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TION, 1788-1800. My Louis Adolphe Tillers.
Translated, with Notes an.? illustrations, from
the Most Authentic source*, by Frederick
Shoberl. New Edition, with I'pward of Forty
Illustrations on Steel, Kngraved l?y William
Qrsatbatcb. In Five Volumes. Vol. 1. Pp.
XXXll, ll'i. Vol 11. Pp. 418. J. B. Llpplncott
l.ouls A?lol|,t)e Thiers. Translated, with the
Sanction an.I Approval of the Author, by D.
For bee Campbell and John Stebbing. with
Thirty-sir Steel Plates, in Twelve Yo'.umes. .1.
n. Llpplncott Company.
As long as that period of French history from
the rise of Voltaire to ..he fall of Napoleon re?
tains for nianklnrl the Interest which it has
held now for more than a century, these two
great works (which are r?ally one) of If, Thiers
will continue to be the first and the last resort
of the scholar who looks for a dlspasslonste nar?
rativo, in wblcb general vleara are sustained by
the utmost minuteness of detail. The author ,
pianned his history on lines estensive enough
to embody even trivial facts without enhancing
their Importance or marring th-? perspective In
which the gieater facts must be viewed. He
could paraphrase a whole speech of l'Ut or
^lirabeau, if the speech was one thai fave a
new turn to events, or even if it gave them a
cjlor which they arere not likely ?,? wear with?
out it. And he did not have to Invent bis para?
phrases, as ThucyJuU's ?lid, ?nul to make them
lit the time ani the character?a practice in
which the Athenian writer resembled the his- '
torical novelist rather than the modern his?
torian. I'.y the time ol th-? French Revolution
th?? world had taken t?, heart a lesson which
had been onjy partially learned by ?;.,?? ages,
even tinse that had el ipsed I nee the invention
of printing. The i. seos, was t h ; ?. t affairs must be ?
a matter of record and ? ?: a matter of opini ?,
hearsay and tradition. The methods of procur?
ing, preserving and publishing such ree .ri- then
develope'ii enormously, and it is only the vastly
greater Improvement in such matters In the pr?s
Salt age that has <>bs "and the chanj*,? Which came i
over civilization toward the close of the
eighteenth century. In publications, in archives, ?
in memoirs. Thiers had tbe material necessary
for a study of events which has never been chai- ',
lenged since, except In details. Net that th?
countless publications of recent years aie to be !
neglected. They correct in places moat unex- j
pected the earlier narrative of Thiers, and yet !
every one who has read his work, and subse?
quently the memoirs of Marbot and Pasquier, by
all odds the best of the number, can testify that
the modifications do not relate to th? main fact??
cf the history. They correct details to which the
authors of the memoirs were eye-witnesses, or
for which they had the evidence ol eye-witnesses.
In the matter of public records, Thli ra can rare'.y
be corrected, even with the more indulgent meth?
ods toward Investigators of the present day.
It Is a mistake to be led Into enthusiasm over
sudden discoveries that change th- aspect ? (
eom? partie alar chapter in hist wry. The question
for mature consideration is whether G ?: ? these
novelties affect the general drift of the narra- ?
tive. If. for ex.'.rr.plr?. Thi? rs knew, as he did '
know, that Napoleon's inactivity after the battle I
of Dresden and his failure to SUpp r; and :
Yandamme were due-1'> a severe Indigestion, that j
Is enough, with ut the niinutla?? which thi Be who
were near the Emperor could have furnlahed. j
The main point was thai he fa ted. If he fa
that he was ? liao .? I, his Imagination played him :
a bad trick, but his breakd ?wn al a crltl al mo
ment was not ezcus ? by an err ,r respecting the
cause. He broke down and became useless as a
commander before he had time to lind out what
his Imagination had to say on the BUbJect The
thing wears a Blight ly different aapect in thla
particular case, if Thlers'i .. ? lute ? .1 of Ma
poleon's alleged Indisposition is weighed against
the circumstantial narratives that navi I
made public sin e his ti:n??. particularly thai of :
Pasftuler. But It la possible that some ? lever bits
of writing will have to be cancelled In Thlenfa
work In the Unlit of later disclosures. The most
remarkable example of thll sor! Is his sc p
of the storming of the Bastile. PasojUier was an
eye-witness of that affair. a;id lus evi lenes, now
made public In his memolra, shows tnat the high?
ly colored statements upon which Thiers based
his version of the affair were incorrect. There
could have been no resistance to the attacking
party, pays FeSQUter In effect, bacanas there was
no garrison. This was a fact which should nave
been obvious at the moment of the surrender of
the ancient fortr?ss. Bui those who were beni
on Justifying the m.?b easily explained that the
efficient portion of the garrison had escaped,
leaving the Invalids under command of the un?
fortunate De Launay to the fury of the popu?
lace. But these vanished treiops never existed.
One might almost Infer this from the lack <.f
circumstance in Thlers's own narrative at this
point. He alluds to a fire of grape-sh.?t from
the Bastile, Which, it season, was delivered only
in the imagination of certain writers of the time,
end then, after a sentence or two about the sin
render of De Launay, adds: "The Swiss found
means to es^ap?." How or when?, ?t would puzzl
the most acute student of the plan of the fortress
to ?ay. But In this vague sentence is comprised
the substance of a myth which exalted the de?
struction of the Bastile Into an episode of hero?
ism, and gave Carlyle a pretext for some of his
most lurid apostrophes. It must be observed that
beneath all this the only Significant fa"ts bear?
ing on history were beyond dispute, such as the
destruction of the prison its'-lf and the murder of
De Launay. It will be found throughout Thlers's
great work that nothing escaped him which could
be stated correctly in his time. Where be errs,
his general statements are not vitiated, nor his
conclusions disturbed, for these MS based on a
multitude of testimonies existing in writing. His
extraordinary devoti,m left untouched nothing re?
lating to his thr-tne that was accessible to him.
He came to h!? task with very ?G'??? e inceptions
of the historian's duty. 11?? felt that he must
make himself certain of every fact which formed
part of his narrative. His proofs were gathered
With unremitting t .il. ani when h" was forced
back upon conjecture he writ?, as he said, ac?
cording to his innermfist conviction, and with eon
atant fear before his eyes of a self-deception that
?would lead him to deceive other* Th" ? imposi?
tion of his work was the smallest part of his task.
"I have at times." he said, "devoted a whole
year to the preparation of a volume which has
taken me but a couple of months to write." This
preparation, to which he alludes. Involved the
collection of all those details which he consider? d
Indispensable for Impressing the main fa'*ts In all
their magnitude upon the mind of the reader. By
way of Illustration, he cited In particular the
passage of the French army over the St. Bernard,
and contrasted the two divergent methods likely
to be adopted in describing a wonderful military
achievement. Mere ecstasies about the passage
of the Alps and piling up words to indicate the
difficulties of the way he deemed puerile. "The
one legitimate, earnest manner In which to ex?
cite Interest and admiration alike," he added, "Is
to observe an exact and complete statement of
things as they occurred. The distance to go In
crossing such and such mountains, the number
,Of cannon and the quantity of stores which had
to be transported along unbeaten roads, up pro?
digious heights, along terrific precipices where
animals were useless, and where man alone could
preserve his courage and will; to relate all this
simply, giving all necessary particulars, weeding
out unimportant details?this, to my mind, is the
proper way to describe an undertaking such as
the passage of the St. Bernard." This conscien?
tious method explains the voluminous character
Of his work. It corresponds also to his literary
manner. He is rarely overbalanced by his theme.
