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MUbVJM of art.
iNT_i.i>ri.M; racn pBbbsktbb at thk yearlt
MI.'KIIN'* I'lll'I'Vli'TI'iNS B*OB a BM i/'AN
'.XHli'l'il'.N NKXT aWVBMBBR.
The annual Bteetlafl of the corporatlon of the
MetropMlitan Mus.-um of Art was heM yesterday
afternoon in th" miiM-um. Daniel Huntlngton.
i i ict-presidi-i.t. presidfl. aad amoriK the
- of tbe .orporation preaenl wore Hiram
Hltchoock, ti.i^.r.-r, Balea H. IValee, Thomas
\v Wood, prasldeal al ihe Natlonal Academy ol
DMign; Blchard M. Hunt. J. w. Plnchot aad Mr-.
Ptachot, Charlea H. Ludlngton, Carl Beckwlth,
John Blgeloa and Ihe aecretary, Oeneral L. P. Dl
Ceanola. The meetli ? waa held beblnd cloaed
Uoo. I
The annual report of th. traatecs deals srlth the
growth and naeda of Ibe .nuscim. Itt most toler
crding portlona ara glven here:
Tbe \...r MM has I.e. n marked by a gratlfying
advanc ln th* prosperlty and uaefulnes* or tne
mueeum. Conslderable audition* hav.- been mai.
to iu collectlon*. whlle lt* facllltles for Instructlon
huve been Increaaed The chlef event of the >eai
bar been ti.penlng of tbe new north wlng. Tne
number of vlsltora durlr.g th.- year wai -.'."?*"?"?
whi.-h 178.588 attended on Bunday afternoon*. rn*
number wai seaslbly dlmlnlahed by the trtpwni.
ralnj daya In ihe Bpiing, ea-j-tclally on Bjundaya.
ln purauance of an agraomenl enterad upon tnree
year.-. ago with Columbla College, the reguJur
wlnter courae m art lecturea w?_? contlnued
through January, Pebruary nnd March. and an?
other ??? ??:>?? "*as begun in Hecember. to, nin*.
tlnue even Baturday mornlng at .1 o dock tin
the end of March, Theae lecturea ara very popu?
lar. and the attendance la large Perlpatetk: lect?
urea durlng exhlbltlon houra in the ball* and gai
lerle* bj teachera and soeeialiat* ?re freely pei
mltted when not InterfeHng wlth the ordinaiv
prlvllegea of vlattora. Schools. under the g.ildance
of an Inatructor, have frequently vtalted the mu
aeuir. In the department of as-lntlng the n..nib-*r
of opylsta ha? been IB, and in other departments
liftv aeven. . , ._
The older r-art ?rf the museum ha* Ix-en thor
oughly cleaned and renovated, the wbole palnted.
A*- the attendants are all reouired to I"- mast.rs
of sonv- mechanlc art. the avork has been done at
about one-flfth th.- coet that it would bava been
otb. ra lae i 01
All foiiii'-r eaUlosjrasa have beea brought down
t.. date. Tbe catalegne of the Johaston-Klna.
l- iion of ancieni gema baa been reaaaued from
new type, A catalogue ol one aerlea ol oui Baby
loiiian .ontra.-t tabl-ts. with trunscriptlon. trans
Uteratlon, and tranalatlona, ha* been mada by Dr.
Alfred Mol.'.e'nk.-, and publiabed bj the muaeum
A handbook of our Mabylonian. Aasyrjan, etc,
cyllrxlera and other eeals, probably the large*( col?
lectlon in the world, has been prepared by the
B?v D. w. Hayea Ward. in antlclpatlon of a
fuller catalogue 'with llluatratlons; and thla, it
ahould be not. I i*. the flrat iK.ok of iis kind. A
catalogue hai been completed of the metalllc re
productlons of noted objecta In the Kuaetan and
other European muaeuma. An lllustrated cata?
logue li nearly readj of tha superb collectlon ol
Chlnese porcelaln loaned to the muaeum by Mr.
Jamea A. Oarland. Durlng th.- year, also, has
been prepared and issu.-d the second volume or tne
atlaa of Ihe Ceanola Cyprlote collectlon, of which
ihe tir.-t volume appeared aosae -reare ag<>.
The mueeum's rolfectloas have been coasMeraoiy
Increaaed durlng th. paal year by glfl and By
""si". Ml'al mentlon should be made of the foBowlngj
Mrs John Croaby Broam ha* largely Incr.
b.-r ?ift of muslcal Instruraent*. This eoUectUin
na* been the baali of a serlea of Uluatrati d lecturea
ln tbe wintei courae, ably 8nd a. eptably de"lyered
hy the Bev. Wilnam Adams I'.ruwn, aon of tba
' STrara collectlon ol European porcelaln -Bpanlah.
ltalian. French. Ihiteh. Oerman and BngllsB
nreaented by Henry 0 Marquand.
\ collectlon ol Japaneae pottery, preaented by
Bamuel Col man. . .
\ collectlon of Japanese porcebun, presented dj
fharlea Btewart Bmlth. . ? ?_. ,
?\n antkiue Bursneae shrine of Bul lha and a
greal teraple gena and ros.-wood stand, preaent.
bv Mrs. II. B. 1..-I- w. , .,
"..il Datotlna by Henr* Pctera Oray, Cleopatra
l>isaohing the l'-arl." preaented by Cortland De
Peyater Fleld .___ ..,. , ,,, i
ml palntlng by Oeorge Inneea, Peace and
Mentv " preaented bv Oeorge A Hearn.
A p.-rmaiient fund is much to be l-lred n
order that ibe truatee- may mak,- ?.... hasei ...
auch departmenta aa may be ksa eomplete than
other* and may Imprewe Ibe frequeni opportunl
ticaTpresented to them of obtalnlng valuable worka.
The musi-um l* rw-h. for .natam-e. in palntlng*, but
muth uss bo in rxamplee of anclenl Oreek and
Itoman art ln whlch it Ih importanl to keep pace
with fnsh dls.-overi.-s.
The report ?f the llr.an.-e commlttt-L contains tho
app.ni-d auteeaeat:
rmnat na Saooa ot naaaoa Coaaralltee, D. *mbei H,
.SV4.I.-.-4.. 11
jil> *-**. ? 1 '* 4H Ml ? N I
]..aii 10 tr*a>'.:r-**.. );i?*" \ .,_
1'??''--.. BM0.3U81
. -1 -'J* '^j
[?:::.::::::::::::::::::::.":::.'.::: i- -
,. .SOK.25531
j .nl premlum on rallroad u rrl*-. 1 ,-'.>>:: .J.
. n n hand* ol :?... u
,-? n.:? ? Sl, V'.'i:
.I550J40 U
j ? .-.r.-r. . L''J.l??.i OU
J ?? j. ett* in :>.?'"?! Btat** Trn?t
. pany un; of rai
fund* . 88,se4on
:.!....?.? -'i it
: .881T.ts_8I
Tbe r-;. .rt of tbe treaaurar >-h iwi recelpta from
Fjiecial fundi amountlng to M2SMT2. an-l from ad
mlnlatratioii tl38,8S!8_ The dtsburaements on ac
cj.int >>f *peclal funda were 84&03238, md for ad
mmtatratlon B88.4M74. .\ comoarlaon of iik- ra
celpt* .;. i dlaburaementi : -r admlnlstratlon durlng
th<- yeai thowa a surplua "f ji*a M.
a clr? ilar .- ?.. be Iraoed by the truatee*, .-.skmK
for thi co-operatlon of owaars of palni ngi .? u
tratlve of early Am.-ri.-an ,rt. lt Ik deslred lo bava
a loan colli ilon ol plci ira - rapreai ntli - dm n an i
wom. n ?.. ln Ibe eeily i i :la|, mllitary,
nivai an i polltlcal hiai >ry ol ?? " country. A ? i
i tlon of thla character, embraclng the tlme Im
llng thi I leclaratlon ol Indep. i I
ence, and for tniy years iberaafier, would i?- of th.
grejtesi Intereal to everj American clllsen, Man)
of thoae m. al promlneni ln th,- early hi-:..iy of our
country su f^r their t.ortr.iit* to emttteni palnter*.
