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ACADEMY >>!?' MUSIC ?-? vi: Bhei ii
AMERICAN THEATRE 1 S In Old Kent'**.*/.
ATI.anti." OARDEN, 90 lo M Bowen Ev-nins t n
,.:-t and Vaud-rvllb ,
BROADWAY THBATRE-7-2 ? Ll Stratas.
CASINO 2 v I-*' 1 he Little Ti ,
ii.i.i MPis THEATRE '.' ** i*. "n 'ii- Bowery.
DALT'S THEATRE 2 S A Oalet) fl ri.
EDEN MUSE! 11 o 11 W .rid In Was
EMPIRE THEATRE - - IB The Pan':, st. ?,.
Up !" Dab
OARDEN THEATRE I l:15-Little Christoph?r Colum
** !.-. Dr .i.-ioil and Mr Hyde.
1IUYT'- THEATRE 2:13 *??"." A Milk TATilte Fla-*.
IRVING PLACE THEATRE - 1:18 to'ohlthaeter Ott
Mi na.
KOSTER A BIAL'8 I A'audevllle.
LYCE' M THEATRE '-' vi:. A Waj to TA n '*v
Trail. ' '
PROCTOR'S !?? .. m. lo IO "." p. rn Vail
STANDARD THEATRE - - ? T ?? Nen tl ??
STAR THEATRE I A The Mern Wlvei I Windsor,
lill STREET "' HK.'i'i li: -' Thi lt Isl AP_
3nbex to ^iJtifrnGcmrnte.
Pac- Pag '
Ami;.-, m. i." .' ?'M rte* ,v Parri igea 3 1
Ann nu, n nu .10 3 Hotel* .ll [j
Autumn Reaorti .. 0 Bi . ** ? ?
i . a un ger* . ?? * i *? and r ind ... JJ
H?ar.l ind I ? ?' ?*? vi irrlngi ? dr Death.* . _? ??
Bu*li hts Chances ,3 rr vi - ? ? io ? ? '?
Dan. Ing Ar idemlea H (I Ni ar P v '-'
DR i-!- nd Notlci '? ( ? ? ? . 5 '?
Dressmakin: . ?*> 3 p.llil - . ? "
Domesn.- Situation* Real Bstati .H r*-*j
Wanted ...3 0 *- Real Bal ita . 3 1-2
E.ir peen Advl i ll Haili .' ' ??
?excursions . ri I Kp. ?' N -i ? ? . . JJ
Pm,ni, lal .r. . B
Pinanrlal Elections.. !? t rea herr. . J ??
p... Ral*.?' 2?" Th. Turf .'?' '?
Udp Wanted .3 3'Wlnlet Rei rta. J
li..i-f* A Carri gei 'i 5 VV -1 Want. I . ?
Ch si nc-j* Hcmrr-s.
Roll Tup Desks and Office Furniture.
Great Variety ..f St>le a- J li lea
No. Ill Kelton-*;.. N. T.
*. year, fl moa S m**. 1 rm ;
Dully. 7 i**.-* a week.$lo.*n IA 00 12 30 $1 00 .
Dall*/, without Bundey.... v "" i"" SOO 00 Seta.
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142 Or>lumbua-are., n-ar Weet (lAth-et
10fl Wesl IT!.al . nea: flth-..ve
2(1 TAV^t 14-h-?t.. nea. nth ave
5.-.T Wee! 42d-?t . between 7'h an" 1th area
1fi7 lt' .,-. e , e, -n?r I4tp-?t.
1 H2*t "ld-aie.. between 7M'r* and 7*tt*i ate.
l.SS0 *i("ar? . b?.w?.n 70th and 77th ate
l.njr) Sd-are n?nr fl1*:-*i.
1,10 Kn?t 47"*-?t . corne.- Sd-ave.
tMl Bast I2.l'h-?t
2*\*> TV-ir ISAth-St.
M Baal t"^ st., nea* Mri*!*"n-nve.
1.7ns 1*t-ave., n*ar ?0'h-?t.
1f/i BA are . corner 47tt*-*t.
F.iridi-Ti ?-The. Czar's condition li reported as
Slightly less critical; he* ls said to be slowly
.<-ink 111tr. however, art'l Intense anxiety prevail*
throughout Europe. -: Th.- sji.-.-i.il s> aston >.f
the Japan.im Parliament vv.ts opened by th<
Emperor In person; Mils f .r Increasing th.- Army
and Navy vv. r>- Introduced. : - Rumors of seri*
otis differenn-s between Lord Rosebery arni the
Kari of Kimberley were officially dented. *"*"-"-**"***
An emblem sent by thr* Society <.f the Sons of
the Revolution was placed on the grave of
Domestic.?-Four masked men held up a train
In Texas and MCiired from 14.000 to 110.000.
Ex-Presldent Harrison began a campaign trip
through Northern Indiana, speaking at Fort
Wayne and otha r plaeea : Governor Mc?
Kinley left Cincinnati on his Journey to New
Orleans. ? Ex-President Relnhart and ither
?*x'fti-iais .f thc Santa Fe Railway and Sela
Morris, the .rattle dealer, wen Indicted for vio?
lation of the interstate Commerce law.
Congreaaaaan Iteed, of Main**, denied ha\ing
n ad.- statements about tha List Congress a:
trlbuted to him.
City and Suburban.?Nathan straus teitbdrew
from the Tammany city tlcjtet, and Hugh J.
Cram was named for Mayor in his place.
Ti-stimnny to show that the police had been !nx
an.l corrupt In falllnf* to suppress stock gambling
houses was given before the Lexow Committee.
Samuel Mooth. ..nc* Mayor of Brooklyn,
died In that city A monument .to th>
memory ol the Tarrytown heroes of the Revolu?
tion was unveiled in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.
?. ,?- The Grand Jury examined Police Captain
Bchmittberger and ex-Captain Doherty.
Th.- stock market was finn rand was s:r,nu al
tho close.
Thr* Weather. -Forecast for to-day: Kair and
warmer, southwesterly winda Temperature jres*
terday: Lowest. IO degrees; highest, IB; aver?
age, d6r*?. _
e JJ"mmmm***,^~mwmmm\*"~*?*^m
Sunn* of tlio mont revolting testimony yet pr-.
