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thi; iscome TAX Af?.ilS OPPOSED.
nsas The cincinnati Tribune.
Tbo?? wtl0 favored the Income lax before will
probably continue to do BO, and it is likely they csn
?**vant th? .,.,.. ,) nf tril. income-tax fcatu??? of the
***MU? law. !.iit the opponents of th!s tax will I"?
?SM to put ?j ^,?,1 mmUy obsta/les in the wav of
?for ?ment 0f ;he law. and hav ampi?? opportu?
na? to (?how how unscientific and unjust it Is.
Vissai Th* CMeago inter Ocean.
,,? v*r"> l?stern Democratic papers ar?? praying
onrr??s in ,i..f?-at the Iniome-tHX law bv refusing
!? ?*proprl*,lon to cnrrv the law Into effect, ??
t ? m?*"? S host of "new places for appointee!
la* ?esBoeratleaOy unpopular t<? opposa ta
?Veal The Wheeling Intelligencer.
*!m ...
o??*'!!! w
?wier cheap J,-,hn exp?dient.
?J? Th? Philadelphia Preis.
4\ivZm"lZom* Ux tnm/ip 1?"*>? f?" yuerday In re?
ad? ,,??.,.G'?*'?>?? ?- the stockholders of the Phli
Deni^A'., Urnington and Haltlmore Railroad. This
?eraiu 1 vlc*or>' Is '-ne of the fruits of the Dem
Partr twa,ure of 1W? an" t"0?" *'ho fcld?-l th?
? '? bird" '<r<> r",P?n*ll'1'> r,,r a f" ?? odious as
TV ?" AU*n"1 Journal.
r*a,vc>ri!*o'i?cra.lic Part>' ?n w*!1 afford to take the
'*? trat".Ky for thl? legislation. It li a notable
?* th? ?;.. ?Wt""*i defeat? the Democracy euitalned
*?? ?ed livl?Tl"''",;?y m thl? month came where It
?? the ln?v?Z1*n.wn,J wt>r' ?onepli-unu? In opposition
fc**? ord? TU' 1**' ?? J?roof of ,hl? ?eser?lon w??
?"?tor ???!??^>1?^ to Se"?1"?? Hill In New-York.
**??. T?Ta ti? n New-J?raty and Senator Price in
?***D-l?t. tK0me Ux w,n ?,??'? ?"? t'ongreea will
%*^>sm? the money needed to en fore/? it.
???r.c.?;" ke-? s :i Strict ivate!?, on its goodwill to
,thc rnlted flatos, and strictly represses all nn
?ntsrded and exprsssl?.?? expressions or it. The.t
'".. t- - ve ; :ea trae enough '.?.. other day? Ye; if ?
???h.? i.?>c - ? *? ?
?falter, pcraorally, lud an unmlstekabla liking
f,i- As?erlca and Americana He cherished the
m ,, ???,? of his Visit? t ? the Cnltcd i'-tates. There
_? ?,,.rt. he refrained from showing how much ha
f".:;. ? remember meeting him for th?? first tima
ln Washington, ? think in isr,6. riki coming away
?ritta the Impression that he was extremely re
ptrred, or even frigid. In manner. ? good many
l?suei1canB had been asked to mcei him at Mr.
Y roer'? ont evening. Some of them ?er?? men of
distinction. Mr. Schuyler Colfax w.is one. He
?as al '???! titn" fl i'"'""11 of dlatlnctlon, and
gpcaker ol the House and it was thought nec
im-r h.? ????? mah? a apeech. Th,? speech w??
-,f pM kind thea and perhaps still known aa
iprcid-trtpl': had. I thought, already done duty
on ????? Indiana platform for the delectation of
Mr. Olfax's conatltuenta Mr. Walter's face waa
? ?i a* ? real remarkable for flexibility ,,f expres?
sion, but nobody could doubt what It expressed
,n tha: BCOM*on. This sudden ebullition of cam?
paign oratory Stiffened tha Kngllshman; he be?
,.anlf ?till more reserved In manner, as ir aware
that his face had already betrayed him; and th?
?ajajaal ended la constrain;. Yet his fi lends
tnoufht hs always unbent to Americana more
fhan to his own countrymen. There was at mn?
time a notion In Printing Illuse S.iuare?I m-.-tn
?afliOadoa t" '?'at an American could get any
nj8f out oi lllm? an(^ that ev<>r? some of those
?ef'.il eyeterlea ol "The Times" office which in
j?n(lon ar? Impenetrable had somehow become
mutter of gossip In "the States." If there ever
were revelations they certainly do not seem to
have done much harm,
Mr waww*? generosity was proverbial In his
lifetime; his death has made it still better known.
I hear at Beorea of Otters from men whom he
liad befriended. None knew of it but the men
themselves, and D ?W that he is gone they nn
rurden thenis'ives of tributes to him. He gave
money, he gave advice, he gav time, and lie
jave g/mpathy; outside i?s well as inside the
office, whor??. during generations, th?? wise lib?
erali:)' of the Waller family has been ?tereo
typed into ? custom. He did not always know
when to nop giving; any ?? re than doea th
rnlted states Government In the matter ,,f
pensions to Its s ?Idler? ?ven unto the third and
fourth generation, and for service not always
soldierly or military. Thei. was once made t >
him what he called a most impertinent request
to eoatlaue to a son a pension which had been
paid fir t?enty-three years to the widow of a
BSV? who had himself been a pensi, .tier for seven
years befi ? He showed at length, as he told
the story, how it would be contrary to all eco?
nomical laws, snd almost contrary to morality, to
continue t. a >f course you refused," said his
friend. He might have said ? 'thing, but he
was incapable of COmfaronolBlng with the truth
even by Bilenca. Hliishlng as If he were t'oii
?issing a ?rime, he said in his sternest tones:
"Most improperly I acceded to his mqtMMt"
TVith a glimpse of one other side of Mr. Walter's
(."lira : er, 1 end tinse desultory reminiscences.
There ?as ? question Sboul a certain appoint?
ment on the staff of the paper, and he was con?
sejad. The applicants numbered some seventy.
Three names out of the seventy were submitted
la Mm i?:ie had the best certificates, but It a] -
jrfired that he was of near kin to a man who ha I
dSBS Mr. Waiter some wr ?ng. He was asked
which of the other two he prefeiT d. He c >uld
not understand why his choice should be limited
to the others. "The be<t man must of C
be appointed," he said. anJ he was. Th ?.?
relationship to an enemv should prevent this j
candidate's appointment n*ver entered Mr. Wa'.- I
i?r's mind. Then w?? no connection between ?
the two thing?. H? w?? incapable of visiting
upon the children the sins of th? tether* It
waa thought in the office rather creditable that
private reasons should not be sUowed t ? ?nllu- '
?rice him against the ?elect!? ? of the best man. i
That, a^ain. woul l probabl) bava been ? ? Mr,
Walter an unintelligible ?lea. If these are not
traita o? a high character what are? He may ?
or may not have been a great man, but ?>? his j
tombstone might be cut the testimony of one
who was Intimate wit ? him: "He was the beit
man I ever knew." It Is ar amp',?? eulogy, and
we that may well endear l.'.s memorj ' ' those
at:, care for loyalty of nature. ?: W B.
? ? ?
i;? /.?.'/1 ? no sii ? '. ?, ? irse s? i, ha ni AMD
The graduati?? eserelses of the Kurses1 Tri
M of ti.e German Hospital are? asid yeeter
tUy afternoon in t;.'- nurses h mi ad] lining ih?
hospital. .-? v? iity-s'-vcir':: ?? . between Lexington
ma Paiii ?ve? Th? ex?: !>.?- ?rei followed i.y an
ascertainment snd reception la tn< evening. There
uer? fourteen graduate? the Mia??? Martin Kil
lermar.ri. LUI? Brand, Olga Pociasch. ?"ara Bet '?'
MargAretha Diehl, Alvina Wetngnrten, Anna ?
miras. ????.?.? PuhrSMnn, ?'.??7.?!?*??;?? S; ?. k. Allo
?hnaatcher, (Tharlott? Lauch, Mary ?.???
H'Vr.e PUcher ani Katharina Msrtsnses
ThSM yonng fornsa, sfl r two iresnf atudj
nwgtttdan ? of the ?apertatendent, Mia? Olga Lund,
hit pi?.?1.1 ?a?afactory examination? ani received
?????.?tp:? s from President Theodora ? Ulan, of th?
