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vot.Uir.v n.-iM).
? will ra pawed oveh his head maxy
BU.!.* in : " ' ' ,N n','nl H'"'SrS
STAT. OF! ? ~NT T" RII>" """?
^ .. Governor Wets showed
-a-chialwly t -nlghi ?^'"' ?* "toBdi "i,h r?
IZj ,., -. ??? n " '?>? **t??*n? with
r^ H . repeated tho kv
fan,? - ' '-? "; 'h? 7'^
tni and MackJega The law which
r . , .. ? ,mthe statute booka given
fvi. gambler tho rig".it to
hear his rage. The
wu n ] V,,J >'??"?"? for th0
j,. . .., "Denny" McLaughlin and the horde
around Gul irburg, In order thal tho raoetrack
-ambl have theil. Juatlce hold court
.,. the - : tly iitrMm ,,,";'"' iir
rnated, or reteaae them on b .Mi.-iilously small
b?U or with a trifling fine. It is tho sam,? bill
which Mr. Daly, D mocrmtlc racetrach Senator,
ri. ir,.- riotous law of New
In hlg veto Gawen ff Werta excuses himself
by saying thal while th* law l ? be repeated may
tiavo ixon used for the benefll of a "certaiii
class." h waa a d ' w, because lt prevented
a constable i prisoner from ono end of a
Bounty to a Justl, In another, Th.- veto w.is laid
over under and the Mil will ho pawed
?jotwtthsi tiding G vernor's objection*
Fully two hours af tho time "f the House was
taken up to-nlghi wi'1! the MU postponing the
eler:i' ri of Freeholders In Ewen and Hudson
Bfajntleia There waa a bitter fight between th,
rep'-- ntatlvea ot th" tu-., counties, Hudson be
taf opposed ; ' postponing the election and Esses
favoring it. The bill provides for a board of
flfteen members, Instead >'f eleven, nnd for their
rle.*- ?) hy the counties at targe, Instead of by
tho . : r-yrii, in. i. ie, 1 dirt riot n now existing;.
A' | the H 'ns,- billa Introduced to-night ams
?ne hy Mr. Bei krna ri providing, that the Secretary
of.*-' te shall Isaw es to all State offlcera
whi ? shall nasa all offlcera over all the rail?
roads in the Bl ite Another bill appropriates
?4K.0O0 f.-r the en lion if a state armory. Mr.
MeF/wen Introdu ed a lill to give sheriff Toffey,
af Hudson, ;,.- '. th Sheriff of Essex County cus?
tody of the county prisoners, instead ,>f the
Boar-l f Freeholders In those .'unities.
Nearly all the real estate men of the State are
ba,;, i g 1 af. Will.m's hill providing for th.- etec
tlon of five Commlsal nen f i ? ls in each ward
in s. md-claas cities Heretofore these commls
Blor.s have !.n controlled by Democratic
BM men. A bill by Mr. Harkins authorizes the
Governor to appoint tw t veterana as a commls
slon to assist ir. laying out and making the
Ch: kamauga and Chattanooga National .Mili?
tary Park. Th.- Greater Newark hill annexes
part of Baal and s.uth Orange and (".int.'D
JBWi ihlpe to the city of Newark.
Th-- Senate held a live]] seaalon. Senator
lateham, of Essex, pen< ; th,- ball by Introduc?
ing b resolution providing that the decision of
tie Supremi Court In th.* Senatorial ,"ntri>
Ttrr?y he printed rn full ,>n the Senate minutea
and also that the decision and all testimony
and all brief! nsel In the ease be printed
In ! >h form and that 1100 volumes be struck
off. Senators Daly air, A.hain objected "n the
group.'] of exp.-uso, lut the resolution passed.
?Daly, HinchliffV- and Winton voting against lt.
Senator Adrain presented a mom,.rial for F'resl
flent Scott, Of Rutgers College. In reference to
State appropriations f,r free sch ilarshlpa Sen?
der Hinrhllffe Introduced a bill empowering
Paters n t i Issue $500,000 bonds to build a new
city hall. Senator Voorhees Introduce*] a number
of bills, arnrii.t; them one terminating the term*
of all notaries public and providing for their
appointment for I tenn of five years. There
aro about 7,000 notaries in the State. Senator
McMlckle Introduced a bill prohibiting country
atores from s* Hint? Intoxicating ilrlnks under a
penalty of Jlfi f.,r >ach offence.
The G 'Vernor sent In the name of John R.
l">ewoe, , f Jersey City, as C ,mrnissk,ner of Plloj
age to take the place of Thomas S. Negus, d
Jano isBJilhsn. twenty? yean old, who ha'i
been employed as a chambermaid at Um Newsboys1
LodpiTij- IP,use. at Duane and New Chambers eta,
for the nut Bbtteen montha araa reported rr.ir.slns'
Baatcrday at Poltee Headquarters by h*-r mother.
Who !iv,-s at N.. I2H vVs I Ington-st,
The *rir; slept at the 1 ..- i, ruse arith I ? co I.
Abou; ' rday morning she arose and,
VRJioiit gil ng rn;, explanation, cut "(f her hair.
whi she l*ft or. th* bed, wna.;?pr-d In a paper.
She then left Ung, with a Mach Barque
thr,j-.\.-, ..'??? ? No trace of h<r has
?awi bl di roi ? .. ash t and button
'.k-ht nt No. 12'i
wai hing I her d tug ? ? a girl
of good habits, an I, lcm w, .Mrs.
3 rn f.-ar.-.] i :- had met with
- ' ad ? i- . believe that abe
ha-l ma le away ?
Mrs. Hei) : the Ni wsboys' Lodging
House. nal'l that she knew ,,f no reason why Ji
Bhould go away, li a learned from aeveral of the
*m;.. .vs of th. I.',.:r.,; H.use that oil S in-lav
nv.: nie there had l?en some trouble about the
quantity of milk pul in the coffee when lt waa
mail*. Jenni) lent, pul in much more than
wa*, nw ? - iry, ..s called t<> account for tlil?.
(Ji-nr.ie wi - . Kiri, and she and another
flrl. mun' I I a l'roch-ti. .-nt out and bought
*llk enouich t" make up th, uga, paying fur lt with
?elr own money. Foi ...il dayl past J?
aa.I beam feeling aoam ).?. ,??. i. t>n Sunday evening
Bout t, o'clock, *he mei un. ,.f tie men employd
abo.: th. building, ai I aaked him ir any of tlc
dru): 'ores; uer.- open. She suM that r-h'- wanted to
buy nome paris i.T" n, but ^h>- did not ko out at that
?orr- friends of the family declare their belief
that the girl commltt, I suicide.
