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ABBEY'S THEATRE 8:18 The Brand DttctMM.
ACADEMY oE MUSIC 1:18 Th? <"ti?-n Kin ..
ATLANTIC GARDEN, .'." t. r,l li mery--r.\cn!ng-Con
? ort an 1 Vau.l.'Vii. .
BIJOU THEATRE 8:18 Ths Flnnir
BROAD** VY THEATRE B Prlnc? Ananias.
COLUMBUS THEATRE 1:18 Bp? ?lal Mlvery.
DALT*f 0:18 Love i n Cra! ' .
EDI N MUREE 2;?jfJ ?? C ncerta sad Was Tsnteaua
EMPIRE THEATRE 8:18 Ti.- Masquerader?.
El. .'.?: AVEN1 E THEATRE l Ohma
OARDEN THEATRE 8:18 -Llttl? Christoph?*)
HARLEM OPERA HOUSE 8:18 A link Number.
1! ?TTi THEATRE S 3d A M i Whl! '
KOf TER A- WAL'S 8 VaU'levi] .
LTCEUM THEATRE 2- St! '? ills.
MADISON' ?SQUARE OAItl m. to 11 p. m - The
T..y r.,ir.
NATIONAL ACADEMY Oi I ''? ION Autumn Exhibition
i aLMER s THEATRE * I mi ?ra?da
PROCTOR'S M a to. lo M 88 p. in. Vaudev.ll?.
?STANDARD THEATRE 8*30 Too Mach Johnson.
STAB THEATRE 8:18 Nemesia.
MTH iTRBET THEATRE -' B;16 Bl mile*
l:.":t ?TH-AVE -The Tiffany Chapel. _______
3nbc?r lo QVDiicvnocincme.
r | . Bag*
A : i-:'*? . S 8 Butru, ii.? . ? .<
Announcements .1" -t I. >?t ?nil Found . '?' i
Board und Room?.... ."> " Marriage? A Deaths.. I '. ..
M ?'lian. ..?.-."? - Mis, .liane, .u? .1" 2-6
Butine?* Notices _ il ) Mlscellaneou? . B 3
I?ai)ring Academies... s i Nea Publkratlon?.... B 1 :t
Dividend N. ti?.-?.n .'.-?. ' ?? . m Steamer?. N .'.
taking . ? 1*'Pianos. '.. ?*
DomeMlc Situation* Real Bstst?. 9 4-8
Wanted . ."> 8-8 Beal Estate. .'. i
European A.lu*.1- CiRellgioui Notice?. : r.
Excursion? .il ?'School Agencie?.. s -I
Financial Electlona...14 li Special N tice?. T ?
Elnancial Meeting?. ..It 8. Having? ?mk?.14 ?>
r - s.ie. .-. i st.:iiiit.?..t?? .K a
11. Ip Wante.i.,-, 8-4'Teacher? . B 4
If if?? ?t Carriage? . .'. 1 Winter Reaorta. H 4-*?
Hftel? . s 4 Work Wanted. .". ?"
JBusmr?3 noucfo.
Roll Top Desk* and Ofllca Purnltara,
uro.u Variety ei ilyl? aad rri.e.
No. Ill Eultoi. st. N Y. _
K? (p's I*re=<i .?hirts to mca-'iir?. 6 for )9 00;
nor.?- batter st any pru?. 601? and 811 Broadway, between
11th and 13th st?.
1 ve.ir. ?fl moa, 3 m-?i. 1 mo. ropy.
Dal!?-. " ?atys n nr-k_fioeo $:. no ?2 M? |I 00 .
Dany. .?. th .nt Sunday_ SOO 4 00 .JOH '.?0 lela
Sundnv Tribun? . 2??> 1 l?0 50 ... |rtA
W-i:l\- Tribune . 1 <H> . lela
?Semi-Weekly Tribus? _ 200 . 3 .?.
'..Monthly . 2 00 .2". c's.
Postai;?? prcpaM by Tlie Tribune exe-pt us hWeinafUr
CITY r-OSTAOR.-The ht require* that n 1 rent t Mtag?
?tamp oo :.i'.xe<i . , every eopy of the pailv. Sunday
or Semi-Weekly Tribune ??ailed for local delivery In
New-Turk ?City. Tin? ;. .?i.;*e must i.- pn'd by ?ub
r--I? ----- Tt'-.-idem ?.? better ??tv. d by buytsg their
Tribun- from a new?d?al<*r.
FOKT:K;N POSTAGE.-To nil foreign countrle? (?i?rpt
Canada and Mexico), 3 rent? a rnpv on The Sunday I
Tribune; ? rent* . eopy on Dally. Semi-Weekly snd
Weekly, Thi? r,..vi,ir? rn?i? he paid '. * ti ? rtbsr.
REM1TTAN VS Remit b) P MI Order, ttxpree* Order. ;
Check. Draft, or Registered Letter. C??h or Fu?tai ?
N*o?e. If ?ent In an unregis?. red letter, will be at the
own? r's risk.
OFFICES OF THi: TRIBUNE - Main nftlee of Th? Tr;b
une |M Kasaau-st., New-York. Main uptown o?e?,
1 M2 Broadway, A'.Ir??? ni ??. r:??<>p^n '..?n,-e almply
"The Trtbua*." NeW?Tofk.
Furrpe-in Rranrh. for a Ivert'sTien's onie, 7.1, Fleet |
Btreet ft c I ?jwdoa, Fnrland
Foreign - Mr. ?virant, secretar*/ of th-* Royal
Tacht squadron, sent a message t . the Sear
York Yacht ci.ili ?jiving tiv* conditions on
which Lord Dunraven would race fur the Amer
lci's Cup Tn- nan Canadian Ministry has
been completed by P't-mi-r B.w.-li. i.?.
trial of Captain Dreyfus, charted with selling
Fren h militar] ?. >. - to Italy and Germany,
began in ?Parla A Japanese cruiser capt?
ured a vessel loaded with munitions of wa:- for
th- Chin? -?
?Cangrena ?Both houses In session Senate:
Mi ?an ?Parkina and Cullom sp ike In *a\ r of the
Mi aragua Canal Mil, and Mr, Turpie again?: it;
Admiral Wal!, r'a i l Hawaii wai
ci ived. House: Debate on the ?'at llsli . !
reacy i,:.i was ? ntinued bj Messrs. Johnson,
Warner an i ?Sills.
Dom? all -The it) alinga >f the i ashii i and tel?
ler of the Central National ?Bank, -f Rome,
X. v., will aggregate nearlj $40,000, Let?
ters re eived In Boston from Armenians In Con- i
atantlnopis mak.? chargea thal Minister Terrell
ii???-.- not pi >'.. t the rtghta . t naturalised Ami ri?
nga . itlr.'-ns. Tw . ?teamers on Ihe Pa Mi
?Gonai have tosen given up for loat, with all on
l.'.at'J. fifty iii-n. In asso latl m for the
pi itection of tiv?i and ?game waa formed In New
Janey, sa .j ?fen Burna, M. P., ?gave Chi ago
reportara kia Impressions .,f America
City and Suburban. Upon Informs Ion that he
was about to fi?-?'. Police Captain Bchtnlitb
waa rearreated; iii?' bail wa? in? rease I to 115.000,
but he found two bondsmen. Testimony
was gi\??n before the Lexon Committee about
payments made ;> Captain Slevin when he was
Superintendent ii>in? ?'? wai ! man. - ; Aft??r
iniavaiiinif efforts to aecure Morris Tekulaky'a
?praaance In eouri to testify, the ulai of Police
jus'ite Dtrver was adjourned until to-morrow.
