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Y??- UH..N? 17,256.
RV lt div \V M v< 'K '? '?
iVh'-'P th* American line steamer New-Tork
garped Into her pier ? irlj yesterday morning
tbrn* stood upon the after >l> u the American
??/.- of an Italian prince, the Prln. -> Evelyne
Gal^tT'i Colonna. By hi r side si ! hei I
(fclldrcn, for tin- rat.?uti.di of wh ,m ?;,?? has had
lo If bl in ford En tw irts.last
October, wh.i) she lefi her titled husband be
cause ?:' i is bru! ii and ofti ntlmes Inhuman treat
Mat. Ths little group Included hesld<*n the
prln1 ? s Col na and her three children, her
Mother, John \V. Mackay, jr. The children are
aadrea, a little, dark-eyed boy, righi years old;
pether named Marco, who is four yeara old,
^nd Blanca, who greatly resembles ber mothar,
ti six -rears old. Tho boys \\ ??? dressed In blue
jailor uniforms, patterned afi r those worn by
nailers In the Italian navy. The girl, who held
Mr mother's hand tightly, wore :i blue serge
dTT?F-. ? iborately trlmm?d, and 'his cont ranted
with the almost sever. I ? of her mother,
-rh-> vv ire s pl iln Astrakhan cloak, which fell
aim-as; to h.-r feet. Up ti her head was a bia k
tc*ua\ with Just tli" slightest auggestlon ? f bia. K
jet trimming. Har hands were -overed with
black kid git va-s. The group wa* ?? impleted by
Mr. M.. kay's valet and the maid who looked
after th- little sailors.
As the steamer warped in nearer and nearer
tho I'.-:', the eye* of tf|" little woman In black
liane l eagerly about as If I. king for thi
"Iaome dear friend. As :h.- big ship neared the
openinc in the dock she walk.-1 forward rapidly,
ii).1 as the gangplank was thr-.ivn out sh- caught
ii_ht ot her stepfather, John VT. Mackay. Mr.
Ma-k ,y f -ognlsed his daughter Immediate!)
and responded t.i th- waving of a dainty lace
handkerchief by waving his hat.
When the gangplank had !?? cv thrown out the
Prtar<*?? hurriedly gathered the t-hll>lr?*n ab >ul
her. and, followed by the maid anl valet who
carried valises, the entire par;v walked hur?
riedly down, and In a mom. tnt tbe Pris eas
Colonna was in her father's arma The meeting
was an affxting one, an.l th'- dainty pk ?? '
?white lace wh <*h the Prince-* carried was wet
with her tears.
Joh;-. Vf. Mackay, Jr.. shook hands warmly
willi his father, and als.i with an official of th
Commercial Cable Company, who, after greeting
the returne.l travellers, hurried out lo the cab
stand. at tha- en.l of the pier, and engaged two
carriage* The Princess ('..Iii i enten 1 the
carriage In which John W. Mackay and
cable company ofTlclal were seated.
?doini** so. she whispered a caution ' i th.
aad valet, who, with the thr.hlldren, i
pii-d th.- se.-.ind carriage. Y .ung Mr. Ma
after whispering the destination oi the party
to the cabman. Jumped Into the Oral carriage,
and the party was hurriedly driven away.
Th iae who bad come down to the Ria-t -
With undisguised astonishment at the plump lit- '
tie figure In ida. k. whoa, fortunes have i.n i
IM I I mu.di dist usslon on this -. .
the Atlantic, and wh ase hard lol has
?peculation on the disadvantages of unequal
marriages so rife, The Princess ls about liv
feel tall, wi rt ?:? irtl n. 1 an ' a ll h an ab ind- .
;m.i* a.f wav) black hair, wa.ru in a Psyche
knot, and clustering In curly profusion about
the temples. The voyage had brought back |
the r.'S.-s to her cheeks, and the black eyes
snapped with suppressed es R.nt. The
feeling that she was once more on American
?oil, and oat of tli" r.-a'-ii "f h-r persecutors,
probably lent an additional flush to her rosy
cheeks. Tho children, too, looked remarkably
like their mothal ? \ ept Andrea, the ?
who is said R. resemble his (lather < I
g-JUNO t'.M.'.i: AMI'MED NAMBI*!
When th- New-Tori* ulled from Southampton,
on Saturday. February ::. there were these
names un the pastsenger list: "Mr, J. M. Mor?
ia* and valft. Mrs. Morgan and thr.hil
tren." Def ow the steamer had been al sa
twenty-four hours John \\*. Mackay, Jr., ? ame
!? ? ? Purser Thomas Kinsey's office, and asked
that the names be changed I i th sw which
properly belonged to tbe party. !!?? explained
tba: spies in the employ <.f Prince Colonna had
keen watching the party since they had been
living in Paris, aixl thal if the faci of ihelr lu?
te;, le ! departure were kti iwn, extradition pra>
eeedlnga would at once be begun. Mr. Mackay
?Md that the party had quitted Paris secretly,
*o ,-,s t.. throw tbe spies off the track.
The puraer assigned stateroom No. 55 to the
rrlnceM ('..lonna, while th*- adjoining stateroom,
So. ".7 was occupied by the maid and the three
children. Mr. Mackay, Jr., slepl In No. IX; his
val"-. t,ad quarters nearby. Princess Colonna ate
luncheon on Satur lay In the main aaloon. She
appeared t.. be In flrstrata health, although ?
I'..-- ager wh I sat near hf says sha- was In an
apprehensive mood, an l Mic scanned all the pas
?mgers' fares, as ir searcnipg for a spy. Boon
after luncheon she retired lo her stateroom,
patti, shs "remained until Tuesday al dlnnei
?er meals were tak.-n to her by ts- stewardess, '
Whila- sha' was Maaick
W'R'ti she appa ired In the main saloon .fi
Pjasday evening, there was a buy./, of comment
fn.in tin- neimen passengers Mr. Mackay es
Borted her to s scat at the captain's table, which
"?va*" "ii ih- port side of the saloon Captain
Jamison sat at th-- head >>f. the table, <'u ids
ri*tht sat a Miss O'Donnell and John C O'Donnell
r?n the left wera Mr. Mackay and the l*.
Colonna Th?- latter was dressed In a simple
Mack dress, devoid of all garniture, and the only
Jewelry sh,, wore was a brooch a t hi : Mir it aud
ber wedding ring. She ai" >vi'" good appetite
ind showed little of the effects of her Maslck
The children wera Mated tn the aftei saloon,
inti were fMMrally In th- company of the maid
*n.l valet, attn sat at th- tallie with the children
between them. Only ..n ran- oecasl tis were the
children Meg in th- main saloon, bul when they
?*ere, on tw., occasions, ih-y romped about with
ihe gi,,- that comes ,of untroubled childhood.
They wer-. however, almost continually with
ihelr mother in ber stateroom or in the ladies'
parlor, and wh-u they wars put to bed al Right
tha-ir eya-s would be closed with l good-night
tom by thaii- mother. aPrequently, lat- al night,
a figure would emerge from stateroom No, ?">?':.
