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Vou LIV...N0, 17.?44.
mgsaaaMARQ 0F TH" WUDAL PARTT in the
CATHEi''lAI-T',K MAi?tti.\.;i: cntmoNT
?:. Msfsburg, Nov. 2*.?Th? wedding of Czar
?sjBftossi H ?"?'' Princess Alix of Hesse took
t,jce to-Jay with elaborate and Imposing cere
?sonies. an ? d. the presen..f n brllllanl throng
ajforsl personager from abroad and the nigh
?. Rucian ? Bl : i's.
The day broke cloudy snd rheerlesa Troops,
jjeaded by band? of music, were on th.? march
from ail direct! n? at ar early huir, ami .??
fUPle<l all the avenue? leading to th.? Winter
F-iUce, sassslng In strong force In th? Alexand? r
piatz an 1 or the Palace Quay, in front of the
Winter P?l? "? Long before dawn the people
|e?Bg? ?locking '? ? ?? Pslacs Quay, which was
?.von ?snorij pa< ked By I o'clo. k the streets
?gere Ihroog. i with the populace in gala attire
Women in magnificent costumes, ?>f which whit?
sai the predoinlnatng .?-had.-, were tu be seen
evrrywherc snd ofllcera in brilliant uniforms
darted through tbe crowds on their way to the
Falace. The whole city seemed to bave sudd, nlj
awakened from the ?fsmal lethargy of th.? lasl
weeit to ihe life an?l brightness characteristic
of the p.iy winter season. Along th.? Newskl
Prosper:, fr >m the Anltchkoff Palace t" the
Great H?rsaal, leading to the Alexander nata,
the roadways were lined with people closely
packed, awaiting the passage of th?? Cznr and
the Prince of Wales. With th.-ir suites. fr??ni the
Anltchkoff Palace, with the Inhabitants of th.?
city were mingled peasants and bead men from
most of the villages within a radius of :'"'? miles
et th? capital, all long-haired and bearded, be
slde? huntirvis of poltcem-vil, with their long,
d?rk blue coata, hiph i>- ?ts and brass badges,
while behind the closed window blinds were
poijntletss .,?.lookers. A thriving trade was done
by owners of can.? and vans, who lei s.-a;s or
?undir.K t '."ti at their own prices t?. thousands
/'? ?7
. \ '. - r,>
? i m 2&r **
?fper?oi s anxious to obtain a view of me pari
of the procession.
A salute of twenty-one puns from the fortress
aero?? the Neva announced that the bridegroom
had started from the Anltchkoff Palace, snd s i m
a dozen cl ?e carriages whirled swiftly alone Um
route, a mile and a half Ion?, from the Anlt<?h
ki'ff to th- \Vint?-r Palace, amid the incessant
cheer? of the popula?**. Th.- Czar nr.d his at?
tendants arrived at the Wlntev Palace at 10
o'clock. Th?- Czar Wore the red uniform of a
general of XiUssars. All who had been invitf-d to
Witness the marriage ceremony hail been .Hi- te I
to aasembl. in the room? to which they were as
?Irned by ll:M o'clock at the latest. In Bt
George's Hall vv.-re as?"-mbled th*- CoUtvll of lbs
Empire, th? ' reign Ambassadors and the Im?
perial Minis:. :- and th'-ir wives. In th?- Concert
Hail wre th?- Grand Mistress of the Court, til?
ladles of honor th<- Czarina'? maids of honor, the
ladies of the tndtes of the (?rand DucheSSC? and
loretgn niniissis. the Senators, Bee retarles and
other State diKi.itari.-s. The men of the court
were all in gala uniform, and the women were
dressed ?n eouri estume of strawberry color,
trimmed with velvet Of B similar shade, with 1 ?na;
train? and wearm?; 1 mir. white vils. In Nicholas
snd Avant Hai.s wie assembled the military
household of Um Czar, th? suites of fuf"i?;ii ?OV?
trelims and princes and th?? (Jrand-duk'-s, gsn?
?rals, admirals and officers of th<- K'iard. In Ar?
aortal Han were presen) the wives of th.- dig
?liarle? 0f th.? ilrst < la??, the nobles an?l UM
*M*i civil employe? of the Qovsmsssnt In PL-Id
?arshaii Hall were the Mayors of St. Petersburg
*nd other eitle?, the leading bank.-is, iii-rch.uiis
?nd otht-rn.
The Hojy Synod and the Clergy had assembled
*l 'he Cathedral. The Czarina's !a<li?*8 of honor
7*2 tht> Concert Hall, wh.-re they had WIHl?
?*d. and proceeded to the apartmenta of I'tln
f*-*? Alix, where they assisted In completing
ber toilet In th.- presence of th.? Czarina, the
rince?? of Wales and the grand-duchess??. TtM
^?d?'. With the Czarina, had driven without
?e?mony from the palace of the Grand-duke
?*r?;luB, where the Czarina has been Staying
ln.ee the funeral of her husband. The formall
y of making the brides toilet being over, the
J**->'?*? of honor return?.-.! to the Concert Hall.
"? m,>an t?me Emperor Nicholas, the King
?jj ^""?rit, the King of Greece, the Prince of
Mes, th?- Grand-dukes and the royal princes
'r* *r?>uped in Malachite Hall, where they
?wslte?! the arrlvsl of the brida
A? lpjo ooIock Princc rmifonsjlrt. Grand
er oi Ceremonies, and Count Vorontzoff
Daehkoff, Minister of the lmporial Court, an?
nounced tu Emperor Nicholas that all was
ready, and Princess AHx, her train borne by
four court dlKnitarle.?, two on each side, and
the extremity of the Kann? nt held by th.