- ?..: - F.iig?-n.? Kelly died. Til?- Rev. Dr.
Morgan Dix ma?]?- reply to certain criticism? of
th?? condition of Trinity tenement-houses,
Th?' ?Boord "f Bstlmate begun the apportlonmenl
of city moriev among the varloua department?;
iinyor?-sleet Strong watched the proceedings,
r. -- At an auction aale oi . ?tiona, gunin valued
at nearlv MiMMM were dispoaed of. The
Stn? k rnark?-t was dull and heavy.
Th.? ?V-sather ?Fort cast for to-day: Pair,
south winda Temperature yeaterday: Highest,
.t:? tegreea; lowest, :i. average, '?'.'?
A ?i*:ir?*fnl ind thorougtl stotly of Ihe i ff< cfs
tui niaiikiiiii <?f iii?? nae ?.f beer, wines and Ikruors
is ?desirable from every point ??f view. Such s
milly has been undertaken bj a ?**ouimltti?e <?f
fifty ??'lilli nu it who nr<? will known lu edu-ca
tumtil. ullglisns. literary, medical and business
circles. Th?* M narri wbk*h we prinl In nnotber
column show linn liii* important work rould n >i
hi? intrust?*! to inore ?rompet-eui batida. Dt*. Beth
I/iw is president ?if UM committee, which pro
I ?ses to Sakko liainirl'"? of ?i tari? nanber <'f
men refolding their petnotial habits In the line
of alcoholic Minni!.mi? ami ihe r< .-.lilt?, ol SO) li
line. It is to be hoped ilia! those rewiring the
ipicstion? will r?-**|M.ti?i ?promptly, iii?- summa?
rized n suliH of lin* Investigation ma arnrcely
fail io have s? icniiii?- ?nul practical raine
? ? -o
Than ittn? to he ?stool danger thal Hi?? pro
recdlniis ai-'aii)?! Jnotlco Divvcr will degenerate
uto a fan??. It i? ? COM parallel willi the ill
considered Good ?ioveinnicut min? le on I>i?tii.t
Atinriiey Fellows The IlktHlbood of getting
jiisli?-.? f?>r Ili?'s<? worthless ?.111? ?als w?iiild In?
?grach greater if the rolnnteer ?ccnotrs had kepi
ti.???r hands ??ir The I 'oiiiiiiin? .?. of Seventy, a
body of well known men appointed at a ?anas
tilting uf New York's ?iii/.? n-. was ?perfecting
liPi'i.t for QaMtlng all ih? illili! In? iiinli? ni- "f
ciiv iiilics when Tncker, Qoadbjr, Wetting, Hale
ami th? others iii-he.i in. I: is ?nay poongb to
make chiiiir?*. inn H I- useless lo do so nnletu
They can le? proved. Sine? Iii?* election lhere
hilve been several c.ipiiiil illustration?- of the
nrrong way of poing nbonl reform worl,
F? w if liny of Ihons who hin.? ezamlned the
Myers voting machine and stndled its workings
will fall to agree With Mr. Charles S. Smith
that tin? ijiiesii..ii of ii?* general introduction lu
the State Is worthy of most careful considera
tlon. Mr. Smith thinks that n commission
should ha aooolnted hy the Leal ula ture to ox
niiilne the machine nn?l make an early report
on it. We glsdly second the ?suggestion. The
first cos? of th?? machines would be large, lint
the Inreatmenl would be a permanenl ?m?'. the
. '?i of repairs would be lii-conalderable, snd the
expense of printing ballots would be done sway
wiih altogether. It Is estlmatei] Ihm Too nia?
chinta** would be sufflcienl for ihi? ?iiy. ami thai
ilic.v could be procured for KIPUMNI The coal
oi ih. official ballots fora single year Is 8 ti ?.< M i?i
hi less ih.'iu four years, therefore, Ibe coal <?f
ile ma. hin. ? would h. saved on 'his one Item
of ? lection expenditures.
There ?va? n?> tesllmony <.f Ihe Ural I ni por
tance prodiiic'l before iii?? l.'\o\v Commit Ici?
yesterday. Inspector William?? was prcwenl lu
response to a subpoena, hu? waa excused from
testifying. Inspector Mclaughlin waa reiiorted
i<> li- ill. A physician testified lhal John Mar
Un. to whom $10,000 ..f ibe sir.'um ??Mild by
lions agalnsl P*I Inspector Hieers were repeatisl
by ihai witness: and Steers has n??t yet sough!
lo vindicate himself by going <>n ibe stand. Al
an early stage of the Investigation yesterday's I
proceedings wonld ha VP arrest ?I attention. \,.w
(be people are luipatieul lo see Mr. (ioff fa??? lo
fac.? witta men like Marun. Byrnes, Willi.MU?
..uni Mclaughlin. Will ilii'V have li? wait inn. li
longer? _
SRSD 11 Hu li.
The lit?: day's delia le ?m ihe State Hank bin
u.i> l'ai.ii lo it Bj Ihe committee which re*
ported ii the bill waa declared defective in r-n*
seutial points, and discussion brongbl oui the
fact thal a partisan majority had refused to
allow any an .?ulm.m lo be even considered in
committee, although opcnlj admitting Ibal Ibe
measure needed amendments, ami HVowlug the
Intention to offer them In Ibe House Strictly
Ihe c. mmitti .? . ".ii- ??. a lhal II baa vlolaleil i li?
oath of ?'iii'?- and i-' tn-. .1 t" perform a sworn
ilutv, The motive Is nu i.'M'v for ?n li an of
fence Whether through partisanship or dlsbou
-?ty, cowanlly fear of o ?domineering ?Executive
or bjisi? desire to escape direct respousllilllty lu
constituent? for changes kuown lu be mi usury,
lu au* ? ?se Ibe committee i? false lo ita ?liny.
The Democratic majority dishonored Itself by
offering i measure of the higbesl Importance, and
one which Involved Hie gravesi daugers, without
an sttempl i.? remove from i' admitted defects
which threaten the safety of business. Having
l""ti guilty of s.? grave an error, the onlj way
1 lemo? rat s cari make ?uni mis is to wini the hill
luck t.? commit!?')-, willi Instruction? t.? make it
a proper and sofe bill before presenting ii.
The opposition t.? this measure i? no1 pari w in
"Th.? Xew-York Times," i Democratic journal
which m <.. r hasti as l > ? ritlclse injr step of the
Administration, declare? "Ii would i" absurd
"io gay that the l arilsle l?ill ? ommanda t? nei ii
"approval. A?? the bill now stands, li would i?
