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I>ayllght liroke through the tunnel of the New
York. Suique-hanna anal Wa-stern Railroad. Com?
pany, under Weehawken Heights, for the first
time last Wednesday. That aloes not mean, how?
ever, that the tunnel ls complete-!, birt merely that
the "heading," or upper part, of the tunnel has
boen "drifted" through from end to end, prepar?
ing the way for excavating the "bench," or lower
part. The object aif thi* tunnel ls to enable th
company to reach the river front without running
Ita tralna over the tracks of other roaals. At pres?
ent the company'* passenger trains run a.ver the
Pennsylvania Railroad CompaJiy's tracks from
Marion to Jersey ("Itv, and Its coal and freight
trains over Hie Deta*s"*ara. Lackawanna and West
en Railroad Cor.i|<any'sa tra- BJ from West End
Junction, beyond Marlon, to Hoboken. In onb-r
to eecure Its own terminal on the Hodson Rivi r,
the company, a few rears ago, acquired sixty acres
of lani in the viliag<- ol Eedgawatter, nb,.ut two
mlle* north from Weehawk.-n and opposite (ine
hundred-and-tenth-st. This land haa a frontage of
Ijsji feet on the river, and affords ample r,,,.m for
handling a large number of trains daily. Then the
tunnF-1 waa projected to connect the terminal with
the main line at Little Ferry Junction, ten miles
from Jeriey City and three miles almost due west
from tho terminal at E iKewater. The tunnel ls
6,072 feet long, 21 feet high to the crown of tho
arch and 2S feet wide, giving ample mom for dou?
ble tracks. The estimated total] oust ..f th.- tun?
nel. Including the three miles of doable track to
Little Ferry Junction, the sixty acres of land.
lera piers which are being built, and the ne ce Mary
switches and aldinga at the terminal, ls $1,700,00).
When the tunnel is completed only Hu- freight un-1
coal trains will be run through lt to the n\.r at
first, but ultimately ferry slips will he constructed
and passenger trains aili run through lt. and the
passenger* will be transferred to this city by
boats. Ground waa -broken for the tunnel on August
1, 1S32. and since then ab int SM men have been
emp'oyed In its construction, while about 1"<0 have
bea-n engaged In building the piers, etc.. on the
river front. The tunnel, th.- three-mile spur of
railroad and the terminal will be completed about
The first Btep In the construction of tho tnnn.-l
was to sink tbBe<- v-r'.lcul shafts, at equl-dlstant
point*, from the surface of the Palisades to the
grade of th?a tunnel. These shaft*, are ea. \i
feet long and twenty feet wide, tbe greatest da?pth
being 106 f<trt. When the shafts had been sunk
two gangs of worktm-n In each began "drifting."
or excavating 1n orin-site directions, to meet the
gangs ?which were '"drifting"' toward them fr>m
the othw shafts Tbe "heading." or upper s>-cti..n
of the tunnel, ls eight feet high, and was t?ore,l
entirely through rock. In drifting steam drills aro
used. Six or eight holes converging to a point- ave
drilled anl charged with explosives. These hola-s
are from six to eight feet In depth, and are charged
with dynamite. K-a"'"- powder and other explosives.
When the blast occurs an Immense wedge-shaped
piece of rock ls thrown outward into the part of
the tunnel already excavated, removed on a tempo?
rary tramway constructed for the purpose, and
hoisted up t" the surface through the nhafts by
steam elevators. Tho blasting out of the wedge
shaped rock leave! a hole six or eight feet deep or
long In ti.? centre of the tunnel, so thea space is
provided for receiving the fragments of rock after?
ward blasted from the sides, which lg done in the
same way. except that the holes are drllla-d par?
allel with the direction of the tunnel, which runs
almost exactly earn and west
The upper part, or healing, having been com?
pleted, the excavation of tba bench, or lower part.,
which is thirteen feet high, is comparatively easy,
as instead of having to WOTB" laterally the drilling
and blasting are done vertically, from above down?
ward. Throughout the entire length of MM feet
arching wat found necessary for a distance of only
about Ul feet, the rock being sufficiently solid to
aerve as a natural arch.
The arching ls of brick and cement, three feet
thick, which means nine c- ones of brick laid on
ajdge. Tha distance necessary to be arched ls re?
markably Brr.all. especially when comparid with
that of other tunnels under the Palisades. The tun?
nel of the West Shore Haili cad Cen pnny at Wee*
hmvk- n is 4.200 fe.-t long, and about BJ per cent of
it la arched, while of that of tho Delaware, Lack?
awanna and Western Railroad Company at Ho?
boken, which is 4.600 feet long, about 75 per cent 1?
arched. The portals ot the new tunnel will b
handsomely fac-"d with cut red laadstona
While tho tunnels under the Palisades are of great
utility they become insignificant when compar-1
with many other much longer ones In thli country
and Kurope, which are at a much greater deptb.
The Hoosac Tunnel, in Western Massachusetts, 19
tour and lhra?e-a-iuartera miles long, and Its prin?
cipal working shaft was LASS feet deep. Early In
the work of Its construction the heavy timber
braces which were used to support the earth and
rock during the building of arches were burned,
causing tbs los* of twenty lives and the obstruction
of the tunnel for a considerable time. The 8t.
Octhard Tunnel, In Kwltze.land, ls over nine and a
half miles long, and the Mt. Cents Tunnel, In Italy,
ls seven and one-quarter miles long.
The construction of the East River tunnel ls going
on rapidly. This tunnel was projected by the Kast
River (las Company, of Long Island City. This
company now supplies the gas used in that city.
It has a gas plant at Ravenswood. L. I., op?
posite Seventy-flrst-st., which lt ls rapidly enlarging
with a view of supplying gas not only to private
consumers in this city, but also to the g.is com?
panies by whom they have hither! > been supplied.
To facilitate this a cylindrical subaqueous tunnel
for its mains, com|Fo.*.-d of plates ,.f lr?-n securely
bolted together, was planned, and about 160 feet
of it has already been completed. The tunnel srlll
run from Ravenswood to East Seventy-ftrst-st.,
passing und.-r Blackwell'! Island, near thc- middle
of the Island, lt will be Z,l>; feet long and t.-n
feet in aliumeter. The work wai U-gun alu.ut
eighteen months ago by sinking working shafts at
lioth ends of the lin.. Tie- abaft In this city li
147 fa?et <ie.-p, and that in Ravenswood li feet
aleep. Each ls sixteen feet in diameter, and each
has a powerful st.am elevator for hoisting oul
the excavat.-d material When the level of the
S reposed tunnel was reached, then began the
ifflcult and dang-rous subaqueous tunnelling
through soft mud, 124 feet bel..iv tha river's sur?
face, and SJ feet U-low its bed. The ..;d style
of driving a subaqueous tunnel involve 1 th- nee <.:
large quantities .if heavy timbers, and was ex?
tremely unsatisfactory. In driving a tip heading,
steel roof-platei were put in. These were '.
inch thick. 3 fe.-t long and 1 foot Wide, and rolled
to a curve, corresponding with th- curvature of
?the tunnel. After th.- heading had been airiv.-n
about twenty feet, a mud sill, h?lng a heavy, yel?
low pine timber, twelve Inches square, was in?
troduced, and wooden braers resting ..n this ^up
ported the roof and Bides ..f th- tunnel, the
t-aduting f.,,m the umber like spokes from the
hub of a wheel. The tunnel was then excavated
for abmt ta-n feet, the brick work Introduced ai I
Ihe operation repeated.
Chief "Qnglneei Wa.ton I. .Mmes, who ts con
ftructlng the Cast River tunnel, and who aaa
engineer in charge ot the construction of the Hud
eon River tunnel, baa Invented a new method of
subaqueous tunnelling, which he la now using in
?r-orin,- the East Riv.r tunnel. This consists of a
cyllndriCA, -.bald made of ateel platea and ls of
A little larger diameter than the tunnel its for?
ward end ls closed by massive ir.-n platea bul has
four small Iron doors, which mav be opened when
fleces.sar>'. This ahleld, in which tbe men work ls
Ki?!2 f'1"v"*'!, through tile soft mud by means of
?twelve h><lrau!ic jacks, each of which exerts a
Pressure of 6.0M pounds to the square inch, or fifty
fons each, making fy; tons for all. This tremendous
pressure compacts the material ahead of the ahleld
po that lt may be rea Illy excavated. The wate- ll
agalnit external preuure during their construction
by compressed .tr, and the workmen enter and
Jgaye the tunnel through air-lock*.
The air preisure In the East H. -r tunnel ls forty
Sight pounds to the square inch, while that In the
palssons underlying the towen of the Urooklyn
prldge and ui.-d In their construction waa only
forty pounds. Some difficulty ls experienced In
procuring workmen, as many are unable to endure
thia presiure. The men are paid ? each a day. and
nye required to undergo a medical eiamlnatlon be?
fore ?hey are employed. Only Bound and robust
men are accepted, as men who have heart trShle
arni Ulm* ..ahoe r,,-.i...i.,?_... ._ ? v?*.1 liounie
ahf aome other maladlei wondI Inevitable L kui, i
Four men have thus far been km ed L ,?' ?'
pressure In thia tunnel. T*Tbe.t aTeJ^* *?
>9\ fneir uvee are said to have been rbflaai ? 7
ti/ own careleasness In coming tooaJckWfr^J.
