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professor BAltOENTl new book.
Sprague Sargent. Plrector of the Arnold arao
retum. of Harvard rnlveraity. Boaton and New
Vork: HO-ghtOB, Mlfflin & Co. 1*94.
Th* flora ot Japan haa an enpeelal lntereat for
Amerl<-ans, alnoe we hav been told ao nften Of
the cloae analng>- between the vagetation of
theae islands and that of the northeastern part
of the l'nlted Statea. lt wai thiB Blmllarlty
whlch suggested to Dr. Oray the explanatlon of
the w?y in which planta were dlatrtbuted through
th* north.rn hemlsphere In dlrect des<-ent from
anceators whlch lnhabited the Aretlc regiona
during the last tertlary period. Profeeaor Sar?
gent tella us. however. that the oplnlon whlch
haa prevailed that an Amerlcan flnda much that
ia homellke in the natural foreet growth of the.ae
Islands ls an erroneoua one. It la true that the
traillng arbutus would remlnd one of MeW?
England and Shortla would reoall the mountalns
of North Carollna If theae planta were not so rare
In Japan. Neverthelese. there are enough specles
so closely related ln the two- countrles aa to snb
atantiate the general Impression that the plartts
which thrive in one will dourlsh ln the other.
The popular reaaon asslgned for this ia that both
countrles fac* an oc*an lylng to the eaat. wlth
coast llnes and deep sea ouirents of slmilar trend
and prevaillng wlnds from the name dlrectlon. bo
that the condltiona of rlimate whlch have dlrect
Influence on the llfe and health of plants are
almilar. The Japaneae marles. lindens and dr-g
woods, birches and .-hestnuts. aldera and poplars,
magnollas and buekeyes, plnes and hemlooks and
larchcs. although they dlffer from our own
speeies. have been developed under condltiona
so slmilar that they will generally thrive here.
In fact, lt is well known that the trees, shrubs
and plants of Eastern Asla are much more cer
taln to make themselves at home when trans
planted here than are our nearer neighbors on
tbe Paclflc CoaBt; whlle the trees of Oallfornla
will take more kindly to the cllmate of Weatern
F.urope than to our own beoause these two re
gions stand geographloally in the name relatlon
to the great seas and the current* of water and
of wlnd.
But what gives a greater popular lntereat to
the flora of Japan is that so many flowerinK
Hhrubs and herbs ln our gardens are known as
Japanese. although many of them really orlgin
ated in Chtna, Corea or some other part of East
ern Asia, and only reached this country by way
of Japan. One of the commonest flowering plants
in our herbaceous borders In early spring is the
ghowy dUentra or dielytra. as lt is pupuiarly
called. and this is followed by stately Japanese
lilles and irises, wlth the tall and graee
ful lespedeza ln the autumn and the Jap?
anese anemone, one of the lovellest of
garden flowers. In our shrubberlea the
early flowering bush honeysuckles. half a
dozen splraeas. corylopsis. andromedas. barbor
rles, viburnums, hydrangeas and flowering plums
and appies. besides the beautiful rosa multiflora
wlth actlnidias. matrimonv vine, euonymus,
wisteria and many other climbing plants, are
natlvea of the dlstant East. Slnce we already
have so many Japanese plants at home lt ls
no wonder that every one who has heard of this
similarity in the botany of the two countrles
has readlly believed the travellers who have in
sisted that there is a striklng resemblanoe be?
tween the general features of the vegetation
there and here. But Professor Sargent points
oul many dlfTerences ln the einstitution Ol the
natural woods whlch are atlll standing in Japan
and our own vlrgln foreats; while the forest un
dergnwth ls altogether unlike ln the two coun?
trles. Amerieans at oneo wlll mlss the huekl*
berrles and hlueberrteo. the kalmtas and cornelB
and dwarf eherries and lycopodlums which car
p*t our woodlands wlth such beauty, and he will
ftnd instead among the tra s a close and almost
impenetrable thioket of dwarf bambooa. Only a
few vigorous undershrubs ean maintain them
se:ve* agalnst these aggresslve grarses and the
woods therefore have a strange forelgn look. All
theae points of !:kene<.s and disslmllarlty are aet
forth it. a very lnstruc.ive way and make a
fitting prelude to the desr-rtptions of the vatiou*
families of trees whlch are then takon up in their
bdanical order.
It sh<-.uld be said here that this book ls pre
oisely what its title indicates. The author doea
not seem to have been infected with the
Japanese ar: dlsease whlch absolutoly un
hts most visltors to that Empire f..r any
contemplation of nature. and If he con
siders a burried Journey through theae
i?lands an adeejuate preparation for a treatiae on
the m.iral characteriatlcs of the natives or nf the
I art which the empire is destlnsd to play in the
coming history of the world, he has ex
ercised uncommon Belf-restralnt and post
I r.nod these for some future work. The
book is concerned solely with the trees
and shrubs of the Japa.iese forest; it was orig
inally prepared for "Garden and Forest." a Jour
nal devoted tO kindred sublects. and the reprlnt
includes the ful!-page illustratlons which ap
peared with the origlnal lotters. The subjeet Is
by no means haokneyed, although rnany of the
famous botanists of the world have oolleeted in
these islands, for It ls only wlrhin a few years
that travellers have been able to do more than
vlslt the cirles and gardons of the country wlth?
out explorlng any of Its wilder interior reglons.
Besides no traveller In these Islands has eVer
been bo well prepared in the botany of trees and
shruba as ProfeBaor Sargent, who has devoted
hlmaelf for yeara to study ln thlB Bpeclal
neld in the preparptlon of ht~ work on the "Sllva
ot North America" and in collectlng materlal for
the Arnold Arnoretum. whlch ls to lnclude every
woody plant that wlll grow In the cllmate of
Eastern North America. It Ib this abundant and
famillar knowledge of his subjeet and of the en
tire range of related subjects that broadens out
the interest of Profeaaor Sargent's book bo that it
takes hold of the attentlon of any reader who
carea In the leaat for any arborescent growth
whether in forest or in park. whether cultlvated
ln prlvate grounds or growing at wlll by the
way.*ide. No popular account of many of the trees
h*re flgured and deserlbed has ever before been
published. Many othera. whlch have heretc.fore
been known as herbarium specimens only. have
been ldentlfled in the fleld ind flgured, and what
is of more lmmedlate importance the seeds of
many trees and shrubs entlrely new or new to
cultlvatlon have been brought home and planted
in the arboretum or dlstrlbuted among the bo
tanlc gardens and leadlng nurserles of Bnrope
and America. Only actual trlal on our soll wlll
demonstrate how many of these plants wlll be
found adapted to use in our groves and gardens,
but the ample not*B as t> thelr habits and thelr
home aurroundlngn contalned In thla volume wlll
be of great analstance in determlning when or
how they ean be used to the be?t advantage.
After readtnaf the deaorlptlon of niagrmlla hypo
leuca, whlch ia the moet beautlful of the decid
uous. leaved magnollas ln Japan. one ia tempted
to remlnd the New-York reader that the flrst
tree of this klnd ever brought to America was
aent by thgt lndefatlgable collector, Thomaa
Hogg, and waa planted at the foot of Elghty
fourth-8t.. on the Eaat Rlver. ln thla clty, where
lt stlll Btanda. or at leaat dld atand a faw montha
ago. although It was ltable wlth many other
treaeures from Japan to be covered up as the
land about lt ls fllied ln. We may add that there
ls a wlllow-leaved magnolla. a beautlful p'.ant.
whlch haa never been lntroduced. but of whloh
Professor Sargent obtatned a supply of seed and
tindoubtedly thla wlll soon be found In Amerlcan
gardens. Of evergreen magnollaa, Ilke the blg
laurel cr bay of our Southern Statea, Japan
posBesaee none. but ther* are closely related
apecles of mlchelia which take their place and
whlch ought to flourlan aouth of Washlngton.
