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T>ri<,in_- fldetlty and mtaajrity thal hla Influence
{...been bo deep aml sure and p.-rmaneM Upon
,?; .Ilectual llfe of Ihe young men nf New
England; on.l ? r Old Bngland, too, where ln !
I_ianrheater the; were regular weetly maetltiajn
a't whlch hla "? rk9 were road.
go only forty j mi ago a ? good an American ;
M c;i)1.tj; t:, ... ..,.,1,1.- to mentlon to nae |
.merican publlc that regular weekly meetlnga
were held In Mancheater al whi.h Emeraon'a
- rks were ra 1. Y --t aome thirtcen >cnrs b> fore
that date had appeared ln Bngland the Bral
,erie. of Emeraon'a Baaaya wlth ? Prefa ?- by
Cnrlyle. And I -da>- Emeraon ls a houaehold
_ (rd ,n Bngland. and n Ither In Bngland or
America needa beany teatimony or certlflcate to
iprema ) U ?? the date of Curtla'a eaeay,
1 repeat. wbtcn makea hU teatimony ao Inter
estirn* and Important. He aneaka of Emeraon'a
Nattn "aa falr and faaclnatlng as Egerta lo
Nuina wandering ln tbe grove," then adda:
T>je eaaayi oratlona and poema followed, de
velonlng and'e'.ab ratlng the aame gplritual and
herole phJIoaophy, applylng it to llfe, hlatory, and
pteraturc, wlth a vlgor and rlchneaa ao aupreme
lhal nol only do many accounl him our trueal
phlloe pher but othera acknowledge blm as our
moat characterlatlc poet
The lentatlve eatlmate agaln appeara In tbal
pbraae; the eatlmate of tho period Tet, on the
wh .li. there are few eaaaya crltlcal oi other
wlae, fr..m whlch ihe atudent who .-aros to under
9tand tba nature and aourcea of Emeraon'a
thought aill get more belp than from this.
Emera m hlmaelf must have dellghted to flnd hla
friend tracing them all ao far as thej had any
relatlon to phyalcal Influence*, to "the underlvi I
aweetiteea of the i pe:i fJoncord sky and the apa
cious breadth of tbe Concord borlaon."
CnrUa repreaenta, uq_doubt. what may prove
t? be a tranaltory phaft of American llterature.
Even now. la the lataat as well aa ... the
aavrtteat eaaaya ln this dellghtful volumc Ibere la
a navor as of eomethlng tbal la P-U-rtng away.
The ieisureliness. the dlgnlty. the markel and
eoaaetfaaea almost alaborate courtaay ol manner.
the stvic ln whlch tba ebeencc ot all Impatlence
ls onlv one mark of its invarlable dlatlnctlon
are these of to-day'.' The Btyle flowa on wlth the
amootbaeaa of the Concord Rlver Iteelf. but with?
out its shallows or Blugglahneaa Th.-re are
llowers upon lt. surfa.v. and it mlrrora the h.av
eae above. In tbe lateet paper. that on Oliver
Wendell Holmea Ln UM, the atyle haa galned In
rapldlty and in conclalon while loalng nothlng
of Us grace. He l.-av.-s oul a good deel which
earlier he put ln. and .very exclalon adda force
to his expreealon. what a knowledge of Amer?
lean llterature there is in thla eaeay. and what
ea?e of nlluaton to people and facta already more
than half forgotten. Ou.tls grew up whlle they
were atlll fresh. and he has refreahed his mem
orv. if need were. at ihe fuii.st fountaln.
TurnlnK over the noWe volumea of Btedman
and Miss Hutchlnaon In whlch, aa on a vael
ptaln the wh.de llne of American llterature la
nav'n up for Inapectl m and revlew. and nwrchea
past l.ke tbe ghaatl) mldnlghl eolumna of Na
i,.,le.r.'s frand army, we eannol quarrel wlth the
lerdi't of time nor feel lhal Injuetloe h..s beea
d,,n- 10 Clamis or Cawdor.
That is B tine tribute to the monumcntal I.ibrary
of Amerlean Ltterature of which Mr. stedman
and Miss Hutchlnaon were the edltora; an ln
valnaMe work whlch but for them mlghl hav.
walted long lo ?et itseif done, nm ever have
been done eCJBBlly well. "There are Ungere of B
.;ay." aaya Curti?. "but no. leea alngera becauae
they are of a day" lt is true, and true alao of
Wtitera who are not sinRers. and both have found
an honorable resting place in this capadoua
Critkism in these days glvea Itaelf the same airs.
and ln its mimicry of acJentlflc methoda forgeU
sometlmes Its klnshlp to llterature. Curtis rnipht
l.e a gOOd adviser for criUca of this j.attern.
To hls elorjuence or Insitfht not many of them
.an pretend. but a; leaal th-y nre buman as be
ls human. and th-y cannot but feel the touchea
of nature and of human nature whlch abound in
hlB pases. I cjtiute but one con.-iuding pas-.itfe
from the essay on Holmc.:
The kindlv .Master take. the reader by the
hutton or laya his hand upon his Bhoulder. nm
with the rude famtllarity of the bully or tba hoot
but wlth the courteay of Montalgne. the friend
liness of John Aubr.-y. or the wis.- cheer of Sel
den The reader glows with the pleasure ot an
Indlvldual greetlng, and a wlde dloceae ot thoae
whom the Autocrat n-v-r s.w plume then -
nroudly upon hls peraonal acqualntan ??-. ....
y.,r juat sixtv years alnce hla Brat gay and ten
der note was heard, Holmea haa been fu.rll.ing
?he promi.e of his matln aong. He has become a
patrtarch of our llterature, and all his country
jnen are ids lovera
The essay on Blr Phlllp Bldney la, perbapa,
even ncre aotoMographli al than that on Bm
erson. Sidney was a here after Curtla'a own
beart. What he has Wlltten of the Klizab.-than
MiKht la among the moal eaquialte of his
achlevementa as mere llterature. and ..ne of the
best studies of one <>f the most benutlful human
naturee in Matory. Tet he eeema to hav- doubted
whether It could be publtahed. It was written ln
U57. lt appear* for the flrst time in thla VOlume.
If there wer. nothlng elaa in it. the lover of the
beautlful and ol the herolc would enabrine tbe
bOOh among hls tr-asurcs. The llfe of Sir Phlllp
Bldney ls here, the roman'- of his lettera to Ells
abeth dissuadlng her from the marriage with
the Duke of Anjou; the Defence of Poeay, the
fatal sklrmish at Zutph.-n.
Thla is the story of I'hilip Bldney. A letter, a
li.j.k. a battle. li..w llttle to Juatlfy h;s unlque
farne! How invl.lble his performance amona
the IlluBtrlouB eventa of his prodlglou. age. Vei
ls n.t the Inatlnct of the human h<?an true; and
In the Btately aodety of his time. lf Bacon were
the t.hllosopher. Bbakeepearc the poet. Burlelgb
Um coonaellor. Ralelgh the aoldler. Drake he
s.ilor Hooker the theologian, Eeaex th.- courtier,
iire.ham tbe merchant, was not Phlllp Bldney as
dlatlnctlvely a gentleman?
