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The great masses of Herman singers who have
entertained muslc-lovtng New-Yorkers foi the last
few 'lays Pale farewell rv Madison Square Osrden
In a final coe erl lust a vening. Thousands , f peopl ?
lilied thc great hall from top to bottom, exceed
tu numbers even the greal rrowd of Sunday sven*
lng. In th.- streets ar.nin'l the building lt was diffl
cult to move about, as they were thick with p.-"lal,
Liv-ry window for blocks i.ear by contained
lera, so thai it la probably true, j. wi
ina'. . by a memb. r of a Bangerfesl committee,
;. a- .<? tts people be rd the parting trains ot
in Madison Iquara Garden.
Thc singers were a iire.l lot of men. however, ar I
i imperatively few of them n re to bs seen near
Um Garden five minutes after th.- conductor of the
orchestra hal laid down his b_t..n. Th- Arion,
hon \.r. gave a "ooramera" tn honor of th
era, and many of them enjoyed lt.
Tl., day was spent by the visitors in various
w.ivs Snr.- ,f them wen* busy with rabi
a: :;? Garden, while others passed tbe time tn view?
ing rix- .-iiriit.s ut the city aad th.* suburbs Several
red went t- Manhattan Beach and aa many
ll,.,!-" were tp'<--'ts 0| *>r Seiir.er nt Kills IslSDd.
Although Hu- concert yeaterday wis the last to
be given by the vlslttr -. it i- not I
if lt: Stlngei lest.
One of th.- most enjoyable pans nf tin* entire
programme to rb" Oerman vtsir,.r.- ,s ?.,, t,.. carri. 1
.ut r,,-<i.,v, when th.* picnic '>r festival takes place
at L'lmer Park, Gravesend Beach. There tl
win hv- up ta traditions "th.-r than musical,
*i.d prove to American guests what "Gemuth*
- have p, .-ii ir,1.1" for 10,000 guests,
and full) thal m.inv ar*' expected by the managers.
-.* day will not i>" wh.ai.y devoted to amuse
?- in the great elngini
th- Harden on Sunday will be awarded by Richard
Katsenmayer, president of th. ttitngerfest Th-n
- ???!? a will learn I ir the first
rho were 1 : ti.* "buttle of sons
'i :.? close of the picnic will be the official ?
the Sting if,--, and to-m i row m - of l
:? n >mew iM i iurney, t
to be h ,' i. with theil ind receptl ni
ii. Nv*-York.
' ll 1 vv tl y up ,n th" publl. .
.. would ti ive been the mosl
br; hi-.- ..f all Tbe suocess ot Sunday night
ar. ?- '. ;? ipular Interest, wi ch I ?
is proportions. This. In spite of the
g.i'.iry and humid atmosphere, wai ? ,
a - ? , li - ? > ?: the extent tj which the
festival *.f t: Germans ' td taken ; - aston nf
ti.- : cy. That the evening concert, con
. by M. Z leilner, fell a li;'..- short in -
<ff.. ;.v.: . h ' ? it of ? mday w_s dye , btetiy to
The atm .spheric condl
? not so favorable, the singers wire s- :n.*
v,' weary of the contlnu f pb isuree
the necessarj of a
Ity of pitch. Tl
i -. - av I ....
than on Sunday night. Thli wi- n ?? i
f: millar with the song I
er wi- it .surprising that si admlrab.c a
i ; wa- made a r'**-,.r i which we warrant ia
u:., ' - m the annala f the American Sana ??
In fact, it ought to b,* said with i.* irty emphasis
? ? i ..f the singer
? 9 | I a ? v ri . a y a f. StlV a.
, :?? ,v
m. 1 ? ?
nate tbe German festivals ... t'.-.i Wesl as well ,.s
fi- East. The Influence of the nm- >.:.??
- ?.... r m - ::?:? 1. BO far as ii. ll
i. wh. be far-reaching and potent F
.?il of credit ls de- ' ? il ol Messrs
Yan der Btucken, Zoe'.lner and h- :* thi I
rs, and tbe ll man.*e, heade I by Mc
Ernest Urcha, that gave tboae gentlemen thi
? support and encouragement Tv inks I ? ?
in th*- Hist in.s-.aria e. and 1 --;"a :. ot ll
? . . . - 1 ?)",- :?
the singers. ;-..- mu ,,ta . it itu- -ji--. -,'i .;:
Germans :?> cultivate lealtty wai
ibis tune t i-v Bomethins mora than talk. Thej
ina 1 il an actuality.
i ,:?!?? was a j.- ? - . t .I.a; of in Jin re ali 1 even
rig .11 tnt- competition ol thc r leties pl
th? second class, which hi ted th" greater par- I
afternoon, but Interest was arouse! anal p.* ?- in
>given i-v tic a oui"-: .. united s.i.fT'r.s .?!
th. Cltlea an., towns. Ti.e sincerity a:
of th.- ambition displayed by thc federatl >ni so :
the excellence of tue re-nts attained, ? -.-;
hy Brooklyn and Philadelphia, wera calculated t.i
work Justification to a gr-at. ex-'-- ?
. ?? feature, which has hitherto boen open t.
much and severe criticism. Brooklyn. Newark and
Philadelphia war*- .ali represented ny a ?
from IOU ti ->' singers, and a most rommel
e of h.imogen, ny an I nobility of ton", pi
? ii *n and ia*-' afuinesa ??: express! >n wats .i,
. In ad tne work done. Hudson County, N. v.
Albany. Troy an 1 Trenton ahtt Beni fi:
to compete in a separate class. In both tries.- i-.hh
petiiluis the chnrs chose their own songs, a cir*
cumstance which added Interi et to th" affair,
lt naturally Increased the difficulty of ?
lt was wis ham. too. and a prop-r appreciation "1 th.
flel l of artistic activity which belongs to these male
singing tux ie*les that prornprted the comrnirr* ? i.
pre r;be rhat all ?he song* should he In rh>- style
of the Folk-Song. It was the love for music of it.it
character that created thv societies, and :n th<-*n
they always show their greatest effect!
At last night's oincert. as on Sunday n.gnt, the
shorter and simpler i-.u-t-s. ?!._?*. without accompenl
Tnent srere th ;-- .. which gave the keenest delight
to tne larg-cst number.
Then- was what rhe Judicious called an undue
prei-onderanc. of solo music In the evening
cert, but the audience, lullv 1.000 more mil
than on the >prevlous evening, was in rh. mood
to enjoy everything, and ro accept evn a :
forte c..nert j without cavil. Ii had gathered to
tnj v itaelf. aad promptly caught th'* s-jar-it of en?
thusiasm from the choristers, who seen-a ?? bi
equaliv hapta'.- wii'-n p**rformt>ng or Hastening t..
music. Th.* Joyous demonstration began when Mr
Zoellner vent upon tbe platform t" con I ?
Opening number. Weber's overture to "Oberon.
Thev grew with flux and reflux f.r two h..urs.
finally in an Impromptu but swell
lance of "lil- Wachl a:n Flheln," wht.-h
foltcrwed the t.-mt set number on the concert scheme,
w%e participated in hv tr.- audience, and en b-l in
: fi r r..und of cheeri The solo perl
were William BhtUVelt, who sang the Mad Nell'.
wttl I*- lovely Noras Folk tune, from "Hamlet";
Mme. Tavary, who m-ik an air from "The Maali
rhite"; Arthur Fri.^irt-lin. who p'.ayi-l Weber s ci n
c?rt?tiick for planofor'e. snd Bmil Fischer, a-hoee
he Cardinal's air from 'The Jewess.' MI-m
Ulauveit and he. aided by Anna Keller, contralto,
ai. 1 J S l.arf. tenor, nh"! sana the *oiaa aj-.artet in
Mr Xoellner's "Praise "f Herman Music, whi-h
I,, ,???'. ti pieces ro a close. The orchestral
numbera wei., the overture to "Oberon/' and two
excerpt a from Berlioz's "liamnatlon of Faust," the
"Dance of Svii.hs" and "Ride to Hell. ' Tbe maaa
- br:*' Bang tlie . hor'is of pllagrtms from the
th;--! a'-t of "TannhAuser" uni lat-r old and n-w
aairt-songa "i.-- "Wo Mftchi i*h seta, by carl
V. ner. the father .if the conduct .r ..f tr,.- even?
ing and one of the founders of Oerman Mknnerge
Bang The olhcis wer- -Still ruht die Bee." by Pf ell;
"S Iff er lied," bv Kikrrt (in which the choir was
Judici..usiv supported bv thc wind instruments of
th- orchestral and 'Der Kamerad." by Arihur
Ci.ias*. I, w hos- Brooklyn Bingera have made a
most excellent showing In the festival "nly the In
edequacy of the hand In resi-ei t of numb.n pr*
ven'**i '?!.*? fragment rrom "Tannhauser" from
?being the most Imposing achievement of th- even?
