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Twelve apparently p-rosperoas middle-aged nen.
ispf-osentlng cana;;! nf tha- leading houses In the
drygoods ilistii. t. had ? la.n;r conference sri! i
Senator David B. Hill In tits reception parl r ? I
?h.. Hotel Wew-Netherland yesterday afternoon.
In the Imiie that he would Indicate his probable
line of a-Mon os tbe Wilson MU sr afford som*
positive snd dlstln i expression of opinion on
the measure ss a whole. Of c ui ?? thej were
?Ussppotnted. Benni .r lilli rarely commits him?
self tu anything until the time comes to set,
and h.- did not depart from his custom yesterdfcj
Certain remarks made by him In the course of
the -Hsctiaston mlghl ha- construed Into an ex
pressii.n of tMsspproval of the bill, bul when
the conference was ended no one ? t thu twelve
ur thirtei'ii ?*? ntli m -n pres. ni was exactl* a-, t tain
aii.aiit anything
The drygoods men bod asked SVnai r HUI to
meet them in conference, an.l when ."?
had siru.k Senator lim wis prepared io listen
to all they hid to tell him. N-arly evhty o*e
present could emu lils fortune In large figures,
aila!, as mlghl i.xpected, there was a una Hi?
ntons outcry against ilia- Income tax, Some
gassmbers of the deputation aim .st shed tears In
their yshsrnenl denunciation of this clause In
Professor Wilson's measure.
On this pnlsd >Benator Hill, for a surprise, was
clear in his expression. "I realise thal the
business in.-n of this city ata' opposed !?? tli.*
Income tax," h.- said. "The hill will now, un?
questionably, be reported to the full Senate. I
assume that, the discussion will iast rats weeka
but this is sse rely conjecture. Al present l
have nothing t.> (suggest t.. business men. bul
later, before ih.* discussion i-= ended, I may
have. At present 1 am wainui,* to hear sngg"S
tions fia>m you. it is undeniable inst the men
representing the South and Wesl are In favor of
the Incorne tax. Their views, however, sre noi
rsoand, and cannaai bs defended on any logical
Then Walter Pt anton anal others pelted Sena?
tor Hill with a suing of technicalities out of
which one thing was clear: that they were almost
unanimously .apposed to the reductions on raw
materials. There seor*****}, too, to he a general
opinion thal the measure ran rather too much
to ad valorem ns against specific duties
"There ls one thing that impresses me with
considerable force," said Senator Hill, "and thal
ls that the Mil leans much on ad valorem duties.
In fact, it seems t>> m>- that the whole thing lian
been run into th" ground 1 may say her* thal
I am in favor rf. specific duties In all ca***, I \
cept when- th. nature of the article ail
renders such duties Impossible. < >f i.rsa ls
some cases an rad valorem duty is better; la
others, again, a .amii..und duty w..uld be prefer
able to either of the first tw.a. It .steins t.a nie
that the Senate committee would hav- been
wiser if it hod taken the trouble to tn l tie- testl
mony of men like yourselves, who have mastered
the subject?each In his oom departmei
trade?and thoroughly understand the technlcall
tles of the subject. Instead, they have preferred
to conduct this secret BSSSlon with only th*
opinions of Senators snd Members "f Congress
to guide them. Whan lt was suggested that the
business men in th" various Interests should ap?
pear before the committee an objection arose
that this proceeding would drag tlie revision of
the bill through the summer. Then snine of the
Senators have a number- ..f divers* Int*rests, and
so the proposition was unwisely put aside.
"What if a body of business men representing
the various intercuts affected by the bill went
I to Washington and laial their views before th??
L Whole Senate?" asked ..ne sf the company.
? "I 'hink a preferable and more effective plan
w is this," replied Senator Hill. "The rc-pies. tr.a
tlve men in different Interests should meet and
discuss the provisions of the bill in detail. They
should set forth their views In tho form of a
circular, to be sign -.1 by two or three men repre?
senting the remainder and forward a copy 'af
the circular to each of the Senators. 1 will see
that their objections and suggestiaaiis are prop?
erly laid before the Senate as a body."
With this s.-anty comfort, the drygoods impu?
tation was fa.rce.l t" be ."amen*. Asked later by
a Tribune reporter to say whether be approved
Of the Wils.n bill as a whole, Senator Hill de?
clined to express any a.pirii..n on th.- subject.
Those who t.-ok par In the conference Included
Walter Stanton, E. M. Townsend, J. R. ynimby.
William E. Greenough, Theodore P*rellnghuysen,
Arthur Llarnwell. K. H. Sumps, n. Charles K.
Hycroft, J. K. Wooster, James h. Dunham, ll.
W. Benjamin, William V. King and Jules MotV
Among the jieople who paced up and doors ihe
vestibule of the Hotel N*w-Netherland last nl^ht
while Senator Hill baal his talk with lha- dry-gooda
men was a tall, thin. ila.ri 1, blue-eye** man. who Bl
Intervals tugged nervously at a thin, red mustache.
Only one or two of th.ise present ****** aware of his
Identity. He was I.ic'.iteiiant-(J..v. rner William K
Sheehan, seeking a talk with Senator Hill. At in?
tervals during the day he had tried to gel access
to the Senator. >ut each time foiled II* s. nt in
his card marked "important" to Smat.?r Hill, who
received it just as tie was talking tai the oVygood*
men about the income tax Senator Hill loohl 1 SI
lt, turned to his secretary. mui-mure.1 "8** what
he wants" and resumed the discussion just as ir
nothing particular had happened. As the b
deputation filed out of the room Lleulenant-Gov
ernor Sheehan whisked In, and fajr shout fifteen
minutes the two miked bebosil e|..?..ii al,,.irs.
Whether they talk.-.l ?.n the State Henate lUTSStlgq
tlon of the Police Department, the bl-partlsan
I'ollce Hoard measure .ir the cold-blooded murder of
Itobert ltoss by the Democratic repeater* at th*
election In Troy, may never be known of course
they declined to say a word shout lt When tb*
confereuafe closed lileiilansnt fkiviTiiiii Sheehan
hurried out of ihe roora anal, lumping Into a car
rlage, drove off to catch tha- Albany express train.