(??riiian ii ?
rar. rights m ?? cm mlmvs a est?? nESFBCTBD
Tht unaj'^'orizei use <?f ptaya la ob? ol the ra ?t
aamses in: >>?nces of author? sad asa nagera, a;..?
f"??ih.v, Juat at present. 1? attracting ? good deal
kltantton. ? fe? lay? a^-. lb? manager >f the
?massut of m isle in Akron, ohto. snnoun ?? l thai
M aeaM g?v?1 "Charley*? Anni" on Ttenasgtvlng
r.ft?riijon and evening, charle? Frohman. who
e*ris the right to the play for this country, sent him
P wirnirx not | , do it. He the?, -? ' Ufi : H?
JT,<tn to ?? that the warning was heeded. Mr. Hay?
nr. en Wadaeattey got a temporary Injunction
haalnat th? production of the play. Mr FVohman
iseaired a ihemtea fteta Mr iln>n,aii yssterdsy teli?
li? how bla nisatoit bal ended. The Jndga opened
??art reaUrday morning on purpos?- t ? best the caae
??for* the matinee and granted a permanent Injunc?
?>* it hri b.en the prevloui cuitom In ca*>-< of
thl??ia<J, when the defen lant was solvent t ? refUM
the bnsnetion and let the plaintiff fini his remedy
,'; * luit f jr damages after the performance was
A Ormar, company srhlck gives a weekly ?t
'O'tti?nce in cincinnai! announced "Charley'? Aunt"
?? n*xt Sanday night, but a dispatch wns received
?t nlr,hr from Henrv Halnforlh. the manager of
a?*? ???t? HOUM, saying that he had forbidden
?1? performance.
'?I?'- -nil' l'KI.WKl' FOUR 'AYS l\ HAVRE AND
then Bvmmeo bt axqry STORsta-PARTS
TAXI at thi: OPERA
The French liner I.a nretngne, after a tempestu?
ous voyage, at the very beginning of which the
steamer was detained for four days at her slip in
Havre, reich.,1 her pier In this city yesterday,
Among ber pnssensjera were Mme. Nordica, so
prano; Mme. Bmma Kamee 8tory, soprano, and
Victor Maurei. barytone, all of whom will short?
ly appenr at the Metropolitan <>p?t.??. Mous.?.
"We ha.l a simply terrible tue.? in getting imek
to America." sail Mm.?. Nordica. "Ju?t ?is we
Were about to start from Havre a steamer met '
with an accident at th?? entrance to our ateatner'a
Blip, and almost Immediately sank. That was a
nice dilemma, wasn't It?" aald Bhe, teasing a >op
per, whl.h her French poodle caught In hi? mouth '
and returned to her lap. "They k.;.t telling us |
that at the next nun uf the tide the BUnhen ship ?
would |,e raised, and they wouldn't let us Of!
Why, if it had been la New-York thai ?".?t would :
have been raise,) In half a day! But I uni here
at last, and ini delighted to l??? hack In New-Tork j
"You were in Bayreuth," suggested the reporter,
"???," sal,I .Mme .N'unii ;i. her eyes Shining with I
pleaaure at the mention of Bayreuth. The last ,
Benson there whs glori, is. 1 tang six limes In
'Lohengrin.' "
"Shall you be there again?"
? have been invited to take part In Igst, lmt that
Is a ???? way off, and 1 can't say at present
whether I shall ko or not."
"What Will you BUlg In New-York?"
"In 'La Giocondo,' also as Martha In 'Martha.'
and Isolile In 'Tristan.' V. s, I know, it 1? quite 8
jump from Marthe to Isolde "
"Where is you ? danc?, Hen DoemeT"
"I let! him in l'ari.-. l!?? won't be hire till
sprliif,, and then not to alng."
"Er >r when shall we all be alile to sen.l in our
congratulatlona, Mme. Nordics?
"when the crocuaea come again," said the lady,
.? genuine schoolgirl blush ovi rspreadlng her
countenance. "Now will you klndl) exeas, me?
My carriage is watting for me to tak?? me to thi
train, I'm going to Boston to aee my Bister. 1
si.aii be bai k again on Saturday and .?:. \\ ? Inesdaj
evening neat I suit In 'Lohengrin.'
Mm.?. Nordica ha ? with h r, besides her French
poo.lie, h full-bin...?.?,? German dachshund, whose
stumpy, crooked !e?o and seal-shaped bod) Mme.
Nordica assured the reporter won for him the rire!
prise al the Crystal Palaci dog ehon In London
this year, .she's going to >:?\ him t,. a friend,
Ii.rr Boeme, who la t?. marry Mme. nordica
whin th?? crocus.s come again, ? a Hungarian
tenor, ile ?-cuj? al Bayreuth in "Paraifal."
Mme. Lmiua Kam.?- Sl,i > was Seen ?<! the ?'?,.
James Hotel, whither she went with her husband.
She ?,i. tired from thi efl cts of her vo; ige and
begged t" be excused from ? Iona Ini rvlew be?
cause of a preparation foi s rehearsal lasi n.Kht
Btnce ih-? last of July she has been with Mr. Story
In Italy and France.
"The rest I've had since July has .!..??.,? me good
vocally and physically," ?aid she. "l am delighted
to get back nome on e m ire. Our detention In th?
harbor of Havre was ?n,.st tiresome, and i'"r th ?
four days we were Led up ? hi westher ws? beauti?
ful. Just se we gol ready t,? stari however, we
had a hurricane, snd we've had horrid westher all
th< way ovei Ore poor man wa? ?o severelj
hurt that he is likely to die. II? twisted hi? leg
around ? brace when he ?aw s bli ? i\,? .-omine
a few days uno. sad had his leg broken We took
up s collection for bun snd aaaured him he would
g?-t Well. I'U' I'm al'ra: I he won't
Mme Btor) stoga on Monday night as l" ??
in "Otello. Bhe will hi??,.? appesi .??? Mistress
Ford m "Falstaff" ind In ,.il her old part? A
new n'.le to her will be Mat V.I I.? In "Wllllsm Tell,"
In which sh?? win soon sppear.
Victor Msurel, the barytone, ? rely ?
itranger to New-York opera?goer? In 1872-73 he a|
? ??.. ?, ? Ha -. 'r . a r.-.ii <?-?.? ?? Iswyei
ofllee w.i? at S 70 Ws st.. r
his home. No. SU ????????.?? ?I . G
about ion?.? rears old end wsa adml ?? ? to ih< :?"
In :<,:?;. Ha bad a large practice and ? ad ?
considerable fortune. Mr Bats'? death ws? due to
poisoning \ fortnlghi ago h? ? iff? ?? ? from
neuralgia aa : ha ? a i< >th draws Aa eat
Inflammation foUowsd on th- righi sii- of in? face
He w?- tr.-ut.-i by Dr. Law. .ml a cooeultatlon
took place on Bunday. Blood poleoolng hsd set In
aii'i spread s?> that it caused .?eath He i-fi u a fa
ami t?" children Mr Bala belonged lo a Masonic
lodge, ihe Roysl Arcanum, the National Providern
G???? and the Parana) Driving Club.
? ? ?..??.
Mai:.-!. Noi -'? t'srdlnsl Zefei no Ooni
Maz Tunon dli : In >? \ le lo-dsy, ? ge ?.
three, il?- was Tested csrdlnal ten yean igo
London, Vov. ? Henrj Ha-?? y Vh an, flmt
liar.... Batanees, die I this mon Ing a- ?
Ihne years,
? ? ??? IKT?XQ ??? I 1 III i TM E.
The popularity of Ihe liso.;? Pisce Thestre ws?
si ?.??? sgsln last evening, when even the orche?
tri. bad i" be removed ? ? provide pisce? foi spi
tators "The Doubting Thorns?," a far?,? in ihrei
acts, bj Carl La ifi and Vi. Ja oby, a ?? presented
foi thi Brat tini.?. ?'),.? |i.,.? ?,;,.? ??. !: .. great fa.or
i'? among th,- thesire-goei in ?erraati) ani it
wa? received with many demonstrations of appro?
\al ami <l-llght b> the larg? audience In Mr, <'<?:?
rled's theatre lasi evening. The acene ??( tbe play
fs laid In u large Herman city. The ?:.? ? act opena
a' the hon.; Ignata Doll, a retired wealthy mer
chant, whose wife, daughter and ward, great I) to
hla aiinoyan???, hsve I. believers In spli
Ism. in order to cun them of their Infatustlon,
>:.i seeing a chance :?> have nome ?port, !??
senta to make a te ' of the hypnotic powei <,f in??
wife's nephew 1!? pretend? to fall aaleep ami
upon awakening to havi los) sil knowledge ni
former ??? ? in ibis assumed condition h?
out on a tour of smusemi nt, mu< h to his
chagrin. He amuse? himself capitally; bin .?
?/oung physician, to whom he had refused ?? give
i,is daughter In marriage, ihrestens lo expo e ihe
old reprobate unless hi change? his mind regarding
bis daughter. Before the marriage hi apparent!)