Theae portraita have for the most j.art remalned as
famlly helrlooma at. l art- uuknown to th* general
J Uhl.c.
,\ special room ?iil bi- devoted to tbe dlaplay of
ta-o.e BSBSjerb paetarn absra they arlll be group.
loi bwm favorable condltlona of
Iight, ..i. and temperature for their exhlbltlon and
praaervatlon. All loani will be re elved, undei the
AtiBjMiHn's rni.t. f..r nol lea* than -i\ naontl
they ma) remaln on exhIMtloa for any numbel of
>car* tne len lers deaire. Tne expense "f boxlng
ani transporUtlon wlll be def rayed by tbe Museum
.The truaicea are dralroua of maklng the Museum
permaneni depoeil ir) ..f a- many as poaalble
of thuH-- p*eturaa which possesa the regnlalte alstortc
an I ari i le Intereat.
Early comjnualcation ls deslrable aod ahould be
a-'. Iraaaed t<> Oorpe ll. Btory, curutor. MetropoUtan
Museum of A-t- Octobei l". arlll be the lataal lat.
for ihe receptlon of palntlng*, and :ne exhiiauon will
t.. op.i. to tri- poblic ...M Novomber 4. ihsc. Follow
ing I* a llst ot deal arlists wbOB* WOrfca ar,- de
eired: Wataon, Plna, Wri^ht, Fulton, Fraser. Har
dlng. \\ ll i . Conley. Stuart, Allston. Lealle, Welr,
Inman. Healy, Bymbe**!, Fcke. c W. Feale. Sar
ii.nt, hTewton, Trunibiill, Sully. Page, *,i\*i:<-, Pratt.
TuriL-jp. larvia, Kemtyrand,. Peale, Niat;!'-, lagham,
?w. -?. Mor*e, Blllott. Leutae. Trott. Dodge. Mai
> .-, -- igg, coie, Vanderlyn, Cummlngs, Shum
aray aa I Mlaa <; ..irich.
At th. quarlerly meetlng. to be held next Mon?
day, ufficrs wlll be .:
A sale of palatlaga by tba lati J. M. Tracy wlU
,t..k- ffari ai tbe Pafth Avenue Aaetloa Jt.-oms. No.
Bi PUthr*ave., oa the evenlaga of Prbraary 10 and
a. Tbere are Ul caava-ea, including tin- large one,
"Ch:: 11 late* for the Hors* BhOW." ?'h;i-|i was in th"
Miitun.ii exhlbltlon of the National Academy of
Uesiisu in is>i. Tbere ai- a number of plcturefl I
The will cf .li-m. - T. Leavrtt, who dled al Men
tone. France, on Movssaber ."> las'. was liled foi
probat* yciierday by Kvarls. CboatS * BeaBun.
4't-on the death of Mr*. I.eavltt Ba.888 -ach la tO h
givt-n to the foiiowin-* haatlfUona: New-Tork Or
thopoedlc L?.*|.ensary aad BoapltaL to esUblUb ft.-.
b*ds; tbe American lio.rd ot CommUBlon*r* of
J-ur-Mgn Misaioiia. the American Home Mis*>lonary
t*oc-iety of New-Tork. tht Seaman'i Funi Boclety
Ih.- American Blhle Boclety of New-York an J th*
American Mlaalonarv Boclety .f New-York. The
Btestator also provldes that BB.0M he left to the
Uuatt-e* of the Il.-iinpt.in No.mal AKrlcuUural l.i
stitute, of Hampton, VlrglnU, to aatabltah acholar
RMpc lo be known aa the Joahaa Leavltl scholar
sbJp-.. in memory of his fatber.
The follo^-mg Americana were rcg.st.-re.l recently
at Baropoaa hot.;-.
Oral.d Hotel (K-jme) Mr. au 1 Mra A M. HOCh
B'adter Miss M M. flanaon. Mr. and Mrs. Cum
-nin*;. Mr and Mra, Carhonneau, Mr. and Mrs. H.
_"ariln'gton. .1. ?M Hichards and 4'nrl Strauf*.
Adclphi Hotel .I.lv.-rpooli W. II. Butler. J. W.
Btanlev E. BmalL P. H. Flemmg. Colonel J. 8.
Oollln*. A. M. Stlckney. H. D. Atta K>d and \\. H.
VlCtOrta Hotel (I.ondon)--.Mrs Anna BoppaSt. J.
H. bu-r, Mr and Mrs, T.lze A. L. 1 adai.i. A.
Orant. 1>- J- Blmmon*. A. Medbury and I. 1. Oll
lette._m_ |
' **Chl-*>tnle Kadden"* 1* ? lunx way from the Bcw-ry.
Sold by nll t.roecra Drugclata,
and Wlne Denler*.
OARIAN8 "R'_0____*1>.
Tbe l'r.???'>?:. iy ,.' New-York held a protraeted
meel ng yeat, i lay afterno .n an i a IJourned to meel
agalo i.-xt Monday afternoon, F-.r two yeara the
? b ol the Bea and Land haa been before the
Preebytery ln one form or another, Kttet decldlng
i. *??.; tbe property ..*. Market and Henry ata., tbe
Preebytery adopted a reaolutlon delaylng the ea-e,
and later agreed to ablda by it*' flral decUton. Yee
terday, after a private seaaloa laatlng more than an
hnur, the matter waa lald over untll oexl week,
vheo .. meu-ortal preaented by Henry M. Humphrey,
of the Madlaoo Bquare Church, ?proteettng acalnal
th.- aale of the property, arill ba tbe tirst topk con
aldered. l>r. Parkhurat'a church laal October re
eeived permlaalon from the Preebytery t<> co-operate
with the doarntotrn church f-r a year. Withln a
few we-ks a partor haa been called to the Church
,.f the Bea aad Land, and lu frienda deeirt l . bave
tbe order ef th. Preabytery that the property be
eoM reectnded or al leaal euapended. An agre,
imm could not bi reactae 1 yeat, rda)
Tb, formal rAiundatlon of CatboHclarn and tbe
acceptanc* ol Ihe Proteatant falth b) Mr.*. Ouatave
s. Kr-l-'.yl. the wi.loiv of tbe Hungarlan edltor, iti
Baal Third-at., arai broughl I ? the attentlon >f the
Preabytery. ?"'] tbeee reaolutlona wen ad
ui Thai the attentlon <>f the Board ot Home Wm
alona is called t- the atatement thal am .nn tne
*?..?-. Hungarlan* In this c:ty. many of them pi
eatanta and otlx i - c -n_e ?'.???! arlth no religl. ua body,
tiK-r.- la so far .1- -.in be h-arned, n i Pr .teetani
work carried on. (2) Thal a commlttee of three
anlniatera md i tn - eldera be appointed to conalder
th<- Bplrltual ne, la of theae people. (31 That lf, oa
Inveatigatlou, ll be cona I n I expedlenl to ta-a:!:.
- lai w.,rk in the Hungarlan iancuaice. ihe com?
mlttee is autboriaed to ooafer with the Board
Home Mlaslon- !n regard to the l.-st place I -r hold
Ing the aervlces, the securinc of a preacher and
probab'.e eapenee conneeted wlth tbe aervlce for
one yeai (II Tha: tha repori ol thla commlttee be
m i le the iir<t order for ihe meetlni of th- Pn -
;. ?>? :-i March
The followlng commlttee waa appointed: The Rev.
