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mean* to ratify the Dominations made hy the Re?
publican State Convention at Saratoga.
The list of speak' rs is nol ye! ready for an?
nouncement, but lt will be complete.1 In a da) Of
two. Th-re will be men of eminence in the Hst,
and the meeting will undoubtedly prove enthusi?
astic uni in al! respects worthy of the tirket
whi-h has been presented for Ihe suffrages <>f the
A g" ' I Baeeting of tba Baeeuttve Committee of tbe
Commit:..f Seventy was h-M yeatei lay al S *. ll
Nassau-':. Charles Stewart Smith pr-sUlng. Joseph
Larooiu-. Quatav ll Schwab, G. 1.. Hives, Wt. B.
Hornblower, F. Taylor, J. P. Faure. W. T. .lennie.
Horace Porter, Simon Sterne, w. ii. Boome, P. B.
Olney and J, .1 i "al! mari were pr-s-nl. A commit?
tee of lae ciiizen-'' All .ince, bead) I by ex-Senator
Royd, caned and ask-! f.r a'conference, bul Mr.
Boyd and his associates wer- Informed that the
commit te-w.ii t.... u ;-? to do any c inferring With
them S^eS'eiJlay and they were invil- 1 le Call BOtDS
other day."
Fulton McMahon and a Bub-ooeknalttse appoiated
by th.- Oood Government Clubs County Convention
called and orate admitted ; i tbe exe 'Utlve session "f
th- committee. With Mr. McMahon xx-i' PreWe
Tacker, Isaac ll Klein snd several others They
had a lying conference with the committee snd ex
pr vasi anitra sympathy in tie* Cullens' movement.
MeasuBei for arttve co-operation w> r- llscusaed,
chairman Smith said that :h- appearanci of thi
gaW commit tee from tte Good Government Crabs
wa* the tlrst recognition which tbe Cltlaens' move
ment had received from the organlaatlona which
were preparing lo combine for th overthrow of
Tamma'.? Haa i have no doubt." Mr. Smith said,
"thal all tif' an'i-Ta"uiiiar.\ fax'ti"!'* wo! entel In)
the combine Hon fdr ugr.-ein.' upon anl earneatly
supp" -ting ai: .??; -I'.uiiniiiny ticket. We have n it
received a sm u y-t from these organisations and
du sol believe thal xx. srlll be subject* I I i an) "
Th- Executive Committee adjourned lo Monday
afternoon, aa most ..r thia members desiri i I ? spend
to-da) ar! Simd.iv in ihi country, according to their
suet ra, A w 'retary, a sten >gi ip ii r and n ess i g-rs
will ls- secured, and the officers wll be ri ul) In a
few tars to begin a Burring campaign against the
At a meeting of rh- delegates elected lo Ihe
XXlVth Assjembly District Republican Convention
to elect 'l-i.-o-.tei to the County Convention, held
at th.- Hell Gale clubrooms, No, 1*320 First-ave.,
th- following resolutions were unsnlmously
adopted on Thurs.hiv night'
"ReaolvSa* Thm we m.'si cordially approve the
saovement of the Committee of Seventy forming
an alliance of ali political organisations opposed
to th.- nil- of Tammany Hall and earnestly second
the proposition cf Chairman William Mr..oktield
that the County Convention should appoint B Com
mitt.? of Conference, and Lc- it further
""Resolved, Thsl we will vote onlj for delegates lo
the Cunt-' Convention who ar. in accord arith
this sentiment."
The Antl-Tamman*. Democracy, led bj e\-Sh.rifr
James ii'I'.ien and -x-S-rat"' Fronds M. Klxly
belo primaries last evening In all tb.- Assemble dis?
tricts ot" the city t choose delegates to the;r
Couaty, Congress. Assembly and Aldermen's con?
vention*. The r-turns received up to a late hour
last night, at ex-Shertfl O'Brien's hesdquartera
No. nt West Forty second-st., showed thsl a Isrge
vote had been casi The greatest strength araa de
veioped in the 1st. lld, IXth. XrVth, XXIII.1.
XXlXth and XX Nth districts In the 1st His
trlct Tfii votes were csBt; In th- IXth, UT; lt. thi
XVHIth, il."., itnd In lb- XXIst, SOS
In the XlYth. Richard Croker'* district, lt wsi
estimated that I.409 votes bsd been cs t. Above the
Harlem. .: xx as sa; I, loo votes were rust.
So far as could be learned al ml might there were
aa contests.
lt was declared, although all thi districts bad
not be..n heard from, that the tot.U voti i ist would
be from )2,0M to 14,nu.
Th- County Convention is to be held at the
Lyceum opera House on Tuesday neal Among
the delegate;-, elect! 1 were James M. Brady, J.
t"rah un Hyatt, Nathaniel M. Kairi. Leo Llthaaer,
Henry Bopp. wm;.un Small, William Patterson,
John Cummings, Abraham C Lawrence. Joseph
s. williams. Rd "card Sutton, H. C. Dougherty, .1
J. Halley, Milton C Gray. Harry Goodwin, Michael
Omma han. A. Werdenschlag, Vernon Beaman,
James Kane, Thomas J. W. Evana, H. C. Howell,
K. S. osborne, iiHijb-i clancy. Patrick H. Spell?
man. John l'-vlii-. R, J, O'Brien, Thoma-. Poley,
John I'enr;i A '" Bohne, C Hibbard, Thomas J.
Brannigan; R. Arnold. Joh:; J. Gifford, Andre*
Betser, Stephen Mcpartland, John A. Ryan, John
Daria and .i s. Quinn.
Delegates t. the Co inty Convention of the Ind-*
pendent Count) Organisation wer< eleen l last
night tn five Assembly districts, The leaders are
as foUows: Y:h tbsembly District Davis] Gerber
and Jacol Conen; Vlih Julius llarburger and
Max Landina*; XXIst, H-nr*. Content and Charles
Sr-llgmun; XXIld, H-r,rs Ja ona and Isaac Siam,
XXv'llIth, Bernard Traltel and Henry Well.
William Brookfield, hallinan of th- outgoing Re
pabHcan Stat' Commltte*, and a member of tbe
new body, which meeta al ti e 1'irih Avenue Hotel
next Wedneeda) I i organisation, will start this
morning for th- Adirondack League clubh uee, <.n
Little Moose Lake wb*r< bis family ar- having .-t
outing. Mr. Bro afield will probabl) be bach In
time for th- Slate Committee meeting, I igh ti?
rald last ev nmg th,: m< return would depen i upon
his family arrangements The Impression prevails
that Mr. Brookfield will be a candidate for re-elt
tlon io the chairmanship, and that he win have no
oppo<-i*ioii Charles W Hackett will retain the
piara- ol -hallinan .: th- Executive Commlttei
Eleven members, or nearly one-third of th- i nu?
mmee, were no*, in tl ' I tough a
numt.' r bav, served lr. previous S'at- committees
No arrangements, so far i could Ix- learned last
evening. ha\> been rr..:, vei foi ?: . ng the candi
date.- formal non-.- of their Domination. A res..lu
tlon wes adopted Just before the convention ai
Saratoga adjourned, providing for tba appointment
of a committee ol noilfl liku :?.. tbe chairman of
ihe convention. Ex-Senator Warner Miller 'h
chalniiHi). has not Informed Stat- headquarters lg
this cuv th. hi ha appointed tin committee, int
lt is probable that he will ?: ? se before the State
Committee meeta on Wedneeda) and that arrange
ment? fur the oeremon) will be Basoe at the meet
Colonel Ooerge B. McClellan has informed his
friends tba- be win not accept aaothei Tammany
Hall nomination f".-- president of the Boars] of
Al l<Tm- Colonel McClellan's 'erm will rxpiri on
January I. There has bcei, talk In the Colonel's
district of making him a candidate foi Congress:
8int:..ga S V. Bept, ll (Bpi ilalj Tbe XXIld
Coogreta District Republli ... Convention which
has heh: ge vt rsl loni ? ilona ?': Northville, to?
day adjourn''ii to meet Ul Saratoga on Octutei 2
One hun.ired and flfty ball its were taken, and eat ti
resulted, Oeneral Curtis. ..: Bi Lawrener county,
Ufssates; ' .? ? rsl x-\. B Kr.nh. ..f Saratoga Couti
ty. 9. ami Judgt A i'. I. Baker, if Pulton Coun
ty. 6.
