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B-oadway, Union Sq. and 18th St.
Elrea?t eStoe'a , .CArMMsr r'..*oo Urtniifat-tiirerij* I*rir- e
The court-martial ordered to try the case of
Comm.in lr I e I ix F. Heyerman met In the Navy
Yard yesterday, an 1. it having bee n decide l acho
ehou'.d comjvose the court, effected .".ti organlsa
Hon. On Thursday the court was unable to or?
ganize because of confusion over the nam.* of one
member of the cou*-t. <'..mm.inil.-r Q. K. 1". WT..I ?
was. mentioned In the precept for the court, bu:
Commander Frank willes hal received the order
to attend ss a member. The matter w.is referred
to Washington fr decision, and, although C in?
man ler G. F F. Wl'.de, arbo ls . u walting ord rs
in Massachusetts, waa probably originally Intended,
lt wa.* el eel i.*<l tim Commander Frank Wildes, from
the Norfolk Navy Tart, ahould remain and nerve
on the court, ,i< h ? was already here.
Every'hing was .lon.- according to the Navy
regulations. The Judge-Advocate was sw..rr. In by
the president of the court, and th. n each mi mbi r of
the court waa sworn in bjr ihe Judge-Advocate,
in the presence of the sccused. After this the
charges and specifications agalnal Commander Hey
erman were read In closed .*ourt, with the parties
to the trial not present In order to make snr.' that
lhere was ii" Haw or defeel in them. They were
afterward read In open c url by tbe Judge-Advo
cate, m ibe presence of Ihe accused, and Com?
mander Heyerman entered a ph i ,.f "not guilty"
to the two chaises and the thr-.- unectflcatl na.
Comman ier Heyerman ralai l an objection i> that
part of the specifications of the Hr*.' charge Which
rend: "Certain strong currents were known to
exist." and requewted thal i: be made more deW
nite than ""strong." winn the formalities c in
nected with the- organisation of the court had I???? ri
gone through with, another delay In th? proceed?
ings came. This was occasioned by the fr.'t that
for some- nason the witnesses bsd not 1 n or?
dered to be present, and there were none pr sent.
The c-Mirt therefore adjourned until 10:30 o'clock
this murnini*;, when lt is expected that tln-y will Li?
en hand.
Commander Heyerman. who waived the right of
counsel tn the court of Inquiry, now has Lieutenant
Commander Adolph Marta, ami will doubtleea make
a defence through him. Lieutenant Charlea ll. Ly?
man ls also to be court-martialled, inn no order J
in regard to him has >et been received.
ITS Ol.Ip Tn its: KEW QCARTERfl Bl
Th*- 71st Regiment. N. O, B. N. T., Will occupy
its new armory. Th:rty-four;h-st. ar.l Park-ave.,
on Saturday aftcrn.w.n. Mareil si. This n?w an i
handsome buiidlng, one of the fines: structures of
its kind in the I'nlted States, will also be the h-il
quarters for the First Brigade Staff Oeneral Louis
Fitzgerald commanding, and underneath the 2d
Battery will a!?.> have quarters.
The occupation of the new armory by the 71st
Regiment will be mads doubly Interesting by the
fact that lt will be escorted from its old building
by the 7:h Regiment In full .lr, ss uniform, and
after arrival at the armoo' ^ luncheon will be
served to both regiments. The Tl st Regimen! Will
form at 3 p. m. at the old buiidlng, Lexington
ave. and One-hundred-and-seventh-SL, where the
7th Regiment Will await lt. As the 71s: Regimen*
marches out it will be saluted by th.' 7'h Regl
ment presenting arms, after which the- sams cere?
mony will be performed f..r ti-..- 7th Regiment by
the 71st. The td Battery, under Captain David
Wilson, and Oeneral Loula Fnzger.il 1 and hl? s'aff.
as well aa all th* regimental . .'fU-er3 in full uni?
form, will take part In the parade.
The tntSB-On at pres. nt 1? not to make n parade
about the city but to march straight eiuwn Fifth
ave. to Th!rty-fourth-.*>t.. whence ihe regiments will
turn and enter the new armory. I'pon their arrival
et the armory lt ls inte-nded to have lunch* ;.
MTVed on three long tables, all the eiflleors .,.',u
pying the centre table, the companies of ti.>:h rer-i
roents occupving the other two table* The com?
panies wjll be seated at tables alternately, first a
company of the 7th and* then a com po ny of lhe
Tlr;, si that the comradeship and Fpirit of gooeiwiil
ani fraternity will nave an opportunity to express
itself to the best aelvantage. Tr..* general public
Will be exclude,!, and the veteran.-; of ttl" fist wiil
?be the only guests aside from the representative* .,f
the press.
The formal opening of the armor*.' to the public
will take place on Friday, April _'. for arhlch eiab
orate preparations have been made, including B
Sroduction of the- "Allegory erf th.- War In Bong,"
nder the personal direction of S. el. I'ratt. A
handsome souvenir programme is being prepared,
which wi!l contain the history of th.- regiment,
pictures of the brigade anel othe-r .ilflcers, an! vari?
ous views of scenes In connection with the regiment
life and its histor*.- .luring the war and since* then.
It is to be one of the harie;s->me-.f souvenirs ever
printed, and will contain IM pages >,f r*al!ii?
matter, *ncluding the music and words <.f the "Al?
legory of the War In Song." It will be. with ait
doubt, a valuable addi:! in to th<- literature of ''ie
N. G. S. N. Y.. and b? highly prize-1, nol only by all
the members of the re-giment, but by tlie general
public as well.
