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HOrtACK YV Al.rOl.lv Memoirs of the !
King George the Third. ?First ruhli
sir Denis La Marchant, Bar? An,|
edited bry <;. X. RttmaeU Barker. With
IK)rtrai'..s. Four volumes. G. P. Putnan
an Introduction hy Mowbray Morris.
Pp. X\v.. g?; Vol II. Pp. tfia, Th<
(row* 11 & Co.
Tliis handsome edition ?"?f Walpote's
III." with Its roil-iined title-pages and
lection <?f portraits, ?raises, even before un
the rough-edged pages, a nin.it question li
ture. Why is it that the peraonalltjr <
authors, Johnson, for example, is s?> mur
Important than th?-lr writings, while otho-r
stand so much better in the wortd'i eatln
their works were the only testimony o
existence? The latter are go num.-r?.il?
ls no disparagement t?? Wal?pole to say :
should he counted with them. A strong sri
could he made from the multitude of In
like his that genius in man la somethlni
n.'t only from its physical but its men
vlroriiiient. Here was ;?. man win? literally ?
English romanos by his "?Castle of Oti
wli ?as mein ilra have lent vitality t" th.
of every English blatorlan ?since his tlm
yet whose own chara t.-r was trivial, will
and eccentric, pen in hand he waa ?
am >ng men, and will remain to as lo
English literature and English history ar.
but. deprived "f tha*. weapon, he has little
on the rest., el of posterity. He was, aai
Barker, "a fastidious and capricious man,
whims and tandea, with affected mann
lively wit, and an almost feminine f..it.In?
mischief and gossip." Btrangely enough, h
tended, like o>ngr.-ve. t.- d?saplse th-. only
Ities he had which made him Valuable. 1
ctered that h;> lia i no ambition for literary
But the impulse within him was stronger
his affectation; he could not let the ?pen
His voluminous ?**-fTespondenc<. ?SUed up ti
tervals in ihe production of his m ?re f
works, anl ?he h'ft t?i ?be published long aft
death the memoirs of ?h? reigns of Gfeorge 1
HI and the "Journal <?f the Reign of King C!
Ill from 1771 t?? 178JL" His letters are falri
scribed by Mr. Barker as '.ircomparable.*' '
Is not a dull pase in his writing?. For the
malic?? and Jealousy and misrepresentation ?
the memoirs contain, he forestalled ? ensui
his frankness, in the opening pages of the
In hand. He wrote memoirs, he declared
history, if in orto pir.ee he contradicted the
Ions which he had advocated on another
the discrepancy must be attributed t?i the
that the writing was done at different pe:
sometimes after long intervals. "As 1 knew
more." he added, "I may have altered my s
ments of them?they themselves may
chang- 1. If I had any personal causes
changing my ??pinion. 1 have told them fr
that the fault may he imputed to my pass
rather than to those I speak ?>f."
The notes appended to his work by others .?
that it was highly needful for Walpole to rei
his readers of his p?iint of View and of
peculiarities. His jealousy lometlmes desee!
to minute- particulars. H?> disliked the Lord 1
of bis time, whom he called the favorite?thi
he might with better ?reason nave said the ma
or the guardian? of the youthful George Hi
was legitimate t?> condemn the party n Ulli
the statesmanship of Lord Bute, but Walp
anlmoalty went somewhat further. He was !
e. if a noteworthy anvateur In art. Among
v. ik< published In his Uf? tlm ? w, re two thai
Alentad his tastes in such matters. "Am :
Painting In England" and "A Catalogu?
?gravera Who Have Hen Born or Resided in i
land." His house, Strawberry Hill, was crow
by th? end of his life with a huge collectloi
curiosities of every description. Thi> mUSn
was far ?from b ?ng worthleaa it was a l?
lau and the sale lasted thirty-two ?lay?,
?mm ?realised amounting lo $117,2.- Portion!
It may have ?betrayed th" eccentricities of
i- .ii. ? .r. but th -'? were best exhibited In
!. Itself, w tip ?le fancied that he ha l ? I
for archltectur? is well a< other arts. His !..
was originally s cottage which had belonged
a famous toy-woman of London. "By slow
gn .--. "says Mr. Barker."he transformed th.- .
tagf int. a Gksthlc castle of tantsstic ahai
Assuming himself to be an expert in architect!
it was natural that with his t-.-mper he Ih ?uld
Jealous of others who pretended to proflcle
in the sa.-n? field. Thus 11 happened that L
Bute came in for tome aarcaatlc punlshm
whi h he did not deserve. "Lord Rute," wrl
Walpole, "h id little reading, an 1 affe ted 1- i
lng;" and a little later, "the revenues of
Cn.wn were so sooti squandered in parchas
deperi'lents, that architecture, the darling art
I. ?r?! Hilt--, was contracted from th?* erection
n BSW palace to altering a single ?1??.?r-cas?-- In t
draarlng-room at St. James's." These reniai
Were dictated purely by ill will. Sir Denis
Marchant observed that they were not borne <
by th?- facta .?nd h>- citw\ the collectl ?n of pictui
at lyr.l Bate'? padaoa of Luton as a proof of t
owrv-r's munificence an.i discernment He ?'?
aaid that "Luton Itself, or rather the enlarg'-m?
of it which Lord Bute is known t<> have ?persona
?upeiia'.f-t.di 1. w;th many faults had ilk? wl
many beauties, and was Surpassed In taste
few mansions of that date and certainly not I
Strawberry Hill." But what strikes th?? read
over and over again is that these malicio
thrusts which In pur]? me are trivial are deliver
In a styl- that len?ls than dignity. What tl
mending of a d??or-c-a-e at St. James's really hi
to do with a project for a new ?palace would ha?
puzzled e\'f?n Walp ?le m teil, but with that fon
ness for mis hi?-.* which, as Mr. Barker lay
characterized him, he at once associated the t.i
facts together by an allu?i.?n to the finances ?
the Klngd mi. All three points ?might ?have be?
true an.l yet in juxtaposition they may bat
given an Impresa, n wholly incorrect Somethin
of the same kind happened,In the Character!??
tlon of George III. Americans have n,, K?,
reason for cherishing the memory of that Kim
but not even the most ardent patrii.t of the Rev?
lutionary p.-riod would ?have denied him th
quality of ?persistence, and they certainly won!
have questioned Ids (?aim ?to ?be called human?
But Walp ?le, ?seeing him at the outset of hi
reign, said that "as far as could be .ils- .tied o
the King's natural disposition It was bumane an?
benevolent if Bowing courtesy to .'?.ll men ws
the habit of his dliatmulatlon, at least it was m
suited to his temper tha; no gust of passion, n?
words of bittern esa, were ever known to breal
from him. He ?accepted km Ices with ?grace an
appearan? e of feeling; and if he forgot them wltl
an unrestrair.i-I facility, y<-t he never marked hli
displeasure with harshness. Silence lerved hin
to ?bear with unpleasant ministers or to part with
them. His cblldhood was tlnctur? 1 with ob?
stinacy; It was adopt'-d ,it the b>eglnn!ng of his
reign, and called ilrnin?-ss. but did not prove to
be his complexion. In truth, it would be difficult
to draw his character In positive colora, He had
neither passions nor activity." He had one pas*
Slon that Am?Tl?ans. at hast, will always r?--;ne;:i
ber?the passion for enlarging the royal preroga?
tive. And this. too. Walpole knew; but he
neglects it in this portrait of the young King.
Sometimes one can almost fancy that the mere
delight In well-balaneed contrasts and neatly
raised climaxes helped tO carry Walpole beyond
the bounds of truth. For example, by way of an
Obituary on Philip, Karl of Hardwlcke. he wr its
of him as "a man who, ?luring his power, hail
?colored over very confined parts and very
few virtues with a gravity that wa?a con?
strued into both, as it ?erved the purpose
of himself or his dependents. Pride, re?
venge and avarice were his true fea!'ir?s;
and whatever pictures shall be drawn of him
where those lines do not ?predominate will be
unlike, false and flattering." Walpole had tried
hla hand In the censure of Lord Hardwlcke too
often not to bavo become expert The polished
phrase? to express his hatred had bren too
meditated to be defective when it eame time
their final utterance. They show, as Lord
land said, that Walpole'? resontments "blli
hi? Judgment," but n?>t, as he added, that
"disfigure his narrative." Pew psusgei !n
language are neater than the one Just qu.
