mrs. Edmund I*. I'.ayh-s. In pale mauve
opslescent moire, trim:.. I with silver embroidery
and point lace, was one of th.- young niarri.! J
belles who danced in nearly every set. Mus
Badly Vanderbilt Bloom l ked beautiful Ima gown '
of cerulean bin.' Bilk noun ? l with gan/' of the ;
same shade, end trimm< l with narrow blue satin ,
ribbon. Mrs. Berke Roche's gown was of whit, J
satin shot with blue ai i trimmed with silver. ,
"During supper the Hungarian Hand took a position 1
In the small reception-room overlooking the ball- ]
room, and played throughout the repast, which was ,
finished about 1:30 o'clock, winn Mr. Whit, lion.-.- j
began to gather his forces for the cotillon, which j
was a "Brett) one. B i from Bret to last tbs must- j
clans of Lander*! and the Hungarian Hand played,
and the dancers danced with more seel and spirit ' i
than at any hall save the Bachelors', at th.- Wal?
dorf. A number of elaborate dinner parties pr.
allied ths ball, thc largest one being given by Mr.
and Mrs. William 1>. Sloane.
A pleasent Incident of the week was the appear?
ance of Constant Coquelln on Tueedsy before the
subscribers of Ihe afternoon teas at Sherry'* Tie
French actor, to whom was accorded nu enthusi?
astic reception, recited several monotoguea anl af?
terward had ai. Inf irma! reception. With fen ? *?
captions, nearly all the subscribers were l
Including Colonel and Mr* B. Van Rensselaer ''ri?
ger. Mr. and Mrs. P. K. Pendleton, Mrs. John Ja
SOb Astor snd her mother, Mis. Bdward B. Will
Ing, Mrs. W. Baysi I Cutting, Mr. and Mn
P. Kerneehaa, Mn. Paran Stevens, Mrs, Oliver
HafTbnan, Mrs. James A. Hurden, Mrs. Brockholst
Cutting and Mrs. Frederic Neilson.
The time has come for theatre partle* ri ?
with music, for badmtnton and b iwllng clubs, for
trlj>s to Canada, and Florida, f.r a complete change
In fact, in occupal Bl 1 surroundings, and all
sorts of plans are bating devised to lighten the pen
ltential gloom. 1 >r. nnd Mr.*. w. Seward Webb,
who have arranged for four house ; trites al their
park In Lake Ula In the Adirondacks, and al tlc ir
country pis a nt Sbelburn* Yt., will entertain the
lirst of their guests this week, Dr. Webb having
left the (liar. 1 central Station on Friday I l|
with the drat detachment Tie.- gay piny start. i ..ft
for It3 neck's fun in two drawing-room ui^,
Hecla ami Ellsmore, under the care of Dr. Wi
who will keep the yo ?? - i ? pl< in the Adirondacks
until Tuesday morning, when, after two days of I-???
boating, rifle-shooting, Banting and tobogi
they will h.- calli, i ...,.-r to Vermont to Join Mrs,
Webb and her family st Shelburne Parma li'."
the days and nights will be spent in Reasonable
sports until Thursday night, when th' j
will be brought back to town In Dr. Webb's pii
vate cars. The second party will go next Errida)
night, iir. and Mrs. Webb's guests thli w>.-k ar.
Mr. ard Mrs. John II. Purdy, Mr. and Mr* .1 an ? -
Lawrence Breens, Miss Gora Randolph, Miss sloane, j
Miss Fauiine Whitney, Miss Beatrice Bend, Miss
?hepherd, Richard T. WUi a, Jr.; Charles Munn,
Ti- lerlc Baldwin, James A. Burden, Jr.; Charles
Iloblns.r., Julian ll. Kean and William A. Potter.
Several engagements were announced before the j
Strive! of Ash Wednesday, the inst being that of
Miss May Irvin, ,t daughter of Do- late Alexander :
Irvin, of this dty, to AugusUne Coleman Smith, a
young law;., r and one of the officers of the Knlck
erbaw k--r Iii ling Club. Mis* Irvin his lived I r
some tim-- iii California, where her two brerhers
own a larg.- ranch The second engagement -\ .
formally Hine,,.I, ? i on Monda} -that of Miss Ellie
Jaffray Hurst, \ lungesi daughter of Fran .
J. Hurt nnd granddaughter of tha late Bdward 8.
Jaffray, to Oeorge ll Mali*, son of tte- lat.- John i
Malrs, of this elly. Mr. Ma rs, who was gradual) I
from Harvard nb ut five years ago, lias known lils
future wife staci childhood. The welding will |
frobably take place lu the spring, ut Willow j
Irook, Mr. ll,.rsts country borne, al Irvlngton-on
rhe-Mudson, An ?? -mint, srhlch w-.is m
ir.or?*i last autumn but pr imptly denied was made
itubbo on Tuesday, afternoon lt was that of Miss ,
?'. llth Cruger Simd.-, iee nd daughter of Mrs.
charles E. Sands, of HasUngs-on-the-Hudson, lo
T. J. Oakley Rhinelander, >-;ia-st son of Mr. and
Mrs. Winiam Rhinelander. Both these young people
me wei) known In society, and tba news of their
engagement was i urci... a ? irprt a to tiielr frlen-ls.
A recent engagemenl li thal of Mill Emily il
Jeremiah, daughter of Mrs. Thomas i\ Jeremiah,
of No. IH Went lift.', eli th-st., to William Alden
l'rstt, of this city Th. engagement Is also sn
noumea of Miss W. Dulle* Martin, daughter of
< "-I.,,-,;,i j. Martin, of t>n* <,-??. to John L*aimbeer,
Jr.. of N<>. Wj Weal Plftlevh-st. No lite las >? ?
been set for th" wedding, Billi another engagement
made public In the early part of the week was that
of Miss Elisabeth Maud Oallatln. , i-'.-t laughter of
Mrs. James Oallatln. of No. M Wot Elfty-flfth-st., '
to John <b- Courcy Ireland, ?. ? ? ,,f Mr. and
Mm. John H. Ireland, of No. li East Forty-seventh- j
lt ls announced thal the marriage of Mrs Mabel
Montigu Bealch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William
H. Bealch, of No. Il* Weil Beventj Ixth-st., Lo
Thomas Curry Oakley will tak, puce in Bt,
Thomas's church on April ".<>
Canis have been Issued by Mrs. Alice I. Shaw, of
Mo. M Wwi One-hundred-and-twenty-elghtl ??* . for
the marriage of her daughter. Mi - Minnie Myrtle
Shaw, to William Albert Currie, ol Boston, on
Tuesday morning, February 10, al Bt, Andrew's
Protestant Episcopal church. Flfth-ave. slid One
Mrs. Ferdinand Wllmerdlng, daughter of ex-Sec?
retary of the Navy Benjamin V. Tracy, will give
the second of b?-r dayi at borne on Tuesday, at her
hou*e. No, il West Twentieth-el.
The first meeting this season of the Evening
Badminton club win take pla. e i n Tuesday.
Among the patronesses of the duli this jaar are
Mr*. Charles Stickney, Mrs. Thom;:* \v Ward,
Mrs Charles S. Abercrombie, Mrs. Robert Ruther?
ford, Mi*. Herman Clarke and '?Irs. Bridle] Miir
ttn. Ti..- sea ind of Miss Callender and Miss J ie
Forest's aerlei of reception! with music will be
given on Tuesday evening.
Ki i Hilborn'- I*. Roosevelt and Miss Shippen
hav *?nt out cards for a reception to Iff- given on
Tuesday afternoon fr.,m :: until ?' o'clock, to meei
the Huff and Blue Chapter ot the Daughters of the
American Revolution, at Mr- Roosevelt's hone,
No 62 F.**t Thlrty-fourth-st.
The theatre club organised by the Missen Hidden
will hold lt* next meeting OB Tuesday night, when
the mt-mhars will atti nd the performance of "The
liutterflies" at Palmer"! Theatre, going afterward
to the Waldorf for supper.
. The Kni.-k.-rlFO-k.-r Howling Club's tlrst meeting
of the aeason will be held on Wrdneadsj In the
Tennis Hullding. In West Koriy-Ilnt-st. The maa
agers of the club are |>r. D. M. Cammann, Hanv.-r
Clarkson. Matthew Ast,.r Wilks, lt. Horace Oallatln,
Shipley Jone*. .1. Hooker Hamersley, Havan! Clarke
and Walter ituiherfurd. Th- patron eau I this year
jncluile Mrs. John T. Hall. MrH. Prescott Hall lint?
ier, Mr*. Columbus O'D. IsHln. Mrs Clemetrt c.
Moore, Mrs. Hyam K. Steven-, Mrs. Howland Pell,
Mn. J. Hooker Hamersley, Mrs. Phillp Rhinelander,
Mr*. Krealerlc J. de Ptryetaw. Mis. ried, i lek Sheldon,
Mri. Ogden Ooelet and Mrs. James MuhleniK-rg
Italley, Johnston Livingston will give a dinner
party on Wa*aitie*dav night at his home In Flfth-ave.