%m artificial preeaure to thitowtrnj SS?
ff, ffben they were seized wit! bleedmi ??l
j! 'mouth, pose and earn, and quickly cEfW^M
mffMkJ2^f^I^^^^^^^ are cf
fi HW.WP and bner.fr nrth'Inches thick lliteen
Ertt wtyaand ].hF?e fret* tong, ?" Their-JdgeB^arS
il** at fliDfetj, ?e Cia* th& m& fr9j*o\jg?
bolted together, and th- points ire perfectly watfr
tlKlit. The Bargea when belted together, are una
th.- ribs of a ship, and give strength to the waua in
preparlKg to pm the plates in posttia n the snieia is
pressed forward int.. the mud a distal ?? ? ; soi ut
twenty inches, and a sear projection or flange ol tne
shiel.J excludes th- mud while the plates are Being
bolted t. aether. When ene course ot plate; baa Been
secured the shield i? again mored r< rward, and tho
nexr curs- < f plat.- li pUeed In poiltli n, and so i n.
In thli manner ab ut Ave feel of the tunna. are c m
pleted 'lally. Blackwell'i Island is now i nly an ut
178 fed rr .m ?'? e ihleld, and when ll I* reached lt is
expected th-1 ten feel of the tunnel win be c. mi
dally, av drifting through r ck and earth li mucn
a-asiF-r and simpler than Th.- work norn In progri - ?
Th<- strata thr Ugh which th- tuen' 1 has been I" r-l
has vlei.led man) beautiful ipeclmem >l pyrites in
almost perfect cryitallisatlon. These were em?
bedded In a black, coal-like substance, resembling
peat, and Indicating thal a point sixty fi ? I beloe the
bed of the river and 124 fe.-t below lt* iurface was
formerly high and 'irv and covered with vegetation.
Correip ndlng progreii l? b Ins made st the other
I the tunnel whli h. lt I* ? ;" ,'" <" "J
pleted early next summer. Tn.mpan> ha* ai
r.a fy inid about twenty-five mllei .: gai mains in
thia city, "tri the work is mil going on.
The fact that Ute gus works In this etty are situ?
ated in densely populated districts, anl that sooner
or later, for obvious reaaona those wotrka will h ? ?
to be abandoned. Induced the Eaal River Oas Com?
pany to begin building the tunnel and enlarging
its works at Ravenswood, with a view "f ultimately
manufacturing and supplying ill the gai com n I
in this city. The companlei by which gas is n,?
suppli.-d in this city ar- the Consolidated, Equita?
ble, Mutual and star. lard. In recent years the use
of naphtha has been in a larg.- degri f tltuted
for coal In the manufacture of gas by the local
companies, which muk-s Ita production n..t only
disagreeable t,> people who live near the gas works,
but also danger,.us. About 1.000,000 barrel* ,>f naph
tba aro annually used In the manufacture <>t gas
in thia .itv. The enlarged work* of u,.- East River
Qai Company will haw- a capacity for producing
60,000.000 cubic feet of gai a day, which ls 10.01
feet In excess of the quantity n fw consumed in thli
a-ity. Pri nidi ni Mi Mill in, of the El I ll
nany, aayi it will not be a long time before the
manufacture ..; gai will be prohibited in c.is city,
but thal when the company'i amblttoui plana shall
hare been carried out, the company will be al
supply all the i:.is required, and at a reduced price,
ns ona company with large wi rka can man il i
inuch m..r>- cheaply th.m aeveral companlei with
small worka
?Work on the Hudson River tunnel, to extend f*tv.t:i
Fifteen th-st.. Jersey City, i" af orton sc In Uris city.
waa suspend! 1 in lfc'.O, thr inch la.-k of funds f?-r
carrying it on. Tbe plai - for the undertakfoig con?
templated n tunna-l <>f eighteen feet ("rfcemoter, rn
the clear, and MOS fen long Al ltorta-m-st an
underground Mirana] terminal waa t > l..- construct) i.
and not only paaaanger traina but also fi'
traina "f every kind, were r.. run through the I
in', Into this city. Cold st,>rage uarehousea were
to be erected above tbs terminal for ihe reeepi
of meat, etc Th.- construction of tbe tunnel wau
begun by a private company in ISIS, rp to ISM
there had been tOOC feet finish. .1. and fr.>m th-ti
until work was stopped In i>.'- tb.-r- were -,'?*
feet more cotostructea, s.. that only l.too fie- remain*
to be built. The tunnel ls casmposed of cast lr n
plat ea ilk.- tbose of the Bast River tunnel Th<
cost of construction was "OOO a lineal foot, or a total
of 11,00,000, which i? .-nly al.-in one-tenth of the esti?
mated coal >.f a suspension bridge over tbe linds >n
Uiver. In IMO, When only ab., it 1"" yards of the
tunn-1 had been completed, lt was suddenly flooda?.]
by the bursting In of the water of the river, an I
twenty workmen were drowned Tbe inn work
(Ut ? on the tunnel 'vhs paid f.-r with English capt
tai. a meeting was recently h-ii in landon to
fla-vlse m.-nns f.r providing about tl.000,000 na>eded
to eomplete th.- tunnel and terminal, but nothing
was done, ns tbe construction company has a Hen
tm th" unlesued ix-nds. lt ls believed, however,
that the requisite fund a will s*Fn be provided, and
the tunnel and terminal completed.
The tunnels of th-- worl I Bre classified as rai!
road tunnels, which are bored through earth an)
stone above th.- level of tbe sea; flubaqueoui tun?
nels; canal tunnels by means ,.f which tho course
a.f the ennuin ure straightened Ly boring thr..ul),
hills or mountains, nnd conduit tunnels, whl. h ai
us.-l for conveying water by its own gravitation
There are in th- world about 1,000 railroad tunnels,
which iire.about IBO tulles long; ld eubaqueoui I
nels. 9 miles long; BO ran.il tunnels, 70 mllei long,
and SO conduit tunnels. Bj miles long. Approxi?
mately there are In the world 1.142 tunnel! ?.f all
kinds," having a P.tal length of Ml miles.
FIFTH AVENCE-Sti.t.r Aril.ur P t"tatrUMa Ot Mu?
lari. OILPEY?Congressman Chart*! A. Chlrkirtaa '
fl nimbula. N Y. MURRA"! HHAr-Ea-Qiiiai nesaaB
Carl..* ?'Va-noh, of Coemawtlcnt NEW NKTHKi'.l.ANI --
Senatir David Ti. Hill 1 LAZA E\-Congre?.niaTi ,I?hn
\V. Can.ller. ..f Bolton. WALDORF?K\
John f"an(*f'>ni, of Amsterdam, N. Y. WINDSOR?Tbl
Kev. Dr. OeOTgl C. lorimer, of B
The Metropolitan Museum of Art srlll be open free
to the puhit ? thli afternoon from l to E o'eli ki
Tuesday!, Wedneadaya Thursdays and Saturday i
from 10 a. m. to fi p m.. snd aV oday sad I
evenings fr,.m S tr. IS o'clock. Tba admlaaton l*
Mondays and Fridays Is SJ cr-nts.
Admission to the Museum of Natural IIIt-t iv ||
free to-day from 1 p. m. to I p. m.: on Wednei lays,
Thursdays un! Prldayi fr ti. I a m. to fc p. m.; <n
Batnrdaya "from ? a. m. to 10p. m., and Tue la] even?
ing! from 6 to M o'clock. The price of admiasti n la
j", ? -Tits on Mondays and Tu adara from I a ax t i
j p. m.
O. O. ntJetda SOtbOff of "Cruising In the ("asea les,"
"Rustling* In the h..i ki<s,.? be Battle of the Big
II le," etc., will gie- a free lecture on "irrigation In
(Southern Calif..min." with Btereoptloon views, at
Hardman Hail on Wednesday evening next
A larg" party will leaTe this city oil llnrch 11 In a
special Pullman cht for Lake View, Redlanda Ulvar
stde, Loe Angil's, Pasadena, Banta aii.iiica, lan
Francisca and the Midwinter Fair.
"I'ovi-rt;. : What It Is. ItsCausea Can ll E<- Elltn
li.n'i 1, uni How'"' ls the subject ..f a l-.-ture fi be
given ?.ti T.'mr?'!ay next by William Kelly, a Weil
known Baember of the New-Tork nar, before the
members of ihe vigiiunt Club, h pr imlnent orgai Isa
lion In the XVth Assembly District, of which James
l\ Rogera of tbe court of C( mmoo Plena h i
The big railroad transfer boat Express alwayi at
traots attention 11, her trips around th.- Battery.
Nu.- is tba -nly steamer in tho hnrb-r with square
un k, sin. ks.
Ti..- effects '.f Th-- open erbltsr ar.i shown lr. ninny
waya Whila tagboat men have hud little to mm
tilam of '>n account of i'-'-. th.- la.x ,.f it, or rather the
lack of damage canard by it, has been felt by tbe
marina* repair ihopa, which have been Idle to a
greater extent than I* usual In wi;,ter.
A st. Valentine*! "kettledrum" win ba- givn at
?berry*! on february 17. In aid of tbe Samaritan
Ib-maa fr tbe Ag"J. There will be mua*ia and
Th'- Beawaahaka-Corlnthlan Tnebt Club win ban
an '??itcrtnlntiieiit at Its h'.use, \... 7 East Thirty*BBC
ond-st., on Tuesday evening. Tbe entertainment will
ba-gln nt 9 o'clock, and the .lintier at ll ? 'eli Ch
A f..reign minti n meeting undi r the auspices of th"
Bynod'i committee will be held on Tuesday evening
In the Central presbyterian Church, "Weal Flfty-eev
a-nth-st., near Hr. adway.