That it may ?be far from the truth matters i
t., th'.se who know Walpole too well to t
him In any case where malice and literary i
combined to give him a brilliant sentence.
his hatred of Lord Hardwieke did not end v
the hitter's death. Neither did his obituary
there. In ?another sentence he carried it oi
the next generation: "To conceal all knowli
of his vast wealth, his sons did nol pr ive hi*
till the m n.ory ??f him was faded away."
would be a voluminous task t" recall all the i
which show ?how ill?' ?genlui of the t
served and yet transcended his personality.
this delicate and powerful writer had Innumor.
dislikes. "He was," says Mr. Barker, "a cha
ing correspondent, but a touchy companl ?n."
had the mannen of a fop. "Hli entrance int
mom," wrote Miss Mary Berry, "was in that it
of affect? i delicacy which fashion had made
most natural, chapeau liras between his handi
if he wished to compress i.\ or under his ai
knees bent and feel on tiptoe, as if afral i i
wet ti ?or." He w.,s "too much of s trifler, b?
by nature and education, f"f r--ai w ?rk either
politics or literature," remarks Mr. Barker; ne>
theleaa many a haid worker has done much i
than he,
Johnson has ?already been excepted fr..m -
class of writ- ra whose personality was leaa i
nilicant than their work. Only this fa? I would
cuse his being brought Into contrast with W
P??!e. l-'?ir th.- opposite reason, namely, likeness
this point, Bosweli, Johnson's blograph r, m
well ?be classed with Walpole. He also shai
Walpole'i Indefatigable curiosity about trifles i
his l >ve of gossip. In the pn i nt ? dltlon of I
immortal "Life ?>f Johnson." Mou/hrsy Morrl
Introduction is devoted In part to rescuing i
?personality of Bosweli from the contempt li
which it has fallen compared with hli liters
work. Th.- editor refuses to go au ?in over
more than thrice-told tale to the discredit of o
wh ? had so bountifully contributed to the
structlon and t!i" gayety of mankind." il? w
a buaybody, but he waa well-meaning; ridlculoi
but entertaining; persistently annoying by i
Importunltiei and Indiscretions, re? In variai
laughed at and forgiven. "And against his fa
ings must be set oft his cheerfulnesa his go
temper, his real fondness for his friends, tl
meekness with which in- bore Ihe reproo
he so often earned, his admiration for all th
was good and great, which, th ?ugh often lu?
crously expressed nor always capable of pr
serving him from admir?t] ?n for other things th
were neither great nor good, was und ? '? I
genuine." That, perhaps, li as much as can i
sa?d for Bosweli. That Johnson had s erts
affection for him is certain. Johnson would ba?
been something different ?'r.?ni a human belli
If he had not beer touched by the wonderf
loyalty of his litt!.- latelllte But there ;- I
asp.. i of the case in whl h the biographer hi
done his aubject the most fatal injury that ca
happen to the memory of ? man of letter
Everybody reads B swell. Who :???!? Johnsoi
?Surely, c is the f w rather than the manj wl
k:i a? inythlng of Johnson's works '?
? v.r.} remli I ence ol evei Ing over "Hassel?
: the "Bambb r," and a p? i
barely ?possible, of the "Live? of in.- P i
is always said that the pi t ire of .t I m
which Bosweli ?gives is better than that sb >w
in his own Wi rka Better it may be
the i- Int mlghl b* irg ? l but ll I
the same. The man ???? h knowi Boswel
Johnson by heart does n?.i yet know ill : J hi
son. His p iwer over hli . m temp ?rarlea, wh? n I
not am ?ng them, wh? n he ws
his ..wn gl i i.-iiy t?. ugl ta ai hli n< rvoui
/. - lrea I ?f lolltude, wh? n he gave th?-m no ? i
of his existence aside from the written ; i
this power n? ? Is to be explained. It Is n ?w th
fashion t.? depredate Johnson'! liters
menta Bul the fa? ti d i n ?i warrant the tj ; ?
attitul?- towar l him. It can only be c ?rreeted b
a little itudy of, his writings In the light
time when they were written. Bosweli does n?
give us this. He was bo absorbed In the chat
ter of one man that he for?. ? t.- envh*onmen
"Sir," said J'.hns.n to him >a one occasion, "> ?
have only two t ipica, yi urself an ! me; i am ii
oi ?both."
How his historical surrounding! affected John
son must be learned from his writings, and whei
thes?- are studied In th-ir due r?!at; mi t., all ill
h.- recovers In ihe mind of th.- reader m me <?f tha
vitality which has been withdrawn by r
For the biographer In this csse li Ilk?- the vit:
on the oak tree. He h is given plcl
t.? us form, but Its new beauty is that ??f a decay
ing trunk and not <>' a living organism. Thoe
whe are in danger of forgetting this !-??-<i to b
reminded that the oak has a gran bur am
beauty ?T lis own. It I? heedless t ? urge lookln?,
aft'-r the vin,-. Everybody will read Bosweli
and they will iin?l Mr M ?iris's edition convenlen
In lieu of those which are more ?lab ?rat. 'i
Ainerleim editor add? that In his r?-titiiit ?
Morris's text he has quoted much from the not?
of l>r. Blrkbeck Hill's edition and has foilowe?
Dr. Hill's example "in restoring to the l?tt?-rs ??
Dr. Johnson and hli friends the quaint an?
peculiar spelling that characterised them." Th?
volumes are enriched with portraits, n shoul?
not be forgott? n that tie- pictures in ?the nee
edition of Walpole'i memoir? are coplei of poi
traits that ar?- llluitrate 1 n il only by their owi
merit bul In their ownership. Those ?if Oeorg?
in. E^rlncess Auguata and tie- Marqui? ..r Rock.
Ingbam are from orig?nala In B icklnghair
?Pals ?-. while others ar>- from paintings In th?
possession "f the Duke <f Rutland, the Marquli
of Hertford, ?the Karl of Wbarncllffe and VI -
count Dillon.
sir John Tennlel'a "Punch" eartoons of the laai
twenty rears are lo be collected and brought oui
in two fins volume* Is a itrtetly limited edition ??f
five hundred coplea The cartoon? are to be printed
directly from the original wood block? The ? :
lection will be really a picture-history ?if the period,
oi the more eriods cartoon? are as lining
i? heroic verse may be, but nol one Is theatrical.
Mi. Bwlaburne, In his new book, "Studies in ?Proae
an?! ?Poetry," lias thhi Interesting passage on Jowetl
and Browning:
Toward the ?nm writer whose productions reach
from date ol ''Pauline" to the date of "Asolando."
and of whom It would be leas than plausible I a)
that hla rnaat? rple? ea extend from the date of"Par?
celsua" t.? the date of "Tbe Ring and the Book,"
the mental attitude ??f Mr. .i??vv?t! was more than
peculiar; it was something, al least In my experl?
ence, unique, Th<- mutual admiration, ll I may for
one? use a phtaae so contemptible and detestable to
backbiters and dunces, of these two eminent men
was and is unquestionable; but it would i?- difficult,
letting aside merely personal and casual occasion?
of respect and regard, to discover or conjecture the
cause t-> touch lie- spring ?ir strike the r?,?ii ?.! It,
Never di i l iee Mr. Jowetl so keenly vexed, Irritate?]
?ml distressed si be was when th<- responsibility
for Mr. Browning*? adventuroua aberrations into
Oreece was attributed i" the effect <?f his influence;
nor, of ?-"iiis?-, could i feel aurprlaed. That over?
venturesome Balaustlon, th? record of wboae first
"Adventure" waa ?cruelly rechrlatened by Roaaettl'i
<?v?-r happy und spontaneous wit as "Exhaustion's
Impoeture," was nol lik.-ly t?i Had favor with th?
critic wti?. once wrote t.. me, and rejoiced my very
soul by writing, "I have been rea Mug ESuripfdea
lately, and still retain my old ?bad opinion of Mm
Sophist, ?entimentaliat, aenaationallsl no Oreek In
the better seme of the term." it was all I could
do, mi another occasion, i" win from him an id?
mlaalon of the charm and Ri-u'-e anil ?weetnes? ??r
s..me of the shorter and atmpler lyrics which re?
deem In him measure tha reputation of the dreaii?
est ??f playwright? if that term be not over compli?
mentary for Ihe ctumaieat of botchers that .-Mr
floundered through hla work as a dramatist. Hur
even when Mr Browning was not figurina ?>n Hel?
lenic noil as a belated barbarian, ii hardly seei.I
to m<- that Mr Jowetl was Inclined to da anything
?ike sympathetic Justice i<> bis friend's Incompara?
ble powers Ruch general admiration of ? in- man*?
genlua an?! such compaiatlve depreciation of th?
writer*! works it was so bard i?> reconcile that I
once ask?-?i him what It was. then, that ht admired
in Browning; and the first quality ha could illege
aaadaalrable to bka wax Mr. Browning*? marveilou?
range ??f leaning. But <>f course he was nol and he
could not haw- been Insensible to tbe greatness of
so ?..i.issai a eNMterptece, the maaterplece ?.f m
giganiic ? getiua as th?- whole world of English
readera rose to acclaim on th? appearance of 'The
Hing and the liook": though the clou? was over
tragic In Its ? lab?rate anatomy of moral horror
for the enduranc?. of lit? Instinct or hi* ludgmenL
"The second Ouldo is too dreadful," ht- said to me?
and talked no more on tbe grim subject.