.lohn B. Devlna, the Ber. Dr. John R. Davk
H< v. D. Btuarl Dodge, Joha Btewart and Oacar K
Boyd. Thi Bev. Dr. i. T. Chamberlaln waa recelved
fr-.m the Preabytery of Phlladelphla. Morria K
Jer- ip reslgn, i ea a in;s-.f th.- Preabytery an l
? v ife of thanks waa glven tO Mr .lesup f ,r -i a long
anl falthful aervtceo tn th<- l'...ar-i <?< Trueteee. fi
wai leclded t?? organtae a chur.-h ol eolored people
in w-st Thirty-aecoad-at
_? ? . -
ccrrros marketb bwinoino ubtwbbn i^<>
..)? thi: rftof
Th, Oo\'ernmenl appeara to i- trlfllng >
. -. :? i ? n tt, tbe pockethooka, ?>-? U
ton tradera of t),;* and other cltlea On Thurada*
last it ha-i been announced tt- Departmenl
riouitiire would send oul on Baturday ;.n . ?
of the Blaa of the cotton crop, and the ?.-?T.-r.ii im
proaalon araa that it arould t? around 8.088.800 balee,
or UNeW balea h-ss than Mr. Kelll, the chai
t?g crop eatlmater, had ?-stimat?-.l On Baturda* It
?aa announced that tne Bureau repori w. ild be
oul yeatei lay al 4 p. rr... after the .v-.s- ol baetneua
on the B-Cbang*. A lar?.- nunil." r -,f tr.id.ru wa led
on the Bxchange floor yeaterday for tha -"-port,
bul at 4 p. nt .. flhrpatrh from aYaohlngtei -
repori would not ba iss i<-1 untU noon lo-dejr The
brokera went boaa ln dlaguet
Hotdera ol cotton are bulldlng thelr bopea on tbe
Qovernmenl report. whlch bai bei . ?**_p*_red bj ..
apoeUJ bureau under a apedal approprtattoa bj Oou
ur.*-* 'l'l..- gatberlaa ..f Btattatlca from plaatera,
tranaportatlon, compreei and warehouac i n ;
throughout the Bouth l.a> beeu irerj tborough, aml
oonaiderabl falth wlll ba placed In Iti con Ita i
.i.-i-'.t- the bean and Mr Nelll, theh proj ??
A'altlog for tii. Bureau repori deadea,
tlon. ai.d only 18.380 balei were tradod In here The
recelpla al tbe porta. tt.880 balea, were aboul -i _ ?
la.-t >-. ar's. our markei opem i thrdh u> four polnta
..ff on the weakneaa abroad and tbe free recelpta,
? ? , inothei i fbl and rallled <>n tbe comlng
newa from Waahlngton, closlng qulet and alead*
al ? -i-t loFa of two to three p- Int* M iy opened al
.".."-4. fell ..(T lo i.i?. an . doood ..t iM. llit.h.irl,
Prlce e.- <'o. aay:
Th.- ? .-ton aaarketa on both sl_ea oi th- Atlantic
are playlng at croBB-purpoBea under th.- luflueaoe
uf two dlametrically oppoalte eatlmatea ol the col
ton crop. It ls underatood ihat the Bureau t<-p.,ri
will atate thal tbe cotton ,-rop can hardly exceed
:,,.,,.,, balea, wia:.- Mr. Nelll la uaderatood lo be on
th.- eve of puhlishing a clrculai autlng ihat tba
movement more than corroboratee hla carller -a'l
tn_te of IO.2SO.000 balei Aa Mr. NeUl has been rlght
and the Oovernment wrong, the efie.-t h.^ be? lo
? a decllna in Llverpool. So fai hh COTTobora
llve teatlmony La .. factor la the anuatlon. Mr. Nelll
ertalnl) ha* tbe advanUge of tbe cnnte-it. bul no
one la (.r-patefi to antldpate a further deel
al preaenl prlcea, althougfa the Bplnnem, -.
I Mr Nein* eatlmate, bave reduced th. ir
purchasea In Llverpool to *m-.ii proportli
orrxBixat or abtibtjc pvbxjttbb.
Th-r<; l< now on daily .-xhii.it! .i. al the Flfth
. Avenue Auction Rooaae, No :*l>> Kifth ave., a <-,,j
! lectlon of furi.il ne wl.ich ls te be sold without
I raaerve on Thuraday and Frtday aft-iiio.ii.- .,t 2
i o'clock. Tha aale la by ordoi of B, *'?? Btedman,
I aaalgn-ta "f Juiius Kurta, formerly Kunz a <ira
ham, and tho artklea to ba effered Include Loula
XIV, xv anl XVI caMneia, One p^rlor, Untni
room, library and bed room uttee, ehatra, curtalna,
Turkia.i i oy,- aad t'i -. a i-- To-morrow and Prlday,
ai.*.., al I p. in.. ai th- -.iti.. rdace, will be told b
eoUectiOfl of fun.iture fior.i Brlttaay, wlth ISmpire,
. L'olonJal and KngUah oak furnlture, mlrrora, Bevree
vaaea, tea aeti and a complete aal of rllver-plati I
I ware
Noah I'avia. forn.-rly prealdlng ju-tice ..f tba Bu
jireme Court, haa urganize 1 a UOW law flrm un-J-r
the naaae ol Duvta, loomtp _ Plaoodta, anl will re
m..vi- u. th- Manhattan Life Bulldlng, where be haa
taken oflicea, on th.- fourteenth fi .or. llia gaeoclatea
ar- Jienri \v. Imava\ 81 Carter, Jeaeup <*.- rallowa,
f i. u.erly a inenihcr of th<- la w faeulty of the I'.'ii
ireralt] of tbe Clty of New-York, * ? .nferred
tbe degree of Maatei of I-iwb upon hlm In ;v'^. Mr.
.ie*- ip !ii- alread) been aasociated ?:!?'. Judge
Davli in tbe paai and ?-.a lunlor couneel in tne
L_itdlaw-_-ga ca?e Dr. Plncofff U a Doctoi ??:
Lawa of lha I'nlveralt) of Le) len, and haa been
ihe Judg, - laa aaalatani ilnce lasv.
Judge DavU wlll dei .te hlmaelf hereaftei cblefly
tu couneel wotk anl to Blttt-i a- referee.
MWe hav- never had a n r- enjoyabl. dlnner,"
was tba oplnlon eapreaeed by every member ..f Ihe
Prelghl i.n i Paaaenpei \y ..-.* a*.latiofl wh,.
? is preaenl al the ihin! annual dhuier laal nixht
at the Murra) HIH Hotel Beventy-nve m?mbera
preaent. M C. Roach, general Baatem paa
aengei agenl of the New-Yoik Central and Hudaon
River Railroad, prealded, The Iwo UbSea were
taatefutly deeorated fbere were ao aet apeeehe-i
and t. . toaata, bul neartj every om pr-e-ni raade
Impromptu remarka. Among well-known r.iii
w.,v men and othera preaenl were: Harry <;.ri
ii.r. forelgn irnt, New-Torh and New-Kng
land Railroad, from Boaton; Charlea il Ooodrlch,
general frelghi agent, New-Vorh and New England
i ,,,). of Boaton; H M, Hunter, pnaaenger agent.
New-Tork Central RaUroad; Charlea B. Lambert,
iteti.-iai naaamgar agent Weal Bbore Railroad;
.hari-s K. Lee, of PhUndelphia, general paaaengei
... i.. hlgh Vallej Rallroa I; W. W. Lord. Ba ? rn
j,..- m iiK'-r agent, i'< anaj Ivaaia Railroad; Oeorge
W. Mit.-ii.i;. Phtladelphla agent, Lehlgh V'alley Itai!
road. j. 3. AUalre, general tlekei agent ''?
Llne; J. O. Ackley, of Boaton, New-Bngland frelght
agent, Penneylvanla Rollroad; Oeorge E. Brady,
general superwitend-nt. Norwtch Llne; l J. Baa
aeit, New-fengiaad agent ol l^-ntgh Valle> Railroad
at Hoattip. m. s. Cockej-, aeneral agent, Orand
Trunk RaOroad; Oeorge R. Pltch, I i-r.il Baatem
agent. Northern Paclflc Railroad; A P"oraei, grn
,-ral agtnt. FTench Ua, . w. \. Proctor. ol H ?i >n.