Ti-.e C C. Bbayae Republican Club of h XXVIth
Ass-mb.j District na- organised i n. Th bb tday nlghi
at No |M K;s: One-hundred-and-tenth-st., and the
following officers were dected: Max D, Qultman,
presidanf, Frank M. Skanley, Aral vlce-presldeht;
Joseph F, Maher, si.resident; Sigmund
Starr, recording .-? '-iary; Frederick Welssb
financial Becretary; charles Van Cook, treasurer,
and Adrian Norman, sergeant-ai arms Tins <.r
gan'zation |g composed chiefly of young men, many
of whoas arlll rael theil drat vote al the coming
.le.'t.on. Thi fad thal WI good, earnest, sincere
ard hard working Republicans hav- already signed
the rollie, k mik - ihe club a valuable acquisition
to th- Republican rank-.
After the offln. had been Siled, Edward Weil in?
troduced s set ol .bilious indon ?? >< nomln.i
tions of Morton gaston and Halght;snd also a r*eso
lution thai the members of the <? i'. ghavne Ke
publican Club ol -h. XXVIth Assembly District de
Fall Medicine
ls fully as important and as beneficial bj spring
Medicine for at this season lhere i- great dinger
to health in tba '..irving t. mperature, e l i st rma,
malarial germs, and the prevaTIeni.f fevers and
other serious fjlsesses AH these may be gv lided if
Ilse blood ls kept pure, the digestion good, ind thea
bodily health vigorous! by taking H .Ts Bafsa- *
ood's *^*
/tor tiffi
parilla. "My little hoy four?
teen yean* oiJ had a terri?
ble scrufulu bunch un ?.ls
neck. A friend of mine
said Rood's Sarsaparilla cured h's little boy. so I
procured a bottle of the medicine, and rh.- result
has Ireen that thc bunch has left his neck, lt
was so near the throat that h< uouid not haw j
st.j.xl lt much lunger without nile.'."?Mrs. Ina '
Hood, 824 Thorndlke-st.. Lowell, Mass,
liaroii's Filia arc- prompt and e'fTldent 25c.
I Ri 'M
HEAT OP >l MM lt's".
. ?- v, impresa upon .-.ll good ritlsens. snd thi
publican Barty In particular, thal the high st in
business qualities, sterling character, and the
sincere abd unfaltering Republicanism of
Shaine, make him the tn st desirable eandliiat
Mayorof thecltyofNew-Tork. These resolutions
adopted unanlmouslv amid loud cheering.
meeting was address,"! bj Max D. Qultman.
Rosenthal, {Edward Well. Abraham Lessing, ba
.1. \v inhelmer and others
8. J.
mu. 1
their ticket narara about the demo
cratic ci invention.
"Kr!- County ought t" be well satlsli-1 With thii
ticket," asserts "The Buffalo Kx[.r-?s." "Kn- of
h-r most respected rtttsens is on lt. Th" candidate
for IJeutenant-Oovernor lent ratable aid 'n pats
lng h.-r reform hills through the i*?glsla'ura lest
winter. And she can rest assured thal Le*! P
M rion is too hug- a man to be a mere echo ol
Tom ki.ct in the Executive chamber"
lt is the benet of "The Kimira Advertiser" thal
the Republicen candidates, in their p**rsot*al iraall
ficationa and in th- advantages presented bv their
geographical situation, form a comblnatloi, of re?
markable strength and vote-drawing po*ver.
"Th- Tr.v Tim?' is responsible fir Ih- fr.lowing:
"The Franklin County Democrats have nani".; un
Adlrondsi k guide f ir Aasamblymaa. His nomina?
tion is further indication that the Dew, cr fie party
ls about to take to the WOOOS.
"Republicans do nor c mnt on winning tin.-' elec?
tion without labor." savs "The Byracuse gland*
ard" 'Tiny do not expect to see ihe Democrats
overwhelmed simply by i bu! record. A shaping
energy must marsha! uni direct ti i forces which
make f"i Republican auccess and Democratic disas?
ter. Th- mer- noise of victories ii Vermont .ml
.Mut'- will ii.t shake down the mm pa I i.l rv."
eiiemx-. Popular sentiment in unorganised fenn wi,I
hardly overcome the generalship which will be eni
pl ? ??? * a gains) lt."
"Th.- Hudson Republican" does not think thru
the u>-pul.Hean tix'ket could i,..v- been bettered.
Plower, says "Thc Republican." has already con
fes.s,-j .iiiJguie.'it i.x declining to run against tbs.
bea 1
.lox-rn r Coxier, acting under advice-by-th"-wa>
be always acts under advice In Important malters.
Th- Oouverneur Northern Tribune." psrea
thetically make., a atatemeni that hs will not
.lieux- his name to be used a* a esndldate for re
n iiiinatix.n "Th- Northern Tribune*' suspects thai
Mr. Flower seen tl nc lang.: In th- air ir.:.
Crek. r-.Ike, prop.'-.-- io get from under In which
conclusion h.- >h..xvs more political shrewdness
than s une folks have given bim credit of pi - fl
"The Jsasestosra News" declares: "Seemingly
some Inkling of the Intention of ih Republicans
lo force th- lighting reached tm* eagi ? ears .,f th
Democrata in advance Oovernor Plower shrewdly,
read the signs "f a popular uprising against hu
party and announced thal be would not again ba
Its ? sn lid ile."_
After Praneia Hendricks consented t.. tbe use ..f
bis name as a cnn.I..lut- for Lleutenant-Oovernor,
"Th ? *?> ra.-us- Journal" declares, condllloi i gn
rhangi !. there srsi a rsllj upon Sena! r Sax)
of Influences and desires which Mr. Hendrieks*s
n imlnation would have satisfied, and In thia gape, i
r... irvin mora clearly foresaw .Mr laxton'! i ceas
..i wa- better pleased with it fhan Mr Hendii k
The ticket, as named, was most satis;., t 'rv to
Mr. Hendricks'* friend* uni they win give io it
a support ih.i; will i.e both earnest ai | helpful.
James W. Hinckley, who ;s prominent!) men
doned a- Senatoi Murphy's successor us chairman
: the 1" ni'ern11 Stat, Committee i- quoted .n
"Th- Ctica Observer'' aa follows 1 think lt aol
Imprudent tor tn.- to sax that 1 believe that under
:.<? circumstance will Beuator HUI consent t" be
. '.rn- th- csndMste."
w t-n Senator Charles T Saxton reached Clyde
lifter being nominated for Lleutenant-Oovernor, ec
or.i.nir to ? dispatch In "Th- Rochestei Herald."
In was pouring in torrents, but a great crowd
escorted him to hu borne headed bj thi Sumo.
Band md a (if- sud drum corps The streets were
Illuminated snd the I.- - 'rat.d.
"f th- Republican ticket, "Th- Ra hester Demo
crat uni Chronicle" ssys "There ar- xvurm trit>
u'ex m every quarter t i ti.'- sterling Republlcanlam
?? -? character and eminent abtltty "f K-vi I"
Mort n The nam- "f Cha--!- T gatton culls up ,-j
rnost honorable an I useful re*cord rn public ur-.
and -ih h.- unstinted praise a- wei: a- aei
enthusiasm Judge Albert Hslght, of H'ltTui" is
pre-eminently titted io adorn th.- .'oort of Appeal)
an i H.. x-r iii ? throughout the Btate - that h- win
serve iv that body with usefulness to th- State anl
honor to himself."
