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#ie Grand I'nion Hotel was glven over to wheeimen
?esterday, and aU tne blg Bsh In tbe Amerlcan
?ydtaB pool were tbe-e. Delegatei were present
?rom Maine to Arlsona, and from lllinois to Nortb
'arollna. it was tba fourteenth annual conventlon
of the League of Amerlcan Wheeimen, and tha
reteran rulera of tbe ryele world say that it was
th- most Important gatherlng of wheeimen ever
held in this < onn'.ry. Besldes the annual electlon <>f
jftlcera and the aelectlon of the place for the annual
heet, over which th.-re has 1.r. such a lively COO*
froversy, many import.nu amendmenta were to come
up for aettlement
A meeting waa hei l in ihe law dlnlng-room of
the hotel and every meh of npace was needed, par
tlcularly at the morning and afternoon scsBlone.
Thorc was a tlme when the dlvlsions wen- r.ith.-r
?by of asking for the annual champlonshlp meet,
but -uch ls not the caae now, and lhe controversy
thla year between New-Jersey and Roston has been
the hotttst on record. New-Jersey triumphed and
Asbury l'ark will get the meet. although the Massa
chusetts men were willlng to wag?r 1 to 1 that they
would carry off the cy.-ling prlze of the year. A. C.
Wllllson was eleeted presldent and ?. A. l'.-rktns.
first vice-presi.k-nt, as had beea predicted in The
tsbury Parks vlctory wlll be a popular one ror
Wheeimen ln thls nclghborhood. and the Koston
enthusiasts are overwhelmed with chagrln and
surprlse Tbe methods of the New-Kngland men
have been vlgorous and no.sy. whlle tb.^New*
.lersev d.-legatlon went about thelr work qu.etls
and sedately as bef.ts Asbury 1'ark. but the work
ha.s been more thorough than many people sup*
Po?:ed Thelr Hoston rlvals dubbed them J.-tsey
farmers." but farmers or no farmers. the Xew
.I.rs.y men got everythlng they were after. and
Uoston enthusiasm has gone down cOrrespond
The dlfferent factlons began thelr electloncering
at an early hour, and it was nearly 11 a. m. before
I'rcsldent Lnscomb called the meeting to order.
The New-Jersey and Massachusetts delegates kept
1de apart. each factlon exertlng every effort to
? nd the real strength of the other. Jersey was
confident, but Massachusetts was more so, and
its defeat may in a measure be due to overconfl
A rcvised list of the delegates present la as fol
New-York-Chlef consul, I. R. Pof.er; vlce-con
sul W. K. I'nderhlll; secretary. W. S. Bullj W .
M Honig, T. \V. Neary, K. O. Hetts.
New-Jersev-Chlef consul, Robert Oentle; vlce
consul, lt. R. Cblswell; secretnry-treasurer. J. t.
Tattersall; Frederick Keer, J. S. Dicklnson, Jamea
11. Holmes. Jr. __,
Massachusetts?Chlef consul. Bterllng Klltot;
vlce-conaul, l>. _. Miller; geci-etary-lreaaurer,
charles S. Howard; Henry Crouther, A. D. Pei-k.
John C. Kenison. H. W. Roblnson. J. S. Hean, N.
W. Starbird. C. W. Fourdlnier. \V. C. IHllingham,
J. Frederlck Adams, Spencer T. Wllliams, Arthur
K r.-ck. Qeorge L. Sulllvan. A. W. Roblnson.
I'.nnsvlvania-fhief consul, S. A. Boyle; vice.
conaul, J. T. K.enan. jr ; secretary, J. J. v an
No*t. Thomas H?re, P. S Collin*) C A. I'lmon,
Reorge T. I'.ush. Frank Inetrick. W. 8. Nesbit, T.
E. Myler, A. F. Nelson.
Rhode Island-<"onsul. Oeorge I>. r-ooke; vlce-ron
sui. Benjamln Smlth: se<-retary-treasurer, Nelson
H. Gtbbs, Qeorge Kuufman.
Arizona?Chlef consul, W. L Pinney.
Colorado?B. _ Hartwell.
I'onnectlcut?Chlef consul, Loula A. Tracy; vlce
conaul, P. W Weotlake; secretary-treasurer, I.. H.
Bweet. I>. H. Post, W. A. Howell.
Illlnois-chlef consul. U C. Jacojulsb; vlce-consul,
C. H. Roblnson; secretary-treasurer, II. A. Mar
rctt. W. A. Conley. Murton F. Whlte
Indlana?f'hief consul, Thomas Hay.
lowa?Thomaa f Cooke.
Kansas?Secretary-treasurer, W. C. F. Relchen
Kentuckv-Chlef consul E. W. Newhaus.
Malne?Consul, James F. Ifarrett.
Marvland <'hief consul. J. A. Arnold; vlce-consul,
| A. Van Trump; se, r-tary-treasur-r, R. II. <arr#
Ir.. John T. Rrooks.
North CaroUna?Chlef consul, I'hll. Heinsberger,
Oblo?CbM consul. Parker O. Reei; vire-con
*til, Qeorge F. Frouts; Becretary-treasurer, l?r. a.
r. Hswaon, A. K. Ifergenthaler, W. B. Chuhb, W.
C Monroe.
Tennessee Consul, ?"'harles J, Bcberer.
Texas Consul, E, W. Pope.
Vlrgtnla- COnsul, A. A. <> Neill; secretary, J. T .
\\'is onsln Consul. A. c Morrlson; aecretary, Ia.
C Rotier, I. F Btrauas.
Mlasourl .r. R I'.ettis.
Nebraska J, E. Ebersole.
N'ew-Hampahir. Chlef consul. H. I. Tagcart.
Mi. hlk-an Chlef consul, R. Y Btelle; viee-ronsul,
K. H Hlnea; Becretary-treasurer, F. H. EJscott, O.
P Rak.r.
Ofllclala?Presldent. <". H. I.uscomb; first trlce
...r,t, a. C Wllllson; se<-.,r.,| vlee-prealdent,
Oeorge A. Perklns; aecretary, Albeii H
irer. W. M Brewater. Ei-ofllcera H. I. Per?
klns, C, F Cosaum, W. W Watt.-', II E. Raymond,
Ali.'-rt Hott, Alberl B Parsona, <;<??w<- I'.. Rld
well. charl.-s I. Burdett, Dr, Q. C. Brown.
Aft.-r ibe reporl of the Credeatlals Commlttee
bad been read, tne rolleall sbowi 1 that nlnety
four delegat.-s were f.resent. and thnl fortyon<
proxies W.-re rSprSSBBted. \'i-e-l'tesld'-llt Wllllson
was called lo the chair whlle Prealdenl Luscomb
r.-ad hls annual r?-r>r?rt and farewell address. He
sald that one-half his worklr.g hours hm! been
?;.ent In attendlng to I. A. W. affairs. He also
touebsd upon rnatt.-rs sconomlcal, and thoughl
that ti.JOn or 12,Ml aalary w.-.s ample compenaatlon
for Bseretary Baasetl Bassett'i Balary la now
8*.0fi". He farored th<- consolMstlon of the "Oood
Roads" and "Bulletln " He thoughl that th<- Na*
tionai m.-.-t should be pul In the hutii; of the i-'.x
e,;utive Commlttee, and thal two meeta should be
beld each year one In the Wesl In June, and an?
other ln tbe Kast i'i Beptember,
Treasnrer Brewater'* rej, ,rt ihowed tbat tbe re?
ceipts for ll een C4.748 72, wlth K?4'( M on
hand. Abbotl Basae't, the secretary, ahowed thal
the membershlp had fallen off 18.877 during the year.
ll- recommended manj changea which. if adopted,
wii do tru- L. A. W. mucb good, and in a short
time make up for th>- lus- austalned last year.