The Board of Trustee** of Wesleyan Unlvendty
held Its annual meeting yesterday al the Methodist
Bexik Rooms. Twentleth-st. and Flfth-ave. The re
port of Dr. Bradford P. Rayna .nd. pres] lent "f tbs
.college, made special rafi renns lo th.- new gym?
nasium, which ls to be completed before oommence
ment. The trust*-.-.- roted a six m-.nths" leave of ab?
sence to Professor Van Vleck, the h.-ad of th.- de
partment of mathematics ll.- will sail for Europe
on April l. But by far th*- rn >st Important work
done by the board yesterday was In the pa av of fin
extension of the elective <-ystem, ur. more strictly,
a reduction of the amount of required work On the
recommendati.ii -* th.- faculty, nu represented by
President Raymond, th'- trustees decided ii* it here
after astronomv, geology and physiology should I.*
elective In the Junior year, and the Fnlted Btatea
Constitution in th*- senior year. Presidenl Raym md
announced that this p'due-<?i th>- required w,.rk to
three hours a week during the Junior year, and
only two hours for seniors.
The sale at public auction of th*- furniture-, fixtures
and paintings of the def.me-t Madison Ke.u-ir." Bank,
at Broadway ami Twenty-Af th -st., attract i s crowd
of buyers to the- bank building yesterday. The
things were sold i.v authority of the re Ivers of
tbs bank. Miles M. O'Brien and .lames .1. Cannon.
Charles F. Walters, of Ni l,ttl Broadway, was the
auctioneer. The sale i,?'r^;,n about ll a. m. nnd waa
not finished until nearly 2 p. ax Several theatrical
men mad* th?- bidding for th*- two oil paintings,
"Comedy" and "Tragedy," which were bought for
MM bv Mr. Bain, ur.f the large safes y.d*l for
V&i. The partitions, desks, elialrs, gaa-flxtures, etc., '
brought gf.od r.rics A clerk which was said IO !?<?
warta about iio sold f,.r ii:,. Tlie- proceeds of the
rale amounted to about gt,"'?'. s muck larger sum
than the receivers had expecte 1.
The proposeel amendment to the Constitution eif '
the State of X. w-York. prepared by th' Law Oom- !
mutee of the National League for the protection
of American Institutions, will be f<!ven to the public !
next week. The amendase Bl is r a* tbs protection of I
the school funds and th*- prohibition of BOC* ir:an
appropriations. The committee having the matter ,
In charge e-onslst- of Wiiilam Alien Butler. Dor
roan b. Eaton. Wheeler ll. Peckham, Henry K
Howland and Cephas Brain*.-i
The Rev. Or. Janv*s M. Kin-,*, general aecretary
of the i/eague, has been Invited t. lecture before
the Minl.-terlal I'nlon of Baltimore, compos-I "f
Clergymen of all denominations. Or. King Will de?
liver the lecture on Monaay n<-xt. his subject being
A Movement for the Protection of American In?
Collector Kllbreth. Assistant Serret.-.r, Charles H.
Hamlin and Supervising Special' Treasury Agent
Crowley did not go down the bay yesterday to me-t
the Germanic on account of the fog. They elld go.
however, to Hoboken, when- ihey watche-1 the work
of the customs Inspectors who Were inspecting t.i"
good* subject to duly bnmght over on the stearne!
Aller. Assistant Secretary Hamlin will com. to
Xew-York every Frldav to make himself thoroughly
acquainted with the custom." service here.
All the speeda! Treasury agents an! Inspectors
In this city win i., Colonel L. SI. M.i tg'in-rys
office yesterday morning at th** Custom House to
bid him goodby and to present to hi-n on engrosse.l
testimonial of the* regard they feed for him. * o;onei
Moivtgomerv will sall this morning on the ( am
Pwila for F.ngiand to take charge of Hie special
Treasury agents abroad.
The medlaevsJ uplrlt U -dirilmbiy portrayed In Bon und
**a*'a dfllahtful romane,., "The Secret of ZSarclMc.
KAAoitll. Cory.il _ Co.. Publlahera.1
TRENTON'S NE W hospita l
Tl:" .are e.f tbe sl.k poor, the crippled, the de?
formed, and ti-..- erection of h" pltala for their treat?
ment h iv,' fr >m the earlies! times 1.n tt.special
c ire of tbe Bl it>- or ruler. I mi the rocka of Ouse ra'.
risible to-day. are .-nt the edicts .if the Bud Ihlsi
king Asoka, who dad In ile- y ar 'i'iA 15. C., Which
dlrecl thal "along the principal routes of travel
? tals snail be .rated, to be provided with In?
struments, min. ral and vegetable drugs, with roots
and fruits ai ihe expense of v - State." li la re?
corded that Buddha appointed a physidsn for every
ten villages on the high road, and bulli hospita'.! or
asylums for the blind and dlsMsed, f,.r pregnant
women and for Incurables and lep* rs.
According to tbs ancient histories of Persia, ihe
World-wide !
"The Queen of Table Waters."
admission to existing i. ipltal tmctures was rea
Konabi) certain to complete the death thal ac- lent
or dlaeaae hal begun. Hospital reports abound
wi:h th" figures proving aa appalling percentage
nf ?I'-iths from septic Uses od hospital poisons
contracted in th* warda after the slightest surgical
operation. The wide prevalence of symotic ani
tubercular diseases arising from an exeeesslve *w
gregatlon of disease In one placs ls ai well known I
^-r^y^j*. ___ * -^-^r;
krtr* - ys>*'.
Jj*,*. Cn
^^__s__u.__ ,.#*.- r- ^g
??? ?Vt-'X*' v.*. -Te ?
- Jv**'**^_* *_?*_
__________ ~*J? ' " _?>
_^r? .^r^_#!;_5!t^*?~- ~- , _?? -. _?-,__
BSmCCSOSSSSfl ._53_?*gg>__- t,ffF^^~->ti;_x> ATjf. \ ff ,-"-.-?. T'.'r-syiii-A' ?. . . ___"._
||^^^5g_____?___&-^^iS?8to^ ^v
communiii'*s of fire worshippers from the remotest
times were ol>:i-.' 1 l,v th.ir law to establlah and
maintain suitable ptacea r.r the houalng of their
suffering nv. I sick poor, an I the king to furnish
the t" st physicians and m.-Heines without c .st. In
the tlnv* of Aesculapius 0134 I*.. C.) and :>t Cns and
Trices, air .r,linu to Strabo, were temples f,>r the
especial treatment of the siek, and up oi tablets in
the walls were recorded the history and treatment
of the Individual cases of disease. Provision for
their sick destitute was made by the Romans, and
a's,. Iel lt b.> noted, to ari eaten! never before at
tempted and certainly nol equalled to-day, did they
b> strict sanitary regulations and universal babita
of personal cleanllneaa s-.'k to pr.-vent disease.