?nd tapping gently on the door of the adjoining j
?leepini- apartment, the Princess* would whisper
tnrough ihe opened door. "Are the children !
asleep. Annette?" An answer In lhe affirmative ,
w?i not aufliilent. for the anxious mother would
go carefully t? each U-dalde and Kiss tba -leaping
!___! thf> tabl<? ,h<* '"li", ess was s ictable, but j
inere waa a reserve not evan ln-r most Intimate
_2____L?n ^e ship, the O'Donnell!**, could I"'"' -
Coailnned oi Seventh Pince.
-1 Tin Est hoes crazy.
AS tim: oni.t .'.visit.
An exciting epli :? i um I resti rda] In Bt.
'' '::'- Roman Catholic Church, al Court um! Con?
gress ala., Brooklyn, al Ihe momlnj maia The
Rev. William J, Hill, paator at the church, vms
itruck i-i the chancel, bj his first assistant, Ihe
Rev. Patrick McDonald. McDonald ls supposed to
! Inaane, and ll la said thai he became an ger eal
because Father Hill assumed some of the function*
that had before devolved upon him. He vented his
anger by a blow which Knocki l down Father Hill, '
and, ai he rone, knocked him down sgain. These
sacrilegious actions In from of the high iltur and
within lhe chancel rall, horrified the ur.-.it .'.unrre
-ratlon flinns the church, an l iev< ral m intents
R.-" i bj' before bo.t those In Ihe fronl pewa
recovered sufficiently to spring over f!.hancel
rall and seize the maddened priest. From lils :
acttona ll waa Judged thal Father McDonald waa
ins m... and he was pul under restraint, while
Father HUI wai cared for bj some of his parish?
ioners, ll- suffei . no -erloua Injury, l>u: a lump
.11 l u'it-' ai .tri egg swelled up on his forehead
v\here l ?? waa struck, and hi Face was cut.
worship p.ROKEN.
Sm.'i an oe irreri a - unprecedented in Brook?
lyn, and it . ?? I ' ? -;? at. -? , xc.lt. ma ni In the
?? ? ? :iin ? <.f ni iking an
inca-i -? rv.. . ..":? r the ma . ind ba
lt prevented Futhet lilli from
wai * ? ; i
nt. bu ? : ? ?-..-'?...
lt h i 1 bea ti ihe h bli of Fatht r Mi P .naW to mak ?
n in- voice i .< n f atron**;
. if iiiRhl IO .'? h. nd in . fl ? h, and
" ? r Hill tarted to m ike them yestei ' ,y. lt
was nt Uln r Mci) Bald I
?:- i ? f ? utbreak.
81 Paul' li th. ? ? n .' ith Ile church
lu ih- city .,: ! lun a large ? ?->?-,-? ..it. .:i and t
valuable property. The Rev. William J. HUI haa
? I ,r .. . in .'?? t of yean and la
.pie. 11 fi tut forty
seven i ?? ir- ? : i and la one of Ihe leading prleal
? ,. j '. he Ui . :: -? Mci
and 1 iu The first na med haa
been conne. l< i with St. Paul's Cl tw i
years Hv ott i ? lebr ml of the
a' IO i m > ? aterday, ither lilli wai lhe
noticed ? ..- iiii.i- lal In the ,
ict of hla assisi ? . . ? ?
had been reaal. Father HUI took up t1'-- i >k
? :i.r Hie .?.;??
Ihe altar to reaal lin to the congreirat
'1 ' ? mal I waa still kne, Ung. The I itter sot
up i- he lld - .. ami turning to hil ? ,
can'l apa ak ha re, Fither IR I," In no 1 il i
lhal ki waa heard R\ r- ipi, In the
-;????! in him. "For Heaven'a
?.ik-. keep quiet. I will tn.ike the announcements
and j ...i . an go ? :. u uh th- i'ra-1"."
vv,;), thia Father McDonald, who weighs sboul
SOO p .an la. thr*. elf ipon K mba r Hil s
Bli hla weight, knocking him lown the .,:? ir nepi
and Bending him heavily agalnai Hm Banetuarj
rail. Father McDoi ,thi-1 bli place si Ihe
alt ir. .itiii Father HUI picked himself up is beal
he could. He ?:? ir.-i himself agalnai the rall snd
aaked the congregation (?? go uri) ..- quIeUy as
i-'F'-'ii.!.'. ,,- tne >? ni.-, nrould nol Re oontlnu. I,
The unexpected acene, and iii- sudden termination
<af the services caused much atmasement, and the
people T--.">d hesitating, not knowing whal would
nt xt happen.
Tin: PRIEST Jl'MPfl ON him A'ivis'.
.\s Father Hill lumad to the altar he srai ara* i
: by Father McDonald, arho had s heavy : .
chall.f wine in his right hand. Father H
tried to take lt from lum. Then Father McDonald ,
clenched hil left Hal anl ntl i li Father li.: a i
powerful blow under the ear. lt sent him sprawl
Hm Hool of th. chancel. Father McDonald
let down tha ? en sprang upon Father i
nd .i ? mm. 1 him I. na n up .n the floor ;ai. 1 .
? g. !'!..? leaecrat ' the ni-.ir
- nfl ' - ? am ise. th. ? .ti.>n tfiat (
Bl aajal Itupeflea] T
ul ? ? ?? m. ii In thi :??;?'? hui i .? I t ? the aid of ,
Hill and I int. H .n ?
? ? ?..- ri ar of the chur. li r.m out foi tha ; ?
? . i ? ? i m lb
? ii ii Before hil arrlva I' i thi r Mci *on-il.l
had b to the veatr: i r ll
?. i- ai -i-T. il to the | a ? ? ? ??? ll -
. ? . ? md hil f.i ? - \i.. -
imp oi
?? oil. n nn I lhere rta a cul - ear.
A ph; clan wa nent for I ll I to him.
M'R. a.WVRli SKNT TO '.IR. III') I'lTAI,
As soon as he recovered from ll.hock, he
? ir to Ulah ip Mci loni di. wh.
Vicar-Genera! McNamara !?? confer with Father
Hill. Meanwhile Father McDonahl had i"-n strl).
pe I of bli pi le tl) vestments and I ik< n Io I.
loom if, n,.- r tory He had i ubalded aft' r R
violent outbreak)*, but waa acting strangely. The
r. -ult a.i the confi-rence with Vlcnr-*_eneral
McNamara, waa lhe tl?*clslon t" aenal ti ? prleal who
had ?!? ie rate I the Chun-h to Bl Petvr'i Hosi I
for treatment ll- tm. placed In a room there, an'! i
al .i lat. houi lu al night Ihe alatera In charge ol
tha ? pltal, aenl to th- pollc ? t" have a patrol
man detailed t" watch him, a he bael become
After relating lhe foregoing m..rv, Father HUI
was :i-k? I last evening what he thoughl waa
th- reason rill laalatant had seted aa he did.