?- to himself and Ihe famll) Is reunited The
play Is extremely amuslni an?! the droll situation?
kepi the people laughing heartily The part? were
admlrabl] presente?! by the members ol Mr Con
lied's excellent company, who a? r? rewarded with
vigorous snd frequent applause. Among those
serving special mention are A,loir Link, who took
th?? part of Ignats Doll; Anns Brasa, hi? caul,
ter; Max Hanseler, ss Johsnn Jacob Allendorf, and
Max Lira as in. Caul Wagner The play was pre?
ceded by "Ich Helrsthe Meine Tochter" s? a ??ur?
talo raiser. This evening- there arili be a popular
price performance of s, toiler's "Kabale und Liebe,"
? whl'-h will be repeated to-morrow afternoon.
\ A ?tr? ng, popular attraction yesterday wss Ihe
1 portraits of women exhibition at the Academj of
j Design Ther. was an especially large attendance
in the morning, and in th?? afternoon snd evening
? the gallarle? wen? crowded with brilliant aaaem
blaa*es. Th?? tearoom on thi ??? melon of the Issi <,f
? the Thursday tesa, which have been delightful
; features of the exhibition, presented sn snlmsted
soene. Flowers, musi, an.? charming hostesses
, contributed to the pleasure of the day. To-morroa
? will be the last ?lav of th?? exhibition, which h held
for the benefit of Bt. Johns Guild and the Ortho?
' paedlc Hospital.
Th?? tearoom yesterday was in charge of Mrs. II.
YV. Cray, Mrs. John A. Lowery and Mrs. i bari?.?
de Rham, jr., of the leadle? Committee, aaalsted by
Miss Oliver. Miss Marion Carey, Mi-s Kernochan,
Mis? Pah?, Miss dray, Mis- Almee Lawr? m???. Ml??
Margaret Lawrshci and .\i,s- Adeline Hoyi Among
the visitors yesterday were Benstoi and Mrs
' Henry Cabol Lodge. Theodore Roosevelt, Judge
Ingraham, Mrs. Archibald Murray, Miss Frellng?
huysen, Mrs. T. d'Or?mleulx, Mrs. J. West Roose?
: v.-it, Edward H. Kendall, .Mrs. Frederic It Jones,
- .Miss Beatrix Jones, Mrs. Osspar Urlswold, Miss
Eurelts Whim? v. Mrs, Plnchot, Mrs. Plffard. John
!'. Maine?. O. Bgerton Hdimldt. Mrs. Robert
Ht urges, Mr uni Mrs .lames A. Burden, Mrs. Unt?
ie: Harding, Dr. and Mrs. Watson, of Boston;
Mr. and Mrs. Loss winans, of Baltimore: Mise
il?.m, Miss Clementine Furnias, Mr. and Mrs.
''ass Csnfteld) Miss Roosevelt, Mis? de Foreet,
Mrs r. M Lathrop, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W.
Bowen, Mi?s Agnes Lawrence, H. Wlnthrop Oray,
Mr. and ?? w. l\ Hnvomeyer, .lames K. Oracle,
Valentine ?. BlaCOJUe, A. Murray Young an 1 .Mrs.
J. I>. Prince.
Charles Prohssan ami a. l. Hnyman bave se?
cured from QaOCgS BdwardSS ih?? Aiii'-reaii rlKhis
to IL J. W. Lam's new hiirlesiiie, "Th" Mop
('iri," which was prodi.?? ai the Gktlsty Theatre
in LoBBSoa r?n Balai day ninht. it adii ??<? given
j hire next seasoii by a company sent from London
j l?y Mr. K.l.vanles. This arrangement has BOtblng
I to do with thai which ha? been mad.? for bringing
1 a company here from the Lyrl?? Then.tr??. London,
' to Bfaaanl w. s. Hubert's "His Excellency."
? Masara Frohmaa ami Hayntan nave also aecured
j from sir tugustua Harris the rights to the Drury
Lane meloilrama "The Perby Winner," which will
receive a new title, a? the preaent name 1? airea.ly
In uxe In thla country.
???.? fiNi: DrasExmca ??t? in tub stBimxa
Atilinta. Ha.. Nov. LO. - ? incitine of the steel;
holders of tb?? Southern AsSOCUtted 1'iess was held
here to-day, with th?? largest attendance of mem- j
ber1; sine? the organisation .f tiu? sssodatton. The [
question of rati';, in? the memorandum "f uKre??
mem between th?? United Presa ami the executive ,
Committee of the Southern Associated Presa, Binde
In New-York on Monday, November 88, ???? folly ?
considered, and aft??!? considerable discussion was '
adopted with only ? ?Ingle dissenting vote.
The members freely dtscussed th?? fslM stafc
ment made by the a?? ?elated Pre?? of Chicago, as I
printed In "The Washington Evening star.'? of the
difference? between that aasoctstlon snd the Smith- j
??p? Aeaoclated Pre??, and Kreat Indignation was
?xprawed at th? groa? mlarepre? ntatlon? mad,? In
that report, A committee of ilv?? ?hh appointed !
to draft a reply to the ?tatemen! ef th?? Associ?! ?
Press, which win be prepared at one? and given to
the public.
The aaaocteUofi adjourned until to-morrow morn?
ing, when it will r, convene fur the purpose "f
formulating a plan G?t conducting an aggrsmlv?
tight and extending the servii.f the Boutberri
Aaeoclatad Pre?? Into th? new territory conveyed
to it under th?? near contract with th?? United
Pre??, covering th?? Btate? of Tenne?*??, Kentucky,
MlMHMlppI, Arkanaaa, Louisiana and Tex?? .\
full midday and nlghl servie? will be offered to th?
newapapera In the states added by th?? contract to
the territori of the South? p? Associated Prss?
The Southern organization la ? <w in ? position 10
furnish to lis clients nnd membera an efncienl
servi??,, covering the United States and foreign
countries, by reason of Ita excluelv? arrangement?
and contract r, lalnois wiih lh,? l'nlted l'rcss. All
thi newapapera In tha South are determined t<?
maintain tha Inteartty of their association everj
member having renewed his alleglaacs to th?
Southern Aasoclated Pre?? Thl?'alliance with the
United Pre?? alls upward of forty newapapera to
ihe host of papers Berved by the laal named or
aanliatlon, and deprive? the Chicase organisation
of thai number of Southern papera.
The following teiesram? were received to-night
\i w v. ik. November -'
To Captain Evan ? rfoweli presiden! Routhern
? ??? lati d Pre??, At!?,uta. ?; ?
Convey my beat rnpecti lo your colleasue?
and the as-ui in ?? of my hearty co-operation In
everything ihm may conduce to th? Independent?
and ii ibllltj of the s lutrn ? ? ?Vaso lati Prei
The rebuke you have admlnlaterc ? to the il
management of the Aeaoclated Pre?? Is nothing
abort ut .m imputi.int public ?ervlce.
Phil? lelphla Novi mber .-.?
T.. ?: ? H >wi II, | : -? I nl, ..; I th? II : Patri I.
Walih, general manager, Southern
l'ite?, Atlanta, Oa.
The Southern laaoclat? ? pre?? will mak? no mil
t.ii.?? in ..irrt ng ou! Ih? ? mtcmplatnl plan of an
? with th?? im; . Pre?? ?ritti which th.? un?
ni wm?, ipera er? affili?t? ! Vi ?
ilei altri ihr Idi?? ? Pr?ra? ? I with
??-- management, and ?ai ire the Couth?? p \ ? ???? 'iati l
if an un litera h .t. rmlnatl ?? ?
ihe l'u:?,.! Pre?? lYe are ?atiefled thai the Unite?]
Pre?? la l? ?th able an ? deiei p ma
.:, th? ? ?nteal with Ihi Wratern ?aaoelated Pre??
.in I w- ??? ?? ; ? .,:?. determini l t ? luppori ihe l'nlted
Pn ? ? the ?:; ?
w M SI.NMERI.Y "I" .:.-??!?di.iii.i Record."
1. CLARKE 1??\ 18, "Phi . li phi ?. ? Iger."
"Philadelphia Rvenlng Telegram."
n ? ? s I Novembe
? ? ? '?plain ?? m ?? How? li , - then? ??
Hi l l?re? Atlanta, ??
l am gri atl> plea?? '? al ih? ai ti ? of y? -r ? on
mittet In New-York It - ? matt?
? Il !
I ri -- T? mani ??..??? nil ici?, an I
? ? ? iiietnl.. : ?
arrant ment, and ar? itand bj in? ?hip
? . futur? W G IMI.? \M.
? ??? ? it ?? of lh? N>?
I.,?, i-r. ?. !? ??? . ? ? I I** My*
? '
Tl w. nei ?: ? * ? ? ime ?