Among the other Interesting trees of this famlly
the moat Iroportant one Is cercldiphyllum. <>ne of
the great tlmber treee of the country. It has
alrrady beco'me aomewhat famillar ln.Amerlcan
parks and gardens. and as It rtows rapidly lt Ib
llkel.v to become of oonslderahle importanee in
ornamental plantatlons. As we have seen it here
It seems to have a somewhat forrnal hablt "f
growth, but the illustratlons of matur* trees in
this book ahow that they ean be hlghly pletur
oscjue. Passlng by the stately camellia* whi.-h ln
the forests of Japan ai. straight-stommed treeo
forty fael high. th'- stuartias, which Itaeilfhle the
white-flowered shrubs of the sanio gonus in our
? entral and southem States, the llnden;.. tho
graeeful stachyuru*. of which rar?- plant a c.1
xpecimen is now happy in Pmspeot Park. Broofc
lyn. the remarkable a.tinldlas. whioh niust prove
a strong reinfon-ement to our list of hardy
cllmbers. the priokly ashes. one of whi-h Pro
fes?or Sargent pronounoes equal in beauty of
hnbit tO any tree he saw, we eannot holp mon
tioning the hollles, of whlch there are a d. aen
evergreen specb-s, some of them lar^e
and stately treo* wlth great, glossy leavea
and brllllant with abundant fruit. Un
fortunately there is Uttle aaaurance that
any on* of them wlll prove hardy north of Waah
ington, for although many of tbe broad-leaved
evergreen Shrubs of Japan grow ln a latitmle
farthet north than that of Massaehusotts,
they rest in winter under a rover of BBOW, and
are therefore not expowd to such altertiati'.ns of
freezlng and thawlng. nor do th'-y enffer
bo much from the dr .u'.hs of BUmtner and BO
tumn as they would do here. There are other hol?
lles wlth deciduous leavea related to our c.mtnon
ecarlet-berrled black ald.r. whlch Wlll no doobt
thrive ln the Northern l'nlted States and belp to
Increase the beauty of OUl snrubberies In wlnter.
Of the euonymus or plants related to our -i.mr.i.-n
burnlng buah there ar? already BOtne Japan.se
spec-les In our gardens; the eommonest nnd rne
of tne most beautlful is the cllmbing one kBOWn
1 as Euonymus radlcans. This has been found very
i usefu! in thla country ai B C iverlng for walls.
and as Professor Sargent BBW it eafpetlng the
\ gtound in the foreeta of Hokkaldo and coverlng
j the trunks ..f treea with masses of iis iustr..us
foliago. it mn*t hav a rate attnutivn-s. A
relative of the ollmbing Wttereweet, wboae rrar
' let and oiange berrlos biighten our roadaldea in
i the autumn. ls eelastrus artl--ulata. This Is rare
in this country yet. but is one of the commoneal
plants in Japan. an.l its long, alender branchra,
coVered with briniantiy cotored frult, are aald In
autumn throughout all the Japaaeae cltlea for
the dec.ration of dwelluag-boueaa
Certain Japan maple*. mostly with deeply CUt
or strangely colore.i leavea, have been known
in this country fir more than twenty-livo yoars.
They nre K-nerally forms of Acer palmatuni. a
smoll round-headed tree whioh OOlorB as brlght
ly very late in autumn as oajroWB BCBTkH maple,
?a aii frequentera of irVoBpect Park ean near
witness. for near the lake there are two of the
flnest specimens of these trees now ln cultivat; m,
and thelr foliago is all allame when most. of our
native troes have dropped their loaves. Tne
lover of beautlful troe* will find much to dellgbt
him ln this chapter on the nupb-s. and he wlll be
particularly pleas.d to learn that some Bpedea as
yet unknown here wlll probably be v.-ry naeful
for ornamental plantlng. By a happy ehance
Professor Sargent gathered abundant seed of one
Of these, Acer myabei, an elegant tree . los-.-ly
related to the sveamore maple of Europe. and hy
another stroke of good fortune he sucoooded ln
gatheri"g seerls of Acer nikkoense. wMch be
longs to the ash-leaved section of maplea. and is
remarkable for the hrilllan.y of its autumn foli
age. enme of the Japanese sumarhs are already
known in our gardens. but none of them are more
beautlful than our own. Our ollmbing p leou
sumach or. as it is generally called, the DOlaon
lvy or mercury. is alao eommmi in Japan. ahere
it"festoons the tops of the tallest treea, and in
autumn lt is probably the bandeomeel vlne in tho
islands. The leaves grow thicker in that eoun
try than th*v do on the American f.rm; they are
larger too. more le.Uhery. and klndle into even
more glowlng colors. often to a ehade of lnten?
erimson whlch we never detael ln them here OJ
the lagwnlnooa trees there i* a boney locuet wBich
cloaefy reeemblea our naUve apeciee, although i
?s more beautlful to lo-k at and rather larger,
and It wlll BO BOBbl beome a valuabl- addltlon
t? the exotlo trees for park plantlng. ln tho
great rose famlly tho Japaneae plum. r rather
apricot Prtinua lluine, ls tho moal popular ? I all
rr-es in Japan. and its bli.Fsoms. whi.-h are elther
whlte. ,.ink or red. and ofien doubled. are reallsr
the featal flowera of aprlng The m >re beautlful
Japanese cherry. Prunus Paeudc-ceraaeue, la alao
cultlvated for iis flowors an.l in the BUtUBM Ita
bniliantlv colored lenvea lllumlnate ihelandacape
before anv other trees ohat.g.- Color. This iree
m very beautlful and ftourishes m our cllmate.
but not as well as the one with p.-ndul....*
brnachee, whlch Profenwor Bargenl dld nol Bnd
my eomiron In Japan. BB gard. n*. but whl h. 88
we know it here. is really one of the ... al beautl?
ful trees ln cnltlvatlon. Beeldee theae ptama nnd
cherrlea aitb thelr alllea and ihe Japaneae ap
,,!.. pyrua Tortago, whlch is becoralng qulte m
rnon m .hi* eountry and ll among the moat de
Mrable Of trees for amall pla.es. there nre many
other beautlful npple and pear treea, with na in
tain ashes whioh ean readlly be natumllaed here
we have already intTodueed one or two Bhruba
nf the wltch hazel family. and there are othera
whlch ought to prove good garden planta whlle
among the aralias. whi.-h are repreaent*d ln the
rnited states by tho Hercnlefl elub of uur Bouth
Atlantlc region. there are Btately treea whlch
oughl to be hardy hen- and whioh. with Ihelr
immenae panloles of flowors nnd broad leavea,
present an appearanoe entlrely ui.llko anythlng
kn.iwn ln our fcrests. Our beautlful ftowerlng
dogwood has a rival in the Japaneae ape lea, and
there are aeveral membe.s Of tho h-neysu. k o
famllv. viburnums eaperlally. whioh are already
well known here. Vlburnum fureatum, however.