Early In th>- day Senator Hill hml sp. nt a cousld
erable tins* In th.* downtown dtBtrktl returning to
the hotel at noon. Early lu th* afternoon ex-Mayor
Hugh J. Grant, driving a smart-looking wagon
drawn by a pair of bays, appeared at th* hotel en?
trance, tin^ was at once jaajn'ii Ly Bwaator HUI.
Then fut* more than two hours Ol iwo in n. sid* by
side, drove through Central Hark :il?.ntr Upper K-v
enth-ave. as far as Macomb's I'am Uri.Ik*, .hin?
ting earnestly tha- while <m- what- Ts-day Sen.
ator Hill wll return '.'i Wash ng on.
Asked by a Tribune rxpotttcT las night to say
whether the puhli.sheai rciwirt of hts engagement io
Mia* Letty Scott, slec* of Vlo*-Pr.sklent Steven
son. was trna-. Stiaiur Hill Smiled blanally aid re*
. piled: "I would prefer io say nothing about the mat?
Neither would Jo- express any opinion on ihe mur?
der Of Roll rt HaaSS. "I lllUSt positively <!.-? lill.- to
dismiss such subj-.ts." he said. 1 am 'baling with
tha tariff now. and not with murder or poMtlea."
A "smoker" wtll be Klveri by the K. H. Harper Re?
publican Club on next Saturday evening at Its
jlubhouse. No. 180 Willls-ave. t'reut preparations
are going forward t.< make this artair a success
and the cnmniltt'-e having, lt ia charge pi -mises
an elaborate programme. Sever*I prominent apeah
?rs have expressed their Intention ta 1. - pi -,,..|. ,,,,.(
take part m the exercises. The club ls thoroughly
Driving tlie Brain
St the expense
of the Body.
While we drive
the brain we
must build up
the body. Ex?
ercise, pure air
?foods that
make healthy flesh?refreshing
sleep?such are methods. When
loss of flesh, strength and nerve
become apparent your physician
will doubtless tell you that the
quickest builder of all three is
Scott's Emulsion
of Cod Liver Oil, which not only
creates flesh of and in itself, but
stimulates' the appetite for other
^nd>,>wt)t>WM.WT, At))
Dr. Lyon's Perfect Tooth Powder,
Thoroughly cleanses the teeth and
purifies the breath. Used by people
of refinement for over a quarter of
a century. Sold Everywhere.
dn- ? , ? of 1 a and pr- :??-? ' > un?
furl "Od Glory" with a vi *or'n i " <- ' ?' ki *v'
tha Annexe*!
Atlanta, ?; i . M ir rh 10 "T e Coi Ititi " isilb
lishe* ?? l< tb r 'rain Colt. 1 Si itl
Senator Alfr 1 ll. Ci Iqnltl anna ii Ing ih il he will
Le a candidate for re-election before the Oeneral
Ai rw ini.lv. which m. eta neat Oct Ax .-.
m tl. 3,1 ireh iv i-.i.u .1 Miller wss nomi?
nated for Mayor this morning by the Drfmocrats
asaembli I In convention al HortUrultural Mad. The
flrsl ballot result. I aa follows. Isaac J. Miller, vi
i rn Hopple ll "?: J in ? - J. Paran, M.
Captain Orowell, of the steamer Premier, whlcli
arrive l here yeal, r I iy from llluefl. ld
M | nv, i v.is;. saki -.'mr when he salli I, many ol
the tnhsbHanta were li ivlng the city on i.e.un' of
the troubles there Jual before the sailing of the
Premier s fores st Nicaraguan troops bad mvadi 1
the Mosquito Reservation and the Nicaraguan Has
had !.n hoisted at Blueflelds, Tbe British man-of
war Cleopatra, which eras reporte*] by cable to Brave
landed a force at Bliieflelds, bsd nol arrived I
when the Premier sailed, bul was-ai Colon when the
Premier antved th.re. coaling. The mate of the
Premier had a n.ik with one of the officers of the
Cleopatra, wbo tobi bim thal ibe man-of-war was
going to Blueflelds on. account of the a reck of the
Kearsarga, lo proteel American and British Inter?
ests and sud: other foreign Interests as were kn ne. 1
of pr itectlon. He ssl l thal th< re would !"? no effort
mad.- to extend tbe British Influence In the Mosquito
Reservation, and that had tbs Kraiwarge aot tra
l..,s: tbe Cleopatra would probably nol have been
,,ri, rei :,. mu, lid ls. Captain dowell and his
officers spoke of the excesses ... tbe Nicaraguan
Iroops who occupied tbe principal points *'f the
Reservation, aad aaid that women were fleeing from
blueflelds on that sccount While the Premier sras
,,t Boca del Toro Unity women srrlved there wbo
had fled from Bluefk-Wa
The Nicaraguans, when they entei* l thi resenra
Hon, were si xl >us : i atch Jin Ison, the chid
urtrate, wh.. ruled the Mosquito Reservation, and
who hal advised rcsistanes to the invasion ..f tbe
N.vir.tmsuiv Huda n made his sra* In s small
skiff, with two ren-pantons, to Boca del Toro, down
the eas;, and frmn there Went tO tbs Mand Of
San -\idr.-as The family of llu<:**on was n, r m..
leafed by the Nlraraguan soldiers, ..id Hudson's
-rife ".is a li--:.- ;? in the Premier from Blue
Rel ls to Boca dei Toro, when stts went in search
of h.-r tugltve husband.
From tne accounts hrought bv th** Premdr. lr
ui.p. irs that when Tia* Slrarag-uan troops enter,
bluefieldr- they pillaged Indiscriminately md com
mitt*.! ?;her excesses The com mandel
Nicaraguan forces curta I to som.- extent th* li?
cense of bis s .1.h-rs. and Issued a pr*
in which be guarante* ! safet* to all rorelgnera
ar* I declared t*hat th.- inhabitants of th- Reserva
n..n would be protected la ill the right* of Gov
ernmen-t which they have heretofore en j
BBOVOHT ii' BT THK >'>>i.i.i:<.i: QRADUATSS
The first positive move In the direction Of foot?
ball reform waa laken at th** University Athletic
I'liih. al the clubhovss In Tweaty-sixth-st. last
night, i if course the i-nimiii.- did nol .
w?,rk until two hours aft. r tba schedul-d titi:.. I
only Ihree of the five committeemen WI re present,
hut someihlng has at last l.e.-n deas after months
of weary walting, and (or that lillie something
th.- pubMe oogbl to bs grattefnl,
There was abundance of good cheer, life, music
and song at the athletic chub of the college men
last niidir. and this merriment may bavs snwoy"Sd
the thre?* bold, experts wi.o hara '.? iriossty saar ?
into the breach to rescue rh*- (fame from putin
condemnation and from coHoge prohibition.