A. C. Wllllson read 'J,<- report "f tbe Baecutlv*
Commlttee, wbleb wa? more ?-ne'iuraging, for he
showed that th.- League'? Indebtednesa during the
>e,ir bad been reduc-d M.228 84, the present Indebt?
ednesa b.-lng only 6,0* 18.
Mr. Wllllson aenl over tbe old Potter trouble
wlth th.- League, Hc sald that T. H. i'ott.-r bad
- ,. i prealdenl Lus. imb In hla ofii<-i,ii capaclty for
breach of contract for $:t,7.'/>. and ." ommended the
employment of counsel and a ccntest of tbe clalm.
Th<- reporta ot tbe Highway and Rulea an,.' Regula*
tion? commlttee* w,-r<- ouickly passed over.
Tt.< r.port of Alb'-rt Mott, cbairman of the Trana
|,,,rtat!on I'ommlttee. was a bulky one, i-overlng
fourteen typewrttten t>.m>-. Tbe early pari ol Ihe
rep .rt shows tbe good w ,rk accompusned by the
c.mmlttee regardlng IransportatUni The reporl
abowa that up tr, January l over ld routea were
Ttee roads." ln the wheeirnan's acceptance of lhe
>rm. The reporl shows ibai tbe l..ri;.-i tranaporta
ti ,n routea. with th. ir feeders, carrled *J'._.<?>< bl. > lea
in 1*1. The practi.-e in roftie among the New*
i.-:.-...nd rallroads of charglng for the transporl itlon
<>f blcycles waa con lemned, and thls ? I .,-? an
argumeni for l,oi<lin^ the annual meel ai Aabury
Park. Tbe repoi ,i - deall bi ,'-ri?th witn the
icheme lo recover stolen wbeela. Ar. amendment
w ,.: adopted, ,md the recovery ol atolen wh.-.-is is
no-*- a part of the duty <?f the commlttee It aaa
iggeated tbal a plan be adopted wbereby man
ufaciur.-rs and rallroad* help ln the good work. and
that baggage agenta b. allowed to ael as detectlvei
and recelve a reward for every wbeel reeovered.
0DtSSA At your OuHitttrt.
Do your Collars Crack?
Write for our oornplt-to
** Souvenir of Fashions/*
?J)En. GOON VCO.'.' Makeis, W/
{ Htgllah niuip.-M, iifiii. ?vell-Bttlaaj. Ml alaara.
, U.i-rsl.ii ur.- n? iie<-?-??ur. |<> pn-iieni
ii.-niiii ns ii MACKINTOBH. The imm.MW
' M \< l\ l\ I t?-. 11 iv i>,,|,-i| |,i iill pnrls of llii>
eiiiiiilri. It lm? ?><? |.,|iiiil.
21 WF.ST 2:tll IT..
i The repori alao showa ? l.-n <>r rallroada in this
. country and Canada whlch carry blcycle* free.
Howard B. Rayrrfond, chairman of ih?- Raclng
: Board, read a repori aeveral thousand worda long.
It waa a clear, dlrecl nnd lncl.lv. work. li dealt
, al length wlth matter. that have been unofllctally
diBcusoed for some tlme. H. ahowed that there
: wer.. now _S0 men in Claas H, and that TO raclng
; men had been su.pended during the year, an un
l usual number. Moal ..f the .u.pen.lon. were due
' t?. ignorance <.f the rule. reganling the iwo ? lae.e.,
I 11-- thouirht ih.it the men bad proflted by th. ir
punlahment. He Indoraed ihe sanctlon Byatem.
and .howed where 1.908 .anctlon. had been glven
in 1994. Mr. Raymond acored rnanufacturera who
pay Claea A men, and he recommended tne ..p
polntment of an ofBclal referee aad tha payment
oi ii aalary to tns auccesaor. ?__?_?___,.
The election of olBcera reaulted aa foiiow.-.
Archle C. vY'llllaon, Cumberland, Md., prealdent;
O. A. Perhlna, Boaton, lirst vl.pre.ldent; A. ?'?
Mornsoti. Wt.con.ln, eecond vlce-prealdent: and
A. E. Mergenthaler, Ohlo, treaaurer. vulltaon.
Mergenthaler and Perkln. were elected by ac
clamatlon. Rilllngaly, Morrlaon's opponent. wa.
beaten by 47 to K. An Audmng Committee of three
?..-. appolnted, con.latlng of J. Pred Adams, ol
Maaaachuaetta; .lohn J. Van Nort, of Pennayl
vanla, and Oeorge R. Prout, of Ohlo.
. It waa declded to limit th.- dlacuBBlon over the
annual meet io forty-flve mlnute. the Ma aachu
Betta delegatlon to have llfteen mlnutes, Ncw
Jersey flfteerf mlnutea and ihe other llfteen mln
utea for general dlacuBBlon. The speakers were
Robert Qentle, ex-Chlef Con.ul Holmes, Mr I'ar
aona, of Asl.ity i'ark; Btrrllna Blllott, Colonel
Watt. .1 ^ Dean and W. A. Conley,
Mr Conley is from lilinots. and he wa. the la.l
Bpeaker L'ntll he took the floor It looked as if
BoBton had the beal of the argument While Mr.
Conley had lea. than flve mlnute. to talk, hl.
worda were ln .. eatcby, humorou. .tyle, whli h Beni
the delegate. Into roar* of laught*r ll>- falrly
Btampeded the conventlon The teller. an.in.-etl
thal U4 vote. had been caat, and lhal Aabury Park
had won by M I" R . _
Delegate Jacqulah, of llllnol., who offen I nn
amendmenl lo strlke oul Ihe word ??whlle" ln Ih.
constltutlon, wlthdraw the amendmt-nt, and not h ing
more may be beard of tbe "coloi line, unles. nome
one else Introducea it to-day. Beveral mlnor
changes were mad.- In th.natltutlon, bui the
racing-rule amendmer.ta were lefl over, lo be ? ??-?:
up.m to-day. All memberahlpa hereafter ahall ei
plre from date of election.
The Qood Roada pubUcallou nnd the offlcial Bulle
tin will be e.msoii.lat.d. and wiii be pubHahed here?
after ln Boaton. The Leag.rannot afford to run
two papera
Many out-of-town newapaper men ar.- ln the clty
attendlng th.- L, A. W. conventlon.
A meetlng of tt..- Credentlala C mmlttee waa held
yeaterday, and the followlng were elected: ?' B.
HoliAea, jr.. chairman; Davld Poal and l' C. !'.?? i
li.-re are the happy "rootera" from Aabury Park
R w. Kirkbride, A. R. Parson, A. C. Twlnlng
Iioctors A. F. an.l 1 <;. Burton, John I?. i
N. \V. Penfleld, s. B. rVittanberg. J. U Ollver,
Thomas l'ratt. J. E Ralph, il U Ayren, C. R.
Zacharlea Rennle Bmlth and Q F. Kwehl
Th.j Aabury Park'a new clubhoum hai been fln
lahed. A fair- wlll be hald there nexl waek.
The Holaman diamond acandal wlll b. aettled by
the money origlnally paid for the rlng belng I
i.\-.-r t.i the Mi tropolltan ... clatlon
The n<-w prealdent, Wlllloon, accompanli i by I
b?-rt M.itt. .-f Baltlmore, arrived at the hotel al I
o'clock yeaterday afternoon.
The New-York ani the N-w Manhalt.in athletlc
clubs have extend.-l t_? th>- delegate. the prtvlh
their clubhou-"? during the conventlon.
PI-EBTDENT BAM1_ON, OP HAi.Tiv n:i:. un.!. Bl'O.
llTi'llKK'S PlaATE.
