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Deparuncnt Coaunandor Joha C. rfhotts recelved
yeaterday from Albany th.- scml-annual report of
Adjui u.t-.i.... mi MaeCormte, fn.m whlch the foJ
lowing Btatlatlct Bre taken: Number of posts in
tho Btata ? -?'. number of membera ln good ataad
Inp. Jame 89, UB4. 88, B4; muatered In, 741; gatnad by
tranafer, 237; galned by renurtatenieat,. Ml; total
galn. 1.517 The loaara for the laal six montha were:
By death, ""'?'. by honoraba. -Bacaarge, M; by eaa
,. tUni a : ?tal kaja of 1.7B naan and
brlnglng ihe total of memberablp, laaaary L Baa
to BUBI, Proaa th.- rellef funda of the aeveral peete
ln th<- departmenl ibera waa sjiern last year tiie
sum of It05.ua Bt
Tht- !?'? '..-I.n-y BBeethag of tne Yoakera Y.mng
.Men'* ChrlatUn Aaaoclatlon waa held on Moaday
nlght. The reporl of Oeneral fjecratary Haahett
Bhowed that durlng the month of January 4.8BD per
Bona vlalted the roomH, a saln of 2,lw wer tha pre
vi.uis month: the S>und?y afternoon meetlnga wew
attended bv 170 men; the attendaace al the gym
naalum claaa had been 143; th* dally ???"d*n,c*-fi
th- readlmj -room had been 108. lt waa announ?'
thHt Oaerce S. Prince had become :. ?wtorta tha
aaaoclatlon Kaffaelle Cobb, Waltei A. Dftakwajtet.
Arthur l-. HalUrd and Secretan Haakett were
eboae.legates l the Htate Conventkw .i ?>'?>
lus.- on Pebruary l9-'iA ,_ ,.,...i
Al the meeting of the Yonkera Common Cotincil
on Mon.lay nlght an i. I amrt llngl !?'*?*"_
Water act waa approved, and 11 wll be.aant tothe
Legl.Utur. foi paaaage. " allowa the W^rBoard
to BHua water bonda to the announl of *W??, but
provldel ihai not more than 600.088 ahall be teeaed
ln any oni rear. i?___a ?# r-u-ii
At Ihe meeting of the Yonkera Y?,' ' ',
Bervlce Commlaalonera ... Bomlay nlght rawtn '??
Thom. n. -, n preatdeat and wmiam r_
Fls.li. r ; retary.
? ??
Aw. ,.,..,. ea i aea tooh phwe ta the aeveral
?eheola of Mounl Vernoa yeatarday In memory of
tho anniv.r.-.uv of tha blrthday of Abraham Ltn
\t Bcbool n.i. '. Mtea G<-rn,.n. the prtaclpal.
.1 .i gpedal programme. Th.- large ptct
t:r- of .\ir. Uncoln, al tbe totl of the platlorm, rn
,n.. ,.,. -,, w.is .i-iicle.l Wlth two Amerl
can flag*, and after the cdtor-ruard bad marohed
ST wlth th. Amerlcan flag, and it had been aaluted
b\- th.- t. tplla thi ??? waa an addreaa by a member or
ih.. Board of Bdueatlon. lh. read Ing of a Bketcb ol
Mr ].. by one of the girla, and pamotre
sonea. Blmllar exerclaea took place at tne otner
There waa an exhlbltlon wlth a detalled deacrlptlon
of the worklng of th.- Myera aulomatlc votlni ma
chlr.. in lh* preaence ol Mayor Lewla, tba Common
Council nnd Ihe cltltena of Mounl Vernon in the
Oouncll Cbamber on Monday nlght. Intenae lntereat
wa* ehown by those preai nt. They gave nuich atten
ii,,n io Btudying th.- charti Whlch were llatrlbuted
and wlu.-h explalned the manner of learnlng tbe
namea of the oandldatei of each party and tiw way
afvottag for them by preaalng tha unooa.
-m ?
Mlss Ellaaheth Lalrd. twanty-three yeara o'.d. a
leacher in PubllO Bcbool Na *, ln the suburb of
Patereon, N. J., known aa Lakevlew, near the
aouthern limit ..f tl..- Clty. waa struck and instantly
kllled yeaterday afternoon by a fn Ighl traln whfle
attamptlng to croaa tba Eiie rallway tracka. Mi?s
Lalrd. with two of h.-r fellow-teachera, the Mlsses
Barrtet Amtraaa and Carollne v.m Wlnhle, was re
tarnlng froea acbooL it waa their custom to go
acrow lola over tba Brla tracha to take m trolley
car for the .-ntiil part of the city. The place
whei- th--y wera aeeuatomed to croea la n<-ar Mich
Igajt-ave. Mlaa Lalrd, who waa In advanee of the
.ther two, atepp. l Into b laro- aaowdrlft juat a*
sh- reached the tr.uks. A Way freiuht train waa
approacblng, and aa ahe Btrnggled in the drift she
euher allppad o? BtepfM 1 oa the rall.x just as the
loeomotrve reached ber. The pBot struck her on the
head, before the eyee of nor horror-stricken com
panlona. When she was reached sh- araa dead.
Ulaa Lalrd livd at No M Prtnce-et
The consolldation of the Pateraon, i'.i-.-aic and
Rutherford. the Jeraey City. Hobokeo and Kuther
fonl aad tbe Pateraon Ceatral Blectrtc Rallway com
jianiea arlth three other companka, into th* New
Jersey Kiectri.- RaUway Compaay, urt'l ih>- lillnK of
n ajjaMfj taortgaga with the clerka of Iter^tn, Bnd
aea and Paaaede eountlaa flaerety bvdicata ti.e adop
tlon of a Fingle name and one aet of books for the
different nominal dlviaions of a system that have
been practlcally one, with the sam" BtOCkbOldara and
ofUcer?. ever -lnce they were oiganJaed. It I- known
.' ?? ijratem, and runa from Slngac, above
!.it:i<- Palte, on tht- north. ti.rough Pateraon io
Rutherford. lt is eapected that the cara wUl be
runninw to Jersev Citv hy way of Hobok'-n by Apnl
l the llii"s through Hu laon County heinK almost
("ompiete now. Th- mortgage la executed t.> th.
Mercantlle rrual Companj ol New-York as truatee
lo aecure I aue of bondi beartag flva per cent
interest aml ramnlng Bfty yeara The eompany with
Ihe proceeda wlll buy niur.- <-?rs an.l Improve the
aii ?d) ni.' equlpment. A Uirg.- power-houae with a
8,000 horaepower .rs;t:e la under .???nstnu-tion at
lacua. on the meadowa. Th. offlcera of tha com
iiaiiv .-ir.- CBjarlea A. Johnaon, of New-York preal?
dent; Thomaa l>. Jordan, of New-York vlce-preal
dent Jamea A ld ' Pateraon, aecond vlce
prealdem and treaaur*r; J..hn J. Scanlan, <d I*at-r
son aecretary. Amona the other prlnclpa ito h
Hei ry B, Hyde, ffeneral Loula Fitzcerald
H-ei Colonel K K. Hiiin. .: New-York and F, C.
Van i?yk, of Patei -
ln the Newark ooarta yeaterday Judge Depue
crantt-l a rtih- to BhOW caiUHJ why a new trial
i i..t i..- granted to Renry Kohl. convi.-ted
of the miird.-r of Joieph Plienel, his c-ousln. Coun
...1 foi- Kohl pro.Iiie.1 altl.luvlt* puiporttag to
?how that at the tlme the mnrder was committed
K'ohl was at ;? eonaldi i.u.ie dlatagce from the acene
of murder. n al^" came out in the proceedtaga
ihat two of Ihe Btate'a wltneaaea had decorated
Ihelr houaea when Kohl wa-* convicted. Judge
ii.:. i. remarked th;.r the performance was 8ho<-k
Two young m*n. who gave their name? a* Wrlght.
and sald thc> were nephewa of Maraarel Hunter,
ihe eccentrlc recluae who dled ln aqualor last week.
leavlng conalderable di poalta in ravlnga bank*.
vi-.t.-i the morgue where tba woman'a body was
placed awaltlni; buiial No ofaer rehttlyea have
yat appcared. _
An ...i lamp axploded ln the ro.,m-- of U^-lmond
Mylotte, No. lTi'j York-at., Jeraey Clty, al io o'clock
M..I..1. y algbt Aa Infanl chlld of Mylotte waa
?aated at the fabie ln a blgh elialr at the tlme.
