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,-.v .; anl <'.ivi: him "A1H to BRRATHT'
Mayor Strong bad mi.eh to try his tempor yes?
terday. Aa booh as tho doora wero oproad I >
the public ll. tno morning a erowd of plaee-hunt
,rs rashed ln. as tough a looklng aet as ever
hunB around Ibe Clty Hall Tho Mayor seemod
amazoii and tben frownsjd, bul this ha,i n i effecl
on tbs Impetuoui throng. He got ri<i of aeveral
flles. anl Iben a delogati.-n ?>f clttaens came for*
ward and asked f"i tbe appolntment of Barnuel
Ifllllken for Parh Conunlasloner. Tho Mayor .u.l
not lel ti.~ spokesman ko far before h- rtopped
him t- aay that tho place ho was talklng about
wai already fllled.
Tha delegatlon out of the way. tho Indlvtdual
gppllcanta jumpnl in again anl gwarmed around
the Mayor'a chalr l'.ko tho locusta of Kgypt- II
lookod at .no tir.if as if ho were K"ing to bo
crowdcd out throuRh th- window bach of him.
At last ho said: "Gor.tlemen, you must gtand
bark anl give ni- a llttl*- air. Tho room is vory
ekwe. l can hardly breathe."
The eloneaeaa Of tho room, porhaps, or it may
havo boo? tho deaperate metboda of the seek-rs
after city JoM to socmrs his Urer. oause.lthe
Mayor to aay aomethim* In n-piy to a***?001
Mked him that sounded tO reporters mu"h llke
-damn." Th.- eUte of mind whlrh oaused the
Mayor to speak .vnnewhat rashly soon paaaed
away. however. and he gave dlraetkma that Let?
ter order be presorved.
The r.-siilt wa' the formatlon of a llne. and the
aeokers for nreforment got to him singly. A
great many had Mtcrs of .eommendati >n. which
they presentod 10 him. The Mayor read them
1 atiently and gave ea, h man an answer of some
klnd. Many of the lettera will be referred to the
heads of departmentS ln which the places are
that are eOUght
A delegatlon of applieants on the eligible llst
for patrolmen on tho police force called to com
plain that. though many vacancies existed, no
appolntmenta hal been made slnce last Aprll.
The Mayor said that he would look lnto the mat
ter. A commlttee of firemen called to ask the
Mayor to approve the bill Increasing th-lr sal
aries. Colonel Btroaf was evidently favorably
lmpressod with the request and gave the firemen
J. Plerpont Morgan. Controller Fitch and Cor?
poratlon ConnsH s<.ott had a consultatloa with
the Mayor in hls private offlce yesterday. It was
belleved to relate tc tho $^.000,000 of city 3 per
cent bonds. pavahle ii gold. which th- city ls to
The Controller sald that the meeting ?ould
not be called a regular conference, but thal the
Morgan syndlcate might take the bonda.
P. B. Thiirber, who ha? been talked of f"r DOCK
C immlssloner, waa a cailer on th.- Mayor */???*??
day Ex-benator J &loal Fasastl and Jonn w.
JiwiKht called while th" Mayor was at lancheon.
Thev did not walt. but inquiring the way t'> the
Public Works Department. started acroaa tho
park lo see Commlantoner Brookfleld. J<>hn sa
bine Smith and John Proctor Clarke had inter
viows with Colonel Strong yesterday.
In reference to the Platt conference at the
Fifth Avenue Hotel ,.n Sunday the Mayor sp.'k
of the abseme of any cause <.n Mr. Platt'a paii
for his present c mrs-. The Mayor remarked ln
a K.neral way that he had never erltielsed Mr.
Platl nor had he ever authorized any aUtement
which reflected upon him. He did not propoae.
however. to bo frlghtened by threats. whatever
the goures mlght bo. As to th- rumors lha the
JeelMati.ro WOllld bold UP hills whi.h had hla
arJ val h* sald thal actlon of thta klnd irould
not ?? rrv him ln the leaat Ha di-l not proposc
t let anv.hlni; WWrr, him. Th- I^tslatur.
ihouid kn,.w beat what II ougW l do. For hls
part. lhe Mayor said. he abould ?o on and mak
is inpotntmehta as h- bellered to be riKht and
f,,r rn- best Intpr*-*!* of the city. He said tbat
he ?*or,uld malntaln the non-partlaan pirtlcy on
which h" had entercd ar.d did nol maan to be
awerved from hla duty as he understood it
it wa= reported yeaterday that .m order to
crevr-nt the contlnued Interruptlon of the public
Eusln-sa causod by the mob of offlce-ss-shers who
n.ak- hls llfe mlaerable the Ma*?-r n.r-a?, ., st-.p
th- annoyan e by hurrylng UP all the appolnt
monts which ho can ?ee his way clear to rnafce.
r thla provea troe moal of tba dmmission-r
ehips may be fllled this week.
Commlaaloner Brookfleld and Oaaeral r,,iiis,
Deputv Coinmlssioner. W?N as badly oveimn by
bonehnntera as the Mayor was yesterday. Com?
mlaaloner Brookfleld ?ame n-ar I'sing hls pa
ti-n - wllh ne lmportunato appll-ant. to whom
h- aald: "If y.,u thlnk this ptace la belng run on
th- dlatrict potltlcn plan you are mlghtlly mis
taken. i am here to protect the public IntaresU
and nothlng else." nmokfl.-ld
So appolntmenta w-r- made by Mr Rn.okti in
v,s:<-:dav. Th- sam, wai t.u- of Corporatlon
r-iunsel Scott II ls und-rsi.1 **?1?*?*J
Asslstant CorporaUon Counaels Blandy, Rldgj
way. Bwtetaer and M. P. Breen. the ?f#?*-??_
as counsel for Commlssloner Haffen. of tte i?
nartmer.t of Str-t ImproYement for the Twenty
thirl and Twenty-fourth Wards. wlll sever thelr
.onne.tlon wiih the Law O-pa.tm-nt :Meh .
D*an. Connoly, Sterilna, Olendorf, Ward and
punn. of the Corpoiatlon Counael a ataff of aa*
glstanta, anl Chlef Clerk Campbell are to te
maln in th- eily's BCTtici.
;///; KU.L1SO OF Miss TOBMB.
Phlladelph'a, K:b. If4.-Jam?s lt. Oentry, who last
nlKht al /? - ? i Hotal ibol and kllled miss Madg*
Torke, a aoubretts '.n tbs "Baggac* Cbaek" eom*
panv. ls still at )arK<-. The pollce are m.iklri? a
thorouKh seaioh for th- mordcrer, aad msi ag<
degcriptive of him have beea s-m to adjacenl dtles.
A th-orv ls advanced thal O-ntry has drowasd hirn
geU or commltterl buIcM- In BOOM OthST inar.-r.
Tbs father mothar aad btotber of tbs d-.-.d actraaa
arrlved here this morning from New-York to elalm
ths body. Roberl B. Drysdato, tbs father of tha
glrl. Uvss at Ka BB Weal Be?enty-el?hth-at., New*
Mr. Drysdale thi" aftsrnooa denled tha? his daugn
t?-r and l^nrn' a?SrS engaasd to N m*rri<-1. Hs
d-clare*. that he woui I r.ot hav- pennlttcd Wa
dauKhter to have marrted Oentry had sh- so d-slr.d.
Mr Drysdale aald that U-ntry had b.-n an a
tiualntanoe of the family for over a y-ar, an 1 araa
r-car<led wholly as a frlend. I'ontlniiinK. Mr Drys
da- sa 1
Oentry s?-rn.-d to tak? a klndiv lnt-re*t la ber,
anl w- -A-'-r- uia/i rha: hi aho im ba in the sama
company, f'-r his preaer.ce aermed ln a meaaure a
aafeguarl ngainst th- daassrs and affronti
that 1.' ar. unprotect-J woman on th
st ik-. O-ntrv cal>.l rre.|uently nt our hons- w'-n
Madu- was not trav-'.llr.',- I thlnk ihe pr-s-n? Of
many gentl-rr.-n who ealwd to ass h.-r aroused hls
j.a.ousy. U< entertata largely. and my daughter
riad many admlr-rs. Thls jealousy explalns th
frequency of th- telegrama an<l l-it<-rs wlth which
h- pestered h-r from Boston, srhltbsr h- wsnl aftei
hr- ha<l to leave Ihe -omt.i
l 'iiink he is perfectly aane. lt was a eo?d*
ha-.-led, premedltated rnurdi-'. Not a word <1" I
i ,.f tr is t.iik of im mlty.