TDront-., March 2C.-"T>ic Bmplre'S" dttawa eof>
?**po?(i. i,t gayai "The introduction of the new
Tariff t,j!] to-morrow ls reuarded here as one of the
"?oil Important political events In canada sin.,- tha
adoption of th- nritl .nnl policy. It is understood
nat an entin ly new bill aff.-etlnK the custom.)
duties will be introduced, necessitating BOinewhat
laatthy expliii.il. i, ir :s haid the net result of
tile reduction* which the OovernnMnt win propose
yill involve a falllnc; off in revenue amounting to
"The Mall's" ottawa correspondent says: "Never
since Kir Leonard Tilley brought down his 'na?
tional policy ha* *o lunch Interest and. Indeed
excitement, pr. ,.,. Ihi n the tariff question as
at this mern-nt lt i? rumored that th.- Govern
mern ha.- determined to sii,-.- every '.mp,,st down,
evei. though tb, ,. - shuuld Involve ;, loss of
revet: . ... an(] large enough to
I*'*!1,'' ii deficit. In fa', there ls t., he a Dew
tariff, rri-M-lerateka protective In Its h.-nrlnn upon
? inau?try. but prTaentlriK ., lower range of rates.
Jae tim-r ;. .,, t;,. v, flilt MinUterlallsts will term
a ?tassel tariff."
apr a rog dokaldsox'm cosditiox.
P.alUton, N. Y. Bfarch 2',. Senator Ixmaldson
pa?se<l , fairly ..ev night and tonk nourlshm-nt
regularly. jir Vanderveer, of Albany, visited him
tn.* niornlriK ll say* the patient'* gyraptoma au
more favorable, but thal he u* nut out of Sanger.
-? aa
Boston. March at,?Oaorge fl Hals preside 1 at the
aieetinx of th? Maaaachnsartta H.-form club I ?
hight, when "Internatloaal niaasialllain" waa lbs
S1^.01 "'I--O'!,, ii.,,, r.,1 Francis A. Walker, of
iBBMa?sairhu*ett* Inatltute of Technology, waa th*
????ipi ?" of this *y*tem ol currency, and Its op
ffjjnts w.r. Messrs. C. c. Jackson, of Jackson &
a,,^' '"' ' ' ? ""'? M. 1'. Kennard. L'nlted .States
Washlnicton. March BL?A rumor, orlKlnatlng In
ballimore, was circulated at the Capitol to-day
that .hSBitaentatlvc Brattan, who has been ro
ht. kl for ,!orj,e **">'1' ?'?? lying dangerously 111 at
air!Ji ?S ,n Maryland, was dead. Inqulrku dia
?waea that the rumor was unfounded.
nv thi:
'''"vii BTM am, BEnniRS BLARTBTJ
Kingston. N. Y. March ? (Bpeclal).-The hard
frost last night, together with another still more
severs which is Indicated for to-night, is likely I ,
im.ve very damaging to gome of the fruit treei
along thc Hudson. The bloesom-bud. of tha peach
were already dead ln most localities. The Hudson
laver peach crop is practically all nipped In the
bud this season. Th- present cold map is, more
over, fraught with dancer to cherries and plun
Ure fruit buds of which became iwollen durin - th
warm weather.
Chicago, March K.-Dlapatcbea from all parts of
Illinois Indicate that the severe cold weather of
the last few days has done areal damage to fruit
trees and growing crop* Gras* and wheat are
withered, cherry nnd pea, ii bu li blighted and early
garden truck ruined. Strawberries ar- frozen and
many growers will bc unable t , raise mo tit
because ot the hard time* during the past stn
months. At Mascoutah and Anna, ill . the ther?
mometer dropped IS to 20 degrees. All fruit ls killed
at a,ton. whet.- the thermometer fell from 72 to 20
degrees. At Decatur there was a heavy fall of
?"now, which ls drifting ha,Uv.
Nashville. Tenn.. Marri, 26. Yesterday was cold
?."',,'l?Mlfr nor,n ?vln'* ''I.,wing. Prom different
Middle Tennessee towns frost is reported last nii-iit
ihe temperature was 29. The atrawberry crop In
Tennessee was entirely killed by last night's frost.
Considerable attention ls devote.1 to the culture of
small fruits and early vegetables in certain por?
tions of the BUte, and the lons will be great. The
peach crop will also be a total failure.
Kansas City. March ML?The Cold wave that came
Saturday Increased in force yesterday, though tin
sun wa* unobscurcd. The lowest temperature waa
reached at 7 o'clock this morning, 13 degree* above
zero, the coldest at this season f,,t six years.
('rand Rapids, Mich., March M. Specials to "The
Herald" from the fruit belt ar.- to the effect thal
th.- small fruits and peach hods hav.- been badly
frost-bitten by the cold snap of the laal forty
eight boura. Snow baa fallen al South Haven and
Ita vicinity to the depth of fifteen Inches and z-r-,
weath.-r prevails. Knit men express grave fears
for fruit of all kinds.
Oeneaeo, v v. March 9 A heavy snowstorm,
accompanied by very high wind, is raging through- '
out ri..- Oenjsee Valley to-day. The thermor
at this place registered i". degree* abo
7 o'clock this morning.
Plattsburg, N. V. March M A sever,
win-ajptonn la raging In the Adlrorr tai ki
mercTrr) In the thermometer hovering
z,r.. ni.irk.
Wilmington, Del., March 26. There was a full of
snow -.iris this morning on the lower IVIawar. and
Maryland peninaulaa \Vnr.l recelvi 1 from I i
vl'le, Del., in! Salisbury. Md., aaya thal p
.ir,! berrie* are probably bu Hy InJ in I There \s is
snow h.-re. tun thi temperature wai
mow and
with the
ll,out the
dow n
Washington, March 21 The following aped ii bul
letin has been sent out by tha Department of Agri?
culture Wt till- r Bureau
Washington, March 24, IBM
The period of extremely warm w< ither noted In
the ap : ie. the We ither ir<
on the 23d Instant hai i--.ii followed on Sunda* a id
tins morning by one ol extreme cold, which >\
t-nls over ilmosi the en-.'?? country casi of tin
l: 'ky Mountains, minimum I freea
Ing and below being rei irti : I ii* m in lng iver all
this region, except on the Immediate -, ? of ihe
ind Oui I s- it.--, .ur 1 in Fhn
Throughout Son and the Dakota*
mperatui ? Him m i n ng ?-?. : >\ giro I n
N irtl ei ii 11 irgla Earn rn Ti run '???
Tex ai, Arkansas and Southern MU m th< ?
la the coldest of which tl..- aervi
this seas..ri .if th* > eal.
Polios lng are r'nim temp ratur n
j-.rte j thia m..rr.::
her of degree* bei>w the lowest ? ?
during the thir.i r my Ni.ir. ...
tine, '; ? rpus ' *hrlstt, ? ??' I Kort
20.8; Little Kock
Mo . 12.1.