The coming nf the Christian era. with it? bene
(Iceni teachings, th.- suoseque ni and unceasing
struggle f.r the equalisation of s.ieiai conditions,
hav.- led to an increaaing sense of human Inter?
dependence, and of the necessity for ampler and
wiser provision r.r the destitute sick In every com?
munity. The prop<.rti'.n of such helpfulness may
fairly h<* said to be the measure of tbe civilisation
or humanization of ? Btate or people, and at no
time In Ci" history of the world has it been so
widely Illustrated as in thia s?e and c untry, nnd
at no time h iv>- public and private benefactions to
provide for tbe necessities of its sick and helpless
portion be*e-n so larne as to-day, But this very In?
crease ..f means entails a mor.- ex tcting discrimina?
tion as th,- quality of its efficiency tn us... and
even th.* distribution of benevolence ic being re?
duced t. scientific or Ut and tho adoption of v.*
wisest snd surest bm u>* to effecl its purpoae. it ia
quite within the experience and knowle Ige of prac?
tising physlclana of to-day that, owing to unsani?
tary conditions and Insufficient area per patient,
A cali, ha." BERN IBBl'KD lem a t BM PERA BOB
A call has been issued for a reception t > Oeneral
Neal Dow, In honor of bbl ninetieth birthday, and
f.,r an International temperance congresa to be bel I
at Prohibition I'ark. Staten island, .lune 1. 4 and .">
deners! DOW has accepted an Invitation to !?-? pram
tat, Joseph Cook will deliver the eiration e.n Jane
I and Major-Qeneral O. <>. Howard win preside,
i'll" elli Irs signed by the following Commit t, ?? nf
Joesph A. Bogardus, president ..f the American
Temperance Union; Major-Oeneral *p. pp Howard,
preaident ..f the National Temperance Society; !>r.
D. ii. Mann, night Worthy Grand Chief Templar
of the world: E. .1 Wheeler, of "The New-York
Voicer'; i>r. James M. Buckley, <>f "Ths *'iiristian
Advocate"; !>r. il. K. Carr,ll." ,,f "Tbe New v,,rk
Independent"; William T. Wardwell, treasurer ??:
tbs standard Dil Company; itr. James ii. Darling?
ton, Chris! Church, Brooklyn; Mrs. Mary T. Hurt.
presidenl of the W. C. T. v. of the Btate of N.w
Yi.rk; 1*. I-'. Funk, pres! Lt,t ,,f the National Prohi?
bition i'ark Company; i*r. l>. s. Gregory, ? x-presi
?l.tii of ih- Lake Poreat i'iiiv.Tatty; Oeorga lt.
Scott, of "The New-York Witness**; Colonel Alex?
ander B, Bacon, presidenl <>f the Brooklyn Bunday
Observance Society; th- Rev. J. C. Fernaid, Robert
Oraham, secretary of tbe Church Temperance 8*v
e-iety; i'. I.. Haskell, superintendent of the National
Prohibition Park; Dr. Charles H. Parkhurst, presi?
dent e.f the Society for Ibe Prevention e.f Crime; Pr
l. K. funk, presidenl of tue punk * Wagnalis
The basis of repret ntatlon nt the congress will be
ns follows. 1.1,e.ii organisations ar.- entitled io one
delegate to every twenty membera; organ lu tiona
representing less ihiu State (or province in Canada),
Ave delegates each; Btate e..r province) organiza?
tions, tin each; National organisations, iwent) each.
Besides paying honor t,. Oeneral Dow, th- pur
poeea of the conicress, as s'-t forth in tin- call, ur.'
as follows: "To review fully and faithfully the en?
tire ti-ld ,,f battle; to compare In frank and friendly
discussion the confllctlns views held by the differ
e nt divisions of the temperance host; to come as near
lv as possible to sn agreement, so lhal there may
be less waste of strength in disputations sith one
another, and that our blows against the liquor -vii
mav h.- far more united and effective; to unit.- upon
u carefull) prepared address to the people ..r the
l'nlted Stat. I ari I of the- Dominion of Canada, Which
will alni to sit forth precisely th- -.-rounds ,.* our
opposition tei thp- saloon, and emr reasons f.r ap
pealing to the public to bring at,',ut at once it-.
overthrow: lo take such steps as may !,?? neces?
sary to pla* >? ih.' teaching of temperance hygiene
in the pilbil.' school*. Ihronghool the country on
th- basis of a li\>-d Study the laws making Its
leaching mandatory ; I i plan for tie- systematic edu?
cation of Hi'- ii,a 'sea In temperance statistics, fa.'is,
arguments, principles: i" seek lo .mist far mora
tin- pulpit snd press in ih.* advocacy ot total ab?
stinence; to place th.. . im.alu,- power .f liw
against the- saloon: t-? tak- whatever other action
against th.- liquor .vii may be deemed wis-."
Among th?' other signers ol' the call ar.- the Rev.
Pr. ll. I.. Wayland, the Rev. It. a. .1. Gordon,
(leorge B. Foster, lllnlstei of Finance, Ottaara;
Frances ii. Willard, Archbishop Ireland, Lady
Henry Somerset. Marv A. Livermore, I'r. Josiah
sin,nu- H. Fay Mills, Father Kgan, Oeneral Wager
K way ne, John P. st. .lohn. Samuel Dickie, th.- Rev.
john Hall. ex-Mayor Hewitt, Hlahop Turner, Chan?
cellor MacCraoken, ea-Judge Noah Davis, tin- Rev,
l?r Rdward Bveretl Hale, th" Rev. li*-. Arthur
T Pleraon. Bishop John H. Vincent, th.- Rev. Pr.