Tiie thirty-aeventh annual ball of the New-Tork
Cal-,1,,ni.in ('hr, v.:;i be given at the Lenox Ly-mu.
Midis-.n-av-'. and l*r.'ty-iiintli-st., on next Kriday
Among the forty-five passenger! who Balled yester?
day on the Atlas Line ateamship Adirondack were
Mr. and .Mrs. E. E. Worthington, .1 If. Worthington,
Seymour Unsted*, a. Smith, E Bmttb, Mrs. Clark,
(I. \V. Hart, Pr. Williams, Mrs. (1 H. Ziegler, A H.
Reece, Mrs. Fraser, afr. Battenohlte, Mr- M. If< -
Donald1, Ftraacii Ooodhue, W, C. Wood, J. Donnell
?mlth, J. a. Cunningham, r. O, "Tine, iv. Collina
Bapler Livingston, J. H. Rogera and m. .1. Meany.
The N'-w-Y. rk K' uthern "Society will give Hs eight),
annual dinner itt Sherry's, in Klfth-av., on the even?
ing of Thursday, February tZ, and Imitations have
been sent out by Percy A. Pl.-kr.-ll, a-halrman a.f the
Kiitertaliunenf Committee. Invitation! t.. make
speeches at the banquet have be. n BCOBpted by J,.hi,
O. Carlisle, Se.retary of the Treasury; Charles F
Crisp, spa-aker of th.- Hotjsa of Itejuieeeiitatleee. Isi?
dor Rayaa r, Of Maryland; John Ali, n. of IflSSlSBlppi,
and Georg.- H. McClellan, of New-Tork,
Water Regteter lilley reported his croton water re?
ceipts lalt week at 120,921 ?'..
Daniel Engelhard, the Mayr's Marihal, lsiued JCS
city licenses last week, and received |n fees 11,277 7R
Kravlerle R. Coudei t will l?,eturo ?n ..Mor<lls an,j
Manners" before the Catholic Club ,.n next Hnturday
evening at 8:3o o'clock. Chaun.^y M. Degaaw W||| re?
late some of the Incldtnts of his vlglt to the Hope In
tho Week preceding March 17 for the club'i edifica?
tion. John Malone will give hi* lecture on "Herolo
Poetry of Ireland" on Saturday evening, March 3.
Ex-Senator Plunkltt and ex-Aesemblyman Mc
Manua cannot get a place for their cellar earth In
Central Park unless they offer more tor the privilege
than anybody elie. Their rffer of "Boo made to the
Park Commtiilonen ha* been declined, and the
mtSM hU advertised, for bldi.tojje opened on Feb
f*?F]f ?4.ff]?JIJ1Vi]Pa^i*S6ldt9fisfforti3 saja^
An interesting example of n il estabj values in
fonkera w - . ted by i foreclosure --ii" ..n
Kn lav. Th- property consisted "f a plot abtltsj
: ?? Post-it., ?ith a two-and-ons-balf
frame dwelling. Th- house cosi H.78D. The prop?
erty waa sol i iubj ct to two mortgages of HAM,
and aft.-r ., Ung irsi sold for SfjJOS. . . .
Th- member! of tbe ll - ; irate Company will
attend lervlce it thi First Methodlit Bplacopal
. - ireh to-night, trhere the Rev, P, M. Davenport
will pr--.,,-h. . , . Th li ? iconry of Vveit
?." report! a au easful mission w.rk for iii"
Episcopal church laat var. The apportionment or
amounts to be contributed by Ifonken parishes
during the present year is bi follows: St. John'a
HOD; St. Paul's, g I; Chi Ch :. I-1'.lames
Miwul Ki- ? ::i .n. sa;, lintendent ot Bt. .I.'lin's
Sunday-ich I ii be< n i 1ml ted by Blah ip Potter
ii-, a postulani i ir holy orders, upon recommenda
i; v. V H. Csrvei ... At a meeting
of the pastor* of evangelical churches in Yonkers
Fri 1." to c mtlnue th" re?
work which li i- been .?" iucci afully con
iun hes of all ai?
AM ? WI '"NI 8 HIM.
Deputy sheriff Dennis Meara, of West Chester, put
his revolver under bis pillow when he retired, ac?
cording to his habit l": Uvj night H-- had been In
bed only a f> w mlnutei when the plato! wen!
The bullel went mr,,ugh the pillow and iti i< <.
Mi mi in the back of tl , ng ai mn 1 I i
the right ..ur tha ear, lt dial not penetrate his
.-?kuli He arouieal his children and rod- in a ha.'k
to the Wes: Chester Hospital, two hundred yards
from hil ) oui 1 he hi >n ? ld last ?
lng thai m-.it. would ir i ?? rea iver. The deputy
.^ fifty years old and a widower.
Phlladi Iphla, l'-v I ?. i ik( r City Dy
\v..-k . the Continental Dye w-ik-i .md tbe Firth
k Poster D ?? ll n i: . have made
. in In a iga i ranging from 10 to lt per i ??.
Aboul .'-. in.-ti are affected by tbe r. luction Be?
tween aevenl (Ive and a ll In Ul col
;..:. finiikli g department . * tha Quaker a'ny Works
struck againii the reduction. A i tmnlttee !r..in
?liker., araiteal on Ihe Arm, tn tba members
were told that (he :nk rs might consider Hiern
seh ii I, and thal thi y woul l be black
Ulta l b) the firn
Holton, i ? ;. i" Al a meeting of the Executive
Hoard of l....-al A sembly 8?, Knight* ol Laaboi
iompoaed of freigni handler* employed bi
Nea Y,.ik and .N.-.v England Railroad, held lasi
evening, una. arrangements w.-r. meale t i i publl
ri ? ??? to consider
: inagemenl ol I .?? road
li i ,:. i--:u Ing ? :. ( i per cent
I ' ? . ? . .- T- .- ll
? nej hat - i. ,; receive i the restoration ,,f
??.. ... dtl .K?. Ihe ;? ? ? ?
tuted, failed to i
the praam ls. 1 restoration
Lawrence, Mass., Keb. I". The operative! .f th
Ington Milla hiv- ia ri !?? I not 1 it the
i : ,. .-? i , ni : .-.ii ..u wag*** of from ' ' ? " I I
ind will rlka Nrorl ? ?? atlvi
: bj thi d< . rn, a i ? ? reached al
? ?
Mani ha lei N ll . Feb :o Notli - were ; il :
in the stark Milla ,-esterday I I
tl it oi ? Munday nest ??,.- milli will rm
nd layi a u-.-k.
N ?, .- bal ?? . ? i ? ? t ii I Manchester
to the -rr. ...... v : .v. ..;i
-.- ? ?-?! work will I," run ,,:i the nama time
Tbe employe! of the Atlantic W rks at Bael
Hom. n .it .".. ? ? "a- i ginning -.;i Mon?
day the corni ?? will di* in tin u. thi practice -f
paj Ing ii;, ? for nil '.\,-rk.
f tha al
i of over il - -
made : ' ... This
action . ? ? ' ' ? ?
Little Pall* N. Y.. F ? - In
th- Wa -t Shoi ? ,n Frankf rt ha n in
forme I tha. 'I b"
Alfred D . t the v ..?. t> ? < mployea in
??? 7 p- r ??? nt.
Milwaukee, Wis., Feb i" The Northern Pl
receiver! and the emi i of the roe I ?
: n epl
. | ? ii i that which
Into effea-t J '.p 1 the I ? ?
. i:
C. Clari , ' ? ? r the mei ? ti
i i pti: . '. ?'.
b'. t : "I,." COU
? ?
St i re*! i triking i rewery
!:?? :i and .:iu-t. wtthalrew fi,Fm H.. ,
few da;.nd I >rmed a eparate organisation
Tl '? l:,,',-. alkea] ' foi te
matt, ra I ii ? . the ihapa
lol.:.. . i, w .ih i i\..i ma ? til . ? anal
th- |?,- :?'.'.?' , . . ? ? '??:.,.? T. Il
M< I ? .ire. of ti.Ta Tai l.\ ? | k ? : I. .
made anothei .".,ii tor-day to effect a raimpn
with President Wainwright, .,f the Brewery Aaao
i'ai,,.'i i t tl;-- Intt.r noni! iifi. i,,. lerra ex
c> 11 ? ompla ?? itt. nder an i r.ral ,-f the boycott
Ciiropcun 'Abi'frtioftntnta.
Built in 1890.
One nf Die fineit nnd
Till' .11 OM < ann |>la-tr?
lindern Hotf-I*.
Tlir enllre sniilliirv ...ri nu.'in. iii, ure by
"Ila **l*. .l.-ll ll I UK I, of I o.,.loll,
Under tho sam? Management.
Ml #J I an a* *?l .Ililli.SMI t.KAMI ii'irm,
IQ land .-.' PANCRAS, LONDON -
Railway f u ,, i ?
Untile i '- BRADFORD
nwlCIDi I gi i.k\- iiotki..
England..' ?" r?S?-!?h
I'l-leKi'iiiiia, " 'lialailrl, I no.I.m.''
(I\ rrlii>.|.bi|i Ilia- Illa er nu.I 1 ml.a nliiniwil tnirila-il*.
Ilnaii r Iran nt bot al iii l.ainil-iii. I.vrrv eulie ail -ii a him
nilli beal mom, mill Bard Bad ilra-**inu i .min hu* ii
private lintlirnuni. ale.