a-ahrub or a amall tree especially C ..nsplr-u.-us In
autumn for Its wonderful tlnls of acarlet and
WtoM cjlor. although common in Japan. is) un
known here. and Professor Sargont has taken < are
to Becare aaada of what promises to b. a genulne
acqutaltlon. Our rhaMtodeadrona and azaieas. An
dromedaa and Olethras. whioh all belong to the
heath famlly. have relatlves ln Japan whi.-h ar
already known h-re nnd Whlch ar.- WOTthy to be
bo. The persimmoni whioh we have alwaya been
R'-cuatomod torall Japanese areprobably of Chl?
neae oriein. an.l the famous Kaki. whioh is grown
in our Southem States and in Callfornla fir
lts frult, is planted in immense quantltl- I ln theae
Islands. Some of tho hardler klnd?. whi.'h COtne
from Peking and whioh luxnrlate in th- gardena
of Central Japan, have never been Irted ln thi.*i
eountry. and if Pi-feanor Bargent'a eonjecture
provea eorrect, these varletlea wiu grow In our
Northern and Middle Siates and furniab u* arlth
"a handsome new frult. ..f good (lav-.r. easlly
and oheaply raise 1. of first-rate shipping .|uallty
when frosh. valuabic when dfied, and an orna
m"ntal tree of extraord'.nary Interest and beauty."
As we turn over the leaves of this voJnoae, lak
ing BOtea literally at randem. lt Is hard to refrain
from speaklng >f the styraxe*. wlih thelr droop
ing raceaaea of beii-shaped flowera; <.f the a*he?,
one of which. a noble tree. bl hardy In New
England; of tre^ WacB and prive-.s; of half a dnr.en
lindensi'of some arlstoorat'..- relative* of our
common spice bush; of the elrns and the closely
related zelkowa. the larg'-st deciduous-leaved tre
ln the Empire. a rare tree here. but one that has
llved for more than thlrty years in the garden of
pr. Hall. at Warren. Rhodo Island; of the wal
nuta. the oaks. th* blrch*s. the bornbeama; of
th* chestnuts. whlch bogin to frult while they
are very young, and whose introduotion h<-r. wlll
make It poaalble to grow marrons ln the aevereat
cilmatea of thla country; or of tbe bee.-hes'. th
wlllows and the po;?!ar*. And after all this come
two ihapters on conlferiua evorgi'.-ns. In which
the forests of Japan are richer than th.?e of . ;ir
own countrj-. The cryptomerla cin hardly be
aald lo thrive here, although thero are ape.imons
In our own Central Park. but It Is the most \nl
uab.o timber tree In Japan. and It Is planted
much by roadsides and especlally In tho tampje
groves of Nlatko.'of which we have read so mmh.
lt resemblea our Callfornia blg treea and red
VOOdM, nnd pnme of these t'mpl* plantatlnns ar*
exceedlngly beaetJfal. Th* ph-ture of th* ave?
nue of ,Typtomeriaa at Mkk.. Indieates a atatoll
n*ss nf hablt which .an hardly be axralted. Be
aides tbla, th.re are pltM* atal rt". spru.-es and
heml.rka. yeWB, Kln?rk.a. Ti-.rre.vae-. th* remarkn
bly heautiful timbrellt plne -r arladopltya, Whlch
_p] ;,rs t , t?- perfectly hardy ln thla ellraate but
if which we haxe iv. attcb irjaaatflceal example*
,-,^ can I"' aren in the great pleasure gr.unds nf
Bngtand an.i tn.- Europaan Co_U_ent.
Occaelonally' the reatler is lalaad ;?> r-ere
that Prifeaa..r Bargenl has not dewoted rrvr
spa.-e tn direet de- ripMnn nf the pl< tiirearjue feat
ure* of the Japaneae wnndlandi*. hut perhaps hla
lucid accounl "f th.- ?rrapo_tlon of th* roresta
with Ihe occaslonal Baali oi a aideiigiu or a aan
tence here and ther.- to atlr the Imaglnatloa
llvea a Hearer impreasi ?n "f Ihe rharaiteriatlrs
,,r th-- aeenery than any a_ort at aocailed word
palntlng Al a:i event--' he haa definitely accobl
pllabed xxhat lie undeit.ink tn .ln. and haa made
it p ealble for one xvlm baa n>-ver vialte.l Japan
to becnni" f litiy acquatnted arlth th- foreal Bora
,,r tbe Bmpire bn all its inarveiinns rb-hne^s .md
vari.-ty. The twenty-flve platea which BCCompang
tbe ,learly print.-d text nf thla heautiful .|U.ir;.>
vniume are really Ult_aral4ona nf th.> rabjectv
Beveral nf then are frnm rtrawlnga b> lhat nmsl
aeoomplished nf b.tanlxal artista, Mr. C. B.
Faxon, an.i othera are r4r*arodactlona of pboto
graphic prints.
Morrison. Illuatrateii PraabUa Bqeare i.ibrary.
(Harper & Brotbarai
MADAME BANB-OKNB. By Viotor.en Bardou,
ICmile Mnroau ani Bdmond I>rpelletler. Tran*
lated t.x a. Curtli it ...?! Orallop Publlahlng Com?
pany, and I.x l? 11. il'ller, iionie Book COBV
liiiw Tll \.\K1TI. was BBW1TCHED. By Jamea
K Hoarner. The Hudaon I.ibrary. (_. I'. Put
nam'a .'-',00 1
THE SEA uni.vKS. A N.ix.l. By Mnx Pember
i.,n PYanklln Bqtiare Mbrary. (Karpei .?
Artbar Morrteon, if tbla is tbe real nama or tbe
amhnr ?.; "Martln il-xxiti. lB*/eetfgator,M baa
ruahed In whera ordlaarj angela woald fear i"
....I with a . oll.-. tlon ..f detectlve Btoriea la Ual
tatlon of !::""? whlcb Dr. Coaea Dejrta has put
Into th.- Btouth <>? Bberlock Holmea The aodarlty
of this pr.rilng is not ex. uaed by tb- facl thal
su.ne ?f Ibeae talea are Ingenloaa and others falrly
xx.II txdd. There la not mttch varl.iy in th.- Btib
kactg ,.r t!.. m aevea Btortee, the aetbor*fl range
of Inventlveneea not exteadlng far outetde the dla
appearaacei and thefts ol j.-xxeia and other artlclea
,.'. ralue, llke tbe drawtnga for th.- ronalructlon <>f
, new torpedo. Mr Hewitt, in farrettag nut th*
perpetratora >.f theae crlmea eata mereiy a litti"
xxid.r knowledge, a llttle biicher Intalbgeace, than
th.- Bcotland Fard dataetlea who ha? }osl gon* over
tb.- -.un- ground; and when, aa tn the- .-aae of the
Lenton Crofl robberlaa, he dJecorera 'bat .. ;??
ixirrot baa been the ln.atrum*nt by whleh Slr
Jamea Sorr_*a gueata had t.een rebbed, the reader
win hardly fall to ,'eei tbat tbe caaclniBaa leeome
wbal lam* and Impotrnt. Mr. Morrl*rui wlll haxe
t., ,-ultivate his itnajtlnatlon befor* ll* ean hope to
n.ak* hls Mr rfewltl another Hfierlnrk Holmes.
the imltatlon Is so palpable that It la Impoaalble to
avoM maklng tbe compnrlaon.
in tb<- ebeenre "f the oria-innl work publlsbed ln
Pranoe wlth th.- j,>int aotbortry of MM Bardou
Moreao. aad i^'peiietier. either of theae Araertcan
traaslatlona ..:' "Madaaae Sana-Oene" aill aenre the
prea. tit parpoae, though tath ar* . ni I* and ln_ !*?
