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you UH.N0, 17,258.
aeairi.i-aa Barmen) s >rn In thc Bavl Thia pro
vis.,,,, j< ?,.,.,,. |n v , ,v ,lf ,.,,. fm . that the
?fa* coat !? ui eratoo 1 to b< i.rveil In th! Paine
fr.il ut Trevea.
landon, reb. iv Mr Bayard, th.' Called si.u.-n
y*??Baaaor, has communicated t.. lae Hritish
?jrernnieni ihe thanks of tha Catted Bute* Oov*
gnnjent for th<- effleh-nl servlfes : endered hy
?Jy(M* rroi-8! ,.,,| Tuin-ll, Knirlinh wltneas** f,.r
!"?? proiiei'uti,,,, In the nial at Nash ville, Tenn,
??.,,? no1*'1 awlncller, the Rev, I?r HonaM. Silas
"imam U,Tl\ Moore." Messrs. Kroeat and Tur
tkL "*'*f'?<riov.!p.lRe,| to have aided materially In
aaa conviction of Howard.
s-HR rrt:>'>N'i:r.. when examined, RETt'SBS to
iitswER QuEsnoita he ia believed to
Parla, Feb. IS. -Tin* excitement occasioned by
the bomb explosion al the caf* of the Hotel
rermlnus si the st. Lazare raliway station last
ri,phi han nol abated, snd ihe outrage is the sub
j. ? of dlf uaslon in ail the public places. lt has
been aecertalned that al least twenty-four per
tons were hurt Th.' name of the bomb-thrower
la Leon Breton, The police believe that h.- ls a
member of rm Anarchist group which baa Ita
headquarters al Neullly-eur-Setne.
If, Bertillon, chief of the Anthropometric l>*>
partmenl of the Paris Police, searched nil the j
morning Ihrough iii" recorda of th" department !
In the hope that rh.- mcasutementa and other
,i- tails of criminals kepi there would throw some
lipht on the Identity of Breton. He'found noth?
ing to ahow thal the prisoner had ev r bef re
l?.,-n l;i the handa of th" j. illce. Breton's han.ls
are white, and the palms show thal he has per?
formed no manual labor for some iii;'-'. Prom
iii" manner In which ii" carries himself nnd
fruin other traits In his demeanor lt is believed
that he has t?'.-n a BOldli r.
Bri I m was taken before Judge Meyer, an
examining magistrate, lo-day. li- waa piled
with questions, to nearly all of which be refused
t,. make any answers, li has been evident ever
atece his aries-, that Hi-t ni does ti ii Intend to
furnish any Information to Ihe authorities, hav?
ing told them thai it waa their place lo find
out fur themselves whatever they wan'-,I to
know ah,>ut him
M. Girard, chi I Municipal Laboratory,
f,i;s * "nit the b imb thi >wn by Dreti ri waa n
of a one-pound mc il tin. It contained, he de?
clares, eight ounce*, of chloral lash snd
j.I ric i id. The ":????? n powder" used by Vail*
\nr.: in making the b imb which he threw In
the Chamber of Deputies waa n .1 used by Bre?
ton. Detective ll 'Ullller says he believes be lias
?sen Bi ??: -i In Rna;) in I.
All the persona who arere wounded by th" ex
P sion are making good progress toward r^
M. Raynal, Minister ol the Inteilor, waa highly
gratified by the bravery displayed by the poll <?
man Poisson, one of the three nfllcera wh,. pur
treed Breton, and who was wounded i>> ons ?f
the rerolver shots Bred by rho fugitive. M.
Raynal proponed lo day to President Carnot tha:
P .--"ii should be made a member of the Leg! n
of Honor, and, M. Carnot agreeing, the lc
tion ,ias !,. ,-.i conferred upon the officer.
In the Clian,*.-- if Deputies to-day M Auguste
}' !>\ a Radical Republican, questioned
Government respecting iii" manifestation!
li ive been allowed to be made at 1
th" e;ulll..tined bomb-thrower Valllant, making
I ? ular referen - t> the fact thai ti-."
th.zer* with tha dead Anarchist hsd unfurled a
rd Ha*? at th.* grave. What, he asked, is the
Governm-nt doing to prott 1 society? Il" de*
. dared that the threats -if the Anarchists would
' be followed hv their fulfilment.
M. Clovis-H uglies. Bot lallat, frequently inter
tupted the speaker, bul M. Rouge paid little at?
tention to him. Ai lld tremendous applause M
Bound declared that ih" *lme had come for the
Government to take action to auppreea ?
ti?nary manlfeetatlona, no matter who made
M. RATXAL'I DB> i.\r-.\'-' >N .\i!'*.\": '"?
M. Raynal, Minister of .n>- I iterlor, ri
the visits i" Vallli ? t's gn ?? had only assumed
a aedlttoue character on Bun lay. He had Im
in^diaioly taken measures to prevent a re
enrr'iv"* of the manlfeetiitlors, In il-," pi *
l"i! strm- :-- v Uh th-- . !.? !:lil
eminent would defend the law-abiding 1
and \v, uiii pi event 11
-1 '."lin- 1. ; ??? 'ai a prc :
Tltis Bte te men t was gi ted wit
M. Jules Cou la nt, a Po lullM n--ni -, .
I :,'il". iii H .
Iii. h, In the
lani ls buried
allow 1 lo make u i? ra n ll"
' !., Ill.
in n ? ognlUon of th iry "f H.- di "1
of 1 .- An bi. ll u-.is fai
!,-? had ir.'iie to * '.nil.in*'- grave !!?? adi Itt* I
that a red Hat had li ? n un .-! *
repudiated the charge thal Socialism waa In
any way conm - ;i Anarchism.
M. H ? nee ilia 1 th fl
Would .-, ? ? ,? . .
A- . - hy pi -',...''' Indi ate*, thc 1 ginning;
real snd t il f th** I
th>* am > ' ? Ilea
The fjovi rnmen ]-?;,-??
pilgrimage* thai ire being mad tn Va
grave In 1 C "i. r has been I*
s.1 forbiddiiiK any on*1 tn vial ri ive, and
: netery
a* that tl
thi: deputies alaru ku ut A FALSE RfMOR
A nu "bamber of
n thal '),,? i?.ii." Btatlon
in Hu.* An, , i Carrel had been Moan up by a '
The repoi l itu
Chamber. The police station was at on<*e
tailed up over the I i--, dor. ? an I an inquiry
s aa to the truth of the report, ll waa four.d
? entire ly wltl it I lon.