And waa that why Curtis thouKht lt dll
to let hia essay remaln In maauaeript. ls it too
late fo say of Curtis himself what he says. of
Sldne>*? I hoi>e not. There ls Kt 111 an audlence
which wlll welcome such an accuinl of thlH ex
ceilent ABMricaa and recoffnlaa blm moet eaalli
a. havlng "that happy harmony ..f mlnd and
Igaaper oJ entbitalaem and good aenee, of a -
complishment and eapactty; whlch la deecribed
hy that mo.t ex'iulsite and nn st gbueed word.
Th.-re MlOW BOIB9 pages whleh if I could I
would put Into the hands of every young Ameri?
can. "Phiilp Bldney was nol a gentleman be
r-aus* hls xrandfather was Dttke of NOrthumber
Land nnd bla fath<- Lord Deputy of Iretend, bui
because he was hlmaelf generoUB, slmple. truth
lui. aohto, reflned." i? that the true note, or la
lt not? *la there anythlni* more American than
that; or anything more American than his
homage to youth hs the malneprlng of tbe erorld.
or than ht. proud aaaertlon that "there is no
youth ln M.tory s., roman:. and belOVed thal iti
a thou.and American homea y.u may noi flnd
his peer ...-day"? it la evtdenl that the later
part ??! thi* '-snay was written I'.nn after ls',7.
We hear of sh.-troan "plarclng the beart of tbe
Tt'-: ellion." and of <*iaiit's "perfect vi'tay"; and
"v.? 11 ve in a country whl<-h has he-n aaved by
its yoatng -aon." And the pntriot trled as hy
nre apaaka ani la more than on- othei peueaage;
a.iir.etlni'-.. of reproach 10 tbe BOTdld spirll whicii
.tair.s aonaa m rtl na al 9oclety, and of rebuke to
ti,. i areleB.ness abOUl Btmeaty and honor which
l. Ibe mark of base polltlca; BOmetlBMM in h??n
<.r?!>:<* trlbute to "that human love and fallh and
fidellty which. lUU day and nlght. UkO aeed-lflBO
and harveat, .hall le-v.-r, ?.-v.-r fall " BttCh wa.
the f?i;h in whi.-h CnrUa llved nnd dled, and thla
lt Is whl. h In Iht. book he hand. on to those who
eoine after him. and who shall 1 .-. II! ?? him. true
Amerl, ans. and true cltlzens '>f a <it> Krr-.it-r
than the great Kepubil.. 0. vV. B.
I'EAin 0F Mlta. BTBFBBB BOBBAL, ?'/??
Informatloii wa. recelved ln thla clty yeaterday
?hat Mra Diisy Maud H.ydtn llonaal, wlfe af Ht.
".hen Bonaal, ir.. had dled on Bunday cveninn at
N'orfolk. Va She wa. a irranddauKhter of the Inte
pet?r Hayden, of this clty. Steph?Mi Baaaalj .Ir..
formerly was conneeted wlth "The H.iald" and
wlth g.jme of the magaalne. ln thi. 'Ity, and h?- has
beea known both as a writer and also In th<- dlplo
matlo and con.ular aervlce. He wa. marrled to a
eharmlna vouna; woman, whoa. earlv death ia
grcatly ta ba regr.tted.
Mr. Daly'i proposed producttoa ol "Tbe Two Gen
t'.iin) -f Verona" artll be deferred until next Mon?
day evenlng Pebruary B. Tbe farce bill now eur*
r-nt at I'aA's Th-atr- has glven much pleasure t i
tbe public, and has l.-en recelved wlth more than
eommon favor, la "Tho orieni Bxpteaa" tbe ad*
v, ni at thb houae of th,n eacellent actor, Mr.
Wllllam K. Owen, ha- s.r\.-<i to rsnalnd observanl
apectatora ol tbe remarkable atreagth of Mr. Daly**
dramatlc company, an organtnatloa ibat recalla
Burton'i Theatre, ln Its besl 'ia>.. \* ith Mr. <>\\:i
ln the company lhe character of Palataff becomos ;?
poralblllty In Daly'a Theatre, snd some of the
Dtckens dramas an reaslble. Wltb Miss Rehan,
Mr. Clarke, Mrs (Jllbert, Mi. Lewla, Miss Carlisle,
Mlu Haswell, Mr. Dlxey, Mr. Worthlng, Mr. Her
b-rt. Mr. Gresham, ,\ir^. Thomas Barry, Mr, Cralg
.,: i Mr. Power, ihe old Eagllah comedle* lhal areri
favorltea In Wallack'a Thestn aei I n il any leagei
remsln ii, sbi yaw .._.
Mr. Daly'a alteratlon of Bherldan'a farce of nia
Cr,tlCi.. ;ll.-,,| UIrder lhe name ol "A Tragedy Re*
hearaed." movea very amootbly. and Mr. Wsey, ai
Mr Puff. ha* aomewhai conformed lo th.- sarnesl
.nd colloquUI manner of Charlea Matbewa. li i
? worth whlle to re..I that Mr. Daly. la maklni
bl. adaptstlon of the plece. haa bulll upon the baati
ofa prompt-copj of "Th* Crttle" tbal arasmadebj
tom ha* been to make II a vehicle for hlts ai
lemporan folble* snd i-....i loplca. Tbo* hlti are
not perhapa. alway* very apl or very brlght, bul
ri, v ke.-i- up the froltc and ihey do no barni t i any
i?,'\ i-.i-t of all to tbe reputation of Hheriian
i ?',?? late Charlea Wheatlelgh waa lo have played
ll, pari of Antonio, father to Proteus, In tbs revlvnl
of "The 'i?" Gentiemen of Verona." bul ihat pari
wlll be undertaken bv a younger membi r ol th. eom
pany, The funeral of Charles Whestlelgh occurred
on Bunday, al hla late home, and was attended by
many old fiiends of one ot the beal actors and one
i.i tne gentleat, cheerlest, aml moat lovable mon
that ever graced the atage In our Ume. HU grave
la ai Woodlawn.
Mr. Kyrl- l'.-11-w aad Mrs. fora I'muhart
Potter hav- once more come arlthln spoaklag dls*
taacs oi Now-York. Those porformera appeared
last nlghl at tbs H.irl-m Opera House an.l pre?
aented "Franclllon." The play is known nnd I)
doea not need deaciiptlon. it -.vould be dlfflcull to
And b drams mor* lalated, obnoxb>ua and rep*
rebenalble. Tbe grarltatlon of Mr. Bellaw and
Mra. Potter to a repertory of Buck plays as "Fran*
clllon" is atngular ..i.-i aol without BlgalAcance.
