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TH A i *
xS IKOOMI r-' ?*??
, pjr"*? T" T,,F- tribi-nk I
ton J;in *?' The demoralizatioti ln the
waahinr JJj^ jn Ihp Mousr of RapreaentBtivea
ttfll>0rt*hoBrlr. ?Bd tbe rcprescntatlves 0f the
Increaaea ^ ^ ()^ bo )y fl( )paM ^of>m to np on
r*rt>'!?*; of * W,W s!am'10,,p- Thls is ? ?i1b1"'
tn' ,"hP,i atatemenl of a facl thal muat have
'invarnl ^,|.>tMl,|> WM<> saw and converaed with
W"' ,,,. n1i.m, ?.,.,, 0f tbe Hooae lo-day. Demo
CSTveterana of len, twenty, eren thlrty yeara'
C ,C.<. in that body were shaken like recda in the
"T i n I ?l!-> ''?',e'1 breath aaked one anotlier:
HaThatehall be done.-" "What will bappen next?"
..nt.iir- waa rounded with an InterroflBtlofl
Fvprv aein* ,ij
I t' r.ven Sprlnper aeemed to have loat the
p0 n ' pfif.polaed nianner and resolute, undaunted
'a i that have ao diatlngtilshe.l hltn In the paat.
!l| ahowed that be Is only n falr-weather pllot
*f V all- r:v<'n ?'*** an nour> hatarvhrw, la
n ' h hf ,irew laaptratkm and conraaa from the
eMKWCrated one in tbe Whlte Houae. who bad
C?"ured hlm that ??aomcthine BIBal be done," tbe
KanKamon <t?teaman appeared at ihe Capltol men
JTltV dlahevelled. There he found mutlny on the
^Jurter-deck, mutlny iti tbe forecaatle. mutlny
fl"R ?we "Wlll the Presldent aend us a spedal
evervw neir.
??? be waa ask.d by one of tne leaa falnt
T*?rtei Of Ihe BM?B who are compelled for the j
Z? lo reKard hlm as their leSder. "No. That
u? why BhoaB he! I've Jnal left hlm. and he
weuld bave menlhuied it. wouldn't be'.'" WAI the
Incohetent and tnterroRativo reply.
??Doa't yoa thlah we better hold a eaucuar
aaU.I anothrr.
?Why do you aah me that question. llow do
vou gappoae I kBow what i? your oplatonr1 wai
Jho whoii.v aoa-commlttal and tateirngatlve re
..,lav(, you i ; ? petlUoB praylBg you to
eall a cau.n.-'.'' a TrtbuBC correapoadenl ventured
io aah the veteran Holmaa, rhalrmaa <>f the Hem
ocratic eau. M
-No; why .-.hould 1'' Who eaya there will be a
?\\>ll, wlll a caucua be heldT'
"Whf do you ..^k me? How ahould i know?"
an 1 then be added la a kra and acared, b l ^<. i
tone: "Thal matter Ui belng dlacaaaed. 1 do noi
know wh.c will be the reault. it doeen't aeem to
me that a caucua would do u? any ?ou !. w.- are
w<nj :? '': ' BettlBg wlder aparl all the
"Say." whiap red one agltated Democral to an?
other in a ?.. corner, "dld you bear thal cul
beraon awean he will >i...u agalnat the b.ll in
,.,,.. Houae aaleai a caucua li called bo thal be
can make h;s apeech there?"
?\Vho t.d I >?' i lhat?" repliej the Other.
?Why. baven't yoa heard it. and lhat he wlll
vete agalnal the btll anyhowT"
Here the coavereat i i auddenly broken off.
Aad ao thtnga weal on from baui to bour. untli
n aa' Baally dedded that ai a cholce ..f evlla a
. mual be held. A few gralm of facl aad
many of stronir aaaertlOB rooM be gathered, how
,-\er, in the dln Amoag th.- fonner were two <..
thre^ ,,f coaatderable gtanlflcaBco. The Presldeni
adheres t.. the pendlBg blll and will not b* II
any aaggwaUOfl lhat It be thrown overb.a.r I To
OOe vl.<itor (not Sprinkreri he is repOTted to ba\ ?
aaid to-day la gubetance: "'? do aol now expeel
that the pen.ling bill or anv other currency blll
Wl . become h law at thla s^aalon. but it aeemii to
me that it la th<- dear duty of the Oemorr.it.
of Hepreeentatlvea io paaa lt. and thua make
a record. Of .ourae. I .1" not bellevi II < an paas
the Senate. But lt " a meaaure recommended by
the Beoretary ??' the Tr.-aaury and ln the matn
approv-d b. me ... my aaaual m^.-.iif
Another fact wai lhat Judgl C.loer
Tcxaa. haa declared hia readme?s to aiipport
vote for a aubatitute prepartd by Mr. Hpertv of
OaaBMCtlCBt, another member of the Cmmltt.e
,.n BankinK and Currency. laaamuck a- Judge
Culberaon, w.ho ia alao .-halrman ..f the Judlclary
Comnutt'e. ;s a man whos^ oplnlon an I JuOgmenl
carn ureat welght. hl? declaratlon In favor pf the
Bperry gubatltute dld aa mu.-h aa anv one tblng to
?.'atter d< mo.allzallon amonjr the men who ?>'"'?
the laat few houra have been perauade.l to i.rom.ae
to'aupport the Adminlatratlon blll rma??
Th* foerry subatltute not having bee? formally
offe"ed aa vet. only a ayaopala ol Ita provlalona
fwhkh. however. la belleved IO be ,or:e. , .an be
civen It authorlzes the laaue of I pei wnl 10-W
bonda to an amoutu noi ? i ng the total of all
ihe Cnited BUtea legal-tender notee now outatand
mr iBcludlBB the Treaaury notea laaued uader ihe
l"f of li*. Theae bond- are to be payable ln g-bi
"?oin.ind| tbe Intereal >? alao to be pald ln the
1. Uw, wind of coln The bondi may be laaued m
Snontmatlon.'oI'VlO and m-,.tip.ri therjof II u,
? lan ..rovided tha! aft'-t the pas-aRe of th.- a
eial tendera whlch ahall be redeemed ln gold
r,'n at the Cmted Btatei Treaaury ihall be can
rellod and deatroyed and not aga.n retaaued, ....
,he Sert'tarv of the Treaaury Ib requlr^d to aell
Hny of the boadi laaued under thla aci at noi leai
**."?'. _*?_ ?^ia ,r,ln ... >n aiiioont eonal I" th
thar. par for i?old coln to an amount equal I
HmourVt of all legal-tender notee redeemed, ,
".lied and deatroyed. The BecreUrj of the Tr.
urv ia alao requlred to apply from tlme to tlme
anv aurpluH revenue ln ihe Treaaury lo redeem
legal-tender no?e? and to rancel and destro) h
Ume The BUbatltute further provldei tha. the
Se.retarv of th- Treaaury. n hla dlacretlon, maj
.-..ii any of the z per -ent bonda at noi leaa Ihan
r in goW h Biaount aa he may deem
Kceeaary. and apply the proceedi to the i d.-mp
? legal-tender notea whlch may be recel\ed
for cuatoma duea. Intereal taxea ... other duea Io
the rnit-i BUtea. all legal-tender notea >. re
deemed te b- cancellad aad deatroyed -nd not aga;?
JriUbe obaerved that thla to a borae of aulte
a dlffer.-.t eolor from th. on - offered to < "?^I;?
by the Adminlatratlon. Il aeeroa probable that tne
iitht ln the caucua wlll be belween the Carllale
m a.'d he Bperry aubatltute. The frlenda and
reluctant aupportera oi the former are coaMent oi
vlctory In tbe caucua and th<-> bope io i.niuc ini
Carllale blll and all pendlng amendmenta iniwb
Htitutea to a vote ln Ihe Houae oni Wedneada>.