Breton admitted tn J urta. thin evening
thai !.?? had given 1 . ? uni of hlmt??lfi
He ga*, a r.? >r-i!?>?: nf names, all of which ore
belli vH o be fal ? tive lloullller believes
Breton had lust arrived from London. The
;. ? ? ? pea I ari-ars an Engllsl
shirt and other linen markes] a M ll, rn 1
clean when exan otherwise showed thal
lu- h?d been accustomc 1 to decent lit"" (Hs
lien le abo lhe average On -? -ii:;: 11 -
teethe Houllllei on Monday night Breton ex?
claimed: "Hello, lloullller, it's you; I knew
yeu weil!" 1 *- tc etlve lloullller believe 11 I
la on the verge of an Important db *ove ry In the
not TO i": BBOI'I ' ..!>
1. rn lea, Fi b. ll The markei fa
week to-tlsy, in di ? tlc .Tiri 1. .\< ??,-? hav
'.n * fer thre 1 ? tha 1 iw* 1 p in
reu-h.. I I . , JO' I,
To-.i-i,- there waa a declli.r '?.!,, it, ? price
teecklaai -!?'.?!. p r oe
T- ? !?!:*?? r que Bil. ti waa up again In I
af Ces rac na tod . Beplyli to titi ie,ns on 1 i"
auadert, Bli A'tlllam Vernon Harcourt, Chancellor
of the Kxch<-,|ij,-j-, rjeclsred that lt *? is not In
' * 1 .;a-n ta ? mint* of Indlj lo tin- fr,-- ,
,f ill* 11. to rea< ,;,t a minimum rate for the
Bale 'ti ir, in <? I- aid furthermoi
? the (Jove rn men I did nol Intend t> t.ix Import a
of ailvar or *. change ita preseni 1 dlcj The ln
<I'.i-. Oorernanen 1 ha* i,,.' rsl borrowing
power... berna inaid <.t i ,,- limit t a.M
Hom.', Pee, r;._Thi- Pop* will permit Hie B
ot versailles, sw lbs oe salon of the Ms) fetes, to
eahihi! the coat ..1 Christ, erbich i? k* *,.t at \:
?BStet.ll, on condition that th" Invitation* sent oul
ao not eon ta tn the statement th.t 'ii.
London, Feb ll \ r pori was circulated in v.-r- \
n to-day to the effeci thal the Hsmburs;-A merl?
in I in-- ?:? imer Augusta Victoria, Captain Bar*
rids, from Hambui for New-York, had foundered.
.mperor William lc irned of the rumor, and sent
dispatch to '- uni von Hatafeldt, lb* Qeratsn
imbassad r In Lon lon, aaklng if it aras true. At
he edi,ts of the company In l*ondon nothing hud
? ?ti heard beyond the fad that eucb a rumor was
i circulation, and no credit whatever waa giv n
,* it. the manager of the office expressing the
pinion that it had been circulated by som,- on..
ne re ly for ths purpose of creating s sensation
The Augusts Victoria touchsd nt Roiithampton
ind sailed from there on Sunday. Tin* signal sta?
ion at L4aard Foin I reported thal Bbs passed there
: 6:43 o'clock yesterda* morning. At that time
he v. s- | signalled "All well." Thia was tha last
iear*l if her, nnd ihe Lizard la th.- last signal sta?
ion from which she would be likely to I ? seen.
The t-.-i i. s. nti.tiv in this city of The United
'r. .is suha. niently had an Interview with ihe
nim- - : ol Ihe company, ?*ho declared that the
impan) did nol ha vs tl - bleat anxiety regard
: safetji of Ihe steamer, The manager asld
hat he w ia unable to explain how th.- rumor had
?i ? a atarted, though he profeaaed to be able to
race lt* origin io h Fret ? ? .:?? Intlmatlna that
t had bren --til*--..I in Havre. Inquiries madi
.loy,la, where it is probable lhat Ihe facia veould
.i !??? known if anything had happen**! to the
? ii. showed that the iinderwrltera were i ?
mt th ' anj accldeni had occurred to her, in
illy no cr< lc nee I attachcl
,i th-- ru
Emil Boa**, ihe agent of the Hamburg-American
iiald > ? ster! iv that there was
ndatlon for ihe report that the Augusts Vic*
aria had eon* down or had mel disaster. Had
lurh heeti the case, he said, he would hare been the
? receive word of H from the iher aide. The
Viiguata Victoria waa lust reported passing eui of
! ?? [Jr!tlah Cheam I ? IJsard, and she then
Itf thoughl "i the M irl*
Ime Kxchan ? yesterday ti'it the rumor originated
ry aom not ir wltli the manner In which
? ??. a ls sent ha ' patch from the
.Iznrd the i i^-,:ir of the Augusta Vic*
>rl Thia dispatch maj have read, "Passed down,
;. s. \. ista Victoria," as a vessel is sometimes
?aid lo "p - down" when sh.- g ?? - ? ii of the
'hannel ai : to "pas* up" ashen ? . enters the
Mo anxiety is felt here for Ihe Augusta
,'lci ri,
The following letter wi- r.ive.] hy Th" 'Tribune
.--sr.-I- l.iy.
i'.. the Editor of The Tribune.
Slr: Beferring lo the rumor about oar ateam-T
, Viet r.. se are In recelpl
?able from oui ? ? ? ? ,i
"The riiiiicar regardlns the loaa of th? Augusta
entlrel) with iui foundation, lt prob*
ibly arose thrnugl .- boat Vlei rta sinking
:: Hamburg Hal , yesterday'* bc r
rale. Our express dean *r Augusta Vlrtorfci con*
Inued the voj ige ?? n.-w \ ,,k from Southampton
? lay eve nit -. pa - a the Llsard ol Monda*
norning ai ? -,'. a m., signalling "All well.' \\ .
tare taken legal steps ajralnal the author of th*
umor " EMIL i. Bc i\ i
Genera! Passenger Manager.
Ilemburg-Amerii in Packet t'ompany.
L/mdon, K"i> ii *, dispatch firm Vienna .'iv.
hat 1*4 Armenians wen killel and MS wounded
luring the recent riots st Yuagat, Turkey Th* dla
?.itch nw* aaya that the An ? lahltanta -,f
ested the i 'nile i States l ?? aul to
nform President Clevel theil miserable con
lit) n
? -
I/Oiidon, Peb. 13, So ronflrmatl.an be had of
tho r- ;? ? ? ? ? m**r t.i im, .',???,i
: " ? m Pe hi 11,11 ' '? r '.
fork, haa !?? I of If
received here from Roi
hit not known
of the lo of th ,-c ase!.