Balttawre, F>b lt Prealdent Hanlon. of ihe Baltl?
more Baaehall Club, who la Bhto cbalnnan >.f the
National League Committee on Playlng Rulea, ha.
deckled upon the changea In the rulea whi.h be v..:\
auggeat at the meetlng of ihe committee to be
held ir. New-Torh on Pebruary 25, Whlle ao8.(
the changea Buggeated by Mr. Haal n ai eati
ralieai, ln a numh-r of eaaea the phraaeol igj
rui'-s has been much BhnpIlAed, and tie- dutl
the umpires in mterpretlng them wlll not, ua i-r
Mr. Hank a'a aupervlston, admll r ? <m foi d ; n
If his aUggeatlon. ar.- carrted oul the ;
Iblfl aeaoon ?..rk under tha aame cond i i
th.y have beretofore, except thal the ruW
whleh they atand wlll be IncreaB. . ... i ?
of i- Inchea by i. Mr. Hanlon would make ll -i bj
.. Inchi a
Nobody bui the catcfter and 'he flrat ba ?
will be permltted t.. weat ihe glgantic n ti .. .
many outfleldera and Infli ai no. ?.?.? .ir,:.,- ln
regard to the Infleld and out fleld fly, over wh
umplrea had ao much trouble la i -.i- n, the umplre
wlll !??? made to declai . ihe ball 1 hli
wh-ther It Ih im lr.fi. Id or an outllel.l fly, -. lhal
the haae-runner wlll know whai r.. do Thi l an
addltlon t-> the rule aeclarlng th>- hatsman oul ? .. .
fly hlt thal "can be handle.1 by an Infli
'Mr. H.ir.l'jn would rn.ik.- ,; com| l ? .;
iimpir.-.-- t.. prevenl endles. "klcklng" i.-. pla ?
He sugge.t. the followlng: "Ar.-. playei othei
the captaln leavlng hls po.Itlon ln the fleld or I. .v
Ing the bench to questlon ol the umplre
shall be flned by the umplre nol m r than !!?. for
the offence. and foi Ih. lecond offen.hall I.
?:?', ,tr. l I- move l from the game."
Haaover, N, H., Peb. 19 A maai meetlng .f
Dartmouth atudenta was held this afternoon to take
action wlth reference r.. wlthdrawlng from ihe
football and baaehall leaguea In i inaequence .r in.
recent rote of "Vllllama and Amherat, whlch wlll
prevenl medlcal Btudenta from playlng on n.irt
mouth'a teama Every atudenl waa preaent and li
wa. generaU) thoughl thal anj reaolutlon io >.'.-t
oul of 'i.<- preaenl organlaatlon Immedlately would
be a '? ipte) i.y a large majorlty, bui afti r ? g. nei .,
dlBcuBBlon by whlch n a ia apparenl thal i. any
evenl ti,.- "meVltc" .re golng lo p iy on D.m
mouth'i team as u.ual, resolution. ?.-i pasi.-d pro
l thal tl." '' illeg" Pj"y ,"'" aame. .chedultd
,,r about to be .che.lul.-d foi ihe preaenl yeal w.ih
,,u. reference lo champlonahlri. in the 8eaj,ues.
Thla action I. tahen to glve t.me for cinfer-n.-efl
of the general athletlc comm.tt.- . o the ihree n I
lege., with .. view l i ? ttllng th ? dlaputed polni
Th<- New-Torh team wlll probably play a large
riiiini.. r <-f gamea aith the Vlrglnla League teaml
north, aa the team doe? n.-i contem
V. .,
on its
j.iat. remalnlng ln Jackaonvllle bb long .
at lirst expected, th. managemenl thlnklng
t?- better foi the men to gel more uaed
northern <iim.ii.. The irani wlll -tart i
Bteamer Tallahaaaee on Pebruarj Tl
Th<- baaehall people ol Havana, Cuba, .... analoua
lo have the team go thi re foi ? fea gatm . and
hav.- wiitten to thal . rr.-. t. bui it ?ui be Irnpo.
Blble The team wlll pla. Brown ITnlveralty ..t the
polo Oround. ..n Aprll II Davl gave oui . .-t-.r.
ment to th- effeel that the team., ln hla opinion,
would flnlah ai follows New-York, lioston,
Cleveland, Phlladelphla, Baltlmore, f hl.-ago,
Rrooklyn, Plttabura. Cinclnnatl, Bt. l_oula, \\a>-ii
Ington and l_oulavlTle.
////: KIXBTOBCOPM TBB lusis <>l .4 9P/f
The klnetoacope la >.r,iy a recenl Inventloa, yet
ir pi rved its. lf old enough to be the baata ..f a suit
thai has 1..11 begun In the Bupreme Court, and
e.mie up yeaterday ..n a moilon la tha Chambera .<f
the Hupreroe Courl before Judge Andrewa Tne
Miit is one brrughl by Oray and Otway Lathhm.
agalnal Bamuel J. Tllden and the dlrectorfl of the
Kinetoacope ExhlbHlon and tha company Itaelf '"
.-. rnp.-i the defendantfl Ifl pay over lo than two
lifths ..f tba atock ol ii.- company, as per en agree
ineni mad.- batwaen TUdan and tha plalntlffa
II appaara thal tha Lathama bad a coatrad w-nh
Thomas a. Kdison, aUowIng them to exhlhll >v
?nty-two machlnaa and gave them tha aota rlghl
to exhlbll Ihe (orb.lt and ..ther prlzellghts ln
thelr machlnea. Colonel Tllden wa. the promoter oi
ih.- i-ompany lhat I- a p.-.rty <i. fendaat. and tne
Lathama entered into an agreemenl wlth him to
MHslgn over ih.-ir contract, becon.mptoye. o tne
company aml ^.-t tw.. Pftti- >>( the capltal atocii
ln ih.-ir .un they clalm that Ihe dlratftora of tbe
company ar?- Inaolvant, u? la the coaapany itoeir,
that they have been unjUOtly retnov.,1 as amployei
1,1 the company, thal there haa been conaplracy
among the dtrector. and thal they have aevar re?
celved Ih.- stock thal th.y were t.. get for itirnlng
over thelr eaatrael Wlth Edlaon. Th.y ask for re?
lief in a .ourt of eipilty.
.itid?e Andrt-MB took the papc-i. aad raawrvaa a?
rol'NT .'ASTKI.l.ANi: AS A SI'.'IITSMAN i'"l."NKI,
Qeorge J. Gotrld Is now much aoughl by re*
porteri wbo are aaxloua to aseertala bla latentlona
;n regard to ? raclng atable. There ar.- few men m
America who are better equlpped t" race borses
for pure love of th<- sp,,rt than Qeorge J. OonM.
That he is a sportsm.in gOCS without Baytng, as
hla purcbase of tne cup-wlnnlng Vlgllant and tbe
manner ln wbleb he faced tbe Brltlsfa yachtsmen
ln th.-lr own watera plalnly show. Wh-n ih<- M?n
tiKnith County Hunt held th<-lr meetlnga at Lnke*
wood Mr. Qould was gr-atiy Interested ln tbe
sport. I'ount Castellaae was one of tba moal en*
thusiasth- of th<- crees country rlders, and clearly
outclasssd many of the Ameiicaa rlders. A word
about tbe Prencbman who is t? mnrry Miss Anna
Qould. He ls far Buperlor ln many wsya to ih''
majorlty >>f forelgn noblemen who have rlslted thla
country. n-- can rtd* Btralgbt; is a good sbot; be
ean hold his oarn wltb his asaoctatea in th<- art of
hlttlng, atopplng and gettlng away, or "ls boae,"
,-<s ihe Prench men <-aii it. There is no nonaenae
in hls make-up, aa be can hold bla own with tbe
leadera "f the wealtby men wbo go In f,.r health.
foi outdoor Bports. Prom a Bnandal polnl of
vi'-w ihe Csstellanea have no resaon to fear lhal
Ibey cannol keep up wltb tbe s,? i.ii leadera eltber
in ihis country <>i abroad. Counl Castellane is
thoroughly posted on lhe breedlng of horaes
and what is essentlal In ? bunler ?r a race*
borse. Mr. Qould imblbed aome of tbe Prench
tnan's enthuslaam and began to !->"k aboul for
aome blgbl) developed hunters. As ln yachtlng,
Mr. OouM deslred Ihe !>? st horae* Ibai couW be
aecured. Moreover, be doea nol deslre any pub
llelty aboul i.i- Intentlon*.