Import fr.iis-ht ;ii;en:. New-Tork and New England
K_ilroH.i; n. a. H;tiia, .,( Roodout, New-Tork, at-n
>r..i poaaenger a^.-nt. I'latei and Delaware liiii
1,4.1!. .v c Vandergard, agenl Peniwylvanla Rr.ll
r-...i. and Charlea H. \\":ae. of Hoaton New-Bngland
agent, t'hi.ago and Northweatera Railway, The
itit-tit? dld not dlsperst- untll Ihe early huiirs of thls
Il.l.NK.ss or A ur.'.l: MAKU IT NWCMBART To
r-hicag-.. F-b. IL?Jodga Oroaacup wlll to-m-.rmw
dedde for th.- tirst tlme la the Pederal courta the
qi>e?tl-.n whether a crlmlnal trial ran prooee.l should
one of the Jurors be Incapa-ltated fr .m aervlng after
the taking of evldeii.-.- has begun It was annotineed
at the op.-r.lng of the Daba caae thla morning that
.1 C Coe, 8 juror. va*- stll! so ill that it wlll be
imi.ossll.'.e for hlm to -lt In th- tf-M ln les- than
tw . weeks. if ?t uil. Moth all--- were wllllng to go
m wlth *_e*/ea luiwre, but Jwleja Oraaeeup thought
Mieh a praeeedlng would InvalMnle the trial. Th.a
afternoon Mr. Oregory, r-*f*raeenUng tba defence,
aubmitted -**-reraJ aathorlttea to tha Court lo ahow
....: the trlal couW proceed legally by urfog the
. . .., luron renmlalag aad aelecUng a tweKth, Ihe
new Juror lo hav- the evMenoa read lo Wm or pra
eented by wttaeeaea If Ihe proeccutloa Ineaata on lt
?lh? tomml metbod of proeedure ertll be to dtamlaa
tbe Jury and then Impan. 1 th- eleren Old Juror
ih..: th- iun wlll be 5 law, if aol ln fact. an en
UCoe kTSaty-ulne renra old, andI wbea he waeac
cet.te.i the Judge told blm be eould t..- tacuMd lf h
wlahTd. aa bVhad paaaed the age limlt Mr. Coe
.].;?; i?-l io take advantage of bla privii-?e Hla
alckneaa la now belnj naed aa an argument that
jurira above the age llmH Bbouhl be eacuaed
whether they wlafa to be or not Tbe Jury waa
?? im January M and the proaecutloo ha? ilniahed
George M. Pullman is expected to arrh-e ln Chi- ,
-,.? ? . nlght, and aa aoon aa h, leta off the traln
h.- will i- aubpoenaed bj a wltneaa by the de'cnce.
lt is anderatood thal be returned by advi.-.- of hu
c .unael, Roberl T. Llne .bt.
BL'ILDIKO Bt THE JCBT MAKlN'i its rkioi-.T
Jodge Rufua B. Cowlng, wh.. eharged the Orand
jury for Pebruary t > make an inveatlgatlon of the
rourt of ih.- Oeneral Be-urlotia and declared at tbe
aaaae time that th.- bill whlch Benator Robertaon
had Introduced at Albany to Increaae the powera
of H?ord'T Ooff waa a i" rt..ua rneaeure, w..s
? wltneaa btfore th* Jury yeaterday. There i
a repori that Benator Robertaon had I.n taked
to be a witneiu before the Jury alao. bul he uas
, ot ., nt... it thi |ur> r.n yeaterday, altl
):-? v. ,i* knOU n to I- "' Ib, ' 1"
Benator Lexow called on Ri ord**r Ooff al noon,
and be wai followed abortly ?fterward bj Bei loi
Pound. When Benatoi Lexoa cami oul he aald
? he ha i Btn pl) ralled lo paj hla rormecta and
offer hla congi tlona to lh. i:- or ler.
"WTiat ls known aa the Ooff Mll wlll pai
yond ..ll qui atlon." aal 1 Bea itor Lat bow.
' Benator Po in I woul i nol tatk to reporti
The Grand Jury created ne llttle eaclt,
,.,rh In tl--' afternooa bj reportlng to Recorder
Ooff Inatead ol i Judge CowIbb Headed i>y tbe
foreman. W lllam Bkldmore. the jurora ni*.l Into
i-,,. ii. where tbe R? oi l? ? boMIng Co tn
Th-dr namea were *Ued by Clerk Peany, after
whlch Ihe) handed In ? amall bateh ?f indict
returned no preaentment The Re
... th.n dla, barged them wlthoul oo-nmeot
Al tn>t n
ira rumere i tha- an waa
;, ,,. aorral I ahl to .indg.- Coarlng
The tiuih ol the altuatloa, however, wa.-. that
judge Cowlng wenl befor, th. ,;rand Jnry at
noon and remalned i few mlnutea orer an bour.
Aa bt bad adjoui atll - i- '"-? he
w.nt oai lo luach. noi thlnklng that the urand
jurv woul :. ir- - - - ? . ? ? ? '? '- ; ;" r' "
port Al i li P ra . tb, iun adjournod foi Ib,
day. Th, r ll m ' ? "'?" ?,"^- Com *
? -in l
ror? aeni for A ??-?-? i ; ? '
them Into I
,.. i- i.s ? irged foi 'h- da]
the rourl
- _a been unabla '?? fl' d an h
. , ? iloranen
.,.,,.,, ,.,.,, ??? . . ha ' wa? ? >?"?"' f"r
reiied a feu yeara ?a - Mr f'arroll *?H thal ta
Kn ln lh. ?' ** li1 ,,r-r" lon,y?:
ilJ. .,,,.,..* ,. but it hn I .l.-.n-.r.-i IL
anuar whei ? forfeRi I b r*aa paR The
., . ,P.ert naa foi a vtolatlon of tb. Baetee la?
?;:,,.- when Kmrne) kepl
Chryatle ? Kearney prrform, I ral iab. - ?
for th- Lea?W ' -.mmtttee in th- Im eeUcattOfl ..T
the Pollce I .epnrtmeni , . .
.-'->';?.... : rerenee wll lual ln|
r/fffl WA.Tf i rrr.ir.iv '-'? rifl BOABP,
The II M
y I - - - ? ' ' Ib of ll.li
.- ;'
? ? ?- .
The ? ' ?
- -'._ . al N i ??" ?'eo1 ??
i. abJ I- pr..ml??-il
tlon wll ? . . ?
? rre, ?! ??- wa
peaker. 01 red that ?
?- i. ? ?? >bv *?.al ?
laoaa altfcla - ? ' '
.-? ; . .:?.:..-? ?
;.. . r ' ? ?? . . ira, and I a
. ife under ?'<? I UUone ag to tm.k. Ihe I
i ? ib, : mt -? pl tbe low bol arltl
.-:. i-.i.
I,r |;.,, -.., ?? ? || rk. III ?>? woman be ? ? ? I to
-: o? what "rhe could d.
adda, "l.aa loiiy. BlnCC >!..'*. I. BW that B
m meyi n ?w ln ban I and Judl, ? ? <;? led .
w man who knowi what i i ea?ar> an - n all
wayB equlpped l, lo the ?ork Wtll . >u.l aoon anow
reaulta whlch would m.,,1-. aom, ol thi men ln
charge bluah f-r Ihe \aln eacu - thej
'I ..- I, ?- it, :. ????? ? I thal II
lutelv ncccnaan to i.ave ? woman phyw-in. . mem
i? . '.? ?.,, i:-...i i .'. .'h ... ti, - .... : C"on
rmlned lo Uke acll) ? atep* n th- mati >r ?; a
meet ma to le )..'.-?? ?
?,IS ....-?? ' ? Mlai M ir !? , Jol ..
?:.. S-.i ? .--. ..-?:'--?
The* aecurltlea of ihe Cordage Trual decMned about
,t poini ,,,, the Btoct. E_chanae yeaterday, and
rumor-a ImmeoUtely t.-nan to flv aboul to the effeel
,- ,? tho company would go Into tha h,.n i* of re
ivera The ofBcera denled thla and aald there
? , ,?. rbange arhate-rei in Ihe coadlUoii ofthe
.,,,,iiva affaif The movemenl waa geoerally
,- ' ".' -it. an ea .mclal f the company who haa
? been actlv, on tbe ahorl alde ol tbe markei
a r.oxo PJOB1 BBBMD IB - ''/.i-i.