? .. . . ; ?r???" ifter the old "N'en
\ rk \.?..-.,?? ? I??? ?? ' u I Ihi '? ' i" ?" ' ha !
. ,
S ??,. ' ? Filial?? ?? \ ? ?
III l'4 ? '
? . I h> .? I..1:1. '? l'I
b-, n .. office for over Ihlrtj
an ? gradu ? ? bul lurely ihey an ? ? >
???,?.? ? .? . siiaranl
liai ??.?!?, ? ?? Tl ? IP
. , '?k ? na
. ' ? i-rrn 'win? :.
? ., ? ..-- .-? ? ' ?
' '"? ' -
? i ,n ?,, ? . . lin? I ? ?ru.. ? r ? .? - .
??n -? , ?
>? .
. .
.... . ? ? of th?
//"li .? ?/ ? \ is imititi H IS I III /?' p ; /.???
?. i'ii n d ? ,.?.?? ? ??. nui
? ?? ?, ? .? ?. \ ? ? s ?.?, ???
PATA ? LI u, - \? ? ,. HIM
1! ? -
' ' ' ? !? M I ' in ,,
? ? il - ? ??. ?.is j ,? ?)?.\ G ,
? ,? ? m, So ? Bowei
: .'" a ? ? terdaj Mel ?ran ?it, wh ? live? si IIm
I i?|,,n llousi No *s", L ... rei ??. ? ? ?
? ; ..??,: Hospital. He wai ?tal ??? ? .n ih? ,
men. Richard Burns, iwentj elghl rears old, <?'. No
? J7 M ?ti ? . .,:. ? ins brothei Ism . ? ???? ni
? ? old, of No, at FI I ? ? Mr
? >?t ?? ill'? a I ' ???,.? Pa k I'urry, j
.on. I-.. I to
bin ?t ????? the ?I f tl ? :
and the bari
for viol? I I ? ?
? ; ? as ? men wh ? ? . ?. ' ? ?
bun Richard Bun wl ised the
? '
\\ hen M ,'-?-. ? ?red : -.>? ; ? ?? ? had a i
..... In Ills ? I . : ! ; I , ? , |j been '
, .? M I '? ? ??? il ? I-i! ! ISl -\ and ' II??
? ?Il of bills he display. I caught the ?>??< ,,f the
?turn? bi ? er?, Tnej tried lo rol him u Mel ?er
mott tna ? tai.. Th : .?? il mean
lime looked on ? ; Ile enjoj : ? l ne. and
? ? ?;? .?. ? ?/a? , : ? : lo s??l*i tri? unfurl un ite
11 . . ? kepi un -? ? ? Ing ?? uk ? : , those
who wi ' ? it a !? lib?r?t??
.? ,? - bejns p, ide to be M snd ? ih s mac
? ? ???? moti'? ? lu '. ? Ss mg? ? ? d hla ?ntagoi
an ? Hiebst ? Burn? tin ill) drew a l.n fe sn ? plungi ?
u into the moulder'?? sb hon? ?,
McDermott then broke away ft?.,m ihr? men, and
ran out ol the barroom. H> ?taggered, b!.ling, up
Pollcemai furry, who, .if:? \ ? ? non.,? oik an am
h ila ice, hl? s hi? s h lie ? ?r asslsiam ? Half s
dosen pollcemei resi ud? ? lo th? call. They fount
Ihe barroom ?. locki ? ?nd admlttancr was denied
Stationing ? ? uple ol policemen si Ihe enti ince ,f
thi hall* c. Policemen furrj snd another ?tslwsri
offlcei placed Ihelr ?houlder? again?! the front rl.
and hurst It open They found the place tili.-d with
;, motle) ss? rtmenl of customers Hlggln* mad. ?
nols) proteai against Ih? entrence of the p-,!l????. bul
wa? placed under arresi charged with violation "f
th? Excise Ism Jame? Burn? wss found hiding In ?
closet, end Richard wa? In the ? 1er, behind a coal
bin Both men were taken to the Kldrldgi ?t sta?
tion. Th< y wi re held in th? ? elice com ?
?? ? a t Tin: ? ? /.?/ \ ??? 11: ?/G/.*.
????? hundred children wi r ? s,..,i.. ? f,,r their Ti? ?nk?
giving dinner it the Mariners' Temple, In <?.lv< r
anil Henry sty. yeaterday, Tin? ?\,?* an Increaseof
. ! ? ? yeai Valentin? (I. Hall and many of hi?
filenos were present li ws? ? rere irsal io se?
ihe cidi Iren with Iheli hspiy f:.s marching In
Hebrews, Italiana, Russian?, Polea, Spaniards,
French, iriso. Africans ani English, s fair repre?
sentation of loWei ??IS Volk II was thr.uiah the
kindness of Mrs. Wllllem U .-loan.? and her daugh?
ter, Mis? Kmll-i V Rluane, thai ih? dlnnei had
been provldi ? The latter brought .. number >.f
her enthusiastic friend? to essisi her In Bsrvtna the
children A gentlemen brought ISO magnificent
rhryi inthemum? io giva lo the girle, boi ahei he
saw the liri.?.? number present he remerked: "Well,
I guess I ??m ????! in II When you do thing? *t Ins
Marin?is' Temple you ? > thsm OS a grand scale. I
s?-,?'? Durasi cloaed with a few word? of thank?
to the helper? h Jame? ?? nei nd songa by
ih?, children The children of Ihe Rend of Hope
entertained ? terge endici. in the evening with
I pee,-lies .11,,I I glgS.
- f - _
Washington, Nov. .".< Secretary Thurfcer reports
further Improvement In the President's health to?
day, and sa>s that he WOOld not he surprised tn
p.?,? him COSSS to the White HOUSS to inn,TOW. If
the President Is able to cume In, there Brill prob
ably be a Cabine) meeting
Atlanta, <la . Nov. I?) K*-l'nlted Btatsa R?nnt,?r
Joseph ?. Brown, Georgia's war Oovernee, is la ?
critical condition nt his home h*?re. H?? his bSSI?
In feeble health for many months. ?'ifTerlns from
, a ?'ombinaMnn of Bright'? disease ani rheumatism,
hut his condition has grown worse In the Isit few
l days and now excite? serious apprehension.
To the Editor nf The Trllnnie.
Sir: I ?ni <pi!tr> .si,re The Tribune ?loes not want i
to do Injustice to anj Republican and heme ? am ;
amased .?< ti??? letter of "Jeneyman," in your lasue
of to-day, relating to ?;????G.?? Sewell and the
l'nlted States Benatorahlp bore. He Is not a true
"J< raeyman," and does not underatan ? New-Jersey
poUtlca, or their past history, and la lacapabl? ot
interpretili),' their meaning and trend to-day, or :
he would not i? guilty of auch an uncalled for
attack mi General Sewell. if b? hopes thua to
help Mr. Franklin Murphy or sny Other candi- ?
date, h.? ?? wofuiiy benighted; for th? Republicana ?
of New-Jersey will resent sin Ii unni- rit???! assaults
on their lonur-tlrre chief mil leader, and rally j
around him mor?? devotedly than ever.
"Jeraeymsn'a" wh.de letter la mainly a tiisue of
absurdltlea and Inaccuracies, it is ?imply not true :
that (?.cerai Sewell "sold c.'.t" Mr. I'otts. or I
helped "defeat" Judge Dlxcn, or "opposed" Qen?
?ml ? Inibii, or "turned over a seat In th<? Senate
to the Dem?crata rather than see It occupied by
William W.tlt.r Phelpa." or bad a "deal with Sen?
ator MePheraon," o? favored our 'Infamous race
track legislation." Al! of the?? arc old and stale
?lander? and absurdities, as every Republican In
New-Jersey Well know*, who has ever known much !
about New-Jersey pollile?. They were the stilali
talk of mat] politicians nt the tlm??, but
?very one or them in turn haa been refuted hy the
logic of events and the ? te mmon-seiipe of our peo?
ple, und no Republk an of character or authority
in Mew-Jeraey no? gtvea th? m a moment's con?
sideration. The ready answer to them all Is thai
?o-iier.ii Bewell baa never yet lost his held upon
our people, and it Is Incredule that they would
continui? io reward and tru.-t an Ingrained and
double-dyed renegade ani tra.tor. euch ni these
charges would pre-auppose. clearly "Jerseyman"
la entirely "off" on this business.
It is true (renerai Bewell Is a valued and trusted
officer of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Hut doei
that disqualify him for public life snd public
office? With her vast Interests In New-Jersey
ramifying to even county (no other in the State
?. ra?!), should ?he not be considered and ?c
counted for In public matter?? And when she haa
found .m ail? and pure man, and found she could
trust him constantly and thoroughly with her
great plan?-? and poli? t.?.. and business, is that not
evidence thai be >- sisa worthy to he trusted by
others? Tl;?? Republican part) has so trusted
? !???. ral Sewell. and I undertake to say, from ?