(?rand chamberlain, entered the hall. She wore
a Jewelled croara and a robe of white brocaded
silk, with a mantle of strawberry-colm-eil vel?
vet trimmed with gold and a ?double i"\v of
ermine. As the ?proceoalon t?> the Cathedral was
bains formed fifty-one sruna were flred fi-< ?m tha
fortress. The order of the proceaslon was as
Tin- servants of th? ?'curt, the servants of the
Chamber, the musters of ceremonies, with their
Insignia ??f office, the Qrand Ma?! r of C?r?monie?,
Prince Dolgoroukl, with his inslgna <>f office; '!.??
t'zar's gentlemen of the chamber; the Chamber?
lain and the dignltariea of the Court of th? a?
uml class; the Imperial Marshal, with his Insignia ;
of office; th.- dignitaries ol the Courl of the Aral
?lass; the Qrand .Marshal, with hi? Insignia of
ni?ee, the ?'zarina and ti<-r father, Mi. Kill),' ?.I
Denmark; Emperor Nicholas and Prlncesi ai?x.
the Minister ol the Imperial Houaehold; the Oen
eral of the Suite of the Csur'a Aldes-de-Camp; the
Kiiij; and Queen of Greece, t..?- Qrand-?luae of
Hease, the tmke and Ducnesa of Coburg, the J
Prince ,-ui?i Princess of w'ai.-s, th.- Crown Prln ?
o? Rumania, Prince w.ii v mar of Denmark, Prince
Qeorge ?if Qreece, th.- Duke ?.f York. I'rin ? at i
Princess Henry ?>f ?Prussia, the Oral
Michael Alexandrovltch, ihe Qran?* ink.- nn.l
Qrand-duchesa Constantin?, tin- Orand-duchesi
Vera. wMow ..f th,- i ink. of tVurtemberf
' Iran l-duk? ? l ?Imetrl ? 'onsl ti rltcl
Nicholalevltch. Michael NlcoUievltch N I
'?;. haeialeviti . and i;.-??rK?- Mlchaellevli h, the
Qrand-ducheaaea Xenla Alex a i Irovi and ? ?'-a
Alexandrovna, th? Qrand-duke R< giu? Mlchelo
vltch, the Duke ??f [.euchtenberg, I'rin ? .... :
I'm, eaa Qeorpj Romanovsk) i'rlncesi Marie of
Haden. I'rin..- William of Had Ih? Pi - '
Oldenburg, th.- Qrand Maater of i?..- Court, th.
Clar?n i ? lai,?- un?! m ?i.ls of honor, t!. Senator)
and Btat? B< retail :? -
As the pr ssl m defiled Ihr ugh the rain ?
before the ?march to the Cathedral, 11 ? eni i
a b?jm 'tacle of th. utmost magnifl enc
in Malachite Hall, the c 'lili |
porte i by elghi i ? of mala tilt? T
tablea vi.--.-s, .-; ? . are of th'- .-am?- m.
th- .a:- : ilabi i s re lapls-las ill Th?
I and the H >.>r 1st < yereo with exq
dell .'???? tiling The robes of tha i
greatly in atyl
: ) a, and i ? a hit? ail
..f \;n low re. Tl atlea worn
of blue, purple or i Al th a nena
dresses wil ? : tulle
veils, and ? aeh .!:?.-< a aa ma ? srtl
. . | Mala bit? Hall, the |.r
th?- Concert, NI h las, Avant, l-'i 11 Marsl
Armortal Halls, through tha entire kragth and
brtsadth ol the palace ?is Ihe pi
tared i'.-11 M nsh.il Hall I it re w?
cries of "Long live F'mpei r N. h il ia ' T
app? ared n : to n ?tl ?? the worts, i, it !??
Alla b >w? -I and smiled ???- ?h? pa
hall. The imperial < ' un II. the I perlai M
tere and the foreli
did n..t t:tk?> par! , lun. a re
; i ?. I -.: ? ? ? ? . .
th- .??il The liai f the palace |
n ?l give a full Id? ? '. ?'? I ' ''. ? -
? ?f man) natl malities sent In th
These ni rte i of Turk-, Japan? - . <
<?<?>>. Chines? B kl tram aad men ol ail
an i div-i-iti- 1 ?garfa?.
When th.- procession reached the Cath? Irai at
the extreme end of the Alexander Plata, It ara?
Till: WINTER I'M \'"'
met at the entrance hy the Metropolitan of f
Petereburg, tbe Holy ?Synod and ihe Cou
clerK.v, bearing croaata, holy water and ?sacn
h. oka The Cathedral la only IM i-1 deep by
wide, and ?scarcely ?furnished accommodation I
the ?royal and princely guests and other dl?gn
taries pr?sent, Prom i's heavily glided doors
ihf rich bronze and gold k'-?''s >f the Ik
the int.-iinr of the edifice aras b marvel ?.f go?,
g?eousn?-_-. Immediately in front ??f tne Ikono
tas, upon a crimson dala stood the Archprlei
Janyscheff, the chaplain t?f the late Caar, a<
?tended by two prleeta A aolld ?body -f wome
Mas massed un th? right, ami an equal!]
body ?.f nun on th?. l.-ft ..f the Cathedi ?'
Wh? n the bride appeared in the Cathedral th
Metropolitan bleaaed he? and kiss? ?! her upo
the -h.nl ti-r Sh. dipped her fingers In hoi
water, croasen h?-:s.-]f and ktraeO the Met? p n
tan. The pr?lat? then beetowed hla hleeslni
upon :h<- Caar. Father John, ?if Cronstadt,
at th<- left of the dais In the rhan el. Th?
