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N* 17.621.
\0U LIV..
CAI.I. ON OOUMCEti STI*<-N<. T11B" roWaW
WITB Hlfl AiritoVAi..
Mayor .--.troTig'!* s-'crotary, J..b E. H.-dg.-s. was
th" special BI88B4nifI Who yesterday CBlTted 1"
Albany the Power of Removal blll with the cer?
tlflcate of tha Mayor attached. declartag that he
li.i.l ili.lv approved tba l.ill aft.-r a publlc henring
ha.l in pursuiaiH-*' of tha new C wiaUtBtloii aad tha
Proredure law.
T'.io h"urs whlch Mayor Btroni devoted to th?
publlc were taken up aith eoafereBcea aith w.dl
knowfl citi/f-ns, an I tba all waa rull of rumora all
dav about bow th- Mayor would flll the placeaal
ih- heads of lha -rartoua clty ite|*4*urtraeBta t.--m.-.
row. Willlam Brookfleld ara* an early i-alhu*. an.
his vlsit was qulckly folloared by a ?ttM<
wbkh bore a*troag tracea of probabUlly ?hnt Mr
of Publlc Worka. Oraal preaeure haa been
brought ... hc.r OB Mr. BrookfleM to Ifldueeh.m
to accept Ihe ,da.v. b.1 K *-? ?U Ibatbo h his
health and h.ir-iiu-s.- al.1 I" U" ?W Whlle r*.
fusinB to aay anaolutely srhether the aUternenl
araa true or not, Mr. Brookfleld plalBly encour
aged lha u*B|Nreaak>n thal be bad iBfonned tho
Mayor of his decunatlon.
lt was aald durlng Ihe day that Mr. Bi wk
Beld'a famlly pbyalclaB had dlrected that he
must Bpend the reat of the wlnter In Florlda or
at some h.alth-resioi ing t?ori ln the Bouth of
Europe, and aoroe of his cloae frlenda Inalated
thal be couM nol aUnd the atraln Involved In
the ruorgaolaaUon of the Deimrtrnenl of Publlc
Worka which ls to follow Iu tranafer to Michael
T. Daly'a auci-eaaor. Bul last evenlng laa back
pi-b of Mr. Brookfleld'a candldacy were joyfuiiy
announeing that his trlp to Florlda or Europe
was "off." and that he had promlaed the Mayor
that he WOBld a.'-i-t the offlce and devote to it
all the abllity and str.-ngth he poaaef-aad. Mr.
BrookSeld thereupon becan**a ? prlme favorlte
asnong the aportlna men, and heavy odda were
offered nn his appolntment. with ao takers.
The news which brought so much delight 10
Ihe aupportera of Mr. Brookfleld in the recenl
i -nteat In Ihe Republlcan Couaty Committee
carrled wrreauondlng gloom Into tbe camp of the
oppoaitloB. The dlBappolntmenl was deepened
by th.- statement that FrBBCia M, Bc -tt. who had
been oppoeea for Corporatlon Counael by tbe
p itl contlngent almoai as peralatently as ll had
fought agalnst Brookfleld'a appolntment, Had
been aelected for chlef of the Law Department.
The fight uver the offlce of Coip. ration CoUB
eei had narrowed down jesterday, ln th- opinlon
m- most pollUciana, to Francla M. Bcott and
Davld J Dobb. Both a - D-mocats. Mr.
^ ?,^ _ ,>w. 4.*iref iB_dBta.nl Corporatlon
lvan has been tne r irst v ? .
Counaal for many yeara under all the head* ot
the Law Department Unce Rlchard O'Oorman.
Mr Bcott was an Aaalatant Corporatlon Counael
previous to his np-joiBtinenl aa Aqueduel Com
missionT in Iftt
h beeame known late in the day that the
name of Colonel Frederi.-k D. Qraal had been
Kubmitted lo Mayor Strong for Commissioner of
Publlc Worka by Mr. Brookfleld'a opponenta Ib
ih<* hope '? defeatlnaj him. S thlng of the
kind. howevor. le probable. Cokmel Oranl
la the cid.si aon of Oeneral Ulysaea B.
urant, and headed the rtepabllcan Btate
t'-k<-t in IMI as Ihe BomlBee of the
party for Becretary of Btate. The Mayoi sras
told that Colo***l OraBt would make an ? r, '
CommliBsloner, and that ht* appolBtment n uld
many of the Bolld Republlcana of the
c,tv. Heb4-:ongsto,h.- Ualoa l>ague Club aad
lo aeveral fcodal llepubllcan organlaailona
c .ancey M. Depew at: 1 e?-Benator <J
Mill?r bad exteaded Intervlewa wlth Colonel
Blrong yeaterday, which were underatood to rofer
., - me of ihe raoat ImporUBi of the ippolBt
nier.t. to '? 8 made.
fhe,*. were plenty of other crallera who cla
th- Mayoi-f atteatloB. and ll la aafe to aay that
,..**,<- of them axhauated hla patleBce. In the long
I . ?, ?rd.-d in th.- ante-room appeared the Bamea
af John Bablne Baaith, .John Proctor Clarke. Al
ienaea Olcott and wr.re. FordhaBi Morria. ex
Park Commissim.-i Borden. ?-Bherlff Jamea
o'Hrlen. ex-Assemblym- n Jamea R. Bheffleld and
Bernard WgUn, Coatrouer Fllch. Charlea Bte rk
ler. Km-st Harvie,. Dr. Cartos F MacDonald,
ProtmBOt Bi. kmore. John S. Drake aad aa>l ?ll. e
juftice jacoh m. Patu
At I o'clock th.- Mavor gave notlce to ab ut a
score of men still in tb- ???? " 'hal h* ild -
n? more of them, as he must devote the remaln
d.-r of the day to hl* c .rreaponden e and routine
n ittera which could nol be poatpoit-ed. Aa the
erowd flled out one maB. evldeatly an old a -
-toalaunce of the Mayor, waa recognlaed by him
and greeted ln a frl'-ndly way.
-1 toa't want to talk buslness *rllrj you,
Colonel.'' said this vkritor. "i onlj dropped ln to
_>a;-' my reBpecta.'"
?I kr. w that, .id fellow." the Mayoi replled. A
<hat of a a.-.m-nrs duratlon followed, and the
dtlsen a/enl out with the reat, lea*ing ex-Justlce
"Jak." Patteraon and a man who had Jmt se
cur.-l the ex-Juatlce'B algaature lo ? petltion oi
?8BM ?-? ?' :
Th.- Mayor bualed blraaelf In arranginf- papers
on hla table preparatory to calllag hla Btenog.M*
pher \lr Pattereon evldently thoughl II a fav ir
able tlme to gel In aon.t hla "clalma. andl np
proached the Mayor wlth a noiaeleaa, catllke
tread. Wh.-n ?'Jak.-" g"t withln aboul three .rt
.f the Mayor'B tabk-. His Honor. who po*.?i.>l.v
had observed the m v*menl through the -..r:i-i? "f
blaeye, aald, still keeplag hla attentlon on his let
teri and papera: "Can'l eee you t -day. Ju
Impoeeible. Come to-inorroBi BtonilBg, or s*jme
other day. l poaltlvrty caaaol aee you i-ow.
