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??? oil tasas are the real enemies
.-?? t kkii'VKI*. t2.tt0.00t) *n\t>m thi?: ???\\
_???????.?\ RAILROAD COMPANY- G???8
...........ire. Nov. ??? (Special). Two lawsuits, nn?. of
Djfgtflt tt ? "?? k ,f ihe wondrous power of the
Standir! Wl Company
mj, ? ? Bi * Co are suine t.? recover?
Ul<? ,?!, the Pennsylvania Railroad Company f??r the
; . ?c. r? of freight charges, said
,, |avt ? ?' ' ??'*?( of the Standard
m ' ? ? v ?s served Rfteen year?
?????1 ' ,nts and ??Mavlta have Just 1.?
. ". Just armi.? I |n th.? Sta;.? BJ ,
., Court, '- of more recent origin, and has for
!? ibjeel the prevention of th.? sal.? of ?.n in I
.ndeni ???"' ' ' Standard.
Rtcterd 1 ??''' Orville T. Waring ar.? brothers
partaera, rhey have tiled the paper? In two
, ,;, v.? ?? ? ? ?I In th?? lirst seta forth thai
bere?? SBnxi ? ?, lg?, and March ?. is?, the
,.,.nnsy;vani.? ? Iroad Company received from the
Warm*.??? ?: v ? ?tetlons m th.? vicinity of ritt?
huTg ?tST.rri i" oil for transportation t ?
? freight charges ?. t... the sani? as
? ? shippers of oil, which .?? the
? . h ive exceeded ? conta a barn ;
Waring Rrothere -?\ tney w.-r.
fi T.", per barrel, and ihe exceaa of
reasonable charges amounted to
ita sum the r.?i!r...i ? company un?
it 1, UN (recites ;h>? ?tatemen! ??:'
I iv when requested. But the de
?. s?. requ. ated t?. pay the sum
??? th.? sati!,? year, refused the pay?
: image of the plaintiffs in the
those levi? i
lati b ?
-{-garth? .
cooped ? '
eg ?um ??
j.VUt J*'" ' '
th? War :?
due on .'
nent, :
?um all? ?? An affidavit by Richard S, Waring
naie? tiI il " per? (the Standard and affili?t?
ksj eon ? were favored by "secret manipu?
lation? aecrel methods of rebate? and the
baa" ? - th? alleged excessive chargea ??
not lec? ' *-- " although he admits the .?\.? :
?mount i- )wn only to th?' rallr..a.] company, t.?
whi?.?? ? '??? naturally cannot ?> t a? ?
The at ? ? ih?? second suit, begun Ii
?p:s for?.! ? u the Waring? bad Invested n.OOO.IMM
in IS? ???. and ?were maktna t-!"?? ,000 per
year..? red the Pennsylvania Railroad Com?
aasy ' ? the oil at th?? same rates u thoM
levied ? ?mpetltora Yet the railroad com
pany. M) ? Waring?, together with the Allegheny
Vai:-y Railroad Company, (he Standard ? >.l ram
pan!??? of New-York, Pennsylvania and ''hio; the
alleni ? ? Company, th\? .\tlan?..? Storage
Comi'.'? ? ? Di'? l Pipe I.in?? Company, Warden,
'Fre*? ? 1. ..-khart ?- Frew. ?. .1. BoMWlck ?
Co.. Charle? Prati & Co., and ..th??r persons un?
known all Btantjsard corporatlona and aillai
an! s ?wn to the trade until thi? day), formed
an aU< ft? : nspiracy by which the Warlnga wer.?
to he ? rst?*d"' on fr? :i.'ht rat???, in pursuance >.f
laus : iplracy rat.?? were charged the V. ir?
ings. ?0 they say. at least four time?? as Rr>>at aa t??
oilier ? ? ;?? re, or $-' per barr.-l on Ms,M barrels, an ?
out of .??.-.? presumably unlawful charges the rail?
road ? mpany is sail to hav? paid to tho "co-eon
sjkators" named above larice sum?? of money to tii??
ni thai the Wattage would he driven out of the
Vialr.? na F.r this alleged plot the TT?riega Bemand
ggaage? In :he sum of ll'seMMi
An examlaatloa of th?* ohi appearance dockets
of ?TO ;m<l IS-??, shows that ('eorge Phlras. Jr., was
one of the counsel for the Warings anil the firm
of 1! .mpton &? l?alzell for the railroad mm
pany The summons was filed ani served,
and no further steps were taken until a week ?so
last Thurs'lay. when a new entry was mad?* as fol?
io? ? "October 4. l*!M, statement ani affidavi!
Ble?! '
Ko explanation can be secure.! for the lon? sl?
ier e in these cases, during whl.-h time there has
be?n quite a chanf?e In the composition of legal
firms. Mr. Shlras Is now a Justice of the ?Jupreme
Court of the T'nlte.l states. Mr. Hampton Is dead,
ani Mr. I>alze)i, who s?-l<iom appears In court,
represents the Pttteburg dlstrl.-t in Congreaa. Mar?
cus A. Woodward now has charge of the .aso
for the Warings.
Inquiry conducted among oil men reveals an
lati resting condition of affairs prevailing wh.-rt
\het?e Waring suits were first Instituted, condi?
tion? not male clear by the lepai stateanenta ami
affidavits filed in court. Twenty y.?ars a?", as
now, Pittsburg was the natural ?entre of 'he oil
husine.ss of the I'nlted States. The Allegheny Val?
:<y, eonnectlag Pittsburg with Oil City, ??.2 m:!????'
away, ba 1 practically no freight traffic Independent
of oil. for the carrying of which It was real!)
ttre :? I Thousands of Plttsburgert were engaged
In han?!, ng and refining oil and in th?? manufact?
ure of barrels an.l tin enne in which to transport
It. The east hank of the Allegheny River, fr..m
Ferty-flfth-St to Waring Station, was llne.l \\;;h
?earki ehi ta refined the bulk of the oil ueed In
Aseerica. In the ?ity proper ther- w.-r.? fr?.m '2?-<
to M ? gaged in ..ll speculation, ami mill?
ions of Pittsburg capital was Invested In varloua
way?. The Iron mills an-l machine shop? were k-pt
busy turning out iron for oil tanks and band hoops,
ala? ; ? nginee, etc. At the tinv?. In estl
:.--rity of Pittsburg, the irmi and
all ? ;? d tn? honor?
mi men noi affiliated with the Btandard at
tr.i ite the l . of tins tra.]?? to railroad Influence.
In tti- ? .?.. kv year of ?B1? the Allegheny Valley
Railroad ? ?mpany got Into dlfficultlea (aaalated by
the Pennsylvania and the Btandard, .?"> theii ene
asa? and it ended in a ninety-nlne-year
It.?.-?? ? - he 1 'ennsylvanla
Prl ? ?? 1872 the Warings enjoyed the earn? ?
f?? . .- othei shippers of oil Thej owned
th* V--?, Oil Works, the .at?;? -t In An.-nia. a.-.
the i' ??; lo? ate ? at W iring Stai ?
Alltgh? :.. Valley, while they als?? possessed the
fir.?-.lucine nel?! in the "..u r?-gl'.n." Wn Ich
?an thei lo ated about OU City ?ni eouth to
Park?: They shipped Immense quantities ? oli vi?
the A ? hen) Valley to th.-ir reflnei Ica sfa ? It Pitti
birr. ?.-. r? about i.(*" ????? were employed at good
?'at;'?." So If there was any ciiscrimlnatlun In fr? Ight
r?;?- ? .,". ?? ? ??.? \\ ar.i.K's ?:. ??? I
HI sail ?Itmlnary transportation, independent
of leshlpments in th?? refined shape
Th?? Warlnga say th'ir trouble? hegan with rh?
>w. Mleghens Valley, and continued In the
Meat! .-lined in th?? ?tat?mente tiled In court
aal as desci The Warings wer- one of
a very I who fought th? all?*-ged discrimina?
tori io ti : ist The great mal? rity gave up the un
?Hm! ?
wkei - indard Anally secured supreme con
tr?)!, ;? ., . the Pennsylvania Railroad Company
"a dos? of it? own medicine," as an oil man put
It, by r-r- \ ng It? reflneri? t>. the seal,.,aid, trans?