The buralng oll ael 'ire to tbe < hftd*a cloth.-s. burn
1ng lt ao badly that it dled at .'. o'clock yesterday
mcrning. ,
A Wagoa in which :i t w. Ive-year-oM-boy, Auguat
Zeal and John H.-llar. of 1'ni.m Hill. was croaalng
lh.- track of th* .X.-w-York. Stisi|uehanna and
\Yi ?teni Rallroad al Homestead Station at noon
yeaterday waa Btruck by a train, and young
y.,-^: w.i^ Inauntly kllled Bellar eacaped. One of
tbe horaea waa kllled. Young /..-at's bodv was re
moved to ih. home of his pareata, ai New-York
sv.-. and Pranklla ^
The Bowllng Committee of the Metrepolltaa a*
aoctatlon of CyeBag I lube, al a meeting )a?t
evenlng al the Coeroopolltaa Hotel, dedded to
count the aehed-k I gam. ol tne Llberty Wheel
n-.?n team, whlch wlthdrew aame llme ag?, aa
forfeite.1. Then were ala elaba repreaented at
tbe me.-tlPK. and tbe vote oa the gubjecl r.-sult.-d
,,, , ,? The decldlng vote waa eaal by i nalrman
Tate The tournamenl wlll cloae nexl yeek. ihe
Uiilon Caunty Roadstera team is -. far ,;i the
lead that th<: first prlae i.-i as.^u.-cd for lll BB.
Ti-- Rev. c H. Tyndall, paator of the Broome
? ael Taberaaole, has ofXered bla realgnatlon, to
tak- affacJ .rn !"ii.- I. A; thal tlme he will k-' lo
Kiir't*- v.iiii h.s i.-tinib. to Bgcnd a year In travel
ar.d In Btudy al one of the unlvorsilie.'. l>r. Tyndall
eainta to ihis cfty fr,.m bUehlgaa ata yeara ago. and
Immedtately Ih-k i* ius BiBaara as paatea1 of the
T_lx-rn_cle. t'ntll abo-.i'. a year a?i> his brotber,
the Rev. ll ll. Tyndale, aaaUteel him. and then
weat away lo take eharge of a new as-anaa la
On?-huiidred-and-rourth vi. 1 >r. Tyndall haa had
no aagiyr.itit siu.-.-. ?'. waa rot at home Wbea a
rcporter for The Trioune called laal hlght. but Mrs.
Tyndall .-_l.l n waa qulte true that h.r husband
na i real__ed.
Tha Broome Btreel rnbernacte is owned by the
_'_' , v<"ns Boclety. or whlch the Rev. Dr. A. F.
Bchaulll.-r is the prealdent. A member of the Taber
narle aald last nlght that I>r. Tyndall'a realgnatlon
was not imexiK-cted. as his work had been hard, and
Ma health h.ui nuffered M-vt-rely ln consequence.
jussvr: 08 thi: BABttB i.ithek societt.
The Martln I.uther Soclcty of Xew-York had an
aajayable annual .llnner last .-.-enlng at Clark's
raatanraat, Na, 8 v>aet Twenty-thir.i-at. Careia
-.v.-.f lald for about a*M hundred gueat*. The ottl
gajra preaenl were Jacob V Mlller, prealdent: Oeorge
I?. (i.-k't-shausen nnl Charlea L>. Hoachen. vlee
prerldenta; Jamea K.I!o*.s, treaaurer, and Oeorge
ii. Beachea. The 8B?aa_era w.-r.- Mr. Miiier. the
Rev. Dr. John A. \V. HaaH, pastor of Orace Liith.-ran
cini'.-li; tli." lt.-y. I'i l I. Young pasior of St.
John'a Lutheran Church. an.i U'llllam II. Staake.
? member of the I'hllniieli-hu Bar and prealdent
of tl-.- Phlladelpbla Lutheran .-<oclul l nlon. Among
those preaenl were !.'. K Bllert, Kdltor of "The
Luth.'.'a--. League Revtaw"; Ft_____k_T,-, ,?-,brr'
john Brunnlng, H. C. Oerd.-n. Frederlck II. w efer
and John O. Feldmaiin. The aoclety was organiacd
rn Ub_ for the purpoae of placlng a Iarge atatua
of Lutfier lu front of tha Capltol at Waahlngton.
Tbe brutal treatment of Mrs. Kate Pendergra*.
tbe homeless woman, and her unfortunat* chlld,
which i? now in th* Morgue awaltlng burial. baa
aroaaad m.irh Indlgnation. Yeaterday the woman
' waa restlng more quietly In th* Faatern Dlstrlct
Hoapltal, wh*re she waa finally taken after ad
mls3lon had be*n refuaed ber at St. Catharlne's
and othor hoepltals. She Is now In a fair way of
raeovery. Yeaterday Ilealth ('ommlssioncr Knvry
summoned the mother auperlor of St. Catharine's
Hoapltal to hls offlce, In order to iearn why the
ntghl nurao falled to aorept th* patl*nt. In far*
on the fact that ?h* war about to glve blrth to a
ehlbl. It Ib aald that th* mother superlor waa
greatlv ahock*1 at the laek of appreclation of the
extreme ease by the Slater of Bt Dominlck ln
i chargo. _,
The Health commiaslonT has aent for I>rs
Wa.ldron a_d Kaatncr to meet htu to-day Th?
; commlaaloner wlll alao take meana to rompel the
other hoapltal offlclals who ra4_*aa ti.e woman to
; Klve an explanatlon of thelr actlor.. in vlew of the
fact that th* hospltals recelve BJ? a year from
| the cltv, and, arrordlng to a contract. are rx
pactad to take emergency cnses i-t aJl tlmes, no
matter what tbe naiure of tkaai may BB.
The body of Monalgnor Mlrhael May. aenior \icar
ge.narnl of the Dlocese of I^onir lalar.d. and paator of
the Moat Holy Trlnlty Cburch, ln Montrose-av*..
who dled on Monday nlgbt. wlll be taken to-day
from the paroohial resldence to the church. Where lt
wlll lie In atat* untll Frlday. On Frlday mornlng .1
reqateai n.a?s win b* clebrated by VTear-aeaeral
MeNaaiara, the preaent admlnlstrator of the _Jo
ce?P ln the abaence of Blshop Mcl'onnell. who Is now
ln Boane. The Rev. James Hanse:man wlll be dea
cen and the Rev. I'eter Srhwarz, of the church >.f
the ll.dy Uosarv. Amltyvll'.e. L. L. aiib-,..-. >n.
Father .lames H. Mltcbell. chancellor of the dlpceae,
wlll preach the sermon In F.ngilsh. and Father Jamea
Kaufert, of the Church of the Annunclation, In (.er
nmn. The bodv wlll be r,iac*d In a vault under the
hlgh marble altar ln tne church, If a prrnv.t M
granted by the Board of Health.
A Nt !_8.