(Th.- laal sentence arlth crunhlng flrmneas and (..
The er-Justtce aald huaklly, "Oood-day,
Mayor.' arlnked .?<? the man arhoa? ("tition he
had algaed aad i-atlrad rapMly.
The Mav-.r is .-xp.-.-ted t,, flll the followlng
ofli.es to-inormw, cltooalng aome of theae namea:
<''.nirnlst*io*i?-r of r*?Mle W'orks t*/llllam Brook?
fleld ea-AaaemblyaiaB Jaaaaa i. Wella, Colonel
F. I>. (Jrant. 'i.-n.-ral Daniel Butterfleld
<Virporatlon Couaael "Davld J. Deaa, Francla II,
H'-oji Pater D Olney. Auaten <;. i'"x
Park Commlaalonera T'yma Clark, Charlea s.
Kalrthil'l. John S. Kenaedy, Sal*-m H. \V?l?s.
? Paol l?j<na. Fordbain Morria.
F*xc-;?e Commlasloners Oeneral ?'. H. T. .'olll!>,
Joa'*i<h Murrav. Ker-llnand Kldnian. John Relaen*
a>ab*r C H. wOOdBaan, John Himpaon.
Kire Cammlaaloners Thomaa I. Hamllton. cor
n*llu* Van <'.<ti, Colonel John w, Mai shall, Oeorge
T. Patier^on
Two different >dates WON "U: jesuulay for
Tsx Cornmlssioners. Both wera beaded by Praal
dpnt Edward P. Barker. nn.- eontalned for ihe
two a??ociate eOB8Wla*JBB8l*a ex-ABBlfllant Corpo
ratlMi, Counael Oeorge ?- <'d-ma.. and ex-Tax
Commlsidoiier E. L. Parrls. Tl}<- "ther ha.l tbe
name?i of er-Senator Uapenard Mewart and <-\
ienator FraBCla M Blxby.
There was mum talk la tbe effect that th.
Mayor would make oae appolntineiil ln th.- Pr?
llce Board to-moirow. atid lhat a BUCraaBor to
CommiBBioner Bheehan would ba aamad. This
was not exi'-ot.-.i, bowevar, by th..s,> ln Ihe
Mayor's MBfldence, although frlendB of ex-8herlff
James O'Brlen were certaln that be WOUM I"'
Uamed for ihe place.
Park CommlsBloii. !? A. B, Tapp.-n aenl bla
reaij-natlon to th" Mayoi yeaterday. It w..s a
cepted, to take ..ff.-< t to-inorr"W. No other reslg
nation8 were anncunced. Corporatlon Counael
Clark said thai he i ;'d lnform.d tba Mayor of
hU readine** to renli-n If the Mayor preferred
?Wa realgnat! >n to removlng him. the Mayor had
?8?ly to signlfy lt. _, uw .
Bx-Park Commlaaloner J. Hampden Bobb and
c.(*nr-*o w. WanmakcT wero mentlonod ns proba
biiitlcs f(,r I>.?ck Commlaaloner yeaterday. Henry
F. Dimoeh contlnued to bo re-garded as a cer*
tainty f..r this board.
Sf-.-rctarv Hedgea ia eapected bark from Al?
bany to-day with th<- Pourer ol Ramo*/al ad
duly appmved l.y th.- Oovernor.
-m> -
APTBH i-.i:.KiviN<-. rr FROM THR
Mbativ Feb 11 (Special). O.vernor MortOB Mgoed
;1?. power of Removal blll at ? o'clock this evenlng.
The n.-w law Rives llayor BtronB. of New-wk.
power t, make a eleoa Bwoep of oll corrupl lam
many Hall onTcmla
i,,i, f Hedaea tbe prlvate aecreUry of Mayor
p,'r?.,i.-..,rrivr.i here fr.-m New-York at 4:18 p. ....
to-day an.l wr.it ... once to the Aeeembl) < ham
,?.r wher. be mei Bpeaker Ftah by appotntmenl
There Mr. Hedaea iilnl wlth th,- Bpeaker the cer
ilflcate of Mayor Stn.tia:-.- approval. h-n .-i-iik-t
Ftah and Mr. Hedaea wenl ove/ to th- F.xecuttve
Manalon and placed the bill befon Oovernor Mor
i__ who aiarned it noon after he recelved II
1 Mr Hed"ea took; the mldnlght traln for New-Tork
_n'd expecta tn h;in.l Mayor Btrong .. certlflel copj
ol the new law al 10 O'clock tn the mortnn...
Frank Work. tne well-kn ?wn Wall Btreel man
and trottlnt-borae fancler, narrow'.y eacapi I .. aert
oua acddeal In ih. Park yeaterday afiernoon. Mr.
\v..rk waa drlvlna tbe well-kn wn mare Mai la
who is conaldered by trott'.ni experta aa one of the
faateel trottera ir th<- . iy. The mare waa In hlgh
s|.irit- and waa anxl ?-,.- to ahon her paeea Bhe v..is
hitched toan extremely Ilghl alelgh, and ihe veteran
roadater w..s tboroughly enjoylna hla rlde.
ll..- pleaaure waa >f ahorl duratlon, however. .-.*?
an Imp .'-i ichman, wbo, ik.- ..ll othera ..f hla
rlaaa dld nol know whether he waa drlvlna ln
lly.l. Park, London, where all drlvera keep to Ihe
left, ?? ln Central Park, where the rule of thi i >ad
ls to keep t.? the rlgnt, came al ..** drlvlna a large
palr of i.avs to a heavy . _ch He pulled .>??. low
nrd ihe ilght vehlcle in whlch Mr. work wai ?
and atrui i* It. breaklna one ..f the ah iftl and -
Iiik tbe alelgh Mr trVork'a akilful hor-cmanshlp
prevented a aerloui accldent. Thi coachman dld
not atop ot ev.-ii 1 ?? >k around, bul contlnued on h -
Way. Mr. w..rk returned to iii- atable and relleved
hla mlnd by teliiti)- his oplnlon of Imported i
men. Aa he wa* aeventy-alx year* old aal Batur?
day, hi- coolnea* and aklll In thi accidenl wou'.d
aeem to Indlcate that h.- wlll contlnue lo .lrive tbe
faateat horaea on Ibe roa i for yeara to come.