Al tl. ? office of the v- therland Imerican I ? ?
I: ? ? | ? ?.:? r
leam..i ? Itottei m, li
had i-..ii.' ?! iwn off
; ?? : it v. :is aald
? that al itemc nt cou I not po nail ?. be I
[h.- ct,.lam aft'T sailing from Itotterelam on i'-!.
ti ii !.. ? at I louie i ?? -.1 Februai j I, look
ei ? ? - ? ? ll i, > i i ? ? ?'. a eal
? ? I not have been anj -
? i. neal tl.- I ? ii. i. rosa"
i:.\ I OF I.ii B-SAVERM
!?? vb .'.-:. Mass., Peb. 13 Thc a ks I
aehuonei Portu ? haa gone to pleres, The lehrla
-,. ? the hon tm mllei VII ol the i- I
vc arrive I In tove n a nd bc en take n In
Bene vole ni Ba lety. .lum.-*-- .\;.
i. ? ? Abi;, li un I:. - ? -? ii ol Oli li ? I el. srere
.*? ?, ? I ? ?, !,r>-i,'. i. large three-n-asted schooner ram*
i ? ?... bi itlon. The st aa ma I* a ? lean
bleak over her, thc aprey dashing up nearly aa
the mastheadn. On* heavy sea struck* the
? ; on thc quarter and brought her head ort
ahore, ni i th.- ,..-?-. I went out clear of the land
.? ? ? on bo . i ??: ie", .rn I it la sup*
; that thi ':?-?? we re washed orerl oard. I*
haa lie ??. thc ere Ht..rm ,.f the i eai on, an I
thc life-saving station men In*" bad a bard ea
S, ituate. al ? Feb. lt?Tba three mast. I
schooner Minnie Rowan, v.ith coal, for Boston from
Haltlmore, before reported atranded neai Thlr?l
, .. | - f< e| from the ahore, between
hirst and hVconn i liff* The crew were still in
n,.. r;-_-i a,- .,i I '.< oi lo. k thi evening, the life
M.. t<, rescue them, o ring lo thc
high neat which arc i-ontlnually breaking ovei
tl .. ,?,.,i ii is thoughl ih it
another effort will !?? auccesBfal, sa the weather ls
mo I* ? itln .ii,-** hal.
MU ll XRRlSOy il III. JOf l"*i v''';
*-,., ri inc nco, Feb 13, -Kx Preside ni Ila
? ? ..- arlll ii il presld ? Bl the PoMtli
mic Congress to be le'.d ii
th ? Midwinter Exp tl arill I ?? a
- on the Urlff au ul n In
isl. the Vx-Pl
' '.ire 81 Ih, I-...
, . ( . i. he wi I nol -iv - i ?' I :'- ai iny
bl ? ?
OPPOSED I" iiii; /-, I "'//. I i I
ch.ri. snm. g. ?', Fi b. H. The Cherie
? i Ra 110th anni! ? i i
At Ihe ire" I n| In i ie m irn
.. . m ,n ** i ? ui anlmousi] pas*i d n iui itln i
, i h mt! Carolina lo opp ?- ? "? Inc ime
iuaf of i-i" Wilson bill, unfc i* bj
,: ,. ',. |g, ,tt the whole I,ill -ii.tl. I," leopjrdlsed.
..:; , ? ..-.-, appolnied ,i ap *cl il committee to
, -, , ,.:j ,,; ,,, opporltl ,n :,. Ihe Patterson l.ni
, , . me Int 'rstate rommerc* act, and to
'.;.,..'? ? ,.-.ne- ,-tin-i.- ? ,,i tllacrlmli it lon in
i .-. aa lil ' '?- rtouthern i ri
gi //?/ v / of poi soy r.vfl /\ ///': k'ttt. vu \ < asl
Baltimore, feb. U * - '? ''- '"-11 feeture in the
now celebrated Di Kremlen case developed thia
afternoon, wher rn-ofesaor I". B, Wilson, the chem
lal who had been analyslni tba contenta ,,r the
:,., of John inti-.-, elisa Hanbuch, disc, ..,. i
unmistakable evidences of poison. Owing te ;he
rei Incomplete nt.ite ,,f the analytical exj.e-rimenti,
Prifeesoi IVIIson li unsb'.e to determine tha .-*<i?-t
nature of the poison, bul he t- bu re that the Btom
.,.i, ot th- dead tuan contains aome polaonoua drug.
To day'a discover) may result In the exnuminj of
Karl H*nry Mulbr'a h."Iv. tc. determine if he did
not di- of polaon Kure and Moller w*r? patleiite
of Dr Kr-mien, and th.-y died very suddeniv.
Kre-nlen ia ieeked up charged erith forcing a wm
In Forrc'a name, wileri give to Kre-nlen'a wife an
? amie o' HOM Muller waa wltneas to the alleged
will ar.i. lt la stated, kass/ that lt waa a forgery.
Muller suddenly became Ul and died wlt.iln forty*
eight hours.
?-'"MM lilli'Il IN BK) HARBOR,
Buenos Ayres. Feb. ll?Advices received li-re
from Rio Janeiro are t,- th- effect that the re?
cent attack made by the Insurgents in their st
tempt to capture Nlctheroy, a report of whick
was contained In the United Press dispatches
: -' eight, lasted f'.r ?-i\ boura Th. insurgent
losa is placed al MO. Thees sdvlces confirm tbs
reported that Admiral da Cam... the insurant
commsnder, wan wounded. Pow of th.- In?
surgent officers are sail to hara been killed.
London, Peb. 13. la response i. a question
Baked In the House of Commons t -dav by
Janies Parker Bmlth, Sir Edward ''.rev the Par?
liamentary Becretary of the Foreign Office, said
thal Ihe stepa taken for tba protection of com?
merce at Kin Janeiro had i.n agreed iipon by
'll" naval commanders of tha various Powers
which hsd vessels there. lt was stated, he
added, thal Insurgent ships were In th.- habit
of taking refuge among the British merchant*
men which w.-r,- moving lo a safer anchorage.
si:- Bdwnrd further Bald thal he was not iware.
.hal Herman and American warships afforded
greater protection to merchantmen of those
countries than was afforded to British merchant?
men by the British warships.
