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a candidati: favoring NKW-YOHK CITY
?I ?SI'I-.VIK.N'CY TO T. C. PLATT NOT A ni-:?'rtM
HONEST sivi'KSPoit TO ???: ? ? Tint SAX?
Alisan?/, Nov. 18.?The republicans of the In- I
terlor of th.? st?;o nr.? watching with consider? !
able Inten si the struggle whi h is tioss? ?olng on I
in New-Y >rk ar.d Its vicinity between the risai i
candidates for Speaker ?.f the Assembly. Wh. ther
G Pge :{. -M.lt'>. Hamilton Fish, Danforth E.
Alnsworth, Albert A. Wray, James ? E.
OOrad) or Alfred TL Conkllng shall be Speaker
Is a matt? r nf concern with them, in ao far as
the cholos <">f any one <'f these may affect legis?
lation, but beyond that ,?"lnt they arc not much '?
irr? rested. All the candidates has??? done the Re? !
publican party service, and therefore there Is ?
an amiable desire ? ? gratify their ambitions to
li i)d the third greatest position In the stai?? Gov
erament; but this desire does not extend to the
lengths of prati ting them the office with the
kn iwledge that they svili betray the Republican
party's present mission to overthrow the cor?
rupt government of New-York City and to reform
th.? costly and Incomp?tent Democratic state
; vernment.
Intimately related to the Speakership of the
assembly is the office of President pro tem. of
Ibe Senate. Benal ?r Bsxton has m.?st honorably
held this office for the last yar. To his car?? in
th.? us.? of the power of appointment the people
Owe th.? eg ?lient material of the LezOW In
vest ?patin?.' Committee, whose members have sr>
unflinchingly snd untiringly conducted their In?
?restlgatl ?n of the robber departments "f New?
Tork dry's p'.vernmeni. Hut Mr. Saxton has
now resigned his p.>st of Senator: and thus also
resigns his position of President pro tempore of
the Senat??. Some other Republican must be
elected in his place as Senator, ani som??
other Republican as President pro tempore. And
hy virtue of his selection as President pro
tempore the Republican thus chosen will he the
Republican leader in tii ? Senate,
Tt la to be hoped that the Republican Senator
?svho assume? that position will ns determinedly
sustain the Lexow Committee as Senator Snx
ton has done, and will favor as earnestly as he
would have done the policy of ?????? Mayor?
elect Strong unrestricted power to Improve the
government "f New-York it will be a public
misfortune If this is not the .ase. It svili also
b" a calamity if Mr. Baxton is succeeded as a
Senator from the XXVIth District by a man "f
less lofty political Idi ils than himself. And it
may lie frankly said that some of th<? Republi?
cans svh" sie seeking th?? ? ?mlnatlon in Si nal ?r
Baxton's district at the present time would dis?
grace th.? Republican parly if nominated and
elected, if on?? of them does not, if eli ted, sell
out the Republican party when the Maj r's Re?
in ira] Mil ci mes Into the s? nate peopl? lier,? will
be gli ally Sur] t
Senator Saxl n'i election as Lleutenant-Gover?
?or, svhll. a great piece of good fortune to the
Republican party looked at in one way, is ,??
misfortune in another, since It exposes the He
publican party t?? the chance of the substitution
for him In th?? Senate if s .me "Black H rs.
cavalryman," avmse creature of the lobby, wh ?
?will take a par: of Tammany's millions to kill
th?? Remi val bill. This matter Is spok? :i f here
because th?? Republican maj rity in the Senati
is comparatively small, and the : km of even one
of Its votes is a serious matter. Th?? Republican
party last winter was represented In the Sen?
gte by nineteen Senators, namely: Senators
Chills. Reynolds, Owens, Wolfert, Robei
Lexow, Donald? n, Kilburn, Mullln, Coggeshall,
Btapleton, O'Connor, Saxton, Smelser, faisons.
Pound, l.amv. Pen ? :. and Hlgglna It takes
17 rotes to pass a bill. The Republican party
thus has a leeway of only tw . votes. In the
present star It wsj only by tremendous party
pressure that the Republican leaders in the Sen?
ate contrlvi i t . j a-s their reformatory Mils. Th??
bljl restoring home rule to l?nfTal?? was pas-.?!
? ?1? ly because Senator Parker, s Democrat, voted
for it and thi Republican conspirators aeainst
the ? ill. wh ?se c lurse was Inspired by Lieuten
ant-Oos'ern ?r Sheehan, saw that th.? measure
would pass without their votes, it ought to be
said in passing that nine-tenths of the Republi?
can Sena:? rs were loyal t ? their party arid
were eager to redeem Its pledges of home rule
to Buffai., and that it was only a small frac?
tion ?if their number 'hat wer- willing to act
with sh.ehaii and to betray their party.
it must appear to th?* members of the Com?
mittee of Seventy fr ?ra thla statement that their
? tint of peril with the Removal bill, putting In
Mayor- led Strong's hands the power t> die
mass tin- Tammany head of every city ?J? ; art
ment, is much more In ;i?(? State Benate than In
the Assembly. The Sen it??, with Its small mem?
bership ani scant Republican majority, will be
the w.ak pia? ?? In the Republican line which svili
be assailed by the wealthy and skilful lobbyists
of Tammany Hall. The Assembly, with ?ts big
j:? , il . an majority of eighty-four votes, or
with forty-on? v tes beyond the sixty-five votes
: ssary : ? isi ? bill, will be a comparatively
easy place In which t?. pass the Removal bill.
Th- Commit!.,' Seventy, therefore, could
not do better for the city <.f New-York than to
Inten st us? if s? .m. what in the approa? hing elec?
tion In the XXVIth Senate District. The voters
of that district surety ?uld noi resenl s strongly
worded petition to th.-m that they would send to
Albany as honest an.l a?? aid?? a man as Charles
T. Saxton. Th.ie ar?? hundreds of honorable men
In that district. They can be found In Cayuga
County. In Wayne County, In Ontario County, In
Tompkins County and In Yates County. It
a , l he an Intolerable disgrace for the 33.380
Republicana of that distri??! to be represented st
Albany the c ?mlng year by one svh ? would be
? busy taking Tammany Hall's money or anybody
els.-'s money.
Hut while psylng thii* close attention to the
Senate, the patriotic Republicans of New-York
need not neglect the Assembly, Speaker Malby
surprised many of ids friends in the Republican
party last winter by id? seeming belief that he
shtiuid follow a ? ?Hey suggested t" him In respect
to New-Tork'a affairs by Th ?mas C. Platt, Mr.