Exclamations and apostrophes are not much to j
fais taate. Hla narrative Howe forward steadily, '
Calmly, strongly. Soon the reader forgets the
I matter of style altogether. The .author has gently
drawn him away from all external consideratili:*
to th? inner meaning of event?. Clearness of ex
preasion helps on to this restili, ani this hits not
been- gained without consdotu purpose. In lead.
if his achievement did hot sustain him. he would
s. :n arrogant In his discussion of style In his?
toric writing where he says that Its merit Is one
?jf ab. oute transparency. "Ti he simple. In cd.
accurate, easy, elevated, at times when the great
Interests of humanity are In question, is what is
required, and I am convinced that the choicest,
most, carefully thought-out veras ?lues not giv?
more food for study than a simple phrase in his?
tory designed to convey some technical detail
without b?>ing colloquiai or commonplace."
His career as a statesman mad" him desirous
n<a to underestimate the actors In the great
drama which he endeavored to place before his
readers. At the same time It constrained his
Judgment. He had himself felt public criticism
and cmilil estimate its Justice or Injustice where
others were concerned. The vicissitudes through
which Prance passed In his own time from roy?
alty to republicanism and tin:i t.? imperi illsm
wen? not without their effect in giving m .d ?ra?
tion snd an Sir Of impartiality to his inter?
pretation of the acts of those who had shared In
the more rapid and violent change? of an earlier
time. If he was partisan, i: was rather in behalf
of his personal view? than on the st'le of any
i. 'ognlxt d faction. Napoleon waa not to blm a
hero to whom homage and h image alone was
due, hut a man of genius, t> whom clrcum
ataneea give the opportunity of creating a new
??, and then of destroying himself. It is.
perhaps, a pardonable vanity which !??.? is him
to >a> that at the dose of hi? historical labor?
he cherished ;h?? same opinion of th<? great Em
? r which had risen in his mind from the mo
men! when h?? began ? ? thtnk. Such consistency
is rare Thiers himself fancied that it might
bring upon him the accusation that he was th ?
victim of a life-long prejudice. But '?* Is ?
likely as the ages pasa to fix upm him a charge
or artificiality. HI? unity of view set ? ?
limes to be forcibly and mechanically obtalm l.
But with all that haa been written up mi hie I
theme since his time?and. Indeed, In order to
understand thla late ma?? of historical material '.
-he must still he read. The translation In hand
is one that had his own appi'..val. It has borne
the test of years, and the new edition could
bardi) be more attractive In appearance than it
Is, it could have been mad?? more useful by m id?
em additions to the note? upon points, especially
when Investigation or newly discovered evidence '
has corrected the historian.
As the holiday ?esson appro? he?, the queal
book?, more than all other ? ime? alenili?
c m.???, ? Tribune '?'? ?";>"?' ri ma
: . | ,,; ?.? freni publishing bouses of New
YOrk, " hlch li sa '?? iy the great ? b
? r housei of th?? country. What publishers ar??
doing ..r thinking 'f d< ; ?;. ?rhat t- talked of t-i the
? ? what bo ka are to ? ?, ? ?
?beivi ? tl ' -??p" of the
r? portei '
li tRPER ft BR? THERS.
\? ? of llirpir .? Brothers,
Frankl ? ? the fi te of many .? ?? ?
In ti ?? be ??< ?? f-uin day ta
lo te?. ;t noti ? abla ur ,,f
? i activity. Th? people al t.?.?? desk? h.?d !
tbelr fuller than usual of ?t???
posi ?.??? "I r return of unavailable" iu ao-and-aa
snd the other. ? ? member of tha fnmoua Brra \? .*
Willing, or free <??????>;1? from 'ilk !n
his own person. But Th?? Tribune reporter hod ap
opportunity to over ti-nt the booh :t.? .??, Ilk?
?p ?, had ?uff? red fi m the hoi ? ?
? "?. ? give on
?mpetu? to thi ?ali of fleti? '?'. ? er II wa? be?
cause a 1 ' Ion In .-iti h naive < lltlon
.ir an edition de luxe la
? .m-? th?? public ha? in Innate fr:\..?.;> that ; ?
f? rs romane? lo :n.ir?? ? ill I diet,
ly. li irai le irned, how< ver, thai ? I
y.-ir ???, on? depart? ih? righi of ahi. ?
tory and biography both sell; llkt? lh? paper
novel ani th?? rampi \olume,
in connection with Action snd th? Harpers .
thinks naturally of "Trilby."
"What la to be Trilby'a' su? ?moi "" nroa ? ?? . ?
moreor le?? pertinent. Itwoaaqaeatloa notte b boati
ly answered. One Mr Harper waa casting al il * ? ?
reply, wondering what tortuii.it?? author douM i
sihiy wear ?Trilby??*' mantle Meanwhile another
Mr. Harper hud ?claimed: " Trilby? la Iti. own
?ucccMor!" And that settled the natter.
"Trilby'? still selli and Is read Tn? choru? <>f
her admirers has ?till many strophe? yet to -.:?..
? tren though it is now many moon* sin e Trilby
herself became th?? heroin? of the literary atase
This rear lh? t, ?-?k "Trilby" is t?? have a ?plendld
new dm?, an edition da lux??, printed m two colora
(the Illustration? being don? in aepla) upon hand?
made paper. Tne edition Is limit? I to m coplea,
l.i,und in vellum, ami has for a front! piece a photo?
gravure portrait nf Ii. i>u Usurier.
Another heroin? <>f th?? holiday season la Chart? - '
Klnesley'a Hypatlo, who, in spite nf the fearful
tragedy of her story, hoi .?? perennial charm The
stirring pages of "Hypatla" bavi lately been lllue- ;
trated hy William Martin Johnson. ??. Johnson is
ktiown already as t;.?? ?1 isM.itur of ' ?? t? lini" snd
?"???? Cloister and th?? Hearth," two sddltion ?
volumes in the Harpers' ChrUtmaa list. The ?:
Is shogether too long to give in full. Mention
ner's "The Golden House," one nf (he latest HirlaK
in action there ars ??a Wilder McOlasson'a "Min?
isters of tira-<?,?' m. ?}. McClelland'a ".st. John'?
Wooing," l?uth McEnery Stuart'? "Tin? Story of
Babette," and 'The Fur Seal*? Tooth," a story
nf Alaskan adventure, hy Kirk alunroe. One book
that has gained something of a personal Ini ?
lately from the, presence on this side of the At?
lantic of Ita entertaining author is Dr, Doyle'a
"in?? Whit?? Company," now Ural put forth in an
illustrated library edition. But then; aie Other?
Innumi rabie.
? s?,e lu snnoancement is the fourth ami laat
volume of Oreen*? "Short History of the Eng?
lish People," a work which has bean carefully
supplied with Illustration? under th- rapervlslon of
Mrs. (iron. The fourth volume cover? Hi?? period
from 1671 to "Modera England" (IMS), with sn epi
lOgU? that brings It tlown Io 1S73. Tin? picture? of
coins, costumes, domestic and scclealastlcal archi
te. in?,? Ihm-all ?,?"?? taken from authentic sources
Many of ti?.? portrait? hi?? from nil punis. There
Ik an InterestinK on?? of Lord .1? ffreys, of tin?
"Bloody Assisse" tome,
Under the head of "Ifisotllaneoua Subject?" com??
?', par W. Whitney's "? ??????? Pilgrimage,"
"Wimpiep and Criaping-Pin?," hy Theodor? child;
Janvier'? "In Old New-York," and many others
which have already bSSfl reviewed In their pini,, .??
plan?? in th?? columns of Th?? Tribuns,
A fine edition of the "Letters of Jame? Russell
Lowell" will appeal, or has already gppastod. lo
every bellet, er in an Amerl-an literature. Every
reader of the I? tiers knows how full they ?re of th??
shrewdness and wisdom and wit that make Low.?.,
on?? of th? most gUOtal 1?? of modern writer?. The
persona to whom they are addressed Includo al?
most all the famous company of the last llfty
years or more. Another gifted American whose
hooks the Horpera publish Is (?corne William
Curii?, who Is represented hy more essays "From
the Kasy Chair.' Th? re is also a MW volume ,,r
bla "Literary and Social F.ssay.?," edited by Chart??
