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PACES ll TO 14.
OCT. 20. 1894.
? ?HicKi'T ".HOI"" foi: xx kkk.' ARRESTED
1 BAUDS - A ITn.ono kim.
Th* lestlmonj* vvhicii was taken before tho
Lex.-.**.' Comnalttee yesterday In the courtroom
0f ran III of the Bupetior Couti had a wide
rsn-f'* '??" was '?' 1*''*8 ?'??I'DTlaace tuan that given
Bartk* in th" bbbb. At thc- .los,* ol yesterday's
pppOoa the C .iriinittce took a recess until next
Ifsjdaesday. John W. Goff, of the r-ommittee's
counsel, called a witness who had heard that
jomeb.i'iy Interested in poolrooms had talked of
ralsinP a fund of $70,000 to buy off th." commit?
tee- and put an end to the Investigation of the
polic Department, but th? members of the coin*
-sjttee .lil n't appear to think thc report worthy
of bel:-:'.
The Inquiry into the stock-gambling busings*"
of th- .*";carn*< Commlegton Company in New-st.
was continued until .Mr. God declared that
enoush facts had been presented to show that
the law hal been constantly violated for xv-k*-.
was still bf ini* vi. lated, and that it was the
duty of the police to put a ?-: ip t,. tm* business.
He sent th" acting captain ?'.' th.' Flrsl Pre
c.iot to th?- Central Offlce to consult with Super?
intendent Byrnes about inkin-*; measures to ar?
rest the -[amblers. Several arrests were mal* i.y
the police later in the nay, and a warrant was
procured f"r thc nrresl "f W. i> Valentine, the
president of thc concern in New-Bt, who testi?
fied before thc committee.
Si.ruc testimony was taken to show thai pris?
oners at police stations in the city have been
b'.it-n and abused in a shocking manner.
A number of persons wh i keep cheap lodging*
kouses for men In the 1: rwery wi re examined
regarding the lodgers who ar allowed to vote
at the elections, and the >.ks "f the houses
were taken f .r close scrutiny by the counsel of
the committee, The inquiry is expected to
briiiK t.< light additional registration and elec?
tion frauds which the police have failed to
Two colored women wh:. have led vicious
Uves, and who lately were sentenced t'> serve
terms in the workhouse on Blackwell's Island,
testified as to the methods used by the police
td collect blackmail from women of their class
and even t>> share in money stolen from men at
disorderly houses. They als., explained h..w lt
was possible to -??cur. discharges from th- isl?
and by the payment "f money, snd "ne ..f the
women had been discharged on Thursday af te:
serving less than a nu nth of her six months'
There was an affecting: scene before the com?
mittee when tbe three children of Mrs. Urchittal
---ere restored to her. Th" poor woman was im?
prisoned on a false charge because sh-, could
not pay blood money demanded by the police,
and hei- children were piaced In the . are of th?*
Ilebr-vv Sheltering Arms. Her recenl testi?
mony before the committee led to an Investiga?
tion which resulted in the reunion "f the
family. _
I*..". PAT
Tho "Milling lesslon of tne Senate committee
yesterday had not C"re- far tvh.-r: Mr. G.,ff read an
tatervtew in on. -.f th- newspapers with I*?hn K
]:? Isky, in which he boasted of his readiness to b?
on hand at any lime, and to ro upon the stand and
tell all that 'ne knew ab.ut thc SAJIBt which, lt wis
testified, had ben received from the s..la Water
Manufacturers' Association to ?et permits for the
keepers of the stands, and to Bee that they were
not Interfered with by the police.
".Vow," said Mr. doff, "vt- have called Mr. Tlrod
sky. an 1 he hasn't appeared, sad we take thi*
opportunity of makins; public our desire that he
Should make good hr.* promise.''
**??* Tn----' witness, Wilna*** i>. Valentine, hid
"oven nomi- testimony fae previous tay, ii. wat
*** tt v.i,! w,,s kn.v.i. h< t'r<* Btearaa Commla
BBB ?"'omi.::--. ... flo. tt New-st, which ths lesti
?OEAt showed was simply s Btoch gambling hop
*?>* ?vitn..-- v. mid nevi be Btt**peeted of being
tn*wi h. illegal transactions if one mei hr*i casu
"ly in ih.. street, but hi.* evaslvi manner on lh<
?ta-ri. an] *,*, n.r,;i,., .,, the qu -tiona, -riven in
*-*"-?->??*?*?**, |ef| | , ,,?.,,,. ,,, ,,,,. ,,,,.,. ,,f ;UI. ,,:?.
**ho Bersr-j Mm thal he had much lo eoncesl snd
that ii. h| j frart wonders sa to -eb* bia pine waa
n'1 "i'ui:-.i' long ago. When naked If be bad re
lt>?hei bli m>:u,r\ much sboul the transactions in
?*hlch h< was engaged, tha witness said that -he had
?Jt an.] wh. a ti, chairman Inquired from bim
n?* rnuch of the capital stock -<( .ach of tha rds
*s**r-Minie* that he Bald he represented hs owned, be
"Pl*?'i ftut he didn't own any, and h. didn'l know
*?* muca na- own..,! by others Ths main ofllce,
^ Mil. was In Pt. Loni*, but he dUn'l know how
?J-h m.,ney he had sent lhere I i complete th
Wrcha*. ,f the stock, nor whether he had sent
In cn,..-k or In Mila, nor had he anv bank .ic,-, ml
*ate7^'h"r" "I ?'?? P?opertlea that these eerttll*
*OBB represent? A.- I don'l know.
BtJok. ;'"'; you '"vested rour monej In theae
eollai.V.in '"'?r,'i know anything about where the
oii|" wai ?' A.?Yes. slr
*?rti!*lr.?.'V i"'1 ' *''': ":a'1" " delivery ?f a sin-fle
Or ,e ?f st'"k <" "ny ons? a. I have.
V-To Whom? A. I rJoa'l know
QUotatt'0'"' th'n r"'"* "ff fr0m *?'** tlrkor '????*??*"?
tale* " ?f *,0'k wh,ch w'r" supposed to be.
Mttadtk fr?ra 8t" ''ou,s' ?""' ,llf* wnneHH *']'
vane lhal lh' ' wtn t**t**** by hlmaelf in ad
Bf_t''' ar"* thft* 'nen bet on the number of the
?--^quotation that would appear. He denied Ihat
Wim hu" ev'" v""""* hi* "'??**
*?n 8. reader, of No. 68 West Tliirty-nlnth
st., swore that he wa* a director In the company.
and that when they had'the place uptown Captain
Sch mitt bei per and another man came on- .lay.
Hs saw what they wert doing, bul he didn't de?
mand any money for allowing them to continue.
HI..1 he made no attempt t<> prevent them ti..ni con*
tlnulng; bm they went sway soon after, neverthe?
less, simply because the place didn't pay. Ha ad?
mitted thai they had Leen driven out or Ran fran*
CiSCO, Chicago and Hillie City.
william Craig, a vi. Hm of the -taine, testified
that he had lost $:<?,". in the -dace, Hid when he
complained to Acting Captain Hogan that official
asked him to seek a warrant. He did so, bm Jus
tlce Kyan. In the Tombs 1'ollce .'oort, refused lo
grant a warrant. The police, he said, could wall;
in there at any time nml Ret all the evidence they
wanted, but they hadn't done aro.