Platt was not th?? Mayor of New-York, h'Id no
Officia] position, could not be held responsible for
its ? ?vernment, and therefore voters were
surprised : ? gee the defer, nee paid to his view? by
Mr. Malby.
In view .G Sp.ake??' Malhv's COUrsS he can?
not deem it any impertinence if the members of
the Committee of Seventy ask him this question:
"When th?? Henn.val 1.111 comes up in the Assem?
bly, would you us?? your Influence ai<a!iist it if
Mr. Platt should se? k to protect Tammany by de?
feating the Mil, or would you exert all your
power to pass It, b ileving its adoption was de?
sired by a majority of th.* rotera "G New-York
City?" The altitude of Danforth E. Alnsworth,
<?f Hamilton Kish. of Jam??? ?. B. OOrady, and
of Alfred ft Conkllng might well i??? asked upon
this; Important Mil als.?. They can afford t.? give
a pledge ihat th. ? will sustain this Mil, Which
is so greatly desired by the voters of New-York
City, and ss hi? ii will bring such honor lo th.- He
puMican party if It becomes S law
All of th?? candidate?! for th?? Speakershlp of the
Assembly are experienced members of that body,
Mr Malby, wh?. is s lawyer with s good prac?
tlee al CJgttoltfburg, llrst Came to Alimi.y In 1891.
He svas ill the first year he was he;??, and there?
fore was little noticed. Iu 1X92. however, he re
turned In good health, and begun to 'ome to th?
front, in ity.*:; he was the Republican lead* r, and
in 1M-4 he was the Speaker. He thus has had
a comparatively short but prominent public
Danforth E. Alnsworth. of Oawogo,
more of a s-et*ran and a warier man than Mr,
Malby. Mr. Alnsworth was elected in mr, and
entered the Assembly of lMfi. He was a ready
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speaker and swiftly became one of the leading
debaters. Finally in issi) h?? ?.am?* chairman
of th?? Committee on Appropriations, end thus
? me of the Repuhlica:i leaders. II remained
away from Albany until IKii.'f, when he returned,
and was Mr. Malby'S lieutenant in fighting the
Democrats in lRu:i. Th- present year Mr. Ains
vrorth, as chairman of tu?? Commi) ?> ? ? Ways
and Means, svus ;h?? Republican leader. 1: Is
largely to his credit snd that of senator Mullin,
the chairman of the Senate Finance Comn I
thai the State tax rate was kepi so low.
Hamilton Kish baa hid a long legislative and
political career. He was his father's secretary
when the latter was Secretary of State of the
United Staus, it was way back In ISTI that he
b? ame a member of the Assembli fi m Pu ? ??
County. Mr. Fish was again .?? tnemb r ol the
( nbly from 1S7? t ? 1879, In 1889 an I 1891, ai i
again In w:. and l*-.r<4. He t. >? h? : i aim ?si . v. ry
conspicuous position In the Assembly.
that of Speaker; h? ha.-, been chairman of the
Commltti.? cities, chairman of the Committee
? ti Ways and Means, and has held other leading
committee ? ?sit I na
Janus M. E. O'Orady li h lawyer of
He represents what is kn wn as the
triit" of Monroe C unty, ?vhlch is the
of the city of ? ? hest. r. He has b
member In 1893 and IS94, but with ?
Influence. His election would be - bje
many of the older Assemblymen, elm
R ?ehester,
"city die
chief ? ir
? ? a quit 1
? ?t. ! ; . by
?,? t
member th" stremi .us man::. ? in \\hi h h??
pushed the scheme t?. build a -t ?rage '??
at Mt, Morris, ami tini- to Inv ?lv? thi Stai
needless expenditure of over 13,000,.
Alfred It. Conkllng, who is a nephew of ?: -
? ??? Conkllng, was a member ? t the \ - ml i> in
?X'.'?, represen ti nil a New-York district, Mr.
C :ik',in?r was then known as a man ? t SX? it
industry an.l of ar??.??) Judgment. If he had :?
mained in th.? Assembly he wou'.d hav?? ;?. ? . , t
commanding position.
Albert A. Wray, of Brooklyn, represents the
largest Republican Assembly district In Brook?
lyn. He is a lawy.-r l>\ professi n .ini as !
debater. He had a leading position in the As?
sembly "f ?*?:<4. and \s;il certainly i.ne of tho
four ??r live Republican leaders In the Assi ml?ly
Of 18?,
But as before said, th?? chief Interest the K??
publican ? ?tere of th?? State have?in these catrnll
dates is noi In their past careers but In what
they svili do when the Mayor's Rem ?val bill and
like reformatory measures come before the as?
A number of Republicans of the Thlrtj - ??
cnth Election District of Ihe XXVIlth A ??em
bly District mei at So. ? ? as'e. S it
urday niirh: to forni a permanent ?:? i? in
William Sheeley waa made temporary chal?
an?! J, F, Lane was secretar) An oraran zing
nui ?.omposed of I ?' Be?, m< ui M K S
and William Sheeley ?as appointed to dras? up a
constitution and bj law? foi the club Th?
chih statt?? with ?ftj ? ???? ' members. I
adjourn? ? until next Saturday.
joritv of th? R ? lb : in Asi
lai.] now at flfts three >??? -
T?..? several ? indidatea for the Speak ?
I ? Aaaembl) ara tt.ii hard at work toi ??.
To s? cure II the ?u ? ? ??fui man mi : has
?embly .? ? ?
tion Oeorge It Malby, ol St Lawrenci liai
Flah, of Putn im, an ; Danforth il A
Oswego, are looked upon aa the 1?
bul ti.?- Imprei ? ? ?. ? ntlnu? ? to g? I I
ipposi I to | ? *
takinc the bli ? rll bon
! t a ai r- mai k? I last <
can ?: late? had ? . ? \ :? ;
men below th? ? li >nx. Tl
kfo'v t, ? ;
:? r? bli about th? ? ? I ?tr?
ou? ' andl lates, an ? ??? I ? "I will vei
th?? pr?? llctlon tt'.?.; not one of the
?? : ? haa yet ?- Us ed I
p ? mb< rs of the Assembly ?
the ? ?? ms "
The opinion smon r the polli
nlifht'.y at the . ifth .S\- nue II '
WO ?da are full nf unpledged R'piil
mei., ar. 1 that It is Still an?,
? >!,.? of the f?? ir ???:.:
?cuti ?? for falldr? t?. sen I to the Count
?tntemmt of n.? expel - '
is Frank J Ferrali, the . ?ion i
nominated for thi Aes-imbly In the Xlth l?
th.? Antl-Machln ? Rt pub.i ina, but ? ?
from ? ? Hon. H- ?t
??,? In th.
within 1 :. u
? ? ? 'ounty Clerk'? "
? ? was ti t nie l in Um?
h the Pial ???.??
dlctment an ?