I",,honor of the (\>unt amt Countess ie l.-iugler
Vlllan. The Thursday Kvenlng Club will meet thli
wren at the home of Mrs. Firle Dodge, No m
#T*V? engagement waa announced early In the tgeek
?jr Mill Helen Wlllet*. daughter of Kdward Willett--,
JjP John CJerow Dutcher, only son of John B.
DUtener. Mles Wllleti ls a beautiful and aecom
>{Jshed brunette, and much admired sh,- i? ..
^'ln..;!?lr"'?','l?'UKl",?, ,jf Samuel Willela'the uimke'r
' "anthr.ipis, and mllllonalie, who died n this clfi
?me ten years ago. Mr. Dutcher I* a much
?j tratulated man. He U a tall, manly feUow.an3
tuZ^vf&Sl Ml.s Luura Louisa athens, niece
? -Hrs. Elbrldga ailbert Beymour, of Il-rmon
e'rhr",,in,r ErnJ",- J-, Aden, of chicago, wi;: b6
JW.Of&tsd in irii.i-.y Chapel at noon on Thursday
- t.us week, ihe ceremony, whlc. wi": be nee.
ormed by the Kev. Ur. MoM Dto. will be %&
owed by a breakfast at the \\ aldorf.
The tina! meeting this seasan of the Satnrl-iy
faning Theatre i ub waa heij ia,t nigh-. when
?? members and ;i party of Invited guests attended
''" performance by John Drew and hil company
t Palmer'! rheatre ot "The Butterflies." A small
""ion ol orchestra itali* were occuDled bv the
?rty, which Included Mr. and Mrs. Walter I
'uydam. Mrs. Spotiwood D. Bchenck. Mr* A Mc
-sne Hamilton, Mis*. Alice Harrlman, Mina Char
" " Pell, Min Noni,. M-.s^ Alexander, Ml ? Will
am street. Mba Meiler, Sir Roderick Cameron,
? H"nry Smith, Bayard Flab Fotilke, I'.-irv lirun
Ve.i, Gardiner Sherman ai I William Morgan After
h.- play .h.. ?,. mhera of th.- club and Invite i guesti
"?ere entertain! I at supper al Delmonico'! by M
a . ..
The third nf the seri.* nf Adamowskl Quartet sii),
cnptlon concerts was held yesterday afternoon al
': nome ot Mrs, Henry O. Marou.md, No ll Bast
>ixty-eiahth-flt., where the subscribers listened to
he following programmi : Quartet c minor. Beeth
iVeni ene. rt.. for violin. Wleniowskl, and a quin
et, with plano, by Dvorak. Mr Buhler was the
ilanlit. Th.- fourth and last of these subscription
joncerta will take place on March ::i. at the rest,
ence of Mra N. ll. Bayllea No. 1 Bast Seventy
H. A. Jacoby last night nave an entertainment at
ne Sall.- d'Armea, No. 75 Weal Forty-fourth-st.,
vbich was attended by a number of fashionable
-?-. -i. i? Man) Interesting bouts with aubre*
ind foils were given by Professor Jacoby, in- rj
ll. Hammond. Fr. lorie R. Cou,bit, j,-. Jamel W
lenard, lr. Dr. John h claiborn.-. D. A. Clark
"ti. Professor J. Honnafont, of Philadelphia; Dr
}. r. o'connor and Professor I'.. Postel, ..f Tale
ollege. After a very Intereitlng programme had
>eeti finished suppi r wai served. Borne of the
tuesti present were Mr. and Mr- I' K Pendle! 'ii
lilia l.a Montagne, Ihe Mine* del Mont.-. Mr. and
lira H. Whitney McVlckar, the Misses Lawren
dr. and .Mrs. Charles j... is:,v. Mill I'.a Liv m. Mr.
ind Mrs .Mfr. 1 Heall r. Bklney Bmlth, Fltsgerald
eploe Matthew astor Wilks, Stephen ll < um
'olin <;. Beresford. J. J, Harrison. W. Traver* Gray,
. Murra) Mitchell, K. K Richard* E. Mci.gal
Hawkes, Miss Field, Mr. snd Mra Fernando
Isnags, Mr. and M'-s. john E. t'ondln, Peter Marte
dr. and Mrs. W. K. Strong, Mis. Strong and thi
disses Hotter.
ri'." Badminton courts In the Armory of the
lerkeley School, In Weil Forty-fourth-it., were wei
latronlsi l yesterday afternoon by member* of the
: i linim,:? Club, many of i
- ?er ti verj 1 an Isome fancy ilh
''??' i, Mi 1- ac I.. Kip, asslited ? " I
inder, pour. 1 tea, an I preside,] it thi
reihment table, which wai surround I by merry
"rou| i of ! oui -? pe >;?'?? thr aighout I aftcn
'?v.r.ii In tere* ting tournament* will b playi l on
he . i irt? befor- the end of Ihe ?
A charmin*- Informal muili il
mateur talent wai given by Mi cru
ter Haiell, at their hom-. No. 8"> East Fiftj \
asl nigh! M;s. iii ?
i wi l-known, b Ins tha ? | Mr*
d 'rv Ma- ii Jonea, who ? nt. r il llstln
tulshed i pie In hi r il ty. Shi
Mi s \\ nu im 1-. lin Thnag who ians to i ir. ul
ippreelath ? audleni ?? were Mi rle* r -?
?ontralto (a couiln of the hoiti i; " ?. rt rude
i'c innor, soprano v Form Ito; Mis*
- prat i, and a we',l-kn iwn len ?r ..nd bary
Mrs Foreman was ti ?? . n i ni* Aftei
tupper w < -? rv. i the amuslna . red ban
l' tiley Hr >theri " ?i;...- wi ? ? negro melo
*.mong those present were T. J. Oakle-. Rhini ai lei
in 1 hf* :. il rea Mis- Edith Sands (c
io--.. Mr ind Mrs Adrian Iselln, )r., Mr. and Mi
rVilllam Iielln, Mr and Mrs Columbi]I I* Itenl
ey Douala* Haiell, Mr. and Mr.<. 1 - La
Kane. Mr. and Mrs. Woodbury G. Langdon, Mrs.
IVoodbury Langdon, Mil l-iln. Mr. uni
\lr?. Lewli .I..;..s, Ml** Ami. n Mi. and Mi*
Phillp Rhinelander, Mr and Mrs. Benjamin W.-:;-*.
Mr. anl Mrs. Barclay Pal mi, Ml** Watson, I wc
iBelln, Harold Brown, Mr. Richard*, Shipley J i ;
Frealerlck Tams and Lynch Montgomery
Al the reception of Min Utile Berg, No. 12 Weal
Hxtleth-st., In the week, music was riven b) On ?n
Bradley, pianist; Harlow ("handlei barytone; Mi-s
friedman. Min May Rankin and Min Ora ?? Wi*
?um. Arthur Wellesley g .v.- some recitations, aa
*re>H as Robert Hatch. Among thoie preieni were
1 ?r Francl* Frazer, Mrs Halliford Da in. Hr. and
Mrs. john ll nilllngs. Mrs Charles li. Itnvmon.l,
darlow ll cha! lier. Mrs john Van Buren Thayer,
Mr ami Mrs |>aac M Dycktnan, Mri l: Eli
Mra Fits John Porter, Dr, Howard James, Smith
Ely an I Mrs. De Forest
\ ph i-.nir entertalnmenl was given by the n". -,v
fork Kindergarten Association on Thui lay, al
?"larry's. E. S. Willard generously gave a reading
'..r the benefit of the association, whose Important
ivork was In need of funds He was pr- lenti I tn
he audience by lllshop Potter, In a graceful and
ippreclatlve Introduction, a:'-.t- the reading, Rich?
ard Watson Ol ler, In thanking Mr. willard f.,r his
clndnesa to c.is cause, remarka l upon Ihe gener
n by I o' Mr Wlllaral'i profi
,. aid Christian demands. McKenile Gorrinn
The ball bj Mrs, Robert F Ballantine at h-r
home, No. ::: Washington-st., Newark, on Monda)
night is conceded in Newark to have been tha
most brilliant a;, i bu.asful affair during ih-> sea
ion, eclipsing the private balls ..f any prevloui les?
ion In thal city. There wei- about four hundred
guests. The spa. ions hons- a.i ommodated the
large number nf gueita without crowding, and tn ?
hundred were served at the dlnlng-tabfe al ons
time. The rooms were lavishly decorated with
palms, white lila a r.s.*, violeti nnd imllax
oi- ,,r chi -ti.i for dancing wai In the llbrar* ? I
: lol In oi ni itra Rib I up Ihe Inti rvnl* rn th
tnelodv. Delmonico ierv< 1 the i ipper :.t midnight
Mn Hall intine re -iv I the * n ? bel ..-? ? n lu in l
ll o'.-lo.k In the reception room Bhe wore a gown
?f gray silk embroidered in jet. with dla mon I orna?
ments. Her daughter, Mrs. j.dm O lltney, wore
pink satin and Miss Ailee Ballantine wore white
Mr- charles Bradley wa* In white satin and
? .;,. velvet There ? ii dancing until mid
uU'ht. and .'? ' a. m. Chauncey <J. Parkei .? 1
the c dillon al
Arnon* il... ea, st? fran out- f-fown Were Mr.