"l think he mu il have I.ms suddenly Insane,*"
he lld. "Then ls no other theory on which I can
explain his actions He hal behaved properly si
the earlie,- masses, and I do nol think that he was
excited by anything. s<. far ai I knriw, le- had nol
been drlnklm Although he ls aomewhat -fccentrlc,
I t ii ii. k Jus mind mun have sud lenly becoms un
bingi I."
Father McDonald li about twenty eight rears old.
and h. waa ? lucated and ordained iii Rome, He
ha- Rain" a K""d reputation, iif.-i no one could tie
I laat evening who could explain ids act lona,
save "ii the ground of sudden Insanity, ii waa s,,i i,
h .wever, thai hs might have taken loo much wine
al Ihe earlier masses, aa the consecrated wine ia
drunk by lhe priests ..n Ihe altar, lt was low mass
al whi.h tt,.- outbreak occurred. The police t....k
pains to conceal the facts of flt- occurrence. Al?
though s policeman had been summoned! lt wis
..ail las! evening al Ihe police station lhal nothing
waa known -f it. lt wai only when the farta wi ra
otherwise made known thal Ihey were admitted.
?i-n- affair wn- the general theme of dlacuaslon
am .tut thi t,.''Tiii ei ? i the church lasI ? vening", and
lt i- expected tt:.n Bishop McDonnell will soon aei
in the affair.
A 'oil I l XT RESI li. FBOM FIRE.
(in- man rescueil six persons from a death by fire
hist nhfiit In Laong laland City. One of those he
gallantly carried tin ?.? ?_->, the Ratmea may die,
Shortly before midnight James Maloney, pound
master "f Leny. Island City, who was passing through
Klgrith-st. "a ms wsy home, saw the house ot
a neighbor In flames. William McGlbney lived In
the house, with ins wlf. and four children. All
were asleep when the dre broke out There was
no sign of life ;i i- ?'-1 Hw Imus- or tha neighbor*-.i
v. ? 11. Maloney Baw the names.
Taking a stick, li- brok) in s vi ind t* and climbed
t . the sill and looked in. The flames had attacked
iha- r.-"!ii ii"" srhlch be looked. Through the imoke
j..,iid ?ee ths six members ot the family curled
Up in i corner. The) had evidently been awaken-.]
bv the fire and smoke, and started t" muk. ti,,.,
wai out Tne flames - ul "fi Ihi lr escape, an 1.
blinded with Hie smoke, they sank down suffocated
whi re Ihej were..
\. .,?,!:.?? lld ll"! well I
Hil- mi .illirill A||.
shouting "It-re" s couple ol time*-, he wrapped his
thick overcoat niemt his head and plunged through
n-.. il.un. i i" ihelr rescue.
He carried Mrs. McHlbney and one of th.- chu
dr.-ii OUI and linn ""?turned. On the second tri|i
he brought two more of the children. On the third
? rt. ii- brotiKht out Mr. McOlbney and th- re?
maining child. By this lime th- neighbor!!.i had
been aroused, and when he sinu-i-l-i through the
aflame and smoke i" the window on hla third trip
he waa only too glad of the wllUni hands which
helped imo' U-'-"'?il th'' wHtSomr, Bs Wag am.
Mrs" MoOlbney and two a.f the children w..r,.
I,kel. io a neighbor's house. They ure n..t Mi..
ously burneal. McObneyand tha. ofter two, a bog
,.t iain and a ?Tiri of adifht yeara. had t'i be removed
'o tt John's hospital. Il i? feared .MrC.lbney wl!!
ill* The house waa badly damaged.
A I.< >88 . >F 1-50,000.
AO ' A RS. .
Hartford, Conn., Peh n ''..ifs Patent Fir. nm
Manufacturing Company's factory wai pat
\-l by Mr- thli afternoon, Involving a losi
..f nearly *:""-?.. Tia.. Hr. started near th- boiler
house, uni when discovered hil communicated I
. i ? leval .r mi i .i Her o' closets, running up tin-"
stories, a-.it th- main wall "f Ihe east arin.,ry.
The build r where the Ure Originated w.is ..f etona
and brick, three stories, and nearly *>.) feet long,
connecting the i ist and wesi srmorlei. liefair- th-'
Hr- department gol i. work Ihe blase had worked
its way up Into iii- atti-, and hid got beyond
th- ...uti'..; nf ti-., englnei which iii- Hrs; alarm
celled a,ut, s.i a general alarm was sounded, .?aiiin
oui the entire ur- department. Th- Bremen -f th"
first engine thu gol t.> work laid a line >.f boo*
up th" itslrway near the closets, hm the names
made such rapid progress fha: th" bose s is burned
nff. and the men were obliged lo leave tbe building.
Hy th- tim- th- firemen k-i fairly to u.,rk one
I .il' .,f th- long build t..; . ???.?Rim' th- two ur
- wai abtase finn base lo attic, anl th
?fT.r-- ,,f the Bremen were tl i directed R> saving
the ' i-t ann.>ry. Vii- d""rs leading lo it were "f
Iron. These were -.ed hot, anl remained so
? ? ir ..!? more. Th- flamei had begun r> com?
municate ta. sh- ni;,!.u- ol the ? isl factory .>n
? side ..!' th- hurnlni- build Inc. Linen ..f hose,
tlowever, Were noon ian h. ni'1 !'?- Thirl .iti I
?I rn ..: lhe -i-i armtiry, an I the proareai
f th. il.nu-- n.i he ? !? d .fi' iti 'Ii.i' Urea ll m.
Th-. Are in iii- mean time wax -? ll
.i ?. i iwai l ' :i. west .i tu iry. a b rn fee I
mg and thi lt had a.i ul] eaten
. ii a Rti.'k tu ? - v , 1 l foot thick. .,!, 1 .ii
\ irking Its way l it He ov< i
Bremen, wh > wei ?? tr- In ?. i
..ti the flo ir l,< I ?!' F tr - tne rena in
. .it'F-- ). ulln : .1 . ? lot bi- f .un I.
.n I li :! .-..- - m ? .? rapid Rr-- ? ; tl
......I- i gun-Mtocki .ml ith.-r combustible ma
-ri il Fin ill) i line ,,f - ? .il?
ia 'ir Into the iii i ? armory .ii ;-.
?i an Iron I r, ll Un : the smoke
? i.. ii. half .ni 'i -ii. lt waa theil
..ii i i: 'i i - whal - I \ ? 1 .a - - ?
i . ?
moke wsa drawn away fi
thei >wed up theil
(ht Ihe Bl R. ? a ?
ia i mi
The thi ,r
irlak wall" U ... ,. , ,f
nd t ,-?'. ?
?' I
; ItlC Wer. ?-. 1 |Ck
. ; ? ? D . ?. ioai
f his ma. bin. fl
I ' fair storing and
?-at< Tl ? ? -
I ... hi -t|
T ? FT. |
;?i tl iry r.. Cadfa
ry wa Vt that lime th.