Ioni.' und intim?t.? acquaintance with New-Jeraey
affairs, that In? im?. ,iever l.iv??.? or betrayed ua,
i?:? haa -o rved ti?.,? party ably, honorably and
faithfully, ani no? deserve? only prats? and
ih.inks at our hand? "Jeraeyman " to the con?
trait not withstanding.
l'or twer.t) -.us v..? have Mad in? other leader
? ??? ?tandni ? bearer here thai ? ?nil hold a ? ?? 11 ? s I ?
t?? him. Through ?.? report ?? ? through evil
report. In ???'??..? or victory, he hai always led
??.lumn, .ml led It gallantly and well. He
h.ts ??? ?, ? ^-,,,,? ',,.? ??,.. ?. : and nobles! there
.??ii lu Ne? Jen y polltli I!?? h.is had th.? love
nl .??...? ..f ..n best Republican? both si
home .nnd abroa ? He ?<? ? one 'it Pn ildent Har?
rison'? mosl ti -?..? adviser?, and is one
mo?! Intim?t? mi valued frlendi to-day, He
io i-r?.nt oratni. bu: li1.-? knowledge of men snd
? . u ... and ?ii- ludsmenl well-nlsh In?
fallible, and si ?? practical leslilatoi and ?tat?
nan ?.? ??..? at Trenton of Washington ever sur
, ? ? ? him. <?n ih- tariff, on the currency, mi
-, on th? neu Navj and all othei public
queatloni h? ? ? and - ?ound .ml cour?
? and th?? Republican! of Nea I in make no
I n,isi.ik,? in r.?' n mm.? inn, to Washington What
other? mljrtl do w'.ei th???. gol down there w?
1 know not. li.n rhat O neraf g 'well ? id ?!. ? rj -
body know? fo "hli ?onl ? as . .? ? ? ss his
he nevei ? t forsol ?? friend ?? broke hi? word
10 ! in?, and host? ? ' Republican? m New-Jersey
regret and resent nt atta? i. upon ?u h a
K.tllurt gentleman and brave and ? ? pable 1?
And w?? ?III rail) around him mot?? enthu? iati
calli? than ?\ ?? .ml make ?..?? OUI liexl l'nlted
S?.,?? s Hen.,?.,? JFRHKY UI.t'K.
Trenton, ? J . Xoi -
? ?? -
K ntlKND UK ? ??? : I I. RKPI.II I "' ?
I T.. ?. l? :
? ?,.? .j ?. ni n ,,:' t n?? -'? ? to-day'? Tribu?
, ??????.,. Bs .?.?.:? n t!.?? ground
: , ? . ' ,r fr-.t,? ont I .!':,;. ?.* ! ? 11. I
?.?om ' ? ?
pai i> ' , poi . . Thl?
?? ? chars? It ? .Ill lent io
. ,> In tha!. If Im?. If I? mo?! ? \
hai ih? part) In lh? .-" n ? muid be
? t !?i pre? id ilh nn ? ? ?? Hewell'i
ii.iii ,? ;?. w ih ? impeiatlvel) fen exceptloni neu
?..? ? ?: lo ? ??
. '
?.??.? .1. ? - . Repu it lesa!
[ordini lly to I ;
I . , ? ? ' hest I. .:. ?:
on ,? ? liti? mai I I ?.ti salti ol
f the ?i the g? nei al ci
.?? ? \ Poti ?
? iiup.i . ?? '? il !?.?!,! 1
Ige LU? m lesa, m.?,
rly ? ? ?- ? ?? iibb In IM '. en ; thai
I ?? mu r.,i ? .?ti?- ? ? (? -? ? ? .1 ,' ipii ? b) U ilh.it,?
\\ ili?-! Pheli - ? ??.11 noi one ol
r w?l h
? ? ?.-;, e ?u :.? Poti ? ? ng ego ex?
? I, at I In b) one ? ? ill)
unfsmlllar m the fact? I was ? ? enjoj
lima! ' ? ? I ? ? | ?? '?
s ho boi ?? , tendant In Ih? , . mp m p "f
?il attimi iinqusllfledl), a- hl ? lifelong I
? .,? il. ? , ? ?' ? - intlll? ol ??> Id nce t?. sustain
?? ?- ? li u g? T? uchli ? ? n.hi ? camps
p ? ? ? that in every ? ne of
in. m ih.c li? ? ? ??? li im? listel; wohin the
? ti;, nei ?. .? ?' G? Intliiei
Un Ilei ibll n? I :l.? . ?
> the . ihei ? ,?. nient? alleging ? n i> lnfl?l< lit;.
? ' ? :i. .? ?:? ,??! ?? ??? ? i- t.! - ? :, tienersl Sewell
di ? nul d? f?al the ? le. non of Mr, Phi Ip to the
Henate, a? ever) n- really familiar with the facts
II iwsre ? em one of th >a ? s ho regrett? d
profoundly that Mi Phelpa we? noi chosen to
rr prese th? rll ?'??. bill the failure ol the ? ? ?:. de?
nn to ? t ima (tha.I? being l?emocrstl ? a*s?
due to csu?es srholl) b yond the control of any In
? I., Idu ? ' ... .m.
? ine ' tot? t of your indem Im?
pugning ? ;? ?? r.ii ft? ?. :.'s character a? a cltlaen de
? ? . . . si ? ??-? ? ?? .1 mi He Baye ? hai "I len -
? .? ?. .-'.?? I had ? : ??'int m ! Intere?! In the Infa
?.-etra ?, leg latloii ol I8W." A? to ;??^. Il
maj ???? laid thai li - noi ont) gratultoual) false,
?.ut thai II is , map uoual) ?<?>. During the cam?
? which preceded th? eh ???? o? the racetrack
?.???>,.? ru.?. Qcneral Beai I ? ?? peculiarly promt
neni and adivi In ?eeklna th?? overthrow of lh?
racetrack rtna N" Republican in the Btate more
readily re?pon?led t?? ibe necessity which era? ere
ati ? b? ini rei Olrsrd lions?? meeting of the
racetrack gambler?, al which an enormoua pur??
waa raised to ?led legislator? iti their Interest, than
? Oeneral Bewell, and Ihe hoi campaign which was
1 iu-iil?? during ibe la?! tt.t Ihre? week? was itlmu
l.it?? ? ?? much hi his sagre live example ?? bj any
other force thai entered Inln It. NO? only thl? G?
I is within lh? knowledge of every Intelligent observer '
thai h? ? ?? foremosl In the crusade for the rep? ?!
? of this racetrack legislation; thai he particip?t' ?
actively In lh? formulation of the policy nf the
Btate ?'?.nlttec which reeulted In wiping oui Ihei
pernlcloui enactments; and that, from Brat to laat,
I h? favor I ? cour.f relentleaa hoatlllty to the
whole ? ?'k of scoundrel? who had foist??,? them
1 lelvei upon Ihe Btate Thi big and little gambler?
? in N'ev fork un ? Xiv ? ? , ? who had profited
from Hi.'1 legislation have noi yel ceased ?? ? rinunce
? iiiiii foi h ?? .? ititi in Hi.ii campaign, ?nd if the
truth could be ki ?wn ll would !??? found tliat some
' of them ar,? now In sympathy with th? movement
I !.. defe.lt hi? ele. ti,,11 t?. t'le ?? 11 il f - -
11 is. of roui - ? , ?, ? , ?? t? d in ?n seul.dl
Hon of politici thai ever) candidat? for public
1 place will be a.? object of criticism, No one can
! complain when thl? rrltlrtam I- jual and predicated
? upi.ti honesi motives, bm ei.i. aspirant for distin?
guished positi ?. ? ? righi t?? ??? nun ? thai he
1 ?hill I?.? ludged ? ? th? actualities of his life and
rareer, and not by th? ilanderou? Imputation? of
iinfni?? antagonist? \? to the intimation of your
? correspondent tiit the ?:?t.-r of ? lie?,, line? is ?
well known bonetti ? ?? of Oeneral Bewell, it is auf
I ficieat to ?ay tht t, ? far aa th? writer'a recollec?
tion go??, fi?? tu?? nevei received fioni that
man an) fa? n thai would no! hav-.heerfull)
bestowed upon the humblest Republican In ;>??>
Stai??. MSRl ER.
Trenton. ? J., ? .? ?;. IMI.
- o -
? To the BdltOT Of Th?? Tribun..
j sir: The subject treated under your beading, !
', "Republican Responsibility and Duty," in tour '
to-day'a Iran?, ha- noi been excelled during the
many year? lhai ? bava sintesi daily read your
| very valued paper The I'.epulilli in party was '
; created for ? he purpoM of preserving and defend
' ing, whisk II Moesasfully did, 'the basi govern?