(hic'd was ia iii before tbe Senate Committee
yesterday, showing ILe relations of the police
with the vicious classes; now they levy a trix
iip.ni wretch.il women forced m walk the
Streets, and share the pro).ds of rollin.pies
cominiueil In * ??'? ."''sorts after they have
"scared off' the Complaining victims, lu (.,,11
tr.ist willi this dnrk page oct-iirred the restora*
tlon lo Mrs. Urrhlttal of her three children, who
were taken away when she was arrested ..n a
false charge, Her character has been completely
vindicated, and her rejoicing will be shared by
many who have read with interest ihe touching
story of her hardships.
A question having arlaen as to whether it
wi mid he legal to number the ballots on the
several o.ustitiitioi.ai amendments, the matter
was rcfcmil to Attorney -Oeneral Hancock. v\ho
yesterday rendered his decision. Ile linds that
while the <'.institutional Convention made do
provision on ile* subtect. the \p\arp ..f IMC! and
the Election law in-..vide for Dumbering such
ballots. Mr. Hancock's annotjAcemenl la not
entirely clear, but the inference is thal he favors
compliance with those legal provisions in order
to avoid all dispute. It is a natter of coiisi,1
crab!., importance, since thc fate ,,f the constl
tuti.iii.il amendments rna; be involved in it. and
a clear-cut ami positive opinion should be ren
The work of Um E-esow Committee had an
immediate ami certain effect yeaterday in cans
inj; Inspector Williams and Acting Captain Ho?
gan to make | r.iid >n a bucket shoji in Sew
st. The huckel-shop was simply a gambllllg*
house, thc operations of which were explained
to thc Committee yesterday and on Thursdaj.
I lt appenm thal Justice Ryan refused to Issue
p. wamuil against the place on Ihe **ronnd that
the pftlltt' could .aler it freely ai any Mme.
KUI] th. police did nothing until (logan w.is
called before Ihe Committee nnd told Ihnl he
ii mid be lield responsible if the gambllng-plnces
in hi- preclncl vv,.|-,* ojien un hour longer. The
effeel was magical. Tills incident shows what
the poli.e ena do when forced lo Hie sticking
point. Mr. Hoff ndded lo Ihe effect of the fads
brought lo the Kenn tors' ni tent lon by quoting
from Superintend! ni Byrnos's Intest report Ihe
Ktntenieiil thnl "there ls no public gambling In
Un pity ai tile present lime "
i'. mm liddies hns reached Its ultimate re*
flnenienl in I lie >;;-.? of Mr. Morion'- couchman.
Judge i ?..?:iiii.. who, although a IVmocrat.
never allown political considerations to ?"?.vern
.a affeci ins judicial action, finds thal Howard
"ls .-pi,.!*.*,ed strictly os a fn*rsoual or domestic
servant." As such, Mr. Morion hud, of course,
a p.d-i'i. ? righi lo bring him Into Ibis country
and violated no law in doing so. Rm Judge Iji
combe holds lhal lie hns no jurisdiction In Hie
case, Blnce ihe linal determination ..f Ihe quos
Hon whether an immigrnnl ls a prohibited per
son r.-s'-. with the Secretary of Ihe Treasury.
? ?ii thc strength of iii- decision. Immigrnnl
Commissioner Senner. ii ls reported fruin Wash
Ington. i- ordered lo deport Howard forthwith,
and 1'nii. I States District-Attorney Mcfarlane
must br,nc a still agalnsi Mr. Motton for tiola
lion .d' ihe ?'-inii'.-i.?! I .abor law, Pelly pei
lion for political effeel could no further e ?
Judge Ueombe's derisl rn will lie all Ihe evi?
dence thal Mr. Morton n.1 prescnl f..r the
ll. fence. _^_________
ora VT 1:1 ri..11 es sri: irs.
Mr. Nathan Straus bas taken himself off the
licket ..f Tammany Hall i" which be never be
longini until he bieune its candidate for Mayor.
lt is poi surprising thai he found Ihe bunion
of lhal sudden atuichmenl a heavier load limn
he wa ni i*d lo carry. Mr. Straus discovered in
Hill's refusal to forbid Ihe use of his name al
Ihe bead of Ihe Grace llckei a specific excuse
for withdrawing his own name from Ihe Tam?
many licket; bul it '.vould lie rash to assume
thai ibis was ihe only consideration which In?
fluenced his judgment, ll is more reasonable lo
suppose thal ri ii .minn!:..ii which was Bl first
nol unwelcome daily became les- agreeable to
bim, until tinnily ihe balance turned ihe other
way and Iii- position in the .v.'s of the com
uiunlty grew >.ili"tis in his own eyes.
Ii is altogether probable lhal nol only from
Ihe attitude of the press bul In other ways Ihe
truth bad hera borne in upon Mr. Straus that
he had pin.I.- a stupendous mist,ike. The news
papers were nol generilly rancorous, bul they
were extremely frank concerning his candidacy,
and the comments of a multitude of persons
who have hitherto held him in esteem must
have conveyed to bim a clear understanding <-t \
his case. Ile had consented with apparent cor?
diality to Identify himself vvi;h an organization ,
noi only intrinsically detestable bul rn pi
execrated Iry a rasi majority of all iii"-"' ? ll- ,
/..?ns wh..-.* approbation ls nol a bli-', ring dis*
grace, Here was a man "f large nhlllt* and
closely concerned In lt. ni affairs of business, ri j
man of generous Inst int ts and good repute in
private life, who v\as unexpectedly revealed to
Ins ..wu consciousness ns ihe figurehead of a i
notorious conspiracy agalnsi the public welfare.