The Royal Arcanum Hospltal Red Fund Associa
tlon is to have a heneflt nt the Parl: Theatre, whlch
will eover th* eatlre week from February _ to
March - The Fellx Morrla comedy Company wlll
appear eaeh evenlng and at the Wc.lii,-?day ar 1
Baturday matlneea. aii :he Uoyal Arcaaum I.
in the clty will probabiy glve theatre partlea in
the courae of tne week,
The clty won n victory yester.l_y. when ti.e C,en
eral Term of the Supreme Court bandrd down de
clalona denying motions in proceedlng to reduce
assessments. The propertlea involved were 'he,
liljou Theatre nnd thoae of Joscph vTueatl, Bobin
son's Stores, estate of Jeretnlah P. Bobinaon, Wlll?
lam P.raahei- and Frederi. k Marx. The tolul re
duetlon sought through the courts was l_0,BOB,
Flfteen famlllea wer* mad* homeless by the (Ir*
In Flfth-ave.. between Twelfth an.l Thlrtecntb ata.,
011 Fri.lay nlebt. of whlch an arcount appeuiel ln
The Trlbune. A rellef commlttee. cons'.stlnir of
W. J. Maxwell, H. V. Monahan and C. L Kl< bol
son. all of whom llve lt. the nelghborhood where
the flr*. occurred. la aollcitlng auba'riptlons for the
beneflt of the sufferers.
The ault of John Adamaon to have the franchlaea
of the Naasau Electrlc BaBway and the Kltigs
County Rallway declared forfelted came ap hl
Si.o.lnl Term yeaterday before Judge Sml:h. Ten
of the "Cold Thlrteen." th* Aldernv-n who grnr.ted
the. fran.-hlaea, appeared In court. The, i-ane wlll
probably ocrupy four days. Baatar L. BaeBtM ap
j.eared for ex-Mayor Boody and the Aldermen.
Kllhu Root. James C. church. Samuel }'.. Clark
and John .1. Allen appeared for the rallroad com?
panlea. Jerae Johnaon and Edward M. Orout re;,
reaented Mr. Adamaon.
K. M. Bowman. prolessor of music at Yassar
College. has been engaged as mtis.ca! dlre.-tor of
the new Baptlat Temple. now in courae of ere-t.on
at Thlrd-ave. and Srhermerhorn-st. He expeet* to
organize a 'holr of IrVO vol"?
Among the decislons of the laat Oeneral Term
handed down ln the County Oourthouse yeaterday
waa one dlspoalng of the long lltlgatlon over the
wlll of Myra <"T_rk Galnea. the appeal of whlch la
diamlsaed and th* Surrogatea declsion ls afflrmed.
The twenty-flfth anniveraar>' of the Yetaran Aa?
soclatlon of the 23d Kegiment will b* held at th*
Cnlnn LeogBB Club on Frlday evening. There wlll
be mualc and aupper.
valit: of si.'ch piCTuaaa roiNTBO
Tbe Boclety Of AniateUT Photographera llstene.l to
a lecture on a most atavattag sui.jec: laat evenlng.
W. M. Jenninija. ot Phlladelphla, told them al! about
ptxrtograpay fr,>m a ball >on p. int of tiew. Ttoe
i. ,-ti.r. -room of ibe soclety. at NO. 113 Wes. Tblrt> -
(iKhth-st., wus fllbd when the flrat vl.-w was fl ish
? ,?creen. Mr, .l.-nnliigs aald he ha 1 departed
frorp th.- cnstOBB ?f pointing the camera atralgbl
down. which hin predecessors In ballooa photograph
Ing bnd ad-inted. ..nd t,uk hla vlew< ln an obltqiM
dlrecrjon. Tbe reauli wBJ- most pleaslng
The trip waa made from Palnnount Park. Phlladel?
phla '.i. Julv -i. iv.,1. Negattvea were taken at vary
iiik h.lKbs up U three mllea. The b, at reaultl W( B
obtalned at the helghl of one mlle. atrdaeyi vtewa
of Phlladelphla. wlth th>- Olrird Colleae groundfl ln
tne centre. w-re the tlrs: In the aeriea. Then the
balloon noated ..v.-r the Delaware Into New-Jeraey.
The rlvcra came out beautifulty ln the photoerapha,
every rtppip ahowlng aa the aonllght gllnti l from
its crest.
Mr. Jennlngs cut.ined the fiiture of bullcn pno
tography ln war ani ln the "lot-atln^" of raJlroadB,
wht-re a aerles of vlews would enable the englneers
and even the unwlentlflc ofllcera of the company t"
nbtaln an accurate general ld*a of the Lopograptiy
of a atretch of country wlth ihe expendltur.- ..f llt?
tle tlme and money.
The XXIXtl: Assembly Dlatrict Couii. II o* th?
Clty YlgllBnce League held the flrst of a serlea
of meetlnga ln the Bethany Presbyterlan church,
One-hundred-and-thlrty-aeventh-st. and Wlllls ave.,
last night. for the purpe>ae of __BB?BBf the toplcs
of lmportance to the people of th* Xorth BMa
P.apld tranalt was the toplc of dlseusslon laat
night. charlea II. Broas called ihe BiaalhH ".
order, and Introduced aa Ihe flrst apeaker Loula
L, Delafleld, sec.etary of th* Rapld Tranalt Corn
nriaalfrn. who spoke at aom* length on municlpal
control of rapld translt aa agalnat Individui.l eon?
trol, argulng in favor of the former. He was fol?
lowed bv Wllllam B. Parsons, consultlng englneer
of the Rapld Tranalt ( ommlsalon, who le. tured
,,n the me< hantcal construction of the road as pro
poaed, and lllustrated hls lecture wlth atereoptlcoti '
The meeting cloaed with a spe*" h by Chalrman
Broas, In whlch he ant.ouncn] another meetlng. to
take place In the Sccond Church of the DlHrlple.,
at One-hiindred-and-alxty-nlnth-at. and Frar.klin
ave.. to-morrow nlght. at which Dr. Parkhurat
and Frank Moss wlll sp*ak.
for. THE n~ATF.lt roi.o OHAMPtOBBHIF.
There will probably ba '. eonte?t for the water
polo championshlp this seaaon. Th* New-York
Alhletic Club last night aent the following reply
to the fhailenge of the Chlcago A. A.:
New-York. February 1_, l'-'".,
K. Walter H-rrlc'K. esq . aecretary Chlcago Athletlc
Ass... latlon, CkicagO, IB.
Dear 8lr: In further unswer to yr.ur lett'-r <.f
January TA, we beg to say, as bo4dera of the .haiu
pion^hii. In water polo in the Uattad Htate.-, we are
prepared to defend this tltle against all corner* aud
will aooept wiiiingiy a chaBange from yoor crub.
V, i- cannot. however. make any arrangements with
reference to part or full payment of expenses of
vlsitlng teams, as was expl.iined to you laat year 1
by .mr presldent, Mr. \\ eeks. We have alwaya |
pald the expenses of our water polo team lu win- :
ning this championshlp, and lf you wish to v.ln lt
II muat be on the aum- terms.
Our team i? now re-organlzed. and we sball be
Dleaaed If you wlah to challenge for the champion?
shlp. to arrange a date for you any tlme between
March _ ar. 1 Aprll It; beat two gam.-s ln three;
la be plnyed In our tank la New-York Cltv Wi
wlll also agree to provlde a trophy bunner for the
wlnnlng team. Youra reapectfu ly
JOHN C. <Jl L1CK. Secretary.
The nnniml meetlng of th* stockholdera of the
OM Domlnlon Stearnshlp Oompany waa held yea?
terday Bt the general offlce of the company. Pler
No. 21. Nortb Rlver. Th* Board of Dlrectors was
unanlmoualy ?e-electe<i, as followa: H. A. Bouroa.
prealdent; R. C, HofTman. F. J. KlmlwUl. C. P.
Huntlngton. C. P. Flacher, Wllllam Bowland, W.
L. Quillaudeu. C. C Btoekley. John W. Cauaey. J.
11. Cooper waa r*-elected a*cr*tary and treaaurer.
rui: qvilt, ctrn Dixytx.
The regular monthly meetlng of th* uulll Club
wbb held at th* Bt. Denla Hotel laat nlght. Dln
ner was aerved for flfty. Alexander M. Hudnut,
of No. 11 Wall-Bt.. and George L. Prentlee, of No.
4."> Cedar-Bt., were elected member*. James B.