, nasal ter las m hoi.? people ever organised by the
I genius of niitn, ami for this great accomplishment
| us record win be devoutly honored during all time
' nnd ?o Ioiik as man ha? the BUghUMM renard for |
? human Justice Hy lis act? the wsy has !i?en ?
made broad and eaiy for all Industrious, law?
? abiding people fr >m every pnrt of the habitable
j jrlob?? to find hrnnn of peace snd plenty. Hy Hi
I liberal net? all kind? ?nd ciane? of Industry have
i been established and put Into operation necenary to
make this one of the most successful governments
on the face of the earth. By its liberal acts hun?
dreds of millions have been invested In the con?
struction of railroads from the South to the North,
and from the BJaat to the West, thereby affor?llng
to the farmers and traders .heap and rapid transit
to all pars if this country. By Its liberal acts
?he great blessing of public schooling has been
encouraged until there Is no looser anv excuse for
HI feracv amone the people.
For thes.. and such other meritorious acts as
th?? k> pulii, ai> party has heretofore Inaugurated
the ?.,,??,.. regardless of previous political tratn
Ing >.r faith, hvcked lo its support at the recent
State and municipal el> .lions. South and East.
North and West, resulting In crowning It with the
greatest and most resplendent laurels that it ever
b"for?' achieved.
Four advice and labor din-Inn this last campaign
have been Inestimable, and if the voters of the
whole country win hereafter be governed by the ?
tenor of your article under the foregoing heading,
th.y will nev?r have calls'? for regret
No IM Broadway, New-York, Nov. 27. issi.
i\ i.iviv; PICTURES.
.\s a result of the efforts of the Woman's <"hrls- '
Ran Temp?rance Union against thr living pictures, j
poll men visited the various theatres last evening
where the pictures are exposed. They were th?*re I
by the order of gup Tlntendent Byrnes The women.
It appears, app ?tied to th.- Superintendent to ?up- ?
preae rae pictures on the ground of morality. He
sail that he would look Into the matter and give '
them his decision at ? inter period.
Last night Captain S?:hmittborger. of the ???- ;
der' ?'.? Precinct, recelv? l aa order from the Super- !
intenderli directing that he send a man to each of
the theatres where the pictures were shown. Th? ?
?' ?ii email was directed to look upon the pictures
? u Bf illy, and then report to the Captain hl? opln- !
Ion SB to whether thev were moral or Immoral.
Pursuant t<. this order e pollceaaaa vlalted the im- I
perlai Muele Hall, Konter ?? l?ai's. the Qarden
Theatre and Proctor** The policemen detailed fer
this dut) declined to :>ay las. night what they !
thought of th?? exhibition from a moral point of
view. They will make their reports to Captain I
Bchmltttvrger to-day and the latter will make ?
'??-. ??srn 'he result of the observations to the Super?
intendent. If th? report Is favorable the living;
picture? will continue to live. Otherwise they will ?
Si ?.
The wom?n say thai. If the Superintendent does not ?
a,?; they win. if th.? p.,n.-annoi prevent the 1m- I
moral exhibition they will appeal to the courts, Th^ ;
theatre manager? are hitter in their denunciation ;
of l.idy Henry Somerset, who, the?, say, Is at the ?
. ' im of the whole affair.
Tammany lawyers think thai they have dis
covered In Section M of the Consolidation acl g
bar to the power of the new heade of departments
? of this city who ar,? expected to come la after the
! Mayor's Removal bill is pissed, t? gel rid of their
? U?ates, most ?>f whom are Tammany Hall
? men. and put tn their places men who ar?? likely
1 to be In harmony with the reform administration.
ft ?n A, aft,-r declaring that "the heads of the
New-York ''ny departments shrill have power to I
ipp ini and remove all chlefe of bureaus (except
Chamberlain'? office), snd siso sil clerks,
officers, w.ployea and ?ubordinatea In their re?
el.tlve departments, except as herein otherwise
provale!, without reference to the tenure ol offi???
of any existing appointee," provides lhal "no reK-,t
, ?rk ?? lei ? of a burean shall !,.- removed until
he hai been Informed of t!.auae of ;h,? proposed
removal and has been allowed an opportunity of
making ?n explanation; and In every ?ase of re
moval, the true grounda thereof shall be forth?
with entered >>?? the record? of the department or
board, in caee of removal, a statement showing
the reason therefor shall be Bled In :he depart
m. nt "
? 'his extract fn m Be tlon is is relied upon by the
legal ? ? .-?-? - of Tammany head? of buresus, clerks
and other subordinate? In the various departments
to ?? >?:?! theli removal ex ept for csuse. There
are court decisions >?? thi? se, timi, ho\\
.?. ahi h appear ??> leave the power oi removal
;? .. ;., allv in the hands of the beads of deper?
mente, except In the ? ise of honorably discharged
. ?allora of the Union Army. One of
lec'lslons lederei .: "the head ot the .!??
pertinent '?- islv? judge of the right of rs
raovsl II there le any evidence before him, and
tus de Islon on 11 ? ? ? m?rite cannot be reviewed by
th.m- tnothei sayi thst "the subordinate
is nut entitled to e regular trial." while the "I ad
? department, if the exptsnstion is ? ?? *??>>
!?> h >n. msj in his discretion remove, with?
out .??Unix- witnesses to substantiate the charge
or sllowlng testimoni on the pan of the subordi?
nate; he mi\ exercise th< . iwei on fa la within
hi? own knowledge, ?? baaed ipon Information re?
ceived f? ni others."
It wa? b) means uf these snd similar explanatory
n? .f the court? tha? Tamman> head? of
men's were able to turn out ?o many former
nglng to R? publican snd < ' luni y
I'.-in, , :.:/..itioi'.s and :,, put nen of their
, own km?: nt" il,, pisce? ?ius vacated.
Republican lawyers have al?o been commenting
\- ? ' ,: tlon t, ol the p ?? Constitution,
whli nllng to their vies?, emp iwers ihe |,egls
,? ? ? -?. lei th -? ? ?- - ? - the Isw-n
pica??! ma) etermim , un Is as f illows:
?, ; ii,;?,e m? an I promotion? In the ? Ivll ?ervli ??
- If ?? elvil divisions thereof.
Indu liage?, ?hall be m ? le ai -
.ili and lili?,?-- to be ..- ertali
?,??- sa practicable, bj examinations, which, *o far
. ?, ibi? ?hall.m| ??; tlve; provided how?
: hot,.,uhl> dlscharxeil ?oldler? and sailors
the Arm) and Nsvj ol the l'nlte?! siate* in
, te . ';\,: w ar s ? ten? an i residente
Stati sii,il be ? ntl le I to ? reference In ap?
pointment ani promotion, without regard t?? their
ng on -ii?*. II?! from which ?uch uppolntmeni
.md pi maj ? ?? made, Usi ?hall be msde
to provide t'of the enforcement ol uns section."
The recurreni'e of the words "as far as prsctl
i ?is ' ?, th. body of this section is held to endow
the legislature of I"!'.'? with the power of making
such new regulation? relating to appotntmenta to
ottti ?? .? ? i' m ly ? era pi
?? la likely ? il lh? second perform?! '?? ' r the
' . ,???." which occurred at th? Metro?
politan Opera House las I n;sh:. was mora ?njoyed
by th? audience ' ?.m b) th? management. A soo.l
many people heard th? performance ani applauded
it. ?.at tli, crowd settled a good deal toward the
toi? of th?? rouse, The orchestra ilo t and the boxes
were rather sparsely populated. Aside from ti.:??.
?- ? ?rai t thoroughly agraesbte ore. and
u.is worthy of the holiday. Th? principal ungen
wee the urne ?s on Monday night, Mis? ..eile as
i.ti-s.,-1 appearing as Carmen, Mm??. Mslba aa
.\|. lodo. KdOUard de RefSk? kl BSCSmlUO .'I'd
.lean de He-zke as l'oc .lose. Til?? efforts of these
fuir met with the snmo deserved favor a? before.
'l'in? cist was completed b) Mue. BauermeUier as
Praaqulta, Mm?? van Cautern aa Mercedes, Btgnor
Clromseskl si Monies. Btgnor Carbon? as Dancalro,
Hlgnor Rlnaldlnl ?? Remendado and Signor Vtvtsal
as Zunlga._
t?-. .ru???? ? ? '-'?' N" t'?'???? ?!??:?????? n nu Bpptari
Within Ih? le? ..ri of .i.f.'i.i lo? A ??p?? la nripureiiily
developing in th? Bonthw? ?. An area of high barometer
. in?? At la ni k e ?n riatea, ?nd ih? bai ?meter in?
fallen rapidi] in the lab? region and ih* .entrai ?/alleys.
