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PACES 11 TO 14.
NOVEMBER 3.1894.
fgtfR too ornciAhn, mhb. Herman decxar?^,
rxmtatonnv tub qim. to a ufe or shav.
_? WOCKIXO ?BTORT Thk witni-:.;s
???'?'? "I'RKTTY ROY"
?cooRKT, who n
Tie fact that Mr? Matilda Herman ?-,? te he ? ?
?tftnefS bet t" the Lexow ?Y.mmitt,*? vesterday
naming esos-?d s large crowd to gather In l'art I of
??de Supen-'r Court There ha? ?been so much said
?tjeut IBS leeUmony which Mrs. Herman waa ex?
iled ?IO ci*?' ?before the committee th*t many peo
pmatt anxious to hear her. Sheriff TofTey. ol
mapM/County, N. J.. came over from Jersey City
,0 bar wtl?'- sh?* would ?say. The HVriff vouch
??,,' th- Ini ?nnatlon that he hn.i heard part of h.?r
00 ?Jersey City, and if she told ?half beton the
?aassiuet of srhal ?she t??l?l over there he th?-?ught
^?aTSsM "?sbake things up considerably." Senator
fmtnm, Biter an absence, was again In his place
00 th?? committee. ??t??? tlu?s? who were sub?
poena Brere Street-Cleaning Commissioner An?
drews. mVton Bromen an?? I4.?licem?in ?*oor.ey. it was
nearly 0* ?before the proceedings besan, although
pat sere sel ?1'???? for 10:.V? a. m. The cause of the
delay ?tf th" noii-api-c.ir.-ince of Mrs. Herman.
?????a? Lsaaw mads a statement to the effect
that th?* altea4?"*?.! libellous letter, pubulshel by Mr.
CmOtOJi f,ir which that man Is now under indlct
r?r.:. waa ?BOI confidential and whs not handed to
judge JerOloiBan by hin* until after It had been pub?
lished in t4?." Bewerp.ap.ara People who proposed to
ga? the committee as a vehicle for their malice
should know that they cannot do It. This was put
?a the record.
About ? V? o'clock Mrs. Herman errtered th? room
ar;:h the S'*rtre.int-.it-,irme and took the wltness
atar.l Commissioner Andrews Jumped up and said:
"1 auk Ibe pilrllege ??f putting upon the record of
apt cw.:: i;?*?? my sw >rn denial of the charge.?
bvush! aK.V.n<?t nie yesterday."
r?!r.m!s?i'*r.er Andrews was BCfJUSOd on Thursday
b>? Edgar N. Tomllnson. who was Chief Inspector
of the Excise Board from MM to IMS, Of accepM-nr
a bribe tor the renewal of the llcen?e of the Hotel
Senator O'Connor, who -was presMlng. said It was
tialr.st the ?rec?dent which the committee had
established. He WOUM have to submit the ques
lior, to ibe counsel. Mr. Andrews lhen sppeali 1
to Mr. ????? to l?e allowed to deny the charge
??ought atalnst him. The lawyer said. In answer,
that If Mr. Andrews took th? stand he would have
to submit to cross-examination. The Commls
roner sail he was willing to do so at any time.
Mr. (?Off r?*;?lied that he could not examine Mr.
Andrews at that time, but that thero might be DO
apparent injustice done to any man he wished It to
?r.f-ar on the re?-ord lhat Mr. Andrews specifically
denied the ebano of bribery. Mr. <"roff gave aa his
reason for BOI examining Mr. Andrews at the
present tin-.?? that he was not well enough then,
and th? examination would probably consume a
?rreat deal .?f time. Mr. Andrews bowed and went
Mr Goff asked that all policemen and police offl
r|?l* who had been eubpoejiaed should ba ordered
?o leave the room for the preaent. Thla was done,
ar.d the examination of tha? much-talked-about wlt
nesn begar. Mr. Goff first wanted It put on the
record that Judge l.lpplncott. In Jersey City, had
upheld the committee In Its course. II<? compli?
mented the officers of Hudson County for the way
In whieh they ha?! BtCOOdad the efforts of the com?
Mrs li.-rman. In answer to questions put hy Mr.
?Toff, ??aid she came to New-Tork from Krarvo In
ISC She opened a house In West Thlrd-st. soon
after her arrival. It was NO. '.TO. and whit? she
live?! there she opened another house? at No. 136,
just across the street. She also opemed Nos. 137,
133 and 111. There were about twenty-four women
In all of them, .?he said she had kept No. 13?? for
?bout a viar and a half.
Q ?You had a niece you were very fond of, didn't
you-4 ?.?Yes
Q DM she come from FYanco? A?Tea, she was
?lent to me by her father.
Q.-How old was she" ?.?S?*Tanteen.
Q? Ind tou want to keep her a good girt4* ?.?
The wltress sali further that she had neveir
taken her niece Into one of her houses. Ah* had
pttrrUou rooms for her In another place. The frtrl
did not know the kind of business which Mrs
Herman w.?s engaged In. She thought her aunt
ker.t a respetable board ng house. Mrs. Herman,
shl'.e glaring this testimony, spoko In a very low
voi ?? whi'h trembled wltn emotion.
?? I'll th?? girl's mother ?unie wllh her from
Frati ??'' A NO, rn? sister ? u-n?? to New York
??bout a vor before her daughter
Qj.-l'il not jrour ?stator ?Kot the child away from
vou* A Yes. while I wiji si? k, and took her to
her own house. At No. 141 West Thlrd-st.
?V Your sister kept a disorderly house there?
Q.-Idd you try' *? ??** ft<\ir niece back? ?.?Yes.
air ? ?-ote to Byrnes and to Captalo Haughey.
?ayir.g that the girl was detained In a disorderly
house and said 1 wante.l ??-r back. They returned
word that I had nothing to do with the airi.
Q.?Ini vou try again to net the girl from her
mother"* A. -Yes. sir. I went to the station-house
?nd saw ?'ant al ? Haughey. I Bhowed bin ths
photograph of mv nie????, and asked him to g?'t her
Mel He refused, and said lhat m> slst?r kept a
<!S?BBsrtable house. I lold him if ?he would go there
with m<?, I would prove to him lhat It was not
Q- -Ind he g'?'.' ? Nn, he refuse?! to do so. and
he lag ;.?.. | n,e. and 1 left th?? station-house. 1
Offered to pay him the ll.', a week I knew p?*, slfft'-r
Paid hin? through his ward man, Petterman Hi
refuse?! to accept this, and Petterman said h??
BaaM t?U! me where I could DOt speak ?In Jail?
If I did not leave my nl????? and ?Bister alune. Tho
???plain Mid he knew what 1 lold him whs true,
?ad be only ?lid It for spite.
Morris Tekulsky was In the room, and ihe chair?
man ?sailed him lo ihe bench, and asked him about
? circula, which bad been Issu???! by the Wine,
Liquor and ?'???G I?e;?lers' Asso'latlon. The circular
Included anotb?T one, which bad been Issued In
March. MM, by the Kxclse )t?-form Association,
celling ?h? attention of \??te?s io the sui?!?-ct <,t
***'Sh ll'ei.se, and asking the pe?,p)e who ?TeCOlVOd
I' to v.T?. ?? ?1??-?? Senators and Assemblyni'-n to
"-""?CO the passage of the High License bill, whi.li
*m the?) ?,, |flf) Legislature. The name of ?.???, ?
?*? Morton was attarhid lo ihe clr< ular. as vl'-e.
Pfesliletit of the KxHse Heform Associotlon. Mr.
U?aa*a said tha! the signature of Mr. MottOfl was
? forgery, and th?? action of the ItqtMT dealers In
'??ulng the elrcuter was cortataly unjust. He
*?kM Tskulsk*? if he WSTS not n-i.aii.ed of the
option of the associati??!?. Tekulsky said h<- knew
?othing ai.out n .\|r. ?Lexow ???plained that Mr.
