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VM.IV.N? ? 17.-110.
pmii mri vnu aid mr: contixental powers
Berlin. July li -Emperor William will sal] from
BtAWtt, N rway on July 19, and will arrive i li
AtSftJ** 1 t'1 Willi.-imshaven. where ho will be
rnpt by Chancellor von Capiivi After- ? two
days' n-?: In Potsdam he will start f..r the Isle of
Daring thc Emperor*! three ila\s on German
sioil all the Important queenton* of domestic r u
ti..? BO* ' - ttleil*ent will br' submitted
to him \ ; uMar featui - ..f bis present trip
ha? been the bimi..lon of most Government
bufln-'s.- In H. r'iri. Heretofore be has n ?? lv< I
and answered lally numerous notes and State
mptn sent out i > tell graph from the Minlsti rial
olfices. This year the Ministers h.?\>- sent the
ufiiHi communications, but they hay.- g i only
jnear-'r-- repllei - ften none at all. It is tberef re
fljsrwrlaIn what the Emperor thinks of lir.
Bsjssjeffl pi ; sala for thi repression ..f Social
jsm and Anarchism, oi revised plana f. r the
laxatl ia I ? ?' 'hoi an l tobacc i, Whether h.* will
?sfljport Ihe Chaneelli r In hi.-; opp I'i in to special
repress!-.-- [awe ur will go owr :-. the react]
of the Bismarck school is- in complete doubt, in
?jptofBclsl Ircle there isa wtfl-authentlcat< i re?
ps**] thal tbe Emperor, when bidding the chan?
cellor ff.'-ii.v in Ki-l. requested bim to study
carefully the question of repressive legislation
sgair.st the Revolutionists and formulate hi**
cp'.nion OD th-, sui
lo far nothing Indi ates thar tha Ohsncit-ir
(?ta joined the rea Hon. The newspap rs which
tie ls supposed to Inspire still oppose ail plans
of reviving special lawi against Socialists or
ABB*BTChtsts. Th- exchasSge f views between Ber
Hn, Vienna, Paris and Rome hus resulted in ,\
?MBsaoa agreement to enforce the system of
gflssssjuanci n immendi I by Caprtvt, Tin- cor?
nerstone of this system ts the harmon! na
operation of the police forces In all four capitals.
The m's- effective part of the agreement, ,...- far
ts Germany la concerned, provides thal any
foreign Ar list, who s.H>ks refuge :n Oem ii ?
Bnd whose presence is known to the authorities.
th&'.\ h? place 1 at on^e at the disposal of his
Governrr.'-rir. In .ase of expulsions, the poll,'-' of
(?very country In the aKree.nent shall he warned
st once so that the exile may hr- shadowed wher?
ever he goes. It ls understood that the Brusseli
and St. Petersburg Governments frill co-operate
?with the other four in this arrangement.
Count Battfeldt, German Ambassador in lan?
don, will come here to-morrow to confer with
Oaprhri as to England's attitude to the agree
ment Ile kai ? ?? ei ' Lord R *
that Knglan l srlll tv lp Ih* Continental Pawer. In
the fight against ? ? ii in hists, although noi
<n a j ||t| pi .\ Isl rna a- t.. ex?
The Empress wlli return t ? Potsdam from the
N .rth nt July 2<> She will visit her children ar
WUbelmsn ? ? ' be bark igaln
In time to n the New Pai?
ge* The Empn - ? I reek
fr-..rr. Leberechl v r. K I wife, wh - appeal. 1
far an audience that - present her hus
band'i Th.- Emi ess made no n
Th- Emperor ls determined t squelch the -
d il wt, .'.? for t di I, aa far ai
public l* concerned, forever.
The Supreme Court In Lelpslc ha.* reversed
hy a new decisl os the ) rli ipli ! y
autononi) of rh*- States ir; I indltng pre.
fences Newspaper* are li-ii. . lo
pn-seoutiaii r. .r only in the place ? f j#ilille.i
ttrn. hot .Ibo wherever they circulate within the
Empire. The prosecut ir. moreover, mav chooa.
Ihe place of trial lo ?u - himself Th:* dedsl m
ka.* aroused the Slates' rights people and the
editors of all parties io stormy prntett, which
will be r^peatrr] as goon as the Reichstag meeti
li consequence of the tariff war wirh Spain, .??'.!
Spanish soi 1- Imp rt- 1 '.nr i Germany ar-- .luti
aMe at SO pei ent In addltl n I Ihe regulai
tariff. Thl. rlosea Germany absolutely ti .,
large parr ..f the Cut.ar. tobacco trad*-. Th.. i;n
jwtattm of i.. mj Spanish products has been cul
off entirely.
The Bourse discovered on Wednesday that a
large quanti! ' '. rged Italian Government se?
curities bad been unloaded In Berlin recently
Al! th? lecuritlH i" S pei cents and moat of them
ar* th.iusan<l-iii. l...n is A few dealers were de
frauded hut rnost of the heavy I oasis will fall
upon private !r.v?-*tor*.
Tat Bayreuth rehearsals proceed almost dally
with Frau Whkii>-i In constani attendance, The
orchestra e n?lsrs of 120 ri Mm<
*fsiBs1ea*i Elsa In "Lohengrin" promises to bi >
f.ne nrluimance,
Prof***',r vr,n Helmholta grew worse last nigh',
.nd all his family have been calli I I hla bed
Rudolph von Bennlgsen, 'ht- veteran National
Llb*ral natl published a letter thank
i*??T th* UBi>usand* ..t friends wh - congratulati i
him on hi* birthday last Tuesday. He told a
friend jester.la* 'hat he was moat KraUti--.) by
the warmth of ? lett >r fi ira Bismarck.
The **s*jbbs*j in s..uth Germany and Austria*
Hungary are | - i reaping la well advanced ami
threshing i? ir. pi grei Tia- wi,.-at crop ls up
to a g.iori tetras** and the quality is excellent.
The barley cr,,'. I* up to ttn- average ami of fine
quality. The oar and malss crops an- still in
Parla. July is.-The Prencb police of Corsica, ar-t
Ing upon Informal! .ri frorr. the Italian poHce, ar?
rested to-lav at Bastla the Anarchist Lucehesl,
whola believed i lave been the assassin of the
Ughorn editor Qlueeppe Randi. Lu hei denies
?tut h- erery ?1W Barn!)
nsAaarcalBt Jz<? srho is known to hav.- been
one of th- Bereelona conspirators, was nrreste-1 to?
wy In Perpignan.
Panama, July H?It ls reported that the British.
lubjeru on Corn Island reesntry ba i ? hatti, with
<>? Wajiaajsas soldiers arri defeated them. Th ?
Governor of rhe Island, lt is said, ged to rh.- Broods
'ne natives afrej Wiiri obtained arms ano stn. led
av reitorin* rhe Governor snd recovering the Q ?