Wi!.? Aw.-.k.? Republican Club of the Xth \
My I'lstr.'-t celebrati ? it? third anntven
headquarters. No 83 Has: Tenth ai BaturJ
ing. t??.? front ?.? th? building was illumin?t. I with
colored lanterns and the ?? ? ma aere.l
decorated ait h flags and festooned I intlng s
th? many gueat? wen d?l?gation* from th* S
Ward Pioneer Corps, Progress Repu Uvan Ou
Rutherford Republican club, Manhatl ne ?
th?? Junior Drdei of united American ??????. .? :
i?, r??anla Lodge F. and A, M at;. ?
ol ? >? An. lent ? ir:.r of For? ?tera Th. ordei ??: ? ?.
? t lee? incita !?? l \ocal ?>?. : in?
tatlons, ?-t?? . by t??'?/. professional and ?>' iteui
formel?, and substantial fluid and ?olid refr?
mi t.!? Tb? ? ? ???? numi er ? :.?.?? .? ? ree?
und milde comfortable by an ei eri II m?
????? consisting of William ?? ibert I: '- I '?'?
and K. Briggerman assisted b) th nt H. I.
Bchrader; coi r< ponding ??:??. l .?
tir,ata 1 il Seel ?tal . I !,' ? ?? la ? : tt. .
George Feltman, and sergeant-al-arma, A, Hai
OEI '. M A N S ? ? ? ? ? ? ? : ' ,tt BNDOKPER
Th.? members "f t).?? Cam] ?
German-American ?? f..im Colon called y? ?
? n Oswald Otlendorfer at ins house, ?a ISO >'? ? I
Flfty-nlnth-st., and presented to blm, In the nam?
of the Keforin Union, resolution? In whl
pressed their heartfelt thank?? t?, the -tin I ?ri?
le? u ? r of the ' let man Am?
toward gaining the victory over Tammans Hall ?:
th<? last election.
F. O. Dettmann made th?? presentation ?peeeh. in
his answer Mr Ottendorf : ?aid thai he .
waya taken ? great Interesi In the movement f<>r
non-partisan municipal ??. < ? t : < ? ; ? n. and thai :
happy that finally . victor) on th.i'. ba?U bad been
obtained. He advised the con p itlck t ? the
Idea? for which they fourbi lutrin? th? laut elee
and recommended f"i Iheli adoption the ? lat?
iera of th?? Committee "f Bevent)
a mil y MBRTixe of sabber?
The Metropolitan Barbera' Association ?ra : irmed
into a permanent organisation yesterday al ? meet
in? in Maennerchor Hall, Fifty-sixth at., near Th rd
av The meeting lacked harmony and practically
ended in ? row. Adolph Fallow, z. the chai
op ned ih. m?.-urne with a statement !?> the effect
that th.? barbera of New-York City wanted to hav?
th?? barber-shone C?OSCd at I o'clo? k on Sut.day after
p??,? The subject provoked a hoi dl ?? ? ?nd
nothing was decid?-'!
From Th.? Magasin? of Art
\\ .? sat down trying tu take In ih>- situation. It
was b?t ween v? and ? o'clock in tin? morning, and
h. re wer.? we, the only atienda.its In this rliurch,
?ui\e the m mas who were chanting the sen , In
a few minutes, however, we ?llsoovered thst we
were noi alone. Peering through lbs gloom to
whi? h our eye were becoming se tustomed ?ve could
just detect the figure? <.f monks moving from sia
lion to station, ghostly (laurea prostratine them?
selves, with th? utmost abandonment <>f religion?
feivor, m front of each picture, i,m gliding adth
such silence thai there was not a sound from
their sandalled feet. For well nigh an h'iiir It
w.ni on. wh.-n there emerged from the doors "ti
??ither si?)?? ol the altar about a dozen ni'.iik> mo t
?.? whom passed down th? nave, Ihe rest remaining
nt.f.at th?? altar. One of these pro.tdad to extin?
guish the fe.l.1.? little oil lamps, and at ??,.? same
time the light of th?< lantern behind Ih? aitai dis
appeared, arni I can tru y say that never ?avi only
on th?? rdiiKle occasion whin I descended a ? oal mine
was l ' vi-i in darkness so profound, in a few
moment? we i.exan to beai sounds "f ? ?
iraotdinaiv nature, which curdled the blood and
excited one almost beyond endurance. The chant
of the monks had ?eased, und out of Ih?? uttei
silei..?.? und darkness then cam? a lound sa "f the
clashing and beating <?f chain? ? clutched the
nrm of our conductor, wl ? ? ?,. ? remained ..ll the
I time on his knees ''What is It?" I whispered;
"vshat d???s It mean'."' Me answ? ted quietly, "I|
| i? the discipline, ?Ignore." And a furthei question
? elicited the explanation that these men were ? uni
? through the ordeal of castigating ihetnselvea with
? chaina libare, on the top of that mountain, m
I the dead, still night, While all the .vori slept, Ih.s.?
rnvii were carrying or the <?M mediaeval tradition
cruelly chastising th.-ir bodies f..r the K<>od of tie li
souls. Mow long this lusted 1 cuiiiiot tell five ml"
utas, ten inimit?s, a quarter of an hour: it se? m? i
an .???? that would never end; but wh.-n it ended
the lamplight shot up again from behind tin- aliar.
and two ill.?? ?,f monks st learned out, one from
either side of the altar, and page ed ?lowti Into the
nave of the church. The procession wa? Lead??.I
by a lull crucifix, born? alofi between two lan?
tern?, and (Jowi the church It passed, ?he monks
two by two. until It emerged through tie centre
door Into the open colonnade.
hi: ?'????-?. es newspaper CRITICISM nBPKNDfl
?:::st:i:.\1. TO TAKE ' HAROB OF Tilt:
111M s ? : ?. ?
Albany, X ?.. If Governor Plower was asked to?
day If he had si further to is In ? tard
! ? hla r? fui il. ????' ? ;?' ipon c ? tain C " lltlotl
comply with th? rei ? il of th? Commltl.I ?Sev?
enty, "f New Vorii City, to require the Attorney
;?::?? \!??p???> I'? II ?WS In
t:;? man i?en?ent o? ? - of ? rlmln ?? ac
? ? : , ?