Kllot Norton. They treat of Hawthorne and Sir
I'hiiip Sidney, of Races! and ?tasrsoo, ami of
olh"rs In ?-?iiiiiI varieiv.
Tb?? subject of poems, printed volumes of ? t> His,
Is apparently a subject which th?? publisher ap?
proaches tentatively, l>t?th in h'lsincss and in con?
versation. The Harpers advert?-.? ? -r::?? b) ??
Seng?ter, Frank French, Wallace Bruca and u
dainty wonder-hook, by Howard I'yl??. sailed "Twl
llBht-????." Nor are other house? backward. Yet
on the whole v?-rse seem? to ? hem a dubious Vent
Indeed, one member of a well-known Arm?thern
la probably no harm Id di.^cl? ?Iiii? th- aassl of
CharleH H< rll>n<-r s ,-i.ins?admitted ns mach to th?
inquiring reporter. Arthur H. Scrlbnsr aal ?.? one
of the handsome ofliee? of the new SSmMtshmsnt
In Flfth-ave., aurrounded by .til the agreeable para?
phernalia of th? book buffine??, in the Scrlbnrr
honda* ?st?ioguj appear yw? name? of Rob?rt
Bridges, whose "Overheard in Arcaily," poetic in
spirit if not in form, has everywhere been favor?
ably crltlctaed; and of Sidney Lanier, whose poems
ar?? more and more receiving recognition as a dis?
tinct snd worthy product <.f American lette*?. Yet
Mr. BcHbOST said. or. at leas!, said In Words to
this effect:
"The publishing of stories, Ion? or short, of hls
t, ??, of essaya even, is fairly to be considere.I a
more d?sirai,1.terprise than th?? publishing of
??\.?? the conaolatloa ?f the srrltere of verse, nnd
th.? render? of It, it aa i$ I.? ?rv? ?? ? ,r ?thetlcally
that th?? Christmas number of "Seribn.-r's Maga
Bine" contains half ? ?losen different poems. The
Odes of Horace done Into Bngllah by Mr. Oladstons
an? another matter. Tiny have an all-round fn
teresl fot the sake of ih-? writ, r "f them and for
the translater.
As to the question ..f the historical and bio?
graphical Held mere is, at any rate, no misgiving
in the nouas ?.f Bcrlbner, One of their recent
ventures, the Bherman Lettera, has bad, and etili
has, a decided success. Fun, presuntably, always
sella ??? so ?!" Frank R, Btockton'a sior!???. Po?
mona h..? made her appearam ? agata, In a series
of ? ttera to the mlatresa of Rudder Orange. "A
Bhelf of Old BOOka," by Mrs. Janes ? Falls; "A
rllston of the I'nlted Btstes." by B. Benjamin
Andrewe, prealdeni of Brown University! "Wild
Beasts," by John Hampden Porter; 'The Bird's
Calendar," ???. H. E. Parkhurst; "Costume ??
Colonist Tim? ." by Mrs. Alice Morse ?tarie, are
names and ? ili In ih :: ? li r ' holiday miscel?
isi .
??sam t stories," said ?? Bcrlbner, an? ?? ring '-till
another Inquiry, "have c rtainly had ? great vogue
with such writers aa Richard Harding Davi
example, snd, of course, with the French masters
of ?!, art It is notici ab! . howevi r, thai ihe
rei ni ?Tree? ? navi been Ions ?.ka Trilby* ?
and Mrs. Ward' novel for 11 tai We haven't
the i guiar thi ? voltim ? novi ? over here, tbe
? : , the exp '? ? ? (? ? *enl ? irlbner
Oeoi Men h may or may noi *,??:
- laun ! with " l'i- ? Am si il Man la "li
in the January number ..f the magazine.
Whether the sdmlrera ?if Mr. Meredith, a ? ? In
Ivi . ? 111 marri ice more In?
teresting, If more amazing, than thai "f "I-ord
Ormont and ! ! -.mints" ? main to be een. "The
I. f ? of Ch il Ii ? ??? ? ? R Bl ?? e," ? h flj told In hla
n-.vn letti rs, and ? ? the news
pi?, mlslng. "The Pa |Uler ??-moirs" have been
ess. : ? i --? I foi l'ro?i ?? n S. thai r ' Be ?
and Land" . th ? Important Step In bla sorb
of making geology popular. In eaaaya the ? an
books .ai Bhakeapeare, by Barrel Wendell; "Mu
Lovers," by W. F. Apthorp; a !
?a yci paedla >>? Music and Musi ana," editi ? b)
juin i? ?'hui ?.,?, jr. .mi "Wagner ut, ? Ria
by Henry T. Pin '?
STi (RIEB Fi IR THF Vi ?F??'..
p,?,-ks for the young by ? rlbnera ar.? so niim?r
otis liiat thi y ti iva ai?? ita ? ol
own. Mrs. Burnett'? name heads the , :. ??? -
!?, "i?- ino and ? ? Btorti there la a
group cf f tr nen tales from her pen, One ?>G tbem
? ? .;?.-,?? nt of Faunt'.!-.;. telling how the er >,?!
nal lived sn '? rew Into Ihe child hrro she he ? ? I?
ure i. F, ? ? ?. ? . ?-? ??? ..n ?? il
lan boy, ol whose story Mr?. Burton H ,r; i??,.??
wril "1 , ri ?t ?? child
\? ? ? new b ?R, "1
? ? ??? .. ? im." ??
?, If ith< r In
?--?,.?: known
? ente ? on ??
???. re by J ,?
? I : . .-?:-:..
Borne writers ?
had ? ? *>
'age, fir
' tilt
? " . 1
: reit I
by Dr.
!. .
? : l?l.
AT HOUO -.?'??'
At h Mlfl
il East Bei ...
to si
? ' ' ?
firm. v. ?
? ' I
? are va
\ t ? ;
?I It ? ,.? .' ?, Mlffl ? !
, ? I
... ; ?
? . nj
ho ?-? ?
Il patrie) "l.?i?t
I.? ?' , '. bound
f??r Ihl
?if the A at , mi'? m simo I a ill?
rect appeal to ea ?? ? 1
Illustration? by Hopklr ind (leorge What
t< ? i.iarsi I? h ? ?? b ?? ? reiir ? ' ? I.?.?? im tiler
"G ni
and Other I' " If. 1
book ??? poem for Hi- young. "In Bm ihlne !..
sn ? M Is? l'ai ? ? ? lasai G? "'. ? ? Bal?
w .. ini ?: l'hayt-r, E Uli ? f 'The llar
va:?! ? li e?! lai . il ,? ? .?
volume ?,' ? .????'-. new an ? >>' I, li? re are enough
\, r ? - sl any ? ate.
every Wh??!
<?>?> sn Ih? r
? ? th
: : t; ? ?:
tlve of the
. < m the lubje t of edl
III wae taken, and t ik,-n
l :?
a? ? p
I? ir!
'"> . 'ma ? : mi min r," espiali ' the m in of
".? ? me n ? .'.?r -li tant s hen the . IH
?k, ?.??'' alwaya a big
flat thing that 11 ? on the tal
It did not . ? ? "i like th repul o old folio ?
, of "ili? r centui ; It was m ire h??? ?