The I.isii.m rorrespondeni ,.f the United Press
forwards a report from a Brnallle.n Qovernment
source thal rt bill for the provisional removal
,,f the Government from Rio Janeiro to Petro*
polla haa *, .i*so<i the third reading in the Braxll*
ian Congn ss.
Camden, N J., Feb ia The case of Henry
Oeorge againsl John T Wu dbull, In tba Cam?
den <'i\il Court, waa Bottled to-day.
M. ur* c.,- ri ? the plaintiff, la ti'- well-known
single-tax sdvocat ? ano the author .,r the boc u
"Progress and Poverty." s. m.- yean ago George
Bowers, an ? ntrl dd r. side nt i *' Am ra
Camden County, died, leaving aboul 118,000 or
120,000, th,- greatei parl of which he herqueatheil
tn Mr Oeorge foi the dissemination of bis
doctrines The Western relatives ( the dead
tuan nfrjected to the monej going for such ,i
purprisie, am) wenl into the c* urt ? <( Chancer)
to -? * aside the bequest, alleging that, as the
h il whose teachlni ? e to be thus ,u
na ted struck ai ?*i-!ii'i: law, the money could
hot I dee .led I i I hal purp ?? Viet I lhal
Bird ?'?? bled In fai ?r of the opp mc nts ,,' Henry
Oeorge. bul the latter cai ase lo th*
? ,f Inst resort, where the decision w.is n
\ ersed,
Ii the noan tittie (he original f .rtiine of 130,000
: duced b) couti and counsel fee* t ? lesa
half thai am nut Then other tedious
litigation anise, which junior diminished ti,"
sum t" a few hundreds, until finally lt reached
the Camden Cli ult c.,tut with only 1200 left
The aid. w nf the man -a ii" left ri,- mc ney, not
l.'-lnc: able t" obtain eve n her ?! rwer, wsa obliged
to go t., Ihe county ;> where ?).?? died
,f a bi kei ! ir! some months air'. Outing
the progress ol Ihe litigation Mr Oe rg* T.-r*-. 1
to I"' the widow have .. generoua am..nut ? f lbs
li ii*, bul the heirs we re unwlll ng to
agree t-, such a us* of anj i rt lon - f the money.
Lil ! I n M I Kl Vf n ; ',
A MAN ts Tin: ,V S : ' ? M His BLEUnt .wt, re
George W Cave, i well known contnu-toi st ,
White [laina v* ; throem from hla ?i *-1 tc ii while
out rtdlni ? Pst towt ? ? ? ai
, ?? ,.... .. ? ., In a ft a
moments iv ; "" Hhc riff J ho ac. nm ,
pani* l him I ".tur d The horse *? tie ri
ih.*- *? er* in-. . ? ? ? ?
?**?* mun wa* n widower, aboul fort)
live veal I Ile leaves a
I,,, ?... ... ki , ? ii- ?.,? ii mern*
i? r of ll-! ? I " " F.; sn active mem
lu r of Hope !'!.?' -i i ll
r the ii lera and
I.., al .-- ' ?
i /// iw ioni rs fi wes* r
!??:-.. v.
ii inn in
: ' ? *
.. . ?
the n'.jrht ol
? ?
'.! . t
??' ; 'he
I- ?
, ,i
ime ? "
I, lui
... '
.... rn>
? .
Vt ,'? : pl mi ia ?
ihe pl
inienl ht wa
taken n.-r Manie. lepartun
fi. rn the idi
is Fay. Andi I ? ,? I
' et,
-? ? -
LIGHTS !?>:: I ! REY \SD < I \ ll -l;n \ /?>. ;
TMT. HI Itl ' ' ll! I REI ' l: v l.- - s ! i ?; 111:
? . IlKejI'l. \'i I' ,s
VVashlngl i Feb I" Th Bccretar of th*)* Treas
?f haa approved a circular in ? i ?.* i?? ? t |?e ?;. ? . |
? aimoni Bupei Inspe tor of Uti a ni '. i
on the ulije -i ..- Iii it on fei i ) booti. b urges and
.anal be ali 1 he n ?? sj atc m legalise i the 11*. ins
- . asela thal ?!., not carry
'te ni h.n I" to I, ?? Heretofore tl ? >n. no
mandalor) lea on the lubject. The rules adopt e.)
by th.- bonni :,t foi 'ie- whole rounlry, and pro
vii'- for ll, I ulils,
except >,n tl..- Hudaon Itlvei ami Its Iriliutartes,
from Tr..' !?, B mdt Hook l-Ual Rive r, I. on ; 1 I
and Round, P, ana ,"? '. i ii-,;' M.ii ?'.,.;.-ii ???!! Maj
and it- triliiil lAke ? *ham| lain. ? tn these
waters th. white :,*!it - will he carried .-it the
v h. ? it,-; ? are two or i ,"i ?? ',?..i' itu east the
outside ?< I shall i ai ry white aide light Ve eli
carrying t- l and green lights, ? -. epl on st rea ma
v ;.. . Asters Boa ll t" the Oulf of Mei I- ... on
iM-lng overtnk-n bj another vessel, nre l, -1. ? ? -.* .;
tie- stern .i f'.ni" up light, or In lieu thereof a w1.11? ?
light, carried In a lantern, fitted In a proper acree i,
so aa lo throw an unbroken in ht over un ur.- nf
ol is |.I of ih.I,lpn.-- an.I lit*.*
bl ? foi ;i di nance of one mlle.
.1 BLOOD I kl. \ n > h V ll i "
; ,,; i- PKI BO: I ONK \ Wc M.4N, WX' Fl
ll ; KU IN 'ii,': SOU ? '
Marb iii bi III . Ky., Fe b. Il F ir two d
n rs ol ly ' ''<??? In Har
l in I'ounty, I. tween
.., ,wj ? ; ... recent killing bj Dr. WU lam
v., I,, ,,, ,A, Turner boya, who bad attack I him,
Tl ere ls n i m.: id to I scene ,.f the homing,
and ad * 1",";" ""'
nm: ton of ll.i
Turn.-;- and Nolln ol Harlan Conni , tostter,
I,.. |,.,.,, , ,. . j here fm* morn n ime, thal I
.i ,.,..,,, wai ? "'" ;1 ' ."' '''.""?!'. mak,n"
f. ,,. . n , all rhe ? ?:? ?''? I* Nolln, hla
[,;;!;,.' roan named Mullina .nd j, Mr,.
si, ? ? . ,, ,..: iw. near who ?? hon* thc en?
if ,,i,, . Mri Bk i ;- ?vaa md. ti
,',, m , uvertaken b i bullet,
makes *la i -?; :" i-i-"' "Ince the reope.iin:
of the old Turner-Howard f aa. rn.,, *?,.,?., -?.i,-;
tn,- Nolln T irn i al *>tlns .? w"v
nu: TROLLEY C \R P \BBKfi ' * Ttl I ur ga ii:
\ Mrioua sectoral wsa aarrow;j even I ,.; Van
derblll and Atlantic arss., Brooklyn, last ere
The getea al Ute croaslag pf lha l*ong island Rall*
. | ,,',. ,, tim gera pul ?ow? I ir the paaaage
of u train it ? p. aa. aa trollry .-ar N , ll sf the
\ sniler Slit-are line sf the llreoklyn Traction Com
,,.n. anori A. Ile.!, going BOfth. As it n-.rcl tile
do in t.
