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ABBEY'S THEATRE 2 and P*:ir, COtmtay ot Errors.
ACADEMY OP MUSIC I aad I IS -Tire Girl I Lefl B
AMERICAN THi:\TKE--2-Eorget M" Not. I -Diploma-1
ATLANTIC OARDBN?Afternoon and Evening?World
Pair iar. h-stri',n
Trilol' THEATRE 2 and (fia K I untrv Sport.
> 'i MO! I THBATRB -J and t*:i.v-Tii* Daaalar.
DALT'S THBATRB 2 rmi 1:18 Shore Arr**.
BONN Ml SEE 11 a. m. to 11 p. m.-World In Wax.
BMPIRB THBATRB- 2 and fl 111 ?llOlBl 'li* Wind.
PIFTH AV KN ft: THEATRE 1:13 and B:10 Lon*! Er
HARAIGAN'fl THEATRE 2 and si:, Tli- Prtncm ,
HERRMANN'S THEATBE?l*t_0 to JO:."WV-Vaudeville.
A Ti lp to l bin town.
UPPERS 11T1I ST. Ml'SRI'M- Vaudeville.
IRVING PLACE THEATRI 2 and .S-Dlvorcona K"yr,r
KORTBB /".- RIAL'S* 2 nnl S. Vaudeville.
LENOX LVi'LPM -Mails rn av .. GSth-lt.?1 to 10r30
!?' od Show,
LYCEUM THEATRE - A She--, in Wolf*! Clothing an
Thc Aili,,/..-is. tao Tai- iminmi
PALMER'S THEATRE 2 nnd 'I.'. |:i!'"f'i-s.
PROCTOR'S THBATRB 1" n. m. to li) p. m. -Vaudeville
BOC1ETT "!' AMERICAN ARTIST;: 218 West .",7Punt.
IS ,i. nt, lo K, p. m. I p m. to io p. m.? Sunda}*
p. ir. to r. p. m.?Annual Exhibition.
STANDARD THEATRE 2 aad *-:?**> ''harley's Aunt.
ptah THEATRE 2 ..nd B:1S Baaedale,
TONY PASTOR'S 2 aad rn?Vaudeville.
UTI! STREET THEATRE 2 a:,,! *- Hendrich Had-.n.
88D-BT.. WEST BTH-AVE 11 a. m. lo 11 p. n Inatn
m-nts ,f Torture,
Inbcx lo ^ViriKitiGcmcntG.
Page.Cp). Page.f*o:
Amup-ein-nts . :> .,<; Mlacellaneoul . M
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1, * ?-. '! 1 New Publlcatlrau , *. 3
mlea., B 4 Ocean st-am-is. ii
ni . M 4 Real Eatat-. rs ;,.
Final il .1' I-'i lie|igi,,iiK Notice!.. . ;? i
1 I '.' :'? Railroad! . :i g.
I"iiviii. ml Meeting!.. !? - Bpeclal NotloM. 7
Hotels .B ., Bpring Resort!. | 4
Instruct lon . *> .. Bteamboati . 11
p,,.<t nn.l Found. m 4 Teacbera .,. . a.
Mari r.s.. T ii
iiiicinrcfl Polices.
Koli Top D.'sks and Office Furniture.
Great Variety of Styli and Price.
No. Ill 1-uUon-sL. M. Y.
Keeps Dress .shins to measure. 0 for 9*00,
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^^-^orkSitiltt xtrtlmt
Foreipn.?Mobs r.f students and citizens wore
dispersed by troops in Buda-Pesth; many stu?
dents were wounded; there was a lively debate
in the Chamber of Deputies over a motion re
latins to Kossuth. =____ The United States,
Great Britain and Italy are said lo have recom?
mended the adoption of a humane course toward
th** Brazilian insurgent refugees: Secretary
Gresham discredits the report; Mello will oon
t nm* the revolt. ____. The Belgian Premier in?
sisted on the resignation of himself and his Cabi?
net, despite the King*, urgent protest. ____. Sir
1'hillp Cunliffe Owen ls dead.
Oongreaa.?House only in session: The Military
Academy Appropriation bil! was passed; Mr. Pat
t' ra in, Biter one attempt to muster a *|Uorum,
agreed to let the Joy-O'Xeill case go over until
Domestic?Three women and two men were
killed by the explosion of 10,000 pounds ot dyna*
ntite at the Acme Towder Co.'s works n*?ar
Pittsburg. rr___r_: A bank cushier was shot and
killed at his desk in San Prancisc?> by a noted
criminal, who Intended robbing the bank. ? -? ??
A Bra near Norfolk did damage to the extent
of J',00,000. _r__it A steamar reached -Vow-Orleans
bringing news that the British are still In pos
?MBkW of Bluefields. =___ Judge Townsend
granted a preliminary injunction restraining the
consolidated road from discriminating against
westbound freight of the New-York and N.-w
Kngland road.
City and Suburban.?Central Office detectlrea
made raids on the offices of sixteen physrian.i
whom they arrested, charged with performing
criminal operations. ?_- Incoming st cam, ira re?
ported much danger and some damage from Ice
Jn the North Atlantic. : Company V. Tin
Regiment, made a new record for team ?hooting,
_____ Tii<- Ili-y.'rman court-martial was further
delayed by the absence of witnesses. _____ (lood
Friday wrvteeo wen- observed in many churchea.
__=_ IX. T. Wilson & Co.- Cherokee bond eon*
tract araa declared to be valid. Another
dlaorderly meeting was h,-id la tbe Central .''.uk
Baptist Church and tlie pastor and dca ma were
The Weather.?Kore.-a* t f'.r to-day: Fair,
slightly c..ler; northweal winds. Temperatun
yeaterday: Lowest, to decrees; highest, .7; avei
age. 44",. _____________
Uncommonly plain ami forcible language i*;
1'inpi'i.v d iii Governor Flower*! roto p>f the bill
providing for ii new Method of electing uranie*
ipal officers In Oawego. 'rh** qratem w;is in?
vented bf anpi benn tli" name of Dr. clark, who
appean to bare nuule an boneo! attempt to
Improre tin* government of his city. Howcrer
wi'll mcaul, lils system seems luminous ami ill
lak'iihiii-a to secure tbe reanlta nlmed at. Tba
Governor is gerara upon it. Beaidea pointing
oin a raaber of defocta in the maaaore, ba pro?
nounces Hm plan | "step backward in ihe s<i
eeca of government." and intimates that it arlu
raaaH in "an oligarchical daapo(_n_uM ii sirike-;
us that tho Governor has good grounds for his
veto of ? mmpHcatod and bnpraetleabla ?chema.