ln the tbtrd a.-t of the melodrama "Thi Torn i I i."
whlch waa belng played al the s:..r Theatn*. i'*r...._
Ivn. laat niatbt to h l.irK'- audlence a dlaturbanci
was starte.i |n th.- gallery by a number of men ? nd
boya his*.iim and leerlna at th.- heavy vlllaln, Tay
lor Carroll A apedal offlcer by th. nan f Allei
was in tbe gallery, and he wani. l the dlaturb ra t-.
keep .nii.-t. w.-r.ia were of llttle a il .wa i ?
aad the fuei contlnui I, Allen
with thr.r four rowdlea, Buddenlj aomi one
crled "Flre!" and i:i an Inatanl II I lae araa 'n an
uproar. A woman ahrieked and falnted, ind
w.is .i race f..r ih- door. The excitem i
after a few mlnutea of exhortatlon and exp!
by tba Btaae manager, wh . appeared bei re 'hi
curtaln, ..ni the porformance wenl on
I.i the fourth tel irbanci -rallerj
waa renewed by ;i loi of mfflana a io een
be wil lly Intoxlcat. i f C. R alt<
ui tbe play, addreaa. I Ihe audlence, requeating
?very one to malntaln order, vThen the rurta :. wenl
down the r-rnw.i in ;h<- gallery ma le a i
t, flgbtlng an.l about Ing all tho way I. ???
A number of rufflana ara 1 foi e
offlcer, A'len, and when h<- ateppod out tbe
theatre two ..r throe nia.le. a grab f.-r ln.n.
Me Roraog i*-i.k Into tbe foyen bt-.-it.n-r ?? hi*
anl M. unwl . - the RIJ i Theatn a
Olned the crowd ln fronl .>f tl ? Bl I
Ing trroke oul In aeveral pla
? rteei - - - I, of No. 5
. ri . wai k- - k. i lown ind ti imi l< I upon
He waa io aeverely InJ? l ll
tn-.k ;? Im '<> ? 'i. ii: *okl - (*lt) n ? i 4
..f poli. - from the Adam* -; atai
I'ollcemen Mallon an>1 Wall. arrlved al th. |.la?-fl
and thi vli rou* uai ?: i.v l i
the crowd. The Bmlth-ai tr?.;i.--. .-.r- were blo k. I
f..r aome tlme. No arreal were made, ihe rlng"
li , <? :-. i.f the fra ai eacaplng ..- ? lha offl
cera appeared.
Un. rr. BBWABD .17/;/.' 4 COLOXRh
Bt. Albana, Vt., Peb 11 (Bpe Iall tnnounn nenl
)?? made through Ihi Ad itanl Oenera
v'ermonl of the appotntmenl of Ur. VV Beward
W'.-bi. as alde-de-camp, wlth ihe rank ..r rolonel,
upon ihe atafl of Ihe Oovernoi and <-.....:... ?
The appotntmenl of lp. vVi bb
Woodbury as a member <<: h.s M.-.rr i- .. deeerved
recognltlon of a Ilberal and publl. rll ? i man
promlnently klentlfled with ihe maierlal Inti
of th.- Btate Colonel V7ebb la aaaorlated ln Ihe
managemenl of Ihe Central v'ermonl Railroad and
the National Ufe Inaurance Company, .- ..
landowner at Bhelburne, and has generoualy con
iributed lo publlc enterpriaea and Inatltutlona The
repori golna Ihe roundi of ii.e preaa aboul Colonel
IVebb'i elaborate and rostly new uniform ia en
ti.-.-iy falae, though rather funny, lh. fari l<elna
that the iit.lf'.tt.. whlch hi wi i. i* the ordlnary
regulatlon dreaa worn by the Oovernoi ? siaff. and
wu^ made for hlm when he >>.?<-. appointed .i
apertor of rMIe practlca in tba V'ermonl National
tjuard ln laia
Outhrle, 0 T., Peb, n. The legialatlve commlttee
Invertlgatlng Ihe Agrlcultural College .- ellcltlna
aome aenaatlonal teatlmony ahowlng thal
ihouaandi ol dollara were corruptly aquandered,
poaltlon* ..?? niv boughi and aold, memben ..r the
board golng on long lunketlng toura at l
ol the Infltltutlon, etc. The report. it la b. ?-? i
will *how i.;. the greateal acai lai Ihe hlatory ..i
tbe Terrltory. _
Chlcago, Peb n A dlapatch to ?> morning paper
from ll-1<..... Mont . aaya: "1- B. Bmlth la under
Ri-rem al Havre, charged wlth defraudlng Ihe <;.?-:.t
Northern Railroad oul of al leaal 07.000 whlle
actlng ai clalm "?;.?..! for >"???)< kllled and peraoni I
damnge* Ile ls charged wlth forgery and .-tn).. /
zlement. Bmlth had been wlth Ihe road aboul three
vear* H.s alleged plan ol rollectlng damagen thal
never occurred wa* oy forglng the namea of clalm
anti .-.t:.! wltneaeea."
Chlcago, !?'?'>. 11. Judge Carter Ihla afternoon
enten I an order allowlng Oeorg. B Bwlfl an ap
poal from hla declalon ol laal w-.-.-k. dlemlaalng the
i.i.i of revlew In the Bwtft-Hopklna Mayoralty elec?
tlon conteat. The caae k? - to the Bupreme (our!
a. Ihe March term Judge Carter alao granted the
rtK.tii.n of Mr Bwlffa attorneya, ..nl entered ....
order pre - n ng tbe ball ?ta -a-*: In tbe electl....
S<> BOBBt FOB 4 MlunniAI..
Columbua, Ohlo, Feb. 11 Benator Brlcehaawi
,, letter ... Oovemof McKlnlej In whlch he aaya
thore la no chance for th<- paaaage of the blll appro
piiatlng if.....'". for the erectlon of a memoiial al
Porl Oreenvllle, Ohlo, commemoratlng Ibe Ireaty ol
,?;??,? wlth Indlana l-v Oaneral Anlhony *'">'\
Th.- reaaon glven la the depleted condltlon of the
?n;.,sa.,>. whTch, he aaya wfil defeal ??"'"?"_
meaaurea approprlatlng monej for publlc ln*pr?-*.'
menta The Benator expreasea regrei al Ibe BHoa
tlon. _^ _
Payettertlla Ark., Peb ii .) L Wckaon, for*
in.-riy the rashi.-r ol ti." MoIIto*/ Banklng Company,
oi thia rity, commltted rmkMa laal nlghl bf tafc.
laa polaon. Dlckaon had recently boon dU*acharged
frcm ihe bank, nri.i an Invoatlgatlpn pi nu ac
couau Khowe.i tbal he waa a defaulter lo tne
amounl of l.i.ooo. Pear of prooecutton drov.* n.ni
IO milelrle.
t.onit BOTBBXM8KT f't.ili ll
Albany, Pob 11 -Good liovf-rtimi-nt Club II of
the ,lty 0f New-Vork wa* ln. or|>orate.l wlth the
Seretarv ut State lo-,lay. Th- liii.-t.-.- ai<? K-i
war.i Daloeo, Waii.r <;. Kammerer, l<oula s ...
ber Jamm H. RojrbOlda, Alfr.-I K. <.inn.ni. H.-nr\
.1 Rodee, Charlea Eanoll. Jacquee Hels.-, Brneal
C. Moore, Jacob Bhalne, OlffQni Plnchot. Nathan
lei j. PoMman. Abraham Banner, laaao ?tornuckl
and Abrahtm I- Kalman.
