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WAi.riivi.R at THB MKAii OF THE
MILITARY ARl'.Vll'.S .. .mmitti:i_
ibt manun i<> tup. TiiiiTt-r.)
Washington, Tel,. H.?The voluntary retirement to
private life ,,r Senator Walt-all has caused no little
er.-bii-ra.-sm-nt to the Democratic Caucus Com?
mittee of the Senate. At th<* tine of hla r-slg
nation Senutor Walt-all was tin- chairman of the
.Senate Committee am Military Affairs. His depart
ire from tbs Renata caused ai vacan y in the chair?
manship, and it is about th- succession that <tn
bairaMiiuni ex) ta According to seniority Senator
Dockrell would be promota I t i Hil the vacancy, as
he is now the ranking Democratic member of the
committee. Senator Cockrell la tbe chairman <.f a
much more Important commltt. - that of Appro?
priations and ai th- duties .,f th< position ar.. In
every way agreeable r> him he will n->t reliii'iuish
them. Next in ord-r on the committee ls Senator
Rate, whoas present cbalrmanthlp -that of tbe Com
mitt-e on Um Improvement of the Mlsr^isaippl uiver
?ls a.f utile dignity "r Importance. Senator Rate
is sager to be mad- Senator Waltball'i successor,
an>i what leads to th-- embarrassment a.f'the Can
oua Committee ls the fact that h.- feels confident of
Wielling the appointment. As far as can h. learned
he has no. particular qualifications for the position.
H.- in na,i familiar with the condition and needs of
the Army, and in his subordinate capacity on lb.
?MUnltte. he hus shown little if any intel-st in leg?
islation affecting it.
There is .1 terious d robt whether Senator Hate
bas any sympathy with th" Army. He had not
when, as . rebel major-general, he surrendered his
sword in UK, and mile Of his publ.1.- utt"ranc.'3
?Ince that time Indue, the belief that his sentiment.
towan! the Army have become more gentle and
rener.ius Indeed, am..uk lils colleagues who took
up arms against the G ivemmi ni between IM and
1865 S'-nator Hale is regarded as nae of the most
pronounced of the unreconstructed "brigadier.."
His lack of special fitn ss f"r th- chairmanship,
added to his present well-known sentiments anal his
personal unpopularity among his fellow-Senator.
of t?ajth parti--,, make his chances of success ex
tremely doubtful. It ls learned that when Senator
Walthall was appointed chairman ol the Commit?
tee on Military Affairs th.- Democratic Caucus Com?
mittee gave serious consideration to the advisa?
bility of selecting for the position, i ? i '"ti sfter lbs
war, a Senator wh 1 hal been an officer in the rebel
army. -enator W.lth.tl was regarded as a moder?
ate representative "f the type, and upon assurances
coming from seven- Republican members ff thc
committee 1i1.1t ii., opposition would be made i"
his appointment on the score ->r lils attitude toward
ihe Oovernmeni during the war he v\a.s nimed for
the chairmanship. There ls no evidence thal Re
publican Senators have uttered such friendly senti?
ments with respect te Senstoi Bete'a can lldacy.
The report is current that Senator Palmer also
desires the chairmanship of the Committee ra
Military Affairs, li- is said to ba- desirous of glv
ing up tu- arduous 'Rules of the work "f tha- Com?
mittee on Pensions. He entertains a lively Interest
In mtlttary matters, and believes that Ibe work of
directing the preparation of legislation for tba
Army would be mot. conn.-nial In every respect
than his present heavy task. S-nat"r 1'almer
would bring to th,? committee a *-ood general
knowledge of military affairs. Other rumor, have
lt that Senator nordon desiree promotion t" s more
Important committee, and that his colleagues on the
Caucus Committee un- of the opinion that h'- shoul 1
receive it, lt seems to be necessary thal .1 caucus
should be held. Tha- Democrats are opposed to the
holding "f caucus, as one Rs rarely ever called with?
out factional quarrels being brought about, but
there appears to be no other solution of the pres?
ent embarrassments.
Commodore Sampson made public to-lay th-- re?
sults of the armor test held at Indian Head yes?
terday afternoon. The test was ? trial ..f a "plain''
nickel-stead plate, lt was ..f special Interest owing
to the fact that the plate was thr las! of the kind
to be experimented with under contracts now in
force, and that lt wis th- second representative
of the same gnmp "f armor fired at. Kutur- ex?
periments will t" with nickel-steel armor, which
has been treated lay th-' Harvey process. Th- plate
tried yesterday was 1 levi ti and a half indies thick.
It was the representative of . group of arin,,r in?
tended for th- bari..f.as of the Monadnock, the
sides of the Puritan and the conning lower of the
ram Katahdln. lt was manufactured by the Car?
negie Company. The group comprises In all alu.ut
BOO tons of armor, valu-1 at about 180.00ft, In Jan
uary a representative of the same group was tired
at, but failed to puss the required tests. As in the
earlier test, an 8-lnch rifle was used In yesterday's
trial, (inly two shots were tired, both for the ac?
ceptance test. The contractors did 11 "t ask 1 .1 a
pr-mium teat. Carpenter forged projectiles were
jsed In both rounds. Each shell webbed 250 poun is.
and was driven by two charges ..f brown powder
weighing 72'.. pounds each. The velocity of the
first shot was comparatively low, being only l,BI2
feet a second. The sh.at struck the plate normally
and penetrated to s depth of 12>- in.-h-s. lt re?
bounded with great fa.rce. some of the pieces liv?
ing as far to the ri ir as iso yards. No cracks
were made In the plate. The second projectile had
a velocity of l.TSu foot seconds, I" ing driven by
ninety-eight pounds "f p iwder. The shalt went
through the plate, snd its p..mt penetrated so far
into the backing aa to, Kav- inly about thre
inches of the shell In the plate. No cracks were
developed, and as thc projectile did not gel all ths
way through th..- plate the t-st was satisfactory.
The 500 tors of armor which the test plate repre
sents will therefore be accepted.
Washing; an, Feb. ll (Special).?In compliance with
Ah- law en the subject, Becretary Lamont iras trans
rnltte'l to Congress an abstract showing the C'.ndi
1 tlon. of the militia force of the country .an Decent
ber 31 last. The abstract ls full of Interesting In?
formation concerning the country's military re?
sources, it shows that, baaed on an estimate of
one-eighth -f lt. total population, the l'nite.1 Btate.
could throw into the Held In time of war 11 larger
army than could be raise 1 In any otha-r civilized
country on the glob". Except log l*lorlda, Mary?
land, Nevada, New-Hampshire, Booth Carolina.
West Virginia, Mississippi and Wisconsin, fraim
which were submtt-d no report, for 1S&;!, there wet.
on December 31, MAIM able-bodied men in th
country available for military service Has. 1 ea
the estimated population of the Btati s named, this
number would become MMkON men, were tbs uuotas
of all the States and Territories mustered nf this
vim possible army which could ba brought to th
service of the country in tuns of need, 112.1!*) are
organized Into regiments and other sub-divisions,
and could be thra.wn Into the Held within a few
hours from the tun- of th- receipt of an order for
mobilisation. This , rganlMd force ls under th- di?
rection of ninety-three general officers, 1,-11; gen?
eral staff. UN regimental, Held and staff, and ...771
company officers, -r a total ..f 8,278 officer. Its
enlisted strength c unprtsea l.:.'. non-commissioned
officers, tAHt must, ians, and 7v'LS privates, ur an
ug.rcga'..- of lt_,tl_.