Ihi* postoflico clerks of Hu* United States have
R just grievanco?more than on*\ in tniib-ani]
nre ?fpealtng to 00-fiaM for relief. Then* ure
10.000 of thora, and they claim that 88 jwr cp-nt
ppf the poataJ revi'inies ls the result of Unir
labora. Yet they an* treated with small .-..ii
silonitioii, and there is no such thine as uni
frimiiy bet ar oaa tin* dUferenl o_kea. Tba
clerks ask fora system of uniform fliMfflnllmi
M that men doing the t^yn- class of work in
different oflcea shall raoefra tho same salaries.
anil also for rates of romp?lllog thai will
attract men of ability mid chanicter. Their
."ipp"al ls liidorsp-d by the Postmaster-'Jencral
mui si-venil of his priilocessorK. lt OVgbt lo lu*
braid ami beaded.
Then* is soineihin*' iu di'iilinir with tires Hint
letth to bring <pnt the latent heroism lu men.
Instances of noble comluct on Hie part of |<-*>
men are not uncommon, nnd tlie gcncrnl opin
lini of tho cominiiuily In NfBBBaea to mir flre
flohtinj; force as respects the quality of bravery
ls very Ugh Yeaterday a member "f tbe Fire
Patrol linne in for h\< shari- of honor. His
name is Owen Daly, snd be ni eiv.il from iii"
Hoard of Fire Underwriters Ibo gold medal
swarded by it for heroic conduct. Haly made
iii*** record on .lannary 20 by saving a woman
from a burning building al tho imminent risk
of his own life. .Mr. K. I!. Kennedy in making
ih.- presentation said that Ibe members of tbe
Board were all proud of Daly. Their admira?
tion for him cannot but he shared by a large
number of their fellow-citixens.
Th" Gravesend conspirators are rapidly find
lng out what a serions situation they .'tn' in.
The alarm ol' their bondsmen is Increasing, ami
live of tbe Indicted Inspectors have been sur
rendered nnd are new in the Brooklyn Jail.
Thi* probabilities are that several "f i'm* gang
will plead gnllty next week and save the trou?
ble and expense of trials ilia; could only result
in their conviction. 1'i'oin present appearances
a clean sweep will be made before long of lin*
men responsible for iln* shani,-less frauds per?
petrated in McKnne's bailiwick last fall.
Tin* laking of testimony by Ibe Senate in?
vestigating Committee will be resumed to-day,
ami iln* lim* of Inquiry will be similar to thal
punned ai ihe recent hearings. About thirty
winless.-; have I**cn siiiiii!iui)eii who will testify
to thc conduct of iii.- iiniiie ai ide recent <*l<'<
tlon. one man, who has been subpoenaed
iwiee ami has refused to appear, has. it is
learned, asserted that be will not he a witness
Hillier any circumstances. It looks ns if he had
been Intimidated hy Tammany threats a mat*
lor which the committee should examine with
care. It will not do to nave iln* Investigation
hampered by any such proceedings, and the
men reaponslble for them should be promptly
brought io hook.
rm: president in doubt.
Protp'sts against th,- Vacuum hill multiply,
and almost all commercial .'ind financial ixniies
in the country an- joining. If the President
disregards them be will teach business men <?(
tin* West and South, as well as of ihe East,
that in trusting him in financial affairs they
have been strangely In error. Yet he waits,
leaving even his nearest friends at Washington
in ilniiiit about his purpose, and refuses io em?
barrassed Industries ."ind trade the relief which
a simple announcement of his determination
to veto tho hill would Immediately give. It ls
reasoned that he wishes ai least t" appear io
lake all lhe time allowed fm* consideration, as
If llle question wel'e o'.ie of gTOVC difficulty. Hilt
In* must luive known before Ihe hill was passed,
as well as h" could know after months *'f In?
vestigation, that it would he false to his record
and an Incalculable injury to the country to
allow the hill i" become a law.
Two motives ore alleged for his hesitation.
The lirst is that silver agitation can lu* slopped
hy allowing this measure to become a lav,-. Bul
tin- President betrays weakness if he --ln'ink*.
from vetoing a free-silver bill, .'ind he knows
that no hurtful measure *'f ihai Mit can be
passed over his vet,.. Tlie pretended danger on
ihai side is purely Imaginary, unless bc is think
Ing p.f his personal popularity with sliver Inda
tlonisis, and not ol' tilt* public welfare. The
other motive la supposed i.? i?e anxiety i" r,-,'i
tin* Tari!'.' Lil! passed, Men have tried to bully
him into approval of thc Vacuum bill hy
threats. They have oven declared thai a free
coinage amendmenl will he added to the Tariff
hill hy Democratic votes if he vetoes the Bland
hill, and that In- will linn lie forced lu sign an,I
approve the measure with a frec^-colnagc sec?
tion or to veto tariff reform. Hui if the Presi?
dent is Influenced hy stn-h threats he is wcak< r
than any opponent has supposed.
Ii is doubtful whether the Democrats who
want free coinage could all ho induced io make
the success of any Tariff hill this year depend
on lhat issue. Part p.f them care Infinitely
moro for Hie change of tariff than for sliver
coinage. Bul if Ibe hill should bo io him in
that shape, tbe President could Instantly send
lt hack, canting upon h's friends in Congress
iln* entire responsibility fur failure io m?nd him
a proper tariff hill without objectionable mone?
tary provisions. The two bouses would then !??
forced t" ad on th" tariff question by Itself.
should they refuse or fall, the responsibility
would not lie in any measure wiih Mr. Cleve?
land, whose record on both questions would
then lie in entire accord wiih his declared inn
The possiiiiiiiy that ih" Tariff hill may be
benton, unless si.m.- favor l< first grouted i" the
silver men, should ii"i disturb Hie President in
Hie least. Rather il should li'- regarded by him
as opening a door of relief from most serii us
responsibilities, Thp- revenue hill as ii stands
ought to in- offensive to him. its outrageous
ami utterly unnecessary Income tax. and l's
shameless bartering! of public interests with
rapacious monopolies, he ought t.. resent iv,-n
wt Democrats hy the thousand in indiana ore
resenting Benator V'oorbeea'H repori in furor
of iln- Pill, li is an Indecent measure, and on?>
whicb can bring nothing hm disgrace upon tho
pally in power, and a reilly strong leader
would joyfully welcome an opportunity to row
pol Congress to pass a inlier revenue hill or
it has been Ihe President's ambition to control
his party in harmony wiih his own convictions
of duiy. Whether he win surrender those con
vldlons now. :ii tin- dictation of Southern and
Western Inflationists, even his best friends ap
pear to doubt, which js no! to hi*- credit. Hui
they do not cerise io hope thai he will Justify
their past confidence by a reta measure which
they believe he ls now preparing.