Wben Mr. (.;,<,il i wsa ln England he mel many "f
th- noblUt) an l found tha: th., ambttion "f Ihe
leadmg men of lhal rlasa waa to own .i Derhj
wlnner, In addltlon to a prlse-wlnnlng yschl Re*
sides, th- entree "f Ihe r,>?.-.<l Inclosure ;it Aacol is
extremely deslrsble to wealth) men wbo sre ln*
cllned to win honor* ,n th- turf l*ord Bosebery'a
Ladaa, lhe Dtihe ,f Portland'a Ayrahlre and Don
ovan, the Duke "f Westmlnater*a Orm* and H,
McCalmont's lalnglaa* have made them famou*
wherever tl.bolng boofbests of Ihe thorough*
bn i ,n- hi ir l. r, ri." .1 OouM i- ?ald lo be
.,i\.,u- i., emulate th- foregolng turfmen aml to
aln Ihi i'- rbj an i other ao calle I i I iki? on
Ib) Engllsh snd French mc.n ? -
Et ? ryb 1ly aho knowa Mr ?; mld an i hl* m
la ,,w ire tti il ? ? a n >i .i"- mp
turf honora ?' S'othlni liorl "f
?!,. beal horai ? in tralnlng are ld..?!? lo be
bj him ahoual h.
\,,w thal the Engllsh i ourt* I ?
ln Engl in I, ind the prosp.
under n-n ?
I, nothlm i Mr. 4f.iu|.|
? ? ?* pi .mlnei ? ., t , ? lhe turl
ln yachtlng or anj oth> no m ittei
ah. ther 11 ? > . ? -
<? donel Thoma* r ??. hlltr, ?
ol hls youth In T- \.< K\ i ? b I) who kn *
pton ti .:? t an I hls lot foi I*. aas
sml'.e* at tl e of i
,- ,|,.n. I's remlnli tl ?
D the yeal the "Wai
?;??!,, .':???,
Btate Llbrarj ? : Ti x ??
great Btate aml
, h.is I.l ' . ? ? i ??.,-?? ?
ibl. . hlg-h) ii ;? . ?
f his frlend* n
? ilth of ai v ' ? ? i Vandei
!,. , ou!)i anow Ihe aorld
s< ile of grai
,,t the ti-, I-"' Imltatoi I Lui ullus.
C ilom! Wllllam P T ?n ; i s lll
dlnner. He
m iuI i rr, ii II h Joy ai hl*
. ?
8111 the |
falle l - pt the i
,. i ige - ?:? ?
Ihe R ihey
looklm ? ; I
ke!) i.I! ih) m, bul I
Iflt. As I
, ompel ? even If he has 1
Mke ., trlp to Eu
aas Imported b) -
\n de, ni- l bj turfnv n wl
?tud ln thls counl
,:, Englan I, everythlni
for hlm ahi n m it-*J wltl
lohn W. M.. r. .. ? i a practb-a
? i he . ! sl. I ' ' *?
he . .pn ?se I him I ? ' : .
race both ln thls wnt
-, ? . ?
|, islness ol lhe i '< nn ? ? il I'able i npa
...... ? ?
attra.-tlven. In r, irl l .1 i ' ? !
that when the J
? .i ? ? ' '
? . ?? : ibsrrtpl
? , lal ' ? ?
< . h ? , . ii ... , ira ?
aI, i I.>me ? ? ? .?'.... ,- \ ? ? Kp* >m
Is to England. ii
; .i ii nol fli ? rault. as I
.ii, I ir,.it the i i: ? ?
- ,
Mr \ , i ra and i
ln every form Hi
... ln I'ii
The Ma, k.n - ? II sall f?i Kur, i ? In Apl
. ,, ? ? hav. en up a
...... from th. irl bul ??; I ? n
in. i- on ti ivernoi \\. it- i" : ?
a largi ii imln r of turfmei ??
? ?
n I -,i- laj - ? i lo b pr. enl il I
the ilr* ? ? ?
Edwai I Ki arney, Ihi ; re lenl ol th. B.iratoK
Raclng A ? ?
a . i,: lhe i' ihlman ili rday wa
pronounci l suco ? I larg. rrowd wa* pi
and ti- i.r iu;'- i iBlve manm i In ? I
head were dlsp f I t;- pi i.I ?'??''
i, . |y pn enl 'i hi nexl ul will I* h, :-i on Thur*
,i.i.. when . -., i.ii rarload* of rarefull] led
r ? i lahlman mai t an.l ta
1,1--. are i-tw.- i, rWond and Thli l avi . In Twen
? .: ? i ? i : ? mndi I head il i. ,i ? - )?- l.-1't
ronstantl) on hand foi prlvat, sal. .,' BUcllon
- *> -
|<exlngton, K\-.. Peb, II (Bpeclal) Charlea ll
Bmlih, the ''ln- igo Board "f Trade man, l>, offeri d
110,000 for Ti,- Comm.-r. The Commoner waa om
of Ibe i" st iwo yeai old* In tbe \\--t oi Ih Basl
laal yeai havlng ra-?i ln Ibe Eaal wltb auc*
reaa ln Byron MrClelland'a atrlng, and cosl bla
owner, W M Wallace, 15,000 Chant, tbe Kentuckj
|..ii,v wlnner, has gone lame, and may only take
paii tb- aeaaon In bi lllng r.n ea.
Bdward I >?-.. rn.- for 85,000, has boughl "f .1 II
Monahan, ol l?ulavllle, Autraln I! l'.'.i. one ot lhe
fastesl trotting mare* In Kentucky.
Edward A Llpton of l?exlngton, haa purehased
of llllu.ils parli.-s 11.11- l>. u.'li. ,l;iiii ,,f nii-'jiia
(2:111.), ,.-- ,i three year-old.
Bt i.,,ii:s. Peb. Ik N'omlnatlons for lhe itake
racea al tbe i-'.iir Oroundi iprtng meeting were mads
public yesterday. There are ien stskes, >,f whleb
lhe Club Handlcap, allh 88,001 guaranleed, b tbe
principal. Among tbe sixu nve nnmed for Ibla
ilmmona, l.ampllghter. I?r. Rlce. N
Tamblen, B >\ H . Prli
I'lutus. There li .. tol .1
jf Tm nomln itloni lo th
Albany, PVb It Tbe Natlonal Bteapleebase Asso?
ciatlon wss Incorporated to-daj for Ibe purpose .,f
Inveatigatlng, ascertalnlng and keeptng .. record ol
the pedlgree* "i horaea; ihe Inatltutlng, malnlalnlng,
controlling and puMlahlng "i .. ? tud book or i.k
,,r reglatrj of borsea In ibe I'nlted Btates; tbs
promotlng and boldlng "f exhlbltlona of auch borses,
and geaemlly for Ibe purposaa "f Improvtng tb*
breed tbereof, by encoumgbig and advandng Btee
plechaalng nnd burdle raeing throughoui th* ! i!' '
Ktates, by aupervuilng auch racea, by complHng.
publlahlng aml enfo.clng propei rulea i" ."v'ni
su'h raclng; by llcenalng of meetlnga, of iralners
and "f lockeya, and U\ such other meana as maj
i?. proper. Th* principal obVe wlll be In New
\,,,u clty, and th. ffral annual meeting ot '??',
membera of Ihe assocUtlon wUI be held <>n Janu?
ary '. IS8& 'V:\i- dlrector* ire Auxu-t H.-liiioni. ol
Hempatead, L I . H. De Courcey Porbe* of New
Vork Clty; Hamuel H HowUnd, ol Oroveland.
i Kinit-ton County; Jamea O, Oreen, <?f Loulsvllle,
kV Prederlck Qebhard. of Eaionvllle, N. J.; An*
,i..w i Casaatt, "f Haverford, Peun . Poshall P.