Ther-- wis a large anl enthusiastic meeting li1-"
night ..? th. headquarters of th- Republl. in *.ni
Mad ;:? Organli f the XVIItl \ ? mblj I -I
triet, at Forty-flfth-si and Blghth-ava Robert
Hamilton presiding Bes lutlons raBlfylng ti,, norn
nations of Morion Saxton and Haigh: were ad 'pled
with greal entbusla r. Louis Brenner, Peter fur
run and John H. Trewhella made ..t.-h--- pru: v.;
th- suite t;ck'-t and predicting its election b
overwhelming majority,
\ large iransparen ) eighteen by twelvi feet,
bearihg the ninnes of Levi p, .Morton for Oovernor,
Charles T Saxton for Lteutenanl Oovernor, and Al?
ban Hsighl (or Judge "f the Court of Appeals in
mi lettering was arl up in fruit of th.- head?
quarter* Above th- names . f th- candidate gr*
Inscribed the words "Anti Mschlne Republicans "f
the XVIIth Assembly District." Kinging cheers
from hundreds ol loyal throats greeted the ?
parency srhen it xvas illuminated.
The Republicans of the XVIIth s:? th-n they xviii
glvi a good account of themselves during th- - un
palgn and on election day,
Cooperstown, N. v., Sept. tl. The Otsege Demo
cratlo county Convention was held ai the Court,
house hen to-day. Ex-Congressman Oeorge Van
Horne, ex-Assemblyman Ot ai K Lane and Loret
ll Orosl w.re chosen delegates to ibe Slat'- Con
yen tlon, and S, B Lewis John !' McOarland nnd
Leslie Pell Clarke altei tates They wera n..i la
struct, d The eight delegates to th.- Congress
Convention w.re chosen in the Interest of ex-Con
. man Van Horne, of Cooperalown. Judge
Chatfield i.eoiiat i was Dominated for Barrogai ?
and Andnw Spencer for member of Assembl)
Binghamton, N- v.. s.pt tl. Th.- Democrati.
county Convention this afternoon elected the fol?
lowing uninstructed delegates to ihe state Con
ventlon at Saratoga Frederich M. Wi ? I, M. Me.
Mahon. Christopher \ Mersereau
Carmel, N f., s.pt. tl.?The following were
? .; delegates 1, the Democratic Stat- Convert
non from Putnam Count) to-daj \ li Dean
W. church Osborn and Sela Armstrong
Rochester, .s.pt. Q, Th- Democratic lil Assem?
bly District Convention tonight chose si delegates
to the State Convention W. m. Tracy, ,i?m.? M.
Nolan and K. c. Sheridan The alternates wera
l\ v. Schuyler, John s McHugh and William c.
Armstrong. A resolution waa adopted inairti
Ihe delegates for Frederick Cook for th- noni.na
lion for < lovei nor
''oiniug. N. V. Sept, tl, The Democrats of
Wayne County lo-daj elected the foll >wlng lele
gates lb the State Convention: II. M. Lillie of
Macedon; A. S. i'm nig. .f Palmyra, and I. C
Rherrnan ,,< Havannah; alternates C, H. K .rd of
'? sd , li M ''has-, of Union, and i'. It Pratt Ol
?, "tirring Republican meeting wss hell in th?
ud Assembly District last night :u the ch,I, which
oliver Sumner Teall organised, gt No. i Chambere
st. Th" hull was filled with an enthusiastic crche!
lng. .furner* R. O'Neil, vice-president ..f the 'dub,
opened iBetmeeting with u few'words of welcome,
urging th- numbera to work :.. Ihetr n'moat in the
lining cur palgn \\>' waa followed bx .Joseph
i.. vi-.n. a dele gate to th- Saratoga CTonvantloe),
v.ho gav. ir vivid description* of th- conventtoa
SceSsM Jiul a general talk on the tariff.
Mr Te.ii then Introduced Thomas Ronan, a
taboring min. vito spoke from a workingman's
pout of view. Il- said: "If the honest working?
man considers Hts best interests, be win not only
vote ihe Republicen ilcke*., '.ut work for lt."
Alfred K. Conklipg was ice neal .-peaker. He de?
sert bf d th- Election laws, briefly, bul concisely, ind
xx. ?. ic i to wlih rapt attention. "We wini
an honi I ballot." he said, "and With dat ind the
rfc Wi
I i russeted io do, we
ng eh rtlun "
bu re :?
Mr Teall spoke his Chagrin nt the prominent Re>
publicans who had premised to make speecheSs bul
had liol done s .
September ir.ost delightful minto in the Adiron?
dack? Fast special trains moniin:; and evening by
New-York Central. Hotels all otssit.
irge Mundorf and Benja
I Migs IIB M UKi'l-Y TO HAK8 A
s'w:K'"ii thc OTHER NAMES.
The Tammany bosses held whet they called "maas
conventions' In il! tha ram.lining Assembly I >ls
tricts last evnltig when- none had been held on
the two i.ri-.'ling nights, and named delegates an".
alternates to the De*im>cratic state Convention.
The 1,raves assembled al their various district
bi idqusrters, and by resolution elected the six
men three delegates anl three alternate-' Whopi
thc bOSBeS had picked Oat Tb- cbotoe Of Congress?
man W. Bourke Cockran as a delegate last Been?
ing from Ihe xi Cb As.?mbly District marks the
return af Ihe noted Wigwam orator to foll som
munioa with the organization. Mr. Cockrss was
excommunicated bi Richard croker about two
years ag) . He returas io th- fold under the wing
of Mr. Croker's sraccessor In Ihe leadership, Mayor
Gilroy, lt is undentood thal be will laka i
prominent peri in the state Convention at Bar.
toga, and thal he ls to hav- th- Tammany re?
nomination for Congress when his district conven
lion meeta
Mr. Cockran ls abo tO t.e a d-legat?? IO the Tam
many Hall I ".ninty Convention, which will rn*-.*! on
October l". lt has been aii open secret f..r weeks
among th- chiefs and warriors that the Wigwam
will again resound with Mr Cochran's rrloojuemoe
at the County Convention, ."iud that he will take a
leading pail on the stump iUt fall In defence of
Th.- .i-i*?gut?i chosen lasl evening w-re:
lld Assembly District AMermsn Nicholas T.
Hiown. .lum-- Heffernan. Samuel Wolf.
IVth Coroner Edward T. Fltapstrlck, Judge John
Henry McCarthy and Charles i s rtdrapnln
Vth John A. .McCall. John li Murphy and Civil
Justice Henry M Ooldfogl
Vlth Daniel Hanley. Oe
min Hoffman
vilth Alderman Joseph Martin, William t'.
Mitchell and Congressman Amos .1 Cummings
'.Tilth c,-n.-ral Daniel K. Sickles J"bn Kx nu and
John K Waist
Xlth Ex-Congresaman Perry Belmont, Edward
Kearne) and CongresBman Pranklln Bartlett.
Xlhh Congressman W. Bourka Cockran, colon. I
Qeorge it McClellan and Th..m.is !?? Cunningham
Xllith Isaac ii Terrill. l*ock Commissioner .1
Sergeant Cram snd Heorge W. Ci:
XlVth Justice T. K llrady. Peter Beery and Park
Commissioner K iwur I Bell
Wih Angus! Plnck, Patrick Brady and Henry
XVIIth Ju nus A O'Oorman, Andrew Wagner
ar 1 J 1 me) K Doherty.
xvinth Excise Commissioner K L Busbe.