The dalsgslis wera to meet at T.su p. m., but it
sras after B o'clock before anything was dons. The
Princeton Oles Club, with bbubJos, mandolins, v.
and "whistle puckers," whiled away the fleeting
hours, to ttie amusement of the members, lt wau
? dose to midnight whei Waites* Camp appeared sad
announced rt..it the committee bad constdared sev?
eral suggestions, but thal, lt had taken DO final
action, nor arrived al anv definite decision Walter
("amp, of Yale; Alexander Moffatt, of Princeton.
vd John C. Bell, of the I'nlverslty of Pennsyl?
vania, wer.- preoent Brooks, the Harvard, and
Dasbiel. the Lehigh, delegates wer.* not present
The suggestions rut.I ? last nltcht will he broilghl
up agata! ar ih*- new masting, and win then be
submitted to 'h.- different colleges for approval.
Th.- suggestions under dist ii ssl us ware as follow*
First, tbs poiuk up 00 a. man after he ha,.-, call ?
S.4>..nd, more ssc ur tty to a man making s fair
Third, flying morn<ntum plays.
Fourth. encouragefraeM ot drop kl. k
Fifth, Increasing the number of offsrlala f..r the
better enforcement of rules
Sixth, insistence upon kicks when called for hy
Seventh, channing ralus of points In scoring.
Eighth, makin*.*; each rule ninr.- exact
Ninth, d-l.ivs of Kum- and Inlur'-d i.lavers to
laavs the tlalxi
T. nth. option of taking a penalty to vest |n of?
fended party.
The forty-eight colored colonizers from Atlanta.
(Itv. sailed yesterday, full of hope for the future.
on the American Blue "learner Chestsr, for .South
SXnptOO. At Si.iiTharnpton they will ?et a Bteamer
f.r Liu-i-Ia. The Rev. Mr OaStOQ, who is the
he,! of tbe party, has be.:, *S*SJ-"gnd in the work
? ,f takin.r. negroes to Bib. ria for several year-, and
tias had rarnsMermtole trouble ir: consequence ol
his work In that direction. Al '.ne tims h. ..v.,-. bc
. ? i ,f embessjlng MOOS which be had collected
Wh.-n the emigrant a sailed yesterday they had ...
a vague ide., 0f where the- were going They only
knew thal ll was to Liberia, which to them la ths
"Promised Land."
Woahlagton, March as. 'iii.- storm bas moved In
tWSjlVS hours from Hist.-rn N.-bra-ska Io WtSCOn
sin, larrsaslng markedly in latsnsety, a -rressurs
of UAR Inches stalag raported fnmi Ls Crosse .\
l worm has ,|..v,d..p.-.i n.rtb of Montana.
Areas .if hljrh pressure baVS remain.-*! stationary
ult th- Nd vu. tootla Coaat gad h. me plateau
Ugbt raina have fallen *.n the Mau gligaas il
coast and 11-flit rain ..r snow in South Dakota,
Iowa and on [sake Superior. The temperature has
remained Htationary in the Atlantic State* and In
ihe Southwest, has generally fallen west pf the
Mississippi Valley and has risen lilatnbBiB
Tjas weather xxiii dear in tbs upper ut. ' .___
and will bs generally fair elsewhere The tera ? .
.ure will fall decidedly in ii,.* Ohio snd M * ii'.,i
valleys sad tbe uppsi lake r- gtona """?"*l
F.r New-England and Eastern New-York, fair
slightly warmer. '
For the District of Columbia. Eastern Pennsyl?
vania. N*w-J.rsey, Maryland. Delaware and Vir?
ginia, dir; slightly WHini.r.
For Ohio, fair; much colder Sunday evening or
For Indiana and Illinois, fair; moderate cold wave
Sunday evening and night.
F..r WesM VIlghMa, Western Pennsylvania and
.Sestern New-York generally fair; warmer during
Bunda'* ,o?ht|,nmy " lh*' <"*&*'? ?UCh OOMst
TiiiiUNE LOCAL "nsr.nvATioNs.
In tin* diagrn-n a i-.intlr.ii.iu* xvhii. |?,? ,|IOWI (|,,
churiK** in -.roRsur* a* iii'llrrit.-u bx Tb* Trtbtiaa's self
recordlns bar?.?,.i.-r. The broken Un* i-|,f^ , , ,h* pm
permur* u* OhasSUSd m Perry* Pr.arni*.**,. m
Tribune Office. March ll. 1 a. m.-The weather yes
terday waa warm and threatening. The temperature
ranged between 39 and bi degrees, the average, ll'*
being 5 degrees higher than on the corresponding
dats las* ysar, and % higher than on Friday
pr^bTyd"^rs,rtha;dC':U^"y *! "'"^ W'"
) .
t'UV . . ..Mi; og Till: BTRIglKU I' !AT?
: UK-; . i,' -nn: ?? vooitRfl vTION "
have, .. i;
Ibe eirena.
tins direct
? i - ? tar Uh
limes, bul
on r.
!:?? luxuries ..r nf.- in
) iimst
! it ter. in Beal m. i -
t'onacioua ot Ihe ever-preaeni want In
ii. Mr. 1: ? Iging partner
ot "Th.- Greatest Show on Earth," which i- also
.. "Great .Mo.-..i Show." mi i- especially designed
: > t'-.ia h ihe youth of Ama rica lhat I ni ara'
things i'i beaven and earth than are dreamed ..f in
Ihelr i ? thal "aggregation" nil in
for the i*ual immei . impslgn nf educa
? ? ? ? i- i ir from th.
Bri Igeporl wintei i ,. ? ? : yesterday th*
opened 'i'i,,. an:.u.il parade of newspaper men
luati I" al Rrldgeport. Tl.- hand-wagon cann
forth in .all th.- glamour ot" Conni lieu I n '. paint
to rec*lve the score o( rislt ira who rans* up from
Sew-York on on* .?', Prof. ? ir i: iv "Tody" Hamil?
ton'* "personall; r >n luet. I" t mrs. Th* six white
h arses gave ti .:r ;.m.ii.il imitation a.f "prancing
Bleed*." .ir! Byron R. th* vet ran master of
transporten n -i th i i t~ arorld, himself ad
Justed th* ? bj .-. in !i the charl it's aides
ur-- sci'..-1. ..ni . mvoyed th* party out to the
u inter quarters ..f th-- show.