I.lul.ir.l by Kla-nrl.Hr- Oil* Klevnior*.
Thr Fine*! Ki Minn nut. I ulallie nu.l l ellar* lu l.onatnn.
2'.*.', Rue M. ilonoro, Paris,
Helwren tho Inlierles Uar,Lu--, Platte V.-ndorueand
New Opera, Advinitaga-onri atrsngemente for farai
lien, Ha-autiful Hall. psrge Drswlng-Roonu, Ble?*
trie Lijiiit, &e. Trlogianis, " MualDlon," Parla
\\ A. m, iilh DAUMOU.
lietwoen tho Hue da* lit 1'uix arni Boulorard
da-s Caapualnes, 1'arl*.
Jd fi. HOLZSCHUCK. Puoviuetoh.
eiuTsn 'L-fo-iiPoiiTiM*.
BKKAKI-"AhT-"sl'PHI-"IL-"?<y B Uasratagh kn.-.wl?Flg?
nf tue nuiuml lawn whl'h auvern the operation* of a>
fettlon uri'l nutrlll n. uiel bv ai rsr.ful Upllaiatloo of ths
r.ni- pr"i?-i-iii ? of w.-ll-??le.-te<l Oacaae, Mi Er ps ha* pro
M.1...1 for oaf lira-aiKfost ?n.l ?uii"i a .11'. u-ely lt?vur.-il
l,.a?ni(i- HIM. I. if. i f.u.- u* iFi.oiy heavy .1,..'torfi1 bills,
lt If, by the JU'llcla.-js usa ..f tack artlcln* of diet that a
a-'.rntltutlon ma)' be ura.inally built up until etronl
?nouirh t'. re*l*t leery I'n.l'-n y to .1 <*?-..*..? Jtun,lr.-ili -if
?ubtl" main.tu* ara- llratn.f urour.il us m<\y to attack
wherever thero I* a Weal p.Int. We mny escape many a
fltnl ihaft by keepln? our*.Ive* well fortified with pure
fclo'-d md a properly nourished frame."?civil Service
Oaiette. Mn > limply with "v.lllni waUr nr milk. Sold
'.nly lr, half-pound tin*, by srocerta. labell* 1 thu*:
Jenica Eppa oV Co.. l.nl.. Hoinirepalhlo CneniNt
1.oiifI..ii. Knalanal.
I "European adv ehti BE^B-s^'tBd'tssi
J LavDdoa office of Th* Tribune, No. 1 Norfolk-it..
Strand, W. C.. a wnrwlajai plage to leay*, their ^vjri'JB
Sunrise ?:..-? Sun set* 5 .In Moon lets p m ll :4"K8foon'l ?*? 8
atj.lL- Beady Ho,,k ll-SMOov I*lnn.l 11:42 Hell Qata) 133
I'.M-s.in':. Rook .c?,v. lataad .Hsfl Gate 1:57
Vessel Krom. Lln'
Anrhona..Olsagew Jun 27.Anchor
Colombia.r*r,p,n FVh ".Columbian
La Chaaipagtu.Haere F"b 3.French
SchleaJaai.Amsterunm. .Inn 29.Dutch
li wk.Lire-moot, F?b 2.White Star
Grecian.Glaaeow Jan 30.Allan-State
Baratoga.Havana Feb s.N Y & Cuba
Berrie.Liverpool Feb 8.Cunard
Alina.port 1,inion. Feb fi.Alla*
Maagachuietts. fioadca. Feb 1._...At-Tran?
monday, ffhriary IE
VeeeeL Linn. Tor. Mall* cl,.se. Vessel sell*.
Bemlnotl, Clyde, riurl'ston. SiOOpm
ttahooebie, Savannah, Bavannah. 1*00pm
Trave, N G Lloyd. Bremen. 8:00 a m ll :"0 ft m
Veaesnela, Red ]., i.? Ouacrra.lln-Oam 1:00pm
Rasia Hamb-Amer, Hamburg;.11:30 am
City, Bavannah, Bavannah. 8:60pm
-. Clyde <'Tiari?eau. 1*00pm
imer Now-york, Jamieson, Etrnthaaayton "Tsbraary
8, with liol- ? and panenfer* to tb" international Navtga
lion Co. Saith of rn.- Island at 10:16 p in
ile inn. Smith, Liverpool January SI.
iry l. wini malia and -"1 rai in h:, 1 .'.->
: , -.. ii Maitland Kersey. Arrived al
tha Bar al 13 '.', a tn.
Ht ea mei lt tleralam (Dutch), Rotrgeveen. Rotterdam
January 24, Boulogne '?'.''-. 'a'.tii nM*e and 23 cabin and '.ix
-???:.,- to l-uncli. K'tyai A Co. Arrive.1 at
. .
Steamer Rhynlan.) il>lm, Mills. Antwerp January UT,
:, anal 113 ita-eraga puieagen to la
mal Naviaai a Caa. urive.i at the Bar at lrOSptn.
.. ?. v. linger.,!. (Jen a January 81,
2 ern ma** and pi nena** ri to Oari
,\ ? ul i| i n- lilaad at 0:80 p m.
i iliri i ? -j. !'? nambtaco January "i.
with i.;. '. i.-i rafi a. Co; ve***! lo BooUt E Cb. Ar
at tl ? . SO . .i..
Kteai . Plera-e, Clcnftaeeoe February I, st
Sa lau ''.. With ISdee nn,1 28 passenger* to
R Wai i rn ' f. Arrived at th* Bar at 12:13 a m.
mei inn! i.ei iBri Praier, Bermuda February H.
lensers If a ll a iiiierbrUge A Cb.
v ? . , I Ur at 2:30 p tn.
. .lu." i. New-Orteani January It, via
Newport New*, I-lT'.i ??? I, with m-lse t,, K S Allen.
..- Bl lt -jul i.. New-Orleans, with ml.- ta
.1 'in T V.ui Bli kia*.
tine, Haskell, Jaekaonvllla with bun?
ter tn order: ve??el t ? Warren Ray.
er Kilo. Print"! iBr), Jupp, Huston, to J C
?r City of Fitchburg, Ribber. Fall Hlver far New?
Ho k. 0*S0 p ni - Wind BIS th weat, m>.d*mie,
Steamer Panama (Spaa), Rivera, Havana-J M Oakallea
A Co
(?teamer r.-rmudn fBr), Hallburton, Rarbado*. Martlnt
l ? out. . idee .v Co,
? m ii. crowell, Havana He?-Jamei i; Ward
.-. ?
....e. Walker Norfolk and Newport
Si <v- < ? i? l I ? imlnl n Mteemahtp C
Steamer Britannia Oin. Brown, Gla-igow?Hend?r* >n I
Steamer Saint PancrM (Br), Young. Llverpool-Charlei
P Sommer A Co.
Steamer Cttase City. Bennett, Fortland, Me-Horatlo
Hall ? ,, _ .
Steamer Alsenlvorn. Lewi*, Baltlmore-H C Fo?ter.
Steamer Newport. Conner, Colon -Stamford Parry, Her?
ron & ca _
steamer Pawnee. Ingram. Wilmington and Georgetown?
W P a'lvde & ''... .
Bteemir Apollo (Br), Sykes. Antwerp-Sanderson A Son*.
St-am-r Blue Star (lin, Jam"*. Pumpa B*WmS, Kdye
A i'o (Galveston cargoi.
S'-am-r II T iMnioi-k. Coleman. BOOtOB?H F IMmock.
Steamer city of Columbia. Jenny. W.-*t I'.int. Va?Old
li,,minion Steamship Ca
Steamer Hudson. Kembla Sa-ruala Grande- K S Allen.
Steamer Cuvier (Rn. Carnan, l'ernambuoo, etc via Haiti
more-Husk & .levon*.
Steamer Nu.-ces, Kink, Kev ta/est md Oairiston-C H
Mallory A Co.
Steajner Kansas City (Hr). Jone*. Bristol Jamil Arkell
A Ca.
St-amer Mobile (Fri. Uayland, UBBdon NlW-TOfk Ship?
ping Co.
Si.-amer Chester mr). Rend, Southampton?International
Navigation Co.
New-Albany, Miss., Keb. IO. The Samthern field
trials were flnlsheal to-iiny. Count Gladstone and
Inike Fox were the first bruce down. C.unit hav?
ing th>- heit ranf-e, speed and point u"rk, won.
tJleam's Sport and Eugene T? were the next brae-.
They were both good, bein;; equal In speed and
range and point work. Steam's Dink and Hine Hldsr,
Mark th'-n fa.1 the judges and Tink won. Lillian
Russell and Count Gladstone were tbe finest brace
In th.- third series. Count proved luperior In ipeed.
range and bird-finding. Uleam's Fink and Mfs.s
Ruby were then called, and the wort ?,' Pink
placed him in advance. Dick Fox and Eugene T.,
tried concluslona The heat was a draw between
them. Tr.-m.mt .md (lleem'i i-i".rt next ron. Tre?
mont doing the best point work and having the
best ot lt in speed. Count Guulatone nnd Gleam's
I'lnk th-n ran for tlrst money, ('cunt ? 1 i-1 the most
work on tame and had some advantage In speed
and rani,-'. The judi ti announced count Gladstone
tlrst, Oleam'fl Fink second, Miss Ruby and Lillian
Russell equal, third, thus ending one of tli?: best
stakes ever won at ti-id trials.
West Point, N. Y., I-'-'b. 10 (Special).?The ea
one-hundredth nljrht german, held In Grain Ha'l
to-niirht, was the moat successful affair of th
? ison. S'-veral of tlc- \"o -s.ir girl! Wera present.