ing As it was. it was given with thrilling effect. But.
ai i-?n w-.-ll be imagined, as ai-.alnst tue stupendous
dup..? .ii of the 1.000 voices, th<- cbaractetUti" and
stirring accompaniment waa lost. Thc conduct of
the I i Pence throughout the evening Indicated thnt
If lt w-re possible to give another ooacert to-night
all the scenes aif last night an.l Sunday would be
repeated with emphasis.
.The Orpheus, of Buffalo: the Junger Manner.-hor.
of Phils i'-.ptua; the Conconlla. of Wilkesbarre; the
-Kram. of Baltimore, and the Washington
fiingi-rbund. of Washington, U. C., are the guests
during the Saen^erfest of the Arion of this city,
and last night after the concert at th.- Madison
Square-Harden was over the great hall in the Arion
Club bOMS was the. scene of a big (? .nirners. Mem?
bers ani guesit., with a liberal sprinkling of w-imen.
?St ar t}it- n.-v.-n tables which occuplM the full
lenrrti of rh>- hill, lt was nearly midnight before
ad *ere seat",!
I.e h. id's orchestra eatertatasd the guesta till
I*re?i(ie_t John B, Paanea calle,l tb.* meting to
Order ar.! (he conimera Moper (.egan There Wera
oricirui songs by F. Clau.lv. Robert Weinacht, ll.
Kaempff-.--' .md F. E. Nolte; there was beer .f all
?tta'les and grades; then- were humorous speeches
pC F Bplltdorf, it Wetnach', Carl Hauser, F.
**? Molts and F. A Rockar, and then lhere was
more beer and a real ol.l-fashlona.rd "salamander"
A salamander ls ? beer ? ir-tl; At a command th"
?ell-Ailed glsases are raised and drained; th.-y are
ra bbl-1 anl pounded In unison on the hardwood
wblej,, u,,i ,l,.n each glass ls tilted onto the h"ll
"?"? b-ft thumb nail to SbOW that no drop remains
undrunk Then i very iflass la raised on high, lhe
' '" " -.ri'i.-r H*ks "Was lt good?" and every one
l**;>nh ls with a few words, which wh.-n tranship"!
Sto English would read; "fOubetchersweetllfe.
Then everybody takes a drink.
Tho comrrers waa a gre.-it SOCOSSS
//// ARBOR MHfoltl.il. BOOBA
The Astor memorial bronie dx.rs for the main cn
""ance to Trinity Cliurcb are now on exhibition st
*b* wnrka ot the Henry-Bonnard BltMUN dmpany.
?j M West sixteenth-at. Richard M. Hunt Is the
sjjf'tner and Karl Bitter the sculptor of the doora.
i_fy will be on exhibition dally at the works of
?aa company from 10 t m. to i p. m. until June IO.
_. I
ATRF.S I.l in?
ila -ilia? tiie rm..-.-rt of the Stngerfast in Madison
Sciur.rc Clarden, tlc rod gardens and the theatres. |
which are still open WCTS f:ll.-d with pleasure-seek- |
irs last evening.
There waa a large au dence at the Harlen The- ]
utre to see Rice's "i*yj." The pto.-.- was ns popu?
lar ns ever apparently, and tlc* fCllyanl living pic?
tures were loud!) applauded.
'lhere was a gool programme at aproctor*a "The
ffeand Duchess" was produced by the wilbur Op?
era Company and was received with favor by the
large audience
"The Mikado," by the I'ulT Opera Company, at
the Fifth Av.'nie Tin aire, continues to ba- I
th.- pronounced successes of the presenl season,
Tb.- effectiveness Of tbs performance bas Leen con*
si.I. rai.ly heightened by th.- introduction of the
Japanese 'inners seven attractive little women
who, prior to their appearance In the second act,
hold ii sort of Informal reception In the foyer on
the south aide i r the theatre, which has been trans?
formed int.. ? Japanei pagoda wier.- tea li servi I
to ths women |n the daintiest of china by tba na*
lives of Japan.
Th.- hundreds of people ,,u the Madison Square
baa'.*' Garden showed their appreciation of the at?
tractive programme '.bete In many waya Among
Hie many additions to the programme this week
are Crai.k Bush, the mimic- Ward and Curran, the
Two Clippers, Paulo and Meka, .French eccentric
dancers and singers; Isabella Ward, in her musical
?I.l*Ry, and .Nelli.- Franklin, th.- English char
"change artist." Lottie allson, the Torts
Ja.bi Troupe, Rusaelt Brothers, Bennetto and Gan?
non, Sisters Lynn, Hilda Thom.-, and I mor i<<
relll, favorites t r some time, have been retained
That Koster ^ Rial's is one of the most popular
- of amusement In town was demonstrated
_*-,n c. Both ibe house and roof gar*
. - ros li . The auditorium li kept per?
fectly *,.,.!,..i by two twent] hv horse-power es
-a ti keep _U,UO0 cubl feel ? f
circulation every minute. On the rool garden,
which ?- one ' the highest and one of the best
appointed tn the city, the entertainment li fur
: by the K" issuth Hungarian Orchestra, with
i heodore Hoch as ornei tr. the music hall
thia w.*k ? mme will Include Oscar Ham?
merstein's lirsl .-ri i .;' living pi lures, the Slaters
Etti I" I ?. IO theil ll .V ? ? ? . , il* I | li; I,;"
F H :.. si:,, and hts doc cln ia Anna C il lw< ll,
com.-lian; itunrh and Rudd, in eccentr! acta;
Sarnia, contortionist;
Mlle. Naomi, "i qulllbrlst"; Mlle. A Irlei
iga; l alee lo, "Kl g ol ie VI Ire " and
M ?? Lalo, ? wo :st. ( >n liv- roof
garden to-night a double concen will be given by
Roster a- I; it's orchestra and the Kossuth Hun
-/.arian i irehestra,
** comic Lallei by Professor Luca Resta, entitled
"The Prench Dancing School," wai presented ai
th.* American Roof Garden Vast night It contains
a complete story and picturesque dan.
The soloists an i Emile Rartolettl, Mlle
Mathlldl Coschel, Slgnorlns Luca Rests, Signorina
Alfred,. Ular, ir ..ri. rr.un thc Kden Thestre. i'.iris
The v.aii-i.-ville pan of th" bill ir- lsassil.lv th" Pest
? the American this >ieason. ll is headed i.v
Andree Ma k Other prominent entertainer! ar.
the Four Bchrode Brothers; little Nelly Daly,
dancer; tt.-* Amerlcus Comedy Quartet, Vernon and
Hawthorne, Maud Raymond, An,ne Wllmuth, *t.-r
oiiii-. tia- a. rata!. Han gan, tramp juggler. John
w. Ransons Bingi new \-isis ol his song, "I'm Ihe
Ruler ot Nev.-Vork."