So one who kn-w il'i.try and COUld be found to
day had any floabt of th- inan'i sanlty. Manap-r
Blan-y. uf tbe "HagKaK- I'h.ck" company. aald
that Oentry wa-, an Irrlt.ihl- rr.an, and one llkely to
tnki- to drlnk under rn-nlal streKs auch as SSSOMd to
0||T. x. |,1?,
MIks Dryedala was hlghly rcsperted In th? eom
Pany. and ti-r r-putatlon was ahov- reproach. H-r
manHR.r thoutrht mur-h of her ablllty. and was
"laklni? a gpeclal part for her in a i.lay which he
W'<1 put on ih- nnd next neason. Many m-mbers
Sf the "Bsggsaa I'heck" company l.ell-ve that Osn*
try ha* tndsd hls llfe The Iden of sulcid-. howev.-r,
H ?<>oiite* l.y Ihe plllce.
'n?P*ctor M-I.aughlln re<elve<l a dispatch yea
istdgy from I'hlef of PoUM I.lnden. of I'hllttdel
pMa, glvltiK a dea.-rlptlon of James II. Oentry.
?he kllled Mlaa Vorke. Gentry, aft-r murderlnK
Mlaa Yorke, made hia escape. Hl* home la aald
to b* ln thla clty. Inapector Mcl?ughlln detalled
two of hl* men to sear-h New-York for the mur
derer and a general alarm ha* l.e-n aent out to
all statlona wlth llentry'* ileacrlptlon.
Alihoogh Mlaa Yorke had galnad no very wlde
farne aa an a.-tresa. ahe waa falrly well known at
*hs Ntw-York theatrea where comio opera and
$80.00 Per Year
and BOWard. i?:i reijuest, by mail or telephone. A."nt
wlll be sent *'. (jlve ftirth?r Infnrmntlnn. Our ffHMHal
<t1i. e ni;iv ba c.-.ll.-.l from any public telephone OV0T I.B99
i In th" ritv?with...it <l.arg?.
! The Mctropol'lan Telephone 6. Tcleuraph Company,
! farce COtnedy abouad. Sh>- was Clever and pleas
Ihk tn manner, attractlve peraonally and a SSzz
?tnger. When Miaa Marie Tempest san* inc
? Tyrolean" at the Caetno some thr.-e yeara ago,
Mlsa Yorke was n memher of tbe company ano
'th.- atara underatudy. She was called "P?JJ"
, .Ing the leadlna parl a few tbneaand Md ao
1 aatlBfactorlly. Bhe was also for some Jime a mem
; t.er of PranclB Wllaon'; c.mpany. She bad acijw
ln aeveral farce comedlea betore AjMaal the
"Baggage Check" Company^MtoeJ^j?,*?
i brother. and two .latera rne '"'''? . s,.Veu
I iumfern.lv.? ?eoUaw 1. Htj. for the IM^. ??
&n a^v^n^^esnla,: &J.S S Plnk.,..
1..1 a iraveiima ".?'" ?'.,", ',-,1 ?t
,iv:,'tVv,ha:;rnof,:x.-siv;Vep;:,H;,,o;ns an .etf
Oentr) njdnow .... . . , , rh.ira.-t.
^t?ei7e"waa^forn?eriy*^Tvarlet? actor and ali_
.Vrirne'lime'a rlr.-.is man and of late he has
acted chiefly ln farce comedie..
Washinirton. Keb. IS.?W. men have taken tho
National .-ap.i..l b) storm women from all parta Of
this country and from other lands, who ar- here
to stay ? fortnlflrht Perhapa It has never hapje n-1
to any clty before. certainly not to Waahlngton,
that thre? National organlaatlofia ..f iromen have
met BO that the aesslons of one foUowed Ojulckly 00
those of another ..r wera held at iin- same tlme.
Hut here they are-the Nat1on.il W'omen's Christlan
Temperance Unkm, wlth tn- greal polygkH paHltkm,
cVwtng its s bbpoo in the Mg eonventloB hall on
Baturday eveninn; the second trtennlal session of
the National CouncU of Wotaaa of ihe I'nlted
states. precedlng with raUglotw aervtcea yeaterday
its formal openins ln M.-tzeroti's Music Hall to
.lay, and the fourth consress of the Natlon.il Chap?
ter of the I.aiiKhters of the American Revolutlon,
to be convened in the Chureh of Our Kather to
With the number thus broURht toirether by these
three j-reat organtaattotM, it is plain enouifh that
for two weeks at least the Cap'.tal Clty will 1.- ln
the hands of women. The growth of the National
Councll of Women Is best lllustrated by the f.i :
that the flrst trtennial. also held ln Washlnsrton.
laste>l only three daya, comprislnn eitrht sessions.
and the councll then was composed .,f bui nlne
National orRanlr.atlons; whereas now. nt the se
ond trh-nnlal. the councll numbera twenty Natloaal
orKanizatk.ns. wUI laal fourteen daya and have
thirty-two sesslnns. Besldes the(pr? sldent and dele?
gate. frctn each of these twenty organtaaUona there
are fraterna. deleirates from as many more ergant*
zatlons not yet In the .lunr'.l. makinfr BjtOgather
499 .l.-l^^ates who wlll partl.-ipate ln th. pr.. ? ?? 1
The orRanliations Include Inllnlt ? varlety. r.-inKlni?
fmm relljtlous twards of mlssions through educa
tloral and phllanthropic flelds down to dentaL
household. economic ani anll-v: vHection BaaOChV
tloAa In addition to the presil.nts and dolegatea
who through organtaaUona repmeont a mambarahlp
..f between 4.9991999 and 1,999,999 women. there ara
J above sixty patrona of thn Coundl, each of whom
by the payment ..f t\<? becomes a patn.n for llfe.
'Ihe patrons Inelude men a-. w.-il as women ln the
number ar.- Pr rfaeatrr Raaaaua B. Anderaoa, >.f
\vi.-i-..nsin. ex-Jllnleter lo Copenhagan; i>r. .lenny
M Ix.zl.r. Of New-York; Mrs. Pboabe A ll<\ir?t.
wlfe of the late Benator Hearat; Mary Lowe m.-k
In.on. Fannlc 1. Helmuth, presid.-nt of Boroala; Mr..
Ruaaell Sa?.-. Wllllam Dodley Foulha ed ladlaaa;
I?r. Haaaah K. Laf-gahore, of Penaaylvanla, and
Sarah C. Mlnk. of Naw-Torh.
Among new committee. whlch eannol fall lo pive
unijsual ititer.-st are th.- rommltteea on "Oovernment
Reform," <>f whlch Mrs. Henry H Btanton I" a
memher; "Equal Paj foi Equal Work." of whlch
Mr-. i^;an-i Btanford bi . member; "Patriol
ol whi.h K.nt.- Biownlee Bharwood la t-halrman;
"Dlvoroa Raform," ol whlch Carrle Chapman <'..it.
ol New-Yorh, is a member, and "Oreao," of whlch
Dr. Latta A. DavU, of Canada, la a aoember.
When the COUndl was . alle 1 to OTdor promptly
at ln ./. lo.-k to-day by it-. prealdent, Mrs. May
Wrlgbl Bewall, of Indlanapolla, Metaerotl Hall
was well tuied, an.l the stat;e preaented aa al
tra.-tivi appoaranca, Of courae there wera Bow
.-rs-no Btaga settin^r at a woin.in's in.-.-HnK In this
last half of the Blnoteenth century would ba com
pleta without th<-m. so gra<eful palau an.l fragrant
roaea had then place. Among the ahlnlng luhts
on the platform w*-re Miss iSusan B, Anthony,
who ls mai.y yeara rof-agai than ber Mventy
hfth blrthday, whlch her frlenda eetebrated last
weeh with a banojuel and aetlled annulty as BOtne
thiiie: of racognlUon of lha moal unaelfiah iifew.,tk
ever alven by one woman for all women. Lady
Henry Bomeraet, whoaa tlma and fortuna ..r. apenl
i in the cause Of lernj.eraiu e, .\1l>s Prancaa i.
, VVIUard, the ^r.-at leader ?>f the temperance w..tk
i in Amo-ica; ihe Rev. Anna Bhaw, Mrs Prancea
Blgley, wife of .-x-Uov ri.ot Blgley, of Mlcblgan;
! the Rev. Alilils l-'opl l^asttiian, Who, wlth hei
I huoband, aharea the paatorate ..i the i'ark Btreet
! Congreaatlonal Chureh .it Elmlra, N. Y.. Mrs.