DELATED Bf Tin: sturm.
Little, trails, Peb. ll Al tin* town meet
is?.* held Ikroughoul Herkimer County to-day the
tepubllcana elected their ticket in seventeen of
ie nlneieel/towns. Then will I.nlv two Dem.
ruts on th.- neal Board of Supervisors. Leal
ear tiie Democrata had <ipht membera on the
loard. lu this city Prank Senior, s mill-owner
nd ihe partner of Titus Bheard, stood ns the
lepubllcan candidate, snd was elected Buper
isor mer B. I. Cooper, who served on lha board
iv,, years, ills majority was seventeen. The
ntlre Republican ticket was also elected. A
le.ivy v,te w.is polled In this .itv and lu the
.wu of lianhelm, ion in the other towna ths
?ot- was llR-ht. Mr. Knapp, ?'f Dolgevllle, a
irong Protectionist, was elected Bupenieor by
hiriy-oti" majority over Timothj Daaey, >>f
-uti,- Pella
Utica, Peb. 13 (Bi.lal) In si. Lawrence
'.ninty t >-,l.iy *!,.? polia wei-" kepi open until ~ '?
relock in many towna, be buss voters were un* '
ible to get through lha drifted roads in time l >
?otc before th.* evening. in Morristown f -.-.
otes were casi befors ?'? o'clock. In the town of
iswegatchie 1,019 votea were cast, of which
;? irge W. Hm limit (Rep.), for Bupervlsor, re*
??iv. I S3?. Tha proposition to rslse $63,1. for a
,i; li;,- a I- ? the i iswegati hie River w i-s carried
,y a majority of 300, Twenty-five ,,f the thirty.
>r.e towna of st. Lawrence Count) which have
.n heard fi un harv* elected Repu I in Buper
,?:? ira by Increased majorities, The board stood
? ir thirty-two Republicans to three I1
rata, and th.- ratio arlll not be lesa this year.
S; ra mae, Peb. 13. "Tha Standard's" re
urns from the town meetings of Madison County
ihow tl,'.' ??? "i y Republd an candidate for S'ip *r
I'lsor wsa elei ted. The ?. I ? waa i- tod, consideri?
ng the weather. In Oneida, ex-Sheriff Charles
: Remlck, Ihe Hill leader In Msdison, wh * waa
i candidate for Bupervlsor, was defeated, being
badly knife i bj iii" 11 n ral
I'.i'll, Feb, li The returns tr rn the dif?
ferent towna of Bb ube n C >unt] In to-d
i, ni show that the Republl ana h i\.
raina In several cases, and will ha ea l
nnjorlty rut the Hoard of Supervisors A llluh
License Commissioner was elected here bj 300
,.-.. ??*, ?. Feb l! in the town eleetlona to?
la) "i Tinge Count) eight "' Ihe nine Super?
visors ,.|,. ted were Republicans The light In
mi-k-'i Town was on license or no license. The
; as Commissioner wsa elected b) about 200
IIB ' ?! :t v.
Waterloo, Peb. 13 (Bpeciall The Republl
ana tri.ned a -inn.il victory here li
ind elected ? Bupen'lsor for the drat time In
ian) years \ Maru.-ii Maynard waa the au -
easful candidate over Charles \ Henung by
I ? tj .itt v Ti," Republicans will maintain
iheir majority In the county In the !'? '.nd of
Supervisors for another year William Van
Rensselaer. Republican, ls elected Supervisor In
Seneca Fall* Ogden Wheeler, Republican, la
lee ted In Valle k
i >l.*an. Peb 13 (S| il) U the < Hy 1- -
ip.ri here l ir S, V. V Fram h .'
. l*>d Mayoi ami the ei tire Republli an ticket
un* elected, wl|iing out l>ei.retie rule herc
i*.,- iJ,marte, Feb 13 A light vote was
|,.,;\ i i,i ihe town meetings in Montgomery
i- Uni) ? -li owing tn the snow-drift I roads
In the eleetlona foi Bupei-vlaor eight !*? publl
>ans and two i icm'* rats have i- ? n . '? I
Thei*e ar* t'v Bupei tbaont lo l.lee tj*d el the
hurt, r election In lins city neal menth, Thc
i'.,.,,i i j Supervisors last year wael Rrpubll
ans. 10; i lemncrata, I,
. Wn, N Y . Peb 13 The i wn
for Ol * Counl * eld t ? d ty
n,d in m..st of iii" t ?wns .i full '? '*?? wna pulled
The ii." I of Su|iervlsors \*lll stand fourteen
i:..: ii ten 1 lem crat Tl isl
hlrteen He pul 'n
\ y . Feb, 13 Town elections In
mit lo-day rn ulte I I; the ? !? I
ans .ml four I len rats The
ear Stooi!
n N V I'.- 13 The Reptihli
??li hell mill
to-d a ni ij. iii ?- of
ti wards \
. "Th.- Itepubll, in" fl ??'? 1'
i i ,f Hupervis.irs will Isl I sixteen
i ? nd thi
S Y . Feb 13 The t *.*. I
? i fount! ' ! U ? i the
Ixteen Rcptil
i ?? -,'. i- fall ly I irge,
i;i;n I'.I.KA Vs I ICTORIOUfi
. SKXI l-.-. i.;,!:,'.-' i.; OF THE Bl.Bc 'N I ?:*! i
niAi i i'arri Tin; tn w u.k i ic
T town eleetlona held on SI Hen
the election of local officers j i atei ila) pi ? d n
* j. j iry t r the Republicans In four om of ihe
liv.- towns. .viii: >ugh :ii" atorm prevented
many voters iron appearing al the polls, the
Democratic machine candida tra were "snuwe.l
under." Tin- principal conical was In the
town of Southfield, where a determined efl
waa made I" tl," Itepubll ni- and antl-Sn.ip|iera
10 defeat John tl, Vaughn, the politician, who
waa a r indldate on th" 11 mo Heh *
Justice ..f ttl" l'-*-.t ???*. ll" wa i def ea l I b) hla
opponent, W. li Ludlow, the Risebank ?
maste . b) i Ixty-elghl majority. The ?