Reynolda apok* of church work don* ln the I'nl
veraityB?ttlement. and the Rev. tfr. James M.
t-Honar to Prola?llon <>' Amtrtcaa InaU
CA\in.UI>OK-Captain Albert Haoea of the Oer?
man Kmbassy ai Waah-artoa. kvkhktt Profea.
sor B. W. Baaa. of Weat Polnt FIFTH AVBBl B
Benator JaHaa C. Barrnwn, of Mteafgaa; Bepre
aentathra Netaen Wngley. Jr.. of Matoe, and Steven
?on Burfce, oi Ohm. BOU-ABD -charir-s Ueaby.
,r Becretary of tho Unlted states LegaUon al
Pektag MinitAY HILL -i Jeneral Wllllam K
Franklln. of Bartford, and Rear-Admlral Bamuel
It. Fraiiklin. Unlted States Navy. NOBMANDIE
Oovernor Lorenao Croanee, of Bebraaka. yit
TOBIA Theaaaa B Ferguann. Unlted -tatea Blnla
ter to swedm. W1NTJ-OR wiiimni ii. Beward, of
Aiiburn. N. Y.. and Charlea PBrgO, of Ch*agO,
committee of Beventy meeting. Ckamber of Com
merce, noon.
Tark and AOJOOdOCl Commlaalonera BMOtlnga.
Board of Trad.- nnd Tr.inaportatlon. I_fl p. m.
American Autborn' Ouild. Blbla House. 6 p. m.
\,.w-York COOklng BcbOOl l'nlted Charltie.
Bullding, i p- nt.
Mcdlco-Lagal faeiety. Ba -1 waal Forty-third
cood Oovernaaenl Clab ef Xtb Daatrkrt, No. I Bt
Mark'fl Phwe, I p. m.
Oood ilovernment Club F. Ba -21 Hiidsonst.. I
! Crockery Board of Trade dlnner, Bardwara Club,
" i' ?< . ,
gn_day law MDlard leel caae. rourt nf Oper and
1 T. rrnlr.cr.
Trial of ex -Captaln DohOrty, Coun of Oyer nnd
I Termlner.
U itnre by rVeetdeat r.unton, No. 31 l'nlon
. Bquare, I r> rn.
Manhatun Alumnl Boetety, No. M v\ext nfty
nlntb-at., I p. m.
Bt Fmneta Xavler Alumnl AaaaatallOB, I p m.
Th.- eertlncate ef Incarperatlon of ibe Aaaocta
i tion of Bzempl Flremen ot the Clty of New-York
1 w..s ni.?! yeaterday i" Ibe ofBca of tba Burrngate.
' [| ia organlaed to render rhariUble aealatance lo
; membera
Wllllam B. Cbeater, the organlal of si <;. ?
'? Church. arlll alve an organ r**. ii.il ai Bt. Battbew'a
| church. iu Weal Etghty-fourth-at.. near Central
' r.irk Weat, to-morrow evenlng al B:B o'clock
Tha programme wlll rnclude F. da la TombeHe'a
?Marche Ponttflcale." ihe "War March of the
Prleeta," from MendeUaohn'a " Uhalle," and <*
cerpta from "Lohengrln" and "Tannbauaer."
The Baal si.ie Chapel '* lo recelve th.- pi
j of the readlng t. be glven by Loc_o Rlrhardaon al
! Bherry'a to-morrow afternoon al 3 o'clock
The Metropolltan al laenm of Art is open free te
th.- publl. :'rom M a. m. to Buneel on Tueadays,
| Wadneadaya Tburadaya and iatardaya; on Bunday
: aiternoona frem l o'.-!o.-k to annaat, and on the
I evenlngi of Mondaya and Plidaya On Bondaya
and Prldaya from U o'ctoeh antll Buneel ropyleta,
;,rt atudenta nnd membera of th.- Muaeam only are
admltted frea; othera have lo pay a" entrancn fee
' of B <?> ata on tbeaa two daya
Th- Mueeum of Natural Bletary fca open on areek
,i,,-n from I t" I o'clock Oa Tueaday and Batur
day eventaga from s lo ii o'etoeh th.- publlc ls ad?
mltted frea On Bundaya II la open from l to ?'?
o'clock Admlaaloa i? rharged an Mondaya nnd
Th.- Coroner'e olllee alll be Ihe laadtag teple of*
6 . -i.,i, nt the Medlco-Legal Boriety'a meeting
to-nlpht at the \, ad-iny ..' MedJctne Dr. \ T
Weetoo, Coronar*a phyalclaa, ?ni read ? ;???:
tha - ib ? .. ai d Ihe pei ?' ' ' lr"'
poaed reforma wlll be dlacuaa L Tha dlacaaaloa
will ba oi ene l bj Clarh Bell Ea-Coronai t.
and othera ?HI apeah,
A .-on- rt wlll be atvan ai the Tee hera' College.
Waa) < ii.. h ir lr.-l .iiil-tw. ntle'h-et . r.e..r thO Bou
,.-.-? i to-daj at p. bb., ln wbleh C
Drsvignea ? ritralte,ai I Artbui Frledhelni ptanlat,
arlll a|; ?... , tl keta, B.
Tbe Rev. i r c H, Parkhurat, B J Halre, '"
Meaa and W. K. Knm are io he among lh'
? the maaa-meatlng le be held to-mornra
I ki Ihe Church of the Parttan , on.
I dred-end-thlrtleth-at., near Plftb-ava., ander the
i auspi,???* ...' ti.e city V'lgflaaea Leagna of
' Nxviiith Aaoembly W lr
Th" flral aubacriptlon roncen of the Calvary
l Choral . ml i* le be glvi n l ? m irro ? ?
? : .|?-i .,- Calvary Baptlal i Hurch, ln
I ' . ... :i st
|tH,.:,| tn - 'he Nntlon.il flmri.-.-. 1*1.
laglalatlon and i onaular refoi rn are to i
thla afternoon bj ih.- Sea
and Tra: rj 01 :..'.- a at II aaeetlng at Na 88
Llooiiiln.. l.il- I.:..-!.' If. Thlrd Bl ?
?nd Blxtleth ata . are atlrrln : up the llv. I.
.1? bualneaa nowadaya wltb Iheti ?
tha O'D ,.....?'. le purchaa. 1 hey anno ia a ih< of
ferlna of over I renty thouaand llema In ll , - ii
aala, and alve aamplea of radu rd i <??
t., , ornj.-i tha attantlon of all mai
i: ,b. rl i. Pli hla i. ane, N ? M .'. ??-?
Blxty-alxth-Bt., on Bunday laat, Boma three areek*
ago he bad i bad attack of arrlp, whlch ?.< ? (olloarr i
by mabuial f<-v.-r. and iimiiy perltonltl*. whl '. waa
the Immedlate cauae of hla deatb, aet ln Mr. Pl
?raa born In Ibla clty on Febi iary \ IM. H< aaa
th.- *on of Jamea Plraaoii, who waa ?? ? .' tba ?
ptoneera la tha ptano baaalneaa In thla ct^ When
a young man h. wenl wlth hla parenta t > cj, ,ri- ?
tun. S, ?'., where he waa edu >' i a>l th- utbreak
of the w.ir ihe fandly came back to thla ? i:;.. and
Robert Plraaon aoon afterward j..ine.i tha Hlnadale,
Doyle Oranlte Company, aubaaquently dolng i r?- -
artlstl.' work ln the granlte monumental w..:ks ,.f
HL, Q. French. He left there and formed the general
Btona-deallng Brm of Plraaon a- Benaiek, Na 19
r.Hk Place, and aaa eonnected adtb thal Brm up to
Ibe tlme <>f bla d<-..th. Nearly elghteen yaai i
h<- marrl.-d I-Jllaabeth Brevoort, .1 greal granddaugh
t*r of Henry Brevoort. Bhe, alth two daaghtera
and one bi itber, F. M. Plraaon, BOnrlva h m, Jamea
\v. Plraaon, archltect of ti." Navarro and othi i
flat houaea, waa al i ;i brother. Ml Plraaon a/aa .1
member of the Archlteetural Leagna, the Bketch
ciub of New-York and .. membei of the Mecl inl. -
anrl Traderaf llv bange. The ftitn-ral \mii take place
at the Church ol Zlon nnd BL Tlmothy, Plfty
s.-y.nth--t.. between Blghth and Nlnth avea., al 8:10
a. m. to-day. The biin.il Wlll be Iu Mllbum, N .1.