Mr. Moss in that case, Superintendent f'.yrnes
could have Issued a warrant.
The ("halrman -How many similar [laces are
there around there? A.?Oh, there are plenty of
Acting Captain Hogan was then brought forward
by Mr. doff, and Informed In the presence of the
committee of the existence o' gambling pincas tn
his precinct.
"If they ar.* open one hour longer," said Mr.
Goff, "we will hold you responsible for theiri "
Captain Hogan lift Hie court, promising to do
his duty, and then Mr i'off scored ? bli; point by
quoting from the last report of Superintendent
Byrnes as to the condition of public morals tn the
city. The report said: "As to gambling, my In*
restigattons have shown me there ls no public
gambling in th.* city at the present time. There
may be isolated cases where gambling ,s carried
on behind bolted and barred doors, but in a cosmo?
politan city like ours Isolated cases of (ambling
will always exist."
Il was at Ihis point thal Mr. Coff read the In?
terview in regard t.. Brodsky, nnd .?ailed In vain
for thal notorious politician to rome and lake the
lodging-houses which are
whose wheels are set In
aboul election lime, were
The first rn in on th-' st..n 1
,i big, f.it German. <*r>>n
iiois- ls a typical Tammany "worker," and it vtn**
rather laughable to hear him confess that he. loo,
hal had a taste, and that fairly, recently Of a li.ir
police clubbing was like. When "I nele Dan"
Bradley ha I heard his story, he murmured softly.
"This is Indeed the Irony of late." and th..se wh..
beard the remark of thi:: genial reform Democral
from Urooklyn laughed heartily, Qronholx, vth..
is a powerful fellow, began to give his testlmon)
in a voice so low thai the Senators, nh'.iiy tired
out with similar behavior from previous witnesses,
crew angry, and "Uncle Han" exclaimed "I
Wouldn't like to live In (he bad air <.f New-York;
it seem* to have affected the iuurs of everybody."
The Witness said thal bc hal kept a lodging*
hon?e at N ?? i'i Bherlff-st. since last January, and
that he had a permit from th- Board of Health.
There were at present thirty lodgl r.** In the place.
Q.?Why did you refuse the roundsman admission
lo your house'.' A.?] didn't; ll was my private
house he wanted to gel Into, and sa i wouldn'i
let him he said he would smash me In the mouth.
Himself and another man then smashed me an i
hHiiirei me in th.* neck, and brought nie to the
11. lan *..-?t. station, where i wai locked un f..r
the night. ;>:.?! the sergeant at the desk would nol
allow me to be balle,| ,:;t. Tr..* next morn : c I
was discharged. Althone)*. Alderman Clancy tried
to Pall me out, they wouldn't let bim.
O.?You .-.mn >t tell from ? *-? to nlghl wh . >,,;.?
lo lgi rs ar- i.','Inc l.t.; a. No.
... And ?? iu t.av.- po permanent lodgers? A
ii no Buch thing as letting a r. .n: by
nh? A. No iii
ij Anl the man who lodges ti .-ri ghi arith \ >u
will noi lodge to-morrow night? A. So, slr.
Three women, "th'* wives : lottery kim*-*" Mr
cliff sard, were theil calli 1 and failed !?? answer I ?
th<lr name* which were liven to Chairman Let-row,
who will compel rh'rn !?. appear Their narri..* ur*
Mr- William Morton. Mrs I' E. I.uthay anl Mr
David Undo.
Frank Marline, a bootblack, t,,i i an Interesting
story. Frank wa* born in this country of Italian
Smile more eas. s of
simply vote factories,
motion each year al
cone into and exposed.
was Dietrich Oronhols,
parents, and he showed hirnsi-lf io be an un li
briant and determined tad, i'.r he followed up the
policemen wi > had beal n him with s pertli
which everybody who h.-ard his st..ry appreciated.
Lasl Mar.'.-i he (Mid fl'" for a -rani al Sixty*
seventh-st. and Thlrd-ave., with th- privll . ? f
shiniiu; tie- sinus of the patrolmen In the police
station. Captain Strauss is !n command lhere.
After ten days iii";, chased him away, and Patrol?
men <Jririn.-ii anl Looney refui i t. pay him what
th.-y owed. They both called him til.* nam.-* anl
beat him when he aaked for hi* money. Aft*,wari
when h.- made 'ri" s.n.). demand, he waa rn: I
and locked up with a friend of hi** "ii a Charge I f
(lithtln? ard disorderly conduct, and Justice \ ...r
his discharged them the nexl day. lb- complained
to Superin tenden I Byrnes, .ml even lind in.- men
Indlcte.i by l'n- Grand Jury, but thal ???.- h.- Issi
of it be .ver heard. Henry Heyman, a lawyer,
t.x.k RB fr..m him, and then told him lo .lr-.:. Ihe
case, because he wouldn't give lom ISS more, He
fell asleep while the cane wal on.
.1. Wari Olles, sun. ?lulen.|. nt of ii:.- Bowery
Mission, Na !"?'? Bowery, said he hal been ihen
for the last fourteen years and th ir the large
amount of Iraudulenl voting don.* near there .tas
a matter of c million tall*
Ellen ?'? Capell, a rather mllo-mannered widow
who did nol Beean by say means a ro**ah en nh
!-,ok:riK person to keep a. lodging-house In ihe
Bowery, swore, nevertheless thal she kepi on., ar
No. Sf* She charwed IS, IO aad I.ni*- a nlaht, hil
about tw*. dosen w.'iti. lodgers ar.l c.. re I
I lri.pl'. Staying lii-r.- from night to night.
(i. How irir.nv .an you accommodate altogether?
A Aboul i.ui'iy.
,. What i- tn" larges! number of lodger*
more lu wm!'-.- than in
,,,,.,- had? A V\ . hav
q ' Wai n Un- air m th ? parks becomes lo
(laughter.) A. V's. sn. (Mor-" laughter),
Sh>- said *v>" didn't I.nov, how man-, men bad reg?
istered from i-i' house, im! she pr imlsed to bring
l,,, books afl rr rei -.^ riio Mr. Coff then permitted
ui -r rec rsa. ano .\ir. uon men
.I...**, ph W. Kay responded to his name, and the
wat- In which Mr. a rt wenl ar him mal. it ap?
pear as though tbe energetic counsel had bu- game;
Put for tb. Brat i'm- probably s.n.-.- ih" Investiga?
tion bogan th" eioquenl candidate for Record r may
be said to have been completely "thrown rj rwn."
Thc examination hil n .t gone far when lt became
plain that th.- man who Kate the Information to
Mr. doff iiliout Mr. Kay was c'ther wilfully or In?
not ently lying. Mr. QoS thought he ha I one o' the
:,:?,- policy "?backet**** shoal whom so muck kai .n
testified already, out he turned out tu be th- Wrong
man. and th<n the ooubssI graosfully apologised to
Kuy, and said thal he *.v.,iill I.ll him privately who
had given him the Information.
"We have hal," sard Mr. (Soff, "our subpoena*
SSH Sra out all night with th" list of these harker
that has been supplied to us privately, and Mr. Kay
WSJ the only one (as we thought! that could be
served. There could be no better place for him to
vlndicute himself from any such imputation than
upon that stand, and he has don/ lt."
Mr. Kay had said that he had a printing pince at
Nos. HS* and 153 UeonarJ-st., that he had "The Home
and Country Magasine" In Tenth-*;., anl wa' ti ras*
urer of Cae Thom*-j in Meter Company, In Brooklyn.