Mr. Bellew, tbough Inalncara and artlflclal as an
actor, has tsleni Mrs. Potter'a actlng remalna
upon its oll l-v-i tbal ot a draped Ogura In a
mllllner'a wladow, revolvlng upon a wheeL Tba
toplc of "i-'ran.-illon." t.y-th--wny, is. -wlth B
dlfference as to treatment,?tbal <>f the vulgar an.l
siiu- play of "Rebellloua Bueaa." now eurrenl al
the Lyceuih Theatre. an.l persons who are curl
ou, ;* to Ihe dlfference between the Prench
an.l the Englleh jianner of llluatratlng mu-k
may perhapa edtfy themaelvea by romparlng the
two dramas. Al Harlem ll Is the crayen; at lhe
I vceum it is the mnp; but "your Busan has n-v?r
;,?,?.? ,.,,....-? ,h< declares. "alncs the last tlme we
oarted at WappinK Old Btalrs" an.l tbal declar
atlon H iuppoied to mak- everythlng clear aml
Mr-. Tree'a eiigagament at Abbey'a Thctre arlll
end ..n Baturday alght. The current attractioti - a
double bill. conatattng of "Th.- Merry BThrea of
W.ndsor" and "The Kallad Jlonger." On Tburi I B)
Mr Tree wlll appear aa Hamlet. and Mrs. rree
will ai-pear aa Ophella An eatra afternoofl per
rorniaa.f "Captaln Bwlfl"-wlll eeeor oa PW
d?y, tbal belng Waahtaaion'a Blrthday. andabo ?
day On the laal nlxht of hls aeaaon, Mr rree vull
beaeon as l-apuln Bwlft and aj Val.staff.ire
.,. ,ed productlon of th.- French drama of Mme.
W 0#ne." alth lhat very good French actraM
\ rn- Relane in the chlef par;, will be eff*.- ed
olTwedneadaV "venlng. February 17. An auctloa
..,-... ara to-morrow.
K thf.tri.-al ev.-nt <>f in..r<- than commae Intereot
ls aoelgned for February a, nt th.- Plfth Ai
Theatre, where Mr. .'ran.- wlll make hls ra-an
r.-,nce pre.-entlnK hls new pl.iy. Ly Miss Morton.
called ""Hla wif.-'s Fath-r." ln Waahlngton, New.
Oriani and ...her cltlea. Mr. CraneJ. arflng ln thai
nlav h..s ellctted uncemm-'ii favor. aad ina i
OBtiona are that he has obtalned anottur BW ?
\. chlebeitng Hall laat nlght Mis- Jeento 8hay. a
young AmericaB woman. wh.. got her moalcal edu
catlon here and doea aol aeem to feel and certalnl)
nol ?how the want of a forelgn traJnlng, Bav?
. '..,, Sh. played Henoelfa deSlatitfu jowrerto
nd much other muele to th- manlfeat dellght ot an
oudlence that Blled the hall. Mr. Damroacb and
hi? orcheatra provldlng the a. .-..mpanlment.
OF 1919 wki.i. KMOWM l K.U'l.K
Bome of the old inna lhat had played leadlna
rolea in the B/ar of UU wera Btached In a threaten
Ing and hrlstlliiK array laat evenlng !n tba B I I ???
of tba ballreon of lha Watoorf. Ona ?t th.-n.. ..
Uttla more menaclng aad aavage than lha n^'.. w,.s
formerly owned by tba Kaiiant old pirate La Fllte,
and ibere wer- othera wltb equally nonorabte bla
toriea All tha weapoaa, Includlng ;. plla <>f muf
ii-i war druma were aurroiinded and Imprlaoned t.y
the membera of tba Bociety of tba War of im_, and
they wera held eapttvea aatll lha aodety had
flnlabed its fltst annual dinti-r. nr. i had llalened to
?i..- war atoriei and apeeebea whlch followed ll Tha
ublea were arranged in the form of a bollow aquara
with tbe rellci of ina B/ar of UU atacbed m th.
centre, and a huge fb.K. whlch had als,. Agured la
many ecenea of that atruggla araa draped from Iba
gallery. The aodety aalected laal evenlng f? IU
nrai dlnner ta honor of the elghtleth annlreronry of
ti,,. proclaiqallon ta 1911 by Prealdenl Madleoa ol
ih- raUncatlor. of the ireaty ef paa<
Th- Rev. Dr. Morgaa i ?ix. eemmaj?dant >.f lha
?odety. waa to prealde, but, iiwtag te tba aerioua
lllne.. of bla aon, be a ia compelled al the laat
m0ment to aend hla ragreta In hla oboenee Colonel
hn Blrd Oardlnar acled us loaatmaater, and gave
i brlef bJatory of tha eauaea whi.-n led to the waa
..nd reaulted ta the Baal trbimpfa of thi American
rorcea Oeneral Nelaon A. Miies apoha ob the
?Army of th.- Unlted Btatea." Ree_r-Adn-tral Oher
.- 0? .,?????,,-.? Protected by a Navy and a
v-yj Buiiported by Commerce," -Jamrs Mnd.a)
,;.,. i'.?, of V'lrglnla db the broad mbferi "The
,-Illt...,' mate. ol A....rica." and -lohn Wtnfleld
Bcoil "Hlatorlc Pla ea In lha I nHed Btatea aad
How'to Preaenro'Them" ii,-?erni varnum,
Amons otherajvho mneo ? r Thebaud. M I.
V'?'?;" il','.V i'r r. U Bmlth.4'aptaln l_oyal Fa.
;;?';'" m, ? Henry rnauncey, j. I'harloo laham
iv... Bmlth -:iv looeph Hone. ??"< ' r?, ,., ??., l\
WKBftfc g?S?ui- trtBJH
mandant, i oionei *-'.')'',.,miisl,.,- t)r. Oouv
st% Baa.\ ZR&ftiSfflfar*?
Morria P. Ferrle: aorgoen, Jaba v. n. """?
Tll,n. WU ?,, ino.lon b-for- rhane.-llor MtoOlU at
,.. .> city yesterday in refereaoa le the Dreytoa
:?- andao an.-aected aith tbe cam tp
'.,?.. uvah a. ciark.-, Mr. Draylon'a eouaaal
LTalmconflBed to Me bome by Illaeaa II la nnder
agaln nexl M..nday.
-/..//>. v/;?/.%- BVBB IS ItAl.llMOltt
intltlmor-. Keb. 1B. -H.rrla-a A.-ndcmy of Muai.
1 BM rar.lv held a tolBW <" ">ore enlh.isl..?llc andi
..,?,. ,h?i tbal whi.-h K..-i.d Abbey A Oraui
, grand opera eaaapaay to-olgbt it wa. iba Iral aP
I,..,,.,,,,. iieu of this company and the cream of
| BaltlmorCa arealth, baawly and ealtara amamhlad
to graet the lnltial iK-rforniam..
Managar Deaa lefl nothlng aadoaa te mtU t\\
a< a.l.-mv lullllunt for the occa.lon. and to that and
tiie blB ehundell-t, whlch had BOt b'-en IlKhUdsln..
pattl Bang here. was ablaxc with Ith thoiisands ..f
Incandeacenl lampa the toyara wera a^aoorated wiia
plant. and the blg mlrrors banke.l wlth flow. rs.
Of ih.- performance of "I_ohen|{rln II la ix.s.lble to
ete-Lik ln ternis of unquallflod pralse Mml. .Nonllcii.
M Jean d* Rea.ke aiid M. fclancon were greeted
j wlth thunder. of applau.e.
Tbe marrlage of Miss MsrrletU Nortoa. daughter
Of the lat- .liisti? Mi.-ha-l NoitOB, :i"l w.ifl Of
Anthony Barrett of Brooklyn, lo John Arehlbald
I'.ivi.ison. si.ii of John M. Davldeon, took
place at s o'clock lasi evenlng ln tbe chur.-n
of st. Paul tba Apostle. Nlatb-ave. and
Plfty-aloth-st. Tbe Rev. John Hughea olBclated.