Blab than anything ?? I, ?.?.?? think we may Bay
in?; we were largely Instrumental In dislodging the
slaba We conceUi I the Idea ?.: sn ? litlon de luxe
that lhal .?',?! s pi n II. sbli bo ik, ? ?
table. Foi thai ? ? -
? uve have tu ... ..... ?
I Ion an ! li ive ? m.,? Ili he ? li appi iprl il' !>
tt ? pin our best ! \ alwaya
sell. Thi ? al!, worth
? .: It begli ?.;?,': \ ? ? l'air.."
!? -I ?.?. Ith phot , .?? . ?, ? ? |, |. ?I .?;?,. .,! Ilo
' ?.i? "< hir ' ?? ? Home," ap ? ? Dudli y
Warner's "In ihe levant" were similari) treatei?,
H ..?. :li ? : ? ".? ?- r B.i ?k" ? ts <J. ?rate?! In col
ors bj Walter Crane, snd . now a valus ?li ? ?? ?
?,-? name "The Hearlel ?..?????." Illustrai.-? ,\!tli
l ' irli y'? Ira ?
wntei ?????
Smith, Ib
?? ?
in. ?? "Vi netlail Llf. ." with
? . :.? it ?? ??.?, ?? ?? ?
and Kho la n ?Im ? Sieh Us;
'I'll? i?? ? dui ' ' ?," l.? ?. W.
?.satiia." . ?? p li ..? .?,. Urs. Del
<; p?< ??," by V.'-'lt,?! ?? .?, The ? .??
more notable : . Imi ? ? ?? ?
Kembiej "Hla
nil'B "Tin? Old
? mi?? ..f the
pi ? h ip ? !li ?
'??????., ? lorj ?.: ill. s Ith s popular h II laj ? li?
li p of Vedder'? drawing? for the exquisit? qua?
trains of tbe Tent mak ? belovi ? of many, Before,
il.? edition >.f the Bub?lyAt, "with an areomuinl
meni of drawings." .?? the phrsse Is, "by fcllnu
Vedder." sold foi 1130, snd wss the privilege ,,r a
fi .?. . now the romnaratlvely cheap edition l? given ]
to the ?' ibll f ?r r, Bo many ap admirer oi ?miar,
with hla Eng!I h and hi American Interpreter, may
look his nil ogiln on the Infinite swirl of ?'eider's
lines, remembered from glimpses few and far ?,.
in plainer matters, wh re tbe test la the thin*.
there ar? "The Ufe and Letters .if Maria Kdge
worth." Mlaa tSdgeworth has found a biographer in
Augustus .1. C. Hare, familiar t.? travellers. There
ere als,, "The Oliver Wendell Holmes'? rear-book,"
M - Beppller's essays, a life ..f Oeorge William ?
i'nr?s by Bdward Cary In tbe serle? ,f American
Men of Letters, Fran,?? Bower Cobbe's autobiog?
raphy, Dr. Wlnaor's "Cartier t.. Prontenac" to
name s few oui of mans Por Illustration? sgnln
A. B. Proel ha furbished up Mr. Aldrlch'? unsur?
passed "H?.| Boy" Oliver Herford, of "?Life," per- !
forme e ilk.? ..tl. for Mrs. Wlggin'? "Timothy*1 In I
a new edition <.t "Tlmothy'a i^u??i." And one of
thi Urei of ihe Illustrated bnoki la Mr.
Howella'a "Their Wedding Journey," with
eighty <j?-sIkiis by Clifford Csrleton, some dec?
oratlve, bui meal i>f tieni deaorlptlve of
scenes and Incidents In the memorable route, '
oih.-r ealectkrns, but only selections, from a ?
?l lectable list might comprise "Whlttlera Poems,"
in a complete edition; B, T, Plckard'a "I,ire and
Letters of Whlttler." with portraits snd viene; j
"Llf??, latter* and Diary of LUCf Laroom." Lath- ?
rop's "Story of Courage," Perclvsl LsOWsU'a Oc
etilt Japan," full of curious facts: Burroughs's
"Rlverby." ano liie "Diary .?f tnna Oreen Wilson"
(s Boston schoolgirl of I77ti. edited by Mrs. Alice
Moras Ear.?
There ?,?- one final question answered la th.?
negative: ".No. paper !?.?,,!<?< have noi bothered ua,
? think are may safely any that." ?'-t there are
quantities .,f paper books turned loose every day.
Magazines multiply, newspapers grow more volu
mlnOUS, and K" ?d Looks at.? sal,I net to iili.it?! tir ir
pace m consequence. \'? ? il v. If everybody, .?r soi.
ii.iy. reads everything, the Americans must b t
s.-t ..f omnlverou? r.? iders Inde ?. and the end of the
msklng ..f ina ? ii books must still ??.? far swsj
further away this Chriatmastlde than ever, in tbe
mid of It all, for I iter or for t.-n:.?,-, the papi .
novel had its .iny just ili -. n< Then was a time
when the cheaply print? I, cheaply peddled "thing-i
l.i 1.0.1k?' . l-jthiiia were?to mix figuren a lilt -a
thorn In '.he Henri of th- great publishing li aus????.
The areat. Century Company ?testified to that. On
I tha oth-r hand, the hard times have hid no effect
on tho house in Union Square.
"I do believe," BOM Frank H. Scott, president of
; th? Century Company, standing In the company's
' delightful offices, which are really more like a stil?
li1, than an office, "I do believe that wa sold more
? hooks instead of fewer. Books are one of th?? cheap?
est of pleasure? after all. Cheap magazines'.' That's
another matter."
The Christmas number? of the Century and of St.
Nichols? th* year at?.? even unusually attractive,
Tin- letter-pre?? is ? means to an end. and the end
la 't.irth Journeying to, and there sre lovely Illumi?
nation? by th?? way. Timothy Col? has put a Dutch
Madonna in the frontispiece, and there ar?? Christ
mofl picture? besides. There h?? h'en more or less
agitation In mm?? quarter? or lot? about the alleged
decline of the Ohriitmai story, pure and ?imple, und
of falrydom In general. So with Van Dyes.? Ma?
donna before him and an anticipatory breath <?f
holly everywhere, th?? reporter took the opportu?
nity of ??king a question on the rabjec
"Will, jmi BM what we have done." replied the
president, "perhaps WS arc Old fogy, U certainly Is
n?.ti ?able that two of th?? great magasin?? have
scarcely mad? any particular effort this year for
timeline?? in th ir Christmas numbers. A hand?
some hook, irrespective of the aeoaon, seems to ?><?
ih.'ir Ides. St. Nichols?, you see, is full of Chriat
m ?-?, ii'il here ??? n fairy tale, though in a modern
s it Ins. Th?? Christmas book Is different, because
less ephemeral. Te?, perhaps, the Christmas book
li going <>;i:."
One of He- r.nt Century ?ucee??*? h ?s been
"The Jungle Book." which head? the holldaj Hat.
"And speaking of the her I tlm -< mi ?? more," add? 1
M.-. Scott, "1 wanl you to notice thai two unuauil
-? * wer.ade m the very nil-' of them
?. ? and -M u??? ?: ?,' ?.?? iks which were no: on
?. unfi rtunntely. One 1? k ol ? it?; which ??
?, ivlng -? rath? r un- ?? ??? ; but mosl gral
?ale ?-? ???.? Centur) Cyclopaedia of Namea'; names,
1 h it ?-, us diatlngul h? I from word , I ?atead of
proving Juil ,??:? adluncl to the Century Dictionary,
it ha? -.1 ii f"i ?? lively ??!? on its own ac?
ci ini
On Ihe other hnnd. If dictionary and cyclopaedia
m.mu-I formidable, iii-t?? I? plenty of fiction again to
: h< m In th ind ?ome of
,? S ?? V ??. The Mg place like ?
it- If in iho ??ass. Mm. Burl p Han in ha ? held
up Ihe mirror for it In "A Harheloi Maid," now
in be ha 1 In ? 0 >k form Dr. 8. u elr M t th? ?G?