There are circuses .ml circuses, bul th* On il
Mural Show :? th- only t**rlgtnal circus on ile*
Mock, .ii.i this year ll i- goina '? ' ?*'" more
s.a -lin, usual, r.mies maj come and panics may
go, bul tie tn i- ir* over which Mr Pinh pn
with unfailing cheerfulness knows nol depletion,
snd th* pr--, irs leas m of I**?".-? have
been mad* upon th.- usual lavl :. scale, 'an Mon?
day, March 'ia. ih>- ct..arts ?.f th* circus will a m.
down upon the New-York fold, gleaming in
rt...a Assyrian purple uni gold. Th* feature* ?>f
novelty In thia aeason'a prospectus .ire too numer
oua snd soul-stirring f.r description by si
no* having t h.- .. bis pan's point.
T ." atreet parade i- to !??? ? .;? nded i '
.mill :? ?-? ipi ..???.?: i'.. 1 .r.. lo on
* heels, Wo.-ii':..' to Antwerp for
. :..... i: ? id his w .'ii . - .m.
I il-, .un r > hiv- i. -en t ? .
natur.'igtnal!) designed I'hlrago sui
World's Fall and i pla then f th* Ircus proper
v. ill be rt alon d to Ita | ul a "i I rand
Ethnological Congresa' will be added Tl ? latter
,- guarantee i to be more smuslng than th* W a
I na ton article, thous ii ??-. even Mi B
endleaa reso ir ???- imulat*
? a great .i -a-ii letj
the Capitol.
A few a,f th- riding .< inder John
a' Ui l< ii - experien eil eye arer< shown !?? I a
\ lartora In the praci i Wi *nti >
ot ail the old lavorl
pr ii..-. I. TI
, tha piebald I kt waa be*i
,.: th* a.M snd mo*t Jarina ol th* ne** will dasxU
th-- circus lover t M Hq uar* (J u I
-i ? ta. le of the "pri
blue bloo ners, .. . :..:.;
ng ? ri the I bKht
..f the winter quarti of courac
ftlrriiig thin will b* tb* asm* performance with
th- accci . ingles and gaslight snd bani
bUt ' - ' " a.
women n .^ .... I ?- m ir* spp in nt In
performances under lh? former coi litton* Ui-s
l .in la Jeal. Mis* Effie Du i I i Ml
Wentwoi th gave I ol v. hst
worn, n of al ta landing*. in
a.-.-..rm.li .h on i. al aeback. 1
i.a.k gav* Um el I May|
n m) ? don l rib! ma ibout I tha way
? it the youm r Merri* Bag
. ? gtng
Tte- i I I* a very |
v. ,? . . ..: ? I - a.
in the days bi t I thia.
along With I h..!.- - 1 snd \.an.
t.uns. "frank Melvin* gav* . Mi rxhtbttl
i ? back tiding on ? trt.-k trotting bora*
a ivar in th.- animal hous* th* Ethnologti al C'?ngre*H
whs in session in a'oiiiiniti..f thc Whole ()ti thi
tat* Of tlc lr ut.lon. Trainer Albert Sta lier
j...-I th.- .h.ur and wielded tb* k..v<*i ba th*
of a. whip shout twentj fi ' lons Two savag'
lions, i ;????! ? ?- sn ii- ?' theil pectlv* atoola
i.n.l grumbled t" thi mw l\ es al th* Brown*** ol th*
j.-i. ,. Unga Mar ??! snd Lain. ?noni.ons ?;?!
bloodhounds, tn.tt.-1 ii!.? snd .-?:-*? I b a
..r.i-r Leopards and -Mather* inarh I Two trish I
??neil Aiigura Ka?4i^ shivered In a .one r. whit* a lng
ana ti little te-nr completed the constellation To
tb- lou I cracktag --f Stadler'a whip ti..- anlmala
went through nearly all lha regulation HsKenbeek
performanca When lha Mg bair found himself at
thc top ol the pyramid, with .. lion's nos* within
aboul four trachea ??? bim on eltbel Bide, k* wept
copiously and b t oul .i Mani harrowlns moan that
Beemed to sa) "oh. why aJIJ I l?av? h.^ni* SSS
mother tor this""
Ma**, thc "ursa Bslnor," was i saucy lim* coon,
which r- ked not of danger H? ats sugar, ross
leaves, .u-.r-''-'. tn;.- il lot.i.e.. uni various
other thiiooi fed to hun by Ot* gi i apaper
men, and never winked Wi tt, th* moe*
???ok a mouthful nf
fur oul of th* -mill <>f bi< back, Max eras sss
mentarily embarrassed, bul he climbed jauntily ts
th.- top of the ? ? n ss released by the
ever-read) whip of Ihe trainer.
Tb* stray a.f elephants >rg* ConkUn'a de?
partment is larger thia y.-..r than ever i.^-.r.-, and
Georg* Aretlngstall, ?vh.. is again with Mr Ballsy,
has t tie < phant i'. iby
Ruth trained t- land do tb* :..,-kst.p wMh
lw i Banian I poola a mi.i tw . Oerman ma 'iiffs. Tha.
yearling -***phani Todlcr la too young to do I
thiiiK but Wiggle bis trunk and look sol. run. The
tigers and panther* iii th* menagerie bad i trent
ir: ih- sl.ai..- ? f Bom* live s an anl coals. Tb*
big c:i:s seised th- Door little arooiry Intruders i.y
the ni| i of ire- Bees upon in.-ir tir^t appearance,
anal tba- slur,, teeth -.r the carnlvora cul through
their <er\i(.il vertebrae In ?i..>rt order. Th* moral
nf thi* ls that th.- lamil has no BSOf* timw lu
Url'lgep,,rt than in U'.,H .-"rr.-.-t.