(? Von ar. a member of b church? A .**?' >. slr,
.1 Kv*-. , .fl i" I.- i with a . hui a" A. N
except bs a Sunda; - I.; pcholsr. fLaughtei I
The Chsirm tn Wh: .'? 1.mpnatlc ' I ?"
you think it ri ?gr .?? ?:' i' to be a merni* roi a church.
\. No; but I in'- hesrd th,- matter of hypocrls)
bo .-ft.'ti mentioned that i do not pr";...s- to bs
among th" hypo 'rites,
A 171.000 l'l'N'li FOB Till-: COMMITTEE.
When asked If he bad h.-ard anything aboul a
I pool '?.?::?? mad. op by ti.- pollcj men of Ihis city
' to keep them from being examined before thia com
ni'-.,-, thc witness startled ihe committee snd the
a-r ilene ? v. uh the f ill iwlng repl):
??; h ive h. ..r i Ih il If cert lin ?? plc bs l paid fm,- j
OOO to this commute! 11 never would have iori- .m
In vest Iga tl n Into the subjei:."
Q. You never heard of a Bum of money being
spoin ii of to be given lo poll ??? off! -i^ to ac ?
Jual thal ver) en I? A. N i. 1 ?' m'l believe all 1
ni ,.r ..: all I rea I,
Senator Lexow sppeared somewhat excited, and
so did Senator Bradley, bul they could not gel
the witness where be got bis Information, ? ?cpi
,*n &-"-\.v
1 vv! ?& JB Mm
tha* be bad beard it casually on Ihe sidewalk In
Chambers Rt., snd, like ten thousand other i imor*
thai he ha I hear I, paid n itt ni on Io lt
Mr. ii..ff We wanted lo know all thia because b
- ilwa i ta ml -foul . tart of the truth
B. nit.,' Lexoa i threk vt.- can "ian i thi
l-"r.ir.l Wolf, who keeps a lodging-house al No. MO
Park Kow, said thal be openi l rt five weeks
f..r the Itu i-.v. sei Brewing Company, lt" had nol
bli books with bim, bul promlsi i to bring them
after reces Th! Inquiry waa then adjourned inti!
- ' ;. m.
Frank Prince, a young colored man, wai he tir-t
wltneaa calli i bj Mr Goff after the i ?? is, and be
waa In the charge of s keepei wno had brough! him
from the penitentiary on lila kwell'! I ind He
said b" in 1 !" -n sentenci i io ihe penitent irj on
August Ji. for -Ix rn mths, on I rge ..." keeping
a dlsorderl) house ai No :;:? E-t*l Nu
Bl Before ihat he ha 1 kept . I
No, JW ila-: Nlm I H live (I in
the v ail man I ; iptaln s '.-. Ittb ?.
Ihe Kast Right) ? Ightl it. pol ld d.
? ri .tl ti n ll ?
' . pay, hi ? lan I, an I lan r he was ari
I'-:- -th". Uni r. ??. ,u, i . 'ampbi ll ll ? |
ti-.it hi would make tb.
..: 1. ru h ??: ?? ? In the i I* -.: i, an I >t??? ? . . ?
? Im to ihe ; tat! ih-y tonk 1
peal ?*<? ? ? ? her hou
Tr., n Ihe .' iptaln sal . * ? . .. i
aitend io him
?. '*?'? ? ? .hlch you n
A l .? a- kl ke i Ini i
a:. I be it'-n rm the he id Wll
? i ? ? ? said he oug .: to kui. rn) he i I off.
... w v-n wa< Ihat? '* tl ail ? w ??
i.. \V :. tl .*, ? lune w ' . . ? . ;
A lu::,-., da) -
After Pi In * had ti i ' ? : he wa ged an I
k I ..?a | '- ' ??? pris :? kei ;???
S-irr-: ggei who k. .-;.. B lodi - '
nr*n at No. Kl How. :
In hr* house and in i! rai ?? of 120 , :.. v h al
pi. in.-'i ....r. i fr .in Hm bous-i ii I yeal ia fa
aboul fortj men havi register*1 fr..m the
thi* year Trigger produced some ol bia books t.
sboa lhal in.-r- u.-r-* m.,-. who were
"regul ? . I the sal aftei
I'rank i:-iv. ii 1 . keeper of the lodglni
No |H Boa ... lei :,* I thal Ihi
' ? an i aboul ilsl . ? the hou*. Ile
km w thal I ? ? ?
to ll..- i ??,;,-. VV hen thi I
. !? i k ha . ? hi I. Igi r i -a i ll ihe ?.?....
the name of ll rho declared tl il
tv. r.- i I. placed oi police ||?| i; t
ward i; ive thi :. im< of a numb, i ..f m. ?, s h ? had
i ? ? ? nlging regu li
Mi Goff tonk ?:..- books of ?? .-ral lodging-houses
for examination
LUC) .1 Harri-, a > .ung ? ololl r tt. niau, .th I had
Pi..;i brough! from tl., workhouse un Blackwell'*
Island Pt a keeper, was .-vt irn i- a wltm is and
questioned by Mr Ooh*. She I" '.rvliiK iii-.
months' t-riii r.u loitering In thi Shi .: I
-h.- had been I ral dlsordcrl
in the ell . an . at ..li of ihem she had been ni
lo pa) ll a .-? ?.. for m.- police Th.hi r ?
in the i had to pay thi nam.
i' Wh.ii you walked Ibe streets, did you hav r..
pay the policeman on the post? *. I did not, bul
I often saw other women pay the officer
Mi. <;..rr This ls a revolting page in?
di oppre sion and corruption, bul ih.-r-- has been
: a regulai lax upon Uk women who are al
lowe<l by thi police lo walk the ttreets at nlghl
lt has U ? I h. isl I foi yeal
The witness wu* li I on lo I. .1 aboul having rob
1""1 a mu. of Usu at No IS! Wi ii Third I The
man complained lu Policeman l'?rrlgan, who went
to ih-- I,- , . md said thi ii".'. \ must lie given
Up Hi g. r the mon. '.. bul did ii il sive ll I
man who hal been robb .1 Thal wa about a year
ago Th. wai . di li i live ..: Il ?? M. ? ? i i i ? :. -?
n afterward arr. ted her on Un complain) --f
lin* mail, .ii 1 til- r.i ir. ?)' i, IS s.-r r ? ? the pr. | -
. li rk Bl Pi ll lb.el-,'inn rs I h.- deli rllvi ,?? ?:
sun li ! th.* man \: ho ha I been robin tl iii| ir
again*! i?? . wh i he v.... brought lo tbe Jerri i n
Market Pollci ?' in .'il ihe was discharge*) b>
Judge Hogan I. ? rummel shi ia I'.ni.ni. itv.,
told hei tl."i. war some mone) foi her al ih. fen
tia' Office Whe wenl there ttllb him and I ,
lal nain on a pleri ol n .,???: "i Which WHS writ
Im something sboui tHO Then she m-clved tin
and a a - sen) aaa) Afterward she ...? iii i ?? ..
gan of havli ?? tak n Ihe resi of the il i, bul he
denied lt
>.i I lt the practice nf thi len clive of a pre?
cinct to tell "ghosi ? ? ? ni ik com?
plaint "I ? ' ir have Ix en robin I In ? i ': '? ? i?es '
A Vi - bul "e mi n hal? ten-?? ? rion.- i noi ?,?