"Wh u All thi Wood? \r- Cien" is ?aid t?? be ?
story bi lo'.d. Oeorge Whin p Btlwards, one
m li : p comb nation? ol arti I ??.' 1 1
ime iketchei with <|ulll and pencil In "?'???
Matlnlc'and Other Monotones." dealing with llf? p
Ih? \'V.i s otta 1 ? t In the department of verse,
11 mosl itereitln? announcement I? the
???I edition ef Mr. fJllder'i poem? In live vol?
umes, I?'.r travel the two venturou? youn
ili ? rarrled ihe reader? o! the magasine aerosi '?
?m 1 hell :. 'i ippear now in more ?table form
Two othei book? that proml theli publisher? ti
? tlcularly - ' he b ?graphy of ? In it?
I?.,.. li in hi? daughter, Bdwlna Bool Oro? mann,
und t'n tic y illu ti ed "Reign of Queen Anne."
t.\ Mr? Oliphant. Th? life of Sapo!? in, |uel begun
magasine, is prnbib'.y d? il ned to ???? another
in the long II t of the great ? 'enturj -
T?.?? book trade, In New-Ycrk .it least, If the
1 ?ok Here them ?? - know anything about it. is
hspplly free fr..tu kmlouales. Two well-known New
V.nk houaei, by r? ut moves, have placed them
ir to each other In th- city, and neither la
sorry to have don?? it. Propinquity, II
? benefl lai Each house his-it?; ?peclalties;
if s person ? ?mr> ,r fini, what he wants In on? ?hop
, . ? 1 iimp into the Otl 1 l; dh tlie
11 1 i?o 11, Mea 1 ? Co ssy their retell
1 hai en better sin ?? they move l Into
luartera In Fifth ave, l ??? Id, Mead .v
:,.?>r floor - like ? big library, In which,
1. . n? i". - imetlmi 1 I1 ??. e what on? ??
.? nr. iklng the non ng tuse of the
: Foremost smong their 1.k< for ?
, , . ?n ? lltlon ol 'The Tale of Two
ut,: h ? ?.'. IMC .?.-??:(. of Boston, ha?
?. ... 1 ?.?'!: till IllUStl '
? Mri ?? "? ?? ? M inni ? " ??'
roved ah nt? ? ?tin? venture,
v. Ith ? ?? ?? ;
? ? ? re ?h? more particularly ?tu
Is ?I lo ha vi
?fi ir ? ? ? ?yage t 1 Kui ;??. :
.' ih? m all a uh
Ihroal al on? e." Bul
; ? 1: ? ? all ????? ? :
thai lime,
; ir? i for the pi
\ ? ? ... .
? ?. t," who
? ? .? . j. ? .
ittei ' Tl r?
' ! ?? ? ? . ? ?
;??. . ,- hi an ???
!?.-. ?ay ol ?? in ol ??
? t ?
? ? .-'it. . Ilt'l 1
M ? Ritiil) Fire,"
?.?? \i , ?. wl ? . : 10 other? an l
isa ol ' , ra?
?, < ..
?.. ?. ta Fifi ?
.... . , .
? ? m omet iti 1 b 11 a j
? of the li , . of the
lorn from
Becaua? ild, "pari ularly m thla country,
..... J ? . ??
? ? the ? tint, w;?. 1 r-j I tinn?.
Tin? \ and the very poor don't car? for
? rub With thi well-t > 1,, it ?? ? chief
? ? 1.???n and - ? c.? y nr??
prettj -t,?., u pur haaera, of Action and th? ??
: , In thla 1 ounti ? there : 1
h,r II?. ira elaaa ?;?.? whom llteratur? la
.1 favorite avocai ??, ? io are posted "ti literary
itch in :????.??>? move?
ment? to feel :i:? pul ?? of Ihe :? !t world, I mean
to ?.?v. there is no Ian ? I this sort In this
oder Is not on th? lookout for the
1er. Th?? publisher'? limili??-? !l to .?tir? ;
Ih? reader'? attention 11 he ran. That'a why .t la
,? IItable aomrtlme?, and Indeed pr? tlcable, for
an Amerl an man of llterar) ?? ?; ration? :?? k??? flr--t
t. I/..1. ? .?. and bring n reputation bach with him.
M fJlkler 'I am not mlataken, is on record ;n
? thai ?be should advise a young American
.:ut '.or io ?! ? so li - what 11?:. 11 Jam?? did, prac
Wlth .? tors .mi musician there an fre?
quent exemple? of .1 similar tendency."
? wa> probably, then, for Ibe booklovers that do
? ? In this country that Mai mlllan .v Co. prepai 1
their volume on "American Book-Pbtte?." With the
? p ..f ? work by Laurence Hutton, it ??
. il t., be the ?'.?!?. on? on lh? ?ubject. There
<i ? ?? .1 ?mall paper edition, a collector'? edition of
100 roplei and an edition de luxe of 75. Another
verltabl? Mlaa Austen's "??
and Prejudice," with ninety Illustration? by Hugh
'Ih ite. pi on. If the public wsnts ed ttons de lux?? th?
publishers probably must supply tinn?. Tel -Mr.
Brett, at least, his h;s own opinion of the article.
' It I? ion Mr. Sinti!?.,." In- suggested, "who has
waged w.ir mercilessly again?! them. He point?
out their sins of commission and omlaaion, and
? t per ha pi hope?, that the taste for them
ly ? t? m pora 1 ?/hi itlon, tii.it tiny have
no permanent qualife? which can commend them
to the 1 .il??! tu- eventuali) or to the booklover."
c sever, ? hundn 1 more attractive illustrations
are d ?wn In the .\l icmlllan catalogue for "Old I'lng
li ih Song?," with .?? Introduction from Austin iHib
Bon. In the II I si 1 are Mora Memorie? by Dean
Hole." "Harvard College I'v an Oxonian." the t?\?
m,p boina 1 ;...,.?;... Hlrkbeck Hill; "Maurice: or The
It? l Jar." bj the ?'.lets of Jersey: "Raphael'?
Madonna?, and Other Orea! Picture?,*' reproduced
from the originala, and edited by Karl Karoly;
"Pen Drawing and pen Draughtsmen." by Joieph
IVnnell. ??.f the mo? 1 popular In the list is re
ported to be William Winter'? new biography of
lost ph Jefferson.
? ?>. -
A LAROR Ki:vn i'KY BREBDINO KST.uii.ishmkxt
i" iii<: TRANSI i.i:itt:i? TO i?i'rrui:ss COUMTT.
Dover Plains, N, Y, Nov. :t> (Spactel). Dutch???