, an.li,lat,--, elected In the town a*ere as follow
Town Clerk, .lames I). Keel) fRep.); Com rn I a
aloner of Highways, ll Q Clawson I Rep);
?r of the Poor, Will un }'? ??.?. -i (Rep i.
In Northnejd, th,. Town Cl rk, Horatl , J
Bharrol (Rep i defeat* l Andrew J. Hinton
11 ?em i h* nine ma lority. For < !olleetor, Hem \
L Simona rn (Rep.) defeated Paul La our. lie,
il ?eni i. by three ma lorit) The others idee led
?rene: Justice of th Pence. David R V m
N "ii.- (Rep i. Overseer nf Iii" Pour, Joseph ll
Pearce, ir 111.'io ), Highway Commissioner, John
W. Llsk (Dem.). In Westfield, the foll ,-,.,,,-.
were ? :.- i-i Town Clerk, Arthur M. Ii
- ??> (Rep I: Collector, James La F rge (lt >p i.
Jin ll ?? nf ihe Peso, \V H. Sn Ith (R >p ,. r m
n< ? of I Ugh wa) s. Mauri I W lh n
(Rep i
Middle town la the only Ide n In which the
Democratic party cirri-d Ihe election, every
' nndl lal.i the ticket being c lei ted !.* betwe. n
400 an I !. mujority.
Tl.le *tlon :o Castle lon, Ihe atrongb dd of
"Nb k" Muller, the lieniocratli boas, was
and exciting, At midnight the returns from ten
..ut of thirteen llstrl. I - showed n vlei, i ?, for the
Republican snd Pu I m tlckel bj a am ill ma
I' ni* Three diatrlcl arc itlll nt lg, but it la
not believed thal these returna can overcome the
Republican majority. Th.- following tlckel is be
ll.-*." I to have !.n elected: Collector, Oeorge l.
Nichol (Rep.); Justices ,.: thc Pi tee. David I
don (Dem.), Tyler Van Vecht.Ind.); Overseer
,.r the Poor, ("hi Istlnn Bardea <l lem.),
Ti.,- result ,,r ti,,, alpctlon was a ??.? neral aur
prise t.. the Demucrsts, wh,, w.-r.nfid til ,,r
aucces ??.
si i< nu: or i ii/;/././, \o ir \ ttt'FF.U.O i/i \
Buffalo, Feb, 13. wm:.un I ?. Dlmlck, agent ,.f de
Merchants' Dispatch, ahol snd killi i himself ai ;?,.
o'clock: thia morning in his apartments, at N ,. gao
alaln-ai Mr. Dlmlch u..^ i well-known rl>.ls?n md
prominent la railroad clrc'.ei n waa fifty i*. ?..,,,
,>,<l .'iii.l married, bul bad ne children He had i,'...?
auffrrins with th.- i;iip for ii wees, ni m ire, and hid
bec ii c aida,' i t , his house, ll Lb believed the erin
bad in ul- him temporarily maana
i oyo/.*/:.>.?vi/i v ir//sov BLOW LT IMPBOTIXt}
K.-inaa* City, Mo., r. ti. lt, --Cssisreeasssa W. i.
Wilson, of West Vlreinta. Who his seen eenflnad
to hla room in th* Coates! House her.* shire s.itur.
?lay. sufferlnK from tonsillil*. continues to Improve
slowly, snd ss aoon aa train service is re-establls ,e,i
ba will etart with his wife for Mexico.
lilian ( </n \ il hun ojzvuxtiBJs,
Aeststanl Dlstrlet-Attorney Wellmsn quickly
secured s conviction yesterday in the third case
of election crime which he has brought to trial
in th.* Court of tiver and T-rmlner. The de
fendanl was Dennis J. Hu.-Uley, one of the In
spectors In th.* eighteenth Election District of
tie- lld Assembly Dietrict. Messrs. Wellman an l
Hattie lahore,1 under unusual dlfflculttes in this
prosecution, bul prepared and presented tin- ease
so effectively thal the jury decided on its verdict
,,f guilty sfter deliberating only nine minutes.
Several Of tha people's witnesses Buffered au ex?
traordinary attack of forgetfulness shortly he
fore th.* trial was reached. They could not recol
I, cl stories whieh a short time ago they had told
with great detail. Ir was perfectly clear that
Tammany friends of the defendant had by per
MR. WELLMAN si ms i P.
n or threats Induced th.-ni to pivo no
testimony. The i htef witness f,,r the pr isecutlon
had been compelled to move from the house
where Buckley liv,-' because his neighbors east
alura on him aboul his action.
The case if Buckley throws li!;hr on the astound?
ing facl thal in the Ellghtyenth Election Dla*
tri.'t of the lld Assembly Districl not s single
Republican, Bot lallat, ProhlWtlonlBi or Independ*
? nt ballot waa canvassed st ths last election, lt
waa understood thai Police Justice Weeer, ths
Tammany leader In th" district, had offered ralu
able prisca to the i aptalna of election dlatricta In
which th.* Tammany rote formed the Isrgest per?
centage of the tot il Thu accounts for th.* b dd
? his ii >utenants In sbsolutely wiping out
the sntl-Tsmman) rots In several election dls
In the Eighteenth thia was done through re?
i" it. rs, N , lesa than twenty-three men were al*
| to vol in Ihe names of persona who had
registered. Tue crime of which Buckley erse con?
victed was thal ot allowing some one t,> vote ita
th- nam.' of John Reilly, Whom the defendant
ned known for years and who Hv*d In I ?
?irh him. Buckley even had tne
astounding audacity tn permit some one to vote
in hla ? wu name, He want. 1 to vots hlms.'lf
aft.-r that, but the Republican ballot clerk ob?
jected to tills
When the hallo*" were counted it wa* * . I
ne,.--, . withdraw th" extra twenty-three.