Thoma- Smith an 1 "A llllam I' .Rll '.
XlXth Ex-Mayor Hush J Grant. Benator T. c
O'Sullivan and Thomas il Roms 1
XXtb John I' i"Timmins, W. 9 Andrews and
Judge s M Bhrlti h
XX Isl Poll et Coramlslson-r James .1 Martini
ij 1.ir.Ullin. Commissioner charles P \;:-ii and *?.
1 'hamberl iln T 1' T I 'rain
XXIld Joseph J Oreen, David McClure and Reg
let-1 Ferdinand Let >
Willi Corporation Counsel William ll '"lurk.
ex-Senator William I. r.r.xx'. and rJenat.ir C
I. 'lux'
XXlVtfa Augustus W Peters John McQuade and
Julius l.-\ 1
XW'tl. Contr iller Ashl ? I I* Flt
Ruppert, Jr . uri Ililli
\.\ Vlth K\ 1 '.? trlct-Ati riv > I- i.ac ex \
Mi '. iel J M liq 11 n in 1 patrick .1 |
XXVlIth Mayor rhomaa K Gilroy, Wllllani
Cauldwell and Senator Jae h A rani
XXVIIIth Hlstiict-Attornej lohri lt. Fellows,
Thomas (? K wi 1 un i iv. r I M
XXXth Coroi si lohi B Bhi !'--1 e Charles E
Kimma, ir. ai I 1 'harli - 1'. Merrin
At the T. gular I. Ung ot Ihi Ma v ll ll...lax
tatton, of the 1st A Bambi) District on Thura
:,. night th- following resolution eras
mon si* u i-i '? I'
Be 1 reaol- ? ? : Tl ? ??* I hi M in a ll Hi aley \
s iclBlInn extend n ir ungi il 1 the Ri
f ihe Bi 11 on th. nnmlnatl ? : ?
iv Morton Senaiot luxton . . nn*l
Be it :? - lived. 1 hat We pb ll 1
A meeting of tha Brooklyi k*onng Hepobl -am
Club will lie hei : ?
ratlf) the nomlna Baal
Haigh" The headquarters ara la lix Johnatim
Building, f* ill '? -' inti rai ish-ave and x..:; h.
? x-r? ,.g until th. ? ?
Tb- Manhattan 1 ? : ?? Club has 1. ? -, .
lot looa iv lc g tl at lira narai b t
Th,- Vicing Men's Republican Club of thi 'tx of
Nea Vorh held a rousing meeting Issi nlghi at So
m 1 e*chard-ai . to ratify thi
ti.,.,. There wen 1 | ? ??? hes plentj of
thualasm, and a bi ? l uld hav
heard us 'ur aa the Bower* Rverj menil
-? , . ,Vrmont. 3 * "
? ?? 1 with . ? thu-i Bil -M'l' I
1 .Irv tb Kempel, of Kaire rant, Vt Va ? IB tba
pr:. ? "i . -p> uk-! Bpi ? ? also tri 1
Ra i h Nathan, Charles 8. \-d r.-WI ? 11 rsl
an I "tfir- Tte ' " ? ? ' ?:? I 11 Pb
A Ksdsi e; fl rsl I -' R
1,nd x-i ? ; ? ? lent '. ' ? il erretsrj I.
Harris, r- Ming ala I U I. Mnrgolyes; treas
urei ti gaffer; sargeant-sl irma Bl Ito
tm .-??., lld A
in-'r; t was hal n V ? 1 S -"? 1 ?
at. and a Morl 1 ti
-.- ? / . ? ? ling elected otflcers I'r- -
1 uni -ll McManui ? 1 ?? ?. ? ? i-- si i- -t u '?'
nun Michaels ?? - I ? ? Samuel Isidor;
\ -. j.r. sldent Edward Pip aorreapoi
? virx-. Joseph Morgan,linai ntarj H I.
I- trick ic. i-'v Joseph Tutti 'tl Davis
Th- Untie rfm 1 ':? pub lean 1 "luh No Kl K 1*'
Thlrlei nth-st., Thui ng passed
tl .n- "Thal ih. Bepu in Cl lb, In
t ? ,? .. 1 ? -??:.:. 1 ? ' , .
ti .- ? - ? ? stat<* ? ;
our * lr ? r- i . I I f thi
late* \ I bi ? il ??? ?? lived thnt tbs platform
sdopted ? ? . ? ? . . , .,1 ...
Bfiproval, bb axpraaslng broad ni arholesomi li
punllcan 1 .- .- and, as comm. nd ? th
1 good sei .? .1 patriotism of ever) eltlxen And he li
? ? ; ? uti ? .' ol
tba a -ti"*" ? . io tha :-'i .? Convention
,.i 1 hen hi lender ? ? ol
? 1. .ti' 1. truh i "i'i ? "'ii'lnn ri- wis? and
if th- Xth Assembl) I ?l li
I'lii'.n Park was abiaae w'tt. llghl last night The
I tatiana of Ibis rllj had mel I :? .' 1 ? Il a i?
the ? casloi of ths sei on I ds ?? - ??? ? 'bra I 1 of the
* ?.'?. rr ? fourth and reary of the unideal m of Ital)
,,:ii royally waa th- anniversary celebrated. Down
In Ihe basemenl ol th- big kail long tables wera
-i-i. a ! AU k'nda of good thins 1.ipnn
them, and when Ihe band play 1. sa n lil lustily,
t ian eros ar ?u I ? . it fi om the tabli ? 'I ha
pa rilling eyi ol pretty glrla ki- >w brighter, and
lark cheeks flushed, while n ihe minis ,.r th- men
? 1 iiaei rf !.??:?! esr te tbe Italian
hear) ;i- ls 'h- na rm ot Antietam to the member*
? d the CA H Rul iws sith h ittlea. There
mani Issi nig bl, bm only h ? 1 ilea ..f he irts,
and many a dee endam ??: me sra nus arno i.ii-i
tiistrta'a Brm) lo 1 ****** w.re vanquished by de
flashing black eye .,r iii. j tung a .n wh'
thi uga 1 the big 1 ims 111 ng 1 illowa 1 the sup
per, and laj had dawned before thi hrippj ,
Tn 1.11 they .xiii nv I again In the afternoon
thi I- will h- bowlm*- and shooting eontesi ? 1 ? ?
will d ? ski*.!, and Ihe gi aaa 1 pod a III
tempi the ra?h. A hall will hu held In the ri" ?
an 1 at i" p in ti. will bs 1 balloon ascension
I Bill I Vii viii" ORDRRA
Washing) n Pepi n (Spertai).?Army ordera laeuel
'? lay were Captain Nathan fl Jarvis, BMletant
eurgecn, eri:i report tn person lo lae eommandlng
officer, K.rt Schuyler, S, *, , for temporary lutj
during the abseno if Captain winiam w nr,n, .,?
idstani vc t. and upon th- return of thal officer
Will rel un hi- pr .per -r ill..-i. Additional geeond
Lleutensni John 8. haweU, corps of Kaatlneers, is
assign 1 lo s vacancy nf second lieutenant In thsl
corps, t.. date from gggakinbei Ur, UM, arith his pi
-ni dale ol tunk .luna ll IVH, vie- |>. Armit, pro
m-.te.i. Captain Cherie* B Woodruff, sas|aianl sur?
a-eon, will be relieved fruin dun st Pori Asalnnl
bolna, Mont, by lbs commanding officer of that
post on th- 1.ipi i.y him of this order, and will
reporl In person to Ihe rommand*ng officer, Pori
Hherldan, III . for duty at :h.n post, t" relieve
1'apt tn Kr.m. : I Ix--, .-um stan: i--.ii Cipl-iln
Ives, upon being relieved, will reporl in person to
th.- commanding off! ei pla isburg Barracks X
V? for dut) ... thal post, to relieve Captain Harry
'i P rev. assist**.,,-.) BUraeop, pho .*ih aaocmeA to
and take station al Baltimore, Ml. for dun , ,.