January J ln order to do thi- tbe ald of 'be ( om
mlUeVon Rulea wlll be Invoked and lt a not lm
poaalble that there wiu be a llvely aklrmlab before
? h^ -i.lnr.t' i' of 'he speclal rub .
nrSha/wnmoM bualneaa of Importan
nendlni before lt that, tne Houae i.as. and no
tfmeln whlch to dlapoae ol lt. lt to atrongly
lathnated-and the Intlmatlon ia accepted m*_cor.
recl by ao a. II Informed and prpmlnent a Demo
rrat ai Chalrman Bayera, of the Houae ommt.ee
on Approprtatlone-ihai there ia probably toi be a
long aad Mtter nght there over the ?.''!' <^''?n *
for the eollectlon of the In-ome tax. and lha1 IBia
Wlllprevenl a.llon by 'bat body "pon any <uriei..>
blll that may be aent 10 it from the ,HOuaa oi
Repreaentatlvea. It la a facl tha the rgent Ue
nclen.-y blll would have paaaed tbe Henate before
th* holldav receaa. bad It not . ontalned < ertal i
lt?ni" of a'l.proprlatlon for tbe. obje.-t mentioneu
The iame queatlon will ariae on ihe eaecutive. wg
Watlve and ludi.-lal uppropilatlon bill. and if the
oppoaitiori to the eollectlon ol tbe Income j>
ahould be Btubborn enougli and atrong enougn. ibe
fallure of that Importani blll mlgbt be invoiveo.
\Vhether the Income tax. If collected, wll l ?
VXV'l.iH) , : onlv %V>A*UM?. \" ""t "??? 1,f|tiia ei al aa
fi ajuld be |f ihe rondltlon >.f the revenuea 011 not
make even the amaller aum of th? utmOBl 'oiia.
aiieiire |t miKht fven be yueatlolied whett.et Mlier
Wl the paaaage of the two approprlatlon bllia men
'l&n.-l ia not of -<reater Importaiice tban ihe ejia. -
??t ?f atis auen curreri'y legtototlon an WOllId be
Wtctieable ln tne Bhorl "imi>- of aeven weeke UHOei
t> e->r..iltlor,? ?? to bualneaa thal p.evall In bolh
^huich*!. of ?-or,gr?;ai Kven if Ihe Houae jhould
Wh & curr.-i.cy bill befoio January 10. ai.l the. ob
?troction. :i tne Seiu.te t) Ihe paxsax'- "' "l>
BBlg&nftn, r,? ltie eollectlon of the Income lax
?II0UI4 b, gnee.Jllv removed, ti.e proapecl of Ihe
'n??m?fl; ?r ,-.. currency legiaiatlon whatevei by
V* Mlli ''oni;re-H would atill remaln uxceedlngly
?'>?" thaoio, membera of the Houae of Repreeen
!;| '?'7 "tUn-iel .he aeaalon of that body to
tne flrat mni0ll after the hollday receaa.
' ' '??'iptly ^ftp, ,?,. ran 0f |h? commltteeB roi re
B'" ?'"' th? usiL.i routine <<r the openlng, Mr.
Hprlnger i\*>m, j|, , mHde the inotlon that Ihe
Houae go Inte ^raimlil.f lha BThole, Mr. Rl< h
ardaon <;>..,,,., Tenn ? to.,k tt.e ehalr, uni the dla
cuaaion of the Currency bill wai .aken up |.iat the
M'ne a. if n>. Interruption bad occurred. The
MH-aker- to--i,,v tt,.,,. .\i,.s?m. Hluck (Dem., 'la ?.
Mecreary fDem., Ky > and Beckner fDam., Kv> ln
?Ivocacy of ihe j.lll. and Haugen iltep. Wla.) and
Alann (Hep. j',.nn , |? oj,j?,?|tlon. An i.nlmaled
eolloquy occurred between Mr. Adama and Mr
v>arner (Dem., N. Y.) leapectlng the operatbm of
the McKlnley law upon wanee of I'ennayivanla
c"al mlnera, wlth whlch the pro'eedinga of the
afternoon cloaed. The Houae. adjourned al 1 R
oclock ur.tu le-aaorrow.
Waahlngton. Jan. :t (rfpei lali? ^iwing to Ibe ab
aaaea gf ao many Boaotora belh BeanhNeaaa and
Democrata, the Hemocratic nianHtfeta iii Ihe "de
llberatlve l.ranch" made no effort to-day to force
actlon on the I'rKent D'bl.ucy Appropi lailon blll,
ond'the debate on the Nlcaragua Canal bill waa
reaumed ln B tranquil way by Mr. Morgan. The
V. W. HHOUK.lt.
PRECIOUB BTOMBB, ?;f.m3 a hpkcialtt.
Practical Results?13 Years' Work
Ferty mllllnn dollnra alroadv aaved llvlna BOlley ho)d
ora by rfduotloi, nf prnmluma. EUhtv thr*# TbOttSind
paylnir Momhora. Twa Ilundro.l and Sovonty Mllllon 1>"1
lara Inauranee in forco. Throo Mtlllon Beven Hnn.lrod and
Ton Thoiiaand <"aah gurplua?Reaorve Bmergency Eund.
M..re than Blsty-four Miiii.m Dollara now baataeaa for th*
>?ar IBBfe, Theae ,, ?,. >, fpW practio.il leaulta alroady re
corded 10 tho or?dlt of the
E. B. RARPKR, I'roaldenL
Hrme Offloo. Mutu.il Roaerve Rutldlna.
Broadway, rornor of Duane-at.. New-York.
Fend for rir.'iilara and ratea _^^^
Alabama Senator dld UOl flolah ht* apoeoh, hnt will
reack tho .-nd t.,-m<,rr.)w. Tbe DemocratK "ftteerlng
Commtttee" <?. of courae, commltted ti the paaaage
of the Urgeal Defldanc, Approprlatlon btll, tho
Income-ta* clauae Inc'.uded, and there haa been aome
Ulk ala.i of addine a "ridor'- to thia maaaure re
poallnu tho free-alcohol provlalon of Ihe Wllaon
Gorman Tariff blll. Tho Republlcan Benatora n?n
orallv are dlapoeed to make a atubborn oppoattlon I i
tho acheroe of foletlng addltlonal tariff leglalatlon,
upon Ihe approprlatlon bllla, and Mr. Quay haa
Rlven notlce that if a repeal "f the paragraph pul
tini; alcohol ueed in the arta on ihe free llal - it
lempted he will alao Introduce and pr<-?a an amend
roent real >rin? the woollen achedu'.e of tbe McKIn
lov Tariff blll. N'.> deflnito progran mr la likoly to
).. axrangi i by tho Demoeratle leadera untll aeal
week, when a fuller attendan.>f Benatora ia ?x
pooted. 80 far n i voting quorum haa appeared al
the Benate .nl of the i'.n>tt..l.
M11.-..1 I. ?> STBIi*.
Waahlngton, Jan I Tho Prealdeni lo-day aenl
to the Benate a full report of the BlueBelda affalr,
comprlalng all the correapondence relatlng t? the
aubjecl wiii. h haa paaaed In the laai two yeara,
making ? formtdable documenl of over 400 pagea
The controveray reaulted from the efforta
I'nlted Btatea t. open a ahortei sea route lo rall
fornla al Ihe tlme thal tbe Paclflc Coaet terrllor,
\vas acqulred. Followlng Ihe ln it, of IMO with
NeW'Qranada (olnce Coloaibut). wblch led to ihe
conatruction of the Panama Rallway, .1 ireat, waa
concluded b, the I'nlted Butaa with Nlcaragua In
1^4., .. ,-.111.1! from Qreytown l>, wa, ol i.ai.
