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RISON OSS H.\i-.*!|i;n.;. am. TM? JAPANK8B,
CH1NK8M idss 7,i?i
LnrlJon. Pec. 2.'?.? The Anl??n<? oonespxnideiu of
the Central Nswa says th .t f.cnern! Vamagis
dlvisl'-n of the S?,-.,iid Japanese Army hns ad
vaneed northward steadily fop a month, an.l on
I?eeember 18 occupied Kal-Plng. So Orfenc? was
made. On l>eceinl>or IT ?co?ta reported to Lieu
tenant-f?eneral Kalsuia. !:i?-ti hear Lato? Yang,
that a largo fore? ,,f Chinese bad been saen naov
liiK in th-? direction of Lalo?Yang. This fore?
proved to he the defeated gairtson of Hal?Cheng,
under emman?l of General Sung. The Chines?
La . fled with all possible speed ever sin.-e De?
ttmbtt It, when their position was raptured by
tno enemy. They were then lu a rather de?
moralized condition, and were making for Mouk?
ten. Kataura decided to Intercept them. !!?>
left ramp on th.. n?Kht ol December IS, with hi?
?ahnle foi*ce, and the next morning overtook the
Chin? se at the Village of Kung-Wasal, where
they made an obstinate stand. Although in poor
condition, th..y ?rere m-ariv 10.1M0 strong, and
were alile to force sint" fier?-" fighting upon ihe
Japanese, in the midst ?>f th.- battle Oshtma'a
i?r:c.i !? from Hal-Cheng came up and gate
Katsura a 'live supp irt.
Th?-. Chinese he!.! oui ?rlth surprising bravery.
Th'.y faced the well-directed fire from five ?Tap?
ai - batterie? and fought desperately, although
\?. . il ?: I ? organization, The Japanese In
fantry bargt I twl ?-? through the scattered line?.
hut the enemy rallied. Three bayonet ciiarue?
eventtially won ih<- day for Katsura, after Bve
h air? of the hi ttesl fighting >?t experienced by
Hi- Second Army. The Chinese faltered aa Ihe
third advance began, and lied In disorder t ward
Tlng-Kow. Th losses are not known, bul the
Chinese are reported to have left BOO men i n
the ?
A dispatch from the Central News eorre
?? ? lent In T k- > says thai Corea ha? airr.-?? i to
open the ::>'??? ports of Mokpo, province of Choi?
lad-, an i Chlunsmpo, ...? th?. Tiitunc River.
?-Th.- Times'?" correapondenl In Tlen-Taln
?ays the Japanese ar?. supposed t?. have reached
New-Chwang yesterday. Bhao-Yeo-Llen, en
Governor of Formosa, has been appointed nec
ond envoy t" negotiate f"r peace wit!; Japan,
"The Tinvs's" COITeftpondent in Kobe says:
"A th?'usand Tnnphaks defeated the Corean
?T.irris'.n of ?'hall; ... ??n December IT. and looted
and burned ihe houses in ihe vicinity. Insur- j
gems also murdered the. chief Corean official !
ai Bunchhon. !i is reported that many Chin.-se
are among the T??nirtiak* "
?15 RKI'I.T TO Till: CARDINALS' ,\r'l?Hl->S-TTiE
1'KTr.oiT-s OITICKM to Bg Rg
?Rom?. Pec 23 -The TV.pe he!?! a receplinn In the
Throne Room to-day to open the ?'hrlstmas f?i?-a
TVenty-two Cardinals, many other hint, ted?las
tic?, noblemen and < ons*i. nous I'athoh?- citizens
?f? present Cardinal RaJTsek, Monaco i.a Val?
letta. !n the name of his ? oHastgiies, presentad the
best <'Jir?sima.? wi-h-s 10 th? I'"!-. who In reply?
ing emphasize! the value of rellRlous Influenee In
the families, schools and Govrnmeiits of all coun?
tries, if there were no fallh. the Tope said, ll
would be useless to put laws In force Hl er
tressed t?e hope lhat he would close his f'nr.ttfl
<Hle by realUine the union of the Roman and Kast?
ern church??. The address contained no political
referent ea
Refore tiiis ceremony the y'ope received Mom?
?Inner O'Cons-ell, of ihe American ?"?-.HeRc, and ar
ranged for the reception of the cruiser I>etrott-?
offl? ers Tliis reception will take place to-morrow,
und Immediately after it th? oftVers will start for
Naples. A banquet was iiven them at the Ameri?
tan Olletre th!%evenlnR.
T?RM I'?WI.RS TO T1IK?1 I ':!.'?<! \TKS TU
London. l?ec. A?It is reponed from Constant!
rople that the Corle has atrried to the instruc?
tion? given by the British, Russian and Fret
Ambassadors to the-r dssl?)gatea to Arin-i:l... and
has directed the Commission of In.juiry to help
the for?-iKii agenta accompanying It. The dele?
gates are empowered to suggest questions and
take i'art In the oral examination. Abdullah
Pacha, ??ho was set I out with the Commission,
has been NCalltd. TWO officials from the || m-t.-y
of Justice will replace him. "Th* Btandard'a''
Coaatanth pi? correapondenl says:
It is ramtted ihai Abdullah Pacha has been r?.
cail'd. He is remarkably Independent and l-iiui-i
rr.ir. iei. His preeenee, i<> a great extent, guaran?
teed t'ne Porte'? sincerity In the i-;?,'itr>. He n?t
Int?. trouble ai !ii<- Ytldla Kiosk before siartlni?,
by avowing hi? Intention to i?-!l th?- truth. Th" in?
quiry wlU ;>?- conflneJ to -.!.<? Baaaoun dlatrlct. I!
is reported that there ar?- fr<-.?ii troubles ll. ihe
prouass dlstrl? t, where a number of Armenlsna
have i.een Imprisoned,
ay; cam miPPiKa MOT TO de hi*bjbctbi>
LONonn to ? su ?r Kim s
MaArkX Da - Befloi Atmtzu/.., Iflnlatsr of ?ne
C --s, proposes to settle forthwith iin? question
of fines imp. ?e i .,n United Butas shipping In Cuba
a-.! Porto Kico. and la arran^in*. t.. prevent similar
< i th.- fi-ur?. This- action results fr ?m
th? urgent representation? rnada by Mr. Taylor,
Um i ? States Minister her?- Deputy Laetrea
??::., Iras hla nue?ti?,n aa to th?
it ?., tlms.
Oaxaco, Mexico, Dmt -?'?? A i ? rler ?rho ha? just
grrivt . hers from the Guatemalan border reporta
that farms and ranchea on th? frontier are being
* ; ??? i ? "- aeel?Bg place? <?f
Bafei fro? tha tle?predatlons and crimes which
ar? i,. antl) r-ommltt? i by ill" bandits and
Wtlawi ?^..., folio? .n ?!"? ?rsk? of ihe soldiers.
The Guatemalan force? ar" being Btrength?n?Fd ??:i
alo:-.? the line, and th? Indiana und other native?
of ?? ? rountrj are ihihk pressed Into military
a-rv.e.. -it,, volunteer troops ol thla Btate, ?i?