U I Mis Frank Wannon, Alfred Kly. John M.-N.-I.
Mr and Mis. J. Chryitie Bell, Haul Bonner, Uri'.
Mr. and Mrs Warren E Dei
i. ..
lt .v. land Kellby, 1". W. Keasby, and L. Kaw
i Mrs. William clark, Mr and Mri Rob
en w. Cumming, Mr .ti l Mi i. John li n
tine, Ward C unpbell, Alfn I I. Dennis, |i ,
Robert M. Parker, Stockton Colt, and Miss
c.ii, Archibald J Barklle, Kenn "? ??"?lt. Jr ? Mr
an I Mi ? ? ll ci.uk. Charl, i U H ilsy, il
Agnei Clir.: I. Mirv le, id. Mattel Val. b ii ul,
Cumming. Ella Wright. Dilly Flet
France* Depue, Bessie \> a-.-k*. the vii-.---- ?'
heal, the Mlnei Jackson, Frank and George E.
: Ernest Duryee, \Mlllam H and Mi-. Kln
l .ir?. William ll Braille . Dr. an I Mri \
Mercer; Mr an I Mri .-' H Jackson. Mi ? i
Henry H. Darcy, william H Jackson Edwsrd ll.
Duryea Beehman Disley, Caldwell Aheel, Fr-1?
rick Rorcheling, Fr.?l-rlrk Mercer, Mr and Mrs,
Wallal ?-. M ? Mi an i Mn >;? ?!.:?? Ash?
man, John J. Hubbell, Mr, and Mrs. Philip N.
Ja kson "irthur Mackie, Mr, and Mrs. Charles K.
Nichol i in i Mi an l Mrs J P ilhemui
A r.[Uion will b" given to Miss Camille D'Ar
vllb'. the comic opera kIt.i-.t. by Mrs, John li.
Townsend and Ml ? Margaret Townsend, at th-ir
home, No M3 West Thirty-fourth st., this evening.
Three hundred Invitations have been seal oul
- ? ??
Mlle, calv'- has ba en oralered to rest by hw
physician, Hr. Holbrook Curtie Her health is |s..,r
and She bas been working hard all tha season.
it ha* been noticed of late that she wai soi Binging
in quite har own style, and now 11 is lound neces?
sary for ler to remain off the stage for a week or
run a risk of more seriously endangering ber
health. Sh? yang In "Carmen** last night at the
Metropolitan Opera Hon*.-, for the b. nelli of the
purim Association, The performance was given in
Hid of the Emergency Fund of the Cnlted Hebrew
charities. Tin house was crowded, ai it alwaj is
when Mlle. Calve sings In "Carmen," and the pre?
ce! ; i, as m arly aa tiny could be estimated last
wen- nb..ut ?!?'.<?.i. Tie- other ii' mix i of
the cant were Mlle. Beuermelster, Mlle. Ihles, Mme.
, Eames, M. l-assalle, Signor ''.rou/' kl,
(signor Carbone, Blgnor Rlnaldiiil, Signor Viviana
i rn! Blgnor dc Lui ia.
Mil- calve'i Inability to sing thin week will make
hangei '.i pi oki.-I mm" '
S.nne <".',i r.port; have again become currenl t
ti?. effect thal Augustin Daly's Company, now
playing '" Loneon, will return to thia country anl
appear nt Daly's Theatre, on Baster Monday. Rli h
ard Morney, Mr. Daly's manager, denied thc ?? re?
ports lest night and hall: "Mr. Daly'! 'ompinv
u-m remain at the theatre in Lelc lier Square till
about May I. when ll will be followed bj Mme
'lillee who will pla* h%r repertorj for six weeki
Hhe will be follow.-I by Mme. Bernhardt, who aili
? ,v iridetmltelv. Mr. Daly has given up maklui
bj v soring tour lu this .nlrv. and will nol play
a nv enixagemenl in New-York thli spring. The com
nani will return t.. this country nnd will ,,,?.,
In (''hi.-ago on September l, li will baigin ns re?u
?r ?ea?on at the borne theatre .arly in November
??s'oir,- Acres' will remain at this theatre tm j?iy
.'nd lt li the Intuition that lt shall return In Beptem
ber an-i stay tin the opening of Mr. Daly's season.'
COLONRL PARTBIDaB ir wis ".//,>?
Colonel John N. 1'artrldge took bl* leave of th(
23d Regiment. K. O., i. K. Y.. Of Hrooklyn. "Oure,*
nf which he lins held command for eight yenr*. a'
the ("lennon: nv amory, in Rrooklyn :?*( evenlnc
General Alfred C Barnes reviewed the regiment
and Colonel Partridge -Ili'rlbuted long lervica
medal* Ueutensnt-Colonel Alexis c. Smith wii
take command of the regiment to-morrow.
Bead'.eiton A Woers'B "IMPERIAL HEER" r*.
celves highest awards wherever exhibited.
N'Ul HI Sin.\v> "fOOD HAS OKliN OIVCN TO M74
Another week of work toward alleviating the
Bulleringa of the coll and hungry haa been done
through The Tribune Fund, hundreds of fimllles
hiv.- been reached whose distress became known
through The Tribune*! agent*, and many have re
"lv"' food who '"SH not a*k for lt, and
"ko reluctantly accented lt. even In their
dire -.vant. The distributions have been made
'?'' sll parts ,,f the city, and all nationali?
ties ahev been served. Th- italian* came
to th.- Second Avenue Mission for groceries; at No.
1 H'T-v-t. the Mariners' Temple, worthy Hebrews
'?'???' fed; ihe Colon I Mission. In West Thirtieth
?I . distributed luppllei to poor nnFl worthy negroes
sn ? English-speaking families were taken car.- of
nt a ?eral places dally.
No family has received groceries more thin once,
snd in no instance were people supplied whose
w irthlnen u ta ,lot vouched for by persons who
male their report aft-r personal examination and
Inquiry, ti,.- m,.? end women connected with the
varloui mlnlona who have volunteered to render
this service to Th- Tribune Fund, will deserve the
thanks nol only ,,f the recipients of tbs bounty,
bul of those who c intrtbute to it s maintenance.
I "urra idling aa has been the work Of The Trib?
une Fund, only u comparatively small number of
di ervlng i.r has been benefll l, and letters de?
scribing distress, illness and misery tn consequence
of enforci i Idleness still come to The Tribune in
gr i numbers There is another eJeaa of latters
which are written because of The Tribune's relief
mea aurel, which few, except the work-rs connected
With the established charitable organizations, MS.
They ere letters expressive ..f the gratitude of the
beneficiaries, and though al times defective in eon
lion and not models for orthography, the
hi irtlnesN and evident Blncerlty of tho mlsstvea see
a source of much grattflcatlon to those who work
in the cause, and i tangible rebuke to those who
think lhere is no gi itltude,
yesterday endea] the fifth week of tho distribution
\- tba mist N ? Sa Ba cond-gt, the Rev, O.
1 listrtbul I li twenty-oil- families,
alxtj rive tamil ? were supplied with groceries al
the New-York Home and Training
Sch ?..;. No Ml Wa jt Pourteenth-sl ; st the Cstberini
lt .-ST . 1. Il fsml1 es wefe Slip
pl|a*d; -:,e |{. \ W, T, Hising Beni Tribune Fund
100 terring j.r families, and six
fa ml Hi wi : through the Bible and Fruit
. No. CO Eail Twenty rdxth-si As | r
the gt rlei dMrlbuted i.y The Tribune
Fund were rn ti lota ? "',| family recrivtng:
: i rn ?. i - j., i k.
i qu ii ' > I- in-.
t i tmeal,
4 p lundi ria ?-.
' ? i
l ran n ;? ni ? i mi'k.
Since ia.. Fund ba>aan the distribution ??[ gre ? r ? .
the weeks ago, ''.'"i famlllefl hive been supplied.
