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gr:v;:!*vi. WATS BA \vni'*ll Till-: COVRTfl MAY BE
iBKATZ v st.\ti:mi:nt PROM
in ..-".-I M'DERMOTT.
(av TF-ir- iFArit i') Tiir. ini!:t-*ir.l
Trenton, Kali. IL?The silence .itt: ni; the political
leaders "ti !""fi side, during the last week over
the Senator!al muddle is view. 1 aa mysterious,
nn.i as an lndla**atl m thal a ime practical i ?
beta, ssrtously considered for th. of the
problem Th.- Oovernor .nd the Attorney-O.
when aake : pester?.i) If they had anything io sive I
om. r?-i>'.;?-1 !-. the tc " illve, and the Rei
leviers ai-., had no news t.i Impart I: la nettled
tbat tha* questions st Issue vviii come up iti the
cou rt? over sauna, a.f the bills which have been
luise! by th.- Republican Senate In conjunction
with the House, which vvlll probably be taken up
for review this week. Tia- habeas corpus m tceed
ln)?s have never been seriously c 'th* mplai I, simply
l-Muse they could not t..- made to apply t.. the
Issues at stake, 'rtif Democratic Senate is not .
permanent organ*l?.tl uri, Being only t.mp irary,
ks rs n se lt lu without . quorum, it has never at?
tempted to do any business. A temporary organ?
ization ls not Invested with power lo compel th..
attendance Of absentees, and liane ex-8ergeantHU
Arms Nr.than. of lhe Democratic body, could not
legally arreit any of tbe Republican Senator. This
la Colonel Admin", opinion. Th. suggestion to ar
rr-st Senator Sklrm ema tint.' 1 from Senator Winton,
wha> ls not a lawy.-r, and who evidently mad. lt
without propsr deliberation as t.i tho validity a,f
the praa-vedlns. When Haiss Allan T. McDermott,
chairman of the Democratic Stet. Committee1, heard
of lt, he treated lt with ridicule. In nn Interview
with Hoss McDermott on the subject of the s.*ttle
tnent of the controversy, he ..pressed htmsulf as
"The House nnd the eleven gentlemen who claim
to bs th. Beaut, have p_jswd . bill repealing
what ls known iis tha* Subway CommiMion a.-t.
|B.i_on.H*f, I haven't any objection ta, this, lani I
must dedin, to tot igniM as forceful their aa-t to
reiie.i! an act. This ulmus tli.it the Subway Com?
mit?don will continue "Ti Its electric carer. Il.-ra*
ls _a opportunity ta test the question. Sex! week i
tbe Subway Commission will probably authorize |
.- ibis on. to do something. Thia authorlsstlon can j
!?? take, to court on certiorari, the ground of
rev-h-w helm* that the commission has been 'elec?
trocuted.' This will bring the question squarely
before the Supreme Court. The decision cannot be
hindered or delayed by elthi r si le. The questl .n of
fae: and law will be foi the court and it will not
leake the slightest difference whether the gentle?
men who passed the law want their power passed
upon or not."
This statement ls authoritative on the Demo?
cratic sid.-, became there Isn't a move ma I. "ii the
; '..-al che-ssboard thal is not directed by Mc?
Dermott .nd ti ' steps have been or will be taken
without bia consent. This Democratic Uas< also
-i u-d that lt .lid ti.,: make any difference if two
or ihr.-e Democratic Sena! .rs weakened by going
.?'.'er t.a the other sj le. Their ch.mire nf fr.ant would
nol alt- r th. faa-: Tia.,: th. Republican Senate ls not
constitutionally onranlz. i According to his view,
Police Justice Paul, of Camden, who has ???"
legislated amt a.f office, will have his salary rcstoi I
by th,- Republican City Treasurer, tha- former ap?
plying for a writ "f mandamus. Of course, despite
the Lill which deprlv - him of his salary, Secretary
Curley, of the Prison Board, will continue t> draw
lt. becsus. a Democratic st i-.- Controller N in
office, it ls known, however, that the Controller
bas refuseai to draw warrants for the salaries a.f
the officer*- of either Sen.it.-. and he will maintain
?'? it position until tha' courts render a decision :?'.
favor of on. si.!<? or the other. Th- racetracks are
not likely to cu: a figure >;i ' Lsrgli atlve rumpus
for .som-) time, a.? it is positively .nnounced that
they will na.t h.- reopened on March 1. nair, f.r that
n.after, pending the present controversy. If the
T.'.fcTl.slatura* shaaul'l proceed ta* business, it is srtata.]
that' the effort will be mada- m pass ,-i iain con?
taining provisions identical with th.- Ives law of
New-York for the regulation of ra ri ni: and bookmak?
ing. Anthony Comstock, who wa? here last week,
ls rejwnM a-?- h.-in)* in favor of that kieta, snd
Ass'-mblyman Starrs, of Essex, :-. I- said, will in?
troduce the bill.
Representatives a.f the HusIiio-ssf Men's Moderation
Paviety, which !s circulatliiK petitions all throuph
the .--Hate in favor of a supplement to ti..- l".x<-ise
laws, promise t.-> be here Tueaalay morning with a
bill tn be introduce'! in the ?legislature lhal pro?
vide* acilnst the evil resulting fr.th the sal- "f
Intoxicants. It is similar 'n detail to what ls known
aa the Civil Damage act of Illinois. The terms of
that act hold the satoou-keeper responsible for all
damages resulting fr.,m Intoxication or damage, to
persons while in a stat- of Intoxication The owner
ot a property In which a saloon ls situate 1 ls als,'
held Jointly responsible for all damages. If the
supplement should lie adopted nil saloonrkar-epers or
hotel -keepers would be compelled to give t, .nds ot
$3,0o0 each to the State to Insure tha- conditions of
the law- heine enforced. All the clergymen <>f the
State are ie-ini- appealed to for sup-perl for tl..
P4-a.sure. The projectors of the bill say thai i.r?
h.oitlon can neither be Adopted nor enforced In
Now-Jarraey, and that local option has proved t > be
an Inefficient measure. Tha- propcased measure, if
ls clalrr.e-!. would me--t all the ai liclencies in th,
present law., and would serve lo take the place
of both local option and prohtMtl tn, with probably
better results than Bittier <?f those measures would
COURT, vv. .uk.
Albany, Feb ll (Special) From one of tlie busiest
courts of New-York City ther. h;ts come an ap?
peal for legislative .-ii! f.. a -rubia. th? r*ourt to keep
pace with lf? rapidly Increasin. business. The City
Court of New-Tork was formerly the "Marine
Court." Its functions at Brat wera chiefly limit. !
to the protection nf the rights of seamen Grad
ually its powera, jurisdiction and ti,.- Bcope of Its
Juallcial work wera so widened that the .djudl
of sailors' controversies played only a small par!
upon its calendars. Itj legal .1 signatton became
an anomaly, so ll was changed to Ita pr< sei I I
"The City Court of New-YortL" Th. excellent
?tending arl w irk "f several of l's Judges helped
to raise it in the estimation of lawyers and, a -
Its Jurisdiction continued to be limited to actions
In vol vin j: J:'.""1 or los. it soon became the popular
court of the city fair the determination of such
ci.al ms.
Rut, great ns waa || ? ni prl ir to i^si.
Its subsequent growth :. .ctiv ty and
has i.e.-,, still more marked. In ISSI there were p?!d
from tha- business of the Clerk a ofll ?? 1709 t i the
Sheriff .nd 110.43136 t" thc City Chamberlain; in
IfM the amount paid to the Sherill was *".:>:.: and
to the City Chamberlain :-'?.*??-'? which srere .bout
the .mounts paid by all the other ? iurta together
A oomparlaon of th'- relative numb, r of n ??? - ol is?
sue fil"l (that is. eaaea put 'ii-..n tlie calendar for
triali and of Judgments a-ntered furnlshei a -'ii
Stronger evidence of growth lt: ISSI only Mi.' ti it?s
of issue w.re filed in th. City Court: in 18M thc
number was 1,982. a greater number than tia- Su?
preme <*<,urt could boast, and muire than the C m>
rr:..n Pies* and Superior Court combined. The num?
ber of ju'lKin- nt* actual!] ? ti'".- i ii, the City .'."itt
in DVti v.:is i.ia..ii. i'l ISM it was I '.::.'. This was niuo
greater than the number In the Supreme Court.
ar.'i more than four limes greatei than the combined
number of the Superior Courl sm! the Common
I'l-,v La bi year the number <A cases disposed of
on the general calendar was l,9M in the <'it> court,
i > in \\ ? Supreme Court, 1.4U0 In the Superl r
Court .nd 1,10 in lhe Common Pleai Of course
the amounts of money an i tha magnitude of Intei*
ests Involved in the higher courts were much
greater, but th" detail .mi minutiae of the prc d
ure and w.rk arere nearly thi aan ?
Having mad- this I. .nornbb .-ind somewhat re
naai-kahla rec,rd. ti.,- Judges of the City Court are
now ss ting the Legislature to glva them some eXtra
?"'r"':'l aid io enable th-in to k.-ep up with thia
work. Th., fad ls pointed oul thal despite the ex?
traordinary ;?!..??. u, fii th' business of ;lns e.urt
the actual number of clerks and attendants em
I',1"'- "'? '?? ' ? ? lh 1*1 ll was .a iattl: it i- nln.s
t-iiiti ? :t!i. :- il .' mmon i'ie,, i or the Huperlor
Lourt ha . and twenty-six less titan ls given to
the Sui.rein. Court. Thi ludges have created .-in
"Killi, nul Jury tr'.al teri for the trial '..f "-ii rt
1 "us, i ..; i*le number of clerks and ,'t- ?
prop i iy , , man t ls li after I i soma
'?'''' ,h' ' I' ' '-!?' of iii ? c. urt, wh. re Hie numb r
already is Inadequate. Tli.refore, In one bill which
*?*" '.n Introduced in th ? :,. rjislnture, tl. ? Judi -
,' ;, : ,;' ' ? ? ad Uti mal clerks, four additional at.
'.!!''?,"'?* ' : ? ad lill ? il st t; gr ipher. Th>
bill has strong suppuri from lawyers ?: (he best
reputation who . !??? most familiar with Ihe ?
and work i I court. Anothi r bill se ks to In?
crease the salary of the cl. rk of that curt fn.m
;;'?""" ,o -i.'??. ..:. account of Incrcas. 1 ra-sponslbll
"..'? and ti..- dlfll. ii!ty In securing ti n in ? suffl
' lent capacity at the los) er :.? n
There has be n soi ? discussion am.h.t.- lawyers
i! be mer;.' .ra pf the cominis Constltul
(on*, ontlon as p. Linking this tribunal ti con-Mtu.
I lona I court. It ls rennin thal Th- subject will b~
i .ul the change advocated In the eon
EC .vin: DOING.
Two great chess mat. nea wera begun on fetorday '
nt tii.- Manhattan Chess Club. Delma! bi l Aloin
started In the afternoon n five-game contest, while I
Showalter and Hodges followed suit In s seven
game contest In the evening. Throughout Ihe after
noon mm] evening ther. was s large attendance of
Chess players.
Delmar .pened with . P Q 4 opening, and won
otter fifty-eight move. The game: j
White. Black. Whit.-. HI-?-k.-'
l I' .' 4 Pg! ' ni n k r. v. R ii
I P k 'i Kt K lia :i.' i: K ii K Kl i
:i B ga P -k it a.: ? i: 4 ?: k
4 Kt K I! .">. I' !'? 4 '.4 Hil' ylUR
."? I1 '.' Kl s g *'? 3 :'.:. ll x lt K -Kl
a r ... l; 4 ki i:a an !? k n a r x j r
? ll i-i' 3 P v ... p S| ',. x R ... Kl ?"?
