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Mfcety to a-rree. he dlrectod ROtJeM to be aent to
Ihe membera Informlng them that the n-gular
meetlng <>f to-morrow wouM n<?t be held. in
Vlew .>! the urgent re.-..mniendatloiis made bj
th* Prealdeni aad hia appeal for authorlty t?
"aaoe a I per eeal goM bond within ten <iaya as
a rabatltute f.-r the loan he has just negotlatt*d,
the falture <.f thls commlttee at least t.. eon*
aider the m'-ssnere will doubtlesa eause s<>nie
i-i.mment about the l-enat<- end <>f the buildlng.
The t'hasr Nalimal I'atik yeaterday afternoon
rlcposlted IS0O.1--J0 in gold eoin at the Assay Ofllce
aa the fir-t paymaat of the htorgaa-Bohnont syn
Oii-ate on account of the new issue of Govern
rnent bon.ls. It ls un.lerfltood that the National
Part* Hank sent $l,t**i.oriO also to the Aasay Offlce.
Ihis was r.o: recelved in tlme for deposlt yester?
day, but waa taken on storage, and wlll be takrn
on deposlt to-day nnd welghed. The ?:?>.<W from
tne chaea National waa hetag welghed when a
reporter caflod at Ihe Assay Offlce yeaterday.
llr. Maaaa. the superlntcndent. aald the work was
being done at the rate of 8...000 a mli.ute.
It was generally t.nderstood that August Bel
mont saw Asslstant Treasurer Jordan at the Bub
Treaaury yeaterday and aaked If dspoetta on ihe
bonda could not begln at OBCe, so as to save the
1tit.-r.st Mr Jordaa dld not thlnk lt could be
done, but Mr. Helniot.t perslstrd. and then Mr.
Jordan ronsulted Secretary I'arllsle over the long
glataaoa telephone. Mr. CarMalS said lt would be
allowed. and that the payrm-nta should be made
through the Assay 08*08 Oj welght. The Chase
Hank then made its deposlt. The Assay Offlce wUl
bMM recetpU for the gold. The payments aie
aaade through the Assay offl.-e bwtaad Of the Sub
Treaaury, becaaaa the Oovernment rul.a that it
ls a bulllon tiansactlon.
.!. Plerpont MorRan and August Belmont had a
oonsultatlon yesterday afternoon. but declined to
Bay what they had talkul about. Mr. Belmont
aaM thnt the names of the members of the syndi
c-f* wouid not be made publlc untll the matter
had recelved a .leflnlie status by the actlon or
Ina.tlon of Congresa on the 3 per cent gold bond
-.roposluoti. It was aasumed that the prlndpal
forelgn houooa would be Included ln the syndi
cate, bnt bevond thls the forrcaM was conjectural.
\ good authorlty on flnanclal affairs waa quoted
as sa>mt; , .
"The terms of the t?ond Issue were arranged by
J Plerpont Morgan. who nlso devised the general
plan by whlch the responsibillty therefor was
fastened lrremoval.lv on Concress. The adroit man?
ner ln whlch thls was done has evoked commenda
tion from evervbodv. There is one thlng whlch is
now aarared. an.l that ls that Mr. Morgan deflnltery
berorr.es the flnanclal advlaer of the proaent Ad
mlnlstration. and will -o contlnue. This to my
mlnd is reassurlng to evervbody, nnd especlally to
F.nrope. Mr. Morgan ls much the best-known
American in flnanclal clrclea abroad, and his name
ape'ls confldence everywhere."
The followi.ig whlch probably exprrsses the feel
Ing of the maiorlty ol the people. was read by
Henry Clewe yeaterday afternoon ln his offlce. and
exclted min-h amusement:
"This Ill.ind ronpress has but seventt-en more
daya of exlatence. At the explratlon of its tlme
the American people will experi?nce a sense of re?
llef that never has been equalled ln the blstory of
the Nntlf.il. The dav followlng (the 5th of March)
s'-.o'ild be .leslgnated as a day for thankflgiving.
lt is io be hoped ihat ihe Preaident will Issue a
j.io.lamatlon providlng therefor. lt will admlt of
averybody singlni* "Glory HalU-lujah." "
iraahlnglnn. Feb. 11.-The Treasury gold reserve
at the . lose of buslness to-day stood at $41.163.712.
aii kaewa wlthdrawala dnducted. The detayed
mails of the laat few days, now in. sho-.v that
Wlthdrawala have taken place ln driblets at various
aub-ttcasuri.s. The "ten day" atatement. issued
lo-dav. shows that customs receipts at New-lorK
for tbe flist t.n days of rebrtuiry agsreK&ted
*_:>?.'? f'l 2. more than f3.00O.O00 less than for the flral
ten daya of .lanuarv The .lanuary recelpts were
abnorm;.llv swollen from duties on woollen rockIs
taken out under the new tariff s.-hedule. whlch
became operative on January 1. No jjold is belng
pald for customs dues In New-York.
*THR inti:<>i.i(TIon OP HIS ltK.?<MATTIOM f*R_*AT_Sa
aOIU RXCTfSMSMT in THR aknatk.
Washlngton, Feb. 11 (Sneclal).?Scnator Hill cre
ated a rlpple of excitemet.t thls afternoon by intro
ducing ln the Senate a resolutton embodying. ap
parently. bl- vlewa on the qriestion of malntalning
the publlc credit. Thla reaolutlon, whlch beglns by
throwing a sop to his former free-allver allles in
the Pemo-ratle party, ends hy ir.dorslng the demand
of the Admlnlfltratloi that the obllgatlons of the
Overnment now outstandlng an.l hereafter to be
cor.tracted shall be met speclflcally wlth gold coln.
The text of the reaolutlon Is as followa:
The true policv of the Government requlrea that
ftfl efforts abould be steadlly dlrerted to the estab
liahmrnt of a safe iv>tcm of blmetalllsm. whereln
gold and sllvcr may be malntalne.1 at a parlty aml
every dollar coined may be the equal ln value and
power of .-very other dollar colned or Issued by the
i'nited States; but If our efforts to eatabllsh or
maintain such blmetalllsm ahall not be whoily suc
ceoafut, and lf for any reaaon our sllver coln shail
not hereafter be at parlty wlth gold coln and the
equal there..f In value and power In the market and
in the pavment of debts. then lt Is hereby declared
that the bonda of the I'nited Htates, now or here?
after Issued, whlch by thelr terrns are payable ln
oin, shall nevertheless he paid ln standard gold
d.diars. lt being the pollcy of the Unlted Stat.-s
that its creditors shall at all tlmes be pald in the
best money ln use.
T'nder the rule?i of the Senate, Mr. Hlll's proposl
tion went over for a day. and It wlll be taken up
lierhaps to-morrow for dlsmsslon. Ita importance. Is,
however, purely aentlmental, for there ls no pro?
pr.-t of the Beaate'a c.ting upon it elther to-mor
row or at any other tlm-- before the end of the
tr H s.mi> that chksham may oo to tiu:
Washlngton. Feb. 11 (Special).?The impendlng re
tlrement of Associate Justice Jackson from the Su?
preme Court b"nch. elther l.y the passage of the
bill now on the Senate calendar, ailowlng him the
aalary and privilege?t due after ten years of Bervlee,
or by his voluntary withdrawal wl'.hout thof- priv
Uagaa, has started afresh goealp ala.ut p .sslble re
arrangements of Prealdeni Cleveland'a Cablnet, The
names of sevoral members of the Cablnet are men
tloned ln eoaaeOUoa wlth the comlng vacancy, and
Becretary carMale is promtneat in nearly aii cai
culations. The latest rumor on the subject, how?