Metropolitan conducted th?? Caar to .? p
,-r !h<- ri?il* ?.f the dais, and the Czarina le.
?Princess ai?x to him and i?ia< ?-?i hei a hi? lef
haul. Th.- Czarina then t?.'.k her place in th?
chancel at ?he rlghl of the dais The crosses
holy water and s.icr?-d b..?ks were then place?
before the ?gate ??f the ikonostaa, anU tl mar
rlag-kOervlce ??( the Orthodox Church was begun
The Qrand-duke Michael held the crown over th<
head of the czar. ;?n?i his s..n. the Qrand-duk?
Vladimir, held the crown over ih?. head of tin
bride. Th.-re was ? r/KMl sparkling spectacle In
the neighborhood of the bride, wh?. waa dressed
in siivi-r brocade. The coruscationa ?if her orna?
menta and iho.se of the brideamalda were das
ziinK- ?Bet-dei this effeei the display throughout
the edlflce was gorgeous Beginning al the chan
oel-rall, that? was a circle ??f royaltlea and
princes, th-lr uniforms ?gllttarinaj will? Jewelled
de?coratlonr of various orders, many priests in
magnificent gold and white robes, and-hundreds
of dignlta?rlas in brilliant attlr?-, ?presenting an
liidesc rlbably beautiful picture
The mt rria?e cernnony, performed by the
Archprlest Janyaobeff, ?hwted nearly I wo hours
and was of th'- most ImpreHsIve character. It
b.-KHli with the HiriKin? of Psalm cxxvli. After
the I'salm tin- An-hpilcs! said a few words
of instruction to ?the couple, and th?-n, turning
U> the Czar, in ask?'?l: "Mast thou, Nicholas, a
Kooil and unconstrain ?1 will and a tlrtn ?b>
termlnatlon to take unto thyself this woman,
Ab'xandra, whom her?- thou ?Meal before thee?"
To this th?. Czar answer?-?!: "J hav-, r.-vrend
father." Th?- Arwhprieet than aaked: "Thou
hast ii??t vnwi'ii thyself to another bridef" The
Czar answered: "1 have not sowed myself,
reVerend fatbar." Similar queations were
ask?-d of 1'rinceSH Alix, with similar anawera
After prayer the a Arcliprl? si took the two
orowna and placed the first one upon the ?head
of the Czar, saying "The servant of God,
Nicholas, Is crowned for the handmaid of Hod,
Alexandra, in the name of the Father and of
the Son and of the H.?ly Oh.-st." Placing the
other crown upon the lead ?>f the bride, ?he
said: "The handmaid ?.f ?'.??d. Alexandra, 1?
crowned for Ihe aervanl of ?"."d, Nicholas, in
the name of the Father, and of the .y"n and <>f
the Holy Qhoat," Tbe ?predate then blessed the
couple thn-,. times, thrice saying: "O, Lord our
Qod, crown them with glory and honor.** After
anth.-ms and (?ravers the "common clip" was
brought and blessed. The cup was (Hied and
?handed first to Ihe Caar and then i" the Prin
ess, .ach taking a Bip of v.in-. The Archprteet
then took the couple by the hand, the ?_roome
man ami the brldeam.ilds walking behind and
holding the crowns over th. ir heads, and led
them three Mm.-s around the dais, the choir
ni.aiiwhil.- singing a troparion When the ritiKS
were exchanged the Archprlest i""k the two
rings, which had previously been placed ui?i>n
golden plates on the altar, and placed them upon
the ?ring-fingers of the bride and bridegroom.
il. then took the crown from tl"- ?'zar. saying,
"Be thou magnified, ?> bridegr.i, as Abraham,
and blessed as Isaac, and Increased as Jacob,
walking in ?peace and performing In rlght?eous
ness the commandment? of God." Taking the
crown n an Princess Alix, he said: "And thoU,
c bride, be thou magnified bs Sma. and re
|olced ?is K.i?. ???::, ami Increased as Rachel,
being glad In thy husband and keeping the
paths ?' the law, for ?.?l Is well pleaaed.*' M
then offered the following prayer
(Mlod, oui ? ; "i. wi... nt In ''.ma ..f Qall
v. ?> . marrti se ? h< re, I ? Thou Wee
also i?.. ??? Th) servan) ? b) Thj i r ivldenc
r --'.iri I.e. H ? ?
? ir lif'
thi .r ? r.\? n- In Thy kiit?
?). in h ! pros? rv? Ih'-n
?fence to axe* ol
\tv ? priest pron ?unce I thi
> WS
Th- Falle r, the Ko I I I '
all ? I a tl I i ? ? .
. ? .
pli nl-li
> ..i ? .t?! all the a i I it.n .
r the |
NI h
i and I ? .. i
H ?
: ny ei
Czar kissed u rly
? ?
? ?
i The rrl
fa Ibli Upon
? i ill?
ml I by a dla
T ? ? I th? ? - ? ? <
tl ? ? . ? h <
, Th.
?? ' - ? ; ?
th ... T.- I?, .i?
RKTI KN'INt. T? ' Tin: l'A I. ?
Th? . iti ' :
c ?i ? The pro
rned to th?
1. ? I' .! : ? ? |
' ihe first
tin ? Phe had
mu 'h Ider. but th? ly re
? : : ! ? i , ? . i | '. ? ?
iK The yellow
tar lat I- fl -ii th- ?'Iff breeze fr..in tie
palace and fui and ai ?und ; be pala? ?? the
K-iv |y di? - ?ed crowd la m vlng mar
>..' col r. Th. c-/. ir and ins bride bowed right an
lefi In i . ? ?. ii if the congratulation? thej i?