The following temperature* .-ir" as lon
bet re record* I lui period, v i
gomery, 26; New-Orleana, 36; Oalveston, >
ai l ' 'h ittan oga, --1
1 r. r till
of rh.- South Atlantic States, and lhi I
will probably fall still lower on Tuead
lil the Middle aili South At in".,- St.i'.s. With fr ll
as fur south as Northern Florida.
Chief of Bureau.
Charlottesville. Va., Miroh ?.?The tempera] ir*,
has fallen so decidedly thal lt ls feare 1 that thi
fruit crop lg In gnat danger. Ice formed In l \
posed place* last night.
? ri.us , Christi, ei Fort
24.1; gan Antonio,
: M in
A Han
? ;.-ri- rai frosts occurred Monday morning thro
the Ou'.f State* ind the middle and n rtnern
Little Rock. Ark . March V, -The high Hater which
has prevaJlat] throUKhout this region the Wi
last week has driven hundreds of deer, panthei
hagan and other game from their awampy haunts i
the uplands, and the loss,.a ,,f cattle an
farmers to an alarming extant have been the c ,n*
qen,-e In th- Saline Bottoms, south of en ll
animals devoured not only stock but aevera
aerate attempts have been made on th-- ii\.-s ??:
people living in thc vicinity.
Fora LIVES I.ost IN Tin: STORM.
Holland. Mich.. March M A party of four men
went fishing in two small t>o.-its yesterday mot
In the awful storm that w.-ts raging
have just been found i ipslsed They were frail
concerns, anl lt ls auppOM I that th.
w.re all drowned, aa none of them have retui ? i
to th.ir homes.
B. LOU CH El M l
lill: NEW-TORK
vi-Mints op
mam: an
<*ii.. ALSO
Philadelphia, March 9. A sensation was ereat, i
on th.- floor of the Btock Exchange this afternoon
by the announcement of tha failure ,,f Henry s.
Louchelm c.- Co, bankers nnd brokers. The Brm,
whi'-h did a larg,- business and was reported to be
prosperous, made an assignment t>, General
Wagner, president of th>- Third National Hank.
lt mis stated late tins afternoon thai Ihe I
is due to s larc,- line of n -.-ts whl< i, thi hi io ? an
kl prey-lit r.-:i!iz.- upon, but Which lt 1; h, , :
rcntually be 'ii po ? I ol ai * prc - ? if)
to pay the creditors dollar for dollar.
The firm is a member of the Philadelphia and
New-York St,? k Exchanges, and. so fat
ba - no outstanding ? ontracts. The bou
tabllshed eight yean ago by Henry S. 1.
the senior partner. F. Leser is the othei m
. : Ihe firm
Mr. Leser, Junior member of the firm, m.-ulo n
? lent this evening. He gave the liablllt
?300.000 and the assets between W. and
1370.0(10. The firm were Inri.- holler- of tl
curitlea and when ihe road wenl Into the re,
hun,W la.st spring they found themselve with i
greatly depredated lot ot c dlateral on their banda
Inability to borrow mon- money and general ?
ag- in the business led up to the assignment Thi
firm has no outstanding contract "ii the Exchange
here hut Mr Leser does nol know whether there
were any outstanding on the New-Tork Exchange.
With a few exception-, the creditor* are ampi) | ?
tected against loss. The business of the firm will
be WOUnd UP- __
Asher Lewtoe, shirt naanufacturer al No. M Walk*
er-st . failed yesterday, and the Sh-rlff took Charge
of hi's place Of business on executions for P.2B7
obtainatl by Hcrmaa Jseeph. Mr. Lewina has been
in business six years, and was formerly of Eisen?
stein & Lewlne, who dissolved on January I, I Vi;,
and from which firm he was reported to have re
eelved Be.asf f,,r his int.-??-st. Heraaaa Joesph aaW
that the failure WM due lo a Variety of cms. s. such
as hid debts, Inal,Illly to eompsta with the market
and depreciation in Btock Ht estimated the li,
bltitles at over $7',.<*"i0 an'1 BtOCk Ott hand al 15,000,
The outstanding aecounta hav- been assigned to
various creditors to Beean dalma amounting to I
about Iw/Kii.
The Sheriff yesterday received an execution for
maj against Thomas WUdea dealer in metala of
No BM water st.. in favor of ths Mechanics' Na?
tional Hank, a M aaBaehUMtU. .?..rporatior,I., u pro .?
aaorv notes to the order of I- ll Holton A < ...
\ir Wildes has been in btiatneai tw.ntvfive years
"nd |,s?i.i to have lost O0.0M two yeara ag ? by the
embarrassment of a **&to SM****. ind I"
since been struggling to r.-d,. his liability on notes
m connection with that matter
V>?. Sheriff yesterday received an execution for
tttlM agalnat George H. Brown in favor of Rachel
B Brown, for money lent, but no address was glv, n
whew to make a levy. The Judgment was obtained
1,, ti,,- Bunreme Court, from which it aopeared that
Mrs Brown, between riepternber 1. WW.snd n
eem'tier I 1MB, lent to him ?72.fCB. of which JX7.7I7
, i I,e.,,' ni.;.id Al the office of Hos.- fl Putgel,
,' ,rney, rtwaaaald thal Mr. BrnwntoAoi
us ness now. that he llv-s at Na ? W? ? Fifty
.Vh si and tint h.- ta a son of th- late James
I;'!,';; 'who was of the hanking firm of Brown
H li',','!i,,Mi.'ii','for 12 VU was enter-d y.s'erd iv against
Beri^airTsilvertlatl In favor of Horace K Thurivr
' , . ;Hv.-,..! claim of FTancta B. ;fnd Abner Ti.
T' ,ri--r wi" re.overeil a Judgment on November
lhlgnior?.UI agalnsi Mr. Bllverblatt, who was
tort*<&$Y. ^EflsuSfi&JL* the Madison
^?M Nlnety-sixth-st.. in ault, bl
bv Ve OtSans' Savings Hank sgalnst Fra,
''lark t,. for.-eiose aaortgagea of wm on sack of
the houses _^_
j, slier. MAIM WARMS Tin: OATH OP OTflCE,
Trenton March 26 - Supreme Court Justice Magie,
who waa'reappointed by Governor Wens and co?.
Z~?~i hv the Henate on Thursday, took th- oath of
SBTibia morang before the Court ot Errors.
air nen members at cf hs.
WEST I Shir.