ever, is that S.vretary (irrsham wlll be appointed
to the Suprcme Court and that Seeretary Cariisle
will aaoeeed hlm in control of the State Depart
ment. ln support of thls rumor it Is said that
the Preaident feela under especial obllgatlona to
Judg'* 4'resham, and considcrs him well equlpped
for a place in the hi-rhest 1,-atal trthunal of the
land. No partlcular reason is glven for the trans
fer of Mr. Cariisle from the Treasury to the State
Apart from some casual mention of Representa
tive \V. 1.. Wilson. of vTeal Vlrglnla. gosslp ls allent
aa to the Presldent's eholoe of a new Seeretary of
the Treasury. The aasurance can be glven. how?
ever. that the new Seeretary. if there la one. wlll
be an Baatera man ln thorough accord with the
well-known flnancial views of the Presldent. Aa
an off-att to thls rumor it Is aald wlth the utmost
posltiveness by an Intlmate frlend of Seeretary
Oresh.tm that he haa no atnbltlon for a seat In the
Supreme Court, and would much prefer to com
i.lete his term as th? head of the department of
Forelgn Affalrs. It ls sil 1 that the Preaident re
gards Repri.cntative Wllson. of West Vlrglnla, as
belng better fltted by education and experlence to
euecet-d to a seat ln hla Cablnet as Seeretary of the
Treanury than he ia to ra-ceive an appolmment
to the Supreme Court. lt ls not aitogether Improb
able. however, that Mr. Wllaon. who. as "a states
man out of a Job," cannot afford to be too fas
tldlous, may be put off tlnally wlth an appointment
to a seat in the f'ourt of Clalma or some other
mlnor judlcla.1 trlbunal.
Washlngton. Feb. 11? The Senate had under con
?Ideratlon to-day the PoatoflW Approprlatlon blll.
but it* progreaa was blocked by a dlacusslon afls
)ng out of an amendment looklng to the abolltlon
of the Southern fast-mall servlce. Senator Allen
(Pop.. Neh.i. after he liad expresned -oma vlewa on
that subject. swltched off Into a long speech rela
tlve to the electlons in tlie State of Alabama last
Auguat. aseertlng that. cn account of the gross
frauds thereln perpetrated. that State waa de
prived of a republlcan form of government. The
two Alabama Senators occupied seats ln his im
m*sliale nelghborhood whlle he read affldavita on
affldavlta ln support of the charge. but they seemed
not to be at all worrled over the ahowing he made.
The Postofflce Approprlatlon bill went over with
?ut a vote on the Southern fast-mall servlce item.
At ":?} o'clock the Senate adjournrd.
Wa-.hington. Feb. 11.-Seeretary Carll?le aent to
the Houae to-day. In reply to a reaolutlon. a atate?
ment showlnc that the share of thr fnlted Statea
iT.he expenae of matntalnjng a protecorate over
gamoa up to the present tlme has been ru ?
Bditor of M8oaga for ibe Sanotuary,"
44 Laudes Uotiiini,*' and other well
known liynin booka, writee October
23, 1S04: "Not once in many years
liave we been without Pond's Kxtraet
in our hou.se. My fainily prizet it as
we do the presence of an old and truo
lriend. It fulfills every ptomiM it
inakes and ii a help to every one of us.1'
<.;.*. KlUSONi;') P< i.-'TK IN GCX.I> ?HAPS, BUT MANY
D*_FSMC*ELBSg 1111.11 MIAISB i'"l* THB
w.-i'.K of urrtCBM and Mi.:*.
|HY *fT*l*f****lt**** TO TIIK TRIBl'NK.]
Waahlnffton, Peb. IL?Tbe annual rep..rt <>f tbe
Inapoctoc-Ooneral of the Army. one of ihe moal
Intereatlng of the yearly doeaaaenta laaued from
the War Department. appeared to-day. Follow
ini, cuatom, General Biccklnrldge haa eubmltted
two reporta one to the Idoutenant-Oeneral c >m
mandlng the Army, ih.- other to the Becretary of
War. The former -.p.-.iks of the matertal as well
as the personnel of the mllitary servlce. lt says
of the general condltion of thr Army:
The general condltion of all garrlsoned poata
is reported good. The condltion of the ungar
rlaoned posts rtaaalaa as reported last year, and
many Important i>olnts on our ?:?acoast ar.- prao
tlcally defenceless. ln thls coonectlon your at?
tentlon ls speeially Invited to the condltion and
piesent uae of Fort Jc-fferson as a Qtiarantlne Bta
tlon. Nlneteen years have elapse 1 Btnce thls im?
portant fortltication was abandoned to lt*? fate.
and lt has passed from <>ne stag- of abuaa and
neffleet to another, untll to-day it s-rv-s no bet?
ter purpose than n National peothouse. That this
dUpoaltlon of a valuable mllitary and naval has.
Is to be regretled can hardly be questtoned, anl
n<> tlme should be lost in irmovini* everjr obsiacie
to Its proper oceupatlon, whether a garrlson bo
ordered to it or not. ln a few lnstan.es the char?
acter of the re.rults recelved at poata has been
reported unsatlsfartory. The dhKonttnuanee or
th- recrultlnc depota and tho change in lh-' lerm
,.f gervlce may be expe'teJ t.. remove many cauaea
of complalnl and dlacontent. The term ol i nllat
ment having been reduced to three years. B4*Ctlon
2 nf the aet ot Congreas provldlng for tho fui
l..ugli and dis-harge of certaln BOldlera ceaaea to
have effect, anl the fluctuatloaa and poeaibly mo
restlessne.as arhlch that aet ls said t-. have pro
v..k.-d among the enlisted men wlll be follOWOfl
i.v greater contentment. The racent labor trou
bien. and especlally th.? riota I" Chlcago. have
brm fuli of Incldenta liluatratlng th<- courage. in
telllgence and dtedpllne of the Ar-nv, .-alllng
forth manv express*ions of praise and *p*a**l ma
appre.iation from the piess and fr-.m all law
abidlng peopl.-. lt ls a pleaaure to note ihat the
conduct of th.< r.th Infantry. whlch waa :> '?>? Hj
engag.-d throughout thesr trylng acenea, la aald
i.v th- Inapector t-. hav- been excellent. Bucn a
report is gratifylng ns it is well merlted.
Th.- report has this. 11 aay of Army organlxa
ii-.n anl drill regulatlona:
Whii. thr eubjecta <.f organlaatlon and drill
regulatlona of th- Army hav.- been very pr^m.
nmtly before th- dep.irtm-nt durlng the !?'-'
vear, they d i not appear to hav- been brougM
Into accord. All bllla Introduced Intu CongreM
for u,.. amelloratlon of :!'?? artlllery and m'antry
expin i or remalned in commlttee, an.l th- dnl.
regulatlona remaln practlcally aa tbey were. To
the cavalry th;s la not probnbly a s.-ri-us matter-.
as. exceptlng th- tw , akelet .n troopa *>???_??
reglment. th- organltatlon ls complete, and the
drill regulatlona of this nrm have been generally
approved by cavalry otn. er?. Som- sliirht tn *din
, a tlona appear to be neceaaary, and these w-iil no
doubt b- made nt an early day. Whether lt
would not Le wise to revlve th- twelve troops of
M h r-giment, substltutlng white men for In?
dlana wherever they exlst. la aquestk.n whl.-h. ln
vlew of Ita sertous Import, may well be c->nsi<.
ered. and mlnln.i-.ing the recrultlng depota and
sending mounted recrults to the cavalry post at
Fort Rlley. ns suggested in the law may
rendcr thls more feaslble. The nrgantzatlnn of
th- lnfantrv and their drill regulati'.iiH are hy
no mean- In harmony. ln anticlpatP.n. no doubt.
of carlv and favorable actiou hy Congress . n the
organization. the preaent drill regulatlona were
compile*d. They are based on the the,,ry <.f three
battalions and large rompanles. They nnv.- n >W
had nearlv two years of trial. and for BOOM pur
poseg, even of war. are believe.l by s >me to be
111 adapted to the preaent ..rganization. lf not to
the e-haracterlstir.i of our BOMlera
The Inspector-iienerars report to ihe Seeretary
deals wlth the military .-.lleges and National
homes. H?- says there is a growing appreriatl-.n
r.f tho system of military instru.tion in th- i ?!