The seoond me< ting of tha wries to Int 1*1 il work?
ing pitis in woman suffrage was ti. vt
at N BO W il Slxty-flrat-il A large number of
working glrli -.v,.s present, and many of iv i*i
pr-essed much Interesl In the movemenl I
mitta- ? appointed ( r rhe XlXth Assembl- 1
f Miss Estelle Claytoi - . Mlsi
Hel< ne Lowi ll, corn ap ? ? ? ? -
arin, stagg, recording Been
? ??? tearer, and rhc.s.. young women have
air?.ii\- begun active movemenl outside thi
tri-t a - w-v .,.- ta them, a.,I have Indi?
vidually vlslti 1 several of ihe large store when
git s are employed They rc- .ri lhal In many*
even the meaning of Biiffragi 1 n known,
m. 1 thal ri others tbe youna women r.. '? \? n
? tha evil of \v..11,an suf
frage and Buff rn gi ita
A n earnest dd ress waa
? .-? itlng by Miss K' ly, wn ? |
nd proudly claiming ti.- title ? f vv r k na
woman, .-p.k.- to the gtr.s as ..ne of themselves
? kc warm.y of I . i -:
men nnd true," nd t that of I
. 1 -;? .k-n willi in the laal w <k regal
suffrage ra vement, ? 1 h me had had "*? rn
gaod to say." Rh< 1
.- ? ? ? .
r ? said t. havi no fi
by ay
I tre-itaJTH 1
outr..- . - ty and I
speaker li 11 1 ;ti..' 11 was her w ik
during :?: for lhe campaign, ind shs
h ip.si that by
irgi 1 ti ? > >uns a ???' 1 pn nt to thli
rk for th* righi 1 ?.
? ??rs or rldl
Miss Katherine Stags gav. her revlewa tit the
sulal.-a t In h -j.rrltel v. ra ?, thal WBB both refi
and highly Interestlns Mu li merriment ? .
hy t.'-r reference to .'. letter received from a well*
ki.owii clergyman, who warne.1 her of "the wrath
to corn. A *h" "persisted in her ima
The sp'-aker continued by 'ploting Dar-a
"Tlie expression 'the survtval ..f the Atti I
most applicable to women. Ii means to agrov
vv.. mean to grow, nnd are ai,.mg so. H>vv many of
ur- WOUld be willing t.a fO ha "k 'ri tl," ca's of
1793, wli.-n in N'a-vjt, mp .rv Ma-.... lt Was
that a chair should b> endowed roi the ? 1
? af woman, and one of ric- H ..irl exclaimed: 'What!
i"s- the public money ta. edu ita -'??? Nevei ' lt
la time tot woman lo take her i
mail's e.nial, and I
degrading r.i h.-r Womal
Intersperaed w.*:i t:,.- remarks were !? -.
? -, Miss lirr na Stell 1 Miss Katherine
Wilke, asoprano ol it.. 1 'athi ira! 1 1 Har?
riette A l*>v ' i gave a h t'.rv of the ? ? npaign
from the time of the Be.ri Pella Convention io
the presenl day. Miss Marguerite M on
others also r; ke, Norman */ kemgood wai chair*
man of the meeting
Fr...ni The ''i-.- c - Herald,
Next ta the world-wide * arr..w tin; a magistrate
si umiable an.) upright si. iii I ?? ?ni,.- fou' a
will b<- the Btsrtllng realisation thal moder*
ration li sgaln face to face w-.rh a pr -p a-,
which gives no inarter ci m .?.?;.!* none, and
agalnsi which mankind mu--- mete f.?- tn* preser?
vation "f all thal has h.-en iron daring man) cen*
turk ? of progri ia
Prom Tt." Evening Worl I.
That such a man sh .ul 1 I- the victim of S COW*
1 . uln ihows haw utterly without i-eaa n or
..I,- ths crime" ..f Anarchy.
Vr am The Philadelphia Inquirer
jn a mistaken sens.- of kindness, Franc* bk. the
tates, h'- admllted within her borders
hundreds of men w.h.sc Instincts and teachings
ihoul'1 have senl them lo prison These must bc
eith.-r banished or controls 1 Thej must he a>o
'. 1 ? with in the United States, England and Ger*
-.- as weil us In France, or other crimes fully
ai revolting will yet be commltti i bj them
Frim Th.- New-York Herald.
since the days "t Sedan, America has watched
wj.h ,.. B ..'rte progress of thc French Re
Dub'.lc In hei twill .1 course. There is na, rei
to fear thsl the life of tbe Republic ls endangered
, ra i rem wal ? t I sr Pn *? ?? ??
\ fptii.B CRIME.
From The Post..ri Harald.
As regari* Ita terrorist effect, the murder of the
head of a State ls the mot futile crime that can be
Imagine 1 If a dosen Presidents WV? killed, one
after ;he other. Franca would Still have ? wealth
of candidates willing to take their chances of the
thirteend succession.
From The Pittsburg Dispatch.
Whether the assassin was a recognised Anarchist
,ir not his deed ia baaed upon the same borrib.e
resort 10 murder. Agalnsi all such apostles of
assassination clvtltaetlon must protect Itself by the
sternest measures.
From The Baltimore Sun
Anarchy li ls supposed, reeks by his murder
t. lmpre?s u;...ri lhe vv.r.'l the futility of resistance |
1 .0 jjh prepostei iUS demsnda The assassination. In I
sh..rt ll ii.ssum.-d to be a politics! demonstration
un the part of a person boatl'e to sll government,
monarchical or republican. Pb !mm*dlate result ls ,
to Inflame Frenchmen against all Italians.
Trow Thc Chicago Inter Ocean.
Tnt- effect "f thc assiisalna'lon Will be to m.ike ,
a elosei inion smong Frenchmen. The abai Preal?
denl Will bs strom/. In tppssl for the Kepublk.
> an I In mourning over him and In dweltng on
his virtues -.he French pea.pie whl frown down the
p,tty ambitions of would-be leaders, and act welt j
for the nation .
all iienlers in gentlemen's wear sell Fisk. Clark *
I Fiaaa'a new white silk scarf. "Ths Royal." It li ]
1 washable without Injury. .'. |
Denver, Col., .nm.- g.?The young Republicen ls
.??ry much bi evidence In Denver jus- noa
Kcnes stout the couri of ibo Brown Palace Hotel
lively al] day. Th.* ol I p ' -wee,
though hon.* if th ? presenl ii ye! ir. of .gen ral
national note, ire of I that I .ly guide
f.'i- the Le .. ie ... i te matti r of n-i lutl .is must
i.e the Minn , i oven lon Then is a sentl*
? g to ' 1. ir:-. qui stl 'I:.
which ? ? . lolor ide ar ii ?- dn ui*.n
their i Men tl n with /.-?: Tl il ?ems to
ittraci ii..- mon In terrs! as s matter ot" novelty ls
il. - prest i: of un s en d Earl) this
? from the Hlghlsnds
's League club, of N"..rtii Denver, ap] red
:. ? .our: ..r the Brown H )tel snd chatted freely
?iVi the men. They wera In the Btate Convention,
in : will tie present In ric* Natl mal i '..nv. ntlon
d the Easterners do not take kin.li*- tai the ...
tlon, and express doubts as to the value of .t ? ??
: "v Cl mncej I Fllley, who ' ids the big Mls
itlon, thinks ;t ls th- i tlvatl >n of tbe
H Hean party and wl|l be ? gn ii factor In ae
.?ur,::,- the return of all good Republicans to lhe
Prealdenl w. w Trai im Chicago this
morning to And matteri wei ;.ind for s prompt
ipenlng of tl ? lon si IO o'clock to-morrow,
'l he most Imp rtanl t< plc of lhe il iy v.
tesl '.u>. I, Des Moines and Cleveland f.r the
text i rn ven I on, ' ihio and I ia i have each ?
headquarters tn the Brown Hotel, aad .u'" i I
?ut prim. I matti r advertli ng th - respective adv in*
I..'" t '-;.iv the Minn, nota
-"?)?! ill ari! ai':,- | '.' was OUt f tr the c .riVeiill I .