HKI'il' Kl ? .i Kl 5 3* ?,. R s .i, K II X
li Ki ii ,i iv x lt :?i g 'j ?? r.i, ,i
IO '.. \ K: H -Kt a I lu )? (J ll 4 (j I < ?
IS min. SH min. I 1 i.r. 10 min. I ir. ".0 min
ii '".'.-;? s ii x Kt 4i .j y. ?; ell .'-. K
12 Hs l: Castles 4X I: g .1 . ?- :: x
1.1 Ki K .*. l: g -' I 4it .? i: s ch \ <j .
ts K i: Tai K ii lt I 4i ij ... Kl 8 .? ii.'i
'?"? '.' i: ii '.' Q 4.". i- Kt :. Pal'
I. i- ... ii:. it ;; 14'i i" \ i' g \ i-ch
IT P -g Kl 4 P '.' Rt I 47 K R X V K 4
is it q j Kl K .". IS ?? - r. eh Pa P
in i: i: 4 P n:: (a ..? i:; ch K K :i
-ok- i: .1 P K Kl 4 (a) an ... K 7 a*h K III
41 min. 41 f - .1 i.r. i; min. I hi M min
"1 li K Tl l: K- 4 .hi , M g , li !? rh K ll j
22 Q li 2 '.' iv | M 'J Ii I a K '< al
-'?!%? ... x Kt x Kt (e) :?:: U x g , Pi j
2i Px Ki l ?.''.' i i. I ."4 k Kt:: p-4. fl
2*1 p_R ? 1' x l ? M P-R 1 I' 'j T
'.'.i ii x p o?Kt a . '?''. i n i rh k k ;
27 g n x K il i r.7 lt x r ? i< x li
"-'si'. .,...,. i l: K Kl 5.P?RB Ra*slgn?
'.".? ll il :i 0?B 2 ll h.r. X" min. 1 hr, M min.
:i" R ii t R ki a
."..'. min i hr. ?.'*. mia '
(ni p -Kt .1 woul l bars beam the eorreel continuation.
.1 r XI.il ou.hl to have 1 ed before tourhlng
(he K El P.
(ri A spl> ndld mive r.f while.
(di a mistake, whl. h l sss th-- rame. B Kl 4 -?.-? the
pr. per ri ? '.
... vv hi'.- continues the attack tn rarit:,i style, As
black cannot protect the we;,k i< li .1 spot, Ihe came is
Irreparably lost. wi.ii- ? ? ??>.,; l ss me erttl
consummate skill snd daMa?rmlnatl a
Bho** lt - 'xcelled In his puns i.itnin-t Hod| I 11
really fine play. The Kentuckian < j---n? -.l with a. Buy
i. , ? -. ? I .
After thirty-six mores llndpos bsd to re.ij-n. Il may !??
addi i tl ? - rs :? . - ?.!? n ive, '-'?'. P Kts, si s
mach admired nil round. The "rame:
FIRST .'.ami*, mv LOPEZ.
Rho wal ter. tt lite* Miowalter, Il lre?.
i l" K 4 P?Kl -?' li it.'t P i: t
2 Ki K n a Ki ... B a 4.1 t un. n,
it ii kt .-, )? '.' -r. Xl Kl I. 4 It ll X
4P gi H '.' - 22 Kl Kt. ch K l: X
B Kl B f*. K K'-K: -?'? I' H 4 aj i< a
a; l: Kt :. Pl:.! L'4 K Kt ll?K -
7 ll K :i Kl !<? .1 -'.'? P ll .'? Q g 2
sa- a- 2 ll K - to P Kl *. H H
0 Pasties Q R Castles ST P s R P PxP
lo I: ii 4 ?:, K ll 2* Kl x li rfc Q li x Kl
il min. '-"?' '.' I: Kt Ki K '.'
IIP K R 4 PxP I 30 >v K l Kt Kl
iX Kt x P K Kt K 41 1 hr .'tal mia 1 ''? "I min.
1.1 R K 2 WK I .11 ll Kt al p. K' 2
MP B I P Q K 8 ' >2 K I: Kl g K k 2
::. Kl Q 3 H 'j 33 P Kl 3 g K X
Ul P K Kl I Kt v Kr SI ij I! I K I!
17 lt x Kt I'- Kl 4 ?'!'? K B Kl ? gi:
ls p H ."a lix ll 1'. H g 2 .."? BIM
pa... xi: Kl H.t -'hrs lu min. '.'hrs. .I min.
The City Chf*. Club, of th's city, rand the rmnklin
("h.s. .iii., nf Philadelphia, are playing two r.i-,cs hy
Major Hannan and N. Jssnn-rrodsky. the "Polish bess
player, are abant In 1-e mstdie.l (or n rliTt coates! Bl
tb- Man ha) tan .'h?'s i"lnb.
Th.- New-Jersey C*ha-?s Asmxrlatla-an Iimh mr-nccl n fine
pr..iff.imm- for the ,.,r,'i, snnual rhamplaT-nahtp contests,
to I"- played Bl Ellxabethpori on Pebi ..-v ?-?-.?.
. .? ,:.. . 11.i?r-?? i- :: r.- Mann ?" in
Club Uandi, sp i ta ??? ss foll ?s:
Plsyers. Won t. si | Plsyers. vv- an. l. ?t
i:,. *'.. l>] i: -ii. ra .i" 7
Delmar . '?? ''? Cweene; .Kt 7
.UH 7', Veli . I ia
ll ,i,ham .ll !' WlllcoS . .'t'j ??'?
C La In ian. 4 ?'' - Wilklnnon .I? ?
v," Lellman. 2" T'i I Teaton .'...!. l'i'
l: rda . s'- 1" i
Peoria, 111.. Feb. li. Pn i"t.t Oreenhul ?? ter
day returned ii"tii Chicago, where be has i.1
for ili>- last few days. In an Interview he said he
? nothing ? ' ih" Intentions of Attorney Oenernl
M.:..n<y ;., reopen the quo-warranto pr. lings In?
stituted against the Whiskey Trust omi time a:.-..
In ch ? ??! o 'I''.' verdict In the cn ?? of the WI
Trust .gainst Ola tier A Flamen .'it Kansas City,
wherein :i i'ny decided tint the trust cam it ?
force th" provisions in Its nd.rita- (Touchers that
require customers to purch.se ail their (roods from
lt, will be appealed. Mr. Oreenhul 'ai i lhere musi
i... some ml take somewhere. The United 1 b
Circuit and District Court, .nd the Supreme Court
, ? v. ,;.;., have decldi I the rebate system legal
n-'d he ili".H-lit th. same rule applicable to MIs
so irl. Il" expressed hlmi elf as anl tin. an In?
creased tax in the Senate, bul tlc Bt.temenl B4WI
out from WashlnKton and published thro
mtrj wen unofficial, tu no action whatever
had I.ti talton The pi Ice ol ?? h kej In bon I ras
? sod 2 cents a gallon thc last week. Business,
),.- ?.-al I. wns i-.I. and if Ihe spa-*. ilntl\*e demand
.'tuned the trust would !.- compelled lo advancs
; ? ? .11 ai . in i There has I.n an Increase In
rapacity within the last few days, but he was nol
. .... i i., say -a hui this Inert ase amount, i to.
The! company, however, proposed to Hil all th
orders. Tha- February meeting will n?.t I"- held
for more than a week yet, .nd will probably be
devoted to routine matter! only.
-. _.. -
Whal is H,id to b. the Oral senrnon In Gaelic
ev r heat i in Kew-York was delivered yeaterday
I afternoon In the Fourth Presbyterian church.
\ Thirtv-fourth-st., rear Broadway. The preacher
' wu the ita-v. \. c. MacDonald, of the Queen
Street Pr.. Church, of Inverness. Scotland. H. has
\ come herc for the purpose In great part of collect
: lni? funds for th'- building Of . new church In In
I verneaa
The language whieh th. prr-acher spoke to the
I eongregs-tlon ?.<s Highland c.aeiie. The responses
i wer. given lg Gaelic, anl the manner In which the
' congregation answered showatad that . f-nat num?
il ber of those present w<re familiar with th. tone.ie.
The preacher took ns ht. text th.- words:
1 .,;,] If- Our Salvation," nnd for nearly an hour
: he talked with Impressive eloquence In the wc
t .,-,...,,. . iicia- toiik'U". R?pt .Mention wa. paid
' . w .ri-". After the Bernmn tte preacher trawl
lif.d the gbit "f his remarks for lhe benefit of
he few persons in the cn^rej-ation who did not
inderstand the Gaelic tongue.
It. MacDonald will deliver several more s.-rtnons
?nd addresses In Gaelic .before h- leaves the 'Itv.
Jeveral members "f it,.- Gaelic goclet] of N'ew
i ork wen- present at the sermon, and lt li sail the
?reacher will be Invited to addn int.
l.'fi In ;i few dara
'l'h'. rM .iiili I regal ding the allege i ra", of lhe post
nastershlp .-.t Rutherford, S. .1 . t.H.k fi new (urn on
laturday, when erne of th." Bergen County paper.
ame out strongly In favor <?' <;. lt. Alyea, a- I
lenounced th.. F-i..r\ a- bavin. t?. n . a ff.rted b)
i "few dlsappolnteal so-called Democrats, who were
?nraged t.ause they did nol gel the appointment."
i'h" remarkable stati-m -..t. in the form ..r s qua
lon, app-.,rd thai Congreroman Cadmus bad Hied
h" :.p;.!,F',,r..,n ,,f Alyea, with hu indorsement, on
dav ;?-,, ism, .lt Washington. The matter of the
'possible assessment" Interview between Alyea .md
llerck is admitted and defended; and th- article
?oncluales ?1th :. list a.f Alva's bon<lsma-*n, the
it.tement Ih.l Miss Alyea .nd Dillon K. Ball will
??? hts assistants, .nd the a sse rt km thal "Mr.
viy;, romes oul of th.- Rr. without a hair singed "
To ? Tribune "reporter yetrterday the mosl promt
lent candidate for tbe office, by rca. on of popular
ndoraement, made a statement which puts a-,,n
rrcsstnin Cadmus In an unenviable light The
itatemenl In part is as follows:
"I Win; neither disappointed ncr 'enraged' at Mr.
ilyea's appointment, hav- no grtatvance against
lim iiini no quarrel with bini; on th. contrary I
? ei sorry for him thnt his .hampton should rag
rcst thut 'wno. one' required 11,000, .nd thal
iir^a- a sum vhs simply an overbid on ins part >,f
mme other bid-.' What others may hav- done I
lon't know and I don't rare, I made no im
lifers to Mr. Cadmus or to any ot]., .is-.-, eltha-r
lit, tly or ln.llr.etiy.
"I have been greatly surprised ut the manner in
.hlch t vms misled by Mr. Cadmua for up to
i.'.'-nii.cr ... iv:,.;, | )1:,,j j,,.,.,, repr-abrdl) told by him
hilt he hal nol yt dec ideal us to tli-- applicant he
ihoubl i".'oinni-iid. Sow Mi. Cadmus ls reporteal
is having lii'd .viva.a's application as far back bs
Hay 25
-while I believe h right thal s I'd'ral of!
?hall do us he pleases m.th his sn Iary, I cannot
??ii.'ive t;,.,' any Administration, whether I >? r ? > - ?
rat..' ur Hep,.Mi,.,,u. ,? n upprove il ti,.- buying
? 1 ? Dins "f "('..,.
A strlkln. Instance of how th" public vies
natter wns afTordeal ..t .. meetlnt of Rutherfaaral
? i. Hoyai An-anum, ";. Frhlay nl.bt, ul.en ..
noell nial of v I' in.T.k. who has charged Mi
Alyea with trying t.. gel him t" pay *?'?' for th'
isslstanl postir.nstershlp. look place. The pr.1
ngs u.i'- extremely humorous, ."tad demonstrat. i
"?yt',.1, n doubt that his stol ? ? - Impll, Iti) be
lleved by ti large majority of the Ito members.