ATT8MPT '"> iio/.n rr A B3BTA FB TBAIB.
Parta, Taa., l-vi.. u.?An attaaapt tiu raade t.
ho:.l u|? .. SiiiL. Pa trnln near <iverbr?..k. I. T.. '.am
nlKht, but the cnK'Ineer tliouithl all was ikiI flgbl
anl ran paat a water tank at whli-h trains uaua'.ly
atop. About twenty ahou were flred mto tbe
aleeper, but no ene waa Injured.
The Wllaon I.ii'M- .-t.-.-ini.-r l*rancl?rn. CapUtfl ,Ien
klaa, wblch a*rrlved here yeeterda- afteraooB from
Hull had on i.":ir.i nlae shlpwrecked seamea
On Bunday laat. In latltude lOiis. longitude
bj is, s four-maated Bchooaer was atgbted abow
ln_ slgnals Of 'li.-tr.s-. The sea uns rnak
in_ H , i,-;in brc-seh over the reaaei waahlag
her f". in i Bfl Tl '? punap* w-r- ?-..rkini*. bul ap
parentl) falled to free tbe veaael, as ahe bstaB*
more water logged evi rj raoraeat.
Aftei sundlni bi for some tlme a trood poaltlon
..,-?,-..i *.. arlndvrard of the wreck, aad th"
?tarboard llfeboal wa* BU4-4***?efuIl* Muncfca-aJ, ln
chargi ..r the chlel offlcer, wlth aeven aallora as a
crew The men tuggi i bravel) al tl.ars and ar
,.;,,,.(. ,1 io nm aloniprtde the wreck, bul Ihe lerrlflc
<?,,., 0- tbe -wa br iklng over the Khooner abllged
them t" keep away.
The weathci wai li t. ns. i- coM al the llrae. and
ihe wlnd wai W .wh i a gale, arlth blgh a
out aeaa and II >'.<-: imr*oeelbl* to |0 alongalde
The captaln and <*rea ot ihe schooner hii**rped
from Ihe etern of Ihe veseel and wer.ilckly
haule-d into th. boat. All handa were rescued, bul
nothlng, n"t even lh< effecta. f Ib* rn ar, a-aa aaved.
. ! waa the four mael d Bch srnei (.rge
\ \i, Fa<i.i.-n of Bath. Me.. I.M1 ton* burdea irom
,?..?,i.-l i.v CapUln ?' I' Wallaee. wlth s cargo of
,,,,:. from Norfolk, whlch i ?ri she kfi on Moaday,
Fi bruarj 4, for Roaton
Captaln Walla - s tl I "We raughl a eale whleh
blew a th bunrlcane ror ?? from weal b
B ? ; , .,?v Mghl ..n ihe nlghl ol Fi bruary ?
Th* gale l.-i I untll jrt-stei lay, and whlli [? pr*
th- - .i.i.. ,-. 'i lowi ??? i ? ?m i*h*d aml *??
hat<-he*4 bur*l. Ihe \----l laklng watei rapl-l
The ..imi- were *tarte.l, bul thei "alled lo galn on
Ihe li.i Th. .-...I- wen blown from tl *h R '
Ihe roretopma*! ind Jlbbo nn wen i irried aa >.
nnd Ihe vessel beeame a iter-ltwred an I naiaai
ftgoabli Th. Inten** r-old raueed the watei
up - verythlng al.I Ihe .leek. an.l the aea mad*
rontlnuoj* brearhea ovei the bulwarka weahlns*
everythlna movable iwaj on deck. i>n Bumlay. ai
12-430 p m. the ateamci Franclsco hove ln signi.
r.t: ' in answei lo our dletrena signala l?or* down
upon ua A b wU wa* launehed rrom th* *l< imer,
bill owlng io th* dangerou* ?ea* lt waa *n\potmlbW
t ? run her alongBld*. and Bn-UI) all i Ibe ? i *
lumpeil from the atern ??' Ih- arhconei am! wer*
qulegl) laken Into th* boa We saved n..th.ng
i.ut Ihe ;? l ie* w* ha l oi The sehooner was t.1 u
. and ?.?? ahe waa leaklng hadlj I
dld not --.!?? on th* surfai ?? long after we >*' "?
The Oeorge \ MrFadden was built sl Baln, H< .
ln ?>---. and wa* owned bj W. T Donald. -.f I al
... r i'.i.ii- i. IMI. * M'
?i. BrlBtol Clty Llne steamer Llandaff
wh i arrlved h. | *t*r la* from Bi
|| ,. .,- . .,' |h* - hO ???? : N ? ' " ?
t ?,_ piiot 1 i from tn" plloi t""t
, 0f tb. - Ho a tl. .-? ,.tf Bl i :b Islan I
The 111 il aai l thal on Februai r 9 hla boal
eamei ihowlng algns treea
|OWi io her and loo i by her for -
? .
; to laui ? ' ? I ? ' ?
* ??????
The i*a.i n ''?''r her, bi
men ' rere workh ...
The eold waa ? ? Finall
I ?
tn,l au ? ?? led In aafel- ir*n*fet*tina lha crew of
... k-eks 1 her*
w*re elghl men "; H** ?*??*"? ?? ' " ? * ?? ,:| sul
I from ihe ? ffe< l* of esposun ab.
t.k-.i ab tard '."? Mm- -? I " ' ? ' '? * aflei
" - PBOt
. | . ? ? ? - "
.. I ? ,...-??
??-.,,. Katerbr ok wa ? thr.