^. ? ;,. stai' ?.,' Chiapai ?t.tulpped and
:-. ? , march to ihe frontier aa soon as war ?bail
<? f Mexico, Dec. a The extend I la: In the
W: . f Acapuleo of tvi<- English erulsei Royal
*rtii??, champion, flatelllte .?nd Nymph is a mat?
jar of ;? dation The m.'st generally sc
??pia^. i that ti ra i..??-?- ?orne de
?tfiit? in connection with th" present dispute ever
the ? .,!? \i" , mil Guab mala.
P?r>. i? ? ii an uncoaflrme i i
that Captain Lrreyfu? who waa aentenced yester
**>' fot baa k?\\>\ hin sell In h
Parla, ,. .. ;. . i Randolph Churchl'l, wh.?
*** ha?! tdurne; from hif irtp aro4ind th. world,
*.? tsorsa ? ..... ami Bbowi i Bysaptotna of k>co
?iioitr a:.,\., v. ?. iti?. ?-?. i atarted foi Lon
con ihn .?, n;rif
-^- ?
Lonlon. Dec. 23 -The account? of yesierd??'? rail
*?> ?cciiei near ?'heiford still vary. Tha most
trust??or.ny report is that th? high ?vlnd started a .
freight ear :,?,..-, ?,'i,,d? an a ?ide track, and sent it
If" ti?: tha,-.. in, is the Chelford express paasstd. |
??? r[?'1*h? "i- ?irov? two carriages off the track.
???iV1-? n?X! 'hrec ?.?irr?4){ei ?n tits express wer?
lumb.H sftci ..i? ... -;-n,r'...-:, person? ?--fc;> !-!ll*d
sas sevenieen ar,- in th? ho?pltsl The rssi of the ?
??JUMd have gone home.
Paris, i>r,. & \ ,,, , lajpatch dai?-?l at ?amn |
ya-_Madagascar, saya thai a sklrmlsk bciween j
?"?French iroo?,s und M,,..-: h.i:? taken |>!u"e ..:
?"???rai.a. and thai ?lire? Hovaa and cm I ranch
BBM Rfr,. ?roundetj Th? Government denle? this,
'??'?rinn thai hostilities will nol : -:?> until th?
?plra?on o' the per.o?! ???! it, ih. ultimatum. 1 his
fff*? *'?!! ?i.l on ijfc?nu??r M
"-??"?on. Dec. 23, Mrs. Willlum W?!d??rf Astor's
m9*9 will i)#. emhalmed ?nd taken to New-Tork.
LOSS moM Tin-: ST..KM in BELOH-M, HOL?
London, Dee, ?..-Ileport? of death and damage
to property in the gnat storm arc ?being received
constantly this evening. Three rishini smacki
wen! down last night oil Btornaway, on the
Bteotch coast, and all three crews, numbering
twenty-two, were drowned. The British bark,
Klrkmlchael, which was driven on the breakwati r
at Holyhead yesterday, hag rilled. Twelve of her
?i"\v aere saved with the breeches buoy and
????en were drowned. Many cotters on the Done
pi coast have losl their huta In th.- storm. At
re lin i? h,?use collapsed and tho three occupants
were killed, in Rtranorlar two person? were
killed by a failing chimney.
s-?veral vessels wen! a.irift in Aberdeen Harbor
and ??rounded. Th?. roof o| the MaeDonald Art
Gallery was ripped open and many valuable
punir.-?? were Injured. The btin ?Lttven was
wrecked In the Firth of Clyde, near Androssan
and her crew of five wer? drowned. At Loch*
wlnnoeh, near Paisley, part of a three-story cabi?
net factory was wrecked Forty persons were
buriel In the ruina P.mr were killed outright
and twenty injured serious]]*. The proprietor was
struck in the back hy s falling timber, (uni is
dy m.-. ? >niv five persons es? iped without Injury.
The coast steamship Brook stranded )a<i night
near ?Berwick, Scotland, and her crew were
brought ii^h.,re with the breeches buoy. The
gables were blown "ff s dosen houses In Yar?
mouth, and the tide In th-- River Tare rose sev?
eral feet above the normal high-water mark
Hundreds of 1i..us.-m have been ? i ?ded
s ?res ,f amall steamers and sailing vessels are
aground along the coast, 'i'.'i.' majority of them
will be floated. Numerous case? ??:' death or se?
vere Injury from falling timbers, trees and chim?
neys have i?.i reported this afternoon from all
p irts ,,f th.- I'nited Kingdom.
Th?. German bark Caroline, Captain Qerdes,
from Savannah November ii : ?i ?Hamburg, Is
ashon a; Rgmond-aan-Zee. She is a total wi.it
and her cargo !.-? being washed ashore, .--?,:.:
her crew reach? I land, ami ,,iher- were drown? .1.
The British bark Tamar EL Marshall. Cap i n
Utley, and th.- x ?rwegian ship Amerl a. Cap? i n
Frantsen, have i>-.-n driven In on the sandbanks
?t <-r.-n..-k. m.- Norw-Kian i..,ik Abana, Cap?
tain Danlelscn. la ?ashore .?; Cleveleys.
Dispatches from ihe Continent fay that S ?rth
ern Prance and Germany als? suffered severely
from th? Si ::::. although th.- loss of llf-- and
property cannot yet he estimated Al Han urn
many v.-*!-,.:?? went a?lr!ft and were in collision ',r
grounded, The tide was th.. highest seen since
1SS2. Tii- lower parts >f Wllhelmshaven,
N'.,r:h Sea. were flooded, and the dikes would
have gone if th?> garrison had nol worked ener?
getically f.?r hours to strenathen them. L?beck
and Colberg ii^> suffered mu h damage
Paria De? ??The storm whi. h has swept
N??ithwestern Ktirope ha? -i me gr.Mt damage
in Belgium. Th.- I??-trir?? overfl ?w?id it-- ?banks .?t
Ti'tniond- and the liihnb'.t.ints were ar>.ii?
midnight by ringing b?*!!* to fl-e f r thell lives
In H ?tterdam 'lu- water roise twelve feel abovi t ??
usual high-water mark. The street? were under
two or th:ee ft ??: : watet end Ih< In tal
pad lied ar ?und on rafts and in boats. The Ilk- ?
>,f the Meuse and Vu.-', were strained se? ??
! ng their ?.?wer courses. \; ? n< pis ?? ;. large
break let out a flood whi h coven I ? ?ride area
and did enormous damage. Throughout the
Netherlands and Belgium ninny persons were
Injured, an? a few were killed b) falling rh m
neys and timber? The pilot 'titter I.a.nati-ur
capslsed "tT l?unkitk and thr?-^ ,.f the ere*
were ?It? ?med.
Kfl-KNI:!!'.?-; AM' HOHBNLOHE <-.!-.".M\NS
Berlin, i? ?J Christmas week i , ?
..' the people prominent In Berlin society at th? r
country homec Th? example ha? b
Ihe Imperial family, who will remain In Pot
until the middle <>f January, ?.hen court lit.- at
the Old Castle will tx resumed. Th? data flu l
la seven ?,t .t^ht day? latei than lasl season, and
th<- tradesmen an bemoaning the heav)
which tins lela y will rsus? them. Th? absentee
Ism of the court grow? more noticeable yearly.
The absence of th? court circle ha I much
effect upon th?- h?.ii ?.?y ?aspe I <<f the town. Gen
eral trade h.i* even sppearance ?if briskness, and
the How of Christmas charity and food feel ? . I?
an full a? ever. On Thursday Empres? Prederh-k
ait.-ndfd a grand f?t? ..t the children of Ih? l'est?
lossi PrObelnaus. These children ihe renard? ?
h.-r special ward's, and, as tisij;..i. ahe contributed a
large sun: toward t.'..-!i Chrlstm?? fund. ICmpre?,?