Mlai Norton, wbo waa M i" th- altar t>> her
brother, Bberldan Shook Norton, wora a gowa
of whlte sattn trlmmed wlth ducheae aea
and pearta Tba brklal party atood noder i
canopy of v-hii- lace, aupported by four bU
ror poloa Miss laabella Davktooa, alatar of the
brldegroont, wai tha maM of honor. Her g< ara araa
of I'lnk satir. nnd <:iifT.-.ii, wiih allver Irlmmlng*.
Th- bridestnalds, In gowna of Nlle green aatln nnd
Hlver apancled lulle an.l short relli of whlte tull
wen Mlsa Angela Brooman, Miss Bmlly Jonea. Mlsa
.imi!,. n.irrci: an.l Mlsa Loretta Brosoan Arthur
M. Davldeon. brother of th. brldegrocm, wai besl
in,ni. and Loula Jsmes Joacelyn. John it Post, Jr.,
l>r. Bamuel Haasett, Jr.. Loula Msrtln, Wllllam
Magulre and Artbur Drake were lhe ushera Tb*
ceremoay, which wbs accompanled b| bobh eacel*
leni eboral ilnglng bj the regnlar cbalr ot lhe
church aa* followed bj a receptlon sl Ihe home ol
th- hrlde'a mother, No. lal Wesl Beventy-flrat-at.
Mr Davldeon la h member of tbe Tt'i Reglment. tn
New-Yorh Athletle anl Catbollc -lubs.
i?, weddlng ol Mla* 'irrt- Baumgarten, daugh?
ter ,?i' Mr and Mrs. M,.-.s Baumgarten. and Bamu i
Cohen wlll t-k- place thi* eycnlns al the Lenas
Ly, im. Klfiy-ntnlh-al. anl Madlaon-ave.
Mis* Kdlth Andruaa, daughter -u Mr. nnd Mr* \
\' ,\, irusa wi!. marrted to James D, ? onnor ln
st I'r.incii Xsvler'* Church, Hlsteenth-et., aeai
Hixth-ave., oi Thursday mornlni
Parls, Peb II The chrll maniagc ceremonj unlt
i:i^, Mlsa Flora Delmonte. granddaughter '-: Mn
iiJat:. of New-Vork, ;?? Counl r*Tana Pellaa woi
p.ir,.rni-.i at th* Malrte In Paaay t- lay. B K
Mor*.-, I'nll 'I Btate* Coneu-Oeneral. and W H.
Oebhard, of New-York. acted as wltnesses for tti*
brlde The rellgloui ceremonj wlll t..k- pisce in
the Church of Bt Honort tTBclao In thls dtj lo*
morrow. _
M,. ;,? i Mrs. Oeorge Auatln Morrlaon gave ;i
dlnner party !?'?" ntgW al thelr home. No. M Plfth
u-. Thelr guests were Mlaa Mary Kearny, Mlsa
*,?!_ Denl Qrant, Mlsa Angellca Lewrence, Miss
Vlrglnla Welah, Mlsa Bdltb Mlller, Mlsa Helen de
Pcystei Miss Klsie Hall. Alberl Kalrfax. via ler
,:., * Herberl Barray. Da it M. Holllns, Chsrles
Klng Morrlsori, Oeorge Orai and Oeorge Auatln
Morrlaon, Jr
Mrs. Theolnn P. T. Ralll *?V0 a BU?e receptlon,
wlth muslr, yesterday Bfternooa at h-r home, No.
* Kast Flfty-fourth-et., In honor of her alster, Mlle.
/.-;:- ds Laasan Tho muaical proaramme, whl h
araa hii eacelleal one, blghl) epprectated b Ih.
guesti * ia furniahed bj Mis? Martlna John
the Bwedlen rtoUnlrt, percy Averlll. barytom
Patk Beydella Bodda, ibe Turklsh planlat M ? l<
Lusoaa sana ?everal ?nKs. Orton Bradley playlng
tbs accompaalmems. Among tbe guesti ?? v,p
and Mra s.imu-1 A. Brtdghsm, Mra Jamei Hurrj
\lr. anl Mi.-. Henrl Braem, Miss Ourmn
Naselll, Mrs Oeorge Baker. Miss Baker, Mi snd
Mr.. Bdward Pem Mi and Mr?. E. lt. De Orove,
Mr and Mr* <> n M Leaa. Mms r.< hlri Mra
.1,,... i. Navarro, Mi aad Mrs. WIBIam Burden, Mr
aad Mrs wn. ? Bloodgood, L. Contanseau, Mlaa
K.inh Collla . Mr aad Mrs A B. OUrowsl
Ml** i-'nhii-*to.-k.
Blr Ko'lerl-k Cameron will glve h dlnner partj
tiu- evenlng al hl* home. No. Itt Madli
of Mlsa Anna Oould_snd hM fianc',
f S
de Caatellane. ?ni Mrs i Kredei c Plei
?4 ?-.., Thlrty-fourth ?i . wlll *nt*rialn
oi young people ai dlnaei Mi and Mrs u .11..-..
S'tef, t.f No 171 Madlaon-av* ind Mr
anl Mrs Wllllam Ollberi Davlea, ? f N
K-oriy-flfth-at., are alao smong th- dlaaer-glveri
johnTdlZeraga, Mrs. Oordon Nprrte Mrs Wl
??" iiiird.%.. Llss nem*ntlns1. Furntaa Mra
,. i.edyar.1 Mr* l< U Colgate, Mr* 1
.?; 'j, -,;,?. Mrs .: .' H.;;. k-V Mr- u
d i?rrr.^ Mr- lohn l oa im. Mm* -l- '??'
,, KetfvmsMi- Jullel de N. ifvllli Mlsa
r-iBW. MtM1 Maml* Ki-i i. Mlsa \\ ? Wllrnei
Mlaa Adallna Moller aad Mlaa <.-?.-? 1
i),.. mws ??* raeelvod hera "" Baads
death ai Nlce, Praaee, oa PObraan "'1,,w
0f RobOfl H-r?l. at Ih- bk- of . uhty . n- Mn
Boreel's maldea naaaa ?u? Berah tet ? l*a
?ba was in.rn it. Ibla ? '?? aa I waa .. gran ll. lahter
?f thi orlglnal John Ja ??'' Utoi ihs aad her h 11
band had mads thelr boms In Tbe Hsgu* foi th*
Ust f..rty yeara, arhere Mi Btw* i as
buslnesa Mr*. H-r..: usuall) apeat Ih. ?rlnt_*
montha in NL - Bhe leave* a ri and two daugh
Ura tbe Baronesa ?!?? Oroenlng and ihe 1..1 ? ?-- .
I'ellandt. Mrs Boreel araa th* owo*i -' '??? '? '?
MuililiiK. al No 115 lir..,il?.i) I his na lln tlrst
-fr*Bl offlce bulldlng erecied ln thi* ctly, aml *??
Bii-h was noteworthy i-r h lona llm*
Mi:. I'l- \TT8 8VSBA Y-81 BOOL.
THB I'l.A'i 1' WINO IN A BAD ? V\.
p-rom Tha New-York Advartlsei
Th- Platl wll g of 11- it? 1'iihin an pai
, iu ..!, 1 Btate aeema 1 ? ba ln .. ba 1 -?> ' ??
f,,-..,,... |n th* rifth Avenu* Hotel reeterde.) demon
...,-. ..,; -., ? .- .-. .... . 1 ...? the 1,. 0 -li,-.