,-? in .rv i te of
h.- fire Mien v
;' - ? ri un mil
' ' ? .
re. i
r>ek. The e
f som .from
i : table
eaton - | bi
??ia.'.! ., ihr. .
he scene, .
TEN T'\\ ku !\.; i|..t'si:s l:ilts*i:ii
.'INK R"N', l-l. vv ;. ? i ,v I VMII.IKS MAUR IR .vi".
Id - - I 1 VS l vi-.RV MOIt! ' .
At an earh h ur j ..?.,!.,.. morning Hi. ,ij.in:?
f fen h"us.-s tn Loni Island i 'Ity w< r. tun - i oul
t hems by ur. The bouses were "ne and a half
tory frame structures, In Buckley and Middle
?org * i ?? .r them lulnagi 1 ta Hr..^,
:nth. rn. ii bottling firm The ..f-en were the
ropariy of s Mn Ham.* The |M*i*-perty bui
mt forma I un '.. with th) I ngei ? 1 on Muck
r the . ' ? ? rg-sl ? ? i
li iii ??. groci ? i . ..,.?? non K- ;?: b) John
! ? The Ure start, d In thli
i not knowi \ ?
1 -mr time . ' ? arrlv. .1 ni
Rf., fi th, y i wan lo work ll id bi ?;.? :,
??'?? irte-l
ti I were v. i kins i r. I I r. IV 11
le; start ll wa In | --ii..- f.,r I
fi illili ,, n.I -'.;?; - ol u i t. r
?hich th- v ?! ! :. ?' I iv
iii: Pi 'Mir. in, .*. i . pi if-rri iFFK Tl Rl'ltJ -
The hailing Hu tig. lhe m i i Pomp
... . . ....
? . lallllg Were
hall anal Iely meei
'. I .Fl.. l'l ? |f t| |- ?
. i ? ? . wh<i wen . niirmwl)
ipa- I .a || VI ? ? Of tl Valli al-.
I,.lllce ?? ? . he l.'-w ls
. at fxx."i'.
m ??
Rt'MOn TH \T )y. RV. REEN SllaTT ON Ills
11.1? iiKNIKli IP lin: i" ??
The IPiupr-sellei . Tamn in; Hall politic!* ns and
?h-r ?? ?ho '.?? ? re I. t nish) hugging Ihema,
rn, ?.i.r the report thai the Rei I ir Charles
I Parkhurst, Ibeli Impla. able foe, I ad beei "n
io\'eal" by sn emissary from lhe Fourth Ward,
iii be ? ippolnteal thi moi ling to learn
it he - HUI illve and prep .!? I i ? ? ontlnue to
fie -nd ih- "ghi nhl h ha ha bo near!) won
usi how the t imor I ilia I, ??! course, is unknown,
... one can ever tell where a,r hos these whispers
in ?ie; R il about 7 " t I", k there flew
om Hp lo hp along uppei llroadway
whisper thal iel some evil hearts aglow with
.?I" l >r. Parkhurst, In going up the steps ot hts
ouse, No, IX! i.i il Thirty tilth-t , si his return
om fli- morning service In th- .\lfii*,.i. Bquare
r. ? ti t. nan i'burch, had i.n sIbm and killa-d
y an unknown man, nh" escaped As
m.- wenl on lhe rumor deveS-ped Into n
etailed st,,ri with th- name of "ri- murderer
r.iuk-l the clllaen mIm caught Iha tallinn d."-t'.r
i hit arm-', th- physician who atta-mded the roor
illy ?.am, l-l min,, end Bli completd
The men to whom ti.i- wai ga-od newi hugged
ie story lo ti.-ii breasts, snd refused io pan with
-vu when ,i Tribune reportei had ssen Dr.
arkhurst and talked with him la-- In the cvui
lg, about f..ur h.mrs after he was-supposed lo bs
"No Hit?" said ur. Parkhurst, last night, "1
tu still Alive. ..nd on deck, .n.i r.f r to continue
,\ work I am exceedlngl) lorri lo dlaapl.'
.- gentlemen who have been resting Iheli bopca
WAS IT Till m YMB'I if
Philadelphia, Feb H. The unknown sn im. r
i.i,-,, foundered wllh sll hanals on fluter Diam.,nd
i,.,,l. i".. Mattel , . lasl week ls believed here
, have been th. Hrlltah ateamahl* Olympia, Han?
lin Coleman, fr..m Maunsaa, cuba, !?'? bruary l.
ir Philadelphia, wuh a can ? "{ --'"' toni "f
i ..,. i ,r Hie Franklin Bugai HenTncrj
Kr.,,,, tha description given b} lb--. Me guards who
ui.h. glimpses of Ihe lill.'"' *<?"""' -hlle-lw
ss drifting towal I Hie shoal. msM points of r
unblance to lhe Olympia .r- nob j The unknown
earner had -. I lg bl colored Bmok^tack, and the
????,?. wa- painted s buff color THmOlympUi
a. .. iwo-nuuted, ??>.ner-rigg-^ res-el, .nd se
,? ,,,.. ioai ateamshlp As the iwsael drifted In
,? ,rd ti..- si,.,,i ll wai noticed lha*M shs waa deep
,,i, ivilv I iden .it.'I ih- ' di mill.i's
,&??&\Wmmk 4 ?>.rwa.ll
^OlynipU ?rrted _?^?cB3KT LT
' ,' " .',,., "omp?ny of thli city. Pot
'"?? ?"'",? i - iil'fi'i'i-" baa "??''''' between
)"'' r . ,d H., i-eiornliii* W?h ...rK.-,-s of
'" '"-n, ''?i ni'ot sugsr aboaftl til- Olvmpls
i-rar. ' ?"-?,-,, -??-.,? Tn-t. The vessel rn ia
et* owned b ti ? ? s ,,,?,,.,,,, . company of
\Tl ';v , "i ind* as bulb In fas al Stockton.
ffl_^!?S *?*** f'"' N*?? ? tm beam
id nvi f*-?- d<?-ght
N"l,gara Fall-i. Fed. ll -The r,r;:y of an Ice
:,d?- forming on two -****" "ntm ,n ,h"
J,,, Gorge, bslosi ??-** ,w" vvitn'-s-i
I'..I.nu vt, i-..!:ti:nts WHICH MAT RBCONi'tl.lt
Fii'.M trm seo ci *n < o.si "si wini at or mt. rnin***s_,
Albany, Pen, ll A %.I rnnny of the Hill
Democrat, of th- Btate .re suggesting that
Dn Ml B. Hill he nomlnnted ror Governor by the
Detnocrntlc state Convention this fall. vVheth ?r
or not Senator Hill acquiesces In this quiet
"l.in" which his friends are making for him
ls n.t yet apparent. H- ls a secretive mau in
political mattera, ? i.lally when ids own
fortune, ar.- Involved; and no one, therefore,
will a-M.t. him to .vow his candidacy for Gov
emor. If he ba. decided t" seek thal office again,
until th" last j'.is-lhlo ma-imen?.