??'?iv.-d ;,-i passing tin ugh ib various halls uni
they r< ached thi Mala hit? H ill The luid
lo ;.? ! p il- snd M? i. im' beautiful The p i
P eeded I '.' ? il ill, snd si Ihi f ni ,,f id
grand staircase entered a gold and white roscl
drawn b) foui white horses, snd wer? Irlven t
il.,- Kasan Cath. Irai se mpanied hy ;i sr,1;,
<?-?.?rt During Hi ? drive ,<f hall a mil the) wei
fi r -ii-iv ph. ,i-l bj Ihe en irmou? crowd
I i, 1 Ihe i sdwa). guns h - ilng, ind Ik II
ringlns Joyous p? ?:? m? mwhlle After nfferln
prayers in the Kasan Cathedral, Ihey di :
th. \tii'? iik-.if Pala ? ??? hi r. Ih? s#ere m elve
b.\ the Dowager Czarina, R. i v,.. ?-? were h-ld i
all ?le ' hurt '.- ! i Ing the mai i lag< ? rem m
snd the church bell? ?er? rung tin ughouf Hi
day. The crowds wen .rderl? snd the troops o;
arrli i no arm*
h turning the corner of Ihe N.-v?'ki Prospec
nit. ? the ??? remonj. the Imperial carriage couli
i :. rdl) pai ? tii" people m h ? pri i wed up t?. th
v?. I..?!, shouting themselves h?.arse, The police
Retins under orders, did no. check the crowds
HI in 1 lar scenes were enacted ar? ihn carriage ap
proached Ihe Anltchkoff Palace The I m perl a
COUpl? lei difficulty 111 psastng t III. .?IKli thi
crowd .it the gate, Al s o'clock ibis evenlni
Ihere was s multitude before Ihe anttchkofl
Palace singing the National anthem and cheer
Ing Th. Cxar and Csarins sppeared on thi
balcon) ai Intervals, amid such mars ?>f cheen
as have not been heard In Bt. Petersburg f"i
years. A wltneas of the procession through
the balls after the wedding relates that th<
bride was stately and beautiful, but somewhat
weal '?' and sad
London, Nov. M. The Caar of Rusais has bees
appointed honorary colonel of the' BCoU fJreyi
Regiment. The Queen gave s banquet al Wind?
sor this evening In honor of the marriage "f her
gran Idaughter, Princess Alix, to the Emperor of
??The Dally Chronicle's" Bt. Petersburg eor?
respondent says:
There arss bo grand banquet, oaring to the
mourning, Th? ebsence of decoration? from the
?treeu vv.n greatly remarked a? something un
i,r??i .-d.-iit.-d. There were no lllumlnatlona The
smnest) manifesto is extreme!; snd breathes
benevolence in every Um-. Ii ?" ? ..,,,-,! many days
of ?an fui preparation, and it? purview estenos
throughout th? dominions, Th.-r.? ara exceptions,
i,,,, K |g th? ei?'niest amnesty sccorded in liussia
in iinif a century, except th? liberation of trie
Dispatches from Bl Petersburg say that the
czar has signed ?> manifesto remitting certain
debts du.- from peasants for down loans made
during ih-- lasi famine, the grrears of taxes ami
many BntHi, snd thai he win commute th.- sen?
tenues "f certain prisoner? He alna will cancel
ih.? llaMlit) lo punishment in cases "i" criminals
not detected within fifteen years All convicts
from th.? l'olish r?bellion oi iv?i:< will b.? allowed
to reside anywhere in the Empire. Their- birth?
right?, ??ut n.? property, will be restored in
regsrd to the political prisonera, th.? Osar is
awaiting the report of th? Minister of the In?
PIO?aONHOL_-D casks in Mit. ki:i.i,h\vs s
OrriCg j'i.A''Kl? BEFORg <;<>v
BRMOR Ki,"Wi:it.
When charires, hastily prepared, and unaa.il
i-dly arranged, were taken by the Sre premature
Good Oovcrntnent young men t?. Albany last
week and preaented t?? Governor Rower, ar
raigning ?District-Attorney Fellows for neglect of
dus-, ?the apologists and backers of Mr. Fellows
were quick to declare thai he would hav.- no
difficulty In Justifying hlmeelf agalnal ?theae
flimsy accuaatlona and the ?resal? would be Fel
lows's vindication al the hands of the ?Demo
i cratic Oovernor, an?l his Immunity thereafter
? from having i. answer charges of a similar
; character. Bui Mr. Fellows'? friends, and thai
i large part oi Tammany ivhi h is particularly
I anxloua thai ha remain in offlce a few yeara
longer to protect them from Indictment and Im?
prisonment, congratulated themselves consider?
ably too soon. A committee of the Herman
American Reform I'nlon, appointed for the pur
I'?s-, laid before Qovernoi Flower yeaterday a
aerie? oi charges and specifications which will
keep him busy i.?r a much longer time than his
has expended ou the charges prrpared by Mesara
?Welling, Tucker, Tater, McMahon and Qoadby.
The Qerman-American Reform Union Com?
mittee was made ni> of August Klelnau, John a
Welgold, Tauscher de Selghardt, Carl I.'-.v-n
steln and F. <> ?Dettmann, ,-ml they seem to
I have given District-Attornej Fellows'? re? rd
! f??r :he last year s general overhauling. They
hav.- laid charges before the Oovernor, alleging
that Mr Fellows has neglected thirty-three
? homicide cases, >.?.???? prisoners are In the
Tomba; five more of murder an i manslaughtei
I where the defendants ar?- on ball; twenty-one
? i--- ?f burglary; nine cases of rec ivlng it
gooda and ten ?ees of robbery, besides ?large
numbers of partons Indicted for assault alnce
Jai uary I, out on ball. A . th?s? cas s came
1 within ?'.lim.-, PallPwa'l term.