,\ nnt o-^0"* "fi ? *'i 1-8*. whl rh h. i been aelsi i hy
{** fgltlsh Several on both sldea were around) L
1 a?Uovernor ha.* proclaimed mirria, law.
Hamburg. July rr The re^-n'ta win. h began h.-re
Materday wa, eootaausi to-.la v. The ra-e for
9Bs wa* aro,, by ,rj>. flBss*iu Rosrtng Club, with
K*3N '''uh seron l arni the Thaasss crew tl i I
j,' ??IX ri rs; 'irs was won hy the
jl'-nmonia , r.w. tlie f,,vorit-s In the bettlni*; th*
{.*l'nJ*' c."<"-v came in aecond, the Allemannta
TW IM' ?"'' tn" Tri;..r.s. of St-itin. fourth The
?hmT* r'T'w al in-lonil th.- ra.-.- after covering
JT*t 'hr--fourth* of the course. The ra'-.- for
My ,*,* w-.n hy rhe Thames Club oarsmen, with
{jj^r'.u team eeoond an-1 tbs Hammonla t-am
Lonrion, July is i,r. john william*, the phy
WoJL0f th* L,urh,!"' ot Vork- ?"?? b*"'n rnai,? a
HafflDur|? Juljp v> fUxhftVen. the port of Ham
^r*. Sriebrstsd to-ilay the flve-huiilre,lth annl
Bs^r>.,"r lt* foun<1lriK. On lan.l there wa* the
BrJT-,, autorlejil ;?ir.i.|, with fl-.its, and at sea a
t'o*. .J1 "f fort> l!?rKe steamers pansed In review
an* I? ,f, '?*,,'n- Tr?i? ?veninK ther- are firework.
the street* nr'lnat1""- Thousanils of vlsfors tilled
Which ?f M"Xlro' J"lv '' Th* amens! InvestlB-atlon
lan f th,? 0uv,'rrirn,'nt "a* been conducting th*
Part da>' 'nt0 ,he ftfralr'* of th<' l*-'**tjfTI. .- l>e
p^,"1*"1 of ?I"*1 city an.J other part* sf the ile.
?ni th r*vea1'"' a ?to*r*JfflBg ronUltlon of affairs,
?"?hon"' *'" b* * wholesale wee-IInK out of the
?f H|n?(^tr.'rnTPl'iyp(, ln th<" ."rrlce tn different part.
?*c hs. k l ha" bf,en .hown that th. local pont
B0ll'>' whir-h ," "yatematlcdlly robbe,! of nama of
"?onev ?ki.J ." "'?'??maur-aiiy robhi-l of tims o
** Th. .u ,n the aKKregat? amount to over 1100.
??oun,. "?20r,"-K,! of the postmaster. Manuel Nava
?nh* ?*a'l <*v*r KOW. ami that of the caahle
<**y Pj^ff i? abou* ?l*.?? 6lx employe* of th
ro?t*l Bureau have also been arre.ted, lu
' lt! >n showing that their short )ro amount, to
a considerable sum, bul the ex,,,-! amounl has nor
.n made public. The Investigation I. being ex?
tended to all j.arts of the Republic, with rt,.- reauli
already thar bi* ahortage* h.iv.- been discovered In
not lesa than three of th. large dosi ifllce* outside
or tm. city. Postmaster Nava, of tr.ls etty, ls still
a fugitive from Justl ?
Till* Tl. VU!* IN CHIM \
gt Petersburg, .inly \:.. The cholers continues t .
spread with alarming rapidity throughout thi
Yesterda) 118 fresh 'asea and M death* wera re
i irti i. From July s t., to-day noon 878 esses anl
| IN deaths hav.- been reported. The exceptional
measure* usual In the periods of such an ei
are being enforci 1 rigl Hy.
(lered 'har all wine .-' 1 on Sun lavs ai 1
1.lays Th.- city la ]
a* to the best meana of preventing, and tn il
cholera. All factories, theatre* ami railway! are
under orders ta take (peela 1 precaution* igaln*'
th. apread of the disease Restaurant ke -per* have
been directed b> th-- munlcl] , - ilea o di
li d watei am,.ur the po ir without
Bi vera! publl Mini > an I
iburb* axe to h use I a* 'holers hoi
To-day the Metropolitan, assisted by th*
clergy, prayed ; Si. Isaac'i Cathedral
that the progn ie epldem be i (aye I Hui
dredi of cholera isea ire reported from the prov?
inces, srhere ihe pei en tai i athi la exception?
ally h
Tacoma. July 15, Advice, received by th.- North?
ern Pacific Btesmship Victoria from Hong K ig
say thal cholera la apreading throughout the
? thal the '; ivi rnment ti; I il*
are suppressing the number of deaths, In Canton
alone, Chinamen say, W.ooo deaths hive occun
l -Hon. July if.- .\ dispatch from Shanghai lo
the "Tiru, s" say* thal the tumult in Con
renewed arni that hi the latest outbreak several
il ."s were k;;;.-.i French mlsslonard
nos menaced, and a gunboat ii tr been sent lo the
point tan test them to protect them.
? -
London, Julj M The "Dally News" correspond
ent in Constantinople says of rh.- recent earth?
quakes; "Every day shows that the original dla
aster was more serious irvin was at first supposed.
Tbe number of (baths certainly exceeds 200, an I Ihe
less tn prop..ny ia tnim.-nse Thousand* of hourn-*
have been damagt I. The Mosq.f 81 Pophla wai
damaged, but can bc rspalreu. The city wails
were much injured."
Constantinople, July IS The panic caused by the
earthquake does noi .bate. The rumbling of i
beary cart or the rattling ol window, from ? Bud?
den brees, sufflces to send the occupsni
near-by house* headlong Into,the street Th. fan-!
Ile. in the parks, cemeteries and smaller op*>n
spaces ar- preparing t.i camp oul for several laya
ra ??? All who csa are replacing their lent, with
little wno.len huts The rich families have
? igi on the Coper lloaphoru* Bu.ln -
tually stagnant. Half th. merchants .1 their
Immediately after the li"*' Bhnck and have
ti d ri ? irne ! - - them Ai ir: fri in trad I
ir In the city i'?
ll ive been offere I In all thi i lo-daj
sir Phillp Currie, Br isiah amii . ? re, has
pal. ? -i - ' r . \;
er sorrow for th 'ltj misfortu
sympathy with thi Hm* ha* fl?? ? ' the
i.ml m ' - ' ?? f those c?
? ttl irrow will ? pen ., relief fun i .