"much n? irer lo say thai ii encounters general
..li- ipprurai . . There la not <\? n ? ma
"Jority of ibe Banking and I'nrrency (.'oniinlttec
"tliai would support Ibe liill wlthottl amend
"nu ni. m'i Is lhere a majority ft.r amending li
"In any particular way." "The Seo York Her
aid" calla li ?Secretary Carlisle's baphaxard bill,
1 and says: "There I?* n?> question thal a f? ir nf
"hasty and unsafe legislation <?n ibis vital sub
"j...-! is stimulating Ihe demand for Hie precious
"metal." "The Nea ?ork sun" declares lhal
iii.? Inevitable effi ? t ..f tin? bill "will be t?> hasten
"a National suspension <?f gold payments, and
"a return t" Ihe depreciated paper money "f
.'war tim.?'' Dlspatclies stat.- that lhere i- ii"t
.i single Republican who ? di sup'tori the hill,
iiii'l it is plain enough thal many Demo? : ila
will not, *>?? that in n very close to Ihe Admin
1st rai ion confess their doubl whether Ibe hill
?au I??- pa??? ?I ? v? n in tie- House, with Ita ? nor?
m..us D?mocratie majority. in ile Senate,
I?'in" rat? wlio usually know iii.it hod* best
affirm that the hill has nu ehaui . It la tli
fore in defiance <.f llu? most competent opinion
lu i?"tii iiiitl?-? thai tin- measure i?? f.-I upon
Congress, al a lime alien its only effeei i? to
disorder Ini-in? ??. preveul i?."\?-iy of iudusir*
and indefinitely i u? i . .?. apprehension
There ought lu lie manliness euotigb in Hie
House, :i:nl patriotic feellug emu gb, '.? Stop ?li ?
performance before more mischief i?? dom \
motion t. send ihe bill hack lo ihe <.mitti***.
wiih an order not to lvpoit it until ii hi? bei ?
inn int.. such form tim: .1 majority hellevi-s li
?if.. .. )!._:! i T no1 t.? I., regarded in a partisan
light I: ?li"til?l h?- treated i? a in?.lion to pre
v. it? paiil'-. and Iherefor?. supported I?, righi
Ihlnkllia 1 '"i.ia'? a?? w.ll a- l'.piilili. m? Nor
is tli.i'i- any ??n-?- in the plea Mill dlscusslou
over ilii- i ..nf. ??? .i!y uusuund measure Is doing
gins] I : \ .i y ii? N I \- knows it la doini! great li.na..
breaking down th" credli of Ibe Ihivernmeut,
causing withdrawals of gold, checking im.?'
menta and preveuting loons for the support ?.f
commerce ami Industry. Thi iniscblef-m
hill ought to be seul Imck lo iii?' committee IN
fore th.? holidays.
Men at- ?,i\in_' iii it gold ?.?....? ?broad only
because I' is needed .?> pay luteresi lhere Tills
i?. noUMenae, because ihe . x.-.?? ..f mi n h itallse
exports over linporta wai g.*lO,(SMI,000 in N'oretn
h?r. aiel will undoubtedly exceed V_'II.IHH??H?I in
December, Mini n > gold eouhl be sent abroad lo
mi?! Interesi dm? anita r such conditions, if thi re
weil le.i -n. li ?grave illstrusi as io cause large
withdrawals of foreign capital from ibis wain
try. That has been Hie prevailing eharactertstlc
ever since a change ?.! National policy was as
?tired hy a Democratic victory in N'orcmbcr,
1S!_. and ii hi? no1 been diminished by Ihe
passing "f a Mil '?. produce a deficit. As if ihis
wir?? ii'.i enough io prove Ihe Incapacity ?>f the
party In power, ii mus? u<>\\ threaten monetary
dlsorganisatliui ami National bankruptcy '?>.
forcing Mi?? discussion <?f a Pill which its aifvo
I eaten admit cannot safely li" passed in Hi?? foi III
, in which they have rcjiorted it. Surely Demo?
crats Hi? ms?l\ <.? might W'll li. anxious lo save
their parly fioin Ihe ronsequenees of such an
' '"'' "f f""V ____--_
stores were i. ?niiy put forward in rome
; public prints lo iii?- effect ih.it Ihe victorious
.lap.in?!??' troops at Port Arthur had relapsed
into barbarism, and had wantonly outraged,
tortured :1ml slaughtered th?* helpless non com
, halan! Inhabitants ol that town ii was ??.mi
! that ile- Japanese hal fall, n to th?' level of
I ?
('ninene brutality, thal the war ?seemed i?> be
degenerating Into a struggle between ?.IMIL'??,
and 1 taut the foreign roirespondents al Port
Arthur, lbough inured lo nil ibe ordinary evils
of war. had Bed in hoir..?- from Ihe awful ?grebe.
These stories hore upon their face the brand ?if
reckless sensationalism, and were, from iii .
first, largely discredited i>\ mea >>t ?.?her Jndg
m? m. I .a p?-" of lim?? has brought no confirma
ti??ii of them, hut only cumulative disproof, until
1 now, in general and In psrtleulsr, tiny are
shown to bare been so untrue that io i-a.i them
wil?l exairyiiliolis would be ero?.* Mattery
Two important pieces of leo-tttnony, hearing on
ile? rose, come slmnltaneously io band, from
different ami independent sources. Oin? romea
from "Tli?' London Times." a Journal Hint inver
ha? bees ?inspect ?1 of anything remotely rosom
Mlng partiality for Japan. Us correspondent at
?Hiroshima ?declares explicitly, on the authority
of ih?? foreign torreopondsuts who were actually
st Port Arthur, that the cornhill of the .lapan
eise troops was n.? worse Hum Hint of the hoot
j;-iiri.i...aii Annie*, that their su called excesses.
while regrettable, were excusable, and thal th
story <.f rorrespondents fleeing In horror and
disgust Is ntterlv untrue. Instead "f treating
ih.. Inhabitants witta cruelty, the Japanese are
protecting Hn'in and feeding Ibem. Ti.ther
testimony comes from ?i nurespondenl ?>i "The
\.w York Herald." who was witta Ibe Japanese
ai nu al iii" capture of Port Arthur, and saw
what "., nrretl lhere. He rd it? ? thal Ibe Japan?
ese, while marching down tin? Kegent'a Hwoni
pi'iiiii-iila. treateti lile Inluibltailts willi all kind
n .? .m?! i*on?ddcratloii. Thej beard, however,
da* bj tlay, from "h" ..b?nese themselves, bar
rowing iah? of outrages perpetrated upon Ihelr
fellon countrymen, Non-combatant Japanese
had been ***lxetl, condemn?! witliotit trial, mu
ulai.?I and lortufeil willi nnspcakalde ferocity
ami iiinii'd to death A small Itodj ??i Jii|ianese
triNips, advaucing liai far ahi id <?? Hie main
army, was overwhelmed by ihe Chinitie, and
ali who were no1 killed in battle were don?' in
death with atrocities an Apache would ?.hud '
der ai. win n Ihe Japanese soldiers marched
towanl Port Arthur ukinc a road bordered with
th.. mutilated corpses of llielr comrades, and
knew !h:ii ii was the Chinese at Port Arthur
who hil done ti" a a* ful deed, Uley wen? exas
p rat..I almost lo madness. Thej fell upon ih"
murderous garrison with ?omethina akin to
fury, and "iW'il ?o|.| Ntecl more Hi.m ?rearms."
There wnv n > retaliatory strm*!!.!?* Hot
blooded \ ?ii:.? in .? lhere doubt le*? waa; which
ih?- countrymeii of Hume who cried "Rememlier
ih" Al mi"'' will n..! ?,?:?, lia rata I* condemn
( ?ii" ..tin r point la w n tb* ??t ? 1"?" attention
The atrocities of iii" I'biuese wen? commit teil
dellltcnit ely, with thi highest .iii. iii sanction,
upon ?iiiii-1* helplcNii mil prolmhf* Innocent
men, and ...i it l isi mi? occntfion In gross
in. J. 'i ?.f faiih ?.nil w h. n i i" . ??n Poa . r
which ha*- legit i mil te Interest ill ih?' matter ita
?ii.? an Investigation, the Chinese ilovcrmn m
Klirlil? r? piles ih i' ih? re ?h ill I..? n?.ii", and iii it
ii Is i.n?-'? business but I ? own what the
< u i" ?" ?I., w'nh prisom i? . m ih . otlu r h iml.