Mot-ton au In Europa al the time the cintilar of
j?** Kx, |h,. Kefonn Acs?.? latlon was issued. He said
" B?a a ?covert attack on Mr. Morton by the ll?|'.ior
*1*n Mr Tekulsky was azctised, and the examlna
uon of Mrs \\, rrnan was resumed.
??i wVt'"" 4"" offered io pay $15 to Captain
S \? y? 4V,?l'h you snid your .usti-r was paying
ht,,,.' v%ha' did he say? A. 11.? ai.s very ???.??.
t?auitH n,,? threaten?-d lo arreel ?ne. a??<l 1 left
p.atatlon house ? told Captain Haughejr thai
???.?''''' ''"' !:,k" 'he siri out of the bottmt 1
"""Id shoot her,
??^?,***1 Il! bo ?;n? srhen you showed him ih
?Sia -~r.A? u' looked at It for ten ?minut?e, an
"Thai'i |,
0' ? ?nH<
ajT***? '" '.-tiizcd 1!. did h'??? A. \.,.
t>?n lh? witness told hOW she ha.l BOM ber
gh4*r? ????? hsd ;.?kc?l her to ?lv up her ?laughter.
Uh?**'1 Pt"' ,"1'1 her Bister that ?she ?night to be
?tichm*1 ?' ,"'rs"l!' '" mOOp her own ?laughter In
Uld * plr"''? Ths ??oman ?had only laughed, nnd
Itr? u*1 Sh" mu "M PrOtOOtod by ihe poll????.
? Herniai, then ha?) the pia? e "rabie I."
?o nerv?W lo.r'K M? **??? 'hi- ' A. -Ob, Mr, <i'?ff. I am
?year -'. (HU ! remember. I think ?t was about
"*T B(*S last Augii*
??"*h ,h,> ?U!i<? ""T"' i"'r"r" ''i?"'* Hogan? A
mtOnmn * JliaK" wanted to save the Captain and
IMniah ,0 hav'4 rn*' UP tor conspiracy and to
tor G??.??,_ '**v,'er? Bfr? Terry, for conlempt of court
guaine todiscioa!. rn
""* Herman ?
?aid that ?he wrote lettere to the
*ol 0f'ihllOrn'y' a',kln* h,rn t0 h?'P Bet the K? I
**"le? h ?*ou*''? H*4 wrote a note to her eliter.
?*?'' to close the houae. She did so. but
opened i? again ??, , day rr two. Ju
' ' ? reni?.?] ,., r??mmlt Mr* ?? ?,,,.,?. ?
??????...?? wb ? ha ? ma
complaint. Th.? Justice well knew li ?
'''''? :'!v hOUB? I, I,, raus., h? h , : ...,. ., .
from i- -n the lai in I Se?al ?r OT ,?... ? ai,
? ' ? become of Un Herman'? ni?
'>' ! ?? ?? know Mr. ?; ?fi ?., : ti ai l the ?
ai; ? .... ,) .. ,? ... f the citi
Mra. il? rman'a ni? ? e, waa noi tt
yet, ti.?? wlti I heard thai
niece ha '. , pened a nous? on hei
Mrs. Herman ?n ? noi know ?hen hei r waa,
Q. -How long did you ke ? the nouaefl In Wi il
Third Bt.' A From 1886 t.. law
'" Who wae the captain when you fir?
there? A Captain Brogan,
Q What w,is th.? name of the ward
A Reynold?.
Q How much did you pay al flrsl to Reynolds?
A Beventy-flve dollars. Afterward I paid $100
? pali tSOO a month fo:? -'.\ ? houses, They were
both .?mall nn.?
Senator ?Lexow A ktad of Income tax.
She had rented No. in West Thlrd-st from a Mr.
Blfke for $:?> a month. Mr. Sifke lived at No, S07
w< ?
??GG, rny MRS. HERMA?*.
?1 hrr if sh*
rt '?-.?? ; ?
VTrat Twetity-alxtb-st Mr. GvR ??k
considered that cheap. Rhe said II wa
I".so. About rr. ?rouia have beet tl rent for II If
it had bean nscd as a real I? nca. The nexl h. use al ?
?got had lieen rented from a Mr Brasse, of Sos.
M and Cl Dlvlalon-at Ho kept ? clothing Btore there.
She r-iii in?* a month for thla h ?use. II ? ..?? -.
fir $1'"? Bhe fot No* 117 and Ul Weal Thlrd-et
f; .-n Blfke, Baa paid POO reni for the two h sisea.
V What house did you ?<?? next? A. No. 111.
'j Whom from? A in agent In Carmlne-et. t
don't know who owned the house, ? pal ? H?? a
nn.nth rent Hut thla waa f.r a decent business.
Tin-re waa a cigar ?tora In the r
Mr?. Herman aald si.?? paid ?OSO a month for the
rent of No. UK, bul this amount In ' lad pioli ?
protection. Bha ranted it from Joseph Dulon, who
sublet it to her He bad kepi rh.? houae for tha
?urn? purpose for which Bha wanted II Sh? had
botieht No. 13S and had paid tllMO Or It In IW
The awnar hml been Mr. friend. I.liter uba ? ?
sold it for Sin..on. Questiona by Mr, Ooflf disclosed
the fact that Mrs Herman hnd male a rriKr
saying thnt Fhe paid tZ??) to Reynol Is every month.
She had paid tr? the polle? UM for the privilege of
opening the first h.ouse, and then ???id the ward
man ISO a month for protection Pot the first
throe months she paid the monev through a "lady
friend." After that ?ho pal I Ii'ni herself $?? a
month for the captati, and W a month fur himself.
?30ft DOWM AM? ts. a MONTH.
Q.?TTow at.mit the next talara >?>n opened? A
The ward ma-i told mo that tt.?- captain ?ranted
I??' and ITC a month 1 paid J'"' ?'
She sal?I ?Ii* did BsBI pay th? r< I lag CO be?
cause ?he sold the nouas?, and il wae an ing? ? that
the next owner should furnish tho monaj There
bad ix-en some trouble lu ihe ???????t. tho alt ??
said, and No. Ul had been ? loaed for a sla.rt rimo
When Bhe came and opened No, 1S7 ?1 e had to -, ay
$6u0 for the privilege of starting t!.? two lain?'.?
and WO a month afterward. Bbe didn'l pay anj
thine to open N?. ;::. but ?he gave tl ?? ;
alderable money In presenta. Reynolds l.. 1 lefl
the precinct by that tune, ?he raid, ch" did noi
rerrx-mber what autnmer fhe had Bent moi
?Saratoga. Mr. ??? Btarted >.f on ?ins new 'ra.k.
bill drooped It Immediately, after Baying It ???'as a
vary delightful place and ?that she ought to go
there sometime? Policemen ntoi?t>e?! ?t lier door
several times a week, the witnesa h??id, and each
time ?-he ?cavo them l? apiece t?? nor? .??. McBntee
was the onlj or." she could remember
Q Now. .Mrs. Herman, aren't Ihere some pollce
men'B name? you war' t?? to ? ;? secrot? a. (liest
tating and casting down her eyesi I'ea; if ?,.. one
harts me I don'l ?" agaii I them.