?h . mu worth while." he replied, "to
m ,!,. ressoi ? lie press of Nea ?. orli
ir misstate ?? srpi ni th? m, or ? tribu? ?
.- ?me l" l m ?live to p them. It Is
.i.i uni? rtun ite thing lhal if a public "iti?? ?r, de
ol discharging hi?? duty c >nsc'. ntloi -.? . h ??
pen? ; ? dlff? 'rom a ? ?? lion of : ?? ni wapaper
,,.? |0 the m th ' l ol ? <* impllshln? a par
.? ... ml ? th? r? upon bt
illrd and ? ?uld be ? ! issi ? a I
malefact ri ai I I ': ""? '"
.?,,?, ? mi roun p? don ? ince ? by
? || ??? ?. ? . ? have
il and m< Urn? ; dan
fund .,. ,.; m? offl ? t.. accomunati .? ????.
t ? ?? .,?.]? ?, when the natura nd ilmi ?? rem? Ij
ll :..?!.?!.
?ir l ??.? : ? ? ; ? ? .?? ? ?? l'i.' attack
. , ci-iti, - empi >y. l ml?nl qu? itlon their
motives; but this 1 have no lisp iltlon to d
, .. . t which I
?, rk ha? ?? at hear?.-n.i ? rfl la
ell) R ??? ? '
U m nee?l? I ? ? : p ? an ! ?? ? I ? a
.? .,? bringing ah ? ?
fair to
? , ? ? ?.. nd to denounce I otaei
. vile.
"Now as to tl Hm ' r? ? ? ? ? Mtor
ney-? eral to lo what Is ti.l.-ar tronatltutl ?n il
? ? , lo do. The | oa ;
?;, rh I hav? In the pren red h)
,?,?.?.? ? ' ? ? t ? ?? ?
I ?' ? || ? ll the
VI? ' v
? ' '
, man
? ...
? ? ,1
? I
? ?. ? ?" ?
?I .
; '
; ? ' '
? ; ? ' ' ' ? ?
t? . ir liei
? ?
? ? torne)
, . ?
? ...
? ?
<?? ml?
.?? I
I and a to I
. ..
PI '. i.i: ?'
1 Till?: RICH M??.:. INI) RI ? SMELAI II l ' ?.IBS?"
w aa enacted thi . Mon??
have ?., me for th? ein
??:?. vhlch ll ' ??'. . ' ?? ih? ? ? ind of an
unuaual ? ? ? The it can on :
? ?.?? ? mn ?".' itlaei ? :iem n it
. aaked me t" require Ihe Alton
t., ? ike ? ha r te ul 11" ? ? ??-? ? itlon ol certain ? '??? ?
Iher? ??!. the ground II
; t-ciitor ? would noi be p l toi i
thi m II the ? tri??! tttorney wa ? unni ??
].??.? It wa t prefer ' hai ?
? tii ? th? ? did ? ..? ?? ? lo do, but
show . ? ??? disi , Itlon to . : ???! ?
to ?tve ' l.? n. Ihe .??? imlntn ??! ? ?
Un ne) m ? aa? ol removal Ii la
tl.. prop? il ? : ?
p bel .?? ? ? mj ? the ? ommlttee I
?? ??.. ? ? '? I? ''.?'.M . h
1 _?? ? ed with h m .
trial, ? ii . ??. . ? un?! ??olivi? lion ??' all
"" tinsi whom th ?
? ?. ?? ?,, e
' ??.?? am li? itimi ? .,..,.. from
' '" mt) : vi:,.m. \ ? ;. ? ? ,:
to ?.?;. . hu. - of the j lloi ' : . ? ? ,
and ih- "Hi. ? fleet Ion oil ra id Ii as Ih? \
' kitnrn? ?? ?.? in, Into ??? ?
the I ?Istrli ? ?Home? had . nnn?le?| the in. u
? .ii.iii and ahihi ? ? ,,'
? ? ?'? "i ? .?. ? ????. ? hi ?ii have ? ??p?? ; ? nt ?
With Hi? ?I? utler ? I,"in Ihe Vttoi
?as noi
??? Ibe ' 'omin 11 Ie? ..? < ",? llun ?, ? ? h< ?
ni I?lutriel ?ittorn??) ! 'airan a? um? ?
"?' ????? promeut Ion sikI with Ihe a|<| .,? ihe Hon
?i ????? Itainea, whom he had ihe righi !.. em lo)
ni..!? r the tutute, ??? ? red a ? rompi rotivi lion ?
ifterwaril as? ured )??? lustli ? William ? .< ho
presided al Ih? ti lai, inai h ??? the mi. turai
process "f i-alllns the Alterne) dineral Into the
? as? i?? ? ? ?, 11?- ?. would ha re Im en ?..??
? ?? Hon, m hl ??; Inlon imi ?? it my ?li
the (Ommlttee "' One Hundred, ?if Troj ? sus
(?e ?, d timi ?; ih? I ?istrici M torn? y was a
man h.ighl i" be removed and Ihej ? ighl lo
prefer ehuraes aaalnai him ?ubaequcntly tbh ??av
? I?.!..? Imi b? fore the te limon) In the . .. . a ?
begun Ihe complainant asked my permission to
wlthdi a ??? Hi? ? hui -??? 1 ?? fused ? ei ml Ion.
Thereupon he asked i"i ? pa I pon em en I nn fall,
s?? that he mlghi ." ??? Europe This ? ,., .?, mied
Recenti) il.? te tlmonv has ?.?? taken and the
raae close?!, and I shall i;i?, my ?.imi in a fen
"Th?? third appll ation ? ?atoe now from N'ew
Y'.ik fit?, n li unacrompanle?) b) anj rea on ea
? ??.? a verbal statement by a commute? ??: a lack
of ?'"iiti'i.?!...? m id.? ? ?istrici Attoi .??. . ?Ilion
t?? d I achante his dm? Impartially and thoroughly;
an additional atatemenl from ii??? ?am?? committee
ii.at ibe work ol Ihe Platrlci Attorney's office la
behindhand, and Ih? ?for? ?,.Id noi ?tve
prompt attention t" thes? particular 'ases, and a
.'???? pini declaration from Ihe public press thai
the preaenl District-Attorney is totally Incom?
petent and unflt, r?'ii deserves ??? ?>? upplanted or
ired U< uuae these conditions are alleged t"
exl ' ? an? aaked t'> tenore the filatrici Utorne)
altogether and require the Allome} Oeneral "i
? ..n.'..id\ whom hi ma} designs 11 and .?: whose
fltn? s ? na? have no knowledge, io enter 11.Bice
and take charge of certain very Important pro
"Now l lubmll (hai if District?Attorney Pel?