He doubtli - came to fei 1 thai he bad nol Imm ii
exalted bul degraded by his fuudidac* ; and lo
thai was added toward the lasl a conviction
thal be was destined to an overwhelming ib
f.at. If bi bad I" ???i assured of viet" ry he
might hnve been willing t" endure ibe disgrace
of his afWH-iatlons f..r a little while, deluding
himself meantime with Ihe thought thal it would
soon be In bis power to restore bis reputation
as .: g.i citizen by upsetting thc schemes of
thc rascals who had elected .him. Bul ibe eer
tainty of his rejection a. Ihe polls appalled bim.
lie foresaw himself losing disastrously in sn
abominable cruise and forfeiting tuon- than he
could ever ho|ie lo nenin. In nttrlbutliig lo
Mr. Strati- such reflections n* these wc .1" n I
forge) lhal his cour*c as Park Commissioner
in a Tammany administration bas been repr
henslble In many respects; but we are glad "f
a chance p. believe lhal he had found the bur?
den "f complete identification with Tammany
It is hard lo realize thal any citizen nf New
York with a shr.-.l ol character or self-respect
p. los..til-1 hiv.- 1 ??. n persuaded lo lead Ihe
forces of Tammany Hall tins year. Kven Mr.
K. Kllery Anderson, who ls -?. afraid of Inti r
feting with ihe designs and usurping the pre?
rogatives of ibe Almighty thai he cannot pre
vail upon himself lo enllsl against ihe rascals,
would probably nol < ;i!*?? lo !.?? Ihelr standard
bearer. Hm y.t Tammany did n il si ? -k a sui.
st I tu te for Mr. Straus In rain. Having gone
outside of Ihe organization for n nomli. the
leaders scrambled back Into Ihe organization
for n candidate, i nd quickly reduced n refnic
tory brother lo subjection. Poor Hugh J. Urant,
..ur ex Mayor, unpurged of ihe -ins which worse
men than be Induced him lo commit during bis
incumbency of an office which be virll nev. r
occupy again, lins Imhmi tom away from business
partners who he fondly hoped would aol con
scnl lo spare him and is formally entered f ir
the fm.il race. This community kuows Mr.
tlranl well. Ttaeep i- no reason why any docent
.iii/.-ii should vote to postpone a settlement <.f
accounts with Tammany because of his reluc
tani and desperate andidiicy. ll- Instincts
vv.-re always rather helter (han those of ihe or
ganizatiou, but ir- will vms always far stronger
than hi-. He mud.- disgraceful appointments,
he permitted Ihe elly lo be plundered, he either
knew ..f ibe infamies which hnve been revealed
P. ihe public gaze, or v\;r- criminally Ignorant
of th.ui. If he could he i-. elected he would he
agaln, as he was before, ihe congenial and com
pliant instrument "f I'-nders more adroit, more
forceful and more selfish than himself.
Bul lhere appears nol to 1.ren a remote nos
sibiliiy of that disaster. Tammany is already
shattered and aboul t" fall in raina lt has a
candidate bul n rt a hope.
Should David B. lilli run short of s_.ch*
making material In his preaeni stnmplng-tour,
we have fl choice tidbit to offer him. li is ns
imid as -I am a Democrat." ii is .,> pertinent
n- "powder already burned'' n \p nol copy,
righted, and be may hav.* ii gratia Mer.* ii is:
i don't propose to allow ih. Issues of thi* ram
p..-n to be overshadowed i.y tha partlBan e'.amor ..f
? ii over thc alleged discoveries ol fraud
in th.- municipal government of Sew-York, Malad?
ministration in th- city of New-Tork does do! add
a dui.ar of taxation to you er me.
Wouldn't tii.it be a fine thine for bim lo say I
about now'.' Ami wh* not? He need nol be
afraid p.opie would nay The Tribune wrote bis
?1.-hes for liim. Oh, no! Thai paragraph is.
.mposltlon "f ours, lt la.David B. Hill's I
own speech which we have quoted; his speech
made t - his Chemung County constituents when, :
In 1871. he was seeking re-election to the Htate I
Assembly, The "alleged diacoveries ..f mod"
which lc* so cavalierly dismissed from notice
were Ure revelations >.f ibe Tw.I Bing's colos
sal knaveries with which the whole land w.-,- I
ringing. Why should Mr. Hill hesitate lo apply I
th.- san,,, words to the i relations thal are being
made to-day nf the still greater deviltries ..f his
party friends nnd i*oUeagUea?
aii ibis may bc aiicie-it history, Bbl there
an- son,., chapters ..f ancient history winch ratflj
will uoi forgot It kt well they should not for- '
' get. It is w.ii they should remember th.'** In
ih.- very heigh! of the Tweed Bing's carnival
..f crime David B. Hill and Willum M. Tw.1
w.re nol "iilv political "paN." but actual busi?
ness partners: lhal Hill was, as a member of
the state lieglslatnre, one ,.r Tw.l's moai ready
Innis ami moat stanch supporters; thal Hill was
the Legislative agent of 'he gang of conspirators
who wrecked tbe Erie Ballroad, and ihat ii wns
a leading member ..f lhal gang who supplied
liim with money io purchase his Elmira news?
paper organ; ibm lliil wis th" agent of tin'
;:,,- irlon - Canal Kin--, and *H*ctired foi- ii on
fiMiiilul.nl claims $85,000 .d' the Smt.'s money;
, and that, in brief, he wis ihe steadfast advocate
; of every bil of rascality lhal came liefore ihe
inosi eorntpl l-egislaturc that ever dlsgrfl.1 ibis
State, 'i"m-; i- nil nm i'll' history; Imi a ?-'.1
deal less ancient, and a g.1 .bril more pertl
! p.m. thnn ihe fri,-! thai Mr. Morion wns born
' in Vennoni and spent some of his early years
? in New Hampshire, upon which Mr. Hill so
1 Vehelll" Illly rllld s,, UUl'tUoUSly dwells.
\,-. on thc whole, ii would l... highly appro?
priate for the ilull smirched candidate i" ink.,
a leif oat of his ..wu record .md n-pcal lhal
speech: "I don't pr..p..*-.- !?? allow the issues ..f
??this campaign to be overshadowed liv Ibe par
"iis:in clamor of ihe o*n*osltlon ..vcr thc alleged
"discoveries of fraud in the municipal govern
"mein "f New York"; no, nor by Ihe acknowl
edged fad ih.it Hill "bead-devilled the whole
conspiracy" by which th.- State Kennie w.,.
stolen .'ind iii" Si.it.- gnvcrnmcnl looted nnd de
brindle,!. Nolie of these things move him. There
i-. lr..in hi- po.nt .d' view, only on.. Iwuie in Ibis
cnmimign, and Hmt ls th.* n.1 of electing him
tlovernor, so Um: In- ??.r.i l"..t Mini debauch ti-.