K?ii- of Hayalde, N. V . John <; rrollanal., ot
.'-.,., I^rsnclsco, snd rrederleh II. Prlnce, of Boo*
I .n m
Willl'.mstown. Ma-. K-b. IV ManaK'-r IIos.-ley. j
fj ,,| ih.- Wllllani" Collega bassball team, has ar.
rnnged tha foBoninf acbedule of gaataa
iprll io Holy Ctossl al Wllllamstearn; Anrll 88
Vale, al N8W _*Y?ni Aprll B, Wtalcjau. at StMtr
Chickcrint- Mall, 130 Fifth Avenue,
a coMPtJSTn As<,iirr.MKNT ok
Cnntaintng all the raloabl* sn.1 renurk?l*? Imprnvementa
reeenily nttmdneed. r.nd Hint li.iv r"<-"iv?,i ihe unstlnted
prala* f mnalelans l?oth pi ,1 smat*tir.
*v? exi-n.i n eordlal Invitatlen t.> all irit<Mo?t-,i in th?
advaneemeni ? i ; ? ? f< tlon of Amerlean planoCortas to
ci.ll and en.i.i.ln-.
1341 Fifth Avrnne.
town; Aprii B, Holy t'ross. at Worceeter; May 1.
Harvard, at Cambrfdge; Ma) 4. Harvard. al wlll
lamstown; May B, Amherst, at Amherst; May 11.
Murray Hill. it Wllllamatown; May 15, Dartmouth,
al Hanover, N. ll . May 16, Dartmouth, al Han
over, N. ll.. May i\ open date ,<t "Vllllamstown:
May a, Weeleyan, al Wllllamatown; May '.'4. I'ni
verslty of Vermont, at Burllngton; May K, Unl?
verslty of Vermont. al Itiirlinirton; May 10. Am
herat, al Wllllamatown; June I, Cnlon, at Albany;
.lun- .",. I'nlverslty <>f vermont, al Wllllametown;
June 7, Dartmouth, al Wllllamatown; .lune s, Dart?
mouth, :u Wllllamatown; .lun.- 15, fale. al Wlll*
lamatown; June j_\ Amherat, at Amherst; .lune S4,
Amherst, al Wllllamatown. The iist for June is
still Incomplete, bul aeveral sironi; teams have buo*
mltted datea.
IM v. i\s ?ni|-. gROOND Og Hls OORTRBTE WITH
"Old Record.** ih.n bard-hearted Indlvldual whom
ao many amaifeur stblete* and aportsmen bave
trled unaueceaefully lo defeat, was aaylald nnd
forced lo s-.-k safety In tiiRht yesterday from the
grounda of Ibe Larrhmonl Qun Club al Larch*
inont by ihase clever manlpnlators of tba breech*
loadlng shotgon, Oeorge Work, of Ibe Carterei
Oun Club, and l. T Davenport, of tbe hom- club.
li ...i< tn- aeooad <<f Ihe plgeon*?bootlng matcnea
between w.,rk and Davenport, Ihe tlrst of which
aa nol mi Prlday lasl and aon bj Work.
The same nie, governed yesterdny*B match as
the .'..I in. r one. Eacb man ahoi al M8 Mrda ::"
yardfl ris- and SO yarda boundary, isinc bul one
hand io ihelr guna it lhe tirst flfty blrds, and
both hand* In ibe laal half of the matcb
\ falr lol of blrda had been provlded, and th*
day rould nol have been better for tbe aport.
There u.is no wlnd lo apeak of, and ihe sun dld
nol ahlne ao brigbtl) <m ihe anoa as to daasle the
i he ma i kamen,
Both iu.-ii dld wonderfullj well In the one-handed
ind both graaaed thelr i,rsi three l.ir.ls
tyle Thej both wenl down on thelr n-xt
hi* i. bm Davenport made amenda i.v bagglng his
rlghl quarterer. Work'- fifth was
a klll bul hi I-- ' h ? *> i ' isl rlghl quarterer.
u,.ik had the mosi dlfflculty In stopping lefi quar
?!i i, Davenport waa unfortunate In hav?
lng blni* drop dead oui ,,f bounds, !-"?- -: i of lhe
? . i ? ., it ,,'. ihe flfty In thi "i ?
otlng lusl manag. i to gi i ovi r the
? iul of tii- ala loal bj Work, only
il ol bounds; ronaequi ntlj. a hlle
he aon thal hall ??: the match bj I ao b rd i, Dav
tuallj kllled more blrda lhan he dld
ihooting wlth both handa ln the laal h.ilf
: onl) fi w mlflsea aere
ma.li ii , , port'a bad ' - k still pur*.I
- .? , havi probablj .?. on Ihe mat< h Aa
?;? : ln lefeal ng hlm
by evi margln, \\ "t k brol ??
mllar ? ondl
? ? ?
\ ? ? ihe blg match another looh
-, i m :. ..,|,,,t' and l 'i W \v> nn 'i he
- ?, ihoi of hla \".?i?
? i ;,i succumb to
ri. W; nn ahol at
? ; ri it ihlrtj
. .ummari
|.2I ?' 1 1 '
: i i " '-'
I. 2. I. I
?-? l . i . _
l I. I. I. 2. I. 2 -
.- i l i l i. -? .
: |. 2. 2. I -' IUI 2 -
-' I. l.
?\i: ii ,NI>KH
i l 1
-.- 1 l
i :'
I. I 2.
? il WI'l.H sj|, ? ,i im;
rh-1. I. 2. 2. 2. I. 1. S. 2. l. I. 3
lll I. I. 1. 1. 2. 0. I
ii. I. 2. I. 2. o. I, I. I. 2. I. I l.
l'r V. ? | ? .- I I 2 0.1 1 I
2. 2. I. I. I. I. I. I. |. I. 2. I. I. ii. 2. 2
"lll. I I .' I <>.
I. 2. I. I. 2. I. I. I 2 2
I ?-? .'. 2 1 2 1. 2. 2. I. 2. 1. I. 1. I. I,
-? i li ll 1. I
i .- . . . ? j .
Ki -II.
II'lflK BMITII l ?
l lt. >M Mli-i '
,".ll V VI I.i ? \
.1 NT1 ll:- rl
, - a ?; \ i \ s r
. ,|.r, i l: i KUA - ' ' '\' 1 i:m ITD ?N
| n v : t: i laAPII TO tiii: I l:iltr.\K |
Tn -.- n, Peb II Oovei noi Wert* to-nlghl
t.i in- rlenati Wllllam B. Qummere, of
Tn nl >n, tn . ? luatlce Abbetl on Ihe
me C iui l llench \. C rtmlth, i I lllo irnebur)'.
w i ri nomlnal. d for th Courl ol En ?? ? and Ap
Mr Bmlth I* i lay man snd s Democrat, Mr
<; iiiinii-r- i- .. Republlcan The new Justlee waa
born iu Ti-ni.iu forty-foui yeara .or <. and graduate.1
fi im Prlm l in in th.is i ol l?70, and a i- ,id
mliled t. the bar Ihree yeara later Poi ?v-r.il
years he and hla un, -. ? \ < ;?>? t n <r Joel Parber,
aere laa partni rs, wiih the r maln ??m - al Newark.