landina surgeon and aaa mine 1 nf ri mils, 1., relieve
Captain l?uls W. Crampton, assistant surgeon
Captain Crampton ls io reporl In ;<? r-.m i . n?. ,. ,nil
mai: lum- officer, Fort Meade, s. p., f..r duly et thal 1
Naval orders tssfstanl Paymaster <; Q BogeTi
ordered t' temporary dot) for Inatructloa ,,n the
I Independence,
IsBSsdaaarl by rae '"itim:;* Bsxestga Brasg
all .cher. fail. The) eleaaaj ih*
sc?lp af l.-rtl..thep ...iii , r -:,.|,
ati.l 1 Iuirliv hum ,r*. sluuulute
? , the rub t .lin-l.-*, ?nii ilrstrm ml
VV *? j0 rn.sropic li...??? nhl^li fee".I no
v ^ /f BBS hslr.nn.l lwnr?-.unveil ?shea
* * til* 1?SI fltlXslclst'S .-.lill ill OlIlJl
sa*aaaBasefaBj. IsM ur*ugksat las sw4,
HOLD word:'
hciieap as well as coony
MENDED TO pr /.yr rr."
Thc Times, London.
".. IS QI ll.TV OP THK DEATH OP A ''lltlo'
.Michael lewis, ??? in,,t..mian of the Sooth Orange
electric street-cat line, whose esr killed Martha
H-i.i' . four years old, near ihe corner of Ferry and
Richards sr-. Newark, on August I, was convicted
,c manslaughter In the couria al Newark ye ter
.lax- The evidence in the trisl showell gross *are
lessness In running the rsr. Witnesses testified
that th- b.di did not ring snd thsl the motorman
was looking behind him with hi han ' off th- lever.
Th- .ar had m. aafet) appliance. Although there
la a long Hst ..f casualties by the trolley .'"rs.
I.-wis is the first motorman lo be convicted of
manslaughter. Th- dockets of the courts ire full
of civil suits f..r damages sgsUisi the Traction
Compan) for deaths or Injuries dna to th- trolley
??? -*>-?
i:\ WEAKER REE11 11*1.
Ogdensburg, V V., Sept M Senator Higgins, ,f
Delaware, spoki at the count) fall here thia ifter
rtoea x.:i the relation tx tween Canada an i the '
St itt - K\ Sr >aki i Ri ed s to have sp ikea,
but, "W ng ' ? Ulm as, a i ? una li to ;? ? pr. <? nt. Mr.
Reed's Illness ks not serious, but waa ' auch o t i
' prevent him t'r..m riding tw*nt) i
Bl Km renv- i roads fi dub?
ai Black Lake, when he has ba n fishing, to
n oh Ogdensburg this morning Mi R?M*d Intel :?
? . co ? . Montreal to lay, dub on aeeoun
, Klori poatponi i tc- rnp for ? br>ef lime
T).- Canadians-who listened to the ?-,.h of Sen?
ator Higgins w:,t home tilled with mdlgi
ted hla Imputation thal they maim i i I
th.-ir allegiance to lin il Britain .ii toe expense cf
their i ' ?-; erlt). an i that, although .: xx
their h. ur:-, it ara - !? n-r I i their i
Iii- ri pi es, nialia that Canad n pri?p*ni) lld
: t.x continental unit) al roused
resentment 111 statement thal thi t ding of the
IwH.pl, of the Knited fttaf-s ( wani Cnnada is i rn
? nelchl ?rl\ anni
: ? . Boothe their m ich milled feelings.
EH il. 1 Kil;l.-i;\ r ITIVRS
Waahlngton, sp: 2\ (gpaciali lt ?; r ental ??
1, H here, snd In
ng l - ? N a li r
raws ? it g picture for the
: ? ? s | ? the I Iou
-,\ 11, it, ?? r c ? an i twu l: : iblli ana
Mr Pl I r ? st ?? thi neg!
egatkin Will be , ? .'.'?! i.
i.x. ihe two parties Th* 1st snd 111 Districts
x ii - i ? -. ?. ntlnu repi I li,
? 1 Mr Ki-I lei ? : ? ?'??wii
N-w irk a - n >w r-i
a Masai ia and Kngll ih Th ?
i \ ?:. 1 ? .r o "? ?
' ? lorri! ' and
,.,i f ;.- ? \ ir. '/ ?. rt ad 111 . I i the Ri p ibll
sere two ol
the. : '? ran trlet by a plura
i u.'i-.-i i ...
?. .ta es that Hiv- n to Mi C ?-? ni ih b) ? ??.
Mr. Plaid it C iraksh, w ho ls ..? iln
a . an ii kite, ? the Itepul ii
, irons hopes i > ; the n-rre-t The
Vth ll ."?..' ? tv, ??? i of B rgi n.
pa*** ; ii I Hud Ts rear igo Cad
tims s
Hon :? ' rhlle Ins plurality over the Repub'l
ins a ?' Ra| ndeni lb< )
their ndldati In th I ^ - ri - -1
. .x hi-I. is repress nie l hx Mr
? . ??? in i being rte larg mai
fad llstrtct tn tha Btata ls Itkel) to rei irs a
lt,; I'.n ,? In list Mr Ri gllati waa
y a ma.Botit) rer all "ii ? I
over hts Rep iblli an con ; lol bj a ; I ?? a
Th \ 11 ? : ? :'- n os p ipili ? " 'iv
. ? ? ? resenti Mr Ki.-: Kr. who haa
ll ii ? -. - J.Ti- -. flt) ui. 1 ll lb iki r.
lu le 1 iv Itt b un tarlee. Mr. P
popular mai eras elected taro yeal
rer I lion, al?
though hla pliiralltj ovei thi Republican candidate
,x , i - ii With thi ; ? ' ntent var the
>f i. -? pi- m il !? ti
.anix than Mr. K ' ?,
. a ? i ? ?
. .Mr
: . ; ? les l'i nd parts of Rssej nd Hud
son counties " 1 lunn * majorl) riv. , ,n
Lin. : ? ii ro years s ? . an l
I tv piui lilt) oval Ihi Republic in n ' :?'?' The
'Hi ? i in it* ii I In i llstrtct, m. I
tba lt ;. i'.ii-? in- have strong hope |
. an ll i in The III I DIbii t is the oi
,i i. lo ar n . - .-??.". ? . ? ? . lien
Mr ' ;??:?.-nha'ti.-t la lg i i i cindi Hs
trie, ? rn bra. sa Mlddlesea. Mot i I - rn ? t,
and two airs ag gave (leis .
II) . ? ? r th* i* 'tiit'lne 1 ? pp '-.'I ri
lt srlll i.n from Ihe foregoing figures thal Ave
if th. ox districts n-'w h< ld hx ihe I n i
?.?Hui' i ex comparative!) s'.lm maj. - and
that, with thi revalltna liss nt*nt ..mona ti>e m
? !?!?? ilal classes In consequence ut tu Km- illon of
th. present Congress, the chan - I ie llepubll
an- ? i ir four ol them m i) be re.
Dab regarded a ?