August? Victoria entertained tli?- ?-hlldren ,.: the
Empresa AufcuMta Home ?till more elaborate,! She
brought them in court carriages from Charlottei
burg t,> lb? new palace .ii Potsdam, and t.. ,- |
them :,. chocolate, cakes and fruits, in th* i"
en?-.* of '!,?? small prince?, who sal at Um tabla
with th.dr visitor?, and afterward Joined them In a
dance and general frolic. After Ihre? hour? of
fun t!,<- ,'hlldrer had lemonade and cake? and
went .'.or:;.-. The Imperial prince? will have an
unusually splendid iree on Christmas Bve,
Emperor William has gone ?iff huntinc in Ihe
neighborhood ?>f iConlga-Waaserhauaen AI i? <
urgent i ?-ijn.-xi Count Ilot ho su Kulenburg, the
former Pi isslan Premlei ? eompanled turn. The
Imperial favor? bestowed upon inia unpopulai and
untiring offlce-seekei hav? eaused much dublom
headnhaktng in ih? lasl week, a? thej have givei
r,".- to reports that he soon will succe? I Prln? ?
llohenlohe. It I- regarded s? reasonably certain
that ?in. present Chan<-elloi can t? only s stopgap
Hi? fen sppearance? in the Reichstag ha?-* ?hown
that hi? vocal powers, s/hlch never were gr?-.it. ate
??min-- rapidly. Aa ? debater h? cut? no llgure
whatever, gerierall) readlni hla si.he? .1 - h?
would official statements, an?l, wie n diverging
ft ??m the text, Invariably needing ?ugget Mon? t.i
th? secretary at ins <n><?w. Hin llfele?? mannei
and thin voice make ?? forlorn impression on - * 11
who remember ? ? ;ii.r;\ ; vlgoi-ou? ?lelh'er; and
penetrating tones Person? r.ho hav.ne bu?
with Hohenloh? In hi? office sa? thai ih? r?
., im differ? 'ii man, easy, affable and k- en
The semi official new?paper? say thai neither Bm?
peror nor Chancellor I? anxious ovei th? result? ,,f
il,., finit,i ? t.. discipline the ?Social Democrats In
the Reichstag Th? Kmperor is represent?""! is hol?l*
loof from parliamentary business, having i.?
share in th? sttempl to cur'all members' privi|e--e?,
an I not ? aril ?? ??????? ther this sttempl su? ceeded or
Th? spy Btaala In Flu??'" ha? ?ilrred German
feeling t.. in?- boiling poini Th? trial ol Dreyfus,
th? expulsion ol Von t'aasel and the sentencing ol
i m s. ?...id ??. l< last ?reek hav? been dlscusseil with
bitterness throughout th? Empire Th? declaration
of the l-'i.-n. n Minister? that Dreyfus had no re?
lations with t!.?- Oerman Bniba -> Is regarde?! as
lafaotor* in ''i" f;.I Ihe repeated asser?
tions of the French press thai th? sole document
on which he was ? ?nvlcted ?as stolen from th?
Kmbasay. The f.r,. |ourn?l? Insinuate siso th?(
?'.mi,: Munstei tiled to Induce il"- French ?overo?
meni t., Irop tin- prosecution. although thla Is a
|,..lj.alii.- falsehood. The charg? agalnal Von t'a?
ni rested wlely upon l?i?? ??ssoclatlon with \'?.ri
rlchdn'-eck. and the case against Von Bch?nbeck
rented soleli upon i map with outlines resembling
? plan ol I'd- nch fortworks
Th? ''Kreus-seltiiAg*' -aid on Wedn?cday thai full
chemical analysis of .--tan lard ?'?i Company's im?
ports showed sdulteratloii The i'nited rien* cor?
respondent aft?-r following an Independen I Um of
Inquiry, ??certained that th?- whole hubbub about
this Oil orif-lnhted wlih Pohl, of Mannlieim, wh>
buys exclusively from the Columbian Oil Compsny.
Ha Informed the Oovernmenl that the Rothschilds
w?-re negotiating to combine the Standard and th?
r-'sfiai) 'oil l?-r.p-ini?-"? in order to create a world?
wide monopoly. Pohl a?ked that. In the Intarest?
of the ?German i-onsumers, the Government grant a
BUbventloh for heavy purchssSS from the ?"oiumblun
Company r>.in ?-our-?*, he ?ail, w-ui?i check the
monopoly. H<* advised also that the Oovernmenl
build tankt^ats to bring the oil up the Hhlne. Th?
Oovernment approve?! hla plan and advWe I him to
iiave a Subvention hill drawn and presented in the
Eli?, i'euti., I<e.'. V. The band of burglars who
liiok? Into 1 -avLI Sloclltn's hoiife. in Washington
Township, a iteei ??>?" aasi, after niaitri-aiing th?.
old man and his wife, robbed Ibes*) 0( over RAJUO,
Itav? ..ii b ?? i? arrestad. Frank AmhrHon, ih?- laad?
,.r, and hi** l.rother-ln-law, Ralph Vnnaiil?-r. are In
lall here; <?resslah Caaey |g in etimto?y in Pater
-(|l| \ .) . ,iiid other menil??-r?< ??: th? gang ?ire
under arreal n N>? Vmk State. Anderson met
i iaey "> th? .\ieaiivili?- (Penn.) jail. an?i th,- ,,io?
,. ? . Planned ther? which i?-<? up to tl?e robbery, a
number of Other arr?-ata will M ma?),?- before Mon?
day An?ler?'in ma?le a d'-termlned roolstaaco, H?
w'fls a ??ndfi m th? Andermn-Swect vendetta a
few year? ago. ]
Delia Cornwell, Ihre? years old, was burned 10
| deal h at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the
home of her parents. No. 289 South Flrst-st.,
Brooklyn, While lier sisf-r Mande, the years old,
and a twomonths-old Infant narrowly escaped
Hi" same fat-. Both Maude and the infant were
badly burned about the bamla and body, and wer?
rescued from in?, burning building by netghbora
Little Delia, In the excitement, had been forgot?
ten, and It was not until the firemen had ?'xtin
guiahed the flames, thirty minutes iai?-r, that she
was missed l>y her mother. A search was made,
and the charred i>,,ii? was found underneath a
bed, where the little ?m.. had taken refuge from
the snii.li?. and Ham. s.
lira, Cornwell had left the children only ? few
minutes before Hi?' tire brok?' out !" go to a n?-lgh
boring grocery store to buy something for supper.
Hi r husband was also ahs.-nt. When she learned
the fate of her child she became frantic with
i grii f. and it Is feared th" shock may unbalance
her mind. According to ihe story told by Maude,
i after h-r mother had gone t.? th- store little
Delia took a piece of newspaper, and, lighting it
al tii" kitchen stove, began to plaj "fire," and
flourlahed the blazing paper, which sel ?Ire lo the
i. ?? i ?