W lia tey cr th.- .lai..11. ? .1.1:. i - .1.1 wi
with..m official sanction, in th" ii.?i..- tumuli of
bailie. Ami a? ?...?n ni ?uni ?- .a wrotitfiloinij
' .nu? i ' Hie <. .\. nun. nt a ?; i Iel iii?!'i. ?; waa
order? d. an I . \ . . \ t . lilt* waa ?.ii? r< ii lo otlu r
Pow? ra !?'!. investlgatioti h maj j ? I I? round
lhal ?...ni" illdefi ??il'l. a't? Wer?' ? immitteil 1?>
th.- JilpaUl ?.'. li' ? . Ih? .? - ever* i . i? a i .
1? Met .? thal the ? nlpi Ita will I? li I to a ?oriel
ai ? mini '?.?.. for. But ? ? far a? pr< - III ii ?ii
mony got ?. I ? ? ?. that thi -i ip m.???. n i?. ? i
).i|.?? d Into harhirisin, or lui. . ?uie do*, n to
Hi" sai lige levei ?f llwil 1 "? ??. i? an ihstird
ii ni War Is lui Imbi* cruel Um on ihe
sill.. .,f th.. rielo!*)? ih" prcacul w ii hi? I., , II m
gi n. i ii no II . i, m au* ?iineale lu t?., n
111 . li."?: livIM?. I .lu I li ! \\. Hil III
PoWi ra
,I0tt\ Rl ff N ", ?f. /
Jobo Bin us, M P., w< nid i- - r?it
i.? i prop i:: iiidisl ?I )). li id rath? : ni re ita ceiil
m.uni' ra l h- f this 1
i ?bt ifti landing on our ?.hor?*? pnbl I)
|. - na i? .m ? \ii..nii.ii r of ibe t and
i? ihn'.' Am? i i?.m? what Washington ami li
t'.n and J? If? i ?.ii in. mt
in? nt. i? Indi? rmia ? Hough lo
guffuvi Hut - ! ia ' ?uni
The Ann i li au publ ? i inn . .
intol? ranee. It lins |? lost
bra* .m I otlu i ? ?.f ti,? ir 1. I
here i nd i .n,? i :.i ravi ii? u '?' ?-??ti
It let John Ullin- M p.. come n
s.-i k t.. restrain hiui from pn uiilug his .?'.>??.. i
Of I'liind? t And .f w a li. I. *urn- ?I |
is ml. be ?. ? m lo iniii." -?.. . ? lu B and
I. .k- . hiislve of \ u ??t will no1 ??>??? ? n ?r
i". ?m?in-.?j Kui It does ei
righi . > ?i'.'i u. 1. .'.. ii a Idle lu .- lu ?. i
k?'??|> a ni isurabl) ? ii d louglle in bl?
Por am f i. ner lo rall igain
he i? \ lulling and ?! di ti m i
nt Is a gneis i i of i
pltallt* p. on ?.?. . . - i n ' ml? i . I
. i,. r K ,. i nlng l?od.i ? utrj to do
? . I? - nl.lloll? I, \ . id )
. 'i \ .ii. I i, in i ? ?? i i. ? . .- . * ? ?ogres*
. i ?ugl m l and mai -. . i.? - n
Ile? IJUi en, delloUll? lug i!" I ?overturn
h - li) 111 : - What the li ? . :.-ill\
nu m?., an I launching bl ?li iona
an iii,?? the BI? .1 ..! |. . wouM Hier?? not be n
prell) p iih?M ! \\ nil I iliei ,. >i IN? I ai rm of
pi np -t? tig ?i,i?t snell *i uki ? ni?-?1? II Phill
?? exact I) what .lohn Burns, M P.. ha? IM***II
doing Whit do Am? i m \? "i kiiiLMn n
..f it.? I hi v have not geni i illy l u k< I |M
Ism I >.? tin \ en loy having a t i
f. -?. I enemy of Ameri?*nn Institu? ..-. .
hith? i .iul m nit l bein and mallan Hi
St HOQL in I .>!: i/?
I . ipi? ?lion of .i.n< ": ? lu the puldii?
Sehn .1 ?i ?li III i-1 ? 'linn.in.I.nu all? III loll
pn?., ni uni" in both Wa i'orfc ami Hrooklyn
in both cilles committees ai.- st v\. ?t l? KUI
Ing changea and i forms, and uudonhiiill* billa
affecting Ibe sebo ria In h *th will lie lab] before
the legislature Inasmuch as the peuple ?have
\.,t.?,l in fivi i ..I iii?' coUK-ol Ida tlon ?.f ibe iwo
, iii. ?.. ii needs in? sir. n:- argument !.> thoa
the desirability of Ibe estiiblishin?*ui on Imth
sid.? of ile- Baal Biv**r ?f school systems thal
?:in midlly i>? bnaighl together winn conaolidfl
ii.m i? effected.
in ihi- city the woik of framing a measure t?.
Bccoiiipllsb th?' desired elida lias lu "ii inn u?-t.?l
toa sill) . ?ill nuil t.f ile? < '? ?nuiiit I.f S. \ . ni?, .
consisting "f st. ph.D li ?lim. Henry I.
Kprague, William W I."'i..-. Niiioii? M urra j
Butler and .1- lui I'. Pine li la safe lo saaillUe
th ii Ibis committee will mak.- larg* n?<? of the
material otata.I lij Ibe s|s*ciol rommisslon
whi.h by appointment of Mayor illlroj Invwt
gated ih?- general subjifl i*ai*cfullj more than
a year ago mil presented II report ami lilli lo
th" last l?gislature. Mr. '?lin was s mendier
of thai corouilMslon, mid i? therefore HI?.?ally
ipialiiiid t?. ?1?. Intelligent work on ibe preseni
committee, lu N'lcbotai? Murra; Butler la one
of our high es1 authoritle? on it-cdagogi and al
lied Subjects, and. silice be hi? given careful
study t" the subject ?>f ?c1.1 systems, will Is?
nhle to render Invaluable assistance in proiwring
an ici-epiahl?' measure Tlie hill seal in Albany
last winter fallet] of ?passage, despite ?is merit*?,
Inn ii-i course In Ihe l?cgt?latun< can nea reel)
fall to Im?tente to Ibe ?.mlttii? the points In
which ii was ?,?,, ii. and mu altogether ?all?
factory. In Brooklyn a romuilttee of st - v .-II able
litlxena waa appoint?! i>.\ Mayor Hetalerea in
August butt i" consider ways and menu? ?if im
proving Hie pulill?' ?cliool? This committee ha?
been al work diligent!) for several weeks, lan
nothing i? yet known of ih?- resid?a of iii de
liberations, li i? generally expected that . .*-.
tensive changea In Ibe antiquated and cumber
som.' s. hool system in Brooklyn will lie recoin
I mended, ami presumablj a i. ?1 will lie drawn
np for ih" action of the l^e-gislaturc
'Ih?. desirability ?.!' li II 'mullions action between
tin' iHiK.irioiial o ininiii? ?.? in ih?? two ?iii?? la
Self-evident. \\ .. ?lo not mean, of ?ours??, ihai
om? hill should be drawn lu cover both or thal
pivcisfl.v Hu? same lines shank! lie followed in
ih?? endeavor i.? improve iii" existing system?
Tin? defects in them are not Hie same, ami ihe
ro?adles should mi doubl i>" different At Ihe
MUM tim?', ih?? fait must he recoguiied Hint in
a few years ai iii.? furthest Brooklyn will be i
purt of New-York, and Mga?fl<Ris action now
will temi to r?iliH" friction ami dloorder winn
the HCIIOOIK of Greater Now York ora plneefi an?
tler the control of ona body. Than, toa, tha
probability of fnvoruhle action hy the legisla t
ure will be increased ii the New*York and Brook
hn ?school hills ar.? in harmony rather than con*
iii.t witta each ..ther. There ought t?? h?? little
difficulty in drafting measures embodying Ihe
sam?? principles and the same general lines "f
policy, while making due allowance for vary
?nu' local < oinlitioiis. li ?S notorious thal tin?
public ?.linois of Hi,si- two cities compare lmt
poorly with th.? school? ..i' man) other cities.