le?es. and suggests that more captalns be <l?
tailed for college duty. There has been tnark-d
improvement in the mllitary InrtTOCOon, but ln
some of the colleges there ls a lack r*? apace for
drilling. The adminlstration of th" Mllitary
Academy ls highly pn.ls.-d. General Hteckin
rldge snys:
Some of the Congreaoltmal dlatrlcti hav- bad
n.. r-presentativ-s at \V?t Polnt foi aeveral
years. In the State of llllnola the record ahowa
that nlno of th- twenty-two authorlaed appolnt
ment"i have not been liil-d. Th- IXth Diatrlct of
Tenness-e appears to have had no rrp. .?*..?!.tutlve
... Weat POlnl for over flve years. When we
c.nsid-r the large .?xi>en<,e ,,f malnta.nlng th"
neceaaary Inatructora and garrls-.n of thla achool
lt ls most Important that the corpa of cadeta
should be kepi as n-arly couipl-t- a-i p..>.-.i..v
In the c-ssetitlal matt-r of Inatructlon lt aeemg
evldent thal there ahould be aome i*o-ordlnatlon
between tbe whole mllitary achool e-ratem. ao aa
to avold waste wort and offer the hlgbeat and
most complete inatructlon any military sttid-i.t.
mav be capable or.
Among the general recommendatlons affectlng
the Army General Rreckinridge mak.-s the fol
Veterlnary 1 OBplUla at the larger cavalry p ?ta
would protong tha llvee of anima.s; tarj-et prac
tlce ahould embraoe firing at movahl.- targets;
occasimiai hol food and Bleeplng-cara are aug
gtated for long travela; the BBiaileei aum re
c ived by the pay department fr..m enllited men
for deposlt is Still too hlgh and should be re?
dueed to U; aultabie books and b better ayatem
are sadly needed by the Army schools, fdr "no
dvlllzed army probably has a leaa effectlve
school system for enllsted men than ours"; bar
racks should be brlght, cheerful and lnvlting.
Regarding manoeuvres the report has the fol
Troose may be brought to an admlrable state
0f perf.-cilon ln manhing and dillling, but II
they lack the experien.c and moblllty that can
only be had ia camp under warllke condltlona,
they may be far from ready to meet the foa
effe'ctively. Th.- dlstlnctive quality of BOldleral la
their abillty to act effectlvely .-.. maJwe under
au circumstances accordlng to the will of one
man A camp of the coneolldated trn.-iw of -af-, -
eral Htates ls suggested. Wlth the present rat.
of shrlnkage in the ranka Of our "B??f**?
who are able to handk- large bodlea of troopa
there will Boon be no on<- 1-ft i-os*ess.Ml <.f ex
nerkmce gait'.d in Ihe late war. Our ?UndlBg
Army is to.. scattered to pe.mi. th" concentra
Uon of a corps into one camp althoul ?.*.-?.lex
. ,,t , Imt never to.. much so as to be ahe- to
Ltend to UmTted numbere a coneolldnted en
camr. "-'nt Of aeveral States. Money?could not
KJeWded for a better and wlser mllitary pur
pose. . _ ._,_
tivk am- rVVtOAV mi.i. .."irn:s
Wash.ngton. Vakv 11-A sesslon of tha 11....*. t*>
day lartlng slx and a half hour.. waa devoted ...
most aataialy to eeeeteat-raAlea of the ?>??;????????
Eaecutlve and Judlelal Appropnal.on blll for tha
year endlng June Bt, 1690. It wa* complet.-d befora
the Houf- edJOUI-Bed, Wllh the exoeptlon Of the
paragraph.- j.rovidlng money for the Pensl.-n offlce
force. and upon that debate ef BB hour and B ounr
ter at a subsequ.nt BBBOlBa ?a** ?in\in-*?-1 for.
Am-n'm-nt.4 were made a- follows: Direc'.ing tl.s
?saeetary of Ihe Treasury ta arrun?*e for the r.-fia
ing and me'.tlng Into bara of gold and sllver bul.i n
at th*? Helena (Mont.) A?-*-ay Ofgce; referring 10 Ihe
Attorney-IJeneral for report to the BOXI (' Blgr4B*a, 18
to law and facta. the stat'-m.-nt nia.le by th* ln I an
llur.-au of the accounts between the I'nlted Hiai.-s
and seveial Indian irlbes, a.-. authorlEed by tba BCt
of 1KU for the | urchaae and opeBBBg of the .'herokee
Strlp: atrlklng out the approprlntlon of fBBB) io pay
the salary of the privats secretary to the Secretary
of the Interior; requlrlng the n j.*ter of every vea?
ael upon arrlval at any port in tnla country whera
there ii no naval offl.-er to mall a < opy of his mani
resl lo the Araa-ter of th? Tuaaary Dspailnssat
ln ihe course of the discuselon upon th- paraRraph
- blll D**OV*aVag for se-isloi. commltt' - <lerk-<
Mr Vaa IToorhla (Rep., n. y.* edfroeeted their e4,.
.Mr. \ a:i \ oorms im";.. -?*- i? ??..??-.-.?-. ?-?
ploymeat on the greaad thal more brama aere
Keceasary tn th.- RaanctaJ conunltteea. and taat ir
ihe r-halrmen . ou'd not flnd o'.t the raets conr-4-ctefl
v.iih ih-- recenl negotlaUon f ?? bonds, whlch h*
declared t.> ...- BUBplcloua on Ita f... ?-. bobs?j brain*
? >rk mlpht be al.!. i" 'I?> so.
Benate blll waa pas-v-d authorlslng the colnage 01
goM and sllver nt th" Hcnv.-r Mlnt.
The Senate amendmenta to th" < Blcago M.Om.OM
oubllc bulldlng bill were concurred In <>n motion by
.Mr. Durborou (Dena 111 I, and th" hin n..w |oea to
tbe Presldent , . ,
Ml Sei.at.- amendmenta -o the Diplomatlc and
Conautar ApproprUOon blll w.-r*. on motion by
\i- McCreary (Dem.. Kv.i, nonconcurred ln. and
a conference agreed to Measra.McCreary. Hooker
iDem Miss.) and Hitt (Rep.. 111.). managers.
Th? confew-nc* repori on the i.hi to rej-ulate ihe
navlgatlon of rlvera and hathors of the I'nlted
Btate* was afir.-ed to, BBd ihe HOUSU at 8**B ;. I
, turned untll Eo-nMBTOW.
SHM.ATK'N' OT BVmtt Ht'I.i: OP l\
Waahlagton, K--1 . li The reported ealle of
Amerlcaaa from Hawali wlthout trlal, lf aub
Btaattated, promlses to brlng mattera i? tween the
Adminlatratlon him! the new Republlc ta *n
i ute Btege, The -lepatchea ?.-i\ing b Btat. n nl
of CtBBBtOB'a banishin'-nt wera corToborated of
H-iniiy at the Btate D*?i>ertriient thla inornlng
by the recelpl of th" followlBg telegran* from
W. F. PetcraoB, UBlted BUtee Conaul Ht Vaa**
couver, dut.-d yeaterday:
Brltleh rtearnahlp IVerrlmoo nrrlved to-day
havlng on board J- CraBeloB, d'-stltuie rdtlaen
of th.. Ualted si.it'.*. btalahed frou* Honolulu
wlthout tria\
It is tuidefatood at the State D. partin.-nt that
Cranston haa recelved an asylnni at the COB?
BUlate untll this (Jovernin.-nt takes up tli- caee.
Although no offlclal Btatemenl a*. ln Becretary
Oresham'a actlon ran yet be ..btalne.l. then- are
roaaona to beiieve thnt prompl redreea will be
demaaded uader Artlcle vm of Um treaty b*>
iween the Unlted Btatea and the BawalUn lal
?nda coacluded ln mv and still ln *wce. whlch
..revents snnimary actlon slmllar to that re?
ported in CranBton'a eaae. ln addltlon lt ls aad
that every prtadple of Internatlonal law would
be vlolat'd by such n l.anlchment.