Iii: says th\t THE INFIDEL has FAILED
wm.-ii nu ridici i.i.s
The Rev. Dr. Joseph Silverman, rabbi ,.f Tc
Bmanu-El, at Iffth-ave. and Korty-thlrd-st., le?
nin d before an Interest! d coi ? ? ;? i la
morning, "ti "The Mistakes ..f Colonel it,^. i
About Moses." Colonel In.ersoll, Di
said, hui one a.f the few n^n who had dared i .
tell the wi..hits th., church had done under lhe
cloak a.f religion. In bia exposure <.f ti.
reiiKi.an the speaker was with him heart and
soul, and heartily agreed with him In his llghl for
civil and religious liberty, bul he was not with him
when he condemned .11 rellgkn Colonel lr.
hal dona, great nnd wonderful things, bul l ?? l,.i
d'.ti- great Injui ? to mankind In hi attempts to teai
down religion. He could not be held wholly re
sponstMe for his infidel utterances, f..r i.
merely \>>i--ir;*r the teachings of Ton Pt ai
Voltaire, :.nd mflWinr the same mlstnka-s wh a
th.-:, who were his teachera, had mada !!?? bad
dlasplayed his Ignorance of the iroe splrll ot th
Hibie, whlcb he bo retnoraeleMly ridiculed. He
ktia-u law. and no timi, to lld a'-k f.-r a betti i
.dVOCSte, hU| -hat h- '111 n..t know about the
BIM. wm ample/or th. equipment of . I
st,d'".ts f.ar the ministry.
Colonel ingersoll .arri.., said It. Bltvirman, Into
th'- study ..I tl," lill.I. ? Litter pn-J ; ll
r?dlt;lon. because a. when he wi-- ii randbtale
for public nftice, h.. was defeated by chun b
H.- took Ihe fair) tabs ,,f th- lill,]. ., - i.t.;.,;i.
trua-. when he <.mk-l.t p. know tint some | ir'- ..f it
ar.- manifestly traditional and legendar* ii- ?
undersl.1 the entire character of Mos,
mission in the w .til ami mlasrepresenteal lum In
ord.-r thal b- iinirht ridicule him M
gre t reformer ststesman rlvtll?er and ei
of thal wonderful code of ethics whl h has I
the guide of nations an I wi ? h innoi I
i. ihe fi.n il, ?: Colon, i Ingersoll, s i
i nt lt led "The Mistakes of Moses" n ht i
lippi..; tl.it. n I- entitled "Thi Mistakes of I.*o|?iir|
lng. r oIL '
? m
"'The Moral Apiihv of the People" was thi
h-n of l t H?- nton Coil's le- ? ire i- fore ti.
cal Society y-*st*rda] n rnln. in Coll wa rio
?pi'nt in his plc lings f..r it.- moral ?
the p. ..r .nd ? ? hemeni In hi lion of thi
hypo .t the n h< r In h*
? .,- Dr. C di ;? ik< Ol I
of reformers with regard lo th. : ipi. "For
'? . .. '.ears we have I.."I, pr. a. him ? tl
morality, bail has th" .real m??n?tei ..t New Yaark
. nan., il ' The pco| le, ilk.- all 'treat bo li. nr.
f low t" move; w ?. who rall om
onlv a. i .. - .. .- ' i ll ci tin. I
\- \t Bunda) I ir. I "oil will ; pe ik ..ti ' The I
View ol I.ti- "
ti> Flinn- nil. vin/. RESERVE*A sill*.
Commai ler Miller nnd the officers of the Flrsi
Naval li.na.ii.c. a.i" the State of Nev york hav.
sa-nt out Invitations to tb< li frle ls to ??? lu ?
Insp. tlon 6f the ?Vea Han.;, hire by Mayor c.il
roy "ti Tuesday evenli F.bruai The .Ve-s
Hampshire, which li lhe headquarter! of ti..- Naval
lt. tv. lies al the Bast River and Twenty
eighth -t.
Wilt'rhury. Conn., Feb ll fBpecial). (Hark Com
mandery of Knights Templar, of which the P. i
,,: ? i Commander >.f Connectttmt, F, A. Bpencei
i lit-un-nt Commander, al Its annual >.clave or
Wedn..slav nigh' elected l-leutenant Henry K
Rhoadafrs, of the Navy, who w:.s knl.hted b) Clari
twenty years ago and is now Commander of Hetti
lehem commander*- of New-York Btnte, an hoi
orin \ member, In ''wwanltlon of the interest Rmi
mut sir Henry 13. Rhoade. has maintained In Tem
pim- Masonry " _
London, Teh, ?, 1 M p nc il.ir ra 1 er ls quoted frm
--.ith buyers Bl .i'1-1 per nuni*.
| .. ii, (.'onsols, '.?'' . I* for "MM*, un'. M"_ tnt the -.?
c.,,',! New-York, Pennsylvsnls Bnd Ohio tlrsf ?i ...... ,-.
-,...->.ls. i:>. Csnaallan Paclllc, "*-*?_ Brie, KV ilo -nd ? ? ..
sails, ::?',. Illinois central, '"?',. Heslran ordlnsry, i ?'< Hi
Paul rominon. :'?'_; New-Taarii Oniral, v>t%; pennm-l
vi,.ih, :,'\ Iteodlns. I"7-. M.-\i. it, Central, nes i p.-, ren
l...i,.|-' UK.; Ateblson rommon, 1-'. M"ney, l't per a-.-iu
The rate .f all-. .. vant In Ihe norm Biarkel fi l-.ili silas
and Hire* months' Mil" i*1 -"? yr cent Paris sdvle.
,pi..t" Ti per "-,,1 rentes ?i '.'V fi.Me's :?, eenlttBes f'.r lb
S p ti. The amount of bullion S'.n" Into the Bani
Rn.land on Isilanes m-day i- ii.""" l*arls sdylees quot
Il per Ce,lt f tl ? ? -a Si ''*? fl,..'' -. ??!>?!:..eS lOl the .,. ???.?,',!
li.-rlni Feb. 1 > ESchs.ge on I- rid n. '-'? marks (fe- pfen
nlss f??r slain snd ? marks tt*<j |afennl.s for m-day billi
Th* si ii-,i.ei i ??' Ha- Imperisl lianli "f Herman! -'.
If., rea.I :.f KIM.larks
{joreeB ano Carting--1*
Bis ta m.: sn id MM.
j. M. yi'iNHY * *-_,??
KBWAKK. M..I ??_. ?_Nn
CARRIAGE*.. ?>AXDAWS?, '.'".-KA.
I ('ACRES, ?ROV?i_*M*S,n ,Vt .NH
Wavs, CAiti(i"!-i.iv I mia." \ om.
M-RtftyS AM' ?>?_t_5iSr-p\?lSiFl"
makers. ALL 15? J?flRS!_S2
PRICKS OKKATLY ??"??_>??_._
life BROAD-gT. STATION. D..L.?w^
CLAY OR ' IIKtsri.I'lli RNJ M '-'-T
salt-Ms for do. tor s h ? rain -"'
Mth ?(
"" WU BAL-, 'in '.'-''."m-i's
renrt.ti.1. Sss 1 semi Bl OlLllEK- S
-gable, i'd 1 t ".cv. . '.??"' "?
~~y?n sai.i . I.-- ir- * >'??- t7;;,"l:r
r-r-- Wi 1120 ".'I -"? " " ?''
Wahi IN <T,r?-. Bohle". Md Bergra^ra,
tommy af.. _ _
WAKT-D. Pair of .heiland ?
mus! be a-nth- ...nd rheeir. AOaremt '? ?
Dis m. LUZ Broadwa:
Citn Heal (Estate Ho _et.
I'l.Y-sl. v.. 'Mire bnli-UnE fa let.
Rll.AMI t VVIIIIIN.. ". It-I"' ?
"lo""H'?i"i-:i.ici'.i 1'i.it-s To lanae. '''<"'?
Msw hilt.:. i.|i|...i. p'-?""?? . "Ti ??''*
rVland _ wini im;. r, ieeg^n-"*.
Citn Ural estate for Gale
IWR-STORY snd 1 .ur ni' nt. tSS*Hj.
Bear iti'lnn. JL'I.OU): .alh.-rn Bil pr)ce?
-TEVENS. .tli-_v?.. twrna-r KW-st.
IUVE11S1DK OIUVK. corner Mfff* "tr
Bub?t?otiul. srtl-Uc. Queued Jg""*' __t
Mk.1 ssnd for eli* ular. ATLAS *?
rS0V*CM?Nr CO.. W Bros4wsjr.
lTon:*trn Heal (fGtot? ixrSale*
,'t rent;
.len.-" prourrtlea, all .ainda. sals ,>r rent;
luml-1 sd houses Tl m:-* * tau
m sn-kt., N. Y.
Wta\ <_-3tatc iDantcb.
WANTED?.Res! e*Vt*e? Hudson River,
Northern, liurlem New-Haven road<, -jerk.
? - .ind sv,,.:,,_. i-.ar s,iri11 ?
::ii.i.s vv iin'i.ii'it.-::. _ Hall, it
Kasi -I'..! asa.
?Io tel for Onsincss Pnrpos.
A CORNER LO PT, vv Illa ., ami Aon
*:.; i w< i square leal; j...'., sad h. n it
"K-slra.. Itl'LAND V W ill UV.. .', p. .??.
mu,, f.
flatt Zo let, Unfurnished.
Titi, li VK1IOVS1I 10 t- 4s West
r.''t...si., bi.-i,|i.(. iv iii.|.t..f uici ironun.
? ?'?iitrul l*ur.-; a ur. choler] apiriaieut it
I lit. A|.plJ tia Iha- j,,.alair.
lu KIT Vi n 'I drable fit. ,1 mnur.'
anil Iifii , :,|i in.|..i.t-; Banty t?o
na ii,,t-- * wrii fr.i,, Briggs enti.i.i".'. (au
tx l|a-i,ri t . Br.aal.lvai.
AIiVKHTtSI-miliNTS AND St*Iti*r*niP
UNE .viki, ni: iu:ci:iv r:i> at the
UPTOWN "iKKIiE. No. l.'14'l Hr..salway,
Sd doot notth "t Thlitv-lirst st; anal AD
VEKT1SEMENTS lat Ihe fell'.wing Hran'h
Offlce*: SH KlShlh sw. j 7*' Thlrd-a?ve.,
corner For(y-?even(h-n(.; 15'.) K??t Forty
Mventh-at. rortiT Thlnl-gva-.; ISO Ka at
12_th-?t.. naar Thlrd-ave.. i 1,02(5 Third-ava.
near Slxty.nrst-st.: 1.708 First-a vr.; 100
West Forty-second-st. i IS. Columbus-sve.
All I..*. I M'N. U d -... a .1 ,|. rl.v hals"
I, snots tur>-_ ne* to I '?? I styli ; cheap,
-aii-f...'..n lil. "'iiirji.tiv al, 4<> leaM' pra.
? .,? . ill fi i | ...i . HART -s. l-iil
di | lilli.!- " Fins Trunks, Travelling
Ila**, v. " ," '???I., nks, Bhswl .-in-!
". i mii Kn .|??. I '?? ' "In ' ? bi ??- I" i ? i M
. Man n ii lurer, ni viii.E.-;
BCHVV'ART"**, '??.' Cl. ? re
fONBl'LTATlON FREE Hlvurees pn
VS) ly; .?]...,..i.. ;, , ali sei ll ns, -a il. h I lp
port: dai ... llaans; shs '
. i, ,,?? Inf... ti, iili ii, In d si Iden, e.
| ' ll' I lld, |\V I .- ll.a,-l.,llM lac
1 . ? .' . .Flil La ' A, ? :,. , . 177 Dm alav.aV
remtrof t i ? hllblallH, . ,,r,,?, bunion*,
? ..illili r, Te,adel ia.i I tl I I fa '. I- sa.ld hy
IIAIIKV V I V.Mi -a "las ?ttl-l\e
l*.isiA.,i. STAMP i-iilieetlons vvsnteST
..id KBISpS left am letter* isrelVS 1,-at"f
: ri es .vd.lra? giving f'lii iKiriimiaM,
(iK.oi'.TJK WARD, ?"? liast I0r.li nt
PUGS!!! liking.