Mr Ooff said ?hat the committee kiie-r the names
o' the officer?, and she e >uld better tell the whole
truth, Captain Ryan, tb? wttnesa aald, had bu
,,., led brogan, and Sullivan ???! I man,
toit Bhe could noi remember paying him mone;
<^? -But, Mra Herman, you paid protection all
tl i tima, didn't you? A rea, sir.
g Theo, >'? you lldn't pay rlulllvan, yo-i m?i?t
have paid the money to some one .-.?? ? A ? ? ?,
HOW ABOUT "GG.???? BOT* ?????5?1
q Do you remember a policeman who used ?
be called the "pretty boy"? (Laughter.) A ?il.d
??? her fnrc in h.r banda and ?haklng with
;..?. ? didn't '-are for ti"-ir good looks, Mr. Oofl
The lawyer referred to Officer Cooney. Bha a l
mitr.-d that there waa one ?a;.tan ahe ?
save from mentioning in her testimony. The cap?
tala had treated her very well. Thla I ia ui 1er?
atood, was Captain Creeden, Mra Herman aald
that ehe h.ci been arrested Ihre or ?da time? alto
gether. A raid had been made '.? h.r houae while
Captain Ryan waa al the bead of the precinct A
man nani?*?* Blunienthal had g< ne on her bond. Bhe
ga .? him I', .?.'ii to tha ger? ani al the police
: the satnr amount. Blumenthal, sh?? ? ?
liiain.-d, was a man who hung around the
and waa summoned by lh? p? lice every lime a
bondaaoan waa wanted. Mr. ??'.ff Informed th.- <??.???
niitt'e that Blumenthal had Bed, Th? law) ?
elicited from rh?? wltneaa that eh? had bought ? ?p
alderable Jewelry from a Jeweller named ?Freund, ?.f
Maiden Lana Mr. ??? aaked her if Bhe hadn't
bought a diamond ring ? ? give to a policeman She
looked rather Billy, and Bald In a low voice, ?
don't remember."
Then Mr. Oo? took out of bl? ? tg Iwo record
books belonging to Tiffany's, He ipoke ol th?
watch she ha ? bought then for Cooi and whl? h
! hi- had taken back to th? ?tore to have hi? name en
graved on it. Mrs Herman wa? apparently '???
? tremely anxloua ? I I anything about this at
' ail. Bha declared al drei lhat Bhe couldn't even re
; member going to Tlffany'a Mi <:.rf ehowed her
I by the book '-hat "Joaepfa Ci ?ney" wa? engrav?
upon the watch. .Mr Oofl wanted to know how It
?ot there. Bha Bald Bhe didn'l K:i"w. The witnesa
w.i-? a good deal "rattled" and m< i I ? be afraid
..f tangling herself up She ad Red thai there wag
i. , name on ihe watch wh. ? Bhe bought it.
? ?],,,,,'? you remember," aald Mr. ?>? ?rr. in an In?
?tnuating vole.?, "walking down L'nlverslty Place
after you left Tiltany'a and finding a good look ng
?, ipper* watting for you?"
,?!;.? laughed, ."?I Bald Bhe couldn't remember.
"You have made up your mind," Bald Mr. Ooff,
"haven'1 you. not ?. give away the handsome 'cop
pi t ?
Bha Rave no answer to Ihla
"Don'i y??u know thai Cooney lias bi.-n on the
stand here and told the whole Btoi . G' ?aid the law
ghe paus'd for a while, and th.-n said:
?i can't help It If he don'l tell the truth.?? t7?augh
,f.r,j "it's ? ? aae
determini ? w? .
about this."
Mr. ??? s?1'. '
at all; "'""? ????
Mr < ; ff," ? he continue l. in a
l won,!I tell you anything more
'?.ii. y..u w ?? tell m?? anything
?mt I think you d< Berve a re
S.-naior? I.exow and S.i-.tit. were absent fiom the
courtroom altar raeaaa, aad Bttnator O'Connoi i?r. -
aload, while Senators Bradley, i'oun.l anil Robart?
s,,n wata on ib<* bench with him, Mra, Herman re?
sumed her placa In th.? wlim ??-.hair, and .?he and
Senator liri'lK'V h?'"1 ? ?"1''? '""* Whllg the ooii??aal
h.i a conaultatiim. Th'r.? was laughUr in th.?
rri m when Mr. ??"IT ??Id he haled to Interrupt
??.nator Itradley. but It til time for th?? examina?
Uonot the wltneea to proceed. ???. Herman wae
.?: the r om.
and she su l. Il salai thai two ?if
the (-.?piali "iman ?
ft.enth I ??? ?n :?." ba i .
t . ? ?m nt th?- in,? -, I ul ?,?< ?? ?? ?? Ins out '?f
tness. The womai ?knew
here wa ?. I t her,
by telling
t ? -.? I
? ? ? ?. , ? ? , : b ?? ? erta
cal pa t> should win at
for you . allow? ? I ha? ? 1 ?Id.
y. im j ? if teen t h
Pf? ?in ?: ?..;,. ? hcrrlgat ? ,\ Yes,
? ? ?Si.? " ?' ? ?? ? THIS !'i ILICEMAN.
Q, ? ? : you ever pay any money to h ? ? ' A.
V? ...
i.i. n m i- ich? a . ?
? ?. ou ? ere im te i. ? ? re ? ou '..1 1 by
o have certal lawyers fur your
\ Yes. ever: '? me I was arrested the
?.' -Who ?,.-:-.? thi lawyers? '? Some times Levy
<*? ??.'???. ?sometimes Mr, Price, sometime* ,M?
1 ? ? ...
<-.' Did Policeman Zimmerman ?take vnu to a
yei V. -Y? lo Stln? : He l Id me If I had
Stlner 1 eoul I gel off. I ?paid Btlner ?. 5. .mi Zim?
merman swore ? waa noi the midai I house
and I?, .? I. An ?ther timi I paid Stln? r
$175, and the ? lb 'er s?.? or? Ild not know m
? he ? ? ? : ?m m,.? ? was Ils? harr* I.
'.? H ?? many times were you arrested? A
About . ? ? ? n :i.u.
?,' Who were the ?polie? justices who discharged
you? A. Judge Martin i?? e and Judge Hogan
once, and ! don't remembei I - Bve?ry
time I wenl ?before a judge I kn? ?? I was to be dis
charged, because ? h.id paid anywhere fi >m ?ISO lo
?V:'"? and the lawyei me ..f the money ??.??
?- go to the ??it. ?
, '.' Were y? ? arrested twice In one week? .\
? hat ? 1-.?"
,?' u'" a/ai your lawyer that time? A. Mr.
Pri .
'..? What did he ?say to you about ?reopening your
; e after you ? I the se ?nd lime?
A He -., ? the ? ?plain ?? is sore on me, and it
woul I . osi ??.;. -, (o ,.,,-? the he - ,
'?' '?Id you ? ay that ?urn? A. So. I ?sal I that
wi more than I coul ? nay. Tl ? n II .? ?? :.? ?
iter I paid ? ? t. I
,'?' . ?' (?tain of :!,. pre
? ? .-.m.
ild then as to p mthly pay
menu A.-I waa to j
\ Yes.
' ' ? ' ' . . con
tain? I entries of all tl
ml to th, la?
, '-' Wh? n Ii I you :.? , : , Bur ipe? \ ??? ? ?? ??.
''?'?? and ? ? e May f ?Il ? ?
'.' w b?? paid ? ' ? ,? your
? A.-My slst.i ? moi h? u ? ?
Q-?Did you forfeit your ball on a ?.??? ? m you
rent to Europe ? \ ?, .?? ? ?... ?. been '.? I l ?
? 1er Smyth, l.-???? A Houi told m*
' ? ? i.i I tria! ? M Prl ,.? n I I
I told him
year If I stayed
?1??.?.? ting ?? h?> wn my bond m
? ? me after I r? turne ?.
W -When ws ,- : ? ? In ??'? b
run : before I wenl .??.?.?>.
,<?*???Were you ? I ? ? y ?? ? .?? ;. ? \
Il rcr''-? I mai Ilona to gel from tha
ness .??. ??> : . ,? ??,,.
irn from E
?vhen .
rie.??red u - ? , . , ...r
arrest she ? t with I lawyer,
Price, several 11 ? ihal
u :
Bite t ,?i ? ,? ? to him
? had aid tm ? to go ? . ?.? ?would
arresi her ai : .? ?) wo ild be pal ? to ihe bon :
?S .?? ??? ?? nn? st? l by ?'.??? Armimi y.