Some Democratic journals which have not
iM'iily supported the New-Jersey ring in iis
endeavor 1" retain power and defy Un- peopl
aro showing sympathy willi ihe conspirators
in their defeat hy misrepresenting th" purposes
p>f th<- Republican Legislature Republicans,
ihey say. an- beginning a revel of sp ills, which
will continue until Hie last Democratic office
holder whom ihey can get at has been turned
out. There is no evidence as yet that any snell
partisan Joh has been undertaken, and we have
no idea that the representatives of iln- Repub?
lican party of New-Jersey, now firmly poa*
sess.il lif tile power Which Hie people voled lo
give them last November, are animated hy such
a spirit There is. nevertheless, a great work
of purification io he done in that Stat.-, ami
those who have been delegated to accomplish
ii are napier an Imperative obligation io proceed
boldly ami steadily. New Jersey has been so
long in tin* eiip ?t profligate ami tyrannical
men that tba task p.f freeing and rehabilitating
ih*- Commonwealth muat require heroic mean?
arra. A little pruning here and lhere will not
answer the purpppse. Thetv is a rank growth
of fraud io he cul away, and the operation '"in?
not he too thorough.
Ii is natural that tin- ?offerers and m.hi.* of 1
their niiip's should attempt io distort ihe nets i
and nrake it appear Hun tbe party which has <
been contending for a principle is using iis tri i
ninph unworthily, Bnt they cannot .i.iv,- th,- i
people, who expressed their will ai ih,. last
election, ami hav.- been affronted hy the dee*
perate tap-He* of those whom they then avant
to get rid of forever. They declared iu Sovem*
ber that they wanted the riiii-' of turbulent
swindlers hy whom they had hoon robbed and
put to shanie foe y.-ars stripped of their power
and. so far ns possihle, of ihelr plunder. They
chose a Legislature for that express purpose, | J
and now thai rich; haa been converted int
might, they expect that Legislature to eganu
iis commission, ami every Individual who ii.
rives authority from it to cooperate. Thei
orders ore thal every ofllce which has been cn
ated, nol to meet a public requirement but t
lill a private pocket, shan be abolished; tho
every extravagant salary shall hp* cul douro t
honest proportions; that every rascal who ha
been living at their expense shall hp* turnei
adrift if he cannot be sent to prison. Theo
are ihe things which the people of New*Jeraej
want lo see done without hesitation or delay.
Those whose duty it is to do them need bar
no fear of being misunderstood so long as the*
go forward In Ibis straight course. The peopl
are unite competent to .Indue Justly their act
.?md the motives which inspire them. Tho wratl
"f the ring and Ihe accusations of iis advocate
will nol warp public opinion nor coal tbe repre
sentatlves of the i.pie the support of a singli
Individual whose ill-will is not ? decoration
The Republican Legislature has made an ex
cellent beginning of reform. We nope and be
Here it will persevere t,, the end with couragi
and disinterested patriotism.
it strikes ns thal tin* oratora who are engage*
in firing the Western. Boothera and Southwest
.rn heart mi the silver question ore making ih<
same mistake the mine-owners have peen mak
lng for several years. They are overproducing
rh" supply ?.r eloquence is largely In excess ot
ihe demand. Tbe markei is overstocked, wini
wiih Stewart of Nevada, Peffer of Kansas
Allen of Nebraska and the other threc-days-on
a stretch spinners in the Senate; the cantanker
..us Waite, the LeweUings and Mrs. Leases and
Weavers and Donnellys and the rest of th*
tribe who ha\e been making the welkin rim.
for Ihe last twelve months, tbe public has beeta
surfeited wltb oratory. People who a year agi
would have stood out in the cold p'ii a street
corner and been kindled with enthusiasm by
the wurdi fiUX "f a fakir selling Soap from th*
top of a box would today rise up and po away
from a comfortable seat in a well-appointed
public hall if Ignatius Donnelly himself won
to appear on tin* platform and begin an ad?
dress oil tho silver question with some nf his
most Inflammatory cum words ami blood?
curdling figures "f speech. Tim orators have
overdone lt. The copiousness and tumultuous
ness ami general red headedness with which
ili.y opened their campaign have ceasi-d to ur
rest attention. Thc general public has become
ai rnstomod t i th" eruption.
And yet the orators are keeping it up. They
hare 1.a holding a rhlnwaggery a' Des
Moines, Iowa, al which several nf their most
rapid-firing, long-range fellows unlimbered and
caine ont iii -nal force. The president of a
Kansas Bimetallic League asserted with em
phasia ihai Grover Cleveland was a greater
traitor than Jefferson Davis, and ihai in sign?
ing the repeal of lhe Silver Purchase law at
the dictation "f Wall -ind Lombard streets bc
hid been guilty "f an a. i such as "cost Kin-'
i naries il his ufo" no doubt meaning tbcrebj
Lillirie*! I. which, being within one of ii. is as
h.-ar accuracy as a thoroughly eloquent person
i au In- ex|.ted i" keep when in active crap
ii.,n. Ti:.- nun na ii son willi Jefferson Davis
doubtless seemed feeble and Inadequate i" those
nnlcni and ebullient *piriis In the audience
who are in the habit of u-i::'- Benedict Arnold
rind Judas I- arloi for oratorical purposes, hm
the Kansas man broke > ut i'i il"' forenoon and
was probably nol quite up i" roncerl pitch.