... - oi.
I ?!?;: i.' : : I : liv VT" WITH Ri BRERS.
I,. Vitia) lo leiectlve* ta) to men who have
been robbed? .'. Th-** sa) lhal Ihe woman cannoi
be found, lhal ll alli be a disgrace lo Ihelr families
,?,:?! thal rr shod i in a warning noi In ro n. such
i ?. And some tim. i hi mi n | i awn y ' ,\
11 Whai h ipi" n- in such ? ? ? A Th* n Ihi
den ... ? ? hall ? I n h il was ? lolen fn m the
... Whai a ??! 1 have been youi share of ii..
$;v. ir ihe man you ribbed In Ihat rn?u had g ? .?? I
away ai I mad' no trouble sftti Pu Iel ??? hid
t.iik.-d I ? him? A i woul i i >? ?? gol |4*i The
Sum 'ii . :. . k> pl Ihi li" !*- H 'Ul ; hrlVn had III" I
san, . un I :'..? iii l-l ?:. would h?v. ,- ?' '?? >
Pi .* w Itnei nail] n ha.) been sen I :.. the Island |
lei ri! time*, bul she had nol always served li r
:.???ia Jacob llerllnger, s lawyer, had reured
. ? di ? hi' .?? "? .i lons when : e a ?
itali tu p.'1 lo gel away from Ihe 1*1 in i
INFLI'ENCE OF '* I.aw viii:.
Hattie l-rdyne, a young negress, who was ctiled
wltnesri, a r. . i. I from he a ork*
tn.ii-.* on tm- Isl in I "ii Thur dsy, although -h ? had
been sen ten ?? i >n September TA tor t term of Bia
months, Mi. Ooff wanted to know bow she bsd
been dlscharg d Bftei wrln?" less than a m nth
of h >r I'-i'ui. and ? t *< iki ihi - i.- I th il "In?
fluence of s lawyer" bad lomethlng to do ...'li her
i, lease, She deel ir ii thal she bsd been srr lcd
I":' linns In i ???? ' >' ITS anl als ni..nih* She had
been an Inmate of ? disorderly house in Qreene-st.
for a iiu-nl" i ol yeara bul aft'-r rh" hoii-i,- w..*
closed she had walked the streets and had beei
r.s;.d frequently Policeman Churchill had br a ten
h. r al ons trure. i,,n after she bad made i com
plalnl '' Inspectoi McAvoy, ..; ike C ntral Office,
the j. ii-.-iiiiii .-ni |B t. ber and she waa not
molested f..r Beveral months She lil nol pr..?s tbs
complain) agalnsi Churchill.
i.i vhi sat vou vt.-re arrested 102 times. How
many times wen you sentenced to the Island? a.
in n.ui "V. ry (asa.
y I'id you go to the Island'' A. N... When I
was SentOCed for a month I pall H.". lo the clerk
nf tin- Jefferson Market Court, and was allowed t.>
gi un k io Um str.-.t. i have naen sent to th
Island only .lulu lim.-* lo gtl th.-r.
(*.. ? I'll you pat in .r>* than ll." at any time? A
Yes. I hate pall as hlKli BJ KS to Lawyer Webb
to (-.-I ..ff w.ieii I was sellten.'ed f..r it tear I
p.lld four fines In one week and was arrested the
fifth time. Then I did not have Ike money, and I
Herve.I ten days.
Q.?How many limes have you paid money to
Lawyer Webb? A.-Thirty or forty time*.
Q.~Have you paid according tu the length of
the sentence? A.?Not alwaya; be made me pay
rn .re when he thought I had the money.
y.?And when von < .."I I pay, you were able to
go back to the street' A.?Tea.
..ir-. Goff. Thia ls a continual sowing and reap?
'.' Do \i i also have to pay for ball when you
ar-, arrest) i- a.- We can get > ail at any time by
paying 16 to the --. i -cant al ihe desk at the po*
llCI statlr-n.
(.'.?lt...** th.- sere.*int furnish ,1 bondsman? A.?
Tin* < t<>. ir iii j. n n a runner !'?>: a liquor-dealer who
gives ball for us.
The wi tne*' waa Induced t" tell who had Be?
ean i her release from the workhouse on Thurs?
day. Shs s.n.I the man ita- "Mik. " Stake, and
lived al the Stock Tard Hotel, In Wesl Sixty
fourth-st. Bhe e\|?cted t,, pay him money for his
services, she said. She also admitted thal sh" had
stolen a diamond pin from a man s t a yean
ago, and she said sh.* gave the pin to s cap tin
et rhe Prlnce-st police station, who afterward
?'?? :;'.- Dennett, In iii" employ .-r the com?
mit*-?*, testlfii I thal he had examine.] the dis?
charge papers ii, the eas** of the colored woman,
and later had tall ..I .tiru Webb, ile- lawyer. Webb
hud said the) !;? secured the release .>;' persons
from the island I ? ii,lil for Ihem.
Then ih ? sp i tal ir In the courtroi rn w re treated
io a pathetic bul p >astng spectacle. Three v-e'i
dressed ar i bright looking children two girls ano
a r."\ had been brought Into the room, and the
boy had climbed "ii the knee of Prank Moss, of
the committee'.iel TM*! were tha t'ir<->.
? Mi.ir.t i.f v:,-, ri. ni:-il, the poor woman who
recently ten il ile. I thal she had been aent to the
Island on a fal ? charge beean ?? she had been up?
ai.I- to pay money demanded by Detective Hus?
sey, ..f the l.. l..|i."t-sr. police station. The * I II
Ireti had been taken aw.. Hom her al the lime
..f her Imprison men I by agents of Mr. Derry's so?
ciety, and had :> ?? n placed In ihe care of ihe He
brew Sheltering Ai m ?
Mrs. I":-, hitt.il was also In thi courtroom, laugh
ind weeping by turns. Mr. OofI said:
"We have n ? leasanl duty to perform We have
here the chlldr. n of Mrs. Urchlttal, who hav. been
ni iii" care of the Hebrew Sheltering Arms. Ar
our rt-nii.--r. ti.th er.-* nf that Institution have
made an Invi iilgatlon, and they have found that
Ihe charges whl h the poor woman was Im
prisoned if i false, and thal sh., ls a woman of
. i chara, ter Thev hat.- dei Ided, without tin*
p.-rirn-. ul Mi ilerry, to restore tne children
I., iheir mother, and this result s due, in great
pan, to the efforts of > ? r111.,t- Cantor, n member
of ti. ? mmittee. Thin r the il. -; time, >,. far
as i !,!!..?. i >the -...i"r \>a~ formed, that
children hat* been voluntarily given up after be?
ing commit t. I to Its cai " . - one illv< r lin?
ing to the cloud lt i Ive ? us ph-.i**iin- t . have Ihesi
I ren i ' ? - ' ? ' .tner."
Mrs. I'rchittal ' rd, and she fell ot,
h. r kn.-.-- Ile aug ii hr chll Iren rn hei
arms and hugged and kissed them al the same
time weeping li expres* her Joy, and making vain
effort:, to thank rho commltti ? ami coui
The committee ? -,. i recess until next
W. . ll,. - la* al IO I' . III.
tim: .*..MMis-i"\i:i:- K-M1-- TWO \SD VIS'.:
i . . !: . melts I IR A.-s V UTS AND
. TH KR " ItAOKOrs. \. "i |. ?*;.-.?