On the appolntment of hl* brothei In-law, Bdward
T Oreen, of Ibla clty, aa Judgi ol lhe I'nlted Btates
Dlatrlcl Court, Mr. Qummere Burceedet* hlm sa
: f.ir the pennaylvanla Kallroad Company. In
im be manied a daughter "f CT.Ief Justlee Beasley.
\ communlcatlon from tbe Qjvernor suggestlng
lhal the Legtalature approprtate .i luflldent aum to
meel tbe expensea neceaaary i" bave tbe Btate of
NeaAJeraey properly represented sl tbe dedlcatlon
of Ibe Chlckamauga and Cbattanooga Natlonal Park
"ii Beptember ll .md -". IBBt, wsa recelved and or*
kred pread on the joumsL
There were tbe uaual number of public hearlng*
to-day, Includlng om on the Btate Water Board
Tbe Benate Judlclary Ctrntmlttee thls afternoon
gave b public hearlng "> .. large delegatlon "f Mid
dlesei County clllsens who proteeted sgalnst tha
conflrmatlon "f Ollver Kellj aa a member ot tii<
Btate iloard of Assesaors, la whlcb ofBce h<- h.is
aerved one term. Mr. Kelly ls fr,,m New-Bruna
Wlck, and his ii.ini- w is ,s,-nt to th- S, ii.u- by the
Qovernor two weeks ago. Flftj or more dtlaena
.,r Middi-s-x County, Includlng doctors, laaryers,
college professors and polltlchwa <>f both par'.lea,
abo appeared to protesl againal tbe conflrmaiion.
laads Buck aweeplng charges of corruptlon sgalnst
th- Mlddlesei County Demoi-raiic rtng that lt ls
belleved tbe Benate Investbxatlon Commlttee, whlcb
wiii meel to morrow, ?di take tha matter un. Tha
ortgtnal pratest, declarlng Kelly unin f"r ih<- offlce
,-.nd praylng relief from tbs Democratlc rin? tbal
has ao long beld Mlddlesea County bi tbe throat,
w.is algned almoal escruslvely by Democrnts of
promlaeace. Tbe namea algned t" tbe protesl in
cluded auch men as Professors Austln Bcotl and V.
N. W. Buydam, of Rutgers College; lhe Democratlc
.'lty Treasurer, Jamea Neltoen, and othera. A iei
of resoluHons adopted thla morning bj tha Middi.
aes County Repnbllcaa Commlttee, praylng th<- Ben?
ate to i-j-i-t Kelly, arora preaented.
i>r ii-niv it liiiiiwin, a promlnent Democral ..f
New-Branswleb, iirst preaented tbe protesl to the
commll., ii- told <-f tbs troublss of tbs psopls or
Mlddleaex, due, he sald. to lhe management of af
f.urs bi ih.- Mlles Rosa rlng. Ha saldI Kelly be*
longed to th* worsl polltlcal element In the county.
Jamea Nellson, tba Democratlc treasurer of New*
Brunswlck, told of the clloue that rul-d that clty.
After several yeara ibe ilecent people had buc
,,-i ,i in gettlng control. .""I ??"_-*-_,_ *??,,_
be again plaeed fn power. Oae of tbe Joba of this
IIIIK. sald the sp-.iK l. BU 11"; '' OOtmCl -lll.-led
lnto by lha Mlddlesei Preeholders for the erec
ti.m of e brldge ui P0.0O9. Thls aame brtdge l- now
belng built for tOMo. Thls Bsvlng was effeoted
after th- crookednsss of the oM board bad beea
i-rofessor Loals h-m-i. "t Rutgers College, s
Democrat, sal.l the electlon of B-nator Herbert, of
Mid.ii-s-x. w..s dn.- to th.- respe.-table etanent
ol Ihe Democratlc party JolnitiK hands wlth the
Republtcaas. "Wa Iu"*. K *<*u Iw- better morela
in politles than thr plaelng of BtMh machine men
as Kellv In offlce." said the professor.
.'olonei c. H Houghton, a veteran of the war,
who reated upon crutchea whlle he spoke, a Re?
publlcan. objected to Kellv's methoda at the poll.
? in Raritan Townshlp. "He should not be con
i flrmed," aald the colonel. "becauae he ls a viotator
I of every election law on the statute books.
"Why didn't vour Klection Iloard have the elec
l tion vfolatora arrcatedf" aaaad a Baaator.
"\\'e have no courts, that la why we came here,
! said a half-doaen volcea in chorua. w. ll. Qreen,
of Meiu.-hen. told a startllnR story of the polltlcal
methods of <(llver Keiiy and Lay Judge Manning
Preeman, and the Benate inveatlgatora wlll doupt
! less take it upor themaelvea to Inveatlgate hls
i Btatementa and those of other speakers.
Oovernor vTerta did not sum the Palleadea blll tr>
night, preferrlng to hold it until to-motrow, when n^
. wlll sisn it and tlle the liill m peraon.
ln ezecutlve Beaalon an attempl w.is male to-nignt
'? to conflrm william B. Qummere'a nomlnatlpn aa
Juatlce of the Bupreme Court. Benator Daly op
' Jeeted, and the contlrmation went over under the
1 rulea. He wlll be confirmed to-morrow mornlng.
and wlll probably tak- his Beat at onee, the I'ebru
arv term of the Supr'-me .'ourt op>ning to-morrow.
Many biiis of a iocal cbaracter were paaaed by
hnth houaea, and the nvasur-s forbtddlng the dis
play of any flags other than the Stars an.l Strlp.-s
on public buildings.
Benjamln Norton. praatdent of the Atlantic
Av.ti.ie Rallroad Company. and I). .1. i.ulnn, hia
Bupertntendent, pleaded not guilty before Judge
Moore ln the Court ol Seneloua yesterday to the
two lndi.tment.1 found agalnst them by the Orand
Jury, eharglng them wlth vlolatlon of the Ten
Hour law,
Mr. Whltehouse. their lawyer. formally requested
? copy of the mlnutea of the procaedlnga before
the Orand Jnrr. Judge Moore Informed him that
th- Court would take hls appll. atlon under a I
rlaemeat Bnd then he left the room, and the ease
was dlapoaad <T. for the praaeat. at least.
Pollowlng this. Judge Moore gave his dacMon In
tha demurrer of Jacob Adler. Bartley coonen,
RIchard DrtacoU, Loula Qrim, Wllllam Hamllton,
Patrfck Murra) and Lawreoce reagier, who ai
leged, through thelr counael, Batdwin P. Btrauaa,
that the Indl.tment dld not charge a erlme. Judge
Moore, in dlamlaatng the demurrer. said In part:
?Th.- demurrer is nol well tak.-n. Th.- eontention
that the Indlctmenl should say whether any per
Bon wis endangered i.y tha obatrucUon placed upon
the tracka la nol aell tak.-n. All or thoae thlnge
to ahlch I have ref.-rr.-d are crlmea in them?
aelvea If it is proved during Ihe trlal that B per
aon waa In daager, thal la another matter. I.'nder
tbeoe Indlctmenta there .-an !?? no longer punloh
tn.tit than thr.e yeara1 Imprtaonment. The raaxJ
m.iiti penalty of ten years eannol i>e Impoeed, be
cauae there li no allegatlon that anybody aaa la?
. or Hable to be Injured. The maxlmum pen
alty would be three yeara town to nothlng. ac
eordlng to tha dlacretlon of the Court The In?
dlctmenta are good aa far aa they go, and I th.-re
:,,-. wlll '.'?? n ul- the dl tn.irr.-r."