I 1 i<-i,-n a Cook, delegate from the National League
of Colored Women; laabella Charlea Davta, \ns.
Rachel Poatei Avery, Mr?. Llllan M. N. Btevena,
of Malne; Mis. .1 i-.n.-n Koalar, the Countea. <-i
Aberdeen, prealdent of the Internatlonal Councll
of Women; Mrs ll. Bolomon, of llllnola, pi.--i
dent of th<- .National Councll of Jewt.h Women;
Mrs. Annle Jenneaa Mlller, Mis. May Prench
Bheldon, Mrs. l.lllle Devere.ux Blake, the Rev.
Carollne J Bartlett, nnd Mra Laura .'uitis Bul
i.u.i of Brooklyn, who aharea wlth Mra H-uy
Oreen, the dlet Inc tlon of belng a femala mllllon
Tha gatberlng wns n.?t only repreeentatlva from .-.
geographlcal .tandpolnt, but from thoae ??! appear
ance ani aphere. Orewi reformer. ani women In
i. .-.%-. .,f th. modc m ?lde b) .Ide, wiii;.- ber. -.-. t
there could !.?? icen ih.- qualni bo.inei of .. guaker
eo. Acknowledge.l leader. In iciet) ani noble
women ln th* Europ<an meaninK >t the term, and
stveral n..'e.i for wealth in their own righl or thal
of th.-lr huabanda aere th.-r^ on an t-qual footlng
wlth delegate. from the rank< ..f thoae who arorh
for thelr daUy bread. All agea wera llkewlne ln
evldence, ranglng from the more lhan threeacore
an. ten of Miaa Huaan B. Anthonv, preaHenl of tha
National Woman'. Buflfrag* laaoclatlon, to Ihe nlne
i.-n yeara of Miaa H, AuguaU Howard prealdenl
or tbf Oeorgla auxlllary of Mloa Anthony*! or
ganlaatlon. , , , ,. ,
Tho openlng seafllon waa merely formal. ll began
with prayer. and thi wa l illowi l by the
ductlon of prealdenl. and delegate. of organlsa
tioni formlng th* National CouncU. I"be pre.enta
llon of greetlng. from the National Coui|cl] or
Women of Canada and the greetlng. bv ,...;.. n,..
delegate. fron oraanlaatlon* not ln the ' ouncll
came neal on the programme, and the lession
cloaed v. ith the trtennlal addr_a. of Prealdenl May
WriKht Bewall. . ?. .
Mn Bewall and th- general offlcera and ex-offlclo
vlce-prealdenti of the councll gave an Informal re
eeptlon to ibe delegatei and vTaltorfl ln the paror.
of Ihe Ki.bitt llon? thla afternoon. i h- receptton
last.d from :i to ?'. O'clock. .,,,,_ ,,
A dlacuBBlon on "Rellglon" wa? I* Id a M laerotl a
Music Hall ihw evenlng by th. National rree
Baptl.t Woman-. Ml.sionary Bociety and ??????
tlonal Councll of Women of the l.'nlted Btate. The
Attltude of the Leadlna Rellgloufl I >eiiomiii.-iii..n.
. Toward Woman'fl Orowlng Bervlce In ' ' ' hl!1,' '',,
was thi theme of an addreaa by Mary Lowe Diekln
son. of New-York, .. v k ...
Mr-. Isal.-ila <harle? I'avis, of N.-w-l oik. . tln
'.//;; liiunoEVohT BXOIBR CBB8ADX.
Brldgeport. Cnn.. Feb. tt H-.-retary 1 hrasher. of
the Htat.- I>?w nnd Ordaff LaaglM. and the Rev. II.
W Mlr.kham. of Ih- lOOBl bran.h. called UpO* I ruse
eutlng Agenl Tooaaey this afternoon aad deraanded
the rearreal of ihe twet.ly-slx saloouke.-p.-rs w ho i.
,-entiv rorfaJtad boarda in th.- Clty ?,<>uft M
Toom.-v rafaaad lo ael uniu he had re.-eive.i aa
ttiilhorllatlve sial-m. nt that (he I.biuor Lieah-rs As
Bodatloa had dechned to Bbm lha fJWfflffjL^
lially fulfllled a week ago. Bow .nt.-d to ll a>
tlon untll Wedries.l.-.y, and ih.- Law and oni.
i-aagua Bnally .'iKre.-d t.. walt
The aecond concert oi tba slxt.etnth se.son of the
New-York llanks Olee Club was ulven last e-.en
lnK at Music Hall ln the presen.-e of a lar?e audl.
ance The rlub cave an Inter.stlng proKrnrnme.
wlth the asslslance of Mme. MlllaniBIaaVO t ,00
iTrano R. l?laa Albertlnl. vlollnls.; E. D. Jarl.na,
organlst. and Lmll LatVJT, accompanl.t.
ROBRRT <; mv. TROMAf WHEKl.KR AM' lt- r.
PARKKH THE ait'iintkks-mh. i.av is a
Albanv. I-Vh. lS.-C.eorge W. Aldridge. the 8u
perintendent of Public Works, dismlssed from
oflce to-niK-ht the Democratlc soperlntendenta of
th- three .llvlslons of the Krl- I'anal. The I'on
stltutlon says thal "th- Sup-rlnt-ndent of Pnblie
Works shall appo'rt not more than three asslstant
superlntendrnt*. whos- dutles shall b- pres-nbed
l.y hlm; hut In ra?c of lhe suspenslon or r-moval
Of any au.-h asslstant superlnt-nd-nt by hlm, h
shall at once reporl to the Oovernor m wrltlng th
cause of such removal." Mr. Aldridge wrote a
short note to C.overnor Morton. saylng curtly
"that In the Inter. st of the servle-" h- had W*
moved th- dlvlsion superlntendents. H- COUM
hardly havs art..i In tbe spirit of the Constltotlon
ln Rivlns; su.-r- a K-neral r-ason for maklng these
removals. That ol.vlously m-nns that some good
reaaon shall b- stated f<>r tba removal of su-h per
manenl head* of hnreana Mr. Aldridge would
hav.- eoaaa nearer wlnnlng th- r-spect of the pabMa
If h- had sald in hls leiter to th- r.overnor: "l
?ranted thelr offlces for frlend? of mlne, and took
He followed up this actlon hy sppolntlng Hoh-rt
O. Lay, of Buffalo, asslstanl soporlateadenl of th
western dlvlsion. Mr. Laj la a retatrra of Omr*
ernor Morton, anl hls appotatmeal wa* oppoaed
bere bj leadlag Repohllcana of Buffalo oa the
ground lhal untll after Blectlon Day la WM be
llved ni *"*sshlngton, and only then tooh up hls r-s
Idence m Buffalo. A former canal offldal, Oaalaa
Bedell, ?.ii puahed for the place by ,G?orae t'r
han, the chairnMn of the BxecutP/e < ommlttee ol
th* l-'ri-' i'i.iint\ Republlcsn Commlttee. Hut .?r
Bedell waaarelected. and Colonel Lay, lhe stranaer
from *Va?hlngton, srsi aelectrd as head of lhe lm
portanl western dlvlsion Thi* gppolntmenl ~*? -? *
nol pleaae the Ituff.ilo Itenubllcans.
v'or wlll th- cltlaen* ol Byraruse and I tlca be
gi_tln*d al Ih* aelectlon of "T.,m" Wheeler ss su
pertntendent of in- mlddle dlvlsion. Oovernor Mor.
ton decllne.1 io mak* hlm Huperintenden of Pub
li<- Bulldlnga. nor would th- cltlsena of I "? ;.r";;'*'
hlm n? Mayor of thelr Hty a r*ar ago. al hoygli
th* other Republlcan candidate* wer* eleeted? >'"?
\\ heeler'* appolntment ls Ihoroughlr dUwredltabl* tu
M, Aidrklge, bui li cannot i" aald thal polltldaaa
hT!',..i'?',il-rin't'.n'l'.-l,t of the raStsn dlvlsion lll R.
V l-.rk-r. of Bcbenectady. Nothlng ls known of
the man bere,__
i:i:ri RKI svstkm.