In Bl? ker-st nd '.?k-n In a ?can if to th? ?
estai?? .???.? ' ; ,s'? Newn ??? - .- i ave On
t'-.e wa) Armstrong talked In the street ariti ??
oilier Central OAca ?man, Bhe bad ?sal ? ?she nm?
willing to ;???? G..???"? t ? >..? |?? f-ee. ?but Armstrong
sild .? ? ? i.? anything for her, although ha
would t,e n?,?i to have tt?e ?money, Bhe could ? ??
tell the nsrni I I ' ? ? ? " ?- ?n, but
" ? on ?o..islon ???? ? tie ?? : ?
? ?. ? rylng. He went < ?
, ? -?.. e ? ? ?
I ? ? I':-.m Xewm ins .?fl .
? ..,? ,, ..? a t'Tii.iimn Urte we? ait
!?.??. 1
ras locke?) ?? st the <*< ntral
Si ?? ?.?? she lief ?r? Re ? ' r
I ll? ng wai
for h< ?
? ?. ir bondsman? A
fio Ri ?I : : ,-:?.-. ?.. .?. lid I
bull, I- ? . ?'??"* 1 was
Ct 1 ?Id you ney at the Toi ?
A ? ? 'with a giggle? I I
i? 11 ? had tn :??? to
,-..?.. ? -, ? ?-:: ? -.?
. . ? ? : ?. ?. i. : ? ?. ? :?? .? I . f ? ney, :il. 1
I n?
BHE i'AIl? RB.Va i'?R ??"? .; : -n? ?N.
Q Ftefore ?? ? ?r ?books arere ??..!?:) fr>m yon, i ?
? , ? ? ,-, thsl ?? ? had paid over fcfi'W a
l don ? douM it. I mi ' ' r p yes ' In my
?ss m imieh ?? Ii '?'?' ? m Ih ?, i .? ?? ? ?bave
r to ?
?,, After you wen ? ?? In the Tomba, bow
noi u*? t m,.? ? ? takni ? ? A
taken lu ? ourt onl) thi - I. The tirsi
lime ball sas rei ;?-?? I ?? ?nl to tl
Urn? ? ? e third
time I ? ??? ? ? ? ? . tied. The da) tie
. ? wenl lo the . ' time m> la ?? y?*t
lold me to hs Iture removed from my
? ? How ? oui ! ? "?;
prlsonei ? A 1 left ll Mr Helle
. ' . lure pia ?1 In
Q.?Waa anything said about that In court4? \ I
don't know. Mr prl, ?? aske ! me ,?.,,'?? live p il
!,. fore 1 areni I ? fore Hot order Bmj th If I
.,. ? ? .? ?., pa y i'"i it I b sa lei ?,(? ? ?.' IMO
??I'll tl: ?t
.; ? ?M you j..'!'. Ihe ? "' In Ihe court " A So, I
only i'i. ? ita and Ihal was aft? ? I f?> md out
that l'i.II l noi rIv? ?arm iron? lh? ? ? and
:, .? paid f?il boll Ismeil ? ?? ? >*???? ?
he ali ead) l?.? . I '?". and I would ? .?\ !-?' mo I ?
make the J ??
ij \ ou told Ii.???: - In II.m thai you
would pa) ? ?-. t > . ? rl? a tine uf $100? A
ll ii;?? Senator O'Connon !>\as this ??efore Re
ronl?r ? ? ho had " ' ise,| to a ? ; I ball ?be?
cause toll had bei ed? \ Ves
?,? (Hy Mi ? ;.. rr ? Waa anything said t.? Recorder
Sn j th b) youi lawyer ? ? the ? ffe? I Ihal
ed guilty? A Mi ?Friend saj Ing ?nt?
thing, ??ii'ii I:?. "?!'? Bmyth wenl "Kh! Bh! Bh!"
(The arltnei ma ?? ? orne moi on In II? Hing Im
patience.) I did noi hear whal wot said l aras
On? ? ? " The line aras paid righi away and l aas
dis? han ? ?
The witness said she heard nothing said aboul
tn?? furniture beine ' ? mo? ?! fi. 1 ??? house, but
?l? ? . ,.?.,??,?, ? mal ib.- mu?, m?? sai '..? some
is? ai ' he li lai -'.'??? was dls'-hiai .????! ??' ! ? m
on a Mda) end al ? s m Ihe ????? day ihe
- is back in hi ? houi <? a ;aln ami Ihe
.?.., .-?.--?? for htialnei Mi ?. ?tt ? ahi the
how? ? tti.it l'olici man ? .???:.??? bail li II
i?.,l ??, ,? ih< fui nlture ? ? I Ih ? removed from the
house II?? also salii Ihal lh? wltm ? ha?l t ?. - ? - a ? In
dbted f..r keeping ;i dlsorderlj house bul Mrs
I,, rrnan said he hnd ? ?u ; i? a?1a*d guilt? t., am h ??
\ man .?b?? hail been arrested '.?? robblni
,,,,,. ,, ti:,? .?,? Is In hei housi : ? ild, had ??>1?1
di,. Recorder thai In ?'?'- ihe madam of the h' ? ??
nd had a nult?il hli ll ??? to Ihe chnrgi
he .i.?-. lared ihal he
j, , I plea?Ie?I guilty llefore ?-h?? was nned, her
?., ?.?. ? ? r ?ia ? lold hei sh? must pi miai hol lo ???????
, hou -? BKialn ?i ? he .? ?- .?? ki ? m ? oui f, bul
nobody ??' iked h? r ihe qui ?Hon
The ?vi'ii??.? t?i! ? .? lory aboul having ?? ?? n
clubl.? front of her hou e ?? .? ?policeman
name 1 ? ?'liara. I one of hei girls had *-?ld
thai ?'Hai ? aaa ?.s to arri ? her, and when she
...... ,.? t,, a beer shop to gel a pitcher of beer she
..,,,,, ihe policeman drinking with .> detective in
i^,. place Bhe wanted to speak lo him, and when
?he asked him t ? tep oui ?!? he followe ? her,
ire.l thi ? ?? ? ? ' ind then clubbed her.
ji . ; . p i"?ik her t.? the ? ?II ?? latlon und had her
,,. ?,, ? up on ? ? hai ge ? tig him Bhi got
,,,,, on ? ?nl aftei she had pal?l ISO lo ili? ? ?li ?? ma
.,,,., |o send OUI .nd gel ,? diamond .?.inno; ??In- li
', .. had '.?'?' wh? n ? he ???.? :.? p ? clubbed. The
honor dealer In whoae shop .sh.? mei the policeman
,,,? ?. her thai if she swore thai she sas O'Hara
..,,,. he would go t?> courl and swear ai
I, .. .|i?. ||q .?u- dealer formerly had ??????? a ?polle? -
The witness ?-?'",| shi arai a?m ?? ? h Policemen
gioan and lien gun ??.????? she was suffering fr??tn
the effects of the clubbing. The) wenl t.i ber
tl" ,.,. .,.,,: aid ihe girls In ?? houae havl lold them
?,.? ??.i-i the madam? They compelled her to leave
hen sick-bed lo go to the p..?.? it Ion Mrs.
Il? riunii sh?ed tears as ehe related how she h?al
been treated. Bhe declared Ihal ?? a result ?if
O'Hara's clubbing ehe had ?been obliged t?. under?
go ,,,, operation .it which sis surgeons ??-r.? pn -
"ni ?m,? ahe ??.'?" i" danger of death f.?r ?? time.
Bhe ?"in '" A H. Hummel and want? ? t.. have
him bring an action agalnsl tlie ?policemen, she
sa 1 telllriK bin? th.it all OthOT lawyers sh?? h.vl
?had wore In with the ?polios ?to r,?i? bar. Bhe
declared thai Bergoant rooejjr. "f the Jafforson
Market Court "ii'i.id, had tried to ?????*????| ber lo
Mr?? Mr M??? 'Irliaiil a?? lawyer, ami that I'ollre
man Petterman had arre?ie,l h?-r on a warrant
when there was no charge against her. Tb?
warrant had ? all? ? f ir 'h<? arresi of a small blond
a ornan.
tboul th.? time thai Dr Parkhurst had heen
: .- tri ubi? for the ? oll? e, the wltneaa aald,
. Detective Sullivan told her hoa Dr. Parkhursl
' and Bald if euch a ir?an wenl t" her house
ahe must look oui t..r h m ? ml ar warn nga were
, Riven to .ith.-r women who k??;.- hou? - In Third?
| at Bi .1 j one of Ihe women i? tld th ? !?? Ii ?
proti ?:,..! ihe ?aid Bhe a nil 1 noi ewe ir thai
ahe had paid a? :ilgh a? ?-. for th?? privilege of
?pei ng one house Bhe refused saaln r.i tell the
name of rh?? captain whom ?he ha ! determined
t,. protecl In hei ?? "..