Th? temperature ha? ?:?''?'? in ?few England and th.? Bouta.
Alianti etate? ami hai rta?n In ih? Lek? relien nn.i the
entrai ralleva, itnin ha? fallen in th?? CNita nn.i t/ppar
M, iisslppl rslley? end on th? S'ertii iv-iti?? eoa", aad
mew (linn?" hav* ? "reired In ih? i.iw.? r?-?.i.in.
inrrpHsina rkxjdln??? with rain ar ?new un.! risina tem?
peratura is Indicated for New-England ami Bastara New
York, loeel ruins und higher temperar?!? nre Indleatad fW
ih.? Lek? rsgltm, Hi" L'pp r IftMlmlppJ Vallej and the
Southwell In th, South Alianti? Btate? nnd th? North?
ll. It Ihe ?citi her ?ill he fall
I' r Ifala? nu I K?W Hampel Ire, fair, warm?*; tvin,!?<
?hin na le loutlMaet.
??',.r Vermoit, Ustal ?now?, warmer? ?outh?aat wind?.
? Ifasaachuaett?, fair in ea?t?ni, local ruin or snow
in w?et?rn portion; warmer; multi???! wtada.
Por Rhode i-io?.! ..ni tOnnectlcut, inrnaiing rlmidlma?:
wnrni'r: ?oiitheact ?Imi?.
Por Eaalern Sew fork, inclining eUwidls??? ind locai
rnln er mow; ititrtier; MUlheiHt tiind?
V * Raii?rn Pesneyleeni ? Me? leraay, Delaware, th?
Pliirlci of ?'limiti ?ni Maryland, in. miins ?tendinea?;
? frldaj ???.i-ning or night; nrwr; ?'uti,ra?t
. - '
Por Western l'annui li ani? mi.! W.o.-ti Nei? .York.
?howers; waraser, ???uth???'? win.l?.
IIOI'UH. MuriHUg. Mk|?
? -i ? ? s ? 7 ? ? io u ? g isasissistil
24 I
:? ? .o
In Oil? <ti>iar?m a ci-tillr.u.m? WBII? Un? ?hmv
rkaaa*? In ????????G? ai imlli-ami by Th?? Trtbun*'?
rfe ?ealng barom?t?r Tin? broken Hin? reprraer.ti the
Berater? ns recorded at Parry*? Pharmacy.
Tri! un,? ? iftle?, Nov. 30, 1 a. m.?Th? wrather y*at?rday
WM cul,1er ???! ? leur. Th,? temperature ran?*?! betw??n
2? and 11 liegr???, th? av?rag? Co'?), being ? dig.???
lower than on Wednesday, and 21'i lower then on the?
corresponding ?lay last year.
Th? wea'her to-day I? likely to be warmer ?nd cloudy?
with perhaps rain In th?? afternoon.
I'amden, N. J., Nov. 29.-The bristles from aj
tooth brush, which lodged in the throat of Dr.
QBarge H. Kordmcr, formed the prlmar> cause of
his death at his home here this morning. Dr.
For.lnier was one of the best-known practitioners
In Camden, and until he met with thla singular
accident was In excellent health. W'h'le Dr. Ford
mer was cleaning his teeth one morn ng In March
a bunch of bristle? became detached from the
brush anJ were drawn into his throat. A throat
specialist succeeded In dislodging some of the
bristles and affording conHlderable relief to the
sufferer. Dr Fordmer, however, was attacked
with a persistent cough, and was never free from
pain In the lungs. Thus weakened he became an
easy prey to pneumonia, and when attacked rapidly
Liebln ? onipuiiy"?. l-'.ttruct of lleef.
A refreshing food stimulant. Pure and palatable.
? ? ?inn: IK
DAVII'SON-COHN -On Tliu-%'ay, November ?. ISM,
by the Rev. Raphael iicnjaniui. ?. ?., Augusta Coha
to David David? n.
Notices of marriages n.ust be indorsed with
full name and address.
BAUt?At his residence. No. KI0 Herklmer-st.. Brocengf,
on Wednesday, November 2". at fi p. m.. Philip A?
Bala, Ir., in ihe forileth year of his aa??.
Pillerai services at his Ut? residence on Saturday ?v%gr
Ing, I'e. ember 1. at h p. m.
lnterm-nt In OreeaweMl Cemetery Sunday morning, l?SV?
in? '. ? -?? at lo a. m.
lelatlvas, filerais ?m.l the lodges Tuscan ?, and A. M-,
No, 704; Unity Council Ko, ill. N. P. P.; Ki-lnewood
COUBCU, No. ll's. ?. ?., are n-spectfully Invited ?B at
COLT it RISgsSeM. <"onn., November 20. Frances Pawn.
infant daughter I f Jnme? W. and France? Colt.
HARNED-Ob Thursday, November 88, Mr?. Julia M.
Funeral service? at her la*I residence, .W Wllsnn-et.,
Brooklyn, on Saturday, ? ? amber 1, 1MM, at 2 o'clock
p. rr.
HATCH?In Bwsntea, Vt.. November 20. Eliza Adeline
Hatch, ?ged enchtv-thr?? years, mother of the late
It ?ah ?a ??. Hatch, of slew-fork.
J KIP ?Ml?:- Al ti'-r resld'-nce, Audubcn Park. ?. T. City,
on Thursday mornina. November SB, Julia Gould. widow
of Addieos Osrdner Jereeae, ka ihe ?evesty s?v?ntk year
>.f her nue.
Funeral services at her late residence, on baturdsy, De
cenker I, at a p. m.
Interment at Woodlawa.
JESSL'P? Kntered Into res!. Novemtier 2S, 1<TM, in hee
BBd year, ItsrgsFet, e/ldow <>f ARM"! JeeaaSA and enter
,f ii- Rev. Jam?? W. Stewart,
Servi,?? SI 1'oiiKhli ? psl?. N. V. Fri lay. November ?I. and
Interment si Weises, Orasg*? <',,unt>. ?. Y.
KERB Suddenly, al Fast Ornnne, N. .T., Tuesday eves
inir. November 27. I?,,naid Lauer, assoni asa ?? William
lian i} ?nd ir-? ne Ke.-r.
Funeral ?ervlee? i-'rilav. November no. at No. 9 Summit
M :?' 2:A? ?. rn.. en armai ..f 1 ;?U> train 1).. I.. & W.
I*.. It. fr-ni Christ pi
LEAVITT on Monday, Kovesaber ?*>. at hla resi.'.enc?.
????: ai-ilaravar.. Fiance, James T. LeMVttt, ut New
? ri
?ervlee? *-vi:i be he:.i al the <"hur'h nf the H^y
l'onununlos, -Otti-st., corner Sth-sve., Saturday mora?
li.?:. l>.mber I. a'. 9:4.' ,
PI? ,.mit Bowers.
LIVINGSTON ?m Thursday. ??iltli of November. ISM.
St li's ies|,bu,,?, th? "Briars." Oarrlson-on-Hudnnn.
1? in??'.!> Armstrong Idvinieiton. s? n ,,f th.; late Cath
?rtn? K. Klssam and Francis II. UvBBgStOB, in the 70lh
? li's aa?'?
! . ,! services will b* h-ld at ?t. Philips church in
the lllfrhlands. ?certs,ri, on Ssturdar, l?t of De. ember,
en arrival of train leaving ?liun.t Central Station at 10.3<?
,,. lock.
Relatives and friends are invited to attend.
M'CARTNST-On the iTtk last. Letttta M. M, ?if? ef
i: . David McCartney, ,?>?>??? M vhi? and i.'t ?lays.
The relative? and friend? ar- Invi.ed to attend the funeral
fr.tn ?,? i- late resides**, No, 833 Hudson-st.. on Friday.
:,? belo a. m.
Interment at Lee, Mass . en Saturday.
REYNOLDS?On Thursday. Neveather -9, Fanny Stewart.
?rife ,,f Dr. B. ML Reynold?, in the ihlny-ttfth year of
her .o?e.
? Funeral at Plttsfleld, Heaa, Batsrdsy, D-cember t.
I BANDFORD- On Wedoeedsy, November 2>. In her forty
sixth year, Harriet Augnate Kan??-, wife of Henry L.
1 Funeral fro? her resMenee, IMS Madleoa-sve., on Friday,
S ?einl?.r 90, at 1 p, m.
Istcrmeni at Woodlawn Cemetery,
K m 11) ,mlt flowers.
New-Hsven p??,ei> p!.-u?e copy.
S. HASTET "t; N vemler il. on board S. g Kibe, ea
ite to Br?mes, George A Bchsstey, aged rtfiy-flv?