[UT Tl.l.rMllAril 1" THK TllinfNE I
Albany Feb. U The Aaaemhly to-niKht eihlb*
Ited *gain th- utter dlsregsrd for economy which
bas rharacterlaed Ihe Introductlon of spproprta
tlon bllla this sesston. By a rots of M to n n
doubled sn spproprtatlon which tbe ?ays and
M..,,:,s rommlttea bad reported largely <>"t of
deferenre to the introducer of the Mli rather than
for Its a.tual m-rlt The Mli was Inti
Mr Nlson, of Chautauaua County, approprlatlng
\AJBB to eontlau* bortlcultural Inreet Igatloi
experlments ln WTestern Nea Yorh, aspedally Into
all dlseasea or parastte* affectlng grapee Mr.
Klzon ralled the Mli from lha taMs and *-nt up
an amendment Increasing th- approprlatlon to
116,000 Mi Alnaworth, Ihs i-hairman of Ihs w.,\?.
and Meani Commlttee, oppoaed the amendmeal
He aald aaother Mli havlng the ..-?me obh I
relatlea *?? tb* lld Judlclal Dtstrld was bafoi Ib*
House, anl he thoughl raaogh money araa
glven t? ihi* ohjeel Hla -wn county bad asked
f..r m approprlatlon foi theei esperlment* bul
he hal r. fus* 1 10 I " th* i pjueol ln --rl' I '
thu BAJBm mlghl ?
Mr Nlson aald lha appropi ? ! " '?' '
ln si-teeii counties, and Ihs larger smoaal aaa
i esaary. During Ihs debate he crltlctaad ?
.,r th- spproprlatlona belng mad< bi th- IVaya
anl Meana Commlttee Mi Alnsworth r.*i ? I
??N.it u tlngl* approprlatlon baa been ?
R'aya and Meana Commlttee thla year wlthoul
aome St..t.- departmenl ba k of ll, eirepl ihia
one "
Thi Asa rably, however, voled lo double the ap?
proprlatlon, and b: ao de Islvs n voi* ll il oi i
rannol tell nrhen lhe nexl atta. k upon a loa laa
rala * m be m i ?
To-nlghl Mr Nlson ralled from tbs labls hls
raeolutlon of laal ???? k. dlrectlng th- Commlsatone*
,,' igrtculture, Ibe Buperlntaadenl "f PHsons snd
lhe Faetorj Inspecloi ? report arllhln ihree daya
aii appolntmenta recentl] made by Ihem, snd ih*
persons r- ommendlng Ihs appolntmenta Mr
Nlson s.-.i'i lhal patronage ?hi t. beloaced to
the Assemhly ?as evhtontly gotng elaewhere Mr
Alnsworth offered "" smendmenl that th-*.e <,tti
i-.-rs also r.-|<irt th<- n mi-s Ot ?nv and all ,-tlat
ofilrers *\vi had requesied appolatasents in an.
of thesa department* Mr. \ix..n aceepted tbe
amendment, and lhe resolution waa adopted
A--- mi.is man fonbllng offered this resolution,
*,hi< h v.1* s lopted:
Whereaa lt la allefed that almses exist ln
lhe i.-f-i? ?yatem ol tha clty und county <-r Naa
York. therefore
Rooolved Th*' 'he Clerb ??! Ih* Buperlor ?'ourt.
th- < lerk "f th- .'oiiri if Common ri-as and tba
,',,k ,,( ihe <ii'. Courl of New-York be and are
ii'.-r. i,\ lir-t.-l t, f'ifrii?h t.. this houae wlthln
, w. ii". day* ,. Ilal of all referees appolnteil during
ih* reara IM and IWI, by what judge* appolnted
?i. i boa -ft' n appolnted bj each }udg*
i.ast areeb a resMutlon by Mr. Coakllng called foi
a almllar reporl from lhe Buprema Court In Neu
Y"rk. ahlch uas -? ni to the AssemM] lo-nlght.
No actlon was tahen upon it
H a rota "f ^3 io i lha AssemM] i" nlghl paased Ihe
bUl Introducsd by Mr. Mlller, of New-Tork, author
Ising lha purehass of a nea atte for lhe CoOege of
lhe i'iiy of New-Yorh and Ibe erecUon ?f bolbtlnaa
thereoa. Th. Mli spproprlatss aaaxitl for tb* Mte
and IC7S.00U for bulldlnga Alfred R CookllnB, of
New v.nii, voted agalnsi tbe blll, ihinking it un
wl*? i" Bpend the monej ..t ibla i.
The hearlng which w.s to hava i.n glven t'
in"i!..w by Ihe Benate and Aasemblj commltteea on
Ibe Tenemeni ll,,u-.- iTommlaalonera* blll ha*
been poaiponed for on* ?.k ln the mean tlme
Ih* opponenl* "f these Mlla and the Tenemenl
Houae Cnmmlaalon will endeavor '" draa up oom
promlai men urea ln Nea ^'l.rk
Benator w<.irr Introduced a 1.111 to-nlght aulhorls
ln? th- Board of Health .<r New-Yora i<> prepan
antltoxln for the relief <<f .nphih-rii. and other
dlaeaaea aml t.. dlatrlhutc and ;-. ll lhe aame, and
fi an lhe proceeda :<> .-r.-..t?? an antltoxln fund
Benator o'Donnell Introduced u'l.Hi nppi-opriiitini?
$200,000 for a Pollce I'ourl bulldlng for tbe Klgh
leenth Ward of New-Yorb, f..r tbe us<- of the H'th
Dlatrlci Pollce ?'nurt.
A proteal waa recelved by the Benate from Judgea
Cowlng and Martlne againal th- blll puttlng th.
appointmi it of courl ofllclal* ln i-harg* of Recorder
Ass-mhlyman l.aws,,n Introduced a inll prohlblt
lrikc ihe ? ..-i-iion < t anj ilaughtnr-houa* ln New
York "ii th< riverbanh south ol Klfty-nlnth-sl
s.iiai..r O'Donnell is th* fathei ,.f another hill
provldlng for a i-ommlaaion <>f fire, appolnted by
the Oovernor, i" aeleri .-. alte <if not I-hm than Im
... i, nor mor- lhan .'^m acrea l"i B BOOlOglCal park
in Pelham Ba) l*ark, New-Yorh ni\ Dne la t'? ?'
lhe Mayor of Ni w York one Ihe prealdenl of ti.
I'urk Department, one th<- prealdenl >.f th- Amerl?
can Museum "f Natural lllstotv anl Iwo .ItiZi-ns
of New-York Clty; li..v?i is approprtated for ea*
Among th<- hiiis pasaed by Ihe s-nat- were S-na
t,,i Cantor's, authorlslng New-Yorb i<< Iseue I8.0W,
000 addltlonal bonds f"r public achool purpoaea, and
Benator McMahoYa, relncorporatlng th<- Soclety "f
the \Var of ISl^.
? ?
artMca %hi< h thb tiooam m tbyhco vpos thi
AaTTUTB ??''? ' I'ANT OF THK i:\k< i iivk <-HAIit.
Albany, ??'-?' II (Bpeclal). Thomas C. Platt ls
i .p.ct.-i hera to*morrow t.. tak- coanaM with his
aupportsra In tiu- Leglslatare. Mr. Platt seoms t<>
have ?*i>? orders to hls foUowerS to bagtfl "?"
, ,,.1,11.- Oovemor Morton." for Ibe Platt in-mliers
of tti- Lsajtotatars wera all pradalaalBg lo*alghl
?ii.i' th- h-*t man N-w-York DOaM support for
I'l.-ldent of the t'nlteil Hlal-s was l*\l P. Mor?
ton. Mr. Morton Is too shr-wl fhus to l.e Indil-ed
IO lommlt hlinself lo the r-volutlonary measure*.
Wbleb Mr. Platt would llk- to |.ush throUK'i ,h"
i.. g| ilatara for th- parpooa <>f eoavtnelag his foi
lowera that he N still niast-r of th- Repubtt)'"'
part in thla rltat-. Mr. Morton was the man
who foi.'-d .S-nator l.exow to amenl the l'oll<?
Haorgaalsattaa i?in *o a* to giv- Mayor Btrong
authorlty to appolnt th- metnher* of the reorKim
Iz.itton < iiminlsslon, an<l he Is not llkely to turn a
hi.ni-rs.iult upon that aul.Jerl. liovernor Morton.
rnoreover, has heen eiideuvurlng to k?p pea< e
wiihin th- raaks of tba Rmablleaa party ev-r
ninre hls Inauguratlon. If h- now aasumes ?n
llK^resslv- StUtudS ln l.ehalf of Mr. PUtt, P-opl
hora will be grsatly rarprlsed.