Nlcaragua. Qreal Brltaln, however, malntalned a
protectorate over ihe eaai coaal of Nl 11 ?
clalmlng guardlanahlp over the Moaqtiito li
Bnd thi 1 1 rrltoi ? un ler .1 ireat, a ih B| 1 m 1 ? >?
ln I7v.. and to neutrallxe thla European menace 10
the Atlantlc rntrance of tt.inal, which waa re
pugnani to the Monroe Doctrlne, Ihe Clayton Bul>
wer treaty, which haa Blnce proved .1 moai Irrltat
Ing arrangement, waa ratlfled In 1830 From thal
Oate untll no* the I'nlted Btatea an I >? ???> Brli iln
iMv, nol reaaed lh<.. lenl r the al
of Ihe M laqulto Terrltory, b it, 1- di an
followlng repori b, Becretary Oreaham coverlng
the correapon i- nce and aubmltfi 1 1 ? la,'. the Moa
lultoa hi fli been ( im| kti
under Nlearaguan - r?lgnty. an 1 Oreai H
. |, aurren lerej .. 1 la m* to ihe 1 1 ?
tlon of the lerrltor, .... 1 :? ? >?nl " ' ihe "par 1
aoverelgnt, of .!.<? Oovei ........
To ihe Prealdeni , ,
,-),. gecretar, of Btate, I 1 whom >ou t- ?>? ? ??
reaolution a lopted b> ll.< i*enati h .... .
requestlng the Preenieni, "II nol ln. rnpatll'leal h
publlc Intereat. 10 aend ... Ih. B. 11 re
rorre-.pond.nr. relatlng 10 affa n I ? ?
li the Moauuli 1 rerrltor, . ... d alfl 1 '?? ln ?.he
Benate whether an, Amerlcan rll rena have been ar
,. .-...i 01 tbe riant. of an, Vmei 1
? dB bave .n ? Ith ? rlai
ia?, ,w? va.a b, the Uovernmeni ol N ? '*?'?*
n,.| ihe hoi 11 lo Bubmll tha orreai n?lenc<
PoV !;,,. . -.?.. tna, be iranamltted to th.
a.o. ahould .h.- Prealdeni deem II c .mpal bh a 1
;h^ publlc Intereai iu ik> ao
Mthough the reaolulioa ?? ra iffa ?
fle oa durlng - ? ^"H- ?" ' ?'
? relatea occurn I wlthln ihe laai iwetti n
In TJiecemlier, ls?. **' broke 011I I"
Nlcaragua an.i Honduraa In ianuar) a
mem ot Honduranlan troopa aela d tape Un
Dioa In Nlcaragua, at...M. Blat, mllea abo?e tn<
Moaq.ilt'i Btrlp 'i ho Kearaarge was u. I'-r^.i ...
? . |,|. io proteoi the Intereata i?l Imi 1
dtlz?na bui *..i* wrecked on t. wa, on Hoi
Rert Barlj In Kebruar, the fJovernmeni 01
Nl.araK'ia aenl a mllltar, force to Ihe Btrlp ln
roitol Ih. threatened nvaaloi On Hebi
tno Nliaraguana ? ? upl d the bluff and ih8
ihe, took t.aalon >t Blueflelda and proclalmed
maitlal la* In lh< Heaervatlon Aaalnei thla
attlon t'laren ?? Ihe ao-called Moaqulto ? hlel pro
War veaaela of Qrea Brltali and in
Inlted Btatea. were eenl lo Bl lel
ih* reapertive foreign Intereata In ll
Tho Nlcaragua Commlaaloner 10 Ihe H. -? 1
attempted, ?nii the roncurren. ?? of Ihe ;
Naval and Conaular repreaei
provlslonal admlnlatratlon foi the Btrlp ... am n
Ni araguana an 1 forelgnera were to lake pati
tt,.- enovav .r proved ... ... vi Thla Uovernmen
withhel 1 Ita aam tlon of ihe - hetne ..- 11 1
t, the aoverelgnt, of Mearagua ano Mneruan .
cltltena ... Blueflelda 1 fralm I rrom pari
ln th<- propoaed admlnlatratlon BrlilBh marlnoa
w.-r- temporaril, landed ... proti 1 life ... pr?>|
arty, In vlea ol t?i- lhreatene<l dlBturhai ? bui
thev U.-H- witii.iiHwii when Ihe nei-eaaltj foi
preaence no long ei and ihereaftoi an
Amerl 1 ? ?? I aufh. ?? 1 foi all need I I
1 P7n July iael .. movi menl a| N ?? "' >?n
| authorlt, waa lemporarllj aueceaaful, Ihe
talled Indlan Oovernmenl wa- f..i .? ':"?' re
atored the blufl 1 ipi in I allh loaa of llfe >n tl ?
pan of Nbaragua and Ihe N.< ... .??i'.''. H ?
of Hlu^tlol.la expelled A f?-w cltlxena of Ihe I
Btatea who are b llevod t? 1.? t..k-n part ln tnla
Inaurrectlon lefl Ihe eountr, Two Ame
Lampton and Wlltbank, ..?..:... 1 miinlelpal .t ' ?
ui h ? the Bhort-llved reglme, and Ihe. and '?
taelve ..th.-r- moBtly Rngllah and Jamalrana were
orbltrarll, arr -'-d and banlahed 1 ??? irgeni ??
moiiatranee of Ihla tlovernmenl ..... Ita le.nd
thal the two kmerb-ana be allowed .1 hearlng. and
ln any evenl an oppoi lunliy to arran?o theli ana.ra
?.'. re exDiilalon reaulted .., permlaalon l?eln?! k' n
,',,..'., .,, return 10 HluelMda under pledge ol 1 ?? I
behavlor .
w ith theae *?* >i.?? ;,: ?'?' u '
An^hiirii m;^>' return wa< f... a ahorl llme re
ftaed bui afterward allowed the ?ndeialg?.e.l la
,.,.,,. ., , thal Amerlean 1 llaena ln Blueflelda
a .- I.-.'.. arreated Bundry omplalnta, groaing
SuJ oMnterroptlona ol lr.de and ..... of A.rl.an
i-.aaelfl by the Nlearaguan authorltlee. )ia\- had
?roner attentlon and will doubtleaa yleld lo tbe
?sirt?r.a ,.,.
uaual mrtiiu'i" <"i ??*. .
oJ^tlon" ln, ^raguan'oover'.?n. w.th.ln
?hr exeuuatui of Mi Bralda, the I'nlted Btatea
? ,:U| s .)....,, .1-1 No.-. "J. Ihe ground of hl?
ilhidl unfrlendly acta, bui 1 ? 1 auuently re
'TrTunfortunata InHdenl toi a llme Ibreataned 10
. '"'' , ,.|.,,i,,,.. iiotwoen Ihla ilovernn.eiu
atraln the geedretatlon 1*1 Aroerb-.n
a."'11 'ha..';,, J I :.n murdered al Itama b, ti
cltlaen, ha\lnK oeen <?' ? ,.
auello the ??m^V, ^^nianm^nt 'V^tM
. '..11, ?i .I "<)' III* IMnl "" ? ? . ?,
waa arreated_. B.....a ?? ', ",','AXl an'.
;,?nad lla abhorren?-e of '?? M,"/;f";,,,i;. ;.',;",:; Z
SaMSgakffya^^ .'
The fac. above atatajI an. '? ^ ? -' tf/'ZA
:;'...::;;.v;;;:r.:v n!e,haove^e.- n??
u'iV';^1,^;^;,,;:.v::.,rv!;::;-n;,,;,i, -.---;?;-,;;:
the eonfllcla. which <n """^ ,A,''.1 ,.!,,'?,.,?,.
tJovernmenl haa .teadlly reeo?nl?Hl t r paramoun
?overalgnt) o? NL aranuH m J ??? J!M.,, wllh
tlon, ylekllng 10 no pn tenatona in ....
u.Hi aoverelgnty. .,,. reara
Ai no tlme durlng Ibo laai forty ? ,,?.