Ktate governroenl some mon1 perhaps pardon
M. Kau.* and "Un!" She.i, ami appoint Maynard
to till th.- tit?it judicial vacancy why not? Well,
pel-Imps rh.* |.plc will agree With bim 'Im' lhal
is the Issue. Bul lhej1 maj ind agree with him
aa p. lew ii -hall be decided
Till ru uri: UR.tc ES.
They were Statesmen. Typical Tammany
Statesmen. Thn.f Ihem. They mlghl hnve
l.e.ii known by th.- nclght*>rbond. lt was in a
district where Statesmanship ?.f th.* highesi or
der known in Tammany Hall ls constantly on
mp nnd political questions of supreme liaise
.iii'diee arc di-, ti?.'1 from bar to bar and fruin
.bi., to div.- ni ail hour- of lb.- div nu.I night
with such eloquence and fervor is carry men
off their fie:, and in a chasti veniactil.ii wh'.i i
eludes ordinal**- type nnd only lind- .??.?.???- I .
in lin- binni; nnd dash which .'nil llll'lgin I i
int.. piny. I' Waa ll dlstrici iii which fer* llieil
have the h.inliii.1 to \.,te tho Republican
tick.!, and where if any such bille- are casi
th.* Statesmen in charge >!?> not p. null the
reputation .-f ihe dist ri.; lo suffi r bj Uk lr '??? i -
conn lei]. They mlghl have been known by thc
pii.-.-. ii was n training - hool of Deni
Statesmen Mr Morris Tekulsky's saloon. Bj
ihelr attitude you mlghl also recognize ihem.
Tiley were leaning againsl Ihe Imr Kttrther
token of their .nil.nu. ind of their sun-ess
Iiigh rank In lt, wr:- fr; -nlshed by ihe lippi"
lhej w? re laking li w.i- of il... - >ri ihat,
wherever manufactured, l" irs tb- label and
bi lugs thc price of Ihe Co*?tll( il v ini Ige nf
Prance habitual lie*, 'rage of Ihe successful
Sew \- ...I*. 1'. m. eratic Statesman Ainu ?? ill
?ir. v ni ghi li ii ? lu ? i kn " ii bj Hie rising
fi n or ami fr. ? I >m nf heir di ours ?. and t1,.
breezy blank ud-dash v-k-jiIi fur tin
purpose* ..( delia I. Ihev called
Tl.re-- typical 'l a ni ma ny Stal un a ?
ihelr vocation. Tis rc was th ii W n - i ?
ku'-ky. f..r whose proficiency In Sta
and familiar!!*' wilh ibe fundamental principles
a! thc base nf I oin nilli
ganizatlou b i- -nih profound respect thal l
sell i'll I li.i.i r. represent it In the i 'mi
t' UVentI m nml assisi ll 111
organic a i I ... wns lin- ll i I' .? ? ? :. 11
v.-r. ;.. wh tu lenee nf law
gained bj j'eurs of p ir (lie
Hon, Kn di r 1I* Suij ih had p lid ihe ir Dui* ..f
n -peela] certificate, and wi
Interpreting law nnd adm u . ? ? ?? had
la-en recognized l?y tl . I tb ill
Iii bis ap|Miiul mein in . jiidli ii p it li in m hii h
he . .ii-, uti d io i . rn for n ti rm of yea
the moder Ile ? olllpeui lllon "f Ss.'mhi ,| \, |f
'I re wa- ihe Hon .lohn S-icilmau, whose as
sldtious dei uti -ii to ihe fort mu - of .lusilc. I?.\
\. r, noi li ss '!. in li ? k ll in ibe iii nun' iel n ,*
of a hal ihnuigh which incuiliers of ih< font
.-..uld talk to Mr (."ff ii id ihe l-.-v-w i'm
lee, had lieen n-wnnb il bj Ihe lucrative llpp
m. ni of Hatti " '?> lill Police These W< ri Ihe
three. Three (*m( ? - K lilts. Ho|N' nnd ? 'lull "
Rill Ihe luckiest of lin -? w.i- I'ha lit j Kor
while Kn iib, repn-aentitl bj Dlvver In ihe lnsir.j
confidence with which he sailed in, was -.i
!?.-I in sight, -lin if sight, .ind t..>..ii.l tlithl; .md
Hope, r. pn ???.?.? I 1*3 Tekulaky. wh.dj l..ii--.*.|
for peaei1 nnd qulel In bis own ginmill, etiditl
in the fruition ?.f (hal '.n, t'hni ij represenl
. I hj Spellman Ihe Hatter, ran oin tumultuously
in'.. Park Kow nnd thence into Ihe bonn.ll. --
it rdms of ihe I'.ow. rj
Tile high delia te I- -nu with n hil of person ll
upbraiding al about the middle nf thc
bottle, winn Justice Dlvver with Just a sug
?ji-sllon .f Injured Innocence bul v.i with the
cnlni, Judicial <ti-_i.ii-.' which characterlates his
iitterancis from Hie Bench reniarkitl ih.it Mi-.
Tekulsky lind "done bim dirt" tty Haying during
Hie ni.-.-ii..- ..f Ihe Justice in California for Iii*
health: "!*el Dlvver come hack and lils old
friends will -ion.- the bloody life oul of billi "
Ile also requested Mr Tekulsky, In a [sTstnislve
bul v.i--, decided lone, nol lo "Ile al?oul lt."
'lb., mill-on, having been the pniperty ..f Justice
l?:\\.-r while he was Hiting himself for Ibe
Hench, and before it passed Into the hands nf
Mr Tekulsky, who lind nsod ll ns n -indy while
preparing himself for Ibe duty ..f composing n
ie w organic act, was pervaded with whai migh!
be called n judicial atmosphere; was m.bini, in
fact, with whai l*ord Coke ealletl "Hm- glad
some li-.-)!! of Jurisprudence." Hut aboul lb -
lime Spellman thc Hatter, who, it mus! be sahl,
notwithstanding ins profitable contract, i- -...
whai deflcd ni in knowledge of tbe Hrs! prln
clples of any law except lhal of -.-if presen i
lion, observed timi the atmosphere was getting
thick and Ihe Ugh! low. H.- acconllngljf Bed.