THK ART OF THK WORLD? lllii-mcd in
the Paintings, Statuary atvi Architecture of The
W?irld's ?'olumblan r?i posit Ion. K.llted by Itlp
l.-y Hit. tu-.?, k. .1?. Ai.pl. ton & Co.)
Of all the features at the great World's Fair at
Chicago Hi"'.' aras bobs that was more remark?
able and unique than the Art Dspartatant The
collection of pictures In particular was without
precedent as regards stse, Bomptetansas, and,
ah,,v.? all. qusllty Americans enjoy abroad th<*
reputation of being the moil munificent ?* i ? ? i
liberal patrons of art li is to this country that
the palntera of ihe Old World looh f..r the moat
profitable market of their works; hence It was
only natural thai the les ling artista of the Baat
. m Hemisphere ahould have endeavored to be
repreaented by what ?hey consider? 1 to be their
masterpl? ce* And, Inasmuch ss the wall space
although more than twice thai provided at any
formet International i xhlbltlon was Inadequate
t i satisfy n than a Ihlrd of the demands from
?, the standard maintain. 1 by th-' foreign
ort commltt. -.- In : irmlag the c illei tlon destined
to represen I the arl of their respective countries
waa necessarily very high.
As man) - irs, p - bly even d. ?ades, are
likely to elapse before any Buch unrivalled col?
lection of foreign and native masterpieces la
gathered together again under one roof, a very i
al srlsh s/a expr iscd bj th si In a position
to appreciate the full vain.- of this par! if t)..'
World's Fair thai some step should be taken to
devise a lasting n n ? il of ii:.- exhibition by
means of a plctoral record This demand has
now been fulfilled bj Messrs Applel n In a
manner lhal ?nay be describe ! as In every r ;-i.t
worthy of the subjeel treated. 1m a aeiies of t.-n
volumes, almply yd tastefully bound and easy
t-' handle In aplte ?:" th?ir folla sise, Messrs. Ap
pleton present to the srl ' ?v'ng public the m isl
striking masterpl 'es of the ?"? 'tlon, ihe s,-h,,..|
i rountrj being rc-presented. In sn ex
hlbltlon auch sa lhal In ihe Art Department of
the World'a Pair, the t..-k at selection wsa ex
--. Ilngly difficult, especLilly lo a connoisseur,
since nearly every foreign picture shown waa .
. hef l'oeut i ly Tel n i on? will )> ? dla
posed t" do snythlng else ih in And worda of com?
mendation snd praise f..r the choice s> happily
m.i l.. by Mr. Rlplej ll't 'heo U. arh me name ap?
pears on the title-page of the w rk .is it? editor.
Th.? ISO ? ? ntlnga reproduced In I
volume? conatltut. i the very .ream of th.I
lection; snd of the labor Involved In obtaining the
authorlzatl m .-f the artists an,l in providing for
the pr ?:? tlon of their Interestfl by meana of
il copyrights, In the making .-f nega
the lineal quality b th here and in Europe, the
; tinting of color m ,-'.- Is. si are?ll as ..f th months j
ate work on th. Mat"?. Mr. UK -he k
glvea a graphic -in his Introduction.
The paintli - ire n pr lured rat urs
an?l i : e. ?a Ith i ?'. ' a ? and success
rare!) squall. ?. ind nevei - n ; ----- ; b) an) pub?
I ?hing h? use n this aid f the / u tic; and th?
|,| 'tures ;ir pan led by the letter-pn
such re? - irles Triarte, the
!? "Figaro H ?i in"; Mr
Humphrey War : "The I. >nd >n
T mes;" M R ?er Ral neh Got? nment
O mml for Fine Arts; M Hubert V
it I exl : n In
? with th. r>ui i . ; vernmenl snd Mr
II lvrs, I
. I . ?
g tir iiitht i- gether su i
? f the exam] I it
? ? . ? \ . ,
' ' ' ' i
; ? . ire tl
i > i . f
"Mian m" In col ? tie- I ? it h marl i
-, ? - ? Msdelli ;.
"Falling i I Jei
lure entitled "O
. ., . ,
??????? i ' ' ? B, n i i I f i ..
rid'lle of
i note ar? t
? i Phlui
Ando, g manifesta?
tion of I ' Ihe r? ill
In th!" iii- llspleasing
. >f ? |ual Interest, ? ? v- ? r. ana at any rate, are
the ph 't -.-i ivures of the pall I Fra
Zmurko snd other P ??-!: ae n rB
? itlrely in.ki. wn In t . until the
.1 ..'lit,it. m, where for the flrst time th.->
exhlblte i. if n l I nti y, at leaa! as ?> aa?
Mm to n.am- the chief ?ti-.? rtan? ' ihla i
mental work of Mea ;j Appleton A Company
will c mslst In the excell at opportunlt) which
it sffords "f effecting s comparison between for?
eign srl snd that of America. At .'in ago thin
s i rendered 'hill till by Ihe hugeness ??( the ex?
hibition snd vastnesa of the n imbef - f paintings,
which had the effect of c nfuatng ihe mind and
dulling the powers of Judgment. Bui In "The
Art of the W rid." where only ?SO - f the best of
the many thousand picture? exhibited at th..
\v : i i ' i': r are given, th. task of comparison
li relatively essy, the reproductions being of
i i ii i ful chara, t'r sa to leave little
i ?m f ? regrei th l re- hs ? not befon eye?
the orig?nala
A i Hi ?- ? i .- i ' .1 ? m nsua ? f oplnl m, the
I an section of the Art Department was con
rlderrd I i be Ihe mos! brilliant display ..f the
wh-.le Exposition, snd the examples chosen b)
Mr. Rlplcy Hltchc. em f .r publlcstl n In ' The Art
of the Worl ? bute (a lupp -it this ?? >nt .??
lion, displaying undoubted originality, craftsman
ship ?if a very high order, ind n truly artistic
???ni, -11mer.I of Ihe realities snd Idesls of <>ur ...vu
Amerli an lit*? They help to . how the pn
made by Amerl Bn \r\ ilnce the gi si Centennial
Exhibition of 1876, and thai Die criticism then Ut?
tered to the eff. t thai \?ri. i m irt la no! Amer?
ican, bul a mi-- i ?i ctlon of foreign schoula, i?
no longer tru.
Although tnger artists occasion
ally manlfi ?ta In n pe u th ir Pari
si m. Dul li and ? '?' ? man n there Is s dis
tin -t Indlvlduallt; ind | nlua among the l i I
lui; painters ??' the ITnlted Htati a; and while there
Is no Amerl I ? ailed, to represent our
artists collectively, there la a number ? -( groups
of artists which, having renounced their r,,p-i-fn
sUegiance, are each In s chosen Held, painting
the world In which they live trlth a dtvoted pur
; if r.-a!i?.ini* an In''-p-ndenl mode of expres?
sion. They atand forth as worthy repr?senta?
tives of the present potentiality and Bplendid
promis.- ..f Americsn art, i1 graphically and hap?
pily illustrated in these vo'.um. -.
t Scsi local nii-i-.i . eoatreraatktnal <-1k??<-?, riiiiiien
sad adult?; privat? It-ssona; M?r..-.,t raf?raac??? ni.,?t?rjta
i-riiiH. A<tdr??a BRAt i.i.in ii.s'll!:. -ti w.-i-i ?iith-nt.
1IRIVATB iNsi i;i. Tins by ?n esaartBaesi tutor-,
pupil? fl't-.l for coll?-?? or l.iii?lri?.'ir<. hlflrhest -Itv r?f
i-r- n ??--,. Addrara? Tala ';r-a<1.rat.\ BnS '-'?':. Trli.nn,- (MRca.