Bom* ststsments wera' published yvstvrday to ths
effCCl Ihnl lt Was the DU rp OBS Ot UM Manhattan
Railway Company ts begin Ute runntag sf fast
trains ta. th- BUburOS t" th* te.rt hw ai 1 .is far MS
pVmlham at h .'. cenl rat* af fara A prosslncnl ili
roetor ..f th* companj kalil last night thal there
w.i-. no foundation ?*hai ..r for the report, but
he said thal nomi rhangi In ti.peratlon of the
elevated ayatem were In contemplation which
mlghl r? -ult In a h..i- expanded tu.I extensive
service What these changes were be declined u,
A *\Me vnrlely of vi-.ni ill- ii, : rmi., nt* a-ld
specimens Will b* dlsnlsysd at the ? whlbitlon given
t . morrow evening bj thc Nen Fork Academy a,f
Helene**, In connection with ibe first annual re?
ception nf that boily, in the l.lbrurv of Columbia
.'.aii.-e Tb- collection la designed t. shoV recent
pruwrasq an.I ls s.u.1 to be extremely Hnei ami th*
academy'* *nterprlse, which is original in som*
respects, promises ta b.- sn Important Incident in
tba. history of *ot*atiSo study tu New-York <"ity.
Ult. Ill Tl I'll Kiev bji <\K*iV ?rKCIaTlfj
Ka Ul
Colds am far r.a. lillie Ba lu 77. It r.?. hea ?n,l cures
?vary firm of r..M. lt i* SMIeall f.r >-,,n i.. stssssss a.r
txtmt the prrrlir .lliwnse **?*?*" t?v a cild. It limy be
'eil'iae, Inrlu.-nia, fatarrli. I'.iltiH mil B****a*H tn th*
H"-*.! uti I Ch**t, CaiUKh. Sore Throat, ,,n I Qawaral Proa
trailnn an.l WtSW, "lin WbU* lt mnv he \ aratirtcatlon to
h>p'.''hi,n<lilacB lo have their ailmi'nta namrd. lt li
?ufflclsnt for you to know that 77 rureii <'i.|.ii |n #v?ry
BSns, ka the Bjr*Ba4?*aa what they niay- ?> bother not
your head with the nam.- a,f the Ssaaaas, |f |, t> -V|,jen,
you have tsk.n e.,I,I. BB* aBSMtUrt****** ..f win. h ,]??, nol r#.
yataa great akita and rent sasttntrj lhat
BgfgRTk?SgTgh tlltKs
T7 connlnn of a i.mall L.ttl. Bl sJbsSSbI pellaU; Juat
nl* your vett p.i.Ket. Sold hy dnifrrlali or aent poatpaid
on receipt of prk e. tte., or 9 for tl.uO.
Humiihreya- Medicine Co.. cor. William and John Sta.
******** afSj
A I'li'il'i'SiTloN' Tn <',I\"E PROPER COMPErtBATIOR
Tin* salary of the presldenl of the Departmenl
of Taxes and Assessments ls 15.000 annually.
Recognising the services of the present In?
cumbent, Edward P. Barker, and believing that
he was deserving of a higher salary, the Board
? :' Estimate favor.-,! the passage of an act rais?
ing it to $*d"i" a roar. .Mr. Barker perforing tho
duties of secretary of the Board of Estimate and
of the Armory Board in addition to those of
pr.sid.nt of the Tax Department. Corporation
Counsel Clark drew up a bill for the purpose
Indicated. This was all the draft contained
when lt vent to Albany, immediately, however,
lhere ?*?:.*?< an outcry from the other two Tax
Commissioner!, wh > g**t $4.*hio g year each. They,
or somebody for them, appealed to membera of
the Legislature, and their Importunities were
quieted by the Insertion of ;i clause t" give
Moss,*.-. Whabn and Blumenthal J7.00J each a
year Instead *.f M.6M, Then ross up ths eighteen
Deputy Tax Commissioners, who also demand. I
a "raise." < ?i.f them la now r ceivlng t3,SO0,
another gets $*.oou and all ths rest, bul one, are
paid 12,700 .a year each. The eighteenth man
K'ts ll..Mmj only. Thvv want additions made to
th.ir pay windi Will bring th. iii all up to :i
uniform *':.:."". The bill has beet reported favor?
ably t.. the Assembly l.y th- Commit!.n C
Now thei.- is a clamor for higher aalari.
ali ng the Tammany linc Btreet-Cleanlng Com?
missioner A nd rewa, who has discounted Beattie
anl Brennan for filthy streets, wants hi.4 salary
raised from IMM to Mfc-tOO t year. "Mike"
Daly, Commissioner of Public Works, thinks thai
lc- is Ul paid at Jv.uoii yearly and wu nfs 12,000
more added to ir. "Tom" Brid... Commissioner
.,f 'ne Departmenl of Buildings, who re
.*.'... now, would Uk ? to hove 17.500 a y. ir. Th"
presidents cf all un- departments where there
ur.- Hitler commissioners gre likewise sure iii:
to.. i..w an estimate has been pul on their valu
.,1,;.. servl .-s snd wanl 'iv.:" paj doubled. This
would giv j,din .1 Selim* '. pr d. pt ..f the
dh. Department, ld.?"?.*.. a year; M. H. Porter,
. ; the ' 'V irP.lea I lepai nent, J'.".. .1 H.
Cram, ol the Docs: i? ?? i- tment. 110.000; ps
A D Tappen, of ths Park Department, $10,000;
James .i Msrtli ' the P .lice Departn
|10,. Charles <; Wilson, of the Health De
pertinent, $10,000; William Dalton, of tbe Excise
Department, I10.BOO, and Oeneral Duane, |
i ni ? :' ? d- Aqu< du ri Commlssl m, 110.000. ll ls
:,: , pr ip .x.. i : sdd n "<ni a year to ths ia
of the i' mimlssl .ner of Jurors, R ibei t lt. N
.md in ik- ;t js ,.i,.
Mr. Barker's friends fear tl it the bill Intel I. I
r . aid only .i reaa mable in for hts
? nely arduous duties will be su 1.
weighted us to sink lt.
A Pix". \"Tl'AP.1N.1 V.'l N'". WOMAN !
?A'ANDERINO IN > i".NTi:\;. PA! K ?1 rACKEU
\\ ii I HTSTERI 1 Bill. WII t. MOT
I ELL HER *?".''
The antic ' '" *v'
us a patient a myst. ? ! ?? rho ww
i Brandering slms-ssly In Central Park I
FYI lay night, on 1 rvolr,
??? Bight) :
everj ducated and
???ted. Policeman .lam*- FttageraM * ? a charge
of her and t.i-.k ber to tbs
? ?
si ible the officer'* rhai ge was attacked rn tl
ned ul' eras taken to th.