Thc troubles tn i'lu 1st church, at Weat Islip.
which have divided the church Into two faction* for
?everal month . med a new turn yesterday,
uh.n the parish election was held. Th.- trouble ls
tha outcome of a disagreement between thi
Women's Aid Society .md the rector, Mr. Moran.
ir began last summer, when the reetoi was nc-'
f unduly Influencing the election of his wife i
as presldeni of thi Women's Aid Society. Ths
church waa divide i on the propriety of the p
i in the matter, and Bishop Littlejohn was
appealed to to settle the matter. Bince then th.
nj'llt ha-s wi.l.n,-.1, aM l the iintl-.Mor.iri faction I I ri?
ll, l.-ntly looked to the election yesterday aa tha
culminating poinl In the controversy and a sure
way of getting rid of tha pastor. The fight began
early an I every effort w.is made to bring oat b full
attendance. Stages were hired to bring tha v.h. rs
;.. tbe i~,in, which were held In the church, nnd
there v..is hoi electioneering on both aides, The
ticket favorable to the reel ir rn ia composed ?,f the
follow,ni-; c. I'u Bois Wagstaff and Benjamin
Stephen*, wardens; Alco.ge Magoun. Colonel Alfred
4'> . ii". Phoenix Itemaon, General Isaac ft. ''ni?
el' snd Kin-ley Magoun, vestrymen. The anti
Moranlti * nam,-1 r i ni Hois Wagstaff and James W.
baton ' ir narden*, and Alfred Wagstaff, James B.
1 , :. William .1 Nichol, S KV. Cooper and Will?
iam McClure, vestrymen Colonel Wagstaff i? th*
ex-prealilent ol il.' Brooklyn Bridge. Re and Gen?
eral Catlin took a i' iminenl pan in th,- flglii and
both an noa vestrymen. The rector first an?
ti "it"- ? , th, polia would h.- open from I SO t"
m.. bul in ...der io -e. ur. fe- pr. -euee ,?(
lome voters who could net attend .it thoae hours
.Mr. Moran chang, ,1 tl i T.',:. io u noon.
Mr. M i non by a maj The
I bil VOtl W .1 1 V. e-;r\ -two,
Th. fe is much feeling over th* result .-md Ihe
? ? ie from ile church.
the) sa; I H the) u Ul stal I a new i .mr, u .md
maj ; ? matter into i mrt. < ,\. r
.i d oz. ni
> ? ir, ...I i a nulli!., i ..i ? ? rlthdrawala are now
looked for. Mr. M iran I
ri fusal to a, , pt the vol ? ..
'hal H.. y wt i.. m mt* r- ,,r' th- church in .
i 14 .md in . c. iv a ay iiualifled lo vote. Tl ?
? and his f.j, :i i, ,i, nj .
i.i aristocratic pla ?
'? "li the -Hill: i . .. The
pariah h ia lt.- chun h al \
(".MY lits nts TROUBLES.
m.wy rn- ms ni - mw k margit ruo bb
Cl dd' v. r ITH RR ITT ICU
IOAINHT Tin: "i.::m:i: \i. "
i'.ur- ? . - ?? ?
' imp i. ' i.. i- ,,f the
? ? ?
.-.chi ..f tl., tn hil ;; ?!?? wbl I"
h., i
lo rei ed io tl
Coxt . ,ir.- now coming
Cox. y, Hr ia ?
I.., lor i slept
i. ?>. ? ina l
'\, li f aunde i Hi will leave 1
. ? ? ? ? it he will he a
Brwwi ? said .. ls nrornrng: -".:i heil csn't st >i ?
imo.-: , i have I resi .r; fr tn th.- start
I anea ? \. inly hoar ninny
tl her a i '?
'i ?;. , h. ii. ike up ?? ir min 1 thal
' ' '\' ? - . - ' h. . I I . 1 ll..' Ile A -
rating bis pi ? ' ?. id|
: his army will number
1."" rie r. lt,-.,!.? ? ?'. ? "r'\ elghl I
' .io . '? . ' .
.\., . m,,,I--. I..
.? ? .. v heme to I
i or twenty g dlons of
ba I ^
l h e so le rs I
roi . . , '.'. ? ? ? ?
' - '
. n
t Mai . ? ? unkn ? ???:.."
? i
him, an I
:i'.v il
? '.. . . ? ?
k Run
i -.
In Common I'll ? III to-dnj bj H \i
B Vi I Cox ey the I
ni ?!,. , ? - The di ??(
The i' r in m.ie.'iin. t I
. ' - . ' ir ! e.iv.ilrv . rr. ..f Pitts
li fact, the) I. ,-. ??
in m un at .
Ll .'ill
irrived .it. The
? 'ne .,f the .ii my
Mas) i.,'!i ' : . !? , r. ---?).,m ..f .ii ! .r
I: ,t,. ir M ?
li, d< '?: iring thai he ? ?
' Olle of 'he 2'?,
' ive l nrotled
? i day
Hammond, I re, i ul:, wh.. arrlve.1
I for vagi incy a., i
? ,. ? i Itt ;...,'? i for U igen f'-.-r.
? ?
A NEW SENATOR BOAR IN lill liri.li.
,; : ,.- - ? t.i. \- i ??., \ ri., iv. im: RR A Rn ash
inn*** j 'i i . k ? :i:
i -. ni),. r, ne I nioner, will
tries to play
i s 'in ininti :, v. nerable loekim
.. . ., wi,., apply lo i,;m for m. Heal help . i
spring ? ghi ll ' '? minutes b> tors ml i
indsy when Mr Tucker, al hi* home, No.
I i faint, hesitating ring
al the lu ii downstairs, As be opened the atrei t door
there atood before him a tall, apara, responsible
looking mari with an aquilina rios,-, a br..id, lofty
forehead, si I a long, snowy white beard, li- ta?
it IncUvely invited attention and respectful syrapa
As Mr. TOCher loohed al Mm he turned pal*, nnd
leaned heavily agalnsi ths toot post ''Pardon
me," min mured the Btrsnger. "My name i* t>os
alhly familiar to you. I am Senator Qeorgs P?.
Hoar, of Massachusetta l had ooma downtown
from Harlem, where I hav ben staying with
fib-lids, and sm taken Sick with an affection of the
stomach. I nh -1 rou can help bbs I think l shall
Mr. Tuck'-r did rmi reply In words, pul pulled hi
visitor Into the rear parlor and there administered
a big drink of luna.'.v. Incidentally he noticed that
,i,.. black ..ni which hil mldnlghl gueal wore sra*
rather seed) and In other says bore hardly the
?ni,.' ii ii ,-.. ..i n Si c.lot . Perhaps If he had known
',!,.,, g, | .,, . ii ir wai abort, r iblcund and clean
en i ,. mighl hiv,- wondered wbv lt all waa
Hui when lite i. Irangei roae to go .Mr. I u. ker
led the advisability ol going to a hotel. Th
"Senator" waa-norry, bul unfortunately he had left
,?,,,.,.. ,|| hta mon y In Harlem "Oh; HI Bs that."
said Mr Tink'-r delightedly, and he escorted his
new-found friend to ihe Bl Denis Hotel, ll roi
way and Kbvei.ib-si. There the stranger reglatered
th. n Line "Deon ? I-'. Moir, W or. i
"III h.- responsible for til-- bill." said Mr. Tinker,
ag i? left the hotel. But William Taylor, the pro
,.,?,,? learning ihe atora of Ml [ucher i visitor
',t noon yesterdsy, quietly procured g description
of the Senator Hoar whom all politicians know.