(mr school systems ar?- hopelessly behind ihe
times. T!i?'i" is a ?troua public sentiment in
favor of reform and improvement. Ali Hi" con?
ditions are favorable. Still, whatever changes
ai., propos d will lu. n nain lo arouse opposl
lion in some quarters. Those in charge of th"
reform movements nave a grave responsibility ,
resting <"i them. Thej should not propose \
change? simply tor the sake of changea. The
few? r ti"- better, unless ibey are really neces- |
sar?.. Til" matter need? t.? be bandied with ?l s
cretlon i'tid i.i.i. s . handled, excellent results
onglit i" I..- ?".ni".I.
t Al: I: Y IM, (?II HU: CAPITOL.
If ih? re i? tiny until 'n th. reporta which come !
from Albany ?lui ia these last weeks of the
dying year, there's danger, unless action of sonn
s.n i? |,iken n? prevent It, thal by the 1st of
January the Capitol building will lie ?broken up
ami carried ? rr pl<*ccn***al and the Legislature
will have no place lo meet in. The persous who
have l>' ' n in ih" ?... ?.?-?.m ?.f ?power and tile
occultai lou of Hie bulkling for several years ?i ? m
io ho actina, upon Ihe notion lhat they own ii."
Iniilding absolutely and have a i, u 111 lu tak" li
down and carrv II away with Hi. ni HOW Hi ii
Ibey ?.in occii|*y It no longer. Thal Ibey l??.
li? .?I ih. > were ;iii-<?liit" rulers of the whole
stat.?, wnh a di?, im- right t.. make la wa t.i suit
Ibeuiselvc?*, lu regulate at iii? ir own Will all
iii?? affairs of its citlxens, anil lo divkle nun us
themselves li? reveiitiea his bing been appar
eut. Um ii waa mu ?n?|i".i.?i until now (bal
Hi \ ? I iiiii? . I Hie ownership of the public bulbi
Ings, mel would undertake to ?airy them off,
. 'I"- pi) . ' ne ii or bodily, when they were tils
char geil from public functions and retired i"
private lit" li -. ?'iii-, however, that they do
labor under Hint hallucination, and ih piirsiinu .
thereof are not only dismantling Hie furniture
?.f the rap t??!. hm taking li.MA? r t" pl< 11 -
and grada dh cartilla i' aa t.\
It wa? I n? It ?i1?? ..Mi.'il Hin hi '. had lu ?gun
on the roof; ..nu ?. mu i? of |. id from the gin
llUVlng !? 'ii .li? lil) 'ik.li aw.i?. 1'oatly <-uspl
dora hi\" llkewl? .?i--i|.|.' n?.I. and I Wellt) of
th.? h ind ..ni" . h n-, milled li! more than Soo
. ich which did service lu the \. w V-k Mate
Bulbi ni al ie w rta! i I tlr ?nd w? re sion I
. ni Hie top Boo*" of the Capitol are misslug
II i i i. ri \ "f th.- Si.it.- has m?. ?ti rloti?d)
ilia.'ipp an 1 trad Ibe stateauien aim are en
i in the dismantling process have even
i fur aa to cam "T articles ><f wearing
apparel, lielouging lo employes In ttae depart
m? ni?, which ..uki no1 under the m ?st liberal
construction .-f the Men of the retiring stab's
men I??- lu i ! ?ubji . i lu ?. Ixure I'i roon d prop
,-rn .1 Hil? nature will doubtless lie returned
, ..- tie retiring slates.a ban? had lime
. . v ?in i,. Ihe ?tnlilt a .ni>\ look ni? ih?> iii"?
d. n ? i'..i a ni1" I.mile i''-)' II? " tua) fur
nish a warraul foi appropriating all the publie
,,..,.,. ibl ' li ia n \. r he**u the rnstoni,
. I? a?? Ihe : I ' listom, L' . ar ? off
in? . loth? ? of c ??'ii? . mployi ii in the public
l h? ?.? ..i .. !i..i,id..':? Hun S. io i? sin,-.
i a I tu |.?ii.I?- that in Ihe stress of
th. in iii-w |.t". dent? m iv be established \\ .
cherish t:..- ii..p.?. not wit list a ml ing, thal the 1 a?
will be drawn "ii pera n ii wi n ng apparel, and
?hit ibe dotbi-s will !??. returned li would u..
fn- io ii . staldlsh the lleiuncratlc party In pub*
I : ..
It non -i-.' IM? - i .1 mid we bojie w.- nil ill no1
1... J. 'I-. ,| .1 llffl'llHlV?? p.li !l?.).l-llip ill off. inn;
Hit ?iiggestlon tliai the right of ibe Democratic
? i w n ih?- (.nilli. Lu l<l aga and
...m ..if wheii li L-?'? i brough using them
.? iiuput? .1 i>> m mi ? minen! i .. ? itut "ii ii bin
\. .- In Ihi? stille i " ' lie H boll ?pi?*
, \ ?!?. . d o - . :. . doubt ?'II
: ih" . mfiii I ? I I ?? in iiii" u- Ige
-' mi .?! iu l w." statut) -
??n - ,.ni\ pn?|M i thai ihe d< moliiiou of
Ih?? ? i|.it..| should '" telllpOl ii ih ?! i? . d
! ' n... ralle pat ty being
r. -. -, ?. . . ! . : nil a . : i lal di i islon . nu
p. i. n in i \..w i lui I ih?? work ? r demolition
IH nu I? y. It ma) Is? -lilli' lill In slop it, lull
P |s w ith n iii** pi ace of I lot . ruor blower,
and ne ar?- liol Sim? lilli thal ii I? hi? official
dil y, pt i ill ..nt tie- National 111] ml, If ic ea
Mil. f? . the |ii ile lion of the I' ipllol We be
. .it dill oa generall) are ?li-;."?.?i t?> tr.-.ii
the Heiuocrniii part) fairi) nod mu deprive ii
??f an) of Its t ..Hit? it waa . \p.. t"d that when
tin d from Ih.ilrol of the Stale It would
. rr) BWil) all Hi" |"?lt.)l?l?- property In right
Imi. in ih.- present slate of the public mind we
r.. i ni" th it Hie atti nun lu carr) liff Hie Stale
i ipllol will pro! ok) i? Sill!mell!
/ ITA 171 il m li: IO A.
The .mi. ? ni' ? ni- ni i? "t.'iv made bf the ?! alb
of n herald la Ka thia war, under tis* system of
Traga trtklng remlndei of how much old
time? .f .in?..iii?, uni romanea overlap )ii>"ii th??
II. .. nt .u-. ' .? >mmonpla< .-. P"or Traga is I .M I -
moni) supposed t., i.. quite obsolete, along with
Dharna and ?Suttee, und in fact it has been
pi .iiii.ii. i h\ law for m..i.? ih.m two genera?
tions Thers was n si em days In India ?
caste known aa ?'ii.?ran??, or heralds, who were
Ih? agents snd guarantor? of ?ill contra? Is, pub
ii.- an! private Bach herald marked with the
point of tn? dagger the contract which he guar?
anteed, .i"! in cas? either ef Ihe prln I pa Is provi d
i to it, h" plunged Hi? *.iin" dagger Into iii
own bresst, or thal of bia neal ii relative Thi?
wn?- tii?- ? -'? ni ..f Traga Th? tnakci of a con?
tract wa irse, moa! relu? tant in tm nr the
inf.im\ ?a ra usina a herald's auielib? or a mur
di i, un i i hua lhere a is a general i ilthfulnesa in
ile- observan.f agreements such sa niii.?lit
no1 have been obtained auder a I? . Iragie rule
of in.lure Some <<( th.? early treallea be
tw< n "John Pomnany" and the native prince?