' N'eta
K. t
THF- :?.-,. MKN BAVKU I ROM THK ? il ?
rl. v, -|... i . rilK M v IHXK HOBI ITAI-.
an? and N ?"' fr""' "''
,.r !.,,;i a \ I'la. ?. oB Fat. I ? b. Ing
alnvi ' '?? 11. i o n ? nt Ihe
M.ir .ii" Hoapital, al Cllfton, Bl nen laland. N
,,i?,-i wa* performe*] on Nei. ind Do loi Cum
,,,,.i lA'rlghi who are sliending them. ar*
.. thal >ne wlll be requln t Bteveni I* ln
i-x..-ll'..t eondltlon r*on?ld?rlnB hla long espoBure
N.-1-..ii ib mm t. won*- ofl Both hla '???' both ? ir
both wrlsti and I * an froai n
Th* -. ho >n< i bai ? n pli and hi
of . ii ,- loai C. B. I'.. ?' H i l*ettj *? ?'??.
,,f \ , : goutl ? ..-?..? ol ih. 1....11. wha ha*
t-lslted Ih* sreni ol thi wre k, aaya lhal ahe waa
??alued at C'.'siO, and h< r eari i al P " Tl ? n
,i mall M-.iir.ii ? .ni th. i h onei The rarga wa*
in- ,;. -I f... iu full value,
A body BuppoBed io be thal of Captaln Willlam
H Hqulres bai >??? washed aahore neal Bouthamp
i n Another, thoughl lo be thal ol oi.f Ihe men
who were froaen to death In Ihe rlgglna ol ih*
r .,,.- and U II Into the si t, haa alao be. n wa
ashore ., Forge Itlv. r, i pposlte Mori. I ea
i 'api iln ??-', iln-i i omm ind. i thi Place loi
l.-. , ,. ii Hli home ? i ii H.Idg. ti .1.
lon, I. I and h* ? ?? Bfl I ? \ en ) ? in ?? '
Hi>- wir. and two vear-oM boj ar* al No WA Waah
Ington-at., Hoboken, llla oldeai chlld .. boj of
aeven reara, Is wlth ln-, grandmothei In Brldge
hampl ?n, who la loo over - bj ihe newa of Ihe
. i to -.->? an) one It li fi ar. i thal thi wtfi
h iii !,,.-.? Im i- reaaon, lt noi hei llfe.
The i.M'li'-H .<f Mai.- Jalby and Beaman Oelaon.
whl.-h were laah**.! to Ihe rigglng, have been taken
to I'alchogue, and will he burled In a i. ln ''"?
K|'lnco|.al I'emelery, glven Ior the i.. 11.. .-? bj Mr*
Augiiaiu* Weelca, a ii. h. ehlerl) woman ol I*. i
chog.ie, who .1... - i ? ? ? ii \ rharltable acl lona.
Mat* Moger, of th. llfe ivlna crew, who waa
badly froaen whlle bi work, b reeoverlng
KAIH B'RATIIKrl l'ft"i! \ HKI. i . ii: TO I?AT, BCT FOB
Wiit. ih.- in.-r.-ii.s abovi freealng polnl aad tha
aon ahinlng warml) on all Bouthern eapoaures, Ihe
mimorie* ol laal week'a coid anap rapldly d-gen
i-rii.-.i yeaterday Into lha *tufl lhat dreams are
made of.
Tha snow, however, waa anythlni bui a dream it
w,i . wlth a" n> an ever-preaeni coneclouane** of wel
feel and mud beapattered clothing. Bparkllng drop*
of anow-water dropped rrom cornlce* and awnlnga
to .-|.l..-ii merrlly on sllk hal and gllde geatly dawa
the nech of the unwary paaaerby, The sWewBlks
ol i|mj downtown streets were allmy with ih~ allme
lhal only a doamtown sldewalh can prodoce by tba
grlndlni ol thouaanda of maddj shoes <>n Iron ead
I'ptown, where the pavements ara unevea
mm i ihe snoa baaked oa either slde lormed dams,
there was ?. food deal ol slaea wat.-r nairlgatloa
for th>- I" l-strlan.
The ^ irm aua coaa4*d out -.n Ihe sieigiis ln towa,
ani ihe jmxi. of bell* naag tbroogh tar i'ark. Bul
,,..,,. apots were aumeroua beeauae of drlfta lhal bad
monopollaed the vlalhle sappiy of saow, and above
iu,. hundred-arad-forty-flfth-at. there ?a* praetl
cally ii" slelghlng at all on Bev*nth-avs
|n i?ip North lllver thlin-- were 'ooaene.l up ??
ii.|is |,i,i in th- Eaai Rlver the lea was still maater
?- ihe altuatlon. The shorl ferry trlpa were man
?,.-,-1 wl'houl much dlfBculty, but llnss dotag a "long
Sul" hii-.in.-ss. llhe the Booeevelt-at. ferry, aara
aomewhal occaBlonal In Ihelr voy**4*PM,
' -(-,,. ?,,,!,- were movhtg freer, belng rarely raore
ihui half a day late yesterday. an.l the pasai'tiger
Irafflc "f the rallraadi araa rapldly balag pal Bgaa ?
'"v!.'liv'.-'sbM-'u was belng -t.ii-i"-i. however.
\ atorm was forriiii** l.st nl-iiit ln th.- K..-.;-mi
fiiiif -ii.il.". aml ihere ma> be aaaw hare ea
u-,.ji,.'.-'.I.... n all dapeada, however, oa th- raaraa
iaai -.ii.riii lakea ___? ?__
tn,- change in th.- temperatur* l* probabla rh*
1. eat ?llspBtehea tmm the W-alher BureaW at
Wa.hlngton laat nlght predlcted falr weath.r and
atatlonary temperature for to-dsy.
PtH*R TiMFs THREE TUOi TO assist in
AT TIIK r,<?.I. XEW8?
The I'lng overdue PYencli 'Ine ateamer T.a
Qaooogne ls a.ifo. an.l tbe anxlety rearardlng h.-r
fate la relleved. At 11:15 o'clock last nlghl ahe
araa roported anchored ..ff the n.r.
Taattrday afternoon tre lookoul al Flre laland
alghted thrci ateamahtpa clooe together, and one
..f them w.is evldently a French llne atea/n ?
Th.- newa wa*. at once tdegraphed to tho clty,
nn.l crowda ..f people baateged the Bhlp-new8
"ffi^" ?t the Rattery. Th.-n came the dlapat. h
that the ateamer could be sr-en plalnly and th.it
siu- wa? i.,i flaarofne. Beldora ha-* th<-- arrlval of
a ahlp withln th<- sweep of the teleecope >.f the
Klr<- laland ohaerver oc4*asloned sn.-h exdtoment.