-,\,-k for hurltng polltlcal Javeiln* b) *?-.-<
Platl sgalnst hla enemlee, or by lhe "trong inen
Bgalnsl Mr. Platt. Thi asnctlty of the Babbath
however, ih nothlng lo tb* men aagersd bj tbs
appolntmeau ol Mayor Btrong.
Prom Tba PhllesTelpbla Inqulrer.
Th- ibeery lhal ea-Benator Platt'a Bunda)
-n? wai called for Ibe purpos. ot declarlng wai
mi Mayor Btrong waa undoubt*dly ilartrd b} ?
conaclencelet rsmpalan Har. lt- real purpoai ra
ilder the condltion of tha Aslatle pooi
ms iM-'i.i r.N'i-: WBAKKNINO
Krom Tbs l 'tl ? Pl
Th* turnliiK down of Mr Pfatl b> Mayoi
iv Blready havlng a tendencj lo leeaeo lhe n.ni. n ?
,,r the boaa in Btate leerialatlon. A man who <? -??>
.ntrol hl* -wn -lty Is nol
? ?
1...1 i.Ilirn lll. "wn 'I'l "? "?" ??;???? - .
worth) i" control very much outatde. of .1 '
courae Platl wlll make ., hard flghl to hold hla hami
on th- affairs of his party, bui Btrong ha* kiven
hlm ihe aevereal blow h? ever recelved* rn* rnei
ropolllan appolntmentH wlll play B veiy lm|>,.r .an.
part In Btate polltlca
Prom Tba Mall aad Baprei -
Mr Platl .-oui'i nol hava more completely e*po*ed
th- -.- ?i-Miil w.-.ikn-ss nf his |si?itlon lhan In Inua
calling hla loola and wouid be beneUclarl-* lognner
lo make an eahlbltlon of atrength saalnat Mayoi
Htn.iiK and th- present r-form admlniatration ln this
?lt\ If he had Buecerdi 1 In muBterlng any ????'?
?klerable number al hla ronferenci he would have
Involved th- Republlcan party of thla Btate In hu
mlllatlon and imt.Hr rontempt. ili? rallure aol inly
demonatratei that iil* p.rnl-lous power ls waning,
Imt lt alao provea the aelf-reapeci and Indcpendence
of thu? li-i>ui> l.-itns whose preaene* .n ihi* ola
graceful conference would have h.-i aay atgnin
Krom Tba Buffalo Bspn
Platl wouM hav- ntti- reaaou t., romptBln, even >f
he had l>een road* tbs vlrtim of broken faltb. But,
,,.- a matter of fact, no one who know* both Platt
,uii Btrong, -itl.-r personall) or bj reputailon, v\i:i
.,,1.. the word of Platl ln auch a niatt-r tn prefer
.?n? to that of Strong Ai.d Btrong s?\s ihat he
never gave any p'?Ik- to Platt. The ISxpreaa, for
one belleve* hlm. There waa no reasoa wbl '
riould hav* promloed Platl anything
i-'i'in Tba Bootoa Jeurael
Mr Platt's attempt lo make lhe pobltc belleve
thal Mayor Btrong broke lus promlae 10 i.im n rla
recent appolntmenta wlll f.?;i fl.u. Mayor Str-ng ls
imt the man -ither t?. mak. or 10 breaa promlass ol
Prom Tbs Newark Advsrtasar.
Th* 'luel thal Is BOW taklliK I'lar- l.etw-en Mr.
Thomas C. Platt. <>f Ttoga, aad th,- people "f Sew*
Y?rk is mlghty mtereattng, bul h ls also aaro death
f.,r Mr. I'latt
Krom Tha N'-rwu-h llulletln.
When it ooaaes to a ausstlon of veraelty bei? en
Mayor Btrong aad Platt. of New-York, th- people
wlll not he eabarraaead aboul reaciiing a conc.u
tlon ii" fa-t lhal Mayor Btrong la nol appolnt
Ing any I'latl men Mrengthens hlc 'lenl.tl IMI ba
' ever made saj promlass to "the raaebtoe."
l-i. ri.- BaOTato N<w?.
lt was an extremely t.n.l wi ? k t-it th, "?'- ?
lohn ?' Sheehan loht his ofticial head. Kre l-rlch R.
',..,,. th* aomswhal celebrated bulldoaei al Bata
[?L iil.' bis Joh as head ot the Inatltutbm f-r the
rilnl TbOBMU C. I'latt lost hl* grlp 00 the p,.ll
Seaof N.w Vork Clty
Kn.m Th- Bt. LouM Olobe-Demoerat,
BoaMbodj a New*Torb abould kindly tofbrm aa
,,?,.,,,11- world what pubUc aervlce th- man named
'i'i.ii haa -v. r performed that aatltlea him to any
fuVuier ieiioui attentlon Tb* strsam of Platl lhal
haab ea auah ng from ???- New-Yerh 1 si erslor m r
er*l moafiii maaes swfully stapM roadtag in other
States Olvt I'latt a^ old ault of CaJti-ea and let
hlm so.
VleniM, Feb. II Archduke Albrecht, Fleld Mar
sii.il and Inapector-Oaneral ..f the Army of Auetrla,
dled al An o ai 1:11 o'clock thla B-ornlng from con
g< sti io of tbe lun?,-s. _
Llke :.ii jrr.-rtt BOldlera, tb. veaerabte Arebduki
Albrecht, who has |ual explred ta hiJ eeventy
right b year, waa noted for bli eatreme modeety
and almplidty of manner, aa well aa for his entlre
frei i-.'n from thal awagger and braggadodo whleb
characterlaed, for Inatance, thal other veteran, th.
Franck Itarabal Canrobert, agalnal whom tbe Arcb
duke h...i fougni upon the battleflddi al Magenta
and 8 Ifeiino The aon of thal Arebduki Charlea
who fotighl >.. bravel) agalnal th- ttrs' Napoleon,
an.l who liv-s in blatorj ..s tha hero .>f tha battle
of Aapern, Arcbduke Albrecht was able to prove on
ni.rn-. kma ..ni upon many battlefle'.da that
bo ha.l Inbeiited, nol atono thi bravery, bal bIbo
ihe miiitary capadtlea and the atral xical icnlua
ef his iii.i otioiis father. Nol even in the _t-e.it war
of 1971 waa a more iplendld rtetory a m agalnal
overwhelmlag eddi than thal of Cuatoaaa in I99J,
wh-n ti-..- Arcbduke drove the Ita'lan Army. eom
mand. l by King V'tctor Kmmanud la peraon, back
over the Ulndo, thi preeenl Kins Humbert and hia
brother, tba lata Duke ol Aoata, aarrowly eacaplng
belng taken prlaonera Btrangdy enough, tha bat?
tle of CuBtoaaa took pl. on the rerj apol where.
jnsr etghteen rean before, the llallan army bad
been defeated by tbe Auatrtafl Marahal Radetakl,
under whom Arcbduke Albrecht commanded a dl
visi-.n. For hli conaplcuoua gallantry on thal oe
,,,-,., ihe croaa of Commander if the order of
Miii.i Thereaa was conterred uron blm, whlle t t
Ihe aecond vlctory al Cuatoaaa be waa elevated to
the dlgnlt) of .ir.m.i Croaa of >h..t order, belng
ii.nli aoldler In Europa to peaaeaa lt, as it ls
granted aolely to commandlng generala who have
woa ridorlea la tha face of overwhelmlng odda
Bborl and ^imht. rxceedlngly bomdy, wlth all
the uneerael) tratu pecutlar ta tbe Hapeburg
r.iiu.u Btrongly aecentuated, hla aomewhal btoary
tyea concealed by apeetactoa, wlth aloptng nnd
Btooplni ahould >n, Ihe old Arcbduke dld nol al
lirst Blght preaenl a martlal or Impodng aapect.