Ci.iy has long 1.a known for th? hlgh-claas
stock farms within Its limits, and breeder? from
the grassy uplsnda between the Hudson and Wee
hiilook IMvcrs hav? turned ont nul only prize
ninner? at nil tas country fain hsreabouta, but
star performer? ?is w.11 fnr all the trotting tracks
??nit of tin- Mississippi. Wlthlfl a few ?luys It has
I..coin,, known ihat lh? sto? k-hrei-dini? Industry of
Dutchesa is ??? receive ? rahishla accession, being
nothing lens than the transfer of see of the larg?
asi breeding establishment? of Kentucky to this
country? W. C. Frame, owner of the Highland
stuck Kann, toar Lexington, Ky , has bought the
?ni su? astata of David 11. Shwiasa. ?rtaety known
as the "Mayhi'ook Karin." a mile north of this
Vlllag?, and will brin? hero from Kentucky his
satire stud of ni bora??, Iaeta4lag sixty-six brood
in.?rex. nnny yOOng horses and several stallions,
tha most fa meas ???????? Rod WUkes, grandslre of the
pacer Jahn 11. Sentry 0:tttt), and sir?? of 10s per?
former? WHO hav?? ???? within the 141 limit, 0110
? if ih? :n beiag Ralph wiikes ??%), a*ao Bold for
fclD.iMl when in? was a iwo-yc.ir-old. Mr. Krane? is
of tin? opinion thai tas ConsUtuUoaol nmrnlmant
against gsmbllng will set prove an injury t? tin?
trottlng-bora? interest of the eoaotry, hut. on th?
etra 1 v. will ? ? M
, lt. itellevlllK this, he Bold ..
Kentucky placa and win incut?? hors. Maybrook
haa been call??,! th,? "Parlor Perm ?>f Dutch???
County." Th,? Woebutook River runs through It,
and ?m the brosd meadow? adjoining the river Mr,
Prance will construe! ? mil?? r?gulation track. Ha
will bring his borse? on from Kentucky next sum?
mer. The pri???? h?? paid for Mr, Sherman'? place is
nut known, but is supposed u> ?><? a larga sum, in
fact 11 la "in? iif ih,? largasi transact tona In real
estate that have taken place in DutObSM t'ouuty for
aome time, and ?xcltea Interest, not among horse?
men alou?, but the general public also.
ACTION-SOklg OP IHR ??????????.
The committee appointed by the Federation of
I Fast Side Workers to formulate a plun of practical
ro-operution between all the churches and charita?
ble BOCtetles which have their Held Of labor among
the half-million people In the eastern part of low?
er New-York has issued a circular letter with the
constitution In which the principles of the new or?
ganization are outlined. The followliiK la the object
of the Federation us stated In the < .a stltution:
To inereas.? the ellielency of the l.enevol? nt work
south of Fourteenth si. and east of Broadway, ny
a .ar. ful stu.lv .?r the needs of th?? people, and by
earneet co-operation. Every phas.? of llf.? arre? tins
th?? workingman and his family shall be atudleti
and an effort mad?? to correct existing evils. ? he
Federation shall aim i?y conferences?, lectures, etc.,
and by emphasising po'nts of agreement to brini,
churches and charitable societies into more perfect
accord and thus present a united front In human
Til.? foUowtng are the members of the committee
which prepared the plan, with the churches and so- j
dettes which they represent: Th.? Rev. John B. |
Devina Hops Chapel and New-York Fmpioyment
Society; Mra ??hail'?' Russell Fowl!, Charity Or- .
ganlsatkm Society; John s..ly Ward, jr.. Broth? r
hood .?f St. Andrew; Nathaniel s. Rosanna, United
Hebrew Charities; th?? Rev, Daniel H. Overton,
Emanuel Chapel; J Lloyd Thomaa Industrial ;
Christian Alliance; tin? Rev. J. C. Thorns. M. i>..
Mariners' Temple; tie? Rev. IP. T. Bhang; lJt' Wltt
Church of New-York City Mission ?Society; the Rev.
Daniel Redmond, Woode Memorial Chapel; th,? |
Rev. Brneet L. Fox. Eleventh Btreei Methodist Bpta
copal I'inir. h, and F. J. McCue, St. Brlgld'e Con
ferencc of st. Vincent de Paul s., lety.
In its letter the eommltte ? m ? -
Wlthoul aurrenderlng their allegiance to tin? re
llglous bodies or benevolent -octetlei with which they
are connected, many "i the representatives of tn,? ;
church.?-, synagogues ;?:;il charitable organisations <
laboring in lower New-YOrk believe that th.? tin,"
ha? come for closer co-operation. To secure that
.?ni, in,? federation of East Sid?? Workers was
organized of June \ iSW, and a committee appoint? ?
t,, prepare plan .,* action. Clergymen ani lay?
men, representing variou? churches and so ?
lia?.-'? expressed their approval ol tfti print Iples pre?
si nted ani their Intention of giving the movement
i!',-ir hearty co-operation. To be successful, every
church and benevolent so i. tv laboring m this part
.,? t!?? cit) should join tbe Federation, which is not
ini?:--' ? ?. In a:..? -???.?? a rival of existing or?
ganisations. ????,-?? win? have studied the matter
carefully think that this Federation Is one of the
. great sociological movements of tbe times. It was
round last winter that Protestants, Catholics and
? Hebrews aline could engage m giving food to tn?? ''
i hungry and work to tn?? unemployed, while each
; representative maintained a- sturdily as ever bis
j particular rlewi regarding religious obligations,
I What wa- .1. m an emergency can be done per
man ntly, if the sani.? spirit prevalla among tne
Pive committees sre provided for in this plan,
Bx< itive, Benevolent, Building, Lecture and San
Toe object of the Benevolent Committee
will ???? to prevent overlapping in churitahi?? work
while caring for th-? worthy i?oor. Th>- Building
Commi! ?'? ilm to have th?? ?haritanle eoe
working in tl, ? district secure branch offices th-r??
In a central building; if possible, which those who
need help may easily reach The Lecture Commit
tee will seek t?? Interest tbe working people in prao
t ai matters, such as th?? care of the home, the
training of ? blldn n, good cltlsenshlp, '-t.?. The S.m
Ital in Commltl e a.:i study th?? tfiiement-hous??
; ? ? m, aid in enforcing sanitary laws, BUggl
forma create a public Interest In favor of Imj . .
, ? . : ? the and small parks ani ?? ii.-r
a.ly ?? mal !? ; ai. questions relating to the !?.? illh
? if the ? orklng people.
The Charit) Org-i aatl< Bo ... throunh its Ex
ecutlve Committee, baa ? immended the Feleration
ani other socletlei have approved the plan or ap?
pointed oonference to consider It more
ill, Th?? following ar?* s.?me of th- comments
mil,? by men ani women who ar?? seeking to ad?
"??ii - t : ? he ? sge-esi ?>? r:
Es Mayor Abram s. Il? .?.,:? I have read the pro
,; -..:.. itions for a plan ,,' federation pre?
pari miti . ?? Sel- V> ,.? ?? ?, a: I
n -??? m ?..? thai ? ; ? Vi ry
, ? ? il .mi ? te- ? iwai 1 dealing with
a- ,?:? thi ? .-? Side ??'. New-York. ?
?h fll be ? srrled into effect,
rhe l'.-v. Dr, John Mali, of the Fifth Avenue
ter m Chur a l have ?? el your plan <-f
federation. I' -.,.:.?- Iflshly wonted out
It will do good lie? two tha?es to !? guarded
ilnst , ? -, -?'. the people by too !
in-, n> nclee ind nisu -?? ,.f ?? aerai
?tartan puri
?: . : -r ?? ?' M - ? G 8t. Brig l'a Bo?
ning of tn?? work ! >
f the ?
rrn rellj
. ? . I bru .. ration, as we ai
Ivantagi , .?? air, ??;? in
-.?. ?: ... ?
laniel H. It ??:.::: ,?; is*er ,-f th- United He?
brew I'harltlea our 111 I Committee aas no ?
amrndm .m- ;?? offer t, the plan propisVd, nu: In
i ?. ? ? ? t to tl expertmentsi st ige* of ? be
? ' ? . . r | it a:? ? man
? ? ;
Mis?. Urs ?? Duttge, of 'he Association <>f Working
? ? lei .- Phi plan for the proposed ?. ist
sii.? Federation Interests me greatly, and I wish it
The Rev. It. Amory H Bradford, of Montclalr,
? J.. In "The Outlook "?? . ? itest chari?
ties ,,f modern times" I? the phrs? In which the
itlun ?! East Side W irk.?. ,. recently de
s nt.. I by one wh> knew it perhaps as well as any
ould. Those ? in? ?? ? with .t represent va- '
? . -,,.-?.? ?? and ? ?? - '??.??.?
are orgai ?' l In the recognition ?>'. the act that ?f
the problem of the city i- ever to be solved all ?
inferences must be dropp? !.