WANTED < '? I!-.?- ?radaatc .o> b*mi*b1 Instructor In
pity ft -ti??-1 for hoy?; symnaatlni and (Mrnaaa daalrad
address IMMEDIATE, S*4 Oolumbua-av?.
School '?gcnnci.
suppll*? Profnaura, T?a tiara, 'liit.ru. ilnTiinassB?.
ge., i,. . ?He??* .-i ?ol? ?i r i.i ,,. i iiiim Apply t..
Mr?. M I YOUNO-n LTON, 2.1 Fui m H.iuur?.
AOENiTT Mu torn OByrtoia aaBjettes tstars, pror?aaa?s,
laaehcra, BX>v?rn??a< ?, ??.-, In .,ll .1, |,'n ; r.-..mrn.-n-l?
?ehooU ta parent? ISO Mh ?i>- . Ra k l.'l.tin?. em --titli *t
Dtintinq OWabcriice.
I^BRNANIKTB ACADEMT, K.a i;.,,. |g||>t, ?Tssrtsr.
*". srivaf : i sa, asy le.ur, |i; , i?.? tik.-u at
I,..?ala' cm.iil.ru... K?lrn ?..livrt prlv?i* .-la?..-?.
r|" ?;k.<ik;i; doiiwokth,
1 ? no. ?si rjjrrii avicnitb.
< i.-.-? ?ni prlvata 1?."., r.n. Men'? cliso ooninience? l?a
Cftmber BJ (ncv.). Th? Amaicraam.
Ni? pnblico.ions.
i.l'o ?Ml MAfltlKH. POST HVO. PAPER. ?0 CENTH.
A flnl?li??l pl-f?-? "f workminahtp?an ?dmli-blr sperlmf-n
of th? HiUh'.r'* povr?r ef analyzing certain ?type! of char
in t.-r Si .lam. s'a Hu?!?'-?.
rfx-knt isspbs IM
?;. UPON A ?'AST. A N?7\-cl. Ily <*hnrl?itt* Dunning,
.".o ??rit?.
.*>. 'run ni:\v TIMOTHT, A Movst n>- William M.
i.rik.-r. BO eenta.
i Tin-: ROM OR PARADIS-- A Story. By H?7war.i
pyte. Illaatratad by iba Aatewr. ?'?'? reata
g TUB CAPTAIM Or Till: .IAN 17. A RIES. A Novel.
Ilv .limit-? M. Lull ??. .','? ceata.
ja. THH BREAD WTfiWERS. A Sorel r.o rent?.
BALLT. A Sorel !'?>? Mora i...iii?.- Pooi. BO eeata
?m ,ii,as A Janvier. Illustrate-. IB renta.
1. vi'.-'TY OP THE BASINS A Morel. By B. P.
Hi I..:.m ? Irrene, .'??? ei ma.
?Publlslted by HARPE? A BROTHERS, S. T,
?bow? ?-..rU? .-ire for ?alf l-v nil t Mkaetlen, er will
? b. ?!.?? publisher?, t>.?t.ni? prepaid, to any ; in
of the L'nlted Hi lea, Canada or Mexico, "ti receipt of
. i. ?. . logue will i.?- en' t" any " '??'
.ai receipt of '!'? n ? 'eou In ?tan ?
SEW it? K ?K~?
'?????il.T JAPAN:
TI .? \\a-. ? ? ? . ? A bOO* Of P* ?H ,: '
ih? ???.-?'? i tlior -ghly ? a ii?-?'.
and , ,-...nr,ii\ ,.|.?,.iv. I !.. PRRC1VAL LOWELL,
i -t "Th.- .--ni ni th.. r.,r East." "M? I -. '
With f ur illn?ii-ti.in?. Crown Ivo,
?hi top *i :.'?
? - bis Queer Country, a rWllatitful i... *< tor young
i . , ,? ? |d?T ??-? n!-.m . ?> .nil ! ? I
In .. ' ? ?- ..!;???I t'nel? II- mir? l.iir.l. !o JOEL
l*HANDLKK HARRIS lutbor ?r th? "t'net? Renua"
be a? With :i- . i ??ceedlngb Interaatlng
picture? i- OLIVER HERFORD. ?Square Seo, $.'?>.
H . i.if? m : Letter? ?Bdlted by AUOl'STVB .T
.' HARE With ? Pnrtrnll and View ?if h?r ho_M
t VOta -I ?v;i s-, .. gill top ?I '?'
A ?'?? ?bout ,,r. author whoa? num? h.i? for
? ,-? i--.-ri n I. 'i?-h'! ! v?..pl in ?it Engt Iah-*p*__
nti ?? Mi-? nig?-? Tth * Letter?
? ????* an! view? .f a hoat f !:n?:tati an. Preneh celeb?
its! i in?; T<> THE ?FRONT;
? ? .- .- iMffl iltla* Bi ORISOM IWETT
MARDEN With -I egrellcai t-Tltal?? .?f t-'nm?,u?
I ?i . I il .'ai
\r. IrwSlllbt? kind f ?-? K. ?howtng by vl?.-.r.'i? ?tale?
?I indanl ind --.ni---i? ?aacdote? how
?? ?-.In?.! ....-r ?:?--.i |a? :,i..l ??i ..-. ., M.-v.-.l
. ? !.. ?? ? v ! :. ?r.
., who ?i?' ??? l ? _r .n?.'
II :- admirably luitei] f.?r a
'ITS''AN ?'ITlliS
FM A !? H? ?WELLS Me? Edit lot form with
hi? novel? With a Pn fr_ ?? limo, $1 v> Tu.? i II
? Into un'f ? la ?? 11? ?? III Ml HoWi ? -<
I.. ?.-?.. Pi
Sold .II i- ->?; il !, I v
HOUOHT? ?N, MIFI-UN & ?'", H ?l ?
il EAST ITTII MEW v. ?itK.
.*? i'ii.i:rsY.
I. full uni ef lb? mod? ?f treatment
'n tie- " -.re. '. ?.. ?, -, I ri. ?'nil.. With
Ire?-* a? above, ??iti ???rnp. f.>r fr??
?For Y lung ?Ladles city.
K ?A RDI NO AM- I 'AI ?II? - I. l ' ?B UIRI -,
s ?il M ? ? , ? i, ? -?? r ;i :
? M v- il ??AI-.I.-...K Pria :. ?
\| - i l.l.l' \ KL
.'I ? ? . i ? ?H ?!!H!.S ltf.p?n? " ' 14.
i II? ...l. Ill ll.l'IN.I.
is? v.i? ?es wKsi Ten-r
? "I.?.l .;i. l'HKPAKATION
\l - il" il, t .?il .;?i:i.-.
!?? Srw-1 K v. t ?.-?-. M-? SARAH
' t KMEI l'rli pal A f? w I ? ? ?
. fof ?'ilr!? r.ai. -. .1 ? ?
1^1 Lenos ArMu?
Ml! ? W aUKR'K S'l|.i??l, l-?l: niKLS~
H? M. ' ? r: A-..T1 i
i lory, A .ei'intr
?ni r ?? Oraduat? <"i?.???
??.'II"?!. Or TU I! SISTERS ? F fill: ?'Utlfll.
' I'- m !? ? ! . M- ? Syl RU? !:? I IRtA
A?1 !r??? ,-?l?'?r In "liar??, ?t ?M s ?' V. ! .t.
Mkh anl ?tllh Str??t* N?wTnrk
'pin: i iiM.-'a h g s? m? h ai.
I l'?rrilv and Say ?? ??- I f-.r girl?. KM y??r. Kin.?.-r
? .-?? ?i for I . .- : ?Irl?.
M?a I my. l-rtn.-H.nl .12 W??t 4?>? ?i H'r??I.
'I'll': MISSE ? 1 It fs M ELL'S
I l-vl St'll. I'l! IIIRLS, 22 laiat Mth >"r"f?
^? \v NORMAN INST '?*:- -"<" ."?2 Waal 7l?i fit""
.r.t-e. ? N .SO 11" un I. .1 \ <.??', \ Mm? VAN NOR.
MAM, l'i? ?M? J ?? MATTHEWS, Vi.? I'rin.
Boyi nni Yniiiii* Men.?City.
?Tollfglat?. Sclentlflc ?n I < '..minfr.-tnl <'o.ir???j.
primary and Inie?rBi?d??t? Oepartictnta
Ii:\'"X s?'ti? - ?i, i ?R foi s'?: ?noirs,
i Al Bu '"?'' T*th st Si,. : .i ?ttrntlon lo ri?nith aoa
dltl ma. R ni tr. Prtnrlpal'i family for 3 Boya,
Niu roRK Ill'SINEMS ?DI.I.EOB, 1-fltl? ?t . N ? !
iiv, i..., ? ?.:. ai m-1ii?.: day or ev?*nlag, Addreaa for rat?