Th<- lateal Kun.p.ai. mall broughl ibe eeore ot
,,?. ?,llh gamc of the Mleoaa.Janowokt eheaa
match. wi.i.h waa played Iu tbe Cafl de la Re
_ence Parta ll ka doubtful whether auch -x
traordlnary cheaa haa been ""**~* '"r ***
llBM ;u?i the readera of The TrtbuOa may well
eonaider li north ihelr whlle lo atudjr tba Bame,
iho aeore of wblcb la appender], artth^otoa l.y
ti:n 1 H ,; %"
1 I' K 4
8 H H4
4 1' U'A
:, ii Kl f.
,; n lt i
~ \: K K t :t
?> p k rt 4
t. I- H 4 ....
1- K- ? P
II Ki k i. i r.
I- K 4
Ki U H I
ll ll 4
I- K R I
r k it 4
I- Kl "
Kl K K' .'.
K li
Ki >j '?> (bl
K K 2
. wiiiti:.
41 1 l: ..
4-; I- Kt 4
4.1 It K Kt
Kt I
; ;t
II Kt 3
I- a Kt
K K 2
1- y.'l (e)
(| a r
ii K :i .f.
4i r
4:. n k
4H ii g 2
47 K K' .
4*. K K t I
61 H ll
.-.-: I- Kl
?'..! 11 g 2
.'al I! K .1
:.; p. iv 2
88 It
.-.'.? K
au k \ k
?IK g f.
.;.- K M8
<;:i K Kl -,
K .ln Kl *. 'i !?
27 Kt X K V ll. ?' ? Kl
_?. 1: x I' W II 4J
-.-..... l; K H Bl
j ::<> it *. r P K. ::
' 81 II 1:7.1. K Kl
33 K -i: >. M li I
83 l: R Tcb B-B8
<;7 k it i
as k k . t
88 1' i: 4
70 K it 8
TI K g.l
Tl K K 1
n k <t i
71 K 11 :t
7:. K <; I
7<i I- -lt ,*.
77 I- H e,
TH K H 3
II li J
Ki y H
Ki K 4
K t Kl 1
II ll r.
it it:. h
lt K K f
1; -.- -.
It K It I
K K |
l: j: t,
li <.? lt i
I- It 4
11 II 4
Kl .Kt 3) f
i: K 4
Kl x )? fl)
Kl K r. r.,
I*. x l:
K i i: .'. . h
K- ? ll e).
Kl H
K >j |
K 11 4
K l; 8
l. II i
K I KI .1 . M
K. It _
Kl II.'.
Ki it i
K ., 4
K K 4
K ? k 11 .1
K W4
I-. ' 11 :i
Ki K lt 2
Kl K i B,h
K. x 1
..ii ln th,
i>ra?n mra*
11, aam, Q Q 2 m* plajred hera, a ni'iva
w hl, ii at?*B? aa good ...- >i ? ni ni
.i.i lf lsi.nl* h?! |.ii..-.i hera r I: :i. g u B would hava
i- , Iii R 1' : I- .? II .1 waa nei, li ,- ,n.l,|. i. -1 l,.ie.
irl. a rather Intereatina ? ..niiii.i.iil?.n.
... if Rlarh bad pr.i-l l.rr,- arlth Kt K .;. wi.i.a
anawen li x K !? anl al B B 8, B x li P wlth a K--.J
nt..., k
if. >.n ain naail ef 41 > B P. Kl K <i aaaaol ha raeon*
? here
? ir. Blarh dare noi aceepi ihe aaerlflea >,f a p-e<-e.
mi Whlle w.i.m ,i * havi ron i?-. muer pi-e.? f,,r a
It.-.-k. hut hla l.a.l Pawa |. -all 1- n u -nlil not ..ll'.w aie I. a
.:. An inler.allnr; ...,, I.-? , l.i.t Of o-rv dOMbtfUl vulue
,J. If .Tl!. ...Kl y 6; :'.7 R x Kt 4. II iH.JKIl ll t .h.
K II 2. .'C' B \ >!. Kl lt 7 . li. ll" K K 2, Kt Kl .'. , li.
41 K Kt R ?J h h. r2 R K.
(kt II <J R I waa .? n onlv hator.
.1, Tha BtOVa tl.at l-a.la I.i a <\tBW.
Tarraech baa acCOptOd another . hallengr f
Walbrodt for a match to be played for 1,000 m,
a--.ii; at NuremtK-is ne .t Auguat.
Cstd by (hlfwple <>f r.'finomont
for ov.T a quarter of ? wiitiiry
PlPTBiFE 8TA0B8 Wtll 81111 9VB.
-,- ,,,- , KKl'IT' .!?-.
,,,,.,.., T Hoag. wbe laal weeh waa ai*l*4*tat<-d re
''"?'' ' ???,,; ?r ibe Flfth w.ni." Trans
elver of *be propcnj "> n-_- -,,r th,>
-in.il.,. Ceaapany. Umlted. I^*^0.*", '?r*_
lissMlutlon Of ,.,.. .".mpan*. b4B?*?l of R. ' ? ' >?
.nrv. ___, recelved permissio.. from Jaa ti . in
,,,,,?-. ?r ,h. Snprem- C'.ur.. ?, cntinue ,I. 1 ? _
;..... ?f,|,..,,??,ny and run the Btage. untll BUCh
?,?. M ,?- COUrl mav mak- anv furlh-r or ? .. .
,n.,i tbe rn.lewof.????"' ~'teaaS
n,. company has ?-'^VS,l%, The
?nd Its eapenaea nm '^rt^r%rnTlaalon to con
?ecelver app.l'd IO the COUTlior | |d>red
inue ibe bualreas for th* l ?? ? '?'? '., ",,? ,-<,-, *or
hai was th- besi: thhiB thi U < ?? > t?;k.ve8 thi_t
ran-ehl**, a-Mch h* rajre ma) ersni
?hen it is put up for aale.
,-.-.- MtBtl vs .'Kl'i'Ki:
C-aargea wtn be made m the rourt of_ Cmnmon
*._! ,.-,i,.v agalnal Clty Marahal John J. 0 Brten
,.",, john Maloney. hla aaetaUat. for t-ond-scl imbe
, ,,,_.... officer Tbe chargoa wlll be Imdltutedb,
,, iriatrlct-Attorney Aflen, a*Bohas fuat Bn
aheS-n Inveatlgatlon ordered by l?Ntr.. t-Atiorn-y
\ ..,.. llm to the facts trrooghl oul Ifi the
? llgatlon. on January B OBrMn and Malone,
renl lo tbe hou.e of Oeorge 0***"-*%* ?*
l?n !?'.??? t" -- rvea llsi- warrant Th- arire,
;.--,.? ind aeveral Bmall chlldren were at dinner,
.'hen Buddenl) ar, I Wlthoul th- l*BSl warnins the
!.r ahaaryone. waa forced tn. falllng on tbellttle
,v,.n ,. ,- . ? i.,v ?Bobble." and badly breWng
N-?talth*tandlng thal ? bllndlng anowstorm was
- tlme, lh? famll) wera Ibrt. uncera
,.,, i?to th* Btreel Tbe burty Clty Merahal
,,. , ,, . .a* al inl >?? -ul l b >i pem*" l.n I ? Bnlan
IMr dinner, ?nd f'hen Mrs Oallag-rhe-r Karted ra
rk i trunk lt ?*?? lalMMl from her ....-I |.l "hed
iMwnatal ' ' 'Htent* acatterlna ovei th- halla.
;:n,. aaa ionklng for work, hatrlng
.. fr>m cion-l l ellows to he
.:1H?,1V ,.e.p:. When h- returned ...
r,.:.'.-,i. famll* had be n Ihi >wn Into tbe stree
. .,- .m-.-i f.a bj nelghbor*. be atoi ?
r- o" ib. ? '"?' ' ? ' ''*"? whoorda-rad
,' ;, . Ai ih* tlme th" -Bf*w*a***. war
^,";- ... ih* landlord. John .?ilr.nrt.n i..d
. , - - - ? i th* ,pro eedlngs
.,,,?! .. th- rani bad been pald by OeJIagber
\(> T TO
, ,v, m ; RIVKBS '.vtl.l- v" "'"' " "? I >"v ACTIOS
4M. BHAT II ? " l,,;v
r-j- ,, h dru.i sli g the Mh.