~All'M.s'llt Dill ST-.JI I, RI NU I" I f ?!
fa.h|nn?; hotel nrl'i. :il -nert, noil. a. and
ti,,ad rate urlees. Mn. M l l.li.n, I, BsM
ii'i.--t. bctwee. Vmay and Uartivetrstty
I'Ute. _
A -A. DREiWMAKER, el.-T.mt rultar
and tiller to i ''?./ ar si home; prrfecl fl'
guarani.I: velvet, silk or ci..th runts ntaaV
.? una week for IR*: fan. > walsu, coals
,?.| , ,u sowna f, specialty, li Rael loih
,.,.. near ll,..adi* a..
~ARTI8TIC DRE8HMAKER .la-s'r's fe'v
n,..r,' ciislomers; opproprlats desisniiiif.
,?,(.?: fli tin*.. bights! |ef?*rsaaf**s; 1
ysars' . ?i'-iii"i.'.'i ts per day AiMfss.
iv vv r.i:i:it. <u i,.-Mnu?n-ni.-.
ARTISTIC l.RRPSKS ms-l- fmni to np
athis timrith: tailor-made, ulan bull, even
1ns. rcn'ptlon. ?v<blins and theatrli-al
alreea^a-; minimini: orda-n kl abort notlr*.
,,li... <lree?mak?-r? wm ..ut l.v th* alay. 43
Ksrat "SOth-at . Nsw-York, and ft LaeKalb
ave., Urookl)*..
Drceotn ii king.
ARTI8TU' OREHHMAKINO; |..-a r- t nt
ni .tm. ?; I..ii,?!?.'...?? ora ?<?..??, ji?
mmi: a>u EN, IM Weal Od -'
>,i:i..-sM vKl.lt lljf dal or week;
i ,..,,., -a item lal lattin.; n.a un. umfaan ilia.
fork home; lilting Bl la-Bee h -uses .
?? ,.,,.... references; .nv or luburW.
Miss v.Ki.iiY. in Weel aWHh it.
I'JlllSSM.VKl.lt llwr-usii, ifaslres en.
.',?, ,,.. ha day .a wears la or oul ul
I ., mi ,,-, i. n- Address Mis-. E.,
?. ,.: |,S4J! ll,, el'.i.v.
I III I :S8"-A KER 'I'la . ""-''' BSP< -ti in l.'i
.,?.?.?,.; (uaranteea i-erfea I Ht by lajsi]
.,,.,,.,s. .| ,,. II....1:- ..reI 1 ''"-' allies; (iel
,'...., mil I, a. ff I.lerale an .,11 . aaa -
HOOKE. ""''' Weal a_Hh ?.. t.'-t Hat.
i,lti:ssMAKi:i: Bj e-rona^iee-t dreei
.... I ... t uer, il.-F-ires more . -ri
, . ..-.';; ..... .i?y I., t
families; will ."....iel. Maltiest reference
|. . TJ.'.I BU ?"
i.itssm vi'I **?'??' ami BllUner- taught;
,?...;' Wild ba * ??__ '" '?""', -v1" v
...,,. i,ri..- -iti-fa'-'1"" '-.lai ant'-l ; r-r.
|,i..ssM.VKi:!t I'.? While I' B c.
1 ,",' , .,. ? t lyles .it Shorl n..ti-.-: per
,,,. ,,; |n mun. sad assigning; fan.-;
J"2| ,? -mei silks, ( iil?r-iu ,1- guwas
:? ,,1'T. BO VV.-t --'I st- _
nu tss'.' AXER "'"mts a f.-iT moro cue
?ai/ar-, .( I""" i ""'?* ,r'"" ?" "I' "
i'l Ix Ul- mTmrni "TBBI eft.,. RIvsrsMt
Drive. _
Rvps-nrENCKI) DRER.MAKER hv .ia
?" Vt hows; (Besses, *:i up; nrst-'ia-' ti
i^'r . T. Tayl-r'aa -.vs'.-m. PRESS
MAKER. :?? atSBl Mth-st._
a-TYl ISlf PR'-t^MAKl-R.-perfe-l flt
___r Hteatmt ni?de REA0ONAULR. W
Uahina, betwsea lath and nth fis.
?TIIE KIN*'*'" W1KDWHEEL; one Incl
? hia-k- alouhle p.'Wa-r: hiirik.nii pr".f. 4
flfaa- n f-et 8*f_ Writ, to C. O. \vi:il.
WAN. Medina. Ohta.
_'ar Gale.
"aT r.r.Dlcr.I) PBlC-JL-aOD sece.d.
hind wui.d and HW '?orliin't snatbil,;?.
:sl,f Kuaraii.a_; mscblner) t-ouira: sod .
rx bsecC liEORG- U- RUBY. Kia Mad.
VTI ! STION Sottl'ig I'3'iclle" of ail I
. , ? . nit-hsn i. .10 ,
ni-li er i-'iif" .? i-hsa. . letVeil. .v. '
RAI ' il ".-. X I 'al i'i SI ?? USI.I.
~~A vi vim:;." N P pa'*-"1
. ?I." almost 11?.
; i.i We ?
VI Kill 1.1 '.- . ' U- iTOllI af" 1 ? ?
N>?.*iotk ?....1 - ? ? "?? if""'- !
... 1 , <?; 11.: ? :,r\ lui I.ra I
' ?? -. ?!? -ifn- ., ..1 1. ... ,d-. lu. '.' stol ?
?,- .cltl il.
",v:.' 1.liol. MORPHINE Slid la-SSeeai
? ? ; 1.'? ti-"
li. OAK. T ITE at ll '.. Hors.
??-? alway.
lill vi t.i lu -..I :.' -1. "d..- blt .
.r"l ? I. 'iii, ? ll ? b ri-.-'e: ai ln.s .
. . ,.li's ' lie I. Call '
HO, nt I a ! VV il e i.i -St.
1'. 'il SAKE. X ?! I
J ? il 1, ., ia -.
, ? . v ."?' I Mina ?S
,1,1 .--tn nm slr A?l tress If
VV W.. Tribni
I'i d: s vee s"?... . '?? .per In iltui
larg-. 1 ? ;
? retire. In
I ? .i. '.ii: P.*., :?. 1 ?
r v.vin.v vv v-in ??'. v v. iii \T:s [HIT
I f mi VV. -f .. . ;..... Pa 1 All ri ,1 ?:'-i ?? 1- ;
. ,1 .. -? c ? ul 11 .,i,,l t. ?
in ni,;-. KERIX Letti v Ed '. RiimI t.
- iv I . vi <.? il 1 VI - . 11 t?, *-0 : .I I
I a; ?:, ?", a 1 .. ri lu-'l Iii! n't .. lins '
!? r . kia. I 11 ,?? - VV ? i"inv A ii: a. 11,1 hill.
1 ? I,ll. ."Li.... . I. ? "Ui |IJ
s\h.s_We han*- mal up KM) firm ,
?Iran h. uss salas, ir.i.ri teed Brrpfeef
eur prl.ts tin Wertk *:<n Call snd Sf.
? ff.Uh tserr. p. K AHUM, OOH irw.ir
?fnriiiolifi fioomu.
ith lo gentlemen;
;. ni 11, I. ? ita '_',' V- ? ll IMI
X v ; ev Inrnl?h ,1 i... n.Ir-t rn
, 1 t.. .,? r,, . . ?,, ,. ??,., ure* :<", '
'v. -1 11th?1 !?? I* .. ?"> i. ? 1 .'? ii ?
. ? I.i.i . fur, 1-1,-? i t^ :: 1.1 ? ??
;,?,. N. ', ,,,. hl< ' ll'-- .1 El.Til-Si. I
? ' 11_!
IO \v :??? ii - rn* .md bath, I
t . Kill, lei . iii, .- ., In curt.
TIIE Ul 1:1.1 Vi": ? i.N 1" Weil :
ta I 1
-villi I
1,1, Ctn.: ? ins .M- Pi
' l.r.lh: eva
Ff 1. ia V. ? iiuh -t.
UlTII-SI -?' V EST. V ? '
: ? .1 I] . ??.->._?
, ?
: ? ?
HM w ;:s"i" ?:. . i
n 1 riv its
? ? ll Ired.
x 1 1 v .?:"
' -
Unfnrnietiei) Uocunj.
"ri. 1.
? ?
Roath and Room..
? 1 ..: I l-l l
?.???' ? vsmr.it,
lill,'. ..Pl
KA VI .a . I'll.
I.. s table; eia ry.
... , pi.mt* 1
rr fa fl -.
. - H lal - ,
? ?
... . I . i
Uticincoo ChllllCC..
,.-.-' ...
V il ? -? Un v I .'. - 1 ' I Rpi
11-1 , l'l > UKI ? .v--... 1 v I I. duetting
... 11 -.'..'
, - ni >ala ri per
., .,, ,!.. Ila ?
I.I'm rta -I
? Hr >ad
pal's rei
-; a ker*.
\. M' K
? . ; 'n ? hen 1
' ll.>v Pl itf.lSMERS PRINT '
I ? I'.s - '?
1 1
1,. w.. 1 11
> 1 l 1 r\ : '? t
I ' f'll a ' ll ?
I ," Oilla-I
? ? .. -. VI.
UKI ? , .'a
IHI I.* ISSI ....
: . .
KIN) Mt ' VTE A ?'?ivie VNV "I ? 111
?'a '
1 ai
? .
"apply mail n
ll 1 nt'.n P ?
'. ? mplel eli
? . ' - ? , ? ?
RUIN A t V , 1 - .ir
If ? .'1 . .a , ,1 . 1- Ililli Flt. . 1 ?., ?
e 1. :, >>i ri ? int . "r 1 I 11 irk.
KAPIES' ll vii: I'HI --!*.?, PARK. 'Itv
l 1 11-lne-,,
KlMi ci. vi :l. 1. SI ? ? ? . r , ?
I. a- I a M.I, I a.ll (' V I'l I VI.ls, s .,.',
? fit 11 n a m I
bona a m. s . itt ur h ... er- i ?. p,..
11 ic s lie t i I . 1;.. ic 1 11 .rf ci.
MAN VV V N I I l> "lt a W 'I". I" t.i a,.
ph.f r-"r na r*er.'Urv isl .' -? :
in-.11 --; gu ', (salary. fcOKID, Tribune
..ni ,
PARTNER vv wi 1 ii v Hts Bas
ailth son.pll il sud ix's-rl Bes '" sale
ni Inveati 111 Ih .??: ? Vd Iross ll .v ll,
lil ci,ur. h -1.
PllYs|.|\v has tir-t- isa opening in'
sn e-tii.,'ih. r| hi sinew f ? |..,rt,a ?it.i
I Kl. I . ? pi Ki guarani*. 'I s Ph halt
Int. re t 11 le.-hie- vd lp. ? PltYSI.
PIAN. P ... lh \ bia, N. ? Ila. en
..1 1 v vi 1. vi \ Miiv f.c -.'.. 1 r. nt
? c ? r - 1 ?"" n ' l" r .e.'. A pilli M .
RI.1.11I1. 15 VV.,r . a ,t N. V.
VERY HARE op;ortunltj fer capital'
t" h.ni,d b 1,1 :,ni -i..ia .ndsfion ii?.i-c.