TH...MAS i. mii.i.i;i:.
TtBMBaa L. MBIer dled on Bunday ai Portland,
Me., at an advanced ;.?.-. He waa forroerty ..ii? ..f
th.- rtadlfg baaalneaa men ol Newark. il- came from
portland lo Bewarh in UBa, an.l four yeara kater
formed the drygooda lirm <if BBIer A- Ward. IL
married Mlss Almira I'l'-rson. who w.ia eonnected
wlth rnanv of tbe prlndpal famlllea of tha dty.
After th.- war ended Mr Mlller wenl to Oa go and
ejigaged in bualnei i there, retlrlng ln ls^:;. when h<
w.-nt to Portland to itve with bla marrled dam i
??? ?
BaahviBe, Peb. 11 The Rev. w. L. Oartand, -x
i-han.ellor of Vand -rbllt I'rilycrslty, nnd one ..f the
beet-knowa adaBatora in tha Bouth, dled this atora
ing, an.-d elghty-flve yeara
Cettlnje, Feb. 12.-The Daehaaa Stnna PetTOvltCh,
mother of th* I'rince of Montanogro, ls dea l
Waterbory, Conn., Peb i- larael Hotmea aev
enty-two yeara old, ona of th< mo*t peocatoent <-iti
z.-n* of vPaterbury for ti..- i.-ist h.iir eeatury, ,. I
nt 2:?) o'clock Ihis mornlnK. Be wa- a diireetor of
ihe Benedlet Bi Bnrnhani Company, the Watarbury
Watch Company, tbe Waterbunr Cloch Company,
the dakville I'ln Company and the Coe Braaa Com
paay. of Torrlngton. n>- w.is ais.> aenlor partaer ta
th* bankiiiK lirm of Holmei A- Paraona. He aerved
aeveral t.-rms in the Oeneral Aaaembly,
Newhur-j;. N. Y. Peb, 13 Btdnt) Hc-iflM, a leadlng
buabv ss m ni of i-'iahkin Landlng, dled laal nik-ht.
aged firty-.-lglii y.-.irs. II.- \%.i- n s..n of th.- lata
Oeneral .lacob I.. Sculleld.
Tarra iiaut.-. Ind., hvi.. 12 ispcciaii.?Tba riev.
Barvatl BaJdwm, O. M. c di.-i at the anepiial here
to-day under ihe aurgeea'a kalfe. H<> was aarlatanl
paator ot BL Joaaph'a Romaa Cathollc Church, thla
city. Hl* home was at Hobnken, N. J.
Rochcster. K.-b. 12 iSpe. lah.--John 11. (lordon. of
thla clty, djad to-day. r.ged flfly-four > i-ars. .Mr.
fjordon nni a brother, who was iaaoflatad with him
ln bualness, patented the flrst <-.?ml.lri. I reap.-r :m 1
Betf-btnder, and recelved royalttaa fr. m nearly all
the hindi-r Baanfaeturera ta this country.
AUIance. Ohlo. K.-b. 12. I >r. 1.. C. R..?e, a promi
nent physlclan and Invent .r of th* Ro<- loiig-di
lance telephone, dled at hla hom* at Palmyra to
day, from pneumonla Ha waa forty-flvo yeara of
age. aad laavaa a wldow.
There wer* indlcations yeaterday that aom* of
the men who have been promlnent In opposltlon
to tbe Lexow bllls for the reorganlzation of th*
Poliee liepartment. and to the meddllng of T. C.
iiatt ln leglalatle- affectlng the clty, were think
lnR of comprmuiae wlth the Platt forces. Among
i the Indlcations wer* aome conferences whlch were
said to be in the lnter**t of good government. but
' whlch were conducted secretly wlth the reported
deatga '>f galnlng the consent of ma.-hlne Kepubll
raaa in th* I.eglslature to certaln amendments to
| the Lexow bllls. On* conference was held down
town ln tbe afternoon an.l another was held last
| evenlng at the houae of Charles Stewart Smlth In
! I'nrty-seventh st. There were said to be other
i qulei talk* durlng the afternoon an I evening be
twe.n men who are Bepiiblicana and yet who have
be.n outspoken In favor of a non-partlsan municlpal
g.ivi rnnient. Mr. Bmlth and other auch men wer*
not ln. Ilaed to talk about those conferencea. but
there was said to be a movement ln the dlre.tlon
.,f iisreement upon poliee bllls w hl<-h are to be
preaented by a commlttee appolnted by Mr. Hmlth
:it the Cooper I'nloil meetlng
It waa Bdaaltted by men who were In the secret
of the movement that members of the commlttee
! had been Invlted to attend a conference at the
< rooata of the chamber of Comaieroa aa BAtarday
i.t 11 a. in , and that Senator Lexow and other
j men. who are aiipposed t? represent the marhlne
' Bepublicans have also been Invlted to tako
part ln that conference. It was alao de.lared that
'i ihe Bar. Dr. Parkkurat aroaM not be asked to
roafer wlth the other men. Frank Maaa, who
iiii.-.i ln drawlng up the bili whleh repraaaata th*
I riew of Dr. Parkhurat'a aoclety upon poliee re
J oi_*_ntaafdoa, aald yeaterday that he did nol expe.-t
t.? l.e Invlted to the conference. T. D. Kenneaon,
xx|,,i alded -Mr. Moss In .traftlng the blll, and also
I waa appolnted a member of the Cooper t'nloii
1 Commlttee, was atek al his home yeeterdaj
Charlea c. Beaman, another member of tha caaa>
'? mlttee, had declded to withdraw from the com
mittee, bul would not tell why. Joaeph Larocrtue,
another man who waa aske.i lo ba a member of
the commlttee, had ateted that his bu-itu-ss en
gagementa would prevent hlm from taklng any
actlve p.irt In the woik of draftlng a bttl.
Tbe confereaee on Baturday xv..s aald t" have
i . arraaged by Charlea Stewart Bmlth. On ac?
counl of .. letter whlch ha i i.een algned by a
promlnenl Republlcan, who waa >.n th.- platform
bi :!:?? ....per I'nton meetlng, Benator l..-x,.w went
?,i s,. Mr. Bmlth on Monday before g.ilng tn Al
Th y t.iik.'i over th>- aituatlon. ana egreed
lhal ther* could t>.- conceaalona over th.- Poliee
li ... u ihen declded t.> have the conference
mi riatui lay, There waa a atory >n clrculatlon In
the .ix laat evenlng t.< tha effect thai on tiie even
il the Cooper JL'nlon meetlng lu . Parkhurai
waa warned by Mr. _mith to look out for tbe man
v.i , :,?,. arrote ti,.- letter whlch i.rought about
the in..ng between Benator Lexow an.l .Mr. Bmlth
on Monday.