The worka i-s distribute 1 ls it wa ek ali i 101*4 lona of
coal to TOT fimin.s Thia rn ikei Th.- total number of
families srhl h have recelva l coal from the fund, to
data LOK, l.lSMa tons belni the quantity dlitributed
? if the .'.'nj famlllefl erl i re elved coal, all rxcipt
SM I.- ?? 'Ive I gi erti - also
Ml . I A Reeves, the luperintendeni of the Dea?
conesses' Hone told of the want that haa coma to
bul In the "reasi.table" itrats oases thal i ima ta
h.-r knowledge, not among thi extreme)) los
but In th.- ''respectable'1 itrata; casu thal come io
the surface only after i , means for titling warri
have been ixl lusti I, when everything movable
and .iii thal i in In any wa) '? ?-, in I have gone
to the paw asl. .;,, en li tl noire lies
between asking f,..-i or -'.limn, ona -i n fam
Hy consist! of man, wife and four children; the eld?
est child, eight >.-ars old. i:.- ? . ? ii i my ..r
four months Th.- tamil) hal .lt.- : here I irta?en
an i mr ihe ..i-i -;\ reara ha* ? ? upi i tm
.; imenti. With the kui ..f work an l In
ability to lin I any, the ? ' i ii I lory '.<??>+ rejieata '??
little by little the h iuiehol-1 furniture ami the Httle
ornaments crew lei*, rent day ntm ? waa
no money for the lanalkinl, more pi >perty arenl
the pawnbi iker'i, and llnall) auch pl.- ot cloth?
ing a* eo,r. i be i] i!?? i were converted li
When mission worker the fathei had tai
remain Indoon because he hil nothing t ? m.-ar, tn
. ... ;i- ii were hungr). an I the relief fr un The Tub
una Fun i rn ?? aecepta i v ;t>, ta m f .?? till ?:
I Ui CA IRS ? OMI TO 1.1'iMT.
Another case wis thal of a relined Rngllsh
womat ? - four ch'ldren, g woman deierlbeal
by tl...- superintendent ?? "a lady." Bbc did nol
cm" for rtlief n>r would sn-- tell h>-r story, but
Investigation . ??>.?:
nee ly, and I ri I well-da-een ? l .. i
At two pla es In Delanci I stacks of
wc.! - .i.-i and broken furniture yesterday, ll
waa pi -r .-I: .'mi. when ll itood in Ihe apartments
..f tha Itu* lan famlll . ?, , irhlch lt b :?:..-? J. bul
if tel I ? ni il ? ?! h" i ito- ran. i ..r two da -. af ta
kl. k. i a- ul bj th.- boys, lt wa -
limply ls . greal pllre ol wrecksg . good foi
ng bul luii Thli furniture ? i pul In the
i hard rain i> andi ii la' agents, and
.. famllle*, .a..- roniiatins ol sn oh] man and
bli wife, the othei ot man. wife and thrace chlhlri n,
len In the it reel Tl.ld man and womifn
were taken i ire of b neighbors, but the other
family srenl to pla ? children separated fr..n, the
moth.r. and lh( fathei a tramp. With an ..r.i--r
f..r Tribune Fund . erlei th.- rather itarted yea
t-rday to find hil family "I'll find i place Io
thil ,'.k"l" h.- ?ild. 'and we will
Imagine Wt Lav,- a. nome once more."
To th* Editor of Th- Tribune.
sdi. wm you kindly allow me ti transfer m
Of ts ? I .il-ns from my shoulders lo those of
your re.id.-r* who may be Wondering whether the
,e|?,rts of the dl?tr.-.s In the city have not h. en
, erdi eui'.'
My pbyBtctan senda a laboring tuan to the relief
office of which l have charge, asking thal I giv
him wotk, a I ling "A baby hu Just died In the
hom-- i luepect from starvation." The man wish-s
w.rk, the Doctor adis, "tu keep the othei tin.,
children alive."
A man with avery uppa-ar.inee of honesty, who
ask* '.lily for w.rk. tells BM that from Inck of food
his wife hes plopped nursing h"r bebe s few a|Hy?
old. and now both motlier and baby are In tonger
of Btarvatlon. The man can work. Work suitable
for him can be "-ecured, bul who aili pay the bills?
One of mir sweeper! was thrown against a street
car by a brewery wagon nmi has been treated Iii a
hospital, but lc cannot work again thli winter.
Hhuii the committee sse son..- of i's money for
his support and I hut of bis family while other
nen stand walting f..r un opportunity to work?
A Hebrew girl fell down an elevator Bbett ami
wm killed Whl!- the family wera observing tho
religions rttea prescribed! by tieir faith another
man took the position hil by the father, and the
family ls In depend) Bl I traits.
A limn whoie child has dM ls obliged b> break
up his i,nully because "f tbe expenses Incident te
h-r death, and for lix I mg *'ek.-i ne has walked
the Btreeta waifing for wert Yesterday be told
me that it wai bo ubi walting longer. He had
against hunger as iong u Beeb and blood
< mid endure, and if be lefk* my door without w,.rk
he would never a*k another man for it He did
learnt! to kill himself, attd yet his I..ok Of
li pa cition wai unmistakable.
I do not ask money tor any of theae famlllea I
?Imply wish ths pubUc te know a few facts that
are familiar to some of tbe worker* among the
poor. Individual appeals nt this time are hardly
wis., when I ? many thousand* are In distress.
? Mir committee has several forma of relief by
work, but none perhaps mon practicable thain that
|0f whitewashing thc tenement hones where the
|.r liv- and the shops where som- of th. ,11 Work
linn.Ii.ds of houses have already been placed at
I the disposal of the committee and 100 men could
, Immediate!) be provided with wert for a month to
' o.?.' i on anvil's.., should stop to-day. Fifty
men are enmloyed now. and th- oommlttee desiree
: V. \,1 ,,*. .h.- Somber not simply ... MO but te
tun enjoying onl) prsetica^ P*???f". ?"??"> *? Me
unable to do so because the nubile do not H.-em ya-t
lt b rita .-I the terrible dlstreee that Mists in
is iv need not ? tsw hundred dollars, but
n il.ou.i n ls If we ara- going to relieve the
les.-,,, s , i , if ?O.O0U or tM-O.000 could be i.-nt at
' , .? or ' liuri--' to the committee, It would
..- rn that IMO or TO families would he kept from
survatton for immy *'"k'' to l'.,,m"' ,A t%??Bs*nd
barrets of Mme ^ whiting, and .... brushes for
halrmaii of the Hiitiltatlon
, . f
work of our canvassers by sending
a .i ii. K-on.1-.il the ? hairman oi me simulation
t 1,. the Part Avenue Hotel, or to mytTt, at
.Tl.lr.Vigiven below. Owners or agents of
Ilaiern'm-iiou^ ,.r..p--rli; In WW hf" Kdt|
UtTgOOd done to starving 'smilies.
The committee having the Emtraincy Fund In
a-harse hu don' nobl>' 'n ll* aPP*al to the public,
and thi reipome hal been generoui beyond all
asneetatlefl bul whss pus i"r* Ike distress es> the
ens hmi ate. on th* ^^??WL*! SP ?fLE^Tl? ,
whitewashing mil ?trvoi?clB?nlM --"ul knows teat
then aire c;-l Srtd - ll J tVltiSJ irOltl IO* lo
*leftteen houri ? I*' "?? toys in ibo week, of volun*
lary Wu-k In order ' I urina Ute wurla anti 0\? dollar
ii'i.fthe tim'n togeOiof- I' *?*o i<-mu ai though soma
.ne had not dOBI ill ISAl bo nt'ght. lt niish'. Hal 1" he
tiecmary te lum t: "* n>? Bim wi losi pun in
mentioned lu thi* lotter away with slmti.y a kind
ward anil a promt**, <''"? hundred additional street*
?weepers mid KW Blore paluta-re mund nt mir door
pleudlna fur work, a""'' IhSUaJl Ws htivn the work
to gil's them we sro obliged to tell theni thnt thc
treasury will nol warren! our Inoriaelng our force
Beery brnom f.r itreet-sweeplng, every bruah for
whlteweehlng, and evenr needle for knitting and
(ewing that a gem rou* public hui provided fur
the committee i t" In uer. mi 1 a dot??n men and
women with outstretched hand* are eagerly walt?
ing for one to drop. There li nm n. day'a work
In light for at lea*', ten days for tho father whoie
baby hai Just died from starvation, Personally, I
am afraid of meeting .onie of these pa>ople, nome
time, of whom mv phvilclan ha* written: "Another
man has Just dted-1 stinpeet from starvation," and
I am not willing to carry the burden alone.
Hope Chapel. So. 339 East Fourth-st., New-York
Cfty, Fob. H. 1H94.
that is mr: berioli QuramoN WHICH WILL
Th- committee of wealtby cltlsens appointed by
Mayor Qilroy on Friday lo receive and distribute
tbe money which, li is boo.-,), will be raised through
this latest appeal of the Mayor, will inept in Hu?
nty Hail to-morrow at 11:10 p. m. Plans for the
distribution ol the funds will be considered, but lt
ls expected thal a much graver subject and a
harder problem will occupj the committee to mor
row. and thal is the adoption of a method for se.
curing the large amount needed rn pr. v. nt a still
wider destitution among the unemployed.