. irlki foi ihepr. I
? , | li .wlth the
, , . , iheh behalf arlll be ? i
. ? Th* Irivers ? at I reh - on dutj t >
.rk, ind ?. ? daj Maet ol the
. .-.?$:., day.
rm oal, alne hour* ' "ff ' Tbe proprl.
...r,.,. gtv. Ihe men better hour*
r* 1
r them often 1
?rork nhrn nol it wlth thadr i ?
? ??!? ln ? .-y
..!! If WI ll
?.--?? *r larg.
' -? could
. . ? - *?"' -1"- - l"-''1-"'
lha) i ildH Brhen ibs li >? ra n dd
Brr| , _,,-. t., ge I freel-r aith
t>? r. ;? rt< i ' ?? : ?''' ' "?'? '" ' " '' " '
,,. t ?ai. :|"'*' sn> ir >ubl? foi i rli
..: matlera aoul I
la _ :.
t "i. a ' '
T'm-\ ?*.? r< ?: ??' i- l'i. ? i '? hav* Itcanseai
?Thi rep rtei neal iptu >ached i group of ha k
Invi ? -.- ..:?? Uh
??''- ' ?' , ,
. i |o k like n l.d-err. I >awner? rei
?. j,, , ..ii.u-' hl* luxurlanl ahlahera arlth hl* nn
.., I,. i i.i ii.. ah. n l eft th.
i?. -,..,... s. v. -?? ?--'- .'?' I'v. li ?? n ?.-?? parn
foi tht lasl Iwent) rear* if jrou wani
do snythlng for ua Indepenateni eoaoh dr
ntlnued Ih -i kea..f the party "Jusl
? ?: . authorlile* !?? drlve oul of the buBlneas i iob
nurhthswki trho t..k- up all th* 4f.*-*l corners un
l-Tper Broa-lwa) ntghti Tbey hav.- no Elcenaea a*
ihV ,4? rta-uirea Two w thr.f them blra an
ITui ott hora* ,.r,l n coach foi **-. nlgh
Ihen lai for drunke' M..d ' roaka.' Th* fomerth -
roi. nt. i th* latter pay th.ni'i.i*- ?u.-n tbey blre
th. m Th- dolngs of tbesw fellowa glre as * bad
n.i'.i' '' _ _
\,.,?;i,iu,..Mi Prtday, ehalrman of ihe s-weUI
lactalaUi.mmlttee appolnted lo Inveatlgati th*
,,,,11, \ Btlikl has a|.p.,i.it. I \S ilimm M Iui.- Ol
im> ciiv It* counael Mr tvtns i? tboroughl) fa
m ha. aith Brooklyn affalra. b* r_aaon of havlng
Uved ln Biooklyn Mora recantly. howevei h? has
i!..-.. .-. i.--i-i--.it or ihi* .it> ?'. be served ..
'?.,.??: as < Ity < hnmherlHli.
The Law aad Rallroad oommltteaa of tbe Board
of Mdermen rhv" a Joint h.-arlni- *-*8terday to
people a-bo i i I '-;';'""""- '" "'i,k'' f'"' "'" '"''
leim.nt of streel rallways Alderman Olcotl snok*
im BUpport "t hla ra-taslutlon grantlng perasb
,? th. Manhattan Blevated Boad ta lay thlrd
truck*. li" said that his argument v\a.? thal ll
?,,..id 14k. n>" yeara tf? bblld an underground
road, and tbat temporary fadlltlea could i>?- pro?
vlded. Lawson N Puller said thal ll.levated
r.,ad should bave tb. rlgbl lo la) Ibtrd tracki S
Komaln* representlng pt-operty-ownera ...--. ?"*!"'
-rntv-aecond-et. and l.'olumbua-ave . Albert Btetaon,
I | Rout.l-.-r. of lloa.lly. Lauterbach ? Johnaon,
and oth. r* contrtbuted to th.- dlacusalon, and Preal?
dent Jen.l.iinaii said that he wlah.-d to _.. on rec?
ord a* *Hylng thnt (he present atreet.ar and ele
vnled road accomm.xlatloiiM uere outi air-otis. Ile
favor of maklnsr the "im
.-.i.i ufat he was in favor of maKinsr tne ?~
naniea glvr! eoST return for their valuabl,) fran
The matter of the Justllicatlon of the suretle* on
the bond Klven hy il.e II. M. Claflln Company and
the Amerlean Surety Company to protect th*
Shorif* in the tetaore of the gooda of a. tt Kini? &
CO., that wore up for sih' al rhe auctlon-rjom- of
wiimeriinar. Morrta ft MltcbeK. was up before
rudge i:hrii.-h. in th.* city coun. yeaterday. Judge
,.;?,.?,!, hlltl,i?,i ,i wn hl8declak-n ln the ?????";
and ir call* for the Immedlatc aale ol Ihe goooo dj
".. sh-riff. ln addition to hla declalon directlng the
.--.'u-rlfr to seii the looda, Judm Ehr.tch ateo cver
;l],..l ,,ii the technleal objectlona that ?ad been
made by th- BhertfTa counael to the bond on ju.it.
ii -.iti-.n on thi part of tha mortgagi -
a decialoo waa phreu by Judge Beekmaa in the
B..iai Term of th- Bupreme Court yeaterday. gtv.
lnx Judgment "' ?-1?' "{ tU r"lon **"****? ,om
pany of Phlladelphla and tne Ineurance Company
of the state of I*ennepl*-anla In th.- a.-tion whlch
they broufhl agnlnat the Central Truat 4'ompany.
ihe ContlnenUl liuwrance Company of the city or
.\ew-v.,rk. and Kn- k. Wmlck, ?* exeeutrla of the
win ..f Lorenao K. Dlmlck. The actlou wa*, brought
:,, recorer rhe costa and expenaea whlch th- plaln
Uffa were pui to ln arbltratlon proceedlnga for the
aettlement of all actlona arlalng out of the frauda
commltted by Lorenao K. Dlmlck. who waa th- gen?
eral agent of the companlea at BulTalo. whereby lt
waa alleged over 008.888 had been pald t-> the Con?
tlnenUl Company t.v tlie other two companlea dur?
lng thi yeara IttS and IM. Judge Beekman jaya
that th- itema of damage pror-jd on the trial
amount IO J4S.1TJ 15. and fcdves judgmeni that the
plalntlffa are entltled to have thls sum made a
.-harire upon rhe 504 sharea of the ,-upltal OtOCI or
the Harlem Railroad Company depoetted by the |
Contlnental Company a? aecurtty. and Intereat,
withln the limlt of 160,000, and that the etOCk 08 BOM
and the clalm pald >?ut of th>; uroceeds.
? *> ?
-ta-rr-ma Ctoutl Oeneral Term B*l ra Van Bnwt.JP. "??
K-ll-.i BOd I'arto-r. JJ Noa. 88. M, ?'?!'. lf. 14. 88, tt, .4_
.-,,.. Court . tiainr.-ra llefora Imrraham. J i-ourt
opena ..t 10:80 a. ... Motlon i-alenilar ralled >t ll * m
.... rourt Kpeclal Term Parl I Before "".__"*_??
|J_VJ ? II ' S 18*42 1444. 571). IU88, 1881, BH8, 7^..
1-.H .-..'17 .'-*, I..-*-.. I-i:. 2ft7S. 2812. 2221, VM, }?$
imt. IK88. |BJ_), r.-o, 1801 1808. IM, MS, MH ll-'.
.'.i*.--. unflniabed ? . .
KupreiM rvun Kpeclal Term I'art ll Bafora Baaeh, J.
Kl. -.;..-i Ii4.nr ...i .. ?--. 'i-- unflnlahad
?ne .--...rt Si.i.ii Term Part lil Bafora --.