' were neg?itiated and !<?*i?t Inviolate In thal waj
The system wa-, however, repugnan! to British
principles, and I.rdingly It waa abolished i>\
law earl) In the pn tent century. In the prov?
inces under British rub Nevertheless, the caste
of Pharana still survives, and ?iii!, (hough hap
ptl) "ti rar.i stone, practises the ?am.' old
Tin.? kit. st case was thal of a herald who
Bi ted a ? agent Itl the mai.mi; of II IO DI bj I
banker lo a nain.' landownei \s of old, tii?
herald marked Hi.tract with his- dagger's
I'oitit Th. iin loa n. t refused ta n pa) : he loan
The herald demanded It, under penalt) "f Traga
The landowner laughed .?t han. told him "thal
a i played out," und again refused lo fulfil his
?.na. i The herald then felt thal hia own
honor snd, thal of the a hole caste ..f Winrana
a a al stake s . he lo .i< his brothi i and ag? i
mother in . taller willingly alvina herself as a
acrlflci t.. m.-i. mi,,", arhere a solemn religious
lit?, was performed Tina all three went to the
falthlea? landownei The mother knell on the
ground, her sons stood beside her with drawn
bindea, and s last demand ?.?.a?? made for fulfil?
ment of ih? contrae li was refused. Then
I with one blow the herald struck hi?- motnei
.h.i'i Tha brothers then ?.?.?/..d tha recalcttranl
debtor, wound..i him silghtl) witta their halves,
and mingled his Mood with their motber'a and
smeared li upon thi doo?rpoataof hil lions.? Tims
made Infnmoua lief. all tht people, lbs maa
,iHs driven to commit mibdile. The herald alxo
would have coiii|i|eii.?l the tragedy by suicide, hut
wa? nelrod by the police and sentenced to Im
niiaonQsni for lift. But he ia. and long will b?.
?honored aa a hero by all Hie rnst^ or rharans
In (?iij?-ra'.
The Incident ?< a ghoatiy one. and will lea?l j
t i :h" takim?; of strict menoures t?. prerant a '
repetiiioii of u. No right-thinking man would
wish Traga, any mor?, than Suit'"- or llari-Kari,
to he revived. Yet ?perhaps it l? worth while to
consider whethi r, under our mor hui ians und
enlightened civilisation, the ???ne*? of honor r?'
ni.uns as k"?'n and the claim of duty as coin?
pelling ?i-- among the adh?rents <>f those bar?
barons old customs, if nnt, are we to confess
that Christian liberty Is, In auch respects, !n
ferl 'i' t.. P igan ?up 'i 'i'< n?
What nt? opportunity th.- DtstricUAttorn ..
would have were he hlmsri? n ?I under a i i >ud!
The men bi hind the N ith River Bridge
scheme have sensibly .!. ii ?l In advertise at
..nee for !il?ls f >r Hi?* c 11 tructl m ?"if a BUSpenalon
bridge. Prevlousl) t . 9* i tary Lanr-ont'a A?
ciipm they hnd asserted thai n waa n cantilever
l.ri.Ix.? or nothltiK- The experts, however, point
out thal the cost of i su :.?Sed stn* tur- will
n?? only about one-fourth greater than thal ?>f a
cantilever, and the l>:ioi~.? people themselves, if
holest, must admit the evident sdvantnges ?'f
the former. Al n'.i events, Ihey are apparently
going ahead in good faith. It I" to l.?? hoped
thai the l.lds i"">-i\ ?d will luattfy mp estimate?
of ti. experts on who p >r C lionel !..n
decision was based Ther? ire no engineering
difficulties In the wnj .. uspended bridge; the
..ni?, question la is to It? rou. and that is now to
b n -i'i?-!" ! "ii praci ' uni n .t ?peculatlvc
iii. umbi
- ? -
s. me suffering ?i khi i? ; -. ..f Seely'a unfor
ttinate hank are qulctlj wondering how long it
would have taken thal .. i i. ?kkeeper, if the
-.-t? m of keeping ae? ?ni >o long In vogue had
i ii been changed throng . . ? faull of his. ?,... r
fellow '. wip?.t the ? ii'ire stn, u and |eav<
th?m li.ihi?? for i.lan ' beside
The shark that brought thi hip's paper? f tba
tramp steamer Caps tal ly from IV ? de .! in i' i
lo Guadeloupe, in the 1*. I Indies, a dlstanci of
i ?-\ eral thousan I miles, i I a postal
subsidy, tii,,in?ii it i.- :..??. b yana, th? i- "ii of
any ?? <k?-n I i . .? i i . .... ha tlon It is n ii
l.n iwn ? sa tly how lorn? the ti?- i i, Id : ... list idy
' . -. |.. iiments, bul ;t was mu ', longei
than Jons h ... apied I i a ha .. an i pi
?pt".i l ver a '?? nsldei ible hlsl r ? pe? i, a -
< riling to the shark's chronolog) Ko process of
digestion had begun upon them, not even upon
lbs date? and dgnatui - nor the sealing-wax
and I'.-ialdrj on the otrl . -, -h iwlng
ii th" K.i?trlr rlni I ol : .- va riet) : Ash ia
r*on?iderably less corrosive than murlatl a id ir
t Iowa nua vinegar, and that the real ure posa - -
... i-i ." ii utilities i- il n? retofore it- ami d . '
Thi? is one t the fish ?I irles which w? sre no1
nermltted t . doubt, Inaamueh sa It H t.--?tiii.-1 t.,
b) ihe bo's'n tight and the mldshtpmlte and iii
rea "f the captain'? gig. aa w??i> ?? t>\ consign?
ees, supercargoes mi?! other people, ever) one of
nil .?n is apparent!) res I) to sweat t i anything.
The ?urran .? la Intel itlng to everybody ron*
; \ epl ile -ii.uk. whl h had t?> b?- cut In
two b< ' ' ?ming ci lebrated
1; -i'l ?'i iker '???? ?n't want "vii 1 i!
II? kn >\ ? s bad ?,??-?- It.
- ? -
?Presiden! flereland hai shaken C agraes "ff
bia hands temporaria and ?gone down the
n a revenue cutter i> Institute the Democratic
policy ..f destruction among the canvas-back
ducks if ti.?- gentleman's .um i? no better than
i- his proved in hi? auuniuK expeditions against
tic american i IKI?* his present trip is not likely
to result in an) alarming ?slaughter.
Wo don't care whether Tammany Hall haa
i hw.! or ii"t if th" people will only k'?'?p the
nrganlaatlon where li la n . ?? i me of li In lall
and ti). r.??t in despali
inn s reapp sranct in the ?Bannte wna oot
without it? (loral tribute of welcome, bul ii"
wouldn't show It. .uni nobod) knows whether
is a Bs an am bor, signifie int of ici??', or a i
shadowing forth the i?l".i of endurance and
humility; or a ship distributing the allegor)
lhal lhere are hopeful voyages on the sea of
politics ?."i lo t?? mad) . or a dove, emblemati?
cal ??f Innocence pot pie, trap-shooting and other
things "i- a mere ptn-cushton device with the
Si,.ila H Initials upon i'. srorked oui In red
and Ula? Whatever li was it waa careful!)