Iw. the ao-called natlve Indlan Jover,in ...
in nropei caaea for Ihelr proteeiio
/'ttH'V'.'i.h.,. a?ITSlra. Whatever rllh ?f ? ;
gorernnienl tho Indlana enjoyed under iht ireajy
?/'ii,,'.,, ,?,? ,0 govern ttMma.lvaw.an. ol .? ;
hHi,iiH...a or Ihe Btrlp, and iheli ..'''''.'. '',,,,.
into the Republlc of Nlcaragua ",".."?'"" '"
??? - ."Mi;t. :.!!^:::r,,^.?::i,/.V1;v:,.!'l'.? .?..? *?i. ...f
\ eopv of a conventlon. < <"" luoeu ..
2y... .... 1- iwr-with communlcalecJ, i>>
?g 1
"f V":. VJri....... i. ia propar ... uy, ba. glv? Ihla
Oovernmenl ihe moal poa tlve aaaurance that ane
aaaeru no rlKht of aoverelgntyor proiaetlon over
tho terrltory. but, .... tbe contrary. reapea ta tna
full and paramoun! aov.ralgnt, >>f the aavaraaaawi
of NlearaRua. Iloapoetfully ^bm|!l*Q||BiHA|i
I.epartmont of State. Waahlnpton. lan. 1'. 1881
The moat Inloreatlng .lo.uinonts accompanylna
the repoit are thoae ahowlnx tho tormliinllon ?t
In Olden Tlmea
B%tg4a overlookod Iha Impalaio- of poro.anonlly h?n?
f|. lal offof.? and w?r^ aatlart^d with tranalfn. arl on. MI
n..w tha. It la gonorallv kn-.wn tha. H> rup a* FhJB wl,
Mrmmi'niU .u'o hal.l.i.al o ,nall|.?ll..n. woll Uif..im?.|
n^r.pl. will nol huy Other laxalUoa, wlnrh BOt for a tlm?,
bui flnally Inture Ihe ayalem.
the lathmlan dlapute wlth Great Hritaln. A tele
gram from Secretary C.reaham to Ambuaaador Hay
ard, dated De.-ember it. aaya:
in reapoBoa t<> an Inqulry, our Mlalater to \i.-a
ragna advtoea me to-day that th.- Moa.piito ladlana
have aurrendered thelr rUhts under the treaty ol
IMO, and have i?-en meorporated wUh Kkmragua.
Tbla cotiflrma atatement made to me by Mlnlst.-r
from Nlcaragua.
Two daya later th.- Becretary cabled Mr. Bayard
aa foBowi
captain Bumner, commander ColumMa, lelegraphl
from Jamalca he i- Informed Hritlah flovernmeni
baa notlfled Chlef Ctoreace a: ihai place II wlll
noi recognlxe xlcaraguan Commiaaloner In Boa
qulto, and to hoid blma.-lf in readtneea lo !??? laken
to Blneflelda, Thls Informatlon noi ronalatenl
wlth what the Karl of Kiml.erley told you, and Is
not cn dlted bere.
To tbla Mr Bayard replled bj cable oa Decem
aii Intentlom and reporta of re-eatabllahlag Clar
ence at Blneflektfl denled abaolutelj al Porelgn
Ofllce Benaatkuial attempta are appareni to create
mlaunderatandlng and mtorepreaenl relatlom and
intentlona of tbe Init.d Btatea and C.reat BlitalB
in roaaectlon with Nlcaraguan affalra
in roaflrmlag iheae dlapatchea by mall on Decem
ber 22, Ambaaaador Bayard wrote;
Th.- purpon o' th.- Btatementa a. 'be Porelgn
i.iii.e is an emphatlc denlal of all reporta or nimon
Indlcatlng anv Intentlon or dlapoaltlon on ihe part
..r 'li.- Brttlah Ooveremeni "> mlngle i" ihe local
polltlcal Btrugglea and dleordera in Nlcaragua aad
Ihe provliice Of Mospiltia
a- i have heretofore atated In thi-. connectlon
the "formal Incorporatlon" >.: ihe inhabltanti o
the Moaqultla reglon wlth .be real of Nlcaragua i
the b.-st and mosi complete aolutlon ..r all doubt
or quallBcatlon reapecllng 'be fnll aoverrtgnly <>?
Nlcaragua over the entlre coaai, caualng the treaij
of Manacua to become un fait accompll. aad the
Aualrlan award and Interpretatlon <-' ihai inatrii
nient a auperfluouB and negllglble quantlty. Her
Maleaty'a oovernmeni are well pleaaeil wiin im
nroapecl of havlna 'Vlarenre" and hla rortunea
eilmlnated fiom Ihelt polltlcal reappnalblllty. There
was th.- moal open pxpreaalon <>: aattofa.tlon ...
Ihe Porelgn IMIW upon Ihe reported \.itary ln
corporatlon ...' the Indlana wlth the real ol Nlca
ragua foi II waa a ronBummatlon devoutlj to b?
wiihed, and Ibe) were glad lo b, free from Ihe
The voluntary Incorporatlon of Ihe M ?? q
,i . tha Bepubll of XI. iragua li di rlbe i ln i
latter from Mlnlater Gtiaman i ? Mi areaham, dated
l..mber M, tranamlttlng Ihe reenlutl.uia paaae.l
on Xovembei 30 b; the Moaquli.iventlon .???
'*Among Ihe l? i.ra iran ... I n i lo ?..?? Benata
beglnnlng wlth the lotiflcatlpn i ?? |< legi im <? ?'??<?
nnrv 3 l*M from Connulai Kaenl Keai m >- /
i;.. . ,,,, thal llondui .- ? . Inva llna i ape urai i .->.
and aaklng foi i man ol a u. I wn ij? ihe ; " "
of \|, Oreaham lo \n Bayai i and i" ?u?"'"n
oi.embei II. '?-'?' ' .?> ? ' "l"*t ,n" "" '',"
"he greal maas .alata .1 dlapatchea ^Bveylng
.,?;. iii nem, ,.r m bl-nta o curr ng ? '??""?'
?..,, full! i ?? ?? I :"- IfBfte I I reaa II
1 ll h. - Bl lh. llme ul " ? "rrenc.
\:n .:,.: ihe iiion ' Inrldre ira ie
i^graphl. annoiincemen. rroir. MlnlBte. Itaker.
dated Mai. h v lhat M iiili . '???< ' "'??' ' ,!'- ?
? ,, ol lh< Hriilah Coi il ?"?" - N' ?"*' '
owed on M.rch - b-gt. '? Mr- >? ?
?Jk?u. .... ,.V|. ,, ition d ihe top.lng ?f
tl . ,n, .11 I \l- U?J at I - re|.,'. o| M ircll I... - H "I
,.' ? .. Krltlah <; a rnmmi lld n ? " ?''- ? ?'"
, v i.tm i . M'Ihiin
\\ .,- ? ? J it. lu Ixe M ?
| ;.
' '
1 ?
? !
? l
i blll givlni
? ? ?
i \ -, ?? ? ': ? . i law
, ?
I of I
m -
V ?
i and *
however an _ _
Bepr. ? ? ??
lha ii
l:........ ; rhat th?
1. la herel
,i \.? Vorl ? II
.. ithorl* . ? ' '
of lh. He ..II
. .. ? iram mli m ih< ll??? ae all
' . oollMot, ??? lh. .?.-...! -
llce at N< . .
Ihe !'? ' ' '
tlon "' ihai oBli t
v .... .
rorh offl ? aa i '?!' '.' -?
, , . ana men ?