And rel ll waa ? nli neceaaarj to be la hla corn
pany for .. ;-??. mlnute. to reallxe and ?'|i'e"''.'-"'
the.trength of hl. Indlvlduallty, the dlgnfty of hla
mnnner. and th? breadth and extent ol hla Intel
le.t ..ni experlence. He could be eloouent. too.
and ai n dlnner glven by the Klng* oi the Bel
glan, .,. iiruaaela, at whlch neveral of the.prlnee.
of the Iloua. of Orlean. were pre ent. he spoke. ta
auch a manner of the gallantn dlaplarod by the
French troopa ln the m.r WW a. lo brlng teara
,., the eyea ot the l>uc d'Aumale nnd ol that
rougb ol.i HHll.ir Adn.iral. the Pr;n. ? '"' ??;"?,;'' "j
lt a ,.. thia reaard foi French braven whlcn lea
KmiSoVeri ,.k [he extn.Inary faux P*? ?nade
b) Marahal MacMahon. or rather bj hla wlfe, thi
ii,,.,..^? ,,r M_>?ntu ..n the ocea.lon ot the Ar. n
dX^visit toTarto dtarlna thi Brtlbltlon of 1871
,- Marshal MacMahon, a. Preridenl of the
,,. .,.,. eouw do nothlng elae than glve a grand
dinner nt th. Kly.ee ta honor ol the Imp.-ria
J'Je.T and the horror of the d-lptomata pre^t at
fhe entertalnmenl maj be >?>*?}???' *>''"?P>
for wln li vlctory MacMahon naa '?'?'; '. '"
im.. * liuke of Magenta ... the hands o Napo?
leon lll I'rob.bly Bny other roya aue.t aoiiM
have treated thla aa an ?np.?-donable In.ult fbit
,,,. An-hduke wa. loo much of an old wimw
??. wiii ii..!- ii.'.'- av are, alao, thal tni ta
r"-,',M:',",kvviC.'S isf .M5":a?.r
as.??8_5 .:" ?&ri H
f '.!. i i.. him by hla nephew. Kmperor Fran l?
i , nh waa alwaya of b moal tou. hlng ? harai ter.
. k-Lreratlon io aay that. with the
WVJt'n.arcb. hewa. f.r and .way
,?.. ',?.,-, ,..,,,,1.,, member of bb4 fomjb. both
:?;;;;/,; .^.^^^rini^^Mnv'm'viMr.a.a^no
/, .w prove. hlmi-elf ? klndei or rnore jympa
, .., -m.'-.i of th.mmon ao dler thaa d^ the
? i , i . ,_ . II.. am i xreai f.. . orlle, t"... ?' ?
M i, h, r ? Queen r.^.-nt. .. the aaughter
n*lZtlT" Tn ^nt"&?edth.V'nto
. u oi between the Uueen Beaeni
V .V a. the vouna l-uke Albreehi has two
SfflS?-n4/i 7;;LVhhe?o*rpeprd".ed.
?J_t"J . Klng ol vVurtemberg. upon hla
Wll.I.I \M B B. MMBi
tvilllsm B Brmmes as old New-York mei hant
i -?? Bai stl H ? oo Banda} nlaht, sitei
?,i Uln.f only three neeki Mr Bymmes ars
,.. rr, ln ? tvheater. Ma U two years ago.
.1 educatlon, and when
,,,, i to ...iv- hls waj to
?.*na.ndf. ?? --?*???? gj
neaa llfe ln I ' ""* '" N TW_
rkl. ..,,,??.:- 'MHIm, aml
,?bblnghou n? ??"? ?."?'"'?"
, ivanci -nd lat*. I ? ?'(h
????' ?.sjletjS
,,,,?, ,? Ne* V'.rk Mr IrmaiH entered hla em
ITa. . _lesm.n. and fl.ly becama ? asso.
,.rth-. ?...?...U?rparlii-rs ,??..<.
. .,, ,rk,r. ..-.I aon lhe esleem of all the mea
?'?::'.. ;;,i:r..;l'.'-"H ,'r.MTi,''!:-;
11 "' ' vir tummea never .
snd from lhal ,;;">'1. M^ f? ' . ,,r if-- m*n who
' ?,l ..P,rU*\i ,. . V ir* iso a rentr* for the
I" ! '"V ::'.. . .?.! h* oreaence there was al
^ /;/.-//././ iv/ ro.vcW /"/-' '//'/-?/?>'?
? Ul .,. H.. rilHI i: l>AT M RBERIEB
,,..? ?f the moal brllllenl Incklenta ef tha pn
, . " . ,,? .... ur-.-i lasl nlghl when .. mual
, nl aoctal aeaaon .
, ,,,,1 Bunner f-r Ihs benefll ol tbe inrei ny
. . ,-tv.n ln ihs nea dli lr_-roora of
N'urserlos wera givea
ii . i ir.... iis-iim -. i" W-"I I ori> imi'.
""? """' " ,. wai arranged and glven uader
~" "",-r'-.";',::.. ,,' ,i,i.:." womsn
T??? '?>?'??? *??*.ttotowha f"7
ln thelr profeeeton. rhe detaUs ror u
.,,,,1 raceotlon of ihe 100 persons preseni wen
.it.-. r?'t|?f.i"? i.,.i|u ,u ui'if
f * M... rOOfllf MW n*-"?y?
:.;.'.v',,'.i a,,h?.-ur^z
whlle the dtnlna-r. whh??. ls mo. ?'' ? ? ;''|* ?
,? lhl. ,,,,?.?? Ramboulllst. na. prof'* J ,
roted wllh buncbea of Amerlcan beei ?> " ? ? ' l
cTuVter. of brtghl .ored Amertcar, bei , ty row?
Ctematls v.n-s .tuddsd wlth roeea covert I
huge dome In tbs centre of tbe raom
T,..- parcn.~r.of tlcket. were met .1 the en*
irance ? tbs eoaearl raom aad showa, to ? ? >?
Ibe nsbero, wh.'" -'?*--"-' * . ' ; "''^ ;
Krederlc Baldwla. R. "*- Richards, I ? r-1.... i r*
llwnuysen. Krederlc NewboM aad Rawllns Cotts*
!eTl?S ?f,.r,''oV,,,knh.,..h..'on,-r..'.-ga.,
,,,.,.. ?_ . mlscHlaneou. P"Br?? " ' ;,
Aviiii, th- barytone; Vtetor Hejta . ?
IUI anl Mrs JulU WyBUW, who ain| ?? "i.n.
I'., ,.f s-ngs by K.l.-ll-r. NevlU, tl'- "o-npos-r.