Spellman ihe Hatter bas a greal bead.
The debate proceedtd subsequently, ns om.
mil-ill Bay, with leaps imi bound- ?lue of .lu?
ll, -e lnwi r's leaps one which mlghl be called
extra Judicial was originally Intended for Mr,
Tekulsky's stomach, but, falling Bhort on n de
murrer, only gra<ed the ('..n-tiiuti.ui Kramer's
thigh, <m tile other band, several nf the ion
stltutlon Kramer's bound- landed with extreme
rlvaclty on Ihe Jurist's doss*. Ii was quite an
animated debate. Ai it- adjournment the Kx*
pounder of Law nnd Minister of J UM Icc hud fl
larger assortment >.f colors around lu- eyes, n
little less stendlneas li Ihe bridge of bi* pane
nnd :i profuse i|..-oralimi of curt plaster, Bul
he had alao tbe -atiafarttofi of knowing lhal he
had pursued to ? conclusion his Inquiry ns to
wh. th.i- Mr. Morns Tekulsky lind said thal Ibe
boy-, would "stone the bloody life oul of lum"
'I'".wrluslon wns adverse Meantime the
Hon. Morris Tekulsky resumed h.s functions Is?
him! the bar. where he kt rei.ly to expound Hie
principles of tru.- Democracy or answer Ihe call
of tin- ruling organisation io bold any offlce
within its w\tt. li -h..uld ,ilso be saki Hint while
som,, things which happened on this occasion
might Pttrn io Indicate -temana! feeling, lhere
i- nothing to prevent nil three (i.I the Sim, smell
concerned from roting li'innouloiisly thc entire
Democratic ticket. H7ha#ver minor difference;*
inny .xis! among them, there is rmi one of them
who is not keenly ;i liv i* tn the dil ll ?.'cfs lo which
rellglooa liberty would be expoaed by Repub*
; Dean rajeceas,
Then- are finicky persona, we preaatoc, who
I will openly say thal an organisation which pun
1 th- Diwers rind T-kulsky- in official positions
.d' dignltj nnd authority ougbl t.. be rebuked
most empliatlcally al !he poUa. Bul Mr. Ellery
Amlcrson luis looked into lt, and bc naya thal
m.rt ..f thing is all nonsense, tba! it would be
attempting "a snort cul to the Millennium" nnd
taking nway "the occupation .>f the Almighty."
Renator Hill has given himself away com?
pletely. In his -p,i.,ii ..ii the tariff question al
(iloversville he said of specific duties:
The present bill ires ted your Industries with due
leratlon, an i w hil. there was a reas nable re*
n of duties made upon -"laves, it ll bell ved
lhal the i resi ni gi ive i ls more sa factoi y
ih m th ii ol th< M Kinley bill, because the
an now speclflc rather than .1 rall ?? m an 1 apeclflc
? imblned, and are tim** always certain nnd dertnlte,
which of ll eal toefl, and adi intage.
The presen) duties i.e.ns- specific, there ij no oppor
itt irded foi lonesl or Ignoranl un li r
Ulu: p..?ibi - excuse cnn the Democratic i-\'-i
d Ida le for <;..v. in.'i- give for the woollens ached
uh, e..iii|io-i.| entirely of ad valorem duties?
How i- he to justify the aholltl.f the s|.Iflc
.Imie-: in the proscnl tariff? Does be nol know
timi ibis change ojatis lite ibsirs to the "dlahon*
esl or Ignorant undervaluation*' to which he
1 *i*rs ? ls he noi aware thal i; w 1- dellls v\'- ly
intended to lu-, il; down the protection of home
Industries bj permit Ing dishonesl undcrvalua
lions? h cai.r be supposed thal Senator HUI
i- Ignorant in this matter. He Im*: 1.n familiar
with Ihe evidence given lioforo Ihe Kennie Com
ci 11.11 tb., subject, .md willi th.- discussions
in which Ihe defects of the nd valorem sclie.lul'-s
were fully explained. Like other men of this
party, h.- forgets thru there aro newspapers nnd
telegraphs in these times, for in talklug to .1
manufacturer h.- would unquestionably sin^r 11
,1 ffereiil imie. H.. 'orgets thu the excuses
iiffi nil f..r Hi.- new mrlff in "ii" par: ..f the
? iitntrj I......en.- accusations in another.
\\ li il .b fi :. 1:1 h" : lake for other changes
..f th., -.m.. nature thrnughoiii th.- bill, several
hundred in number, from specific to nd valorem
.lu- , -. u I1U-I1 ,? in iiij ..;.- ri the ir !?> fraud,
.m.I wi re - .pi.illy Intended lo broak down Pro
ti ? n? I:' le luis mv d( lei:' - to offer for
tin -. .?;. in-- -. b* h.1- m>< given ll Vi r can
there be ll l\- felice, if li - -'ri' I'lll ''I- .1' IlloVl ''
\ il||i are ?? .i-i'.'t 'i rn iiighoiil lils speech he
talks n- if tin Iii lu- rh nf thal and ? ?* ? ry nth. r
. li ouglil to be protect! I Rm in ibis h-- ls a
tor to lils party, i : ires that Protec?