T law provides thal this shall b ? d me by l< t,
? shall I"- d me any | u
But I . noticed thal In - i *h caaea unly Re
|,ni,li. ,ii, and other antl-Tamman) votea were
taken il In "i" Instanc ? In a hleh Buckley
i ni) I lemo ratlc votea were left,
with I ? t iwo. ?Inc "I' the se a i
n and :ii" ? thei B .ii-'. T i kc ? ??
,. inl clean, Ihe Tammany men dc ; !? I
: :.. ..- ? .* , were "defe *tlve " The lull..-*
were de itroyeel, although the law provides tlint
shall !?" pasted on the can va aa of the
THK u |TNrW * ' ?"?' ?' '': '
in ihe tri il y *sterda> Carl f Duryea tit-"
.1 ? , !:,:..- ippoinl me ? a s an ln
i'; ?. I; I ? ? ran, print, i ? ' Na B
Kui lins Blip, was one if'tl Peo| nriti
u ii . i, i I heei atrl 'ken w Uh I isa of m ?n y, bul
Well ii in i il! 'I him to the stan.'. Jual to
the lui*) whal Influer - ware ii wok for
til,- defen, ?-. Di n ivan deel ired that the atate*
.nts which lie had prevloualy mads were
mere hi it i
William !' ll ?'.*?". after making his opening a/t
to the t'ii*. - alic d Uu 'kl ?? I i the stand.
Thi defendant declared thal when the man
voted in Rellly'a name, he, the speaker, dbl nol
? .in in- book, anl therefore was not
aware thal thc man wa not i ill* .1 din Reilly.
1 ? ? \ milli itl?n Hui kle) J< n ed know!
? Ige of ihe fnci thal someone had roted in hla
n "ii. Judge Hal retl asked:
"Hld y. ii n il I aik lp io see the men who
wc re vu lng?"
? ne tl tn< a," waa i he i epl)
"I?|e| you e...ii*'' i: j our bualne sa not to
Imik up a ike i -ti" Judge, furth ?;.
nuckley - ii I that he ha I I. '.??? I up a k ""I
? i : un.-;.
J mph r Vnderson, iii" Hepubli, in Inspector,
I eat Hied ii"-i thal Buckley could nm ?-.- voters
? I. he i-.,!. bu late r told Judge Barrett
ih.u Buckle) might have seen them.
Several other witnesses were called, end then
v>' i- Bowe and Wellman summed up th.-ir
Judge Barret! finish* I iii-:
? large tn the |ury soon after 4 o'clock, and In
stine minutes after withdrawing the tm* sent
word ti. ii || hu,i reach. ,1 a decision.
Buckle) waa remanded until to-morrow for
sen tem ?. Peter Neville nnd John A, Dunphy
who were cm viet eel last week, will 1*' sentence!,
to-day, Mr Wellman can move no more elec?
tion casca now for a time, as the trial of J,,s-|.h
P, Hlaut, prealdenl of tha Madison Square Hank
1*111 begin in Oyei urn I Tc rmlner to* lay,
rui.n h a n ,-? ix a mine.
1'l.v.Mur rn. PENN,
Uli'' rn !?? ni Peb 1.1 \? , stensli i cave-in
' ;"' Bayl -i-i i,un,, of iii- Kingat. ti Coal
''"tni':i . i! Plymouth thia morning. A large num*
' r of mil : i and laboreri n r? .it work at
Hon ol il, i ,r. v.i,., I, has !.,r son,,, time past
1.' ? 'nsl leroi \. n sr, ik Aftei a ? 'i : ha I be a
hr. 1 and without an) warning **.liar, vcr, th
;: -"'.'I coal, fell li with a heivy"
crash, li Ifl noi known whether any of the men
* ''" '???? ;' ' outright, btu li is kno,i? that thlrtec n
of ih. ni at- hemmed In In one of thc gangways
The air supply ls shut off, anl the chan,-, of living
i .' .'i:'. knuth of time 11 small.
.i mue, ii naving extended since noon to-day and
aiTecta the central portion of the town of Plym?
outh. A r.-*v rmcka can be Been on tl., aurface.
The rescuing party w.-re obliged to retreal on sc*
.ounl o' th,- further caving, ia of ihe tn.
Men ol all claasea who are familiar with mine
working are at the scene of th" disaster, snd sra
read) to go Into the nun,' whenever the word ls
?iv ii The mulea'were token from the shaft this
afternoon, bb th, cave-in waa extending dos,- to
th" foot. Shoo!,! the limit be .-los,-,! ut mn time
ail hoi.i rescuing the men mil have to be aban?
doned for .rn Indefinite Uni", au ike men wera
married exrepi r,*,,.
VHS sin mei: om oro A8B0BB.
Philadelphia, Feb, ?. The Karn Una ?teesn*
shlp ('ornpany (ms received the following telegram
from Captain James, of ike itrttl^ii steamer Qs?
ford, dated Key West, gie., Pabreary lt:
'?Oxford eahors Pieklss Reef, straits of Klori,la.
Hh!;> thumping heevllr" IlKhterlna; aai*ge; doubtful
of *?.?? Mr.,; off without assistance. At pres-it the
hull anil ma, hlnery are In good c.iadltlo:i.
The Oxford is bound from llatansas for thia etty
with a cargo of aug*ir.
DBLATBD and nsHiN'-, i;o.\T3 IN
Th" st,rn, ls over and a warm wave [n coming.
It was tin old-fashioned snowstorm while lt
lasted. The snowstorm of Monday and yesterday
was the mont serera that visited New-Yoffc since
the great blizzard of Man-h, IHI, It was not to
he .-onipared to that great storm for severity,
but lt was a considerable storm nevertheless. In
the blizzard of 1888 the winds were higher, the
temperature was miif-li lower and the snow waa
so fine and powdery that it blinded people and
overwhelmed ihem, even In the streeta of the
city. Th.* actual amount of snow which fell on
Monday and yesterday was nowhere near that
Which fell in the cit* In the gi eat blizzard.
What made ihe storm of the last few days most
remarkable was Its great extent. The reports
which were coming In all day yesterday from
th- West showed that in that section of the
country the storm was most terrific. Loss of
life and destntctloo of property were the burden
of the dispatches.
At the same lime, from Europe .ame by cable
,i, lints of the violent storms which raged there,
and Inclining steamers show.si hy the record of
their logs that there was a succession of storms
r-aching scrosa the Atlantic The ships had
hardly gol out of the edge of the European atorm
wh> n they plunged into the advance guard of
the American st,,rm. when the recoffesi of
damage done by the atorm of the last two days
are all in they will show that it was a most de
Btructlve .me ,,n land and ssa.