Ai ih.- mi Mini f th i al rd - ''-rd i y
afternoon Buperlntendenl Byrnes n idi . rei "! up*
B atrikli -..in ik< r*< In
Rutgers Square several days ag Pn Ident Martin
- i ?! thai 'n ?* ? ??? ? ' fad r' ?? .: permit had
rant. I lo the tr,:., r- ro hold .. p ir i li
should li.te allowed Ihe s'rikera to assemble
without ? ? ? promised
.iimii.? i Invest .railon on i i<
r it roi mi ? Albert '* lordan of tl Killala th-st,
f. He ? .
irged with n ' In an ap*
pll< atlon I iVhlle on leave he
v. i - arrested foi rderl) conduct Patrolm in
Mlchai .1 ? ? i. n ? ?
tt : . \ i - ?
??? ? .. . ? Patrolmen Will?
iam I Bull nd Patrb-k J Delim
1.. ,i. , ? id were found guilt) ol I
tia . ? ? ? i car . on luetor, l >i
j ts IS lill*, ir. lit. I it *-,
I , ? i 111 Bel 1' i"
: ? . -.*. ed ten
.:.n-i' ,? n I'atrolman David Davis, ol the '1 ?
loin, ttl lie ?-1 t> ?: rat**' pit for' reina In a tiar?
ra ni Pall .In. i" I. ? Heyer, of Rtdrld
? , , ? . I ''., i ?,. i ;.-,:.. , ,
1,-r. a tim ?? : '''i nan Edmund
W. Ill ;:,-?? in .. ii Ired m : fourth-si .
Bras fined Rvs 'lays' pay foi ion*; vile language
' ' '
... port 1
th. ii: il ..; ; i tiona for retlren
? il, ?!- wh :. ,.uiii. up befon the . ?om?
ni! isloi ? il -lr I isl m." ii g Mi ll) mes re
ported that A* ey Wi Kin.m
ha I examined the mil iles "t the pr."dings ol the
l.'\.-w -' ..ii.-i. ? ? and thal the)
i ? . the bringing of
, hargi ' .... ,| it-Mi ..ii. in
tl (ll Mal H-i.!'. M Ar-ll" Who
tt.i* accused ,.r beina In leagu with .-?? *n-goods
men, Mi Wi Hman said lie ? ?? idvlse pla
lng thi . f ?? ..ri trial Mi Ryrnes' report wa*
? . . Phi ? neni ? ? ' taken up al
ARRAXOEMENTB FOR THE I ' ni:i: 11. ' ? .1* Miss
iri.M"'. Ell I lt" 'M BE v ail .'.
I I . TO l:l!""K!.YN
The bodies Of Ml" Mao >* Duff, Of No. MA '".'.Il
and bei han *, Blletl L. Tun*, of v H
wbo were found di ii In a bathhouse a!
Bes f'llff on vv. ines lay, wi re ri m. red to the r
nomi ' In Bi iklyn ? ? lei lay. The furn ra'.
of M is i'i''. will ? ik- place al St. Ann's Episcopal
? a m to da) '': Ite ? i'. Alsop will
officiate, and ruc nut tal tt ii; :. In Oreen wood In the
! Ol
The furn ral of Mr Titus a III b pi Ivati ly eon*
lin ted to-da). al tr.. I-, en, ol his aunt. Mr - Ho. Ix
kin, tt here li ha I ? ? i vrral yeal Iii i Iso will
? i in tireen a*, od
So new light war ihrown ui ni il,.- tragedy yes
le '. i\ The s ' -;. - show?? i thal h. . I
... ? M ? Dun lea th. but whi
? ? pl t or ll . not be told.
: re was a nail via form In I he pi kel
lat S Vlr Tun- w i"
Then * n ? Mik of a double fun. ral, bul the
fir. ..I lld nol a ? up a ' ? details The fam ly
. . M.-s I "liff desiri li 'i. mles, .... I
friends of Mr. THus wish d to have onl) private ser
? - - ?
/" III i U THE SI I UK I I YB ll ER E.
ARi HIHHIIiiP ''? .i:i:i>: '-. \ .-' st ? '? I'.-s IN -'? I IIIN ;
t ii: IN. '1| OF i i.i: i iRI?KI* i- IR CEW ,? IRK
%rchh inp t'on ian kai i rived the answer to
Ihe letter which be - ni to the Rev. Abbe Colin,
head of Ihe Bu Ipi dan i ir li i of Pi li ii In i 'ana 11
Tn. . ;? ir. ral Chapter of Ihe Bulplcians mel In Parl
i-'i.iu, . i isl ni ml ir. an I di cWed to hal e i
;. tn ordci ... Sea foi '*. i "111
Aboul foul tn iii ago the v- hh kop ???. i il - a.
: ?. ettei i \l.'olin, o! Canada, isl
lr) ti-- tab "h a bran i ol irdei In this cit)
Th *.? ht i. I- promise I iii" Abbe* thal li" would
build i lem ii ii y lo Ire pul .n i ti ii ge ol the Sal
plclans. T, , li . ph used i ?? ll be, an I he i >l i. i
I,, pul the letti r bofoi e the tleni ral Ch ipter "f the
Kulpi, ian ' it l??!. ah,.*h mei In Pr ince
IP- al- . pul H i. fore th (iraml Council of the oi !??:
In lioth .r??? * li mel i\ nh I appr .tai of
th.- Bulplcians. The . ? I i.li "Iii h -v. Iwo
Ku.piclar -? mini. Ifs bulli ir. Cincinnati and San
I- rand
The nea seminar) which Archbishop Corrigan has
f.u t.-ir-* pas' been building outside of hi- ep
(Hil .itt. will be rh" leene il I ie Hulplrian labor* In
hi arch Ho. es Th tralnlnj i ? ? '- I . I al stu*
dents : thu ;. li..?.',. il work thi Bulplcians engage
in The maj rll) ul the . 'ain ilk- Ch ireh llgna
in,., of America hal , I theil com se of study
In Un- Institution* of tlc Bulplcians,
.v fair tt.il I- :??. i next year In the Industrial
Palac , ai ahi h s hun li ??! churchs of thi
.ml neighboring towns will be represented, The fair
ls in aid ol un building fund of th n. .t Catholic
m ulnar)'. The coal of the seminary will probably
be ll.00O,??.
The Bulplcians' prop-itv In Mouin al ls value I al
?,... i.irflu Theil *.'n th arises from the fact that
ihe) at one time owned nearly Ihe whole Island on
which M mtreal wai four le I.
The temporary officers and crew ... the battle*
ship Mains, wblek had Ita successful trial on
Wi ii,, -dag, have alien.ly Lien ordered back t"
their perntanent assignments, and have lefl their
quarters on lbs Maine, Captain Runes also hud
lof* the yard y.-aterday. and Will so .ii make bis
report. AK day the workman were burry taking
the stun."t of Hiv Main-, nd lin* v.-ss.-I Brill
.,o?.ii be put in charge of ths Bklpkaeper Tba an.
gtnocra who are teorklng rai the data obtained
.rn iii.- trial 'ri;, raster-lay expect lo bo through
Pt- to-night, and than lt anil ba known really bow
line a record ihe battleship made.