.T < -..iirt , pene ... !"..'*.. n. m.
'?Ireiiir Court Part I llef.,,.- An-Ir-wa. J. l.aua'-s t;
be eea from l*8rt ni for trial. Clear.
f.r. nt Courl Part n Adjourned f.n- die
t'lrruli Court r..n III Before Patten n J. Noa. 2rtl.?.
2Mic s::r. ii7! -.-711 aon, -*>_2, -ui, ux, -r.'ai. isut,
S802 -'.11 1*!"' I"7'. 2118, 5128 <'Ma.- ui.ll-ila- ? -I
.11 1 m I'art IV Idjournad until M-mday. Peb?
ruar)- IB
Si.t-.-.i -r Courl Kpeclal Term [lefore Kr*.~tm.n. J.?
\ ... "2<: 88n r.22 .".'..-. 753 .'.!'.*?. .';??..!
- - ur, -,-? .-1 '? adjourned -.r.til IVednee
?U) Pebr__ry 18
*;.il,arl.r C-uri Tr'al T-rm I'urt I -Before GMldai-leeve.
J .-?ae ,-n. N ,. h7li. *-aner \ s. ll.-Ilm nt. No day cal
Bopertor Court?Trial Term r_-t II Adjouraed :.>r th-.
li i m
aupartor <'? urt Trini Term Part ill Before Dufro, J
N--a, imi <^7 >' .-?? unflnlihed
s-i.r (ai. a Coun ? lt '*' rald, 8
M -i?: ealei lai i - ? I il 1040 . m ?'llla f -> pmbata
Laura II Curtla "ai-oh K arvll, II irriei .[ Wl-npreaa,
M u i i_ Ut |ol i hn M -?-? r. H '? . ' :if" rd, Benja
mm 8t<a_ea, a- 1" ?'?< . i-i . B ben _'aj_ock, A!f'- I Krhe.
.-i.-i--i.i- ll-rtiii.ii.. Bachal M Dunham, Ifkrhaal Ketlr,
al 2 i in
Burmcaie'a a-..irt Trlal Term li<f-r* Arn..|.|. 8.?No.
IHU. ., . i -,. . |o_n . in . N IHI4. wlll
..f M, ? -. : I lljrraa, ?>' 1" 80 ? Bl
? ? m n l*!?ea .-:???. .1 Term Bafora Pryor, .1 v *. 13,
?.?:: > ?
...ii,n,,ii riaa* r: i-i. ? v r.-rm itef,..? Blachoff, Ir., J ?
-. ar ih - -'.. 77. lul :>7. :vt. 81, 88 :i7. - I
, . ,? Trl ,l T< n Part I Before Lalv, c ,t
?,-. -.-i..- 12-a ?*..?? :?_ loni, 124!. i_t:. _.i7 iobb,
-ro 1..-I -.J 1-fJa l.'.'.i 1282 I1M 2M| I20T, BM,
V2.v< 3811 -????'.. ZT-41. IITI ISt, 1*97, --set, i.ii:!. nn
rnramori Pleaa Tr,.i 1 ?? . Part n f-r.-a c-r.T-.-r,.
? --. r ,r- i r.. tri.: Qaaa .i-.ni
? ,: Term Part III aurer,
? ?? l-.i, I f ? ..n'ln
, ..v , u ? t ,-iai Term Hefor.- i h ',. h. C J Mi'i- na
,-uy Courl Trial Term Pan 1 Befora Van Wyeh, J -
... , *.-.. 888 i" ?? Bl . .-" **?2*4>. *"4.
?'-? ri-* 877 -?' "'I Ua t-i 128 17'. H87 IM M.1
IS7S istl I3T? i :'?'?. 1331 i^** ISTft IM Chaa aa
-,-? Trl.lT-m T.-rt II H-f-fl V'f :. fli. .1 -
s - li..* 1887 1078 llflil M'-t 8*1 --lo 3A% -"?> IMI,
i.?*.t ; 11'. l IX) 11-1- '1- ''
? -?,. Trtal Term i-.itltl Before Kewtmrgar. 3
Vna I38B 1V.7 l'.'77 ll>',4 I---1 1118 lm..1 _V7.> 1018
,1,1 v.-.-a i-:;.. 1272 1171 .--?- *A38 2?7 lf* 11-0.
n",a iifl 11 *<*-* 14*81 1188 l?8 Caaa untlnlahe.i
i-i..- .-,,un Trini Term !>>? IV luf r- <'..nl..n. J
., Kua 8-80 8887, BB, I?.*. 8118, 3.1_h. _7.ii
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rkfekKM ai-i" ,i\Trn.
5*u'.rain? <\.urt.
i-.\ u (rabam i.
... i Oreen (four
- Imhnllatl ?'??'"'?* \.S'\Ur
.-* I. II A I
. c r oidham
M lon a Bui
H-. \.,i. Umnt, P .I
. Barrl idriao H Larkla.
c n b -i l'l "?
B) Pn I
,.. .. ,. , .. r.r i-hartea M TruaB
: M l^an.
j.,..... .. m .-..rr-.-* Barou* i B Paul
i.ana \a Kaaelbora Wlll
iu*,.- i M - - - n m rgaa.
S'i;,er! >r ( ..urt.
Bj Pr, - ln >,.. J
,. . . ., kl nurl, * fT-arlaa ll Tra x
*iu|..e:i'--' O urt.
it\ |__rahai_, J.
Kathanlel 8 W \.-.-'..i--f ** f*? B Pbllllpa-Ka*
th'anlel .- nv Vai !>!,??
Bj Vaa Brunl P. "
.1 hn I.efl? ?-? -' hn Ki.-, J-'i Kl. i.
B) I_***Te****e, l
AaOreu \ Blbhei .' um- li VV ? d B. T.11.
l? tri.nrae of the brlef aeaalon of the Court
,,f i.v.-r mi i T.iinmer yeaterdaj morning Wetrlct
Attorney r'ellowa announced tbal the caae of ax*
Pollce Captain Doherty, charged wltk acceptlng
brlbea ai a publlc ofBcer. would k"> over untll to
morrow. <;.ner..i i? i'- Tracy. of Brooklyn. he said.
had boen added ;<a counael to th>- defence, and ?!??
*.,!,.I tlme to exniiiine Into the nierii-* Of his <*as.\
nnd oul ot eourteay he had conaented to aa ad*
lournmi nt. , ., ,
Juatice Ingraham Ihen granted a -imiiar a<i
iournment ln th-- raae of Sergeanl OToole, who is
alao Blmllarly Indlcted
.\ ni..-*. nie.-iint; of the Bpworth League of Sew- '
Y,,!k Clt) "'il he held to nlghl at : 15 o'clock, ln (
Chelaea Methodlel Bplacopal Church, Thirtteth-I
*,!.. between Blghth and S'lnth avee,. B. i. H il
fe, ker, paator There wlll ba r.-|M.rts ,.f league
work* bj repreeentatlvea of Ihe rarloua lenKu.-s. j
foiiowed >\ addreaaea b| tbe membera uf the
Ueneral ':.i.lnet. the ReV. I?r. E. A, Bchell, gen
Pral --.leiary. l'r H.rry. Kdlior of "The Bpworth
ll. i.i! I'; Measru. Ilaxen. Jennlnga, Plner and
Cooper lA'orhera in youna people a s<K-ietie? of
every name an- invlted Rverybody la wcl.-ome.
For UfervoBi Praotratsea, Hyaterla, Vrara
Fag. Hypochondrla. N'ervous Dyspepsla, Melan
cholla. Locomotor Ata**!a. Insomnla. Epllepsy and
general systematlc weakness. take Cere*
For Functlonal and Organic. Affectlons of the
Splnal Cord. lake JieaJulliae*.
In Depresslon of Splrlts and Melancholla. dua
to a weak state of the denera-lve Syatem. Im
potence. Atrophy of the Organs. Sperraatorrhoea,
4c, uae Tealine.