?|f th.re is any wavertna m tb.. non-partlsan
rar.ks now." said Dr. Parkhurat la-<t evenlng, "it
u p.-ing io I.Kpenalve" .inl h.- panaed a moment
ns if h* half lnt*nded to add "f..r aomebody." Then
i,.ntlnued l si> expenslve, becauee an ounce
. r timldltj ..n ihe antl-Platl atda wlll roema a
pound . : .xtr.i aailurance on the Platt aide, Bvery
coticeaalon whl. h h.is been galned from the Platt
f.irc.-s thus r..r baa be.n galned by ateady preaaura
.:, ihe iH.t of th" opposTtion, and If there la war
verlng al this .rttlcaf tlme lt wlll w.irk tr.ueh mls
chlef I" t!i>. cauae. I know tba: f..r a week th.-r*
have been Indlcatlona of weakneaa <<n the part "f
men. x*h... although they h.iv- taken Dart
in th.- movemenl for municlpal reform, are afrald
. Republlcan party ln thia diy win i.e dam
ovemenl in f?v>r ..f a non-partlaan
municlpal government. They may tbink that they
? . aaioa. bttl there c m be
no laattog vlctor) . v Bpl ..n th* lin-s of the non
ivement. The p>- >ple are determlned to
hav* i non-partlaan administration of alTaJra it.
md ihey ar.. g.>in.: to g*t lt ln tha end
ire of that that I am not going to bor
row an) troubl* ti .... .nt of a conference arlth
ii ? Platt for ea "
,. m ivinb am. i-f..-Ki>.-.'ii r n ai_nix(
K_b>oaa ni,. MM.'ii.KSTii csNTtfai ciatb
? .?.,.,??? of New-Torh" waa lha Buhjael dlaeuaaed
-.-inh ?'-nturv Cl.ib last nlght at
Dr Alhert Bhaw \\\* t.. be one af the
I ... i, it ),.. xx m detalited by lllaeea a>,i hfa
xx,- laken bx Profeaaor Pranklln ll. OtAdlnsa
' ,?. . ,,., . , aga u.ii'.r ii. Page, who pre
iBslon, introduced Wdium M.
iker. Mr. ixui* said that m
-. ? ? I'. had bei n ? Bpended la
. lal ? i that Ni w
x, . |) . tha l.irg. -t ii i moal Importaal baaineea
b>? i ii ih iwed ii ?w th* rev*
..- |>rl*. l. ..'h,-r Kur peaB
xx ra largalt I r natlooal purpoaee, whlta theae nf
New-Ycrh were v.r..:;> for miiatclpal afL.ir*. In
IBM, be >.<ii. Nea lfork'a poliee forci conatatad
rwentj, ik-ht wa aad i iptela, while tba total
a departmenl *n? only W.ioi
-, that, ln ? dd tbat the
? \. xx \ .ui; ronalate l ol >.'"?>
n ,,:, | the total i I Ifl ilntainlng tbe depart*
,,,, rn waa f* '?'? Ivli ?? ' h >?* the i \
i niti l Bl itei o iv. rniw nl In ISM, nol
. .... rxpenaea of xx.ir. wer* only $."<'.'??'.'?".
| lhat a .'.'un. ?? the value
clty'* property m laTJ r*port. I ll to he UB.
i/hlle a imllar . immisalon ln I8_ mad* lt
. x|r ivlni -.ui thal Xew-Vorh City h.id
,t-.i Ita bonda for lh* ra I I ma of all th*
? ? ! bi I i*d lh* Iii..>?'..?" aqueduct
?? : h boi Intei ? ? . i ? ? ? nt. ..i'l th-n
? , pei renl premlum. Tiir taxabie value nf
-..,.;: rty to-day, he aaM, xv.is. in round
nunitx'i tf,(W),or?i,(JOO, Mr Ivlni aaverely crltlclaed
.1 lyatem, ..t lack <>f lt, In tne manage
of New-York'a property. II- declared that
thrr* wa* no Dnandal *y*t*m In the dty depart
i;, whlch t- ipe. t we were far behln I Bu
r,,,,,,,,, cltlea, Bl I tb..' If any rallroad or "teamlmat
company wa* conducted on ?uch a baala it arould
Profeaaor Cltddlnga ahowed how New-York ex
n ? ?,? i almoat th* *am* amounl of money on Its
theatre* and churehea B.OOO.BBl belng apeni on eaeh
KRIEN'DB Of THB TWO MRN ti:i.i. kntikklt
Tb> examlaatloa on the chaiga <>f aaaaalt pre
ferred by Thomaa s. lioim.-s. the banher, af No.
(1 Broadway, who iixis al Ma la BTast Thlrty
flfth Bt., agalnat Krck-rick Tuengllng, a menaker
of ihe i? 0. Yuengiing Brewlng Compaay, was to
have taken place yeaterday afternoon before jus
Hre Daael la lha foravlBe Poliee Court. Oa a,
ceaanl oi tha ahaeaea .>f ih" etenographer th.- case
xxii.x adtourned untll Frlday afternoon at '.'o'clock.
Tl,.- following Btateaaeal waa made by a frtend
,.r Mr iIoIim.-s. xxitii th.- lattefa Banctlon, and for
him: "(?n the night of .luii.i.u?>? 4. at I_M o', |o<k.
I took ;. lunch In Burns's r.-stiiurnnt, 'I l.lrty-tlfth
st. aad Btxth-ave , with some frteada Oa leaviog
my frl.nds at the door I st.irted dOWB tha str-.-t
to gal B >ab, wlth ii.y hanls ln my BCWketS. Th*
lirst 1 l.new 1 wus struck from beblnd aud
kaoekad aenaelaea, BThen i reoovared i fouad
thal my iiose aml two teetl. had be.n broU.-n. I
n:is aaatated t<> .. eah i.\ Hermaa Coheo aad other
frlenda, nnd taken to ? Wllaoa'a dragatore, al
Thlrty-fourth-at nnd Blzth-ave., where i waa at
t.-n,i...i by Dra. Burnatl aud MeCtoy, aad then
taken home. i waa oonflned ta ray bad for aaveral
I dld not know foi tWO .i.txs Who It vs as
tlo.l bl! .11"
Ti.is fltatement waa glven by a frtead of Mr.
Yuengiing: "On the mornlng in ijueetton, Yueng?
iing ?it!i a party of frlenda, Including aeveral
B/omen, were lunchlng lt. Burna'a reauuranl
Holmea and a party wera ..t aaother tabka He
aent a walter to call one of Yuengllnr?fl party,
named I'l.v.i He ..sk.-1 pi.yai who the women
xx.I.- wlth Yuengiing. gnd Intlmated that lie arould
hk>- i.t Joln them. Ha was nut, however, invite.l
Th.- yuengiing party than left the restaurant. A
young in.in ln Ihe Btreet mad.- aome Inaultlng re
tn.irks to Yuengiing about tha lady. I'liey had
aome convei atlon and flaed the ma.ti.-r up. when
" "'.came along and aaked: 'Whj dldn'l you llck
hlm? and called hlm . vlle name. Yuengiing put
tbe l.i.x ri a eah aad r.-turned t,. Holmea There
...... a -ri.ii.t.i.-. and tha neat I kn.-xx i ,,,?? Holmea
lylng on tbe Bldewalk. I dld not ?<-.? Yuengiing
Bti Ike hlm "
ll.irrv N.i.itle aald that Yuengiing had a perfect
"Why.'' lu Bahj, "the young man was nttacked
by nn Inioxicat. I man who had been looklng for
a llght. and be Blmply defended blmself. i(s any gen
tl.-in.iii of any aplrlt would have done."
PBiaaa roa aBYBBtt-Ftaat bboimbbt mfs.
Th<- m ? md b.niallon of Ih* 71st Regiment. Major
CMlnton II. bmlth con.mandlng, paraded for revlew
last . Igbt in full dress reglmental unlform at the
armory. Thlrty-fourth-st. and Park-ave. There
were many vlsitors preaent in th<- galleries and
the evolutiona of the four commanda of slxteen
llles eaeh were frequcntly applauded. Quarter
raaatar olyphant, Aaslstant Suraeon Krdmann, In
apector of Itifle Practlea Austln, Quartermaater
aWrgeeal Taiier, rnmmlaaarr Bargaajii atein, ordi
nance-Bergeaat Huater aad Color-Bearer Bruford
BCted as st_ff utnl uon, ot.itnlssione I ataP.
l.leutenant-Colonel Sl.-pbeii ||. M||n. A-isiatanl
Adjutant (lenernl of the Klrst Brlga.le. i"vlewe,i
the men an.l Ihen preaented the fleld and ataff
prltea for 1894. Company B recelved both prlsea,
one for havlng the hlgheat State figure of utrlt
la tha regiment aad tha other for ahowlag the
t *
; ?