..Ki? l'UEMEMT t' OA1NES Mount Morrla Rank Bid?
III:i\vi i: i-, ritt'? rioj ? ? ?? . ,i ?tirntlnn civ?n 11
i,r. pai Ing b?y? for i ?II? ??? ?n.l ?? i?-ntin.- ?chmle; ??-ven
...i??' . ' li ? i ? r l?no*
?_..!-.MA\ DRISLER, A. M . o ?Saat ?util-*
r?>r Both S. x.s Pity.
l"l: LADIES AMD UENTl.KMEN ?I ?'.in ?itl?.
Mam.- Hall, r.7? 11 ?I ?n.l 7H. av? No prrvloui kiK.wlclg?
I mu?l i?.|.in..i BEND I't'K 'lit? 1!.Alis.
'Pill. I'lHI.I'!/. r-r llii.it. op !.\M',tA?:i:s.
1 Madison Squan ?-r Z5th-?i and Dfway),
Hr.iti.-i..? In ih? i ncipal Axnartcaa and Europaaa etttoa,
.'.. ,v I. I -,. I ? i;n. ? BOW.
Vor ?Boys .-ml Touag .M?vn. -Country.
I*IM\\?..ili s?-||?i.i|, l/OR BO?'S nt Milf..r!, Co?? ?'
. l-an--. who in.- iinf.aii.ri.il.- in th* managfmenl ?f
ltv_.tr *? i.? >.i!l do ?.?;: lu pruBI t-v th? ?dramas*? off?r?d
l . in) ?rli.i.il; the ??Ii....! I? In ?..-.'. ai .lurlim Ih? tntlra
i-.r ?PRANK M. HOWE. Bupt
If AI BEI ELD A.i.i.iiiv f..r !!?..< Falrli. I. Conn ' Mi?
lan-? ?ti-a. ui-h in.-M.ii aiiit physical training wiih e an?
? rt? f HOME 3D I vi. rrancli H in.? .. A M. l'un.
I FREEHOLD INSTI Ti Ti: Ki ? -i. .1.1. N J Mth -..-i
i Boardlns Bohool Primary, foiiag?. Preparatory,
llualnM? Com m Iborthaad, Typewrlttag, T.-i.-??rni,iiy.
\| Al'l.i:\\??i'l? INSTrTl'TB. ?monrdvlll?, I'-tm. I?).'?
1?I par ... .i a Mi?-.fK?fnl ?ihn.?!: . n?. ? t Ih? L??i !.. In
f . ? v.lih ?i.?r?v m.I t.. wriki- -41 boy? In thf dull*? uf llf*.
Boya ?atar t???t eollage I'adar 13 yata, |IT?.
.! HHORTUIX1E (?al-i. A. M . ITIn.
^MWTON (N J.I IMSTITlTTE. -!*i?v. sno ft ; 41??.
ya-ar, tinm "ke family ?rhu-.l for hoy?; ?tram h?at; 1
Kviiiii.irr.iiiia. tiiwllng. hall, 'rnnla. l!?t |mn|p? an.I ? ??! ll.i
a?a??? ap?.rlftl iar-7 ?nil prrsonnl ln?truc-tl?in for ooll?i
O MAM,It S. N V.
HI Kov. F |. !timtln-t,,n. Win V?-h?.-k.
N?tSt lam la-Hlna Jiiiiimry tltli, USS.
For Young Ladles.?Country.
BOXWOOD .s?'H<?oi,
l"R OIR1.S,
R?opan* Jnn. Id, lu!?.*> Th.n ui?h work. Kl*rtlv? or
preparatory cows Krenrh. Hfitri'in. mn?lr ?r,?1 art.
Mr?. It S. ORISWOLD, l.ymr. ?___?_
?^ -\!-,.int.r N< w vark. Si.?i Inatruetlon m Muate
.-?al An. < .,i!,-k.- preparatory .mi Kh-.-iiv? Ceunaa ?if
Htu?ly. Km? i.nii.iitii-. Hin?i? moma with nmaactlag
? tntv pnili.i* Mi? JCLIA II. KARWEI.I., Prln.-lpnl.
Kp-rlol ruf??? to pupil? .-ntf-rlng Januurv ??th. |SM
A_?-atag_k >r Bnaton. Comfort? of h.?nip. Small ?In??*?.
; Mr AllTHI'R '?II.MAN la Ih? I >lre.-'..r.
?TIEMPLE O ROVE IEM.MARY, Saratoga fprtaga, N. Y
I ? Regular iiiul .?i.thmul '?itira?? far ymitls lellca: t?n
t.-,?i!i.-r* ?CHARLES F. DOV7D Ph. I?. Preaiilent.
llnic. Day aii?1 <'oll?-?r Pr<.|?arntnry for girl?: 3Sth
>iar i.|..-na MptaHabar ??Hh. Far Plrrulnr l__f_ai
Air? T**i:Ot??.'!'.A R. RICHARDS. ITInclpal.
MUw SARA DOLISU TRACY. A. M . Aaaoclat? Prlm-lpal,
' Osrinantowa Piilladt-lphla.
Best In the irlty; 100x75 ft. Open S a. m. to 9 p. m.
Lesaon? privat??RILE A "TOfRIST."
??0?, 308. 310 WBBTT SilTH-riT.
LONDON. ENr,l.AND.-Sup?-i|,ir flnl-liinf* ?rhool for the
diiusht'Ms of <-enile*ii-n In an ???.tnhlli'hnient et l"n>(
?tan,ling. Um ?,upll? have Km las car? and cafe training;
srhtl? pu?Mim? th?"lr Itudla? under first-rate profeasors.
Address PRINCIPAL. 2?. Stanley Gardens, W.
AUhnuirh there were many offerlni-s In the auc?
tion market, the result was not satisfactory, as It
f.howe.1 that so far as the market Is concerned, the
Ideas of buyer ami selltr have not met. There
wer.? plenty of bl.Mers and bl.l.llng, but as the
prices dl.l not rea.-h the owner's Usures, much of
the property was withdrawn, or the sale ad?
journ.-,1. The principal fore. Insure sales went to
the plaintiffs In the several suits. Richard V.
Harnett & f'o. off,-red for the owners, at the Ltb
erty-st. Exchange, No, 244 Bssl Forty-nlnth-st.
The property .islsis ? ? r a thr.Btorv and base?
ment brownstone dwelling on a lot 19x100. It rents
for $1,000 a year, and Is mortgaged for 18,000, at .'.
per ???ut. It sold to s. Lehman for 112,100,
Th.- same auctioneer sold :s',> U VVeat Ninety
fourth-st., a three-story residence, lot 16.9x100, for
$19,fioo, to s. Heldelshermer
.\t the ?Trinity salesroom, No, in Broadway,
William Kennelly offered under foreclosure s two
story brick dwelling In Lorlllard-st., 115.3 north
of Jacob-ut., 25x07.9; due on judgment, 16,199. It
sold to the plaintiff for SR.600., The same auc?
tioneer also offered, under foreclosure, No. 27
West Plfteenth-st., four-story stone-front iwel
Ing, 26x100.3, which sola t,. Moses Bahleln for C8,
;??:? ,.",; and siso property la One-hundred-and
twenty-flrst-st., south ?lde, i^> r--.-- west .>f Moan?
Morrli ave., 90x160.1!, a four-story stone-front
dwelling, due on judgment, 134.817, which sold t?
tin- plaintiff for y. i.o i
Tlie same auctioneer offered, under foreclosure,
No. 100 \v. st One-hundred-snd-forty-Arst-st,
25x99.11, v-ith a two-story Frame dwelling In rear;
?lu- <*>n judgment, ?t.tii I? - il?! free and .dear to
Michael M. Forrest for J7.""' All the other
offerings ?rere withdrawn or adjourned.
.1. (Sdgar Leayi raft, August Carpenter and Frank?
lin B Lord, the committee appointed to nominate
a .lire. t,,r.' ticket for the Real Estate Exchange
to be voted on at the elc tlon on I .mber i1?.
i- i. I the ticket i/esterda) !t consist? of <;.-or?.r
R. Head, Richard V. Hai.t, ? Romaine Brown,
>' W. Luyater, George I .?? Forrest Barton, Douglas
Robinson, Prank Voran. Edwin A. Crulkshank,
Samuel F Jayne, .\i~i. I E, Marling, Irving Ru
land and F, ZltteL Tha three laal named are not
.m th.- hoard, in-..I they may be tsken to repre?
sent the more progr?s Ive elem nl of th" brokers'
movement, Those who retire ar Horace 8. Ely,
Claremont I.. Clarkson and William M Crulkshank.