Oovernor Morton obvlouoly intend* to mak- hls
raeentlon on Wedneaday night alaaost a Natlonal
a-f-iir He hHs laaued ov-r ?.'.'?.. lavttattons. m
ibla li?t ir- Inoludod sll th* 1trput.11.au ronai-es-.
Ilie'i. all lhe mtmhsra of th* Rcpubllran BUM
In Brass & Iron,
860 Broadway, Union Sq. & 18th St.
M6l3l For Interiors, Open
Our own Fmindrlea nnd Sliopa.
^?- ?__-__-?>
Committee. promlnent Republleana In every rrnrt
of the State, the Republlcan Stat- oin.-ers and all
the memhers of the Leglalature, without dlstlnc
tlon of party.
Albany. I-Vh. \f, (Speclal).- The Senate Committee
on Cltloa and the AaaaanMy Committee on Olas.
Elactrldty and B/atar lupply, wlll gtva a hearlng
to-morrow upon the blll lowerlng t-lephone chargi
Introdaead by Benator Peraoni ,n' AaaemblymaB
Oerst. of Buffalo There wlll be Mg delega tions
here from the chlef cltloa of the Btate. Walter .1.
Bhepherd, repreaentlng the Telephone Bubecrlbera'
Assoeiatlon of Buffalo. has already arrived here.
The newly orRonize.l pemneratle l'nlon. the ob
Ject of whi.-h is to brlng all Ihe Pemocrattc fac
tiona into one foid. held a meetlng last evanlng In
ihe Orand Opera Houae Hall. it: lha abaenei af
th- prealdent, C, i\ Colllna Davld Oerbar, Brat
vtca-prealdent, preetded. A platform and declara
tlon of prtnclplaa wera adopted, and reaolutlona
w< re paaaed reqoeatlng ?u Oemo ratle factlona In
N.-a York Clty to appolnl eommltteaa to confer
wlth h .-ommlttee- of the ur.lon ln the Intereat o*
it was aaaerted by aome nf the membera that ev
Mayor Qrae? was readj io enter Into negotlaMoi ?
with Tammany Hall, n, ,i thal the liemocratlc
l'nlon .... iii boconta tha rommon ground where
th.- Orace aad ihe Tammany Democracy could
tn.-.-i and coaleaca
Burfaee rallway people la Brooklya yeaterday
talhed a good deal aboal the followlng confkarntlal
drcular aenl >.'it by John <; lenklno, prealdent of
the Kirst Natloaal Bank, and a man promlnent <s
.. Bnanctei
i-'tst National Bank, February .'?. 1MB
You an- requeated to meet wltli uther large hold
en of atock m the Brooklyn tMl ' Ballroau t'om
pany and tbe l_ong laland Tractloi Comoany al
Ihe (larendon Hotel on "A'e1-.----1 ly, february ."?.
to dlacuaa Important mattera eoncern'ng tre fnture
of thla ayatem. Keep thla private and preaenl lt
at the door of th.- banquet r>im .....
Mr. .leokitis ia n atockhoWer and dlractor In the
Brooklyn Helghta Rallrnd Company B/lth Mr.
Jenklna ar.- over liftv atocicnoldcra nf the Long
laland Tracilon Company, who, II la said. are wlll?
lng to do .<w.i\ wlth lha preoent muddled Bnandal
condltlofl of th. l_ona leUnd Tractlon Coai|?any.
Bj'hen Mr Jenhlna waa .n laat nlghl by a Trlb?
une reporter, he aald: "My object In aendlng oul
thoaa Botlcea wai lo gel the Long laland Tractlon
Btockholder. together, to s. .? if we can'l do aome
n B'edneadaj evenlng t> wlpe thal company
oul -.f ealatottca i hav. lalked with rtockholdara,
.,- i i ballcva they feel aboul it ..s i do. l ara s,,-k
..f belng hooked up wlth ?< company havlng a capl
?n of p9.909.09ll .ml an empty treaaury. "
i- lika h_>vtng one drop ..f water In a blg palL I
hav.. had a good leal to lo with rallroada nll of
mv Itfe, bui thlB is th.- nr-t one i have ever been
IdentlA. 1 wltb w.'i.r.- II was o|| Bound and no BUb
ii i iten h in lha itoatiili of
tha ,.?!.;,. . ,,,, 1 . be wo in I up Bl
Thera about II lt the
meetlna on Wodneaday erenlnfl ihr..r four prop
II |... Bubmltt. : ? iffeni wlll be ma.le io
.. . ., .,.,.-. ... l.-i\.. them bonda nf the Brooklyn
- Bi whlyn Height. - >mpany ln m hang.
k. Anothei iffer will be rrom i
. klyn ma
.... r>g -'..!?? ' iff urs io gel
Thi. .mdtcati alll mahe an olter <?( 10 eenu on ..
,',,,,,. . - - ? Whai they wlll
gel li no ne knowi ai yet
l-roba ? '; '"' lon* '"'' "" ' ''*?' u'
,1 . i^m i- ar, l Trai ' on ?' .mpany oul of
mtintrl ,. ai I thai la a inaummatlon davoutly to
_. -sa--?
- Hi; IIANI rv'' Bl RaT aaaofTATioN
,..? KiNd I ANI? QI'KRNa i Ol'NTtlW.
Tn- Manufacturera" Aaooclatlon ..f Klnga nnd
i, ,...,* Countlea in-' aroimd Ihe dlnner tabl. al the
Manolon. Brooklyn. laal nlght, Aboul BS
,.pi,, ?era preoent, repreaentlng nearl)
branch of li luatrj on l-ong laland There were
Iwenty-four table. and ??- gueai table, The latter
u..s beautlfulli -l.rated wtlb a ' ana ..f plnk
, , njd on each end waa an ? mbtematlc ereatlon
by the tereri preaenttng Induatry On one p.
,,,,_ , ma i. ,r ? andy, was ., mlnlature
lornmotlve ? ". '??.ther waa an anvll, with
BliHlae. .ii.l wheeU Al the gueal table aal Henry
lt Halgh, prealdenl of Ihe aaooclatlon; A Auguotua
Healy, I'olh tor of Internal Revenue; Bdward M,
Bhepard, Congre. man Joaeph C Hendrtx, the Rev,
i,. jonn ii 11,. Korr.1 Bwaml I'lvekananda, T. B,
\i i.,,,! and Profeaaor Peter K Auaten, of the
Brooklyn Polyteehnle Inatltute. .\m,.nk' promlnenl
manufacturera preaenl were A. .1 ?'??"'''^ vYIIIIam
li Ni. hois. lohn h Hanaa A. ?; Jennlnge, w m
i.dii Vogel. i-'rank B. Y.Min :. F. B. Mullenhauer,
lohn ?; Jenklna, Thoma. ?' Bmlth, w. C. Beecber
i,t,l .I.i. .il. M.-.ii. r
Al in o'clock Prealdent Halgh rapped for order
and evry one rooe whlle "America" waa aung
Then followed .. aong >.f welcome by ihe Aurora
Orata Olee Club. Mr. Halgh'a addreaa was pteaa
antly glven, after whlch hi lnvlted th.- manufacl
un ts to ri-.- and drlnh to the toaat, "The Preal?
denl ..f Ihe I'nlted Btatea." Congreaaman Hen
ilrlxa t.iast w.is "Money," ani h- was recelve.1
with Ihree rheer. a. Iie roae to ipeak. He aald
lhal all the advantaae. thal Brooklyn manufaet
nn-r. poaoeaaed wen of no uae wlthoul bunlnen.
lt was tlme lhal ihe manufacturera gol lo worn
agaln A revlval ol Indu.tri had taken place ln
Kni land. and n w.is time the ITnlted BUlea had
' Bpeechei ware bIbo made by fhe Ber. Dr. John
ll |.. i'.ir.-sr swami V'ivekananda and tba ?av
l>r. V. B. Mi l.e..d.
TLABBM /.n Bl FFAI " Bl ttIC BAl I.
Buffalo, Tei- lk >ta*le Hall. the ftneet audlto
rlum between New rorh and Chlcago, and tba home
of the Orpbeua, Baengerbund and Oerman Toung
Men'a Aaooclatlon. of tblaclty, had a narrou ea ap.
rrom total dk itracll m bj nre early this mornlng.