Later in theda) Ignatius Donnelly struck Ihe
keynote when he sahl, standing tiptoe for iv
?aini"i Imagine thai Impassioned orator dr
livering himself .,f Hu* Knglish language in bis
iin]"'iii"iis iimi i irrentlnl manner wit noni
Mantling on Hie rerj tips of lu- toes ami
quivering with em,,ti.ai that "ihe Wall Htreel
-peculators ar,, th" direct lineal descendants
?f ihe money changers driven Ny Christ from
lhe temple." There's _re.it hrecxincos in !?"?!
nelly, Ile has been sweeping Hie prairies "f
Minnesota with icinp*i?nioti? gusts like that for
more than twenty years, lt <!" - scarcely any
lamage i" ihe standing en :.?.. ami In -
lhe farming communities where iii' ?
?omen rarely thej hove got po that tiny quite
ike ii. It K tli,. mily Wind they hav lu that
'*'^',.,u which doe* ii-" scare |N*ople down cellar
is ii ri-es ant] increases lu volume. The lan
Hinge ef Mr. Donnell** 1- always powerful, and
..fi.re powerful language l- ?? ko common in the
iVcsl a- t" iii',:," all lhe avenues of tllnUgtll
md dog ihe machinery <?'. ihe mind many per
a.ns n*ould stay .md liston i" it. Indeed, there
ii" men now !i\nir who hav,- been known i"
.tai- until ii stopped.
Th.- reference to ih'- "money changers" ls in
iis |e.t and ui"-t powerful \ ?-Iii. Ar lu-' blush,
,f course, the |iertlncney "f li seems oltscure.
'?ut ii iiiii^i i.e remembered ilia' Mr. Donnelly's
iil.helices cniisivi ?f persons win. hav .? l..,i:,.wed
uoncy in ppm- form -nd another, directly ami
adi reel ly. nf "the Wall Htreel sjieculators,"
md if Mr Donnelly '.;n cum inc them that the
p.-eulalor*. are lineal il.se. ndaui-. >.f "the
i.oiiey changers" n will r-lies.* them *>f the
corry ami bother "f paying 'he debts, sun, we
ir.- Inclined i'* think there has been *\wb an
iverproduction of this kind of eloquence iu Un*
asl year tha! il falls Hal on ile- markei. Kit
'er-tongueil orators ore getting n* h.- '.ike -diver
ts.-lf ai a dis. inuit.
Ell I Ell A.Mi Ills " PALS."
Pullet* Justice Divver returned to New-York
e-iei'ilay. Tin- Grand -Miry OUghl lo have had
ii Indictment ready lo wei.,.me him willi, lt
* plain ti. every one who has made a careful
univ <.f political ineihods iii the Assembly dls
ricl of which Divver is the Tammany leader
hat Divver has richly earned Indictment, trial
ml conviction. If tbe District-Attorney's ofllce
uti- thoroughly iu carnes) iu such matters, ami
rem determined i" punish every one iu this city
lim c..uld i.e proved guilty p.f offences agalnal
h.- election laws, it is pertain that Divver would
<? called upon io plead to an Indictment a! au
arly day. lim ihe sufi ami sympathetic heart
f Colonel Kellows would in- wrung with an*
nish if lie wen- called upon lo prosecute willi
nergy so Influential and conspicuous a Tom
niiiy leader as Divver a mau so completely
itel- his own heart, a ball-fellow well mei and
ooh companion, a jolly reveller, and om* of
'ainmany's foremost chieftains -all of theae
notice Diwer undoubtedly la. ii ls as certain
s anything well ian in- thai Divver <li<l offer
? nain prizes for Hie election precinct captains
rho should secure ihe largeat percentage of
annually voles at lin- last election, ll is well
aown that ii was on account of tin* stimulus
ml encouragement ?>r tin- ipffers made hy Div?
er and hy his friends ami followers that the
troclousfraudacommitted in tho ipi AaoemMy
'isirici lasi November wera perpetrated. Ought
. then, io he dilllciili to hring Divvi-r lo Just
mi well uip-ritP'Pi punishment 1
So f;ir Divvr has weeped Indictment be
ins.- some of his faithful heelers and
I'lll'llllll-ll haVe perjured themselves illili
Ile denied Illili DiVV.'I' OV.'f Iliad.' lhe
Tors referred to. If our Dfartrict-Attor
?y's office w.re in the hands nf Benjamin P.
rai\. Mr. shepard ami Mr. Lamb, win, have
lined such brilliant triumphs in tba prose
Itlon of Hip- Gravesend gang, li cannot he
rubied thal Divver would soon hiv.- an op
irtualty lo plead in a criminal court. Hm
rokeriam, ami all lhat is worst ami moat de
atable in Tammany Hali, have Immense power
i-i Influence la our Dlatiict-Attorney'i office
id In our Grand .Tury room. When the Grand
iry lists are made up Tammany leaders fra*
quently take ean that there ls a sufficient pro
portloa sufficient for timm own purpoara of
Tammany membera among tbe Grand Jurors.
li is trim that in spite of the ?cbemeo
and intrigues of Tammany booses certain
Grand Juries have done timi. duty. Bul others
have been to completely nuder Tammany Influ?
ence that they have failed to do their duty
mos! abjectly. Tbe failure of ? recenl Grand
Jury to indict certain police captains wlip'ii
ample evidence of Ibe guilt of Iheae captains
was presented In tbe jury room was a serious
offence agalnal public order, public decency and
good murals. Does Hu* March Grand dury pro?
pose to invite public censure by falling to make
au energetic effort to ;.*et sufficient evidence
agalnal Divver io indict bimi
Day after day evidences accumulate on all
sides of tbe complete corruption and loneliness
of Tammany Hall, in m* department of th*'
city government has Tammany made a record
anything bul discreditable, it has spent mill?
ions of dollars in r.ni years on our pave
nu'iits. I.k nt the pavements of New York:
They aro full of ridges and sullies, valleys ami
hills, and ar.* in a miserable stai.* of dilapida?
tion generally. Tammany bas wasted millions
lu keeping tbe streets dirty under thc pretence
of keeping them dean. The Police Department
nuder Tammany control has committed count
less crimes agalnal Hi.' suffrage, lt bas been
guilty of the grossest Intimidation, bullying
and violence In tbe Interest <>f Tammany nt the
polis, ii is reeking and filthy with blackmail
The Tammany Hoard of Police Commissioners
has brought upon itself tin* distrust and con?
tempt p>f all inmost and public-spirited dtlxena.
lt does not try honestly to enforce the laws.