Ma cor Ollroy said yesterday that ne would not
una.i.- the function! of the committee by attempt?
ing to foreshadow nnv possible plan.
The Mayor seemed to expect thal President Seth
How. of Columbia College; I'urneilin Vanderbilt,
!> Willis Jame* Jeiie Bellgman, Oeorge Ehret,
Jl.I. Ruppert, Morris K Jeiup, William C Whit?
ney, nnd ot'i.-r members of the committee would
e..m.' prepared with suggestion* of a prai tlcal char
a< If?:? to meei th na d ol the hour, ll" hop l
thal something proportionate to the gravity of the
situation would result from the meeting, and that
a sufficient sum would be gathered to tide over the
pen,, i of lor m. .. pr. '.-inn and consequent desti?
Rmplovei of ti,,- Register*! Office and of the Ex?
cise and f4treet Denning 'let.anni, nts sent addi?
tional contribute i ? to the Mayor'! fund yeitcnlay
amounting to ll.i 3 K.
? ?
ti ? arrangements for tbe heneflt to swell the
Tammany Hall Relief fund of th lal ti
District, which la to be given In Nil.io's narden to?
night, ure completed, and o great nieces! n aa*
ticlpated. The proi ra mme of the entertainment
cnntalm m>.t ?? ii-hh thirty numbera ml beside* thc
famous Oth Ri tin ia ni Hand of fort- Rvs pl ces and
tl.I- ll.-stl.i. I hi following V..Ill,teer artists will
appear Ton) Hart, jr. !>? vere an i Archer, i^tti
Kinch. Itv V'anala-vere, w r perkins. Alicia Mai
Archer. I'ummin* anal v ('ann. Jennie Campbell,
H il-- Finch Mn I, ll Mae, the Kosiley Brothers,
llsrrj .1 Keller, KUIla> Clayton, laawrenaie and i" 'z.
Crank I. Fraym Minnie |... witt. Harry Standish.
Miles Mon and Ile) O'Hara, "Sam' Rice and
man) ..Mo-re The entei menl will be under the
-ina- tion of w a- T un -r. aialitav) by i.. h. pike
a large numbei ol young women from tbe vari?
ous theatrical i imnanle* In town, have also con?
sented to act a* tl, wer glrta The -d- of ticket! h-t*
beam hug. and in agreeable entertainment may be
expected, Th.- money realised win be used in re
llevlng the illitr *i ol the worthy penr, without
distinction as to nationality, religion or politics.
The ProvM na! ?' mmlttee for tl- Aid of the
Hungry, te-1 li i by Oliver Sumner Teal!, having
oldish.,i .--. work of relieving ai'.ut CO.OOO
nerving creal irea now Buggi ti ? pr* Heal plan of
idlng woiii for the unemployi i Thia pian,
whi.-h even now li In course of ??; ration, la to
g-: int.mmunlcatlon wkh every large employer
of labor w!.-. :?? ii- mme time, with the Im
in trad-, will be ?> : work for trusts
tu- u who tiai ?? bern deprived f thc means of live-It
t, i Mn nigh ii ? faull of their own The . .inintit ?
Kai Issued lo the ' ? adi of i hai ? ible boc ?
mlseiona and other philanthropic organlxatl ni
cai la, .-ti th- few ? f which ts Th- following i- |
"To Emplnyei i?f Labor Other (|uallflcatlona be
Inc < . i please give pri ferei .?? to the
nt i I . ; r ..Th- r
m. ? ' He *nl of the city of New-York,
ir the
-.;;-?! ' them ls le* iiln
I la i I by i illvi r H imn >r Ti all. On
f form glvli
I ? ; '
ai mi I witl ? I ?;???-.' I.. no rchnnt* or
? ? ? ? v. tilca ti i erith
? ' . i ?? . i
Min Ja-iili Uart lett I - I
of the Bo ulai 1 Sith Hi glment
have i n"Vri l th< lr iel ??. ? ? to iii" Provis il
Comm " ? ' AM ol the Hungry, under -.\ ?-?
ami ? s i popuiai m king concert w Ul ba
"a. Pal . ...
,: ; ir ari Marguerite Ia mon Pi Iii
i lapman, coi Kilolit, and .1. S. a'..x. tluic
*a.|ol*t Seat "-tun-lay nlghl hues'-. Hand will
? I .'? The "S--,l |t ?,,',??? I ? .... || ?
ki.own Bini
? eenl
Th- (ri ii irer of the Pe >| le'i Kitchen, N i M7
fl ?? enth ive., ri r n I ti,.- foll twine, i i Uti >n ii c in*
trlbutloni: John Tatlock, Jr., IS; lb:.ry Wilson,
C; J, C. Xl I ul) ai !.:. >u '? lg. I. (>,', :-i,
total, |
THE I Mill, /'/./ss IS EUI STRENGTH.
PALS! : : PO HB I IR" i.Vi'ill" A
KILN \.--... i -. , i.i. i .
In ths curs.- . c the rn xt three da] i prcca ling
their annual meeting, the itatatment will be cir
. . ned by the Chicago manager! i f il.-- IV a itern Ai?
li i pi. i* thal the n-V York newspaper* have
abandoned ti.,- , rintel) an i the I'nlted Pn
completely collapii i Bueh a itatem.-ni I no morai
tm.- than sliiiii-.il> mlilajmallng -i tc, menta of the
last three month* The Kew-iork and the Eastern
1'" IS and th- I nil. I Pre* ? ar. ... I !? ulm I with B
common purpoee, timi their ra-latlona anal in-ir
i.a-m. -- will i>.ni in e i. even should nil the Chi?
cago newspapers combine again ; them. Asauran c*
,,f tha hopeful character made by the Chicago man?
agers may bc helpful and even neceaaary in divert?
ing attention from the tru.ndltion of thrir awn
treasury sud future ssseeaments; and they can have
no oth.-r effect than to stimulate and encourage
th.-lr own neoartataa, and to allay the growing feW
Ing of unrest and suspicion within their own organl
Tho Brooklyn police are looking i ir four p. rs .uh
who have disappeared recently. Two gin*, one
woiiun and .i man. were all reported mining yes?
terday. Julia Crowley, fifteen years oki, left the
hom- of nar foster-mother, at No, ii Willow
place, <>ii Thursday, to k> to work. She mel a
girl of h.r own ag- that, morning *ni<l Bald ihe
must hurry, bul sh.- did n.-t reach the place when
sh.- wad employed Her foster-mother thinks she
maj hai'- i" "ii kidnapped. She had a conference
with th.- police laat evening, and n U?il olive wai
di tailed on i he cai i.
Mrs. Margaret Costello, of No. 123 Washlm I
ave., re-.oit.ji to the pones laat evening thai
ie,Hung hui been seen, sines Jami.irv u, ,,i Katie
Morgan, fifteen yarara old, who ii\<d with her. Th.
child weat out on au errand and -iii not return.
,\ general alarm was sent out t>. i""i< for h.r. am
ber description wai telephoi I to a -ry precinct.
William P. Pope, of No. 1,101 Padilc-at., aikeaj
police aid last evening In searching for Ins wtffl
who is slightly demented. Mr. Pope is a manu?
facturer, nt N... nit Centre-it., N'ew-York, and llvi
In ,i line house. His wife ls said to be addicted ti
tie- ns,, of opium. About thr.e years ago Mr. Popa
discovered some opium In the house, with tbe labe
of a ilrugglst named Crawford upa ii lt, and he wein
to Cra*jt2fird'i nore in Pulton-at. and demanded ai
explanation lie raid thal he w irned the druggtsl noi
te sell tl ?? poison to his nife. In the quarrel Mr. popi
Struck Mr. Cl iwford, who had him arr- st-I and lined
Mr. rope made a complaint against the drugflsl
In regari to iclllng the drug. The police wen
la ? evening to -??arch hotels and lodging housei
f,.r Mrs. Pope, .she i? thirty-tl ve yean old, am
w,.r.- a seal Barque, a .lark drees, s brown turbai
hat. anl ber weudlng-rlng, and carried .. leal mutt
Nicholas Andrews, of EWIi Id-BL and Jamaica
ave., left his h..m- on Wednestlay and has not l.r
aeon since by hil frienda He ls 0/ty-three yean
old, and has acted somewhat strangely for somi
time uni has threatened to commit suicide.
Tier.- ls one of th-- beal opportunities for both ar
Investment anl a bUBlnssa r> bs (bund In l sub
uibaii .md mite rai sparing! property within fourtaet
mlle* of Chicago, and conn-'i'ted with lt by two rail
fonds with forty trains ;i du).
The pfUMfty conststs .u one hundred and sixt.-.-i
acres, with a small lake of als.ut forty a. res. th.