Vo dlBpatch has been recelved from .Mlnlster
Wiiiis regardlng the affalr, bul offldala have no
doubt that he aenl a communlcatlon by tha
Warrlmoo and that letter* wlll be receUed rrom
hlm withln the nexl five daya whlcb were
brourht by thnt Bteami r.
THB HAWAIIAN I I-.".'l.'T WlU. BE ni:i'"'Kl.Y AS'
Waahlagton, Peb, II. The am*ndm< nl to the
Diplomatlc and Conaulai blll. approprlatlng
?vo'?-> toward th* eonatructlon of a cabl* te Ibe
Hawallan islanda, *rlll be Aercely ai l i
l? conference, Mr. McCreary (Dem. Kj i, *
ehalrman of the Houae t'ommlttee on i
Affalra, ls one of ihe eonferi ? - i" ihe ?
,,f ihe Llal ?' ?u ress h? ? - hl a ; i
Ilon ror ii Oovernmenl subBld) lo i? pal i lo Ihe
tera of Ih* Hawal an Cabl ? Compai
defeated It, and he is under* b od I
. ... ? mable
? -t lt . ommll ' rtoven
,,r . inatrui llng telegraph llm ?. ll
one .' nol both atorlal . ?nr< rre.
.-..is.-, opi os* th* I In l
wlll i rol ?.'?'
llttle dela*
n w. .*?? ina (i: -.- ' ' ' ' " ''" '
day a Wll ... Incorporate the
. able Company. The Mll -*oti*tltul*?? ?'
vorJ, BarouelT Aiexaader. H igh <_ralg
m! \ B Harta-ell Edwai l ll I
Irwln Ror Bton* A H lUar***. Hermann | -
Cbarl'es 8- B??hop. '? W MoNeal :. I I
v? m. iionker. *v L T?yk*r. O I' lUldwti II K
Ail.-n w. J. Adaaas and S. M U Bpr*<*heU
their "-ui-*rea*orr n. body - *: iral* for II
of con-.tru.tina. malntalnlng and operatine .
,-ihi- fr..m Ban PranH co to Ih* Hawa ?
and ihenc* t<- Japan and to saoh labu ? ?
Parlflr orean and *?? h other polntaon th* main
land of Aala and AuatraUa n*> mi:. be deteri
upon Th*. capltal stoek of th.- rovnpai
?| ?-,,.,,(.-.., with th.- r!?h. IC Iner.
?'-,,i.... aharea of ?'"" per * h.ir>- To ?
;.-'.ry tO -t.irt Ihe llne. Ihe . "... ?
oowered lo laau* bonda im-Miitin- t ?? ?
bearlna Intereal *t I \<*r real and ?__??_ b: i
Mr*-. mort^naM on all th" property .'.nl !m-ii's ,,f
Ih. . ompany. __^__
rOB ?*. M4*W*>l*i VIVKN'I'I
Waahlagton Peb II Th.- Prealdenl aenl lo tha
S"na:<* tO-day B t.ulky pn-ki.Ke of dorUBMI
ruponaa io a leaolutlon ealMag for lufons-atlon
aboul sralina; In n.-hrina Se? Th.- remapofl !? '. ?
contalas much ahlch la nalatereetlai and .
I.;, :? h.r. tOfOtl |mm,-. I. I'ndei dat* Of '
tba s.. retary of ihe Treaaury aaya ln a lett. r
lo i m Prealdeal, In res-ponae lo an Inaulry relatlng
to ti," work of Ihe aeallag fl""'. thal oolj lei.I
of thirty two AmerlcaB eeaasls eagaged In fur **al
ftshlng here asada returna as ... latltud* and
loeicttvda, the captaln* o( ib* ??? ?? ? ? ?
? under oath, thal Ibey eleared althoul noilc*
..f ih. rcerulatlona, ;.?.?! Iberefor* mad* no r< ord
<,f the placaa <>r capture lt aiJaosira from thi
port thal durlng tbe *eaaon ol 1884 aboul 142,000
aaala aere kllled by pelagle huntera li ? ? Sorth
Paclfle Ocean, Including Behring Bea. Ot this m.ni
l.rr, aboul BtfAB w'-t" taken either In Behrlns Bea
or on the An-ajrlcan slde of thr North l*aclfla
Oroan flfteen thousand and thlrty-threa .---.ii-.
aere taken on the PrlWIol lalanda by the N'orth
American Pommerclal nompany. The departmenl
has no ofBclal atatletlca of tha ratch In Com?
mander isinnds. bul la uiioifi. I..! > Informed thal
it amountod to Z1J8&,
Th.- aobjecl of compenaatlon m-d the arUh of
Oreal Brltaln to appolnt a mix.-.i commlaeloa to
"rerlfy and adjnal tha clalma for compenaatlon
for tha aolaure of Brltlah seullng rei tola m Behrlng
Baa" nrat eomea ui> la Mi Qreeham'a reply
(Augual B, "--'ii. >'? Blr Julten Pauncefole'a nole
of June 7. Mr. fJreaham oppoaee the Idea -f a
i -ii.ii,i-.sl.iji as loo dllatory and t.ipenalve, and
?ayi tbal "uader tba drcuiMtancea, Ibe Prealdeni
has reached tbe concluaton that it may i>>. prac
UcabJe us w. il as adrantageoua t.. .-rr.-i-t a dlrect
settiement <<f the clalm l.y Ui?- pajrmenl . ' .. lump
sum. ln fali satlsfactlon of nll tomanda for d.-im
agea agalaal the t'nite.i states.\i.i to thla
aad, i am laatructed by tha Preaident lo propoee
th- sum of .*42.'..j-). Thla proposlUon, if lt Bhould
piove aceaptabla t.. Her *dajeat-**a Oovernment,
is to l.e anderatood as hartng t.een made aubjeet
to tbe action >.f Congreaa in the queatlon of ap.
propriatlag ??"' money."
Jn a note ut lln- BBBM -late ihe llr.ti.-h Am
baaaador acoepta the tender of MS.0W, "cotipled,"
h- udds, "with the aaaaraace "f prompl payaeeat,
although th- aaaoiint is rauch t.eiow th.- aotlaiate
ut the rornpensatl'.ti whl-h miirht 1,.- awar-l. .1 hy
a nilxed . ommlsslon."
In a note bearlng date of .l.-muary 2?.. IM, Mr.
dresham iransmlts lo the Crltl-h Ainl.iissador f..r
rommurilratlon lo his (Jovnnmeiu "ihe feeUng
of aoUelttide on the part of ihe Praetdeat with
regard t.? th- fatora <>r ihe Alaaka schi her.is, hs
doclared by th- ofllctal returaa of aeala klllad .t
?ea durlng tt..- preaenl aaaaea i" tba North Pa. Ifla
I'.oIhk somewhat IntO d. t.iil. thla nol- sh>?: "It
WOUld appear that there were land.*d in th- l'ni|e.|
And a single applicati M of CUTICURA, the
Rrtat *kin cur.*. v.iil atiord instant rt-'ief, per
mit resi and skrp, and poinl |0 a speedy, eco
n<?rr,ical, ;ind penmnent cure of the most
distressini* of it'hing, Purr.inir. MMHflfi Mtfjr,
arui erusted skin and scalp diseases, after phy
sicians, ln.spitals, and a!l elr. * ftft
Sold tSrmj_ho-.it the wnrM, ard mmjmjimBf by I ? rJnh
??d Arrxu ?n clvrn.wti la ?ll (_nl nrnl-l r.l.e- Hr.l.tri
i'r:-..:: N'ruiriv. i, Kio- Ktl * -rd ?t . I on-lo i Pc/rr.a
i?uO ft Cmkm. Cuu, SoU Pro-n , Boaton, U. S. A.