Mis Jane Hanaon, who lived on the top floor of
tin- building, ?\hi"h is ,i i\? , st iry brl !? stru
ur?-. heard the scream? ol Ihe children snd at
flrsi thought thai thej were being whipped '??
ih" mother, As th?- screams ontlnued she
opened the door of her apartments and al
detected the smell ??( smoke. Running down?
stairs, -h" opened the kitchen door of the ?'..rii
??.?11 apartments, and ?at? t'.i" roomi in flame?.
C i es Franklin, <t So, IM Bout h I'ltst-si,
?? .'. opposite the house if the i- i \ Ils, wa?
sitiiiii; in the Im ? hi? h us?1 talking
John Dresher and William Marino? ai thi time.
I!" had also heard the ?cream* ol ih" children,
and the ihre* men ran to the basement ? ?:' the
burning building ai 1 mel Mrs Ham n In Ihe
hallway, j.isi aa ahe was leaving the I. I h*n
it . er ai ' ?? ng the
in was the eldest child, .Maud", whose
clothln? ??...? blaxlnn
Franklin wrapped his ,-. at about the hlld, eg
tlngiil< ng ? flamea He then carried her to
hi-- h ?use
Mrs Corns d al tnal time, and seeing
the hlldren I I ?? ' '.<? n out, an '. Ih mok?
pouring H - Ihe ,l ...i. mude no attempt I ?
. nter She I?? eved thai I ?? lia hud 1.n
: ,.?.-'. th? others, .hl? ??.is being cared for
by s..,,?,.? of 11 ?? neighbors It ?\.?^ nul unid she
rarched In vain for her missing one that
?-h" ran |fl I hi bill I ng an ! j"..
tic firemen '? ?? ? ? save her "hud Tin
men wer? i> werless l< help her, as Ihe ,
waa a mas? of flames Be\'eral lime? ihe i
tried ??? push her ??a?' through the fire Unes t..
? g, and ??>ts restrain? I ??.'li dif?
I?r Mosely, ?f S . :-h Fourth-?!., ?lie??.-.! the
? th? ??? phll.lr? -i 'ih' n fant ? ta t ?und
? . . burned : , ' i th? head, ?? hile
M,,i; le's bin ? th? hand? and i. !?
?VII I ! ? B - ??! he ? ' rn? ell? w? re
but ned lly I? now peni
:??:?? i. . ng i" in
_ 4>
\i:!!!.ST OF !! '? BUTT CASHIER OF A
?-l.i ?THIER
,|,| SUS AND '? !?'!
llr.-..' i ?; Bull la - - '
4.':;'; I- . I I Hi ?ohlyn, ? than two
? ? ? ii immer
?loush, doll ,? i at No -
Court ' with
' ;
i: i" ., , 1 i. ?? ? : been ispected
- . . -, ? ' ' '
? i ! ig h h?
Kan ? Ils?te hi? i
fairs. -i ' ? ? . .????.? ??
m t-ariou? I '
n ??,, then fourni thai Hutl had i? ?????
rellj nlterln i the liool I n s Un ? i isi
nd pl< ided not
Hj ii,
|(,. -.- lefaillt.of $5.008 ?
lion on '-'.?:? ? ? ??
?".??.?,i?-; i.:.???-? i his ? that
I,,. ; ., , ip, nl .ii ..' ' h? 'i ont ?? "i. hoi ? ? ..i i In
huekel ?hop operation? H" hsa ?< arlfi and ????>
amall children, und I? ?r?ll ron ne led Ills r..mii?
an?! friends Bre heartbroken and havt eapn
?, ? ii Butt's fu ' hei
holds .-i policy of ?"' 0 on h ' il ?tas said
?,.,_? , tat '? "' this poll' ? might be
effei ?..
it ?ras also said lhai Mi Hammerslough had
no disposition to pre ? .? rhargc against Butt and
that, in all probability, .? ?etllemenl ?rooId bs el
:?? ted.
Mr Hammerslough sraa disinclined la c?
upon the ?ul
//.' X M ? IA7.S PLAGIER A'/".
,;,,\ i. i : N ?. H 11"..'; ENDS ? ? OS TO
....\ :.f.\. ?ii mi r? m i.i.
Jacksonville, I'la . !"? fX A dispatch to "Tha
Time? I'nlon" from Taltahassee, Pis .
Oovei nor Mil? hell ha? recel? lialtion f ? ? ni
Oovei 1...1 Hobs ol T? ?.. -, foi llerti M FI iirler,
of hi \ :. iisiin? I i.nfi.i snd other ?standard ' >U
,i,, have i.? en Indi? l< ?I In Ih? rea .? ? oui t?
fur vlolatlna the Inil rrusl 11 t of dut si a t ?-.
und (lovernor H-??? I? deierml.! i" bring the
Indicted millionaire? to trial Home time ..,:o h?
f?,t \?.?i led requisition? lo ilovernoi Flower, ??f
\,.\v Vorh foi lohn i> Bocki-feller, .mi other?
atho live m thai r?late, bul Governor Flosrer re
fu?, i to honoi the requisition?. .Vos li" turns
hi? sttentlon to il.m? M Flaaler, .?!..? la ? rit I
z, n ,,< Florid? H I" s.ild Hint ?o.v.-Miir M.' ??? I
all! honoi Ihe requisition
I ?dt llld.riv. TO HAVE ? KAM EI.BlTiON
i | ,...,.i?. Ule, Fla , l"-. El (8p< i lal) l hi uspen
Klon of Sheriff Broward fi. offlc? by (lovernor
Mitchell i-i ?tlrre i up the mot I Int? n?e and bit
t,?i partisan feeling between the two factions ?if
the Democracy In ihi* count.? Th? Governor has
been denoui.i In thi most scathing terms during
ii.. past twenty-four hours b) Ihe Uarrs-Stocklon
faction in thla city, although theli votea helped
t,, place him m 'li" '?iilKiii.itoii.il .hair. "Th?
Tlmes-l'nlon" refers t" hi? action ol yeeterda) ?i
"ii crowning Infamy," and In n long editorial tins
morning make? use <?i il"- following language:
After waiting over two months Governor Mitch?
ell has suspended Sheriff Broward. rhe delsj
waa nol unnatural, The Governor waa doubt lesa
ashamt I of the ??oik required of him. ii.- had
reason t.? be We did not ii?ii..??> that Governor
Mitchell wore tha collai ?.f a littlo ring of polTtl
clans in Ji.?ksoii? ill?, and wa ara nol surprised al
th- delay 11,??t showed his shame ai confessing
himself such ? rea.ly tool? The confession i? made,
however, and Governor Mitchell ??ill iin.i n ?itfli
cnit to I'f-i'Hin the respect of manly men. sh.-riir
Broward'la In favor of honest elections, For this
?Jovernor Mitchell, ?vllh .in oath upon his lips
registered in hi?h Heaven ,-o iak? "n^ thai ih?
ls\?.< were faithfully executed, suspended him
The Governor of Florida ?tsuds i??-?!??. ?s the
champion of corruption in panti? -
Broward pla?-ed three depuly shi?il(Ts SI <*a.h of
ih? palling'Plai?? an alsctlon Jay lasl ?>? tuber and
tli?ii ?'.em into the country, ??here lelei-rai'fii.
order? from th?- Governor to remov? these deputies
could noi i.e .i<di?.?r?d to him The Governor call?
thssa seta malfeasance In ofllcs ami nc?iect of
duty. The sigmlfleanl feature of ihe affaii la th.it
th?- leading Democratic n?-?vM|iu!>.TH m i*iori?ia
charge the Democratic Governor with lnln?< "tha
champion of corruption" In Florida pol?tica,
? - .