Ta?? Rev, Fr. Frank Mason Ncrth, <?' th? ? .\
Y,.rk City Chur h an! Extension Missionary So
- etj of th?? Method!? Epli : :', church Whatever
? ; em .? - .u. ? m mi > without the
?? rlflee ..f principle an ? evangeli al consistency
must t?. ,,f vain- m planning such a work. Per
I na.lv ml for our soclet) I may add that we
would i" very nial to .- operate .:?. any way which
Is consistent with the ba?lc prln Iples upon which we
ai?,? trying to do oar work snd shall ??? glad :?? n
spond further io ani suggested plan.
Professor F ?. HeUgman, secretary Tenement
? .?.?? Building Compans The id.-a seems to me
?m excell nt. and :f the plan cm be made pra -
?. all) efficient. It ?.?..ii no doubt accomplish an ex
v.?? Un ; amount of
?;. ?? ??. Schwab, president Oerman Society for
th?? t'lty of New-York This society will be glad to
co-operate as fir as maj be constatent with its
system and ?lan ??f w irk with :h?? committee named
la your letti r.
All friends ar,? Invited to meet and r?crive John
F.nrns and David Holmes, ih?? delegates of the
Brltlah Trades L'nlon Congreas i<> the cavititi,.?
of the American Federation of Labor, at the Ca?
nard pier, Clarkaon-st., North River, on Hi.? ar
rival of the steamship Etruria. which will prob?
ably n.? about m o'clock on th.? morning of Bunday.
?m Mon.lav evening a public reception win be
given to Mr. Burns ani .Mr. Holmes at Cooper
l'nlon. ? ?? Tuesday evening a dinner will i?e
given f"i' He tu t Claren,ioti Mall. ?". Ili: Essi
Thlrteenth-st., tlcketa for which ..iti ?,.? obtained
at the otti,?.? .?f th.? American Federation of Labor,
no ?? Clinton Place, upon the payment of 7.'? ??? nta
Supremi CVurl Ornerai rum Recaaa
Supreme four! Chamber? Before Truas, J.?Court
. n io :.? , ,?. Unti m calendar railed ut tl a. m.
Supremo ?'.inn B|..d Term I'.nt I Before Ingraham,
J No .:.n calendar.
Supreme Court Special Term Parta II und III Ad?
journed for tin? lei 111
?'::, int Court I'urt? I. il and IV Adjourned until Mon?
day, December 3
Circuii inni i'.nt III Adjourned until Saturday, De?
ci ml???!? I.
Superior Court General Term Adj..urn.?.! nine die.
Superior Corn Special Term liefor? Kreedmao, J.?
t'nini upeni al I?? a. in. Motions
.-?ui,,.11 .r Court Rqulty Ten:, tdjourned line die.
Buprrlor Court Trial Term Porte I. Il uni m \i
Journed for in? term.
Surrognte'i Court Chambera Before Pttagerald, s -
?.,??,,?? calendar called al 10:80 .? m. ?a ?,?*7. win ,,f
Jamea Hoi mei ut il a. m Ni I'm ratal? f Thoaaa
Keane, at II a. m w il ? il pi bete: Roa? ?intimiti. ;
Cornelia ? ?'..nor. Rlissueth HI Her, w,ir Sp?e,. U*ry ?<
C lilake, Pella l.?nkm. Mm ? ,? Blair, al MJ? ?. in :
Katharine Ryan, lleorge M. IMtchett, Johanna Beuaa,
??,?????>? ?. Hi.???. Mainrle Sammle, ni - ?, m
Surrogate'? ?'.nut Triol Term Before Arnold, 8.?No |
?tat , standar,
Common Plea? Special Term itefnre Bookatavar, J. ?No. ?
Ss, ????????? va. Hullng, al 10 A) a. m.
Common Pleai Oeneral Term Adjourned ?In.? die.
??.inni.ni Pleai Rqulty Term Adjourned sin.? ,????.
Common Pk?aa Tri?t Term Porta ?, Il und ill-Ad
Journed until Monday, December ??.
?lit ?'..???? S^.e.i.il Term Beton Kitzalm?ni. J ?'mirt
epena at lo a, bv Molloaa
?'??? ?'mirt Oeneral Term Adjourned ?ine ole
I'lty t'nurt Tftol Tenu Pails I. II. Ill and IV.?Ad
Journed until Monday, Paoembar a,
BaWansanal appointed?,
Supremo Court.
By ti'iiii.n. i.
Ileppenlielntfr vs. ?Vernai EugMM II. Premere)?.
?,. ?ier vs. Oronsler s. ?.. H. Word,
llathm?nn v?. Ilathmann Richard M. Henry.
lly Truss, J
?'lark t*. Tliavir Joaeph Peltretch,
Malier nf lOiniueis.m Emanuel BlumanatleL
? mus ' Phase,
iiv Bookauvor, I,
Wallach v?. W'l.iin- QaoTSa ? ? an Hl??O.
?Tick ?a Wleaa Oiocga M Vam Hiiaiq,
Superior <'.,irt.
iti rtiidma?. .?.
IliTRer v? Meeliitii William li. I?uvl?.
RBCBIVXRS ?????????.
aaSpeaSM ?'.int.
lu o*Bries. J
w'iiiium ? Lancaster ?a < ??-??? ?*? C "?aadneu Company
- Arthur i? Andreara
William .?. Cruger ra Helen ?. T!f.mpi?n-s. Van it.
?) l.a???, ??..?,?. ,?.
Mal',?: nf lo.iinl < 'etilial llunk-Jumei J. Nealll.
Superior ? Ourt.
lty Kr,-e.lm?n. J.
Jacb Kllngenit?!a vi, Monas Lubeliky-Jullua '.'fru?vaca.
?Cctd Publication?.
Contains a Christmas Story and an account of CsssSsSs
at an English country nous?'. It his excellent Steel*?.
Historical, JJIugraphlcal, Criticai, and Literary Kimm l,
and stanca
promis-? to be very attractive, Including
of remarkable Interest,
By JOHN' FlriKE.
Stories, Historical and Iiiogi'iplil.-a! Papers, I.lterar*
S'.iial Essays. Sketches of Travel and Poetry m?, ?7
anticipated from ' ^^ *?
Pi gmatttr DAWsBL Miss preston,
???. ??????, !! ' MELWIN,'
TERMS: 14.00 a year In a.I?, .inc.?. postage m*
postal Netsa ??! Money at risk of ?ender. SBaSl ko
BSMtSy-Orisr, ?Irait, or resisterci letter, to ?
and coMTAora the most althentm bl
The Autobiography of Ant,,? Rubenstein. 1829-lga
Traaalaled from the Russian by Aline Delano wSk
pBMStogravnre p?rirait. 16mo. Cloth, artit top, h.oj.
Of ?le.-p and pathetic Interest. ?Ros?,n Home IngSSl
Full of interesting romnv-nts and suggestions.? Th? Ms?
ttso. One galnrt ft, m It a true ??tim\te of Rublnateia BJ
composer and pianist.?IV.kt.,? AgvertSMT,
?2.: I ff A S111? ', ?' ? ? SI'. BOS ?? ? ?'.