PONTE**! ? ' ' " '? :. ' ? ? I'
London, July 18 Nearl) . the n. < * ? a
. ? ? ?,..-. fa
day They I ll fl all
ron t tl fl I i Ul
gen Pry and Sari ?
of oxford, a ? i ' Vale, t, iv*
I] re. iv. r* I '? >m tl
Hi.-kok not ease, ? ? | alli
f the k ? Thai other* aro 'ri the j>.i.<
of condition Tho rain has rs-ider-d hrlei tiirnpln*
from th> ifras* Impossible snd thst event wltl tah.
plane -.ti th* racing track Th. keener! exj
la felt hy sport?ns men. AI! tlchtet* f >r tha
ga tne. havt I ??? a sol I
Th.- "Sportsman" prints under the nf] .;, "Hall
Columbi i," a coi , aa
.Ire ise I to the Tall ste*
London, .Til*. Il Th* Vat* athletei finished I
practice yesterday I "ir ::t- theil -:.i\ :-. i
Hickok th res the hsmmei 136 feet '. lt-!.. Brown
threw 'h.- wi . ,-.- I ???' I *, Inches, ?? ! gi
t in,>.,. I ii f.-.-t Il Inches Pi nd
ii md. '.ri a hi ? '?'? ? ? I ran .i
half mlle n : mil it< ? ? ? - ?' i:i If ord
a p iiii'-i mlli li .-...-??
IO Inches, and Hal b madi the 120-yard hui ll. i in
In if. ii seconds
? *> ?
I'arls. July i.V Th.- Amei in whi li :si line
work it thi Velodrome rle la Seine to-day
Wheeler aral tecoi the race f r Ihe Mega
i'ri/..--. whlrn waa aron by Louvei Th. match be?
tween Zimmerman an i Ba iden, s
.-v...-.* of rte- day, a ia won In Bne Btyle by th.
American. In he first heal of on. mlle /..turo, i ?
man finished fl v.- lengtl id : i en gave
up th<- second heal of five mil
onl) two miles, and Zimmerman ? oren I thi real
ol th', ground alone, hil Um* for Ihe lota in ?
being li rein !? 2-6 rc Zimmerman won easll In
the Uti:.: hear In thc ri for
prise of 1,000 metres Harry Wheelei finished b*<
omi Th- ur-lem ra-.f liv. kilometre! rn ? a n
by Antony and Farmsn, a Wi i.'rooki ind]
qiasgrriT. July IS Contrary to former reports of
alterations of the Vigilant, lu r topmaal has been
?bortsned four feet six Inches and h>-r spinnaker
boom han been cul down tour feet, besides bel nu
l one Inch In diameter, She has a nest win
bobatay aril iu-r bottom bsa *???-?-u thoroughly
el.-an.-.I. "Tin- BpOrtSman" tliltkf that the ail. t .
Ilona will put h'-r on equal timi willi the Britannia
or perhaps even win her .i lime allowance, ,\ i,, n
t, ,v. i t,, Bangor f->r t" morrow's r.i'.- the Via '
ha 1 all her nj,an- Balla, spars, gear and provisions
aboard a lichter, which eras used -is a t 'reship.
Rr John's, N. P., July 16 -The steamer Miranda,
having on board the Cook Arctic expedition, ar
rived here this morning. The steamer touche.] ar
thia p>rt owing tn ita compass be I mt out of order
and lo secure, if possible, a competent lc* pilot I".
Cook ? cure I the services of E Uuntiti
had onelderabl* exp*rl<?nc* In Ai tte navigation,
hi* last trip being on the steamet Kite whei that
vessel t.Kik tbe Peary parti t.. Greenland Vlr
Dunphy will acl a* third officer of the Miranda,
and Dr. Cook hai every confidence in him and In
thc Buccesa ol the expedition. Th. steamer Barlil
leave h-r.- ,t- ?.- tbe ompssa I. regulated,
which win be som. lime to-night,
Paris. July ll Thirty of the SN Anarchists ar
rested here sin'.- ESmll Het,r\ threw his bomb In
tbs <-afe of ttl.- li..te; Terminus *
ut the Seine Assize*. begtantBg "ti iugusl <'?? M isl
of Um tiiirty ar.- leaders of local n ti
In observance ol tb* anniversary of the taking of
th- Manille, Presldenl t'aslmlr Pirl'-r has Signed
MSA pardons und commutatt m*.
Rotterdam, July tt Th"r<- was fl bicycle race to?
day from this city to Utrecht, a distance ..f about
seventy-two niii^-. Cordang, of afssatrieht, eov
ered the course in 3 hours .".:: minute. M leeonds an I
won the prize. Wtttever, of Haarlem, ats. ? second;
time, 4 h'airs I minute!, ,'!| seconds 1'b-n's r<-< ..r I
over this course was i hours I minutes '2** seconds
Thr.-e English wheelmen srere among the starters
I niblin, July ll A mas- meelina held In Phoenix
Park to-day affirmed that tin- Municipal Connell
onpht to sleet O'Donovan Hossa etty aasrshal and
thu* record their protest aa-alniit hla treatment In
prison Tne meeting also resolved to reassemble In
fr. nt of tl'" *"?'?'? l*'1" to-morrow, when Itossa will
sppssr as a candi.late.
flt. I'aul, Minn., Jul) li, T,.l,y, LOSUS Bseli'a
craik two-year-old. entered In several of the bl<
srake races of the Twin City Jockey Club, dasi
in his Btabie at Hamlin* last night. Mr. Ese!]
had recently been offered I10.U00 for this promising
youngster He broke a bloud-vessel In a race h?u
oa Ju:y 2, never rallying.
Buffalo, Julv IS Bernard F. Oentsch committed
suicide by shooting lo-daj Though Ihe sh ?
ly wan fl-,.,] ,-,s L ,r'y fctj I] o'ClOCk
t i mon ii ? eas not until I o' 'lock tins after
i. ? .-1 thar rh., fi ?? waa ? infirmed.
Mr-. Qenti ti lefi ht. house st south Buffalo at
IO O'clock to go f-r a walk in hi* Kar.!?n. HI*
I family bsw him walking in the direction bf a neck
of thc Buffalo Creek, nar tb. Smith Farm, When
I noi return r.i dinner a search wss mad* for
him, lr wa- found that on lesving the bouse h.
?? taken arith him a revolver srhlch he rarely
rsrrled, .mi selecting. ? place well away fr.un the
h ? i- *' it- ' hld !? -i : ?? a plump of bushes an l some
had fired a bullet Into lil* brain through the
i si Instantly.
Mr Oentsch cami lo ti merl, i penni! He was
estihllshed In business In nor' ile 'a ls**! e* a tn inn
rei of ;. kb i and mustard, un i wa* worth
lollara !'.-? std -tit Harrison
ler on thi
I-"-1.:- n ? n an i he uri ed oul erm to th*
lay. Hi* .! ' . narkably sat<
I t y.