rjnat.-. The tn.th ia that not even the Fr> n li ?? BTJ
ln Its f.r-t golee !>. ncf-eaaary to a r.rief a,-,-.iint nf
the Mm<- Bane_4*ne whoae narrie ba* h..-n in.-ea
santi.x m the eara ?>f Parla a nce M. iardou'fl ? ti
lertalnlna oomedy entered apoa Ita a_traordlnartly
aueceaafol erareer I' i* that Mtn*. Bana-oeDe
whlch is nf moal mter**' to-d?y. Bhe o' th- Napo<
lennie tradltloa ,? not ea*!iv reteeeri 1 from the
ml.M* nf tlme. )r.'<\* aaa "ne of thoi* pieta
flicur.-s WbO r..a>- above th* tronbloua p'r: ?! nf the
Kevnluikin a< a good many nond**.r!pta ro_B to th*
Burf?ce ln epoeha nf ferirentatlon Hbe \t\ ?.,..i ?
hav.. be. 11 a l,i'.n.irea*. and not by anv nxana \
"blaacblaaeuae de M.-i " ?'ti Lha eohtrary ahe waahed
for tb.- mllltary adventurera nf a atormy llme, Bo
??? amona Ihem, lt la ?*-. 11; and that -be >, -e
i from to.it doubtfol nrmy ln ti.e [??
..f Lefebvre, laler a Marabal M Prance aad Doka
<<t Uantalg, - ' ' red by Ui >?* who *"iiM
? fy her xx.tti the .. rnlrlo xxCe ..f thal galianl
soMler, Bardou . h.,a.- to acaapl thi? romaatie hx
poth'i sli in the pl -y it i? the c ithaiii ? 11 . ?
of th.- laundriei -.x v. , befebvre, * .e. io
the arara and i? ^ fjood aeti I lh* ranka,
.11 irr . ? the fulur* Marehal, fiit?r? Napol. irl
in l nrrui? s ti. ,i^ ,i 1.11 ii- f atnaalni
n -i- amaa na 11' ? b, bul Inflnltel) mon 1
n :!.? prit . f il Km
pi-ror upon on* dlatlnetly .::.- | ?? taion Mme.
ffana-fMne la ,^.11 ? , ? an 1 Mm. 1: ? -
'?? apa ll >x ,ii : i..- falret* Lq aay lhal ahe I* th.-.
fourtha Bejan t'a. it la Incradlble lhal tbe
mortlfying pplaodea of Bardou'a amu_na drama
could ... 1 bav* bt ? n paralleled In the
actual Boclety ..r a reniury .i^--. sren .-.t a llma
v.b. :i ihe roannera of a nea rt_lBM arere ln iheli
neweal Btate. ll li obvloufl lhal Bt ana followed
her playwright'fl lead in drawlng Ihe chara ler
nitii broad Btrokes, ln palntlng Mm< Bana-t}#n*
aa B abade more erude tban ahe could poaalbly
b.ne been In aurh .-. Btata af affalra a-. |* aaaumed
by th.- 1 li.y. ti,,11 ia the laaiflmatB eaaagerailoa
of comedy, Uul ab.- nevei lo ea ighl of lha el*
mental iralta In Ihe cbaracter sh>- preaenta; lha
Imperaoaatton haa Ihe amark <>.' ih<- _uano>rle."
all of Ita 1..1I1-111 aad "go." li is on ibe level of
Ibe melodramatlc stage mat Mme, Baai _tae has
tbns far been found Buggeatlve, and then- sh>- aill
remain. Bbt doea nol belotig 10 Uterature. There
la .'ti efoqueni diatlncllon between tha tltle of
- 11 Odie, whlcb wa-. uix.ti ber, and ihe tltle of
.-'in Peur, which ahi miKi.t have enjoyed had ber
(an..- been compacted of more dlatlneulahed ele
m.r.iK. Tbe eaglaa "f ih<- Emplre must ba fllbd
wlth wonder aa they s.-e what ptumage ls xvorn
bv some Of tbe ('??!? brllies sllll sttullliig thrn.iKh
the naaaea of Xapehwaitc hlatory. In brtef, it Is
piain tn any latelbgeal abaarrar that far atere fnas
is belng made over th* Fren.'h of Napoleon'a tlme
Ihan la justllied bv the fa< ts. nnl that Mme. Sana
lii'm ls one nf Ihe cx.-eedlriKl" mliior SgUrea wbbh
tb.- Uterary Autolycua baa aaapped up fr.?n ibe
.l^brls. Bul Mme. Ba M < ".Ai.e ia amoidni! on the
atage. no matter how nebaloaa and laat_mlflcaal
sh.- may be In bletory, and for that r.-uaon sh- may
prolitably arr.-st attentlon for fl llitle while.
Jamea K. Hoamer baa daraa eenaa eredltaMe
work, but in ihe biatorleal ronwnce entltled ' How
Thankful Waa Bewllched" he has wandered lato 1
ti.-ll with whlch l.e n. nnl famlliar. N.n dnes !.??
appear (?> haee a full appredatlon of tbe extraor
dinary dlflVulty wbi.h .mifrntita an BUthor xxlm
s...|ii to ' ndow arlth real Raah and blood and wlth
human attributea ..f caaractar and emotloa 1
?;roilp Of people xxho are SMpPOSeil lo have lix-'d
MO yeara ago, An llbtatratloa af bl* rather
iantity Indlfference to xxhat ls prehable, nol lo
aay ratlonal, la f..un.: ln tbe circiitaataaeea of ihe
Introductlon <>t the lUppoaed Huguanol exlle Inlo
the fortlfied vlllage of Meadoaboro, whlch appeara
ta be n w.-ioni Maaaachuabtta. ihe.. eapoeed lo
the ralds of the li. n. li .nd Ihelr Irldlan Blll**
Tl... Huff-ettoi bor* letters r>rtlfylng i<> bla rhar
acter nol ..nix from the Mtnister af ih.- freach
Haguenol nhurch In Boatoa, bnt from Cotton
Matber hlmaalf leltera whi.-h laade' hlm welcome
aeaa ln tbe family <>f tbe iiex. Mr. H'ooderoffe,
whnae ward. Thankful, la Ihe hrroliie of ll.e r,i
man.e. The man, however. turned nut to I"- .1
*py wbo was piaxiiiB; h:* parl In tbe eaasplraoj
to rieover for bla oxvn. the Homan Caiholb'. Church
B bell whl, h had been purchaaed in rioaton for Ibe
Meadowboro ciu.reh. the a.-^ret vlrtue of x. lu.'h
Is the tbraad runninc through th* entire tal*.
Hven allowlnic that It waa not poaslble _ those
daya to make aure of tha anteredenta of a n*w
eomer, It aeems hardly llkely that a man of the
rharaoter of the Hle.ir. aa he I* thenreforth known,
eould hav* dreeived Bp complataly. as he l* repre
sente,! to have done. a man of th* atamp of c.u
ton Maibcr. Asbie eniir*l>, how*ver. from Ihla
point. Mr. Iloamer. In teliing th* atory of th* a.l
ventures m N-w Knxland and In Canada of the
wayward, pleasure-llvlnK Thankful P.irory. wh ??e
natur* waa mor? of the Cavall*r than the Purltan
type, is nlioKeiher too mtn h of a alav* to ihe
record whleh aba i* au|*pbaad to have left and
upon Whleh the Btory ls l.aae.i. The effe.t is to
make th" ehfirartera wooden and the a-een.-s arii.