?arting ? crude petroleum menee through undei
G??? : thus putting an end to th?? rail
roa-i ti ?n of crude oil Now ine Invest
?fcn: ol ?;, ? ??. in "ii about Pittsburg la confined
to th? ; nd the nuns of Ih?
nflneri'-H ??malnlng herea ?uta are eovered with
It > in tood that the Warings are poaaessed
? tti?? t - ? irj amount of energy and <?.??;?!? to make
?f* I . t:ng.
The . ? . ..? m which the Standard I? Indl
?;??>? i: . . . .?? entitled Jdhn .) t'arter vi the
reimatT : : Refiners' 'HI "''.mpany It Is await
?tejaaa ? ? the State Supreme Court, th? ? ?
Pfata t . ?,....? ,?a.?, last w.-?k on an api il
oy the ,?, ? ? ..,? froin Crawford County, The Pro.
??atra ?,.?.. u.finer?' Company was organi? ! two
J'*,r*? ago . pur).?-? nf transporting crude .
J*troieur ? ? ih- w-ll- and transporting the
"? F???.? ? ry |ij :a. t ti,?? di recti ?. agi
*?' ??- pi ?, . ??. th? I'm? Stati - Pipe Un?
l-0?'.pa!. ? .- well known :? - ?' Standard con
g% ? ?derail ? wai t., be tVSO.OOO In the
?-'?e?- f ed States C ?mpany at pai The
"pt ..- ? . th? -' ??'? ol th Produc?
?m Retine ? . impani I t*n? Producer?' Oil Com
?"???i? Un ? li gather? th.? from the well?
r1'1?!-:?? ? ?? the producer? and Refiner?' Com
t>P tot ?? t., niarket The companlea
fgemi .,:),.., for aupport. If the pipe
S?.?? ?old, the n<? owner:? may refus.? t.. accept
u trntn th? I'r?. : ? ? ?' f)il Company, or charge
?Jkltari ! ?. - . greatly Injure ita busi
JC ''..?' , - lock h .?dit? ..f the Producers' Oll
'?mpat ,?,] ., ,.,.,,.. ? from th? County Co in
? Inl.r. ? ?. r.-stram the ?ale The purchase
?eu.1 ;,. |n ,?,. ?,. ,).,?? m con?
g ft? can . .?f oil a? well a? it? production and
?2* s':'," Supremi Court he? affirmed Ibe ?'raw
?wIl. ?u,"> 'Ourt and continued the Injutn-Hon,
w"ICh !. ..".'.a, f?r ,,,,. standard.
?lthUM , "' <'o?umblan' half-dollars to Londo
%a?wa *"** M"'' >IHlJ xhi'm ?*??**?*- '" ,h
^??.'"?" ???? to '-over all the body of th
? "' ??.?? coin with triMixluoent enamel, hav
at tho lowest prices ever oflfeirtrtl, at
? w?M?t Hlh SI., near UH. Ave.
?-overed V uL?''^"' _nd th? '?erlptlo? un
th.? ,.ar,,v,' ,,! ' ",' r'V'?r,',' "W? W?? treated.
to tak.'?' 'th.-' ? -? m? ' "'" r"':,,,i proposition made
Tr..,M.rv ,,r' ,,,.'- "" '?' ,h" cuatody Of the
*%X ?S? ^,iaT,whoa.,5vo;ys;,?_edth,,-,re*t?
stana ta .?lntail :!"' mutilation of coins appeared to
?.0"3 n?A^fhe?nV"
r ai; ?gas ^5?W?4*
'?:r?::-:^;??!.,rlr;,a:.p1l,?,?;,,,''::?, b>??
-1 RAM RLE /? 77/ ? P_H5JT.
Central Park Is always beautiful, and m the
naturalist who wanders silently among Its wildest
parts some new surprise will alwaya ., u .?, ,. .
t ? the simple walk. The last few days have made a
greai change in all lis glades. November for some
,lavs h?'?' '.?? blustering her worst, and there was
Hfl'? to see bul the ??ill swirl of leaves. The Urda
hid themselvea In tl.vergreen thickets, the Ur?
ani under the shelter of the r cks; ??vea the spar?
rows could i??? seen crouching behind the tufta and
benneta of grass, while the squirrels, snug In their
leafy nests, hard'y eared to visit their caches for a
much-wanted ??-. ?]
The am, that shone for two days last week, and
the glorloua spell of Une, almost warm, weather
changed all that, There were few leaves falling.
only the "ak?. the swamp magnolia with Its sllver
backed baves, and tl?.'? weeping willows, with their
long brown streamers, still hi ? their boughs and
twigs with a dying ?Ollage In warm nooks the
dandelion had :.?k. ? grace of hi irt, and here and
there i-s yellow flower shone oui In the emerald set?
ting of the grasa a rabbit enjoying s sii ta
awoke, surprised al the rude Intruder, and. bobbing
his white util at every lump, aas soon lost In a
neighboring thicket among whose roots he hau
tunnelled his t'? r r\ ? ?Down among the leavea the
squlrreli were busy every when searching for nuts.
Jerking their greai bushy talla one moment, the
?'? ?1 with h?ada half-buried m th? fallen foliage,
they sent the leavea Hying righi snd left with their
small paws, and, when the search was rewsraeil.
seated on their haunches, with the tall now aa .?
balancer and the nul between theli forepawe, would
munch contentedly within six feel of the watcher.
But til?? near eye was never "ff that strange stump
standing silently by. The slightest move and the
nul was held between the teeth and the nule rodent
??..- ?,'-? feet up th?? nearest tree, looking down con?
temptuously al ih- man, Jerking defiance ??ith ids
tall ?;: ? giving veni ? ? grunts of evid? nt displeasure
Th?? squirrel, however, is not always on top.
Many of ???????. unfortunately, fall victims to Ihe
half-wild cats lhal Infest the l'ark. These brutes
lie in wait behind s tree root, and with one spring
are fairly all over the small animal One crunch
of the formidable jaws knocks OUI almost all lif??.
and th?? snail tu-er hurries to some clefl in the
Th?? squirrel, too. has now and then some Other
ills to bear. A worthy COUpie- for be it understood
the squirrel Is strictly monogamoua had used the
home of a w.Ipecker foi one of ???'?.? nlntei
storehouses. The woodpeckers ?they are of Ihe ?
downy kind, having returned from Ihe northl have
evidently made up Iheli minds la remain here for
the winter 'ihey revisited their old pecked-out
hom?? In one of the Stumps In the Kan.!.'.? an I
finding it :'nll ?. acorns, butternuts, beechnuts and
nuts of all kinds, began to clear out the store
Mr and Mrs Squirrel obJect?ed bv climbing all
around the stump and the boughs of adjoining
Ireei vo Iferatlng as loudlj as a squirrel rai
when Ihey became troublesome a pe< k or iwo
br??u?;ht th-m t<? reason: and making the best
a bad bargain, the) carried their stores lo some
oth.t of their . a >.? ?
A squirrel alwaya has several of these winter
storehous? s S retching among the l??avea and hob
nobbing with tli? squirrels would be seen many a
arrow who has made a hall on bla way
South This ruddy backed bird, with a white from
aplash? l with black, la some three limes aa big as
thai im.int the Knslis.i sorrow, and pa asea as a ?
rule G?? ,? thrush Bui he Is ?* true sparros as ?
grapslve to a certain extent, and his smallei cousin
leav? - htm :? s ? tfully alone.
Th- ?'ili'"1- "i snow-birds, too. were busy looking
for ?nil.* and their fanlike tails fringed ?? each
side with white feathers, stood out In .bar ron
traat again rk brown of the leaves that
??,',? < ,?! pel th? gl . ?nd.