Of all the States and Territories, New-Tork has
the larges: militia force. Its commissioned strength
ls 7:'i7, which ls made up ,.f liv gem-ral
officers, 7j general staff, im*: regimental, Held
and staff, and 463 company officers. The enlisted
strength la 13,071-11.157 Infantrymen, MR artillery
men, IM cavalrymen, and M men In tba signal
corps. I'ennsyiv.uiia with a commissioned an 1 en
listed force of 8,-"ll officers and men, ohio With Cl*-,
Massachusetts with 8,888, and South Cir.ulna with
5.440, follow !n order ?ft>-r New-Tor. In th- str-ngth
of their militia, in Pennsylvania 1- found tue
largest number of availab:.- men for military ser?
vice, 73o,622. New-Vork and Illinois are ti-l wish
650.000. Among the Btate., Delaware with IM .nd
Idaho with _fl officers Mid men have thc smallest
organizations. Arizona tanks i,,w-st In tbs "lim?
ber of available men f.>r military duty, having only
1,600 according t" Secretary Lamont's abstract Of
the States, wyoming could send iii" smallest num?
ber to the field, she is only cn dited with 12,000
men for muster. The strength nf the organised
militia and tbe number of av.illili'.- men ,,f the
States and Territories not named above, ai- as
Alabama, 960 organized. lfcl.OOO available: Ar?
kansas Wi, 213.734; California 4.!'14. 17b,E__ Colorado
827, 80,000; Connecticut 8,781, W.flOO; Georgia 8,688;
2*4,021; Illinois 4,777. O0.000; Indiana 2,833, 481,192;
iowa 2.351. M_7W; Kansas l,*""".. 180,000; Kentucky
1.331. 405,000; Louisiana LBS, 188.438; Maine 1,084,
W.972; Michigan SJOl, ISO. 000; Minnesota 1,801, ir-..o.-i;
Missouri 2.41o. 3SD,rtiii); M,,titaiia *_.*>, ?jr,..-,.- Nebraska
1.086, 125.000; New-Jersey Ult, 284.887; North Caro?
lina 1.782, 23..')00; North l>ak"ta 47!). 40,5(10; oregon
1.575. 44,444: Rhode Island 1,478. 180.588; South Da?
kota 779. 32.1KR. Tennemee 1,784. 188.000; Texas 2 784,
300.000; Vermont 7S4. 41,104, Virginia v.r.'l 220,000'
Wa?hlngt.T>n 1,7'., 88,188; New-Mexico IA 86,000 and
the District of Columbia LASS, 42.OOo.
-? . ..
POM..-- 1-F.NOTH OF lUSPBNaiON UlilDGK.-*.
Washington, Feb. ll.--Speaking of th. development
of engineering science In conn -ctloti with the Brook
lyn Brld.e and tbe prOfAKtmi bridge across the
Hudson River, at New-York. ii.eprescni.iti vc deary,
of California, said:
"A man learns a good many Interesting things in
Congress. For Instance, 1 am on the Commerce
Committee, and we have had a good deal to do with
thU New-Tork Bridge bill. Vntll the suspe.-.ilon
bridge was built across the Kast Uiver, between
New-Tork and Brooklyn, lt waa not supposed that
Steel wire could be made of sufficient tensile strength
to hold together for a distune- of l ,?.. fet.t inm
then, with the wire that had previous^- bean male
a wire of that length would part of lu own webrht
Mr. Roeb.lng, the engineer of thc Bridge, who waa
_!i.?h~*A_l,.y other engineers for aasertlng that a
Wire of 1,600 feet could be made which would hold to?
gether, experimented until he proved that his an
'?"?Brtlon was a fact. Since then the Firth of Forth
Made by Colgate & Co.,
Used by the best families,
1806 Laundry Soap.
bridge has been built, with wires 1*00 foe! long, and
the making of steel cables ha- now reached such a
degree of perfection that . wire ran be mad- oi
2,100 feel and strung from .me point lo another with?
out breaking, lu the New-York Bridge bill we pr.i
pos-Ml that 2,100 feel should be the lowest limit, and
now w- want to appoint a commission of nv- en?
gineers, of whom General Casey shall be one, ta
see if a wire "f still great, r length cannot be suc
c - Tully made."
Waahtngton, Feb ii (BpecfcU).?Tbe Judiciary Com?
mittee "f th- Senate may nol take final action on
th- Peckham r.i^i' at its meeting to-morrow, as
some of his Mends seem to eapeet It ls probable
that Senator Hoars engagement t" deliver an ad?
dress at Jersey City R.-morrow night In honor -f
the anniversary of Lincoln's birth may prevent
his attendance ut the meeting of the committee.
it is understood that tha- main reason why Benator
H..ar ,1-sire 1 a postponement of the case at the last
meeting was that h.- desired to ascertain ths truth
in re-j.ir'1 to an allegation against -Mr. Peckham,
which was, in substance, that in one or more
speeches delivered by him at meetings, of the New
York Reform Club, or other assemblages of "tariff
reformers" be had denounced Protection nn "un
constltutlonal." It ls not known whether Senator
II ??ir hus vet been able to satisfv himself as ta>
the truth ur falsity of this allegation. If it sh.iul.l
turn out t.i abe true, an.l that Mr. Peckham, speak?
ing deliberately and aa a lawyer, has exposs-.!
the opinion that a protective tariff if-, uncoiutltu
ti.mal. lt ls altogeth-r likely that a number "f
Senators Wauild refuse on that ground al.'iie ta,
consent t.> his appointment who would otherwise
vote for his confirmation, a Benator who feels a
deep interest in the .-as-* said in conversation with
a Till.une correspondent yesterday, lhal ..no of the
ohieetions urge.l against Mr. Peckham ls th- alle?
gation that Insanity has existed in his family, that
an uncle of lils died Insane, and that two of th.
uncle's children were mentally unbalanced. This
Senator ls slr..ugly inclined to vote f.,r Mr. I'-rk
ham'S confirmation, anal he does na.t agree with
tbose who seem to think that an adverse report
from the Committee on the Judiciary is ii foregone
c .ni-itision. _
lYashlngtain, Feb. ll.-The 1'residcnt has selected
Messrs, Walker Kearn, cf Louisiana, and SortiT
ville P. Tuck, of New-Tork, tai serva> on the Egyp
Han International Tribunal, tai tin vacancies caua?d
l.y the retirement of Victor liarrlng-r, of North
Carolina, and Ernest H. Crosby, of New-Tork.
rhes- places pay handsome Belarus, and the ap.
[-ointments do not require cntlrmatlon by the
Senate. *_ I
Somerville I'lnckney Tuck ls a lawyer, whose office
ls at No. IC YVall-st. He lives In rhel[>s Place, New
Brighton, S. 1.. ond is .a member of th- Union
..-aime and l'nlversity clubs, and th- American O ?>
kirai.iii.-ul Rodet) .
Walker Kearn was Minister to Qrecce, Rumania
and -ervta under Mr. cleveland's Rimer Admin?
Wasiiingtaui. Kel. ll. Represent.tlvs Beth W.
Cobb, "!' SR Louis, after a visit Ri the White House.
r<?; resents tue President as still complaining eam
estly -f th- derna, ls mud- upon bia time by ,.t!ia-e.
seekers. "Il seems," -ays Mr. ebb, "tint the
Presldent'i days are tuk-n up Ry callers .md bis
evenings by social functions, whose observance la
forced upon him by reason of nu official position.
in his conversation with me h.- rejoiced that tie
could look forward to;i succession "f Bundara md
evenings erith leisure f'.r the transaction of busi?
ness, ii,- talked to me as th..ugh he would willingly
mak.- appolntm. nts more rapidly if li- was grant.-1
sufficient la-isure to consider th- papers 'h.' sra
i.i.i before him. A man In private business, even
remotely approximating the Importance "f the busi?
ness af t> ?? Government, would moat poaltlvely in?
sist "ii bein, la-t al..r.e. but lt .-'.-mi ; . R.f a settled
expectation thal the President "f the Knited states
must drop public business lo grasp i ?.;.:,::? ???