,\t 12:48 o'clock Patrolroan Mlller heard thr.??
ploeton. Boundlng llka gianl Brecrackera followed
b] namea buratlng rrom the wlndowa on tha Ihlrd
floor of Ihe wlng thal forma tbe nortbeaal eorner
of the bulldlng. Aa alarm waa qulckly aenl ln. but
wh.-n the nremen arrived the Bamef arera In poaaea
Blon -.f th.- whole w-ltu: H I ..k.l at that tlme a* II
th. .-niiie bulldlng w..s .1....... i. but by dlntofhard
work the nremen al I o'cSo. k had conBned the flainea
to the iii.i.i v ann.x. whlch w ..s rulned. fjw audl
lorlum proper waa nol damagi I. The annei Brat
il.,... a-aa oVcunled b) Ihe llbrary, whlch contalnad
7,000 volumea, valued al 115.009; the aecond Boor by
th- Buengerbund pariors. nnd the upper floor b> the
lanh .ts famlly. The latter had a narrow >??<?? ?> P-v
Th.- tot.u lo.-s is varlou.ly r.tlmat. I al from po.OOO
to MO.000 The rauae of ih.- flre Ifl auppoaed to be
leakaae of a... whl h i*auae?l the exploolon. Ten
yeara ago lh? orlglnal MuaM Hall w..s burned and
iwo me,, loal theli llves. Tha preaenl atructura was
eracli 1 at a .-..st of 9909,999
New-iiiv.-n, l-vb. in. Th.- academtfl faculty of
rala haa announced lhal the Thacher prlaea of B09
and 1999 aach arlll ba aarardad la ihe memhers ..f
the a. -ndenile .b-pa rt men t who shall show the graat
eat prottclency ln ex(eiii|?irarie..iis deb.it I 00 tba
ej_wBat!on: "Reaolved, Thal tha laeeaaa tax of isi?i
was. und^r ihe clrciiinstan.es. a Juslltlable one."
The prlr.es wlll ba .iwarl.-.l tO the Iwo l.est corn
petltora ln the iin.ii debate on Aprll i.
,i rtll.l. TO r.l.V OBBBBBACBB.
lndlanapolla. Keb. IH iSi.e.lili. TtM S.-nnte 10-l.iv
paasad ihe Houaa MU toe tba laaatloa ol green
backs, aeeordlng t.? tba Coopar law.
The House ?iBBBll a resolution providlmc for a
Cnstllutloniil atnindment roqvlrtag B BVB years'
r.-aid.-n... la tba Btata tor for?lgn-born cttlaena to
be ellglble to vote. Another resolution for an amend
ment to permlt ma.-hlne votlnK waa par.ed.
The eondltion of Misa KlttI Choate, who has iK-en
lll at her haaaa, Ha, !? B/aal Korty-Beventh-at..
for nearly ?lx wee' -, was. It wa. s.u I last nlKht,
all_;htly Improved. Iier fanill> Hnd many frl'nds
are encouraaed to li.-ll, ve that the young woiiiaii
will recover from her aiikne.-..
People g-nerally. regardless of party, snd poll
tl.ians of all sorts bad many amustng things to
*ay to each other yesterday about the Platt flaseo
.f Bunday snd tha fatuoua att-mpt of Mr. Platt
to g-t up i .iemonstration which would frlghtati
Mayor Ktrong into re-ognlzing Platt'a right to
order appointment* to sult hlm aml hls undertlngs.
I*. was the eommon SSgrdssloa that Platt was
havlng his usual luek la compelllng men who held
the appolntlng power to COttfom to hls wlshes.
They racalled hls ezperleq.ce with Prealdenl ffayaa
ilartl-H, Arthur ar.d Uarrison, and wlth other* of
]< ss-r not-. who decUned to aceept his guidanee and
dir?tlon in maklng appointm-nts, and rememberc'l
that about svary Uma Mr. Platt got the worst of
it. They were ready to predlet a gimllar re.su'.t
from hl.. atta<-k on Mayor Strong.
Mr. Platt refuaed -o talk for print yesterday, but
did not conceal hin Int-ntions to go to Albany to
day to earry on his flght Beveral cf his lo-al
henchmen c-alied to se- hlm yesterday, as dld also
Charles IY. Hackett, ehalrman of th- Republlcan
Btate Commlttee, and AsaemMyman J. M. B,
O'Orady, of Rojheater, ehalrman of th- AssemM)
''ommlttee on Cltlea
Kx-S-nator Kassett. who sp-nt Sunda> at the
Fifth Avenue iiot.-i and watchsd tha movemsnts
eonnected wlth the Platl I "".dlngs wlth no llt?
tle amusement, remarked ln a rather aarcaatk
ton- yesterday that "th, boys ? dldn't roesa to gei
together In rary larga numbera on Baaday.
"If th- country psopti are so worked up sgalnst
Sirong's methoda lt aaems strange to me." Mr.
Kass.-tt rontlnued. "that they dld not send more
tepresentatlves to Mr. Platt'a conferanca lt may
hav- been :he antJ-paea piovision ln the new
Constltution that prev-.ited th- rush. .Som-thlng
Itepl the i-towd away, sure.
"Perhapa, howev.r, lt has occurred to the people
up the Btate that th- < ity ls able to look out for
own Immedlata roncerns without their h-'.p. The
fallure of . .-t-r.iav's meeting proves, 1 thlnk. tt-at
th- Republl ar. party is nol to ba controlled on
ih- patronage baaU The Democratlc party and
Taramany Hall can be iwung on that plan. but
th- rank and Iil- of th- RepuMlcan party are not
bulll ibai way."
Bx-Congreasman Oeorge Waat. of itaiiston Spa.
aald that ao far as hi cotiki sss Mayor Btrong had
,;. well ll- was eleeted by th- RepuMlcaa
party l.> his duty," isid Mr. West. "and not to
be dlctated to hy anybody. This he ls doJng. He
u honeat. we'.l-meanlng a thorougn Repuoiican,
and can be truated to earry out h:s pledgea. t h
factton ihat attempt* to array th- people ??'"'-'
hlm wlll real'se soon thal It has bltten on more
than lt can tak- -ar- of."
Charlea \v. Hackett, ehalrman of ihe Republlcan
Btate Commlttee, one "f Mr. PUtfs trusted Ueu
tenants*, who was present at th- Mfth Avenue
Hotel conference on Bunday, lalhed freely yesterdsj
,.,i,.,-it what t,?,k place there. Tbs aubjec whlcb i
recelved the moal attentlon. he sald, was th- Uov*
-rnor's propose-J Power of Removal MU. Nevertne
leaa, Mayor Strong'a appolntmenta took up mu-n
of the llme. .Mr. Hackett harped on hla favorlte
theme, thal although Mayor Btrong was eleeted aa
.: Republlcan, be waa apparently dotng everythlng
ln hls power to liijur- hls own party by favorlng a
"mlnortt) faction. Thla waa whal Chalrman h..,-k
.-? called the part ol the Republlcan party ot tm*
<-itv repreaented by the alsty-flve membera of tne
County .'..iii.-nii:-- who voted for Wllllam BrooK
ti.. i. ll.ned obllvioua to the methoda ueedby
Mr IM.itt for mablng It the mlnorlty factloo. Mr
Hacketl know* thal after the llecember prlmarlea
ll waa conceded on all aldes tha- Mr. Brookfleld
w..s th* chol,.f a large majorlty of the organlsa*
. enl - - - ?unty Commlttee, un tl.
promlae* of patronage and offlce turned th- acale
in the commlttee and changed th- majorlty lnto
lhe mln 'rtty fael i ,
\lr Hacbetl had mu-h lo aay about th- elteci
which Mr. Strong'a appolntmenta would hav- tn
atrengthenlng the Democratlc party al ,h,\px'
,.-e of the Republlcan party. provldlng that al
nexl fall'a electlon th- \-ry Democrata he had
pul in offlce would be found working agalnsl the
Republicans, *o ihat when th- greal Natlonal
baltl. of IM came <>n th- ;>eniorratle party would
be found fully Intrenchi I In power a harmpnloua
and cohealve party, ready to flght th- Republicans.
nadly broken un mm Mtler fsctlona. Por thls
?tate of thlnga na blamed lha Republlcan Mayor
,.f \..\ Y.nk
it'it ih- min.ls of Mr Haekett'e eosdjutoro
"I'n.'le LMek" Marcy, of Wat-ttown. Mr. Ha-k-tt s
partner and PaIl-Iu A Lawrenca, one r,f Mr.