,v.1.ins. i.l'l'.iiu'l NI I V, Des 1, Tribune
VV E HAVE lino business iel, rtiinl'i
f,,r Mae n ..fi ult., les tlic-inrt liol lars In
. stab la-bed preflt-iblai buslnexa. i nil for
; 1 ? .En. a, .w Min, i;i; lu. sdsrsy.
M vn. v I Isndlns. buslm-ss
les.a,., eal Ital, la linking fa*
1..i-iit.--.- . a milli pun h ?
Na lt Ni
1 molli
ii ' ? 1 ;.\.. in-iii
11 \ I HO, City.
-; in v\" 1. vi i 1 v i" ?.-,) 11 es in ???
ti'i 1...t 11,,, u'aetiirli. bu -'rca. ri see ne
iciir int. rn 1 thal ? III ic I him fr."! <..' I i"
. B"St|l ll" i!el,|. ; ln\. -I.n ni -1",ll ?
I" I'l.I \ I ih',I a.,!,.-..
ijflp IDuiilcii
.M.liNTs |,v|;t:\ VVIIIIII E.li.K u?a
.."i.iieiii 11 vi,., ,-_n operate lewlbs ma.
cl,In.- ; Bes Im,.,,,. cit . nt : ".irk ? 1, , kl I
u'liii- of s,?alm e..,. hil,. - measures >|sM-a-a
:,., I fa, d ? Bil lurk" ii.it".' Stir lila -. il .
h.-. Il . gi ? j, , t,-.. inc ?... rftainp.
(iUKOMAN, '.'I Da nu t
U il. -*.
CANVASSI r.s '.'i',. n ,.?,, , ,., ,t. ?
Hai .| :? io. uk. mu,. , t,., if- Korib
v .n. -1.. 11.1 ? el ... Peon,
? Ali..! M lt. V th. r. 1 hla ,-\|.. .en .,i
irorklns kaidi-nel un.l rf. n-t i,,\Iiik nei
li-- ti c. thr . -??-.. 11-" eil rrb ri. . i., n, .
. .until an,I aa ll!, - Mt .f;l.-.,. , f st,Kunial
?Milty iifi'I ? 1.fi;,. I. r f a ia"... _? , si
? i man pn r . red ; 1.. su, h a pernuiaa'iit
1 "-m.rn ii .iii'.t.'i. -a, long as I. .tu peri ? -
BIS --.ll la li -a ..... . ?, v, ,a, |,,, ,. .,. ,,
bli ' .r-,'..aal< .\f,.,,.| (,, ,;H,,r. :,,?,.'-,
BIM] ( I.. ai.-1-t'int.. ar ? . o , t .lill, emi lo '? I
APpl>. bj I tier ....li a.hir.s-ci (, |s,
MMison-eve., Mew.York.
vv ,\N lld', vt, An . tit in. 1..y. li ? ? .1 ??"
old. III ll inc hunla-Bl ,.it,..- E vv .
Tnhnn OBce.
HOME HU ki 1,1 ; rn. raaras-alng. Re.
ply, inila ttamped ana. 1 ..... Ml-a KAN?
NI! KEI.KNOR, South lie,cl Ind._
WANTnri. iv... sirl In ., small private
r. all, Ila T ? '?? 1 ? . ;,,,.) ll, Illell'.'SS; t he
... ?. is el smb.: tn 11 1 ,,,.! ? ., irsss must
bare saHatsetory rsfereness snd M ti."
naigtlly .a. sn,int..I ?|th 'h.lF' .lull.-*.
-.'Il W(MI Titi li-st , rln/ vUltors' I ll
VVANTKI). I.iallc' t,, ,|? ||.-|,f. M-Wlllg
a.. I,".) ?? . u.arli SSM t.i usa sdlr.sa, :,,,.'
|?!a1 (aar I'V Pia, pla-, ,.; *, ni] slBIUpSd a'.,
vales, for full psnieutars. HA.se.KiT
IM Ulta, 11.1.kv co., a Xrrina,u? Uaw,
1 n....on. Mw.
CUorlt lDnntc&.
Expert v. ount ,nt :and Auditor,
Isrnes Uutldlng, Room i". SI Park Row.
v )?"->.? ,1 i... an nf esperlsnea ami re.
ieii-i!,filiv 1- open (" ros-gemeota wheto
, r .I,.I..n ie \ snd -?. r ?' I ure BO' '??-..r.
?|Ulslte?; rcfereni-ea. vil.'r.-- DIPLO
1 l>\ c. I nhlll.e (Ifliae.
v BOT fis errand boy: srUllns snd ..Mi.
n.. OEOROE LEONARD. Wi i-f-.iv-.
v YOt'NG MAN" sroulal like to get em?
il ? c.-pf m n dentist's otflce. Address
vl.E.N TRAAD, :i..". Basl lllili-st.
vs-isi"ANT BOOKKEEPER By young
? rlen '??1. bi curate snd attentive;
? city references, E. K. C., XXu
.'. ??-? _i
v-- l*.i vn 1 E ...: . Pi lt ??. 1
?-ii ellie,' aa-lstant ??? k- poait'oa; ran
1 ? 1 ?? ? I,., . ,? ? -;,i ,.\ esp et.<i nm
Vt Mc. K VI 1 ? er ll. . A Til as I-- ,
T. \ ll Tl.I,ni ,? Millaa.._
A MIDDLE i.lEI. MAN d? Ira - . | I
1. 11 fi- . ..p.?.?!,,!? i.r t . .1 . general work in
nice; stan !,, ? 1 c..'..; hlgneet pity ref
??? es snd -e. iM'iTv :n\.-n. Address II. Y.
.I'.VVI.s. Il v vu. Oajshen, N. Y.
\ l""V ll Idle a p....tia,,, |,i fi ?l ,,l. -11 e
?itt ?' ha i. I..- . sn I... sdi 11 red, vi
>. -lEMMKEr.. Til') Wa?i.ln.ton-uv .,
lr ...I. 1 .1
BAKER I i third h.n.l: elty or
country, p, 11. s.iimii.t. 113 Porsyth-st
HOOK KEEPER. Kxpcnem ., ...mp.
et, WI-;,.-- |>ii.ll |. en.,a - y .tc l.l . a.i I -juc
- muan et Inri" !:? ? a- in iv li lequired,
r.n-icvr irani .1; ie" in... .1. it. a.,
0. vv.... |0_|.st.
liol Kt, bright atni si,ia t. a- oin " hoy .
? 11 ? 1 ; r. :.a. : hui- WM ?. .DUN
1 r KU ix, ;|. :i E ,-i ?_"i-(,. ?.
MAKER E" ft ..feh biik-r." , ' ? I on
.res 1 ..',i r-iis; steady; rltj or country.
v In 1 VKEli. HOI -ti, bi ??
I'haai iiishl) competent, nnlek. sreurate
eui reliable: axeelleni rec.'id. temporary
.., |hrmaneni plare; ll rears' experience,
IVIMEY, I".".' ntl,-? . Unxiklyn _
li" ,KK 1 i.i'Eii. rasbler n-d gewral
m,-,. ...m.. fit., ur last s ya:ir. arith prom.
lieut Rri-adwe! Iriprtlti" house, a- I,ead
.."kUeep.r: sfiIthv .1300. ASSIDUITY,
; r ? Ul.dire.
lc 'i .K K I il'l E D '. a- .le.Iglll al. a.||. li?
ll snd srrltt'fl up: sasroonts aiju-t'd;
..? <. int - pr i'.r.'i single or doable eatty;
lill tilla.- . I, a, ..? a.f Fl Set a,f lia.*ks ll t
? quiring i ntl ra' lime; price maabrste;
ll i. -r. i-f.,, -ir ?'?? Andr -a, s c , s it
nirste's onie . IK, -I onse-k, N. J.
" l:.."Msi:EI'Elt. .-ASHIEIt or PRIVATE
si:a uet.vk v. By siper! sa-eanuntaat; es
,. i,. n. ? .1 handling rorporatloa, partnarr.
hip or prlvste accounts; h.-st of refer
. : ?? ,<.? -t, A. M Ti il"in" ritlh-i.
liooKKKEPER, rashler, .'.Hector, or
: ?? ? lat ? . g.I stenograph-*1 barsl
.it,- references, J, PIPER, ant, West
ll ul, ard.
Il V ' - I IS. Wishes l-.vvl Sit,Li?
ll ,n ." ? a .rk ..t sn) kind. referenee,
.1 I. BROWN, it'll VV.,' llsih-st.. 3d
Ila, r. Iteli. in.
. \N I.Y-.V; Via I ll IH i I' ii
,,. al I, c ,1 .a., ? : :i' i il '..r . willing to
a oi a- ii. . ski. I.'ri best ref, ren .?-.
i ii"1.1. '.i Lexliigtoii-ave. _
. v i; i ? i: v. i iii:. ? a' ??? '?', ai." . ? ari Inn
n : ,' i. h:i,r -icaaa. arri ..gi?
ll i sn : elthi - I rui.ci,. .vi
? , .- i. it. POTTER, 130 Pranklla-ave.,
Uro kl- ll _
I El.CK Mv a li i.a .-A'1 ? ri' .m. ?.?.'' .
? ,i i, ni g, ii, ra' elite w.,,k;
-, .a- v . A lal .?-. Hainlal.
Kl KPKR P. o. Box j 171. N. Y. Pity.
Pl/K'.K Si > KER '!?? I" * ?? i,plo- ? ? ni
I ,. 8 ? h '<ir n i. suppa>rt; v.tv needy.
I. Stall". 1,-1.
. i,i irk . Bi youna man, '.''a years ol
, had .". yesri' experience In ex.
. house, ll K . IP-; 4. Trlbuns
i.il. ...
I '.lii'l N I I .!'. .'. W'.Ul tarielS "O'lts ai ,,,.
? f a'I kind till ??? iiuntri wu .. ? :.nai
l? Tt- r Bo\ ill .' "Rial 7 tl, st.
. a ,x i" ii \ k BR By i German. SS. ten
? ? . ., this i unto', situation bs - ??
.md ot thli i hand. HAN'T'/, l tis first
? i ????, _
. t eek Young man, IV writing fall
lo do anything; ?i xdi t lerk pr?
ferre.1; experlen. sd. Address MINER. .1
Ii|tIVER or IIELPER By youri* man
? ? do unMhtt-.g. handy with .1
? I Al liesa, J. ll . MJ
llii.taa.n-ave., Ur . .klvn
(?RIVER H> ?? venn- man: thoroughly
understand* his huslneaa; nest of refer*
v : Iress WILLIAM, 531 ""?Yesl JTlh
?? _
DETECTIVE, [.nial-. a-;,n's rn re a rk
?' .1.ng, Investigating ?.ire,, inf.,rmi
?i i ,? i I' ., os ,'stu I.,
Etti- KRLLE 77 ls- si
...,-- I tren ard: tnirin? an.l stationary; -'
? . - rsperletia.re, tm* and In rharge iii
- c ? f the i.irs??t lianna, un.l'.tal.t.-.]
references, j" HENDERSON, 13 King-rat,
I .'.'.EM.I-.E. E.: I. >lsaM en.if, "?. - with
i ,.-t peof> et n'lsiitt' all. h. ren utrea a pa..
-.?I..., .an sp ak Pre ci, fl rein nie!
hpaalah, v..<lr-s-a s PtNISTEIN, J'.l
Moina .? st.
I El VAT'.ll r.l'XVF.P. -Vonni; man
. - |.o-tlhiai sa .hive, .ar anvtlib.u
. r ' rc?-i. JAMES LON.i. 1.70a;
*: ,\..
n. '. - golU, silver ii, kel, i r-ia* lei rs
s. arid ill - hn:,, -.nu.
?C ; Al re e e. VV KltllVI .73 lal
s r ... ? I vt.,.. _
i.i i;m vn ci. V--.E- f- - ? ' '? ? v
, I . I. li: BARKM ? ?