It ought to he cleaned out and swept away en?
tirely. The schools are under thc degrading and
debasing Tammany Influences. The Pira De?
partment has a Tammany murderer at Hs head.
Tho Dpii'k Departmeni has tremendous plans mi
hand for misusing a great number of millions
ppf tin* public funds in schemes thal are not in?
tended foi" Hu- public benefit. The Tammany
majority In the Park Commission has .Us
i*rai*p'p| Itself hy Its feebleness and folly. Tin*
Tammany Department of Charities and Conwc
tion pinches Hu* hospital patients and paupers,
starves tin* alms houses and asylums, while it
'?ranis tho payrolls willi Tammany beelera, "ur
Police Court hench is soiled and spotted hy tho
preaeni.f Tammany rascals. Tammany bringa
damage, injury and degradation upon every?
thing which ii touches, I ts leadership is brutal,
ruffianly and unerrupulous. Prom the proceeds
of taxation, from thc general fund, and from
tho issues of bonda thc Tammany municipal
government of New-York spends more than
s.M i.i nu 1,1 ii hi ev.ry year. H is entirely safe to --ay
that of these .<.7i.iHin.iHHi at least ?{0,000,000
aro misused and misapplied to fasten still rn ire
firmly on Ihe unhappy taxpayers thc galling
yoke of Tammany Hall. The Tai Department
plunders the householders and property-owners
of New York by excessive ruinations, <m pvery
band waste, prodigality and riot in expenditures
are apparent. While the public funds ar,, mi-.
applied on au enormous scale every conspicuous
leader, and many "f the ran!* ami iii" of Tain
manj Hall, are becoming rich with portentous
rapidity, if iln- .v.i i.i rn i.i ii hi which Tammany
makes so had lise of were Intelligently and mi
selfishly expended f.r the promotion "f public
? ids. Nu, Vork might rballcnge comimrison
v.iih any city on earth for comfort, convenience
and beauty. Now it RTOvela In tbe dust, mud
ai'd slime before the filth) feel ..f th" Tam?
many bosses.
Will N,\i Vorker.1 never have self-respect .'ind
pride enough ;?? i hal*'? off this Infamous tyranny
nf ih" Ta min un bosses']
i.i i e nu: rei ono ii mu.
The Republican Legislature ot Albany i- mak*
ii - a r.coi'i advantageous i" lhe Ktate and
honorable t" Ibe parr.. Invested wiih a creal
opportunity, and al the same time beset willi
great temptations, ll nan tim. t.w done much
iii.ii is v.,,i:hy of praise and little Ihnl d**acrves
to i.e condemned. The businc-sH i- now so well
advanced timi an early adjournment is .xii,,-:
. l. .ii,d this i- always desirable when ii decs
Iio' involve haste Or neglect. Nevertheless, we
venture i'> remind thc honest men of both
branches thai the familiar warning against Jobs
in the closing weeks of a M'**inii can never bv
neglected without serious risk-. The caution
ami sincerity of purpose whlcb nave generally
marked their proceedi'igs hitherto will h.- still
more serviceable hereafter. Indeed, lt is not
unfair lo say that in one or two Instances a
larger uicasure of care and sagacity miclit
hai.- Peen employed i" good advantage hereto
f. lu ihai case, tor example, th.- hill pro
longing iln- hie .,f ih.- Subway Commission for
lillee years |||o|'.- Wollld ll.'IVe elie .linter,i| op
position enough t" defeat that scheme for pin
riding tin. prosperous men with liberal sal
aries which liny do not er.rn.
The constant med of sagacity and vigilance
is abo demonstrated hy the suspiciously len?
der treatment "f th,- lull restoring sales of real
.?state on cnn orders to th,- Heal Kstate Ki
change, from which they ware removed in the
s,.|e Interest p.f Tammany. Kew Jobs "f iliis
Sort have, up to ihis lime, found favor with
ile Republican majority or wiih any commit
lie of iHther llollse, hilt these eXC'pliollS lo ill.'
general rule suggest the special obligation which
.?v. ry hones* member ought to fed as tho rmi
p.f tit*- sp'sshui approaches. This ls the time
when Un* shrewd advocates ..f plausible enter?
prises rely .ni getting in their line work. We
do mpl anticipate thal ony <>h\ious scheme of
fraud will got so much as a hearing from lins
Legislature. Nor do we expect thal the Repub?
lican majority will consciously and deliberately
enact any minor joh. Hut unless every mau
keeps guard some tricks will lu* successfully
played hy tbe schemers.
'It-n years before its occurrence a statis?
tician, rendered hy tin* Fulfilment of ins
prophecy tin- most distinguished in Prance,
predicted tin* collapse ami ruin of the Panama
Cana] scheme, and iln- same person, M. Leroy
Beaulieu! now predicts the imminent bank?
ruptcy of France and Germany. Franco has
just refunded its v-, per cents in a :t per cenl
lpian, effecting tims a Hiving of $13,000,000 per
year, hm h.r finances exhibit an annually In*
creasing deficit, which between the years 1881
ami 1891 amounted to more than $100,000,000
per year. lu addition to her military and naval
expenditures, which are of crushing weight, th.*
state is besieged for all manner of subventions,
fm- agricultural credit, co-operative societies,
pensions for old age and a great number of sim?
ilar outlays, KPiiiii- of which dave to ho mel iii
rpsponse to au urgent popular demand for them,
not accompanied hy any perception of the addi
tiona! strain which they Impose upon Hie Stale's
already overstrained finances. .M. Beaulieu
points out that this cannot ?.'.. on forever, ami
his forecast attracts a g.i deal of anxious at?
tention, ai the aame time tba annual deficit
of Haly in bte years is $35,000,000 added each
year to an accumulated mass ,,f floating In*
debtedneai which has practically bankrupted
tho State; ,,f Russia in js'.ij. $37,000,000; "f
Spain, fruin $15,000,000 lo $20,000,000. Portugal
!,I,(1 ?>.tafe i.t, practically bankrupt for
yeara, the ronner running behindhand about
Sln.iHHi.iNMi m year ?n.l the latter about
All tho borrowing countries have spent all
Hm money which they could timi anvhodv to
lend lo thom ami have nothing loft p, show for
lt, lt having Ron. |U military and naval ex?