The gunboat Castine is expected to no into com?
mission on Monday afternoon al J o'clock. Her
officers ni" nready In th.- yard, prepared t<> tak..
up th.-ir quarters on ths vssaeL stu* arill probably
be ian in drydoi-k In a week or s... io ot.ian. some
data "regarding her kool area, stability, atc
Th.* coast-defence vassal Mlantonomoh has her
coal on board, and this morning al IO o'clock will
?ail for Philadelphia and go oul of commission
us soon ns possible ai League Island.
Admiral Msada, With the I'olphin and Cincin?
nati, ls expected ba.P. at the yard this inoi'iling
from the celebration at Tarrytown.
in a Bull brought by Winiam k. Wilder against
George H. Kendall, o' th- New-York Hank Note
Company, which was on trial yesterday before
Chief Justice Ehrlich and a Jury in the City ("our:,
rather sensational chat-gas were mads by Kendall
.'f a conspiracy ent-r--., into by th,* plaintiff and
..Ih.-r person* to ruin the New-York Hank Not.*
Company. Willer, who I* ,i member of UM law
linn ,.f Hull. Him; & Wilder, *ues to r-.-nv r
n.S*S, which h.* claims to be due him from *<??:: lill
foi- fees snd disbursements. Among the witnesses
wini have I'"ri subpoenaed, lt I < sail, are Russell
Sage, William ll. Crace, N. .-:. Hill anl A. II.
Calef, all of whose nairn-s were freely used in the
tri*! of th" e ise t .-serday.
The sr,irV mid i,v Mr. Wilder In his testimony wa*
: ? the effect that darin-- th- month, of .Inn'. UM,
he was retail!" I by Kei"! i'l to ac I ii* counsel in
certain actions, and that he recovered for his ser.
vic i "l:ly I5IM,
K ndall .limits that h.- retained Wilder, hut de?
nies thai be ev r inr.-.'d t. pa] f"r tie- services,
ll" la ms rh it h.- was to advance *.',. i) for the
if th*- preparation of several suits, an I thu
Wilder wis r.i receive as compensation for his
services th- amount of damages he recovered.
Th!* forms bul th" minor par; of Ken.la.l's de
fen ?. in th" answer, whtch he has filed t.-*- his
lawyer, C. A I), itu:, be .-hare..:-, that be is the
.i.-'im ..f a conspiracy, '''h.- inswer sets forth that
Wilder entered into a conspiracy and waa one of
?',?? ir stlgatori ,,f a plot to ru'n the Sew-York
Hank Note Company, <>f which Kendill claims to
..wu th.ntrolling Interest. This, he says, wilder
.dd while acting a-' his counsel
Af a ii *-.ilt of this alleged plo- Kendall alleges
that th*, plaintiff and his fellow-conspirators wrong?
fully diverted th., business ->' the Sew-York Hank
Note Company to other anl rival companies in
which Wilder hil an Interest. It ls further eharirel
by Kendal' tint while Wilder was neting as bia
counsel h.- wa** b'.bo acting for his fellow-conspira?
tors, and secured an injunction restraining Kendall
from withdrawing his deposits from certain Institu?
tions, in this ..t iv. Kendall says he was not able
to make un hi- payroll, and nays that hy reason of
all these thing* the ea;.ital **t",-k of the Sew-York
Bank Note Company, amounting "> M50.000, was
greatl.t i|i precl ?.!??'! In value.
Kendall iliege* in tht an*wer that, neting under
the wrongful a,ivie.- of Wilder, he was Induced to
pay to Russell .-..ure Si'.."", to William H. Grace
Mk", to A ii Ca'ef 13.000, and to S. B. Hill tl.ooo.
H.. iys thal 'lil- money was used to .hvert the
business ..f th" Sew-York Hank .v..;.* Company to
rival companies and to depreciate its -*oek.
The case wlil 1..- continued Monday.
11! I NS. I Tl.. I .V'/'/ r' TRA I 'EL I. AV.*.**'.
PARgEN'OERg WHO vvti.i. sui. TO-DAT OH OIT
The Cunard steamer Campania, sailing today
for Liverpool, takes out among her passengers
Mr, ml Mr*. H. I.. Allan, B Btanley Hrown. Lieu*
r .'. . i. <' Rowen, Mr. and Mrs, 1-*. H. Pel
Calvo, Mr. and Mis. P. de Ccrkes, "edouard de
Cerkes, John Campbell C. H Clarke, .v:r. anl Mrs.
George \. Draper, Frederick W. English, Theodoro
Frrllnghuyaen. Albert Franck*, Mr and Mrs.
.ian..-: W, Hil'. Captain mri Mr-, il. ii. Hatfield,
the Rev. lohn M Harrington, O. B. Hargr-'avea,
Mr. ari.! Mrs. g. de Jonge, Mr. and Mrs Join VV.
May. Mr and Mrs Musgrave Morris. Jti'iai W.
Robbins, S. Irving Tolman, Slr Joseph Trutch, W,
lt Troy, th.- lie. and Mis. h. is. \\\ Whitmore,
ail i' Vanaga,
Th" French Line steamer La Champagne, sall*
I r Havre, takes oul among tor passengers
Mr an I Mt- M , * ? ? '??-. I. Artaud. l-l. I-' I -
Camayo, Mrs Margaret i: Safely, Mr. ml Mrs.
. li ill, M I Kl I.y. Mr and Mi-. V. t. La
i ? Mi A. i: lauistng, Mr. an! Mr- ll >i. Me.
\ ckar, fi- Rev. 1' Riva, Dr. and Mrs. v Frem :;?
.- Mi- it. c. ton der Smith, Mn Katharine
Th.- North German Lloyd il amer Rms, sailing
for Rremen, t.ik>-- ..ut among ber passengers A. M.
Donaldson, Adolf von Ehrenberg, John I. Ester*
brook*, Charle von der liei.it. John V. Rathbone
and Mr nil Mrs August Steffen
Among the paksengera sailing to-day on the North
German 1.1. vii steamer Werra for Genoa are Oeorge
S Adi,..!,. Mi and Mrs Sidney M. Colgate. Thomas
A lui.-.nd. Pr Frank H. Greenough, the p.-,.
Rosai Sa ? Mr, ind Mr*. Henry Soel Potter,
lu Nathan iel iv Hotter, the Rei Willard Parsons,
11 .t Harsons anl pr Augusta Btowe-Gullen.
c.. Spaarndam, i-.i Rotterdam, tak*-s out among
h.: puss ngers Mrs Brulnlng V D Rergh, the Hey.
P. Hippolyte 'I'.;.-'. Mr. an I Mrs. Charles de la
v . -.- tis, an l .lu itt" Morgan.
The Hamburg-Amerli ir; -*? imer Bcandia, for
Hamburg, t.;k"- ":t ..ni.-:;.- her peas ngers Major
Hi . . C iri Iii.- Mrs Joseph li Butler, an 1
Fer lina
V:: .m; tri.-., sailing i u the tnehor Liri" *t.'.un..r
Rthlopla, ? ? Gla r sr, ar David Bmlth, H. S. Bur
: rs - and Mr and Mr-. H. S Lem
Among th.- passenger* arriving h-r*. *? iterday
..ii th.- White Utai ?teamei Britannic were th.