.... Taylor flrsl aaa thal the nea Senator was.
^sported out of the hotel, and then wti- n Mr Tucker
'.;,,?;. m and paid the bill broketbe dreadful truth
m him, -Mr. 'i'u. K.r grinned a sickly grin and and
nothing. __ 9
providence. March 2'V Notices hav- been pt ted
nt th- I'amnbell W'.k.IIiii Mill, ai BellvUle, of a
further reduction of 12 p'l cent In the Wages of
w', ivers, and io i-T cnt lu the pay of othei I
after April -'? from which tune tba Bill ail] ba run
,,n full fl"1"' Thlfl in a total cut within the last
six months of 21 per cent >,n th.- pay formerly green
i , veevers, and nu per ,???,,t on tha original pa ? given
,', ,'.thi r mill empl ?
\ '.-th Adams. Masa. March 9 All ti.,,.,
.tlvesln th- Uri rcs-, ill- Woollen Mill ItrUCk lo?
ll ,\ and the owners decided to Stop work. Th"
?trike h' '?"?? '" ?' r"-"nd cut in wages The 0p
ratlve* number U9.
..rit ve^ n'lno.'i iom.
k weston, S. Y March 9 Th* employes ot the
,,.,:? Woollen Mills, st Phllmont. Columbia County,
?,. on a strike barcaua* their demand f .r aa in
- in n.io'.i of lu per Bent, ba* Dui bevo acceded
. i. 1-.
?nNonra worn** raoM im: jcdoe?sixteen
mil.rv "i'I ii" TO PRISON TO-DAT.
Anotl i' of th,- Oravesend officials guilty nf
crime in connection with ti" election lasl full
wag gen! t,. the Kings County Penitentiary yes?
terday, and sixteen more will follow him to-daj
Andrew Bcotl Jamieson, constable of th,- town,
was aentenced io ;. term of eighteen months. t?f
ihe eighteen election Inspectors, sixteen pleaded
guilty t., ti," Indictment charging them wiih
conspiracy t,, cur-', fraudulent ballots In Oraves?
end, und will he sentenced to-day. They cnn be
Imprisoned for a year and fined KOO each. The
In.li.-rn.nl against one. Patrick H Tighe, waa
quashed hy consent of th- prosecution, and one,
Frank T. Clarke, pleaded mt guilty. Th- Tax
Collector ,,f the Town, Charles L Monia was
arraigned, hut aaked f". a copy nf the Indict?
ment against him and win plead t" it to-day.
Tb-- courtroom where Judi,-,.- Brown presided in
Oyer ami Termlner was crowded in every part, j
many residents of Oravesend being present. All
th.- rouns.i who have appeared in any >,f the
election curies w.re present. The prosecution
was represented hy General M. V Tray, B. M.
shepard. .1. A. Weinberg ami A. B Lamb. For
th,- defendants Oeorge W. Roderick, James ll.
Troy, Foster L, Backus, Charles J. Patterson
.md Hugo rHrsh appeared.
Arrangement i had bea " m id ? for tin- gr rat ma
Jorl". ?;' th.- I ??.! i.t,-.I men to plead gulltj In view
..f it,.- tai.- ol alcKane, Sutherland, Newton and
j .,.... . xiii ??? lasl named for soli?
di, d. Ills counsel. Mr. ratter.
, ,h| . ? r, .1 ?" as p .ssl!,!,',
and Mr. Weinberg, foi thi prosi utlon, assented,
. that th-- prisoner had been tl:.- t...,| of
ot nota and thai the mmendatton to
I,..,lid be ol,-, rvett
I,, p n iimclng sa-nten -? Judge Brown said:
"The crime "i' which you have been convicted
th.- law regards as wry serious. Th.- maximum
punishment of li is ten years' imprlsonmei \
few years sgn all minimum Impi were
itied, ii being Icfi to the di* ?"??", n "f th.
j, i- to sa) ui.it punlshmenl other than the
maximum should i-- Inflicted In this case, tak?
ing Into om of the d*
f -nd nt in the i ? ? ll n i. though l ran
..:,.,... ti,.. . rfen '. ii I* I"'"I"-- f ? ?? member
11 wa ? ms of
fraud He ls i vt?-n or Si
land, and the) ai- pr
K ,'i?? Suthei l ind '.?? , ' ' 'i'"1'
? ?
i . ? : ' ., 1 1 I ?
r the
, ? mr;
? : shall I-- -..'ii I li
n the
Th.-*-' eli Inspect sr >re then arral i
M- rmi I i' R >? Patrli k ii Tlghi. Vi ir Bau
serrwrln, william I/von*. Jamefl if Cr rpeey, John
il Brownhlll, Benjamin Cohen, Frederi k Bader,
-ri-a. j.hn iv. Murphy, Morton sfo*>
. ? r . tbarnbord. Gan on M iris, Wash
lngl >n I. Tuttle. John L. Cunliffe, William H.
Stewart, Frank T. Clarke, MtAotai J, Johnson
and Har lu, ? '".n lil' ?
Tha tv-' six were In eui of I lerlff Butt?
ling, having i?en surrendered by th,-tr b md
an l tl.'h.-rs w. ball KW wi rr In ll ted
,,n this charge )? Ini ? M Kane, Newton and
Kutheriand "Being such Inspectors
af rw lld .md u ?? l knowing thi | . and
rhal thej and ? wh of th< m a ere bound ?
fully t.> perform the duties enjoined upai them
and pertaining t" them and ia h ?' thi in ns such
tors of ??!. ii ? ,. I.,..
I- ?' :?? ? linn, did then
and there fraudulently, ma
and . . . ...... an ] :ii.v,...
I with th dd John V. Mc Ka ne, lt.
V ll Nea ton, K- nnetti r .- I and
? 'hat; lt a i rime, name?
ly, that I ..'.(ill 'h.- ins;.. ?: ,
tinned) rh.ml I knowlngl) and willing!) p.
il ' ? i to vol who were n il i ntltlod
ri.-r il . leotl .n. hi ld as afon lld
lu tu.- gald town, "ii 'ire said 7th day of Novcm
b- r, li.
all pleaded guilty, r--.iv Charles W, M
T.rh" and Clarke. The (Inn named ask. lie a
r the Indi, Imeni Mr Khepnrd sahl
there was no proof agalnsi Tighe, an I he wa* re.