K few days ai - h* rem irke I thal > of rh->
Hive enti rpi s In w hlch he wai
? mes M's investn
;-i re il esl ind thei ipe -il itlon* were he n y
? uti* ..itu,!, . ? te oi ihem i- ii- wo il I
havi i.......i to li.- in .il I.: h ilf of the bust
.ii but th* tesl
ind this il ? . him, sith ii rh ll
? lain that he wa noi har 1 pi si se 1 ' n m iney
if the Hf Iraullc H ink
*.'.' irry had .-ans...! him much al >epf*ssnes* of late
?? all.
In 1878 Mr. Oentsch w'* elected tn the AasemMv
from the 1st District, tn l?1 he ? i* a can
ir c ?? er on the i' Hu -.-' tl ' I wa* (??
feated, II. was b.irr, n fl i \ in Attenburg, 'br
ind ha been a resident ol Hufralu
ll. hi levers! lime* been seriously talked of a.
late I ? M i\ ir.
:? TIN l-l'.KMiNS?WK TVWt
Flaslcton, Penn., July 1", Vfhlle attending ? plc
nb- ar Lu::'.le-r'fl lark last nlirht. Mike l: inman.
an Italian, waa l<t:... ked '!,-v.n on th tlanclna ri ?
.; vanni Berna a fellow countryman, Instantly drew
hla revolver, Thi platform waa then crow led with
ind women, who were forming '" take pan in
il ?? ?!.-.? i?> ? i rir-..i point blank ar Benjamin
Fri.k. the ball hit tins, him In the n-.-k The
? ?? bri ke Into * tie ni Pi ti a, thinking he v a *
about to bi atta< ked. tiegan uni , ? and left,
? -mpt) iii.- ! - revolvel of fi\. bull ts I: ls kn,.un
that len person* were woundi '. Perna ri
Ihe exit, ? crow I ol frenxled men sprang upoi
... ! ki. ked and i I ibbe i him ??? it' nut mei ?> '1 hi
? r\ of "lynch him' wa* hi -Ken up Im
? ?? ,ii.|' Messenger* wen! In -? ir-ti ,.f a rope
and thi fTir.-.,t would have ),.?? n - irried out but
f..r the timely arrival "f a constable, -
hy i mimi r ot r ? >h r I ? i l--I ritlxen* Thi
however, fought against elvina up the prisoner snd
? ? ,- i ii, reai hil ?? him be waa
nearl) kl ki I to leath.
ni m >ran h'rwh i n nt - ?? wat
i! - ? ?
the Pi wen!
to P . >
Il I that ht*
: I ?
peeked There r to
, ?
' I
attempt ?
\\ ?
? > .
i- ?.
i ? ? ? . Ur. I
crime to a vicious cu*BU
Chlrair... J-liv 18 Tli- e|.-\ itor Itghl OS Ih* I' trd
of Tr ide ' ? ai anv n-at rx t
than it M I n month or tl
, ,
fa ci |
i ?
i. Jul) ).. \ ii ..: ler w i- ei <-r.- \ ? ll
Huj --t ' ' il se
I of E. E. Bi rr of the I
- n A I "
... - .
and ai ike i
. ? In i
am iunt requ f
? M irbor M* . July IE Pru.u-w.'r Oa
Ilt7. II. .1 ne Oil." r ..f th.
,, who arrived here on Friday :.ikM. wa.
entertained .-it dinner al Bany Bryn ii ? night by
Mr and Mr* A. i' Barney, ai I went arith Ihem
to ihe k.i.., dancer ll. ipeni lo la) with Pi
Kllot at I 'll irbor, and stsi led foi Halifax
In the evening.
? Sk -
New-!. .*. ! .a. Conn., Juli ll The Larchmonl
Yacht Club il ' anchor 5hl ? ? it th
t ?... ha: bor, li ivll I ma le Ihe i un U >m
RI,. k Hock : . da ? The ito p Katr nm, Vii ?? i "om
.,,. itu Work, iv.i* the ti'-t ? . arrive, ii
I ,,!..,nt :.:'.'? p, m. H ie waa loaely f.j.*. I b) the
na, H. M. i J.MIk after hi i - inn I
llnntl- ' of the lb- came alone, a dark
?, . .
lad aca reel y
foi ?? >-. :;ii lo move th. yacht* The) b ft Black
. Rm !< ab i ir T To morrow
itt,, (lei .Shelter tslai I leaving here a
,'n*. ir I" a ii, i p ifl .
?Tin: cnn i'<* rmi s's" WSW BOTS
Clilcagn, J il) IK "The Times" tin* mom in
"With ti bj Issue ' nerti >n
with rii.. City Pi n .f Chicago, .mo
hei waft er will !"? free and Independent "f .ill ki ii
newn gathering - I ne* Hereafter tb. new.
? . in The Ttmes' will be gathen I and written
???ly bj members ??' Ita ? ? ^..i -1..rr. with..nt
feanor favor and without machine dictation Thia
all connection of Th* Times' with the so i Lil* I
Press Bureau of Chicago, srhlch, under the control
or s.coterie of newspaper publishers, who ar.- tied
hand and fool iii.br tin- -'.v.tv uti I dictation of the
railroad corporatloi trust! ha* ).??
,,.,,,,. ., .-.Ih,; rd misrepresentation, distort lol ind
Bupprtsisl.f r*cti Tne step taken will, li t* be?
lieved, mark a new era In (Thlcagn JotirnsllBm rh*
City l*i-:-s Association in* been notoriouslj Inef
ftclenl for b long lime and, under th. m.chlne man
;,??, j, . rn i raj .. (rifting Into s Btsta ..f Innocu?
ous .!??; ii- i.i'le."
Ill EGR Wilie SoTls.
v.. t Lkrerpool, (Milo, Julv l.v Tl,.- pottery manu
factureraaof this city mei .>n Frldaj nig
-:-t the'que Hon ..f accepting th* compromise of
ll1-, per .*? rr n luci lon agreed n by ihe Ti
"Bbs* ri iched no oeclstoa
Pierre, .*n ''? Jul) 13 The prairie tito i* vet burn
. the lei li i lan I* Tb. tr ict burn< d over ** M
b) M miles. A Bu *lsn aettlemeni on fellow Hedi
,,.,. Crrek nas been wiped out, aeveral Bett'era bc
int i ? rlous y burned
Quincy, .'"ii**. July ll Three homing pigeons
travelled o.re.. and one-half miles, air urie, iiii-*
afternoon itt four anl a half minutes The fiiuht
la , msl ler* lis *?>?..1 i r.e.
Plymouth, Mass, Joly 16.-The llr*t rina.lay lect?
or.- befor* I "'?? School "f Ethics wa* delivered to
da) ?.\ lin- lev, William Crothers, of Cambridge,
<.n "gt, FrSSiUS of Aislsl."