ToMwanda, N v. Dee, :'? h fir.- whiclt |iro\-.'.i
io h on? of lie BMSl <ll?n?ir?itis in th? hl?:ory
of Toaaarag :.i started si i ..'dock thi? inorntng, ?i
th<? lumber yard? ??f a ?Tastos a- bVma, on Mniii
si Between it.issi.of?-? nnd iii.ofs?,?? feel ??f hla^Hgrad?
inn., lumber wer? d?sinv?d, the estlmuta-d valus
of which is plac?d at l\~.h,0~*) and Which is eov?r?d
by the 80 per cent insurance clause.
wn.t, ti:stii*v ON
Teatenlay was a fine. <'hf?.rfii!. sunlit, bracing
i day. yet the r!.n which has settled over Police
i Headquarters in Mulberry-st li?i tint lift for
i a moment. Nobody was there who ?ranted t..
i say anything about Bchmlttberger or th.- frighr
ful disclosures made t?> iiim and other [?exow
[ witness?a showing th?* hideous condition ??f
thing? in the department. Superintendent Byrnes
lid li.t ,ippi.it there, nor did any ?.f th.- ac?
cused Inspectors. Captain Schutts was in com?
mand, bul h?- seemed to have litti?- i?, engage
his attention. Some ?if the Inspectors and cap?
tains sent messengers t,, Inquire f,?r their mail,
but the disposition on the part "f ib" wearers
? >f gold shield? seemed t?? !??? to keep ?is far as
possible away from headquarters.
An Interview with Oeneral Michael Kerwln,
the last Police Commissioner appointed by
Mayor Qllroy, which was published yesterday,
roused a ?gr?ai deal ,?f surprised comment and
no little criticism Oeneral ?Kerwln was quoted
as saying "1 am fr?-.- t.. say that Captain
Bchmlttberger'? testimony on th,- stand before
th.- 1.,-x.iw Committee yesterday did not sur
' prise m.- in th. leasl I have known for a
great man) years thai this thing was going on,
.lust a? pers n all . ver have known it was going
on, .?nil the re\'elatlons thai have i.n mad"
before ibis committee .?r>- not revelations t?? a
great man) i.pie at ail it i- simply that
th?- facts have been brought t,> th.' surface."
If Oen? til Kerwln has ?been in possession of In?
formal! n ai, a: ail these .1,1- things which
i s hnntti,. ric.-r related "foi . great many year?."
Pommlssloner n iw de lares, i.pi" w mder
a ht n sii?'iit ad this time. He hel l a
I,..*-: of in.; rtsnce and responsibility under the
? . I . ... ni i- ' re he t? ? ame a l' II ??
, Coin m I ..:, I ?f he had ma :?? 1 ibllc an) ol
the asi mndlng revelation? whi h ha?*e lately hor*
nti-d tin? , ;". .m 1 the civilised world, he would
t 1. ?* gained atr immediate hearing. Tel he kepi
? ? 11 ?-ii? if. .1:1.1 n? ' even ? h.'tt he was sp
' ! .1 1' ! ? ? ? .':,;: : ? r I , ?'i I ?? I John
M ? la..-, who ?:?? for ed ?ul ?,' office b)
the testimony broughl oui ?..'fir?? the 1. 1 ?
Committee lid Mi Kerwln lift up his voice
and r ?veal, ? Ither In the P ?II ?? !'? 1 I
:. the in? itlgatlng Benatorr, th?
? ? t ? ? ' : inspirarles, the
a : lays now 1
It was luty as a
irl) one holding
., ITI of I 1 ind profit, to bring l n se
1 t. nil .n if the authorttl ?
?full ? ? be am ste 1 and
(tut when he be am* ? P
. ? . . . p , ?
f N< ? Yot... ? -;?? 1 11 '.v ? ? .
Il n the protect ' th?lr ll?'i - 1
1 ?unce ti., fal and < irrupt
official? wh . ?? ni th?'!r true chai
. ! de? tl n t - dut) He
?hoiii-i hav? : forthwith and ? ? 1
n from the'i ? l
t ?encrai Kerwln, h we?*er, knowing, a? he now
.??i tii.it Schmlttberg? r has t? ?tilled to
? ? man? yeai s," h is he-en ss n 11
?iw d? 'i Rui non he pro-Htses t.. pr.?d, re?
1 of n..- views and plans ,,f Ihe l-exow
.i- I "probe things In the bottom."
"punish t h? guilt ) snd rea-ard the
It Is dlfflcu . t., agree \. Ith the Lei w
? "? -111111111 ???, he ?a; s. and h? 1 : poa? ? t., "sel t..
w.tk and A.-i oui fr tn the departinenl Its
dishonesi m? n il il. ?1 'i luit it in the
? . ; 1 he .-'? : it? ? ' mmlllee t.. preven! as
1 ? ? ? .ti.-i s Ms it in. Shi eh? n. Mu? ?
, und myself, doing this, or t 1 Interfere \tith ?is
in tli.nduci ??! trials 01 discipline of members
,,t ihe force "
Then sre s great man) t-ltlsens of Kew-Tork
wh,. be'lleve t!i?t Ids w,.ik ol "weeding oui
the department" might t?- Intrusted t.. better
hands lhan Commlssloneri Martin Sheehan
: and Kerwln. Martin and Sheehan have cer?
tain!) 1.n ihown t., be tit subjects noi only
f..1 "weeding out." bul for Indictmenl and trial
i.y the Criminal Courts if Kerwln, a? he now
1 ???? 1. ?. ..ii ai>..m this atrocious scound
1 rellsm, blackmail and briber) for years, and
never revealed It. either as :? cltlsen, a public
ii >,r .? Police Commissioner, his place is
certain!) nol In the board which is to be
charged with th>- 1.ganlaatlun of th? Depart
ii'.-nt of Police The general sentiment yester?
day was thai th.s \\,,rk ,.f weeding oui and
lu iiiK?n?' order out of chaos mlghl better be
held in abeyance mill aftei the passage ..f
the Ma) ?r'a Powei ol Removal bill, so thai
the pruning snd a.ling antl reorganising
can ?"? done by an ?ntlrelj nea Police ll??:ir?l
In which tli? 1 - - would be neither .? Martin, a
Sheehan n?u a Kerwln
When ihe l-exoa Committee resumes it-? set
on VVedneada). 1 1- -\\.I tu.n all Ihe
officials smirched bj Schmlttberger'? confession
will be ?ailed to the wllne i-stsnd and ? ?xamlned
by Mr ?. fl regarding the terrible tccuaatioiia
broughl against them b) this Indicted pillee
captain Martin. Sheehan, William?, M .\\..\
and ihe resl of them will, it is believed, all be
all. d, as well a? Police Justl? e Voorhis
There n- .?l-.- ?? leep seated populai belief thai
the Investigation will nol be complete s/ith??ut the
. xamln itl?.I Super!nt? nden B) rne? If, a
the supposition, the reorganisation ol the Police
Department 1? 1 > be pursued undei Ihe Superin?
tendent's care and direction, Ihe ? immltt? ?? nughl
t,. have He- ?benefit ol lii- views and suggestion?