A vinaJaxett.- was. presented aa a souvenir to -a.-ii
of the wooten present The one-hundredth night
hop will h.- h'-ld on February 24, This hop is con
iltferad nest in attractiveness to the graduating
hop, which is the chief social occurrence of cadet
life. _
Hhiiada-iphia. Feb. IO.?>The Spanish Government
has awarded a medal and dip! mia of honor ti cap?
tain Ha-njiimtn Howes, ..r the schooner Henry J,
Lippett, for his heroism in saving the llvea of
three sailors of the Spanish ship .lunn J. Murga, in
tie South Atlantic, in November laat. The men
w.re found m a naked ?? ndltlon and starving, and
a/ere brought to thu port by Captain Howes.
"Baltimore, Feb. io (8peeial). The Merchants and
Manufacturers' Association decided to put In
toleration at once the contemplated plan of organis?
ing several branches of the Lloyd Insurance system,
This action ls the result ..f the Baltimore ITnder
writers' Association railing Inaurance rat.s. In
ia.-h i.ranch twenty manufacturer! ind merchants
wh > own largs plants or warehouse* pledge them?
selves for aa amount not to exceed floo.ooo in
fire loaaea to any one ol the member* of the branch,
no risk i? to exceed 110,000 In sny one particular
branch. Twenty p.-r cent of the money will be
raid in when the policies are issued next: week,sal
the funds will be placed on deposit and draw Ja*
terest with a Haltlmore trust company. '4aB
members of the newly formed branches hara
property worth many times the one policy of tU,tji
Whatever extra Insurance ls desired will be plioal
with one or a number of the eighteen or tweat*
branches of Lloyds in New-York.
Wi?hl"jn',n. F'5b- 10?The itorm, central avtt Laat)
Mlrhl.aii 1-rldny evening, has Bases* north of the fa'
Lautour.' Vall'-y. ittcndcd by rain or enow In tee
laka UlHS* the Middle Atlantic anti New-Kngland Btataa,
A storm from tin- South Fa-'ltb- Coast hie advaneed eeo*-,
ward to Hew-M' "dee. An ar-a of hlih beromoter oe-***
plea the central valleys and tlie Northwest. A decllel
fall In temperature ha* ocurnd lu the Ohio Valley aag
Um lain' resa**s, ass] bbsbss si trie OmM coist. "Tag
teioperatur" his ft'*" falla-n over the middle Rocky Moen*
'pair and' eoid r weather U indicted for the Uki ta,
eieii? the Obie Valle* th- Mi-.d.- a tl int* e indltiit-.
I i.L'land Stat?*, lin ro.i-liitr cPiilIne-s ind raia ll la*
dlcated for tba Calf 6n?Bsi ?"'i Ike Southwest.
F..r Miine, fair. "B-BMBSsi by ?now flurrle* in <-ut?ea
uorMon in tie- aariy BBMnlag; "-eWer.
Ft N- -v-ll'iiop-iiir". VerSNMlt, Ma?*achii?etti, RtuaBj
island io h., ii-nt ai (i Easlerfl gi a-Taek, -f?ner?Uy fib>|
^Vor tho?DI-itriet of Col'in.ti a F.iwtern I^nnsyl-Tank-,
N-e?..p rev. |ilaw.ir\ Maryland and Virginia, fair; ga
.'?aldis- (oilier.
|.,,,. Weat V'lrirlnll Mr: roMer. _ _ .
F..r Western Pe - .-en. W -fern Now-York eat
Ohio, "reserally fall ibb* toklmt.
f? | ROVUM: Momma
11S4*fj;10 10:'J12J45i5',
MHVI I'll!
fc. ?, I. -tr/a.*!- ?_ _ r-,Tn-^-????
Li. K-V-r-'-^yJ "i"1'-.- i" ? ' ^'?^?JdXHmm 29.5
In Hus dla-ciiiii a Stint nuoui whl'* line ahvw* the
r! ..n?;es in pra-wure as Indla-ated by The Tribune* etta;.
I og bar metei Thi ti ken line r-fret-en'* tin tea.
pentan jj obeerved at Perry*! l'harmacy.
lrihl-e aim..-. Keb. ll. I ? m.-Tho weather veale-*
dav --.i- brlclif and Mimi' . the temperature rangtig ba.
i - ? , 47 ai.d SO d rr ea the avet-age (41), bein;- 4 d--rreai
algBet than on FrWay, and '>??- lean than aa the ??orrea,
i,. ndln r data f - -. ? ar
le and nen thi* >'v te-?ay tn, r- will probably be
(bli unit . ol l-l Wi .at h. 1 .
Chicago. ''""I' I" A dispatch to "The Inter ocean**
from Racine, Wis., says: "Tb- factory of the J. L
c.is.- Threshing Machine Casmpaay, which hai been
closed for tbe last Ave months, throw-in-- ff) mea
(Fin ot employment, trill start up with a full force
on February lt, rhe Mitchell A Lewis a*agoa faa*
t, ry. employing BOO men, will resume operation* oa
Monday. _
S..11 fraaelsi >. fmtwmatf 10. 1*1*4.
Y*it-r.l.iv.To-lay- Yeiter^jy To day.
n..., a n.-'.-'i-r ..LOB 1 '?-*? Meal in .la Itt
.V':??; .is ophir .2.30 aJ5
.IO pan - .K .88
',.',:. J, . .Sn ??'? Savaae .70 M
iv? ...v.11 ni" riierra Nevada.no .W
cSwnMai....* ??IJ:f?h? r-'^".5*5
1 * 1 iii I' 1 Af * 'urry ... ? i'* ?' I ? .' ' +*"
lall, a Sorcroe*.S? I Tetlow Jaok-t.T8
Uueuifos Chances.
A FIN'!: 'MAH STAND, near'Hr--*-!
Way, fm i'il -.'r i cal
- t merluna ia>* i'-nt, ni reeeoB
.-. ri ? ? -7 Bleeder-it.
I M'iv|,.-o TL THACHER deitrei to
l , alton whero privet*
- ? I ... il . . .\!Jr.'** l'LIMT
I M.. I- .
ADVERTISER happen* to kn,,w bow
12 , ?.., in a ron ?>.. ri
Kb an Investment af I'j.i?"f. k:
? ? .. . ? a ,':.; natl have entire
ili?rfle; Ihe I i>'.-.-*s ls ? *I ? laity; I
r-- relation* with
,o nly; i ai tleul ii -a
\ rei* W . H .t
n Oflli -. 1.343 )?;: 'ot?
$.1,000', ll
tunny, i lon*
' \ UK j.. .11 till ' . Fl -
I.: ?<;Alt fATK A COMPANY 248 Broad.
? a ., -.. . i }.,?> ,?>. i .vt. nu i ? intli
. - . >i- i.-iv.; ?: l ;, -rel
. .--uenston aile, ham
!... Weil eatabUehad, long
ind ii;:-. mora
.... ' I.'vllKi:. 31 Cllnl n Flare.
''?? > ? ? ? : uatniiii
. ... Hi i linton i'lacu fr.i'.in
PAYINO llll'NTS rou SALE. .Lieu
ure! h r,
lui; ph) *i lena
; u:")ah TATE A
ri, Xi:. :t way.
Soi lJill9.
irs pel effected; i--r;i' I r
.??. . ... i ? |; i.. i? free.
I'll* A CU., Fiteil l
. ic. vii: BALE H?t-Aeiina up
.. plan,. mahogany unu.ijFi
. : matu .rani inUaju* i loth*-..
pr. - i .: I* ma Mab- and Kilburn niir
' ..mc ta-is. gin pia-i anl man?
tel min i*. magntni --nt mahogany bed
' ,. ...ii. --.any dra-iama "ablia,
. ? ? ? i, iialcboard*, I-, id i..-.,
i. et--., al i '.:T iii..aIway, aeai
. ...:!i-*t.
I U.K, at beyport, L I--Farni et
.'..' eiri. house Maible, on* hort*, saw,
aaa ; launajata Ac. Ad
i AAC HUMAN, Jil. Hay-port, L. I. |
FOR KALI". N*ai Cooper Institute, a
h.TK--. actl-paylas loa-dlng-hama; present
- la making ?
, ir. i-t retire, lu
.- ?n.iV.LI'K, Hf .tl n>
lately, aeparalloni, deeartloes, wife'* au;
port, damagae oi.iuin..d. oollaeUons,
u?iii*. private Informatloa, i--n*u ivldmca
lee, defend! i\\ Lr>TI.I'l.iR.Ni |i?.
I., liv* ..iii Lan An .ii ). i..' Broadway
ARTISTP' l-REHriMAKER d*-li"? rew
n. rr ru mer*; appi prlati deilgnlng,
perfect Biting; blgnaael referencee; u
yt-ai*' .xi. io. e, jj uet alar. A-ldrea*
c. u lull, li Leaingiua ? ??
? ARTISTIC l'lti:.-sl..s made toon ?."> ny
?? . ni nih: 'ail .r ma le, h.*,. bail, evii
i eptluB, Ir-raldlng iol lo.-mil. al
. . muurnlng order* al eli,,it n,.ti.*,
... ul uul i.) iii.- day. a
."'.. ?' .Nen lora, uiel b li.Knlo
l io mi.
1 I.i.s.- MAKER. Aa-afUatomed to hn.tat
work aol mi Uk- I,., o i. ai. .,:???, *t>ii?i>,
P rfu : i.itiiik nun guaiiin'ot-l, ix per day.