The small chlca?lees could be heard all about the
K;,,. ble as the) Un be ! a ong Ihe ?.?ths,
Ing for food, and giving veni to the cry thai
givea them their name Dut of a fir tre?
...... ?,, Bweel that the rambler and his com
? halle I. wonderli wl ' aong
.?, ? it turn? d oui to be ai Km I h ? h, a
colony of whom are now doing w< ? In th? r.irk.
\ f, M ,,?? ti , ?-, bird? ser? lei lo? -?- aome three
vears ago, an ! they have Im-rea ? ? ail?
Their chief lami ?? ground" is around the I
near the nurserl? are graduali? ? pr? .?-?
Ing oui over Ihe l?.nk An <?- aslonal robin
t., !?. s.??. but Ihe) will ? ?. ?? . ? H ?ul h I, few
aometlm? s remain thi l*?si
year there was one aolltar) bird, and
aaj he mad? fri? nda with a it- k of , ai rows, and
.?mid alwaya be seen In their company. The
an -'HI be '
Chi.Id??, and there are at east t of ? Bl
d?nai buds there. The gaudily painted male can
t,.? -...n flying thr??ugh thi bushes followed by hla
dingy-colored mate A imall ? ?-<?-? limi.?! w..s no
Hoi ? busily "limbing mou- elm tree . and pushing
bla aharp beak Into every crevice. Th?? Mr ? .?
climh up only som- twelve feel, and then, flying
lo the next tree, begin from the rw>t, and make a
similar search. The knights are always twittering
among the trees, and occasionally the hoarse ?;?
,,' ? ; ea< ock Ir:-' ? mg of evei y other bud.
A large white owl haa taken up ins quarters In s
big patch of privet bushes, lust al Ihe back of the
: - ... |e, much t?? the dis omfll ire of ,? large
?,?,?. of aparrowf s-ho use?! to make this Iheli
roosting pla<-e Hundreds used to sleep there, and
In the evenings when they went to roosi ihey
made such s nolae with th'ir quarrelling* thai
they could be h?eai ? ?? quarter >?f a mile awa)
Th?? owl has evidently had a meal ofl some of these
birds, for Ihey non use the boughs ol Ihe neigh
boring trees. In which there la only cold eomforl
and It Is to be hoped that the owl picks s *-w off
every night, for the sparrows are undoubtedly th
curse of the j.ark.
hi i III OF DR. Ml l'sii.
From The Philadelphia ?Press
During ni^ twenty-year presidency of Pr:-.
(??,;>.?? the number ol students wsa more than
doubled, the fa-ulty quadrupled, the grounda In?
creased from n '?a aerea t.? a large (ion ? p .?? ?
buildings >?!??.?:-I aufil leni to make a ? mslderable
towji by themselves But his firsl thought and
mam thought w.??? ?,, promote h:t;h scholarship
Prom The Springfield Republl in
It Is tru? that when hi came th?? "'1 a hool seemed
a* the pol ? I "f death Dr. McCosh brought :
the ? ?Hi ::?? of l'un?? ... hi filli ? an ? revlvlflH
Its whol.irse il study; h* gave It tea hing a
n-w and ? werf ? mpuls? In the direction of mod
ern progress; he rea ued ll from the trammels of
undue ?:?'?...?-. and -? ? I ? with ibe Ihoughl
of the age; : It? idmlnlstratlon, and he
administered the :?-.?.?- bio? t.? the Ion llaglate
CU -I im of haz!!'-'
From The Buffalo Knqulrei
Dr McCosh lias been a very prominent figure In
. allonal and ecclesiastical circles In In? tun
He belonged t<> the old achool and championed
ideai which are non rapidi) going oui of favor.
In- McCosh la one of ihe survivor of a cuti of
thinkers and teachera which g? ?v.?? smaller every
From The Syracuse Journal.
Ur McCosh has been .? prolific writer, and his
controversy with the Knglish scientist, Huxley,
?rhen "? latter visited this country, attracted wide
a : leni.on H? ?'?'? a logical and Impresi ,? . :.. ik-:
and hla writlnga were I ??? ?? and forceful. Aa pr?
dem of ?Princeton he combined the facultlea of
teacher, studenl and administrative officer. He haa
been a f-ari-.-s champion oi Princeton and the
teachings si.spoused.
From The M ill snd Express.
in all things be was consenstive, bul without
auspicien "f nsrrowness. ili?- face ?vas ever toward
the sunn? Hla spiri) waa broad, catholic, tolerant.
His fallii was simple, childlike and unwavering. His
foibles w re easily pardoned ir noi actually lovable
A unique and plctureaque ilgur?? haa passed beyond
mn horlson; ti??? savor ?>? ins greai and useful life
remain* rWing dead, he yei speaketh,
From The Newark Advertiser
? ir. MiaOosh's administration at Princeton has ?.?
one "f unexampled prosperity, H> came to find the
college, to ?? great extent, provincial in Ita manage?
ment L'nder his guidance its finances nourished,
the number of lit? students was tripled, ih.? standard
of its requirements was raised to i.ik?? rank ariti*
?? oi the ?G'-at universities of America and Eu?
ron* and the college r* -?? steadily in Importane
und I'Usiied Us w..y 10 the front rank of the gnat
tducational InstRntions of the world.
? ? ?
Kro-ii Th?? I.ond >n Olois
An operatic crlibdsm from Uublin during ihe por
,0?_?^Crr?m* ?e^Oods-Oeh, th?? devile! ?,??? at
thi seven of th.m sinning all at w.inst, the way
,ii,->;ll gal BOM toonrr.
THK ???????????a DINNER.
BOW it CAM i?: MADE A ih.kssim; TO THI
unsi? am> hu a???t?.
To the Editor of Th?? Tribun?
?Sir: The principle Involved in the line?, ? find in
your Issue of to-day,
Thr. ur ? ? ,;,,. ?
. ?????' ni) t ? ?,??
has been in mind for many months relative to
th?? recurring Thanksgiving Day, and to th.? hos?
pitality which, while common to and generously ex?
pressed in a not very remote period of our aoclal
in.?, hea faiiin into disuse
It was usual In v-y many SOCial ?Irrles to Invite
to th?? home h.-arth and it- festivities on Thanks?
giving and ?Christmaa days som?? on?? acquaintance
or m.?r.? who was far from home or whoee condi?
tion It? life separated him or her from all such
happinesses, Th.? Cbristlau Idea underlying th.?
act waa tint as we w.r.? blessed in such privi?
leges it was- a duty to share them, ani to cheer
th?? hearts of others as me could, as it eras ?> plea?
ur.? also ?o t" ,;,,
There was never a thought a? to th.? differing
material condition between hoat and guest, Chll?
?lrrn then were trained ??> honor parents, i,, respe? ?
thi'ir par.-ni?.' friends, t.? regard with resi.t those
who were separated fr?im friends or hum??, or to
whom advers?? conditions had come, and to rever?
ence age,
it has |0ng ?.n |n Inv mind to present this view
of a ? ? lai .md Chrlatlan duty for the thoughtful
consideration of thoae blesse?! with happj homes
and hearths in such hospitalities extended to
Worthj young men and women remote fr.un horn.?
living under the conditions thai attend the strug?
gle for existence, hilling ai these an? to human
emotions, or ;<> old friends to whom adversltle?
ha*..me, and who have been close friends per
haps m earlier days, who In their enforced social
Isolation retain their pride of birth, ot Integrity,
who i?? n id*? .-? sin.?.s ?? dignified silence, and whose
large experience? In In? and mannen would largel)
add to the charm of ?uch .aelons, the benefits
are obvloua. To the young it would show thai
wealth, even t.lerate, and ?octal station do noi
d.v. lop the s. lustiness of the demagogue's diatribe;
to the other .lass that the?.ndltlona d.? not ??hill
and repress human emotion?-, and that Hu^ gen er
ous Christian charity, In thla form expressed, con
firm? the teaching ??! the Master th ti "ll I? mor?
Id. s-,.?,] to L,-i\.? than t.? r.Ive," and to this ex
pression of that troth the most ?en?ltlve nature
could not object, sensitive as ?.? all kn?.? auch a
poverty to be
In all its force the maxim, "ids dai qui cito dai."