Whole Situated amidst beautiful wooded hills, th,
higha-st ground between Lake Michigan and thi
MI?s!a""IPI>i River. On tha grounds are six spring.*
tnn-e ot which p..s*PM.* tho best medical propertlea
one Laxative, om- M IgBlstl and .nie lnm. On- of th.
other* I* BhMtutety pura- watef, with only a tract
of organic mnttir. and omi of the tiav,t liotib-l waten
In existence, over HA0O0 worth having boen sold his'
vesr wlth.vut one dollar* advertising. To botth
watt-r an.l Bell lt for mon.-v ll profltable,
al > a ilrst-clais hotel, beautifully situated, elah
oritely furnished, with ninety-six sleeping rooniH.
The owner will iel! at a sacrifice, ai he :* *|Ck
with a fatal dlseaae. For'full particular! addreai
p. 0. Box HS, New-Tork City.
The feature! whl<>h eave Special Interest to the
fourth a.mcert of the flfty-sicond lecion sf thi
Hhtllmrmonlc Bocl?t>, which took placO In the
Music Hull l.isi night, wai thi pMdut-tton of a new
symphony by Hm young Honnfilnnvlan composer,
I'hrl M.n (studing, and th* flinging of M. Pol
nanga*, of thc sfsliepfilUBS Opera company.
Tho latter feature wai most admired by the audi*
ince, atul the greater part of If, Plancon'B work
richly diiprvrd tho admiration, lt ls comparatively
if'.dom that ono find! an opera linger who haa at
his command a Btyle of muilcal utteronco flt for
tho con'ert-rooni. Yet M. Planton waa molt artli
tlc In tho air, "Rolling In Foaming Billows," from
Haydn's "Creation." which wu lill first number
laat night. He ung the chaste and danica!
muilc with all the suavity, dignity and tonal beauty
that one might have expected from a trained
oratorio Unger, and so ch.arm.Ml hil hearers that
they lnilf ted upon either a repetition or a aupple
mentary number. Then he added to the enthusi?
asm of the audience by alnglng "O lila
nnd Osiris" from Mozart's "Magic Flute," alio
with orchestral accompaniment. The concluding
piece "ii tn.- programme wrns the finale from Wag?
ner's "Walkiire," in which he sang Wotan'! fare?
well to Brilnahllde. In the airs by Haydn and Mo?
zart he us.,1 the French language, !n the Wagner
number the Italian, lt la more than probable that
ll rial...on would have been wiser had he made
us., of th.- French altogether. Wagner's latter-day
dramas do not seem to stand translation Into the
soft, bastard Latin as well aa Into French, and the
Italian operatic poetasters se-ni to have less under
Handing of dramatic declamation than their kln*
m. n beyond the mountains, whose tongue hai an
Infusion of Teutonic element, and who know better
the value ..f rugged rhythms. Wagner's lines lose
much of thdr force, as wall as their poetic beauty,
when robbed of tlu-ir alliterative melody, and ought
always to be sung either In German or In an
English version still to be made, which shall retain
the feature which belongs to the poetry of our
Teutonic ancestors, and can be reproduced to-day
In English quite as well as In German. In the
version sung last night there were so many modifi?
cations of Wagner's melody due to the Introduction
,.r additional syllables that frequently lt suffered
In character and effectiveness. Besides, beauti?
fully aa M. I'lati-.on sang much of lt, Its strange
? . him wai obvious, and his generally pure in?
tonation suffered shipwreck on the rock of "Zum
1 ------ ri Mal" that most trying of all the tea's
which Wagner has provided f.r his singers. The
great sincerity of the singer, however, and the
nobility of nil voice commended him to the ap
it'.on of Ids audience, and after the music was
I he wi ri sailed again and again to the stage
bj the delighted hean ri
The new symphony by Binding nt ls in D mln^r
mposer'i twenty-flrat numbered composi?
tion? I* a work which ls bound to attract the
attention nf the musical world. Grieg, who lins
piair.lv hil 1 potent influence In the development of
th- younger compoaer'a ityle, la reported to have
! thal Binding has mor.- talent than he. This ls
blah pi ilse, ind wai itneerely spoken, beyond doubt.
With all his likeness to tiri.-g. Binding seems to
have greater strength In the handling of large
form* ail the orchestral apparatus. This sym?
phony la full of ttie Northland'! force and the
N irtnland'i melancholy, lt la, however, a worK
which show! Iti creator in a state of transition.
The talent which Qrleg Isuded ls not yet
clarified, anl 1- still under th- dominion
..f out-id.- Influences. Koi only ! "-a Wagner
speak unmistakably in th-' score, but there are
volcei also In lt from Russia. It is terribly wild
In i >t' ibly lu the quasi trio of what ought
to bs the j.se movement but am scarcely be
called playful. It ls scored BO thickly as to be al
Turgid, but lt ls Inspired by amazing vigor and
Ita rhythms, melodie! and workmanship are simply
amazing It was conducted by Mr. Betdl with mani?
fest devotion, and his reading was eloquent and
? tr. m. lng. Reildea the music mentioned, Wagner's
"Siegfried I lyl" was played?and played better than
Ole, though lt, WVc all the numbers, -.uf
fa-r.-d from the tendency ot the first horn to play
Hath. Me., Cb. 10.?It was a disagreeable day In
thia city to-day, but the heavy snowstorm did not
prevent ? lar;f.- . rowd gathering nt A. Bewail &
? o's yard In the afternoon to see the big steel ship
Dlrlgo launched. Everything was ready before
h ii. l and at -"SH the order to wedge up was given. ,
blocks w.-re then solit out nnd at J:6i o'clock
the vesi i started. The targe bulk seemed to pause
ter the I tart, and then glide l rapidly down
the wayi and Into the Kennebec, cutting the wat^r
bk-- a knife ??'?? I making no splash whatever as she
sped rapidly acroaa the stream Tha-line, one end nf
whtch was fastened to her stern and the other en<l
t. the ihore, began to swing the stern up river,
and the tugboats Sequin and A'b-lln. had th* ship
at tha boa . and these sgenclea with the aM of
.ie- ,,r tha - ne hors, soon brought the vessel to a
The htrlgo lay peacefully In the stream, pre
! ? I roadside to lb- en.wds on the shor...
vi, , a Imlred her [rraeeful lines. The boats brought
h. r ba k io th.- wharf. Where she will receive her
I ? fitted for bbb lt was one of tie
in.,-i and moat graceful launchings ever seen In
this ? ity._
Chicago, ri. i" A dispatch to "The Tribune"
front Roulton, T< ? . says "Daylight yesterday re?
wa;, i en awful spectacle at Whit- oak Bayou
bridge, near the olty, wier.-, on Thursday night.
train robbers had Hised :-h;,'.ates from the rails
.ml ,ame i the wreck ..f a Mleaourt. Kansai and
T?-xn* i ? ? ? ? r train and the possible death of
four men As soon ns tha- news of the wreck
ra ohed the city, a party "f offlcera were organ*
i , :, and, with some bloodhounda went to the
r the disaster
Mincers yesterday afternoon ntrcsted Jesse DH
lingham and wife, The arrest was kept quiet, to
avol 1 mob violence. Another suspect ls held, no
. to allowed to communicate with or see him.
Ile bas mad<- a written confession, which, while
, >.. ? ? rating himself, is said to impli.ate all the
..tl., rs. A double lynching ls possible.
BRITTIS leivniv i. nt Newtan, N. j., "f-eaBBerten
RrllllB, isca! s| yeer*
l .- ral wrvlce* ,,t I'brtil I'lmr.-h. Newton. N J. rn
Monday, Februiry IS, al Hilo p. m.
li i. iel- ..ie requeued to attend Without further notice.
CLARKK \- Columbi!, B. ''.. ea Batordar. r>bruani
IO, Juill il. wife t H*nry P. Clarke, and .laughter
Semi li. IIuti. ot ti.is city.
Inti ? mi i.' i '< hun: la.
HILLS \t Albany, I". I miry B, Anr.a C.. wife ot Chartea
A Hill*
Kim.-mi Bundey afternoon at 2 o'clock fr. ni "TTS State
?I . Albany.
HDIOHTEMNrl tt "A>?htBgton, P. av, r,? Thur*;...,
February 0, Laura, daughter ot William I' II.-uartitoi
lng. . - , . ,,f Asheville, N. C., sist-r of Mr*. A. lass
<'.inil.-l I of tin* elly.
I8HAM Al her country restdainee, in Mnn.-ii?*t?r. v.-r
m nu, li.ru,oy ii Poonle li. Iiham, wit* . t Edward s
1 ' mi. ..f Chicago.
MOONEY- Al ii..lian,1*. Cal., F'-hrunrv .1, 1<4H, Minni*
a, a. .f> et O, A. Mooney, ? r I'ortlind, Oregon, ind
daughter of Jamel E. and thi late mien Weir. ..f thu
Funeral ?ervtaei at the "Waihlngton," I22d-st. uni "tii
n\. , on m ada* evening, at i o'clock.
Relative! ind friends nr.> iniited to attend.