I-'il rUvsr, M.s. July li The Kim: Phillp spin
ni.ru, all merrito+r. of tb* union, si . meeting mut
nixht decidni rhat 'he few at srork should rerurn
to th.- min ..n Monday, th. other, to go a* soon a*
\ . ? cha ... Bioul I ?ti i for ii'- bi
Louisville, july if, Passengtf train No. 1, south?
bound, on tba UouIstLI* and Naahvt.le, and freight
\ 7'. n rthbound, ,-nme tos-ether In n heed
Mid colllfllon ax vColesburg, Ky., st IBS o'clock Issi
n:?;ht Both sng)nefl rn rs wrecked Engineer Frsok
Dudley, of thiii city, wai kial, and Fireman Mc
Connies was HllKh.ly Injure 1. None of the passen?
gers was hurt. The accident waa lbs result of a,
mlsun :? latin. Iii t-woii the part of I>u '.'.'??; ot his or
'nv TF.L&iinAr-if to Tnr THisrjrs..
Washington, Juij lt. Unless every rep irt concern*
lng the 'dark lantern" proceedings of the Demo*
eratic conferee** on the Wllson-Oormsn bill ut ut?
terly fal*,' and baseless, th...*.- ats! rmen are en
gsged In doing Just what Senator Voorheefl In his
apology In ths Senate on Friday dented that they
.r trying tn do. In the course of tha
debate on the Hale resolution Senator Aldrich said:
"But I say i object t.i the Implication which the
Senator fr..m Indiana made, tl it there waa som.
agreement being reached, or that ther.. minht be
snme agreement reached, by Irresponsible parties,
would have r>r might be Intended to have
some force .t <-(Ter-t upon th.- conference when lt
ii,ie* meei "
Sen it,,r V, io rhee.* replied:
"l me. nt tn make no such statement or Imptlcs
ti >n "
I!" al i said that "ibis ls not a cunference thal
li gob g .? ." and d... ls red:
?| ai t on r-iv nun responsibility ss ? Benator, and
ti, il gs a ,.'i.i r. ?? "
In th.- ? ime ?!? bate H. nat ,r Sherm in, among "ther
tl::- R*
"I think thal th* majorit) members ..f tbe Com
mllti of Conference ought to connm their consld
h port lona of the bill aa ihey recognise
, lill il In ? hai . ??? ? ey are calle 1 upon
a* a party lo unite; but to go beyond that, lt aecmi
. ? 'lill be fl Violation Of lb" Usage* and ,-ih
toma of rh.- Senate, because If anything Ifl
in s great bod) ilk., eur Congress, composed ..f
turo separate houses, ;t ls a free conference, which
i* the only rin.ii solution of all the difficulties that
> .-iir. and necessarily occur, In tl.nslderatton .>f
bill, whether of little or kt.-at Importance,
Therefor! I thu k tbat aa on aa ever* thing In the
nature of i" lille il question. I- ?!?.-[>..*. ?! ..f or agreed
tilr.ri or .lt-.mr.1 t... the c nf. rn to e in
then go over the Itemi In disagree
between th., taro h n es, because we think w.
shall be able to convlnr.ir bruthen of the .-.in
ference in r.-Kir I to some matters that are In dis?
pute Thei ought to listen t.i us, al least, r.-pre
aentlng .i gn I mil Mtv In this country, snd w.
ought noi t. be preciudi i u im what srould ba a
free, ,.;..?! and full * between friends."
'1 . : rh. replied: "I simply 1" ir
? . - . -.. ? . ih* elosli | of t
there will u loubt
? ? . i be .:;?'. a full and fl nfei
Bf .ri "
\ I . ? ?. '. . ? ? thea. ?:?? ll - ? '?? and
?? i fr..:n .'.iv
? rr. -H.
.... g n
? i and th it
the ll ubi - from thia ?:??
? ?
? ? , i made
? .
?* ??!.?? ,v- ? ti
' . ? '
? -,v.>rk
.i-.titf j
? ,
- ...
re BM BO I
? 1 .li?
ke* 'i .. ; ane of "re?
ttie rcvrnui - itlon of tr.- ?
; ?
The S .?:,
iftei -. < r
lay* before
- lt
. ?
, ?? i
? >
i i ?
? ? , ? ? s . 1 .i *
...... R| |. , , .
? ? e ,
? ? ? ? . ?
. ? t he , er) ? >.
? ? ?
? ? rees
. ? - it. ', -'it til their
xle* and power* ol
? ?? ? ...
thri ' ? '' Renate
. ' ?? raft, ii l'- | 1st v -es in the House
' lt. ; ?
has been eic
?>' 'trees an I tl ?
1 ,-k-rs I,av- shown ? goo.l deal of conti
? i..- \ to bring th* i ?? ? ral fen
thi Hon* .- *r?ll ,,j, a majority of tr ?? House ll
elf, to term* They remember that th.;, a
lo .? ii ? ?? ? - I men ts In th* Renata I i
overwhelming majority ..f the f>emocrata In thal
lt. be litt.rly opposed, and they n c
uralb il what could be done in tr-..- Renate
eau I.pealed In th- House ot Representative*
ii- . remember thal - vcral of the mi ? rtai i
ti w ti- eupporl ? i
lerabl. nun.'.-i if Democrat* winn the) were
-.. M - tl:.- eighty
n coal
.if the Republican* wh i ha I vot.il foi Mel
amendim-nt t.i retain Ihe existing rate having r*
ling on th.- ' late* amen Imeni *U
li || !,.? rat* i lie '' it. - intend
in.-ti- Pilli :? ' hi i iii .ti li .'i "I- al I-i i (on
, i, i vote to I"!* na)
' : .ltl\.'
arere conti ; thi rte
; having asaln rel . . lng al t<*r
th* defeat I ? 111 lilt 1*1 - -ll I I ' I'OtO Of
, ! il .mi. i. In ? ti' to retain tl I Itei
The imendmeni offered by Mi Morgan, a VI
I i.-m..-rat. Ilxln,; t.-:- ral. lead ire an '? n the
lead content* .f ?llver ores at 1 ceni I pound I
celvi I rort) five votes, about f.rl\ of ul, h sri ??
cm tri tm ti I b) Democrat* The Senate ba* fixed
? .-,- bi .bree , a ceni fl pound.
im tn.. ..tn.a hand, ih* WarnH amendment,! I
lng a dh ra* und rel
.... ,i il.-.', by a vote of IBI
mini t ii i.ii.t io the opp , ipp .-? I '?>.