I: ,f 1 "f th-- m.an who has to look after appoint?
Washington, Peb. ll (Special). According to a
Milwaukee _l_patch published to-day, tin' veterans
in the branch of the National Home for Disabled
Volunteer Soldiers which is there Bituated are in
dlgnant over certain provisions ?.f the Sundry Civil
Appropriation bill which ls now landing in the
House of Representative*-*, and which, it is a-serta-.i,
will curtail the authority of the Board "f Managers
and deprive it of tha right to mak'- rules for the
government of the home, to audit the account, "f
receipts and expenditures, etc. On th-- day that it"'
Sundry <"lvii bill was reported t" the House, Chair?
man Say-rs of the Appropriations Committee, called
the attention of a Tribune correspondent lo the
provlstous In Question, and remarked that ihey
wer- unanimously approved br the sub-committee
wlii-h framed the bill, and also by tha- full com?
General Cogswell, of Massa, hus. tts, who was .
gallant and distinguish!id I'nlon soldier, and ls un"
of the most considerate, faithful and active friends
that the v.-terans of the I'nlon have in Compress,
was a memba-r of the subcommittee, Among tin
other member. a,f the full committee who served
in the Union Army, are Colonel David H. Hender?
son, of iowa, who has just been compelled to .sub?
mit to a painful surgical operation Upon tba- -tump
of his lag, a i>art of which was shot away mi
February IS, last; Colonel Henry ll ningham, of
Pennsylvania, who was thrice wounded lu action
while serving In the Anny of the Potomac, and
was bra-vetted brigadier-general for gallina and
distinguished serviles, and Colonel W w Qrout, of
Vermont, wbo nerved in tn.- ir.t>, Vermont Volun?
teers during the War.
It is difficult to believe that these three distin?
guished veterans of the i'nlon. together with Den?
ers I Cogswell, have agreed or would consent to any
legislation thal would be detrimental to the in?
terests and welfare Of any surviver of the Wai.
whether he be disabled and nn Inmate of the Na?
tional Home or not.
Washington. Keb. H.?Colonel David II !!? nderson.
the well-known Congressman from the Hld District
a.f Iowa, who lost a l.-g al Corinth, has been nu
Intense sufferer for severn! months past by reason
of that honorable mutilation The trouble seemed
to be the growth of something In tbs nature of an
abSCC-B near the lin- "f amputation, and it waa
tin.illy decided that nothing short of tte- removal
of this rowallon would afford relief. The necessary
sing,.al operation was performed by Dr. J. POrd
Thompson yesterday afternoon at Colonel Hender?
son's rooms, his wifa- and daughter being present,
.nd the g.Riant veteran submitted t" it. nol only
without anaesthetics, but without wincing. l>r.
Thompson pronounces the operation a success, and
before many days elapse the patient will icsuino
his seal in Congi ess.
CO-ONSt, ORAMA-!. AT THB riu'sital'i. CAt'SBI
THS ARRSST OP UBI tknan'T-'OI/.m:!.
M. a li YOUNO.
San Kraiicisco, Keb. ll (Special). The San Kran
Ci 00 1'residl", the chief military p.,-i en tl.- coast,
is greatly netted over thc sadden arr-st yesterday of
LiiUlinant-i'olonel Samuel IR .M. Young, on unknown
charges by th- Commandant, Colonel Oraham. Thi.
arra-st is Colonel <;-ahum's retaliation for formal
charges of conduct unbec "ming g. officer and gi ntle
niiTi which Young made last Thursday .?gainst Ora?
ham, Th.- whole trouble, anny officers Bay, has
grown ..ut ..f oral,am's autocratic nays, eve. to?
ward olli -rs ,,f nearly his own rank. This has been
l-onie b<cms- ti,, ans cared Ri Incur his anger by
preferring Charge-, but Young, who was trans?
ferred ta, the Presidio last 0 lober, luis resented
more than once his superior's manner toward bim.
'lhe natural result was the Hiing ni charges with
detinue specifications, on which young's friends
dellar- Qeneral Huger mus! order a court-martial.
if lt .ger declines t-> .i.i thi.-. th- matter will be
appealed to th.. Becretary of War. As Oraham
goes ..a th- retired R-t in four yeara Itu.er mai
think th- officers can endure his domineering ways
for that time. 1!..- sentiment af Presidio is strongly
in favor ..f Lieutenant-Colonel Young but lathing
definite could be secured In regard to th.- chsrgi -
Oi.in.im, 1; ls charged, lias been guilty of cruelty
tn several men the latest Instan ?? being that of
i'.a pond Drews, of the Ith Cavalry, who waa ac?
cused of embeulement. Oraham threw Drews into
a dark cell fur three Weeks before he was br.,ught
to trial, and the wonder was tha- prisoner didn't
beix-ina- Insane. This act was Medics, .nd aavalnst
the regulations. Graham's brother was a Com
mander in the Navy, but was disrated for Insult
In-? conduct Ui his Inferiors, about three years ago
Lieutenant-Colonel Young has a tine r-v-ord in th
Army of the Potomac, and us ,tn indian tighter
since the ? Ivll War. He recently served ns Instruc?
ts ..f cavalry tactics nt K.,rt Leavenworth, should
Oraham If removed from ihe Command of the Pre?
sidio, his place will probably ha taken by Lieu
teniint-Colon.'l Guenther, also of the 5th Cavalry
now In i-ommand of Aleatrar, in this harbor
I'hll.idelphla, Feb. ll.-The Rey. Dr. 0,<-or_e Dana
Hoardman, the venerable ptstor of the drat Liaptlat
Church, Broad and Arch sta,, and one of the most
eminent preachers of the country, lo-alay announced
his aletermlnatlon to resign on May _j the thirtieth
anniversary of his pastoral
Manhattan Hospital had a "SUM yesterday which,
lt ls declared, breaks all medical record, of a sim?
ilar sort, lt ls that of a l-*y wh.i apparently diet
a.1 1:30 p. m.. but 'whose heart was still beating
strongly at hi o'clock last night. In one previous
CUM in medical annals life was prolonged for a few
hourn after respiration had ci-ased, but that case
stands almost iilolie.
The patient, who has puzzled all the resident and
consulting physicians "f th- Manhattan Hospital, i-t
William Holland, a newsboy, slxta-en years old. who
liv.l with his widowed mother, Mrs. Virginia Hol?
land, at No. El West < iiia-liundr.sl-an.l-'lfiy-nltith
st. on Frlalay night he was a,ut selling papers, .o*
usual, and got thoroughly Wet, but that was noth?
ing unusual. On Saturday morning about I o'clock
ii.- wok.- bis m..tiier atid complained of haring
s.v.re pains In his neck, and in the back ,if his
!,.-.i i She procured some simple remedies and did
?Thal she c..uld for him. but In the morning lie w is
extremely feverish.
Yesterday morning he became suddenly worse, and
a call was eent to the Manhattan Hospital for an
Dr. Belknap went with the ambulance and found
the boy apparently suffering from pneumonia.