. 'a lt. :. -' ITr'-'.l Fl
i ? ITOR Paint, r and pa*" - ?? ? i
? , i ? i- i i*," " iii. . ?r? of re
? ' ? V K. a 11 I N - Bel
,? ?.'.(. Kn-.' N-aa \ ri. ll'kh n
.1 VNI'I". ,ll li- ? un's ?' '.""'" b :'
tn,', I,
? it. ,;i npnli Ing ?'
SM E .-a. .'! ?
' vnit. di Uv ... .Fiict man; painter;
. Iel - ' if: '- -'?? ?
Nea V ck ref. ren ?? El >vv v lil
El.1.1' >TT, Ml W"-t J.'.'h ,1
I ?? f .,?. .? lu allon w. ul
., ;i- from ... ? .
sea ?..?],!? i
Pl. ., Idress Advertlslni
\ : i, i ?_?' , ?
VI Mal I NI ST llr.t 1,-h M uni- Job;
a. ill I go Ea-r or S i|Ui . Kngtlah . Al rc
r-i -ilMPHON. rare ?f Terry, .'.)?
I-vat 1151
MAN, ...,,nt-< -iiiiati -n In shoe house
f \..,f. experience address M lt.. car.
- ? ;. 2.133 Third-eve.
* : i.i it vv vT' hm vn ii, a man alt!
1', a..,r-' expellenee; Dr-' ,'n-?. ref. ren .?
i hvs iioi'lroyd, 200 i'i-nd-?t., Ho
h ken N J.
PRINTERS Q I, all xntind r".nt"i
w ,n'. ??? id) sliuadon; non-union: n.-e-l I,
ll ' iss w rk. PICA, H
lt.. li.I.nn. OfPee.
PLt'MBER; L-o-.i sanitary nytttsnt
a'.ait- Situ .fl.t. . . lu or eon .irv
... .i raf erena rs. iv. Pea 7. Trlbaane Oi_rc
I'.'iiTi ll or Wa reit MAN. Rysn^Amei
mn ? .r|. ? Ila r hv (rale. E H.. ;i|.-, Mn:,
r... .st . flub .(un
?'. siren, single mun. ZS; nut sfrald i
? irk i.a: I. moderate wases; .'.in run els
valor Address WAGNER. Pis Bradford
St., Er....klvn.
li young ?ililli. Ill years oil, In law of
Bee; ??.Ulm,- t.> \v..rli hard. lt. C. M'U.VY
P. " H 'X 1177.
" siiiPiMN'.; CLERK.?Br middle tom
lcm. speaks English and German, SS
- - I shipping .l-rk. good packer nni
marker; fin.- penman; t.eni ref'-renca-s. 1,
LICHTER, Mi Rael '.mthit
.MART POY. IB yaxirs. with best r. Vr
enies, win,ts ia, learn good trade, w,,.,.
make himself useful; silversmith ir.
ferrel. J lt.. ll) Jane-rat
Ml:v....i;vi'lllill \n e\;,er( sgrae-j
nola, r d -i-.s evening emideyment: suti
r .-rt.., (uaiaatoe.. M..II_>TEII_i j:,,.
K.*.ll. clo.
s vet: -m vn, aged '.?:, with ablllti li
?-ir- c\|? rieic-e. to represent N'..?.Vor:
lo,iv in Phll.i la'lplil.i; i-apalili- of aellllu
ana line. t ll weiss, ....i.t Welling.
I.-ii -t . Plilladclphla.
TW. i BOf_ ir. and t?. w l-l* to uor'c at
anything, .ar t" h-trn ii tinto Aililr,--,
111 N[RY BACH, isl Ist-uvc
tl I'EVVItlTEIt. l-.-IlTl.-Ml.lll. Will e,
? h. rn ? raervlar-es ( ?.? desk room; Bamadwa)
vv..iii ,.r Tribune limi.tiiuts preferred, i
lt .*" . 270 vv.? VU -I
wan i Eli i'....t, ,, %? aupenatendenl
if sn .st.it.'. nhi'M leading ahiiiiv in m-ri
.Mit.,r.i iii d li nh Ml'iiril ?".. r. I- re.
lured; aiv.Tii-.-r hs< rxseutlvs stidlti
hie ii,aliased SBeressfully ant liunillei l.l, t
? illicit |,|a-t|aao ; mil IbTSt-elBaaS ?-..-,. tl 011
ISIll a! Ma'\ El. ID-|e Pali. X \.
WA ICIIM VN.- NI l,T ,.? ,lv h. I. -. 7-i,-|
,1 M-hstged .--1 h. i- I , S Aria i (av,. taWMS
a - ....ii, in diaehar. ? sud . fee ? n- t
. l..ir.i.'l.r. ha, ts. . . P., X.iX. McDoUgBl]
?? . I.(lyn.
VV til EEVV Illa,H I" ll' a M .il |,
luau 1:111 'I.' geer w irk bu'lne't-wsgofj
IlKll '- . .-lilli I.C .,' Fill ll III ?? ...'I r.,?
i, .nalino,. Box ."a.i* VV ?TI,e|,|. V. .1.
YUIN.". MAN. 19. where he .in advanr
hlmsadf; esperleneed In -I,thing buslnean
wlllln.' t" work nt omitting. P. D., 3!
J-",.n p'-r si., lu....klan._
v.'i.N.. vevn iii", would ilks a aita*
(im, ..f rn,. Kin! in, gos! raf-ranee cai
I. liv l'.iVsi,,\. ,?,,. nf Mr,. ||,.|?
lill AtKi-itt --aa.... Hr ?l,hn
YOt'Nd MAN. lil. .Icralr.-i) position I
.ina tiona-: has two years' ''Xpa'rlen.'e |
shh.p.nit nnd driving ''"ll OT writ.
IIEEHST 100 1st av.-.
Y.'E.N'.; MAN' i??r.l-l willi ltira.,. nn\
s v. I, .,t his dlapnaal. w..,ild like to fin
-"in- p.-ivlns einpt..i nient f..r them. \\'l
HIES. "Il MAW. -ll Bast Iillilh-st
. BM WI |,|, hiv m.;. E1VE1) AT _tj_=,
l"HiWN ..muk. No. l.'.'l? nroadwa,
9t door north ot Tiilrtv-0rst..it.; und AI
viitTiSEHENTs at the following uram
ottiies: ?ai rJgtiiaVava: ito TMr.-av.
armer Kor(y-sen nth st. : 160 Esst 1 ort
S"venth.?., aorner 'lTilrd-ove.; 1.0 r.v
l?ftaVi-st.. ussr Thlid-avej, lATli Thlrd-avo
t_M?r IMxtT-lrait ?t. I l.TOf) Vlrtt-eve. ; 1.
?/sst aD-r-y^ea-ond-st ; IN CUam.ue.i--_
tU erk UJanicO.
YDI'N'. MAN. '.'7. Britt a fair know
ledge ol I in'. I .-ir an.l Herman, wints WOT*
st anj thing. '> KLEIN ,_17*__*__*_____. 11
"VIMTII. 17, te do shipping, iiiTirkin-f. j
ste. :< v.mt*' exp'i.- 11 msnufBrtor* : |
Intelligent hone't. indus Hon.; family du?
rr, s-.-d: si v. si stern unemployed. M. i.
MILLER. 230 E-.-t l7th--t._< |
~ym Ntl M.v\. Ri vu- oial wishe. a
lO'ltle , In ... olll ? "r wi,"|. -al ? h,,'i-e
wiitin-- ii. i.'.ri; wlftl el,.,.,. ?: alvan"'- |
li,nf. li.. X li Sirl;. tt-H., Hr"'kim.
| " V..E.N".*. MlX.."i ? 'fl"?* ? I'Tk. j linter, or ?
I ntiv honorable employment ORO. ORAEB- i
,\KR 13.1 East -'-'I --'-_I
yul \., VI AN a'fi" has I .-ld r.'? o ? ?'?' '
p... r|a-, I,, t.,-t-! ina bm'.. V-r "I In thivO ?
, ? |? . s ?-',?- .."-iti.. i i v 1 r-f-r ne s.
vu'.re.K vv. vv.. rt \ 51, Trtbnse Office,
\ YOI'NO EV DY. plain, rapid write-,
? l.-ir.-. fi p.-iii.ni i.t sddreesin. al her
hoi.r In ..'ii.-. or office wes*: sxparrl
nc -I .. M.. -To W.s- __t. 1 i
HOOK KEEPER, double eatry, desires
i . write up books men th ly. Addrasss ll. A.
SEIHEE. Outte.iburg 1'ostothce. llu.l-ein
a 'ount). N. J _, I
CA.HIER. wc. liv s young Inly, .s- '
rellenl penman B. J. Tribune Offiee.
si i nu .i: vpn r.i: ..... typevvki i iii
si, ,::. p, ii i r , esp ri -c-I a--.ir.-., p.i?i?
Pen or Mill r.ive warB :i( .. tl- o ; mt. ? i
. ,. . ,,..la dla, .li I'Stis lt oin Titi.
V a.ih rhiit Building, lil. Vi'il'i-'._
"1 YI'I.VV llll'l- ll kc. Uv i re_Bg girl.
17. a- tji'Mii . and otte. a-s stun. : ni,
h,int?h t, -t r ( renee; aalarv sedetsta
Address ADVERTISER, I .(Wt 1 strive._
" VV\.NTEI>. A I'.ihv '? take tare ,.f Fit
h..,,. . l.eMf ref.-i'.-rrees. ADVERTISER,
1..;..'. Zd-sve.
Domestic Sitnattono tiJantcb
P.ETl.EIl or COACHMAN Hy a fair
CaimplexkineU young colored man: tl,..r
ciKhl. understands th- duties of buller ,.r
? .,. i "i.,n in lift alas*, family. Address
a.. 1". ... ina Dutllel 1 lt., Hr... klvn.
""?f:l*TI.EP.. liv an Intaillglent Bwede
tniltia.l In lils! .1.i-i families hera. BM
uhr mal. sci Ive, quick and punctual; strict
iv temperate; rxa-slleni references. All?
ure.- i'"V.pi:i"i:n"1". Tribune office.
Bl Tl.I lt a gentleman il.-..- f, stan.
lin, f.n hi bu tl e. CBS ? .,i.?i'l".ilpiim|v re
. ..a t, en 1 . Iiini for sabrtet' a rn general
.-.i' ..ci. v. . . M.. i.'-':.' Rroidway,
"a',..,ic WAITER o' VALET. Hy a col
i.fd m.ni in privets family; city ..r coun?
try, Addrers IHE" BROOK*, 211 East
loch! ri
.1 |.1 referena e; would t ike
chsrge ul ga-mile man's i-ounir* place. Ad
draaai P. E. ill 22d*>St. and .'!!-.ive.. Brook?
ii.v jiman, ll) :? lel.'nbie Protestant
?-Hr h hs ."'. a i'l mt* i.t ta r." lef r
pu, c-, ??, ? lu div i , i'ii n'r. pp lerred.
A. T l.TOI .(.I av-.
I 'i V. I'M \N or -IE iNII-.VIA.N ) I
sinai ? S ? !?-..lil.u 2. ic-'- i -- >f-r
sure . . all . r ad : ???? 5*1 P r.-ave ,
I a ll"? -t ll e. _ _
..A. IIMvN. A lodi", ."...lei!.si to '.o
. . i ois' thr iii ii si, a. "I-:...- to tnt
Fl -I.I.a- , i ? . . Filial). av.Fa.lFI I 1,1 I sn :
a : a |.:".|.. re, ..a ii end lu every !'??-'.' '*?
Ad.ir - ll. A. I ?.. 'ale Mrs. .vt. B.
?-t.-a.-,-. I i.-'lc Point, lh'I ..'..... N I.
~ T-, .A* Tl ii '..*. i- - mali; sm- j
. . tl ? lal-l) un.. ? ? inda his business:
I, f-. carriages, harness; careful drlvafr;
, nv . r ? minn . generslly useful. city
. es. Il IACHMAN, BO Eh-av-.