Wool.I apply, and as |n the past, so now. were thla
.iistotn revived, all heart? would be rheered, and
In . furili, and truly, it w.-uld expr?s the ?In?
ceri!) of the ??? itloi ted i>\ Thanksgiving and
Christmas ?lays
Weii? iir.s ?lone tin-r.? are thousand? In the classes
not???! who would be benefited in all the wide rang?
of thought ? ?.empiiti.?.? in this true application ol
ham.in sympathie?; and h.r?? 1 leave this subjei't
f..r the more forceful powei of ?.??ar editorial pen,
the fruits of which, on the theme of "Charity's
Sweet ?irar.?." it is ?uch a pleasure t.. r?? ???
No. M Hanover Place, Brooklyn, Nov. 10, i- 1.
? a? -
To th.? Editor of Th.? Tribune
Sir. Just BBOUl thirty-llv?? years ago I ha I ?'?
somewhat spirited correspondence with the founder
??' ) ?ur paper, Horace OSeeley, in regard to ? very
, editorial bj him, reflecting upon Missouri
m ?'.??.????? ?nd upon Kansas Cltj In particular,
He wrote me two characteristic personal letters,
which ? preserved for mam years, and dually pre?
sent? I them lo the Kansas Historical Society, at
Top? ka, where ? h? j non ai e
In one of these lettei lated "Tribune ? ?fTVe.
October S?, '? ?' rs tl following passage "In
all the struggle for rr.lorn vs Slavery In ?.??
? ? - Kan aa City was ? malignant stronghold of
persecution and violence, Oi course ahe Is bound
to ? ham?? In tlm? An ? a hen ?he . ??
rhange, openly, frankly, ahovehoard, t shall be
verj glad to publish the fa?? ind 111 irei A.
cordlngly, from lim? to time, wh.-n w?? scored a
?. punii an ? ' toi ?? ! wn.t.? and caliVd his atten
Hon t?. the fact, and he never f ?lie I to ? ?
.? ; romlnence It I? pet ? ? prop, r to - ?\ thai
we hav? nm tr? pass? I very largely upon your
I - ? ring the pa I twent) five yeai <
? tally ? ? rr1?? I th? Stet?
falrl) and s.pur.dv, and elected the Judge of th.
H ipr? me C I an.l Railroad ? 'nmml
ers. nine or tei Congi Stat? l?egl*Utur<
and a ?;? ? ? ! number of count?? an ? township "?? ? ???'
.? ... Hi ??. I think It would ?! ? his spirit
p.,od ai 1 he a | .???- it.? tn I . ? - ts to hav.?
his v?rifie?] ? ? ns ? In The ?? : ?
THE? ?IX HIK S C \.-'i:. M D
Kan a City, ??? IS, :*'?
TV? the Kl'.tor of The Trll.une.
s ? In enti pel ft new day ?
your great ? H . f th?
rill be Ii to man) of
? i;ir ? ? t what hi? powers, du
be ? "erta nl?. . ? H
a him. 1 l?e u?
pustfloi ? ' ? ? ? Im
In ?! Ju Ik? ?. ?? ? oblige a Tribun?
?? ? . ? ? ,?. ??? l *?;
(The R.rd? r nf New-York I? an Imp
? Ity offli lai, In s Idltlon I ? b. Ing ? m '. the
'????.??;?? He is
.? member nf th?? Sinking Rrnd Commissl in, and
..f the ? ?? ?.. ? th? Re?, ? >l..n and Crr?
?!???? of \r 'ears mil A ; he ?
ni.f th? ? ..id ' Tl es of tl
Il irli ir, on Staten Island ll?? |s also regarded
ai ' hi ludge who I? parti ularl) to ha v? a care
the lustrici A t tor ne j attends to hij duties
properly, alth ugh the law puts no special <>!>ll
gatlon on him In p g ?? d to thi? K.1.J
? ? ?
T.. the ?: lltor of the Tribune
Sir ? n Parkhursl ? ?.11 ? sei ? ant? of the
public, Republican! aa well aa Dem?crata ahould
i..? watched iti the performance ..' their duty, and
an hon? t official will nut object, bul will court
m?.?? liga tion .so let honeai voters of both partie?
keep ibelr >v? on Ihe men whom they have Just
elected, and whom they pay to ?erv? Ihe public.
Are they not honest? Of rourse they are, and
that I? why thej will noi object to being under
?.?.? .? ?, a ? ion,
?...! ?? hope ? ? Parkhursl ?di noi leseen his
watchfulness win? h has resulted In so splendi?!
a victory, end will ?elect Man?? man a- public
i si himself, with an equal hatr.??! ?.: official
rascality, to tak?? ins place when he is no longer
able to flglil f?>r righteousnei s in public affaire,
? roter was heard to remark, on being congratu
lated on tl??? downfall <?' Tammany, n.ndlng
of Its corrupt influence and the possible return lo
good government "Yes, we shall hav?? it, n will
last fot ,-, ten yearn, perhapi " Why ihis doubt?
Why should ?>? noi be governed honestly? Re
Mise thi ; eople a ill lo ? Ihelr enthu daam, cease
their vigilance, allow themselves to be ??.lv.-l.
?md villainous officials will again creep Into th?
control ?if ?*ltj affall
Therefore, ye w.t.-is of New York, be ?is.?, heed
Dr. Parkhurst's advice, and cease not to watch
and help your honest public servante I? A it.
New-York, N>>> '.. last
To ih.? Bdltoi of Th?? Tribune
Sn The Republican? of tins vallai;.? were very
much elated ovei Heir victory on Tuesday and
ome of them raised the .stats and Stripe? on the
Village Ha;? pol.?. Now. allow Im,? that It wa? noi
the proper thing to do, a;; th?? Democratic part)
con Ists of I'nlted States cltlsen? also, th?? que?
lion arises, has any person Ihe right to haul It
down and bundle ll up. ? ?? k II asid.? at the saia??
tin,, ?aylng he would pul s hole through whoever
du r? ? to put it up again '
Is there no punishment for this ?-rim??, for such
it ?s In the eyes <?f true and lo\.?l cltlsen? of our
country. tIK< ffltlK H'ENOST, JR.
. 'roton Palla ?. V . Soi II. ????
To the ? lltor "f Th? Trillane
Sir? In a recent Issue of your paper it I- l
that the reaull of the canva s |usl closed showl
the effect of a conscience \ He; that Ii without
dont?! a fact, an! ?hows conclusively thai morality
[?lais an Impon.m; t >,?? In men's views of the
ntnesa "f things. A greal p.? of ,???? this stato al
pr?s? ?' ? ?\<> Egelee ?aw that is something mor??
than a far.??, which our law Upon this imnortant
subject now is. if nothing worse
Any one who has had practical contact with the
application of the law affecting liquor li
censes knows it? worthier, nesa Aa the lea
stands m the towns, the Ba Is? Board is
an autocratic, Irreaponalbh body; .?- for grant?
ing license i?> the individual, the ?laus., requir?
ing a person of good moral character to be the
recipe in of ih?? privlleg? Is a humbug in every
s. its.? Of lb? wr! Th.? fee for IP?, ns.? Is optional.
grad? I from tUO l" HO for hotel or s ilo '? liquor-store,
and for ?.r -.?loon ISO t.< IJi. Verj rarely is it
that beer la s<>t ? without whiskey being sold too. bul
th,? personal pressure upon the Excise Hoard la
strong enough In nearly all cases to >t??.???? ,? truck?
ling to th.? lowest figuri
Vs 10 clowina th? ?aloona aft.'r lea? hours. Sun?
days, or Election days, the breaking of u??? law la
far mor?? frequent than its observance. Th.? law
says no policeman shall enter the pi? mis. - of g
licensed p'ac? during thi ho irs when they an? sup?
posed to ??? cloaed, which I? .? very premium upon
?.hie.uhi}, no restricUm la bin?ini? where ? saloon
nil?? be located; no neighborhood Is free from in?
vasion Th?? petition "f a n? .? ills noth?
ing. Bursty a law should gl ?? a nelghborh.I th??