Roawell P. Plower would be sei ..Ide by Mr.
HUI and the Hill I,.? ni.?? "?? t:--. who control the
machinery of Ihe Democratic Ran:.' In this
State, for Ihe allege! reason thal defend has
c.,in- lo the I temocratlc pal ? under his lead ?
.hip of lt. s I viet ) would return lo that
org mlxatlon ll Dav il H. lilli. i w is
:? :? ned," a- one of hi; idn
on. e more be ll indidat. for Q . ? ? i Pos?
sibly Mt. Plower would nol mnkc any re- ;
Blsiance in thus being sei .1 id ? like a w ,rn ? ul
glove. He is surrounded b) Intimate friends ..f
Mr. Hill, snd Ihej have l.n depicting to him
the polltli il situ fi ti In ihl - Ht.ii - ? far as
the Dei.rafi- party lj ca>n.*a*rn I, In lhe dark?
est ? dora. "Mr Plower will decline a ren ?
he s. 'ii.it he ? ttnnol be r.lecte I."
-aid ? ? f thew HUI Da rn wrats t '? x dr. 1
ind this is lust the frame of mind that
???? wish Mr Plower ta) li ? iii for th- six
months which -.viii Intervene befor the D
eratic State Conventl< n is hei 1.
MU '.1 c. . OKI liVBH T VMM INT
P 'he spring ? lections In this S1 ite,
whl. li . ? n loo. m\ ma) all to
: Mr PI0W1 1 n ?W has t ? ?' ?
the \ ..i-; < ag iln as . 1 ? 0 ? 1
. ..iv he ? mn '? bul look with alnrm a!
the 2 ' """ t Rcpt!bl i-i .-".'? -
fall, and up M '
? .ti of Lemuel 1: Quigs;, the II
candid >??? li ? ? f the c
if \ w V :k. Mr I ? .
1 "ungi in fm th* Cit; f New-1 k, and
Iherefore knows whal ;i splendid organlsatlain
the I lernoa ratlr 1 .. Ij I .- In
With ? h ll ?]??? >tl ??, ' there
usually sustain Ihelr part) si Tl
n of Mi ?; ilgg, th, ref .re. In a di il 1
?1. ?? Strongly Dei orral
a p rrtentous sign. 11 - one
alarming thin-- to him thai lh. rmlda
'.'voil lu N-w-V.rk Cltj against the Demo
crtle party and Tamamny li ill
New-Tork City is na the only place In whl h
Mr Plower ..in per. five that l
;ii.?.'h 1,- has Ioai in -{rip ur f. the i ??? ?'. the
? ?' 11 ? In Hrooklyn "F as" M laughlin has
bei n ??'. srthi na 1 an I a Rei \\ .. ? ?? rules
the .itv and Its dei trtments. li 1
among fl - I ?? ?.. - .? - iga
Kdward Murphy, ji
Week ? fi v. ? Ti an I
Rai i : . retain I
'?? ll. <'f T
ig Hm 1 Mm phj .and
Ulai I ll.l " |h< Itf| ' .. Il
'' ? , lr. I
a I'lll fl'll R. .ll..- ?
fur hln ix 1 lat. I
the :,? ? .-'... T
1 ile" rlghti f Buffalo b*
Inti - for Wi ite off ? pin
ll prev lous lt gav*' M ' '
Ht pluralii ii : ras a
W UV MIL IIIRI. VI. al 1.1, \'\\V.VT.tt I' ? 1 ....
Mr. Hill, of < ifould hn til ign his
!? , ? 1- Rt.;- 1 States t_cn it..r ll , :
I <: '?.- 1 :.??!. bul ii ls ?..'? I thal h.- hu -
nevi r !?? en it 1. an- in the s. . . li
in e> fl ke th .1 of 0 .vern .r. Hut
; ; . ilu. thu Hen itorshlp
lhal his eb ti in ns 'I New -
Vork ??? RI give hun such an advi rtls. m. ni ii 1
[-??lltl. lan iii fill under ad
if...Fill, lied ' 1'
ih-- Democratic National dm vent I 11 In !-."; w .11 1
li gi it:> m.?.-? 1--1. ami tha i- fore thal h.
t-i mak ? thi 1 rlfl?*e. 1:1- -ted n 1;
spite part) dissension, ihej assert, he a-uti 1 hav ?
an im In Ible cl Um upon ? he liomin . 1.
Hui ? ? w il 1 ?! .I itt Hill a-. United ,-? it,
? the I '-11, . -i iii. 1 I ha ve 11 ina
Jori ty upon Joint ballot In tha-l^gl atureofN, 1
Vork fair Ih9*i7 Mt. HR's frlendshere *a> th 1
ably lt tawell p. Pl iwer ?-? auld be . |.-.?:? 1 t . un
..ut Mr. Hill's u.-.-vpii'.-1 term Mr 1 a
Mr HUI waiuld thus exchange pl.a*ea, Mi Plower
has i.11 ai Washlngi >n before, has h 11 I .
qualntances lhere, ind would feel much maire al
h"tne than he ever has fell in Albany, Resides,
.in election as .Senator would "lei him laiwn
.-.isl" from his disappointment over having r>
give ti|i his hoj.f bring Governor again
The -wmocratlc party would run some risks,
however, In nominating Mr mil foi Governor,
and "ti- of them would be thal possibly the Re?
publican party wouldelecl his successor in the gen
ate, The Kepublican party now has ney -n nts
in the State Renal ? .nd twenty majortt) in Ihe
Assembly. In the fall another Assembl) will lie
elected, in order to gain a majority In lhe \
s??Hildy sufficient to over. lhe Kepublican
majority In the Senate the Democrat! party
will hav- i" elect sixty-eight Assemblymen; lt
now lia" fifty four, li must gain fourteen ?-???ats,
therefore, In the Assembly. t'nder these rlrvuin
Btance-a lhal Houae iv..nhl have alxty Republi?
cans and sixty-eight I >? ;.'raia; lhe Henute,
nineteen Republicans and thu;, n Demaaorats;
gi vin. h total In the J..In- Assembly, which elects '
I'lilt.-.l States Senator., nf sevrnty-nln,' Repub?
licans .ind eight) ..ti- Democrats. Th ? are tl." , ,
tit 11--. i'\ tli- way, b) which Dav bl R. Hill 1
was elected a ITnlted Slates Senan r In IMI.
William P. Sh?hm. undei orders from Hill,
ls making s desperate -rr ut to defe.l the bill
restoring to Mayor Rlshop of Buffalo authority
t.. appoint the Police Commissioners of Huffhlo.