- -SV -
Morrtalown, N. .1 . Bept, :i fSpi rial) The K'
i'.ress District Republican Convention wea held
in i,x,. um Hall al n.".:i lo da). The dlatrlci ls
loni.,.,-, d of it'- -.11 lea of Hunterdon, Morris, Sus
sea ui.'I Warren which .'ir- noa represented by
m i 'oi nish, of Washington a a i'ai
Morris, wss chairman and Joseph K Pulper, -f
Warren, ..,..,,?. Manion Pitney, ..f Morris
county, xx, nominated unantmoualy, amid -t- it
enthusiasm. Mr I'ltne) made a ringing speech, In
ixiiicb in said that, while the nomlnstlon eat un
.-,,ii. it. d. he s< cepte I lt as i dui) xx hlch hi owe i
io his party, and would enter heartily Into the can
rasa Hi referred to th,- kile furnaces, r rges,
mines and factories, which showed the necessity ..f
putting th- countr) again undei Republican -
ti ol Mi irs lb rr, of Hunt, rdon, an I it ? liv. of
I'hllllpaburg, spoke, pledging ihe heart) support of
tlr ir counties t . Mr Pitney Mr, Pitney i
ti.irtx eight years old ll- ls a son of Vice-Chen
c. ii or Pitney, has practised law for severs rears In
I inver a el Morris) iwn, snd la a x. ung man t fina
presence, ,.I BhT.lt) .-.nu Irreproachable chara in
He win bold tu- -nine Republican \. ie ,,i the du
ti. ? md will nisi have the ht irt) support il hun
dr. .ls of Democrats who hp disgusted with the
record of the Democratic part>.
Washington, Sept Ji (Special) Senator Hender?
son, of Nebraska, arrived In this ritj this morning,
after an abaci*.f several weeks ll- sui to-day:
I think the Republicans have every prospi
carrying th- l-eglslsturr Th-n means, of course,
thal u !:? |ui h. un .'. nator will i.- return d I ? ttei i
from wen-Informed lt publlcuna ihroughoul the
si.it.- bring thi most encouraging reports from
ever) district. There la a greai deal .,; dlasatlafac
ti't. among ihe Democrats, ind purtlcularl) imoni;
tl.id soldier element. In this . mnection I will
read iou au extract from .i -it-' which I have
Just received from an "ll soldier "I hui- I.n a
lifelong Democrat.'' bi says: "coal u.x finn vole for
Seymour ,u 'Ct, uni VOt' '. Ihi Democratic lick-'
?'i.mi'Ih until '92. when l -as not al bom. i think
I am a. r u < ulallie mau villi Intalllrenc* el.art to
feed ?!'.-? pigs, bul x-.in I was so blind d by party
pr 'lull'" I don't understand, and I hope ..ui- ona
will kick ni,< nil over Butte Count) lt I aver I'ote
the ticket again."
gi curr i HY tlRKSIt I W OBJECT*
Washington, D. C., Pepi, 1*1 Secretary Gresham
h is -ummar!..\ dem . ishi i the i heme rec ni
ported in these dlspstehes lo make the Bureau ".'
American Republca Be'f-at-pportlrtg bx the n.-ertlon
of pal i advi rtlslng In Its p ibl citlo is Tu ?
advertising ageai in New-Tork, who bad been ap?
pointed the sanvasser ol the bureau wai .-?
nmhf i.ud i.x, t-e-run to erna his operation! md
Direct ?!? PutbHh, "f Hm bureau, was ord re t , -.
esl. his circa irs ml cine. hl? contracts a: one
It ls der j rad nt the State Department thal the
project Was under:ik n iii ift* absence of. and
Wltuitui Um kui .v.edge ot tba tiecteury. I
HS .-"Kltl"!'.-"!.'. WINI'- AN tiWKXS MAN WHOM
Iii: BAD ltKYii.l.l' -HIS IML'LT to
Lexington, Ky., Sept. 21.--A personal en?
counter between Desna Br*vclrinrto**BS, bob of Wt.
C. P. Brecklnridge, and Janrje* Duane Urine*
gtone, In Which i knife was drawn and us-.I hy
th- C nan sman'i * rn, haa stiffed the i Itjr to Its
depths -\ wordy war between young BtecallB*.
rldgc .md Judge Ooorge B. Kinkead oceonrea
earlier In th- day. and the .n separated, os>
tenslbly for the pu**poee "f grains theniselves.
The Livingstone episode, however, prevented the
meet Inj "* ihe well-known antagonists.
Matthew Lane rhime here from Mount Sterling
this morning, end, In conjunction with Desha
Drecklnridge, w-nt in search f Owens men who
had denounced Colonel Breckinrtdgre during the
recent campaign. The) met Judge Oeorge li.
Kinki id aboui 5 o'clock this afternoon. He was
halted r.y the two and young Brecklnridge said:
Tli" election ls over now, and 1 want t.. tell you
that you ai ? a Uni ead a c .ward."
Judge Kinkead replied that ne waa Dot armed,
and that there were two of them, when Lane
remarked forcibly: "And tr*ils ls Judge Kinkead.
Well. I wan! t" tell you that you are a dirty
.md ii liar. Toil said lu ona of vow
speeches that no decent woman would enter?
tain Colonel Brecklnridge, and my .sister en?
tertained bini. I dar.- you to recent the in?
sult. ""
The Judge remonstrated with them thal ihey
had the advantage of him, when Brecklnridge
cut the Interview abort by Baying that he
would give Kinkead all the time he wanted
I., go and arm himself. Kinkead walked off
i..waru his home, and Brecklnridge and Lane
proceeded to the PhosnlJ Hotel, where they
-aw James Duane Livingstone, financial mana?
ger fo:- J. Kenn-.h Tod, owner of the Ken?
tucky Union Railroad. Livingstone, who has
i.n a strong Oa -tis man, was leaning against
the news and cigar stand, when I'sha Breck?
lnridge approached and ask.-I for a package
? f cigarettes. Livingstone noll.I I "??"?ha. nnd.
extending his hand, said: "Deana, the election
lg over; we should be friendg "
Young Brecklnridge replied: "I think you are
i one-horse scoundrel, and will not take your
h and
Livingstone asked him what he meant, and
Desha explalm i thal he thought him two-faced.
Livingstone said he had been a eonstani Owens
man. and had never professed anything else.
Deshs said: "You an s ii ir." At this
Livingstone struck him, kni "king his glassee off
and causing him to al ow-r
in an instant young Brecklnridge drew a large
dirk knife, an I, aiming I a' Livings'- na's heart,
le i lunge I r I ls ?>ld-tl. friend. LlvUig
si re :>|. w up his hand and the knife pierced lt,
. | , seri "i.* wound. Livingstone then #"
oul of the madman'-' wa] , and a number "f men.
rushing up, ended the fra*, by urging young
Krecklnrt Ige ti pu! away his knife.
The news of the attack sprea I rapidly, and In
ten minutes the hoiel 1'bbs nn- full of excited
p...;,;.. Ti i the district committee meeta
ai Prankf rt I '?'?-? ill) the n itnlni e. and
. ihete will be more trquble,
th Brecklnridge t t 'es w-r. in close c in?
ri, la* ind the < >w ns men believe
ih. y xxiii try t ? w Tk 'hr >ugh some i -
whereby tl; y can declare U -? th?
Tin: ivks'I". "ilKs. ?'?: HORSE gHOW IT
?STILL SOI in RT nu: Pa IB
M.rulers of the Waatohegter 11 ? .r*-.- Show express
inucb re-r. r that Alexander Taylor, Jr., han re
.lirtip"'. flora tin- association. IK- withdrawal was
estel lu Th'- Bxecutlvs Committee
",v named al ? naeetlng held .arly in the sreek,
and t" waa nol appointed As soon aa he learned
th.- Hr. Taylor aent this telegram to B. W, Leon?
ard, the --ret.it y:
"iv ive no box si ihe how nt gi greek,
.ml I tender my resignation aa s director. My
reaso - sra thal I '*i!l nol aubnill te a self
?: i ? ?? : ? mmlttee, it being against Ihe best
<.r any association."