Theodore I- Cuvier, Benator William i*. Frye uni
'i*. v. Powderly.
The published reports yesterday that the Tariff
Ass .eia'ion e,f th.- p.oard nf Kir- Underwriters io i
decided to raise the rites for insurant-.* on fla* and
apartment-bouses were totally inc ,rre,.;. The Tariff
Association has ha*l the question of rat. s under
, ,n leratlon for several w,.'k.s. and a new sched?
ule for ratea oa fia:- and apart men t-hoitae* la being
pi pared. Th- rates are na -,,, be raised, bm re?
duced, as reported in yesterday's Tribune.
The new schedule .f rates will be made public
In abou: :>"i days. Th.- assist.mt manager >>f tbs
Tariff Assoclstlon -aid yesterday that th,- rate com*
mlttee would maka tin- ree!'.-In:- a-- equitable as
possible, and Hat tlie rates on flits and apartment
hu s would I.- reduced, th.- reduction being lari;, r
in som- quarters than in other-.
IMIIAMI \\ 'AT Kit ?mS th,- I'lltVI* ,,? | ||>|,l
knows XOI.VKVr rani ?????_ *<* mortal CAMI l.l
It rea trail ie* I UK ACID.
All .tren.!.- ett-ctt ot At ARUM un I other I KV KHS
_re PBKVKXTKII by free xia- ot Iv.lun-l KV aler.
iiF.cr.iK-nu rm: ORLY AND HIGHES r
Wi l-l.Ii'.-r *'* ,:' JWARD rOR '
??(iREAT PfRITV" sari ?? ?
Aeldrt" l*OLANU WATtlU, Trlbun. _ullJ:ngi N?. T.
Tbs fourth annual meeting of th- National rhiis
tlan League for th- Promotion of Social Purity
win bs held in thp Broadway Tabernacle on next
Monday Dight ol K o'clock. Th- Rev. Iirs. R. _.
MacArthur and John Balcom shaw, together with
Si.irv A. Livermore, Anthony r.mistook and Vir?
ginia T. Smith, will address th- meeting. The pub?
lic an.l especially Wendi lnt"r>ste*" In the cause
are cordially Invited to bs present
The annual woman's prayer anu business meeting
will be held at th- Leagues headquarter.?.. No. "S3
Bast Twenty-second-st., to-day, at 3 p. m.. with
a half-hour preceding the meeting for devotional
cxerclnpfs. The officers ask that every peraofl In?
terested In this work will nit only he present, but
will bring as many friends as possible who will
join the League or co-operate with lt
as tlie fart that S rotten Vegetable must be s-gre
gate 1 from Its fellows to prevent an extension of
decay Without multiplying proofs, Iel it sulBce ti
state that tbe teaching ?f experience proves that in
th- preservation <.r ur.- and tbe ssfest treatment! of
dleeaae tli- maximum of air and sunlight and a
sufllclenl ar-?.( i?-r patient are tbe vital and essential
points to bs Brat considered, and a limitation of
ih- Dumber of pan. ms t,, th- area <??' site la as
neceaaary f,,r the Inmates as for ti-- safety of their
Immediate netghborho 1
These facts, .md th- vita! quality <>f air and its
general enjoyment with tl.- least possible vitiation,
will -"..ii I.- >. fully understood thal boapltal
structures built in violation of tiiis principle wi i
Within a Short tim- rank a-* public DUlsancca, ani
a restriction ,,' lbs number of patients in each win
i." demand) i and .ur .r----1 An approved modern
hospital arrangement .- tl il known aa the "pa?
vilion" pi i-r, in arhlch ihe administration bulli!
tn ,-t nearly central in th- system, th- service build?
ings, wards ani other functions radiating th-re*
from. ?,r connel.1 only t>v m. rv ,,f continuous
open corrid ,r-. an '. ? ? arr, ire for
th- wari- th- m.,*t complete ?; i ' ", or projcc
lion from ti.-h-r building!-, thereby ..ie ?
with proper or:' ni ttl in, the
exposure t ? sun ani slr
in recenl tim- - m my I ive been bull
phill, notably th- St Andr.- uti ? . 7,
Th.'tn is in London, ti-.. Qlasgoa Sui il 11
th- Protestant Bpi.pal :-. i" ph la, lhe Johna
Hopkins ;:, Baltimore and Ih* new Bt Luke
New-York. In these c laen ?? . , ? ?
balli fr en two to four pieries In I ? ?
the need of ix large accommodation iii.,j
ana of gr..ur, 1 Th- tm- hygle* how
evr. ls to proportion th- number ol patients t. 1,.
REWARD FOR nw KN I p.m. vs 1 OURAOEi d'
NEDI I eroRP- I '1' ll: '
Th- >."? -w-York purl -t Fir- I'nderwriters it Its
monthly meeting yesterday presented Patrolman
Owen Daly, of Kir- Patrol So .:. the gold medal
of tbs Board f.r heroism In saving life al 1 dre
This m-dii is awarded only In cases ?.f unusual \
bravery, and In Ihe bul fourteen years only seven
have I.-. 11 awarded. Tbe act of heroism for arhlch
Daly received the medal wa of a mara. 1 natur- an I
worthy of greal honor
un ih- night of January 9 a Bre brok- ont in the
building ai No. 1.1.1 Kighth-.iv- , .md ?bordy after
tbe arrival of the patio! a wanan was seen Bl ?
fourth-floor arlndoa Access by tbe stairs was im?
possible. Paly entered Ihe adjoining bull lim. and
from a fourth-floor window, by means ..r the window
blinds ,,f ti.,- taro buildings and the Ita roof leader,
he paaaed over inn. the burning lani.ling and rearm 1
lhe woman, who was Ih-n UBCOHSClOWS,
Elijah 1: Kennedy, presidenl <>f the New-York
r. ...ri of pira !'i.d.tutu,-rs, who presented tba
medal on behalf .>r th- Board lo Daly, spoke ta p_rt
as follows.