However, the boy dell.1 to Ile down In the am?
bulance, amt sat up and chatted with the doctor
daring the journey to th. hospital. They reached
it at IM p. m., aiel the l..,y was taken upstairs
and put to bed. Not ten mlnutea later he suddenly
gasped and apparently died. The orderly in tba
room ran to Dr. llelknap and announced the sud?
den death, and the doctor hastened to the bedside
When he arrived the boy was apparently d'-ad.(
Nothing indicated that he differed in any parti
ular from any dead person. Finally or. Belana
discovered that there was still . feeble pulsatlc
Of the h. art Restoratives were applied and arti
nial respiration produced by working tb- srnjc
JU.1 ;is ls done in cases of those WM hav.. lu
nearly drowned.
The result of these efforts WM BOOH appal*
the henri beats gra-w stronger and the color of
ia.-.- changed from ihe nu.- ,,f death.
Still, Hi-- body lav inert, except for Ri- b-aging
of the heart, which was entirely unaccompanied
by natural respiration. When artificial resfira
tl,>ti hal been -.-cur l and had been continua* for
sane t tm,* lt was Stopped for a in.fn. tn
Pi show whether lt w..ni-1 be naturally
continued, but at once the f.ce h.
ghastly black, and the henrt throbs died ajay BO
fa-.' that artificial reaptratlon was at once rnsumed.
Again and again Hie experiment ,.f atopppg the
steady working of the arms was tried. tXt each
time the result was a rapid relapse, ind t/- w.ark
was resumed. A peculiarity of tl.e eas.- IsAhat the
boy's heart seems to tn- upon the right/side In?
stead of th? Wt. At a lat'- hour l_Sl Sight the
boy's heart was still beating, and they H.t.- still
working ..vcr him.
111. IS A .?*.?'.' OF HE. ROBEET coil YEE
lils .VRN7 RATE
A ll-p.i'.'h from Tacoma, received resterdsy, set
forth that Safin'I loll;, er. > \. a-bi'-r "f the de?
funct Mer Itants' National Bank, >?' that city, h. i
beet, arr" le I ..n an in llctmeni found Rv th.- count)
Brand Jury for passing a worthless . heck, Twentj
four houri before Ihe Rink doned, it was Bald, Mr.
("oliver bad received toto to, and Issued a draft
therefor ?.!, the Chase National Ila nh of thia >?..
knowln. i.t ft.-- int.- thai tio- draff wis worthless.
lt was ,,iu.. .,,,,. Uni |,,. -,\,,m ,t :, ,n ,,f ihe Rev. It.
Itobert C'ollyi r, <?! Un- . Ill
I ir r..liver w.is .wai from 1-J Ran-'. N" 1.67*1
Rroadway, whin fi Tribune reporter railed there
>. t. r la) . bul Mina i 'ollyer, Ml ? - ., .
milting thal th- g.muel ''..ll-.-- -?,..!<??:. of I
?llBpatch w.ii a Ton "I I't <'..fi\.r. Kali that lhe
family Ral aa et received nf nformatkm from
"If the Mtory of bli iiri-'-t wire true." -ai:
(.'oily.-!-, "he would un I., ila..J.-, have
cate,) with n- lt , il.if..if, th.it I..- would
nol Intentionally be g.mo ..f i|?- offence imi lo hla
rharge vv hen lhe Imi re .;
his I,,.,I-..-. hi? lan I. .,,, i . . r I ni I ? ;
iii the wi.rld, f'.r th- benefit "f tile ? r.- uy.rr '
RV MIK Tl llKR-ll .-..iVRRNMI *. . MR-.. ...il
w ii ii--.-, who wa- formerly Knited s*
Poi ? R-. leneral st Con , .... .- , ?
turned fro**, that city, is now ttsyln. at the Met?
ropolitan Hot<i, and i.-ii.-. a Btrange story "f Ihe
and humiliation heaped upon Arno ni.,ns
who, having become American cltlsena, revisit Tui
k.-y in ii,.- h"i.f meeting their rrlends m.- ir ??<
fays thal ."Iii..- iaM .-'.-pt'ml" r nil the Ari.'.
wbo Rave returned from Hus cou.tr) t. Turkey
hav- either been prevent- l from landing, or have
been turned "ii- .f the ......ti ... .-.-.t, aa i
after r. tching ground.
"Ever -::..? f.. audience ..f Mlnlaler Terrell with
th.- Sultan, a.i.-' September," .Mr Ile--, said r?"
lerday, "the Turks hav.- reserved the righi to
admittance to Ihelr ahorea .f any unuealrabla
sena. The outra.es ?*erpetrat--d .:. cltlsei i ' I
country have made mv blood boll line ..ive wi.;
suffice. Ati Armenian Rad been Ri bualneaa in New>
Y?rk f..r alxteen -rean and bad mads Beversl i
to Turk.-y. on his .'asl trip h.- arriv.-l in Con?
stantinople ll- WSI fi"t -wn .-IR ni. I ??. .and
until I demanded hla icon .? from th- ateamer on
ivf.i ;?, 1,- i,.,i travelled. When -.ii hi- j..arney
through tli.- country ti- reached Samaoun, on lhe
IiRia-lt S-.i. he wi- ..rr?t.-l ai I ilir.ii!, Into prlaaon
of course without iiny .aalgnable re. non, and put
into a ..-;i with i murdered. ii- remained there
for twenty-two dav,, until i bc iden tall) heard
of his plight I laid Hi.- case before Minister 'l.t.
rell. This was hi? ..founding reply 'Acting under
Instructions from mv itovernment (Mr.
lan I'S), I can do nothing.' WI,, ii I asked him
whether he w ruld stand Rv and Iel fhem kick .
CltlSen of the Knited .-UhRs on' ,,f their country,
he replied that he coull nol act.
"Every Armenian who tts un American I ittr.en snd
enters that country, ls tra-.it.-i in tba sim- way."
In conclualon Mi Hem said that after many trials
th., Armanlun to whose cns- be had mada refer
, nee, succeeded in reaching Marseilles.
LAH l.l> TOR itu: iv ii hf TOX-BVXTIXO.
While fox-hunting un Townley Helge, ciarks
ti.wn, Rockland county, Baturday, Artiiur Ben
Um started ,-i silver grey tux. Hs Bred
and wounded th- iinltnal. but ns he di I
so lost his footing and slipped down nu |-y
rock fa.- foremost. His legs double under him
?nd both w.-re broken at the knees. He suffered
terrible sgony for over an hour, until his c impen
lon. hillls Mathews, returned from the omer side
"f th- ridge, discovered him uni hurried t i th
nearest farm for aest-tance Benton will !>?? lamed
for life, nnd did not get lb. fox.
When tin- leal train was ready to leave the little
Station at Nutley, H. J-. Saturday nh,ht, shortly
iifl.-r IO-JO o'clock, thara- iras a rush from tba
pretty h..usa- of the Nutb-y Klald ri,il,, ,,,, tba hill
A .Umber of visitors to th,- . ,,|, ,,y ,,f artists and
editors, who wer-- deeply Interested in tie- great
win- ,.r Dewsnappers and antt-Dewsnnppers, were
Compelled to leave the brilliantly lighted club ,,r
remain in the exclusive hamlet nil night li was
not until Marty midnight that the remits of tbs
club election were known, and then they lv,.r,.
mlber mixed. The announcement that ll Q,
Boardman, candidate of th.- aatl-Deweaappi rs, bad
been elected wiis hailed as a victory for thosa- who
had blackballed the names of Mr. and Mrs. Dew
snap when proposed for membership, but lt was as
Berted by the Dewsnap crowd thev had nina- votes
out of thirteen officers and managera.
They only admitted that the sntl-Dewsnappers
hud ele.te.l a president, v-ica--presldent, treasurer,
master of th. grounds and one manager. They
therefore all'-ge ttisl the blackballing of last L).
i amber was rebuked.