In-i- ti ti., ?mill"- If a full vote of thi lt.ni ie
lt, i be. 1, i .- Itj In fat ? if fr- ? ? lg ir
u ? ii i proti ibi) hav* r. ? -I*--1 ', r oughl lo re
ipilre a good di ii of presaui and a great man)
patten) "arguments" to reverse thin overwhelming
majority, and rh.- "conservative" Senators appear
nh hopeful, bul ?? inti I
mr SEALER SAES IE Tin' or rx sea.
gan Kr in. i-i. .. .! il\ ir*.?When ih- .teamer Lannie
r.mie into port yesterday morning fr..in Prlbyloff
Island and Dutch Harboi Captain C K atfford, of
tbs whaling bark Abram Barker, was on board a*
a passenger Korti miles ..ff Cape Naverin the
crew of rh.it vessel wan picked ap I y ths whaling
lark Horatia lt i* a thrilling story thst Captain
UtfTord tell* of the wr.-.-k "The Ith ..f May," saki
he, "we were working through th* Ice In a strong
brees* The Horatio and tbe Abram Barker wera
together. VVe -III not lilt th. Ice hard enough t"
in th,- ihlp, bul some il mea li wa. hard to
t.-ii what tb.- result would be. in the morning we
?tarted the pumpa, and arere atartled t.. find ten feet
..' water in tbe hold Th. provision! were un Lt
water and mir BUppI) "f fresh water srafl spoiled,
\\ ? ilgnslled at onci to the Hors Ito and it esma
down io .ur assistance, Rome of the crew ram-.
aboard, and we atarted up tba pump, to their full
capacity Wt pumped until 12:30, and gained only
su ineh.". inn .team pump gaye out, and th., wi
t. ? gained rapldl) ."i u. ITnaer the circumstances,
u ? took ..ur personal .fleet*, and son) aboard tbe
Horatio Twa h.mrs after that the v.-*s.-l sank In
ih.* deep yon "
Captain lllfford further explained that the ves
sel had "h.i catch." lt lefi this port December 0.
Th- Abram Barker wa. built si Fair Haven, Mums.
in Ib*b, .md ?a* owned by i Wing, ..f New-Bedford,
tjttl* nm known by th. Captain regarding the
operation* ..f th*1 ib-nrim* Rea patrol fleet. Tbs
Hrltish Bchooner \\ inderer had been overhauled by
tra- Mohican and taken to Dutch Harbor.
Monticello, N" Y. July lg <;? irj-e itraun, BgSd
twenty seven years, was drowned In Pleasant Like
this sftarnoon while bstblng. Ho Mas taken with
cramps sad Bl lsd lustily f.ir help. His an-il father,
Martin Hraun, a resident of Park-ave., Ne-w-Vork
City, was walking near the shore und rushed to hi*
non'* assistance, but, enfeet.led by age. he was dis?
qualified for such senrice. and was compelled to
stand on the bank and see his son drown
Chicago, July ia.?lt has just developed that
Chairman Heathcote, of the committee of strik?
ers at Pullman, sent a letter on Thursday t>
President Debs, of the A. H. C., asking him ti
ff th.- boycott and strike. No answer hts
been returned a.* yet. lt ls given out that thc
request of the Pullman strikers to declare ths
boycott , IT and permit them to return to work
he real cause of the sending of the A. R.
t'.'.s proposition ti the Oeneral Managers. The
mai irlty of the Pullman employes are anxious to
return to work.
CUT from mm: ri lad to t HIS.
'.--I-' ULA Ills LOOKS "
Peter McMahon, an ex-.-, nvht, who spent three
years In Bing wing tor hi* shan- in the stabbing of
Harry Bulger, In Bbortell'fl barroom In lass, wa*
cut down tba fae* from forehead to chin by an
Other ex-convb-t In broad daylight yesterday alter
ii'.on in '"li view of the Macdougal-st. police sta?
tion. To insure the completeness of thc mutilation
George Babcock, who is also s graduals of Bing
Bing, held McMahon's arms bo thal ba should not
resist while it was accompltflhed.
The first thing known of rh- trouble came to the
? ars of Bergeant O'Keefe. The sergeant, sitting at
Ihe desk ni the station-house, Just after .; o', lock
in the afternoon, heard loud screams of "murder,"
and looking out of the window, saw a sou:!:.- In
progress between two or tbret persona in front of
No M. *her* Babcock liv-s with his crippled
? ano motlier. Hastily calling Policemen
Gaffney and Fleming, the sergeant sent them to
th., se.-n,. of the bi urn. As they approached the
(pol twa men run awn), while a third sank faint?
ing t.. thc pavement, Kron, tba roots of the hair
in the centre .>f hts forehead down hla face to the
chin extended a deep gtgsag .*ut from which the
tl od ran in a thi. k stream. Lying beside him on
rh- ground waa an ord I nar) kit.-hen knife.
The officer, carried the man, whom they recog?
nise,! as McMahon, Into the station-house, where
he lay ln sn unconscious condition until the ar?
rival of an ambulance Burgeon from st. Vln.-er.t's
Hospital, who itltrhed up th" wound nnd removed
hun to thc hospital. H'-fur- he went, however, he
gs ve the name of his assailant and told the story
of the assault Two weeks ago, he said, he Induced
the mistress of hla assailant t,. leave her lover and
live with him The man mel him on Saturday
nlghl nt Houston and Thompson sta. .and promised
to "spoil his looks" for him for the future. He re
n : rhe man Invited him to cine to No. Ot
Mai lougal-st yesterda) afternoon and fight lt out.
McMahon accepted the invitation and waa at the
plan- on time. He aril his rival quarrelled a little
and then th.- man went to rh.- area-way of No, Cl
.1 ? i called f.-r ''(??? irge "
George Babcock, an es-eonvlct, who ls known
thrr.iu'hout the neighborhood ?* a ne'er do well,
responded rr. the call. He t"*!/..- I .McMahon round
the walu and held him there struggling, while his
le ran downstairs Into the basement and re
rurned with ? kitchen knife Then, while Babcock
held th>- screaming victim, the man deliberately
cut McMahon from forehead to the eyebrow and
down the nose lo the ,-htn As the policemen ap?
proached the two rhee ran awav
, eteel ? )'? own was al one* placed on th" ca>=e
by Sergeant O'Keefe, and within i:ft -en minutes
he succeeded In arresting Bal oek, who, when ac
??? ' his share In Ihe assault. The other
mun ha.* ti-.' yet been captured.
FORES r rn:rs is neiy-.t testy.
Egg Harbor I'Hy. \ I. .I'tlv ll Th? forest fires
s'.irr> 1 in the forests in this section ?.n
Thursday snd Friday have burned over an area ag
r I OM icre. Th.- greirer porn
thia wa* covered wit ti a luxuriant growth "f cedar
an I pine, There na* been no rain her.- (inca July
: which did more than dampen the curiae* Hera
here, aa thc dames hav- swept along* tney
ive caught up Isolated farm bull.Unas, wood*
choppers' cablni and one mill. The latter wa*
I tonghi.v's. flouring md! n* Windsor Lark, near Ah
.m. This fir-- ls now sweeping through the den*e
woods tn the lower pan if Galloway township.