J "Baking Powder J
J isanecessity. There $
* is one kind upon ?
S which you ean*
| always rely, J
| Cleveland's Sup- $
$ erior. It is pure and ?
J sure. We know f
f> W
* that a rounded tea- J
{ spoonful will do the $
J work of a heaping J
i one of many others."*
i *
J _l_V_\ _\)0>T/' ?
J *
l tn House holdNews. J
I 4
gr*ateat Inr-rease In number of sharpahootera.
The evenlnfc-'s entertalnmenl ended wlth a dan.-e.
S.mrlse SJB Sunxet BtBtj-aOOB rl.xea p m 10:3ft Moon'a age IS
llhill WATSB TO-DAY.
A M Sandy Umk 10:31 Oov. Island 10-4 11*11 Uate 0:17
1-M BandJ Book IO:5?;Oov. laland 11 :?.< Ilell liat? 1:22
IXCOMINO .S'77vllf/;_5.
Vexael. l-'i. ni. Llne.
R-gulua.Matanzaa .Ian 2*..''ent Anier
Al.Hila.tilbralia. Jan 27.Anchor
N-niirtimia.Oenoa. Jan 81.Ilamh-Amer
.-.-vi. .Uverpool, I'eh I.Whlte Star
S.-ne, ;i .,.lli.vmia. Feb 7. N V A (Ut.a
K.lpino.II..I1. Jan 2H.Wlleon
Letlmbro.iJll.mltar. .Ian 2S.Florio
Allra .Klngaton. Keb 7.Atlaa
Miaalaslppl.Londoa, Jan .11.Atlsntir Trarx
liiH.i-ri.il 1'nnee... .St huelu. Feb b.Prince
TlU'ltsiiAV. FEBBDABY 14.
BoagoaCBr.Haann'l, Feb 2.Brlatol
\,,,x.Port au I'rluce, F-h 9.Atla*
Praae*.boadoa. .Ian .11.Natlonal
Klehriond Hlll.london. Peb 2.Wllsori
Baal*.Ilremen K.-b .'. .N O IJoyd
Phlladelpbla.l.a Qaayra, Feb u.H.-d D
V-xx?l For i.lne. Mall* clnae. Veaael salls.
Teutonlr. Ltv*rpnol. Whlta Btar. BaBJ a i.i
N'.-wV..rk. ?>utli?.mpl..n. Amerlcan. S:Oftam
tlr?uala Olaagow, Anchor.10*08 a, m 12.00 m
trraaraddv. Porl Hpaln. atc, Trlnldad.. 12:o0 m 20Opm
Ortnoco, ft Tliomn*. etc. yueb-r.12.10 pm 3:00 pm
Vlgilanrla, Havana, N Y * I'ub*. IMlBI 8:00 pm
Vcnaauefa La Oaarra. R<-d i>. loopm 840 pra
.,ir,.i rjalvaaton, Ballory. soopm
Bntckerborker, New-Ortean?. t'romwell . 8:00 pm
Algoriquln, JaahaanvtMo, n>de. 3:00pm
rxjiltr Mon'evldeo. l.amport * BMI 1? 00 a m 12:00 m
Pantiagr., Naaaau. N Y A Ctjha. 1.00pm 800pm
KemtrK-!*. Jarkx'-nvli;*. <1.de . 8.00pm
r-.r.T or BBW-VOBK n kst-ay. rr.R IB i?*
Btaaiaar Taormlaa Idarl. K< ? h. Hajrhorg Jamiary 24.
-. ? rnd** and paaeenfer* t?. Fun. h. Edye A < n. An?
chored in yuarartlnr Wlll n..t be taarded t.-nignt on
a.-.iunf nt the |cr In the bay.
Steamer YVext-rnland iBaUD. Meyer. Antwerp T-ebruarv
2. wlth m.|?? *r.d paaa?n?-ra io Internailonal Navigatlon
i'.v Arrlved a' lh* Hur at h V% ? m.
Sf.-Hmer l>, i'.:ix,-.?;ne (Frl. FUudelon, Havr* J_nu*ry 26.
xiith mdae and paj-a-naera to A Forget. Arrlved at lh*
IUr nt 7:3.1 |> m. 11th. and anchor-d.
Bt< im*f Frln.-lpla .Brl, Stannard. r>elth Januarr 20,
Pundee 24, wlth ni-lv >., Stmt> >n. s'penre A Y..un?. Ar
ri-.-l rft ili* Mar at h a m
Bteamer Ovle .Hrl Nl. ,1. r-om I.iverpool >ebnj?n' I.
wlth m,_.- lo H Maltland Kera*y. 1'aaaed ln at Sanly
Book al II ?_. P bi- .. . , M
-.. ,- ei M.i- .-oll IBr). Muiray. Uverpool January 23
, ? laanara _?. ?nh ?.'l?'' lo Bew-Torh Xhtppin*; ^>.
Arrlved ;.' Ih* i''.r <\> 2 3o a m anl anchor,,)
..,-r atn-e nf Oilifornia .?r>. H-^xa. <ii???ow F?n
ri?i) I ?llh rnla* ?nd paaaengera lo Auatln Haldwln *
r,, Arrlved ui ihe H?r at 3 a in and anchored on *c
i ...i . if foi _ . ...
Btaaater Alinn.a. .'n.axman. ?">Iph wtarj? 4, with
r.i.|?- ?ud 3 paaarngera 10 Blamford larry, Ilerron *
r... Airlvel at Ihe llnr at HIS a m
Bll .'i rr Hiidebrwid. < "Viii.f. fr..m Cara. Ma lUrbado**,
1_ i,.v 11 I., W l> Munaon Anchored ln guurntitlne
Kt,-..m-r HlMebraad iBrt, Kaaoa January 2S. Para 29
and Barbadoea rebruan '?? w'ib md?? and i??aiwn?era t.>
tl-n-ih 4 ?',, ArrUe.l ai tlie liar at 10 p m ..r llth.
?I || ar t'ltl "f llira. _nckwood, .'..l-n February 4. wlih
rrwlf* hii I |iaaa?Baera to l-a. iri- Maii i^a .'... Aavrveal at th*
Hur ll I ^2 :l lll
^'eiiner Nue.ea Hlak. .'.alvpaton. wlih md*? and paa
n.nn.-T'. '?' ' H Mallory * '"? Paase.1 ln at Sandy Baok
rn ii -. p m,
Bteamer BaoaMor, Flyrne. N-w-Orleana. wlth m?l?e lo
.1 T S'.in .-'Kkle .
Sie.ni.-r M.w len. IlopRin*. I'harleaton. wlih mdxe to
\\ i- I |j I* .x- .',.
Bt. .-..er Kaaaaa Cllf. V1*h*r, Savannah, *ith mda^ an.l
paaaenf. i-? to ll I. Wa'tiT.
. ..!.:. at*am*r Marka) llenneit <Br>. Schenk. Ilallfax
Fabruarr i<>. in taUlaal lo ihe Coaimarclal >'al>Ie i'.v Tlie
Matka) B*nn*tl come* l ? repalr .-ar.l? ln harbor.
su.i.tv Hook, i-'.-i. il*. t'.'i" p ni wini Beethaaat; inht
!.>? ud) and baiy.
ateamer fotiaga Cltjr, Henneit, Partland, Me?iioratio
Sieam-r Man.i.'i.a <Hrl. .IrlrTlth. l.^ndc>n-N?w-Vork
Bhlpplng <??.
Bl iiii'-r llerman Wlnter. Nickeraon. l!o*lon H F DtBa
Ntaanw lUiynland .H'lK'. Millx, Antwerp Internatlonal
Navlaatlon < '??.
Bteamer torkiown, Dole, N'rroik an.l Barwpotl Bowa
. II i Domlnlon s. i
Bt*amer Oly ef Auauala. I'aaaett. Ka\annah-R I.