;? ?!;?' ihle n_hi to pr t? ? i:' Bul nothing of
th- sort ? ,w exists, uni? is it hav- the vote ?>f two
"tit of ihre- men in .? Boar! ?>r Excise, snd they
to.? bften obey tl ?? ihe Executive Com
ai Liquor ?Dealers' Association,
whose hand la againal everv min if a dollar is to
i- gained by t- tratti - ? p th ?ugh nun
debauched ?ti.-r ??.\ a prohibition measure
a? ?,?. lei ? ? , ?? ? ?.? - ; ?? ir-, ?.? sil
means, sh ?ul I giv? a atrong end even-handed law,
capable of being enforc? ? and with penalt) aevere
enough t?? make i: r.?. p? ? ??.? ?
An Kxeis? Commissioner -f the Town of l-Vhkill.
Kiel k?il-on Hu le?n, X V.. Nov. 10, ISM.
'r?u iui'.t ?; \\??.??:? .-iOOOm THS MONET,
lio.noq MIGHT UK BETTER t? ? ?.? > ? i:i ?
To the Editor of th?? Tribune
sir: Prom yesterday's "Ithaca Journal" it sppeari
that th?? Cornell Athletic Council ha? decided unan?
imously to aend ? :rew i" England; also, that the
totsl ? ivy expenses may be 110,000. Further, pei
haps in ?lew of the very significant facts that not?
withstanding extraordinary efforts th- trainer's sal?
ary f,.i- th. current year Is noi ?-t assured ani
on?> oii-third ..r the students hav- contributed, it
?- Intimated :hn th alumni will ?> sski it? ip
ply thla large sum.
Doubtless among them ar?? some ??ho really think
th- advantages of Intercollegiate athletic c nt? ta
? ? Igh the disadvantages, and who possesa means
thai might noi otherwise be usefully employed;
such win hardly bee?) words or mine.
l adir-.-? myself to thai rasi majorltj "f our
former stud.-nts mostly earnest, self-supporting
men snd s unen, ani ask them to bear ::i mini
thi:. ;r their college ? lucatlon has done anything
for them, ;: ahould rta> mal- them Independen! in
thought, word ani deed; willing to be convinced,
bul able to det? ?I falls ea .?:. '? proof against ????
auaalon; above all things, atcadfast in th- midst
??f panici n. i atamp? Ira for whatsoever purpose
I ask them to scrutinise the assumptions of th.
athletic lympathisera and t., demand a irate In?
formation on th?? foil is Ing ? ? nta
?. ? ', ?}. ti testa foster the gen?
eral ! . ? | It j '
J. I??. thi ? benefit ta- bea th ??- acholara!
an?. '.'
t. Do th il ? iffe.-ta upon ihe eh ir
a !??! of the few ? .|'i.iI ihe eontrar) ? :: ? upon the
? ? equi ?? al'? ? lan - upon ". dls
'???? \ ? : .
4. ? ? t(?.\ altra,! an. con il-ral.l- number win
might . ?
?'. Ar- ti. w ho are thu
That ? ? ! lhal ? i- h of ? ahoul 1 !???
anawel ?? ? .-;.?? ai i> p my
'"He ?.t.?. ? ,-. foi si ? b ni " fi m 'Th ? Ithn? a
Journ il" tor June ?. :-?. fr? m the Reg? : il -' Bu le
tin N.? s. is?, ,p? :i m "The Buffalo Express"
f..r ? ruarj :?:?t
?.? ? m< i?i ? ? that a men
,?. ? ? - at tract ? ??- m !.. ? ii ? of atu
denta ? .!? w hi a I hla ? . founded an?l
haa ? ? ? ?: ilnta In? I, not all ? il? iti lei ? \ ?
f oui alumni
auch a- ??..?.???- ? Th M ; ' ami ? ' ?matu k'a
"Eni ?mol
???: mj ?.?? k of opportunity for the ap
pll itlon of Mi ili partm? nt ?
?if the inlv? ? alt) are em irrasse?! for m< an
which to :. their api ?Intel! work The Student??'
Hull I. th?? Ktu I? nts' Wai ? In Hi? h ?apli il ai
??.?. ? :-! the ? : ol S??< . Student* ill appet?
? ' troni ? ? , ..? ! bene? ?
ir alumni BI'ltT ? ? WI Id ?KB M I?
Ithaca ? V . Nov, II, ??'??.
To the F. lltor of The t
Su Mr M irei ?. ?'?? w? :. In ? Ul i? - IC of '
?r?..- ot ? .'???! ibi Importane? of which few
A mei cai lei lai : bul Ihei - are ?me :?
of ti??? question m hli h h? noi ipparentl) un
ind lia? m?; l!? -d on the l'acll foi over
a third of a ? lui ? th ?.liar advantag?
g thi ' ? esiion, and ha?? li ?? re id
???? r?. thin- which came in m? ??av. from no source
? found ihsi th? nip ?rtance t ? the
Htales of th.mlng trad?? with the Orient la well
? ? ? a- of the II iwallan ques?
tion allow? I th? almosl universal la k ? kl iwl? Ige
Th. thrown a fog ovei the ? ntlre
aubje? ; ? ?tir lit a- - I - ?II? s In the
Pacific ? ? ? ' ? ' ? "'
>?.?.? for the a inn price .?- f ?r
and ?!?? t? fore
? irade-d '? - \
of the ? ?rlental cl iractei ai ? ?
common sense would have Impelled them io
make a dollar of the aame ??? >.t?.' snd (tnenesa as
the popular Mexlt in dollar With a little add
, I of ? ng a ?loilar, s
waa to be used In China (a tra?li r) to auil thai
trad-, telling In ''hi!. characters the weight and
fineness, the) made a t-.-oir American lollar, and
no) a ' 'h ??? ?e character on ll I ' t !?? ? had I? ? p
,? ? the) wouH have enden) red to gei
?.,,??.,... . ;
on It
W ?? wan: that
k nd of .? coin ? a Tl ? cliy of New-Voi..
am?rela I suprema I 1*1
?: will
ah??ul?l lu ? r. New-Voi k. p I) Ing on
her won?!
gteat p<?| her "' it?? ilei V w ?. ? It," hi ?
? ? ? ? ?-.antagi s. con
? io ???? hei -? If with the Idea thai ahe ? ? un?
ible, ? ? ? ? ? opli v. Ill aa ik? n ?orne ila). aa dl I
s- ?.??.n-, t.. the unpleaaanl fad lhal Chicago has
I.?!.? ?: ? in? ?? !':?!.-?.?..
I be more Important ? ? rtxluclng thla :
than Ihe trade of the I'..? Iflc ? "oa : an.l the coun
nf ih? l'ai Iflc ? '? ? an
Th?? Had- I,? tween I flit Pa? ll
I ? , ?
ver) ? ipl II) l >?? the in al ahlpr ml ol : ? ? bai
r?-ls ?if tl '? ??? ? ? 11 - ago.
Now inno? a year are
siii|.|.. I. and the deman ? la ? ??
? 'hlna an ? Jap in s , olv? ? he ?-. ?., protd? in G??
the Pa? in? ' ' ? ?I l"*hi trad? Will " (II
In? i-a ??..: -?. ???? 11) '.'..?? Ihe laal steamship ?.?.
siil? I from Ta orna ? fea day? .???? I? ft thlrt) car
of freight, which she waa un itile to tak?
..?.? of II ame ? .m east of Chicago If you ?a ;ll
glan??e .it the map, and -? ?? the Immense network
ol railroad pushing toward th? Pacific ? ?
know ing, . ? il do. Ih wonderl ? trees of th?