When h* ia atahgad ?? iraatB an Amerbin. th,
autbor of a aensational llrltlah romanre glvea Ma
imngination lull plflt]. (ienirally the rhara.ier
la amiiaing on aecounf of Ita r.rntesque reaemblnnee
lo noihitiK lhat *xl?ta In Am*rlra or elaewher*.
ln hia tal.; of marvelloua adveniure lo whl h
Max Pembertcn has glven the tltle "The S*a
Wolvea." thero is an Amerlcan named Konner.
who In some resper-is Is in adrnirable type of thia
,.la?* So manv of our well-known Amerlcan
Kamhler*. .onlldence nmn and nll-mund sharper*
own steam va< hts thai OIM ls not at all surprlsed
i ,o learn at th i beginnlng of "Sea Wolves" that
Kenn?r has his steam yarht at Monrr-o and inat
he and an Knallsh pal of his are plannlng to roh
an BngllBh Imnklng-houso of 11.888.801 whlle I. ls
belng . onveved ln a lugboat preparatory to Belng
thlpped lo Ruaaia. Kehner. arhoaa almple and
-ustomary egolamation Is "l.efa gel." who talka
,,??.? utiat he aaed te do ln "the States, and
arbo refera to -sticking up." maanlng apparently
"holdinr. up." rallway trains. plays a large and
Importaai part in the hunlneas of robbtng the tng
boal of the ?l.mn.ono, and ln the subseqiient advn
tnres of th- party on sea and land. These are
Of ? sort to keep nwake. and perhaps to interest.
a reader who en.loys the swlsh of the cutlgaa and
the amell of hlood. and who Is not at all annoyed
at the erudene.x.x. from 8 llterary po'.nt of Vlew, of
the tale. ___________________?-?-??
_icra tlnblicdtions
The p.ok of th? Taar. ibe BaM Bieiyaheaa
P A D D E S .
Dailgfclfallr inaairalad, l2mo rietu, li '*'. ?r la paaar
eavere, ." atrai. i eeetga, .".o eeata
Jl'BT . " T
i:-. ?;i:\xi u.i.f.s K-->-i i* a*rle* tmerteea - apvrlgbl
.-!?, ii lOai tlotb, lt .?. Bara lo rreala ,i Btertie
|: l.ltM'-T IllAW \ 1 li.,- IV r'r-'ii IB* Bul* or
? flal - f IB* On i.* Bvo CUHtl ?-' '"
i p ,c? a rlttea arlib all in* i la
aea hla earller |.i--iu n -..-. furnlah in admlrabl*
' r . rnlng . fall eatlmate ' iti. man Keaan lu.n
aelf To .'.???- al . ar* fond ?' J*n anelna him i* i
?ii . iii. tympath] wbleh hla laal arorda braathe f.-r a-if
f'-ring and -.in.agiies humanlt) ronailtuie lh* i eai reply.
ii . haa *i*i been ? illed .. ?k*ptle, and v.-t one n,?>
a,-..- ii r..r and ?-i.i? ihrouajh inad*rn hteratar* r,>r
atmnger eipreaalnna ,-t iru* rettgloiia fallk taaa nrr ta
i r found In ii'-n in * *
\ jum* V. t'.-'i-i ot i.'A-.-i: Independenr* and Judaa
I n !<-r R n..in But*. BVe, CkBb, 8-80.. <*li--rrly i
raei l>',m i, CToth. I ni.'-.rin In g|g? nn-1 l.in.llna;
ln boi ??'.??'
\t \i.i. BOOBaroBBa
Juat pabllahed. full aorount of th? mode of trealmfnl
ln Ihe Wdli in,a..n Snnllarlum. New l.on.lnn. .'onn.. wlih
rei-i,rded i?... AaaVeaB aa ahove, wlih ar.irop. fnr frea
3oys and Toung Men.?Clty.
Bd KW-YOBK i:rsi.\i-:ss < <?i.i.i:.:k. r.-r.ih at. N. Y.-a
ll llve, prartical *rnoal; dav nr rieniiig. Addreaa fnr rai
? Inffue. rl.KMKS'T C OAIN.S MTnuBl M.i.rla Dank lllilr.
I'NIVKRMITY (IIIAMMAI; BjCfffObta K Weat SlrHi-at -
. r.Mti >ear. OglllB llie hrai farlllrl.ii for Ihornug'i
Claualral, s.i.-n.in.- aad Uualaaaa B4ueafjoa. A UmiiH
aruRibaar of l?.. . rarHvad Ir rtir I'r.n Ipnl'a famllv Apply
?r caUlegea an.i lafnraiatlaii. J. pickinson. jr.. I'rtn.
For Toung Ladlen.? Clty.
l?n ANI> l?2 WBBT 71T1I-ST.
ooixaaa PMapaaATaow.
MIBM .11111...N> BCHtaOL i<ii<. OIB-B, N*?-V,irk Clty.
Nl.. 6% W-al 4Tth at , MIIS tSAKAIl II. KMKR.xON.
I'rlnrlp.il A few lioardlng pnpllx taken.
iTl*a fiaJtl k am- miss Rirrn agBBIBOTOB.
IvJ Scho.,1 for Olila removed to
i.i nalf yaar Leglnx Keh. I. lal l.rnoi Airm;'
Siiikii, r>y thi: aiarBBa of- thk .nt'it. m
K-iunded Ly M.a. Sylvanua R??d. INii. 2.1 half y??r
beglna Frb. I. Ad1re?* SlaterlnCharge.8 an.l Ij, .*_,l-?t.
Hftih and Sfjth Streetx. New-TorH.
\r AN NORMAN IN8T . 27a 2*0. 292 W*at Tlfl Bt..
?r.lrancx No 2%). iKonnded IBB7 i Mma VAN NOP.
MAN. Prln. Mr*. J. U MATTM'-W?. Vice-Prln.
For Bota Sexea.-Clty.
^:A rOBB BVgUrBJBB ..'..i.t.F'.rjK. igHl ? . N. V a
ll\?. pracllral ,i-h<>ol: ?la> or evenlng. Addraa* Kir eat.
al'.gxie. . I.KMKNT I?. OAlKBg, Mount Morilx I1nnl< Hldg.
8 M?.|i?.,n Squara imr. 20thal. and Rw*y).
Rranrhfa In tha |.rlnrl|..il .mm in and E'lrnpein elllaa
.\?w tet-ni berlaa now.
Mualcal Ir.atriii-tion.
[V V. < ONKKRV ATliltV, 11_ KAHT 1KTH-8T..
l^' RF;T\Vg?:N ITH-IVB and IRVIM1 PUA(T_
B*i*??ll*h?d 1*03 nigrieredlBOB
OrKN DAT AND FA'RBIK.1.formerly oa tlth-at
Frr Boys and Young Men.?Country.
E! MWOOI. SCHOOl. F?iR HOYS nt Mllford, Conn
Parcnt* xvho are unfortunate In the managemerit or
thelr aona will do well to proflt by th? advantag** r*ff*raa
by my ..hocl; th. .xhoo. I. ^'^\^Ve\Z\
FAIRFIELD Arademy for Boya. Ealrfled. CtMJIV-Oom.
l.lnea tr.nrough men'.al and phyal-ol traln.ng wlth com
fnrta of HOME. 20 hoya. Franela H. Brewer. A. _.. Prin.