tion ought to lie abolished. Tims we have .1
11. I,.. . r ? ? criiiilidiit. fur Itovi nioi' making
open w ir "ii .'1 - isirty's platform lu a v ii.i! par
ii.ul ir lt ls 110 wonder thal he has Ih --a de
noun cd bj Mr 1 liroh ld as 11 ii 'it to Im the
ihite ,,; ia.. |, irtj Vei w ih astonishing
1 >n. 11 I ?? ima rats .,??? .-? . rj where ih
f this cn mild ne, In opi ri les
elita! deas w hieli g ?? ern llie
partj ri ?- meal liii[Mirtani action, ls nccessarj
' ? K
Mr. Il that all ludtistrii - are
ti ? I In tl " 1 tin full eXti t iii
Im ? .1.. n -iii- and otb i
ll ?!bte to suppl
it ill thia a--. r-';. 11 \
. ? - il ly il
le thal III IIIJ lidu-'r'
! f ir Int'-, r proti Hon tl 11 the in ? dui li -
hat e given ll. kr, wt, that. In ni mj
Instance* dui ? - liave i..ii found far :???? low
ii I* alley -I thai the ? mir was one of
1 ni-., mistake Thus - - l I that teeth??
dillie* ir 1 ? ? I 11 cotton col
I ,. - ami . nffs, ,u spite of thc onie
Senator Mun div f :' netting 1 I rge pan of thc
Mi K nh ?? dm es tn fi or the prodii . rs nf lim n
? said, ls untiling bul
.1 bli le ol the many
- 1 < ? -ki - m liicli run all
in h 1 11 ?:?' .br . In . In ?i
? ?! lu-'r-i ihi r ire port li his ?
h i\ - Im cn pmsir.it. 1 I.. \..nl all n .: ? ? 11 hy re
ons of dtiij far gn aler than thc iiuid 1 on
of th. '? i'l-.. ? ? Senator Hill musi
knott this; whj dix he -.p ?-? himself to thc
' \ denying ?
1 hi truth I- thal tm 1 11 son of wages
vi liicli ihi Senator luis ,u I - ia*: I on the
r ci al Ima vi ns v ? made
In - \p- -til I ? tarlfl
tile lilli tltlf ;? r 11 '. rs Lui- b .ri 1 .pi ?lill I lo ? ll
don n wages far ? n 11 I to glvi th ., ,1 chance I
1. villi pl imIui'i in in other in Milli ' 1
the differi ls much les* ih.in 11 f irmerlj w is
I ie Sci ilnr's -' '. mi Ut. w h.-rc ii lienrs anj
di tn ? ? nih. 1- ih.n after ill lin r- iluc
? ? ri- v 1 '1 hat I' !????. made, ami which
nork ? - in various departments ure bj
110 m. nu- w Hiing io (literati lin m*w duties
falrlj eic ?? the rctnali ug dlffi n?nce between
the wagi * lu tliis 1 . ind In Ku-I md Um
even thi- statement p.uuufaciurers nnd wage
earners In niosi industries recognize as untrue
" .*? 1/ I / QUI I'l I /."
Timi - 'ins i" I..- the ..pl. r of the day, Or. In
laiuruage Intelligible t Tainui mj. lin dei ll ik<
ih.* bin.Im.-! Principles? Shucks! Pur ibe j
sake ..f the party? In the words of Koswell
Plower, Hats! "Hamil n man who u,.n'i stand
in his friends"? Thai do.-u 1 go this year,
Such illina- were ill right in thc palmy days
n.w ii - everj man for himself, anil the devil
f ?! them ul! There Isn't a man In the whole
!? 1'" 1 rew win. i-n'i i-..adv in betray, -ell out,
stab, kniH'k down, nnd trample ii|nui ins ci
lows, if iim> he can gain advantage for bim
-. if lt'- the application of the old rule to thc
new conditions. In prosperity, n sci tish scram
bl. for ipolls, In adversity, a s, lti-h stampede
for -nl.iv.
Hill openly bargaining to sell mil Straus or
Straus's successor, l<ockwood mid Hrown con
sctiting lo go ..ii the ticket with the Thlefs
Patron, nml equal.*/ roadj locater for the rotes
i of his friends ..r ..f his f,?.,. straus demanding
ibm Hill sacrifice himself f..r Tammany's sake,
, nnd abandoning the whole business because be
wouldn't. smv th n(*cepting r< nomination and
-uppoi'i from m--n he knows in. ought to be
sendlug io prison. Wlsslg brazenly keeping his
olmcene carcass in public view, regardlcaa of
consequences to his colleagues. Th.w rule
applies to ali. The one spirit animates nil.
"Ml that n man hath will be give for his lil'.":
nol io mention what other men hive And tbe
political life of every one of them is rn slake.
li is an Instructive snectaele, and not devoid
of Inspiration lo the beholder, li is now- to be
seen, perhaps more ciearly than ever before,
what sort ..f men these are who hue 1.n
ruling this city an.l State. A few months ago
Hill wns pouring upon hi. rival's Administration
at Washington his bin. rest contempt. Now. m
?i'd.f ? vnie t*inning word from Btixxard's
Hay. be beslarcrs ii with fubuime praise. A
v.ar ago Mr. louden uns unctuously proclaim
lng thai "h. cheal is I,, cheat, and to steal
"is to steal, whether the thefi is rom
"mitbd in ordinary business or in po
"Utleal concerns.'' \.,w he is whooping it
np in approved ring style for the niau who
"lurid devilled the whole con,piracy" ,,f Hay
Bard's cheating and stealing. Yes; h is inatruc
titre, li show* m.called Democracy in ps mia
Ugh! "1 c.11,piracy for plunder and spoils" j
And lt ls Inspiring. It will inspire the dtveut
people of New-V.irk to do hwii.v with such De?
mocracy forever
The main issue in Hie election In this State
last vear was falalflcatioo of election records.
Tin.branches of ihe Supreme Court had taken
measures for the prevention of fraud in the
XVth Senatorial Dlatrlet. The true returns
were In lillee State offices by order of tile Cottft,
and th.- Hoard of I'anviissers had been pro?
hibited by mandamus from canraaslng thc false
r. turns. Justice Cullen has explained in bis de?
cision in the r'lii.'ins contempt case why the true
returns were no! before tbe state Board of Can?
vasser*, ll WBi "Im cruise by the BOtiOU Of tilt'
"Secretary of State, the Governor and th.un*
??sd of the Controller (Maynard., thc returns
??were taken from the several public ollie..-,
?wh.i'e they had been properly received, and
??wen- given to Mi'. I.mans." Willi these re?
turns stolen from th-- thr.fBcea t.i which they
had i" en -en' by direct order of the Supreme
Court, the Board canvassed tim false returns In
violation of the prohibition of the mandamus
and bas bi.n adjudged in contempt by the Gen?
eral Tenn.
i;..vernor Hill's responsibility for the abstrac?
tion of the true returns and for Interference willi
the mandate of tbe Supreme Court is a matter
..f record In Justice Cullen's opinion. Btuans
r.-iv.-.i the return from Governor Hill's offlce
alter conferring With bim and With Maynard.