...,\i. . roi .. ?? ?..?'?? ? ?
of ibe Sea Voik om. ? '? < , ? i :
'?' -l"' ' "''
I -,;.|..- irfol r. I hla waa .. ? i ? Ie o II,
former l- mo. rat
,-. ? lm nl ra( >i ?ha I
1,1.. . . i . ' Ib. ofTI - - mai ...- '
n ih< ' " '
\l i ? ? ? ? " '
uiion' ? no....] .mi .??pr*"?r:
tlon lo gi
ihe waj
\\ noi.- Iii
. ? -? l ? '
: i? ng n?m nailoii?
W .,, mi H. Collin Hurveyor of i prlna
"Vi'.iv' ? - *?" YnTk< ?'
i;^n. .al .c Barcelona --i- |
\ndrea J I'atiei ui .f '? nn? -?? ' onaul i
!.-. ItrltlBh flulana
l-olonel tl N'orman l.tolaal l? b. ' idge M\
,;,,., ,,,i ,,- ?!??? \ t in % b tli Ihe i ina ol m igaun
Ur-omn! -- onera of I. I ?'"?? ? '' Btradley,
_,. -|-,, ,?,.,. i i..- h inly, ... Bo ' ??? i''' "
.-.-l.i;. : ..1 N-VS Vo.k. John I. K Belg. I I'l
d Ipl ." _
,-,?,. ,i Kavage. Bl Dun lee - ind
t? ihe Deparlmeni of Ktai. ahlpl
ilre..t Brltaln durlng IBM, ? iy* lhat, i mtrarj
the ? ?pei latlona f?rme?l twelve moniha ...? ? .-. ?? .
i?, ihe proepecti of the lad iBtrj ihe i.lu. lon
haa been much htobei ihan lhat of 1BW The
,,,,,,,, ol it.- rmtei KIHgdom, Indmllna warahlpa
bulfl ln ihe (lovernmenl and prlvale ealabtlBhineim.
,,?,?,,,,'.-d it, IBM ... W7.U0U Iohb laalna a d.
" ,',,.,- Jf nearl! kai.onn and fi .m Ihl of nearly
:,?!?? iona ln facl the al ipbnlldlni ... Illllea ..f
;,.,; ..oiinir) were, In IBO, barelj iiiillxe.il.! ihe e?
,,.,,, ?r |?o Ihlnto Durlng ihe ,.n year lh?
, ? l haa been I.I24.0W. ui ?" l"? " '?' 'A,-r IV,; "r
wwomi lona I-'-' '?-" -"'? ?l"!'": -??'! - '?'
Mi'inage of i?.a?. were .II, and ihla yeai the num
; !s rall.* lo 176. repreaentlng a ?BMaJ
,,. .,, ahile ihe numbei uf ateaniera ..t, n.ie)
;??? h"J r|aen rroni UU to Bl, and Ihe lo
fnmi'wai* I.B*.7B5 ln Vlew ,.f Ihe f....I
''"' '.,?',,' -.,. la rrcl.-I eaulvalenl t.i
* ; |..... Jhio I >m H wl" be -???!. Ili il Ihe cari InM
o, .-, .-???. largely augmente.1 ln exeeaa ol
' ..,' ,':,: ,V. .... -I..- .;.,.. ln IBM. the
?, ,Ke "ulli ?'.i" I '? ????: !!' ,!",,-i:,,,V""
The Department
Htate haa recelved a r.-|.oi'
UDOn ,,,.. atate of general trade from Conaul tleneral
Maratta, al Melbourne. .h Indh ilea lhat bual
h, i? omlng bealtblei n Auatralta. ? re.ll(
n-w rorh.
,;i:i.v. THEBE v. II.I. BB v> TIME
OFaablngton, jan I (fp* *all ln rtow of the pro
f(.,-,d aaaleti of Ihe Admlalatratloa lo bave a
'urrency blll paaaed al thla aeaalon, thi atatua of
lh,.K..,.era; .?....??....?.?:"'? bllto Whlch .-t I,.- pa-s,-.|
Le'omeaof conalderabli Intereal. Bta of heae blll
ir(. ?tlil iu proceaa of preparatlon by the aeveral
" mmitteea havlna them In chargo. They are the
BxTutlve, LegtolaUv. aad Judtolal Wll. whlch car
ipproprlatlona for the Buppaei of the aeveral
briacheaof lha P. eanrlce. lacludlna th.- a.iia
,.-..'s of al! publlc ..m.Ms from the Prealdenl of ihe
Inlted Statea dOWH to clerha anl meaengera; the
?undry Clvll blll, Ihe Dtotrlcl of Celumbto blll. the
KavalMII Hm ImllBB Mll, ?."! lha AgrtcuUural M.I.
The Poatawlce Mll and Ihe hiplomalic and Cotisular
hi have been reported and are on the clendai 6\
thi Houm awalflng actlon. Th- Army - , he
PortlflcatlonB blll. the Mlllury A.-ademy b; II. the
n,?,n li and an Urgenl Deflclency bill have
Wilhelms Quelle
Ol' 11,1.
Unequalled for use with Rhine
Winfis and Clarets.
soi.lt ll, \|.|. <.lt(Mi,i|s, oiti OOlgTBi AM)
\\I>K l)K \I.KHS.______
pasao.i the Houae and are atlll pendlng ln 'ho s-n
..." Commlttee on kpproprtallona it iv eapeel i
th.it th- Dlatrlcl of Columbla blll and tho Bundry
tlvl! i.iii w.ii be eomnleted and reported t.i tbe
Houae neii w-k Chalrman Holman, of the Com
nntt.n Indlan Affalra, ^xp*-. ts to bave the Indlan
i.iii i impjeted ao lhal it can be reported to the
llouai ii-v: Monday. II- hopea lo aei ure tha edop
llon of ,i provlalon i?uih.>rlzinK a Bub-commlttee
.,!,;,(.?.?. i ... member* of the Indlan t'ommlttee who
were re-elerted t.i vtall the Apache, i!heyenne, <'<>
manche an i Klowa trlbea next aummar and Inveatl
gate th.. r rondltlon and n^o.la, and r-p..r: t . Ihe
n.-v I'ongreaa, I* arlll be obeerved thal if theae
approprlatlon i>:!ia or.. to recelve iiio oonatderatlOn
b, tt..- Houae and Benate reapeetlvely which thelr
Importai.lemanda, a good ahare .,f tha remnltid.-r
of ih i Congreaa will be loijuiro.i for th:.t purpoee.
? -??-?
\ :... tlag af iha Jockey Clab w..a called yeater
da, afternoon. Aa Ihere -.v.ia nol ? quorutn pree
eni aaa declded lo bold a meel ng on January
it. when aeveral vacanclaa will t,e nl!.-1 an i a chalr?
man .,f the aiewarda B.lected. i ????? la mueh lm?
porianl bmdaeaa ... iraneael before the raclng a.a
aon t
II..i . ne i are ln ? n ? I, ple .-?? i al the m u.r
la ahleh ih- hor?e-ownera entered thelr anlmala ' .i
that bave i \\ hen the vVeatern
malla .? iva ihe numta ? will be largely
ln..I. The i' >nej l- ml I ke, l'l ih ai ik.a
have been llberall, patronlaed ... the paat, conea
. ... al ika haa .. - mir.v a- or mora than,
the i imbei .' rntrlea ? ? - i n I ii mei ? eara. All
.,' ihe '? , . . .? I n ?::?? ilr.-a:
Ti .i .-'?..I..-- md 1 nam. ?l Colonel " II. Payne
?a -., | riea fui o rac la a va lable ?
i .?:.,..?., i k. ? ib'a ik.a ? . >m lhal ihe
>' 'k. "":
,.'.. ?? . ,,..,,. i i , . .? wlthoui th. betl ng i u gfl
... ..,? tbe pi
? , - ii.-i .? ai ? -..in.- ? ?' l.e men and
....-,..?.! .i \ -.. ii r llariel I, .1 ?hn
\|.,.. nirn - le. Bro.ik.lale Ktaltle, 11
m iith. a B, - II K i * 11k??11.