FRKEHOLD INSTITI.TE, Kieehold. N. '.-40th year.
Un.' noardlng School Prlmary. Colleg*. Frep*rat?ry.
llualnea* Courae. ghorlhand. Typewrltlng^ Tele?raphy._
1YI 7?l~4rWO<J*~INSTITt:TK. Cnnrordvllle. Penn.?$)93
iTI per year A *urcea*rul aehool: one of the beat UtV
fnae wlth tnergy and to wake up boya tn the dutle* of llf*.
p ,va enter hevt rollege. I'nd?r IS yeara. al.4.
Boya enter j" snORTIdPOF (Tale). A. M.??Prln._
NFWTOV (N J > INPTTTL'TE.-Homellk* Family School
for Boya: Bt*e? eara. ****SgJ*f*?& g??
?n1 ball fteam h*at*d. J. WILSON. A. _.. r*rin
For TO-Bg Lartb**.?Country.
4_T IfAWY'M BCMOOU I.ARI.KN Cil'Y. N. t. ._._,...
r_*4_t_n_E OROVK BKMINARY. Saraua* fprtnira N. Y.
ani O-rnv.n ihorotigl.ly t.v.ght ___,
*? opfn::_:r^o,^A irR^R^PHncip...
||__ 9ARA _Of.SE TRACV^^^-S;;-^'
Tirr.t;ncr.'t FPTTATIOV ran be oMnlned under an
"?__.??? ftali <f INIVEKKITY ORADUATB- at any
rf the undermenttoned Koho.la or (ollegea:
Fe?s aboul I04? guln?aa.
Knatbrurr.e.. "SMUienpeht " iRoya.l ______
K'.'.rv.mo.-th. "Roaeobel." Bjirlotk Baad, fOWM
n-irh.on. "Helrtelherg H-. ?>.-." M?.llna VUla*. (Otrlal
l'r..*pert..ae, of) applleatlon lo Baroaeaa Ofrlee. N. T.
Trlbune. 7i\ Fle.?t ?t. lnnden
_uriccl -Igfiuica.
4 flEKCf -Mlrlam Coyrlere auppl'ea, tutera. profeasor*.
Aiaacbera, ?oxer..e.a?e?. e'c. ln all dopta.. recornmend*
?-h >ola to pe'ent*. 180 Mh-BV.. Boob H'ldljif.jw.JOtdv*^
A suopllea F'rofeaaors. Ten.hera. T'l.or-. Gov*rne.?e-.
ke to C.ill'-gea. Seh.vda and Famlllea. Apply to
Mr* M. J. yoi'NT, FI.'LTON. 23 Cni m l-iuare.
W?ii~K TBAtTH-RB AOgXCIEa N-w York, Brwum
r tgo, Lo* AnK-lea. e.e. it. F. Orocker. *4V, D. B*rr.
P V. H'.yasonn V. O PrVt. Managera. 70 .Vr.-i.ve . V Y.
.Un. fatalc.
No Expense Whatever
for Examining Title.
Arn.Y to
The Rquitable Life Assurance Socicty
of the U. S.
T. D. JORDAn'. Ccrr.ptroller. 120 Broadway.
Low Interest
on choice Mortgage loans
Apriv dirertlv and aave *xp*na*. A lar***
amouni to loan for Savinjrs Bank account.
i U Ubarty ?U N. T.
__, * 2>) Court Bt., Brooklya.
OfBcea ? N E corn#r utb Bt & Ttb Are.. N. Y.
( _U Wes-t 12:th St., N. Y.
_o trt i"or llEOtncBS |3nrpo5i'B
Offices to Rent
V!"t.> TO
mi. ii i'i\i: sv.
Bi I,...iv.;> BTORKB, fjOt TB AN!' OKt l? KS ft> l.KT
on Chau.ber*. ^^'.';>*. Baekmajl, Kul.un. Jo.ln. Malden
l.ane I .v Hi.r. la> ri.rk 1'l.i-r. l'.irk BoW, N..?-au.
Wllllam. 4.ol.l. Cllff I'-ari \Vat" nn.l m.inv ofh*r atr-^:*.
RULANU * WIIITIN.i 5 n,'?n.Ai-?
8M( v\i: 44'EBT S1DB. naar B4ih-ai l.ur..
J. KOUAIN'K I'.lt.'U'N ? >'.' .
:,!i V..-i Md *l
g_ - 5
(Titn JJropcrtn fox Gale.
ADBaiRABLB ;>(?.I-:') ' r -nle, r..i- Itr. ;.dxT,ix art.l '
?...?? ii eatend ng f. ita ?-' ??-?' lo *!r''''' ?"'1 ? rront
ane .:, .'.ii.:..h parlag BA, p*i renl "?" ait: ? v. M.
p. SKVM..I H ITI Broadway.
VPCalRA8L_ propartv. '' I ' f-r.' eloae lo Itroad
xxrx batow t_amb*r* " . I r -..iN- ehaap; alao 3d-ave.
.-..rrie.-. near 43d-*u: j bargalB BTt I' BEYMOl'R ITI
lh idwaf,
VMiilil'KN f_l-*lz* houa* an.l dlnlnit-i-.?'in extaiMton ,
ctoaa 10 .",li ne.. n?ar M'lh Bf.j MJW Bt. nlao flne '
cornerrinua*., M-tdiexi-ax... Murray Hlll; .-. bargetn, Bg
P, BEYMOl'R, 171 Ur .idx??x.
I.ii'x) Sex.Mil cnmei i'luta. l_enox_4P*, and Btreel Ih'n.
4 umli -,nd IBCth -'a.; ?<me arlth butl :?rs' loan; b..r- 1
aalna. \VM IV SHYM"! 1'.. 1T1 jlroadara]_
Unfuvuislicb 'IVpiirtmrul-; ifo tcl
? ~_ * ' ""^"" i
(BBTWBBBI ?!iTH \Mi .-.OTIl ITB.li
AbMolutely f'ircproo/i
nu xv i: i: \ i > v POR (>.>'ii'.4.vi'v.
ThrtJ !i>.ii'.ii.ii'-. hava .. fron'taga ,-(' 12 feet rn Mh '
x . ?,?| un. feet ln il-pth. Kvarj m. d. r.'?.-..n\'Tiien. .? |
ii.ia I'.-e.i in(r ..,l.? <^l f-.r tn- ?'itiif..ii "f lanaala, ;<o.l ni ,
,v|.,...i io utak* them tha tlmtm apealnler] aaart
m_t*lngnAgB_lKP TO THK HtCKI\iiH\4l lio
Till. Bl 4 Kiitll-l,H4?4H-' iiitiix.i lananta oaa
enj.,x i'i . \. iu*lx.'!i> ?? "f .. auperb b?aa arlth t!i? prlxl
legea nl the baal lv?Ul Hfa. AU lh* apartrwnf* are .-.in- >
pl, ,. r ., Hoxiaekeaplng. and iii- Uiii-lu-iia and xaerklt:. di
part men ti ar* <<n eaperlBl reature. Plana and partlcular*
.an b* ..tii.io.-d iv applrlns lo -i Wruri.t. Buperlniendent ,
of the llelgruvlH, lOfh Si. nnd Bth Axenn..
ii, IVEBT B4TI1 lTRRBT. -New apartioenta. ? r. .ma ;
*tW nnd buth. 525 lo $3.V ln.jnire ol Jan.tor. or.
prer?'*ea. _
(Tonntrn propeitn _"crloulc.
a_ e |, ,|. CHOICE B-aer* fn.li nnd po_tr) fnrm, aae :
?Tl.* nille from depnt, al EStCrl*. N I Fln.-at inarfceta
BvaJlaM*. Whether f'.r oecupBtlon or lnve??ni.-nt x,u Im.l
hatter Brrit* for particulan l i D I. RIBLBY. 2SU S. 10th
Bt., Phlla.lelphla. Ra.