Broadway. Union Sq. and 18th St.
Mantels, ssr
Kleanin f*io. I.. lie?i Be*f*/len, -tehee'e Wm*.
?nd vi. lorla 121.143 aklna, an I thal the total
catch amouata lo IttOOB, ? reault uni
' , ? _e Itlator* ? ' i ? -
further appear thal the rea* - 11 aai : '
gea altbougn onl- ow thlrd ol tho uaual n
employed In ihe N'orthern Paclflc, In f.r flve
ii.-rks kllled i M aeata nol onl)
that, were kllled ... Uehrlna Sea ln HM ? ?
ia?t rear the nea araa .?). bui e\en mor
.-,., the total number kllled , <*urlng the
f"?montha on the Am rl bi ald.* of ihe Sorth i'..
, mc this -? Hlng mcr. ??-- ln he
,,. ;.,4,i, ilaughtei of both t'- American an.l A
Ke'rua haa ronvlnci l the Pi i ?? "t la re?
-.pectfully aubmltted. rannol fali 1 - -;;-" ! '.
\ al. -tv's .:-.*. rnm-nt I
ni ted bv th- Parl-i Trlbune have noi operat. i to
..p-t.r, ti,.- *,,,i h.,-1 rr.hai deatructlon
thev v ri.- deslk-nc. ;,, prevent: bi I thal unii - ?'
JJSdy chanKeft. the regulatlona he brought about.
txtermlnatlon i f Ihe herd mual loll-u. .
Th.- Prealdeni call- attentlon to "."?""'"';'.'
ut r>re_?rvln_ the tur rea and suga'-sts i i im >*"?
eft.'nVi.ni . . :K.!r*_J llrltaln. Rut-ala and Japan alj
Intereeted allke wlth ihe l nlted Btatea, r';; ,./
rommlaalon be appointed. conalstlng uf on, oi
mn, from each country, emlnenl for aciennn.
knowledge and practlcal acqualntanee ?''?? '"'' ['.'
irade. Tiu*. ccmmleelon to viall he lalanda ?hitn
Ih(. .,-;,:, frequenl and make a tu . rei rrt. aa to
mea-airea needed to proteei the aeal herd rrorn "?
Ltructlon Th- p-valilem nrga-i the appolntment of
Such a wmmleelon. and durlng Ita defiberatlon he
"ggeata the followlna modua rlveadl 10 be agreed
to! l.v On it Brltaln. the I'nited Btatea. Ruaab and
?Thal tl ? regulattona now ln forc.
tended Blona Ihe li;.I the thlrt) llfth dcg
north Utltude from thi Am rlcan to the Aelatl
Shorea and be enforced durlng the comlng aeaaon
,,,... whole Paclflc Ocean and watera north af
ha llne Purthermore thal aeallng In U
ijea be a-oolutely prohlMted pendlng the repori ot
"'M'r mnam'auB-laata ihe n-.-s.-.ty of apeedy ac
tlon in regard to thla propoaltion
Th.- oueetlon of ilamagea appear; ara n ln a et
ter fr m Mi r*oater, -rrttten In Parla. on Auguat
1-1 ,. it, ealla .1'.. ntlon l 1 the varloua partii or
the Hndlnga of the Trlbunal of Arbltratlon,
SenaddBnth.1 I. wouMeeem tbat the.oaly qu
of Ilamagea o| n for th.- consideratlon of the two
riovernmenta waa that artalng oul pf the 1
0f eeaela In Behrlng Bea In 1886. 1887 and 1888 He
,;,,., attentlon lo the fa 1 that the flndlng of the
roirl related enl 1 '?? ta of -
?.. . a-aa.1 <?? ?'? Minael. dld not ln any manner
l-VVolve Ihe queatlon of llablllty or the value of
iMiiaisi r a c'.alm for pi , tl' ? ?' nlng*.
whi'cl l uggeet. cannol be property aaaerted. for
,,./.'.- ma s-t f-rth ln the I'nited Btatea argument.
.- , ir '. ?.. .- in natlon of l
' the I'nited Btatea
,,- ,-'? ?:,.;-.- ln real tj to 1 I
I .,.. rf ..-? our cltlaen
i*h. , ,.i---|....-?!.-?- ?? level pa nothing n.-? on tne
.,.-..- ? tnt
- ? , pay
: . ?ho-? lhal flr. - - ?< any
.1 .-'
? ?
? ? It ...
t. ati
A : .???-'
1 ni" Rt'l.TA! A
? ? ,.: ,
\l .1 ?
.?,.-?' H4*e on
nt i ledneaa
,? vll ? 0| ? thal tl ?? H.> '*?? "? ommlite l
the Rellty blll arllho 11 ? ?
mannei In ? hl 1. 1 *>
... . - ? . I'niti l Bt it
? 1. '? th. n-hole aubjeel ol
? ? 1 r.. ? ? ? i . ? '
ntrreeta ln
Ne* ) rk mn inlc-ated **
.... ? ? ? ? -,,-?!.
i- .1 ; ? rmltl --.-.?? of 1
... ept a . 1 -:- ? ? ? '";;
? ? , . 1 debt In fuli ' >r all
, i?.m? of ihe l'l Iti 1 -'?-.'? - H '?'ld provi ?
, ,.,...,i.'r m ..ii ? on erm ' 1 I.i* : roposal *? -.*? nn. le
b] lha ? ... <> I-???? IA ?>" 1 wai ? ? ? >'-'? ' ? ;'"?
, orrfmltti ? to da) b) Mi i :? 1 --?*..?:. a m< mber
nf the Reorganlsatlon I'ommlitee Hla atatement
?.-,.,. a from Prealdeni Mia
?erald of the Men-antlle Truat I'l.mpany of New
> -rh ?? 1 .1 i- \i irgan, of the Fteorganli 1
, ,.,,,, ,- ifter h? arlnit argu
menis, ?!.-.i.--i untll 10-morrow. when Ihe va
, propoaltlona a.II he 1 meld-Ted.
v. ?,-. .-. reiar) John M. IteynoWe, ??' ti.e
la ? 1.1 rullng ln
rontrlbutor) negllgenee araa ahown. Ile .1. ri- -
tbal when a Boldter penalon.
...... , -i,|, ? railroad trark loi lh< -
maklna n "''" " ' '?' ' ':'' m ,'1" ''"'"'
. ,,. ,,.- . |, . . |:- . ? .--k ).-. ... r aml li
.,11 t.'. hla de ,1 ? i <
nint of Injurlea a
1... i.. ...i ln. urred by ?? dh iblllty
fr.r ?hl. I. : 01 "-ai I)
1 itl racti.rlly ahown lhal th 1 I 1 1 ? auh
Ina In au 1 -.-..,- 1
.... -li-.il lllt] and ?*>- li ??? to
. , , ? or ? ." ' 'h" ? -,!m
mt or l . ' ie lack ol lhal - - ? and eautlon **hl?*h
onlinur) i-i ii-i ?:,- ?? would ... lati shoul l i- ? ? ?
1 ., ? |i. one ln a 1 rlpp eil on.IItlon .1 nol I
: . ? ?-,- menl of all hla 1
Tho ?? tiate ? 'ommll i.n the Juill. lai j ihla
-, ,,,,,., | ni dere i . . ?.
-|on ,.! '.\ illlan- M ' 'ampb. II to be i i.ii. i Btate i
>;.,, -hal I >i ihe LMsti Icl ol Mlni ??? ?? a, mad.i
]... ,,.:.- fi m< rejc Ilon aai ll - itgroa th ??:'
? factlonal flahi Mi ftoran, D mo ? i
romn ? ? ? m, :iom Mlnm ta poalns the
nomlnatl. n
The PreaMeni to-daj ippolnted J N'el on n Pat
rirk of < imaha, S'eb.. Cl ? I ?.....