The following officers were elacted: President,
H. J. Boardman; vice-president, Mrs. j. Kingsland;
aecretary, stephen Dow; trsaaurer, R Kingsland;
master of grounds, I 'harles Kendrick, sr.; master
of games, k. Lloyd Field; manager. Frank Fowler
.lohn V. Bouvier, lr.. Mrs. J. A. Halley. Mrs. il. A
Small, Mts ("ondit, Mra. J. V. Bouvier, Jr., ami
Mtsa Gifford_
flfffT BILI WEBB it *LL A Xl) noni:.
Cincinnati, Feb. ll?At a meeting of the As?
sociated Kn sa heel in Chicago last October th"
sum of aJHMS) was ailegel to hav been subscribed
by the membera aa a guarantee fund to carry oa
its business. The statement failed of effect, aa
one or more of the aubscrlbing papers were In the
hands of receivers. At the lime of the meeting
no subscriber expectej to tie culled upon to pay,
but In view of the fact that the SJXpMUWS of tlie
Ass .elated l'reas are far In MOSS, of Its Income, lt
ls understand that a demand will be mada., at a
meeting io be. held February ll, for a certain pur
centage of the subscription.
Far Mlerplrr-aaea*
Tie Hoisferal's Adi PtaSSpfeMSt,
If you are a ikst aal?ep?r. not only ai., nu forget lo put
on nm nl?ht-rap, but o*i retiring alan !???.. ? nl|rtit rup
"f ?arsAMS'S Acid I'hurial.ate, IS make manaral,. <? doubly
Tin: tram: tkkaTV.
1'i'imrijhtt lsnv /?,- Ul Cnittti rmi)
lin, Peb, H.?Thc banquet at) the Russian
sy lust -"-vening is bound to prm-id*- food
Ile. tl..ii In all the capitals nt the Continent.
s. houraloff, RuMlnn AnibnntMidor to Or
t'.ok advantage of the occasion t" speak
warmly "f the commercial entente Just accom
pllaltd and to add a few word, pointing to a
turtler underntandlns between Ruwln and Qer
ftiaii In th.- Interest of tb. peace .,f Europe.
His lp. i ch was a blow to France, defeating ull
tbeSxapectatlon. ar.m a^.l In Karls by the naviil
denftnatrntlon ..f the Russians ut Toulon last
fall. The Russian delegate. In tlie treaty com
muLon win entertain Chancellor von Caprivl
sa.jfi ut a dinner in th" Kateerhof, uud several
colsplcuous Agrarian Conservative, have been
llirit'-d t" h.- prov nt.
pon th.- presentation ?.f the commerdnl cn
ltlui in th- Reichstag. Hen* von Kardoiff, _ct
for th.- Agrarlana, win propone a sliding seal.
lilies "ll iy and wheat, tba- scale t,, be regu
ited .... ..Idlng to the fluctuation, of til" ruble.
lobbying for this propon.1 lu- got only sixty
Ignatures from the 172 member, who are sup
poaed Ra b" A. rarlana An analysis "f th.
treaty .bow. that th- Chancellor j--"i tha beet
term, po-wtble. He has conceded only th. tariff
nites offered to RuMla in Jun", l-SSl, prior to tbe
tut iff war. Tho (V.ar haves the mttflcatl.f
th. treaty open for one year. Attached to the
i-i ?!?? |? ? curious stlpulntlon that Missis shall
Introduce In the Landtag a r.in proposing a
tu_ii"i"iiy In the production of explosives and
ot magnesium and potassium Balta
Th. Federal Council .got lhe draft of the treaty
..nly lust Thursday, and lt therefore will be lm
poMlble for the Rei.distag to discuss li Immedi?
ately, with the treaty Caprivl pre-ented a pr..
|M.?:il t.. aba.iish the so-called identity certtflcatea
concerning th.-igln of wheat shipment.. Th"
Conservative newspapers say that Count Botho
tu -ulenburg, PruMtan .Premier, told th. Fed
en,1 council that the Connervatlvea hiving
found opposition -selena, had agreed to ai capt
as a whole the policy of the Emperor and the
1'han, ii..r. The "Kreug-_*ltuns," the organ of
th-- riirii-C'iisa-rvatlves. continue., neverth*?
Icm, to etta, k the Russian treaty.
Th- Kr-inlsehe Zeil ung" published a statement
..11 Friday thal the French Commissioners sent
I to Berlin I > negotiate f..r the dell ml natl in of
spheres of Influent* In Northwest Africa had
accomplished Un ir mission erith sue ass. This
statement ls untrue. Th. French Commtonlon
er. started for hom. on Thursday, leaving the
matter, ex.i th .ts they -vere. France*, de?
mands were refused. Chancellor von Caprivl
augga-sted ih- appointment >.f a new Commls
aiun i" s.ttie French claim, to hinterland In
ti,- regions of th- Upper Nile and Lake Tchad,
bul France replied that h-r -plier, nf Influence
in thone regions was already acknowledged and
c..uid 11 ii I-- tn.de a subject "f negotiation.
Professor Waetxold, who wenl as German
: . ? .mml taionei ; ? the Chi ag ? Fair, ha.
mad- lu-- .iffl. i ?! report, In ll he say-: "In
ii,.,: sch" d system th.. Am.-i ..ans .ii.- in every
way superior to the Oerm.ns, moil notably ir
i aching languages, drawing and modelling, Il
is surprising wh. a command ??:' language the
\ . m school a hilli-11 have. < lerman te. h
? I- aiw.ii too much upon style, while American
? 1 coi lu give the ? hlldren a command
..' all tl Tl "
. ;: ? \ ti Miit.i h. an officer of tli- Ouards,
1 his ? .mnilaalon, an I n iw has
R. ? 11 . impelled 1 ? leal e Berlin on ... ..nut "f
hla ;. - ntrtclt) ll ..-ins had be.
come .1 put.ii. scandal. The c.mu's family ap?
pealed 1. 'R- Kmpcror for help In urning the
nan's extravagances, and thus it came
thal the Count lefi his regiment .ml
Iii .: . Berlin. ll- la now in I ireaden.
Tlc N'.id !? ut.-, hei'-l.l.yd has s.-nt ex perl eti
bi ??>..:..,?..? th.- Corinth ('an.il. recently
? ; ? ;?? .1 In 1 li-, e. Th. v will take measure
? . ahon whether or not th- canal can be
used i.. tbe Company's steamships.
WU KM 1111: .'..\.'i:ssi...s ENDS
Panama, Feb :: Many rumors lune been current
tere rc.riv. m ir, progreaa ? ar ti,.- negotiations 1 ?
. misc til- I'.mam.1 Canal, Rut non. has been
?:*'.....:.iitn,cl, although tl.cf- ls a strong be?
lief ih it work will Re i-xiiuici before she end "f
il..- ? nceaalon in October, Ons report wm iti.it .'I.
Mon, bia ..un. the liquidator, had upset the negotla
tiuis R,. an-..- til.- lyndlcate which was to make lbs
11 a company srould not consent to have bim i
presldenl A latei report bad ll thal lhere was a
puri-oae t" effeel a further fill .ti it..- markei value
Of tl lix ll ??! !!.?? Halli .' 'Ra,.-h..ld.TS.
Whether .r no) there i- any truth in these reporta
c.,!" .t I..- known si present; bm thai, ir no neila
rael.iry arr ,t.?-moi be rearhi -I befon October, the
I'm'.tua .'.iii.il will pa-a* definitely from th- .'1.1;!