Htates (?ordering on Ihe Pacific, you -annoi help
from realising lhal a greai development mast take
place. A ?:t? il o ? in tra I? mu ? n? ? irli) grow
\ ' ? ?; : l?-dn? ' hli a-'" gl , ' ' 11 ? : |?.? I
lienefll of th. ? ? ? ? r ?mpletlon .?! rail
roads bringing ln?-rea ? ? ?. llltlea and lower fi .
rates, will largel) In reas?? that trail?? The Burling
ton road, opened ? . ? ? onne? lion with ih??
Paiifli Coast, aent, the Ural duy, ?? ,: to Pugei
Sonn ? t., load with ahlnglea Cu! yeara ago n??
ahlngb-a wer? hlpoed ? .?--? b) rail, In I89_ B.taai
carload?? were -1? t ? ? ? ('hl? it?? geta lurgel) the
lienefll of thi trade. Sew Vork noi .? ?lollar
IhoiiKh in.in> of those cars ? am?? Into the Si it?
New-York and ? ? w Jersey. Thai la a amall mat
,i there i- ? lumber trade coming, when
comilitona are right, which h??ul?l make New Y,.rk
? ?,? . Ihe great e* ( luml" ? market In ih- w ?? ;,1
Tl la the opinion of well posted Eastern men
It |a atlmat? ? li) thea? men thai the tonnait?? ?.f
lumber alone will m n,? pa) the ?nteres) on thi
coal "f construct!.: the (sthmua ?'anal That
11 a I- w dl I. onl) ? comparative!) mall part of the
traile with th? Pa 111 tnu ? l??an Htatei and
ul hei , ..'.mu les foi m hli h ?? ar-Torl irgejy
be ihe emporium Th? completion of thai canal
w?.uld -??. Nea \ ik the trade In Chi.- g.la
nearl) half acroa ihe Continent Chicago Is taking
lb? trade of ? la rae -.-non ol country, n??i supplied
b) tl.?? Pai i; ' ?? ' I.? ' New-i oi k build the
[sthmua (?anal and enlarge her own canals, and ahe
will forever control ihe upi ? ma? ? ? '. I'. 1'.
N? wark, ? .1 . ???? I?' IMI
t?? \ ? ??:? ?? ?.?: INTERVIEW.
?.? th- F. llloi -f The Tribune.
Rlr Eoi urne weeka pas) I have taken your
ii.?|.-r. because it waa supporting good men, and
w ?-? apparenti) howlng Itself In favor "f K,,., \
government. The Intervie? ?????? Croker, Ihe lead
and front ..f all thai ?- woral In Tammany, now
shows that ?on aw willing t?? place yourself In line
w.!h the corrupt men thai all d?*cent citlsens have
repudiated It) this Intervie? you hold up thla per?
son aa a man ??? be ' ?nor? I and as an example t.?
young men, fu whal else ? o* - auch an article
ni-iii'' it ?- ? h-.?!, - t. you and your paper to
ho..? aa worth) ?: an) one'a reading the opinion
of snidi a man on any aubject whatever
New V..ik. Nov IJ. ISM.
(This la too Lad. We though! we were print?
ing thai Interview In the Inferirai of |??.?,| ???\
ernment, ind our contemporaries seem n, have
thought so, too, for some of the mosl undoubted
champions of reform have reprinted )i.u{< ot ?t
and commented on them We supposed ever)
reformer would wain to know how Croker I >ok
his beating. Thr?? ma) have been s general
wim after s victory neglected to keep wai h of
his enemy and learn sll he could of his plana,
bui we never heard of him M I
? ._. . ?,
To the Editor "f Th- Tribune,
s ? Along the south shir.? of f.ontt Island Bound
there la no ?.I harbor of refuge east of Hunting?
ton harbor; hence it la noi Strangs that the schoon?
er Messenger was wracked oa the bar opposite Pe
eral? ?m Tuesday morning, as announced In The
Tribune of th?- 7th. This i?.?r is about ?? mile from
th?? Shore, widi Which ? runs nearly parali.?] f,,r
a mile and a half between Dnefc l'on.I Point and
Morton a l'omt Lighthouae. At umea the water uu
parti of the bar Is no more than three or four
I -p. while behind it is s iter eno igh for large
vessels, snd s ;.;., ,?? ?>' nearly .'.?i t? ns ar??
loaded from the ?hore. It la said there is an available
channel Jual west ..f the bar, and .? better one near
? the ea?t end. Many y.-irs air?. Congrea? was naked
to build a breakwater on this bar and a lighthouse
on II rton'a Point. The latter was ere ted
I8S7 and ISSg, About ten years a-.??. Congress, In
answer ta the petition of many persons, ordered a
aurvei with .? view of placing a breakwater on the
bar, but somehow thi matter was dropped, and
that bar remains a terror to all who know of the
ingeroua loca! I
Meanwhile practical coasters soun led the har. with
I It? aurroundlngs, ind ?.???? an opinion that a "her
I bor p ghl be ma le al a comparatively
? reasonable expen ie."
Long Nlanl Suini is the thoroughfare for an Im
1 m-ns.- number of achoonera, y ach ta, etc., man? of
w h h have ??. en long lelayed in! not a few lost
11? p th Te is n? harbor of refuge e jal of Hunt?
? Ington hari.or. Surely th.? I'nlted State? Govern?
, men! ahould look after th:- matter carefully, and
. now? that the election is over will no: Th?? Tribune
? tv ?o?l f..r the sake of humanity?
Sodthhold. I. I. Nov. I". last. I?. ]?. HORTON.
T.. the rSdltor of The Tri!.un-.
Sir: Allow me lo suggest that on?> of th?? first
acts of the reform administration should be the
preservation, by printing, of thn early records
..f ih.? Common Council ??f th.- city, and ihe pro?
? a suitable room where they can !?? oui?
suit???!. These records, according to the custodian's
statement, now ? mi:; rise etx or seven volume?
in ili.? Dutch language, and about seventy-five in
English, covering the period from tit. city's set?
tlement t.? lS3ia after which year they began to be
printed. This?? volumea are atored i;i four large
safes in a narrow, stuffy liti .? room m ih.? south?
??ast corner of th.? Cltj Hail. They an? under the
Immediate care of th? C! rk of the Board of Al?
dermen, but m order to consult them on? must
?-.?.k out the City clerk In another corner of the
bull p. -?. and get ?? t.. mitt from him. Then they
? usi be consulted In the stuffy little room witfi
iis one window and desk and musty, tomblike
atmosphen The volumes, many of them, are In
very bad condition. The covers are ?.IT, leaves
???.? loose : in ?ome perhaps missing; If not,
they soon will be, unie ?teps are taken to
preserve them. One ol the flrst acts of the new
r.'--'irii.? sh. aid be to appoint a commission of
scholars and conveyancers, under who-? direction
these Invaluab.? record? ahould be transcribe?!,
edited, Indexed and printed Then they should
i??? nal.? available for research. Surely New-York,
the met rot ?olis, la as well able to piovi 1,? d.nt
accommtxlatton? In thi? resr?ect a- are tbe thou?
sand Interioi loin, and cities where the in
? linda everything provided for his comfort.
> ew York. Nov. it, ; ?. ?
To the I?: lltor of The Tribut e.
il r? - congratulating The Tribune and it?
Gp??? is for lia? ? ? I iten the lying, thieving gang
of Tammany at last Tuesday's election. They
cheated lilaine and Logan out of their election,
and now, though Justice haa loi I? lyed, some
of th. m are g isl d lerts, And now
about Hill Voir Democrat? sent him over here
tn eat Major McKinley out of hla election to Co
? u year? ag ?. Win, ll was ? terrible rainy
bui th.? faithful were out, as about two
t ill ? Ii .? ? .?. ? ; inty are of thai olas-,
; wot is ?; ?vernor Hill said wi re: "Thla
lud. but It isn't half as bad aa th?
the !; ? party." Hut I gu? be thought th?
? t.?.? Republican party lasi Tuesday was
Ita rain un "every hill s:.ali be made
I iw In!?? I. the Rible tella It - ?
? ?. ARNOLD.
Ml lersburg, ??hi.?, Nov. 12, Igst.
?--?. ?
? ? the ? III ?r if The Tribune.