I "irlllK Hu Bight I I Of ic ?"? '?
not leave hi r \ t ima ratl 'nal, bul
I urging of aaa and phy
? tn- put -i.t f fused to tell 1
r *?? : augl ? eas "...th
.: I on her clothe* ..r person thal a
urn i ik ri t on the rn stery. I
? ?
Th*- ph retrial ? a haul fully
red l'ne\ pronounce ter ailment us
dinar) case <t hysteria Nod. *rlpilon of hei
: ?? ? -ern.
IUGUSTIS DAI I '*?' \l li VI f) I/.
MIK Hlvll HONOR ' ' .".l"KUI:l.t i ON HIM IV "du:
It ha> .iii? id] be -i sanoun ed thal ths '
Medal i ix b*.ii conferred tins v. ir by tha ''ni
rerslty of Notre Dame, at loath Beni, Ind., on
Augustin I?alv This medal li. held to be a Ililli
honor among the Roman Catholics of I
lt la conferred once a y.ir on BOtl S pei I of such
eiiilntn.e io* ti> seem* xv..nh of lt. lt ls no* i i
: T. have ttl** f.irmui presentation In i I
In duri- Mr Daly's ? ?.,nip-in*, wi I .>?? In tn.,*, city
then, and h- will 1- With lt V d it- foi
Hot) 'Viii bs appointed, and 111- faculty of the uni
verxity, willi ii number ot Invited k .
meir Mr Daly, and ihe medal 'a.o i... formslly
Ttie saedal Itself w ? massive gol i piece of pure
metal and of th- best a rkmsnshlp. lt* .-.
imo. : v.ihi" i* considerable Tbs medal hangs
from .i s .lid gold bar <?n ih- obversi
devtcs "f a pen lying across un open book,
tashloned In gold and Mus saamel Ai ?und and
ab..\- ii,,s design ls itu m.'io. "Magus sst V.
? ?? PraevnlebtL" Daderneatb are ths words, "Lae
tare Medal" "id in*.- data Oa the revel
.?f tba recipient ant the name ,.f t: .- univer?
sity, together with an Inscription indicating ths
r-i ui why the honor was conferred. Thus, on thc
m.-1.1 wi,i, ii ii is t, en prepared for Augustin Daly,
it aili bs -aid th.u it la pr. -*iit.. i in recogaltioa
of hla effort* for a pure dramatic Uteraturi and
his devotion t.? ihe Stud** of Shakespeare's poetry.
only nln- persons have received UUa medal
hitherto They wera John Oil mar) titi, i, writer
und Anser!can historian; r C Beeb . si 'hltect, ..f
New-York, who has built man* churches and
fifteen cathedrals; Oeneral John Newton, civil rn
gtneer, tebo won fane- by removing the dangerous
r-efs at lld! dat-, Elisa Allen .-din. ... I'hlcago,
philanthropist and arri ter; Anna Hanson l)oi
writer, William .1 I loaban, of Chicago; fl
Dougherty, of New-York: ll F. Browns,,!,. ,,f i,,..
iron, eeaaytsl and author, son of the A merl un
Catholic phil..x..ph.i, Orestes A. Brown on, snd
Patrick Donahoe, th.* publisher of "The Boston
i'll..i "
As ninv bi Inferred from the n**t ,,f medalists,
oi.iv those pre-eminent In some siwrlal way are
honored. There musl be nerti aad distinction out
*Ud oif church work. Cr. ai can is exercised I.
iio- faculty of Notre Dani.* In selecting the person
I., be honored cadi year. Many nani., are sug?
gested and lbs merits of all sre carefully and im?
partially considered There ls no such thing ...
influence In determining the final choice, Tha ;?? i
?"..ns trhess names sre talked over '??. the faculty
do tmt gnow thai they ar.- even considered.
Mr Daily has r.e.-U. I an Invitation from I >r
Blumenthal, of the Lessing Theatre, to uke bis
company to Berlin, and from llerr Poasart t,.
follow at tbe Royal I'oiiri Theatre, Munich, aft..r
the close of bis Wondon season, to prodi. the
Shakespearian cuni.-di. i which have been the auc
,.-..? of Mr. Daly's *e.i*on (her. II- bas I..., ?
compelled to decline, howevei Miss Behan's need
of rest pi eventing the acceptance of tho offers.
Professor Leon Landsberg win speak before ths
ll. P. B. Theosophical Society, No ll:' West .in?.
hiutsltrajil and twenty fifth si , on "Tba Ortgtra of the
Devil," this evening. He arni show winn was meant
by .|. vii in the various gr. at religious systems of
the past and present, and will argus SS a reaull ,,f
comparative study thal in no religion ls a personal
d.vii taught He win try to show thal tne devil
was universally considered ns having u divine
Origin, and la th" lower usp.il of dod, arid gg g
fttnclpte In nature la not necessarily evil. The pub?
ic la Invited.
- ? ? ?
The following ollie, rs of the Horse Shoe Harbor
Yacht Club have been .-ber..dr Joseph II Sterling,
commodore: *dce*-commodore, Bori*;.* s To wis;
secretary, Frank A. Moore, tieasurer, Oeorge G.
Murray; trust.,*, I-'dward F. Caldwell, Fredrick
C. Hilliard and Charles A. .Singer.
Yi-xlerday Tu-*Uv I
Kiraw heard . Zl\ ^i
fbktega. blares m. t
? ITJ4
. BU
. BTtt
I ls'j
? un il a, 1 ?
Brswisg -
Hr. is lng |
1'uikinc .
I'ii. kins pref. ... Ut
Ali-- f,. ?_?-,
I-*k. si L
V, ftu'x
\l lt*
Iil.ini'itlt Mulch
lill llo-W ...ll,
MU I.ieW pi-f
Nu I'hie St Ky
Hire*-! <"..i .Vi
N -i lllHCIlll. ...
w dale Ht Ry,.
lt".' j
San I'ia li.-laen, March 111. I MU.
Ye*t-r.i*y.T*).a?y. , TsMaiSai Tn lal"
.If. AM .Mexican .L?0 I BO
1 ?.! 1 Un" | Mono .13 to
.TO , ophir .B.B0 i.e.,
05 I Potosi ."*,'. M
*0 i Sa*, au* .Mi
U>*t a n?|rh*r
bodle Cooa.il..
fj___f .09
( hollar .tvi
f*?'11*,^'? *m kwiBmttTHtrmsi::::iS _
a?iAA A r?,~i.22 -60 U*?*w> Con-oi.i? .kai
i BEST* CO c . ?