Platt'a moal dtllgenl aui useful aldes-de-camp
,Ud nol run in lhe -am. channel wl'h ihat of th
, halrman of Ihe Btate Commlttee. *\hal dlatreooed
ih.in was lha "Oblo Idea." whi.-h *?<* Interpreted
i,, m-in the acheme of gettlng Prealdentlal dele
gate* to the nexl Republlcan Natlonal conventlon
7,,r iioverr.or Wiiliam McKlnley. "Cncte m-k
h-irl ihat Mayor Btrong had two portrai's of Qov*
\! Klnl-v m hl? offlce at th- .'-ntral Na?
tlonal u.uik. which gav* hun the "clew to th
Mavor'a appolntmenta. Meaara. Marcy and Law*
r...,;... wer* eonvlneed Ihat N'.w - Vot k-rs must re
?ori to Mirnmarv and drastl. meaaurea to eradl
... ., ohlo Idea." Mr. I_wrence said that
"anybody ? '? '? 'h" '' :" Wea would get
i, .vi , ?,. the ? hl k.-n gol tho BXl '
\n exodus of I'lait men of this -lty for Albany
io att.nl the adlourned meetlna of tha conference
,,, ,?. |?| i th. n i- ? upected to day Manj of ihem
w,u ittend lhe Uovernor'a receptlon there to-mor
r,,.\ .? v .-.ii,?- ....
?,-,,. r....,, t thal reaolutlona cenaurlng Prealdenl
..-.w ... | I , i'.-i-b',-h for leeklng patronage from the
VilN',. ,s the i-pr.-'iitativ of the Republlcan
County Commlttee n vi .latlon of the recently sdopte.
(im^tltutlon will he offered n the meeting of that
.-ommlttee on Thuradiy evenlng haa created an un
nl-isant ki-i 1 of excltemenl among that class of
deiegate* who want to mak* falr weather with
Commlssloner Mrookde'.d, now lhal he haa become
:i,; h. id of . blg, Julcj ilepartmtnt, although they
vloUte.1 lhe wl*he? of thelr conatltuenti and voted
.-?ni- hlm when they thoughl thal a man named
i.v'Mr Platl would dlapenae the PuMIc Works
patronage Many of theej people are not anxjous
uTfthowtheli hand* on Thuraday night, though II
waa *ald laal evenlng lhal If lhe reaolutlona came
(,,',, vo.nough membera who voted for Lauter
bach but are t.ow leali iu* of ihowlng g "chsnga of
j.,.,;.; ?? Woiild i ..ii the Brookfleld men to earry them
,;., i' handsome majorlty. Thls. lt was aaeerted.
e/ouhl !'?? made more certaln by the number of
,1-legates who voted for l_uterbach on January 17.
but wl" have varioua excuaea for shsentlng th-m
?elves from Thursday nlght'a meeting
s. ? nl membera of tha Commlttaa of Ten ap?
polnted by Chsrles Btewart Bmlth, ehalrman of tha
,-., CnJon in?ting. to fr.in- bii:s for tbs reor
ganlsattonof the Pollce Department. msl at tbs Clty
Club las! night to talk over thelr work They sald
ll mlghl be aeveral daya before they were ready to
preaenl Mlla for puMIc ? rttfrcbim.
Tbe featurc In the l^xow PoUcs Mli in tbe Ben?
ate ahlch roakei tbe Pollci ? ommlsaion a Li-parl -
aan body waa condemned, ind the non-partlaan
provlalona of the commlttee'a Mli srera auhen i to,
u well as tbs projeci u.ak'ng the park pollce a
part of the r-gular pollce force Ol the eity.
Loula I.. Dela'fleld, a member >>f tba commlttee,
sald "The task ol diawlBg Jp bllla wh|-',i Wll, l
aufllclent for tbe needed ra ll.-il i hange* In Ihe
pollce i'.partin-nt will be tong and illtbcult. lt
w,;i be n.?-?--.-at> to make am**ndmeuta t<> a numb*i
of exlstlng lawa "
tVhen ssked if he expected thal tbe Lexow M'.ta,
ii,ov pcndlag In the Btate Benste, would ba pasaed
this wsek hs said: "i think tbat thoae Mlla will ba
i.;, ,k-.i ,n th- AssemMy if they ara paaaad by ai*1
Benate. it wlll be easj to ihow ihat tbe btiis an
Jamea W. Pryor sald: "lt must i>- avkksnt to th?
membersof ihs Legtslature th.n tha dsmands*a>f the
people ?>f New-Yorb Clty f,.r a noa-partlsan munlcl
n.,1 governmeni must h- heeded aooner or [ater.
Here it la aeveral montha after el-etlon. and yet
th- cltlsena are as ready t,. gei up meetlnga and
put themaelvea to unuaual trouble as they are ln a
bea led polltlcal campalgn Thla ahosrs that are nave
a prlnclple worth tlghtlng for, snd aooner or l.uer
the UegTslature wlll hav- t.. recognhM that pttn*
Thaddeua D. Kennason sald: "Tba posiu-n t.ik.-n
i,v r C. Platl and hl* frlend* la whojly untenab.e.
They Bnd no taull wlth lhe persona lltnsss ? Mr.
Brookfleld f?r the offlcs of Commlsstonsr of PUB.K
Worka, bul thei ralse a greal how and threaten
blocb r. form leglaUtlon al Albany bee.iusv Ma>or
m:u MEMBBJta . iioskn-IN KAV..K Of MAKOtQ
l.lN.ul.N S llll'.TIIl.AV A NVTIoNAI. BOUDAY.
The U.publl.an Club, at No. Bl Kifth-ave.. had
a shorl anl Q,Ulet m""thly m-etlng last evenlng,
aad not?ng waa aald abont po'Jtka There was
a larga altsndaacs of membera, but neither win
ia:-.i Brookflald nor Bdward Laaterhaeb appsarsd
at the elub during the meeting. The followlng
new m.-iiib-rs WSTS rtSCtadi K-r r-sld-nt m-mber
?hip: Henry a. Mott, Bsnjamla P. Tracy, Qsargs
c. iioit, Aaron Raymoad aad Harbert Mooth Klng.
For non-resld.nt nieinb.rshlp: Janies H. Hoyt, J.
ril'iat fkaaott and Thomas A. lOOtt
PavoraMs sctlos was taken iinanlinoiialf upon the
followlng ivsolutlon off.-red by I,. K. Chlttenden:
B*QOlVSd, Thal the Commlttee on N'atioiial Affalra
i>? and h i-h, la lustruci'-d lo prepare and preaeat
?'j wiunnijii.ni M
llr-lp for the faascd and wnrn-out, vrho ara
lu-KlnnliiK ln leel Ibe .lealru.-llif eBergy af
Winter. A ahleltl nftnlnnt ??hllla nnd th*
tveakneaa lhat rollowa the nrlp.
HM unytrvmm lt* worlh na n ?lr?-nu;tliener nfler
Ibe (_rl|>. Tr> II. nnd ?<-e If It doea not da
werve ita fnme f.ir -inrlly'iinrl u-.-fulneeo.
All Brat raaaa DrnarKiala nnd liroeera aell lt.
Illiisirnteil Pnniphlet ?vMI lie nmlle.l hy
l>t I'l'i 4I.I.T aa/ajIBKalf <<???
HO<ltl->TKK. *>. V.
to tha Congreaa of the tnlted .state? a petltlon for
the paaaage of an aet nviklng tha twe.ftn day or
february. th- blrthday of Abraham I.lncoln. a Na?
tional hollday.
The next dinner of the <!ub wlll take place OO
Tu roday, March tt at 7 p. m.
Pf I'HIi.AM'U'HI.*.
i'hlladelphla, Feb. 18.?Local eloctlons will be held
in every townahlp of a'.l the countlea in I'ennsyl
vania to-morrow. and m evnry .-ity and i.orou?h.
.\iayorn. l.urKesses. eounollmep. si hool dlrectora.
election board ottWrs. ar.d other offlcinla are to be
.?le, ted.