I'll ELI'S In bio kiln. X 1 . r-lniuy lo, Annie Kee*.*
i i.iin. ?if-- of (Jeorgi M. I'helpi, and daughter of
oliver K. and Lydia rt Lapham, in Um itc year ..f
hi r age.
'?'uiier il privBll
Pt'RDT <>n Huh inst.. Clarenci s. Purdy neel ?i Man
S lu mills S ,|1U ?<
I'll. ii.is and relatives are Invited lo atia?n4 the funer.il
fi. ai it,, residence .f ht* parent*, ml Henry-it., Hr ,.k
lyn. Sunday, February ii. al l:J0 p. m.
VAN DBI sun At T..I*! ,. Ohio, stn, a'. !-. Van Deusea
wife of ' 'ha*, ll Van I la*U*en.
Funeral aervlce! nt th! reildenee of h?r mothair Mr*
li.iii.-ii Coffin, Atlit-ns, Nee Kora, Monday February
12. i*'.'i
WILLIAMSON At lu* hom.'. Nv 41 North i 'llnfnn-uve
Trml n. N. J . IVIni.uy lu. ISM, iii hil ^IM \ .-ur ii e'?
en Schuyler wllllamaeu, nnls soi of Nichole* p' Witi
i.imseii md Ihe late Mar) R, s huyler.
Fun. ral - ni. e* win i?. held .i tb* realdamea i,t 2 o'clock
|. m. Tue*da] neat.
KIROENFl'SS ai Poughkeepsie, on TOtgnday evening
th., venerable Archdeacam Ztegenfuai, rector .f Christ
a'hun h.
Funeral from christ Church Monday, February 1'.' nt I .fe
p, in
The i-leruy will pieBM brm:; veitmenU.
Special Notices.
ny lue Fifth Avenue tunion Roenii,
WM n. NORMAN, Aiietlan-er.
a renirkaMe entjeetden of Fmhroi.iere.t Vestment*.
llro.-.il, *, Altar ?'|..th* of the XV.. XVI., and XVII.
century, an original broaai and gold raa^esasa BaMgee
BenrenutO ivillnl, repra-si-ntln*; thc Crucifixion, signed
and fIht'I If.."*!. Axt-c Mirror of Obsidian gls?a i?lfe
llil.1i, being th* only one Bf taja *lie In exist.nee, l,e
lenglng I I A. aa la Fuent.-, of Mexico, together with a
, aearawattaS el Aitro and BBJtHlas I'-.ttery. Kcarabel.
S.*ls, Btiaimlsa PSiealllaB |lus? lump*. Persian ahlel.li.
Swords. I.evll Chili, \var a|?b. I'lpei, Oil ind Water
Col ,r 1' linilng*. et.-., eh-.,
A? Hoaarkecperi Kead.
35 ia 4(ln,> Sftv.-.l on iii,?,-ii.-s. T.-a*. a'offeei. Cann.-.l
ii.HF.1*. Wines, Liquors, Pi-ixlui.-, Fruit*. Hutter, tte. We
are .lire,! receivers, uniH.-t.-iM and llrst band*. We aell to
famllle* lt wi. .leiale pricea In r-nsonnble uuantltle* same
price* ns Wi do nn-a-er* All g sulia delivered free In and
out -.f the .-liv. We .piotr few PftflSi New teas. ano..
:t-J. . t.-ft Java. Moma coffn toe., HK '? California .annr-.t
fruit*. .V pound tins, 111.,Vi dF>?en; new vegetable*. TS-.,
ll.2.1 -l.'ien; liest lsaV? whl*K<*y. I3*0 """BBaBBi California
wine*, $3 Od doxen quart*. Call er *end trial order, or for
price H?t. Aspell A Co.. wholesale *To<-.r* (eltibllahed
1W8), 314. 810 Greenwich-?".. New-Yort
Cpecinl JVotkffl;
My lae Pitt li Wenna* Anetlan nrtSMa,
tai nrrn avbni n.
WM. B. NORMAN. Auctioneer.
A CHI.flt Ml Nt* HALF,,
itrdnbrday, tiiumbiiay a fhidat
February ll, 111 and l?, at I e'elnek,
of r.
tin property of
consist ins not only of tha ?
ly their staff of artist*,
but also of
A LAItilli Coftt.BCTIO.N* OF
MAwiiiiti'ii.tn.s m
ur niiioPKAN and american artists, *^
ai follow*:
COROT, .1. H. C. ul TCAI.T. ak F.
del ronai, o. ic .uland, hahht
noM'H. j. ii. -MtoNf. sr.
FERRIS. F. I.. .??'?ALBERT, i.
2Sl<JE.NTI' ,: MCI'I'HT. A.
Fifth Avcnnr, Art Gnllerl tl
800 IBs ara, near 34th-it.
BROWN, ?. J. Ot'Y c. r. I'LRICH. LO CI il NOELLE!
Kelimary Kith arni nth. at .1 o'clock.
at 8 o'-leek.
Auctioneer. Manigera.
( niigr.i. ?prlna Waler.
Tills famou' w:it,i I* iee. (i,i u iiu.*t, e!ehon?* t"*>'.ng1
re?t.,rcd to all lt.- former Mteagai and rsreSjeseB
Try inp ( ruain l.nvenala-r Balla.
H..II rc-Uandnn* .mi invigorating: ?>? ft cute for heaal*
aclu u';d depress! i Bold irerywne*e.
Poitottlee Xotlce.
Foreign mall* f>.r Um w- k BBaSSBg February 17 will
close (promptly in all ceeee) ai thu esBce, a* follow*:
SUNDAY-At ?3 p in tuc Coeta Rica via Llmon. per
*. ? A. Foxhall, from Kew<Measa; ut'it p. m. tor Hunte
mila, p?r ?. *. Flimboro, fi .in >'ev.-orleans-.
MONDAY?Al *3 p. tn. for Bettie, Puerto a'orte/. amt
Ountemaia, per *. a. Breakwater, from Hew,Orleans; at
il:SJ p. m. for NewfautKlist: I pei et-ano-r Halifax
TCESUAY?At ? a. ni irapplaHnamlary l?:J" ?. mi for1
Europe, per s. *. Tra\>. via Southampten amt lire-men; at 1
10:30 a. m. i*uppleni?ntar> ll a. mi BX Ya-na-iuela anal
Curacao, per* ?? Vaaaesuarta .letters f..r Cd nea hil, via
Curacao, inuit be directed "per \ .n./.u. la " i. at *| p. m.
fur Hluefiells. per *. s. Guss!.-, fn.m M-w-a irlenns.
WEDNESDAY?At v ?? bv for Iterate .a. per s. a.
"Trinidad; at t'M a. n fiupplemamtary ll a. rn i for Eu
rose, per *. s. Britania.", via Queenstown; at 11:30 a. ra.
for i'"lglum direct. ;.-r ?. s. Rlisnlan-t. via Antwerp..
lletteri nuiKt ii- jire.-i. 1 ? per Rhynlaad"); st ll a. m. for
Fortuna Inland. Hayti i-nrept .t<-remtei an,I Savanllla,
etc., j..r * p. Allia: a' 1 p, m. for ''u!.a, per *. *. Yuca?
tan, vin Havana; at I p. ni. f,,r Perte RSM dlre.-t, per
?. ?. Thain.-*
THI'RSDAY At ll ii m. i*appl'mon**!-. HTVO a. m.),
f.-r Fortuna leland, Jamatea and Jammie, per s. s. Alps
lletteri f.r Coane Ria .. i ..i Llmon, mu*! .??? directed "per
Alp*"). ?i la.:'', a. m. for lliaj!il. per *. I. Cdertdge, via
rernamhu.-o, Hshla. Rio Jaaelro and SaataM (letters foT\
North Braill and La Plata oumul** inuit be dlrectea 1
"l-r Coleridge"); it ll:S0 a. nt tor Vcr,?mela, Curlwaa;
and Savanlllii. via Curaajeo, per h. e. Maracalt-). vlaj
and M ra ilbo lletteri for other OolomMaB portsa
must ba dirc-t-i "per Ksracslbo*'); ut 1 p. m. i?uppia>-'
men ta ry lia p. mi for Nimbi, N. P., and Santiago,,
Culia. per h. ia ClenriMSOi; il 'J p. m. fer Blui'field*, par
I, J, U'll*,,n, from NewOrteaaa
SATtTtDAY?At al ... 11, foi <i<>noa. Ber *? s Spree
(teller* iiiii?i- 1 " dlrareted "per gprase") ht ii . m. i*up
plementar] 10:00 a. mi fr Fran,-e. Bwltserlaaal, Italy*
ep>ln, I..: nu fi. Turlee) ind K.-itish Ineie, uh ?. -.. La,
Cnamparne un lt.vi- (letter* for other pail* of Europe
ruud I-- -in?? :? .| "per La Chami i*,n--".. ai W a, m.
mentar* I0-3U a. m , r ,r Bt. Thoimi, Bi. Crois,
uni Windward lataadi, pet t. >-. M.. luna lletteri foe j
Grenada i'i.:.:!., l ind Tobago mun he dire. t. l "per
I \ .. u IO:"kl a. h. : >r Campearhe, I'hispa*.