I'nlon Paclfle Itailroa l < ompan*
Th . Be. retary of Blate hs recel from
lha I'nlted ' ? Turkej. atatlna. that
the Bultan deslr. th. r-rvla f a i ? ? r a
bualneaa c dl. ???? In i'? u inl Inopl. a ho can .
ln Prench and v- profli. ln tne buslnesa mel ? ??
,.r the Unlted Btatee. Tha letter haa been aenl to
Ih* I'nlted Btale* t'ommUslnner of Kdtieutlon, who
will communhate wlth Ihe head* of ?. irl u Instl
lutlona In thi* country wlth .1 vlew to aecurlng the
person wanted.
The Commlaaloner of Penalons baa referred the
,i...-i-;1mii of Judge Kradley, of the Dlatrlcl Ctrcull
Court, in Ihe caaa ..f Judge Long to ti" Atl 11.
Oeneral of Ihe I'nlted Btatea -ludge Lona Bocured
., arll of mandamua 10 compel th* Commlaaloner of
penalons lo pay hla penslon of 173 .. month, whlch
Commlaaloner Lochren had redueed, Tho Attornej
Oeneral wlll n-vl.-w the paper* and probably ap?
peal the eaae to the Courl of Appeal* of the D
tri.-t of Columbla.
gecretarj Herbert to-day settlod lha long-pendlng
1.1,1- f..<- sztraa on tb* crulaara Detroll nnd Monl
goraery. whlch were cauaed b| changea made bj
Ihe <irdiiatice Bureau whlle thoae treasels were un
dei constructloB ut ihe Columblan Iron Worka,
llaltlmore, The eontractora wlll rerelve D8.TU0 ua
each "f ih.* resaela. _
A repreaentatlve of the brokeragc flrm of Ki. h
ardaon A <'... ..f New Tork appeared before th-'
Aaatatant Attotaey-Q...i ror ii?- Poetofncc i"
paruneni to-daj Ib regard t.. th* charge made
agalnal thal Him of "bllnd 1.llng" and vlolatlng
the paatal laws b- aendlng lettera pertalnlna lo
thal character of bualneaa through the malla, rpon
aaahrance* belni glven lhal Ihla elaaa ..f apecula
11.111 WMiiid be dlacontlnued by ihe flrm, the Aastatanl
tttorney-Oeneral sakl thal be would noi laaue 1
fi.tud order agatnai ihe company. Thi*. clooe* two
other casea <>t' .-. Himilnr rnararter thoae of ibe
Thompaon Derr company and VVelman B Co., of
Xi . Yoi i<.
Telephonlc communlcatlon haa agaln been ?
II 1. d wlth Indian Head, ihe naval provlng ground,
thlrt) mtlea below Washtngton, whers a number ot
ofllcera and their wlves and aboul flftj employea
have been laolated from the real of Ibe world by
lha atorm *lnc? laal Wedneaday, M aaagea wera
sschanged betweea tbe Ordnancc Bureau al Ihs
Navy l 'epaitiiu iu and the Imprieoned people 10
:. 1 H waa i.-.iiii'-.i thal though belplese, they
had plent) .a provlalon* and fuel fm a long ? '??.??
Thi lltile communltj la apparently ln 1 ict-lleni
?plrita, and a* th* provlna around* In ihe hollow
beloa ih" Bettlemenl are aeveral feel undei lha
anow, advantag* ha* been taken of ihe opportuntty
f..r con il lerable a ?? lul ga) ?-. | An eff. 11 a
made to breah a pasaage down tba rlvei wllh .
blg Oovernmenl tugboal thla week to gel freah
me_t, vegetahlea letter* 1 nd newapaper* to ihe ofll?
cera, bul i i- nol expected thal teats wlll be re
newed for ten days yet, aa all tb. hydraultc mech
umaiii for manlpulatina, the bla ml.-. muai Ix care
full) lhawed out, and In some pla. iwelvc feel
?.f noa nual be melted, The compl.n of the
battieshtpa \.:ll be delayed by thi fallure to teni a
loi ol arroor lnt*nd*d foi Ihem, wblch la <t the
Waahing'.-ti Navj Y.ird awaiiing trapsportatloo 10
Ut* provlng _ruund.
Sow-Orlmn* Peb. IL-J-dga charlea B. A. <Mr
..,,.-. ,he renerable hUtortaa, Uttimteur aad Btatea*
man dled at 1 o*cloch thls mornlm;. He had been
ln fallln, health for some tlme. but his death_came
- -).'* ,i>nl^o____dCawa*y llh" -n
[n'xew-Orlein. L-aniaT? 9. lK and was oaa monu
over nlnety yeari of age
rharlea Btlenne Arthur Qayarr*. whose actlvlty
u an author eatenda over a i-erio l of *lxty-flve
? wu .,,:, ,, ba tbe Oldeat livlag Ani-rican
\. ,- ,.. i the patrlarch of Bouthorn lettera. rae
drai ofhli famlly waa tbe flrat Spnnlah Oe*ei*nor of
.,,,.,. when that country wa.* ceded by I -
,, ln 1781 Oayarre. tha htotorlan. was born
., sew-Orleana on January 9, iBB, He was edu*
. , ,..,. ,,,i college ot Orloaaa, an.l hla ;
;?', ;.,.,.,,., ,;ir,.r began only a year or two aub
" .. ? , ??.,?,.-,,:, of hia eolleglate courae.
,.,;,:-,; Livlngaton n.d before the
,...;:. -,,lUre of Loulalana ibe Crtolaal Coda whlch
? \ .
' Mt ta. ___l__l'-M_
::^y ... :'^%v
he h.i-i prepared al Ihe requeet of thal Btate, Oay?
arr.v --tiu biii i youth, waa bold enough to p.ii.iish
a pamphlei controvertlng iome of Llvlngaton'a
vlewa. and partlcularty crttldalng hla recommenda
ti in ,.f the abolttlon of capttal pnnlabment; and so
p. t.... became ln* atrlcturea thal the a loptlon of
tha CodJ waa Indeflnltely poatponed by the Legla?
lature When twenty-one yeara of age, Oayarre
waa lenl to*Phlladelphla to atudy law. and In IM
he waa edmitted to the Loulalana Bar. Bhortly
after hli return to Loulalana, Mr. Oayari- publiahed
his flrsi noteworthy book, "An HletortcaJ Baaaji <>n
Loulalana, in two amall volumee, written ln
|.'r..ncn In 1830 he waa eleeted, by an almi M *?nf*nl*
mo-.i vote, ?? repreBenl hia ratlve clty ln the Btate
iture He .i.i- ch i?en bj thal body to pre
pare an addreaa congratulating the French < nam
i.. ... ? Revolutl ?? of >""
Imii ng the following yeai he waa appointed ab
Vtt rney-Oenei .1 by Oeorge Kua .-. then At
;. . - ,i in ler Oovernor \ H Itoman. an-i
ln l*? he i.ime prealdlng udge of the Clty ,'ourt
.,. .\. ... .......-.-. Thla compllmenl a-aa all rh< more
ntee belonge i
io iliffi : enl polltl. al partli ?.
i * ludge Oayarre. the only Democrat who. on
. ,.,,?| i ?; the three eceaaar
W'hii; votea, waa electeil I nlted Btatea 8 natoi for
. ii I..-K ,i ,;.ii.< whlch ha i ? Wblg ma
arev, r, he overworked hlm
. phyal -l condltion warranted hlm In
-i Benatorlal lutlea Then he aalled for
. ... ,. : ? on the C'ontlne - ? ighl
? - - ? reneh an I Bpanl i
.4. ; ul.i -quently utIUaed bi bla
. ilana.
lo hla natlv, Bl ite h * aa ... on, ??
ire, ind ln 1848 ??'* .- appolnte 1
*- | i lovernoi John - m Pr
? . i u nttl. ?? i,.- had . .mme;.i
.' !.,. il lana
. . ? rh a-aa c >mpi -?? I In two *,
ln N. w-< ?i i< .-- In i*'.. ln
|] Loulalana
.-.- ? i. , ., Ita Htatory ae a
Hla "Kngll h Hlatory of
to wrlte, anl
? , thli i edltlon ln
.; iyarr8 le. .ur. i for aome
md also reported the proceedloga ?f the
,,,-.. ^ il. wrote, too, - number of
? itorl .i worka .leaiing wlth
poMghkeepele I eh U (gpeetalj Bdmuad Pendle
lon Roi plred al hla rllla, on the Hudaon, a
1(v |, | ,,, .tnin?. Me ?a" born
, nty, at Pearl and BUte ?ta . on July
... ,,-; |n hl boyhood daya he attended Dr Towo
M,..| nuddart'a ichool la that clty. Afterward be
?,.?! i, I'olumbla College, where he remilne.1 one
v.-.ir. and then .T.ier.-i the eouatlng-houaa of Dud
I... || pultei a ? -. ?" '-rtlan.lt an-1 Qt-aowwleh
ltl |n |M8, when the California aoM ferer broba
-.- i. .,: . i party li fl S'ew-Tarb Cltjr on
rh hi m m ?" t '?'??|lt to the Pactfi Coaat.