For Y?ung Ladies?City.
No. t>>7 ?lh-ave.. ????,????? Octobet 3d.
?.".'. Dr. ani Mrs. ?HAS H. GARDNER, Principals.
BCHOOL FOR OIRLS. Reopen? Cet. 34.
1ft? AND 162 WEST 74TH ST.
Kew-Tork City No. ? ?Vest 17th st . Mr?. SARAI
It EMERSON". Principal. A f-w boardlag pupil? takes.
ieneel tow oirii rem? \?i to
111 I<emi Aveno*
lis lUStkon Avenu?.
Primary. Preparatory. Academia
sad ? ?'-Orsdtiat* C!?
F'iind?^?' by Mr* Sv'.vanus K?.-d. is?*-?.
Adir?-.- BsHer-m-Chargi ?? sad s g jAi-jt
Tin: misses ELY'S SCHOOL POR ?HRL3.
Mth ani s?;t:i Street* Nsw-Tor?,
Family at.d day school fjr girls. 32d year.
garten foe ho ? s rtrvl girls.
Mis? Par. Frinclpsj _32 West 40th SSBBV
DAY SCHOOL FOR OIRLS, 22 East 51th Street.
\* IN NORMAN INST. *>??, '.'s.? ->2 Wrst 71st St,
entrenes No, ?8A tP inde?! I?ST ) Mm? VAN SOS.
M\N. Pro. Mr?. 3. L. MATTHEW-.. V; ? G.-!?.
B^ys nnrt Young? Men.?City.
?G??? S'HOoL FOR ??G?? ROYS.
t At 'm Esst Ti'a St. Special atteattea '? health eoi
? u 1 :n principal's family far 3 Boy?.
in' pra-l da) >r ?renla? A Ml an ft? Oft
al ?eie. CLEMENT C. OAINES. M.uint Morris Rank ???
PRIVATI: ?NHTRCOTIO? Special s?teseles ??rsete
* . '. r cll-ge and scientific sch.x'j; HSS?
Vtars' eueressful (II ? ? ?
HERMAN DEISLER. A. M.. 9 East ItKa-St.
Fir Poth Sexe??.?City.
M tale Hall. 67t!i-s?.. and 7th-ave. No previous kr.?wls?f?
. ? musi.- reauired. BEND POR CIRCULARS. _
M-s l!? ? Bejnsre (cor, '.'.">th-?t. and R'way).
Braaehes In the ptinctpsl American ar.d Eur^p?ian cits?
Net? term begins no*.
For Boys and Youn? Men.? Countre.
??? 1. l>. UMUIH, ? "11???.\1??.> 1.
? l'areni* ?lia ire unfortur.a:* In the p...? .e ".'"t '
iheir sons ?111 .1 ? ?rell ??. profit by the ad\anuir,e? offer?
I ? tny schiMl; the ?el'.ool Is in s.-ssl.,n durini; 'he er.tli
year. FRANK M. HOWE, Supt
.ent st
?n durini? the entire
FRANK M. HOWE, supt_
1 ^AIRFIELD Academy for Boy? Fslrfleld. Cosa.?OSS?
tan???? :h>,-, uxh mental an,', physical ???airing with cors?
'. rti r il.ime. 2? bo\-. Francl? ?. ????????. ? il, Pria
FiREEHOLD ??.-???G??. Freehold, ? J ?Mr? if.
Boye" R ardlag Bchool Primary, College, rn-paratocy,
llusit.ess Course Shorthand. T>prwrl:;r.u. Tiv graphy.
fVI APLEWOOD .NSTIT'.'TE. ? ?-,t .!?..;> P.rn 4IS1
1?I per year am.taful school; me of the best teJB?
(Use ?I'll ???.t?% ir..! : , w.ik.? ;p '....>s IB IBS SstlSS of ???*
Boys enter beat colles?? Cedei t.i years, f?t*.
_J. SHORTLIDOE (Yale) ? ? , Pria
?\ EV?TON (?. J> INSTI n'TE.-Ete%?. ??) ft : Jlfl
I" rear; t.om : ke f&mlty soh??? I for tv?ys: fleam h??};,?
?ymnaslums. bx>?Allng. hall, 'ennls, S.? pome? and ?a?cW
I meet sperlal car? and p-Tsonal instruction f^r coIlstS,
?dentine schvils or business. J. WILSON. A- M-. Pr-S?
lit. Re.?. P. i> Hunting! m, Wm. Verbeea.
Nest t>t?? t,?-iiitis Jsassry Ita, ly.ij.
For Young Ladlcs.--Country.
.- Jan. Id, 1888 Th r,,ii?h wirk. L?
prepsrsiory courses. Kren.-h. O. intan. m.?s:? snd ??
Mis. R S. QRI8WOLD. Lyme. ?^B*?
F?1R OtRI.S.
Reopens Jan. 3d. is;?.-, Th r,.iieh writ F.'ec'tT? ?
p.,.,.. ,,?,,',??, .,??^?? ,, , ?,?.? II. G????G.?.?-, !?
Kj.ill rat. s to pupil? entitling Jsnilar?. "th. t>s?J._____
Advantage?, jf R.wt.n ? omf rts ,f home. Sm?tl SMSa?
. Mr. ARTlll'tt OILMAN is the Plrecwr-__
'|??????.??: O ROVE SEMINARY Saratoga Sprlne? !*? J?
? ?Rt-KUlar and i.ptlonat .ourses f,,r vung lad!?*?? ]n
WM.MT I.\Ni: sriliml.. , ,-,?
Roordlrur, Day and College Prepsratory far "pSS ****
y-ur open? Sept amber ?fith For circular ndtress
Miss SARA LOl'ISE TRACY, A. M.. Ass elate iCtSBSHSBs
Oermantown, Phila^'P1?*
BOT OF FIFTEI'.N. Well grounded in B^glRfJT'SS
sranu thoroughly Bret-class tuition In ?-*,l";,/v for
?n,i French la small echoul out ol town ?". .*}?i im
?'titering a hlgh-giade preparatory acaool? Aa?>r""
mediately, witii full particulars. ?..? vrrk.
W. I> S . St. .lames llotcl^J^JL-?
Rest In the cltv: 11??7? ft Open ? ?. m. ?? ? ?*?
Lsssnns private--RII'E A "TOPRIST.
3iHi 3-.H :iin WEST ????-??.
??p?,???? h> ri-c.-nt HarvsrS ars?ssie; ea???
tutor, Addreee BORACE Boa SO, 1-?- 11>?*?J**-*-?j___?
1> rivaTK INSTRU? rtoN by an ?p*fi*J^t?"rsS
pupil? fitted for . ?llego or business. I'lsh???? ' ^^
.?L-n.-.i?. Address Yale llradiint,?. Bto? ?S Tribune ?-"? ^
School Qs9tnnee.
supplie? Professors. Tesehetm, ?Tutor?. 'iu.V"^^
ftc. toOolleaee, Schools snd I'?'""1 ""^A,?'^n square.
Mrs M I. V?UN?: 1-G????. ? inlon l?u__
AOENCT Miriam ?'..viler.? O^m^J^^JSSm
tsseheis, goverssissea etc.. in all ^SS^St. ?nh-?
school? to parants. IMI Mh-av.' . >BB> ? Wn*- "_?
EUincinq -?roocmue?
FsOUfAJTBO'l ?G?1-???. Ml East *^?Bwm
to; privine |e?ooti?, any hour, $1; I ?"J"' .
|,ii|?li?? convenience. Extra ?olwt ??^?*'?_?1???!--"~^
Class and private lessons. Men's SsSSB ??????????
cember 9? (tew). The Amsterdam. ^?

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