Playlna tb. .mmpanlmeat. Ute ln ?'??--;
mg I'issi- Loflua. who was .naa_ed to '-'k'
,,,,, of Miss svi.ii Baadsrson. a.ared andgavs
'. .,f . f.rsomi.lons. Miss S ,,.,-rson
rully Inteadad to atag oatll rooterday. when ahe
r-,elye.l a C.bl* iTOm PnrtS a.,?o?r? u.g I hat -
????.? waa dylag. Tba ..i."P,.omt">";x oftM
,,?,?. WM Kl..a bul Mlsa Loftua got a heartj
;..,,.,,?? and h-r 'i.w-i work waa satbaaiaatlcally
^Afu'r't'h- eeueerl i.MkeraU supper ???i??ry_
m th- nea oaM aad uppar dlalag-roeea, la the
li. w ulng of th. Imtel.
Among those lll the t.rlllla.it alldtSBCS WOr. Ml
and Mrs. John Jaeok Aator. Mr. and Mrs. He...>
si,,,,,., m- and Mra Bldaey DlUoa RlpMy. **.( and
\|m W Slarr MIIMr. ColOOel aad Mrs. UIHIam
Jay, Ml aad Mrs. i'-r.y TUtaay, Mia. John A.
Lowerp. Mi aad Mra Augual Behneeit, lir. an.l
,ii, Buobanaa Wtotbrap. Mlaa Marle Wlnthrop.
?I, ,,,., un i Tewnasad Burden, Mlsa Bvelyu
lli.ni..., Mi .ml M>s Ivimnii.l L. Haylles. M rn.
Uuraen, nr. '"' .,-,,' ,.,..,.. mi^s Van llensn-laer.
Aleaander \mi nenaaeiaer, ??i , ..
.vSl'hm-'.Vi'l.r's..- a'- Mr sAd M PM. H-ni'M SOWB,
I,. * ,", ? , mi ."?' Mra. H Us Orand Cannon.
.?,:..?..,' .'.?i Sn B. V-.n lt.--.sH. rlaar C ru?-.. Air
i _a7__i .- im. i: l >iii?iii*j1"?'. Mr. ari.i Air?. .ihpim
s; ,,u J Ir . \H-. Stuyv. iani rijh. Mr. and
??.'?', ', ..'!? V o Mi and Mrs. C. M. Aleaander,
Mra. Bllaha tiyer, Jr. ar. ana .i> ri-m
Mi"^ Prellnghuyarn, Mr. and Mrs. ?urr-ca niggs.
.mi , r i' ni ?"?>, .. |, poreat, Mi-s Davia,
v ' "'" _~ I..rre l' rlllard. l" Mr. ..."1 Mra
? r,- ,' Us n \|i* I.,1. " vv.lnierdliig. Miss wil
.,-.- ii,'._' 11-s -ii-ii- Urown, Mr. .... I Mrs. Btbrldge
t r ,,; \iiss" 3eiry. and Mr"and Mrs. Charlea s
.?iin. , Mrs I'anin BtevenS, Mr. aml Mrs. Rlchard
_o?i n'.-r Mr ind Mrs. Wllllam Burden, MlasTrsv*
,. m" .ni Mr" i-'i.-I-n.- Bheldon, Mr. snd Mrs.
i-h'iri,?'?? <'; Pranklln, Mr. snd Mrs peorgs W. Kldd,
M *, Ki.ii Miss Ann Tbwnsead, Mr*. Artbur Ran
dolDh Mr'and Mra. K. H. Betta Mrs. Wllllam K
vAZ\L Mi-s coasuelo \......i.-ri.iit. Mr. andl Mra
Btanford whii-. Mr, and Mrs. Charlea r. Have*
m-vrr Mr an.l Mr, It. H. H-*^>U^,??*
brllL th* Ml?*ea llewitt. Mra. A. a. 11. wlll. Mr.
and Mrs. John J. Wayaoag, Mrs. \\ alt-r ? iittinK.
Miss Juliana Cuttlng, Mr. and Mrs. I.. K. U iltn. t i
Ing. Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Portei* Mr. and Mrs W.
Watu Bherman, Blr Roderlck Cameron, the Mlaoeo
Cameron, Mr- Robert Olyphant, Mr. ..nd Mrs. Ar?
thur Cumnock, Miaa Sn.-rnmn, Mr. and Mra w.
Storrs Wells. Mr. and Mrs. William I'ollock. Mrs
Ro he, Mr. and Mrs. Meorgy M. Bend, Count ai I
Countcaa de Laugler Vlllara, Mr. and Mrs. Addlaon
Cammack. Mrs. Brockholat ruttlng. William Cut
tltiK. ir., roiint and Countcaa de llontaaulnln, Mlie.
de uontoaulnln, th- Mlaaea Webb, Mr. nnd Mrs. Kd
mnii.l Cofftn. jr.. the MUki Bend. Mrs. Thomas
Hitchcock. Mr. and Mra Preocott l.awrence. Miss
Pomeroy. Mr. and Mrs. w. ll Oagood, Mr. and
Mra F. B. Hoffman. Mr. ard Mrs Hamllton Hsh
Webster, Mr. an.' Mrs. \\. c. S.->ierm<?rhorn. Mr.
and Mrs. rharles A. Poat, A. Murray Y.i'iiiK. Mr.
and Mrs. John A. II ..II. ri. |r., Mr. ard Mrs. John
Innis Kane, Mrs. Wllllam I. PoiiKlas, Mr. aad
Mra. J Hampden Robb, Mr. and Mrs. Hcnjamm
Wellcs. and Mr. and Mra K J. llt-rwind.
\< K.istor ft Etial'i laal nlght aeveral new featorea
were aeen, Miss Ciaale Loftua bealda other imita
iinr.s. Bdded oije of Gua ??'.lan, known aa "the Lon
iir.ri coati rmonger," and Tony Paator t i her llat.
The Franta Famlly, acrobata, made thdr reappear
i America; tha Brother. Roaaow, llllputlan
athletea appeared for the tirst tlme ta a boxing acl
wlth soi'i gl. v.s; Mlic. Aldde Capltalne, on tha
fly Ing trapeae, also made bar n ippearance, Btain
vllle gave imperaonatlona of atateamen aad authora
of Burope. .n-1 ?? new llvtag ptdture waa preaented
for the Brat tlme, wlth a bobd ..nd Invtdbl ? choma
effeci i.y twenty volcea Remalntng fi iture. of the
I,,,: included Paul Clnquavalll, ihe fuggtor; ti-.e four
im-z.s. French Blngara and dancera; mi;-. Bugento
Petreecu, contortlonlat; Huriey and VYIIton, trtple
hortmntal bar experta, and tha third aeriea of liv
\nu i i.t ures. On Frlday, Waahlngton'a Blrthday, a
hollday matioee wlll be glven al thla boti -
\t Proctor'a Theatre last nlght Loula Balaay and
MU.-. Phllo Durand, French traaefoi-aaUbn duet
tists. mad- thelr Amerlean debut Th.- Uvlng plc
turea have been wlthdrawn, and thera la new ne
break i.i the C .ntinuous vaudevlikf. Susautia Sliaf
l.-r. th- Jllggler and equilihrist. ..!' the Bbaffer fam?
lly. and the tiiree Homas. "human hori-ontal bars,"
r.-inain. but all the Other f.-atures ar- n-w, Indud
Ing th- Brothera Creacendo. electric muetcal clowna
Forteeeue and Oorman, in th- akalcb "My New
T-.i.li-r"; Millar, cornel soloist; Ih- Oden Trlo, It.