IU- Lll1- I __i -4ND 4TH AVE.
A BBtfOt Umlly l.itel of ihe lilghcst repuuii.ni ,.n tn*
AMERICAN PI.AN. Reaa..nahle ratea. I'. L BBKKM.
.'tiple* *ulte?. furnial.ed or unfumiabed. lo rent by wee'x.
laeath or y**r; cullln* or th* highe*l order; rate* reaion
??| Al (iH-I.IN'S" gl'U'i; I.IMil AND OIllLL
liRialMK, 140 ANI) 142 NASMAIJ STREET (M?raa
llulldlng). OPEN I>iVV AND NIGH1. Dellcl.ma Coffee
Pure Dalry Product*? Heallh Faod Co.'* Ctreala?Clean.
Pur*. yulrk Paatrur Fllier. 0*.ni yruof drtnkiog Walar?
Ladlea' Lunch-Popolar Ptieaa
Many *peouIator*. operator* and biilldera mlxal
with th* crowd at the New-York Real Eatati
Falosroom yeaterday. Th* biddlng in aome Ira
stancea waa splrlted, but the priee* reallzed wen
! only satlafaotory to the purohaser*. The aal.
j whioh attraf.rd tho most lntereat wa* by Atioj
I tionoer Wllllam Kennelly. of the flve-atory atona
j front bullding, wlth lot 2o.lxM.lg2Mxl?.io, N0. ?
Ilowory. east slde. botweon .'anal and Heeter
ata. Tho biddlng; utarted at $:'.-.,.k)o- and after forty
I one blds had been .mado the property waa aold ti
i one of tho helrc, f. W. Suydam. for ?45,0Oa. Thi
! bullding rents for B*aaj per annum.
The offering by Phoonlx, ingr.-thain A Co. of i
plot. 50x100.5. on the north aide of Weat Slxty.
' fourth-at.. 375 fe<?t weat of .'entral I'ark Weat
under foreolosure prooee.linga, reallzed a prlce i
' Uttle under tho d.-tual valuation. The m U-knowi
' hiillder, Wllllam C. Laaater, waa tho purohaaer, foi
125.275. The Btaauag atarted at BMaa Th*y ata*
offerod under privato au.-tlon sale the plot ad,
Joinirtg. _ixl00. It araa arttbdrawa. Alao, undei
foroolosure the aix-atory brlck buiidlng, No. S|
Wlilott-st., BUteMB, aoW to tho plalrtlff for tis.sa
James L, Wella aold ln partltton tho two-atory
framo bullding. wlth lot i'.xlOO. Xo. 953 Koreat
ave.. to Davld tfff iBgaj for 12.000.
Willi.irn Kennelly alfo gold. under foreeloaure. U
Adam .Sohmld:, tho two and one-ha!f atory frame
houae. In the souih al.lo of Kaat Dne-hundred-and
forty-plxth-st.. M feot east of Wlllla-ave., witb
stable. lot 1:5x100. for t\.>. k
Tho other offeringa arere adjourno.d or withdr&wn,
Mrs. K. A. Hrown haa aoll through Ueorge R.
Read. the hroker. her handaome four-atory brlck
dwelllng, with loi *Kxi'X?. at the Boathareet rornei
of .Madlaon-ave. and Beventy-aecond-et., whirh aha
raoantly eocnplated, fo.- fgMMWt, The t.roker d*cltned
to glve the name of tho purohaser.
The holrs of .Samuel Van liuaon have aold tha
four-atory, h'gh-ntoop. brownstone dwelllng, wlth
lot 2."ix9S.|i, No. Cl weat Thlrty-slxth-*t.. for about
Mtabler & Baaltb have ^-old for John Yul* to Mr.
_. w. Da lunha. \o. I0f tt>?t Kignty-fourth-at.,
and ftve-etorv and baaemenl alngle rtathouse, 22.4s
MntlOtt for atxiut {36,600
wiiliam W. and Tnoenaa M. Hai hav* soid tha
new dwelllng and lo'. No. 2./?". We?t Seventy-nlnth
i.t.. lo I.. Jtose. for abo.it fcT.ooo. makmc the elghth
houae aold of a row of el-ven oom;ilero.i about stx
weeks aijo.
H. Mvingaton Rog?rs has s.ild to Oe.irRe \V. Rnd
k.n th" four-atory houa-*. o:i lot :".',xl?8.9 f'-'-t, No.
:'S Weat Thlrtv.first-xt.. for 180,008.
Th- Itov. Joaepti t. Mooney haa B>d planx for 'hi
bullding nf a now thr.-e-u.iry and brlck bui'.ding foi
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Klfty-aocond-at., US feet east of Tenth-ave.. to coat
to eoat tli,W0
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I .rage." and Wlf* to ilooert LBaW^
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n* Morrlianla. WxlIT: teatera * Vuatln et al
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lauh-at a b 141 ll fi - ef iadnbrldga-ave^at-ga
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s.r. to '.. I.in-lx-'.' Fountala*..-"-._?? '
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no', ? K s :'.?. r. wofiBh-*\*. '.-"xi'V... H-.ren.*
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Adolph Bnla. hui.-?-.-. laaaaaj
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,.,,,,.;?.. ,..,..,.. to Wllllam H Dabora...... 29,000
Williag* <i Bamiaaawl al al te
liMth-at.'n .- :'.? fVw'oi lih-aw i:%+>. Willlam
M tMiorn gnd aifa lo John H W Wlnter anl
?,. ?, i".50rj
liisth-ai i. -.?'?' f. ? ??? nn-ave, 8*_B8; aam.
... I'l-.i.-M ^ Bylveater..? BB ?a
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wife to '.ugua Blanae. 4?.T_J
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nlu> aad wlf* io Oay Calgin. 20,0001
n . 150 '? ? "f 2J-av*. 18*100.5; atio-aet
"|t. .,? ,- ,| h*lra .f M.-irgHret Hr..?n. le J>lin
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, vom s I ";l ^?mue| C It.ieil i, Mary
i. Will iignby ?
lll,. ?t > - IT.'. 4 fl ? of lll H-tiiinc-lale R.^.i.
an.ilx x^.'x . iluuiea B Boearta aad witr to
Wllllam V Ane-ki.-ii . B.BBB
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Urand II ulevard, a -. 8U 10 ft a of UOtb at, 6ox
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n . - '-?:.. f> n ? .<" _*nox-av*. Taa ?__
loo 11 I...1- ll l.yman lo Kranel* l*rawO>rd 30 730)
l-jnth *.. t, e *, 150 ft n ? of Uaoa-ave, ua)x ?_?
100.11; Leura Manley t? aam* .? ? aaaaaj
I'Hnh xi '. >? " 23B n .. ?' 'f I.onix-av'. '."5\ ^^
I0tt.ll; lulii A M Weeka to 1'ian.I* .'rawtirl. 10JM
ir.th at. n *. I-'."' f e of Sth-ave. 23x00,11; Wiil
nni li Brownetl to Manhattan Bcal K-iaie atid
Bullding lathK-latloa .?. ?
l-nden-nff-av*. t. w ?. 421.10 it ? ol B*dg*'a*-av*,
iinxiix. i..-?ia <; Morrla to Willlam ' n*e- P nnrj
ixi^t-?" N. -tu W*?l Mary Low* to r':."i<-rVU
Brx-k "-O0"
Waverl} or ITTth-*t n -. -s*. 'i e ??'. Uadlaon-ave.