? t .t. xx u < ? rm- | last -| r! ti g. ml was
ted. lt succeeded the ol ! Il tb* Bb iw C -nt*.
srhl i a rked In hartaony with the officers
' ' ? Wi -r 'heat fair .lames r. Cooley,
'ha pres ? the Horse Bhoa Company, "as
elect' : president of th' new organisation, and B
v* '?? " " ' Mr, Tailor nj. a member
f li.i - ene ot I ne m *st
prominent m-n m Westchester i'.ninty, and lie hs-t
' Identified xx.th the mnual filr. which
I near White Plains, and which ls attended
i". large numbera of well-known people in West
:? Bal !. hv fri"
mg seta Wh- n ? une of
gea s
ri rds11 - \l- Tay Lu* op
[""?a* I th.tr. with mud ii Tl lea wj . - ? .
? ?- ' - rsen en n bi ?
wi re In th ? ? the bo ir! of lin
' ? roi ? ? i'd take any on'
fr un organization ll * protest waa t
ni avail. Ai i i - e was
the appointment .f the Rxecutlme Committee He
?hf lt I* sal.i. that thi rectors wou
the Kxp ct'i i "ommltte. The lounger eh ment.n hi.-b
? - "? Ihe .-tr ijorltj In thi lid nol agra with
M Ta dor sa; posed the eli "Hon
. ? ? ? Rbi Bivi '' mm ttei be. luse he foresaw that
? ?? ' - ? thing.. ? ? suil their ? xx n
i . ' nt the patrol ige to them i ?
ll I ? IS Oilt."
Mr Kooley, th- president, said yesterday thi* he
rx thai Mi raylor had resigned. He vw
no good reason :?? lt If !;-? had had an Idea tnet
Mr Taylot ire<| to ts? on the Executive Committee
he a"ul I gla iii hai ?? pul him I
"I hat.- to s,,. .uer h r< 11 .-sen f ,i t: ve man iii West.
. ii.?-???? fount) gd ?ui ot th- aaaociation, he eon
"It Ib too bail lt ivon'i hint the fair.
though, I'm -ut \\ ? ve had more entries than wa
can handle, ami we bax. had t" refus,. H good
lt aili he th- biggest un I best show we
ever had. wi'!;.or doub' Dur horse show i*
?I' ? ' th< N ult f ll ll irse Show in Interest
pie who ii- ' r horses around Hew-Tork
Then are iboul HW entries. So, we havi no list
of p itrot: 'Saes tho
Th- annual Weatcheater County Pair will open
.ti M n lay Tl tee have been har I si
for i ions: tune making arrangements, end,
i< rh.-.. ?i\ ,-\-rx ye.ir, the fair "wi:: be lirra
than ever "
11 UH A 111 ASSOt I l TtOX'S
Lake V'.te ' H. V. H pl
\/ w orrn rrs
tl The N'ew-Tork
itlon i -? t (ht rtected li, it. !?. ..-.
of the Young ll lian A ?-?? ? ttl m, pn :? it,
ai i W. it. Rae t man, of the Stni Library, \ tin .
Thi ' '? of Fli nala ta ??' Pi
Poo i decretarj Rastmsn, Treaaurer .1 X. Wing.
.,: 1 Vic Presidents Lewis .-" railer, of the I'tlca
Libi .: i. iv : -' ,i i. e Brook yn
V mg Men's Christian Aasic it lon Short napers
t- i ! i.\ \\ li ii i"". ii: Miss K "i \l Coe
v '. Keck. \t K -'- ? i ? Miss M ir- s c.i t >r
an I Miss Ixni'.se Pu ?? r
Ctir FLOWER lillie iis IXSEC1 PESTS.
Oswego, S v. Sept ii Governor Flower had an
enthusiastic n epllon here to-day. He reviewed a
battalion of the Mat Ional Guard, cammanded bt
Captain A M Hall, and spoke to an audience of 15,
coop, a.. Hts address xx,,- levote.1 nrholly ?
rlcul .? al mattel -? \n: ng ether things he sal i
?i farmen ind ft rr growers should eon
I be ci the arab h : u new insect pr?.s. if bu
unusual one appear- ihej should al once send lt to
the Btate Entomologist foi Inforrnatlon. insect
sere far m >re n tmerous and abundant in thu
emit, than they were twenty-five years n<o. rii
x-.x year seeing ? .ni" new and destructive
'i'll -i :;:? thia r.uintrj from Rurope aa
t rul< iming di bi i ? thli s ite \" the r> inclusion
if the ilii.- ih- flovi i . ? . ..,' | it
dinner ic Theodore Irwin Vmong th'se present
arere William A, IVm-her, ea Senator Oeorge H
Sloan and Mayor H (gil
'n. May. N J Sept. tl B. Percy Smith, a Pillia
:.? i here thia morning i- the re- :
auli o| ? x, .1 ?. ti fi om u . mp mr.d fra tim ? of :!>.?
eg He r- whl'e lighting from a train at Cape
Mi) Courthouse on August ."., and bruk- ins n*nt
ja**, "wirs^-aEscjax
of tim p!:ysie*,l consti?
tution often comes
fruin unnatural, ?*?!?
nii'inus habits, <\;n
tiactci tliiiiii|;h
j**a* i-;aorniii'o or
from stuBswts,
Tfi, Much habits
.-T rc ult In litxs
nt tn a n I y
Bosser, nerv
mis exhaust?
ion, raavuui debility, taiasjlrcd memory,
lo v spint.s, irntablo temiier, and a thou*
sand and ona derail'.', ,-ie'ut.i >.f nihill und
Issly. Kpil-psy, paralysis, softening of
thc brain ami even dread iiisiiiiitv awno
tim's, result from such reckless aelf-abuso.
To re-ieb, rivlitim ami pi-tn. o such unfort?
unates to health und hipptatstxa, rg tho aim of
tht publisher-;of u book wiiiteii in plain Iw.t
ciicsfe Igawaage, OB tho nnturr*, sv'tipti :?:*
omi curahilirv, by homo frcatment, nf rtu-h
diseases. This Isvik retfj U* .int nrtaWI, RI
plain enveJii-io, on rev ;pt of ten cents in
elnni|>!! to pt v ivisr.'ri^.-.
AiWesi, World's Ii!s;,cns.ir*r Mcdic.il Aa*
gociaUou, COU Miun tit,, Buffalo, N. Y.
??To Dress Well at Moderate Cost <fc
to (ians & Co."
Use Your Own
Make comparisons of our readv-to
wear clothing with that -shown Jigs,,
wtei-e, coropsro prices, qualify, ?tvla
ami workmanship. You'll be surprised
that then; eau he so much ditlerenee
between ours and other kinds.
This is accounted tor by tho fact
that wo manufacture all the eh>thin/?'
we sell, this enables us to offer strictlr
liii-vli-elass good* at popular prices.
Good dressers will always lind oap
styles up to date so a* to meet all of
fashion's requirement.
(fl* ClotM
w^qn?S^O) ^i-nishuitt,
'.* ??!?? Hats & Shots
270, 281 and 281 "*
BROADWAY, ? gSjg?-l
Sst tt-.c'Jrn fjucrzntccd cr rto-c:1 r?iurned.
KVilItVTHIN''. DESIRABLE i\ sn.vnr.'.vvRl
37 Union Square.
i'< ir NTH *i "S CON81 i.wt. tssvtca
fhii "-iko, Bept IL- Private eaMs BaessBgaa ra.
<-i>iv?*.i hare from Vienna anaeaaee that i>r. Antoe
I'alits'hrk. late Cl Sa**l-Qss**fal to tbe I'nitcd
States, located al Ksar-Toek, has been iiism,???d ia
llagrace from the Consular sar vies of the Austro
Hungartan Empire. While i.-tiii*r a? Imp-rial and
Royal f.'ommisBtsner Qeaeral to tho Weelara Fair,
., - . x-i 'onsul-4 ion*-! il la BBld IO hav* rumpe'led
Au wi,in exhibitors to \>ny for thvir spa ? In Maru.
fractures Hall. it waa also charged that Dr.