n- to Ihe propel method? ..f preventing a !?? 111
t.-ii.1 blackmail snd bribery, and th" rotten
i,. 1, urrtiptlon anil ci In.f ? ver) d? -? 1 Iptlon
?,s hi n h i\" p, 1 mea ted Ihe deporlmenl in the
past It was aid yesterda) on a'hal was u 1 1
-st? id I?? be i;.. tj auth'irlt) thai Mr. Byrne? la 1 1
be the flrsl witnes? called on Wedi.la
Tl.\p..-ui" ol I*.II???? Commtaslonei Martin's
methods hs? broughl Tammsn) Hall Into worse
-iiaits. If possible, than before Martin Is chair?
man of th.- Tamman) Hall Bxecutlve C immlttee.
and he is the man to call the meeting of thai
body which muni sei in motion tin- machinery
?.f tli-- organization, s<? thai the annual primarle?
may be held and tl.rganlsatlon continued In
existence for nnoth?r year Well-informed Tam?
man) men snd yesterdsy thai the Executive
Committee mus? be got together and the prima?
rle? ordered before Januar) 1. or under the
provisions of the constitution the organisation
would no longer hat, .? lawful existence. Mr
Martin does not feel lik- calling a meeting Just
now. H? knows thai When the lenders net to
??"ther there will he trouble, and that the i han -
nt-? man:.- to "ne that Ii- will not survive the i
shock politically. Hi and the men who with
him exp? ted to run th? organisation are there?
fore between the devil and th.- deep ?.-a. De
itructlon facas them on every hand.
it was reported yesterday that if James .1.
?Martin should fail t.. call the Executive Commit?
tee, as chairman, this week n would i.e con?
vened under ? call of flv? member?, as the rules
permit, A number of dlatrlcl leaders are siate.i
for "turning: down " The list Includes ib.?? names
of James J. Martin, in the XXISt Idstrl.t; "Ilnr
n..\??? Martin, his brother, In the vnith; William
II. llurke. In th- XXVIth; Charles Welde, In
the XXVIIth: John .1 Ryan, in the XXVth, and
.1. wat, Boyle. In the IXtn.
__ _-?. ?_
rut: ? 11 ?itt.t-'.s WOMAN,
Pello? C?ptala Mas ?chmltttMrger, slthough still
III. ?'nt f??r a United PTSSS reporter last night,
and made an emphatic ?lenlal of tlM-ebargas mad.'
or time. Charlea. published yesterday morning, to
the effect that h?? had extnrte?l money from her.
At the time that ?he declared she ?vas hein?,' black?
mail...! at ?Very move .?he made, as mistress of the
"House of All Nations.?' West Thlrty-second-sU
he said he was In the Hast l'*lghty-eighth-st. sta?
tion ami the West. Forly-sevcnth-st. station.
Wham h" was transfer red to the Nineteenth 1're
cln?-t, he ??ai?] he threatened to make n raid on her
place, and !h?. woman, hearing of It, de?-hire?l that
If he attempted it sh* ?v mid have his Initions
taken off.
The ?vornan subsequently ran the house known
a? the "Recherche." After taking ?-omman.l of
the precinct the captain said he visite?! her place
to see if h?r license was all right. She was ab
' s.-nt. but her manager showed him the license to
j 1... correct. Inspector McAvoy expressed a dis?
position to see th?. madame'a place, and together
j they visited It They saw enough at thai time to
i assure them ihai the place ?v;is being Improperly
i conducted. Hence two detectives were ?letall?-?! to
I proi-ure evidence against Ihe house to warrant
' "raiding" It.
Th.- Captain said be then went before the Rx
: "Is?- Hoard and secured the revocation of hol h her
excise an?l hotel license. She was exceedingly
Indignant, and made threata as to getting ?ven
with him. M?' pisltlvely declared that he never
received a dollai from her. He further declared
that he believed ?he statement of the Charlea
a ?man ara? at the instance of a prominent police
official, who ??as in ?ur?..I greatly by hi? o he
i Captain's) testimony before the Lexow Committee.
I That official, in- said, was trying io revenge him
self In this way
When asked who the official ??as, he aald:
"I will mention no names, nol now," but he
Intimated that when he should have regained
'? hi.? h'-alih In- woul'l tell a good deal.
?TILL UK ll ?ipv-TMi: CHARGES aoai.vst
It is 'X|,.-c-. ! that before (he week is - <?r tue
"I ?ll and majestic" form of Inspector Alexander
s Wim uns, th.. helmetted person whose memory
win i,?' perpetuated by ? club, ami whose chief
ii-ii t ? fame consists In ridges on the scalps ??f
hundreds of people, rais.-.! there during th- "hero?
ic" momenta of the Inspector's career i: is ex
i ted 1 tal tills Minn's six f?"t odd of long-time
mli ipi i.' i bone n:i i mua I" will darken the door
of the ?'rand Jury room. And then every man,
, woman and rhll i who ha? i.n mercilessly
whacked by Mr. Williams will wait for the mills
' | -. I Thi ? will get their collective ear? ?done
to li" ground In tha vicinity of ?'ity Hall Park,
rhen the mill starts, with one mighty shout
! they Will make the welkin ring.
Inspector Williams has been before the t'rand
Jurj more than once, and each time he hn.?
? ? ? rg"i smilingly .->ns Ions of a battle ?ron.
This Km? It ?Hi i- different Airea!? he ha.?
given unmistakable evlden.f having lust soma
? ?if his imperturbability. Besides, time? an n ?I
? ? used to be There is a businesslike ss
i- ? lo Hi" work of 'h" Lexow Committee well
? ulated to make even Mr Williams wonder
? her? i," Is -\it "
Inspei ? ?r Williams ?lid not visit headquarters
yesterday, Mulberry-st. was exceedinglj quiet.
? s ).\ looked up a? the historic pile with a
i.-i.iit,-.?t last" glance In th?lr weather
eyes. Inside ??: headquarters Captain S-hnltz
held undisputed sway all ?lay long, a? Superin?
tendent Byrnes omitted his Sunday liait It
wa? run ?red ?. ??. rdiiy thai lnr-p*?.-t.ir William?
aj mid light hi? way through If pisaalbls, and
that he ha! already engaged ounsel, one of
whom ??as said to ';?? Ellhu F! it, who defended
Mr. Williams when he wa? tried In .lune, is?.;
I- m .- ill > said yesterday that Ins; ?-. t ?r Wlll
i would no ? ? at all ?low i i call "ti b num
; a ? ; ft ? ?-. N ; ,s fi a le while ,t
the poll ? ??'?? s ?me of thesi sre
::i the "400." ll.? is also a thirty
i legree Maa n and this fact. It la thought,
will bring to ''is ?Ide a number of powerful
I is* !,..?? ' u h i? k in hi? re i
iJtan l .lu?? will g?? Is problematical. In isV". aa
ln> ulri ulj i.? 'ti st.it.i. Williame was tried by
ih" . nere on charges preferred by
>i?... li i. n !"ii- Murray. At that tin ?? Fran la
M Scott wa \- - tant Cor| ratloi Counsel, ad?
vising th? Board of !' ?!! ??. Frank M - ras
l : i the complainant, and Captain Wl I
. Rllhu H., il !?> prote I his Inter* I -
The (Mil was based "t; a presentment if the
'Irani Jury of M.iv. ISS3. Tins presentment was
? ! i. I' M Thurbor, foreman, and charged
Captain Williams an 1 another with having been
Inform? : b) Vnth inj Comstock of the existence
. . ibllng-h ..is..? In th"ir precincts, and that
the) made no ?itt"nii>t to ! ise the establish?
ment? Th. li llsmissal from th? police force by
il," police H ard ?? is i? mmendi !.