Though ih- times and manners ?.f chivalry nre
gone, th- men of the presenl day are quite as rea iv
to respond lo tbe -pur of noble Impulses as ever
were tbe m-n >.f earlier ages lt is because men
still admire courage and ar- thrilled bv noble d.ls
that we ur- noa ?>?- mbled. ii seems to i?- a happy
coincidence thal our 11.ting to reward un act of
1,-lol- quality in the Un- >>f duty <k*, nrs on Ihe day
when Christendom commemorates iii- supreme n-t
e.f self-sacrifice in all history. We ar- accustomed
io th- performance of duty in our patrol from the
newest man on th- force up through even grade
to th- chairman, int a deed of desperate hero tn
ar.ais-s our entbusiasm, ani we cannot be satisfied
until we hiv- recognised ..ur nero,
Owen Paly, we have been told of your gallant act.
\V- know thal yOU did ROI h. ill.il- wh-n a most
perilous situation was presented, bul risked your
ju.. 1,. lave ihai of another; n..t in any romantic
adventure, bul In the orderly performance of your
Mr. Kennedy then told th- story of th- brave
Ulan's work, and presented Hie medal to Paly, say?
ing as bs did so.
?And now. I'.ilv. j'"' n SVS been Initial-.1 Into
th- frat.-nilly of DOWS m-n who hav- previously
received this honor, and wno ar- preaeni io ex?
press their welcome t.. you. I trust yam may long
liv- to enjoy tbe distinction you hav- Kalin-1. The
entire community ls benefited by such Insplrina
examples as have been mt by you and the toura
g, .us m-n who ar- nt your sid-. Th- members >>f
ibis Board ar- especially proud <*f you all, nnd u.
wish voil th- Joys and th- Satisfaction whleh 1..
long to those who, being severely tested, prove
themselves equal to every demand >>f duty."
Kiv- of th- men srho have previously received the
medal were present Owen Paly has been connectea
with th- patrol two yean, lb- hi twenty-two years
The ne-w steamer Jameelown, rommrind-d by Cap
tain J. o iiuiphiis. arrived h-r- yeaterday from
Chester, consumed to tbe OM Dominion Steamship
Compan) ?
Tin- Jamestown 1* -"? feel in length over ail. io
feet beam -'> f*'*'1 '?* Inches depth e.f bold, sci.ncr
Hexed with masts of ste-1. Her engines ure of the
triDle expansion-condensing type, wKh cylinder di?
ameters ot 13, ?*?'?' ie"'1 7! Inches for th- high, Inter?
mediate and low pr.-sui-, respectively, aad a
stroke of M lochee. 'I'll- propellers are mad- of
manganese bronse. The steamer ls expected to de
veloD -i si>?-.-.l of rixteen knots un hour. Sh- baa
four steel boilers, of a dlsmeter of 1:1 feat '* inches,
end a length of 1: feel *; Inches each, with a work?
ing pressure of v>'> pounds io tbe square Inch.
Th- Jamestown is supplied with all th- modern
ImDi-ovementa for Hi.mventenw and comfort of
"ss-iig-rs electric lights and electric bella In all
the staterooms, and is heated bj steam. Th- sa?
loons nr<- large and handsome ly furnished, ths
woodwork being of ma hogan}
ie Mercei il"-;.rr.ii u Trenton, X. J., upon land
resented lo the city for (bal purpose by Mrs.
lsrve) Fisk and Ii Edward Fisk, from plans made
v Alfred E. Harlow, architect of this city. The
ingitndinal BXis of th- property running from
oriii-ast t i southwest necessitated au unusual dle?
,,s.ti ,n ol the buildings so as t > secure for the
ali.nrs ih- greatesl possible amount ot sar,light
iii air. Th- administration building ls therefore
laced in th- centre furthest back from th- str?t,
r-i connected bv covered corridors with service
ulldlngs .ai each side, and th..ne- sgaln connected
y covered corridors with medical and surgical
ard building- on th- southwesterly front, one
.ni: being for m-n. the other for worden pul.-nts.
Th- wail- ai- simply larg*, high, abundantly
-.-lu. l ,.;? l ventilated rooms w'ith Ureplaces, the
eda being placed between th- windows fourte?n
i each medical and nine in each surgical srard
de walls .ml Moors being tiled aili having a sun
oreh In ll:.- soi.th angle accessible from both Sec
lona A wiri area of l.SOO cubic feel ani its square
? t and a sit- ar-a ..f |,g*Q s.jnare feet
ei patient ls obtained. No other function and
.. plumbing ar- permitted in these separated build
as tor patlenta 'iii- Boors are supported upon
??.' i
i? i
PS 5**.
__ *r
\ Wa: *? f * *c?<_<_r^*y
? I -. sc _ j. J "-M
/.:'-* timm, k *~
- Ji pJII'.M'W'i _ fi j
I ff. - .....* _ Vr
?&?.&?' ?
I-, n arches underneath, and ,,n every side and face
ich ls open i i lhe full pla] of ran and air. Bacii
* connected by a covered open -orri,I ir with Ita
ervlce building, In which are provided lhe Laths
nd toilets, examination an.) nun ? rooms, two
pedal wards, in-.li. it- and linen r-.-.tns, ilining
,',ni and special dlel pantry, and lockers for dla
ifecte I cl .''ling.