? ? I f'larke ph a i"d n il guilty. An
Cunliffe, did the same, bul afterward oh.iiil,-"'1
his p|ea ... a-uilty. The men who pleaded guilty
will h.- arraigned rr
last nlghl at Raymond Kti el Jail. Jamieson
was iak"ii to the penitential*) yesterday after
work In the tailor-shop "j i
Newton la making .-hairs in thc same Institut] in.
.1 Mniu ST /..IA " CL ll t/.
ONI ' MANDA l2.S0O.0m ,\, hi;.; OF NEW'
Cleo r.M'i.i: an ALLEGED - PANI! ii qr wi\
Bllver < it>. N. M . M ireh M. The bli (eal land
grant claim ever made In thia country I* n iw i-1 ire
the 1 nil I Htat, ,' ..in of Private La
I?'? M ! kn ia p. rall . grant, an i
iJ for I.'.-- r land in Ni ? Mi xl -,? and
\i Ison i The ?? istei n braun i iry of tl
? asl of this place, and the grant
I BB miles, Including Phoenix,
.,'.'il ..' Arizona. The width ><( the rr,ar la
ni*.ut eight) mlle* Between thia place snd Phoenix
th.-re are aboul a doses towna "f Importance, .ni
ii- ..f the richest mineral and agricultural region
of the entire Bouthwi l, all ?f which la included in
IM- ? norm.ms grant, which ls claimed liv ri man
nairn i Kea ? lat, *, who have formed
a com|,. n\ for the pi ' ? ii m of the claim. lUavl*
baa devoted aboul thlrt) rears to gathering
in.?' In *U|.|>ort of th* el.lim
li ls laid thal Dom Miguel Hilve de Peralts de la
? ',.i l ,s i obtained the grant from the Spanish King
In 1718. Reavia married rn California th.dy di
se. I, I wu ol Paralla, and the claim la based "ti ths
righi of ii,,, iioinan as sn heir or the original
grantee 'li..- claimants sr* ready foi trial al the
next term -.f the Land Court, which alli be held
in Santa Ft in Mu. hui ll will take tha attorney*
r.,r the Government perhaps two years to make ail
the necessary preparation*. The copper mines at
Clifton and (thine, the most valuable m the 8 uth
sri r. .mi th.- gold districts of I'lnoi altos, Car?
lisle, Mom.-..lian. Coone) and Bllver Creek are i iv
.i.i bi, ii, grant
Milwaukee, March 9 "The Dally Newa" a lead
lng afternoon English rn Repaper of this city, and
the "Oermanla," one of the liches) Herman news?
paper* in the country, have algned contgacta uiih
the l ni ted Press, abandoning the lervlcerhey have
been receiving heretofore, rhe service began to?
l'..ii?\in.-, Pena., Mutch M. Edward Casey, who
was convictad of making false election returns from
Itiiib-r Township in the spring election of iv.:, when
be was j ..in. of , i.. Hon, uus sentenced to-day to
sig months Imprisonment, IMO line, and tb,
,,r prosecution, and ls further disqualified us a voter
foi ? -, ,n years.
Plattsborg, N. V., March "',. Tb.Bl tint Influx
of chinamen hy the underground routs through
Northern Vermont has caused the transfer of
? inst,. i..i' Ttppstta of the ChanftpuUn Dla?
trict, to Vermont, aner* he upei r. M But?
ton, lent t,, Plattsburg. Tha imuggllng ,,f Chinese
Via the Northeastern Nett - Yt.rk Una has almost en
Urely ceased.
-. ^-?.?
Chlcuuro, March BJ, ?J.ic-ih Newman, thc af..rn-y
who wan ''worked" for b***bsj by Da .'i-anc,.. who
f.-.,; staves yen-., in th" Michigan rsnltanataiy for
a similar nitration, soys tli.it B Certain ''
Alderman Rot one-third >>f the BS.00B, lb- declares
thai ia- has evidence strong enough t. sand this
lawmaker t.? .lollei. and thar h- will -alar; him on
tlie r?i<l there thi.a weak. Tri" name ol th.- Al?
derman he will not divulge unili he appear* be?
fore ii.* Urvuul Jury to-munvw or Um day aller.
On I* excltcnier.t occurn-<l at Smithtown, L. I.,
ty evening, when tl became known that aa at
t ams mad-' to blow up the little Methodist
Church ar Si. .lam-s. a few miles from Smithtown.
Th.- -xj 'oaten occurred while nhe pastor, Mr. crane,
rn .s delivering lils surmon. A bomb or cartridge haul
i . . placed directly under the floor of the a'..- ara
in which th.- tnin.sr r Stood. When tlc- shock caine
th" minister seemed to be Lifted from thc floor, and
Immediately there v>t>i a will serainhws for thu
door, Several women were knock,si down in the
mad rash for the door, but no one was hurt. When
the excltemeeia eu balded a little the brethren made
an Invest [BVUon, They found tha'. Battle from the
jar to the building no damage had been dori".
Under an alcove in thc rear of the church, walch
i; a,'. essible from the outside of the church, was
found the amoldng remains of a curious-looking
machine, which ls said ta h.* a bomb. Hits of burnt
wadding w>-re found In the hole mad.,- In the ground
by the force of the explosion. As th? Inclosure mn
not shattered, thc pastor thinks) that the explosion
waa caused by a giant cracker, which waa not
Intend* I :?> ,|.> harm, but to waste a panie amnni!
the worshippers. Nevertheless everybody was mo
scared to k> on with the services.
Tn.- trustees he. 1 a meeting at once to dtacuag
the matt.-r and formulate a plan to run down the
culprit. They summoned g number of arlinesaea
I.--' ire th'-m and ?.-nt several parties to scour the
neighborhood for clevis which might lead to the
offender. A witness, who.*- name the trustees de?
clined to reveal, said that a few minutes before the
explosion ie- bad aeon a young man tn the rear of
the church where tbe explosion t-*,k place, acting
BusplcloUK.y. H.- audden'y tuned and ran away.
.-' ' ai afterward the explosion occurred, The young
niau has been recently laboring under *rr.-it men til
excitem ni caused hy a love affair with a pretty
> lung Menin. His love was reciprocated until a
ago, when the young woman sim*-d
nee f'-r anotheaj He and the girl w-r ?
chuTc.i at the time of the explosion, and ths
I'l'-oi-y is advanced thal the exp: .-lon aaa cr.-.t--!
for th.-ir expre a b m IK. A shot araa Bred outslrh
s in lay even lng a week iga, and
ai nra* directed toward the aurie '<*ung man.