?Mr .;. rr." sh?? aald, "i told yon I would noi tell,
and l won't. There la on? gentleman in the police,
::i ' v.'i mUBt sa?.?? I I
Mr. Ooff ?aid he would ir??t push her further In
that dire tlon. Then he began t.. ask questions
about her (light from ih.? cltj after sh- had been
siiti].?.???.| aa .?? B/ltnei before the committee.
Sh?? ?aid lhal Derritan had asked her If she ex?
pected ??? give testimony, and ?he had said yes.
\ '.?,.?. !?.?",? ?. ived the itibpoena eh? ?v.is
? hou?. . at .1 her Bister told her
Hi. police ?-onId : ,?? ,| her l?i prison for live ye ?
Bhe ?ra? angry, nnd ...?.! to the police station lo
ask the sergeant about what sh?? had heard, The
?ergcanl a iced her ? she wai Blck Derrlgan fol?
lowed her t.? her home. Al that time ehe was
ng Hellertina who s as suffering with fl
broken leg. She wenl t<> Mr. Moss'a office, and
told her Btory to him and to Detective Webb,
Mr Oofl exhibited to the witnesa a long state?
ment, arhlch had been prepared lu Mr. Moss's
office, and Bald thai the nera ??' the ;?'?'.. :e captain
ahe wanted to protecl vai la the statement, but
h? would lei thai go Then be asked: "Why did
> ..?! I? a . ? N'est Voi
Ifter fighting ?hy of the .|uestl"n for a time, the
woman replied "i will t - -11 rhis much. The poll? a
.?' tit tir?? .i:..r. "
?,' Was a purse of money mad?? up for you'?
A 1 ?
?,. How much ?as it" A. -one thousand aeven
! ?..liars.
..' Who savi tl.ney to you ? ? A m?n I
? ? . ? ? ?. ??. befon p ?. , don't know
?? Herman refu.I to tell where the money had
! paid '?? her, or m hai ? ? ha '? doi t with It.
The ?trnnger had goni to Ihe house In Blxth-ave.,
?i??!?? nursing Hellerung, al a late houi
..? the ? fore ?he ?vas t.. appear before the
??? ? ?? a wlti i'?? had told her thai
some ?.? her friend? ?anted to see her, and had
made up a pu ? e foi hei expenses for s
??? lown l'sptaln? Haugne) and Rysn and ex
?eri "?? ll ' ihe ???a- Informe I
nger to a dark
?ut a doten men sh?? had kno .?. ?
N d>?.|y ?Mini,? know where lhal meeting place ?ras,
?.? s of 1 . ? tie I? A I lon't
Mrs Herman aaki she lefl her home at ?1 ? tn, ori
v. ni r?? S'ewark n hei
it ? iiv I nnt . ? he ? ftcrm on Then ihe r nt 1 to
- et th? tr? ?er who trai ?11? I
ime of Hs 11. They s ent to
M. ?-i? al, '. ?m ?
? ; ? ?
treaI too alo? ? pia
? ? ? ? ? found ??..! nj ol !
?. ? : i! Ill ir: . I, ?.. ? ? . ? ? k ?.,
'. ? ? ? ?... md sake l h m I he ?.??> .
I?? ? ?ettlng alni women she
????n well kn ?a p the Ten
? said
e had thought of rum fa h uae in the
.? the * ird man
her a hi ? ?he ha : . f th?
II.' w ?? ?? ,u i demande l| aa a
;? ??????? ? iter I take tl 000
? if shi wmid agree ?
? 1 000 If he ould ru ik* the 1
well, hut ahe had nciuded Ih it pi ??? a ????? : o
Bhe I ho igl ' th? ?
ward ? ? . II? :??. ? h? r ?.? it the mi ta p
was of ?.t th? time The sa\
' ?.? I :?, pa) ??? ???,? at ???- > lay?'
? ? ? lul>. UN, wh.-n she had her talk
a ? h the dele Uve
Mrs Herman said ?he hi1 n?.t employed Benator
Itali of :i ' ken to bave ber stopped ai Jersej Pity
??? ? rei ira from ? hloaeTO He had offered to Be
Ctira ba; tel h.-r for W*i. she ?aid.
Mr <;??1? ?mid ttist h? rri.?iiaht the sltnes? wa? t?n
t ? <? ? lo ?? nlgtrfa reet, and he araa willing thai ?hi
?? .,..? ?red t?. ? ? ?? N-r h .m?? f.r '(?,?? night,
t II s'? ? ? :-' be '-areful to k.-ep awav from the
?- ???? H? ? nated ?hat th? w?..--?, ?
I ? tell ???..?? , ?? about a
>mlfl>*d tO ??G????- t.
?? ? ? N th? ? ?man e? la ?,?,.?.! "if vom k II m?
A ?? ais'-n until 10 30 a. m. to d.iy.
M I" ?> "? '?' ? p IIHIBKRT iv n ? :? p ? ? s? i
II. IDI KAI ?? ? ?14 . .'.s ? :i,?:i,
'?*? ? ?? ?? ?? arraigned yesterday
before Judge Cowing, In Part 1 of Oeneral Besalon?,
' ? Imltt? ? to bail In tt 600, th. : ? p an
Or ?? \ i? beri ir.? ker. of No l.tR Waahlngton-ave
'? ? ? >? ? it tbe ei n?i Un ar is bribery,
s?? ? t,.ii?,?? waa Indicted un 1er iectlona tt ?nd r.i
at the penal Code There wer? tn?. counta in the in?
di? t.nl < "?? w?? thai >.n m u ;h it, :?'?? he g ?? bb a
' irrel of spi I? ? valu. I nl I?' fi
\\ I : ? .; . of Duane-at and the ? ?
. bribe fou
I ? . mkel
it the Indict
f ex-Ward M
.?. 1 Wmlth III: ..?,,' In llcl ?. ??? i?
? ? iiii.i. ? 'lark
lord ... sn : Il , ?
ROW ? ? : ? ? ? : ? \-? BKBN G?? ; ? : > - ? : - HI ": ?;?? - HI
INI I?' I '? i. ' ?.?' ? tq ' ?Ft MRN WITH
who niooHK
i 111 : IIHAND
Tl ?? Bcand il - c >nni eted ? Ith the met ho ' ? I
? ? liquor Interest ? ?? ? ir-s the ?election of
men ? ? I to ll for lira nd Jury ?ervlce, a? ? worn to
!.. '?.!.?.? I.. \, . , ? ? ,.r,.
r The 1 ? three
in the term ?f that >l ible ? ' im
? ? r of lor..! I, "I r p ?.. -, \| tri In ll ? IB rh? n
the practice was ?>f many yeara' Blend?
ing ai i thai the . imblnatlon ..f wholesale liquor
dealer? wa ? , ?.ture the lumm
of men ? Orand Juron a ? ? wer? owners ..f real
were bull llaga parti) ?? rupi? ? bj
llq ior la'? l ? -'s.
The presence of ?uch men on fits flrand Jury,
? ;? mal Interest? were Identical ?
of th? >.?!?.:?? ves, Is ?ufflclenl t?. ai
count f.r th? i'n irk.iiii?' . induci ..f the grand In
? l lest of ll : ? . :? ft ???? ?? ??: ' ?? .'.I Itisi u,. ea
where It? machiner) was a-?? I !.. prevnl in? pre?
leni ..f departmental ?y?tetna notorious!) at
variai nter?-st?aj?an?I others
-.ii .n ? l?ge .?f Justice Di G n ? .? ?
wholly m- Ifted when he characterlxe?! New ? irk
Oran?! Juries ai Instrument? In the hands ?