"Tim Governor," the Justice remarka, "when In*
??formed by the messenger of such delivery, ap
"proved lt. Tills certainly constituted an Ira
?plied authority from thc Governor for Ihe
"action til;, n." If ibu return had remained in
ihe dov ern. r's offlce, the State Board would
have i... i compelled to canvass it. and the Sen*
.ii.- would not have 1.ii stolen and an infamous
Ueapportlonmeni bill enacted with ninny other
measures for perpetuating Democratic power in
various localities
The i.pie of this stale condemned Maynard's
crime last v..ir in an election ending With Me?
lvan.'- rebellion against the courts. They rose
in revolt against the falsification ..f election
records and against resistance to the lawful au?
thority of thc courts. Their verdict ought to
have l.n decisive, bul it was not. Even willi
Maynard branded for lit- and with McKane
and bis accomplices iu striped jackets, the issue
has not been settled, Senator Hill's return to
the offlce from which the returns were stolen
with his .is.'.it will be the vindication and
triumph of the arch-conspirator, who, accord?
ing to Justice cullen's decision, was personally
nnd officially responsible for the th.ft of the
Legislature in defiance of the authority of the
. .-in"-.
rivery man who roted against Maynard is
uiiiler the same obligation** of conscience nnd
gd .1 citizenship to vote against Hill. Four
lie.ratlc Justices hnv.- Hilde it. entirely dear
thai there was a conspiracy against law and
the courts for procuring the counting ..f false
returns Hill was the author of it. and defied
urta as ..p.-nly ns McKane in Gravesend.
ll- re-election will b*- n lawbreaker's rindlca
lion i- well ns tl.pening "f an Irresistible
canvass f"r rile Presidential nomination.
Rats J a sfrk'nir ship. Gaynor, Klnkel,
N x t!
? ? ?
There li dill - ri ? u'.l* of harmonising the
I th Kef a n L)em it* In Mr loklj n
I? I,* - ; rn til rea I ls a ??? I lin In*
t mind aa Election Day
. .mes nearer. They realise that they arc going
.' hi;.;., d, .i- they deserve,
? ?
Tl..- luckiest man In New-York Cltj to-day ls
S't-.uis it was ,i narrow escape
A hall il r >r Willi ir.- I. Slr mg an 1 David H.
GUI I dy The m tn wh i asm li
muni ipal i ( i m ol half its value.
ya i'. i ubllc in Legislature
i R pul m *; Mr Bti ng, i-1
M ld . ni) s itch the Tammany - r*
WU \ ii and Senate, and L**-vi P
M ? viir his efforts, he could kill lt
Tl ? ls the football season, anl perhaps that
ls wh) Democratic nominations are getting
ind so brutally.
? rn ?
.'" the way tn the political burying-ground
suddenly realised that he waa
hui f thc funeral, .ind the ne\t.
? with whl h he slid out of the
hearse ai ?.-? l the admiration of the pall-bearers
and ther i Kl the same trrne, thej
were nut ise.l al having t > supply another
- |Uies,
?. .__
N'\. we have ll Recorder Smyth Ind rsed
ami Hush ,i tlranl appointed Justice "Paddy"
i' ' ? ? '. who Ls now .. wuk. a'.'t. r a 1,.rr,...in
? ?
**.' . the man in wh we h >n ir r1:*- Strauss Jubllci
was held ls na the candidate originally nomi?
nate! I Tan ? tn) ' - .viaj r Th.- one ls kn..wu
"waits king;" tl ? other, if he tinned his
attention t> musical romp si tlon, c uld write
: . ? ' : I ? i ur i . 1 1 I .
"Paddy" Dlvver ha* been so thoroughly es
; ed by ths i..\..w Cimmlttee that he his been
persuaded, ll la understood, t. retire from th,*
anj i i I. rshlp of the lld a--.-rut.ly Dis
The b sses wbo thought his reputation
s ? bad ns ? . be i i lol on T imm iny Hall did nol
'.?i-i' him i ? retire from his place aa Police Jua-'
ii .? They ,iii nol quarrel with him so long *is
i: merci) disgraced the bench, but when they
ted thal he was p stun on their Bxerui ire
Committee, they wen inexpressibly shocked.
? ***
Kx M i\ r ' linn: didn't have to icive Flossi
Croker an) presents for his nomination. Tam?
man) ii iii nominations aren't worth sawdust
thH fall.
S'lint 'i- Hill snid thal he would not >*.> to
Brooklyn t" make a speech unless h.* was to
lind a united party there, Nevertheless lu- has
aarci l to -i.i.ik there next week. He will ii.nl
the Democracy far from united, and the regulars
"Hiv a shade lesa demoralised than the Tam*
many forces In this city. To be of any service
m this corner of the Stat.- he ..unlit to devote
all ins um,- io it from bow until tba campaign
Mr. Straus has dona his little best to make the
defeai of Tammany certain. He knows mora
than he did ? week ago, and so do the people ot
.Mi*. Grant, you arc taking tba pitcher lo the
Well nine tOO often.
Tammany is having a new experience. Ho
wonder thal it is demoralised lt will be more
- ? winn ii:., returns corns In on th.* evening of
November I lt will ba tverwhelmed then.
The reappearance of Philip wissis- as a candi.
date r.r Aaaemblyman must be balm f,.r th- sun
if Al I. rm in Charles Parks. The arrest of Parka
in Asl.my Park .-ti the charge of running a un.
Ming-house there convinced the **flgwam leaders
thai lu* was not exactly available as a candidate
thia year, bo some one elna was rsomlnated la
his Btead. In the eas.* ,,f -.visais;. Tammany
found thal two years spent in private life c.ni
pletely wash..I away the .main of hhs awful Insult
i . womanh od ami ronda him tit to stand before
the public one* more t? ask for a "vindication."