There hss arb n some contest over the posh lon
of secretary of tbe National League While itu
. for the r---.: .-n an of Ai drew ll
Hutnphn . ? ? m, n. T Mansfield, of In*
. illa and J. ll Cox, of Yonkers, N. v .
have considerable following I the pl ri
The delegal
; on Ha- i id :
i dunmo?
ra I led ii
r< .-? r i - - , .n ila- i , ;
hy of the city h is b en rn ? rely tam
. ? > ?-,'" ,r ? ib" i r he ll
- ? re *,*i 'rt.'* :, a jv a ii
bi ? chi more t>e >ple il.ari the) had i
Th Colorado l.i:. ? . ihllran
la i,, |a) -.. appoint *i-1
Natl mal ' '? r.v- ntlon lt wai a ver;
. '".ii inten u wa* m ??(??? i in
'.1.lucallnnal work f.r --..vr, to he done thia
w eh Th i reeohit' i
I- it v v.", pie of i'r mes ta ?
of ihe death of Carnot, ami r. ink r ?! ihem I
n.ain li -,,. : . ? * iv i- ipili Thi
B t a t ( .
? f ii.- workiTK n
rial li 'i'ii*i'ns and Impaired <?-??:.'. ol ihe crl|
pl" i B.lminlBtratlon of |uMl ?? li. ' vlo
I'.ls I
age of both i r at the ratio tl-** I I .
The offii ? ' Prank C
(Van I. vc .-.i'l- Mr- Hatfield, Mri I.
i'i I Mr** ? ' ? ,
'. - W. Van
a ' ?!.? .Ni-'.i. si.vi'liil.Y i'.i ",i: NOMINATED
willi: mil
? -?illi?
li ir:
- r , | I kl
':. ' ' ?
: . tie ? -v
i - a" .1 .nel \\ M
i: .mu. nlon !?
ii le
??rroKi" i" ' . ii vty commi ro "
* " - ,
The l.C.
' -
r , \ 111th 1 -tstrl
pia re last even ni
? ?
ls al*
I ?' " ? ! ' .
?rill ; ? ? :? .1 "f .r adoption
lo tlOYi nil PULLMAN V tRS.
?nu-: movenk:
IN!.' ss -i|(). ".Ml".'.".
apary bef oi
. . in
:.;, ? ?? 1 .
? -? ? lill
[ructions 1
been reeelvi
ii lim ; ? t Ol
Thi Bah) tm h.. ia ?
; . . . ? extent ol
i meet I -:?-.??
- *
ll i'.a'.lr.i.i I. ? lVe fa
!. IV( V ii- ? f
last. ihem with
'' . 1 I V V | I I V
;way Union or i
bet wi il railroad c imp my a :
An Ides of th- I itwi ie anti Pull
w hlch ? i to th ?
Union could lie gained ill ii
pira* The lire, at b n ba, VI -. I
deni Hi nal I I i others -]?? ke In .??-?.-.n ? to the
Pullman strike and ll ? prop a ."*' .
:, ive .!? vv ii.-r**v ??! : he ni a in
: ^ hun Ire . men wi re i
Intimated by Ihelr vo Iferoua app in ? tn I lh dr
thal *_*? v Intend i to i I
the Ugh! all ' ''I ' (-I . .'. ??? ll
Al ile- Chicago . it!- -s ,,r the fu"im in Company
? t ? ? i a ? ? 11 waa mad( I hat then
te .rh.tnge ai. their posltl n thal 'he emp
of the Wilmington, i ??'. . ahopa would rema
w..rk, and that thi railroad I 'oul i lo al I ??
repairing whl ii th Pullman Compan: c uld not do.
Cincinnati, .lura 5 The ISO en ; I iy< ? of thc Pull
. - ? .p a at i.i How, Ky., wen i alli d out I
morning by F, w Phelan, repr-sentins the Ameri?
can Hallway Union. A strike ii.- been thn
. rio* i hops In ? vv1 * iwn
St. I/.u,s. .inn.* sj The employes ol the Pullman
Company In thia city, to the number ,,t 330, wenl
on sirik" this mining. The men lay thal they
Hrru.-k on an order from Chlcaa ?
Bpeaklns of ria* .boycott sgslnal the Pullmsn Pal?
ace c.-ir Company, Vice Presldeni Wlckea waa quot
? I ..- 'ric. a saying: "We will keep oar contracts
with the railroads a I ih cari to them, lt iv iii
Im- their pirt to haul them Wt will have ii I
trallon "
l.vnrsTuii.s sr tinn i, rr |.,.(/v.
Plttaburg, .Inn,* "B, The Rankin station Works
are resuming Tb,- Braddock wire Works al thal
p.aliit stint ilovvn two w.-.-ks BgO, bill ia ruined lo
day on single turn In ths nail and barb srlra de
apartments anl on full tims in the galvanising de.
apartments, >Furnaoe No l of tba- rania- fu rosee
plant will resume within S w, ,-k Th,- la.
forge. Which l''is or,Iv Operated spamu.np.-illy for
._ .car. stalled two ol Hie live li.i imii'-i h this morn?
ing; the others will go IntO op. ration I eui live
hundred iri.-i. ara employed lhere. After a lons
shutdown tbs Howard Plate cia*:. w..rks at tm
serons the Monongahela uiver from
itankin Station, resninaai operetta irnlng.
The resumption riv.: employment to v ?> men.
Mor.- than IA"" men ia'- I In the I'-siimp
iicn of th.- four plants named
H Seller M Kee, the larg.* window an I Mint
irlaas manufacturer, tn speaklns t,, i... ?t Hts
[.rosin, ts for the full mal*- Hie following en?
couraging statement: "The stocks of windon kI.c.
ar- exceeding!) sm.ill this var 1 do nol lielleve
tli.at there li riuch more then i..n i.ni<
a: ?? ann sj
T> 1.1- IU ? ., "1 ? ? I . I lt.- * Oil III I * I | I* >?-- ,| I " ,l|l|| l-l
..?nain to advance 13 i? -r cenl an.i there wi li be a
boom in window rri.-s M nqfactui r* ara not
anxious to get orders inst now a: they .le* Ire to
pile up a nod st.. k for the fall Iradi When lt ls
rapected thal ei n tetter pri as than sn now
( "rr.-nt will prevail Tbe wlndow-glsss factories
are running to the full limlL"
The forty-f. orth ar.'iud! commencement of I ??
i.-,-e of Bl Francis Xavier was held last night at
\'. bblsh >p c,rrlf?an pre
r. ru n les, while the sr igs was
throngi I with clergymen. The legreaswerec nferrad
by Father Campbell, president of Si Francis Xavier
? liege while Archbishop Corrigan handed the
.- All the students were
cheered ai I meed t.> receive their scrolls
of honor. Prevloui to the conferring of tbe de?
grees Osmund J. Phillips, 'H .1 livered am sddress
a-., "Philosophic Thought and Aristotle." Mr Phil*
irrle i off n i lew th in font gol I med iii as
prises In various departments of student w.rk.
Francis Hughes, Vd, Michael J. Schilling. "M. and
Hugh iv O'Reilly, '->'. w rc tits other student
s," alt. is.
.) i*. Kan, vv,.ii th" gold mi lal f..r the best class
j, w Lea ? ? nc i ths $ ?'? I mehi', for
belles-lettres, and Thomas F. Oraham for classics
I, >urde * I' .u Vi _? :? i ?!?. * ' I lie tei I i | lld medal for
elocution, ansi Charles Connor the Junior dasi -? \A
medal for 'locution, Will tm P Davie won the price
of j."'' for rhe b 't hill v on Lafayette.
After thc degrees had i.n conferred, the Rev.
.tum' s A Xi 'Faul, V'lcai Oeneral anal Administrator
of ide I.ese of Trenton, addressed the graduates
Dr McFsul m1! thal Catholicity and Republicanism
h.d gi ml wain!.1 slws) ? be I
a rab'i i ith a .-i poorina oui
? ??! ii.ii.-hriii-ii'-' iik. Si Francie Xavier's .ill over rh
."?iri'iv in vast iiiim! i -. "To quote lhe words of
r Partlow, -py cid pi lld 1 ir. Mc?
paul, "the '-.'.mirv will s . -n |,
.\r. tri.' rrlgai who srai i-ec Ived with
impltmentlng rh.*
if 81 Francis X ivier'e
? I thlnl ? . i a ...< r [.r ipor
tl u of Institutions ilk- Hi Francie Xavier**." said
ti.-, "tv.- t? irita!*- tragedy which t"..k place yesterday
b r Republic would never lia ve occurred.
riKKTN \ 'V \V".:rv rv THE YA I i.rv
Mount Oratna, Penn., Jum ."? i ;,. lal) The Penn?
sylvania Chan) luqu i begins I third
\i ? t Orel . Thli instil h , rn
tot ot Ihe Keyiton Btate
:' iu<|tia pl ni II ai- pu?
ta Hon f..r thorough . nstroctlon In the
hts lt un li ri ikes t . tes h, in I ll actu ill)
.I"-, university vv rk In s number of its lepart*
ind has pr .! ila. . ? I ih in
anv ..-t.i- non-i ' popular summer >*chool in
Dui Ina - - -n V.