Tho stories ??!" death and suffering that came
in from th.- West yesterday arere supplemented
hy tin- stories of shipwrecks along th>' KeW-EBSSa
land coast, and ..f crowded harli,,rs, where
vessels had hu.Idle,| together for safety,
All Monday night ih<- st.,rm continued to
sw.-ep down "n ile- shores, hut yesterday morn?
ing lt began to moderate, and at s o'ctock the
st.,rm ,<-ntre had pSBBS.d far mit to the northeast,
and the edge >>f tl"- st,,rm followed it. Hy noon
ihei.- ergs noihing of it left In th. se regions.
WINO m.'aviv; i-iitv-tuo miles an norn.
The high wind continued until toward noon,
and the snow fell nulli shout ll o'clock. At 8
o'clock yesterday morning the wind blew at the
rate of fifty-two miles an hour at Sandy Hook;
then it began to mid,rate. During Monday
night the full fore* of the sturm was felt by the
Jersey oast, and on the heights of Staten
Island. All the Staten Island streets and roadg
were badly drift, d yesterday morning, and the
night h.f.,re the trains and boats ran with
difficulty. In the city, when moiaing came andi
people benin to go about the streets, they
feared that there was to be a repetition of the
day before, but their fears were allayed aa that
day wore on. The storm did Borne damage to
I ?:? -era-ih wires throughout the bi .lions of the
country over which it swept, but by last night
th" wires were working satisfactorily In all di?
rectlons from this city.
Traffic on th" streets was somewhat impedes!
and Incoming trains were delayed, in the after*
noon, hoerever, things were better, and last
night trains wera running regularly. What
made the st..rm t^f the inst two days seem the
more severe to New-Yorkers was the fact" that
it \*.is the first storm of anj account so far
thia winter. Last winter was es|.i.-iily proiiflo
. i' st,.lins, though probably no "tie of them
equalled th" ,'ti" Just over.
,,,?>i, work uv the weather bl'rsav.
Mu h annoyance and much loee by the block
in*: ? r Halli, was avoided in the st,.rm .,f Mow
nd j -!? 'iiy by th.- action "f the Weatheff
Bureau, which sent out many telegrams warn?
ing railroads and street-car lines that the storm
was approaching Observer Kunu sent out from
th- New-York .,tii<-.- 156 warning i> legrama The
result aaa that when ti,- atorm cams it found
pi opie ready f r it
Tin* temperature yesterday was close to 23
and -?'? degrees ail day, and twelve inches of
! sivw fell during the s'..rm. In the big hllz;:a:d
nf isss two and one-half feet ..f anon fed.
The wind is expee ted I i c ?me from ths North?
west to-day.
The Indications from the Weather Bureaus res
ports list night srere thal it would be fair and
warmer to-day.
TC steamers snd Balling vessels which did not
put to Bea "ii Monday "ti ac,,nut ,,f the storm
a >nt out yesterday, and 'h.* vessels which had
ti Blending ..ff the coast, sfrald l i approach
l ... near while th.* win,is end the waters raged,
began I i come in over the har with series of
gales, hurricane ?? and tremendous seas. The
British ateamer Potomac, from Portland, Kng
' land, came in after a roujrh voyage. She had
o succession of heavy sales frons south-aoutb
west to west-north weal frc m the time abe tefl
port. On February ?*. srhen In mldocetui, the
steane!' experienced s violent gale from the
southwest, accompanied by ti-emendoua hiKii
seas, The resnel rolled and pitched fright?
fully, sh- was obliged to heave to, with oil
distributors over the bows, until the gale mod?
erated. By the tim.* the k.U** nv^lenu *l her
.? isl suppl} was gening short, and she proceeded
under one boiler. On February <$ the weather
was fine, and sh.* us.,1 both boilers, running at
, full s|s.,.,i. The sea was slill high. On Feb?
ruary, IS a fresh gate sprang up from the north*
east, erith a heavy Bnoeretorm and high and
confused s.as. Speed waa reduced el night, and
| she st.h.d ..ff t.i th" eastward until morning,
1 when ihe .ame sbotll and put Into port.
The big freight steamer si. Remans arrived
j here from Liverpool, whl *h pori abe lefl on
' January tt, after a most tempestuous voyage.
. st:.- had a succession ,,f northwesterly and south?
westerly uaies fruin the time abe gol out of St.
C.* age's Channel. From January M t> Feb*
ruary 7 she had hard gales and high and ron*
fused sims. She then had moderate weather
t,. port.
Tin- Cunard ateamer Bervts t;,>( the w-stern
sales as s,i n as sh-- left Queenstown. <>n the
Hi : ia* a fresh breeze Increased i" a fr^sh
gale. The sky was overcast and s high s>.uth
w.'i see v.as running, The irate continued for
the n.xt tw.> days with iiiis'li hea.i sees. She
hud moderate weather then until February u,
when she caught a strang gale sct*timpanied by
furious equal la and high head ssas. The gale
and the head seas continued all da) Monday.
yesterday sh.* cam.' into port, running tram a
moderate gale Into s fresh, breese and a storm
? of alee!
HEAVY wkatiii'II OX ?inc. suind.
it e/as s wild niKhi on the Sound, but the
steamers rants through all right Those going
to the eastward had lo atniggte f.*r avery inch
they mad-', i,m the w.stuai'.l lii.iind steamere
had an easter time i ( lt, aa they ha.I the wind
end s.-a weil aft. and b) k>' ping in toward the
Rhode Island nnd Connecticut ahoree they made
, smooth waler of it. The Fall River and Stoning?
ton boats were not seriously delayed In their ur?
illa I lien*.
The fishing buts which were ,,ut in llie storm
ran for port SS BOOH as they saw the b|..w eom
Ing ott. Four of the Knit..n Market tishlng boats
wei-? out They were the Mary an.l Carrie, ths
Commodore, thc steel Wolee* snd lbs Kew-[*tas>
don Emma. They had been out for a five days
cruise. All were in safely yesterday except the
Kinma, lt is hoped that she got in In the after?
noon and anchored off Tompklnsvilie. When
las: S"eii she was off Fire Island, limning for
Sandy Monk. The three vessels which came tn
showed evidence of the rough usage which they
had received, and were covered with Ice where
the sea had broken over them and frozen. Cap?
tain ilareen, of the Marv and Carrie, wes to tbs

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