?vi \\. ii .nail tc
1'Ki;.-.-.Ma K Ul: wt-.li.-a a f--w more vue
"niner* .a home; Taylor avai-m. Mm.
i.i.i ni iLUn, 4ii wm .on. .a.
!'lli;.a.MI.\Ki;i; EaClllent dressmaker
ttl tie* lo ...oh, DUI at fX per day.
Ill '.I I.MN. loll M ? it ?.
I'llESHMAKEU, ihuranigh, aeetrea .-a
gaga-inant* io day ,.i bs-mk; h. ar out ol
? ? ,..', renee!. Aiidn-H Mia* E.,
i; \, .'.oj, 1.J4J llioiulwuy.
cutting, beeting, Bee; glove-ntting, by Tay.
, ... .,.:?, l-.linell. I" fi. i' u.
Mm*. HUOMK, -'? Last Utti-si., lat Hat.
Ucul Notate.
t bl i'iiui n.win .s 'I-., -Fir-gdeeklng
( BBIral i\.l. WeMaj ?a upurUi.:iii li0U?<j
p.nii.n lu p'r eeal Bet, ? *iii>'.iua .amor
p'v.c. , naie lavena*,nt. hvilev, 54
IV' -T, .1.1,1--!
A lOMI'iilil A11L1. C.outr, pl'i, t , l-'Vv
Ililli um- lieu on New-Ulveu Hoad; lear
U. pm ii..'. Milage, good il ililli BBd OUte
li uioio... ?i'h MBCl un'! f irwinn- ir
a-v-ii'-u. j liara'iibi . lefWl t.i soil. An?
ni.--. uWNaUi, lJd Wilt ?l,'iii rt.
;.V1.L or r. n.l g .-.at* lu stun -j-, for our 'I
luei.it ,i .H.- oauaugue ut a-,on,ir- prana-vty
on lino, of Jiu,Uan. liurl'ii, end .Sow Havan
Kjlno.d^. \V.*I.ib.'>t-i Coulill um- -.p.* laity.
\SM. II. lloVl A '". '? vainla-rlillt-avo.,
op*a*alte (nana Oeottel Uri*.*.
h ala li CAK.M* Fina- b'll.-lllaij* j '.t)-rOajlil
aoaie; ola \v-?t Mkari R. H.; T> auls* ""-'io
rill ; non-.' dilii a-it'i lurolturo. r?-*ily fdr
c.uiiitr- I. .iril-i -,. il.Ai.io 1 >: QUi-ave.
WANTED A l'.'-rooiu *ul urban Louee.
with all ImpniTiSlant*. ?ltlila *W rune* of
Mei lawk, on Morris and Eva A or N. J.
? elitial raMS; MB! iiioO-iale. Aildr..?
W. F. lt., II'fx -1,1)1)0, Nev?-V'iHi._^
"iHi-.i'.h-Mi*ot.\ Vh'ImE, raSSe for
lui-.- faauilv ..r boardU'ic-ho'i-ia- li rSSBBij
a-eiitr.il iiragSBI m-ar lt il. lUHon; every
luiprovemuiit. ,?.-!. r lAlb. lol LiWxJ70;
Bead sUbln unit stud" trot-*; don't iirltu,
como and BB! it NATHAN SWS>
nr.LL, Hl-Hiiulleld, N". J._
AT'oi.LX RlDOl . nea~r"u."R BtaHllB
tioueo, ti r.-iom*1; a'l tniprovein-nu. broad
lilar-s : amplejnoiimta. A'liIrM** NATHAN
Rl'iSgFJJ^. Illoomtlcia, N. J
LREB8MAKER, lat* of "White. Ronara
4 Co.. late*t etylee at ibort notlci; p*r
f?etipn in fitting ar.d Juilgnlng; fancy
walitaj ?umm?r silk*, taUor-rnade gowm.
SCOTT. 308 Weet Md..,.
fnrniolicb ttoo.no.
with light, heat and ba b. to s "''
rent rn derate. 2. weil .',_???
-v,,TIv L-rlisiBHED HALI. ROOM
T,,l,I,,- i'o.-VT, OT"*:"". leWi 2! '
_ Mivvi.Y FtTWISHED rront h. I
louthern eapcure. ".'";.?;.
pi vernen!* o derate; neerea
W-s- ll th-lt. _
T, ''.M.-t. hand* o'." fr F,t lull* i ra bm
with bath; meal* a '.a ""a?t*_____
" i,.Tl|STr 30 WEST. Nicety furn:-!.-!
r?,rn* MOO. *4. IB, ff; t ,, floor $1 BO I.
gentlemen; reference!; lian laigi apai
ment. ._,
SITH st" il" WEST, near Broedwi)
- illy furnlihed I om ? ??"? ?
. .- ?--?-,-' , ?.. nil._
' -,* ' w\ ? Second floor i ,in. mit
able f r ia peri ????*_ ________
Doarb ana nooma.
ALCOVE bay win'o'*-. handsomely fur*
nlshed. conveniently axran*-.--l, .-mir* *ec
(t>ain .lta*nilon), with Leard. In
lily lit steam hi-atel prue- ml
il-lic* 17". Weal l<'W-*t.. superior Beigh'
" *28 V""HST ',i-: ST Larg! ii I int
*ui.nv ra m*; * u-ri ,r board; re
V.-TII ST a',* WEST f ge oii imall
roorai; well I nd; bouee
'.ITHST. Tl VVEBT Elegantly ?'''?
... ... v..-.- tingle
parlor dining r om en elli nt tal - '
moderate; refit i ?
818 WEST BTTH HT. Larg* r tu, f.'iirth
floor fr ul ? uthern eapoiure; ??????lt 1-j.irl,
convenleni m- idwai ai I L lUtlon; gm
ti.-ti. ni and wife or sn.nie fleuu-min. ref
. . mee
UJork iDuntco.
.mploymmi r an) Wad. U. LAH' HER.
SM Blh-ave.; 3d :: foi
tCCOl NTANT. f.r'last ?4 yeer! treal
urer gad aetttetiri' rnaaagir r li ?
fai'turlng corporation lu -his city, oeilm
poattla-o "f truit; aecountaat by proteiilon;
piee^-iu aajreemmt .xplr-m In Man* but
. mi bi t--min.,Fri eeoner; rifajrencn; and
?reurlty, Addie** Atti.E. F. u Bos i *?>..
.\.-w lok _ .
riooKKL' I'M" t xi'.".'ii..U. compe.
te.t, wtihei parn., employment: >? i five
a- mo. I. ..r inti-- Ho ? a* may be r--<iuir.d.
tmerever want-d; ref erena ea, .1. li *-? ,
KNi We-.; 103d-st.
lev m brightand unari aaoflKeboy,
bas fl'M.o- ; f.iir wr.tr. JOHN
Rt-.KKAN, SOO Elli "ft>th-4t.
RAKER Bj B.-..t.-h baker; ga
breed and xolla; Heady; city oi country
Addre** RAKER, IW4 8th -
"lUTl.EH Hy a tboroughl) erperlenced
Engllihraan; take, futt charge dinner
Barnie, Ac; good vaM. aged i". bright,
ii fee- persona" retfireneei HALE, Trlb
un.- Uptown Office, 1.843 Broediray,
a AKFI..V1 l.|-.--F_|?r .1 lo bond?
ing ani i*a>atrtng ma. i nor. luakiai pe a
HU . a-F..- anil doini- ali Kin i- ??
J..hinno, desiri* Ueadi poaltlou, beM or
r-fei.-u? * (riv. Il fraini last .01.play er. lt. li
/.IN I.ll-LL, 41S We*' 4IPli -(,.
1 ABU-SIM FER "foung tv-,vj.. ttr.-t <U--a
miha.nl.- wii.tr. work. .'..SA NILSON, too
KAi'r.l!.lE\Ci:u private detr. Uv* wlshoa,
tiy kind of en.plo. lonni ; A: o io
iralgn axpertenee; ned rai.- retnun ration;.
d.. aaythlse ?uy where mn tune. BUNA.
FAL. I., lt....in a. ut l..,*t l4th.it
HARDENER.-By a FrraaThmaa; fl*at'
cuss gardener and fl.nwt. 1 ..,t reference!.
UaHM'.'M-IH. U,fx 20, Trlbun- IpMwn
Ofll.e. 1 24X Broadway.
("it'i'i.M Minni..; thoroughly underitai la
hw iiuiirs, h.,nest aober, ivllling an i
Obliging; highly recommended by city
fiimllv Fall or a Mr.-sa J. EVAN'S, -.'v..
Len ix-ave,
TOR "ant* riTiuiit'Ui in ii. ? ? ipapei
Office; undersisn.Is i,r..?s-.tt,.rk. All...
JANITOR. By min ind wlfe'i
on- er mer.- hon*.-., underatands steam
and |Him|.|ii?; ref.-rene- ur security. E
REID, SM Wwi i .th il
,.-,,<,'.:;.1',:'"rxl"': (,"-"HI't> MAH am.
WIFE ai anything; cit) or country; ref
erminea. JOSEPH 111 .TTS. *Xl West .'hu!,.
with t.uiiness experience and ...me kn..?-|.
edge ,.f BpanUh: competent In correenond
em'.-, salary, lu to rammenca, s , 102 8th
d.siroe poa lunn : oon yet,,,- and e-iiit-rla-.it:. d
BKKNilEiJ,. -,?.T Mhav.