A committee of twenty-one, representing tha real
estate brokers, held a late session on Monday
evening, with s view ". se. nan.- certain reforms In
existing customs It is said that resolutions were
unanlmousl) adopted in favor of accepting the
r.nt action of tha Real Estate Exchange In a
friendly spirit and mergln? the movements Into
.me under tha susplces of the Heal Estate Ex?
change under certain conditions To remove all
doubt, bow.-vr. aa to the plan of a. Won con?
templated bj the Exchange, du. the contra?
dictory statements published recently, a special
committee, consisting of the chairman, Ferdinand
Flah, .1 I-Mitar I..-,.y-r.-ift. Alfred E. Marling, B.
P, Ira .-y. Andrew Powell and u ll Folsom, was
appointe, t.nfer with the Exchange committee
and endeavor to have the exact attitude of the
administration toward non-members ol the Ex?
change, as w.-il ss tii?- members of that organisa?
tion, defined, and. if poi ilble to arrange a bsala
upon which all could co-operate t,, secure the com?
mon purpose di ilred
Hoffman Brothers have aold for Henry .'.oidklnd
an l Albert Joske to the N w-York Real? C'omt iny
th. n irth. asi con i Iw ly an i ll ?-?? ar
60.10x86. with old buKdlng there n for about 3325,000.
Stabl i .*. Bn th I wl?l for Q U Lawrence :>
it.-tnain n F Rom iln the I -e-stonr
h I-lint-*? i ail lin.;. .
Franklii -? . 81x101. for M'.- ? 0 ind I'-r li.-njamln
p i: en..in- i- ? thers to a i. Lawrenc? In ex
, h ing ? for above proi ? south
So f .-? weal of Co
. Park w est
. ? ? . ?h-st . f,,r 112
I. ?: r ,-. ;:? ? ... r?r r<
t and 7 H id way for Leopold .*?
to Jet mlah C. i.- t ?? It la
?aid that Itr ' tear d >wn I res.
the b - ' In 1
erect .,-??? itldlni
? i ,-.- r id) for ? ? ipancy In til
Th!? I- h-- ; ? ; l>r. Hill m in to Mr.
It || ?* S-.-. ?? th ?v l: van luv., sold I
Hnad'y t
? . p. RxTTT? 1x75 i with ts '
John Uvlni ? ??-?? : ta ' am ' :
Blghtl le. near Rlversl?!? Drive, ?vtth
a Mrs Pelgram, for ?? dwelling and grounds st
Peterson, N .1
The Hoard of Governor? of the Woman? His
pltal have purchrj I th? plot In ('entrai Park West
from Ninety-second to Ninety-third st., from Fred
., - ? . iw, .n | the plot ?4x1 U
Nln. ". ' ' ''???'?
?? .. p?rk w ? t, and ...
. ? ? .. ? ? Park
... . im V. I! t?m!th. for <:??<.???' The> h ? 1
; ? . ... - i : ?' b?. I at g?l.OU ? ? ? .
\ ?, ? ? . ? .\ ? . ? . ' ?
-, Mi Surah I, Heyward owi
I tl ? ml dwellli
? ' west
ntral Park West, whl
b ??pit .: a . imp'.i '
fe? ? . in this alt. the ''
, - . .. embracing a gi ip of six buildings,
eleven ?t irle? In helgl I thers -?Is
an I ?evi n ?t irl? i high I -' ?bout HA
, -. ,,; f. Runk i- ;' ? ? ; the dwelling,
,,:i i ,- . rhlch Daniel B.
Free Im in sol l for Mr? - i Payne, for
11 -?????
I;! M. KS1 ,T1* TB \NM KB?
s .- s ?.-.-, ? -. ex
? ?.-. Bl ' " F
IT-'i it, n ?, 123 ft ? -t tiring ;?!.-?? tSxSS; \ l l
1--', -r r. n beln? 1 .' 12, HI?
1- .- William u.-'.i.-i.-r
l.l ,;,l - ?! I'll'?.--!
VVe?l Bnd-av? w ?, S4.B fl :, t H3.1 ?. l'.v-V
Basen? It Marvin and wif? to Harry P A <
.- lumbu i a-.-- n v > orn< >SH 31 2x100; 11
ii- m s nn bihI ?rife to Henry i i ? -
i - - - .:? n ?v. ? ?. ?3.2 ft ? ? *-' i ?! 2nx"?i,
- n .i Kelly t ? Mary T K?
-T'i. ?t ? -, .v.- S ft ? Mi I 1x100 R
ll-rrt! n.ml. ?? '?? v. v. l .
.V.M. ?t r - IBS ?'. ft e ol M ? 1? 6x100 .'.
t ?hua l. nu' ri r ? Marta A 11 r( n
?Tri. ii n IT-, ft . ' :. "? -v' "' ?'?
Mauri ? V Friend <?? Bisrnui I at ; tienadut
i.-.i-i-i. .
: r n * 123 n ?- of -". .\ -. '.??'? ?>\i"- '-' an?!
other i-i ip?rtj . Karl M V ? to Ban ? ' First
Madlsoi Na i iM2 ll ? W lahlngt -n Utt Aa
?ui m. ?? < ?? to Anna Klmon
I.uii -a? -? So ii .:-. ! 13; Hamuel Kir? sat wit?
Karl M WTslI h
Orrhai ; ?t, ? ?. 18? ft ? of Hi 25xSS -.'.
Hern m Brhumann and wife t-. Rdward v
Bldley .
\\a lltngtoa-St, s ? ? na r ol l'uni- 11, -? ?S I
one-quarter part; Ktrphen .1 Hark lo Annli T
flail?. ?
. - ? Ko 21 on. h iif p iri H?ni l
rr .. r and ?if. -r nl : ? ,1
.'.niiii..? slip. No? :'-i ?nd 31; Ussl? C Buasell
mi.I another i,, ?l..r . \ i'han ll -i.
r. ?,-., i ? . No so, - '.- r. n' i-., prop
Mary II J?hi to Kv? J Cot..., :
? sup N - '. ; .n i -it. Arthur <; i*h?ndl?r
and ?If,- I . , In i \ ?':,:. I
1*1 v..-. ?v n. 22 11 ft i lltli . .".? 11x100;
i : * ? t A ??' II? ami ?-???.
ir,ili-?t, , -, 22i (' w . : Kih ave, 21 \? ?'.. I all ?
M \ rhRlas? ' ? J"hn M >; ?. ?
lsrli -< ? : ? ;-.'. ? ip . lint?. i?f i ime?
K Si ? r .,--?-. rty; .1 lin W HI
i.i VVIIItam IVe-iei -.
: i Nu S1H I.., ?
i-i pert). *? i m -n \ ? a :? ind ? -.t.- tu >;.
m itm
1- MM
^ (mm
120th it, No 112 F. l'an ', "? laon and hus
1..IH-I 1.1 ly-vv la II n ?iro-.
pr.tii -t. -. i.. ;i-:t i n ? ? 2 ... . HI -\i ? it;
\ , ? nc - ? i wife I.i Adelh. IM er
lOAtli it, ? ? -.'in. n u i>l -." .... iasxlOil.li;
\ Ii Iheld Mayer and hu b m?1 I ? w ? !( ?r 1
i * r? - ?t, n ?? ?, 529 ft m it Iih-ave, ROxiW.II:
.1 Allen T ?? ? nd and wlf. to Marlon i: VI
123.1 -'. r. I Hi. 11 ft v\ of 0th iv.-. 111x100 11;
i:,lw o i .1 ?:- , lie) : ?? - - t. Jennie Tlnn. i .
7'li..v.-. ri v\ . n... lS2d t, 2*1X10.1; Kamur! M,
Ml ? -1 vMf.. m Jol .
st Ni.-ii l .-. a-... n v corner I10ih-?t, 50.2xlOft.3;
.",.. ;,\ i:a; ;,. Morrl? Btelnhan ? ?nd wir.- to Oarer
Phillip? .
I.i-.M -?. n ?, I.?? ft w ,.f Aniatei un-1.. 23 T?
Irrenular; Thorn?? and .1 Im II Wright and
wl. s to Philip I-'. Ri > It!?
iwii ?ve, ? , .'-? 5 fi ? of '.?i; iv?, 20 3x100; Crancl?