.... tuyed , ? ?? u He afterward roturned
t., Nea v .rk and entered lha Morgan Iron Worka,
. ? ergj an I talent, be roee rapldly.
. be marrled Vlrglnla Dummer. of N'-.-- Jer
,,.v |*e had iwo children lamea l? 11 Rogers
and \i.h,:..iil Rogers, wh.. now llve at Hyde I'ark.
ihe Morgan Iron Worka and formed a part
, tieorg. ^'- '.?ilntard ln the Quintard
Iroi Worka In i^-i Mr Rogera wenl to the war
w-ith the 7;.-i Reglmenl aa a prlvat.. m Company B.
i, i ,w , .....ia ifter he waa placed ln command of
?, k When he ret irned he wenl to hyde
|.,,i. ?!;..,, he apenl th, remalnder of hla life. II
m.i i- ? \-r.-ii ii ipa :<*? the Rocky Mountalna, an l waa
, n .t, i niioriaman m-" n one ?? ? ir -i*.-> he i -
'-.-.'-. r- fjll from hla hoi u ... one of the Dut, - -
hunt*. He waa never entlrely wen
from thal l _
, indrla. Va., !?'??''? M Oeneral Uontgomery "
;,, i here to day from old age and *n ? ? ? ll
t'eneral M. !' Corae a-aa one of the oldesi rol
- . I'nited Btat, a, and a veti ran ol I ? o
i!. i?a . boi n In K\ - an Irla. Va In M r h,
. ., rved ..li thi --. h Ihe Vtealcan War aa
. ,,,: iin of .... Aii -andrla :omi any. and llved .n
i'allfornla rrorn 1X48 to B7, when he r-t.ed to
Vlrglnla anl liecame a banker m Alexanrina.
When Ihe Clvll War began he entered the i-on
., , . ,,,. .:,.-A |, ,. :,~ , ol. 1 Ol the l..h \ ircltiia
-. n ,..,, ' ii.. -vaa woundi 1 al the aecond battie
ill rtun. and roughl ai llooneaboro and Antle
,.,?, H- waa eommtaaloned a brlgadler-general ln
N'ovrmb-r ? : eommanded a brlgade ln Pleketta
,'llvlrilo'i ln the expedltlon ...tainat Ktiowlll-. and
iptur, -i al Sallor'a i re. k, N a on A| i .1 t
iv,-.-, vit. i Ihe A.ii- he reaume I th, I u?lni ? ol
. ;i,,,i I,,, k.i- ai Mexandrla, and be am- a
.; . miii.r of the Roberl E. Lee Lamp ol
cronfi lerate Veterana
? _> ?
Oetrolt, M:,h. Feb ll, Charlea L Walker. of thla
,.u ,|,. i ,,i ....ii Orove Retreat, l-'iint. this morning.
Mr. Walker waa born In Otaego County, N Y.. ln
imi. H,. came to Mlchlgan In K'.t> and rettled al
Orand Raplds. Durlng ":-,; year i. waa a Aelagata
,., tne Terrltorlal Conventlon to conslder the .-.-imia
We Give Away
A Satnplc Packaj?e (4 to 7 doses | of
Dr. Pierce's ^^
Pleasant Pellets
'/'<> a>;v our sending nanu (ind Btidrest to us
on b postai KDil.
Iliiiit-, our objtTt in uniing them out
? ?a_-*avavON TRIAL.?av*a_.*a>?
They absolutely tice
Biliouaneas, Conatlpatioa, Coated
Tongne, P001 A**petltel Djnaatp
^ia, an.l khldred (l.r.itij-cnirnts of
the S'.nitiacli, l.ivci and loweU
/K't/'t accept some substiluU tttid to bc
"just as good**
The >i(h\iiti(t/' tosts the dealtF Irss.
It rosts yoh ABOUT the tenne.
JUS profit is in the "jB3i Bsgootf."
bddreaa i-r Pai 1 8am>i 1.
wokLOs I)Isim:nsakv rWMCAL A5S0CIATI0N,
Ne, ooj flaln Strect, IU I'FALO, N. Y.
D. LINDENBORN, Auctioneer.
now in daily progress
botween 17th ar.d 18th sts.,
Is really of surpassing interest by
re.ison of the extraoroinary COSTLY
goods offered, and the positive fact
guaranteed perfect and genuine, AND
cst l.idder, regnrdless of llmlt orcost,
Ti.e entire unequalled collection of
D. LINDENBORN & CO., 865 Broad?
way. (Retiring vvholly from business.)
?*v*r>".hing rvalrabl-* BB SH**rwar* at Ile-aonabl* Prlc**,
517 Inlon Sqiiare. f4. V..
,ion ef BlJchlgaa te .V L'alefl,aBd traa Beetatory of
tba .-.i.v.t.tL.n. ln 1*48 h* aaa eleeted to ?**??<??
I?.c-h;at..r-. RetnOVUMJ IO f*B*B*gf4etd, M..-s . the foi
lowlagyear, be aaa admltted te tb. ???-*???
ran Lterhe practlaed al Br.lt! - r VL Herj
urn( i io the Weal ln f?l end setKed ta^gjroj.
m. Wilker w.s a stud.-nt ol h;-.<>r>, navm*- ?-??
Mr. \\aiK"r iv .i.i .i ,. vitflbuted m.i'-h '?
Durlng the Rcvolutlon," the among Wa wrttlnga^ .wr.
Walker wa- a profeaaor of the " "iv r- .\ ' ,,. ,h_
g? ilw Denartmen. ln Ml. ?*rj^?B$Z
tenTconVm\.Wn* ifwno'n &imUJreej
Werand entl-elavery ?<??**S_id \T%gr?yt?
th- war mcaaures from 1W to iw>>- a' ?-" ** ? ,
ago h* aaa atucked arlth pareala, and bla mmd ani
body r.*il*-1 steadlly ur.tii death came.
w.i.iam B/ltooa Anatey, ahe dld In ihi* clty
laar Priday, F.*i..--.aT.v I araa a veteran among tha
ofneers of th" New-Tork Ceatral EUUsray-<-ea>
pany havlng been WentltVed aith the audit de?
partment for ov-r twenty-elght year,. He wa* one
?? -. audltors al the tlme of hl* death. nr.
Anatey, whose father aras for many years Toat
mMter-Oeneral of the Hrinsh Weat larflesL *'-** ot
nn old KngltHh faml.y. 8 p.oi.-.iiur-.t memb-r of
arhlch, m the laal cenl iry. aras Itaaoce i by ? tabiet
ln Westmlnater Abbey. Almosi all hla early mso
,...,., ,, rhe N'ew-Voric Centra ar" dead. WBB
er-- ataff however, he was also rary popi
- Sl?- bealdeT "airne. ll- was ?"_^??
domeBtlc in hla tastea and sraa deeply beio\ei mr
- ..pi'.y His h tne So H2 We.? O^mtrotU
and-thlrty-nlnth-at.. a ifl a happy one. ??_nw*- l'i?