Sir II the Assembly agrees ? ? el? t Mr. Conkllng
Speaker, it will i.e an Indorsement by the Legislat
. in.? of the ii"?' ? Government ''lui? principles Mr
? ???nk iim: ? a.- ma i?? a study ol ??? 11 government, and
? an?. ? our Republic la to live thla
?'.ved 11.
New-York, No?. 13, IXM.
: To the Bdltor ?'. The Tut.un??.
Su. A statement is published In you? paper to
the effect that the halan?.? of power In the fotth
coming Board of Aldermen rests with two mem
arhom you characterise as "State Democ
?? . \li.ttt..n We Wi?h l" sa;, that II s", hap
pen? thai this power doe* .-\is!. und thai we ire
the member? In the newly elected board in which
it is probably Invested, and hat .??? are In no way
connected with the State Uemocrac) m sani/..mon,
but are members ot the Anti-Tammany Democracy
md owe to that organisation our alleviai ???.
Tit? '\i.\s i?\\ vi:it. vitith District.
.iii.-ll'll SCHILLING, XXIVth Plstrlct.
? ? ?
To the Bdltor of The Tribune.
Sir The tamil) and rrienda of Frank It. Hubbell,
?. ?rth Adams, were greal ? ?hocked a fea days
ago to heal : hla I? ith bj ila own hand. This ?.? , -
? ? tatemi nts publish? l
? t| papen attributing the cause to remorse
foil ?wing an aid g? ! d? bauch, That euch could have
?,? en th?? . ? isc wa ? ? ;.? all w ho ? new him,
and the moat careful lnve?tlgalion discloses that
there u i- absolut? ly no foundation for su'-!i a
cru??! ? ; ?rl Hla If? had a waya been a mosl ? \
i'inplarj on? . ? ? ? - ? young man mot forty-tive or
?, r thlrtj -six year? ol ti ol most
? . ? inructer He had
lli-leni resour??. ? to mik. most unreasonable auch a
?l< |?;,?i ? off--??xc ;? as n can ??.? ? xpl iln? ?
by the tem| ? I ? ?? ?! I- - ? I
him o ? '?? I? ?bun lanl ; roof Ha I
been un) r< ? tempor?r} linanclal ?tre???, n was
, ? my ? itlv? in?l friend? who
won ! hai ? Kladly relieved 11 had II b?en made
know n. Th. ? ?.' no puhll In ? in ?on
the pap??!-. .ml which h) Insinuation was tot*tured
.. . - Inten led t"r hi?
??:.. re
p,?i r waa ne) er he ?r I nf ng iln. Th?
? mul .? ? and the ?ho? king
. , ? ? ? ill) , xplolt. I In for- one of the relatlvea
? ne of
the trag? I) Something o( the palnfulne?* ol
announcement ml? h I hav? been .-par? I h;s fi
If the n? wegath? rer? had be? ? ll upon
th? id fact?? than ?n m ikm^ tho mosl
sail mal Mill ? p..s-?,?
i? han ? rortnlxhi .?- ? this unfortunate young
man lefl a responsible intuition In Sorth ?.dam*
? n if hi? empli lyers, ? ?
neo-pi an attractive offer tn engage In s .m?- con
tlon work In Pennsylvania, Through aome de?
fault G tl tractors his employment tvaa de?
ferred a? he '..ui. I aft? r reaching the
gr? in ? He ? ime to this city a Ithout Inform
mg an; ? itivi s or fri?,. ?? h? ? of hla pres
? nee ? .? ? ? ? ? \ ??, he doubt 1? ss
felt mortiti? I a? the I illur? of hla plan's ,,?; I In?..., ],? I
over hla ?llsappolntmenl until In ? moment ..f de?
ment h?? termin?t? I one of the gentlest of
lives l nul te appreciate that all tins would have no
? puh n? Intel est oi it In view of all the cir?
cumstances relateij .m ? the cruel mtsstatementa re
fern it?? In simpl. luetici I venture to ask that you
will kin II) publish thla i'ommunl atlon from
? a ? ?rk. Nov l\ ??'??
catch ? rv?;
To the Editor of The Tribune.
Sit Please inform me what ar? the market?? of
the world? Ever alnce ? can remember the D
e ratte pain ha-? ?.? reaching for thus., markets
und catching pant? Thi time they hai.? caught
an ? arthquake M. R, \V
Nen -1 orli. Nov. II. igei.
?,, the IM,to- of The Tribune
Sit All Kino- of waya are i" Ing suggested as t.
honoring Dr. t'arkhurst. ? have not seen it st..t? ?
thai his church is now altogether too small t.? ac?
commodate the hundreds In and OU I of the ell)
Who desire t? heat nlm. Many time? lately hav?
I had to lean- ills church on account of the crowd?
not being able to gel even Inside the doors; and on
several occasions I have seen pewholders leave ti;??
church, not being able to reach their aeata, ?.??
..ur honor to him 'nk?? the lOt'in of enlarging hla
pr.-s, nt church, either t.? the north or east, b) tak
im; ? adjoining proper? R? so doing he will ?.?
aid.? to pn?.nil ta it???.ii? twice as many as can
now hear him, which will be a pleasure to him
und a greal benefll to all who attend from near
and far. I know this voice? the feeling and -??? tl
ment of thousand? from all over the world, who de
sir?? (when ?.?:?? ? vieil or remain permanently) to
list,?;, p, our most noted and lervlceable cltlsen
and mlnlst?-i of the tloepel Signed,
N? w-Vork, Nov. l?i. A DAILY READER.
IF SHU'S. UIIV N<?T \V? >? ?I
To the Editor of Th.? Tribune.
Sir. ! would like to hav.? you. through the Trlr?.
un.?, on;,tatui .??? Prceldenl Cleveland upon ht?
success In de.nitrating that America can build
her own ships with American labor and from
American material, and then ,i?k him what is the
matter with America'? raising her own wool and
weaving h.-r ..wn cloth with American labor? Ifou
can add as man) mor.? American thinus u* \.?u
ilk.?. ?'. ?! BROOKS.
MI. rpton. N. V., Nov. 15. ls!?l.
To the Editor of The T?lleme
Sir: Asan old-tin? reader Of "The Tribune." with
?ill appi??.dation thai II rasls its gleite? In all
dt??.?, iions. correcting all abusee, ? wish to call at?
tention to iln? "pettily and dishonor" to whl.h the
falher of our ?ounlry is being subjected In the
present uu ie of two-ceni ?tamps, i t?iught ?????
on W.??In.?slay, and found, in piece of ihe ??p???
... ? million which reflect??,! his picture on the
.stamp a 'a?led shade between a red and pink, the
worst of ull beliis au abseui? of mucilage ou the
OROM ignoravi-: ex ros ? r?.
Utili KI ?.
The results obtained by certain professed
chemists in an attempt to nnalyz?? Paskola are
BO fir fr in th?? truth that wo have every reason
to ht lleve th?; ptrpttrators to lie In the employ
?'f rival manufacturers,
(posslhly pop!? inter
csi-d In preparations of
cod liver oil), whose
bnsfncM has bcrn in
Jilted hy the merited
!?"!'ii!arity ,,f Paskola.
Ths suspicion Is strength?
ened by the fart that
the untruthful reports as
t> th?? cnnip sltion of
Paskola have been wide?
ly circul?t??.1 through the
maus a ? ?1 otherwise.
Among the things the so
calk il "chemists" have
Bl ? ted, is ?hat Paskola
wa. nothing l?ut glucose
,? ? ?, hydrochloric acid,
? h ? ridiculousness o f
Whl? h assertion wtll be
in ??.e clear by the fol?
lowing experiment:
Take twn pint bottles
and in "im place a table
sp ?onftll "f gltn'ose and In
th?? other a like ?inantity
o i I'asKoli; fill them
With water, shake thoroughly nnd add to each
forty drops of muriatic or hydrochloric add, in
order to Imitate the acidity o? th?? natural gas
trlc Juice. Having previously Bnel) min.? s qp-an?
tity of raro ?.r raw ???,?? I.??? f, Chicken, the white
of hard boiled eggs or similar foods, put Into
each bottle one ot a? ? Immerse ih?? bottles in
warm wat?, ant* carefully maintain th?? c??n
tents at a temperature of l(? tc to."? degree?