Mr. Hill undoubtedly *" >-s what s political ad?
vantage lt would be f'.r him as tho Democratic
candidate for Governor to have lu his control
the Police Departmeni "f one ..r the gre.l cities
of the Slat.-. The Board of Police of Buffalo
is als., tin. Board ? ?! Excise of thai city. Thus
n can i-.ia-r. - th- liquor-dealers as \\' 11 as ihe
voters ..f ih.- ?it\. Thin power it unmercifully
used last fall, under tbs j.-rs.m.il direction "f
Sheehan. All three "f the Police Commls
s|. tift-s wer- named Rv him under an act of the
Democratic LegUlature of IMS, which eel a is
signed by Governor Flower, although ostensibly
they srere appointed by the She. han Controller
..f th- city, "Hf Gavin.
v.'lth "*?Konlahlng s_.ur.nce William P.
sh.-lum n"w ls attempting t" form s Sheehan
Republloan faction lu th. Bl ite Senate to defeat
th- p.?g. of th.- itiiiTiii., Polio. Commissioners
bill. After 11 w.ek ..! .rroganl defiance ..f the
Republic in SeiiaRiis in their iitt.-in(? t to expel
h Dem"ira t, John M.-Caii y. wh., had I.?
eie.'t, ai hy friiu.i, .,n Thuraday and Prlday of
last week Mr BlMehan fawned upon the lt??
publican Bmator. .nd besought them to consent
t.i amend the inn by prolonging until nexl year
the terms Of office of the Sh.?.?han Padlce Cotn
mlM?|..nei-s .af Buffalo. If any Republican Sen.,.
t,.rs force sueh an .mendm.nl of ti"' bin upon
thc two Bnfltalo Republican tkwutoi-, Ma-awr.
I^tny and I'ena.ins, they may as well uiulrr.
stand Hist they had better Join th- Demoeratle
party ai once, for every .Republican In Buffalo
will realise thal they hav- left In the hun.ls ..f
William I-". Sh han shotted cannon, to be fir.'.I
int.. the :inks of the Republican party at th.
i rill, the c .ming fall. The Influence ,.f the
Sn- lian Police Department of Buffalo will b.
u-'?i unsparingly against the Republican party
and Its candldal for Governor, Just as lt was
u?ed la.1 fall again.! the Republican candi?
dates :' ir Si He offl ? tn.
ri.ElMiED Tu RESTORE in ..mi; kiri: to pl'KFALO.
Moreover, such Republican Senators as think
of being tl- servant, of william P. Bheehan In
ih" Senate had better examine the platform of
their party, adopted at tho last State Conven?
tion. Thal convention sall: "We invite careful
att-tifi.n to the rec ,rd made by the stolen (Dem?
ocratic) Legislature, the destruction <>f home
rule, . . . Denouncing 'force bills,' they have
tn ken from cities .nd village, the charter,
framed in accordance with the vote. ..f th.dr In
habltants. . . . Th- platform pledge, that a
Republican Legislature, If eljcted, will restore to
municipalities robbed of their charters the rlKht
?>r l.aa.ll S-l f-Jfl IV.Ttl ttl.MII ." Tllilt ls 111- J'TU'tV
pleilge "f home rule for cities, under which a Re
publlcan Legislature was elected, and lt would
be an acl of the grosses! bad raith If it ahould be
broken in the case of Buffalo. That city sh.,weal
its faith thal Republican. kt*?p their word by
picoting uv. Republican Senator, ind five r?
publican Assemblymen, dl.pl.ctng ..n.' Demo?
cratic Si natur anal f.uir Democratic Aawmbly
men In order to accomplish this aim. William
:v Sh -han. of course, would like t" persuade the
Republican Legislature t'> be treacherous t.i the
ph lr- made In the platform adopted at Syracuse.
Senator Saxton and the other Republican lead- ,
era In the Senate are determined that Mr. Bhat
han shall nol tempt the Republican Senators
Inl ? thus acting as assbitant Democrat. In this j
matter of re.tortng to Buffalo her home rule
right., .nd there promises to be some plain
i j.h about th- matter \f Mr. Sheehan lias any
further such succes.es as he hal last Thursday
and i'tid .v in "hanging up" this hill of the Buf?
falo Repul I: ai .
si.i m .1"' IN CU8TODT.
r; ? -.: ?: R R. NI) ..N BOARD ? v RRRt.
Th- black boat, which has Rgured so proml
? j;, the recenl r il mg th" sh-res
- in l. is itt last in tli- grasp .if the au?
thorities. Sa is one .r h-r crew, and In addi
.??: .liff ? f plunder. The raptUM
made itei : 13 . ht. I th- history of tho
- rafi .-III h ? in id" public to-day by
Vt.- 1 .;? 1. -ir i'i operations early laat summer.
'i' .... ,?,- her describe 1 her ss , .-' op ??(
? m H-r hull w.is painted
ind ?:?; le 1 more sill 'han m isl b >.ts
of her ie and rig They said there were
usually -i-v.-i a.r right men on h-r. .a"..! when
????:i she was usually drifting slowly along. Ol
?1 t.i i.-? attempts were made tu overtake her
? ? obtain 1 closer view, bul th. crew would
?spn . ling sail, and easily slip
from anj sailing craft.
Th- stories ab 'it ih- boat camp from n!*n"st
ev ry pailnl fi. m City Island -ait to New-London,
Rye, pori Chestei and the other vlMn_e? in
West-heater reported the doings of her crew.
Then she would be beard from along the Con
ores. Her visits t,, the I^>n-? Island
-h.>re usually alternated with those to the n..rth
shore. In every cse a robbery <>r two followed
h.-r appearance in th. watara "f any harbor.
is -ti- w.s reported no "ti" evstr seamed
lucky enough i" catch ber. She had a habit of
dropping Inl ? 1 Lav after dark and then putflni
f.i th- open i)-'alii nt >,r before aunrise. So it
was she w.s often seen hu' n-ver captured.
l*.r months the craft Journeyed ut. an.l down
th- Sound, making n landing alni..sf every nleht,
iva'.- with ii.h results tn those who sailed
the . omlng "f -.id w.Mt'i. r the
? th. ? ?;? have nol been s.> frequent, and
the Ix il had ?? ? ntl) dropped somewhat oul "f
mind Althaaugh nol working aa often as during
the sui ? i'l.-. the pirate craft was nol
Idle, f.r there was hardly . week when liv., or
three l 1 were not committed. Last week
;h--t-.? few small affairs along the Oon
n . bl ick il p an
.1 far from the Ami
? . 'lub st ul fi Aft, r a lime 1 boa! vv Ith
.1 a I ai ter h.lulim,' the
bi 1 1 the tw.. men went R.
tatton il Rye Th. ?? h id with them ta 1
Ran-, .,11 l i-hij.;.-l them for New-York. They
?ii-ii ? 1; - 11 ?(" a :-?? 1 While they were here Bairne of
the men and boys living at the Point became
1 1 alu .ut the - ? 1 ci .R'' 1 ii ii ire,| .rr
md pul ff to Investlgtte, What they saw
in iha' lu mt made them suspl lom A closer In
*t ? d she ?ai a trading boat, for
? ' stuff aboard a hlch w..uia| have
-R.-k-d , fall -;/-?! ra au ni ry store. This was ra?
ia, arta-d to the local police, who al once stnrted to
! the men, iii 1 om if them was taken int 1
The other had started for New-York.