Rev. M Pan. Colonel R, Garnett, Norman ll.-:
the Rev J Kirby, Ihe Rev. .1 M. Whiten.
th ? Rev .1 Mai:.ill*, th" Rev. .1. Solan. Mr. and
Mr* ,i .tm i nt. n. Mi ail Mrs J I' Palmer, Miss
Palmer. Mi- ll A V Post. J. C, Hath! .rn... K A
di i.i .-'nv the Rev Montague Scott. Mr. anl
Mrs i' il Traak, l' Yan Schanck, Manuel Velas?
quez vv Webb, ll '' Banister, Mr. and Mrs V.
Hatty. Mrs Harry Blagrave, Pr. A Boultbee, the
Rev .1. I-' Brady, Mr.*.. .1. M. ie Brun anl Mr. and
Mrs. J. Il Huck.
i ', n M Bowers, representing HuK-h J. Grant, the
? ..i.-r, made i motion before Justice 111re**11. in
th.- -"ipr-ni" Court, Chamberr, yeaterday for .tn
order lo pat another IB per cent to rh. creditor**)
of th" St. NI.-bolas Hank rn addition to th" M
per ceni already paid. Frank J. Marrar, repre
t the hank, oppose.I rh- motion. Justice Bar*
vldently did n... like th" way rr*.::;.-s were
going, fdr h" said there waa evidently in effort to
itmi up the "ink's affairs Illegally, and counsel
u,i l been in collusion t.> Iel th" matter drifl alon'.;
1 representative "f the Attorney-Oeneral's office
a.-.-I Justice Barrett thai f.i- affairs were t.. be
? i ii;, according to .statute, .md the Judge said
.? ii .-. he would ur .I. t'oiy sij-u the
... r-i" '..j. isltoi : ?? i? kepi oul of
their monej long r than necessary. Air. <*.not has
n..,t ti'.;?i.i?". ai..i th" L'n per c i.: will probably soon
??... :., .-I. li: c -
--a* -
\ m a ,.ii ?.*. ia in ti" before Justice Barrett, in the
Supreme Court, Chambers, yesterday on behalf ->f
the .; .rh.un Manufacturing Company, W. *;? J.
.-"loni-, .md th** Phoenix Manufacturing I !omp .:r\.
? , compel Mrs Lilli ? ?' Karl >, a ?(?? --f General
Ferdinand P. Earle, to give a larger bond on *her
Injunction agalnui them preventing them from fore.
ng "ii th- ti:'-!.'1", mortgage on th" Sormandle.
They allege tha* th.* taaes for 1893 ind 101, amount.
Ing to fio.wio, have nor i""ii paid David Gerber,
representing Mi- Karie, said his client would give
a larger bond ll ne-cesiary* Decision waa reserved
Ail.,n>. Oct. ::' The motion calendar in th.*
duri ..f Appeals f..r Monday ls Koa MT, sis, ws,
-.1. sT" teZ, Bil, KO, tit, "Tl. -*?>'. and x77
Buprr .- .'"in Oeneral Tann R.*?*
sn ,,!,.. I'ourt Chambers llefors Barrett, .1.?IVrirt
..; rn* ni ". to ,i m m -u .na
i I,,nu .-,,.,ii pun iii lie-ore Ingra ham. J.? (Taleadai
f. ,- Kalunl i. railed >t I0:>l .. m.
Superior ("nun Hpeelal Term llefors iilt.l**n?I...*t e. J -
. ur| . ,.. ?. a. lo a ll* Moll ..I-.
Huirngats's i?".in it-ambers wm- r>r probate: lin.in**!
I binney, David l*Slm->r, Pranel* Oumul. al lo .to a, ni.
I'ummon Pleas Npeclal Term llefors Olegrrteh, .1
I-, ,i,a , ;,, ?!. ,,l 10:80 a. Ill M ai. a*.
.-nt .'..un Special Term llefors Newburgsr, J.?Coan
,1 lo a 111 M .It'll*
RETRACES appointfd.
iMipn-m.- Court
ll) lim Lil. .1.
Maaterson va Rider and Drtvev PahUakasg CO.?Aa
Kus'us .' Hrown.
Km.-h. ? ai rs. Oosaetl Henry \V. lackstt.
Btrauas ra ContentlB Timm:!.* Allissa.
i'.>niin..n Pleas.
i:y Qlsgirlck, J.
T.v.'.l.ll" t* Tw.'.lll" Hus-.ll ll.-iie.llct.
B] Pryor, J.
M.lulu*.- tn. M.nil."" Donald M. I.'*nn.
Sllpi-I i.u- i'..un.
Ity M. A.la m. .1.
,\ (..ii v*. Imffev Aiir.ui.tui ll. Vanderpoel.
Tli..ni|.*..li tit. St.nair t'lmrle* I.. Illly.
#r gapes ass Coast.
lit Barrstt, ,i.
i',- pie, ste., tra Mutual Beaefli Ufs AsBo--latisa**-E*ad
The children who read "Harper's Toing People*'
are raising a fund to erect an Industrial h.'hool
building at Good-WI'. I Farm, Maine, where homeless
boys aro educated. The children will hold a "Hound
Tanto" at Thlrty-*ieveiith-nt. and Fifth a*** on Pe
ii-nil.er 7, >i and lu. Several hundred dollars lu
prizes will be niven for exeelleiiee In needlework,
photography, et.-., uni the prize articles will be sold
iii alu ot the fund, which w'll be divided equally
I."tween the school and St. Mary's Free Hospital
f,.r children. A number of attractions will
the "Hound Table" popular.
An ineffeciual attempt wa* made yesterday after*
noon to kill the paying teller of the Astor Place
Hank, H. I'jmeroy iJavlson. Last Tue*day morn*
ing .Mr. Davison received a letter signed by Charles
Freeman, asking for r..(XK>. and threatening death
In case the raQuaat were refused. Mr. Davison at
once fient the letter to Inspector Mclaughlin, who
sent ffrttrtlra flurgaanl f'reel to the bank to look
out for th.- writer ,,f the letter, lt wan followed
by a postal-card, In walch the writer said that he
would call for th ? money In a day or two.
A second postal caine on Thursday morning, and
yesterday the man himself wa.ked in. D-tective
B*Y*"geaat Free! was nearby. The man was tall and
respectably dressed. Two women were stan.Uni* at
the paying teller's window wh. a he came in. He
pushed them to one side.
"I have come for that money." he sall calmly,
at the same tinta presenting a draft to the paying
teller and drawing a revolver. Mr. Davison called
to Freel and dropped to the tleor behind his coun?
ter. At '.his moment one of tho women fainted,
while the other ran s-reamlm: (Wt of the place.
Freel sprang forward and grabbed thc man's arm.
Freeman tire I to lire his pl-tol, but Free! had
Inserted his finder between the trigger and the
triger guard, which prevented Freeman from pull?
ing lt. After a short struggl" Freeman was knocked,
down and the handruffs w?-re slipped over his
The man ls unquestionably Insane. Moth his let?
ters and hi* eonversatlon show thai elearly.
L'ndarttaath the signature on the InM letter were
a rudely drawn bend and cios-dioncs, with the In
H'-rlptlon: "I'.o.l Almighty ls my Protector." And
then the writer name down to business again, for
he had written: "In order not to cause any panic
among the -leiosltor**., I shall only draw ll.***) from
one hank. Which caa easily be ma.le good by tho
Th- draft presented yesterday wa.* perhaps the
mos' remarkable effusion of all: lt read:
Wednesday. Oct. ll.
Astor Place Hark, after date, promises to pay to
Ihe order of Ood Alm'thty the sum o' R,IC4 when
presented i.\ Charles Freeman. Penalty If not for?
feit.- I. death.