>.f Frenchmen 1- ?. rael aol t" t... disputed 'rc,
Colombian (tove rn men I la disgusted, and will on
no consideration whatever renew the franchise I' it
!>? again allowed lu lapse
nu; ?." N'i irv ii.. .111:11 REACH"**"- tim: COA81
IN OOOD li 1 :.\ 1. ric.
Lon I .n, Feb ll A dispatch from Zanzibar says
that William Aator Chanler, the explorer, has ar?
rived a: Mombasa, il- Is la good health.
Qtaagow, K'b. 11 Tl.wners "f the Alton Un.
steamship Corran, which sailed from Hus pori on
January S3 snd pul back to Kilrush, on the Shannon
River, ai Rr a rough experience In . storm, hav.
made s stati mi nt concerning the passengers' com?
plaint! ..?. I Ihelr petition for a survey before the
vessel silled -ti February s The animal overhaul
lui; af tin- Coreen snd the Inspection by the Hoard
a.f Trade, say Ihe owners, look plarcg-lmmedlatel)
prior io hei Um departure from Otoagow. Durln.
tin hurricane which ihe encountered a wave t wen tv
ic.t hl.h flooded iii- stoke hole and the engine
r.n Tha Korean took refuge in the Shannon
wini.- an examination showed that her ballast tunk
had Siled. When shs saii-.i sgsln r.-r America, th.
owner, say, sh. wu in every stay nt.
Kaiin.., i'll., ii s.-iiii-iiiticiiii authority 'confirm.
th- ra-pori unit uft.r the military tribunals in Pal.
'lino anl .VRiisfi shall hav finished their v.ork
Kim- Humber! will declare mi amnesty for ail those
convicted bv th.' tribunal., excepting the men round
guilty of murda-r or pillage or other common crimes
of a :-,iions nature.
Rome, K.i.. 11 While ninny deputies are rncour.
aging th.- demand that the customs duties on wheat.
shall be Increased, business men at tb. commercial
.md Industrial .entres an- preparing to protest
iiKiiln-it such 11 course. Delegates from the chara*
bera of commerce in Naples, Qenoa and several
other lari;.- places have come in tha> Capital al
i'di t" advise th.- Oovernmeni u gainst higher
pi itectioti ,,f grain. The Intentions nf the Cabinet
regarding the tariff are not known.
Loud..11, Keb. ll. A southwest gal. has blown
over I'reat Britain for th- last twenty-four hours.
In many districts trees have bee. uprooted, roofs
have been lifted and chimneys and 11,-iit buildings
have I,.-.-ti wrecked. Many accidents are reported
lioui th.- CMS! an 1 the Interior.
Karls, Keb. ll. A worklnxnian upaot a ianip at 10
o'clock this morning In V'ilmorln A Analrl.nx'ii
s.-ed store In the Hu- de Ileiillly. The store eaught
fire. Lut tlremon put out t%S Hames befor- th,y
reached any of tho inr-re rs.ept.els. of ell kept .n
Hie building, Afterward the firemen went I'ir "Nigh
the building to axcertalll whether any ap irks hag
bein |,.fi. They carried safety lamps, but tl.e wi rk
Ingnten who aided tha-m In the search haal a;indl'-a.
A workingman Inadverfently struck his candi.
uiralnst a ri>c->|,t_-|? containing tot lltra'S of oil. The
explosion which followed shook ali the i-jo'r'ng
buildings and was heard throughout the dlstetct.
Ten Bremen and seventeen worklngm-m w>re
thrown tn the fl,)air and were mure or less tinned.
Klre Betrgeaal Itochat was killed Instantly Find l-l*
body was burned to u crisp. A flr.mnn who -.tonal
beside him when the exuloflon occurred waa bo
badly burned that he died a few hour, later. Tbs
ei_ht other firemen and the seventeen worklng
SS -mitered severe injuries, which In aeveral MM
are likely to result in death.
MM ik. i.-viii:-' that thu AIXMBD intervibw
London, Keb. ll.-Mr. Gladstone declares that the
alleged Interview with him which was published
by thc K.ir.s 'Kairi.-'' on Kcbruary 8 was pure Ac?
tion. In this Interview Mr. Gladstone was repre?
sented as raying that he would retain Mn onice, to
?e-ii the attack upon the House of Lords.
RIIKKR. T OF Till-: I'llid'AdANIM.
I,,ad.,ii, K.-b. ll. -Th. Knited Ktcss correspondent
In Hom- sends Mus di.tch: "The opposition ta>
Archblsli.ip Satolll. Apostolic Dele-rate to the Catho?
lic I'burch In the Knifed State* ls Soded. The I'opa*
was Inflexible and declared that he always would
support Archbishop Satolll, to accentuate hts Ameri?
can policy."
lbune. Keb. ll. -Thc reiiort published last w-k
that Cardinal Ledochowakl wa. -bout to r-siis-n his
office as .Prefect of the Propagande YAH* Hom been
.-..ntlrmed MN retirement ls due to differences
between him and the French Ambassador rat-gardlng
tlia Vatican's policy toward Kr.ince. I.e.i.cn.iw*--Kl
waa Archbishop of Onesen, Prussia, "t the ne
glnnlng .ir th- Kulturkmmpf. but. after hav uk
b.cn persecuted, lined and Imprisoned, ne len the
country. Recently he was conciliated by -.mperor
Bishop Spalding; of Peoria, UL, will start on
Wednesday for Naples, whence he will proceed to
Sicily. He will visit Koine again ttttor. returning
to tn. United states.
Mi.RI I. Ka!,, ll. -The dUgMtCheS received yester?
day from Oem ral Marline. < "-imp *-*. Concerning
his negotiations with sultan Mule] Hsssan, were
unsatisfactory to th? Cabinet. The Mlnistera were
greatly Irritated bv the Sultan's evasive course, and
decided to send at once a dispatch to General Cam?
pos, inslstli k upon a prompt .nd precis.- answer
ti Spain's demands. After thia dispatch ind i><v*n
sent the Andalusian Army Carps and the fleet off
the eas; wr.. or l-r> i to be ready lor <|iiK-k action
In os- ..f emergency.
Halifax. Keb. ll.-The hurt Signal station to-nlsrht
reported two steamers "tT the harbor, one towing
the other. They are the I'riam. New-York for Liv?
en.I. and the Pore.) Holme, from West Point,
Va. for Liverpool, The latter losl her propeller and
I-. 'taking bauly. Bhe was picked up by thc I'riam
.ui Wednesday, WO miles east of Halifax.
London. Keb. ll Joh. Bums, Labor Member of
Parliament, -aid In a speech to lils Battersea con?
stituent.' this evening: "The country which nant
Kim; Charles to sleep without his bend would
stand no veto from Queen Ouelph or Lord Salls
bury. Let th. people i resent to the Lords such a
front as win induce the .rie.ii and the Prince of
Wal.- to tell Lord Salisbury: Imperil your own e\
laten. -. if you iike, but do ti"t damage our right of
succession. "
London, Feb. 12. -In commenting >m an article in
the las: "AR.iniic Monthly " concerning Tammany
Hall, "The Dally New." ssy.: "Thia constitutes
the heart) i Indictment ever preferred against
Tammany, ahowln. thal thc organisation has all
lhe w .-' : it urea of i secrei society if New
Vork were mora public-spirited lt would long
-Itu- have purified that odious institution or per
i he I :;i the attempt."
Lo lon, Feb 12 "The Standard" says ihit chol
era his reappeared in Constantinople. A down vic?
tims of iii' disease were Rined on Saturday, lt
there have been other Lttal ? saes
. | . ?. : it ba en reported.