Iowa is ao unlit an official ?"? thi newspapers
and ,? ??,? (?Ommlttee nt Seventy fnslnu
ate, in- la noi ta?? man to cond'irl elthei ol ;i.
pi ?secutlona which Ibe Committee "i s.\.-.it\ tun
????!?!??. ..? sn) other i?ro ?cutlons. and he should
m ; remain In office ad.? mi r Irian la ne ? 11 ?
??, secure hla removal The mai.r ?>! removal u
plain and simple li Is defined by the Constitution.
it ;ii?? chargea ai?? substantial ind ? ud?) proved.
Ihelr consideration, hla opportunity for anawer, and
nn decision thereon need noi consume Lut a few
"Th: i- ili.? inani,?. hOHCSl COUrsS f"i Ih.? | Ms
Hi. ! Attorney's critics and opponents to pursue.
Mr Pellowa was elected i?v the peonia to ??? their
District-Attorney. If )??? is unfit for the duties of
office he should ba removed Hut th?? responsi?
bility for ih?? aamtnlstrstlon of the nffi???? |s upon
him. It I? not fuir !.i him, ?>r to any other public
olii-er. t" delirivi? him "f Ids ?'.institutional futi??
llona except for cleeriy defined cuise Bach a
causa would In most cuses Justify removal. If the
principal alleged canne In this caa? can be subatoa
to loot? ?? rull?i?! inni ?t
.?. >??|.?????? Rooils noil ?
prices ?sill alssnags f
restili In > our
pure h ????.? ??.-??? iiinile li. re.
SS e Hinke e? ?t? ? p. ?I ?? ??? ?? tire nell
iiiK al the Iwswesl r.-iiiti prices arar
kit.Il? II.
; J. & J. DOBSON, {
J 2 East I4?h St., ?. ?. ?
A Us? Mi?i-stl < liestniit Si., l'hlliilelplil ?. f
tlii'-l. u certainly would justify removal. I do noi
beili ,?? then is a aelf-resj.ting lawyer In th>?
ilttce "f Seventy, or In the entire cltj of
Me? Vork. ?'??.. In ca'.m m menta and apart fi m
a: . eon? leratlon ol pei ? il or political Interest,
, : tlfj the ex : lee "f the authority con
fern : up p me bj t ?? n? w ?tal ut . w hen the
rail.??.,; and constitutional mi ihod of relief Is
clearly In sieh ;?. w.r. ss I have ?uggeated; namely,
bj tii.? presentation ..f charge? of unfli
"I am th. in ?t tinvernar who haa had ? ? arbitrary
a ??.,?>,, r as la conferred by this statuti under which
the Commit).?' Seventy has mad" its application
f r aid from the Attorn? ? ? '? p ? il As I said
I appi ? ??. ? I ?!?? law. ? : t 11 ? powei migni inl'.j be
I, and I d? let nun?? I mat I ? ?ui i ?el t.
' ??.''?. In . ich '? ? a hi r. app?lc itlon
? n m ??I Inee the I iw wi nl Int . ??';' *. I hav??
rcfun.l t ? ? \? :? ? the atithnrltj noi ?
? ? ? ? ?-? ?- d li ind In cae?
my ?? isltlon bas I i?talned by the sub ?? ? i nl
"Talk about home rule and local ?elf-government!
Why, a a a?. .; veni : ..r an unscruputoua politi
e. in in the Bxecutlve ? Itati e mid, in the name "f r
form .m ; for hi? own base purpose?, usurp the fune
f th? ? ' trlcl Attorney In ? ich of thi
the Stab Tn? local conatltutlonal ma?
f ? :?? i. ? would l.r? tran-f I :?? I to a ?
SI han) The pe ?pie tried that on? ??.
arhen local I>iatrl ? ? ? w. re a,.pointe,? by the
but, u ??!? ' ?? . ???. ;' ."li Ol
re?l to their on p locali?
the adi rat lot ? ? p ? Ih ti
to the ?? opli ever
? In. It would I : .ngi
? ? it un? ? ? rei rmei a,
? ? ? ? bring them
?nelvea lo be?eve thai their ? ? ! luatlft
bui public ifll ? ? ?. a* rn to iphoid th? I'onstltutUin
? ? ? ?. . . ? f. .m ? h >ir c nvlc
i ? ; . ... luty bj ? ? Isard as
- ? . ? h I ?
mor? . - ' the pu'ill Ifare
p j
? -
TRYING Tu FORCE rill.t."?'? - ??? RE.-???
? ???;?!? i:m.:? ??????1 ' ' IIM TH
? a KRN" d: TX* ItVER
SIS'! \??? ?INT \ SS 1 ?; ". \W M \N WHO
;? '. I i'l m
??? a little lineasti
'. ? ?? ? ? ? ? Joh
? . ,? ? he
? R? f?overnor, an :
I to
, m: lon of ' lov
? . , -t th?
? man) I lall eue?
? ? ? . ? ? . ?'. the
ers ?
? ? ? the .??
? ?
? , tlth. ? : Ihe
re I
tion to '????
? .???...
? -? ? ?
? ? ?
'. .? the eft : ?? to get Fel
.?? ? ? I of Ih?? ? ill.-tit ?:
? ? ?
.??'..?I ; ? .? ; ' ?:
ol Ses \ .?.. Count? pi .?-?"? g
? ???.?. ?. U "f t- . ? ol. I ?: I
n?t 'l'ut.m... ? ? hlah i.nJ low,
. ?.? ani mi ? .
redini ? in lime t?? ! ?\ ? htm
?* man.
? ?. ???????
???.1 1? >
? ?
? ; . ? Cinti
)'<... ? ?
? ! ? ? ? ,? ? ? ?
; . ?. ? ? ?? t.,
He ?al?! ? he ani
, ? ? t th?
in <\
RI .
"Bui I Mr. Mah.n '
? . ? . ' II!.? .
? .
? .? ' ! ' !
|.????? ??? ' Ih?.? 1
' ? . ? ti
? . ?
? Il
P. lllaaeli, a ' : ral It:??. II,
but ?? le.id-r I r the Hill-.??
\ ne?
? ? ' ? : : . ?
-> ?