Fahrenheit, frequently shaking In order to thor?
oughly expose the food to tbe action of the so?
in: ?.
In the coi ?- ? of a Vi tv short time, the contenta
of the bottle containing Paskola will be seen to
undergo a change, and In two >.r thr???? hours
the f....,! win have become entirely dissolved or
digested; whereas the contents nf the other bot?
tle containing th?? glucose and a? Id will show
no change beyond ? slight dlfterenm in appear*
if you have neither the facilities nor th? In?
clination to make the tej? for yourself, we have
in? doubt that your druggist will be glad t.? try
the experiment. Th?? tubes herewith show the
results ? f s teal mad- ir. ??ur own laboratory, the
cuts i? Ing from a photograph, No. I contalneal
glucose, .?id ?o. 2 Paskola, What ara ure to
conclude? One >>f tw ? things: either that th?' so
called "chemists" are ignorant or dishonest.
Glucose has no digestive pr.'p-itles. This Is
a well-known fnct, whereas Paak >la la giving re
lief t" thousands <<t dyspeptics, a truth attested
by the uns. Netted tMtlmonlals that pour In
upon us. The ?presence .?f digestir? ferments in
Paskola 'aun"? be ?.-teimined by chemical test.
No one has ever seen digest.v.- ferments in a
pur?? form, am' the only \\..; to determine their
presence Ie by observing the
pr duce upon t.1. Thh
fleets which they
is a faci recognised
by every authority and will h- found stated in
roster's Physiology and other standard works.
Another thing, which these ignorant and Jeal?
ous rivals have s.,id ghoul I'ask da, is that Inas?
much as Itr basis is pre-dlgested starch, it Is
calculated to encourage diabetes.
Wo cannoi better anew? th'i charge than by
quoting a paragraph from a report mal?? to
Mayor Ollroy. <>.' New-York, by I>r. ?Cyrus Ed
son. Commissioner of Health for the City of New
York and for th- BUM of New-York.
"i'l. -.Iig-s;.''l star h la Btarch in the <?xact
,?. nditlon thai we And It prcfaared ???? the digest?
ive organs for assimilation It Is pre-eminently
a fat-forming, hent-produdng food Under a
diet .f |ir.--'lig'S!."l starch cr glucose, ? man
can perform more muscular work than und? r
any other single artici? cf food. Pre-dlgested
?tarch ? is ,1"t Injurious hu? it is an
essential article "f f?""'?. without which in s"ine
form man cannot enjoy li:'? "
ThN letter from Dr. Eds-n wa? written In
answer to an Inqutn from th- Mayor as to
whether or not pre-dlgaet?td star.h was h?alth
'l'ask.'la contains a special form of pre-dig.sted
Starch as w?-ll as digestive ferments, and la
noi alone a fattening
fo d. ).ut it aids th- ?11
gestlon ? f other f.Is in
ih- stomach, just as you
in.iv s? Iti th?? ab iva
experiment. The tired,
feeble stomach of the
dyspeptic is too weak to
?i . its duty. Il n.la
a little help; this help
I'ask?.'.a givee. It? u>" i?
nt -.?-.? followed l'? a
sense o f well-being,
strength, vigor and cour?
age. The appetite Im?
proves and the sufferer
can ? -it with comfort
before distress fol
lowe 1 evi ry meal. Pas
kola c ?rreets emaciation,
and ihe pale, thin Buf
ferera rapidly gain In
weight under Its use.
Consumptives will ex
pe ? ? ? ? - a thousan 1
times ?., r?? benefit from
it than from th" use ? f
disagreeable, nauseating
cd liver "11. which often
?. s ni ire harm than
g . d. < ? nsumptl m nee?l
? : prove fatal, if we
can ai root the 1 ISS of
flesh, for Its vie:1ms vir?
tually ??- "f starvatl m
Bend for our Interesting pamphlet
ai????it thi?; womi-rful preparation.
gladly mail you a copy fr*
Th?? l'i- Digested Fo? d ?'
V. ?? York.
and learn
We will
upon BppllcfttlofL
'io Reade S:r?>et.
back of ihi? issa-, ??,, ?ssltatlni ih?? n-'? o' mucll
a_. on every stamp I am prevented from mailing a
hai?" dozen leu?!- to-ntght, not having the mucilage
at home ?-' d.i ?? ? ?? ?IHSi'HU.I?.
No .:??. Broadway, New-York November ?, UK
I ui?!'? >si-:i? t? ? BPECtTLATION IN PRODUCA
To the Bd ? ? ol The Tribune
Blr: In The Tribune of the 13th inst. you have an
int?; atlng arti??:,? entitled th- "iJloom of th?? Cot?
ton drowers." The art!?- begins as follows:
The bear element In ape?ulatlve eschsmges Is one
most vicious ? bstacl? s the industn-s of the
? trj hav- to contend against The oppressing
Influence the beara of apecukttlon have hai tor th??
;.-! year upon legitimate (radine hns been one of
infortunate features of the hard time?, and
recuperation under ti'-ir savage att.irks has been
slow. Natural conditions may, of necessity, ?-om
i>-: prices to drop, but then th- bears force them
still lower, never taking any thought "f who is t ?
??- th- loser. Th- hear element in apeculatton his
caused more distress, bankruptcy and ruin than any
nd vers? condition of th? times. Il la an -.-ment
that atopa at nothing to m.ik?? ?profita for Itself,
and ;t revela In Its sue --
Th?? above Is true as Holy Writ. N'a only the
cotton growers of the South, inn tin grain pro
ducers of the North, an rained by this pernicloua
gambling In futures, Thla trading In two, fo.ir,
-.\ .n- more months' options In cotton or ?ram is
nothing more or lesa tnsn gambi na, Every dealer
knowa this, deny It la h ? may, and it ?- the m ?st
pernicious kin ? of gambling. If s person loses his
money it a game uif carda ? ? on?? suif? rs but hlm
if he enters into s speculative gambling deal
t.? force down ih- vaia- of rotten or urani that he
ma? make a profit on his sh on Mlee, he not only
a??? its the pockets of the party with whom he
trs led. i?ui he haa helped to make a ruinous market
i?n- ? for th?? producer
At ili- extremely low prices al ?viii-h cotton and
grain are selling, th- producer ts compelled to ? s
pose of his entire crop at ??n???? to pay the debts
- una?!. I during th- making of It, Unding him?
self with nothing left to pay for th- education of
his children or for the purchase of necessaries for
th?? family,
Having tolled early and late, the ?ear through, to
find himself in su-h a condition It Is natural he
ahould ?on lud?' there is a great wrong somewhere.
Having failed to find relief in either of the great
political parties, :t ? a short trip to the Populate?,
II.? works under that banner until he learns that
it is not m ?re greenbacks nor free silver that are to
cure his ills.
I trust th- time will rome when the great armv
or producen ?Mil see thai a large abare of their
IN gre lue to the pernicious gambling on the ex
changea In th. products ?>f their labor, and that
they will rais.? their voices till som?? ?ray t?.? found
t?. restrict it t.? its narrowest limit. (? E. iiritt
Morristown, N. J.. Nov. u, ism
?Jaropean SUtJcrtiscment?.
22S, Rue ft Honore. Paris. ?
Between the Tuileries Oarden?, ?Placa Vendom*
and Mew Opera. AJvantage<uis arrangements for
families. Bi'autiful Hall. Large I ?rawing Rooms.
Electric Light. &e. Telegrams. "Lillalblon,"
V"?????a?"aiivkktiskhs will ??.G??G?
Sj UemAoO i.fflc? of Th- Tritium?. 7*? Fleet Street. E. C.
? aanraslam plac? to ie?\? thrir advertixmienta for nub?
llcatlon la The Tribuns.

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