~ .'.'.V JIMAN" OKOOM ' ??"'li. EVEN
f'l'.E.s- liv s rciici . ni,le; no chil?
dren I man a-a gi-aod ? - a. I narin sad tr.-'in.
?,r ? sax*I c . >k Find I .uti Iress; b *:, com
potent servani wiitin, "il obliging;;
i.i p. i- ri.ii reference; country preferred.
).,, ,... ,,|.'.,?..-, M. M . ? are f .\!r?. a il I
lin*. SHH TCh-aa.. _
COACHMAN, ih- a competent, expert
: try; clip and I
dress horses; mosl ituirnagl) ?.-.."m. lakes |
re ol si rta_s*a anal 1
nerd ?..rk , S years'
reference from genileman in this elly. E. I
M Box IO, Tribune Office
? "" V IIMA.N. lu- i simile H-'ll-nd'-r. j
underslamls ...:?: if ;.:,.? h..rs?s. hirness
snd ? .'. ?'? - '? driver; Hardener cs.
.? l stlend furnaces; g.t references,
lh .LEANDER, ll \ ja. Tahune I I
.-.i.v.-HM VN. Ila h thoroughly experl
eaeed. single Pi? ????"t.mt f;i.in. nompeteht
and reliable general wirker .,n gsatle
man's place; .hil sr.d .'diging, i ireful
airh-r: . i" or rouatry first chi's refer
v I lt ? . COACHMAN. .'. Merris -,<..
near Broa.wa)
COACHMAN Ev a .ungi, marC mho
'.?.. ? thorough 'ire of h.'rsa*. harne?K
' and .mi aaa.-, sams kept In perfect (MB
i dillon: styllsh-appar-Biin. airiva-r. sober.
a i vi I and a.'liri,it. ittMiid furnace and
lews otherwloe useful; fair sra*Bas sa
gaea '? I r... ..h)as-t|..n to country; weil
recommended Address ENOLI.H, R.ix l,
Trll UBe iiftlce.
COACHMAN v gentleman lum leaving
for Europe would Ilk" to Bad a pla.-e f,.r
his c.,i. im-.m. who bas been I. his em
plo) f ,' ?.veral years; |? s safe driver: nf
s.I habits; will recommend lum hlf-hlv.
Address .,r r?!l nt is". Cath-ave., coron
COACHMAN. H\ n y.aun? man a- leh?
man for small lamlly; k.h.,i sxparrlence .ml
v ! he? Hrs HAGAN, K>4
VV || I'-'l;--'.
... ".. Il V| \\ j. -i-l a,Altin.NEE IE ?"
sin.'. Herman, sha understaisli t:,e (nil
...re ..f hors.-; ,;ip>ful iirlvr, milk, prim.
? i. ?h_? , iain be f und - ,her,
Industr not en t obliging "address
'?I P i- -' ti r ire ,-f Mr |*cnl. ld
PARMER !<? ensosemeni wanteal;
Am. ri, ?n 3S. manie I. x sn, ill i
?c?te,,,. n|| fa rm I ns live
udoor . irdenln., ch I ?? lau nc;
ni ?? t.-.i hum f.,,!-, m
fl best Itsl < t
??????? ' c. n .ri th. st it... a. ii.
?' . i: v iti li ??: I*talns. N. V.
El.' 'His'l' ,.; I ti VIll'ENEU i i
mai . expert in rrowlng r -..?.-. and violets
and all othei il iwers; grwpa . les; ll '
? Il fnd -I ve_l labia s. and all
. :f ?;? 1.ih [lian's plat ??. married;
? ? . ' . a. irs .ld; bes
> ld ? -- ll I'M mi. tlortst. Pearl
.: '. md < unty.
lellisent ' lerman .:: i ? el or prl
l.'.a. E,-t ISUth-ai.
i- vei .ENER. iii i in irriard mai
famlb 'Ti -tiv first . tass in nil bran
. rdenlngi wishes to t.ik- general I
chsrxe . t gentleman's country place; high- '
.?? re'eren -' Por particulars, sppi) O.
AMRIIYN, T-". Pr aspecl Place, Hr i klyn, |
.! VIU'ENEH Ry a mhldl* ge I, ???-''
German: honest md -alter; able t.. take I
? I.".-Kc pf gl-nllel n'l pi I.e. lltV!?'! "ill.da
the ,.i.. of I rSes and c.??. K.V.Nal, Js
-' , Kl Fl -?
slnsle men; ld ve.,,-" rxp*rleni*e; r.,n (eke
rhirse ..f gentleman's place. P K.. ;tiai
vv -t 27th -t
GROOM s.,.lt;|..; th.-irciKhiy understsnds
ties: h.mest soper, willing uni
obliging; hlghi) re.-,.iniii-nd-.| Iv eta
family, ''..ii .i address J. evans. x-:i
1.. ll IS SVC
""herman ANI. english composi
T'.lt a inls sll .Bil Tl in n.-waip.iper or {nb
office; m.least.in.;? pr.sewi.ik. Address
OARDENER'. By a sin_1e man ea n-n
tlemaa'a place; capable in all braacne
trees, plants, Itowsra, shrubberies, etc
care .af h..r?.-s Hnd ooira, If ra-aqulred; can
t ike full du__fs of santlsman's plac
best of rcfe.-ii.es. A'l,lre?s GARDENER,
ail Baal iMth-st
il v..in mi; end FARMER, -Dy pr, tl
? al mau. married, of,.- child. on geitlemali-a
plsce; wife tlr?t-i-l ".a l.iiifr ir noan j refer
"ii.'.-s. Addre-e ilARUENER, 1,197 l-t.
HARDENER By a lha>rou-rhly experl
f, .-ai grower ??' r .?.?>, carnatioas, vtoMta,
"?K'tahlea. fruit and fsneral sanlenlng;
ex. ill.nl referenees for character, ability.
K . Box .t"'.. 1.243 Broadway.
GARDENER. By a mnrrl?.l man: th..r
nughly posted in nil branches ot gar?
dening; k.i references. Address M. 0.,
n \ "MS, Nyark, N V.
HEAD OARDENER, Prderstaads the
cult Iv ttl.-ii ..f .,11 Kteenhauise pianls. ?rap
eil.--.. fruits un.I veaetsMes, niushr.. ins,
ct. : ih<- yeers with present employer.
Aal'lrees OARDENER, .'.'.ilhst. nnd 2d
,,\e . s.uith Hr ."klvn.
m vinni n man. _?-,, will ng ta do any.
di na u il r?t in ' ? car ? lr, e< rp -ax* K i.t
imi. I re,,h Itali ni and Spa idas h. Call or
adli"-e ROLLAND. 251 vv -t ;( ,1- r.
Sr.lll.Nl ..VI AN. Ia\ von,,..' inna. ?.'?.'. beet
ny ref nu ss. .\d lr '.- PETEIt, Box 112,
E. ?;?_? llr..nl?iiv
isEiii.vtvN By youn. Bnrtiah-uan;
lhonau.hly understsnds ail kinds a,; house?
work mill funiaxcass; doctors preferred; tlrst
class pen mal dtj references. Address P..
IMI Bast int ti <i _^
PmKKI I. vi vN North of Ireland ;
handy with tools; les perste, muiiii--.
hk" sim,innn on u-a-ntli'ii, in<
country piara; refcr-mees. Adsrsss E. T.
r, I iii, ona- Ulina-.
--, i i'I.vian. ih protestant. country
Mcfrral; gool .lr'. ?? BBS air letter: rsi,
.illa; -atlsfiuli.ri refa'PllM. Addie-.-, R.
vv.. HT East p.ith.-t . Bridgman's store.
I sri IL-MAN" A Dane -J.",, spiitka
-?.Heb and German, wishes sliaallas In
erlvs(.< house; willing und amiier; food
reference Adair-*- A. NT.NDKK, JW7
Av ":,,,,? f, ___??_______,
isl El I M VN |?ir(er. elevator runner,
rte.; apeek-i four langnargsi city or conn
tra list- , i--. nf. iv.'.c. K. V. V . -ll
Ea-f t,tli-l._.
"WAITER COOK.?By married coiipb-;
n.. children i-'th empetent servanta;
e? | personsl r.-f.i.'na.'e. willing and .M.a.
*?. j -, ,,, codntry. Pleaas aat<_-.*ss h.
Mp'RRAT. .Mill ''th av"_
V'VII'T Bl "' "roughly expertena-eo
Rnellah'man. t" ii ne'itleman; sooil city
refe'.-nces C. H.. Kw BS. Tribune Ep
town a.ltl.e. 1.'.'?'' ___**__
""? \|l lill, useful iiiiin. lnt"lllit?nt young
German neal appearance; willing, oblir
in^ un.leratan. I furnnces; not afrsl.l of
?".ria. .'?. clhmt raterencss. BEI.Ia.ARDT.
2t, West Hth-sl._i
" WANTED.-Hltuatlon by a respectsble
colored man wllh a doa-tor. or walter in
orlvate family; or would do any Jitnd of
wa,rk Just from Hie Hamth; willing and
,,i.nalpa <*all two daya, MS Lexlngton
_ve.. UrooWyn.
Domestic Situation- CPanub
v.-a.-a.- ? .
Ml.**. L. .sI'.I'.LV,
?Ja WEST 3SD-.1.,
POREION v* I) Im.'ll-.VIIC
MALE ami ll M VEE
STUD TEY INVi".STl?.AT!'.li.
Servant- tin-'klia aiu-agencm"* will
bS -ll'lll?al fra,!, ullK'a Bid forfeit Sll
a lah, pa lea' pilli.
Ero,klvn Oihce .-,10 l-'nlioii-it.,
l omer Hviiomt FAOtO,
: EMPLOYMENT ur rea. , i
: 3.V5 ctii-ave.. I
: Mrs. Dewitt Wilson. Pro'r!?'rMs. I
: fornerta- with Mrs. L. Seelf. ?
: l'oreiF.'ii snd USMaeStle Help ?
I a>f ell Kiri S
All order, are pionnttlr Ailed: I
: tpearls I atta"!tion to coastey irdcr?: i
: ref ren.es aro strictly lr.r-i.tl2.iied :
: sud on Hie. I
A. ? A. ? A. .*-Y.'l ill -ll s.ivi'it-' aO"gS,
lauudl sus s. ch.i'iib -r-ii .a I fa, scams! rc Bse,,
Kit -lla-ltlliM.II. lllHH M,a'h,l- ':a|i .Ni r...
VI vEMi'dln.'s ll i- an. HS Itt-avc, up.
iiva.i. .*. v.e-t i_d-rt., can ti? bad hour*.
kl-T>i?. _c . in >">??. nurses. mii.W. eooha,
housemaids, waitresses, laundresses^ but?
lers und rab ts
PLOYMKNT HOI'HE. lox '.th .iv.. w?
have lae-t coarhmen, grooms, gards aw s,
far ilium.ls. farm foremen, u .ful m.;
married and single; all natl..ns. alsa, fe
lll.ale lie||,. \a,.-'| f. c. ,|,) Til' ll'! ' I , ? ftnO
llshed 1M7._
v MIDDLE v<;i:.a uermaa widow
Bristles la, go "Ul hy the gey as <-,,in
stress oe elcfe nurse; can fumlsJi ref.?r
-11.e. Address seamstress. 1 ,tot lst
v COMPETENT OIRL ta take eora ot
Intent a,r gr, srln: Lblldrrn ard .1 ? piala
s-u'Ihk: Lent cit) reference fi - mi Ih?i eni?
Il.iet 711 a',rh.;,v... l,.-t-.\. .? i til ant
(?"il st?.. Tytaaa's t,. ii.