. III'.U.NSILI.N, 6(14 Tth^VO.
FOHTKH HALL BOT Hy tu,, v. tja*
m-ti. '??'I'-r.-l ACM taged ff), a* pori,"
the nih.-r am, ?? hall boy or cleanina
ottlof*. ?TI"AHX. IM West 41it-?t. "
WATlTHMAN.-jjjr ,trlct|y wiber. Mn
??t.le man aa private waichmiin; ran Klve
the l.e*t of refers****, anl ben seourlty If
r:,?l"mLi'..wLtJ" ,4? Ka,,t 4.,d?t,
_ J?A'*-Vn*ML.-t* my kitui of wupioy.
mtTthJml^**""* ''-- W-t ?V.-ui.
WORK WANTED.-Voling, tetaiJtiaaeT
Sw.*l0 wino, ?urn of an, find ltv ?,;
Mwtrr; hau-b- wita SSL- tamaerataaea
ii.Kii.fi. rXTtsj "-..iitii.st..,nru?ary1,'in'1J
Ton no ai ak, ia wiiuae 'bb wonTiT
y^SS ^l?fcaain. wUttag aod~ohrie7
t wlshe. tiosltlou to h.-l? m ffoud >?"t !S
rp?H or hallion, or anv kimi ne ... ?
PHILIP, 1- Hamllton-ttvo, hLkV. rk'
TOUMVj MAN'7 23. wauta work ta i?>.?i~
inderaund* alectrte dgata bull* , \ ;
PLRpiELX., 8X0 Uth-ive, ^ Uoil*' ul'
' VOFN(i MAN. 1H^ UT t1on,uyt))jTF~fi"i7
"?fTot-yo man, 2?r^anTib7wiareari7fT7r
?Jon SB driver or grocer-rcierkreoc^ wri. r
F>nco?_ y*.>3Ej\, tea Contra! Pirn, Weat.
YOUTH. 17, to de Rhipp'j-gr -Baraiae~
WmT^iiW^^ *
tklp CUnnteb. _ ...
M r.sewer* basted
APFHFNTICFS, ? neat ?J?_ n
Domestic Situations LVanltb
a M..'"'!.-:- v;:.:.. a ?? wide"
' t i.-i i--. i' ii. v**- . ,.,,.1-eai .a?'m.??**?; "
* K_l*s! ,.. i, tiW-ea
- :a;;r<.o,;L-?;,o,,f >-: ??
ut d./.u "I' ' ?' irving
jo UN MON, IJ8 Wi 80th.it._
"'?"..iv - ^--CrTr.
:.:.- - g ? j_St?_
.! jenni.: WALKER. WI *"**?
* . ?sr*
MAIU anJ wau kl-- ->'>;','' ,:''''
teni w-;i-re'.iuii.-:. ; i yi ???< ' ...vl-ins.
? UM '.ali':-*'. aW? Stb BV- _
KL.-.- H) Ei ? an'1 5a a. ?-'
fi-nily ?- "' : '.,0^" vi
, , ?'.. .. ref.rn ?; city or country, caji
. Mr. CALV. 800 Weat ?ta
"'?'?.Iv i' tllrtr:
..... ., : .. Kngtiiti ..ul
. ., aw Weil 10th -
1 i i;>'[-i LA.*--. Uuodrri* oi?h- ? '
M. M., til* <o,uii.b'i-ai".
"i. II.1MHI T.MAl" . WAI IL *"* '
Bj a i'i t-t-'i.t. girl lu a P-'.--"*' u" ?..-,'.
.....,,,. i ice. l L-. i.-'
? > ?
"*00\ ERN rs* I-., ly i an highly n
mend North al.-iii.-i v isltli.j- K-.v-ri.
in nc own family
three re ir*; lei ni* ? ? ' >' rea* I
' **'! .'?'', \,v,'-'"-'
... , .,,, m, \ | tren OOX ERNEBS,
U \ |5, l ,u Lr," iwajf. _m
ROI BEKKI PER Uv r-lial.l- EogUlal
ni,"**- ,.i tas,. ...a. a*; ii ? ai et -reatie.
;: .... - t. iee oi * id "'rr'-, i indi . - ? i ;?? Un
gook. Mn i.a\1Lli, i-> lij-1'iit.m-ai'.-..
doufe *i,.v;.iv_
"lim m.M.I'.I'I-.I'. ii au A a rican leay;
Tlu BOjeCUOB t-' Co Jill I,\ , r- .' I'-'.' e. A4
dr.-.. a Staple*, n, SiaUin laUad.
lim M.ivi .i-.ri-.ll. i.v an A'i" Hean, ol
a* '?: kita*- lioui-ii. i-ji r or li. ll I Ul . ula avila r-'
j ot,., r lervaati aro kepi, auui- *?> *>., loo
in" *-i Ki- EpIuT iv An r raii Protea.
ta't younij woman, a> wurkln; Bo ? ?? kl i- I .
( , , inti | . if terna ..- t-r - n oo- rat--.
\o tra M W., I ao I.,,.; l..'itu-.i
HoLhEWORK ii," a ra-ipeeiable
woman lu a pt iva*. I.nully llx-p ii.
Loud r terence. Flo Clinton i'..u.,
itooin 15._
HOI SE WORK io f wnert. wTHTiiiJ
denoan pelion; u "I plain .?<> >K and laun
ii?? ?-- or -.io ... loo.- aork n. objection
u. ? ? Hiitrv I. -' i ,u refervuee. I5d
i a-'. 84th.it., near od av.?.
HOFSEWiiKK li- . neat Norwegian
L-l; 1, -aa , ..,,. 1' au ... a. .??
ton.,il l.. tho dull - .. a ?a.?:???.-. rlty ..r
\i .. Mri '.il EH .(o'. ? ?
HOt'SF.WOUK Bi a wenna *tbo timr
indera! uni- li-i dun-.. .
b -.. I. p.. an.I il-,- li,ak. i . u . ? u
? ?.o a foi i.'. , er i ir< ? p- r?ou?
lu Hat, city ittooi ... M., R ix 46,
I .'.'IV Hr ila i-.
HOI SEWOItK, \ o' a ul capab o'
giri i , du 8 werai ba-u- .- ur* in i at.
i, * ? ? ron.'. - x: W ?
ll"l SEWi IRK I ?-!' *rl*he-a ... lu.aT
p-o l iltui . m lo r,; ib . I Flo Pn i itanl
Utik, li v.ara oki i ? ... li il nora or '."
tl-->l-l Mila Cuildren Al,':,.- EM
I'l.'il I lt 1.2IL' III ,,l- I
liol SEE El Pl lt Bj . lad) t tai.rt"
CB! I a Ii,,,i., f ,. partied going a.ire.id
"i i' 'o rouuiry . ri. ri m ?-. MIm i.n
KH.II . I.'iii V. .-I HSth-.l.
HUI -I.M.I.I'LL In li. t. . ,o f. ..-. ,'ln.-.'
Bom or uni -nu io gn I mai tot... .it ir
Boundy. Aiidies, I... 1F\ ii,, l.ji. Uroad
?a- .
Hill M.M.I |'| i; ., | n ,ldl,..io..i
aoiiiui, . r any nun r p Itlou ..f trual: ti--t
c:t> ia ;, I..,,, ,... Hf. UUuJ I i . 4 a . a.rai.a
Hm SEKEEPER, Bi coaiuaTTonl iiililitloi
u-i-d un,.., . i,,i?i ? cbll un . :i,a..| nuo
""i-i .-.i-atii.u ; ni i|i....ii,,1,,,iai,. r !? r u ?
Mri i'Ai L. 348 a .l.t.... -a . Brooklyn
HOI M LKF.PLI' or 111 i:i'( THI.--- Tv
leiln.si l'r,ao-i,,ut iroiiiaii of -\|-i'.-nc in
'?iiltiir.it family, wherv i^ r ui-ioi eoe rone
p.Uni lil g|| tl all. ,-f.a.HI llllli.il,,>; ri'IlT
'?o's. AddreM REFINED L.'iJ H'way.
Hot'SEKEEI'FH. Hi ?,,io.in ,.f ko-I
torih. Immedletely; capable of managing
household, ,.i ?m i-ompanloo to rlderly
"il. i- highest testimonial*; iv,,ult travel
H".\"I'ai:li:. i.vi Columbus ave.
LADY'S MAID liv educated North
(."nunn; a,ant .-teni in h. i dutlee; ex
.?ellem halrdraieir; expeiienaied *rlth lu
!?". ','U- .,". UV r1""1"" O* trust. HFF
ERENCE, j;,; Weil 43d-it.
M K.M.. By a young In'. Ill|t?nt woman
ex.el?m nura"- and niasn-ais-a f,,r n Sell.
Ti*.* '"'?..-", *'' 'M M?hl>' rccomin.-ii.ted
Aodreia lo Rail "IM-*t.
LAI.-*?? MAH. Bj ? Well e.luaat.^
Sv-..-dish girl; k...h. eapeHenced dre_b
maker (g. T. Tiivlir's eyst.-mi; beet ref.