,! m? m. n for al ling ami aoetilng brasen
In illty lh- '?i.ind .im ? oughi ' . be ihe bedrock
,,? justice ani ti ?? American llbert) If the foun
lust Ii ? Is cori ???'?? 1 b? rb?? Intro lu ? in
,,;? m? p ili ? . \ ., and inn??. what ma) noi he
..\|...?:.? fi .m the manipulait >n? of law ? ? 11.rs like
John II '?' ? ?
Tn? ;? tltnonj if Morris Tekulsky mil John I'
Bmlth the hVlltoi ol "Th? Wine and Spiriti? ?'.a
?tette." ?howe.1 h ??.? the Introduction of names
I , ? .., ?,, ,?,,. liquor Interi ? was ? (Tecle I It I? il
?? en ? ai ??? ? ii?? H ?ai ?
,,f Judge? chargi i with the ?.-lection nf the flrand
Jury list, bul Ihey provi ? more than futile NOI
only were lh? men who had been protested igalnst
KUmai ?? ? I ? ? f??rmerly. bul the (Irand Jury of
? ,,,,.|. th< -, form? ? ?? 1? " ' came near Indicting the
,,,,.;, who sent the prot ? to the ?? ?ard What ? ? ???
,. ?id ??? expected arher? ? immanj Hah und the
I ?noi Ini.' ' ?nti ?? ? ??? men who :???.??. ; the Orand
.i irles? _
juftlce Hogan waa tremendously angry over
Mrs. Herman'! testimony, In which he was mad?
,., figure ' cendaiiiualy. s.u.I he laal night: "The
woman'? biod . ? far aa II rei itea Io me, Ib in?
famou? ."ii false, The woman has. without doubt,
committed wilful pei lury. I Int? nd to go before rh.?
rirai ? Jury of thi? .inty ?? ? iah for in Ii
mi nt Bgalnsl her. In all probablllt) i. r al I an ?
abettors, who hav been In close communication
with her, know a? well us l do that ?he haa ? im
mitte?! perjury, but for e'ectlon purpose? the) have
1.1 nife pro til it? *?? ??? "' ' ?land to viiir ?
character The record ol the c ? t it her dater is
in the eleru'fl room of the Court ??f llenera] Bea
alona, where the law require? thai I ahould Bend the
papi r? m eaaea wl" "' ?'"' ,1:-"1?-'" ' '? ", They
ir,. ,,,?? t, every citlaen, and I call upon coun
,,i ,,f the Leiow Committee and tha committee
Itself t ? eaamlne the p-?P??ra ??' once, and bj them
tbey will 'i'ii t"?"1 ',1?' '? ':,""'s etorjr, bo far aa it
relate? t" me, is false ir.un the Iwglnjilng to th??
en 1
"Thi?? perjurad ?.?min und h'T muti Hellerung, who
??, nuw ?.?id t" Ba hi Hoboken, aad ?? tnaa aamed
Cowan kept oumlde of Ihe Juris. Ilction of my
couii an?l ?he ofllcera were unable to aerve eut>
T-.?iia? on them. It waa prov.-n before me that thla
?man Hetlerung and ih? man ?named ?'???van were
Instrumenl . three men to ?.? -?tify falsely
?against the sister of this woman, wherein sh?? ?ras
? I bj them with keeping ? disorderly house.
Th? three men under oath onfessed thai they
we? hir?..i for th?? purpose of giving testimony, and
I tr.?-y h id admitted ! it the) testiti ? I f Usely.
' ? have r macy what? ? with mv poll?-e
captain or with any othi r :li- lai, and I
defy any ?person on the face ol the earth to Bay th;?t
i ever had any mpropei relatl? na with them."
Policeman Rernard Murphy waa Indicted by the
Grand Jury ?and arraigned yesterday ?before Judge
Cowli . In Pari l of Oencral Sessions, on th.?
?? . . ? "f assault in th?? ?yd m degree. The com?
plainant in Theresa Flynn, who says that on the
of Oc! r 21 the ?policeman assaulted her
at the door of her hou.-??? In Twenty-flfth-at., near
Slnth-ave. Murphy ?says that at the time ?men?
tioned he was pursuing a ?n.ifer who had as
saulted him, ami the fellow ran in through the
open doof we y wher.? tho complainant was starni?
? don t ?remember that ? ??\?.>? brushed n?ninst
her." aald Murphy. "I ?could not make the ?arrest
an?j ?areni away, i roa-gol ?ill about it till I avas
told I had been indirti.I, and came here to sur
render myself."
Rail was ??...! at 11,000, James Patterson, of No.
309 Seventh-eve., sikh..??! the bond.
TO BE ERECTED AT THll: . ? ?""???? ST \\I>
Por Mme tint? pssl the belief baa prevailed that
the house of Mn?. William Astor Bt the southwes
coraer of Flfth-ave. and Thirl fourth it., north of
the Hotel v? al li rt, \? ? ild ?bee ime elthi ? te ? ?r
.? gr?ai Bpartment-houae or Btore. Sow ih?? an?
?s mal" that John i?i>t> Astor proposes
to ereci on the site ?? hotel, which, In fact will ?be
a part, in II pracl -il operations, of the Waldorf,
and the combination will result In securing for
S? w-Yorfc th
building ?? I extend ? ? ward fr >m the Waldorf
rill have a ?I
Thirty f urth st. ? ? ? a'a'd >rf. with
In Flftl ivi if 13 ? ? i-ptb
ol 2??I ?? ? ? in Th ? '
? nt
? stori?
it Is tha th hob
? ?.?? Waldorl
;?n ? \; erlmentaI veni ' - ? have ?|
v-1 ??? I the fact ths wl p ? I . ? ?
- ? . ..
.- ? rn ??? ?
- ? ????? ? irl
? ?m i-? r ? - . .. ?
? ? ? the
ti ?? ? ii luci of large ? il I
:? - Irat? I? ; ?
? m? ni ?.? ?II bi ?
' ;
? ?
ling. 1
but It Is sa
? ? ,? ? b? ?gin ah ml ' bruarj
. :?.?;.
//.' ISSATI l STIC IV ? 111 ERS,
SOME OF TU' ?E WH ? '.vit.I. -ait ON ! >
- ' ' ?" " ?AT Mili! VAI.s TI
? , : ?r ?? ? ? ,- ? ; ? \ MU I
,? ? ? E If eke, ??. .md Un Oe irge Bl - It
and Mr. il ,? .?.'.- i?r and Mr- Klngdon ?
Mr and Mrs Whltelaw If.? '. Oofd t? LewtB, Mr
.?. I Mis .! ?'.. ? 1. ,: . ??. .?r. ' 1. neral Fl 1 rl k
Mthgow, Mr .ml Mr? .1 n Perklna, 1t an?l Mu.
B. O. Wood ru IT, and I p is F. Iloratataaa,
Among ? . j . ? ? ? - ? ?. ? ? ii-ir ?
tea mei \! r ?
?? Ambi
? ? W.
Co ?per, Mr. and 1 ge. Hugh?
I, V I Jai .1 II ?? ? ' i'l ink
L. Onl way, A. >l I Mrs. J. 81
Mr and Mrs J? . , ?. E. L
The ? , .-i, h lin?? S! ?me! ?? ? .? ? ?. .- ful :
rs Mr m l M ri
Juan :?? An,..?. a .'
Ite? .1 li ? ? - ? Ite?, \
I ? in--. Ml m ! Mr* M '.
It i. ?. Ralph 1er. M. Pa
.??Ili.?. I .? " W. It IK
? and .'. - '.; Si me, Beere
II ?? ! .?: ? S- ?. I I ?? .1 A Bel
?'?-? ? ? ?iiKiri.in 111 ? : ? ? .?. .. ?nd J
ll u
The \???1?"G Line steamer tnchorta, foi ? ? .
tak.-. out among h.-r pas M?