A PIRHT-CLAKH roltred laundress. with
unsurpassed fart 11 h-- sn . iel .ce adahes
ga-ntl 'iiFMii'a anl finill. na li 1. lc up i
Haal er ll ., "I, ell I, ai alrvi,". I". E.
J< IIN'SON. l.'*a VV t ;?'.!. --t
A HP Hil. v Ei.E.-.vTEi. Parlalaa lady
ti.'."... Protestant, ppeaklng English, egcej.
leal Er. n h snd (Vrmen, drswlna, paint?
ing in oils snd water colors, desires a
place In Nea Vak: fam.lv ,,f refinement
preferred; reference! Mlle. E H.. Lilli
M :'?:,-.. ie it,.ant.wn. Philadelphia,
A | SIB. if.n '?> do ch imi.S ri. or
housework: n ,".1 refa-reace. 'i.-.J West
lath -t . Mar-O-Ira 's h"il.
" .'.Vii* CHAMBERMAID anl WAIT-"
HESS By EnsllShWoman anl daughter
in sm.,11 family "f adults: n. washing:
hlghrsl reference; ? h ? ot country. < 'ail
or addresa Mts. DALT, -'?? Weal -'.Hi?
st., ring nu.-...
. "< i'iK. i' .rn Englishwoman; tho,*.
oughly understands French, i:n-.-i; -), ;,fi_
Am.ti, .,ti rooking; Brst-clsss referon ?;
country no object Um. BO Wes! li.Th-st.
cook a , snpeteai girl ss g,-..! Bosk
in a private family; bes! elli reference^
Bo ? ards, ".-"1 E.-i-i ll lt-SI . !-? tl. .-.r.
i UMPAMoN and It.v Ul alta a., . -ii/
wi nan of r ii ,.-in.-,.t eha.ru sid dbItis*
tlisl'i.-: |'.a .al IC.lat lilli WrHei J hlgtta'S*
i.f. r-t,,'.. A.'.'r..- H.. P. O. i*"\ li.
".'."a.', W' -? 1 lt. .-I.
COOK i-n v.v:i:i:;iM.vti?." Hv" two- co|.
ored girls; oas as i ..k sad laundress; iii.
cth-i ... rharrhermalal :it; i waitress; .-tty
or country, advertise1:, care of Mra.
Lee, ."M v.". i ??
COOK r .',....< .,.,! L\EN:iKE.-*S By
ii ??: ? ?? ? ???:?? s. t.h girl; cits .-r ooaa>
try; beal ?...-??.s: n-c .-ifrnlal of w.,rk.
Coll HAMES DIRECTORY, Ho .ith-avs.
COOK.?Rf a tir-f- .ns. e.\p rKiued coi.
nraj rook' in private fun.nv; reforeasa.
Call 12. vv, tt :t-'ai-st.
, fl .;; , i;., :i i ,. !,?..n,l, si. com etc t
Oennaii nonun; ,..,:.??? all Kind- of -oups,
li,a- t- (.ri, rt:, I ;,. try ; ia '? lo it refer.
race; h.. (.hjertla a to "iiintrj. lid
Ea-t itu :?-? I..,. X-ave.
..'N.'. i . ! girl a- .ooat
Sf ' ? ?!?? I ? Ul :.?..ri; In a -neill
private r.. ? ce. M. PARKES.
4 IP VV-,.., .Ttl,-I.
CdiiK I. vi NHili ->> - CH AM DER?
MA ID, vv.vt i" it i uh.- iv t-rra Herman i-.ou
rete-it girls flt. rtareuces. <SI7 ?it.i-.ivi'.
.'OOK -Hy experlenaed Herman; sasher
and 'Ulick: undTStanda his business thor.
oughly. Address C. KLIXQREBNBR. HT
Eas! 's'th si.
DAV'S w..?- Tc^WA^iTrxn.-Hy %
ras| ci ta'.il.. ca.hr.sl won an t. d. day's
ia.a k at Finv kin'I >r to take hom,, nai-hin.
by the doyen. .1. I... Jil l.-t in:-..-f.
DAY*. WORK -A reepectabto tommi
anissa wishes aw. by day of aee_; best
??itv ref.-ren.es, uaaWretande all kinats ot
?? rk. A dal rem i*. |\, l.'.'.i Hist 47th-st.
dav's Work.?Youa. srosaaa wirha--,
I" g" .'lt SB, aa asl. le ':?? OBJ . Jt I.IA,
iv Weet Ta I st-st., t ?; ?'
OERMAN LADT, who rai speak o*ti
teach On msw sad French, .ila., give in.
(atriii'tl-ns in mush, wishes place with r?
tina'd family t>e.st references. Adiiass E.
KI.II'I'EE. esra VV. Sah.-uiniiin. Stapla*.
(?n. S. I.
OOVERNE88. h. Iv can highly recom
ii-n l N rth Oerman visiting gotei uses,
who lias ni-., n leajeona In lier own family
thr.-e yarars; terms ica reaeoaaMe, hythe
h ar, va-.-k or BK.nih ,>r "ill aa-e-*pt reel,
dent pajelti'in, Alalresa OOVERNEM,
l> >s li. i Xix Broad
ROI'f-iEWORK, ie s - . ts I'.'d
B ol -Itua)I ti to' ra Bbl 1 Rle I". I -taut
L-. I. Il la;a:- ,,a| ta il, li..,r Work o'- Ul
.I-'-- WIU) . .. A i'ii -? EM<
Pl.iil , IL 1 241 Bi d ?-.?
II..I SIM I I'i.ll r.y :i nr.d.lT.-ii- .
woian. it am otner p tlon o' fi m h. I
.. t i.f leu. ??-. Mr- titi.,: I", 4U ("ru ...
-i. _
~ li... >l.Ki.i I'l.K. in . ..nip-?? n( middle
i't.it ?ii... ;..- rhitaren; :i." !? mlO
? un : i ? ,-;tt a,ii un,|....-tl.,,,ul,le r-fa ri,'.'-.
Mia E.vi I. tia i ii t'--" D ooklyti.
IIor-?EWORK .'.cttiMTi gul to de
1 iuse-s rk ni itFai. K.a.?l e?.k: honest,
willing., "bilging: good nrfarrssMe. -ul
Weet i-ll
rlOI'IIEKEBPER German w. man wish
es si) istl Fi as h .il? ..-p. r. M. f-.'HMlDT,
103 Sd av . ii.-ii 33d-st.
Il.al - 1 Wa iHK ? - a -, U i tn.
I., rn au prisaai; g ol pian coo. and Isan?
dra Ml a. ?- II ' ..I llO .- ??.. > ll ? Ohjcal ll
ta coan tr* ; b -f i Itj reter nee. 10.
I ,-? ;:if..-' nar ::?! a\ ?-. _________
HOUSEKEEPER By eompeteat srorS
In -. . ? whei.ther asrvsa"*.
are kept; ur a-a lady's maid; rsfrrenco
s.. h."si Uth- ive.
lla.i -.;.\Vi.:'.K Ey ., nest No -aa
.1 1: a;m , . , #'.ei, i ,m alni is ac us
...ii. | to til. iluli's nf a waitress; rlijr ur
.itry. vv , Mra, (Vi l ii Ki.: 8th-avg.
LADY". .VIVI!. ..r NriWE. By <'."r:Fian
proleeuni - bul)' ? ff...11 . r Buns t i
grown mi i,-ti. k-",I refer-** i. Apply al
1,'T Kai-I 33d st.. 3d ft ior._
"l.VPIES MAID "r Pin >t"ESS[.?NAL
Kl use.- By a >MinF.' Intelllgeni srosaaa;
excellent nurse a.id m..ss.-ut. for -i dell.
cnta- lady "i- child; higbly recoaunea_e_.
Adalrcas 1ST Eaai ad-ai _m
LADY*, mviic itv a Preach person no
Orst-ideas mail, halrdreaser snd pac_er|
,-itv .mmendalloas. "M gth-avn., Jua*.
quln'a Bureau._
~ MAID, ot Nl'HSl": and SEAMS TEES-.-;
liv < x|,.-ti. n. cl Pr.atestant woman, | -4
city ref.-ien-'. t'7'.i r.tfi-ii.e , nug lst_b-!U.
.viiiiiii ivs \.SD*TANT gcQerally, bs*.
ful companion, nur-rv po. mess or t> ie__r|
oaali. ;.ti"i.-. Eernian. English, Trench,
mu. ie a.id sewing: i.r. t. i. . ft. AdiM*-*
?a 11 KN HON. ii. wv.! aid-st._
ne ese; ex pe ii ncc. i.i nervoaa a-a"-'..;
al.iv a,r night li LEE. a arv of Wal Iron,
1.7 vv.-t Ulth-ast._
.NI iisl Ha a woman to take ,_i<> at'
tativ s| her hostel "Ul g'N- no'lu':"-. eira*.
Miss ll.illili rsu.N. Hil Vduiiti'-avaj.,
Hear S I,ene. tildi -ave . '.'.I Boor, B'klyn.
Nt'H*-l'. Hv a young Germs, girl aa
mir-.- t? grawn cbMiaa; rai a->s|i.t wita
|..--,,|i*; val,." kllo?l'd.t' of II.U?ia'. 1). G.,
l .?,".) 1st ave., top lat. _^
Nt use By ,i capaMa and areli reooru?
men led Ef.-p.'li |iar-...n ns nurs.- io sn ,l|
rhlldrea; plain aewla.. tKC cih-ava-, j_o>
ajaln's Hui. in.
NI ESE a. By a girl ns iiiit? sn.
to ,l" plain sewlac: ls fa.rial nf children.
_ii_ Weal ."tl'iiist.. ring Peytoa'S bell.
NE lisii V lull il.-ita-, a s tU-Uoil for
S e,i:i peu-l.t Au-a rican BUMS fo ? lufiint|
is a gool seasistfera; can ho seen Mu.iday
at 101 East W-h-st,
:. otto ?"tiian laa an invalid or aged per*
? ti. g.I referances. Mrs. HKoWN. 3_|
Va-Fit :.;th-st.
IN'I'ANTS NELSE Kv .. wa ll re.-oniT
nen.!?? I \.lg va.nial., .-ity or .ountry.
D'-t VV.st isth-st.; 3d bell. _
Ni 'MK. By Bn-rllsh Protestant: twelvo
va-.ii>" esperleaaF-e with Infants an.l >a,un.
ahihl.en. tl...r..uglily competent; is-m city
reference; former swptoyef cun be ?e*a.
3."si Weet p.ih st.
'~NI-R.SE oi (oVIPANloX to !nv_li_
nr eld.I a la H o nek I'llild. AalitreSS
M. li i an.' of IE, TIT Pro?p,'.'t I1.*.*
> .ung Protestant of g'?>al siapearancei
(hair ughlv underst.in.is waark In flrat-clssa
h.ausa-: has bSst city referena-ei. WI 0th?
?ivac, .lacjiitn's II urea il. _
"""RESI I'i'TAIiLK young Oerman woman.
go.xl nurse, will ?!?> h..U8e'.?aiTk wants ult.
U.itla.n, best r.-faTenres. l?. K.. Trlbua.
CVaapetent; br day or home; goaid sklrt
niali.r, neal tlnlKher; nlwi family sewing.
Address I.A VIS. Uki Wa-st .llth-it._
~ SEAMSTRESS. - Hy a French girl as
competent aianaslraas in a prlvste family.
133 Kast Mlth-it.. between Park and Leg.
Inst "li-a ve*._______?____??_______?.
WAITRESS.?Young, neal anal very
c..ni|aeient, can serve anal decauate tahle
faslef uily. references. JACl.riN'8, MC
lllh -jae . _ |
WET Nl'RSE.-Woman to nurse baby
(wet) at home. HCRLEV. 237 Ave. B._
respectable young glrla, one ns waitress,
the other ea chambermaid; ollT rotOm
.s_cee. aUl Bast ?SHh-et.

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