Besl<des these the committee has presented s
' tal.le uf cases ki. ?wing Large numbers of i
Indicted and oui '?n bail whose bail has been f?r
! felted, yet ?h.? ?Dlatrlct-Atl ?rney ha? failed to c >!?
> t th.- sums forfeited ?? rearresi : ,
Anther table shows twelve cases, m which
Charles I. Jaehnei brother of ex-Boodle Alder?
man Henrj W Jaehne, l? the bondsman. ?Still
an ither gives lh< um-? of i ? r t - * - : i p ? ? a-h ? are
holding office under the laws - : this Btat? a ??
have I.n m.I. :. I for bribery, extortl
Tl -..-.? ?. ha? al? ? gleaned fr m ihi
r? large' number uf n 'gl< ted and untried
? ? ? I arand larceny, and i insider ible
tn Indicie?. 1 - ! ':?. ibd
.;,'????.?-. g
n. in-.: s
Th? ?
hr.tight before I
He I ' n the Dlsl
?Attorney i i ?
a Ich he mum :' ?
: ? ? ?
District /
f New-York i lo-nli
... k 11- W?U
\? : , ; ? ' t-Attoi
n?? ? lind? .. .i
? . . . i
dl ! not hav? ?i. u Mi u
i ier waa pi pare !
?? ,i : mbmitt? i to ilovrrnoi Flow?
a- i . i to i!-.
? ?|
lleni. il Sherman watt? I upoi ?: ..i:?i ?
? ? Man il? ..
l ? .? ? . . \ ?? ? i ? ii Reform
S'ew-Yorh would
a- n ? ?
I.. ? .- i ..rk City,
it i Hot? Kenn
i ?? a III _rgu? In i il ii
: ..- ol .gei ? (lai .n-' ol ?? ? Ha let) roi th ?
? ? ' ? me, of New-York i
? ?? ' ? I
Attorney >? aplei ?ill represent tl.bet
! mill RETB'EES 11"\ in/' TA VER.
ri:"i i .-??i: ? vi"," N'ARROUT.? i:-. \ii:.? in:
COMIX?! mi: IT i . ?i: ill- i'i r
Wllkesbarre, Penn, Nov. 2?; (gpecUli \ i
lion ..n exhibition al Wonderland her? I night it
tacked hi? trainer, ? !e>. after a deapernte light,
managed to ?- ip? -.- th hla life, but ma) dl? fr.mi
the serloua wound? Inflicted. The lion, a black
maned African named Walllcker, I? a vlclou an?!
?niiv brute, ml ha-? kill? I ii%.- men an?l Injured
several other? "Pt i tor" Veno, i ? he calls him?
self, hi? trainer, lis I.n doing an .??-t with th?
aalmal fot sorts months, and ha* twice been at
:.uk-.| befor? T< Blghl I" went In'the rage and
tri.-1 t.? inak?- the lion k?> through sane of hla ex
erdaea bu* the brut? waa when th?
"Profeaaor" whipped him hi ?prang forward and
Lit ui the man's leg? Th? teeth however, Jual
scratched th? ?kin, and th? "Profesaor" ?,.,( out ?-f
the <????.???.
An tenir latei h? enl ri i II igiln, and once more
tried to >-- : the animal to perform, bul without - i?
ces?. Th-- "Professor" again uae<| th? whip, and
the lion, aroused to ? fury, ?prang upon him and
? ?ili m hit Hi.?.' Vena had no weapons,
bul h< dashi I tt ? mall del?! In hla haul Ini ?
the lion's face several tl th? beast uni?
Ms Jaw - Attendant? had >> Ihl? time partly driven
ito ? corner with pole? an I Iron ban, and
Venn tried Io M--- and escape, but a* he did
thi animal again ?pi ins for him Veno put up hla
arm In guard hi? throat, .ml the lion c? i-'.'
band m in- mouth and crust* i il between hi? teeth
Th.-n followed a lerrlfl?' struggle, man and
rolling ?.v?! on th* floor ol id ? ?? k ? f * < ? ?n oiip ?*nd i.?
Ih? other snd bach again, while ile- ittendant?
.??re unabli !?? use their |>ole? fot fear of hitting
Venn A*, leal the "Profea?or" manag? I n> shake
himself looae, and relied over !.. the il?x?r, while
tl,, Hoi ?.? i? hel i m one cornel b) Iron bars thru I
Ihi nigh the (?ai - ? i ala i ik"- Attendants dragged
?he "l*rofeamii through ih? I. jual as he
fainted from loa? ??f blood Physl lam were ?urn
m.m,-,I an.I ills wound? were Ire* ?? i Th? teeth
,,f the lion had mel la hi? thigh, and there were
live ugly wounds, yrhlle Ins hand la horribly
,-iiishe.i Then ?as a panic In Ihe hall during
the ?tr?gale, i"ii no one waa hurt. A coupl? ..f
women tainted.
Rockford, III., No? -'"? Comn?nder-ln-*-"hl?f Law
l.T, ?if the '?. A. it ,;-' l?su< i General Orders No.
i, appointing Ihe following aidea-de-camp and as?
sistant Inapector-general?
c..|..r.ei.i. .1 M Baalngton; Wyoming, .1 B, .len
nlnga Connecticut, J. II Smith; Delaware, Pranela
McCloakey; Florida, William Jame?; Ueorgta, W.
?l Kiiai.au. Idaho. K B. U'hitl.-r. Illinois, It F. I?y
sarl In?ilium. A. II Dougall; Iowa, ll li Olllette;
Kan-.,i? Wllliaiii T Burgess; Kentucky. .1. O'Don
:,,-'! LfOiilslana and Ml ?Isslppl, K B. Baqute;
Main?-, \ W. M<iTaualand; Maryland, il W. John?
son; Massachusetts, ?'? ?M. I?.-in.-. Michigan, II. II.