Willium ?'oats, Mr and Mrs ?Thomas M I.?
H l'halmers and the i:??. and Mis William Unit
. ??????! ? ?
II the ||
Hiinihtii ? , l?r. I'hlrli
? : Mi and ? ?
??.. Mrs. ?? ?? Pen ?? in.l Mrs
Mi. Jnn ? ? \ ? ??
in, Mr. ami ?? \ ?
Hurra UothS'hlTd, Mi and Mrs Louis I'
lu- s? h'im inn I.? !. ?? William ? Tayloi Robert
.-.?n ?ta. Mi an -
i-hu? air IH uno M M? ?
Vnne Wei lei Hoher!* V? iih.-lm Walter, Milli ?tu
II ho iglas Mi ?a Ida ?? p ???!??- Fi ?hlk??, li .-.???
??. . , Kila ' i ' KM ward
Mrs Harrlel ? ? iva f?n ? l'ai ? Holt, ?,,ik.
:... mid Mrs ?? N il? ? se, II. nr? lllllmi ? ? ?
Im von 11 ?tten, Mr and Mrs M P Knopp.
I,,- h w ??.di. ? ! ? Hans ? nil?? h the Ile? ? :
Mis ?.? .? K li Ine, ' "r l.? u ?..? .? ? ?? und Mrs
Vlexai lei M ?;...i.il-l Mr an?l Mrs lohn Miinroe,
; Musson, L. Sle?*xkowBkl, .1 J voi S liti
Theodor?' Xeskej K W. Osgood, Mis. .! l'ark
\\ in'.? and ? 8 Petereon.
Il a. V V CLUBS ? IH. Il? l'i ? t ? Hill VESS
A ??'? l.\R FROM lll'\l"'t VRTERS ? '? ?V 'ERNIN'l ?
??.G? TU "? DAT W? iRK
Chicago, >"?. 2 (Special) Th?? Satlonal Repub?
lican league hai ? ?ued the following ?-ir .dir lo
Ils m. :
To the II nubil m Club m? mtiers throughout th.*
? ? it??-1 Btates
? ?... i su- The mosl Important and far-reaching
. u?., ilgn of thi deration ? drawing to a < lose
?.??. ? n n? ?at , ive | i.i? ? ?I their ?pai ?
? ?,,. time ' ?? un ti '? ? ffni I h Even ? Iti
/???? who lielleves thai Kepublli-an suoceas ??111 re
st??r?? business pi ispel 1} ?hould mik.? ? business
.?( ?polities ?m Election Day, knowing thai politi -
this year means buslni -
The I.? igue dubs throughout Ihe l'nited ?
have been wort tig iiuletl) and effectlvel) .??.-r
?linci? thi li ? trous defeal of iv.' Thai wort h ?s
h, ???? l ti ??;? i-i??? the wa) for victor) One more
dut) ?remains, and we therefore call upon Ihe mem
ber.? ? ? , ?:? ? in the l'nited But? ->
?. ?. unteei i?,ii .-? ? : ?. es on Election Da) from
the ? ? ? nil .. of th? ? II until .?it Hi?? votea are
. ifi leposlted ami hunestl) ount?i|. Man) ele
?,p havi i. ? u losl !" ihe Republican part) In the
last ?la) ??' ????? ami alien ? ?? ause ??? over? onfldence
nn thi |..ii t ?if It??] . ' ? : I ecaus* "t thi i ? :
nlcloiis at'tlvlt) oi th? ? nppo
\\, ,,,,. ? m mbei ul ill Republican cluba In
the l'nited S: ite ?? ? ?????t?!?? al Inelr headquarters
?m s.muda? ??r Monda) nlghl before election for the
-,. , , piirp ??' organizing Intelligently and dl
?., ? , .? up the Eli ?.??? Da) B'ort m tbe various
, 1,.,-tioi ??? lug sun? i" co-operate with th?*
local campaign committees, su that no ??>rk will
?,? dupli, iti ? ind ever) ??????? potni ??111 ?be covered
We realise Ihal the upisisltlon is deaerate, and
thai Ihe combinations forme?! ??il! noi stop it any
thin? to ? ?rr) their potnl Therefore, ???? urge
?.? ? ?,?,. men ?" ??? ??'.?rod forever) emergency
The ion tesi ,?f ISM Ifl the skirmish line for iv?i,
but the vici ??. .- sure for '94 and half won for 16 if
all who sympathise ??ith Republican success ??ill
tura "m "? Eli. tion Da).
?.,,.,?, oui for frauds agalnsl your Congressmen
an ; membei of your legislature, and light for tha
whole I!? publli an tl ki "
i: levlng thai ??? T) Republican ?Letufue man will
appreciate the ? tuatlon and do hla full duty, ?>e
leave the cause in your hauls ??ith full confidence
in tha re ull
u 11 I.I ? M W. TRACT, President.
ANDREW i;. ill MI'lll'i.'Y, Sec rotary.
Washington, Boy :' Dr. Clusnwn, the Slcaraguan
Minister, ins ??<?ttii.-.t to tti?? Department ,?f St.u??
tii.it his credentials at represen?tatlve of ?Salvador
?have i" ??!! revoked II? waa appointed ?solely f??r the
pun? ?se ,.f conducting diplomatic negotlattoas f"r
the surrender of th? Bseta refugees, ?and ttus object
having failed, through the ?action of the l'nited
Btates courts, bit mission ??.is ,?t an end,
? . - ? ??
Washington, Nov. 2 ?Socretary Orssbaa is suffer
Ing fr.ini a s?.\.r.? cold and does n.?t ? ??.pe.'t to be
ubi?? t?? i.'.iv?? his room f??r ?several days. Alaralag
rumors clraulated thla ?morning about hi? eonditioo
brought man? ?callers t?> bis ?hotel, >vh?> wer?? assured
thill the S.-.-i.'tary was tint even 111 en.niKh to re
qulra the attendancte uf a physician
l'ostm.'ist.r-i'.cn.'r.il Dissidi Is .?Is.? suffering from
a .?evre cid, wuioii B?d> preveoi blm from going
home to vote
Edward J. Woolsey, who w.is oni-e reputed to be a
weaJtky clubman, and Inherited a half-million dollars
from the estate of his mother, Knilly I'. Woolsey,
bag been ratnotni as trustee of a trust fund created
fir his two s.ins under the will of his mother. A
judi-t-ient to this effect Wig slsn.'d yesterday by
Justice Russali, of the .?"upr.'tne Court.
Woolaey'? gMthar u.-i aeveral yaara ago, leaving
? . Rata of ..ver a h,ilf-tn?;il,in doll.irs, consisting
largely of real estate on I-ong Island. There were
several hundred thousand dollari? in personal prop
ertjr. Under the terms of h?r will sh?? pr ivided for
th.? payment of a number ..f I Baja ?l aa. Including one
??f $1."?,OM to her niece, Martha McNalty. She also
provided for tho creation of a trust estate of I1?T0,000
fir He- benefit of IMT two grandsons, ('.eorge M.
Woolaey and l-Mw.irl .1. ?Voolaay, jr. the condition
being that they were to receive th?? Income of It for
their support, maintenance and education. Martha
Mi Nulty, th.? ni?,?., clalaaed that sh- had never been
p.ud rti- legacy
Woo'eejr'a ?oes say that tbey hive receive I noth
Ing from rheir father for th- last ??x months for
their Buppori .ml education. Ever since th.? death
nf their grandmother th.-\ have only received $&,5?00
fr?,:!?, their ?hare ..f tbe 1100,000 trus: fund. When the
????? m?? ..n f.r -rial it was announced that Wool
Bey withdrew from th- case, ant a judgment wae
given against him by default. He ?? now directed
?out for all saics and mortgagee tnade by him
as truatee. Hi- wife, Fannie ?. Woolaey, ?btalned
a divorce ag? nal him in November, l*?-. and mar?
ri"! Edward M Padelf rd. Woolaey afterwart mar?
ra ? again.