penditures and in keeping the machinery of
the respective States going. Germany I
vt makes ends moot, hut Is perhaps th
most oppr.ssiv.'ly tSSB* cotinlry in th
world, and is forced by it? territorial situii
,ion io keep np armament! whlcb cannot b
sustained in permanence by any communltj
Tin* financial situation of Europe i? manifest),
precarious, and it ?*'ts wpirse from y**:)r lo yea
without sign of Improvement in any quartet
a,.tiing to tho economteta, tim only effectiv
measure of relief is in the reduction of tb
enormous armainonts which Hu- nations ir
obliged to maintain in ??itl<*i* t<> repress th
disposition of their neighbors to fly at thei
throats .ind fond and iinitil.it.* ami deetro*
them. Hut this reduction is more likely to I*'
made upon iln* battlefleld than hy any amtcabb
agreement 'pf Hie Howers. Tho outlook, then, I:
noi on th.- whole reassuring, hut for that mat
ter it never ls. Tin* European storm-cloud p
haiiie is always gathering or breaking; and th*
majority <?f her nationalities are always on lin
edge of bankruptcy, showing a constant hal
an..n the orrong side of Hm ledger and a:
Increasing dMBeulty in making pauls meet. Ti
comparison arith Hmso, which are chronii
abroad, our own recurring troublea, Ananda]
industrial ami economic, lose something of theil
oppressive aspect.
Colonel Hrorklnrldp.-* would have made an ex
ceiient understudy to Adam in that little incl
dont In tho Garden ot ESden,
Tho bill placing the .lavs of regletratloi
.Uer is a trite) on-*. At present there ls OBI)
about a week's tims hetwoen tho last roflrlstra.
tion day ''md the day of election In which tl
examine th" lists and determine whether mer
have registered without having the rmht to dr
Th'* extension of this time hy one woH*
will aid the effort to secure honest elections ir,
our cities.
A pood motto for every municipality: "NV
politics In the administration of Justice."
lt ls certainly the most remarkable display ol
sectionalism la American history that the two lon*
?tors from Louisiana should have the power of in
Ing tho cost of imported food for sri.iwo.oof]
of consumers, and of smashing twenty reci?
procity conventions for the enlargement of th*1
export trade. Democratic stumpers have had
much t" say about the monstrosities and in
I luiiies of Protection. It has b-*en reserved for
th- leaders of their own party to protect the
planters of a single State without regard for the
Interests of tho Nation.
There ls ar. anti-Trust hill, and th'* Democratic
8 ? ??? his now provided a companion bit of
legislation in the modified Wilson bill. It is
pre-eminently a Trust bill.
According to the latest advices received from
Bangkok, th*- death uf the King of siam ls ro
garded as Imminent He ls suffering from con?
sumption, and his American physician expresses
tne opinion that ir will h- impossible f,.r him to
live moto than two or throe months at tho long
est. It ls also alleged that his mind ls shat
tered ss well ss lils physical system. His de
mlse will, lt is feannl. give rise to serious din*
turbancea, owing to tho disposition of his two
brothers t > dispute th>- su wssioa of the Crown
Prince, who ls entirely under the Influence ami
. uti 'I of the EMmO Minister, Prince DOWa?
wongse, This statesman ls an uncle af the heir
to the crown, his sisters occupying the pool tion
of lirst ani second Queen respectively. He is
universally hated, tho people holding him re?
sponsible f,,r tho lobs of the River Mekong and
for the disastrous outcome of the conflict with
France. H is claimed that his one object In life
ls to enrich himself at the expense of the people,
In fact, he ls portrayed aa a species of Tammany
buss of Siam.
-?m -
There ought to be no forgiveness for any Fte
publlcan Benator or Assemblyman who makes
himself a tool of Tammany at any timi* or In
any i la e. Tills ls an unpardonable offence. Xo
mercy should b** shown RopnbHcaa traitors at
Albans .t elsewhere.
U'i'li li,mest prosecutors In the District-At?
torney's ofllce tlie Oravesend ring and gang have
li.'.'ii br-,,k,n up und the leaders transplanted to
Btate prison nnd penitentiary- So lon**; as the
ofllce was under political control grand Juries
were hampered, misled and paralyzed, and ras?
cality was condoned. When tho office was
taken squarely out ot politics thor.- was no diffi?
culty In dealing with lawbreakers.
Booths under the elevated railroad stations for
tales of newspapers ani other article* of traffic
u "lill li, a pestilent nuisance; they would ruin
iii.- business "f a hard-working, deserving class?
I lu- newsdealers and would simply Increase the
II ready es *esslvs profits of aa objectionable
Slowly but surely ls China submitting to the
nevttable Invasion of foreign progress and civlll
7i'i"ii. Evidence thereof is afforded by the open
ng to traffic a lew w.-.-ks nK'i of an Important
lue ,,f railroad, connecting the city of Tientsin
frith th.- port of Shan-Hal-Quan, at the easr
?rn extremity of tho Great Wall. This ass<veia
:i"ii of tho iron horse with tho Croat Wall of
'tiltia constitutes a remarkable linking of modern
:im _ arith tho remote past.
The piling up "f a fortune by every Incumbent
>f the ollie* if Sheriff In this city ls something
hat ought to bo made an omi of at once. The
jill providing a salary for tills official ls entirely
lound, and ns enactment is demanded in tbe
lUbllO Interest. Tho fee system was abolished
n the Hegister's and County Clerk's offices
lome time ago. Tin* Sheriff should be placed on
he same footing. Tlie present arrangement ls a
Muree of p-vlis and abuses, und is aa Imposition
ni the community.
Lucy Pin: Hayes, whoas ragagemeai t" rtutiier
..f.l Platt Hayyeg, h ma , f tht lat- Presidenl Hay, h.
s lum, un,-ed, ls n half slsdr .f thc arlfe ,.f Central
r.'hn M Mitchell, "t Columbus, nhl,, ami ,f the wife
r Q neral Rtuaell Hasting*, ef Minneapolis.
Tha election <f tht Rev. Dr. Themas spun-en ns
taatpr -t >>ie Matrop (lisa Tabernacle, London, to
u.l hla tether, win disappoint many A nw rican
rlenda f thc Rsv, Dr. A. T. Pierson. I, bsa bean
i i|u inly aisled, un.! never publicly il"nie?l in Dr,
'lenton, srho ls a Pr vbye rnie, linn li' wis bap iz ,1
iy anni rslon In order to qualify himself for election,
Th.- nu Beta Kappa txerctaeaai Harvard this var
nil oonaia ,f un oration by Benator Roary <-.ib>t
? -ge, f iii- claaa of '.I, an.! a p><*m by th,* Rsv.