M /Backs and wlf? la William BV'.frtdae .
|21?t-?t, ? r?, Jr.*. ft vv . f 7r'i i\'e, INxKRl. 11; .1 -lin
T l'e.irr?.|l rttl.l wife '. II???!? St. HI.
Courtlandi ave, ? s, 2S.3 f' n ni I48th -?t. 24x100;
\.inn Becker to <: uni-:.- Abb.
I^.t 14B, map s-,n-n- A an.! it ,.f North N?w
Turk, .-t,'. ami other pwperty, ..n.- nirh part;
Mary J Faulhaher m Philip Paulhaher...*-..,
M..U-M uve, e ?, 31 ft n ol IfiMth ?t, KxlOO; Bu?
gen? A ?'ri.Wi. to Alle? M Ir ???
Ils. h ?t, h w n. l?<? ft w ,.f .-..ll.-irein.-. '.'.??xi.?".;
John a Koi'-y. referee, t., Bamuel t'ohen.
Courtlandi uve. o r. 2? 3 ft n ..f l?stli ?t ^'|x
I.??; Jneeph Ah?. ta Adam l'.-.-U.r.
Bagle-ave, e .. 2Sxll3.2, betas lot Bd, ninp
l'r.-iilin.' Convent; Adam Racker t. John am?
1111,1 wlf.? .
sun.- property; .loicpii ai.i. and wtfs to Adam
Backer .
II...- ?t, .- H, 100 ft II of tl'otli ?t. l.HlxliM?; Kiisene
A Crem? to Alle? M Croar?.
Taylor ?t, h .. I4B ft w .f Msdlson ?v.-, BS.Cs
BS.BsSB.ltsM.4; WIMIam J. Rdwarda and nn.-ther
t,, Krunl? I' 1/x'kvvoo.l .
?BIM-M - i?. 13.1.1 ft ? ol Moil In aye. BOsltt?
rn?xt.'iT t?. Bll?n yiiin.-.-y .m i husbaad t,< Henry
Aii.ti.-.-- ?Bd vvlf^ .'.
rrederlck ?t, ?? ?, 111M ft e ,,f ITnlon-av?, B2.As
sT?i. ..nui.? Bledler .a Fr.-i. il. i. Rtark? .
Hull bv?, ? h. -?TH.: ft ? ut .inn Mill Road, .'?Ix
UM; ,l..|in Buhl? an I wife to .lohn Hals- ?nd
Wife .
>? T.'.o
18 >!.??
?;."?.. o- ?i
2\ HN?
iti:.Miti>r.i> MORTdAan
Andrews, ll.-nry. aii.l iiii,,tli-r to Kll?n Qulncy.
?Ml?! ?t. h n. i;t...i ft e ,,f Morris -ave, B r?an.. BBBB
S un.- 1-. Till., .liiaiant,-,' iii'.l Till-.? l'o. Mh-m.
k H. I3....1 fl e ..f Avenu., .y, ;? ve.ii!,. | BOB
ilium, .lull? A. to Blla m Lawrence, -.'itii-nt ? h.
UM r.f M ?ve. ;t rsars. 8,ou?i
llaillialm. Il-Inil,li I?. u.i.l wife la g II Maov. an
stscutor sad trustas, ll?tti ?t. ? n, i;n f| ,- ,,f
t-.-llv- I \.-ai. laBB
Co.iy. Ilrldset a, n, Nlchotas b.r..iiz ?ad wif...
n.. is Moar?s st. ;i yaara. 2..?.?i
.',.?. i:v,i ,i, i., TiUa risa tantas an.t Tium r..,'
No mi ILaver-m. I morta-aii-e?. 'A y.-am. 13untm I
( .o|.-r. BMbSmM V R. un?! wlf? to ihe Franklin
tuvlnt? Rank. 07th-?t, n ?. 123 it c uf Aiu?ter
dam-ave, 1 year.
r?itf>?. Maria T, to ?V H Van Stelnhergh, No ?M
Kant 4l*t-?t, 1 year.
I Crawford. Charle?, an?l wife to tln> Mutua, ?t?
Innurani-.f Co, New-York, l'l'ith at. ? ?. ^j 3
; ft w of 7ih-ave, 1 year.'
Freund. M?url?re V. t?> K__MM Monhelmrr, tYtn.
; ?t, n ?, 175 rt e of I.e_in_ton-ave, In?talm?nt? 1 >*vv
Kmilhaber, Philip, and wife t?, Smith Wllli.ni.viri ^^
! et al, M are or l!r.?ton R. a?t, a ?. _N ft ? of
I ?Mtl. *t. ami other property, ? year?. ..
Same to Small A Williamson, unit p-.-operty 2
yar? .' 11/w.
Her.?B, (aniline, to Abraham Stern, 17th-?t n ?'
l_.'i ft w of Irving Pia'-", _ yoata.' ' ????,
Fliiln-rty. Ann, to Arthur ?}or?ch. I71?t-?t"*'i 4W"
l(?l ft w of .'J'-ave, 1 year
Hoepfaer, ??orge. et al 10 Eilzao.-th M.Ua.-nh.il.
l?V!th-*t. ? a MIO ft ? Of ?Vaahlngt.in-ave, 4
>'-?r? .
Hlekey, J,,hn, to Samuel McMillan, 7tli-ar* a'w *"*
'?rri-r IStt-St, 1 y.-tr. ' -
, Knlz. I.vdla. to Jame.? Saxten, 1-Cth ?t ? ? 7*4 ***%?
ft e of .'.?I-ave. ,-, years.'... ' *" ,
; I.lvlnKst.in. William, an-l wife t., Rohen ?rav ^^
I .'{.'ith-si, n ?. I?*? fi w of Klth-av, ?ml ?ther
property, 1 year. ___
LtXfcWOO-, Frank !', ar..| wife to 1? A \V|l|?amion' ^*
Tayl?.r-?t. a ?, its ft w of Madtaoa av?, 1 m\ntT a _*,
Lev I, H?-nr>- ?', ta H. man ?Sou and another' ^^
??',lumiii;?-ave, n w corner >*ith-?t. 1 paar ' i.__
?Labe, .lohn T. and an.?ther in the Mount Mor' ^*W'
rl? Co-op-arativ? Ruil.iing an?l ?Loan A??...-iat|,m
Hull ave. ,. ?, _7?i fi a ,,f <;,;r. 11,:; ?,{.???. , '
?taln-sat? .? .
Kahlar, Jaeob, aad artf? t.? Um Nattonai Ac?_?a__
of Demgii, 7t!i-av-, .- ?, ?;_.?! fi n of l.'Utl,-?; ,?j
yean . ' ' -__,_
Millar, Ellaa L, t?. J?ihn Miller, 1'ik?-?- ? ? tea ,vn
? .? of Honro? at, 1 ?ear.'. *" ,,_.
M.''..rnii.k. ?TaiTs A. and wife to j V Spcr.i. 2^ W
a?.-, ,- i, tail fi s of 7,'i'ii-?t itamaad,,., * ?,...
M. M.rien i: ta l? H I. ToWnWMd, UTtaW ''M'
n a 833 ft w of Tth-avc deuiaad . ' ??.?
(?'?;?.ruiin. Richard, an?! ?aother to i.,,uis?"j awx'
A?iif..riii .- ?i, azecutora, i?_?i ?t. :;r,i 7 f, 1
of Columbu ..- ?> -.- .
P - El ?? r . and ?nother tn ?t.- Initltatfa? *"wo
for Hi-- Saving? ?if Merchants' Clrrfca, :tis !-,r,w?
way. '?' I ii . . " ~?
. Pepper, En_rna, sad another to ih? E^iultabt? _a_ ?***
AaMimnea loci?? ?if l'aie-.1 siat?? :,:, E?
73.1-at, 2 year*. ____,
! ?Phillip?, O* ?r. lo Moni? Stelnhardt, Bi Nien?> *^
I.? .ii-, n W 1 in.-r Itath-al I -. ar.
Ravlll?, Philip !?:. to Thomas W?rlghi er. i ?nl
??ther. DKM-ni, n ?, !<?' fi v.- of Amsterdam?
! var .