? r faculty for >i k will in
? n ? ? -ii" i" dal
.' . .'. i l . ihe pi ? I..:?::.?: * ir,
? ms, yarle I
M mm (ii-ma paik. tl il Chautauqua, li
an l is iii. ia mi
* ' ; ?
..!.,* II!"
. . . inal
i? irt of I in..
menl Into
nd flowei Et
:?? ! Tl nn ls, and BeDAr Ite.]
' ? if ul i' rook.
. ir.-l- of foi
I thli v. ir,
i [bl
,,, ,. ? ? . -i ni
:r .ii the
1 ?!?;.- irina '?. iii"
I and th' llstrlbu
. " ?(?-.
.?? lean ol
i ll Penni
I' I K I .Igl '. 'I Cl
! '
Vi inguag.-a. AT
??j. -,,r
? ? li an.l Mi. ?
? ' :h" i '? Isarti in an.l
' ? ? Mr* Sarah
Ihe Ph I lad
rill Ins! I the Rev I! I"
I ?ii ; ? i
. .
... ? ; 'yileen
11 . ? *?- -c' \r .- *' i ,?
. : ..
f the Lu " tl ?
? . . . i' ? Ukin
a . ? i ? ; Eng i- ?'. ral ..r pinsutl ile
? , . M.-,. ? ' i ',- |...*i | ll
' 'lill.I
? ? i a ? ? -h.*
* ? X
kl snd the
\ ? ar-.'
? ,-v- : ,., : ,"r
iel ? tar m.* |,.li?
an I . Iffclu ?
v ' '1 irk. , pr ?'.? -..? r nf
mu le In thi ill 1 ir Snacks
? ?* '.'. Ilk'
ll I
, ind has arr ?'????
??I. ' ll .11 Rmi :
-' . ' * The top ' ? i -
; ipmeni of
and he eil Ira
In i: .- . and Smollett.
1 I ? ? ' ' ? \ J*
Cu.. assistant . ira tor of ? h ? Raby Ionian M
in gu
Bible atti Ihe
'. lonumi itesi results
r Alta rt 8 ef of Tc ttureau
; ol Ranking." i. .
"Thi Hankel nf Nen 1'ork, anal h_.II
HlBtor) of ih" I* .
Si , -. . '? ' a! I .! Iii; till*
i P Elliot! an I Pr .'-1 Ben Ja
?'i .'n the i',-. i .'i upians it
vari ii i.i- - , .ii rio- s ai ni i'i,. Mohawk
Indian in.-* s .n.i General Robert li. Death have
? ?
w a i the Chautauqua was organised the fes
* ' i* . v-mr teveral ?!. vs In the s .1 I) ?
- p .pillar, nn.l ll s ill 1.ntlnui i th - i
ttenl Jul) 4, Ihe Hr-r i ?? i
?af Hie ' 'h.lilt.I.e[il i. IS Ul Itu* tl IP.ls .if a SJ..*, lal
commiti ll * !? mi" t "1'ennavlranta Indepen?
dence Day." and - - led to mike lt a counter
i -rii.,. bretton ai practised .i Roseland
Park Woodstock, (Vrr.n tiovemor Psttlson ts to
preside, and iii.Vs.-rs Inelud tl i lamln !?'.
Iltighi r Philadelphia; J lin Dalsell .,,.: others
i. . ti i; ? in I '.i v occurs July IS; r ? ? ?. hers' areek, July
.:. PenneyU in Day, .tulv tt; Put.li
s ?;"..i t ?..-. Jul) ll; i." sk, July
.1 to .'.. Harli S hool Aluna. |iiv. Juli 31 and
Indian .Day, Jul) .'* Theee occasion! have .been
I in lhe brm 1* of special committees, R? ??
ninon * on Juiv is, when Blahop Vincent,
who . ? Chautauqua ayatem of edui itlon
(went) yeal t| . ind whitii-i.u the chancellor
and h.-.il of 'tie n*"W Tork Chautauqua -\-r since,
w.ll be [ar.*r*-iii an thal dav and p.-rs-nailv ron fer
id" llplomai ui".ii the gradual Ina class of the
itsuqm Lit ran- snd Belentlfl. Circle who will
gather si Mooni (Iretna from all part.* uf Eastern
and Central Pennsylvania and he will ex ten .1 gt.
Ing to it..- hun lr>-ls of gra luatei In the classes "f
th- last len y.-irs who are ex>pected to h.- th
?* -i ir.
Asbury I'.rk. N *!.. -inn.* ts fgpeclal) tv.- move?
menl by the Agricultural apartment ar Waahlng*
tan for a Nail.inn'. Oood Roads Convention, !?' ba
held here during the meeting of tv.' National Edi?
torial . ?' nexl week, has hs-u:ii.*I a*i'!i*:'ler
sble proportions. Oovernor Fuller, of Vermont, wall
pr'-sld" over the Natl nd Road Conference Th"
?Governor ,,t North ('aroliiii hai appointed several
r.-'-x.it-: ?.. iv.- .- nterence, among whom is j. a.
ll iimea silt. Oeologlel This ts in.- r.. i.. a conven?
tion .f delegatea hui a conference uf rosd ..
tiona state, county, t iwnehlp and municipal au*
Ihoritles, coi-poratloni ani Individuals Interested in
i...i i Improvement The .conference is f.r 'he g*u
>pose of prom.itlng organisation for load Improve?
ment organisation 'i">-s noi al>read) ex?
ist; for strengthening thi t existing organise*
('..ii-, anl f'.r the gith.-rlng anl diffusion of gen?
eral Information ..ii thi unjeci of road Improve*
Tbs I'nlted States Department "f Agriculture
hal isslgned Oeneral Hoy Bl me to this a>pecla1
vv..ik. and lias Issued i circular calling attention
m ii.v prominent m rn Interested
tn ra.id Improvement nave t.n Invited to attend.
s.v. i.ii maker? of machinery for load work have
ms.le arrangement! io exhibit gnods si :h.* ron*
f. i. h. reral pi ' il tesl s
Portland, Ora., .lune 8 United States Dlstrlci
? day granted the apptb alon f'.r
the appointment "i s - iain'- receiver fair the Ore?
gon Railway and Navigation Company. Iv lt.
M -Neil wai sppoli
Chicago Limited New-York Central la-av.-s Ni**
York 1') '.' a m.; arrives ("til. ago >._0 _. ui., Wcry
day lu thc year, auporb aeiv.co. .*.
ar ..
li li?
!n'i"l Ho - Arnold, i w
erda) ..I tei noon f.???::! ap iplexy I te vv i -
? -.-. it I . April i, is.1- nis father wa i
' Mr. A:
? ? I i ? I': . lill :a ? u ' ll he vv as ! v, ei,r v -
ail, when h< wi t to Ri .hi", n and i n
'i in td" *.v m li "i . In ?*hi ii ht con*
?A i ? lhe :a* of ni. ?;? alli.
? ? funeral will luke i i i. ? i morrow al his
I'll.- li. ?.- Mr r.i -?
: l lea vi ?
ourir A EY.