?ii.,.,i r- p'. Williams, ':r>. non pastor <f ah Souls
unitarian Church In (his city.
'i'll" b .lr "in, library ami chap"! ,f M amiga.*, at
trigord, still rt main in substantiality the Bam** con
Men as wh-n he wrote his fSROUS essays. Th-y
r- In Hi" tower ot lils ancestral c. i:ntry seat; the
hap 1 is en th" gr. und fl ?r, the bf-dchambr ab iv.*
i ai 'i iii- library sun hlgbtr up. Th.- lim two spar-.
n-tits ar.-circular In shap . On tile iiutiii-nur. tu ams
linn .ri,,, ? ?.. ,. ..ii.,? . t . i. n ? _ _._> ..
Tiie i!..v. Qaorga D, Herron, who bas bseeeas
..-ll known ;.? a student of Christian Sociology, i->
natlvs of Indiana and thirty-two rears <,f ago,
le BnM emu,. |,ii,, pui.n,. n,.tl,,- lu WM, liy un ad
ress entitled "Ti*. Keoasgo ?r Jasus t,. Men of
Veiilth." daUvtred before the Minnesota COOgNga*
'""?'1 Club of Minneapolis. Hla other works are
'Hie Lafgtf Christ." "The COU of the Cross.** "\
Th*. OhJ__ 2?__*__ ",T,,V ?__* H"'!.Mnpilon" and
roe pbrtstlao society- From his early boyhood
:,,.';;;;" c?n*__.u" ,1f ?*?,llv,n" "sit to preach the
newlm .. ?f ,' hrlsl ''' 'h" "WW. ??<* tllkes Such
i .umist lc view of present-day christinnity and
,!.?'? _?*' ,he ha* bce'* CBl,e*1 "Th'' Modem Jere
nitv it, ,-1* ~n?.w oroicator ot appll?a Christi?
an* ta Iowa Collage. Orlnnell. Iowa.
take ian rrAND-anvnub theories
Probably tho most Mgnldoaat development ta
I tho Fuller murdcr-sulclde mystery yesterday
was the announcement, male on official au?
thority, that the prosecution will have se-.
| ciity-flve witnesses ready for the Coroner's Jury
I when the Inquest opens on Monday morning. Just
where the seventy-five witnesses will come from
j ls a point that may well possie the OTOWd nt nows
1 papOT men who have diligently hun teri for evidence,
.lay by day sine* the shooting was firm male
I known. So far the crme ls encompassed by the
testimony of not mere than twenty-five persona, and
I this list ini-ltides the surgeons, detectives, police?
men, undertakers and others who alway;, play a
leading; part In such inquiries. If, therefore, the
announcement nia.'.e yesterday is only a SCOT ap
proai'h to fact, it ls evident that the police have
obtained a mass of evidence which has not yet
been made public, and srhlch may hair an 1m
i portant bearing in the ease.
The elaborate theory work'.! out yesterday by
I certain Investigators of the ease, with a slaw of
! Showing that Magee waited fully half an hour lifter
Miss Fuller had been shot before be gave the
al,um. Is smashed by t!;A positive testimony of
Frank J. Kernan. "While I believe, bat om not
certain, that it eras twenty minutes of f srheo I
heard Msgec's voice calling fer help," saM Mr.
Kerona yesterday, "I know thal I entered the
building with Mr. Kiley at thirty-two minutes after
r>. As we tornc*I out of Nassau-st. i looked ot The
Tribune cl.,ck and SOW that the har. 1 was two
minutes over the half-hour.
"WO mal upstairs to the ofllce, and had boen
th*i" scarcely three minutes when tho report of
the pistol from below shook the roon. The ring?
ing, 'pinging' sound which Mr. Riley took to be
escaping steam sraa doubtli ? ? ised by the bullet
as it struck th" r-te.mi pipe. Thi f cnn be no
iloubt In my mind thal it srai th** pistol unot I
heard, and I mid so then. Then, as i went down?
stairs, i heard Marne's voice. Between th.* pistol
shot and th*- c-y for h-i|> there v..ts a clear In?
terval of live minutep?certain!/ not more."
Henry Bchwsrs, ofllce boy for Mr. Kerona and
Mr Riley, wh'. was willi th-.ti when they heard
the report froi.i b'-low. ls sun thal liv sharp, dull
metallic sound was the sound of n r, .'iver shot.
"I know a pistol Bhol winn I bear one." said
Bchwars yesterday, "arid thl' report was louil
enough io shake the windows and make me jump
out of the chair, lt was about four minutes later
when Mr Kernan went downstairs."
The missing towel waa accounted for yesterday,
when lt was proved that the undertaker had tied
lt around Miss Fuller's head before li-* put her In
the collin.
? '. ?'. Melnel, who manages the Harvard Pub
Hnhlng Company, tn room Nn. rio. is i'Xp?"ted to
give Important testimony, i,ut yesterday he would
say nothing.
? -????
petition to mavk rai orono "Maur*
stki.kkn from nu: eTATn
A number of nun an 1 women who are prominent
in social, KteatlflC or charitable work In this city,
and who have n ,' heretofore been identified with
WOinaa suffrage moveSSentS have united in the task
of getting up a blt? petition to the Constitutional
Convention on that subject. The petition will urg
the convention, which meets in Albany on May t,
to strike from the Constitution the word "male" ss
a Qualification for voters, thereby Riving to men and
women civic equality throughout the State. Similar
petitions an* bein*? circulated in the other fifty-nine
counties of the State. The prominent women of
this city who have become interested in the move?
ment have arranged t> have signatures to the peti
tlon given at Sherry's, at Fifth-ave. and Thirty
seventh st All men and women who live la the
city and are over twenty-one years old, are In?
vited to slim the petition on any Saturday before
the end of April, at Sherry's, between 9 a. m. and
6 p. m. Among those who have already signed the
petition are the Rev. Arthur Brooks, Mrs. Arthur
Brooks, Dr. Robert Abbe, Mrs. Robert Abbe. Dr.