Bamarmeyee, John, ?t a) ?... Catherin? B Huat?r
.1 m liai, ?t, ? rear? .\
' Bhlrmer, Martha A. to 1 ?r. n : 1 1 0"Conor, txec?l
? ? I- I ?'. 1, -. 130 ft - -f is i
Simon, Anna t?. tie Washington Life Inauraaaa
?? i, So LA*. M?dl?on-*ve, B ?.. ? .
ftalfrldge. William, to Pranci* M Jencki Mh-gi?,
?? ?, Bn.B fi ? of j 18th-at, demand, - mortage. '
Stein, Be? le, t, joba T Pearaoa, l-lst-at, ? t,
PSS ff vv .if Tth-are, t year .
; T-.vvnr.h-n.!. John, and wife to Title (luamalaa
and TTurS ? '. n.i..n.v. 73.1-?', ? a, M f? w of ?.?,??_?
End-av?, .'! ^.?.?lrs .
Tenney, Jennie, and ?ri-.th.-r to .1 .1 Pare, I2td.t,
11 ? ti" 11 it w ??f Sth-av?, .! ?rear? .
Wetterer, William, i" Adolph Maca No ??? w.?
|sth-?i. and "th.-r property, l ?/ear 100_m
W...I. i;-n)ai7iln. to Charte? S. I'-r an ?? _l tru?.
i-.?. i:;:,rii.?t. a ?. 90 ft w ?f \'. 1;;,-.t-aee, i
. 1 - * .? ? ? . __M
Wieg_nd, ?'ari. and wlf? to J ??? ? ?. Rum - ? Pns.
p.?-? i..- ?. MM f? r. of l*Uth??t, -'. - ?an _ ??*,
Walker Mary A, to '' E BI U?rm, w ? H^'irwic.. ^^^
av.- T1S.8 ft n ..f I'.lv-ni-w Terraee I >?.-?.. |<j??
Vu!-.- Cnrlatlna ?ni ?not.1 r 10 l'nlted statt?
Tru?? Company, M-W-Tork, Mo 2,_S_ 7'h-av?, 9
yen . n.?B)
lirai (?.state.
Low Interest
on choice Mortgage loans
charf*?1'! by th??
Apply dlrsctlp un 1 save ?xp'^na?. A large
imount to lottR ' r totrlaci H-mk account
t :,? Uteiry It, x Y.
,-,_ ? 2S Ourt S-., Hr ? klyn.
omce? ? N y con,?? nth Hr. & Ttta Ave., N. X.
?f ,:i W.-st l-?th Bt., N. Y.
j h m 1.is, Edwin wii__m.
i- ..,; Telegiapli Balldtag, XSt u?i'.-my.
It?-Hl |-:?lrtto nnil l.fin-riil I'r-mifitloa.
Affenta f -r I
Broas M -? ??.?!? Maaor, '"-??fcrt.
N .1 TI A-enti for
: ; - r - 1 -, T-.v ; ions on :-.!_-.
? - full t..-irn- . ,. 1-1 '-:rwrt__tty
.r. 1 -.. in? r h an?.
ficul ?Totale fo (.tcliangc.
XTI'.A 1 im: 7-?? r-- ' IB?.BMW rft?*??"
r r !'?' v .. ? !- ? r CtCT cr ex
property and ca?h. MAJtTIN, owner, 11 W_!!.t.
(?s Cft lot Dnsintss pnrpo?tt.
lilTLi'IN?-, \ TO LfcT.
s'roui:.-*. f Arr*LT to
atar?, ' ' ' '? "?' ACP'r B
Hi.KA'T. .- 'M.- v ''? ?f? ' - ' --'_^^
Unfnrnisljcij ^partmento ?o Cet
Kadtooa Sq ? it? ?0 tarn Hth-st.
Apirtment all ? ? '> flr*
c'.-ntly reduced r?r.t.
Al\ WEST S4TH I rREET New ?;.?rtm'nt*. ? ?M
411 sad bath. }.:? to *--'?- ?tagalra >f .'?ntor.
- ?'?e?
/nrniehe? ^Xpuriincnta to ttL
-.'?!?> U-t I- - '
VITt.'l'KAN 11. AN.
panrieh? 1 s-.nt?-? ?-?'. Bath,
WILLIAM 11 V '. :.'. .'"KTTE.
Connini |.rop.rtn tor ?alf
c_>nt of ?own l-ropertn ior Salf.
S" PAUL RE vi. i:st v: .
POR SAfuK Th? 1--' i'..'-' of ^u?lBe?l arth
? Si Paul t- r .1 r- : ??? ? '? ass I
fronts?, of ?.?.x!.*?! f.-t. TI I? ; - atU rer.??v?
? h* I..11KIH for one-third It? f'r-.-r v-liuuio?.
rt, 1 ilrea r-.:v .1 . mat I im uni of ?? ?*?'*?
ran remain on morts?** ai '<-? per rent. i're?er.t r??t
v.r'.: pay about 7 i--i cent ThSlPB
bargala RtnCSB .v CO., - ' hi?'_a
tjorocs ?s?! (Carriaqca
?1 7:11 ?1 Private Si tble with
. ? ? -
ENTER l.tSI Sd aw . I! !.:N
SI'l I'EH.VKKR i;r."s, -.?'???> and ISl ? mal s'-- i******
i rompt?! ? lin? .?f th. r - ? ?M ?t?d "01? ?w
IRt l'.aai TSdat l-iv-i-e Stable wlt* ,i",r,,m*l?Lif
l'ARPENTKR I.IS1 Sd-ave., t! Uberty^t_
Sludebak?r Farm ^^ -
tiJintcr Rfoorto
"iJEMOILW?iQBTrilQ _0*S?
m ?- uniform i-llmat* in America v m in* tn?
i-Vi-?: orcheura la the South. Por ?: .- rtp-SsS
?pplj ?1 .71 Br adway, _
"tS?"m UN MU >i?f&
j Ohli '.'i hoar? from N.-w? v.-ii.. h>- i :?? r "". m?x
via r.-nn It It. wit!? ilir.ush Pullman ???Jj-S , S
I .-harinli.K- r- I Ml in Ih? "LAN!? OP THi *K2,im?m.
I f.vt ,.|,-vHti..n. ?un un.!.--! by lofty rtar-etad.l?_g
?ii.iieriiiK it fr'.m vviiniv blasts. Th.. taranta ? ? tn
! ter of !?? Jiiallv ?eleliriil.-l nntuial 1 he! rn*'..Ti()S.
I! ?wtnn tlir.uiKli luxurious narM? l>M-.h> lia..' A .*.*?* f
' Al, REPUTATION The ?minent i-ti>?!?-?!?"? ' ' ?.
Si III MAN LECLERCQ, vvrtn 10 y.ar?' expc" ?"?
; t'iirl?l?K,|, Auatria. n?.' n In itiarR?. . h ??-.
I Th? llot.-l la III?t, lass In all ,ip|K>lntment?. "J." , 0f
pa???d ,iii?tne. un-1er 111? exp-erteneed i?i|Uf"' , 11
' 1 >? >.n.l r-ri.i: ... KODEN. Mr. BODBM '""> .v, .> r a
, Windsor Hotel, New-Torlc. from 'J a m "nY,,."? In.?*"
dally, or will cull lit n-slilen.-,-? of persona '???inn?
? mat I n .^?.nr?,
3. D. KBILBT, I'r.-a t. 1? \V!iit,.h?i>??^_Jli**_J->
rscln? *lr fWSL\
in an,! ab?"-? B*"
.vsiii'.viLl.E. M, C. trams**
?Jtrlotly s??...!, medium priced. ?R "" >*'ar
?1 family ll..t.?l. II. K It.WVI.S. Mgr.
(Totnitrn Doaro. ^____.-?
BOARD, at t-s?_oaa?77ta r.n?-?. ??n t>? hoA ?^_.?tt._U3s_
t?.n-?t . Kast ??ran?.-. N. J . a? Impro* ?menu. i?oWA>*:
?t.-aiii heat; f.irm.rl.v Mr?. French'?. At. ??*- --qJ
ADVKRTISKMB? ? AND 1??:?dC'?jI,,'Til0?i?E *?
Till; NKWYOKl. ?UBUNaTi "S^.J^pfS'
way. 2.1 door north of Thlrty-flr?!-?!., SM c^. $A
TlSKMKNTS at the following l*<?*?* ^^"sutl-a?**!
ElShtb-av?., ?. e. corner TwtMr-thtr^-???. ?SZf+Set^m
lt!7 Eourlh-av?.. eor. ^urt?^n?h-,?;:J^-?iR_;a'f?.. **T
Thlrd-ave.. cor.' Forty-even-h-aLj tXA? M^SisV**
?Uty-flr?t-?t.; 1.T0S Flmt-av?.; KM W?rt retvr-ot~T'

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