Hlnda; Minnesota, B. A Mann: Missouri, J, .1
<;i?l?-..n; Montana, C. B. Bhoemaker; Nebraska, It.
c Mi-Arihur; New-Hampahlre, B. It. Wheeler;
New-Jersey Joel Wilson; New-Mexico, W s.
Fletcher New-York, William <?. t'aw; North i>.?
k??:a F, A. Wardwell; Ohio, William C. Lyon;
? ikhuioma J. P. Munger: Oregon, .lames Jackson;
Pennsylvania, J. I?. ?Hicks; Potomac, W. P. Seville;
of Washington; Rhode Island, '>?-?i??- K Allen;
Smith l?_knia, the lt?-v. C, B. Clark; Tenneaaee,
H c Wblttaaer; Tenaa, W. W, Boatwlck; Utah.
I ' ?Donnelly; Vermcnt ? C johnaon Virginia and
North Carolina. H. ?. Kayinoini. Washington and
Alaska, WlllBua s. liar?an. Weal Virginia, l?. ?>.
Malos?; Wisconsin, B. W. Eager.
Monte ?'hristn. Wash, N.'v M.?Tea miners em?
ployed In ihe drying h.'iise of the "Pride of the
Mountain" were hiirie?i ?by >i snowslld? ??n Friday. ?
The alalin WAX ?Ivill and B for?'" of s.-v.-niy lll'il ?
h,-i i., iviirk '" rasca? th? imprisoned men Louis
Krickson wn? taken out d?*iad All ?the ?itiier.? n.%r
rescued ??'i ? snd ?re doing well
Af.l. thi: DXTBOIT ri hi.ic schools CLOSED
I>ftr.?it. N"v y>- CHrtag t" ti?-- spread ?>f ?lii>h
th? rla throiiKhout the city, the l!?>ar?l ?.f Health hn?
or.lere?l the closing "f Vtety PObll? BChOOl In th?
city until the epidemic ?hull have uhatcJ.
In the beer shop No. 5S Mulberry-st. yesterday
afternoon ltosario Marclgllano, twenty-eeven yearn
| old. was stabbed and almost Instantly Silled by hi?
brother Oenarro. The murder occurred at 3:3.?
o'i lock and the murderer made hi? escape.
ltosario Ifarclgllaao lived at No. 49 Mottest with
his brother? PsSQtial? and fl?ii?no All three are
fruit-vend? rs. PgSQJUal? and Oenarro are married
and have families. The dead man was ?Ingle and
boarded with PasgBsla The three brothers spent
y.-sterlay In the barroom it DomhstOS Kusao. at No.
tl Mulberry-st., playing cards and drinking beer.
Finally Oenarro, who had been drinking mire than
Ins liroth.-rs. becaflSS ugly and accused Kosario of
cheating u??sario answered! "You ata drunk. You
bad better go home." QenaiTO Jumped lip frjm bis
?hair and attacked Hosario. PSStUUtfe interfered.
Th.? three brothers were engaged '.n a struggle when
tin- !mrti?nd?-r. Iiomlnk-u Irnperuso, saw tnern. He
ran over uni tried to get them out. As he resabed
th? m- n Rosario threw up his hands and cried that
b? was CUt
The nexl instant Genarro ran out of the p.ace and
was lost In the crowd In the street. Although there
aere from ten to flftaea men In the barroom, no one
raised s hand t?i stop the murdtrtr. it seemed
that no.f then knew at first that Rosario had
been ?tabbed, as It was not until one or two niln
utea later that Rosario staggered seros? the floor
and fell m a heap In one corner, His brother Pes
Oualo tor? open his shirt and saw blood Sowing
from a ?round right over the heart. The cry of
mm.l.-r was then raised aril several men went in
? II Ii of th- assailant, but be had mad? good ills
Policeman George Wlllet, >f ihe ECllsahelh-st ?ta?
lion, Ben) for an ambulance, but before It arrived
th.? wound.-,I man was dead. The surgeon who ex?
amined the body said that the knife had sollt the
dead mu?s heart in two. Captain Bergbola tnune
ii.it-iv detailed several policemm to search for tn,>
m ?r lerer,
Th? murder ?rs? committed with a dirk knife
bavins a blade four inches long. It was found lying
on the floor. Pasqual? Marclgllano and the bar?
tender were arrested and are held as witnesses.
uhn.K hi i? atrrnxa it, ordm him to
Julius Cinnamon keep?, a wholesale and retail
liquor store at Washington and New ?t?., Newark.
nil lives In rhe building, liernard Feuerstein, aged
twenty. I? his barteicler. At 6 o'clock last evening;,
when th? bartender wa? alone, two well-dressed
voung men entered and asked for whiskey. Feuer?
stein took glasses and walke,) to the end of the
bar to draw whiskey from a keg, when he heard
th. eryi
"Hands uj>:"
Hfl turned and saw one man pointing B pl?toI at
him. Thinking it s Joke, he was about to All the
glasses When another command with an oath
made him turn. He saw th?? oth??r man, too. with
i pistol levelled ?f Mm. Thoroughly frightened,
!'. lersteln dropped the niasses and dashed Into a
-malt doorway behind him leading to the upper
pari of the hou.?.-, shouting murder, cinnamon
ame darhing down stair?, but the two men h.vl
? ;,. ar.-1. Police soured the city for them.