? ,, . i t<m ? I'ela llill fta i'i I *>?'??.,
\i ,; .- i. ii. w . i tal,. VVI im
? \i v liwy.r. P. J I
l \ \ ' '?'-. Kl - Bl ?
, . | - . ...... ... tajh . r?? 8
? : ii, i, ... m H inil n \ M
lldi ? ??. . II " m ' '? 'l :' '? ' ? George
O. Jl K. Ke.
P Keen. v leBk.la I t I ? u I 8
P. I.
... \t ,?*. ? I
.-. I ?l '.' i il I. '
v l II X
I? tl . ? ? ? ... II
.,.-... \\ I-.- ? . ,'-ak
? ?
? - . ? ? '
~ ,'. ? ? nim -
II ' . I i
,.- . ' ' >? ?
?.?... ? BA H
. ~. ,v
, ?. ? ? - ? ? aa
? ? ''.
,. ??
v . . . ? -.
? ?
? . -.
. . . - irooklyn llandl. ap ar<
?.? !
; l'l ? ::::::::'
! . .
? lh-.r entl
l. Ihe W
? Tak?? 1 ' ' '."' '
..... u . glan ?
? ?, ..
,,?.? ,.i,.i.i.-i of I
? '
? i n are alrea.li
.,.,,.i tha ?:...? ?'-. and -inp. ... W
I lkl. . : ,., tnake a ontra. t with Jamoa i.
a r on. aa b aald h. all . >a aaa
. , h t!.vo.il.lbea ' >lr
I ikeUlld ?? lered hta -orv ?> B.
! ..., . ... h .,,. aa hei
alih....l .. ? .ntra i '?H '"';,
. ...... i ao I 'i i IJ ? "
i .. Im ... u I r
i.-.u. i ahall -nl ?' - " Bi K>enea aor\ aa
,. i,.. h ,.,i. iiio . lo ao, and as onr aaa .
..,..? oiii n
,. VYllllam Ukeland ?n ihe
lurf llla .?,,.?!. ' >wai l hia <?:?,..^ - ? ?
ih. an. rela ' ???-?'. ."' "
. ,.,,,;. .,.|,., tral eri ai I " the?li ac
ln ihe It, Ui I'.i.i.-. predl la a brllllanl - n ing
^::r^:;;Jy:.u,. .-,,.. bi.i.n ->- -
''Th.-'''in,:, .n- oiitlook fo he Q ? raclng
nhVlala ?h.. are un.lei Inulcim.n .'^V',^
mueh analeti and aorr, Man, i'"'-"', V ', ,Y.
lhal ihe i.idi.i-l offlrlala arlll b. ? ??"?i;-'-;. / ?'."
. , thr Htate ii. the m.an tlme iner. me
m'n wl.,, . infldontl, predu-l iha.' arlll be rac
, ,...., ng n Vea Jerae, thu y.ai
If ,be pr.a?nl plana of the Orlvlng f'lub of N.w
yor|. ,.aaf.ill, carrled oiil Ibare v..ll be Iwo
truttlng meetlng. .1 Kl..ta.I Kark bmj aeaaon
no.wl.ha.andlng ihe conatimtlo..r.bltlon o
. ,iii,,, on ra.etra.ka. The newly elected
?,?..,. 0f ihe Orlvlng Llul.?eve that harneaa
?.i. .an be atade -ful wlthoui bettlng
?nd ih., no. ,.,..,. glve a aprlng meetlng a
Kleeia.I. in iddltl. he Urand < ." jer
,n M,m,N- The Kx; ?....;.?' ;?-?? 'X,.. ,?, alth
mi.ii. i-< Becretar, i- B m-ik.< '",''' , ' ...,..,,.,.
,?.. irark-ownera an.l drlvlng luba .,f Bai? ?
u\, if ih. Parkwa, ImIvii.k ? ""' comaa Into n?
?,'.:!,??!? .1 I,,.'.in, w.n b. h-M ... tt.bnYa haif
\ I HICHLV ?.imincnJ ,' f?A ?? v
J f 'h?l f X.M e
J Johann fMiTl Mall r Sff |
' my cla.tv dift It im
proirk rrn ipprntr 4iul VJr JW )f '.'^1/ X
v diR'-t...n u.-ulrrt.jIK i Yj9 v
; ? -,.k aaa i ??>? ? .laMed C7?"' , >y i
mlle track, elther following or preceding the Fleet
wood aerlea.
Kver alnce the Introduction of the Engliah hack?
ney breed of carrtage horaea lato thi- country they
have been looked upon with dtofavor, if not with
Jealouay, by the trottinK-horae fraternlty, and a
Btroag rivalry haa lately developad between the
1.!.len and admlrjrs of the two elaaaes of har
Bcm horsea. I.ate last ?eaaofl Praneta M. Ware at
tempted to gel up a eomMnatlon horae ahow and
borae race, by which the mprif* of the rlval breeda
as park an I road h..ra"s might be put to a practlcal
teat. The plan falled for varlous reaaon?. and the
rival CBBapa are atill at war. I.. A. Hurke, of the
New-York DrtVtag Club. offered a few daya ago to
match his trottlng horse Paacal for ?"..'?*) or leaa
against any hackney that cottld be found lo pull
any amonnt of welght over elther a racetrack or a
common turnplka road ..? aay dtotaa ?? lha aeeept
lag pen m aughl aame. Thla challense brought a
r.-?ponae fn.ni the hackney camp aaying speed and
welght-pulllBg qualltlet Paacal mlEhl have, but he
wai not a horse of aesthetic appcarance, and conae
queatly no match for the BBgBah type as a park
horae under tbe t?? st propoaed by Mr. Ware.
Yeeterday Charlea P. Batea came to ihe reseue of
th- trottlng eatbuatoati by an offer to match a horae
ln hli itable agalaat any hackney in Amerlca under
the eondltloai -.f the Ware competltloa. Mr. Hates
aaid h? would name Coltavllle, a blg clieatntK boraa
that be bad ah iwa In the ckua for high iteppere at
the Xatlonal Horae Bhow laat Nevemher. Uatll this
propoaitlon waa made it was not generally known
thal Coitavllla waa a trottlna-bred anlmal, but It
now appean thal be is by Obertln, a aon of Harold,
th.- Blre ..r Maud B? IM\. and hla dam ? Blb
Ledger, tbe graadalre of Rylaad T.. 141%. wltk
aeveral trottlng croaaei i.a.-k of tnia. He was ahown
at Madlaon Bquare tlarden wlthln a month
after he arrlved fiom Ohk), and, belng plainlv K'e-n
at the buaineaa, he falled to wln a prtxe. The rlaaa
In whlch I..- appeared, however, brought out auch
iioted ahon horaea as O. II. P. Belmont'e Bua
down. Ilurlingham, Bocklngham and Bucklngham,
Ueorge B, iTulme'a Buperba, and Harry Ham
lln'a Queen, and waa aald by competent crUIca to be
Ihe beal tieid of hlgh-ateppera ever aeen ln any Bhow
ring rlarrj Llveeey, uim Englleh judge of be ck
ne) - al tlu Horae Bhow, pronounced Coltflvllle a per?
fect apeclmen ?>( the hacknet typ*. and II waa no
doubi partl) owlng lo tbe Kngllahman'a admlratlon
foi thla apeclmen of the trottlng horae that he
quletiy purchaaed a number of trottlng marei for
breeding purpoaen |ubi before hla departure for
l.lverpo .1.