Another theory li thal the bomb was Ure) ny
one w ii., hid taken offence ar ;h ?? reemt re?
marks ..!' ihe pastor reflecting upon th.- members
???' ? :''?? r church, ? in I hi pl.
trustees i.av.- offered a reward tor evidence
Which will had to the 00a**IJ ?? n of the gullly party.
PRESIDENT wit.i. nut HON Tin:
Washington, March ts. Those Senators who
Wi re r.i ?1 favorable to tl,.- passage <>f the Uland
: rage bill look for nothing but a veto mea
"?ii.i th.- President is prepared t" act upon
the bill which ls now before him.
"I am convinced," said Senator Pugh, of Ala.
I ? lay, "thal the President will assign sa
his reasons for vetoing tbe lull Its bad construe*
ind the ambiguity thal is found In lt. He
will also oppose that part of ths measure which
i vldi - for the Issuant.f certificates against
thc bulli ii bef ire ll is c tined. I also believe
that he will tell Congress ri.a- he would not dis?
approve a bin Hint provided for th" coinage of
th.- seigniorage par,- an I alraple, untrammelled
by any provisions regarding tho issuance <<t
Such a hill. I am c nt1..lent, can be speed
is ed iv both houses and will become a
ll is undersi.i that if tbe House of Repre
-' ntattvea had n il adj turned on account of lha
,bufh Of Senator I'd.iultt. the President would
have sent to Speaker Crisp to-day a message
disposing .if the Mil. He was so tuny early In
th.- morning thal he denied avery one except
Secretary Carlisle and BccretaeV (Jreaham ad?
mission to Ma office. The message is said
to be all i.-,i,|> for llBiisnilsslnil. and ls probably
n veto. In any event, there ls little doubt that
the matter ls settled, a* far as the President ls
c ineerned.
JL'DOE GLYNN I'I', lid's AGAINST Till* Finn Tl Ntl
Denver, March 9 <Jovernor Waite is of the opin?
ion that not all th" Ju.ll.dary is under the control
Of the motley power This observation of the I'hlef
Executive ass mada today upon hearing that
Ju ? Glynn, of the District Court, had rendered a
decision favorable al all points to the Qovernor'a
side of the City Hall controversy. The Court held
flat Barnes and Mullins are entitled to their re?
spective offices ot* Fire and Excise Commissioners and
ised both the contempt pr",.Unga and the in?
junction laaued from another division of the PIs
trl.t Court.
Referring to the calling out of the militia the
opinion declares thal the Qe/vernor clearly infringed
upon th.- prerogative of the Judiciary, as did all
uh., aided and abetted bim In so doini;, tait adds:
? If. however, he Judged that the men who were In
po*aeaslon of the ?'it> Hall were in a state of In
.-mr,. Hon. while hi* ma) have nm.le a mistake
In his diagnosis of tb,- existing conditions, for such
a mistake of Ju.lem. nt he is amenable only to the
people and poi to the courts."
nt the .on.Iii. I "? th.- board In Its defence of the
Cit* Hall the Court
"The action ," these men should receive the
-t conlemnatlon of all good eltlsens."
Th.- Court iruoti several cases to show that
Martin and i n r had neither .?? facto ter de jure
righi to tl.iti.e. and declare* thal the) ar,- now
usurper*. Th.v have inc right t,, a>k the courts
to r, view il i the Oovernor, but no right
to bold these offices pending a decision.
Aftei thia deciMon thi new board organised and
m il.- a formal demand upon Martin and orr for
ih.- office. As the office was guarded by six patrol?
men, the member* ot the nea board eon. aid. 1 not
to ii ??? r.i .-. and repaired to the Mayor's office,
where the) palled for Lieutenants Clay and Be?
hanna io recognise their authority. This being re?
fused, th-- two men were dismissed and other lleu
? app-.ln'e I.
John P Parley, formerly ?'hi?f of Police, waa
again chosen to that position, and In the cur-.- of
the day at th,- cunny .Hirth,msc he swore In a
force .,r patrolmen. This nw?< to-night two police
depart mei ta for the city of Denver.
An application to the Supreme Court was made
il.ls evening by attorneys for Marun and or- to
aecure u renewal of the Injunction order of .Indee
Oraham, dismissed by Judge Qlynn to-day. Alic?
ia w.t.- mads that riot, bloodshed and damage
to pr.pei-ty would ensue, and that the formation
of a rival police force made thc danger more
??leis than In the first place, lt was hIho alleged
that th,- Oovernor would again call out the militia.
The petition asserts that Judge Qlynn overstepped
power* in dissolving the Injunction Argu?
ments on this application will be hoard on Wednes?
PLRADtWO nil! TATLOWS I:,:i. y i B*.'.
Watkins. N*. V . March 9 P. I.. Tnylor, the
Porn, ll student Who OB March f, refused to testify
before thc Grand Jury al Ithaca in thc chlorine gas
ca*.- and was sent to Jail by JudgC Forbes for Con?
ti mpt, was before Judge Smith, of th.- Supreme
Court In Watkins this afternoon on a writ of
habeas corpus. The application for his discharge
was ably argued by bia counsel, john B. Stanch
Held, "f Elmira on the plea that no man under any
circumstances can DC compelled to testify to any?
thing that would tend to Incriminate himself or
disgrace bim ia the estimation of th,- public The
opposing argument was made by J. II. Jennings,
District-Attorney for Tompkins County. The pris
oner was remand."! to the CUStOd) Of thc Sheriff,
James Aubie, -mtil such time as the ca.?e shall be
decided. The opinion prevails to some extent that
Taylor will he discharged.
- ?.-.
Chicago, March M.?After consulting with his
attorneys this morning. Sheriff inibert announced
thar he would obey the ord r of ,Indue P-ierliln
po tponlng th' execution of Prendergast f>r two
weeks, llikri-'ins was hanged at noon.
Danbury, Conn.. March 2*>.?The annual city elec?
tion t,-*.)k place tO-day, and the Democrats carried
three of the four wards by ari average majority
'of less than one hundred. Non' but ward officers
?Tere aieoted. The Hy.ri of Aldermen anal Coun
cUnnen hav.- ba -n Usa for thc last rear with a
Democratic Mayor, but now the whole city gov
? rrinu-iit ls Democratic.
Wllk, sharre. Penn., March ?B.-Wllllam J. Willis,
n will-known business man residing at Fairview,
was found dead og the mountain to-day by a party
Of hunters A bullet hole was discovered through
his neck, uni his gun l?>' alongside of bia body.
Willis left home early thi* norning on a hunting
tour. It 1* n,,t known yet whether li was aa ac?
cident or suicide.