Henry Huntington Blrdsall, who died at his home
In Addison, N*. Y., on S.ivrr liv, was ham rc Nor?
wich, x. v., on December in. ISIS, and was educated !
at Oxford anl Cortland academias. Afterward he ,
studied law and was admRtSd to the bar, practis?
ing in Addison. In 1848 he gave up hts prc.'
an l rem ived I i a farm belonging to bis wife, u 1
In 1173 h? returned to Addison, where he ii
until bis aie.ith. An ardent Republican, he always
ta.ok a lively interest In all political questions Hs
was a lifelong admirer aif Horace Orei
piper he read through ah Its career, beginning
with "The New-Yorker" an l continuing with The
Tribune. His wife and three daughters survive
Bl ll ga, N*. Y., Juno _," (Sp'clil).?John Nash, of
Montclair, X. J., died suddenly here laat nigh", ll
waa seventy-three yeara ol I and ifl - d fr un
Brlght'i disease. He formerly Itv : ... New-York
Cit) and acquired a larg- competence as o mem?
ber .f rhe brewing dim of Nash, Beadleston &
Woers. He eras s director In tin* Park Bank, of
New-Tork He li survived by bli widow, one
daughter, Mra, E. Kirby, if New-York City, and
twa ? ns, iv D. Nash, of Stamford, Conn., arel
. of i un iha, Neb . ? lae 1 man
was a native of Troy and rho body will b? con
I here to-m irrow f >r burial.
M. M. li.- Lin., wti i died ni this city on Sunday
ng, wai a native of rbis Btate, his biri
In iii-- vigor of young nun
ha i I.- removi i to Chicago, where he wai th
I In bush ii f';- -ev. ral years; but, about IM,
. removi d to I? nver, whi ra
he rapid I) , ? ? and sb nt :- i s ..
?i Mayor of thc i Ity, tilling the ?
' ra a. ,i mi four yirs, li: ? I lia I
thi plea ire .if welcoming ?J*-n"r.il Cr.mt and Gen?
eral Bherman, fresh from the victorious close of the
war. snd ol entertal Ing them as guests of the
In lft?, President Grant ipi olnte 1 him i' -csul at
Foo i 'how, . 'hln ? it he til. ? i with abll ty
ven ) a i - Zealous In hlB i rotectl in of Amen
ti !?. c>. H.- iv ts a
- alth ' 'him - ? ? III tala, and u ?ured the
? anal .? inf! l? nc ? ..: the entire
through hil eff ar' i thi
.' a ? -I!- 1 ;V ? t fr.un
Sharp !'? ik .m the .-?_??? to the cit) ol r io
< "i. 'W. ii ? returned i ? thc I'i
- ? live I moat ol ti this etty.
For tn in) monti
painful Illness, n-hlch he endured i fortl
i1 ives a a
tuner il scr ii to he held at his | ?
N ? tb! w eat (ii* nundi *i nnd-nlneti nth-Bi .
aften -.-. I .a-, s I.. Bal le In,
vv tea '.vis a ni: 'a-1 .?;. ir) ' ? ' ? .v : . ?,?; Mr.
Willi im H. Ha f Gerard Hallock well
k! iwn i : ' ? Journal of
.' unmi i'".' ? ' ' :. : . I ightcr, tbe
l: iv. T .1 K.rs. No, :?' Ps
ive.. J. . v. 1 la I lo :k was
nenrl) years old, and h id Itv- 1 In I li i >k
I) n ma:,- v ? i ? ?- He wa . - ? da ted
, * . fterwai r of ' rhe i n
- . :? ?'.. -? iff of "The Ir an
v ? ? lied roi po, aft which
. . i Hi
r -
? ?
'ti l
i, In Han
? ?? . r ike iii-- this ne rn a; al
v -;??
IT ? ?*. '.iii
III INS"! rioN
Byra N V.. Ar. :." ifl] \ I I
ii Uni*
1 , of the Ui
a il nis ..'ii.iai report. In
I luring the pis! ? Ile - it. yi ar the Cnti
. ? ly thi -?? hes is. Mj i :
Chan .1 r ' N .-*.na-. ? ed hil rem irk.io.
\ - . - -?. th .:
il iv in
' i. - Phe llnun Isl ll
of Iii ? In ' ' ::?:.!
'ranets H
lt ???? ? l oi r A|
III ? ? .'. . !
1 . fOI Nc a.V
year. Prol ? t i k :.y yo it
.?I ni* department, ii*.- yo ir or lera we ph i , r. ;? u ?
ru 'tor In ;? il Heal ???? m >m), to bi ? lated
I lav . for In
I - ? a
u ml, I. ? hoi gradu?
ate stork al H.irv ir I r -ai l-nr h ? ly
numl k Mains I .
if i ni* I'nlverslt) for I ? - ' - an ..f
iti ni. Some mr - -
ibe j ? -.?'? is of the I'nlverslt
?t:" a- f our pa friends, ano an
. ? . i ? ? ?? i
intent to $i... a ??-. as Tn.*
M.- Ilea ? att. ni .... an I steps
bull.lings upm lhe :.'-Ullin- 'h- col
jege arith I , ? .
be made ad ry; t hal Pi i
? . thal Pr '
. -
literature; i \ i tn Henry Ja made
e year and i I I ?
r Haa 'Ph) .ml
thai Min Ellen I '?' M i Ells ibeth
ll I..- ma le . purtiiu nts.
PEOBINEXT IRRIi n H ir mr run I J.
as iv ir Th un is Ryan, fort arly ?!_
Ma i ter to Vlei .- FIFTH AVENl'E Congress
m in J H v. Biker, of Mai tl ex-ti
.1 sia.it Passett, of Elmira, N v. and Postmas?
ter fl D Wari 1.1 .f R iltltn ire UILSEY Bl ite
r Ur v.v .i i ? mal i ?? n, ? f Ballet rn, N V .
Mt'RRAY HILL The Rev I'r A M .
of Wai D I'., ind ex-i 'ongn isman John
ll Ketchem, of Dover Plaina N *t VICTORIA
Marquis .iii 1 M irchlo in Ina ol
i 'ul .. na i i 'ongn ha A Orow, of Penn
WE.STMIN.wTHR Bx-Prasldeut Jo-" .1
1!,,irl.,ai. ? ' is ta Itt.-B WALDORF The Rev.
Hr W A Bartlett, ol Washington, I' C WIND
BOB Hamilton H:'r;s, of Albany, and cap* Un W.
R. Caldbeck, ol
__ ?.
Phiia I. i|.iiia. June ?'? The summer ra.-" m
of the Philadelphia Driving iv.rk Association began
thi- aiiein.i. Interest centred In tbs 1:10 pacing
and troll not event. Paul was the favorite before
the ince. Miling in the pools for !>.>. against lin for
the th ld
Dallas won the drat two lents, after which
Vltello was let out and captured the third and
fourth heats. Ii was evident that Vltello could
also have won the ufth beat, but Beaver pulled ths
hons ta.. sids an l lie was instanced, Dallas
ia idlng the heat anal race.
Student, tbe favorite, won ths t_0 class tn
Straight haat . and Vanita Wllk"s was an apparent
winner In the I M eveni she became erratic in the
Hird heat, hoa-ever, ind was distanced af ter having
won tha* tirst two heats, Tli im race was then p"st
poned until to-morrow, ..wing to darkness Vanita
Wiik-s brought KA, agalnal 112 for the Held. Fol?
lowing wei.- the summaries:
dent, iv .-nli: ?* si'iai'ii: iHutchlaon). 1
1 1
"-' 2
l.aaiv Nf (beek ms ni. .. 3
?v.i nial l-llllllo. _ 7 7
1. itli (Cemmlnmi . 4 3 .1
Dublin (Shillinglaw). 3 i :t
.Willie.. 7 'I 4
Linkwood Hue lllrowleyl. Ti . il
Ti I il.-r iT Hm.iva. ii io :?
Ml N i K.m.'ki . S s g
.in aw
Time L' 31k 2 -t'?. MHi.
priisi: 31.000.
Pallas, l.v Aim a" ll " a.iaiv-i- . 1 1 _
Ami., v (Cornwell). 3 2 ll
Pani iMi'l'-i i. 2 13
iv-::,., I. ana ii ittergi* 1 and il .lilamltli). l *"? 4
Vltello l.v l^-anl Tender, Jr (Beaver). .'? I
Tn :? 2 IS i IS 3 I-": 3 IV.'.. 'J:!.*).