? ?? I . ith.?r ?m account "f the modesty of
th.? recipient or because he thought thal In this
pa 111? ula i crisis in ?its areer cul Howers wera
oui of place But the) would no1 have been
li.- never ne?ded su? h a i.iiuht and fragranl
li iph) more than at this time, when all lils
laborious ??nd .uri.nish composite political up?
buildings ni" In the condition of ? ?powder mill
after an explosion These flowers were the
Hist lender growths which came to sotten and
adorn the ruin, and there t? no doubl thai thej
would have Improved Ita appearance consid?r?
ai'!?, if ihe} hnd no1 bean spirited swaj
- ? -
The AsaemMymen n*ere .i".;?.i to serve the
people .m?! ?oobody else it will be weil for them
HOI !.. folget tins ImpOl tant ta I
- ?- -
I'IIII'SM present conditions undergo i radical
change, lhere will be sn angry dispute between
Mi Carlisle snd Mi Oreeham when Fame s-,.(,s
toi waul i.? award .. wreath of buckwheat straw
t.. the man who has proved himself to i>.? the
prise blunderer <?f the Cleveland Administration.
The achievements "f both ?gentlemen nn? so
nenrl) equal that the referee nun yet have to
declare it a draw
- ?a? -
? Keep ?.nf ? f 'l.s pi toi!" is me n lice i?..st,..j
i, the public for the boes ?.
.-~ ?> -
An Impression appear? tu be current, here and
there, that the Hon, Henry R, <iii.s.in, Repre
sentstlve-eiect from iii" ihi Congres? District ?;
Ti IIUI-HS?-.., is no1 a "regular" Republican, but au
"Independent" of some a; It's a .uti ?us ,i
lusioti to han? about ?' all men an Rastern
Tennessee Republican Independent, "f course, il?
ls, as all tin?' Republii i ia are; bul not In the
sense <<f lukewarmness in hta attachment to the
part) and Ita principles. The) don't ratas hybrids
lu th?' Tennessee mountains. Mr, Gibson was
regularly nominated by the regular Republican
party, and regularl) ele ted, and will serve as a
regular and loyal membei of the Repubtlcaa ma?
jority in th?? I.IVlh i'oiiKi-s
The venerable Holman, of indiana, having
been relegated to the cool abades "i private life
ii\ ih.. votes "f ?. discerning constituency, now
proposes to hurst into literatura by writing ?
volume "f recollections of iii?? in Congraan. it In?
\..i\.'s n?) dbmoragetneni of JIHIR.? Holman'! pub?
lic services t> predict that henceforth na ?rill
be i.istiv iiioii? Interesting and valuable as ,i
remlnlscem than as a statesman.
- ?> - -
No doubt Japan Is grateful that sh<? did no!
have UI.?sham s aid or sympathy. Becretary
Qreabam li wlial la call?ed a boodoo.
- ? - -
The civilisation of Morocco is no1 at all equal
in quellt) to it- leather, which it muet i>.? ad?
mitted makes capital slippers and ?book bindings,
whereas of its clvUlaatkni mithin? ooafnl or
tolerable eau be made b) any known procesa it
has now walled ni> the one-eyed brother "f the
Bullan, leaving only ? ?small apartara for the
Introduction ?.f fond, ami the unhappy victim
will undoubted!) perish In slow torture In his
cruel lininnreitien Whether he I? thus entreated
bacanas lu* is the Bnltnn'a toother, ?.t merely ba?
rattas he I? ona eyed, or for political or dynastic
reasons, I? not certified, and is of little eonsc
auence. It la a demonstration of the Inhuman
ferocity which prevails there among rulers i
ruled, and Is quite out of plat?- in this ag?? of
world. ^^^^^
ng rulers and
Mrs ?Lease, who Is to setth ?! wn em a farm ?t
fresno, <'. l" as ?non es her temi of ofllce ??xpir???,
speaks thus on the woman ?iu?'tlti. "! think oar
eman ?Ipatlon Is merely a ajoestl ? of time, but I
v .11 iin.'.irv admit tint arom<H! are ne prepare*,
for it Worn. :i are mi i to a van, aro thoy not*
Mi i are more ju-t t<? women than v. mea ar? t0
. ich other. W? hay?? many things t,i letra before
ui- a.a lit ii esen is :h<> full rlrht of the ?"jffras?.'*
Dr. Dons l M ?< i.? "I. the ?Sdll ii "f "Oood ?v.iria?
.,,d, | ha* been aetected for the post of M?3dtrataraf
the n<*xt Oeneral Aa* ?ably of the Scottish Kirk, i*
.. i,rother of the fa mow N rai n Ma I. ?I He W??
b irn in Ins), and la minister of the "quoad sacra"
parish of Park. In '?as?..? Ile ha* i"?-n ?sinor
Of "(?,.,.1 Wor Is" sin. i?r
Du .iamiary ! the rMOSM "I iiedhntn, M?*?.,
w11! . .lehr.it" th.? Slat annlv r-ar.v of til? lirst tree
Khool m that boroagb. Oovernof Oreenbalas am
deliver an oration.
lu i recent ?nene of "The British Weekly,*1 to?
Rev. Iona Wotton, past"' (,r 'he aTaHtea Park Pre?.
byt?*Ttan ?Church, ?vevpool, who i? bettei known
;,? "ina Macburea," lena th?- fotlawlng story about
M. 111 .- . v Ara i ' "Matthew AmoM'a beotneMfe
liv?.. Mi ?Cropper, ,".t:..i:-l our ehurcb, aad that
wai hor.' 'ne cinie to he in th" ??hun h that Sunday.
li v,.is sBcremenl mornlm?. sad l preached sa th?
?Shadow of th<? Cross.' We afterward ?nag tfee
i.- nu)
en 'n i ? :i ? the . : ?i?
? ?n ..
Mr Arnold left before the i immunlon and w?nt
home ?Va he enme ?.wn-tiir from his bedrotan H
lunch a aervanl who was close to thi dlnlag-raua
? l oi neard him saying - ?ftlj to himself UM fir-t
lines of the hymn. . . At luncheon Mt Arnold
o.iki. about th<? hymn which, he M I, waa th?
unes? m the English langnagi Aftei ul iV neg|
out, and In ten minute? waa si id
..Th. ?Philadelphia w ?rd" 4 restai tai ?aid "__
Mayor Richard Vaus la ee-renty-?elghl reara au to
i, II- i ?ni! h ii" and hi arti aa I the ?,
_ 'alhoun, Ponton,
m?-ti in tie ?s.'nate. to
,',,.? To listen to those men In th? ?S'-nate. to
dine ? Ith th? m, I . n ad th? It . Think of
those ti.?:'. . e I then of Bl '..rrnar, .Smith
Vernier, ihi j o ina Fren h m ith mat! il pre :\gy,
- ml) elght?H?i
There la absolutelj no truth In ti?? report that
ih Re? ?Samuel I Smith, author of -n?- hyma
Km rl? i." li In s ml In B m ? S. T.
Smith, of Dan npoi I Iowa, his i - ? - hb iaihw
ici-? ..n in .nu?- ?ufflrisni for a Beedi
Till TALK OP lilt: OAT.
.lim? to the n-.-' i-.?,a a,f, uni! ?a the Carl*?
'.inin:- ina rles whose live* i tant daoant
im .? tn?' i- . -? mu\
. an be ? :.i? ilfled a? t"li iw? .-'. ..-, ! tiv?
of them o lona to the R man Cathou ?nurch, u
Mshopa and ?D priest? The i" tentant ala
?i m ,n>? !..i)i Seotlaad ml ?Saglaad nimijera?.
'"ii.ir? h MUM and t?