I'or Functlonal Weakneas of the Heart, result*
lng from general or local Nervous Deblllty; la
Organle Dlseaae, when the actlon of the Heart
requlreB to be strengthened or rendered regular;
Dropsy. Brlgbfs I'laease and Anaemla, take
i ardine. In the latter eondltlon Carline acte
wlth great certalnty In Increaslng'the quality ef
the red blood coipuscle*.
For Myxoedema, Goltre, Eczema.,and Obeslt**,
take Thyroldlae.
For Congeitlon of the Ovarles, Ohronlc Inflara
inatlon of the Ovarles, imperfect development of
the Ovanea, Neuralgla of the Ovsrles, Arr.enor
rhoea, ChlorcsiB. Hysterla, Neurasthenla, and
durlng the Cllmactric or change ot llfe. take
Above are the Indlcatlon* Ior the use ad
Anihal Extracts
Prepared necordlnu to th* formula, of -
Dr. Wm. A. Hammond,
ln hl- laboratory at Waahlngton. D. C.
The unlform dose of any of the Extracts la ?
drops (mlnimsi two or three tlmes dally.
The ?-????? V***tf? t:"Vg\n\r\Vnt S-3 ?
_aaV-ri?-B?i".l?* " Vf'-Ve SSttnUtot^
BTnZB^nnT pVXWi?^ o? fb^^jgV
and .118**41*1* pasrer.
1'rlc.e (** ilr ) b*4t One Uollar.
Wanhlngton. I). C.
8?r.d for Book.
I* a iMdleal treattss ea Babas led Vltallty. Barseaa ?od
,' Deblllt] I.rr r* ..f ToUth, Alrjphy. \ anCoO-le
ai ? dl d - .--? an1 W*akB*** I H U*
ls th* r*"!*"-* *ssay fa* ? ' N -: r' d MfMeal Aaaoebv
tlon swarded th* *-<-i<l aad Jea-elled inadaL
THB Bl IKM E Ol' I.IFI.; Oll, Sfc*I.K-PRE!*EB.
rv.ni.iln* .V70 paaes 12m >; 188 BBraltaaMe preaerlptnna tnr
. .: ? na*** full _-.it. tmbotmoA hindioa.
]'; aoaty 41 '<? Bend n.*w
llli; StlEM K OF I.IFF.i Oll. SFI.F-PRESEH
Ia bsbI i.y m.-ii:. -?' '*?* pi'd. ea r*c>ip
of otilf 11.00. Pi ' hlgh t--.?lmonl-..a an_
, f ih. pr***, FBEE
\ ' >r.aa Wtn II. Parkas", M. D_ th* author an*. cnin
? ? ( ; | ? mf ih?
-4 ?. I Hiilllii. li 84- ?<??. Mii??.
Mav ro coneuited ? " p*r*on r bjr !? uer 'r>m 9 88 a:
? . ll . 1. COKP1DEXTIAI-_
Sick Headache
I*o-4iti*4*l.v a'ureil t?f*
theae llttle Pilln.
They alm relitve Dls-resa
from Dyspepsia. IndigestloB
and Tjo rJeartf Eailng. A
perf?ct ,en'edy for I-lzziness.
nauaae. Iirowsiness. Bai
Taste in the IfOBtB, Coatei
Tongue. Faln In the Slde,
u:at* the Jlowrli.
it ?sraai.Boothee andBtiangtaanB
me\er\ .-a4e.it paln.lnaaminatloaa
juni anaknras Notnlng likoCutle
t '^///Atlrtoro Antl-l'aln I'laater.
j : ? -::rla with any Ptm
[?>- M ...-, Frackl**, ..r akla
JOHN M WOOriBI'HY 121 B'**l 4'J.I
at. r Wofl Ibui ?? - '
4tiiui.ii B-*tetlng of tbe Boclety or tbe OeraaaB
Hoapital ..u! Ptapenaai. waa held In tbe large h-Jl
ot the Ari.iu y\,v\ Park-ava .in.i IViy-nlntb-at-a
laat evoalng. Tbe raports -wtsssltted abow that
tii.-ie were treat. I aad carod fof ni the 1.,-t \c.ir: ln
the hoapital department. l..'.>?? free patleeta, wlth
U/ati ,i.i>s of h.iapltai care; W4 pa>in? paUenta, with
ItiM days of hoapital cara. l" the daa*>enaary de?
partment, 34.174 patieata, all fr.-c tw.GTu eaBa were
ni.?.l.- b) them .it-..| 47.V.7 |*4-*a*crip*iO*kS were lssued.
Th.- treaaurer'a rep...-t thow* tnat there was re
celved in legacles 84a\3M4l glfu, 84.07887; oonc*rt
arranged by th,- AHon and Uederkrana .sodetie*.
14006 HoaplUl Baturday ani Uunda) .\-sH-..ttion,
v;i:. r. German Charlty Balh t\.:~.*>. One hundreJ
arid *ev?nty-one ne?? membera Jolned the soelety
iast vcir The "li I irt of tbe h't-i'iul bulldlt-g.
ahlch contalna tb. arard* for men was renovatad
ai mi expen.I over tttiWO; the two operatlng
rooma wen alao newly lltted up. The hoapital la*
three larg* wards for aien, Ihree for women an?i
one for chlldren, alao ? number of aeparat* rooma
foi prlvate patlenta Tbe aurgtcal departraent haa
become qulte pi imlnent; l,i'>i larga op****aUoaa were
performed laal ><-hi
Vn,' Inatltutlon ir. Baaantalned by tho annuul dues
of iiH-niln-i?-?> of the aoctety, inlerest on legS
.luiatlon*.. etc. A tr. Inlng-BCbool f-.r nura.-s l.s _t
tarhed t > th* hoapital and dlapensary. ITourteen
pup'.l* vs.rc graduated trooi lt laal year. The Ls I i -
Ail Boclety furnlahea the neceaaary Hnen and bed
dlng and contrtbutea to the comfort of tha pal
The followlng were r.lected to serve thi.-.- years:
R ll. Adama, Bdward M Burghard, A Kuttr.iff,
A J Bolle, I'hrlntlan Kchmlta and J. A. Btun
Th.- Audltlng Committee conaleta ol ?'.in '?;. Hauselt,
Willlam Htelnway aad lt V'an der Bmde. Tbe hoa?
pital Is In Basl Bevent) seventh-at., between r.nk
and Lexlngton avea, and tbe dlapenaary is at No.
137 Becond-ave
-? .
Ii aaa wported In Wall Btroel reaterday th.it the
Siinar Truat had .o.uli.pe-1 two "f it.-. ab.mdoned
reflnrrlea ln Hrooklyn wlth tnacl.lncry for the par
p.i*> Of nianufacturltig sj.lrit-4. Th.-y were to ua*
for the purpoae what w.h.*. kaown ln the trade '?
??-.ffai" mnlaaais or '-Maek stuff." Mr. Havem.-yar
arben *een denled the story abaolutely.
Had the Grip?
If you have not, we will tell you how to prevent it. If you have, we will tell you how to
recovcr from it and not be liable to its bad after-effects.
Tiu- Grip tacklc*-. persons who are poorly nourisheil, who take cold casily and are somewhat
"run down" in hcalth. To prevent the distose you must take two things?good care of yourself
and Scott's Emulsion. The " good care" is hard to take. Scott's Kmulsion is easy. But
lioth are important.
Reeovering from the (irip, do the same thing. Take good can- not to catch a fresh cold,
and take Scott's Emulsion. And above all things, don't leave off your care and Scott's Kmulsion
too soon. lf you do. serious results may follow. Many physicians claim that the Grip in itself
is never fatal. It is what it turns into, or what Ibllows it that results fatally.
Ihe weakened system needs just what Scott's Kmulsion contains. This is Cod-liver Oil in
an easy, fialatahle form, and the Hypophosphites of Lime and Soda, whieh aid digestion and
tone up the nervous system. Scott's Kmulsion is effective in curing ordinary Coughs and
Colds, bul above all it nourishes. strengthens, gives vitality and builds up the whole system.
Scott & Bowne, New York. All Drujjgists. 50 Cts. and $1.

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