.. ,,.;..- loapitallty to many fr"*n''s. ."?
leivea a arldow. iwo llaughtera and one grandchId.
The funeral took place at th* houae on MoneUnr.
February 11, ihe Re*. Dr. Bradley, of it. Ageerg
;.,: . hurch, oAdatlng.
? ?*> ?
The death of Oouverneur Morria Ogden ?'? arr*d
a- l_-kewood, x. I. jreBterday, after an illneaa
ahlch hal boI been of long iurjtlon. Mr. OttfinB
wa, thlrty-aaven year* old and a ?**??'?? N&*._\__
Broadway. H?fl I ne raa a:: No. J* ^.-?fiv_H___L
teenth-at Mr Ogden belonged to the I ntvereug
m and fnlveralty Athletlc dube, ani aaa
v., li llke l b) bla asi rUte*
P, rsssmr w.lliam Grauori dled al bla home. No.
? i gummlt-are.. Jeraey Clty. Bundaj nlght. after B
,,,,..- . araa born In Luxemburg, Oet>
?',,:"? Bum5r
- r^-^an'^ooNbooka.'"and' traaalaled Hora*
Oreela? Th- Amertcan Confllcf Into Oerman.
London, Peb 11 HIRoa Oi?evee. the iarg?*>t cot
ton manufacturer m the world, dW at 0M*b*ubj to
?!?*:. from eaacer. _^__,
i.y.-.-i. Mi". Feh. U. TtioBBBB Jefferaoo I.ummua,
born la Lyan In laai dled on Bunday. ''ntil ra*
cent'y he aaa engagi I ln the manufactiir.' of ahne
Inka and statns. Ha saw th" Iight botereon tha
.'he^.ipeake and ih- .*?':.in.-n off N'ahant. from the
too of Hlgh Roek. In 1818. and was a -.,-hoolmate of
the At.< llflon'si lekder, WlllUtn Ulogd - ;..rr-.*..in.
Klngaton. X V-. Peb 11. JOBB .^herw od. B >-*w
Tork lawv-r. who.?, wlfe I* Mr- F. W. EntUWOOB,
the authoreaa. wa* found dead ln hed ta tb; Bgertea
l|.iuae. I'.-lhi. thl.4 mornlng. The Sherwoods ha\e a
HUinmT h.'iiii ar 1 Nrlkl.
Newburjr. N. Y.. Feb. 11 A d!-;vitch received her*
thi* afterooon announeea tba sudden death ol taaaa
bj poa-ell on board a rallroad train al T-aliyto-vn
I'enn He liv-1 at Jameato-vn S. V.. and was Jast
returnlim* fr. m 8 vis-lt to Florlda.
Brldgeport, Ceaa., Peb. II Dr. \. M Patter, a
W'-l'-known BABgnetlC |.hy>.>lin of thiK city. di.d y ?
t.-rdav Of pr.eumonla at Kocky PotBt, I.. I. He *aS
ealled to th- borae ef Henry Lane, or thit p'.ace. to
attend u patleat, and whlle there was mddealy taken
IU He refuai i to tak-> any medldne. ivspite hla
n teata l-r Olldersleeve *ra? senl for. aol More
Re arrlved Dr I'orter was dead. He had been a
realdeni of this clty for n.any y> ara, and wai well
thi ughi of
MontreaL Peb, U s. cable dlapateh has- been re
relved here. announclng the E^jfMuj^honAnnot^
?? |{.,.(,,, aecreury of th.- Qrand Trcnk Ua.iway
rompany for ihe last twenty reera.
San Franclr ... P-l. II *V. W. Stow. a prom
Ineni polltlclan of the Btate. waa sn-i.-ken vrith
xv thla afteimeoa, and Uvad only i >w
mlnutes He was seventy-eae year* pf 8_i_t.a aa
Mvo of Xew-York. ani related to the famtly_of
whU'li ex-Serretary Whltney I* a member. For
many reara be naa ..c...*-i For th.- Ceatral Paelfaa
al Mrs Bgbert auernae***a recepUea, whleh aill
? .K. piace on Frlilay afteraeoa, February r>. af ??
o'clock, Volpe, the maitdollntet, wlll entertaln f%?
gueata by playtng b number ?>* Bals^Ueaa .." tble
reaonani llttle Inetrumeni He i? s ssaate-; of tha
wlre-atrlngeil muslcal m<......-."..t -.n l wlll abow
hl-. audlence thal the -dtllful rendttton "f d.m. ..it
muslc is not by any means COnflBOd 10 the (.i.i'iO
und vlolin. _
Sew-Havea, Peb. ll Judge Ctoveakasl lo-day *p
polnted Oeaeral B. B. Merwin tnmtee of tbe B>
?olvenl estate of the flrm Of liulaley B Tuttle, of
New-York, and of that Of Willlam P. Tuttle
A VTOBM OM THI soirtiintx COAaTT.
Ui-uiln-tt..... I'.!'. II The et-.n.i In tli- CWtral 08*1
rtaiaa i.h,. sasved *lowly t.. a/MtM-a rtortda, li '?
tn lataaalu A blgk piaBaar* araa n> Bf-raaalag has *i)i*al
,,v,.. Hi,- at*ot* . ..ilinry BBBI "f IbS K.*. k) MoMBIJBBjj
arlUi ,i.Meptlon ef Um >i'iif ragtoa, Baaa haa taBflS
,,i il>e tinir S.at.?. rHin ?? ?n..w tn Baa BomIB AttaSSB
.-i-,,.-!.. au.i iikm aii"?' i" ib* Btasasarl VeJasy. tb* t**>
peratur* ha*. fallen ln lh? Ml.l.lle Oulf r.-Ku.a *nl ra* **?
malBcal asarly statJaasary alseabai*
i-,,r N>?-i-:naiiin.i aad anaaera Bew-Terk, bsbavbIbTBBB
*re*t*rl) ?-m.i?
yor BBMtara l**aBaajrlraa*a, B***?-Jerasy, i -.-1. -* i- - <h*
i'1-ui.i ai rmamhta aaa m.h>i..ii.i. ->*tt*taUj f*u*. >**&
ai'.w fluirlea ..n ihe ,?.??-.. weat wln.'.a. B*?*OBB*M ra?*88tS,
I'm. Weal Vlr-pnla. Woa.ern I'ennav IvanWi. v***'""1*
N-?-Y"rk. Ol.l... MlelBgaa, Wiaeoti-!n BBd Inllan.i. ?''??'*'
rt!i> fiii.-. northweai T*rsai*a
Muiiii..--. i.lil.
? ? Nl tl 1 '? 3 4 * ?T B '.ilBIl
W..t-:tT-v _L| I
"J :l?>^
?Miil* l">* ____J_I Jft!
_a Tr.l'un* * *??*
ln 'ln* du.?r?m a coni. iu-n- '":'"??..',,.,_?.?,
rlian?.-a In pieaanr* aa ln.li. Hl"! B> "", ''''"'..._
.,eoraing barom*t*r. Tb* i.r..k.-.. IIb* ____*?*??? *"*
peia'ur* a* riciili-d ul Iv.ry'a riiariaanr.
Triimii.- oul.-*. Pea uT\ .. m Tba ***atb*r *r*at4***aaj
w..i falr aad ?....r, Th* ?...')" >'?'"- -__*_f__*_*T_!_!
n .nd U tmom, tb* s*4?*me* t?W +*** :ls *__*__ ___
aa samtku aad lt*aj to*m ibaa aa ll.wsaaadlBg gsg
laal >'.o
II..- w.-ulhei- iM-diiy la lllBStj I ' ' ???? ? ??>??*** ??'"?
Mi >oit Birrt "Ihe baBBj ul Ihe Morgne"
| tn "Chlmiule Faddua" r

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