Palltschek embeszled H5.0M bequeathed io noa.
pltsia in John Rust ta, a wealthy Hungarian, waa
died Id New-York.
Bosi .n. Bept, 21 In r!i* Buprems Cosrt to-day
Judge llark-r .l.nie,l tha application ?'. Attorneys
Of uer*) Kaowltos for pnllnainary Injunctions io re*
strain iii.- Ataanrtcan Sugar Refining '.m->auy,
known aa the gunar Trust, from doing business ia
thia State until lt should Bl* a statement of ita
financial standing up t?> March I, UM,
. Chlcag , Sept a.?The Lex.ngt .n HoteL -it Micbl*
"in Boulevard an.l Tarenty-s rond-st., saki to bs
I ilaed gi $'.?*?"?'. lias i^-n soil at .laiin'-iuant tag
sale liv ihe Treasurer nf th'- .-.ninty fee IMHf,
The pul chas pi .- u Ulan Mills, who la raid tubs
'-'.. rk. Th.- Lexington x\.,- .. un ur I ope I (a tha,
lust before tn world's Kalr.
Rom-*, Sept. '.'I Th<- Vsttesa eathortttes bars
placed Kola's "Laaardae" apoa the "int-x i.tbromna
Pr I torum." whl.-h r*x.'Iu-lcs lt from *J*g perusal
uf the faithful.
Th.* Noras*] Oottegi began its active work for the
SChSOi y.vir on Thurs bv of last wa?k with 3.17*1
pupils, of whom j. lu ,ir? |g the coilege i wot SSi
1,104 In the training .l?partment. List ewning the
two college societies, Um i-huomatheaa ai.i tbe .vj
phi Ju-. ..hiv. . elected o4Bcers .is follows; Pfci'a
n athesn President, Miss norene* I. .'?? volomaa;
. ,*H,i-ani stu. f.-r.-,i, <.-,;... ert'Ac. Mlsa
K.nata H.isiy, recording sevret . .\l;ss Alar- i'-alr*
;??>?. ioiieapOBilliig secretary, Mlsa Anna truer*
Struck; treasurer, Btlsa 'vaster. Alpha
Beta Qaratna Preeldent, Miss \" rsa ? i.',i"n
cort; vira president, Mba*. Min-ii-rt. Woos.
treasurer, Miss Elsie Lowenstets; crit.c,
M ia K Krunuaer; r* *rding a, reurjr, ilise
Lucy alcott; i irreapondlng secretar)'. Marj F'.li'ieL
itter soeiet) haa '.-'?, members, and ?:r,purta i
thi collage paper, "Ths Norma. College Echo Tea
ot the pupils of tha school have been compelled tj
relinglllsh th-lr Studlea In consequence sf th-* ItlUB
ela! leprasslon, om if th" young women h<*:ng" lg
her third or senior year. Ths faculty of ihe collete
.-ntv Instructors, forty-two of xi,-.orr. ara
j..- |ii?'j.^r and twenty-eight in the train
ina department, ind President Hunter tl: ls much
difficult) in carrying -it ths work of t:..- cniiege
with so small a number of a.i.-i.status and sa miay
pupils seeking Instruction.
Princeton. \. J. Sept. B (gpectgl).?t .? *:ioa
for clsss .'ttl.-"rs was heil to-day by ths freshens*1
class Alexander Stewart, af In.liana. Peaa., waa
elected presldeati Frank Uss, of PhlUdelphla, v-ta.
president, and williams a Csdwslsder, ot rfia
delphi*, aecretsry anl treasurer For th- *?,r?t tuns
In many vars no rush waa nia.l?* bi i sapha*
" r * when ths freshmen cams oul of Old I'tiapei
Cambi Iga, \t -- | ^r n (g| ? hard
times seem tu have little .-tT.-.'t ea lbs I tom*)
ut Harvard this year. Tha fresasaan iss alli be
far ! .rg.'r than <iv.*r haf.ri* Th* i hlef t i wBI st
In the Saien title School. According to I 's,r*:
turns ;h,- tots! strength of the fresh i vi w|a
be between SM and twt), igslnst ? '-'5 st
whom were '.ri the academic lepartmi ; WtS
the scientific.
Q rsersl O. O ll nar. I and party visited n iff ale
Hills wri W'.t show yesterday "Jack MlDWreh*
a noted aconi of k: Reno, ?rfc., who I his st*
cape t?'r.MiL'h the iadlan ni - lui **of?
syth'a campaign on the Repub'l an I "Jhj
ngura* -o largel) In n neral i .-r.: fe the
Plaina," la a . esl ai KuBYa! i Kill's , - ; ,h*
\V..'..| W'.-si ShoM To-lr. Hov rn.ir Vverts ol Btw*
i,i... with :..- t.iini'v and party, ' '???
Wl'.l \v -i Show under th. escort ?*?
chief of th^ .-".cr.'' Ser\-ti?.
- ?? ?
Akron, cot, Bept 2\ I verdict <*r ggai laafStsff
waa returned al midnight la-t ntrht bj th* Jury
before wh.'-A it. l>. J. l'Hi'k has be n on irlal '?"
the murder of hi* rlrsr wife, ll ? ? issi
I '-tor, in order to obtain poai et the
properti belonging ti th-' a man '*'i,n.A
out >f th* wax so that b-* ooh i iti i : '*?? f ?
b : l?j s* poll >n, Mrs. Deck had . ? ? a wu
i- inx; thc doctoi ..I', her pr i rtj J . '? " ?'?
ded, h'.,x,'x'.-i Bbl changed the wl'.l ivlthoat sw
mowli Ige, giving the proper!) to ? i twMW***
old, _
Tin: r."-v rnfoSfitK aHtSA in THS Wft*
w iBhlagtiaj. s^ju tl a iiaaaa r \ .w si assure ertfasas
rr.ni Texas ta tba aorth r>r .*.! sjhsbs Taa , -1 ' *
.-lamrix ililli in v.. th ,-..r I,,,, .,.,. ,,rr tha yt.eSt
Pacific ' u-i Ra i toa Ballee in rr.,- uapei '":,.it
nut ihe Nonbaresi The tenipsrsiiirs has rasMBasa nrsnr
i. all districts ^
siioxx ??-. i li ,x.,i i.x rall m.' se ermsctei la i ssssi
:ika i.'ki'n ari'l the I'pper M*sstaatps4 V.illsy.
F,.r n.-xx Bngiaad, SasteeB Kew-Toca K.i?:*r.i
i'l !"T.r|:.TxU ^+"iu "tri1-- '?**
,.,. ?..rn.'sj.4^^.j^,^,;..^j-:^ra
C F'Ii.i.,:~ri'lTl''i'Uli,'|,.ii""1 ' "^ -
In nus dlsgrara a esataiBoss shtti Ilsa
1 ?, urassur. as Indleated bj The Trltwaej eeg.
iir.K har mete* :ti^ haaken itr? laaresaBM ir"- "?
.. x.n :l*e
ssaun as Irutlested i'x"'iii"'Tnu.i:i^
... meter t'h.- hsokeB Rse i?se*"'
as obaerved al Perry'B Pla iras ry,
Till. Oat e, Bsfrt, ?.'?; I a "? - Th.- uru-i'T SS BSrSBf
1 is .1.si Bjarsssf ht Bbs aarli sftsrsjesaj T*? wsw
ssratare laagai bstwaea U sn.i 711 .!agr.*?a. th* avsraas
iTll*i h. W.g 1* laassf limn on Truirada*.' ami U li'Sber **"??
. a ilir ,virrp..iH.n.l^? day last /*-nr.
"iae waatasr ts xi?> win iw (air.

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