The Commissioner? then were Messr? Fits
.1 'm Porter, V.-lit?. French ind McClave, Th
? ite st? I For cnnvl tlon, Porter and Voorhls.
For a quittai, Fren h and M i " ive Tins dead
It i|<| nol bi bi k< n, and Hi illy, inal
punished. Williams was actually promoted
o? be in Inspi etor,
? ;.?i .i al !'..i lei ? : ott .\n oplnl m "ii th:s .
In which h" .??"?in'"! that ii" had srefullj ex?
amined ill Ihe evidence and found that very lit
ile in rebuttal of the testimony for the i?i
ti i: was presented bv Williams, whose almost
?ol?? ?i.-r- p. ?? ??as hi- iwn statement*
In concluding his oplnl .n C mmlssl mer Porter
sal i
The fai : that i h< -?? hou?ea of lll-reputi lo ? ?1st
and have existed In ?arioua part i thi Nine?
teenth Precinct, and lhat Captain Williams and
his fore? have Ions known lhat the) rxl ted and
have rarely Interfered ??ith them, is aumclenl to
.. irrani ?.nelnalon that thej are permitt< ! to
..ii their nefarious business, it i ..i prot? - I
in it I..-I nils matter be eon?l?lered thai
this failure I* either th? result of Ignorance, v?? If.11
neglect, wilful blindness or ?llene? There I? In
m? mind bul ??n?' i'oneluslon lo be derived from ?i?
.. in thi? trial lhat l'ai tain William? I? it i
h.,s I.... 11 negligent of ?ils dut) l" lio- .*.'?
i*hsige i In ll.omplalni.
And still Williams held ?n a id laughed ai the
?. p|e he had clubbed, ami clubbed them m n*e
It la believed by thoae who have watched t1'.
of the Dlati let attorney's dti ?? of late
th .i Williams ??in be Indicted whethi : he goes on
the atand before the !.. x .??? Commute? ol not,
and li is highly probable thai he will be one of
trie llrsi witnesses called on Wednesday.
??"i i.i' m: totally ii.im' in- a month.
Jacob F i'<? Soils forty-one years old, s la???"!-,
?vlth offices .u \o IT" Broadway, eommltted suicide
some nine during Saturday nlghl or early yestei
.la? morning b) shooting himself In th" heart.
sin.?. May last ii?. s.iiis had occupied ? ballroom
m Mrs Hlgglna'a boarding house, al Xo 2.8(1 Mad
i non m?. For ??-?"lai years hla eyea had been fail
liiu- and a short Hm? a'-'-? he lost the sn-ln ,>f the
right eye, Junes th?m he had dons little bualnesa
nnd had been short of fund? and despond, nt
Baturdaj ha visitad sn ?" uUst, ??ho told him he
woul'l be, ome totally hiin.i within a month, l!
was noticed by the other hoarders at ?tinner Sat?
urday night that he was more despondent than
usual, but no one paid much ?Mention to him.
Annie Wilson. Ihe rhanit.ennal.l. endeavored io
gal Into ihe lawyer's room s??-?ral times ysaterday
morning, bul found it locked from ih?. msi?ie
About i" o'clock -.he Informed Mi:-. Hlgglna who
entered Ih? room with a passkey an.l found De
Soll? lying on the bed. in his nightshirt, tsith a
bullet ii? le directly over the hearl Besid? ti?e bed i
lav tha revolver with which he had tired the shot, i
Hla clothing was a'l carefully foi?le?i ami huns up. I
but nothing wa? left io l?l! why h? had ?n?le.| hi?
hr?. Mrs iiixgina Informed David \. Carvalho
th? handwriting expert, ?vho II? es ai No. I-.' Hast ,
One-hundred-and-thlrty-thlrd-st., snd had iieen i>
Soil?'? most inilmate frlemi Coroner Schult?
granted a permit for Ihe removal of th* i?o?i? to
an undertaking eatabllahment
t rim i ive FROM mis ru y ( ir?,/,/.
Chicago. "'''? -'' Adolph Jacobaon ?ras*arrested
m an early hour ihi* morning for a le?..?! forgeries
committed In New-Tort about a year a?o, amount,
lag to about P.1M, Jaoabson was a bottlsr, sad
had sum., connection with a brewer?, n.? admits
I?, being- short $_''M In hi? account?, nnd say.-- thai j
ne will return without reaulsttlon paner?. The >
New-Tort suthorttles ha??? besa informed of hi? ?
arrest I
as EX-iuwpT, CAtTOHT unnr* and
Jeremiah Casey, twenty-four years old, and
John O'Conneli, forty years old, have been ar
n-steil for a brutal robbery committed on an old
couple in Eri" County. Pena , ?m VJmtMWmaW 16.
Casey bad been traced by detactlvea, and was
arrested In Paterson. N. .1.. Saturday morning. In
company With a young girl, Katie l'at?her, with
whom he had eloped fiom I'lnghamtoti. N. T.
Cttsey ???nf-ssod. it 1: sai?i. and implicated
?>C nnf-ll. The latter, wh? ?rag living With his
sister, Mr-, Krank Barn, foot, and h?-r husband,
at Worth-ave. an?l One-hundr?*?1-and-seventy?
fotirth-st., was arrested early yesterday morning,
ii?- was held in Iforrlsanla Polles Court yester?
day to await requisition, papers from the (?over
nor of Pennsylvania. Casey is being held In
Paterson on charge? from i? .th itinKhamton and
Brie County. The Ooirernor ?rill hav? to de
id. which State has th?- prior claim to him.
tin .Satunlay, t>?oember 1?. a ging assaulted
David Blocum an?! hif wife, imth of whom are
past seventy years Oi ig", ??i their farm in
Washington township, ?Crlfi County, Penn. The
robbery was ,?. in >st brutal affair, ?nit netted the
perpetrators betwee-i so.wo and $10.000, which the
.,1<1 coupla ha?l Stored away In a bureau and
an <?l?l treastirediox. It ??insisted for the most
part ??f gold ami silver, th" few billa in the hoard
la-lng musty with aj-e. T?? this fart, and the
infatuation of Casey f,,r the girl, can be tra?-ed
the arrsai of at least two of the aJleged ptt*aa>
irators of th-' outrage.
All of the ni?*!) except ?me wli ' ?jngagad In the
1 ibbery worm masked '?f this <?ne the old
couple were able to glv? a ?good ?;?---?? ii pi t??n. be
cauas h? was most a live ?l'lring th?- whole
I.r..c.-,-d:ni*. and th.- on? who held tb? lamp to
their f.-'t to tiiak. them tell tl?. hldlngr-pta*-? of
?h.-ir treasure. Kr ?m the description furnished
the man was traced t.? Hingh.im' it, where they
learned his nain?1 ?-as Casey. Before the arrival
of the d?tectives h?' I a I eloped with the iiut.-her
girl, but h? left h trail of II, $1" and 120 gild
pi--, ?-s. which led th" detectives In ?Paterson.