Mi Batei aayi tbe better type of the trottlng
horae Im the taeit aJI-around road at.d park horae In
the world In proof ..f tbla he cltei the facl thal
every anlmal he ??xhiiiit.- I al Madlaon Bquare Uar
den In November ?..- of tbe dlstlnctively Vmerl
can breed llli horae Cadel thai wai ahown as a
landem l< ider, 11 .. hlgh-ateppei iu ilngle and dou
ble harneaa. a- a brougnam horae and ffnall) aa one
of the leadera of a four-ln-hand team. and a wlnner
of one of the rlbbona nearij every tlme he appeared
,n tbe ring, i- .i trol ??: In dlagulse. witb bla tall
.... k- I and hla man.- pulied. Altogether, fo
- a .n twelv. pn/--. ui the claaeei for
hackney t\pe. whlch a.is
more than n or all ibe pure-bred ..t half-bred
hackne) anlmali ihe Bliov . e I iff n the bar
l.. - - ' . ' Mr. lt.it. -.
. ? ?* ?"
mkktinil i....ai. bahehai.i, appaibb?
m:\vs aii.ii t < v.i.in.;
The of an Intei n.itional athletlc nieet
Ina between the beBi men of New-York and i...n
? i- i ? ? n taken up wlih avldlty by lovera of
fleld and "al. aporta Uad managemeat, careleaa
neaa or aomethlng baa cauaed local Intereal In
athleili contea - lo wane, and the comlng tour o*
lh. Kngllahmen wlll do much to i>-n?a the Intereal
m thla -oi ? of apoi t
ithh il. . omnili tee haa ? ibmlit. I Ita ?? .
',,? the | eai to ihe Boa ? i of tbe New
\..-,. ithletl. ' lub and tt.mmlttee haa been
i-ompllmented for its handaome ahowlng.
Th? Bffaln of ihe Brooklyn Baaeball Cl ib are ln
? ? . iame on UU n to la) aa the were i fei
!?? \ \!,.-:i |? the largeal Btockholder In tbe club,
and be la dlaeatlBfle.l wlth the poaltlon BBanimed
i,., tha mlnorln atockholdera No one, howevei
. . ? i ... .mii ko Into the bandi ??' ?>
? ??
\ ingement* are belng perfected 'or a llvely
.. baaeball aeaaon al tha Polo Urounda durlng
tprtl Tha Sew-Yorh idub la conelUerlng the ai
,iaabllli) of aeklng ihe League to bava the tharn
plonahlp aeaaon open ln tios dty thla year, i he
lilan.pei ? ,,; ,; Maitlmoi e laat year,
., ? . ... iila.-.i iraglna reauli ln tho?e Bt al three
aamea la atltl rrean ln the mlnda of Ihe local foi
lowera >' ? ?? idub Managei Davla Ib atlll a' hla
i,,, ,,,. al ? ohoea, bui he li expected to be In the
,.x- ,.,.., to ih-- charga ol i" al baaeball
. , , ii y t l the Nee
\.<W << ?? divlalon ??' Ihe I. A w . wenl lo Mbam
, rtaln leg ala on regard
..-. \i, p ,ttei expe 'te I to have
..- loua ? ointii;: teea re . I)
, . . - ire lhal he) wlll n il be
. | in nexl W e.-k
\ the meetlng ' ? S' ' '?' Aa?en bl) ol ihe
i v w i.j i? ? ? ln Pebruary. ihe
mil i-i ihe f .llowtng amendmenta:
IH of ihe woi l "whlte
, . - rlghl ot
inember'hlp Thia amendmenl haa been .-fTv-d
maii) ilin. '? To make the
,' halrman of the Ita i?k I'.o.n l .. aa ?
. ,. ? ... i ra iii^; from the liai _<>r
, . . ragu haa Jurla llctlon. i he
,?lng , ., i? o- | .; et an I .m ameit I
ike a .-???? .feaal mal rl.lera f*he
Uon of ortl. ? ra an i Ihe aele tlon ol ..
- m.f !??'' wlll take pla ? ^a
. ..ul) l? ? Htatea ... ' - "-'; N",rt ?"*?>
M ... , huaei - lh. aele II >n wlll U I '.
"k:. ,v ... >r the Klnga County Wheelmen.
i,., ? mlleaaie ie >rd .f v"" mllea, made laal a*>a
l(m, Tnea -.:- ihe NeW-York A, V I
,, , ,; havlng i .vered nearl) :.'?" mltoa In IIW
\V "ani"r tbe I'laaa It ' ?? - rlder, ??? ? n la re
a,.: ie.l bi ..il bb f?Bteat men ln "'?'-;';
,. ..... i-aaue of Imellcan B he*lmen, ind ?no
.....V realdeni ul \l Iwatikee, haa I. Id. I lo
N-. A y ,,i. cit) h i home Veaterday he algned
:, ? a-llh Ihe manage. of ihe rtpaldlng leatn
t? .. |, th ? S|..l ling ? I< >'. ?? next aeaaon ib- la a ,
.. , ;,.,!.- ., qulal ui to the opald ug ... Ing team.
i I a/ th Sangei and Pi lerlck Tltua . i repreaeni
he fa-t Mllwaukeean Ib Ihe peer of ...iv ri.ler iu
. mtrJ Among other re u la Banger holda the
foftowing '-"?>' ??'? ???'? ' uBpetlttoB. flylng etar , ,
.'., .. - |a iw ? l.ltl mlle, flylng atarl _unpaced
" . ,,:,. mlle. dylng atart, iinpaced. : y. 1-5; one
:?;f;. , .,,?,..,,,,.,,,. handlcap, 2n?l-S. T Bhafer haa ,
j;,",.,, ;?miged to in ui Banger and ritua fot thla ,
vr'n.- llarlem Wheelmen have agaln captured the
Tarryio".""" "n""'1 b> "'" M"V ? " ? i
iimVer waa P. U DlniBtead: llme. 5:B. Olmatea.l ,
T, .-. from One hundred-and tenth-at. and Bev
e.ih-ave a 12 o'clock mldnlght. ln .ompan) wll i
?"? e sl.aw. o,?l,,.-.:.-.-uw.ch WHpniH. V On
h.mdred-and-Blxteenth-et. iHraatead fuiyed ?neau,
?1 rrom thal llme nothlna n. waa aeen of llen
Kaw There were i.thei arrlvala al the M i
Hmiae -,
Thomaa Uallagher. of Chlcago, who bad been III ;
on Wedaeeday, laal nlghi mei Bdward Pouraal, of ?
,,, ,?,,. for the fourth tlme al Baly'i Acadamy. la
,ha handlcap mal b m whlch the Prencbmaa trled ,
,, .?,.?.'.? oi n of t.1*"' ln ?'?"" polnta Uallagher |
Mk.k?l no doIi ta ln l ttle btmchei all pvei the table, '
IUcSx hlBOt *? Bem ln i poaltlon foi much of the
?pJurnltt i"V B. ??-? II. M. lla, 9. 1. IM Bd I.OM
Av^r..?i Pournll.?: O*"^,^'5^ yR$
,-?.,. Pournll, IW: tlallagher, 4.. Beferee. Ed K b)
i ondon .i.in I Tbe offlclala of tha l.on.bm Ath
,,.,;, ciub aa) lhal they bave noi yel i.pted the
ehaitoage of the New-Tork Athtotlc Club. rhe
day. ??"'"?Li',..,,,. of the propoBed conteat, and ln
:i:i;.";;^u,eMr';;v;.,eh,?a.bi,K.-or .n. b.w.
york ciub will be accepted.
OtUw, jaa. t-TlwAmeHeaahechey team ptayed
?i match tO-BUlhl wllli the OtUWBI and
w-./b,'. li beaten. Tlie'caBadton game waa ptayed
Tn.i ,h. vMiiors were completely al aea rhe acore ,
was lo bl I. _m _ .
Melbourna. Jan. I Ifl Ihe Crlcael match between
,,,.. ltama of Baataad and AaetraM tha former
finlBbed :<i runa ahead ..f tha ABBtranaB*
7//a; VAUBUVBU iisTiiioM.u. n\n.