When yeaterday morning paaaed an<i the long
. ..?' graa nol alghted, even the most
hopeful h .?! begun lo deapalr ..f h.-r late. When
the newa fi. Flre laland waa recelved :t giwal
?i.k pla. -<? La Oaaeogne had hroken
hei machlnery, and t.vi be.-n atruggling agalnat
i...ivv aeaa and weaterly hurrlcanea bat had
i h-r waj HgainM aii tiu- etementa, and th..
newa of h<r nrrivi.l came llke a sweel meaaage
from th?- s.a. The ronfldoiice of the abllity of
the ?reit o.-enn llnera to battie Bueceaafully
tgalnal .11 the seas that r?.ll and all th- .?<t..rms
th it iii-.w waa reatored.
Th.- ni,, a. mpanylng ateamera aoon left
La Oaaeogne and headed In for Bandy Hook.
Ona proved lo be the Bollvta, >.f the Anchor
llne, bound from lledlterranean porta t.. New
Tork, anl tl.ther tbe ..ll-tank Bteamer
v .-, \ >?...'. ni:
? ? tn llotli rdam Aa Ihe Frem h
. . ;.,..i piri laland ahe ahowed
l la of th< Internatlonal i de, maklni
the l< tt-t- .1 K l' '? ' Thla la I.-< Oaa
. ,. .,: ,| || |efl nn dniibl aa lo ihe Identlty of
Ihi veaael Rhe m ? ? golng al a apei 'I nf aboul
ti... kn ? an h??ui Bhe dlaplayed Ihree balla
tn a |.-i|.e.,.|i. ular llne al her pennant. whli h
elgnlfied thal the v**aa*' w.is nol under wn
t:..i \? nlghl . ami on and the ateamer ap
,,: , ,.. i the Har ahe ahowed ihree .--.1 llghta
in -.i....f tb- il. balla whi i. is a eea algnal
in. anlng the aame thlng
Capta n Raudelon an i Ihe ofllcera and crew of
l..i Oaaeogne hmughl the ahlp .i>.-i paaaengera
through the gale and made porl wlthoul help.
From ihe ilm* lh*) lefl Havre. on Januar) -??
,i?ii yeaterdaj .> apoke i- tranaatlantlc
ateamer, aad aaw onl) a four-maated achooner.
th.ie whli ii reported al rlt. Plerre, Mlquelon.
ns havlng aeen a Isrge Bteamer olT the Banka
apparentl) ln dlatreaa laal BAturday, The L'nlted
,... | lg i.,..,i n Dalxell, wlth repreoentattvea
uf The Trlbune "Tlme*" and "Recorder" on
board, waa Ihe firai lug to n a. h La Oaa ogne.
Th- dlaabled ateamei had lefl Flre laland
twenty-flve mllea aatern, and waa elgbl mllea lo
ihe raatward ol Hand) H *?b Ughtahlp al ?:43
p ,,, ghe waa comlng Into porl al h ilf-apeed.
wlth blg red algnala of dlaireaa al thi for.
The tug lay alimgalde half an hour. and the foi
' lowlng Btor) of the trlp was obtalned:
The Bteamer lefl Havn Januai i W On the
! ihs! da) oul ti'' mllea w. re logged, ? n Ihe
l ond day Wl mllea, .... ihe thlrd day, after trav
1 elllng 3S0 mllea, the platon rod bi >ke, and elgh?
teen houra were rpenl ln making r< palra When
thi -. were completed th. ahlp Bteamed al nlne
miles an bour, making ln all M mll< n the
?9th On the Mth and Slal ai I Pebruar) I, 21 '.
??:.., and SM mllet .. da) were made n ? p Uvel)
..? Pebruar) 2 Ihe ptal ... rod brt.ke down
agaln. The break waa more aerloua Ihla tlme.
Rea an hora n-r-re pui out, and foi forty-one
houra the ahlp waa hove to. making repalra On
Februarj 4 Ihe flral aevere weather was experl*
..,?..,!. and il,- Bhlp was blown IM mllea out ol
her courae ?... the 5th, the repalra havlng been
?,m|,l,,..,, ,?;. ,?,,,, w ..- made. The ahlp waa
then .1.:.. t . the norjhward of the track ol
tranaatlantlc .teamera and waa therefore not
aeen i.v the man) ateamera whlch paaaed over
,i.a-.i.i..r track. On Pebruar) I M mllea were
J made. On the Jlh thi ma. hlner) ***** ''"A"
' foi tne thlrd Ume. The beavj cyclonea atruck
1 h.-r ...i thal day. and Ihe ahlp laj bove i i arlth
s.a ancbora out all da) Mo btadaraj was made,
and owtng to lha motlon of the ahlp. repalra
were dlflkall < m the Btal day the chlef en-rl*
n,-.?.-. who ii.ii been Bl his poal daj aad nlght.
, impleted the repalra, and the ahlp proceeded
; ui mllea On the Mh, for tha tourth tlme. the
1 machlneo broke down. and onl* W mllea were
rnade un ihe Mth IM mllea were mada, and
yeaterday, lo tha greal rejoldiif of all on board,
Fl-e laland waa alghted. and the ahlp crepl up
tn ber anchorage oll tha Bar.
The tug was recelvod with a choer i>v the ana*
I |oua pa.riKers. They crowded to tbe rall, yelled
I an.l clapped thei.- handa with all tha enthualaam
[ of tha Kr.-n.li ra.e. Tha ..ffl.-era ref.ir.nl (,, allow
i aay ona aa board. and wohM aol ooaae to tha rall
t,. tnik. Th.- pgeajainarg w.-r.- rnora obUgtac
.luiius llatrlgrin, a lapraaantatlra ..f tha glove
Ana af Phrrta JWrrta <* Oo.. of Parta and Wew
! Y..rk. talk.-.l arlth the repirteis ovar the si.b- ..f
l tba ahlp ile aald: "Wa hrohe down oa tha thlid
,;,i> om w-iiniii't befooat alarmad, aa wa dldn't
know n-iv muf-h nb.iui what w.is th.- matter.
The aaptala anld It waa all rlght, nn.l we had eoa
denca la blm. Our flrat experlence wlth galea
was on February 4. We had a terriblo blow then,
and one of the boats was badly .lamaged."
"Wa_ anythlng carri.'d away?"
"Noj the ahlp stoo.l it well. We had plonty of
provWoaa and fi.re.l flrst-rate. We were blown
away off our courae, and spoke no steamers until
yeaterday, when we ?raw an American llner bound
for Phlladelphla "
. me of the other paaaengera ahoutedi "Dld
they feel alarmed ashor.-? Dld they glVO ua upT
Wh.-n told that lt was thought tho shlp was
niakliiK for tho Az.ire-, he reptledl "W? were
roIiik to th** North Pote Instead."
"Dld you have enough to eit?" was ask**?1.
"Yes." came th.- anawer from the Oaaeogne,
?v*i. had plenty all the time. and they Kavo us
nn eapedially flne dlnner to-day."