2:38 CLASH TROTTING Pt'RBB $300 'tuihilsti..!i
".' 1
4 2
a ."1
I 4
ld ?
Verdi, b ? , iv Rumui lOUell). .'.
i,iii.. a r Lstand i il -i'i. ? ?
R Ul I'll ' . ll A
Anni.- Rennell lSi Uni. 3
. 4
ni (i '? mmtngal . 7
\ ? , Wilkes, lo 'Uv Wi - 1
Tan ? 2 I**'. 2 _!',. 2 IA'-.
a i
?i a
7 .*.
5 tt
Ul: .-tin nilli,- BELATtTEl WEES BATED,
p nan C s, of rt:.- Pouria- nth Precinct i ? -
t.rliy found Edward Dougherty, twtntj
Mir.ikiyn. ach a man*
ner la a house la Pounh*st, ss to lead the ofllcer
to believe thai he had found a "crank" Dougherty I
called al tbs bornes of several i- pis luppoaed to j
have h en di owned wnkB the lug Kloal wtut Uv wu. I
and told their relatives that ha wai sent hy Cip'.ain
Dav 1. of the tugbiat Shanahan, to state that the
people ?upposed to have oeen drowned had been
picked up by the Stranahan. He did not auk for
anv money, bu: merely delivered hi* message and
w liked aw tv
T!i)-e he called cn were Henry Plenlr.g. No. Ik!
(Cast Pourth-sL, and Joseph Haye, Na). 172 Ridrldge
st.. at bith of which places he save the game etory.
Justice Hogan. In the Kkfpx Market Police Court
r.nund.l h.rn bick for examination.
Wichita, Kan.. Juno 23.-The little village of Keigh?
ley, in Bu_er ?'cinty, on the Maa of the st. Louis
au i sm Francisco Railway, was devastated hy a
tornaua about Tvti o'ctack tabla evening, but aa there
ls no telegraph cfflre there, full details cannot be
obtained. The meagre news received of the Btorm
waa brought Into Lean, some miles from the scene
of the catastrophe, to-night, by a courier who rode
p before leiirnlrig much of what had hap
i ??? d.
The massinger reports th.- grvjp of storei on
Maln-lt. demolished, snd leveral people buried
under the min.*- Several bousei wera blown down
an l some of tinir occupants fatally Injured. The
courier knew of only one dear!*, rhat of a man
named Hill Thurston, who, together with three
h irses, wai killed lr. a barn, which was lifted up
and turned on Its ro*if. Several box cari on tha
a ! track were lifted up ar. 1 carried some dis?
tance hy the wind. The courier adds that he thinks
nags Ir. the country will be great.
Take Rational Cara of your Cold at once, by using
Dr. Jayne's Expectorant ?nl you may escape a dan*
geroui throat or lung dist
P. (enleniorl A tn., kid elovca.
removed tn :'H ::-? ela vi - i;ra.-rn i tia r between
aoth and 21?t sta. The only place in th* city where
Ceatemcrt gloves are sold.
Dr. IV. A. Hninni.inr.B Animal Extract!. Cere*
larra.* f.r thc r.nm ( iirilin" for Hie henrt. Testlne. Ova.
rine, tte. J. mil hai "s son. inn Broadway, ur coLC.lt*
1IIA CHEMICAL co.. Washlngrun
lleiili; < oiupnn v's l.vtraot of Reef.
tiroushi ut the waria.
KEITH MKI'.N'ZIH on Beadsy, June Sri. hy the Rey.
??'ranklin Oaylord, assisted h\ rn.* Rev. charil. S. R lila.
D I'. LL I'. Mri Jape M.irl-.er- McKenzie, ot
N-vv y.irk. t , .lama's Bm!tb Ketrh, Ea.'., of Arbroath.
? ind.
spf Na'in: STOLT Ou 'une tl. Church Of Holy Trln
ii--. f'arli Edwards Si.ei ?- of New-Voek, to Emily
llth Read Stout, eldest 'laughter of General Mer*.
TRACT BTRBl'Ll On aaiurday, Jase ..I. st theCTsseaal
v ?? Presbyl rial Church, Fairmount, Plalnfleia,
N. J., by the " ls. D. D . Camila*
Frederica, daughter f H. Alfie.1 Stieull, to Evtttta
af Plainfield.
X tlces of marriages must be indorsed with
full name and al ; - -
ARNOLD On Monday, Jone '-". ISM, LbsmmI Haa tinga
Mend 'he funeral
??!-.. 334 ".Varna
sr . Brooklyn, on Wednesdaj Juna l!7. a* B o'dask,
i *.-??,???? ??? ai Swan Pol ni ? ProrMenee, H. I.
: ipcn please ?
HI'ROI lay, inn'- 25, of r, n'umptlon. William
Darllns y*r?r of hil
i hla late res'denra,
-arr.mit. N J . i :. arrival "f train leav?
ing H i-a-iaV -st . . j*. II,.
RALLOCK WtVarn H. HalPxrfc, .--'inlay. June 24, 1S04.
- at the ri li Boa*ta-law, tu*
Rev T i Kommera No SSS Pi ri ave., Jeraey City.
n J., Teeaday, lune 38, ar il r.'etoeh a. aa.
1 . U-'iBl-.ter of the
William Brat
a ?? : r- ? residence, N >. 313 Dr!if**?
UriMii^vn,, \V"_i. : .:.i>- evening, Junr _7, at a
M1'I Nil Mai.a M L'une, Will w of Samuel MeCune, ta
i ?.
Mr**. ('. M.
.r-. .",?.-? l,en-S-ave. Services ll o'clock TTihlM
.", ;? rune vr.
NASH n Sunday moraine, June 24, at Sara.
John N.rsii. -j New-1 irk i Ity.
Funeral June BB, al 2 p. m., ar 147 M S3i
? ? ', irk
san.;- me 33, al his randene* cii?.
" ? ' lek, N. .'.. Chsrlsi De b-st Sanger,
R ' a. *r. il -. i. a? se Bsagrr,
li ir ? ui' lied ? attend 'Ve funeral
? hrlai Church, Hackensaca, Tuesday mira.
11:13 d
' H. T and
N ? H. lt., to mest tran leaving i t.annbers-st., al
1 ' l.*i
? ?
THOMPSON on leventh day. sixth in ,nth 23d. Margaret,
v.rf-- .*f James Thumps ii In the Slsl y-Hr if lier ag>.
from rr.*r lal 38 Powers st,, "-rookiya,
al 2 o'clo. k p. m.
a ara Invited to a
v; i-:ii./.-,.-tn, NV J . J:.." iv. ri .rer...*<* Evelyrt,
(laugh! fohn W, Tesl, aged 17 yean,
lune M.
\ V VV ? .1.*. 'iv.
\ AN '?'?' v,i:\"' * .... .-- inda/, I ina it. Brlttsta Woolley,
* lau Ruben o .aril Marta Louisa
I.- ' I" ? I.- !?
-.*r-. lee ?: hil l.t.- hems, 218 West P'iih-tt.. sa
a ?. Jun* 38, at 4 p, m.
Mount Hope *?\ eslclieBler I .unity.
Mn:!i . Stall i. ? :. tha ' ,i 0 . I
T. ke .sn.!,, ,, Ninth Avenue Elevated Railroad, o_r*.
al 135th stio.-t with New-Tork and l'uiiiam R. R.
: Mount Hope
Kuneraia nay rx? arrarured by ibova roeta, or from
ORAND CENTRAL STATION, 421 Street and FourtS
Av*, nae.
v.lU-e, as,. si*;th Avenue.
KENS1CO CEMETERT, Harlen Railroad, 4S m'nutt
fr in Uland Central 1 r,,--. nev. private utatlcn at es
traaee. um.a. i? East 4M-et. Telephone eau. isa as.
fipcciiil Xoticre.