The f.v ? Rut- o| stuff ?-i- s. I zed l.v the poll. ?
1 tin. under orders :';-.>in Justice Raruch.
a. - were found to tain in Ixed as
-1.rt.a.-ut of ft ods, There were 1.t* and sh ie.
Ia,ths of illfferonl kind-, sr ...Is of cot! ir lpn. ls
.f ilk .md !?? in) sm li articles, These correspond
r.iih iha- .anula stolen from Port Salon-oi, 1. I.
last vv-in. In Thi pris mer who was taken
icave some Important Informa-don, and promised
to make .. ''nil confession to-day He admits
that the craft now In custodj ls the one .'hlch
h. is la-en seen so of I ti alon, tl.oast. He says
there were nine 'nen In the gang. Who they
were and where they lived he would not say, but
(.I'.'ltils. d ta) mak- all known tn-.lay. Ills natue
ls ii"! ku..un definitely, ll ? Iris .given several
john Ti-rnm. fifty years old, a driver, who
Ivea -ii . ii'h nd -t. High Bridge, N lying al the
Manhattan Hospital wllh a bullet In his left Jaw,
md he ls unable m civv any ace mnt as to how
t got there Whether some one had designs uimii
us ||fe, .,f whether the shooting a-aa accidental, an.l
-rho Areal lhe ihot, ata- .it present unanswerable
vr.i; noon yesterday riernan wis lying ssleep
11 th- ha) l-ri -r tli- barn attached to his house,
-rhen 1- w.is iwakened by fa-elln. somethlns strlka
lim sharpl) In the Ia--.-. A sir-am ,.f blood waa
lowing,|a>wn thc righi ildeef hla face, .mi Ti. nun
ll envoi I thal he hid been ?hol In th- rlaht -; I'?
ll' th- nose The imllet hud gone throiiKh the nose
lirld.e, .ul, pa Hains under the left eye,
1...1 I .diceal ll ?? If 111 hi ? left 1.iii.-?.
'Hernia 11 dil nol pay much attention to the wound
mtil sb iui ' 'lock In thi after-no in, when lie
...fm i? weaken from loaa of l.l.I Ile then -roi
ntu .a R,!:?.1. ai.i waa driven ta the Manhattan
R.-ri'.i Th- doctora al the hospital Bay the
1 Hind ." tf 'f 1 fatal one, bul renard if aa serious,
rhej have nol probed r.>r the bullet, as they mil
?.?.iii for the broken bones ..f the law to separate
tefore ittemptlng to -Mra.'I lt. Tn- hill is iir.>
ii.iv of ,, 32 calibre.
___ I
l\l>l I v 1 /fi XKSRS IXDICTED. d
Columbia City. Ind., Peb. 11. Th- Grand .lury of : r
vt ti.\ t'ounty haa been engaged for the last foul j
..ia 1:1 :in Investigation of tha Arnold t>atik and ?
alli failures si South Whitley, one hundred ud a
Ift- farmers who were awlndled ...it of their arba it : tl
nd money were examined, and, aa a result, twenty . n
mlirtmenta iven returned asa!nat .Linus Arnold I 1,
nd Th..Tni-...1 Arnold, of Sou Hi Whitley, and Jtmmm ,,
of North Manchester. Thompson Arnold, ,
ashler of the bank, was arrested yesterday. James
un..id left for "t.arts unknown" ten dais ago.
ease Arnold, president <>f both Institutions, will be
tr."Rd In a day "r two.
1 fia Fill l: TOR .six KLEYATOBS.
Crookston, Minti. Peb 11. Tbs sis alsralors of
he Farmers' Mutual Elevator Company went into
he hands of s receiver yesterday tuon the order
f Judge Ives, Charla K sidle, of Mlnn<t*-_j*oUs,
elng appointed. The Ihilillltl.-a are about i-IO.OO)
nj lila, asset, abaiiil I.1H...OIJ.
im the Qerraan T=t.-.-.tn?-r Spree, srMeh arrived bsrs , i?
BSterdsy, were Prince Andi*1 I'onlatowskl. Winard 1 n.
. 1'elkins, Prince Michel Hnralamb. Mr. and Mrs. j j*
ra_|ey Harper, Mr. and Mrs J. O. Averill and I n,
.ptain Cesare Chlghlwl-. I si
in: replica to THOU wno havi: saiii
I.ATi: K'll'. THR PARTY*!
Ks-S-nat.e Thoma. C. Plltt sall last nl-rh|
that the agitation whicn had be n i ling ..n in
tin- Republican party during th- las; w- lc need
n..t .'.ins.' anybody anxiety.
"(>n th" contrary," h..tinned, "it will have
a good effect. It will lulu-- about a better un?
derstanding in tl,.- minds ,,! RepubUcna v..ter.
all over the Stu.. ;Is tn men -nd affairs In N'ew
Va.rk City. I knew, "f coane, Unit if I should
venture to say anything on the subject of re
org.nls.tion it would create a new outcry about
'bossism." Rut nobody Is deceived hy that sort
of nonsense. I; ls the |n*vltable reply of men
whi think that their person il ends or ambtttOM
are nut being and are not going to he sri-ved.
If I had stat-1 that Coll ::.?! BUM and his friend.
w.re doing a good thine hy th-lr ni... ment.
they wa.uid have called me s 'sag-actons leader.".
When I say that they are d'.lng a mls'aken thing
they naturally retort thu I am a 'bas..' Th-y
"ail me a 'med lier' and say I have BO rlKht to
express my opinion in this local affair. Why,
then, did Mr. Brookfield, a.?tin- In their behalf*,
bring nie their plan of a-nndment and Mk me HR
sign it. If I had th.- right tai approve lt. I had
an equal right t., condemn it. lt is not dUBeutt
R, understand plain folk, like them. My a "boagf
and a 'meddle!* they mean one who .l.t.ts with
them. My a 'lender' and a 'statesman' they mean
or- who agrees with them. That*, all there lg
to if.
"Everybody under-tand. my poettton. I am
not a ran,li.lat. f.,r Oovernor; I am not a can?
di.la;- for United States Senator; I am not a
seeker f.?r anj iii ?, ele< tlve or appotntlv*. I
am simply a Republican, a man who beUeVN In
th- principia i of -h.- Republican party, wh" love.
to serve thnt party, nil who has no other am
i.itt.ni than to lu- nnd die with th" barnes, on.
My .'lilies, on Mi- other hand, ai-" candidate!