The service building In turn is connected by a
pen rorrlilor i.irh the central or admlnla*
ration building, In e/hlrii are place*! the matron's
iii?, visitors' .md trustees' rooms, library, operat
.,., i i eroy ? i v rooms, the dining an 1
I* eptng r ? >?-. ? if itali ami at ten lani -. an 1 large
lanket, linen and drug stores, etc A Hush track
i the -.ii.? in ? in lora, with Ight cai
ul.ti'T Wh-fls, admits of rap. 1 mil noiseless transit
r -i, ? ; I io en I of f ?? buildings The con tl
hro Igl iu! a ? ol the Implest kin I. so as
n prevent ai ? imul it lol tt ol dust, and ill ire of lhe
,? icter The plumbing, ,l - li il
ate ? heating plant and thevi ntllatlng system ar-of
ni ar, l approve I kind Further back
i in ill wooden Isolation hut
ntl - r , be removed al
Intervals, ir I ..t the extreme rear -t the
, r. illdlng con! lining lhe laundry and
terillsing-room, autopsy and dead house
nd amb i.. ne ? si ible
lt will be .n thal this irrangemeni divides th.*
para) .- .r !-. - rvlce build*
mt .in I a Imli inti Its g iv. i n?
ng purpose is : tte every other eonsldera
K the 1 ill,- r possible I
? . the -- k i. ,- .-' , m mj li ?
m mg recenl nt I ospltal i nstructiona
nlghl be given of t',- precedence ,,f mere',) irchl
? "ii il aspect, in I a neglerl of th.'lr e.ir.Un.il pur
erve life and mosl quick!) relieve uf?
and pclentlflc s,.
utlon I- entitle i r . ,i ra n ?? than p i
The r- . the Mercer Hospital are eh. Hight
'?-. ir Jobi I Ugh, th- lt' \ I" John
?Ison, It \\ \\ I. Phillips. William I! Skirm.
Villlam ll K.-okaa William l. Dayton Henr) S
.I'M-, Charles li Oreen, Simii-I K Wilson, Kl
.arl e; 1'ook, Willam S Va rd, Rimer living
? r..ti. Hugh ii llamlll, John li. Be ud ler an i Will
.im ll i.innli i
?ur. MRTR
'.VI! 1. .\ *
BY8TKM <<>
The Metropolitan Traction Company, which oper*
irgp proportion of tbe surf a,-- -allroadi ,.r
he ' '".v . ;- - ??.*? 'tnplatlrig the adoption of an und.-r
:r Hi-id trolley pyatem on some of Ita linea, lt ls
onsi i-ring a propositleMi mai- t.y th- American
?epresentatlvea ,>f tli- Blemena a.- Holske syst-m,
rhlch foi -ui" lime has t>?n in us.- in Bude
*.sth. Hungary, John D. Crimmlns sui i yesterday
hat the pro|iosal would probabl) be accepter] by tha
i'm.-ti .n i'..tn;..: thi experts of the company
ned the ayatem thoroughly, and were con
rn, ?I tl.a* lt was sotn-wh.it In advatie- -t any
rhlch had been devised by American ?? dridan*,
Nevertheless the Oeneral Bledric Company uni
he Westinghouse Company will make strong efforts
o have their respective systems chosen, The Trac?
tion Company win choose what lt considers tbe
Ths Siemens .** Holske Company has .,ir-r. i to
?quip the Twenty-thlrd-st. cross-town line with Un
? -.rn i: ii- own expense. The system has been In
iperatlon In Huda Pesth for the last four year*.
lt ronalma of a trai!,.\ running In an underground
?on,inn. an,i the Inventor dalma that they have
.vercunie ihs vate,a- dlfltcultles in th- wa} -.f
inderground electricity, such us loss of currenl
through dampness, etc. The expense ls much less
lim timi of horse motive power.
The conduit -yt-tem, if adopted, will !?? us,-] only
>n those Hms where the traill.- is n.,t heavy enough
to justify ta- expense ?t a cable Th- Traction
'ompony ls about satisfied Hut th- cable ls ths
most profitable system for us- in Broadway; but
>n other lin-s, whi re traine is n.,t s., croarded nnd
lum"., tti- trolley conduit system mav be prac
tlcable. 'rta ile!I Line ls on- on which lt -an be
advantageous!) used, as th- route is thirteen miles
long, an I th- compan) has only on.- stable. Tits
rai,!- will doubtless be perfectly satisfactory for
ih- Columbus and Lexington av- lines
Tli- Tra. tion Company tis had som- difficulty In
tin- extension of th- n-w Columbue-ave. cable line
In ..rd-v to av-.id running through One-hundred-end
i-niii-st or Cathedral Parkway, th- route chosen
hid been through One-hundred-and-stxtb-st, t,. Man
lialtaii-uv,-. Hut this takes th- road bv M imlng
si,i- r.iik. in Manhattan-eve betareen One-bun
Ired-and-tenth and ime-hundretl-and-thirteen th sts,
an.l sn?i rallaraya are forbidden to occupy lt. Th
property owners in Manhattan-ave.. between One
liiin Ir-d-iiti l-tenth and e Pti--hiiiidr.s!-nn.|-th|rt ? nth
r-i-. ai- declared to be vlrtuall) unanimous in favor
i.i th- n-w cable lin-. Tli- company expects little
opposition to its requeal to th- Legislature to -*.
(?Iud- Ih- portion of Manhattan-.iv-, lt desires from
th- provisions of th- sci now in existence prohibit?
ing th- occupation of Morningside i'ark and adja?
cent streets by Btreel railways. Th- l?ark Com
i,,; ii a ii rs are said to have approved th- com?
pany's petition.
Prings comfort and Improvement nnd tends
to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The
many, who Uv- better than others, and enjoy
life more, tvltn less expenditure, by more
promptly adapting the world's best products to
thc in-ds of physical being, will attest the value
to ticultti of ttie pure liquid laxative principles
cuibiu:..rd in Ihe remedy, _> i up of Flga,
Ita excellence ls due to its pre-tnting in the
form mo.-t ae-eptable and pl-usant to the taste
lbs*refreshing and truly benefldal properties of
a perfect laxative; effsctinlly slsnnslng the sys
tem. dispelling tullis, headaches mid fevers, mid
permanently earing constipation, it has given
satisfaction to millions and met with the ap?
proval of the medical profession because li acts
on the Kidneys, Liver and bowels without weak?
ening them, and lt ls perfectly free from every
objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs ls for sale by all druggists In GOc.
(?ml ll bottles, but lt ls manufactured by the
California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name ls
printed on every package, also the name. Syrup
of Figs, and being well Informed, you will not
accept any substitute If offered.
lui n Record of Caren never duplicated in th? histor* of mineral
waters, lt takes the limping, suffering Rheumatic,
I Neutralizes
tbe Uric Acid in bis blood nnd makes lifo wort Ii living.