\1?|?G \?.!\'? ?? ' ?' ?RM \? FOR ' '
?? ??? ? il ??::: I IN M M?? ' SI 1 Holt
?? URL?, ?'?????
(tattln re, ?Vos II ??? ti) ?? htei : .
rnormou lt. publican ? el? tl ? In
Marj lan ?. ? ? vei noi ??? m ? and I Pn ? m in H
the bo City 1 ?em ?? ra >. h1\ ? app il? ? : ?
?, , m r?um active m in "t ment >..'
it,. ?., ?. and to tr) to save It fi ?m fui th? r del ??
! ittempti ' to ?? ? alt ng with ?ui the B. nal ?r
In thi ? ,? ilgn, "The Ball
: , ling ok.m of th ? party, kept up a ?? intimi ? ?
tn h m? m ? ?? m m, an ? In evi ry district In the Bl ite
blttei lights I? tn ? '. : a. in an I
. ., ?, ? m. ?? The p lull s as th it Mi ? bir?
man ?? lined t., take any part In the campaign,
Son ii?? so. ?? at I ? ?mflture of i?is ?rould b.t
? ra tu ti?? part) leadership. Mr. (lorman could
have prevented the nomination of John K. Cow ?
for Congress, hut ke knew thsl th? Demo rat
part] waa going i" be beaten tin lugbout the coun
try on the tariff Issue. M- thought that probably
p would go down In ihe Free Trad? crash svith
v. in an l the real of them, but it -.? happened
thai Cowen was on? of the tew saved out of Ih?
wreck But Mi. Herman is satisfied Mr. Cowen
v. a elected b) a gr< ?'? ? ? lue. ? m . i": II v. an ? n>
methuda which have caused the Republican ? ind
date ??, inak?? s contest. This removes him fro.?
the leadership "f the so-called Independent Reform
Democracy and puta him on the level of the ma
chine politician, Thus, by letting Mi Cowen ?<> to
Congress ?if he geta hi? ?eat), Mr, Gorman ha? re
in. ? formi lable political rlv il
Il ?is to discus? hi neutral ground Ihe difier?
en ? b ?\?...?:? the leaders thai they came together
last at u at the Fifth Avenue Hotel, New-York
City Coi rressman Rusk Joined Messrs, Gorman,
Brown ai I Raaln there, A friend of both Ihe Sen?
? ito: and the Govern ? of the meeting
li ?a?, arranged to bring th? Governor, Ihe n ??>
atoi an I Itasln togi ther t.i?l 1er the si
? n?? lead? rs are ? '.? ronfi I by election ? ? ??.?
? which ?hon a Republican plurality In the State, and
? that "ti th? e\?? ..i a campaign In which a full State
? ?. ? is to be roi I foi an ? a legislature chosen
? ? ?? ? III be call? ?! on t" eleel a l'nlte.1 State?
Senator In place of Mr, dlhson. If poaaibl? they
? inted to "get r.g ?:?? t" In auch a wa ? ih it there
n si be no conte?) al the primarle? nexl yeai anJ
that il.? nomina ? ma tnaj all i?.? mad?? with as little
friction aa po*?ln
An ther thing they consider, ? ?? th? further
? distribution ?>? patronage in the Custom Mous?.
Ra In was complaining because h:s people were
getting nothing, and the Governor backed htm
Iti Ins deman Is for a lamer shire of si?olls f,?r the
city, The counties ar.? getting about everything.
and th? clt) politician? ara making loud complalnta
aa to the wa the) are treated The Governor
and Senator Gorman had noi ?een ?ach othei
last --1. r : 11 -?. and th?? relations between them had
??? .??? so much ?trained a? ? ? .-hu?? ? alarm among
? ta.or mutual friends. Hence thi- meeting wa? ai
| ranged t.? bring them together und. if possible, to
. aasaMS th? m to rotondi? mir unici .-ne a
i ;i:i> IPRINOBB.
?? t?.'.?.???a?.? TO riiF? Tinnrxs.?
Washington, Nov. IS At this time two years ago
Democrats wen ? min? lo Washington ?a swarms, ?
making s good deal of noise, and most of then
wearing "Cleveland roosters." Tbe? ?were a jubl- j
lanl party; S party (lushed with rlctory and dazzled
?.?ith vis,..i.s of future conauests. ?'Where Is that ?
part) now"..IVher? are those roosters now?" arc >
questions which might well suggest themselves to ?
nial author of. "Hans Brettman." The roost- !
??rs hav?? vanished, and In place of the noisy van
guard "f a victorious and d?liant party prancing
Into the National Capital with blare of trumpets,
waving of han?:, is and songs of triumph, a few
acare?! and dejected fugitives may be discovered
? through unfrequent? ! streets al early dawn
or under cover of night and Reeking placa in which
to hide and nur:??? their wound??? Most of them,
like the boy who had been spanked by his mother.
have nothing to say about the cauaea which led to
their punishment and th?? overthrow of their party,
which they had fondly belived to I?'? so m
Intrenched In power; f-w. r still ure willing to at?
tempt !?> describe the emotions and lensatlona they
hav?? felt In the lasl week, it is only fair and hu?
mane to conclude that as yet they feel unequal to
the task Bven the philosophical chairman of the
Ways and Means Committee, while he Is wilting to
admit that he was "aurprlsed and astonished," Is
duini? as to the causes ?1 his discomfiture, except,
? ?. said m Washington and repeated In Boston
la ? ntg;ht, "the kirk came from the heels of the
A merli in people, and there ?vas ? ry little ?brains
In It" ? phrase which tntghl bt called ??.smart,"
If neither true nor ? impllmentary.
Mr. I'.yi.um. <>f Indiana, one of Professor Wilson's
associates >>n the Ways and M ans Committee, who
will retire with him to private lif??. Is noi a i?h!
losopher. Itynum reels bad,?, and dc-es not hesitate
?,, :.,??, ito. il? has missed his (?nance of ?.'???? "dt**
orated" In the LIVth Congress, as be was In the
i.i t. with the formal censure <>( the House of Rep?
resentatives on a?'?.unt ..t the u.??? of language
. ! |y ind? ? nl In s parllameni try
aenae If In no other, and he not onl) deeply ?
but bitterly resents It In fact, so hitter Is his re
entmenl that he as id? s his defeat to his refusal
to aecept bribes from Democaratlc ofllce-hunter? a
fact he f rirol to make public until after the eltc
ti'.n returns w? r?? in.