In tHls clty an Intereat that has not been eciunlled
for years. has l.een arouaed by the Mayoralty can
vuss made l,y Charles I". Warwh-k. the Hepubllcan
, an.ii.late. and ex-Uovernor Hob? rt T. Pattl-on. the
liemocratic standard-bearer. The conteat has been
DartlCUtarty Berca nnd waired wlth a vliidh-tiveneoa
wlrh whi'h no poli'.lcal battle ln this .ity has been
fouKht for a lot-P tlme. in.ler usual condltlona
Mr. W'arwiek would probably be swept Into the
Mayoralty chair tuion th.- crest of the usual enor
mous Kepub'.l.-an majority givefl In Philadelphla, but
lo.-al nnd factlon.-! flghffl in the party ranks have
so compllcated the situation that to-night there Is a
reasonabic doubt of the c.-rtainty of his election.
The normal Hepubli.-an majority in Philadelphla on
local Issues is from H.999 to .a.OOi. and Mr. W'ar?
wiek has been forr times e>, t.-d City Sollcltor wtth
an incraaaad majority aach time, ?o that he bringB
to the polls the prestlge of an unbeaten candldate.
Th.- fa.-ilonal liKht iti ihe RefmbUcaa party waa
begUB when Stat.- S-nator Botea I'enrose did not
i. -e.ve tbe nominatlon for Mayor. whlch. he aa
s.-rt.i. had been promi.se.I to him, an ' when Coroner
s.iniu.i i-\ Aabbrldga was forcad from the raoa for
tba Bame offlce aeveral araeka before the conventlon
assembled. Tiu followers of both these men are
belleved to be contan*platlac veng'-ance. and lt la
said that they will knlie the Kepublican candldate
al th-- p,,)is to-morrow.
Bberla. <':.-ment. chairman of the Kepubiican Clty
Committee, *ays tO-nlght that Mr. W'arwiek will ha
eiected by at !ea?t 9M9I majority. but the more
rvatlve asembera >.f tha .ir?ani_at!on acknowi
edge that thi. clalm I. probab;y extravaeant. Aa
. latad wlth Mr. W'arwiek upon the tlckei is Will
lan .1. Koney. who is th- nominee for Keceiv-r of
lax.-s. Upon the Democratic tick>-t opposed to Mr.
Boney ls colonel Bylveotor Booaaffoa, j. . an in
lapendenl Beoubllc-tn. The K-ceiv-rshlp of Tax.a
flght ha? be.n som?what lost sijfht of In the greater
pr.imln?nce .lven io the Mavoralty battle. Mr.
Boney la a brother-to-taw of Davta Martin, the Ke?
publican leader in Philadelphla. and a. such wlll
probably ba fr-ly "knlfed'' by the followers of
Penroae and Ashbrldge. as Mr. Martin ls charged
with beinif the man who brjke falth with th?.e
candldatea. _
W'hi'e Clty Chairman "Vllh-re. of the IVmocratl.
committee, doea nol aiv<- any flKures as to Mr.
Pattison's majorltv, he Is confldent that he wlll be
elected. Mr. PatUaon has been preaentad ta the
peiple on a reform platf. rm. and rM ha* pledge 1
htm.elf, If elected. to OOrTOCl many alh-Red abuse. Iu
the dty departraenta and t.. -naUgate a thorough
Investlgation ..f th-lr worklnga This platforaa and
Mr Pattison's pr >mls. - hav- brought OUt tn hi.
favor a initnl-r ..f promlnent Indep.-i dent K'pub
licin* who have open!) advocated hls election at
llfferent pol'ttcal meetlnga tn ad-lltlon. Mr. Patti
aon has tha record Of an unbeaten candldate. H<?
has twice currled the clty of Philadelphla for <"on
troiler. and twice carri.l Pennsylvanla for Oov?
('ounctlmen and nlneteen pollce magi-trates wlll
i> , !.-? elected to-morrow. A coneervatlve estlmate
Of the ? ltu.it:..n tO-nlght makea ll rea'.mably dotibt
ful whlch party will eiec the beada of the tleket.
sm PraaeBM >. 9*a%raarr is. ises
s.,1 ii.I.i- To-dajrl S.it i-Mai.To-day
Alra .
:i_ M. xl.-.in .?W .tl
.'(:? .\i a.99 W
ii..'-t ,v liaichar.. .?. .73 < 'plur .IJ9 l.ai
|t..a(_ Ceii-.,.!.s--. vs Potoal .? .411
nulwer .H .ISirtavaa* .*? -?l
,-h,,llar .4". ..".4 Hlerra Nei.-i.la ... ..*>3 .*.
i-.,ri Cai A V.i ..3.99 2.40 1'ni.>n .'onaol.40 .40
<i. w-n Polnl .95 .3711'Uh .09 .O*
G.mlJ ?. Curry.. .-"- 4. Y.-llow Jacket.40 .43
Hale & N 'r. r..ss. "> .911
Oalvaoloa Keb. is Cottoa otaadr; mkMlln .. 9V.e; i?w
riii.i iiir.i. 4\. . i ??.?! ordlnary. m . b#4 ad -r..?a r?
relptt I' IU I'l.l-s; ?BBJOTU 10 Oreal Itrita':i. S.2V) balea:
, aatwlae, S.913 l.les. eal-s. BSB l.al*?; ,t...-... 141.S40
\,,rf...W Feb ls Cotton llrm: mlddllnc. ?"?'. 1 n rnil
iliina 4 ll-10r; woot ordlnary, 4 1 IBjei n-t and itr..?a re
reipta. 103 bale.; axp rt. ? a-WwIOB, .'.4-> i.m1-s, eui.-a. r_y
i .ile,..' ?i , k. 4.",.::ii balea
Bavannah l'i- I* .'..tt,.n quiet; ni..!.l!in?. * l-l?v-; low
mi.i.iiitiK I5,- ..?xi ordlaao'i IT-I9c; nal aad tso*n re
relpt., iti bat. s. riporti eoaaiwtee, 1199 bnles. s.-lea,
OO i.h!..-. itock. 18,397 bal*.
v.? orleano, l'el>. ls Cotton Brm: aoo-l nu.l.liina. ".V;
mlddllng .".l?'?; '"?' nii.Mlmar 4**e: * "' "rdtnary. IT-tdB|
n^> rrcelpla, 4.-.41 balea; ?.,,_., .-,.?.?14 balaa; exn-^rra to
llreal Ilrltaln. 9,000 balea; Htlaa >.10O balea. at.-s-k, 384.
477 I al?s
?Jtiropran _\bofrtistmeiUf.
First Avenue Hotel,
High Holborn.
One of the best for real com
fort and moderate charges.
Convenient alike for City,
Law Courts and West End.
The Gordon Hotels, Limited.
Rome, Italy.
Grand Hotel,
Opened laat year.
Tne aioat rowpl.t. or
Modern Hotela. Illerlrta
II.bt thrnuahout. Imarlc.l
rlrralora. All aai.ltary
?rraneroieata pl.nntil
?a. r.rrled out br
taeurf* JrBaln.i k l o., >f
fgt p;4, ot Kor.y Hniti,
J ll. KITZ, l.nndoa.
U. Pfyffer, "fi
Hotel Natloaal,
Illtl-.AKKAST?M ITKIl,- H> a UiorougU knoWl
ed?e ut the tuiui.l lawa wlilcli g iwin the upa.alWlta vt
diK'au. n at.d nutr.tiuii. and i>> a laratul appi..?oVn of tat
iln? araaerttaa ut ??u-sriecied oocoa. Mi. tipi.a haa pra
vld.sl tor our t.irukfuvt and auppvr a dellcately 0*,[yp*'
bvveraga aliuli may save ua mauy heavy iiocior. b""?
It la by the Judicloua ua* of au.h arllctea ot dlet that i
constitutton may ba gradually bulll up untll atrong eaoua"
to realat every tandency lo diae-.ae. Hundieda uf. auojM
maladles are t1..atln? around ua ready to alia-.-. ?~*r***,1
?l.^ra la a weak polnt. W* may aacaiw many a ???ai
BhSt by keeplM cKraelve. well *>?WB?*SJ?!!, JS*
and a properly nourlahed frame."-Clvll 8er?tc. Oawtte
Mad* almply wlth ,bollln? ""'?L.^m^'j _MKS ?frl 5
? I'o., I.td.. HooausopatUlo Ckeatl.ta. Uad.a
fji UKOPBAN" ADVEKTI8BR8 wlll flad the
___? I_g-k_en offle* of Th* Tlibun*. TB m**t Bt?*t. M. Ci.
? ooaT*nl*at plac* to lea?* tb*lr adv*rtlMm?nta (or aaite
loaiiaa 8a Tb* Ti Ibaaa

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