London, Feb ll -"The Dally Neva" Bays tim:
thi Princess Ena, tl Hvi dd I nighter af
Pi '.? Henry . ?' Uattenberg and Princess Beatrice,
was thrown from her pony ni u- Osborne Hoius
..ti Saturday. Hhe lay Insensible for twenty-four
huns The iii-. , thal she li suffering
fr .ni a- mc 1--; a of lhe bi
JUDO*"" I'.vt.nw RI.I. s POHITION .vs in JUDO! JEN
st Louis, K.R li It came to light lure yesterday
Hu : .-h an attorney of undisputed suthorlty in
ia;.load mattera thal Knited States <*ir. uit Judge.
Caldwell and Jenkin, take opposite grounds on the
I.,.al righi of the employes ..f ii railroad In tho
hands "f receivers r> strike. Judge Jenkins, "f the
viith Judicial circuit, sitting.! Milwaukee, granted
thi petition for a receiver for th>- Northern Pacific
Railroad, although much th. greater part of the
rca 1 lies In the VHIth Judicial Circuit, over which
Judge Jenkins issued the oral, r last December te
straining the Northern P.clflc employes from strik
In.T The order was sent to Judge Caldwell for I
similar action covering his jurisdiction. Judge
Caldwell declined to do tins, and publicly stated
hla position In regard to ihe matter in tbe following
emphatic language:
"If th.- receivers should apply f.>r leave t" reduce
iii.- present scale of wages, before acting on ".heit
petition l would require them lo give notice if Ihe
application to the officers .ar representatives ? <( th~
several labor organ lat lona t.> be affectsd by the
proposed change, of the time and pia.*.- of hearing,
m. i would also require them to grant such officer,
oi rei resentatlvea li ive of iii nence und furnUh them
transportation t" the place of hearing and .ubsls
lenee while In attendance, and I would hear both
In r i "ii. "r by attorneys, If they wanted st
torneya tai appear for them. The employes in a
road in the hands of s receiver ate the employes of
the curt, and ,s much ki ns service as th.
reivers themselvea, and as much entitled to be hear I
upon sny proi*. -???.! order of the court which would
effect the whole body "f employe.
"lr. ..:ti a fun bearra, ami consideration, I
found that it was necessary, equitable and Just to
reduce (he BC.Ie ..f wai - I would nive the em
pi v.-- amp:,- time to determine whether they would
acept or reject the nen scala', if they rejected it
they would n u be enjoined from quitting the service
,.f the court, either singly or In a body, in ..ti-er
words, i would not enjoin them fr un strikltiK. but
If they mide i'i. lr election to atrlke I would make
ll plain to them thal the) musi not, after quitting
irt. Interfere with th-- property
thc aervl.if iii
a,r the "p. ration of th
ploye I to take their pla.
. in very readily lind th.
t.ci th., property iti Ita
In Its ampi >j I have In
road or the men em?
il. A Knited States court
nicins to "ffea tua!ly pro
1 'Si -'-'..'ii and the persons
r two Instances pur?
sue I the polio i hav.- In ll. it. I, and the differences
m i ? ,? o'., torlly nd luate I."
Subsequently, when a s;,ik.' was .bout t.i occur on
the road iniin-.t a reduction of M per cent lu
wages, Jule.. Jenkins Issued a second order of In?
junction ;.>.*.iii,st the proposed strike. When this
order reached Judge Caldwell he ran his otu
through ihat psrt arbitrarily enjoining the strike
leaving lt only sa s general restraining order
against Interference by vi,.!..nc., or otherwise wirti
the p. a.???Yul operation of the read bs Ihe successors
of the strikers This wss nol what th" attorneys
for th" i i.i I wanted, and lt was never recorded
These r.i.is are new (?? the public, and bear directly
upon the saltation recently lir.uiKht about by Judge
Jenkins', order.
Feb ll. The funeral Be**vtc*s of
- nu
FF V KR ll '?/'
Dayton, Ohio,
Congressman fjeotrge w. Houk, who died suddenly
from tuart failure In vVasbtngtoa lust Prlday
evening, were held .1 the Kpl_cop.| church, at
1 o'clock, this afternoon. The funeral train nr
rlved .t '.' o'clock, sccorap.nled by the following
Congresslonsl Committee: Senator M. v. Allen,
Repreaentatlves William Springer, William Bryan,
Arthur W. Taylor, M. D. Har,.. Oeorgs W Hullck.
Kyron K. Ritchie, William M. UcKalg and John
J. Mcii,na..1. Th. body was mel ut the depot by
Bar Association :md other .n;
?>l ta. Christ Church, where
hauir for the lervlcea The
ympsthlslng friends and
a committee of th
.an Isa tiona, and ea
lt lay In Btate tit] the
edifice was ulled with
kdmlrers of the deceased Congressman,"who was
heel Iii hlKh esteem in this community. After the
ceremonies, which were conducted by the Rev.
Hen. n J. rook, ti,., boah was t r.i ti s f erred to
woodland I emetery, followed by one of the largest
proces-ons ever i ten in Dayton.
Sciatic, sharp and shooting
paint, slums and wca_
nesses relieved in one min?
ute hy the CVTICtnU Avri
1'ain I..AS1KR. It instantly
relieves weak, Minta! kid?
neys, hack ache, uterine
J> . p^ in a anl weaknesses,
'll \ L',n'-V'',,? edd. and chest
I VA pains, lt pimtUmti the ner
-'-^-'vc.us forces, and hf nee
cures nervous pains and
_Mlca!_! wcakneis when all others fail.
P'L?, ?|c; five, $i.oo. Al ill drugfi'it. or b*
?ad. Vottbs Dato and Chbm. Coar., E.u?_,
And conditions fa Ufa
l are llsble at times, to need
'_n Invigorating Tonic; a
Regulator of the nasura I, periodical
function, and a Soothing and lirao.
lng Nervine. For this purpose
Dr. Pierce's Ftioriti Prescriptloi
ls the only medicine so certain in ita
curative action that lt can bu -/-(iran.
Uni. Your money ls returned if u
does not care.
In Maidenhood, Womnnhood, and
Motherhood, lt invigorates and
braces up the exhausted, run-dew.
overworked snd delicate: allays anti
banishes .11 Nervous Weakness, Kita
Bpcsma, Hysteria, Chores, or St. Vu
tug's Dance; corrects ail unnatural ir.
"regularities of monthly function and
cures Periodical Pains. Weaknesses,
Bearing Down Sensations. Ilaik.
ache, ('at arr tia I Jnflanimstlon,
.Ulceration and kindred maladies.
f For those .bout to tx-cora.
mothers, lt ls a prtceless boon,
for lt lessens tha- patna snd perils
of childbirth, shortens "labor*1
,.and tbe period of confinement,
snd promotes the secretion of sa
abundance of nourishment for
tho child
37 Union Square.
TO MCTMbAT, after having OHHTHOTHB
[Copyright; ISmAi Hy tl,* I mud ITtsi.)
RIO J-inelr >, Keb. 9. via Montevideo, Feb. tSm.
The Insurgent Meet attacked Armacao at 8 o'clock
last evening and continued the fight until day.
break. Tho Insurgents landed troops and de.
stroyed the beach and hilltop forts of the Got.
ernment With six heavy guns and two mag..
Kin. gun. they swept tb. mreefs Of Nlctheroy,
but tinnily were forced to retreat before the ?_.
perlor numbera of the Qovernment force.