? ;.\.i:im; i:\ii:i:!i:xn: OF A FRMtQtFl CREW IM
l" Bn \rk . N iv. M.?Indian Agent wis
lom m i ? \ Indian Ageni Bennett, both of lius
bsve arrived here from ?h?? bandit-Infested
pari ,f ihe Terril try Ai VVsgoner they wet? In?
form. I thai the freight train just ahead ?if them
n tlr.-: int ? ri-ar Bragg station, thirty mile?
f Wagoner. Investigation proved the report
to !?? iru? Beven mounted men on horses and
irmi ' to the teeth uadertook to hold up the train
in broad daylight, but the engineer ?n?t fireman
n.tl cab ami let the trulr. fS ahe.i I.
\ . ?ras Bred ?t th? cab, and sa
the cabo i? wenl by It ala i was llrcl Into and rid
!!.?! n l*h? bandit? sut m their horses.
? !?? ..'. th? track and three ?>n the
other. The irai?, came thro.igh without molestation
I'.ir: Worth Tes .s. N ?? St The "Skeeter" Bald?
win quintet of the r.?ilv sang, arrested t?fi dsy?
kg i by Texs? Rangera at Bellevue, on the F..rt
Denver road, wer? !?r- nrht down from
? i Fall? la?l night and taken to Fort Smith,
when th?) will I?.? tried.
mi: i.vsi i:v\'i: COMPANY RXPBCTI TO TRACg
Phil? lelphla, Nov. V. Th?? oflleers of the Fl.l??llty
Insuranc. Compsny ar- now as tlrm In their belief
tl.it PI tese I is alive as they were formerly that he
w i? i id President Pouae said to-day that Pite?
? i been traced to New-Tork City, and that
1 n -p? ? " ? ?r Gary, of th?- compaoy, would g> there
to-morrow and endeavor to Und hint it l? hoped
t ? run Pit. .:??! down by means of the $111.1 bills which
given him by Holm s In his share of the
money obtslned from the Insurance company. Il
Lght that Pttesel may have tried t.? Chang?
bills In New-York <'lty for others of smaller
denominations, and s t"ur <>f the money br,,k-rs
? - ?/ill t.. mad.- for th.? purpose of learning
:r ti" hi? been around smons them. l'r??silent Fous??
a , - iv riiat th- missing I'lt.-zel children are
kn-'wn t ? have 1.n at Niagara Palla, but hi? rea?
son for making this statement he would not give.
Marlon, N <". Nov. y. About noon yesterday
iir>- broke out In the old frame building known as
"The Ark " Them was a high wind at the time
and th.? flames spread to th? Jail and burned BO
rapidly thai 11 was with difficulty that twenty ?ovsn
ii. .?era were rescued. The t"wn has n,, water
?upply, iMtlsen? formed ? bucket brigade fr.im th.
???'.'s. i.ut these were soin exhsusted and the fir??
wem through tic business pari of the town, leav
Ing only on?- building ?landing, The ?treat bridge
burned and fell on the Southern Hallway track, de?
laying, trains several hours The revised list of
|oH?e? s||.,vv. a total -if tM.000 and Insurance to the
amount of about $12,000
Milwaukee, Nov -?'? Replying to the Associated
I?,., M'a recent storj thai the American Railway
i ni.?ii would flghl Samuel dompers In lbs Asserl
..in Federation of Labor convention at Denver,
(?residen! E V", Debs, of the American Railway
1'nlon, wrttlng to ,t Milwaukee co?nespondent, ?ays
in part:
11 is totally untrue that I am to tlsrht President
Gompera In the coming convention, or that the
American Rallwa) 1'nlon is to attack the American
Federation of Labor W'liat.v.-r diff?rences Ih.-r.
may l? relating t,, policy, principle? or methods
between the tWO organisation?, they enjoy ,-ach
other's confidence and respect, and the American
Rallwa) L'nlon will ?!" nothing, either through Its
officers or otherwise, to mar such harmonioua rela
tlons _
(Irani Rapids, Mich., Nov. ML?A team of horse?
ran away to-day and crashed through the front
window of Herman idemaa's pawnshop, ?catterlriK
Into th.- ?treei Jf>,U0H worth of diamonds which were
OB display In the window. The precious ?tones be?
came mlxe-l with the broken glass, and the large
crowd thai ijuiekly gathered made It difficult to
find them. It Is thought that gems worth at least
J.','??? have been ?tolen by people who picked them
up from the sidewalk.
Albany. Nov. 2ri. -Mr. Jenner, a lawyer, of New
York .'Hy. appeured to-day before Judge Wallace,
of the United State? Circuit Court. In chambers.
and at hi? rssjnsst Judge Wallace issued an or
d??r, returnable before Judge Coxe at I'tlea on Fri?
day, for IM ward O, Thompson, of N\?w-York. to
show cause why the examiner In the Kaatman
llniiv.-r kodak patent case should not be changed,
OH the allegations made by the defendants. The
latter .harrte Mr Thompson with groa? Impartiality
and great Irregularity In conducting the examina?
tion into the merits of the Kastman Company's
claim against Hoover.
Albany, Nov. 2?i.?A? Is usual In the case of retir?
ing Governors, the applications for pardons filed
with Qovsrnor Plowar sis becoming more numerous
dally U his t.t in COaMS to a close. To-day an appitca
ii m for th.? pando* Of .lodge Kenneth .Sutherland,
one of the Oravesend ortender?, was Hied at the
Executive Chamber by his aged mother, dhe did not
??re Governor Plower.