Th?? Boldlers' Ont-hana' Horn- of .St. Louis, whloh
OWI - certain Kansas ?Pacific r.in.-oll.lated bon la,
has brought a neu action in th- BupreaBe ?Ourt
i: -ii Bag? and <;.?.,i?re j. Oould in
div ?? in ally, and also tha eaecutora of the will of
Jn Oould, t.. r? ov.r ?bout $ll'?i/>>?\ being the
proceed? ??: ?ecuritlee placed In the hands of Jay
Houli and Russell Bage, aa trust.as. fur the con
aolldated bondholder? of Ina Kanaafl Paci?? Raft?
way Company, end by Ihe true teas t.ik.-n from
the tn. ? an ? mlaapi roprlated and applied to their
on n u '? Tl brought ai the BtaAAutae
of the bondholder! for the >jmrpoaa "f ??curing a
Judgment toi the am..out which it i? allegad haa
been ? it< I bj the truat? ? ?nd it la
rh ? ?? it ai ' intlng be mad of whal has
been taken from I t, that ? Bag? and
Oeorge .1 Oould be ? I fi na th? ir trustee
" ? . p . m ' ? '' ""'>' 00
i from Interfering with I - ?,??;!"? and
that . r?
Barrett tn Bu
| ? .? ' ? ?.a-I'1.. I ? \ ? !? ' . ?' ?1 I'll?
?.'??.-? h el I Idge
.' ? ?in. ??. ,? the com :??? for ? ? and lagg
I..? n .1 M .rr'.-..'? to
' ^ the
f Ba ... ? ? ? . .1 r ?he
? ? ..
\ , i? ful) last In 'ne
lit ? .f John
? ? . ? ,.' ?he
J ?? Barrati
The S'ew-Rrlta!n Nal f New-Rritala?
lefunct A. B. C "Ve?
la n 1 ? . ??I for
e to take c| the
it the tin my
a>, j|r. Jordan waa tha pr-?i
Xatloi ink, and nt tha
? ? t
? ? , -n-, my
t - tide and a traneferrad .r?>ut
I?.... Canada and Cape I Ine? il for
ir'na the creditor? Bu ?? ? i--nt
to this the ? Banani went em f ?.and ?ua>
. \ th? asseta whl h were ? bla ?aaa?? ??
as trustee t > the Cleveland s ?? ? ? tnpani >f N????
!? -, ? ' II ?'?'".
' .r J'-?. !??',?. BOI f Neu -1-rsey,
who died a ?. ' ? ?el
for Jor Un ani also f-r th nea ?nd
? ba ? ? ? r ?? ?? ? ? ' ? I ?ene of
th.'tn hav.? either mislaid Teeterdey a
sa? made ? arala?
it New-Britain to tak< the
ye ol
? '. ' ? 1 ? ?
? ? if Jor '. ?n.
iya that Iheii ?? ? .. ?>??
the trial of th? a ?. \ ? .?. traud
: ? 1'? ??:i\?.- ? ? ? . ?
f a- . ??? ?-rt ?i.
? r .'.?urt
r t Par t ? ? ' ? fBf
S ipei! ? - ..-??.?. J.?
?? ? ?? ?. n \i
'.?. ? ? Bernhard >t?????
??? ? Brea, ?I IO To ? ni
? ??mm ? ?? ?? Bpe lai ??p? Y?' r* Otagerldi. J.?
? .? ?? , M
.??-?? ? . | .' ? .uri
,? '? , -?
REFRRI ' ????? ?? G' ?????,
^up ?
l'.y l.irr? II. .1
Tawnflend v? ?.?t. r..uni?r?t!?t
|v . ?? va M . ni ????.??.??!
Ity I ?- 1 I
ItrNutty V?. W ?? G.a-???.:.
' ?. .
Mi. )r.
in:? BIVBRK Air? ?INTED.
I loUll.
! ?.???". J.
Rati. We* ra Bei ? ?ben Dick.
? nun ? ? ??
?? .ii.???::? h. J
IsiT?? I W lana vi V? ?1 II ?nine VW. Rttrtil?.
fried < Han ??-???? ?? Adolph H? t.- t J .na H.
?????? rn .n.
H? r-rror J
.1 -.-|?!?. M.i!". r? -? kl I ??? ? '' O II i=?i-.t?ri?.->a?
mers AND sons /.v nir mamuts.
WlNTI'l! ?.fri.???? COMINO IM G?.1??? ?'I* S U.MOH
The publl? jn?t now are turni ??.?, their attention
more t" applea than t.. any other thing m the
market? and fancy fruii ?tore? for ita raneen that
m my new > ir etiea ai.natng la. Um fru.i la
ru.ldy, healthy-looking and attractive, aad the
; . are noi unreasonable. Bumarer applea ?u-e
giving place t?> hardier winter rarletlea, ai ? iet.nl
.??. by rh?? barrel tra lall} Increaalng M my
dealer? report nn on ?ratoeked mat kit for aipi-a
who?,? k.-t-piiikr qualifie? .?re doubtful, bul f ?r" hlgh
elaaa trull th? prtcee are good. A greal danl of
fruit ? being received fr..m ap-river orckarda. The
va riet lea ar?? Bpltaenberga, kina?., ?gpya, K.iiiwin*,
Bnowa, Ptpplna, Oreenlnga ?n.l JiMWtkana They
retail at prtcee ?/?mgtng between iz :.. tot Or? ???mnga
10 I? Tj for S?.;t/.?!!;?. rga
Latest returns frolli the Alaskan salmon fleet
ahow tn.it twenty-nine nee?!? have reached i-a.-.tto
.'..a-r porta ihey brought a total of BttMt .asee
of canned salmon and :;.7:'7 b?rrela at aalted .?.Union,
it acanta lhal previ..,? Mtlsaataa at g larga pack
???re wtil founded, and the krvan of the pink
luxury need not G>???? having to pay high prleaa for
their favorite fish this wlnti r
.sin,?,? tke} were laat quoi? I in this arth-le a eent
? u us,, a pound haa been added t.. the Belling price
? if menta, duo, ??.?> tke butchers, to the drouth in
the w.-?.?.. which burnt up the mnge? and sani um
pr ? ? ot corn k.tuis?.
.? BRCEPTIO? FOR ruts ? 7?'?1?.
Th? Hungarian Society and Theatrical Am.iteur
Aaeociatioa of thai .ity win ????? ? reception for
?'.inn! Herman Zlchy, at Terraca Pardea, on No
vember ii, at s p. tn. Count Zlchy i> a aaembef of
?m.? of tka wuajlklaal aad most uristo.T.iti.? famiiiea
of Hugary. ll.? abdicated r.mk and aahca, wealth
an,? Blending, la arder I > foilou in?* dan icrntat in
. ?aiuti.us. ?tu. h be baa advo atad all his lifetime
a? ,? tii.-mii??!? of tha Hugarlan ??.??? and tka iiou?e
of M.ikiuiI.'s. II?? ram' to ???-. York la .Ina of this
year, an.l intents to marry h? r. a woman of bla
choice. Irreetpectlva "f ?n okjactJa?? "ti the iun of
his family. Th.? Hugarlan comic apara. "? su
hanca," th.it aelilev. ?? a su.-.vss In Septemher
last, will ti?? produced ana?n on this o.vasl.iti Count
Zlchy, or H. miau Kay??!', aa he now call? him?
self, ?rill dative? aa >Addreaa The election returaa
will be announced at ehort Intcryale.
-. >
fjaniral Hliwnrt will retire from the command of
the department of the Kaet on November 8, and
on the .lay follow-In?; he will start, with hla wife,
?on an.l .laiiahter. for the I'aclflc CoaBt. where they
will spend the winter. In the spring the Oeneral
will return with his family to UurUagtoo, VU, where
be will make ha? boma.

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