? rei ?
? Relative? and friends aie Invited ?,> attend the funerei
?ervlee? ? Ids Iste residence. No. BBS Sfeel Thlriy
thlrd-st., thi? iKriuvi ?ft et soon, at 4 o'clock.
..? at Woodlawn al ibi ?,,?????'???? <>f the family.
SMlTH-Suddenly, on Tneeaay. HnvsBJBsr ?, i*?t. Jamee
\V. Smith, atsed 111 ?.-ars.
Funeral service? at nil let? residence, 4<',7 P-df.ir.l-ave.,
Brooklyn, Friday evening November 88, at t? o'clock,
interment at Oreeswood.
I'll ? Offlll tl ???:
WILLIS-In Ilrr?,UI\n. en ? j. ember 27. of ?ppendicltle,
'????.,??? M Willis.
Relative? and friend? are linlt-d to attend th* funeral
mvlcea at hi* late reeldese?. No ihu Pre?ldent-?t.,
Frida)', evening. ;???? m??.. at h o'clock.
Ciucciai notices.
"llfseriPi the ulleiitlon of .?.lOlMron."??
Trll un??.
AMERICAN ???? (? Vl.l.l lili S.
Itsdlees .-??luare, t-outh.
i'iKK'"; i'i!"M BHANOHAL
"An li ng testare Is ? ?? - I chine?.? porceiams
1 o BMnnfketare In luded ? > the owner for ti.e aags
?, ??? . r affordtna Amerli in mUi ten an apg rtaasty t?
. ? \i lera Prodscttose ?a.Ui tiiv?e tt a-nume As
I ilgttit) "
! THE . ?.?.?.?:. ii.?N IS Tin: r"."i'i:p.rv OF AM ??
Will Be I Id ky A?>> : It? Public Sale
I>i;<'. ;t.
ar.,1 the IWO f llowlog af'.ei'f.i? ns at 8 o'clock.
THOMAS i:. KIRBT, Aacllo?ir.
Il gsal IM St.. Mmlisi n Sfjuure
The Almunphere uf I.ote
is n pure, ?weel breath. Thi? d??ld?rat? 1* en? ?f the
resin;., .f usiiur. BOZODONT, Which not only lnilsorate?,
and preeervaa the teeth, bal reader? th? mouth a? frag
runt ?? n : ??.?
l'usto tiler \<i(Icr.
Foreign mall? far thj w??k endin* December ? win cio?e
(prompth in ?il ???i-esi ut Oil? otHce a? follow?:
l'Itti ?AY At t?:".n a. in. ?supplementary 1<>:.T0 a. nv)
for ? |, n nu) Panama per ?. ?. Ad?ame nettere
iiu.ii ?.- directed "??t Advance "); ?t 9JO a. m. fiuppi?
mentary 19:30 a. ml for ?'entra! Amarte? ?except Coala
Ubai umi South I'aclfl? port?, per ?. *. ?Olombl?. via
Colon (latiera for tiuatetniln must le directed "per t'o
lomMa"); at 12 nt. f.>r Santiago ?'uba. per ?. s. Habana
?1'lter? for Ven nielli and Colombia muM I? .lirected "pop
Habana"); si ? ? ri. roe Cap? Colony nnd Natal, p?r ?. a
Eiffel Tower: at M p. m. f..r lHu-llelds. per ?. a. ?Junte,
fr. ? New ' h I? US,
?ATCRDAf?At 4 ?. m. tut geanssa, per ? a.
Lucania, via QtMeaatown; at U a. m. f.r Scotland
direct, per s. Farnaeala via C,l??gow ?lettera
iiiutit be directed "per Kurne??ia"): nt h a. m. for ilenua,
pel ,.. ?. ???.???? Wilhelm II tlettrr? moat I>e directed "pet
Kaiser Wilhelm ?">. nt 1? ?. m. tor Itrazil ami La G????
rountrlM, psi ?. ?>. Coleridge, m Pernambeeo, Bahia, RI?
Jane.ro ina Sinn? Metter? for North Brasil must b? di??
re. t,.,] "par Coleridge"): ?t li:*) a. m. ?rupplementary 10
a. tu ? fu? St. Thomaa aod st. ?'r..ix. Leeward and Wind?
ward ????.??. M.irmi?.ine ??.I Barbado?, per ?. ?. Fonia?
belt? iieii.r?. tor Urcnadi, Trinili ol and Tobago Bum b?
l ??:.?.! "per Keiitabeiie"); at lo a. m. ?supplementarjr
??? ' ? ' ni 1 for l'illune latend, Jamaica and Kavantlla,
per s. s. Alene (lettera for other par!? of Colombia ?,nut
!?? dl reeled "per Alene";; at 10 a. m. for Newfound?
land, per ?, ?. l'ortla. at lti.3?> a m. for t'ampeoh?.
Chispa?, Tul???,,, at.,; Yucatan, per ?. ?. Sepurino? (letterg
for otli-r Mexican States a.?., ?'uba mint be directed "p*r
Beguranc?"); at li ? m lir Norway direct, per ?. ?,
U.'kln ?letters mint be illr-eted "per H"kU ?. at 11 a. m.
for Nei liei land? direct, per ?. ? Ob ?am, via Rntterlin?
ilett.ua must b? dlreeted "per i>NI?tm"t: at 12 m. Uup
plenienix'y 1:30 p. nil f..r France, Switzerland, Italy.
spai?.. Portugal, Turkey and Br?las ?ndi?, per ?. ?. La
Hi?? lull??, via Havre ilettei? f.,r other part? of Kuropa
moat be directed "pe.? 1.1 llrelagne"); at 1 p. in. foe
Porto III??, lire, t, p???- ?. ? Fort William.
Mall? for China and fagSO, pei ?. ?. ? "try of Rio Janeire
(frota Sui l'ini i* o). chaM here dally up to ix?cemher 7. at
11 *? p. it? Mulls for ?'hina and Japan <?|.lally addre?aed
nuli!, pei e 1. lCrnpies? of China ifrom Vancouver), Cloe?
1.bill} up io December M. at tut p. m. Mail? for
1 t Ina and .tapan tspeclally addresned only), per I. a.
Victoria ?from Taooma), ci ..?^ liere dally up to December
? nt ?? .'?? ? ? Mali? for Auetriilla ?except thoi? fo?
W.-?t Anatrella, Wblek are forwarded via Europei. N?w?
Zealand. Hawaii, FIJI and Samoan lilandi. per ?. a
Marlp 'i Ifrom San Krai ct?co?. close here dally up te
December "*. ?t ? ? ?? in. tor on arrival at New-York
of ?. ?. Campania with BrltUh mall? for Auitralla).
Malli for Australia ?except We?t Australi? 1. Hawaii and
Fiji Jilamlit ispectully addrened only), per ?. 1. Arm
Ifiom Van; outer? cb*e liere dally after December 8, and
up to lisO ? m December *0. Mall? f.?? Hawaii, per
?? ? Auitralla from San Frnnclsco?. oloie here daliy Up
t? Decombe? in. nt rt ,vi ? m. Mall? tor the society
'?tanda, per ?hip Tropic nini if mm S?n Fnnclico), ol.ae
here dally ?? t?? December 2.V at 11:30 p. m. Mall? for
Newfoundland, b> roll tu Halifax, and thenc? by ?learner,
eloaa si 'hi? office daily at s So p. m. Mall? for Mbjuelon,
by tall to Iloatnn. and then??? by ?teamer, close at thl?
nfrW daily at R:.1o p. m. Mall? for Cuba elo?e at thl?
orfico tlallv ?t 7 a. m.. for forwarding by ?teamer? ?all.
Ing (Monday? an! Thursday?) from Port Tampa, Flo.
Ma'l? for Mexico. <\?tlar,d, unllM Bpeetstly a.ldre??ed foe
dl?p?t,h by ?learner, ?loe? nt thl? afllca daily nt .1 a. ra.
? P.eirlstercd mail elese? nt ? p. m. prevlou? day.
?????.?? W DAYTON ro?tmiit?r.
rostofflie, NVw-Ycrk. ? ? November 'J3 ls?|
{.cligiouo Xoticco.
fi ddnaaaa by Rev W. S. HAINSFOKD. D. D.. and
tVUiKRT B. nPBBR, K?m . PMncatoo. '??-?ublecti
"Voting Men ami the t'huich" -will be delivered on Frl.
dny. November 30, at ? p. m . In St fieorge'? Church.,
sixteenth ?t.. eaut of Thlrd-ave. Special muilc. All orw
REV. S G. (ADMAN wilt aniwer queatiooa toHUgnti
and give Blbie talk at Metropolitan Hall. No. ? WaSS
14th*. Mr. SPENCER wtU ?ins. W?I?0OM?.

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