Early Friday morning Casey and the girl
alighted at I'.ittrson fr ,m a li.iln and ask-d
fit?.,man Haietead, who was doing duty at the
tailria?! station, f.. direct them to a h del. Hal
stead referred them t.. th-- I'-ia-vi- Hotel, near
by, Friday night a telegram reaebed ?voiles head
quartera in Paterson statin?; that Caaey and th*
Kirl ha 1 eloped from BUlghamton an 1 had de?
parted for Paten m Th- telegram asked the
police t., |..ok for their
Halstead, accompanied ny Chief of r.ilce
?Iran!, went to the Beile?'iie Hotel Thej afke.l
th?- .?jeik if the young 'ouple were there, and
receiving an answer in the sfJIrmatlve, Halstoai
??ont to their room. Th-v ?rere pla-M undef
arrest an l taken to p .lie? headsjuartaii and
locked ?ii?
Casey 1- a h. ?W-m?ker and Is .,'isid'red a
?? iugh" chars ter M- wag employed In otw ?if
the i?..i!?'r foundriea In Blngh?ml n. Katl? m?t
him some Mm? ag ? and !,? ame Infatti it d with
him. Her mother learned ?1 the affair and
warned her daughter ,.f th-* character of the
man. and also told her that She WOUl 1 be SSSetetg
punished If ?he Insist?-"! upon Casey paying at
tciitloJi to a?-r.
The young Rirl di?l nol b.1 her mother's
warning, and clandestine meetings were held ??n
the outskirts of Bingnamton Mrs. Batcher
lean 1 of her daughter's iraywai-dn<ras an?i ?!??
elded to put s ?top to th?> meetings by locking
Katl- up In liT r,?.m Katie, who Is well em* A
veloped for her age and rather ?good looklsag, ??
said that sh" loved Casey, notwlthatandlng h-T ^
mother's objections. On Wednesday night last
the girl In some was got a note to h?r Iov-t.
which resulted late ai night In Katie esc-aplnf
from the house t,. thai street, when she was
joined by Casey, and -h.- two hastily disparted
for Depoalt, N Y . where they were married by
1 local minister After Ihey had ?been wedded
they took ? tram from that place and cants to
v. hi t; th? two w. re tak- ?i t.- Poll? ?? il- id<iuar
t-t- In Pate-rson earl) Baturda) morning ti-.-y
showed no sUns of fear over their trouble.
When th.-.r clothing was searched before they
were placed In celia the police were su-iiis.-.l to
tlnd |M0 tucked awa; In Casey's inside t.-st
pocket and ?,;:: depoalted In Katie's st,.cking.
The girl sa.d that she kn> ?>. nothing ?>f the
charge againsl Casey f,,r hlghwa) robbery, and
that he told her that the money he had was
what he had saved up nut of his earnings. The
police do not believe her. howe?'er and ?ay that
sh.- knows all about the crimes committed by
her lover.
D tectlve J, P. Sulivan, from the olBce of th?
Dlstt ?t-Attornej .?f Brie County, irrived h-re
late ?Saturday night snd mferr 1 with P.>lic??
men Kugenl and ?Daly of th? Tremonl station, 'o
whom < ?'(" tin II was kno.'.n !!?? was air?.?ted
? yesterday morning, and appeared t, ha In?
dignan) al his arrest. He said he had never
hi 11 I even of Erie County, In Pennsylvania, and
most certain!) '.;.? 1 never been there He re?
fused t , account for HUM found in hli poi R ta,
f.r a new sull of clothing that he wore and the
neu travelling bag win. h be had In hla roont,
All h" would s.i\ waa diit he would mak" ?on?
ont suffer for hla unjusl arrest, b? tus? in- a ??
In his sis(. rs house >?n tne da) the outrage wi?
mmitted ills sister sits nothing, bul h.-r hus
band, ?Frank Baraeycoi ?ay? thai O'Conneli ws?
?way for se ?'era! days snd ?! ! nol return until
Tuesday, ?December l?. ihr.lays later
The detective from Krt? C unty sail ? iterdsy
morning that the robber) I th si cuma was
planned by a neighbor wh?i wa- on Intimate*
terms with the couple snd kn.-w of their hoard,
bui nol Iti hi ling pla e The name of the n I *h
0..1 he a ?uld nol divulge, be? tuse h" ha- r*ot yet
been am ste i
su? IT BY ?'.!:< ?it?'.! \ M< IBS.
i:.\?iTi::> ? iTi;'i.\s HI'NTINO in p - - POR
t\A\i:iu.? PIXK. DO id/,??|.\ i:\i:? : rtOM
C'littm.?.,. (la., I >???' H I ..?? pn>?>. In pilrst?t of
w.it, tit pike, th.* murderer of Jo? Isom, laat mght
si i early thla morning i.dii-1 .1 numbei of ?-y^em.
Trustworth) Inforraatioa la thai the ;.?:.il nnmbay
,.f rlcttm? is seven ri >? negroe? kn ,?n to hat?
i,. ..n killed ara s.mi Taylor. i:ii r*ra?er an 1 itirry
Sherrad. Taylor was pike'? ?tepfather, and th?
two hi* "pala," all >f wtom were sut?,--.??!
t ? know aber? Pik? ??. it ii ? m near ???- kn. w, they
refused to tell, and th.> panait) ..:' not telliua w.ta
death, Etke'a alfs was ?ses t? slip In ta ala hou??
SI ? O'clock this inorn!i*|-. She wa? WPpOOSd to
have k'io.?.n waere the murd-?r?r w,i?. and ever?/
effor; waa male [.. make her divulge. S.ie I? still
?ecurely held, and ma) M male to tell. The
negroes Killed were sll shot dowa n this ?Ue of
Ocoplleo Creek, about t?-:i mile* ahit?> q 1 t.n.ui
The rapar' t*1 .'?*<?: ? sasond ?jmss?, abiek w??
?..?aurini: the w.i.ij? noth of the OcopUcj, hav?
killed four othe,- negroes. H?rdl? thre? weeks
as . Tip Mauldin. - tespSCtable white ma.l. w?a
bratally murdered on the publu- road la the ?am?
neighbor!*?..?*..! l?t ?w.i nwjroe? T.ie people ser?
g-^atlt Incensed o\er the murder, and ?neu l?opi,
on? of the be?' cltlsona m the community, w.\-,
murdered by one of this same g.ma. the pent-up
flood of rage and venseanc*- a i. taini-l loos?.
Tue re*??rd of to-ni?:it and to-morrow remains
to be se>n. Brooks ?'??unry Is arouieii. T.ie wno!e.
sal.- k?liiiK of negroe? not illreetlj connected with
Itotn'i miir.l.-r Is severely condemned, and It I?
hop-ad thai the .?v?-ii?-inK mot? alii do no mor? of
this ma?! work.
?'rlpi?le ?'reek. < 'ol.. 1'????. '.':' ??t?i ::.i?ij?i p.1 sima In
tills city are ?fleeted by the decision of the .Serre
lary of Ihe Interior conflrmlng th? PVeeman placer
claim. 'Hi's claim comprises 1.? acre? iti thi? city,
on whlrh are over "no buildings Including some of
Hin lar-p-st In th? city. Th? land la worth wtmw
?tflOn.?OO, The a,-uattcr? will have to bit-, th? la-id
whlcl? tbei hav?? o.-ciipieil. or me*aa - ?

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