Du the bark of the dra't was written: -'Notice.:
The .ir.ift Of 11.000 will be all I will claim from one
"Notice. I am authorised hy Cod to draw upen
all banks to whatever amount I see (lt, and the
penalty ro refuse me means thal I hav toe right to
shoot the person dead that refuses, end by the
power of God no man eau <-iv mv band.*'
.vi so .n ai Freeman had quieted down and the
paying-teller had managed t" re: bis breath, Free?
man wa*-, tah n r.. th.- leff-rsm Harket i'ourt,
?rhere be made ? crazy statement to Justice Voa***
"I hat-.* Invented a *-ure cure for ron*-i:n*.p*lon.
ss ld he, "and 1 nm going to build B b ms where
t ii te poor p- .pie csn go; that ls what I want the
mon* t- for. I kr. >w God welt and rh.-r.- ls only one
Omi, that is the reason whj they put nie out of Cte
s liv .r',,ii Army."
.ins";*.. Voorhls committed him I ? the care of rho
Commissioners of Charities and Correction hi order
that ii s sanity may be inquired into.
Freeman -aid thal he lived at No. M Firsts*.
Ai '? ,r number the landlady said ihat nhs had
known the man for about (Ive months. He hal
occupied a small room on the top fl mr. ll" w?i
quiet, .md never had any visitors, except his sister,
who waa a train. : nurse In one of tne .ty hos?
Tie epicurean delicacy from ihe fiah market
most sought after just nov- ate oyster .-ral s. They
reran in Um market at BM n quart, ot 134 coatn
an oun.e. The | rOC?S Of I rc;.-ir?:lion for eillt.'.o
r.nrt*o**-s. however, -aaiimousty Ine-ressas 'te value
of thi* gastronomic feast, and places Ihem even
above the much-talked of diamond-hack terrapin
in ihe matter oi expense. They are mada into a
soup or bisque, or an* fried In butter and served
In paper cases, ar a charge something bke
"ll r^i a tablespoonful," which, of course, is a mat?
ter of no moment to the "dead-game" spkrure.
Th.- late hurricane In the Mexican Ou'f played
havoc ??, ith the r.-.l snapper fleet, destroying a
numiier of resects and drowning many ttsh**r*u*>4*k.
Advices to i: ?'. Blackford from Pensacola, the
chief depot for thens popular tish, say that lt is
hoped to resume shipments of them, temporarily
shut off. within a fen days At present there
are no red snappers In market
Live carp are io be had in Fulton Market for
2'i rents a DOUIld. They arc sou.-ht afler almost
entirely I.y the Germans. These huh *-, me from a
pond on Loni* Island, which was the Brat pond
in this country -docked with carp i.y tbs Staie
Fish Commission. The Ash weigh from tlve to
twelve pounds
About 7".'??. pounds of halibut have been r?'elved
In this city and Moston from Vancouver, on Puget
Sonni. Th- shipment of theos hsh from the la?
tin, is steadily growing In volume every year.
l: i.e.lsh retail at !.'. cants a pound. Th.-ir season
is nearly over, but the Ssh caught now are tho
fat'.si and tlnest to Le found throughout tho
tear. They feed on menhaden vira ional**, often
swallowing ? big menhaden ? fool ion*; at ono
Apples ii.-., a bi' mor- ex; ensue than they have
Peen aa ilu* hardiir varieties reach the market
and the Winter draws near Selected Kings cost
at retail it'-'", a barrel; Jonathans cost the same;
Pound Sweets ar., worth *<-.'*.: Bheepnooeg or
Gillyflowers. I'l. and c.i.-eiilng*-. "fl fl* a barrel.
California peaches rf the Solway variety tn
si I'.lng a: the frull Btor t tor M cents t dozen, pears
of m.inv- varieties .-.m ba had ranging fr.im .">" cents
to ll ri donen Cornlchon grape* cost 75 cents for .1
1-pound box. and tokay*. H to ?>' ,-,-v* a \>i\. i'i
tawbS grip.-, ar.- soil at .'a cen!* a ba*-ket; Dela*
eran -. ::.'? centa; Niagaras, *g .-cuts, and Concords, 15
cents a basket.
Rhode Pian I gc*" cst ? cents i pound; Boston
spring n..sing* are quoted at ll cents s pound; wild
mongrel geese, IS cents a pound; broiling chickens
ii.- ti a pair spring luckllngs, :.' cents a pound;
breakfast broilers, ir. cent.; a pound; Vermont mut?
ton turkeys, JO cen:- i pound, and Western turkics,
14 md IS cms
In the.m.mer of game ti;, re ls a marked dlfT-'r
ence In prices in the tito big downtown markets?
Washington and Fulton. Canvasback ducks cost
IB90 a pair Iii Fulton and PM In Washington; mal
lards are il :."> i pair In Washington Market and >2
in Fulton; ruddy ducks sell for OM on the North
River and tj on the Baal River; teal are so centa a
pair ui Washington Market and H -"? in Fulton.
Partridges cost ti M and ii 75 a pair on th.* North
uiver an i I. on the Hast niter This proportion ls
maintained almost throughout the list ..f {tame,
lither prices ii Washington Mark.-t are; Brazilian
pheasants at il "'. a pair, English partridges f-j a
dozen, woodcock ll ."?') a pair and doe birds ld a
i*he pr'.-es ot vegetables ure somewhal higher thai
last w.ek. Long i-iar. i potatoes coal tiT*. a barrel
or II a bushel and ".'i cents a pck. Cucumbers are
a to 1". "nts each.
ron tue MissroxART corseti. -v hartford,
The Missionary Council of ihe Protestant Epis?
copal Church Will I* Md this year In Christ
Church. Hartford, Conn. The exercises of the
Council will begin to-morrow afternoon, and wi.I
continue until Wednesday ,'Vening, lt ;s ???;: ? ed
that delegates will bc present from every diocese,
In ihe country, and the Council prominss to bo
one of the most Interesting which have linea held
for many years. This dcliberaie bely of the
Kpisropa! Church meets twice In every three yeara,
taking the place Of tne (len.ral Convention, which
.onteiies triennially. Among those who will mi?
lln-: s the Council will be lltshnps Coleman, of
Delaware; Randolph, of Virginia; Coxs, of west?
ern New-York; Ferry, of Iowa; walker, ol North
Pakota: Talbot, of Wyoming end l.luho; Jackson,
of Alabama; whitaker, of Pennsylvania; lui,ll.y,
of Kentucky, and Donne, of Albany, lither speak?
ers will Include the Kev. fling ki ung Yen, of
Shanghai, ami Admiral Oeorge E. l'.eiknap, u. a. n.
.ludK'* llarrett, of the Suprem.* Court, yesterday
appointed Head MencPot receiver for the Mutual
lbnetlt Life Association of America, of No. ITU
Broadway, on tin- application of l>. puty-Attorney
Uiiieral Ilasbrouck. an.l also ordered the dissolution
of the company. The bond was placed at IK.OiJO,
and the Farmers' Loan and Trust Company waa
made the depository of the money which the re?
ceiver collect.*. According to the report of the In?
surance D-piirtment, the result of the examination
mnde on August 17 showed that the funds in pos?
session of the company amounted to |130.g?i, of
which 1110.572 was on deposit with the Farmers'
Loan and Trust Company as a reserve fund, and
the liabilities for mortuary cUima amounted to

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