I M-t^^ Opening, I
y\ *A\Wm\*2r ^?^??*tfrrr*-*ta.irT*-**y (F/f
s fe,
?g March 14th & 15th. ?
^ Everything for fe.
3 Boys, Girls & Babies. j?
"??; All ages included to eighteen years. '#>
?rs This exhibit will be of special interest and profit tj all who Ki
??S 'tap** ihildrcn to provide for. _??
j fe.
alj 60 and 62 West 23d Street. fe
r.viaKif.P.nrND SYSTEM BUCCKSS CO******
hi RD Bt'SHS ri.an.
Something practical In tli*- way of r.iiii'l transit
ls In sight The committee Of the Chamber of
Commerce appointed tai Investigate the rapid
transit situation had s meeting last Tbursdoy
snd prepare i .1 bill which will b.' presented tn the
Legislature some day this w-.-k. lt p*a*rksss
for the Duilding of an underground rapid transit
system on the Hewitt plan, whia'h la: that the
city shall i>wn the road, Issuing bonds to defray
lt* c 1st, while the construction and maintenance
hall he let to s responsible corporation. The
full texl of tue bill hus not yet been maa!.- public,
1'it it is understood that lt provides for lepisla
whlch wm nive th.- greatest ssfeguard
1st.1' the city bonds, lt will also pmb
ably pt >vii.- f. r the app ilntment -af a competi nt
: whit h will have the general super?
vision ,.f th-- building of the raaad
Tb.- act! *. of tie- Chamber <>f Commerce In
interesting Itself in the rapid transit proWets
has i -ii rrrreeted with hearty approval txotn all
people wh.a are Inti resti 1 in the prosperity "f the
? Itv. Its Indorsement ? :' th- Hewitt plan and
I, ,.. ,v ,., ,i 1 for th.* city what the
Rapid Tmnell Commission hss failed
to ;,-. ,, puah |j an indication that rapid transit
by means ol an underground railroad may sa D.
I. - New-York.
Th.* liewltl iilan vests the ownership of the
rapid transit system In tbs city. Th* construc?
tion an.l operation Of ths road are to be In?
trusted t,. "such responsible corporation now
,.x.Bli ifter to I- formed ss rnay, in ad
ditlon to tb. int. rest on the etty bonna, pay the
-1 anni] il rental, bu h escsss to be used BJ
king fund IO retire tb- buids of the city,
: a u. 11 tho bonds ar- so retired th- less* ls to
tninated." After that the lease shall be
. ht-rhea! bidder, upon such terms as
1 ,.lV ?d by tb- .ny suthociUes, for
period* 11 ??? ng thirty yesrs, In the same
general manner as t rrles sr* now sow.
The Rapid Transit Commission will have
Jaie*, unpopular and rldlcu
..-? t ir an el vated r ad early this
Wort upon this plan ls ab..ut finished,
!..- present.-1 to the Board
of Vldermen in * dav or two, The Corrunls
Blon may, however, walt until Mayor Olin 5 re?
turns before taking Ki piss to the City Hall
?1 hs bop .gr' w rs' -syndicate ls in reading
!,j,i foi -be plan the minute lt ls offered, and
every pressure bas 1.n brought to boar upon
it.?innis*:..11 by -his syndicate not to *rive up
the Bush* pian Th* Manhattan Elevated Rail?
way Company is anxiously awaiting the latest
l.-v.l .p:u.Mt In the rapid transit situation, be
II sees in th* Bush* plan the essisst way
of setting extensions to its present systsso.
Mow thal the Chamber ol Commntnt ha." de
clded ' ? do the w.ark of ths Rapid Transit C.im
missi teven on? ls wondorlng why the Rapid
Transit Commissioners d.a not draw .1 wn ih?
blinds In ths Willlanvst. ftfflss atvl gracefully
retire from che field ls which ihey ha*r?*shars-l
?o 1 mg snd uselessly. Th" public condemned
tba- Bushe pian when if wss first propossd. bul
the Commissioners ? -? >\.? 1.1 think of nothing a-ise
t. do, and probabl) they wanted nothing else
t . do, because Mr. Bush* said that th.* pian wss
g ? k1, and thai ll mint k". Mr. Btorln alone
si.I -ut against the plan, for he favored an
undi irt'.' md road, ail I not one that would
eventually foll ima' the clutches of the Man?
ila' tan Com tn)
There will bs S meeting of ths Commission on
Tm 'lay.
a sew rorsTRT ci.rn.
A number nf gentleman, string believers in th?
!???.1 uti.s and health-Hiving qualities <>f th* Kerk
shir* Ililli, ssssinslsd aan Thursday at the Inter
..il Hotel, 1 ir thS purpoSS Of establishing a
club iii that regl n, on ths propsrty owned by th?
Berkshire Hills Park Association, in the town ot
Mount Washington. Muss. There was a goodly at
tendance, the chair being occupied by I. l>. Roslsrd
Tho meeting beta** a preHsnlsary oo* te formulate
lim-., Ways and m tn fig Sta, a committee was ap
iaointi-.: io draft bylaws to be submitted st s, -;? 9
? iai meeting to ba held later st los call of tot
? -h.urn.
Til.- .-.ni. proposas to charge nu Initiation fee ot
ttuo. wuh annual -ina-s ..f no, Member* win. for tM?
outlay, h.- entitled i> s clear deed tor a sne-acn
bul lins pl it within the reservation of the srencia
tion. mi.I a full rUht In all the club holding*, In?
cluding the privilege of fishing and hunting over
th* *tttlr* grounds of the association,
Th* fol|owui| axe among thoa* Interested in thr
rnovemenl and present si th* m.-tin*;, william T
tock, publisher of "Archltectur* and Building"
Charl** a .i.nn.-y. of "The Weekl) Underwriter"'
Loula il Cornish, publisher of "Suburb*" th* l{.-v
Dr, Kimber, Albert D'Oench, .1 McLean Shaw
'i.-arm- w. K Taylor, ll. v. Qouge, George B*
l.-aM'. J A Roitaman, William 1'. I'aibinso,, and
.1. Panning 0*RstIly.