If this Acid i*. not removed from th? blood, it sets up and keeps
alive Dyspepsia with Add Stomach, and all the torture of
Indigestion: Heart Disease and obstruction of the circulation
br deposits within th** arteries; Bright's Disease, by passing
through the ki'lnevs in an undissolved state, setting up inflammation;
Insomnia and Nervous Prostration by irritating the brain.
In fart,
is the Dane of All lhe People Who Live Well, and is, ac?
cording to the physicians, directly responsible for mein* cases of In
sanitv, Apoplexy, Heart Failure, Etc., ihan all other causes
combined, liy a thousand Tests, the LONDONDERRY
has been proven the best solvent of this Deadly Crystal, lt is
absorbed directly into the circulating fluid. In thi** way it reaches the
poison, changes it into a harmless orate, which is Immediately
Carried from the System by the kidneys. LONDONDERRY
For Sale by alf Druggists and Grocer?.
The Great Cause |
of Disease. 1
(>nr booh, containing ^
Hundreds of Testimoni_ls, Mailed Free. _S
Th*? work of the* r'vangellsts who ar.- now lalporlnc;
n every highway tnd byway of thc dty was con
lilli.-1 with earnestness and vigor yesterday. Th**
vaults have bean rtraarkabia, and mt xt week the
trusade will i.--_in In four larn- theatres, vlth elo
luent spca lerra and Rna musical programmea.
Ni. open-air meetlnga w.t.- held yeaterday, ,,wins
? i tti.. rain, ani th- weather h-lped to keep 'I ?ws
h.- attendance ut tin- noon meeting in Aseodatlon
i ii This meeting was principally devoted to the
?ecital ,,* teatlmony. Th.- Rev. William J. Harsha
irealded nt ti:" meeting, <;e,,r_- C. st-hulns lad in
tinging, ani ti.,- i'ark Staten played th*- cornat at
ii-- ? mg service precadlns lila meeting. After
'Praise Him" had been ming, th" Rev. Mr. Marsha
iIT.t."! prayer, un l h.- was followed 'ny th- Rev, a.
* Dixon, Th.- Rev. Thomee l>ixon. jr.. pastor of
I,- Tw. ntv-thlrl Btreel Itaptlst Church, who then
ipoke, mid: "All r,,rnis, ceremony, baptism, dogma
u l creed have really nothing to do with actual ml
ration. They ar.- aol eeeentlel. Cteeda ar.* formed
ml ?,f the human heart. They expreea mir wlahea |
?r forma ,.f belier, but they are nut religion. To i
nay know all of th** Ave point* of Calvinism, nnil j
*t,ii have no religion, and von may noi know any
ina ot the Ova points mt Calvinism, ami yet you
ni ba Siled with religion, with the holy Joy of
Lhe i.or-i. and be .?-rt.un you are laved.
"Did ye ii ever know thal th-r- was a monument
ti this city erected to a river thief? Ile serve,! his
Ilma in Inc penitentiary fur his crimea. Was this
monument erected because thia man knew all about
theology, your Westminster eir Heidelberg cate?
chisms ur creeda? Mo! It arni erected becauaa the
love of J.sus e'hrlst g-t Intu thia man's heart, an!
??hanged it frum that ,,f ? river thief and criminal
to that nf a man who lived mar Jesus; an.l then
he w.-nt oul ami down into the slums and deeert
pla,'i's of this Uv nnil raised tli- falle-n, and com?
forted the weah ar.,i destitute, and brought thou
snii'is to p'tirNt. My frien,ls. the neceeaary essen
ti 1 to talvatlon is to g.*t near Jeaua and partake
,,r lils love."
The Creole Quartet, in rich, melodloua ae-.-ents.
?ans "He Redeemed Me," and then pray.ts were
iiff-re,i; "For an ex-Congressman: for an Keidel
belg student who had waated 1*. fortune of IR"**)
in drink." Prayer anel personal teatlmony fol?
lowed. Colonel Kvans, e.f th- Metropolitan flor- '
ward Movement and formerly of tin- Salvation i
Armv. tol.l e.f his work In th- Salvation Army an,!
th- sin aii,l misery h.- hail wen. All san* "All lin tl
tin- rower e.f je-xus' Nani'." and tin- meeting cann.'
to atl end,
over 2,*??> larsons attended th.* afternoon meat
In,; In Cooper Union, and lt was a most appreeia
tiv- audience, to... Th- reaulta ?.f th- labors at
th- meeting caueed sreal rejoicing among tba
evangeilata and their tellow-workera. Th- Rev. H.
M. Wharton mid, o,u<.tini7 th- Psalms: "What ahall
I Mo for th- Lord for nil ll- hus done for me""
"Don't la* eternally whining and crying that you
wunt to ko to Heaven. Ko on- ought t.. go before
his or her work ls done. I'on't be selfish about
your salvation, hut go out of this meeting an,I tell
nth.ts how to gat lt. Sum.- uf you say: 'I'll .lu
something f>>r Ood som- of thane .lays.' Hut you
won't, alni you know it. I.Ike Wilkins Mleawl-r.
you give your IOU and never pay lt."
Th.- sp.ak-r appaled fur a dally religious life
Unit would renell buaineaa and political life, when
roch scandal! as com.- nut now in th- courta would
be Impossible.
Prederlck Bchlverea, th.* evangelist, spoke, an.l
Staff-Captain Pattie Watkins sang "Voe Me.
The following arrangements have been made for
th- coming week. Tti.- maa tinga will be heh!, ns
usual, every evening, in th- churchea. <>n Bundey,
Mun,hiv an.l Tues,lay nftertu.otis, at 1:16 o'clock,
meetlnga win ba held in Mi.ios Qarden. Thalia
Ttl.aire, Ae-iiJemy eif Mush- arni th- Stair,iard
Theatre. Admlaalon ls free tu ali At Nlblo's the
sneakers will i?- th- Rev. A. c. Dixon uni Leonard
Weaver. The musicians will h.- th- Willsons, Pro
fessur W.len and Mrs. Kress, assist.,1 hy un
orchestra, frederich Bchlverea win speak at the
Thalia Theatre. Miss 1'j.ham and Frank Melalnger
will sing. Tli- Rev. H. M. Wharton, the Rev. John
1< l>avles and Arthur Crane will speak at the
Standard Tin atre. Oeneral C. Stebbins ani a choir
will shu*.