Th?r- ls n strong win I blowing, and rhe fire t >
night ls headed directly '.war! Hewlttown Hun
out light I ns ihe names, with lir
tli nieces* Th.- fr..nt of th* Br* ts long, at. i
men 'am rt :..? .-.ntrnted to shu: it off.
ted to tgan nnd again,
ead -ii" the flames leap the burnt "trip anl
lr ravage*
There wa rt In 'hts vtllage last night
Tne tir>. which *? irted some mil.-* away >n Fri
?I !.-?. ti driven close to th,- outskirts of rhe
? ? ? the dlrectloi if the win I.
yeatcrd.i) dense cloud* of smoke were
sri through th--- town .\t nightfall th.- games
Im ? i?lj neai -rc- , ;?-*.!??* ->r the village.
ne belt eaten la right up to and. Itt fact, Bur?
roon I- portl .n Th- tin. as it j
udvanc ll thi f.irmh mses .ir, 1 j
lin.-- which lav in li* path. Th.-cupsnt* !
ifflclent warning, and haa moved oul w.th all
? ? ?
i ? ? i. i llfncull matter to back-fire, a* rh.- win 1 |
and I'i'.n th* main Hr.- drove the hames In
the ill rec t lon they were not wan:.-.I ro g,,. Tbe ef?
fort was tm ci successful Th* ftr.-s met and
???.? i- md by midnight the danger to th.- vil?
lage ?a over. Tb* lire in ??'- ;* grata took in the
. farm buildli nt and country residence of
.-?--?nan Gardner The buildings of Farmer
Marstell were also reduced to Bahes Tl,.. :ir>- Ul
n>- go out, anl ls now burning toward Germania.
Near llrtdgep rt rh., dwelling ot Captain Guaa
IVI itu* was destroyed The outlook i* |v...r.
There -.n* I ? b* but little chsni.f rain and the
. have gained addi i rta r st every mlle, rio
far then his been no los* of human life. MI rae
live stock 'n the lin.- of the hr.- has be<*n driven ott.
Albany, J'tiv IS The state Civil Service League
n ide rhargea to the Senate last winter that the
Civil Service Commission snd the Governor "ere
'.ling the law in regard to appointments. A
immlttee consisting of Benatora O'Connor,
Buxton and McMahon waa appointed to .-\nnilne
into the hargei when thi league had prepared its
evidence Tbe hearlni will begin to-morrow, llor?
ac l-l. Heming, of N-w V..rk. actina u.t>. counsel for
the league, Chairman O'Connor said to-night that
the pu rp ise of the commlttei to take up all
? .-ea - n.a.le and to lind out whether ti.,, law
a j- tand i la a failure
rOVB rilli r>RFX liritxrn T<> DEATH.
Sm francisco, Julj IE Twenty small dwellings
w.re lestroyed sud two lunn m live* los) ."estel lay
In a Hr.- .ti North Besch, Nearly all th. buildings
In the block bounded by Broadway, Leaven** nih,
.i tt.-s and 'Hover st* were wiped out ..f existence
Thi ie hi uses were the homes of man) poor fami?
lies ? inn of wb'tu los) everything The propeiy
Ines ifl estimated al 180.000 After the hr.- the two
little ions of r l..-t'b-1'kci. age-l two .ml four years,
v., i,. ni, . i Their bodli ? were found burned to a
tmsterdam, N Y, July 15, Two children, aged
Uv. and three year* respectively, of Luigi gpedlaccl,
un Italian of thi* city, were bumed to .bath this
morning. Tbe iccldent was caused bi th. children
libing with matches Th., house caught dre. and
ih.- father escaped with another child, sn Infant.
The mother wa. at church at the time.
rim u/v corin xor sive the OIRL.
Al 1*30 last night Chsrlefl Meyer, twenty-one yeats
old, of No G08 West Porty-fourth-st . and Henry
Dougsn, twenti wo yesrs old, of No. 417 Tenth
ave., hire! a boat from Maya's boating flstabllsb
ment. al w.st Thlrty-fourth-st., snd t..->k
with them Lillie Hickey, seventeen yesrs old,
,.f No, M3 Weal Forty-third st a.* the young men
wera getting away from the Boat a tug and two
barges laden with an excursion party eaSM along.
Meyer and DougaS endeavored lo |ms* bSlWSSn
the barges and the tug. and >i* they did so
the tug Started to steam alie.ul lind pulling
the r..w linc tight, threw Ihe boat bodlli out of tbs
water Meyer uni Dougan could swim. Htid did
their Utmost ti suv- the girl, who could Bot The
gui lost 'Nillir..1 of herself and clung to the men.
I >..iig.in got away from her and sud.del In get?
ting to th* Isiat. but Meyer anl the girl sank.
When Meyer Cams 10 th.- surface he swam toward
the boil The men were picked up by a passing
rowboal and landed They were taken to tbs West
Thirty seventh-st. polkJS station, and went hom-.
,,-', making a stsiement Thc Uris body waa not
j.^..,. ( Sh., had been employed in a dryappdfl
store In Klghth-av
? ?
Washington. July I* Vlce-l'resldcnt Btevenson
god Representatives Springer anl Itlack. with a
party of friends, started down the 1'otomnc yester?
day on the steam yacht Wyandotte. The machin?
ery of the yacht becoming disabled, Bhe put Into
Alexandria for reiialrs, and while ac tne dock the
cook be. ame BO 111 with cholera inorblis that for a
time his life wa* derpalred of. Itv prompt medical
Attention he was relieved, and brougnt back to
Washington on the yacht, and the party made a
second start for their destination?Chapel Point,
Md for a Sunday's outing.
Chicago, July ir,.?This was the quietest day
In the hist, rv nf the railroad strike, if indeed ths
5trike be still on. as President Debs and his col
leagues Insist. The leiders of the American Rail?
way I'nlon d..\-.fd the dgjr mainly to encourage
lng their followers ti stand firm anl appealing
to those nor in the ranks of the strikers to Join
In the movement. The railroad men. employed
and unemployed, attended the meetings In large
numbers and there was no lack of enthusiasm,
especislly when Delis and Howard were the ora?
tors. A brief and unimportant trusting of the
ExeCUtlre Hail was bold at the I'hllch Hall
headquarters this morning, as usual. This waa
an off day nt the strike headquarters, and only
a few committees reported. They told of SjOOgg*
?li -is to the ranks of strlUers and many new
members enrolled who were at WOtfx. In ths
afternoon the strikers of the Stork Tarda district
gSthered, over 1,000 strong, at Korty-Seventh
an I Halsted-StS. to hear Dels*, Many working?
men who are not strikers were also present, and
shouted their approval of the decision not to de?
clare the ?trike ff. The blgg-st mass-meeting
of the day was held at Bricklayers' Hall, on tba
W'.-st side. Debs helm? Hr* chief attraction.
The State and National troops, the United
States dep'ity marshals and the city police had
little to do to-day. Michigan Boulevard, opposite
the mlle of Federal camp "n the Lake Front,
was Jammed with stght-s^ers in carriages and
on foot all day.