:'..x!i?. John ll Cawood aad arlfa to Bdarara
w niraa .._.?____ JO
Balnbrldge-ave, ,- n.rner IMtb-at, _txl37.aj-_a
109 Kran.-ex \ K Ollv.-r lo All'-rt Blafc*.- -BBJ
lMith"! * a. 5o ft * .,f CkuMw*H-ave, .V.xlO?. ___
John f.oii an.l wlfe t? Annie Jcaaav. ana
Bl ? 1. Wiiliam H. t> Il.nry Lazian, n s 13ftth- ?
at, IB) fl ,? ..f ^trl-llw. 1 year...-. I-.WW
llledermann, I'aroline, lo Morrla Vler.irltia. n a
t'lay-ave, it:. ft v. ..f Jackaon-av*. I v?r. =t?
II 1- un Adolpb. to ll.ii.y Roaeawald, and nn
,..ho.-. ex.-.-ut,.t-h - ? r.tri-av.-. Wall ft n
Hiiii-M. 1 year ?
i;,nridge. i..-. - .;- in.- A y.iio.io. aa .-..mmit
Klth-ai i-'-'. f ? of <i.ii-av*. ."> yeara.. 20.000
runnlngham. Jaaaaa. W Btan D Splnein. n a
I17II.-.-.I. iai fi ? ..f Park-av*, Ornaaari. i.aaaa
(?rnwford rranol*. lo lulla A M B e?ka et al.
i, H ia.it'i *t, 180 f. ? -f Uaaaaave. l year. ,i MflW
. '.mg^Siilan.' Aterlta" lara'ei; i i 'Boii' HaattaniaVrl '
ii ? h_.l -*. 230 fi e of Sd-ave. .1 yenrn. 1 300
Huffv. Jam**. to Murray mn Baalt. a w .-..m?r
i.-..ngt,n :.ve .,.,,1 I0l*t-at, .1-in.in.1 ... ??????;?? 1,?00,'
rterker Ki..' B, and iin-.tli-r lo Barab K artgnl.
.. s Cauidwell-av*. ".?> ft n ol Mlft-et, : raaaa. 8.00B
Darom Blchard. and wlfe lo Tltle .'.uaraniee and
Tru-i ?'?> ii w a Bordhaai-ave, UB fi ? ?? from
n * aorner, lot 63, mip atorrlaanla, :i yaara.... 24 <x?
p. Inaeph, an.l arl/e ta the Munliaitan l.lfe
In'auranc* i'o, Bo 2.1.13 l . 2.141 Sd-ave, 1 yar. 75.000
I'lov.l. Jamej 11. to K ll I'loaald. a e onrner
ni- gv* an.l Uai -i. S yeara. so.ooo
I-. un une. I. Llndaey, lo Morrla I'llnna. n e ee*>
ne:- .f.ith-xi and Utti-aw, demand. B.0OO
.iuniv.-i. Ouetav, anl ?'fe io rieorge Blngtar &
IV. V . .M* Baal IS4th-at. d. mand . BBBBJ
.-.ar.lner. lohr. M. t.. .I.'hn Llvlngston. Bo BB
W*art Bl?l-*t, .l.-m.itil. B8BBJ
llawkxa. Ili tinr.1 w. i.i Davld Btetnfeld. " ? ,,._.
ii.oii -i IBB ft - ?' Btb-av*, demand. li.uoa
Sume tn rii'i- \ Keaaail, n ? lUBa-at. 19) f< ^^
?? >f 6th-av*, ii.'iuaiid.*.wb?
lloiland, sarah B, t.< Alle* Buttfrwortb. m *
7.li ave. 10.1 fl ii of :?lh-at. and otlier Btwaafty,
I v,.,, . 3.00f>
l*gl \i\nio.' i . i,.|.ii I'aiil. ? ? 13?tii-?l. no ft n
e .,f i*aalw*tl_ve ;t year*. ?waa
K*llr, WlltlaHI. lo K W Muri.hy. ? a Kulton-*\e.
318.B ft a ,t |BM-?l -i >.-ar?._?__?_? m^m
K?ne.lv. Patrl.-k .1. and another 10 Mar> S Qulm
hv. ? ? llar.lav-at. No ;i. .1 year*.?. w-,w?
Klug. Mariln .1. to P M l?_n, aaa .'ollege-ave.
10.5 ft n of .'..well Place, .1 yeara.?????? aaaaag
l^-Nter. Mary H, t.? the I_??er? Mt,rt?H,ll*.J".,'
.-or-iei- Madla-m-axe anl Mth-at.
Laaaanaer, V?nnie. to Amanda BroBT. a ? .om*r ^^
llsil. .... and lai-ave. S vear*.? ?;"'"' "J
I.xrx.-n Andrew, et al tu Janifa M Waagfa, a ia_aaa
133,1 at. 8U It m .f 4tr^??^e. *aaa_al^.__-r^-'
L-wndaa. Willlam H. and aifa ta -' * ?.'hraa*r. n
.- . Weeater>ave. 72.1 n n af I7i*t-*t. 1/ear- *iW"
Mlller lieorge K. and wlf* t-. the Bradley ? WJ
rler .... Mmlied. n e ...rn.-r M*dlaw-ave anrt
l.11M-*i. 3 yeara..-???.,i_i-V '
McOowaa, .lulta. le .lulla A Moirla. a a laso-at.
180 ft w of Morrla ave. .1 year*.y?t,'.__,__ B8**a
Marlsa. Krederl.-k W. <o th.- l.-iayera M'>rtaa*?
ln?.iran.e .... n a 24th-at. 115 tl <? nt ?lh-?ve. g^gfd
Pnwar, uiro'ni.."io K A llubhell aa ex?->l'rU. (m^
x ? ...l.th-Hi. IIKl fl .- ..f Weat KivJ-ave. 3 >'**??? s,,mm
Perra, Jaaaea i*. Indlvldual nnd f?"-.n..r, ;?
Marle Ra.1l.-. Bea 3i?7 anl M? Houle\ard and >" ^
?__ti Weal 7.1lh-ai. I ?ear.e_V?;?'__,
Slark. Ainlin. u. Hoaetia I "Im. n * 7_<l-ar. iov
r- ?? ..f A.enue A. (I m.mtlia.:;??'?.'Jt
Sauie to < ..nr.:d Mullfi. B ? 72d-ai. BBJ ft ? <" 11.08a
Avenne A. 5 veara.? "'"1
Svlv.-at.-r. Krv.lerlok. lo K J Mlddlebr.^1.. BB
lOMh-at, 51 fi w af l-ark-aw. ;i year*. 2 mon- gjajaj]
Kt."" A'N-i't'. io ' ib__h ' Aat*.' 'eieoutrix. et al,
? .-orner ll?lnbrldge-ave *nd IB4th-*i. 1 ana ?
year*. 2 niorvgage*.?._J ?_.ll
Wlnter. John H IT. and anotb*r lo Auauat* Tr*f- .-,-.
aaar. a a 108iU-at. ?4 ft w af 4Ui-e*e. ? ytaia.. i<***r

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