Th'- |.:ii<*pfix..r? all nnltefl in SHyitif* that they |
irere not alannod an.l ha.i a good tinie whlle o
i. ?rd The siiiji waa ..nt rlxteen daya in all, and
al and provlalona neld ?.:it t" the end
The repalra to thi pis'.-n rod were made b.v
apllclng it with eteel handa Thete worked.
or broke aft.-r a day or tw.. <.f ateamlng, and had
t.i be made over agaln.
The tug, th.- Kred B. Dalaetl, by th- clever
manoeuvrtng .>f Captain Harry Denlae, araa
alongalde Mrst nf th" flve t..g? whi.-h were driv
Ing along to catch the iir.-t word from the blg
Frem h llner. A crowd ?>; men passenx.-rs leaned
over the bulwarka, and ..n.- of th.* women,
wrapped up in aea t-.f-rs. Jolned them in thelr
,.,,..,- f-ueai foi newa fr .m rhore. B i ? >a ' arere
-,,, i- u ,s dlffl ?'-:'.' ' ' ?"?'"???' ?"?
BW, ra tn the ..?;? - ' m n hur**d ?' ,h"M1
from ti,- tug. \ cop) of -n- of the morning
papora was thrown nn boai I an l ln acknowl
edgmenl Julea Mai igrtn thi -a hla ard, welghted
. , , heav) Bubatance, aboard the tug. and i n
Ihe baek of ll w.s a mp) of ihe log. They aald
th.it the) had plenty i ? rat, and excepl for tba
number i t I mea th. .'? ? s,,t ?*-*-'
wnuldn'l have known thal anythlng waa wrong.
Ul partlculara of the accldenta to the maehlnery
.,v,.,. kepl from the puasengera, bul the daily
bulletlna of the knot* made lold the atory. Be
yond tedlouaneaa of lh. royage the paaaengera
BUffered no Inconvenlenc
Although the derangemenl of thi ma IHneryoc-'
curred .?, ibe thlrd day out, II waa nol tlll Ihe
nmth da) thal the ateamer ran Into bad
vveath.-r. and Ihen the alow tlme whi.-h ahe waa
making waa onl) lhal wblcb aome of the ocean
greyhounda would have made under almllar dr*
cumauncea, for the faateal ateamera alow doara
before auch a gale.
,-?,,?? th- mn- I-i Oiacogne etruck the cyclone
ehe was llttle woi.ff than If ahe had been in
prlme running order. Kh- waa nol coated wlth
I |. yy,.,, othei eti amera ahlch have reached
I , ,i?. i.ai twn daya, and there were thore
f.,,. ?..,,.. oftheevld.-ea whlch ordlnarll) cauae
anxli iy
Bul Ihe galtanl ahlp haa non n lleved all ana
lety and madi the fortunea of thoae apeculatora
whn rlad confldem*e In her and h< r offlcera. Bhe
?;ii _? up to hi r pler early this morning, not
Borloualy the worae for her long atruggle agalnal
the elementa The voyage waa one whlch offl*
,.,,..; Hnd crea wlll iever forget, bul all "f l"*
hardahlpa wlll be recompenaed by the Joy of the
Birlval when lh. famlltar al oree of the Hudoon
River are aeen thla morning.
II wan i |6 .- -i - i* whi '. ii:- long over
ii.i- Bteamer wa* nra alghted from the
Long [fiand ahore l?.v Kdward Koerner,
wn. was watchlng for her from the lower on
the houae of Aaaemblyman Kdwln Balley. When
Koerner aaw the three ateamera logether he
rlghtl) ronjectured thal one of them was the
mlaalng Frenchman and called othera t.> take a
i,, k through the glaea As aoon aa poaalbla
word waa aeni to the Flre laland ohaarvatory.
Tiie welcome neara of La Oaacogne'a eafety
cauaed Intenaa exdtemenl and greal Joy al the
eompany'a offlce, No. S Bowllng Oreen. Men who
had beeteged thi place througttoul the day. ana
loualy Inqutrlng for relatlvea and frtenda who
a-ere paaaengera on board the long-belattd ateam
Bhlp. ihi.w dlgnlty to tbe wlnda, winiy iwung
ihelr bata rant the alr wlth luaty cheera. and
many wepl for Joy. Nearly every one bnartlly
hugged or Bhooh haada arlth evary oaa elat. whlle
frlend and itranger allke gave wann exfrraaetona
of rongratulatlon and gratitu.le for rellef from the
MVere mental etraln they had ao long undergone.
Mr Rleha, an eiderly man. whobad three daugh
(arfl on board, ? tourth bavlag recently dled la
i-.iris. w.is rompiet.-iy carried away arlth exclte
ment. He alternat.ly BhOttttd, laughad and *rled
hyatertcally, arhlla aympathetlc team rollad down
ti,,. cheeka of many Btrong men who wltaaaaad
his deltriUm Of .l.-llght. Then he thr.-w his hat,
cana and glovea away. and ruabed aronnd the
offlce sbaklng handa with aii preaent Frlonda
vainiy aought to aiiay his excttotnant He aald
th.it ii- had been uaable t.. aleep for a week, and
iii.it alnca i.a Oaaeogne was saf.- and his daugh
tera nearly home, ba wouldn'l eara lf he ah.iuid
not Bleep, ..r rv.-n e;it, for another w.-.-k. A nuin
Coatln ued aa Thlrd Pago.
Washington, Feb. 11.?Secretary Carlisle srlll
h-> aaked to appear before the House Ways and
M.-ans Committee to-morrow and lay before the
meanbara B oopjr of the ;ontraet recently made
wlth the -.yndlcate for the purchase of the new
lssue of tJ.iv.'rnmont bonda. That this Invlta
t'.ii 8BOUM be Btat to hln- wis the concluslon
reached by the a .-.mmlttee after a seeslon of an
hour and a half t.'-day.
When the committee met. Mr. Byntim, of In
diana. who offered a resolutlon at Saturday'a
B-ieattBg favoring the lssue of a thlrty-year 1
per cent g.dd b..nd. withdrew lt wlthout r-om
ment. Thereupon Mr. Wllson. of West Virglnla,
the ehalrman of the committee, laid before the
members a propoaltlon In wrtting whlch. whlle
la.-king the form "f a rcsolutlon. embodied the
.Bsentlal character of such a measure; looklng
to the authorizatl Ofl of the Presilent to ncgo
tlate thla specllic 1 <an at I per cent, payable la
gold, and nroh'.biting th Se.-r.-tary of the Treaa?
ury from uatBg t' f11 current expenses, but only
U I r**er\e for the greenbacks. The term of
years fer whh-h th<- b< nds mlsrht run was not
mentlomd. This led tr t g.-neial disousslon,
some of the members h.ddlng thst the Presldent
In his nie??aj:?- had saui (hal lt must be a thlrty
year bond.