The onl) wltneaa called before the Piiday Btrlke
[nveatlgatlng Committee yesterday was Caaaiua
M (A'lcker, vlce-prealdenl and ntanager of the
Brooklyn, Queen. County and Buburhan Rallway
Companj Mr. Wlcker, In anawer to Willian, M.
Ivlna counael to the committee, told boa his com
pan) -.v.is controlled. Be said thal M,?9,009 la .?
. i A...- glven for the roadl In queatlon, and
th.it he belleved them to be actually worth thal
amount, "though It probably aouldn't brlng it al
ll- aald that nn all th-lr llnea except the
Broadway -he old boree-ear achedule aaa atlll
ln for. - and on thal llne th- actuai runnlng tlme
had only been redueed flve mlnutea by the BUb
stitutlon ... ?:?? trlclty Be ?ald the change had
., materiai effecl ln the . haracter ol the labor
?".es?ar) nnd that th.ily dlfference was that
the men had more power al thelr rommand.
Relatlve io accldenta and llablllty therefor, Mr.
Wlcker lald "Pewei accldenta have been reported.
bui they are generally more aerloua. in tne oia
d?y? .. horse mlghl run agalnst .. man, and ne
would 1 I' k hlmaelf up. an.l that WOUld be the .tel
?' |, im you . ar.'t fool wlth the trolley.
\,..l- rrom the abov?- .utementa. notnlng new
,...., Mr lAieker gotng over about he lame
"ra0,ind , did Presldent Lewls, of the Brooklyn
,?!,;, i Baturday last. The tlme iimtt
belng up, '"?'? committee adjourned until Eeh
: [?[...:" nea. on th* parl of tbe aew etnp'oyea
rontlaue., ai I accldenta are bi freouent a. .ever.
john Mahoney, twenty-four jreara old. of No. 903
Weai Nlnth-at.. a motorman on a ?mlth-.t car.
wa. arrested ye.terda) on the charge of rau?lng
t"* death of ?'url Th... of Vo 573 B.eventh-.( ln
latter ..t mldnlghi on Baturday wa. croaslng the
. . a, Tentn-ave. .,...1 Flfteenth-st.. when he
a ,, stru. k !?? the prlaoner1. car. recelvlng a badlj
? moved to the >-..-? B ..pltal. where he dled
,- an -n'.v hour ye.uei Iu) mornli g
,. ., ,..,., , ,] m: i ||ei wn, ,. motorman pn the
.. . ;? ? hla brake handle allp, and bi
; >,.. aaa hli on the head. jau.lng a con
rnsslon of the braln. Ile was attended b) Ambu
,.,?,. Burgeon Olynn and removed to 81 Man ?
;' ; . - . .... .Bouth
, . ilrunk ,n .-. .i ,??';"
j-,, ...-.,.. mornlng Plnn helped he
- hol.. of ihe
n farea. He wa. arreated.
|, re wer. mani colll.lon. and in ita >r mle
kln.l ??!' ...
, . . n Clty Rallroad Com
? 1 all da) yeaterday by old ??:..
? hack to work. Th ?
,,. Vl..t.. lll. I, hi: few ..f them _ i a -
' \ mblvmin Krlda) ? : ?'" 11^"
.. ,-?????'? over Bunday b) taking Ihem ln
ln? ' ? i ... 1 1'ro.peci r.irk. th- Houle
vlrd'and w" tol '>'"'" **- **' i'1 ^ ?h"
ted of Thoma. II rmber from
LeCrange Bmlth, member from
iierkin -r i*o '?'"? ';-':''' ?en.on, sergeant-at
"m5 ,,? ihe v Jembl) Roberi ll Bharkey and
,A-Sup. rvlaor \\ IHI 8m_ B?J mc.
l\,; Tltta MORMKO
?,-,,.urtroom of the Oeneral Term of the Bu
.,.??. ,..??., m Rrooklyn was thronged wlth p ??>
.,,,. yeaterda) mornlng, analoua to wltneaa the pro
.,?, , relatlve to Mayor Bchleren'e petltlon aak
,n. Pollce Juatlce, M'ataon and Qulgley to ahow
-auae whv they ahould nol be removed from offlce
,,?. .ii,.,-...i careleaaneaa negllgence and Incompe
,,,?,'? m connection wlth Ihelr declalona relatlve to
Mrlkl. Paaea Judgea Browa, CMUan and Dykeman
wer., the i.- ii. ii. ih- former prealdlng. Aaelatant
rorporatlon Counael ITonga praaentad tha cltargea
BKRln.| Justice Wa.s.-n. Alowl P. lenka appeared
for Juatlce Watso... and ea-Judge Dalley repea
s-nt-.i Ju.tlce Qulgley.
Ex-Judge Dalley aald that his cttent was aet
ready to prpceed wlth the caae. An adJourBineal
waa granted ln (Julgley'a caae.
juatlce Wataon'a anawer atlmlta aome of tba elle
ntlona agalnal him. bui It denli i thal the pollce
force was inadequatc to prolecl the property and
,,, ii?? .nd ,... ?-.- of the clttaena and thal the
,-',l,o,-rw.-.'.'......'n-'i to rerort to the .Id of the
miiitary foroea of the Stat.- un the contrary. h
'-;' h!.. i. the proper authorttlea had actaJlat
,he on-et wlth reaaonable promptnea.. rlgot aiid
detemlmtlon. tha pollce force ol Ihe rlt) ol Brook
Ivn would hav,- been lufflclent to nuppresa all dla
, ,r vlolence and breachea of th. peace i........:
, i? th- petltlon. He allegea further that the
i . ,? "r, -isi.!i.s of atatute law .fford other more
aummaV) methoda pf deallnp Jtvlth and ra-mreaolns
dlsorder partlcularly Bectlon Rl of the Penal ode.
Th.- t'lisw.r also st.it-s tliut in nearly all the
Paaea the complnlnant. were repreoented by Albert
C Wheeler, of the rallroad company, 'who aald tn
the hearlng ol the attorncy for the p.-titi...,.-. that
he rell m honor bound to declare thal Juatlce Wat
aon had alwaya performed hls dutlea ln all ih ?
strlke caaea In whlch he waa concerned in a con
?clentloua and patn.taklng manner.
? t,?.m the fo.iii.-en chargea and th- numeroua
Bpeclflcatlona of tha complalnt are anawerao ai
eThe Oeneral Term denled the motlon of Judge
Watson to dl.mla. the charara aaalnai him_Tba
hearlng la aet for thla tnorntng, betora the who*
Oeneral Term._
Mary Eager aad Margarei Murphy. who were
aervanta In the emptoy of the Rev. Father A. I.
i.ini.ieii. the dean of the Roman Cathollc Chureh at
i.itti- K.ills. Merkimer rounty. N. Y.. several yeara
agO, hav- brought .... aetlon in th- Supreme Courl
of the county agalnal him to recover li.-wo on
pramiaaory notea whleh ha gye tkjem ln W??"?
of wagea A motlon was mad- v^'T1;'* ,,'^
Bunreme Courl Chambera before Justice Aiwrewa
to chance the place of trlal of ihe aetlon from this
JSunty W lierVltner County. The motl-.n was oa
poaed Btrenuoualy, and lt was atated 'hat th- rea
|N 111-4 HITIVIi eiTATK.
nnd .ajoy a .leiiKiufui. roolfal tnp in doing ?... Loava
n, ? v-rk naraday aftoraoaa, .'i p. ? . nat, oa btaatlfal
new ateamer "ToihlOWa" arrlvlng nt Old l'-'lnt .'..icfnrt
or Vlrglnln Bwch, Va . PBhowtBg mornlng. <?n return trlp
?rrlva in BoW'Tork, turfay aflaraaoa Maala nn.i b?-rth
whlle en mute an.l li..trl m-.-onun ..latl.ms ... elther place
u?lii,|..| In ttobot, Total cost $l?Oll t.i $17 00.