?h?? China inian l Misai m The Ana rtcan anl .?wed.
i?h mleekmarlea ..r th.- Protestant f.i!-n are pretty
aumeroua but the ess I figuri - are ;. il r-?port?-d ia
regard ii the itrength of their mission*
Kaw Material De gre! trouble wlf dese tim***,"
?.ul Rrastu? linkte), nu J?t nuff folks ?loan"
>n' .1.. tn IiiiT uteestton." "Dasso r-plied
hi companion "Fob Instance, '...i an' m*
want? free roi material." Does we?" "Sut'ny.
goosen '..? vstera sa dey i? bruns ''om ?le bay
. lilli! ...st mitlln .!.ih youd hal. .?.- fr?*est kin'
?.n .!?? roreet material, an de Intlah profit ob de
'yster hu- n.-- il c? t?*' i.? fern meta what does
de ?hu? kin'." ? Washington s- u
"The Cincinnati Enquirer" Ml* tata itery to
prov.? that tin? !n?tlnct of self-pre.?erv4tion is
Stranger than reeaoa A min .?n a l.ake Huron
st-am r had ii; ?mis' spa) Im-n of bla*ik rattle
Mi. ik" I ha\e ey.?r mel with. it wa? about th?
size of an . i he.ni ?arter snake anl i'i vic lou? as
Satan. It WOS ?.ontlned Ir a strong boa covered
with thi.-k piala glass Whan any on- would
touch the (lass with hi? tln??T the ?nake would
.?nike the un 1er aide opposite the finger a? quick
ly as H stroke of lightning, Th.- experiment*?
? .iii alarays |erk away ?? ?mVtenly Thara nu
not a tuan uti board, however mus.ular and free
from nervouaaeas, ?ho could heap ins tineer te
th. ?lass wara th?> ?nake wonli strike, although
knowing that ;t '..'iii not peaslhty touch MOL
Btroag nun ?A.iiill i ty it ?again and airain. . ??rtaln
..f their ability t.> endure the test, bul with tha
same t? ault
i n -I November ?'.. IBM
Here, children, view in thi? lugubrious fOeOj
Where everj form >'f rice ana left Ita trace.
Wide ?layering Jaw? to aelse and bold Ila prey,
K"lat, doraste?? head, where evil held full *way.
Taxer of brothels, sore-eyed with the atesaos
?if .iriiuk'ti revela where the wine-cup ???Mmai
Sleepless with ?A it? bing at *h.- doora .if -:.>??,
Still hing the offal thal tha- bawds refuse;
Smirching the ermine on th?- .lu IK?'?' seat
Trailing In blood th.- robe o'ei just! e'l foet;
Pi ! Kir,H tli* , ;t\ ? honor t.. the mob,
gelling her warrants te the vii- te rob;
Making the vlcioua ?mile, th?? vtrtuou? ?>:ir,
And cheap the wa) io ?hame, to honor dear]
i?eprou? aa mlldewi i walls. ,in 1 In h - I .ith
No1 half ?O ti.iu?".?a? a? hi? former t:..jth.
Keep I.mi in sight ? trophy of the past
All future i len? of ?In s Ith fear i
. i, iga
The dlecloeuree before the Lexo* Coamdttai
Iii . ..mm. ?1 "The i.Mi I i.iiui (Va.) Newe"
(Dem.) thal the old Taraman) Hall dei f ti
.?.? ?i<.'i n I ,i? B doth n t.? the core "
Btraager Zum Donnerwetter, noa > u have eat
mi .hm a ?-"..nil time If you can't *ha\ better
than thui you Will I???? all mur customer? ; retty
.V K .
Bai-t**e-r'a Apprenti ?. N'..i B1 all! 1 am not al
lou. I t.< ?have the regular cuatomera ye\ 1 only
she?.?- strangers! (Fliegende Blaetter
The Westminster Haoette," of ?L?oadoii ?jlr?ni
this nierai cog} of a i id ?vter'a i?,n sent toa D
?hire s.'ulr?
s.|iiir.. -. ,. *
T.i s. \\ ria.? ?\ . <1
<' I 1 UP M ?? . Ig
li .:??} ni.? M'??.
Tot Maetei . ?
Heel i na ?n! bound m> Mattum. 1>
II., i tapi Maali V . ?J
Lined, bound sad pat pi?.a Madam.l ?1
S'il li.sl UP Mis? KHU. 2
Soul ing tin? Maid . I
r.itiinif ? pn.*- ilium Master. "
T ?al . !?
Th.? wheehnea of Cleveland, Ohio, have uskol
ni" Park CommlaaloBora of ta?> rtt| to toaaunst
ii bicycle path m the park for the exclusive sssel
S h.'.'linen.
The mistake? la social mveraation of P*_?f
who ha\" money, and apparently nothina ona
mai b.? counted by the hundred, if report speak?
Lash of .'ultnr.' .an never render a person rl lle_
loua, unies? he i? ai tha ?ame time ooastful an?!
assuming, and there ar-? unfortunately, a sanr
eleni number <>i auch pretendere t.. pom? manya
I Joke.
A ?,.?!?. li,n?.rant anl S < iltlu WOOWB, Who
. fond of talking about her "uri gallery." one
mel at tin? houae of au a? quatntance a la i\
had not called on her, although thai llvi I la
same town
"Come and see me, do!" said Mrs. n - . the
nitron ..t art, as the other lad) eras taking ?ne
i leave .
'Thank \."i very iiiii.li." waa the uoiwomniittsi
i reply
'we've gol a ai a pi? mr?', too That snghl te
tempt t?iu to .om,?. ir i . an'l
' "I should l??' veo alad Indeed to see it
'tench a lovel*/ picture? ?Sometimes it ?eeass
to me i could look at it .di day lona."
"What Is the subject ?>f your picture. M ra
i 1! "" Inquired tin- hiisli??
"Janitor and ter." remarked she. with assa.r
i ance
Then som? one remembered that the mime,
i "Jupiter and Io." was attached to th.? pi.tur??.
; ?Montreal Ml itopolltat)
''London Knxin.-eriiiK' sais 'The heavy naval
! Ochtlng in the far K i?t has civ. ii no1 a feu ?>P"
portualttea .?f gatberiag raluabea information
about tba behavior at ?juna and arsaer whtd no
doubt ?di be available at a liter data M u
stat??d. on y.hat appears to be lellabts aathority.
that ihe tate of the Calacee Ironclad i'w Vl"'"
wa? decided bj ene round from a Canal j_ ??*._*
KIHI, the beavteai weapon in both ?aaa-U The ah*
' which sunk th.? I'inK vu.-i. wstgnad ttl hn>
Kia nun.?, nearly 1.000 poaads, and WOS ?>n* J?
1 Holtiter make, it crashed IbrOUgk the nfterpirt
j of the VIBBITB armored d?'?k. tha iMp ^in-?1'". bf
' th?? Stern almost l:iinn?dlately."
An Inl-lible Mark Aluminum has ttepra^rtf.
when used as a peacll, of leaving an in.telihi mar?
?n glana or ans other subsuac*ehariaga?neaajj
baas A deposition at the metal takes pbwe, en*.
whlle this may be removed bv a ?>J?*B2j * ?_.
?raab, the mark Itsolf eaaool be remo?, e.I jj
binn Or Washing. Magiwslum. aim: an 1 ????'
have a similar property but the ?ml* Of m ?
ne?iuni i? easily ?removed; ?be appUrattoa or?
require.? a wh.?.?l. ttn?l sin.? and ?diiUum tsrnis ?
while aluminum Is permanent and remaiM ?T ,.
Thi? property I? .u.eeptlblj? of a y**^L____jll?.
cal application ia decoratmg glaas.^rw?-aui?*e

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