Parka may therefore reasonably hope to be the
Tammany candidate for Alderman in the Xlllth
District a-rain in l*W>? that ls, unless he agtm
be In a New-Jersey prism at ihe Umr*.
If Grover cleveland were tn rote In this stat*
next month, would he cast a ballot f.r David n
Hill with "considerable personal satisfaction"*
The rei*i?tra!i ai thus far his 1.p [.h.-norr*.
nally largs In both New-Tork and Brooklyn, it
should be remembered, too, In making < imp*,*.
Bona between thia ye.ir and last, thai .1 year-a--,
there p/ere a large number of person*, faiiai,
reglatered In both cities Owing i . the vigi;ariei
now exercised tin- amount of faire rogistratiaa
must hav** been small, ami those who hava cot
their names on the books without a clear righi
t.. .I., so will unquestionably lind themselves. ..
trouble Iii the ri. xi few days. The r. r-istrnti^
in general proves thal .1.. 1 ?-'-?*-w
til- Importance ..f the election, nnd ;t innot ha
that th.) hav.- forgotten how tiny dem r-.siritjj
their power win 11 they burled Mayi ird nnitr
100,000 majority. Let them kiv*? Hiii tho
Lei Tammany sui, hr... courage, Wlsslg kt-.
nm .!.- 'lined
Oovernor Flower aayi that ? 'i'm
, when I 'en, ? 1 - . ? ?;..! ?:,. ,? . . unttal
Precisely, They are going to bi . n ri-^.
tioti Day, and unless we are nugely mi .-taken
they will not count up enou ? HiUsj
F'owi 11 .r.
Il Is lucky thi: th. .ri-:; gn i- apnrns-**^
an * rel. T'c- au* ply .?: Dena ratl vlcUrej h
running out MmmMmMmmmmmmmmm-m??mm^
Thomas 1'. Quinn i tica m
Editor o:' "1 ".r ahoe'i Masjaslm .- ^
win I..- succeeded by Michael 1 I ? r.tly af
"Tht- Boston Hersh.
Prank I. Stanton, thi Southern srltei ot taoBat
verse, has !.ire- l.iiu.vt: OUtStd. ? eo'jri.
try. In I'm ls hi: ^.-rnus 1- ? ? ; f9a^
pll men ted, while In England hi ? pia-*
for himself. He of ten r.Ivi ".."rfrota
English rea lera who have h , o'. *us
BOngB a.Toys the Bess
"Th- Hartford Post" denli I hal )*._
Hugh l >. P. nu in I hla sri fe -.0 ??
the stage. '
Next month th- louth annlver ir;, of tha .ieatk
..f Bdwar 1 1 Ubi on, thi histor! .,m. .
ii,, rn.,rat-.1 hy the Royal Hlsi .-. tty gj
Qresl Brit..in. Ther ? will ... : . laBSe
ti..n at th Hi ItlBh M.; ? ti naas*
bi rlpts and rell. - il 1 ir*.hon.
Oeneral Ely B Parker, who ? ^
on th- .-r.tiT ..f General Gran) .. r**.
ii .?
.. lim il descendant of 1 ? *****
.1 icke:, ir. li.-';.:--.... -? .- ?
tribe of the Six Nations.
Archduke Prancla Perdin ? i-tln
to the crown ":' Auatrla-H ? : tba
arti'les an I 1 ur re.
cent world tour uri exhibitl ,r-ds
ol 11 .pie ba ?? visit. lng u\
admission fi >?
The Mon. C. W. PU ' I .'?ir?
an l also .1 I'i ? .-ry
gambling den and disoraerl Ity,
M. Bloul t, whom ever) Max 0 R*"",
will aall from Bnglai 1 on I - - n-.MiA
for hrs fourth American lectui ^ tour.
Mlas Lissie Darlington, s daui .-'csv
irr. Bsman of West ,'?? bb., ls
about to become .1 las yt r
Geronimo, ferocious v, s 1 hus
!'.-'-:i rr 1 snd
Alabama, haa behav. 1 hir-*.- I irina; his
captivity of right years irtautst
avill soon lasui ill) tlut
.:?'-:? ' .' .
lowers lands ni - bo!
let them g
For un.-, l 1 ? that th. 1 - ra ti party tU
the courage ..1 ll ins in n >m nattng lau
H. Maynard. Justl >-. honor, propriety ..: i u?
usages of our 1 u led the nomlnati n. Ha
haa made .1 satlsfaetor) Judge of th* . 'urt of
Apt eala Hi. . irt, barg bu
honored it. in my oplulon. -..-??? r HUI, Braak*
lyn. October 3, ISM.
(The peoph -...mr
lull In thia mailer by over a lum.ii- . .-aad
maj irlty.)
All that M.iy.i.u 1 did v\.is dom ; ? tbS**J
byard. Foi lins act Of -in-,] !,- ? .1
-::?- ? :, 1 of thi Si -itt
1 -ay to you that h -* .1 ; \. 1 * . r. na
????urt haa ever declared lt Diega ?:
a crime sras . sfty
has not some Repubil an tr 1 1 j . g I rd ar*
rested on a cl ge ol ut ka
tried? Thej do not .v.mt bu h .1 I .-:? pre?
fer to stand al the -s:r . : '
1 9 1 ::,.. I
I Bubmtl to .ill fall -mindi I mi n - '?""?
?if tn- Legislature should havi I I rther
I" ' -? litton ol .1 . Ige Ma) uai ;. .1 Bi*
A--*... tatton refused to a ibmll ? aloa A
thai bo ly. The) api -..:?? 1 1 , the 1 -* tr-*t
had jui isdli'tlon to In rn, and
then refused t. s qules. ? in Its d ? t art
acting from Improper moth r.akir.f
their .li- gi l :? >n partisan ? ? I ? ? l*
in- Repubil. a. h ti
ot the lan
w.re subsequently punished by Senator H'u
when Dominated for '.he United States Suprema
Court by Presldeni Cleveland.)
. . .,i.,v;**ll
14, 1K0-'

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