Mr n ul, <?f Mi--?"ii.. :*.'.-. -?? plurality of ?MOO ;
In i??2 was transformed into a Republican plu
rallt) ul eral hundred laai week, Is content with
thai ll ?em rat? :r,
h - districi led led not to vol thi ?? ir, in 1 th if
?n't cai vi ? 'h, bectui t ctad to rei re
of his next term, ind, beel les, he owns
Ii . ! him ? c ?mf ?ruble ? up
Ml ;.,..:." ... ?.t 111? tn ll
? lan fi trad?.????? In tl (ircaent ? ise. * iys he
defea t to t h
?? per cent of a h
and ! ir ? Rep ibllc in
wh ?. he a? ? a membei ? . :. ??? Pro?
active Associ If thi nt be true, Mr.
voters of the Du'.uth
?? ? ? ;hly and ?n? . ? .?.? than
, ?-.;.. I '
| . ....
The I ?? ? WI Ham M. S\
i." ?. ,?. .?. . . I, not to aa)
? ? rrMtnds
id d ?. !>? , rh '?
.rears ? ? ?.. . - tun
. . .
....... .....
I the)
"?? ? UFF LAW.
MAN! G?? I . !? i' i:s : ;.v ? \?;
.???? r?? t??? rniBfXE.]
w. ' ? .?? ? S'ov. Il ? ? eta ? thi
irrem month
results whl? h are to be
! me ? ff law. Consul Meeker, ??.'
I r rt He ol ?
,11" .1 ? \
f the ??: (I
? ' it l is irtaln'y
ipi tbe i? ?es ige l
-? '?' the Air.? ? .'.ui
t.? wh ?m . heap? r n '? av? been
of duties, Is ihe follow
On* of ? ? features hu? he? ? .?
ll I hli \.ntliiK'. f?*urt< m
the bill an ? "?? t'?.?1 very
? ? . ? tings ha ve In
> above the
..-.'' and oth ?r fabrics, tl
.?:???! pi ..,?.
it the Tariff of lOO ? as th is h I ?
?. w ? - u : "th d< it ' knell of bu inesa with the
usi) dtsturl
: ? revive." How I ?? ? ?
lying that
.? . ? and new mai
. . \i. nses were redu ? .
, rail :.
??. ? nty, howev? r, proved a
? ? titif ? ? ;? ? ? lan the
rtera ild ?
?. ? ' ... :
tvaetlvlt) th??? f. ;;
? - ? ? ,
. ?. ? when th? y
Huit the ? ,
? uncen
nu ,? law, [or ? ? ? .. ?
?Un? ol : he ?. ;: ?-! mai , or lers that '
????? k? eu ?? ..: till ? full ?, ... ? ? . the :
A| u. on? ot th? ? . for which
th?*y can find ilvi ? ,?? ? ?:, moi I
im.? there ha? ?? ? ? ?? luntnry increase of waites
ih.it would uiiioiuii to .'" ,.n!s ?,. r u.-ek ner hand
.?ll around ntl r mill have put
plemenl of lum?l ? ? ? ? ,;? ,,i.r.,, ? '
v. ho have im ? ? fi ih? ?,?, n ; ?r thi
f? ?? '.?th-, hav? ? ? ..?,? ? ih. m The r?
???ntatlve ol on? of the ; u .?.???.* Am ?rlcan firms In ?
Hi ' i?"'' I In thi , - ? ?? -it ?. , .h,, ,? ? !,? '
??"'!"? "f the larg? purch? re for futur.? ae. aunt ?
BUDS, S'H'lety hu.ls.
young women just entering
the (foots ,,| society or aro
in.mho.?d. require the wisest
care T" I??? beautiful and
charming they must have
perfect health, with all it
implies a cleat skin, rosy
cheeks, bright eyes sad
good spirit* .\t this period
tlu? young woman is CSpe
? tall ? sensitivi?, and many
m ivi ms 11 ??u hies, which
continue through life, have
thi h .?rik'i:i at this time If
the ? < be pain headache,
l?.u kache, ami nervous dis
tulliani, s, m the general
health n??t rood, the indie?
i"?? use ??I im ?.Ik ine should
In employed Ur PieKe'a
Favorite Prescription is the
hest restnrative tunic and
nervine at this time. The heal bodily condition re
suits from it?? use. It'sa remedy specially Indicated
tor those delicate weaknesses and derangements
that afflict ?Minuti at ??m? period <>t another. You'll
im.l that the woman wh.? has faithfully used the
' Prescription " i- t!i?- picture of health, she looki
well and she feelt weil.
lu catarrhal inflammation, in chronic tHaplaca
incuts common t<? women, where there are symptoms
"i backache dUxineaa or fainting, bearing-down
sensation!?, disordered stomach, moodincsa, fiUigne,
eu , the trouble is surety dis
p' lied and the sofferei brought
Dai l. ti? health anil K??oil s??iiits.
" WOMAN'S ills:
Mrs W. ? IIatis, of /';/.
I WOrlk, Trumbullt ,? ,<), writes:
"? few ye.us ago I t,?,k |)r
Pieroi'a Pavorite Prescription,
which has been a great benefit
to me, I am la eacellenl health
now, ? hope that every woman,
who is troubled with women's
ills.' will try the ' Prescription'
ami bo benefited ?a l have
Rugs and
The largest collections of coloring?,
and sizes in both Modern and An?
tique to be found in this country.
Van Gaasbeek & Arkell,
935 Broadway, Cor. 22rj St.
Solid Silver
Spoons and Forks,
Our designs for this Season are very
The one we have named " La Reine"
exhibits in a marked degree the re?
finement for which our work is noted.
Reed & Barton,
37 Union Square, N. Y.
13 Maiden Lane, N. Y.
mmmi min Distas??, racist r? ?? R ular lava.
?I* ?V rUn? I'oBfSllUtl ? fr. ? '?' ltd c-.tn,
'^ mod. ?t* John 11 VVo II irv Dermal ? ?fai bv
?tlt'it", 127 SV 13 ?-'t . N Y. Branch ?? ? 'tilla,
.?. ?fi St !?? a I Inv.it It ?1 Wnodl ?, ? K*i?i?1 Br???.
that hnvc ever bfon made I?: lh< 1KB th? flrr?
has been buytag in the Bradford market fur
nearly fifty years. The Brst ahli ? ? t? ..f ?????
??ft?*r the p?is-:ik?' o? th" new Tariff hill, and
underatood to come ?rholljr under Ita ?t????????,
wer? f??!? th ? w.'.-k beginning A ? ist ? and ?.r.'?nj
August S. Foi ?hi? week Ix e? to 'l?.?? number
of too tartre declared ?gain?) eight) the prev?ou?