Th" OovnnuMrt admit, ai km ott Nt; tho
United I'ri-ss oorrt-pondml nt Nlctberojr say.
that .SM ls nearer t!ia> true loan. The insurgents
succeeded bey.md all h.>|"s, h.ivliiK destroyed
th. Government position most menacing to th.
tleet and having lost only Z19 men in all.
London, Feb. IL?A dispatch rsoelimd from,
Buenoa Ayres t..-day Mys:
"It is ..ttl. lally announi ed from RIO Janeiro
that th" insurgents have been rtpulMd at N'l.-th
.roy, Miitiy prisoner*) were taken, including
several naval officers. The insurgents hav.
captured aPaMofundo, Atogmto, Mnnohny, Crags
alta anl leted-d, all in Iii" U-rande OO SuL
A dispatch dated at llontOVld-O, OO Fehruary
10. says that th.mmatiders of the Govi'rn
ment venMlfl Tlrs'lentcs. Santos and Bahia hav.
lieeti ra-moved, as they were suspected af
? -"
the ...min.; "BUKTMMC.
Montevideo. Feb. H.?A alli?patch dated at Rio
Janeiro an February I rea, bed this city by mall
to-day. lt said: "Attempt:) have been made on
land recently to help the Insurgent fleet, but thej
have collapsed, as the annie, nf the plotters -vern
betrayed to the Government, and the leaders of ths
conspiracy were arrested. Anion, the prisoner*' art
twenty officers, two of them generals.
"Reports of Insurgent movements In the south
are contradictory, lt ls p Iterated that the in
SUrgentS are still pushing i'-ross the Sao Pa do
frontier. Although the large army long expect.-1 to
reinforce the insurgent lest hn. not appeared. Ad*
mini >la llama has gained strength recently. Many
men have joined the fleet and abundant supplies
have ra-ache.1 him from the near-by country, lt ls
said that am Monday about seventy men entered
the Insurgents naval service. The Government la
about to transf.-r troops to Uio Janeiro from Nlc?
theroy and strengthen its forbes In the south, nota
liv in So. Paulo, but there 1* no sign of Its taking
the offensiva'. !ts warship-" are still at Bahia.
Commander Nleraayer, of tne cruiser Nlctheroy,
has resigned. The Insurgent fleet has awned inter?
fering with foreign merchantmen uni a small
amount ol commerce is carried on.
"Petsoto will not be u candidate for the Prest
alencv in the election, to be Reid on Marah 1. when
not only President and Vi. .--President, but also
Senators and Deputies, will b.- cb..sn. The in?
surgents protest against the election, as they say
the Constitution forbids holding it at a time when
martial law ls operative in any part of th* coun?
- ?*
I.....Rsv;.'.,*, Ky.. Feb. ll.--Charles Hughes ha.
purchased frim lt. Tucker the bay colt Winfield,
three nott* oil, by blaze S , dam Loraine Nelson;
pries b-,000.
tl ra SBBff .VTj.i (Bri, OsnaB, Jeremie January _.*>. Kingston
m2S. I'ori l.im.m February .1. with mdse to Pim, Forwood
&. Cb, Arrived SI the Har at ll 40 p m.
a soiTMKRN grout Movnca northward.
Washing! rn KeR. ll. A severe storm, which apr-eirad
..n the S..mh Pacific avast Frlaiay nigh!. Iir> moved i._,t.
ivural with lii'-reaslng enemy, and la central thia eientn.
? i er lO-thwastSt*. Arkansas, attended hy heavy raia
during S?:i l.iv In the Gulf States. This storm will pr -o
iihly move northeastward over the central valleyn, at
tenaleal hv heavy ruin, changing tai heavy snow, nnl a
severe cold wove in the Gulf States, the lower Ohl \ ths
middle nnd Rawer Mississippi \all.\s. A auld wai e. a* rd
lien v MOW, ls advancing mer tho Soutliweat. Warnings
ot a Bsests Mot"*?sr wars islaajragCSs. sunday sm?tag
le lUt?V?4s and observers in Texas.
IncreiiHlng cloudiness an.l rain are ImtR-.-itel f.r ths
MIllili.- and South Atlantic and Matt t'.ulf State* nn-l
the u|,|.er Ohio Valley. In the 1, wer Ohio and Hi* )o_?r
Ml -i-F-m,fl villfi!, i.un will ,1,ange tn snow, with S
wyre c.alj wave. Sev.re local iiorma are indicated fof
the lamer niuo Valley, Ttsnasaci. the Mi.Mii- anl l*_n
llulf Stat.-h.
i>ktaii.i:i) ra,un,-AST ron to-dat.
I*a>r Maine, (air; cooler In earatern portion; north mi-da.
Tot >.'e>v-ll.i!iu.shlr.' mid Vermont, fair, foll, wei tty
.1.au.ly; tiortlH'iast wind*.
'?'?>r Massachusetts. MMdt Ulm. and Connecticut, fair,
followed by I'la.tidy; winds shirting ti northeast.
Tot -aster. N-w-York. inciv:ii'.ng cloudiness snd raia
a.r snow M.malay evening ..r M n.l.iy night; n.irtheaJt
-,i ?: I
l"a.r Baster, Pennsylvania utid N,-w-J.-rsey. fur. fol
1 oared Mot,.hiv evening or M n.lay night by rain or ?now;
winds BMMag tai east
Tat Hm lUKtri.t ..f Columbia. Maryland and I'sia-urs,
fair, f.illiw.-al l>v lii.-reasituf .Kui.lines* and rain or ?n-w;
winds shifting io M.
Tot Virginia. North Cai.Uni omi South. GweMM, ratal
lu.'r.-asiiig .-:iHt winds.
for i.a-aargl.i. h.avy rnln, changing Mainalay night I.
MSW In nairth'-rn pofttaai high SMStkSMI windi,, ahtftlag
lo weat; Bolder Hsnday Brenlag.
I'.ir West Vlrglnln. VV .-su-rn Pennsylvania and Wailer.
Kew V.iii.. in,'leiiMiiiK cloudiness Mi rain or snow; wairs>
,r 'luring Monday; a-ast winds.
l'.ii' ohio. r:iln or sn.aw, wanner In the ea?tern portlo.!
I,nih cist to s.,uih winds. CoadlttoRB favoraMs for ??!?.
local storms Munday evening.
For Indiana, min. .'hanging to inn*'; colder Mondar
ev.-tung. r.andlda.ns favors?ts for seiere local ?(-.r-sSI
high northeast, shifting io northwest, Ninda
In (lila diagram a continuous white Una ahowt ms
Cheam in pt maura as indicate,! I.y The Tribune's a?lf
reseeding barometer. The broken line reprasenU tha MSB"
peraturs as obiarved at IViir'a l'liarmacy.
Trlbuna Ofrloe. Keb. 12. I a. in The weather yesterday
was clear nnd colder. The temperature ranged beta sss
11 nnd 2S de-jreea, the average i.l'l't) h'lng I'i iommr
than on Saturday and the name us rm NH corresponding
(lay last year.
T_ f|__ thu weather ls likely |,, be Increasingly cloudy,
with rain or anow by night.
The modern lin nil,I ._,
Iclnally. In keeping with other luaurie*
tx i.l'-.iiiantlv antISIl'l In r,irm. pura"":
na,?a_ltl,,n ,.-..,. ,...,..-, I al In i-fYea't SflB
Has taate*. medlelnal
A remedy must ba B?^.......
wholeaot.ie In caimpoaltlain, truly IweaflcUl In efTa*!-! -
entirely fre? from every uh|?ctlonable uualll). If ""?__*.
Ill ha consults a physlctan; If conntp.itaal ba
gsntls family laaailvs gyrup at ITi_-.

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