HIS relations with RICHARD croker -OF
pression hy policemen at THI LAST
Morris Tekulsky, president of the Stat* Liquor
Deaiais" ftsaawisiion was an Interesting witness
before the Senate Polios Investigating Commit?
tee yesterday. It is true that W. A. .Sutherland,
counsel for the committee, was unable to get
much positive evidence out of Mr. Tekulsky. A
more unsatisfactory witness has not appeared
before thc oomnititea Eta gave every one the
Impression that he was keeping something back.
He Intimated that the proper question was not
put to him to elicit the information wliich tha
committee wanted, hut siptirmed out of Mr. Suth?
erland's grasp when It came to telling Just what
the right question was.
Mr. Sutherland evidently had been told that
Tekulsky had talked to various persona about a
promise, which Tekulsky apparently attrihuted
to Richard Croker, that the police should receive
orders from the Tammany Hall leaders about ar?
rests for violation of tb** Excise law. The witness
denied having said anything of the kind, but his
answers were often halting and evasive to an
annoying degree. Senator Bradley has through?
out the session asked B,ueStlonB tending to aid
the side of the police, hut when Tekulsky had
Rn tattled testifying the Senator leaned over and
asked him significantly:
"Voil are a very Intelligent man. are you not?"
Th.- witness assented to this, anl the Senator
arent om
"I)o you know the meaning of the term mental
reservation?" Tekulsky bub wared yes again.
Of course, Tekulsky has been one of Tammany's
most eflMent Braves and tools. He admitted
that he wan nominated a delegate to the Consti?
tutional Convention by asking Mr. Croker. The
committee may call on Tekulsky again. If it
does it will probably 1. un a great deal more
than it did yesterday.
As usu.ii. Police Captail Devery cropped up
In the proceedings. It is an off day in the hear?
ings when some testimony ls not given as to
orders issued by him on last Kle.-tlon Day which
should aid the cause ,f Maynard and Tammany
Hall, (mc witness heard him instruct his men
to stand "siik stockings" on their hea,in If they
jail anything at the polling-places. These "silk
stockings" iv,-te watchers gent to the 111,1 As?
sembly District by the Har Association and the
Republican flub. Apparently all the poUcenaea
tn that Assembly District had orders not to allow
Bartlett watchels behind tho rail, although this
right is given hy th,- law.
Yesterday a particularly interesting story about
th" Indicted police . apuin was told. A Repuhll
'?in watcher causel the arrest of an Illegal voter.
Th-* three went to tnt address given by the voter,
hut he was not known there. At the station
bouse, as sion as Captain Devery heard the
wat h.-r's mission, h.- caused his arrest on a
charge of drunkenness and disorderly conduce
In the police court Justice Ryan heard not a
word of testimony, but tined the watcher fa
at once.
An Incident sh .wing that the police were netts*
against Walter W. Hanan whiai he ran for th*
Assembly as an Independent Democratic candi?
date was brought out. A shoe dealer who hafi
signed Mr. Hanan's certificate of nomination was
urged hy several persons, including a liquor seller,
to withdraw his name. He refused to do so. Ten
minutes after the last caller hal gone, a police?
man came up and ordered the shopkeeper to move
his show raBfB from the sidewalk.
Ii- Lam ey Nicoll, who holds a commission
made out hy himself as court Jester to the com?
mittee, did not wear the motley with his former
grace. His humor was not always spontaneous.
It did not bubble forth ns on former days. Poor
Mr. Nicoli was under a disadvantage. Every one
? In th. courtroom knew his tactics. Every one
knew that his scheme was to ridicule thc com?
mittee .ind to turn its a*ork into a joke. His
little game had been laid hare, and Its effective*
; ivss was th-rcfore nearly gone. It is hard to be
| funny winn every "in- is aware that you aro
; getting ;\ big fee for lt and ls on the lookout
i for your witticisms. So Mr. Nicoll was rather
subdued yesterday. He managed to drag out
tw., ,.n three f.'.-ble Jokes by purposely misrepre?
senting the t.-stlmony. and at one such instance
Senator Lexow brought him up with a short
Still. Mr. Nicoll, for a man who has won repu?
tation as a aerioua-mlnded politician and lawyer,
has played the role of low comedian pretty well
in th.- Investigation. Ho may. however, be doing
himself Irreparable injury by thus winning fame
its a humorist. Proctor Knott Of Kentucky. c*n
tell him whit a blight it ls on a public man'a
career to become known as a flanker "f comic ad?
di .-sos. it ls understood that Mr. Knott re?
gards his famous speech on Duluth, which set
th" whole country to laughing, as the most un
fortuna tc lucid, nt of his life
William a But heiland, counsel f>r the com?
mittee, was asked how long the Investigation
of police Interference in elections would continue.
"That is for thi committee to fay." was his
reply. "I have enoug,i testimony to keep it up
nil summer"
Mr. Nicoll sall thal he had not yet spoken
to the committee about being allowed to Intro?
duce testimony In behalf of the police. He had
considered the subject, bul did n,,t know how
much work the committee had already laid out
for Itscif._
The committee appoint.*! io o'clock aa the hoar
for meeting yesterday morning when lt adjourned
on saturday At that hour S-nator Hradley sat ta
the Vfttaeaa chair In the t'.enernl Term noni of the
Court of Common Pleas reading a morning paper
and looking over his spectacles once In a while to
crick a Joke or" tell n story to a group of retriers
at the tables near by. The sergeant-at-arms of the
Senate, three or four witnesses and one or two
caurt officers were th*' only other persons present.
Outside the door a crowd had gathered, but they
were not allowM inside the room until the wit?
nesses liad arrived and secured seats. ?
"Mr. Sergeant." said Senator Hradley, "you had
better make out some subpiena-s for the other
member* of the commit;>*e. If the chairman doesn't
come by <|uarter-|>a.st 10 o'clock, I shall Rend you
after him and have him arraigned before me."
Snator I.exow arrived tn time to prevent being
served with a summons, and Senator Robertson
faa rind the courtroom a few minutes afterward. As
soon as these three Senators arrived, Mr. Lexow
nj.p.-1 for order, and the committee began to tain
Mr. Sutherland called aa the first wltneas MoaeB
Phillips, a laborer, who lives at No. 35 Howery.
He was a Republican watcher In the Second Kleo
tlon District of the Hld Aasembly District at ths
last general election. At that lime he lived at No.
34 Hayard-st.
Q. (Hy Mr. Sutherland)?Were you aliout thc
polling-place all day? A.-Nearly all day.
Q.?Were there any policemen present? A.?Tea,
Q.?Do you know their names or numbers? A.
Q.?Did you challenge any votes? A.?Yes.
Q.?Did you requeat the police to make any ar
reata? A.?Yes. About 9 o'clock In the morning I
challenged a man who gave the name of .Jahn MPr

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