?re. ;., ind ? fea? is llfty In ?orne pi ma ??/???ka.
This v.?is the '?nrgc-i number in .u?y ??-.??k tora
year previously Th?* total vaia.? of th????? Is?
clared exro?"ts for the u.-k ?ras ;,par?d
with .?""?'??' th.? prevtoua w.^k The t/alue wltea
?Tool declared ???????? thi.? \v??> k wi- *?.".'.'?>>. croi.
pared ?.?? II ;??. ! 1,000 th? prevlou? ? ? . :?. if?
months prior to this time, hoa .?? ? ; ? ?***
shipped ?? considerable quantlt: . :' wool, ?? w*l|
as manuf. ture l so ? ?<. to ? I snd ana4
; i.?? operati m ? f trie new Tariff.
It also appears from Consul Meeker1? rf?f.ort
thst "the far-sighted H ? ? ????*;?? ting
?? m?; br? ik the ent?rina ?.. ," ani that
any 11 tnjje In th ?? lilt of ? ? States
h. reafti r m . ... . towns
I.. I .:.. ?. , t ,...?, :, ?..a, coo?
iullle.ll ? ' ... :.
N'otwlth?tandlr.B th?? faci I . ???? act onfv
Into effect ? s .. -? l. Im ? -.-??nt In th?
cutlery tr . ? , : Um ?xport?
..f thi> lln? ? ?? ?G?1?1
s re '!..? largest ?Ir ?? Heptembei aa Taer?
?. ?? 1 ih?r?
I reason ? tt. ?? ss'tils tb?
United ?statt?.-.
In ?? repoi ? dated October 1, laH Cotia I Thomas,
ol Mara il:?.-. Prance, ?hows thai the eaports frota
that ;?.<: t to the (Jailed ftates for the ? -th of
leptember, the firm full month under the n*tr
tariff, amoanted ??> * a ???'.. *s aesalnst ?71.L*?' far
??? ? il. nil?, ?. .?.??, an! n nwrk?:
The busta? s?? of the in : th ? ist clos : is tir?
tory of the ? nsaV
ate. beine; fi! ? ml er ? ?:. th?
next month as to ai rts, ari
S:??. ,.7 In exceaa 1 ??e<ilr.??
tv., iv? montha It shou ? ? li ir.
<?:?<?.?.-.? ?? not conf?n? '? t? irticlea : see?! upon th?
i:??, t! ? propon ?. ttu
?ame as t?? all merchandlae . ?_ ? - ..-\:.?t.
G??? V"i"\?; POPULIST < ' >\ ;?'.?:s.-M VN?
p?: sas.s that the aouD ?aim w bu .?? :? oa?
F.Vr.lX I?"-'S? PREDICTIOXS POR p: r . : V.
II. ?V. Howard, the ? ?pallet ? is -fleet
from Alabama, aad th.? tlrst cai twaatf
ye ir? t?. beat the ? rg mia ? ? ? sj
? boina lionised by bis ata o?
ne -?; .k?? alt ? *
at th.? r.ople'i Part?, .. ? . * Baal
... of the falthfu ? . I wk?om
ira ? ng-r ? 'ins. .?.;.. ?. re refi 'i
? .t
i tas
ran, chal? man of the ;? ? itlvei f
. ar ? of hlms f, He ?'?
lures, yet a ill ?>*
? for s m in who ?es ? "thi
Soli?! South n broken foi
Uniment in ! ???*?
il ward hi a .? arm ith-ehavei
rxlon. and a Sara b to d
In apeaklng ? Is ? li aa : witty, ? Z'-'TT
ap ly, pei . >, sn ? es en I .
Moat of in? oratory last night ?:. . loath
as hi had He h id - '? US
patriotism for it. ? ut he ':?' IaJ
that It la ? ? long, r un 1er U ... a.
"-? ? ?ng," he aald, "t* anj lection ?*
remo ' ''n*?
lust .? tuj la I I *?? *
In ti..? Sou ? t? tot
th it a ?a?*
l??u r ibualne???.' , . ._
i! ? , ! ? ? ? -.'":'
e next ? "Ness ?of 1 in ? K*p ,~1
in he - .? ?. "???? l 7
tl Mh It romea ovei th W eatei *?:'*
Sew? fr im th? Populist returi ? ??_-?
irelght, snd we are Just begi ? *r:i *
the ? are." . Ih.
i? a.: the I'tpiiliat?. agree ? th kli ? ? r'?.. il
will believe in Protection: "What go : ?,''*? "z
sake I, ' for a suit of clothe? " ,7:2
haa n ? t!?.?? money to i?u> it with' Men are ta?m
no? tor them?elves. for their wive? ? ? ^."V-V.?
children, not for politician? and ringst? ? ^'"?
roan Is ?oUIng bis cotton foi ?'? eei ? **L
h!? wheat for U cents .t bush ?I, he is p l fusse"
statili on aeotlment very ?>?n?; " .-,
Th.? new CongreHmaa from Als see eg
a Democrat, hut his conversion ;j ? ?mp.ete?. ~2s
Wilson bill Is a beauty!" h-sui "But If ?? ??e*!i?
??p??? prosperity it never will ? m to I??[?** .*,
Democratic party la concerned. IM rntii.*r has* ??
tariff hiKher and have money to buy tn'0*? SZ
th.in hav.? no money. I'd rather see the !n"'*??*j
??????* and the aplndlea tuinitiK than sea '????
?? iple m poverty snd misery." _, g
Th.? great question, a "t linx to sir "'''"????y,
one "f money, and the Populista are t Ina tJ,**;i?
it satisfactorily for everybod) "??'?","G, ? Jvt
then exiHtiiiR parties,'' he .-ui. "waa sbl? wSg
the slavery i.r.ih.eni. The ureiit Republ *n p? .^
wa? horn to do that. In IIM the ?!'??'?. ,,un?
party will 'imie t.? the rescue, sweeping tne.?? (|
try from Maine to ?'.illfornla. fr.mi the ??a*|tj1 a
the <5ulf. t believe tint a pmy mu?l cosbb mrnn
mission, ?in.I our? is for more money." ..?.?te
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other economy whieh we veniure to iU?W"Li1,tsrf
Italian.?, and that is the abolition of p^'^Th b*???
salartea. of ?:i the countrle? w?h?ire ?*?*?! li4lt
trle.l the ?yatem of pal.l members ???!,i",,1 , bot?
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uniforms. , ? ???
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