At th- Academy of Musi-, Pourteenth-et. and
Irving I'la?, service will he at 1 p. m. The Rev.
H. M. Wharton will Speak at th- close of the s-r
rtce, anil the Metropolitan Musicians will take part.
Nunn meetlnga will h.- h, 1.1 in Association Hail
?very day from 12 to 1 p. m. This ls tin- sixth we'e-k.
rh- Kev. j. k. Davies win lead the meetlnga. The
K.v. A. C. Dixon, illy pastors, evangelists ami
-inK*Ts win tak.- part. Teatlmoulm every .lay hy
laved men
Cooper I'niun is engaged fur Wednesday, Thurs?
ley ami Friday afternoons, at n 30 o'clock.
Father Lambert, the Redemptorlst priest who has j
rec-ntly renounce.! the Romish Church and K.tth-r
O'Connor ar.- announced to speak for Thursday nt
"eiope-r 1'nioii. :in,i Theodore Bjorksten, the Swedish
tenor, win sum-.
VOT THE IOXDOB ash BITES plate have.
The rahle ellspatch from Irondon on Thurs,lay,
mnoundag the failure of the* I_indon ami Klv.-r
Plat.- Bank, w.is arronaoun it was the BagKah
Knnk of th.* River Plate which fatted, an.l not the
London ami River Plate, which ls one of the
SOUtl leal of Kngllsli I,inking Institutions. The mis?
take aros- through a misinterpretation of the orig?
in il dispatch.
An amazingly stupid fraud wn** recently perpe?
trate 1 up.,n th- Editor of th- architect** and hull I
irs' *-,lltlon of "Th- Sclent HU- American." Some
"genius. " with evidently pome slight knowledge of
nri-hlteceture, and willing to rec-ive a fev dollars
Without laking any spacial pains to earn them,
picked up g photograph of a anim than cottams re?
cently built, nnd made up his mind lt would be a
K"il thing to sell. The photograph was an excel?
lent one, as photographs go, hut it showed only the
fr.mt nnd one side of th- house, giving nv> hint of
the rear and the other side. The enterprising archi?
tectural reporter did not take the trouble to walk
around the house, to obtain a glimpse of the In?
terior, or get Information from the architect or 1
llnri > ti ril HIpllaK's "Harr:u'kTW>m Halla.lu" are* as
in feet I,.in a* "The* Marseillaise." They bubble over With
humor. (U>\tit eJorydl A Co., Publishers.!
o_? iinounviv, m. Y.
' AT Tl'B
un mimi _ ARKELL
E*_cl-slve Dealers In
Contains No Impurities.
rr-:- ?'-_3
Ladies' Tailor=Made
Suits, $30.
We .ire ihowing some handsome designs fal
Tailor-made Suits, which we make to order in
a choice assortment of cloths, from $50 up;
silk lined. $45 up.
xv., guarantee a perfect flt. tn* cnn deliver
any suit In ona w. ek. You may depend on thia.
The National Cloak Co.,
IiMHII' TllI.ORS, tMR nnd 154 "IV. Ultel Ht.
We ope retailiiio at wholesale
price* the stock of an overloaded
ma ii n/act it uer.
rn ? mm ? ? ii i ? ? ? ? ? ? ll _-_________-^_-_-_---.?_??_?
"THERE ave 40,000 families in and near
New York who Inn- the
More than 700,000 copies sold through?
out the country, each issue, in cities and
the larger towns.
owner, **ltlte*r of whom would probably have b,va
willing t,* ."inns him ih>* piena.
Prom hla Internal cooacwuaneea tn* drew pinna ot
th- Brat ani ?,',' ml Boora, guided, :?> a limiteei ?*x
i.-nt. by th,* picture before him. omitting an lm
portanl extenakm in the rear, putting Breplacea, ta
a helter-skelter manner, whei, ihey could not po?
slbiy connect arith th,- chimneys, and dividing up
the Hfi.t,'.- Into moms, hulls and stairways In a way
lha; would temi to drive an archil.vt to the? verge
of inaanlty.
on the street line* th>rte is ? retaining wall. WORM)
four .Vet in height, from the t>>p of whtqh tlie liwn
gently rtaea to tko front ptaaaa. The stone stepa
through the arall ara outside tho lin.* of the phot**
graph, un,l th.- winding path to tha house is some?
what dimly thown Tilla 'ii I aol dhpcourage the
man; he boldly drew ? brand gravel path srraight
down to the will, leaving the unhappy group, seen
on the piazza, the alternative of a jump or u. step*
ladder when defslring lo leave home.
All thia woul'l have- liee-n well enough, pprhep**, if
Ih" whole affulr had been lefl as a work of li-agln*
tlon?a sort of builders' nightmare. Hut the out?
rage is made complete in tin- letterpraaa. by tha
pul.ll.Mtloii eif the name und addi aaa of the arr*hi?
Fed <>f the real building, and !oi*atln*r it within a
few miles of where if actually stanels.
COVED xor ntKK the whalef-acr.}'**.
The whali-baedc steamer Joseph Colby went to tha
sectional dooks at Market-st., on the East River,
an Thur adey from Canter et, a little port on the
Staten Island Kills, to be decked and repaired.
Sue was le-ukliK' baelly, but was feiunel to be so un?
wieldy and awkward to handle that sh" went to
au anchorage off Hedlow's Island yesterday murn?
ini; to have her e'oal trimmed and be put In better
condition for docking.
. ^?^^?.???
For sick headache and all other
conditions resulting from constipa?
tion, go by the book on Beechain's
Book free, pills 25c. At drug,
stores; or write to B. F. Allen Co*'
365 Canal st, New York.

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