?rencajj; doea aol objaj-rt to travel; si.eiik*
good English; s.,me French and Oermu
Addie*. swLi.i:. cara Mn, wi*-. ;tiu a".
vr. KT I BE ME NTS ut tho foll,wine Hraion
Ulfla a., BA4 Falghth-ave. ; 700 Thlrd^ e"
corner I orty-s.-v ntli-st. . ISO Baie* Foetr'
?eveaSa-aSL, corner Third-live. ; ]go Eal,
l'.".Ui-st . near Tl.lrdav,. ? l,(*2o Thlrtt-ovt
near Sl\tv-tlr?t st. ' 1,708 I lr-t ave ' IN
W^.."?c'',t,',,-''m^ :,.IW t-'olutnNaViva
UOUSbkEEPl ll -Fy au Aim-n.-tn
WIUOVV; n. a.liJ.K tlotl U> om- or two chu '
dr.?> ; Hrst-.'la-.* ref'-rouca-. Call or address
1) Wig, cure Du Hois, tjt>.) Ka*-, la,sth.?^
lim SI Kl ! Pl lt -i,y AfliurlciiVoir^
a- v<or lnir huuiokeeper food plain cook
vmeh. r and lromr: ba-*t reference un ii
days, ila Want, SSttiat.. 3 flight, up.
Protestant aa |ady'? maid or nurse to
(R *^iS8Li ttarV?''""0"5' ***** ^
Domcsti: Gitnationa tDatiUi.
LAI Nl'HF-- First-? dall Swedish leos-.
*i*ne* situation ir. private ft._u.yt
,;-i ,- country; g--! rafi renew. Call TOi
Sd ive., l -. bell_
LA i M 'LLS.-- - First dasi lanndreai
want* place In private family; ba?et eta
last employer can be leta*
A - - M I'. 101 >V*'* 42d-lt._
MAID and shaMSTI1K.-s. -Br a eomj-*
tent Bwedlib girl .-..-?-.l--n' seam'tre-u and
dreaemakei , cit) refawencii Acd*eig
ll ANDERSON, 831 West li'.th-.f.
MAUI or N'l'K.-'E and SEAMSTRESS.-*
H-. .v. . I n teetant aramaa: good
PTO 8th-ave., nr.g lit bell
MAH' -A French maid, desiring to ra?
; would Ilka to g., with a
; belt cit) reference. Addreil eV-aSha
J.',* M Uti*_
M L-L to In SIS J lady or aenUen,ia*
- naa-a-ja- trufiBBBli wiuuu tj
, . i,.-- etty r-tercnce from
..., Wen a>oth-H.t lit Sea, egan-.
M RSI*.-By a Kliable Pr"t.*e-*e/it pe*.
?.,n a:i take Fill char*-* of lnf?it If re*
quired .I band sewer; good referuioe.
j.Ji EaM l'th-?t _.
MK-1 .via rknted in nirvou- ***?'
dav or nit it I. LEK, care of W-__ioV
ly; Wet iait:-st._ i
Nt ..si.-Hi a woman to tajce tea)"Sf
ta'.', at ba-1 h to. ?:.. give Bl '1 ??:'-? essg"
Ml** lim LilT**"V HM AUinUo-iv-wt
- ...i.e. tadj -av-.. 'Jo floor, n'kiya.
M RSE o ll iFSEMALD.-B-f j ii.ag*
N'..rtli ti.-ni | ? r-ooailv rt-tc-H
i.d-d '-'ti r untry. "Atti. Mra,
i vu ii. y ') ? -..a e._
N'C'U-E H) a yaMlDS Os-*_-_-l jrit aa
io::., t : r.e. i I,lieu; a-an ?*.<*,?. Kita
? - ? noni n ??'.:..? ol u...-.;. ... u.,
'. ' '.a !-? av. ila*. _
MUM.!') HiiVKRVESS By B reSSgf
rraduate (?? ? t .- Baner] . i r.<__. bar
i . '.a. n ii month refweoea, Aa
.i-,-. ri v ,,, it, cai..' m.*. wein, ea1
Wa-aaJt 11 th-el _
NF L-l. v ;,,!. .! ?:?->- a s t'-etbTn fwT
a ron.peta ? american aurie fe: Infant}
i? a w ->l ...a- -if-. -?? .-ar. ? ..'tn Aluiid*/
at H'l I i-r Wtb it._
"WET M ll-r Hy a young- ha-aaCrJ"
a,: iii Hlth full WilliISblBIBl 10"l Fiat
NFRBE By experteaced. tnis"* )-.?**
Oe in .ri ProtMtant woman, middle aged*
as nurse to young ,*r gi wing enliven ia
Ault; ia fan..' ipeakl French flue -.""J
good na/er: etty reference.. 2u9 West ;?._>
lt .' oe iSolLiffflf.-r'si
INFANT'S NFRSE?- Dy Protlltiffll
?roman; capable "f t.iaing entire char*' ol
baby: penoaal reference* 2'.7 Baal Mb*
K.; 34 flo -r _
Scotia w.'inan I" an Invalid or aged p.-?*
sen. I ference* Mrs IIROWN, 2*1
Welt DTth'll
INFANT'B Nl'KSK-Ry a -ellrea-i-r**-.
mended w .in ii, ,ity or countf-a
IM ' ? ?? ? -'?: bell.
NI R8E. li) E:igll*h Froteitant; twlva
yean' experience with inf.mt* anil yeing
rhlldren Ihorougtoly c.vmpetent; "be*; cit)*
fernier a-mpl >.-r can be K*a*
?j.-*i Welt Ititi il
m '".-I Bj a thar uiihly experienced
[?-.-.... a- a. , '?: - ini;-e; wt.Hug to t?l
i-efi.i oi wi) attend l nflu-miint aMi<-*;'
I -' ??! r ? ? a-ia be hld ftom
ia.ii-* aad phy?i lani. "\ulfc-??, _*g
i...ld--t. I'r.uUiui.
I r rider.) la tv o sim ahlid. Addree*
M. i. ears af H., TIT l'-vipect I"!-*,*,
I O', n.vi.
PATIENT YOUNO I.AFY7_a?nv*)et*0t
tea.-her. dedree prlvata pupils, adult! or
ch I" li. t ? Instru t In all Engllajl
branch-**; higheat rrwlenttate, QkASQl
ATE. 'Mt Weil t.'.-.tli si
'?'>?' ' .:?? of .. private Ile* tor ?ummefl|
flrit-claaw a.-k. Lest city raieN
??'.'-? lil Weal |_th it.
"-.n'.N.iiiiiAl'HI.i; and 1 VFEWKlTilk;
Rv a yum - lad- .- L>u*lna-ea vxp-fivudf
lin- i nv band - ai.,'.. Md reiuble; ii*
ell.nt i.fie..; .alary, nW. AddM*
BTF.NOOlUrilEll, ol-. SC M^^k?..?l-a,,
FliioM;. li. ,
BTEXOORAPMER and ?**feBa*flBa
aap.-i tttx.r .a il I- god ISpWBBBaMd, (lo?Uaj|
i-oitii'ii in dav ui v>. ii permanioi i*.-4.
lon prefa-ricd; a.., a,: , gailelaat. SUE.N-a
aOORAPHKK, HI li-- IDth-aa._
STENOGRAPHER a% young lady
i''"'"?? i in general ,,::i.-.- work, a
'o- lerate. Il M. a- . _.n Ka?t 14th-st
l-> Intelligent, well-t-ducated young laJyi
?alar) m.ajer.ile. O. E. H. 'Xvi iralii
14th st.
SEAMSTRESS.' riii.T..*.andl dre*?mall
ln.<. renovating and making over dre?e??|
bf the itel r w.-.l, preferred. Adalr**8
?' N Bog ;.'a. Tribune Uptown iidlve*
1.341 ll: ,.?!?.,. ~*
SLAMslLi ss .,. i HRESBMAKERe-**
(' n I'.-i- nt. l.v d.iv or ai home. rv4
sum niak.-r; Beal Hatcher, and also d.??S
family ?e?l,is. A.l.lr. >. -HELH, Uk) West
34th st
SEAMSTRESS. Ac Feiltlo'n BS leann
?ire*, and to walt on lad). L.-.t refera-uoal-l.
Ad ti.-ss ',i_.s tlth-av.-.
BEAMBTRRBfl li) ., Fra-m-h gTrl "ll
competent seamatreM In a private family.
I-"- Ea.l .*.('.',li st , I, iwen Park and I-**
Ington aves
SLAMS! Ki-.Ss. b) lav or ni'iilti, uii.it
stan.ls tamil] -a-vvliiK . lul.lren* cloth*!
?Hal alra-ssniaking. willing lo go to aXUfga
try. Aaldr.-a.. by I, tte,- xi Ea.t 'Wth-?t,
TVl'l.WUri'KR, sc Hy a jrouug giri.
IT, a- lyi a wiiia-i gun o.hce a-sisteiK , na
fuiiitFili b'*t ra fa r. in-.-. hilary iuoder?a*a>,
?a|,lr,.,-, AHVEUTL-sl.lt. l.Oii-i let-ava_
l*VlTi)ijtTl-'TilJ_i~ recover! furniture,"
mak.-H -dlp-oaven, etc . also food dra>ae*.
naker. ?! i"> per lay. alli AY \M ?te-ave^
" WAMI I Na;. Ry a IHjIWglbll SeMfJ
Moitun tBBrily wa .-Ja. ii, al hon.e. A. p.,
Ill Wost SMth-at^_
IWoWN CFFU'E. No. 1.242 8roM?*V"
ag door north ot Thli-ty-8?i--?t.; aaj _4_!
. FRTIHEMENT-B at the foUonl;
Ittica-a: 2Si righth-aia ; BUJ-,
orner Forty .evuUi-st. ; IM _SJ_,
icventh-it.. corner Thtrt-i\a-;~T-SO-r
.26U*.r.t near Thlrd-ave^; 1,_JW.?|S/*

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