Public Interest in the rt-nmrkable conspiracy
by which Bamuai c. ?Beely, the boukke? per, and
Kredorick Baker, the lawyer, were able to swin
dle the National Sh?je and Leather Bank out of
$3.'i4,0O0, continuing their stealings through a
period of eight or nine years, did not diminish
y.-sterday. The spectacle of one confederate liv?
ing as a frugal bmk employe on comparatively
small pay, often cramped for money tu meet hla
ordinary obligations, while his accomplice and
his family were in the enjoyment .if luxuries and
e?jmforts which only the rich can afford; the
flight of the clerk, the suicide of the lawyer, with
the entire absence of evidence going to show that
there was any division oi the proceeds of their
gigantic thefts, surrounded thi? case with a
mystery that Is unusual if not unparalleled.
There were no tidings trom the fugitive Seely
yesterday, and to convince the detective? that he
was not secreting him, F. W. Angel, the book?
keeper's counsel, permitted the search of hi?
h?Hi.se In Jersey City from cellar to garret.
No doubt remains that Frederick Baker, tha
lawyer, with unices at Nu. 206 Broadway, act
j elegant and showy city mansion at No. ff
? West ?Seventleth-st.. an?! a fine country home
at Sands Point, who was found drowned In
, Ilempstead Bay on Saturday, Is the man who
drew th" aaoney from 'he Shoe and Leather
Bank fraudulently transferred to his account
by Seely. The identification of Baker's body by
Gilbert Sayres, paying teller of the bank, waa
That Baker'?? suicide was premeditated waa
shown yesterday by the new policies of Insur?
ance ?in his life, which he was taking out and
arranging fur up to the very time of his drown?
ing, preferring always the kind of policies from
Which the antl-suici,le elans.- was eliminated
and refusing to accept th??se which contained
it. The suicide theory was strengthened by
hrlnging to light yesterday Baker's recent trans?
fers of his real estate In this city, in Bro?.klyn
and on I^.ng Island, value?! at $t'i4.?art0, to his
wit'?-, or t?> his sons, Frederick R. and Ge. ?rg<?
L. Baker, or to hts ?laughter. Florence Baker.
These transfera were made thr??ugh his busi?
ness aaaO-iata, R. B. Merrltt, and were evident?
ly ?xecuted In the nope of preventing the bank
from recovering the money he ha?l hem illegally
obtaining from it. The hank's counsel believe
thai they will have no difllculty in establishing
the bank's claim to reimbursement for Ita
lusses out of the dead man's estate.
(?ne of the most remarkable phases of this as?
tounding ?Story of fraud, robbery. Bight and sui?
cide was developed yesterday in the disclosure of
the dead man's origin, it was learned that he
was the sun of a QaiBIM brea.lm.iker ?if Br. .??k
lyn. and In his early youth leaned the barber's
trade. He afterward Opened a barber-shop of hla
own In Brooklyn, ami If ter established himself
In the hair dressing line, opening a fashi.?nable
place, ?rbich aras patronised by both ?exes.
Baker's ambition was not satisfied, however, by
becoming a halr-dresoer. He studied law and
was admitted to the bar, and opened a law office
in the building ?There he r>ad carried on the
calling of hail-dressing He prosper??1, dealt In
real estate and added the purchase and sal" of
landed property to his law business, his facilities
f??r making money increased, and he began to
be a nan "f COneegeaMaOS, Then Baker secured
a pew in i?r. Talmage'a labetrnacle, .?nd grew
rapidly in th? estimation of ?val estate men
and solid dttsena. He had forgotten that he was
ever a btrber, and had attained ihe importance
Of a man of wealth and property when Seely
fell Into his clutches.
Evidence accumulated yesterday shoe/hag that
Seely had for some um.- been la the habit uf
frequenting pool roams in this city, though the
um ?nuts that ha usually waajered were not of
BUfflck nt size tC warrant the belief that any larga
su.n of money was -.[Hainl-M'ed l?y him by betting
on h'irse r.i.-s. It is n?>t thought that anything
like the sum Of ?IU.-M. alleged to he S.-ely's share
of the big ?steal, was kret in b.-ts of this kind.
The ofBcara and ?lire, tora of the ?lascad bank
had measurably recovered yesterday fr??m the
shock arhich .iim?.st paiadyaed them last week
when the fact of the appalling rascality was
broken to them, and business ?as transacted
there all day a?? though nothing unusual had
tak.-n place. There was no run on Its deposita
and the hank's customers proved in many ways
their entire eonfldence in the institution's solidity.
Instead of drawing out then- rnoney, its heaviest
depositors added :>> their deposita and offen? of
aid, if needed, came from different parts of the
city. State and country.
Sp??clul meetings of the directors were held
yesterday, at which the extent of assessment
of the capital stock nei'essary for putting the
bank in Its normal condition was discusaed.
A letter was prepared for tiansnilsslon to the
Controller of the Currency, narrating the cir?
cumstances and size of the robbery, an.l pre?
senting facts to show that the bank is per?
fectly solid and solvent. The amount for which
the bank stock is to be assessed rests with th?
Controller <>f the Currency. President Crane
said that the dlrei-tors had not suggested to
Controller Eckels the per ccnl of assessment
which they thought would cover the losses, and
put the bank where It was before the Seely
Baker embezzlement, but he expressed the be?
lief that an assessment of .0 per cent would b?
ample. Other officers and directors were of the
same opinion. Controller Eckels. It was said,
would be largely guided In his conclusion by the
recommendations of the t'nlted States bank ?X
amlner in his report to the C.mtrolliT.
At the ofiVe of Austin <'orbin yesterday there
was un official denial that Thomas Ityan had ?aid
for Mr. t'orbln on Saturday: ".Mr. i'orbin say? that
the defaulter of the Hhoe and leather Rank I? tha
man who la backing the Boynton Bicycle Railway/?
Mr. Ryan had a written statement, declaring that

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