ReprtTBCBlltlTa Botirke Corkran. "f New-York,
wh.. <-ame to Washlngtot* this mornlng te attend
tba nn-eting of the committee, at once opposed
the suggesJtloa Of a thlrty-year bond. He argu-d
that It was iuiL8C8aB8tT. "in stated at the same
Hme tha. h-- was wlHInK to support any propo
sltloa lo.'king t.. the malntenance of the credlt
of the Government. Mr. Co.kran th.-n offered a
reaolutlon (which wen*. over) authorlzlng the Sec?
retary of tl.e Treasury to buy gold and silver
bullloB in such amounts as may enable him to
malntaln tn.- parlty of the two metals and the in
tegrity of the gold raaarve. and lssue bonds for
th- g"id or silver bulllon purchased, provlded
that tbe sann- m-tal purchased shall be returned
at stated n> .i' ds lUed in the bond at 3 per cent
Irit'-r-st for the Oae of tb-- bulllon offered.
It alao came out ln the .lls.-ussion that on the
.lav the contract was alleged to have been made
aith th.- 8-rndlcate 4 per cent bonda were selllng
in New-Tork at.6 per cent more than was offered
for the proposed new thlrty-year loan.
?fhe (.neetlOB was then asked of Mr. Wilsoa
how it bappened that the Pre*ldent could negotl
gte BUCh a loan with his frlends Messrs. Stetson
and Morgan. repiesentlng the Rothsohllds of
Europe, for a thirty-yar bond at this difference
betareea the price offered and the quotations for
4 per centa Ib N.-w-York that day. Mr. Wilson
replled that he did nct Know. This led Mr. Hop
ki:i?. of Illin .is. one of the Republlcan members
of the committee, t.. move that Secretary Carlisle
I... asked to come before the committee this after
and lay before them a eopjf of the contract
made Wlth tbe syndicate. He added that lt was
OBly pr-'per that the Way.*. and Means Commtt
tot of the House, whlch was ??alled upon to legis
late In this matter, should b- in possesston of th*
fulleel Informatlon not only regarding the con
tra t. but the circumstances under whlch U waa
made. bo that the committee could vt" intelll
g*>ntlv upon lt. ThU proposUion wa* s-emd-'d
l.y Mr. C.ickran. and after a brlef debate waa
I. the OBly oppofling votes belng cast by
Mr. ByBUm, rf Indlana, and Mr. Turner. of
A raceaa waa then taken. and a telegram was
aenl t.. tbe fsscreUry advistng him ?f the om
mlttee'a a.-tion. and aaklng him if he would com
ply wlth it
Aft^r some lit'l" delay a replv wasj received
stating that the Becretary was temporarlly ab
?ant from th" departmeat and might not r-turn
untll a late hour in the afternoon, The commlt
tee th.-n a.llourned until 10 o-click to-morrov/
mi irnlng, with the lnderstanding that the Secre?
tary arould be c .mmunicat*Hl with ln the m-an
tim.- and an endeavor made to ,-ecure his pres
.ti. .? al that hour.
Mr. Ctockraa will to-morrow cdfet the followlas]
reaolutlon In the Houae:
Reaolved. WbeBeeer it apt*eara to the Secretary
of the Treaaury that an addltlonal supply of grora
or allver la neceaaary to th.- Treaaury to enable lt
,. malauln th.- parlty betweeu the vanous come
and forma of money of the IJnlted states as re
qulred by the law. th" aald Be retary la hereby
authorlaed to procure auch gold or *********
i?. neceaaary f.r that parpoae by iss-ulng therefor
obllgatlons of th- Ualted Btatea wi*41tkmedf?r
ihe return "f - like quantlty uf the same metal
aa mav have t**ea thus obtataed, and for the
tranafer t.. the holder "f euch ot.ligations of BB
addltlonal amount of bbM metal not to exo.H-d
.1 per ceat of the whole amount thus obuineJ.
thi: i.kmo'RaT-- MR. QX*BMAM*a PUBB
WaahlagtOB, Fab. 11. ?To-morrow being the reg
ular day for the rneetlng of the Baamte Fin.ince
Committee, When ir was tuppoaed that the Pre-4
dent'a meaaage. whlcb has been referred to that
committee, woald Mturall) *obm apfor cnsidera
tlon the Republicaa members of the committee
held ? conference this afte.no..., la the room of
Mr Ahersnan tor Ihe purposc of outlltung the
pollcy they should pureue. There was a free ln
terehang* of vlews. but no cmcluslon was
renehed ime |.-omlnent BeBBlor, tCtJta in the
rahlp of the party. aald after the coofef*ence
araa orer that the RepubHcaas deeraed lt best to
remaia m a ".-'cepttv.- coadltlon.'' pendlag the
-u-tlon "f the Houae ani some suggeetloa which
?hould cotne from the Pesaocrata la tbe s.mate.
a*oi thla reaaoit, while they were all gfreed that
they would assist in reportJag anv measure along
Repubttcaa Unea tooklag to th.> maintenance of
the*publlc credll and the paym-nt of the current
, xpensea .<t the Treasury, they d?vi l?*d that the
Inltlatlve should b<? taken by those charged wlth
ihe lesponslhllity for the legislation of this- Con
Th" proposltlon to place some sort of a flnan
clal rldei on the Sundry Clvll bill was dtacussed,
and the Sonators present agr.-.-.l that lf that waa
done th.y WOUld support It. This is Mr. Oor
man's 11*00-, BBd be h is propar.-d an amendment
to that blll whlch wlll provlde for either 3 per
cent bonds or Treasury urtlflcates drawing the
same rat** of inter?>st. and will pres* lt to a vote.
As this is ir. llne wlth the Republlcan Idea of
what should be done. lt would naturally recelve
the sanction of that slae if the charnber. wlth
the esceptior*, poaatbly, of the sllver Repubii
cana. It ls belleved. however. by Mr. f*0"""1"
and Mr. Allis-.n thai if lt is expreaaly ttlpulatea
that this Issut of eeitlrtciU-B ls to be "s?f f?r
meetlng the current obllgatlons of the Treasury
the sllver . an In both partle*. I**?** "f ?
formal prot.-s. agalnst the t^.-'ernrnen^ putt ng
,.ut any more of Its obllgatlons. wlll permlt the
?XtS'wlinS ?? to-morrow by the
Kin ncl CMinmitt.-. for lha r.-ason that thera
wlll be ao raeetlag. Mr. Veori*eea. the chair
man, was ill to-day and dld not BBBBBK at the
Capltol. Durlng the afternoon. however, he
saw some of his colleagues. and, bellevlng
that there was nothlng of immedlate Impor
unce before the committee u_>on whlch it WJM

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