Kmlly I,. Blackwell, Anna *". Bracken, Mrs. Theron
R. Butler, Louise T. Caldwell, Margaret Livingston
Chanter. Elisa T. Chisholm. Frederic R. Ooudert,
Mrs. Sarah V. Day, Mrs. diaries Du mri n. Dr. Will?
iam H. Draper, Mrs. William H. Draper, Martha
Lincoln Draper, Mary Mapes Dodge, Walter Dajn
roech, the Rev. Dr. Charles H. Baton, Dr. George
if Fox. Mr*-. Oeorge ll. Fox. Rabbi Gottheii, Mrs.
<;.-,,r,.-" M. <;pov.?*. Mrs. Sarah BL Cardner, Henry
E. Howland. William Dean How.-lls, Alfred it.
Hoyt. Mrs. Alfred M. Hoyt, Mrs. Ben All Hargln,
l*r Mary Putnam Jacobi, J. Frederic Kernochan,
Joseph Hoeentbal, Uoudlno: Keith, Mrs. Boudlnot
Keith. Mrs. p'harles Russell Lowell, Mrs. Robert
Nicoll, the Rev. Dr. Robert S. MacArthur. Mrs.
Robert S. MacArthur, Mr.*. Robert B. Mlnturn,
S. M. Mlnturn. Mrs. Rebecca S. Putnam. Mrs.
C. A. RnnkU*. the Rev. Dr W. S. Ralnsford. Mrs.
W B. Ralnsford. .lohn D. Kockefeller. Mrs. John D.
Rockefeller, Mrs. .lane Porter Bussell, Mrs. Charles
Havens Royce, William Jay Schleffelln, Mrs. Mary
Jay SchletTeiin. Eleanor Jay Schleffelln, Mn*. Henry
C. Valentin-*. Russell Sage, Mrs. Russell Sage, tha
Rev, !>r. Henry M. Sanders, Mrs. Henry M. Sand?
ers. Mrs. Candace Wheeler, Durham Wheeler and
William Wood.
The twelfih annual dinner cf the N'ew-York
As*?ociat'on of the alumni of the Phillips Krteter
Academy will be held 00 Friday. March Ml al ?:M
p. m. at the hotel, at Broadway nnd Thirty-second
st. Arnon;* those who will be present are Professor
Charles E. Fish, principal of the academy; James
C. Carter, Professor Charles F. Dunbar, president
of the Board of Trustees of the academy; the Rev.
Dr. D. J. Burrell, of thi-* eily, representing Phillips
Andover Alumni; Ueorge K. Adams, of Ch tc ic*.,
lirst vice-president of the Western ASSOCiSttSO of
the Alumni; sh.rm.ui Hoar, president of iii" Stew
England Aaeoctation of the Alumni, sad John T.
Perry, of Fxeter.
The officers of the New-York Association of the
Alumni for i*?;s- si .ire: President, Joseph E Jan*
vrln; rtce-preeldenta, Eugen< D Hawkins, Qeorge
A. Plimpton. Camlllus Q. KI ler. Henry O. At
sratev, Edmund L. Baylies, irtemus li ll limes;
secretary, Oeorge H. Led I ie: treasurer, Hector M.
Hutchings; Executive Committee. John B <J-rrlth,
Oeorge F Canflekl, Theodore VV. Mos- s, Hobert B.
Kerr, F.than Allen.
dETTl.Va BEADT TO sis,; "truElA."
Thc company wh1, li la to sm ? Gilbert ar. 1 Sulli?
van's "Utopia, Limit'i.' al the Broadway Theatre
,,n Monday sight haa ta -ri rehearsing all i we k.
The preparation ougbl to be good, sod the per*
forman.,* Itself should be satisfactory If the eotn
piinv and the opera STS what th.y ought
to bc p Mi the wa** her, on board the *'impanla
the membera of the compan) save one of ile moat
successful con,,Tts ever Riven on a Cunard steamer.
There were songs by Mi-< Courtney, Mr Elder, ilr.
Poskitt. Miss Hulk'. Mi Boor, Mr. Patterson, Mr.
Dallas. Mts.- Pyne, Mr. Danby, .Mi-* Turner, Mr.
coates. Mr. Morgao and Mr. crimp: recitations hv
Mr. Harman, Mi-.-* Pennington, Mr. Wake and Mr.
I Pallas, and a violin s,-lo by Mt. Oater,
waa for the benefit ot' lhe Se mi'rr- Orphanage In
Liverpool and the ll,.m.' for Destitute Children of
Seamen on fitatea Island. Baron Erlanger was
miss ntvixd to clay ix '-nu: A MASONS'
M'ss isabelle Irving, who recentlj r ilgned from
Augustin Daly's company, of which she had neem
a member tor six Nears, yesterda) signed s tosss
years' contract with Daniel Frahiri m. Pat ta*
hrs: season shs arni appear i'i "Thc Amanons," ?**
acting the par; of Lad) NoeJIne la the company in
which mns Johnstone Bennett will play i-iiy
Thomasine. The company will i managed bf
Charlea Fr,.hm.m. For the aecond ? is,n it ls es*
pecte.l thu Miss Irving win be iii,* leading wohmo
of a new company which Mr. Prohman ls ta 'erm.
and srhlch I*, to play a long season ur New-Tort
and a few engaaeraenta In other larg etti - M ?a
Irving will be "lent" by P.-intel Fmhrr.ait to the
brother for next season, an arrangement whick la
common among theatrlc.il manager*..
San Antonio. Ter., March M.?OoagresSBBOa W, L.
Wilson spent a restless night, and ls In a we*ik
condition to-day. hut Pr. L'adtrwOOd, big medical
attendant, reports that 00 unfavorable conditions
have arisen, arid that his patient ls no worse off
than when he arrived here yesterday. Mr. Wilson
sat up a few hours yesterda:.. ari! the doctor thinks
thal this is the principal cause "f bis weak condi?
tion to-day. lb* remained In bod all day. and ad?
mission to his room wan dented '" ala vs. hi* son
Stated that lils father had not discussed his tariff
bill ,,r any other political subject slnee tlr?t at?
tack, "I with his sickness. Ifoung Wilson wi.! pr,.!.
ably leave to-morrow for w aehlngtou.
rona i ess ms n Tawney will also ie ive th-*- city for
Wsshlngton to-morrow.
Indianapolis, March C:l.-The In lian.ip Am May
Music gell sal Association has tagagl I the folloi

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