Tabasi nd Yu itan, per ?, k. Beratoga ileitira f..r ..ther
M-xi. mi .~i,ii,-s and Cuba mun be dlra*cia?d "per Bara*
toga"), ..' Il ie in t.r Netherlands dtrw-t, parr e. a.
? lam. Via An- lerd.iii; .!.ti.-i? muM I'? direeta>.| "per
Sci.lawn"): ai lg m. for Orenada, Trinidad ind Tobego*.
per - - carib Prince; at 12 m. iiuppiema^itarj 1 .TO
p. ni . ! " Rurope, |,>r *. >. S.-i . . \ ? a 'j... u-i.wn; at
I p m. i ?! Scotland direct, per s ^. Anchorla. -.la Ola*-.
gow ilartter* must be .lu- i-l "per Anehorla"!: ai BsIB
p. m. f..r Newfoundland, |.er steamer from Halifax.
Mall* foi the Hawaiian laland*, p-r *. f. A'i*;rall?
ifrotu ,-i.,ti Fi rn is ,. clo*e here dully up tn February
II il '', io p m. Mall* for ''Mina and Japan, per t *.
Peru ifr,.m s?n Francl*ooi, clou here dall) up t,. FflBffU*
airy ll at O'JO p BL Mall* for the Bavlety Iflands. per
ship (lilllie (fi-.-m Ban Franelaco), elane ii'r? daily up
Ti F,-I,rairy TX at S-SO p in Halli fajr Australia (*x
.?p( these f,r (Veil Auitralla, whi, u ar. forwarded vi*
Europe). New-Zealand. lla\?all?n. Fill and Ssain.>nn I?
land*. per s. s. Alameda ifp'm San I'ran.i.-..e.), el .se
' r? d-iiiy up to Marah *.1 at S-S0 p lt*, (or .'?n arrival at
?w-Yark ol s. s. t'mbril with Hritleh mall* f.-r Aui
tmitl). Mall* for A'i*Tralln (eseeal W.n Aus.ir*liai anat
Hawaii, per *. i". Warrin.from vancouver), .-|..ee
here dally after Marrh .'I and U| to M.r'ti 1" al 0 IB p.
M.is r.r China an- J;?pan. rle Vaaeoaver tepeetalqr
Idreised only), cloie ht this ?fic? sally et Sari p m.
Malls for Newfoundland, by rall tn Halifax, and lh?nee
xi. amer, clone at tin* .(tire dally at R:in p m. Malle
f.r Miiuelon. by rall to BaSaton, uni th?n.-' tw- sT*am?r,
rlaei ll this .,mc* dally hi s .io p. m Mall* for a'uha.
by i-..il to Tampa. Fl... lad thence ty .*t-.im?r is-illlng
Mondays. Thur" lav* nr.d Saturdeysi. elOBB nt this othei
dally at flinn p. m. Mulls for M*xl-o. overland, uni-.*!
?pecially ad,re??^ i tate dispatch p.- Bteamer, ri ?,? et
this onie* dilly at 3 a. m.
?It-itlst. r. d mall closes at rt p. m pr?\iou* dav.
CHARLES W. HATTON, 1' nmaster.
Ucligtono Xoticrs.
children. .-..nsisTiiin ..f sinmiii; and recltallOM, ls tiela
ev rv Sandi,! afternoon ni :i.."?-. to which the public I* lo*,
rited, in ihe Fl.i- l'..|nt* ll * ,-f Industry. I.V. Werta*
?t. Ponatlui* cf iloihlng uni ihOBB ure *?llclted.
"13.1-F.t. and ith-ive, Sunday, 1 o'eloca, W'-men s nirlstian
Temperance t'nlon Day; Mr. E. FRANCES La>R!>. Prate
dent New-York County I'aton. win presM* Aatriasas sf
Mr- LORD, Ml** Jt LIA COLMAN, aol other*. A \ery
choice miisi.'.il programme will be furnished. William
Dwyer *.,' 1st. EDWIN UALLOWAY, Ueeretary, JOSEl'U
B< UARDL'B, Freildeni.
ALL BOl'L'B rilli',' H Madlion av*. *nd Bflth st.. Rev.
lt HEBER NEWTON, l> H.. lt-et-.r.-Rev. WILLIAM
KIRK L'S, LL. H.. win preach al ll a. m. anl I ..ci p. ra.
Uni,Hst Church, M.ndav evening, Feb. ll, Hrs A. li,
BTRONO, of Rocheeter, and Dr. '".. C. LORIMER, it
V, (ton, v. lil glvi m,1 '.r?-j??es.
1 CHfRCHOFST MARY THE VIRfllN 90 We*, a0ta>
! ft. Lenten lervtcee. Bunda)-!, MaaM ?, T.:in. n. Manna
le lilah Nai*, 1" ?? I'rei uer, Ile, I'HOMAB RICHEY,
I D. I', prof*Mar in Oena>ral Theolowloal Seminary. Btea*
I lect, "Bacrlftelal Warship". YasapetS, * U-'-kday*. M?s-.e?,
, Tito 0:90; Malina 0; Yeapa?rn :> VVeatneeaai urea Inga
lecture! by Fal hw BETTS, b. Thuradayi, lecture* te
. ?-iilii in iti -n rlaei. I and H Iiilu.--. le. turee t.y Father
, BROWN, 0:15. Thi si.itt'.iis .if n..- Croea I.
I I'lUti?'* CHURCH Boulevard and Ti?,t-*i . Dr. j. g.
[ BH1PMAK, Rector.- Morning iirvie?, ii o'clock. Eicn-'
lng *.-r\i??? .a & Bunda] Kbool al M a. m.
HOLT TRINITY CHURCH, Plartem. I.enox-ave. anal
I23d-(t.. Rev, C. D"W, BRIDGMAN, rv I> Rector ?
MornltiK prayer and serin-.n nt ll. Evensong at 4. Evea.
lag i'l.n-i ind sermon at a;*.". Th" Re. tor will preach la
the tnerasBg, and the Rev. J. IL l'ETERS in the evening".
ll P, Sj." THEOSOPHICAL BOCtsrTT, tdg West liMh.
*t.-The public lectui.- ot BUB*ta| evening, F.-I.ruiry ll,
at s. 15, will be upon "Til..' f,itr!t ,.f the Age," by ALEX*
MRS. HELEN T. BRIOHAM KnlcKerboi-ker Con.
(erratory, ii west I4th-st. ?*j>ie-ti >ns aniwered hubtecta
I taken fr.mi the audl?nee. Lecture. T:l"i; aubject: "Ooal
In ls."_
I Wyoming and Idaho, will deliver the tlrst of a couree
of eermens ,.n "The Prayer Ho?k," at St. ThomM'l
[ Church. 5.'M-*t. nnd oth-ave.. Sunday. February ll. it 4
p. m. Subject: "The Prayer H.F<,k for the Missionary la
His Work."_
will preach nt th* llapi'.-t Church of the Epiphany. Mldte
?on-iice.. tor SMh-Bt.; subjeci*. ai ll a. m. 'The Chirk*"*
of Hod," and at 8 p. m., "TM MeaBera Oidan-nc*."
SOCIETY FOR ETHICAL cri.TI'HE.-(sunday. Febnj.
ary ll. 1S1M. nt 11:1,1 e. m.. lecture hy Hr. STANTON
a'oiT, at Music Hall, corner .ITlh-st. and 7ih-avei Sub>
Jeci: "The Mom! Apathy of Him 1'eople anal How BB
aivercime lt." All lniere?ted ara- Invited.
ST. MARK'S CHURCH, lOth-st. nnd 2.1-ave.?ll e. aa.
meinlng Bfajrer and sermon; .s p. m., musical eervltA anal
, lermon. Rev. Dr. RYLANa'K will preach.
MISSION CHAPEL, corner loth st. and Avenue A.?
Siindav-schis.l, 3 o'dortl. Hlvlne service at half-put ak.
! Rev. RICHARD COHDEN will preach.
ST THOMASA CIH'Rl'M. northwest corner ftth-eve*
?nd r..'ld-*t., Rev. J. W. llltOWN. D D.. Ran-tor.-Sun.
dav*. 0 md ll a. m.; 4 p. m. Holy coSMMBBMI Weekly,
8 and Ila. m. on Hil the greit fertlval*. H and ll a. m.;
m all other holy day*, tu a. m. Dally In Lent. 10 a. m.,
6 p. m. An addrea* at evening service.
?peaks, morning, ll; evening. ?; aftirnoon. tito. Wehla
; phenomena. Wednesday evening, a art ADA ?*OYaV
wonderful teat medium

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