S oaoilont, 'h.* ladles'
o n!v .-, ala ll 4er4de
'/ '-i>'i'. if Sower tn. 1 -.i air,
(i ni. with H ?*in ??? mpare,
1' "'uk gn I r . ever*. ? i
. v aide ii- praises rlnit;
N ettie. ? ? a- ? ll
T he. ? i miiM Save theil Si ?ODONT.
Ad il.-e lo Persons Lea Vi ag Tottb.
Avoid .1 impure .lrlnl?!r,g-v.aier by raklnf a
af r ihannta." conceded tu ba tha lineal tabla
water In tlie world.
H.- I'laaa's tii.-hilnK Costasses for Ladies
ar.,1 Mia"- in r va. . , , i?h ffibrlra: Tennis
I'- Pinna, MN Ith-avi , n?ar 3<Wh-at.
?4 (i.nr." Bxtermlnal rs hill bedbug, roaches, iaia. lufaL
III le, 'is \. ira, Storea i-ru-.iu. ord ?'? jlre< l. :'.i Cl la toa Pl.
Bawllah Clolklaa for Vaatba and < l.ll.lrea.
1"? Pinna, '.t'-t Htb-eve., aear ?aih-?t.
I.(i.Ilea' !((_.((-'? Irn*. ellina ?'u|iea.
I'e Pinna. 384 Ith i- car 3l*th-K.
1'oi.liiRli'r Voile**.
T ?? alli f ? tt* v. . .;. Ung J'ine rturh win close
", -??*. al mis office aa tottoarsi
Tl vs;.av Al s rt m ,- .,,,, ,-,, . marv ii .".ii u. rn) for
i ni pa, vu Southsmpton and Bremen, p-r n. ?. H_vel
lletleri fer Ireland mast I ?> directed "per Havel'-); at 1
p h. for a'u'nu per a * Yucatan, vii Havana Venera for
Tamplco and Pr mci-" musi ?? d re '-l "per Yu.-atan");
Bl 1 p. tn (aurplementarj I 33 P. rn ) for Ilarbadoi direct,
per a. a. Panta
WRDNI'SDAl M i ' at Isupptemeatary lon. m) f.a
Europe ia.. - per .-. s. Parla ilett,*n fur
I .?.?! mu.I tie .Ure.!..! "per Paris"); at !) a m <_up
plementsr) ll a m.I for lt-ian! via Qaaesstosm, per
h s Teutonic iMiers f.r other pana if Europe muat b?
l i. r Teutonic"!; hi 10:30 a. rn foe llelaluru
. Antwerp, par s s. maaland ileiten nmat ba
.in . ted "pei Frlaalan i - fur iiiueneMi, per
- - r.?: .?? as, r, n. from New-Oneans; nt *t p. m. for
Puen . Portee per l a. Wanderer, from N'.***--orleans.
THl'RSDAT- ai 1" ? tu iBUpplementarj ll .I" a. m.)
f r Eui i?? v'.i Southampton di. 1 llamt'iirrr. per a. a
v.:.: Victoria! ai ll .' in fcc Netherlands direct, via
II r.-'.iliim. per a. a. ll.'iteiUam il-itern mutt ba directed
"per Rotterdam"); ar *3 ;>. m. f'.r BluelleMB, per a. a
" .ri New orleans.
SATt'RI'AV At I) a. m. (supl-mentary M.30 a. m.) for
En nee, Swttserlind. Italy, Si'.iin, ivrtugal. Turkey and
Brttlah India, via Hav:?. p. r *, t. La M-i.irso?ne; at IO
a in r ii Baattaga ai- Cuba, pei t. ,. Pa laaaa dettera for
... -pr Colon and Panama, must h.* directed
?p.*r Panama")! il IO a m. (aapplsmastary 10:So a. m.)
par i - Alene list tera t.>r jae awl sn.l aub
a-.a.s lau.-t I * dirie ej ' p. r Aleas"); ai lo a. m. (sup
cr. ll n ni i fer Central Ain-ria-a (e\.-ept Tosta
H'a ai and s "iti: Paclflc pena, p-r a ?. OaioaaMSt vi*
('..Km deners far (luaremnia u-iuiu ue dire.'e,| "per Co?
at in .in a. m f.r i-.iinpe-he. Chiapas, TSbasea
and Yii'-a'an. per ? *. Vuini-.rl deners fur other Mexican
Stales nnd Cuba tnuat U> .lu.s-te,l "per Yumurl"); at 10:30
n. m. fa ll i ??', Carnal?! anal Carupaao, per a. s I'rina
Willem I! deners fur uth-r Venezulan y-rttt. Trinidad,
.air. BO, Britta!) nn.l Ininti vlulana, must be dlre.-ird 4p?r
IT.ns Willem II"'. -.I 10:30 a in oeiiplem-nturv 12:.*10
' : Oermany dire I, per a. * Kaiser winiam ii,
vii 1.ren..-ii i>r.iii for 'h.-r parti i I Ile !?' irma- he di
reeled per Kaiser William II "<: at ll a ra, f..r Neiher
landa direct, per a. s. Ve?n.lam via ll.anenlam (letters
must U- dlrectsd "per \'e.>n.lnm">. at 11:30 a m. l*up
nlementary 1 30 p n. i fer gur.-*pa, per a a Luciinla via
yu enrt vin nt ll a uv for Nerway .llrect per ?. s. Hekl%
ilelters mu*' i.e directed "per Hekla") ai I p m. for
1 direct, per s. a. .Itv of Hume, via illnssow Hel?
ler* ma I 'I" ''V ?' Haime' i, at 1 p m. for
lives S' Mir- an.l l'.r> de I'fclx. per s. a
Osama; al t p BL fur Truxlllo. per a a Plxsatl. from
New Orleans; at 3 p, m. f"r Ls Pinta cuuntrlei. aper s. a
Manitoba; ai fi p m. f r ('ap* C .buy and Natal, per s. S
Malls f ir ihe Boclety Islands, per ship Triple Hird ifrom
n.i*-.a), else here .lallv up to .lune 24. at OSS
p m Malla fur China and lapin ispe.-lally ual.treMed
only! per * * r^"*'1 ifKaa Ta* ma), cms here .lally up
Jims '-iit. at ? ?'?? d. m. Mails f,,r Hawaii, per a. a
, ,fr..ni Sail FtsnctSCO) elise I,ere dally up to
j,,'. i at il .fi p in Melli f..r china and Jr-.uan, per
in .rr.*na rj'i I I, . i I ?? (vt. !al!> up fa
Jula I ai r.:tti p m Mills fur China and Japan (specially
univ), per a. a. Ba lpn bs "f ci*,.na ifn.m Van.-ou
i.| se i.lally up to Jul) "D. at?:80p m. Malls fur
Ausimiia ? ??-.?? vV'-st Australia). Hawaii snd FIJI
!-!..n.ls pct s a. Wnrrini*.'. ifiain Vascover), .-lone hera
dall; after Ma) *'-"t and np to July ?_. n? fl:*) p m.
Malia frr Australia leSCSM Ih.eae fur M'e?t Austnlla,
villi.-h are forwarded via Europa), New-Zealand, Hawaii.
rm and Beavan lalanda, per * * Monowai ifrom San
I ran ls ? ? elues lure dally up la July *Bt, at rt:S0 p. m.
i ir ..ii arrival at New-Tort of a, t Lucanka, with British
malls f.r \us! ;.! .. M.Us ft Newfoundland, be rall to
Halifax nil.I ihenca by ateamer. ri,.ase ?t thia office dally
ic s SO p m. Malls for lll'iu.l.n. lo rall to II *tun. and
v in-amer closa at th's ..("Ve dr.llv at .H:90 p. m.
Malla fir Cut*, hv rall tu Tampa. PIS., and thence by
?t*.imer oeiillnK MnnJays an.l Thursdajw), rli*se at this
..fflee dally at 7 i rn M.ills for Me-cl.*i nverland. unless
s|i*-*!iiiv addressed tor Slsaaisa ba sre.imer. doss at thli
olP'-e .lally nt 3 a. m.
?Reulsterwl mull .Muses at 6 p. m. previous day.
PoBtutlke. NeW-Teek. N. Y.. June 23. 1SD?

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