Ul.U bUillM.iN ?, B Oa, Hier 99, North Itlver.
W. L OUIU-BUIWV, V. P. ? T. M.
for Infants and Chlldren.
Caatorla promotas Plgoatlo-, snd
evcrcomes Flatulency, Constipation, Soug
Btomach, Piarrhoja, and Feverishnesn,
Thus tho child is rendered healthy and itg
slccp natural. Caatorla contains no
Morphino or other narcotic. property.
" Caatorla Is *o well adapted to chlldren thal
1 recommend itaaauperiortoany preecriptloa
Lnowato me." lt. A. Archcb. M. D.,
111 South Ozford Bt., brooklyn, N. T.
From personal kno?!ed|*e nnd ohservaflon I
csn snv tliat 1'astoria is nn ezceBSBt medicino
for children, actini' as a laxativo and relieving
the peut "P li"wels and genernl system very
mui'fi. Many niothers have tol.l mo of its ea>
oalleat saTSct upou thelr chUdrea."
l>a. U. C. Osooon,
Lowell. MasS.
" For sereral years I have recommended
?Castoria." and Miall SlwSJS ."ntiini* to do sr?
as it has invariablv produeed hene ti.-ial results."
JUKth Street _d 7th Ave., New York CltJ.
"The liseof Castoria'Isso unlversal and Ita
inents so well known that It seems a work of
6upereroe;ation to endorse it. Few are the
intelli^ent familles who do i.ot keep Castoria
wiUua ettsy ?ttcb. '
Cari?s Martvn. I> D..
New York Citfb
silent bnutinimmmmmm
Standard as Cold
By W. H. PARKER, N. D.,
lll' IIOS'IOX,
Mn^t Kminent Specialist in America,
< bief i <.i.?iiliin? Pfcyraletaa ta ??*?
l'e.?l....l. Med.'ill I'.-. I i I u I)-.
X n Rxhauated VlUllty. Atrophr, Servoua aad 0
5 Phyalral Deblllty and *ll Dtoeaae* aad Wealc- X
9 ,,.-.- ??? M ,-. ' in ,-,', f.ir v... . r
9 ?r. Parfcer a ia awarded iln* x
9 by lhe K d ?'? M* I la II : 9
9 370 !',--?- 130 val?iM* pr>-aci ?? ?, f r ,?.t? and 9
6 ii. nlc n i-V Sral iu full acilt. IssM* O
O weiile.l. for only BIJBB. 9
9 /-i*i7|"c '??? ing. ih* m Ml* *a*d, tba ' i. x
9 CIiIvLj I'oniiiliatlun ui penoa or _ letter. Y
0 , ? .k r or every man, m-rried r FRFF. X
0 - i ? ? a ? ? ? i a s*n?a*s 9
9 tddree* \\. H. PARKBR, N. I>.. 9
O I l:u 11 iiix li *?!.. II0-.K111. >1a??. ?
Sick Headache
l*ii?ifi*i'lv tiirrd t?/
llieie little I'ilU.
. Tne> alao ralkdre bistresa
from Dvapepslgj, IndigesUon
an I To , ii- nrty Kating. A
perf-ci .erredy f->r inzzineaa,
Kaua 1. Im- wsln.ss, Bad
Taste in tiie Ifouth, Coated
ToiiT'i' P.iln In the Side.
T< iftl ID LIV'ER They reg*
Ulate t^e Riwels.
i;.., kacbe.snd aeakneaasa >.<?!-i ta
?'aUct.rn Anll-I'alii I'la.ter, th*
iu, ?.t perfei ? .;??? tote to pala and
Inflaiauiation ever < <>iupouu.led.
ii \\< ."i'i-,1 ky,
f r
,i-i v plmply-faeed
. - rOHM
V r>sl 42.1 I '? V IB
aon Ihe sull bad nol been brought 1 1 ?d wm
bromrhl In thla c ty a r to i*. ;M. ~ i" ;;
? ',:,.. th,. * an Ul whl< h woul 1 ? occaslon* 1 bj
bringlng the sctl< n In the count> where the pi 1
pirish la sltuated. The lawj r for the ?erysnta
insisted th.it tbe prliut. Instea.1 of belng ot to
palred memory. a* Father l.udd n ? lawyer. who la
,;-, hia brother, had leclan I, was 1.1 the full
po-wesslon of his facultle*. Hls ec.'leaSastlca 'Jtand*
!. t haa u >t been Interfered wlth. 1 ?? di Lsloa ara*
reserved. _
Portland, or.-..' i-'-n. U. Tha Oreg n Railway and
Navtgatton Company to-daj B>d an answor to the
complslnt of th- Panners* Lcan and Trust Cons
pany under which Bdwln U.cli II was appotated re
ceiver for the company by the Cnlted BUtes Ooort
The snswer allegea that McNell haa not operated th-?
llne* ln the Intereal of the ->mp..ny. ; r "ge -^
r.r. ss nurtmae <>f Drevent ng ih.- earnlng or aurai ,ent
U,!:.'?,,V:s- paymenta ?n Intejest^upona
Th.- anawer further allege* thal McNell has .hls
corporate offlcera of tbe company.
Chlcago i-'eh. U Bastbooad shlpaaents laat weafc
wmrt V'""" tona leaa than those of the preeedtng
rreeh I-asl waek th.v wera ?,?? aa acalnal tUM
;,.,. w-k before, and Am for tbe rorrespoedlasj
we.'k 1.1st year. Bhlpmenta wera dlrlded as fol
;,ws: Mlehlgan Ceatral, *\ZO; Wabau*. I.MJ; Lakn
ghore 4,:ni: i-'ort W'ayne, MiS: "Pan Httndle.
10.00(1; Baltlmore and Oblo l.SsT; Qrand rimk
"Nlckel Plate." t.110; Brle, keb*.; "Blg Four.**
'The Cnlon Paclflc ttv-day lasa 1 1 drcalar whi.-b
is cqulvalent t,i an announcemenl that the lomt
atandlng boycotl againal lhal road has i?,,,n r|e
clared off. Tha clrcular announcea tbat all tha
im. - eonnected wlth u have resumed tbe .-xi-hanire
of round-trip business.
Cbalrman Caldwell, of tbe Western Trunk l.lne
Commlttee, returned from Denver to-day. ll< an*
nounces all trouble* between the Cnlon Paclflc and
the Ftlo Orande Weetern al an end and that tbe
latter road has algned the agreement.
ii.tioit. Mi'-h.. i-vh. is.-a eontrnet for i.mo
fretchtcara, with all modern improvem.-nts, has
pracUcally been eloaed between tha .Michiiran-l'e
ninsiiiar Rallroad Company, of Detrolt, and the
New-Tork Central Rallroad. This wlll pn employ?
ment to between J.Om' and ii.iahi men.
Somervir..'. X. J., Feb. ls.-Wprk his been started
h.-r.' on what wlll be, wh.-n completed. the longeet
trolley road In the world. The contractors are
under bonda bl nwaplalg by April iu the tlrst tlve
mlles of the New-York and Phlladelphla Tract on
.'o.npanv's proposed electrlc railway betw.en tne
two cltles. 'me first rall wlll be l-tl.l at H,dttk
lt Is proposed to construct a mlle of traca era
week, and .-onnect the towas of BaMrrMta *na
llound llr.^k wlth the clty of New-1 ? 7'?^? u f . ?
road wlll run through an agrlcultural d strUt.
and the tractlon company is havlng^bttllta numbjr
of comblnatlon-cars to carry lhe produ.u ol uas.
!<___ tu ihe murkej

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