Rl .inn-r Twatoale (Br), Cameron, Uverpool?H M Ker
I,' V
S.eam.-r \'ene7.uela. Ilopklna. La ii.i*>ra. PortO Cabello
an.l f-tira. .a Boulton, Hllax A I>alletl
Steamer Naa-Ynrk, .laii.lh :.. BoathBWiptOB Inlernatlon*!
Naviarittion Oo.
Steam.-r Sheeriie?? i Rrt Norman. Ilord'aux fNineh. Kdve
A i'o. '
Stean-.er Orinoco llln, F.axer Hl Tl.omaa. Antlcua. 81
I.u.la. artr A E < mterhrldae * Ca.
Steam?r i;ii\-*ndott?. Walker. Borfotk and Weat Peiat
oid Domlnlon Sx >'..
Stenmer .'Iialme'ie, lllaatand. New Orleanx J T Van
S.eann-ra f.lamorarxnshlre illri. fnr Notfolk: Armenla
.Un. Olaagoa; t*ol*rMg* IBr), IVrnambitea, itahia, Baa
loa, .!?-. Bawdaa, Boaton; Chalmatt*, New-Orieana. Mani
inba illri. Londoa; Clty of Augaata, Si.vantiah. Beath
Portland, Wllmlnaton an,i n*orgiqwn; Yorki.iwn. N?r
fi.lk and B*Wport New?, Itegultix iltuai. KlaaatOB, nellie.
iN.i. 2>'. of IBBB i
fiii-ed Btatea of Ain.'iica -VlngUUa.
iiiiiiu-i.". Boa_a.
Botlr* Ih glv.>n lhal ? Baad Brblt* lantern llnht haa
U-en e?(,ibiiHlifil and wlll !?? maltitalned untll further
tiitio- on tba wre.-k of the ajfhooaer John C Hara**.
le.-enllv niink In llampton Roada, ahoiit \ nautlcul mlle
eotitliwestetlv from < ?ld Folnt .'..mfort l.lghtlinuie.
Thla not Ire affecla Ihe ' 'I.IM "f Ltghta Bnd K..g Mlgnala.
AtlaBtlo i.n.l Uulf Coaata, IBBt," paae 7S aft.-r No ^30,
and the "Ual ..f He?< ons and liuoya, l-'ifih |.lRhthouae
Dlatriet, 1888," paga BB
By order ..f ihe Ughtboua* Board:
Bl .ir-Adinlral. l^iill,..|_Slatex Nnvy. .'halrman.
St.,.ni"r I'rltlc illri. KoiieMer. fn.m BeW-YOTh January
M f..r Uadib, paaaed UawB laland Pebruary ll.
Blramor HufYal.. MBrt, Halet, fn.ni Bew-Yark January
27 for ii.ui. arrived .1. Portland P*bruary 13,
si,-.i. i.vi.an Bonarch (Bri ttorgaa, fmni Bew-Yark
Januar) 24. arrlved ul Ij.ndni K.-tiriiiirv 1J.
Bt*amer Rthelaonda illri. Oodlag. from New-York Jan
u.iry ^4, arrlved al l.lab-in Kebruary II.
Si.-iuii.-r Im Hretagne (Fi 1. Itupe. fr..m New-York Feb?
ruary 2. arrlved al Bavra rabruary u.
ateamer oilnda (Port), D* Boaa, fiom .Ww-Tork Jan?
uary 17. arrlved at Ual.on February II.
Blramar American il'ut.lii. Hutx. from New-Vork Jan
uarv 27 for Rottl idam. arrlved at Portland l--"briiar> 11.
Fredertrk K. Tonkllna. rearlmental clerk of the
IStl FleRlment, whoae dlsappearanr-e laat Thur.ailay
cauaed aome alarm. haa returned t<> his famlly at
PajaMa L I. Th*re la nothlna at all myaterloua
ln the caae now that the (8*888 are known. i'onkllng
almply wanted a Uttle vac.itlon, and took It wlthout
telllng hla wlfe, who became anxioua when he re?
malned away from home longer than usual.
Meutenant-Colonel Mcs'oakry Butt, of the 12th
Readiiient. w.is *een at hla hom*. No. 8 Weat Flfty
*econd-at., last nlght. and contlrmed the report of
Conkllng'a retu'rn. Ile *ald. alao. that the regl
mental prop.-rty had been found Intact when i*onk
llna's keya were returned. and thal no fears had
ev.-r been entertalned aa to the safety of property
Iniruated to hla rare.
Mra. Winal.iw'a Sontlilng Syrup for Chlldren
teethln* Bofteaa the gunia. redueea Inflammntlon, all*y?
p.lti. nirea wlnd c.-llc and dlarrh.H?a. 'ib .enia a bollle.
What 11 eorafoti it ia to be relleved from corna.
HINDKBi'ORNa doea lt perfactly. lo cia
PABBBB'a 01BOBB TOBP- cure* inward palna
- ??
"Chlckaamw." B. * W. ''CUekaaaaa,'*
. - A aaw eotlaa, - , <~
Wc're not busy now?<_;ood time to
look around and see what must be got
out of tbe way.
Here are some black diagonal cut
aways with edjres bound (bound edgeaj
are not the heiffbt ot t'ashiou ; so they
la._r); used to bo $18.50 and *20 for
coat and vest. Call 'em $12.50?will
they lap* now ?
l.lack diagonal Prince Albert coat
and vest $1_.50?same reasou; used
to be $20 and $23.
At all stores.
At Prince strt'et only: broadcloth
Prince Albert coat and vest $12.50?
niarked down from $21.50 and $30.
THnEE 4 Trlnce.
BROADWAY <v4'arren.
STOI5ES. <32d ?t
Dress Goods.
Spring 1895.
Paris Novelties,
(ir.-iuding- si'k an<i BJOOl mlxturea ln tha
var!ou9 neutrai tints of the seasoal.
Enelish Suitin^s
and Faney Cheviots,
(for tailor-rna ie costumes?new desigoat.
all wool-silk and wool?sllk embroldered
?purn mobair?wool with sllk faefna?allk
with wool fa.-ing. in e jlor?. Oriinge. Eleotria
Blue. Red and Oreen faced with Black.
chiffon and silk fa.'injjs are in three tone_
elieeks an.i noutral tints.
Other shados are Corn eolor. I.Uba Blaok
with Oreen or Royal Blue Stripee, Belga,
Havana Br ivn. Dove Orey. Mos? Greea.
Myrtle Green.
uLord& Taylor,
_roadway & 20th 8t
Hemstitched Linen Sheeta
Pillow Cases.
We sliall place on sale to-day,
February l.'tth, as special hargainfs
5500 pairs Hemstitched Frejich
Linen Slieets, mcasiiring UO in
obea wide aud .M> Inehea long, at
?4*75 per pair; priee heretofore
has been $*>.5<>.
About 2.000 pairs of Hem?
stitched Irisli Linen Pillow Omm,
in sizes M*ZHx3tj\ ,_.,>x.?<>. ?nxttti are
ollered at 8ft centa. $1.00. $1.15,
$1.^5 and $L3_ per pair.
2,000 do/.en Double Damask
Napkins, in .VS and 3*4 sizes, at
.+ 1.7.'> jhh! r^'-.."*.) per ilo/.on; we
have never befere sold these at
less than $ft,BO and $.$.75 per
Broadway and 11th St.
Text of The New Law.
The Tribune's pamphlet
contains the full text, ver
batim. The questions whieh
arise in the minds of the
public can be answered by
reference to The Tribune's
10 cents a copy.
Order through any news
dealer or direct from
The Tribune.
2& Edition
380 pagea. Contains full return*
of the phenomenal electlona of
1894. Alao the new Conatitutional
A mendments. Xutneroua items 0/
intereat to mli citixena. An _???*
eyclopedia of atatiaUca. StricUxJ
ZO CenfJ a Cepy.
Order through any newwlealer_
erfrom THE TRIBUNE, ,

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