ThS Alumnae Association Sf the Normal 1'ollege
alumuna'.-s an attractive I..-.-i Hi. The pra.cee.la are
to be devoted to founding a Woman's Beti lenient
Which shall be a .-.litre for the kinalergirten and
"thar work aire .dy Mpfwrttd by the association
Much ..f th* .work uf t neighborhood ki, 1 ui -j Ilow
being carried on with measurable bus**** lt ls
con\S*U r-ntlemeSf" "?* '" "* "**"*" "f ?
The li.n.-llt will take place at the l'mplre Theatre
''"''??? *tttrn. .,f Tu**day, March I TIckeE
p',;;"sHv:'t;-r w ?n ??'?*??* ?nS8
?ri'.1 ""-*?, ?"-,? RM and ... cents; boxes. BBB
M^B^W^ftff ?S* 5?*. oo^teTor
Sss Br?Ka?iftJ5w? fW
OBU*' ttlaa,-J i .1 '' '''??' ' SOtbSTn 111 a mono
amma ?uI'o", * l ,,VV,U1 "* ? "^'K with organ
For pimples and all othercondi
'ons i-ttdtug from constipation, R0
by thc book on Beechrim'i pills, *
Book tree*, pills 25c. *At dr
sores; or wm, to B. F. Allen Cot
?N-o Canal st., New York.
mYMffiBk. .atiKEW Mme. .11-1. .v..
Mme. .It'I.IAv-o taw-IBM .
*.?-.,?. "?"'? e**m*i l''"n. aim*
whioh i*mut l'*Ju''">s th? ?ktn'
*w bbv ?fh,.rK lor,',rou? -*l-*clrlrU)
ou. .u,t,. ,he ?<>v<'rtlaed pot? n
10 to 2 .,r*.naa0OOmL",h' C**-* rr<>n,
?oe i^xlnstoB-avffc. ^?w-rorl^.
pring' wi??????..'? a Grand Offer.
o? ? ? :?:?:?:?o
: tllii WBBULJ
Worlfl-RfiDOWiiBil Face Bluet.
In order thal all may have an BpgSSfsMy of trying
th- wonderful effect ef lier Wort 1 R-r-u.u r,.*d KA.'B
hi.KA' u. mm*:. RrrrKRT srW sell te all saUsrs skrssf
day durlag 'h.* eeealajg areek a ssmpl* bottle fer rr..'., or
Brill -ni ta la-lle.i 11% inn in any |>ari of tba areal**, on re?
ceipt of 25c., cost ef Bonding. i
Min: A RtiT'ERT ?*y?: "'I BBSJ-eclata ih- fact that
lhere are ihouaand* and ih..anani- f ladle* in Ih. I'r.lted
state* who wunM lu<e io try tot *W-ark*-Biae*?aaa FACE
BLEACH, but hav teen kepi fruin doing * '. , jiu.
Of Itu- price which I* B3.0B per bottle, I xl iwri.** taken
togetbar, *5.0o. In order that all at" tbesa n.ay nave an
? I, rt unity I srlll aell te every .-aller d-arins the coming
Brack a -Ample Nit ile for 'JA emla, aad in orl-i ti supply
ilu.se living oui*l?l? ol Ihe Cit) 0* rn any part of ih*
world. I will ?end lt to them, safely peeked, all charge*
prepaid, on receipt of JO*., either silver oe sianps.'"
Thi* urand undertaking will al MME. Rt 1'1'F.RT
mam- inouasnda of I ill u ? I n ?iie <V>e? it in Drear t.?
i rave ie all that h?r World-Renowned FACE BLEACH ls
? ? ironderful 1 the world for . daring
an.1 purlfylraa the allis, snd loee ia aka reeoasaBsada li.
In aver) ease of 1 plea, fri sall wu ass,
blackheads, acne, rcsssaa, or ur;, dist soratloa or <*.is.-a?e
of the akin, and wrtnklea m ot causes by fade* exprea
II remove* ab*olut<*!\. ll ?'. > rv ? cover up a* cae;
mirks d... hut ls a eur*. Th? pries .if thi* \Sonderful
1'A'K BLEACH ls 13.00 per ilagta bottle, or three bot
tie*, usually required In severe ."ase*. *.". OS. gea* te anjr
part of the world, safely pj kel. To give all a chance lo lest
Ita wonderful meru. MME A. RI'Pl'ERT will, aa ?lat*d
above, sail 'o all caller* every dav Jurlns the coming
, week a aanipl* Little for Ste., or send tl to lhasa at a
1 distance on receipt of 2.V- cost of sending. Be sure that
all her preparation, bear th* photograph and signature of
I MME. A. RL'PPERT In full. All orh?r? *rc frau lulen!
' MME. A. Rl'PPERTS well-known book, of which mora
I than thr.--* million ?- plea are BOW la dr vi', mon. will le sent
on re..-.p. 1 1, centa in |*astsge iddreas all communion
tl..ns cr call on
New York's L
? East lithe!.
Hit A \( ll WWWUABB.
4T1> Fulton-*.!.. HrooUI-n, g. Y.
r.'il llroail-*!.. NexxurU. \. J.
IJBBB I liea!iinl-H|., Pliilnilelpliln, Pa.
Itt Winter-*!.. Iloalon. Mn**.
mir, Stnle-nl.. I'IiIciikii, III.
turner Vtd ami ISSI BO ma.. Troy. BJ, Y.
li:i*x F-at.. \. \V.. W nalline*,lon. D. I'., und all
large ellie**.
Call and examine our '94] line
of Victors?better than ever
See the Latest?
New valve for Victor Pneu?
matic Tire.
Victoria Tilting; Saddle.
Lighter and stronger hub
and direct-tangent spokes.
The finest bicycle catalog ever
issued tells the story.
lill kk arrrn St.
Special Spring Importations
. .fur the..
Inexpensive Decoration of Country
French \ Liberty
Wall Art
Papers, Fabrics,
flreionne Styles.! (Cotton SI ult*)
Joseph P. ric Hugh & Co.,
West 42d St.?at 5th Ave.
rf Wall Paper*?(ar ri 11 n e free lo all parts
of ther State**.
54 First Awards,
Being the largest number ofawardf
obtained hv any exhibitor, and n?or?
titan double the number received bf
all the other Sewing Machine Companies,
"AII,ovxir thu World."

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