The telegrams received by the Raliway Union
officers from their organizers and strike leaders
in the Western States Indicated that there was
ni ire of a railroad strike on the trans-continental
lines outside Chicago thin here, aril the plan ls
to concentrate the strength of the Union at
th.Se points.
District-Attorney MUchrtst said to-day that the
c mtempt pr. seedings against Debs and other
officers of the a. R. U. would probably not begin
In the United States Circuit Court until Judge
Orosscup returns to the city, the latter part of
th" w.ek. Judg- Seaman, of Milwaukee, will
take Judge QfOSSCUp*a place here on Tuesday,
when twenty Indictments against destroyer* of
railroad property and men who stop;>.-l trains
will be present td.
Chief Deputy I'nlted Btatea Marshal Donnolly
and a force of twenty-five deputies were at ths
Qovernment Hui:.ling dining the day, bu*, no rall
for their services wss received. Lau 'asl right
Chairman Egan, of rh.- <;?>neral Mau age rs* As.
Boclatton, made a requisition for ten men for
service al the yards of th.- Chicago and Western
Indians road, al Porty-seventh-at, at 7 a. m.,
and V>r six men at the Erie yards at the sams
hour" The force started from the Poik-st. .-Utica
at 6.30 a. m. for the points designated. Reports
srere r.->-rv-d from them that they had beea re?
quired r.. protect dead fri ix ht in its inovement
eastward, and that th., work had >een accom
pllshed without trouble, attn 'Ugh a big ctowd
na 1 aasembled at each of the yards.
("arks i:i the offlc of United Sra'es Marshal
Arn-'ld w re busily engaged to-day in tabulating
th- t.-tai ..f deputies to whom the oath had Neg)
administered since the beginning of the trouts**.
Marshal Arnold was suiptisfd when the last of
the stubs with rh? s>ni attached was numl/ered
e.4'i2. "That ls a small army in Itself," he said,
"and btg enough for any ordinary trouble." Of
this number, i.OnQ wer.- railroad men. watchmen
and others, sworn In a* spacial deputl *s at the re
?luest of th- var;.o- railroad companies snd on
.Those account no per diem charge will ss made
to the Qovernrrient. This lesves armut IA** nten
paid .' the rat.' of J2 Vi a day and ex*
; ? 1, for I rms ? f sendee ranglm* from six to
- ?? nteen days. The l *ai cost of the m.rvlce ren?
der. 1 from the Marshals ? ?tTl - - ? has not yet been
. ated, An examination .-f the commission
stubs developed the tact that mar.y deputies were
Bsrorn in at rh-- request of th" airenrs of stentn
Bhlp d cks, ? di.-.- buildings nnd big wholesale ar.d
r--i;iil houses
Officer* f th- A R U. .buy the report that
their organlzatl -n ls bankrupt, "ne of rhem to?
ds* .sttm,it.d th.- "irir-.tri-* expenses ..f the ifllee
force tit $41.0 a week. The Isrgest teleg.-aoh bill
f..r one day, h.* sail, was IMO, anl the assocla
lion hil been scrumulatlng m..ney for more
rh tn . year l'f June the receipts at hot Irria""-*,
terrs for dues ali rt- were ..vt $10,000. As the local
lodges cover th.. Incidental . xpenses. and the
ir- :.. ? il assessment I* alleged I - be coming In at
th-- rate .-f l.V1*!" -i week, th" 1 tnV--rs of the crder
say they ar., in a b tter e ndltl in financially than
ever t iceed with, the strike.
N iw that the railroads are petting their trafflo
Info shape again and business ls assuming Its
normal c .ri liri in, some speculation ns to the cost
of the great strike to the railroads ant other ln
ten ;,< :n Chteau 1 al me may be infesting. All
the general managers can asy at present is that
they hiv.- Insufficient dita un which to hazard
pinion which would be tit all trustw?rthy.
Urged to make a guess, one of them to-night
ssl 1 rh.- 1 .?-,?* nf the road* would reach at least
T 000,000, and might g.. as high as $8,000,000. It
will probably be many w-.ks before the man
n:,'.-rs can secure figure* f,,p a detailed report.
Matu- things must be taken into consideration.
The loss occasioned by susp. tided traffic will be
the Isrgest Item, but th.- destruction of property
by tn mensa a small one.
N'e.iriv fioo Pan Handle --ars were destroyed in
one blase, snd of thia number ninety-eight are
now known t 1 have e >n fained hm Khan Usa. It
win bo necessary to learn from th<* skipp*!a* in
votcei Ju?t what those ninety Sight cars con
tslni I before sny computation of los* can be
m 1 le, sn i thal will take much time, within the
city limits t.nv.-r bouses hive been burned and
tr;, k* lorn up, Damage has been Jone in many
railroad shops snd enormous sums have been
expended In defending the rossal against rioters.
General Manager St. J.hn, of the Rock Island
1 ai, said yestei lay that ths total losses to his
eompan) over the entire Un.* would probably be
? fr.m ll.eOO.OOO.
Counsel f"i many ot" th-- rmllroada are already
St work drawing up claims for financial redress
from the ('.ninty of Cook and the city of Chi?
cago, but figures are hard tq get at. Concerted
action ..n th's line will be taken by the general
managers at an earl} date
As nu outcome of tin- strike and Its disastrous
effect upon the interests of the coramlaason men,
the B nth Water Street Commercial Club has
called a rneetlng to formulate a pian of action in
regard to claims against the railroad cmnpanlea.
a committee has been appointed t.> have present
at the meeting all actual dealers and receivers.
Shippen, broken, C 'Id-storage men and railroad
it'.-n int-re?ted In the trade and the claims. It
ls estimated on the street that the claims will
aggregate IS00.004, and that the losses of the com?
mission men direct and indirect, would not bs
less than Sl.i'00.000.
The eff.-ct on the California fruit trade has
leen disastrous. The tlrst car of California fruit
to move eastward in twelve days e art. -1 yester*.
day. In the four days preceding the Fourth of
Juiy there wire ninety cars of bananas on the
way t - Chicago, a large part of which never
reached here.
Andher great cause of loss was that outside
shippers got the Idea that there was going to be
a famine here, and begun to rush In perishable
ft eight which never reached Chicago dealers
and which ls now scattered all over the country,
a deal loss. One prominent dealer was asked to?
night what legal standing the claims to be mads
would have. Ile answered:
I was In New-York during the troubles of 1S7T.
We shipped West a carload ot lemon* which were
.h-siroyed at Pittsburg. The consignee never re?
ceived .* dollar from the railroad company, hut *&
sued him and he paid our bill. Possibly that will
be the case with the claims hero. I am satisfied
that over $1,000,000 has been lost, but I am not
satisfied how the railroads ar. to be compelled to
ute for conBlgnmenta which rotted on the tracks,

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