Th,. treaaarer of Ihe Dr. ParhhuiM Teealaaoatol
,,,??, j i.a.m.lon Brvbtft No. "7 Wall-at.. who
will acknowtodge aubacrlpttoni of any amo.mt. re
norted ib-' following auba.rlptiona up to noon yes
lerdB) Prevloi.alv a. knowledged. PMIBB3; J"hn II.
.- .i nuimland II Dodge, \\ llllam P. ?t. John and
'? it ,-o,ier eaoh lU; W. ll. Buaeell, the He
?'..-,?Ilua II Hmlth. .'harlea tl. Ruaaell. Vr. I>anlel
M BtliBaoa'aad tha Rev. and Mra. C. C. Tiffany.
M Btunaoa aaa ibb m, (J Marrlngton ,.urt ,.,
Mlafl BUM A. Ueau and Auatln Atbolt, each gafj
*.i':im i ??.! wwp :i wwum*. IH
Hilo t t-m raaTwa
?*i *at? .1* tiucco cok'1.1 s.::;?/,:?
Hat Stood tha Teat ol Tlme
in your Furniture. Carpct and Curtain sur?
roundings. Harmony iccured by a visit to
or.r itore at any timc, but particularly just
The tlrst rolumn regular fignreg, the second
A pttilega omlatlght on g mammoth stock
for few days longer.
[mfnense atock of CARPETINGS, etc.
22, 24, 26 East 14th St.,
Near l nion 5quare. NEW YORK.
Aparl and dletlnct fr.ini ...ir rogular buainoBa?
A < Iredlt Department
Coats, Jackets, Capes,
JYluffs, Collars, Boas,
SmI, Otter, Mink. Snhle. Pert'mn.
( Imirlnlhi, J.nuiin. AHtraklirtii, etc,
Dt't'p cul in pricei
l,f for* stock tttkhif).
V?\ & 126 Wett 4'itl St.
S'niili Kobm, >'?"/ C*Bt* and (HovtK
I'ltr-liiiril Qarmeutt.
fltpairimg and ulteiintj <if shnrt wor/ea.
b'atkio* platet ihuUkI to <iny aefaVaag,
thb woipnn L
mi: iu.it t<?>i:
IS r'Ol mi OM.Y IV THB
108 Fiflh Ave., cor. W. 16th St,
k'lK >"? TBB VBBKM OlMBM KT i \H1.K.
\< ,i meetlng of tt." Board of Directora of the
Uanhattan Cheaa Clun, heM late laat algfct, the
alteratlon of and addltlona to I.-alea to govera
,t.nte*t t. pUyed b, cabla betnre a the
M.ni,........ .md Brltlah cheaa cluba, aa piepoaal
by the latter club, were dle taaed, aad aaaat of
theae propoalllona were accepted. Thoro aooma to
t?. nothlng ln the way to aucceaafully carry out
tbe acheme, aa alll be Been from tke rulea K.ven
., ...... .... .- ptayera be b*j oa eaek aMa
Kew-York tlaaan
wl-l, ihlny tmnii ea mien ? ' ? ?' ?' . ,?.
1 Tha. iifl-r ?? h"""" Ptay. ottMUBlje ? tna
,.',;: PM In.abllng and Inierval. iinOnlahed nnea
bln_d>iba!e!i ") Bmanuri Laaker. booorar, aatmaer of
b'i'l'?.'?'..''"', ii- tlme llmti !?? be tarenty a*ovea aa baaw.
anallyalna ??' ihe ami to b. permttted ?h.ia
ihjma ;- , , , , ,. ,.??.?,.,.??* to
To ,h. value of n_ leea tea- glM U
,?r?:. - aianlm ib wttkla
?in? ,hi - after i ho tna.. '? l? '." Mea.
"']?;,;.;, ,, ? . ? .,!,,. ?: the aiovea ... ba aaad oa
?,,. iu.il uf i ...i- eapena. - .___?.
Appended ere tbe rulea whkh the cluba bave yel
lo jkioo upon:
L-lrai Thal th* date ??' Ih* reap. gve cluba quallfylag
, ahiuli b. ApHl l. laaa. .i....id.?a grapoaag Janu
""LilnJ^The rulea of Ihe With Am-rloan CtaH <;n
.,' , ,.,, ,i,.ntoat -?.-i. bb they ara BII8H1I
ga^rda, a M?rch. ,f , ,.s-,..-,. ???.-, " t%m
,?,.,,.. ,|.i,.,i propoeed a Sa.Hi.iav in l--l.i> > ?
i/.l/r A\l> V.11'1' vorr.*
VYaahlagtoa. Jan. Tha eruleer Atlaata o.-ietiy
?,,t S'orfolk for Ke, B'eal on DwamabarJB. tho faot
bavlng been aimouaced to tha Navy DeaartBMM
to-da, a Imlral Meade baa been and. r laatructteagi
to order th- Columbla home from laaaalra aa aoaa
Atlanu aalled to reMave her. It la preeaMe
t |g| the Columbla will eurl al oaca.
By ditvoiKm of gecreury H-tt.-ti tho autkoritlea
of tbe Waahlnaton Say, Yard to-da, d.div.-rvd tha
oi.l recelvlng-ahlp Oale to Conuaerder Bmaraon.
of the Baryland Naval Mllltla, who waa delegaUj
b? Uovernor Brown t.i a-,-pt th. veaaeL ihe tng
Krlttanlan. which had come from Baltlreore for
the purpoa., proceenled to toa tha vaeesl t.? her
permanent quarters al Baltlmore ,__u
The foliowinx Army orticers were retire.i to-da,
on iccount of dlaabllltlea: Outenanta .1 <> Anl.-r
aon ".'-tii Infantr,; A. s. Ma< Sutt, uth Infeatry, ang
I'aptalna Kdmund Luff, Ith Cavalry; I'. H. l-.oker
aon, 19th Infantry, and John Oueat, Ith Cavalry.
The foiiowinu . ni-t appotntmenta al Weai 1 >>int
aere announcetl to-day: Bouthey R. Whlte. ^V"".?,"'
M,i k it Pennlngton, alternate. Kennedyvllie,
\i,l ' gebaBtlan 11. McDowell and Robert B, K-nneii
alternate, fynthlana, K, . Uoula A. I.attorm.r, and
Olven Oordon. alternate. Blddletown, OMo; Barry
i; soitz-r. Hamburg, Penn., and Charlaa Aaaay,
ultomato, Allentown, I'-nn.
kli 1 .
Iloll !,-r ."'
Hea I Beteher.. ??'<
Bodle >' 'ii?"l ? ??'
Itulwer .,,">
i-.n r.il i \.i ..8.T8
I'r.M "i I'ol'i. .T?
ii..ni? \- ??ui.-N .41
11,ii- * Norcroaal.90
s.ni rraadaeo, Jaaaar, .'( is''"'
lorda) To-day. Yeeterda, To-day.
. .4:. .4 1 Moxi.an .'>' M
. ..17 ..17 M ? .-J* ??
.'..^ 1 .nhir .I "?*' I*
.::. Potoal .87 Jt
.06 Davac* .???? :"
'?" Sl-rra No\...Ih . . .88 M
:\ 7.', ini.ii Cona l ..'.'-' -s*
7j rtah ."s ??_
tl \>llow .la. K. i ... ?J -41
1 18
DOM T YOU want TO iif:AR?
TIIK AI KAI'HONK arlll li-d" > " II >?'" aa It la a
,.nt a<-lrntir<- lavcatkM WhWl Wtll r*?i..ro tho h*ar
tna; ..f alnvvt any ono Ml BORB gaat Wh-i. in Ita IM It
la Invlalhle, an.l daea BOt > auao tho .Imhioai dlao. m
rert It la t.> iho ear what glaaso* are t<> tl^ ?>'. ?n ear
mttaiiT fan ho teeted PRBB Of CBABOB at
Tl? Motropoatan U'd'f, Madlson Squara, Naw-York.

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