?parring for position. If they think lt will help
th. tn to malian me as a 'rebel' and a "traitor,"
they .re welcome to th ;r opinion. They may go
ahead "n that line, and 1 wish them Joy of tho
But it is time to expree. th. Mm that
they are not th.- men on whom th- party rtritog
fair aid in critical emergencie. Th-y have trav
-11-1 far enough on thal bogu. reputation. I cAn
ii"t say, of course, what any one of them w> ul<i
do for th- i arty next fall if be wera Ms candl
date for Oovernor; Rut I can tell to a fuTure
what h.- win do lt any one else than himself l.
th. ? Uldldate. He will do just what he alwaya
has done -practically nothing.
"We had an election last fail. There WM pre?
sented r. us whit every sngndou. politician
re.-.ijrnize.l ti I.- an unparalleled opportunitp
anal a serious duty. We of the Stat- and ad-.
vtoory committee, endeavored to impress thi.
view upon tile wealthy Republican. <>f thia city
wh.. ate now s , active in reorganizing us. Wa
s.iit letter, asking tha-m to meet and .ive us
the benefit of their advice and help. Af the first
in?fin., ault of tvvetity-tla/e persons Invited, three
were present, and nothing was accomplished.
At the sea-onal ma*etlng, out of fifty Invited, seven
. -re ptvsant. an.l "ne of them ira ve us $200.
Our pent-tent appeal for the ll&QOO ne cssary to
sand our panter ballot, t.. the voters of thia
Single city resulted iti obtaining from them no
more than the sum "f 12,500, and all th" rest of
the money needed f..r this and tli" '-ther neeegai
sury px pen.*, of the campaign we ..f the c.-rn
mittee were compelled to raise "without their
,id or encouragement. Colonel Qeorgi Mliss, for*
'.ample, towhom I personally appealed, decllM_l
to sui.-, rlbe anything t- the State campaign on
th.- gn mid th.u his contribution must be "on
ftned tai his ..un -ssembly llstrtcl in order to
?end Mr Sheffield to th- Legtsl.ture. We ac
??;.??? 1 This eX '.-?'. SUPP 'Sing, ..f a'.'ilise, that h.
ind Mr. Cornelius N. RUss, who lives tn the sa ma
v- ? district, \i ? Rd r.i'.- all th- musaaif]
\; i. - of Mr. Sheffield's i ampelgn. Later .-??
vi- ss. tfleld' i election appe ired to be In Jeopardy.
An appeal was made t . me and the State Oom*
mittee for relief. In reaponse to thal appeal I
rurnlshed f700 ani the State Committee 1-00
a ore.
"Xor if th.-ir relation to last fall's campaign*
ilngular. In 1885, when Mr. Davenport was a,
?andilat" for Govern r a gentleman who waa
Rt pani.Til.irly a friend of mine, but largely
heir own choice thi y promised t.. raine from
un..nu- tin- membership of the l'ni..ti r_e__**-g
'Iul> 130,000. Th-y raised a paltry 14,000 and Mr.
tavenport himself was compelled to make up
le- rest. In 1880 ant 188*' their contributloM
iniotinted to nothing. In the Passel) campaign
if i*'.'i they gav- the Btate Committee about
;..'. The) are not the men -vho, when the partjr
a In distress and when *h" enemy ls arrogant
ind eontldi nf. ?"tii" warmly forward t" bear tha
.runt "f th" hattie. Mut how bravely they
lamor when it is done! lt' it ls L.st, how bit
eriy they denounce thone r us .vim have donn
un- very l- nt. lt' it is iron, how quickly they
tress forward ta. lead tbe triumph'
"Now, uh.ii is ii thal I have don. to r-all
orin ihelr n ai y demonstrations? Why, I
lave given encouragement tai a great body of
oung, eifti-st .ndenthusiastic Republicans who
nu.. ..tg.ini/.ed in this county to support the
tepublic.n party. I hav.- commended the work
hat theae young men are .1 .lng to get at that
asl body ..f voters who comprlne th. working
teople of the city, and whose support ls nec
ssary t.i a,ur stu a--ss Hus fall, and ls om If
inly we have the gool sense to seek lt. X
,...k this step not he,-ause I needed a new
irg.nl-.tlon for any pt rpoees of mine, but he*
.um I considered lt my duty to the Kepublt
an party to applaud a movement so full ot
"It ls laughable to h.-ar this ehoru. of candi*
ates .rying mit that I ;im trying to build up
n organ!..tlon of my own. i>o i lack friends in
he "id organisation? Do the) suppose they can
nike an ?,t i/;i ulza th an whet'.- my friends will
? ?I be found? What difference do they
bink lt make, to me Who ra-rganlzes the party
.?re. or how lt is reorganized'.' I might tak,
ii.lg.. Russell's kltially .advice and g., off to the
mtlp...les while the Committee of Thirty eom
i-t-s Hf- -m. '.ma ni iiini forms Its new County!
'ommittee, and on my return it would be
.?iiini that .ii :i poll >.f the i-oiiiniittee a
irge taaj'Uii\ were my reel and ready fri.-nds.
ind why? Why, because, as s-.ti-.i . moment
g.., the Republican, of this Stat, kni.w, de?
plte all this Mugwump cackle and Democratto
Ruse, thnt I am not a self-eeeklng politician;
h.n I am nol a candidate for Oovernor; or
'nit.-I States Senator, or an;, thing else; that I
m simply a man who believes in the Republican
arty, who has supported lt day in nnd day out,
.-.ir in and year out for two generntfcNU, and
ha will support lt uri ill th" day of my (loath*
[ow eau anybody hurt me?
"This is mi answer to these clamorous candi*
ates. Let them go ahead; let them organ lue,
aorgant-e, slfl and selecl until they have mada
ie memberahlp ?.f their faction, man for man,
i" ixa-t membetrahlp of the Untoa l^ngu. ctub,
nil even then they will not he able to carry a.
ugle proposition hurtful to my influence with
ie Republican, of New-York. And as for the
f-w bira! OfganlantlOO formed at the Cooper Un?
it, I say now. as I sahl before, lt ls a good
dug. It will greatly benefit the party, and lt
seiv'as the encourngement of every Repuhii.
in who wants hts party t" win next Novera
Kansas City, Mo., Feb. H.?To-night a chang.
?r the worse came in the condition of Congress*
an W, Lt Wilson, who arrived In thia city yes-'
r.lay morning on his way tu Mexico. Mr. Wilson
lUKht a severe cold anal suffered with a chill while;
l his way fr.mi Washington to Chicago last week.
.ratnst the .idvl.-e nf his physician he left Chicago
ii..n night, and came to Kansas Ct Rv to fill an\
ipointnient to speak here laat night. At 7 o'clock
st evening Mr. Porter posit.vely forbade his ltav
x the haitei. To-day he felt better, and this after
ion the doctor thought Mr. Wllaon could con
lue his Journey Tuesday, but to-night the Con
easman was attacked by a high fever, and ts
iw a very sick man. It la doubtful if he wUl be
ile to leave here this week.

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