>. Hot Chaae"; Maurica Draw and Uaale Ma}
I'lmer. in ".i..ck Rooea"; ihe ?fokohama troupe of
Japaneae jim_>rs and gymnaata tbe iiiKhl-ys. Hi?
K-lns and Lealle. groteequc aarial comedlana; Mecca,
the boy Boprano; Hughea and De Foreat. Bcanion
and Btevena, Zoyarra, Morton and Coleman. Mag
Bta Bennett. Ln aonga and dancea; the Flelda, John
J. 11.11. ak ii.r. ar.d Harry Krooks.
Tony Paator amuaaa bla frlenda nobli this week.
Ba n..' ia raaaoua for dotag, A large audlence laal
niKht enjoyed th- enteruinmeni glven by Nat
H , .... Bnd .1-- Pettlnglll, in "The Pool Room";
IliM Oeorgle Parker, who aukea her Brat appeai
imres for thla aeaaon, ard Introducea aome n-w
longa and dancea; Miss Ball. Black, wi... makcs
her nr-l appearancea al thla theatre; McAvoy ..nd
May ih- patteraon Brothera, trapeae performera;
Oeorge K Auatln, Frank Ftaher -md Nettle Cro
w,n m thelr acrobatlc aketch; the Martlnnattle
Brothera, Gua. Meehan and Annle Raymond, vo
ca.l... introduclng ? orUrtaal^ aketd, wlth dla
/ VI,.:r.:,w'lM.-.,a.me,,,o-.iaJ.
"?""fi by ^\r^ritSn0fThePyr0hIv
,l"hr.Egh rurope. TlVelr enaagement I. for
.,i i,. .*..?Tli-v L*tv? performanc. - every even
I; J; .; -n.i;.---s on tfedne.day and Baturday.
??:.??> ??,'?'. pr> ir ai r ' -???? "? I7'
K. WwhtaVlon-a W. Wa) T., Gyp-y Wjl
of twelve nlece. Klve. con ert. aftern.i an<1 e\en
'V .Yamme roi the . ..-).
, ,?,;,,!.,.. melodles. - veral ae
Mofgypay mualc! whlch are eapeclally ptoa*
lnfc.rae - rowda of ;? ? " li11!'" ''',.,'"'"J'-n
gtreei Muaeum all day yeaterday. ihe bill
,, ,i -. ;n. h.iii wa. a good one. and Included the
-K.r 1 it\" aprlntera. who be?an th. laat wi -
. . eta/ul ontrai - ' - ?'? 'rouR' '.,f
monkey.. whl.-h broughl fortfh r iind.
DUuae by thdr funny antlce: Kenyon. the eau I b
f ., K W. Woode'a oplura ,- I "??m??k:!f^
Woodi a. ? j aej ? }}??-. /" .
i, ... man" Ro.e, "thr bearded lad) . tne nmitn
,wn :., ? md othera In ihe theatre tb
L-tVn..- v... ttag. II ln luded a ti >u|
varl'ty artleta and th lapanea I ring plct
. .-,.,, (j,,, so M Bowery, ?ttracted
mani vl?lt. ra ve.terlaj Th. ;? utrnnnnr pleimed
i.U'.- Lady
,,. . ? , |? ' ? -? greal or hi atrlon.
rwo ,.; m.i, BPBAKKBa r-ORBBi TBD IN ?N BRBOR
RRUARPINa vn imi:i:i:stiN'1 BPIBODB
IS ms i:\ki.V ll' B
To the Kdltor of The Tribune.
B , , mouU ||ke to correel an erroi thal haa been
repeated a number of ttmea ln connectlon wlth eii
,?<?.< ..? th- llfe of Mr. Uncoln, Mr Bancroft, ln
hi* remarkable funeral oratlon dellvered before
bntb Housvs ,.f Congress, ..s also Mr. Depew In hls
,,... admlrable addreaa In Vermont, referred to Mr.
l mcoln ss beglnnlng llfe as ., fiatboat man on th.
Mlaalaalpplltlver. Both of Ihese gentlemen wer.
in ,.,,.,,.? Mr Liucoln was never In sn> leuse -f
ti,,- word a "flatboatman "
What '- i>"-'?n as a "fls.it" ?"' the Western
rtwn .. mon -f a raft lhan .. boat. th- principal
,,.. ,,f which is I- floal a quantlty ??< lumber down
,',?? nv,., .., market, where ti.-- ao-called "boaC* la
Mld ,.s lumber, eltheraa a wh ??- oi - iki n aparl ror
thal purpose. [ncldenullj otber producta ot lhe
foreat or fleld or othei merchandloe, ar- conveyed
,,, markei on these "boats." "Ptotboatmen" ar- a
diBtmcl clasa of men, somewhat rougk and lawlesa
,,, character, who make .. business of navlgatiug
,heae -i-.it ' -'-wn ti,.- rlver. returnlng to thelr
homea by ateamboal.' to seek employment for
another trlp ?'" the waj up th- rlver these flat
boatmen occupy th- lower dech of th- itcamboat.
and at- a terror t- lha paaaengera b) thelr srlld
orgies, -" much - that the more ilmld travellers
avold tbe steamer. tha' earry flatboatmen ",-i these
lowi- decka To aay. ->? auppoae, thal Abraham
i.in-oln uas ever oaa ol these men Is slmply ab
.?,,i Ha once made i ti p to New-Orleans in i
??flatboaf f-r ih- purpose of dlsposlng -f aome
merchandlae thal he had recelved as eompensatlon
f.,r n wlnter*i employment, aml he gave lus eer
vi.-.s in r.-tiirn f-r his psaaace, as thousanda of
othera hav- done before aad slnce wlthoul belng
in th- least degree Wentlfled with the employment.
li was -:i- of th-'- esbjencle. In his nf* r.r
whlcb his fertlla mi"-! provlded an eapedlent. Th
preciea faeta as related by Mr. Llneotn In ra
presencs wers lhes< I glve them In his own woi i
"Wben i was about elghteen years <>:,! i was llving
ui Kentucky, aui hal been all wlnter belplng .
man 'iistii arhiakey. When aprlng came tn- man
had a inr^r quantlt) oi whlskey on hand snd had
ii,, money. Turnlng to Mr Chaae, wbo waa prea
.?nt he sai'i: 'if you had been there, <haae, wlth
your gr enback prlntlng preai we ahou.d have been
li.-it.i -it foi money than wa were. ot courae, i
had ii.' us- f-r ih- whlakey, and, aa there waa
more wiusk.\ in Kentucky lhan the people had
us,- foi i look- l aroun I I ?- ? way l ? dlsp ?* of tne
two barreli thal I had recelved f-r my wlnter
work l learned th.u ihen was a man up tne rlver
iniij.o who was bulldlng a fl 'boat lo iak.- i" New*
uii'-aiis in the aprlng. Bo i wenl to aee hlm, and
arranaed wlth him to take my merchandlae to
N.w ...1...HS. l to go along and glve my aervlce*
f,.i- my paaaage. ln th- meanwhlle 1 eschanged
,.,!,. ,,t nn barrels of whtakej for a caae ..f to
i,,,.,.,, tiunkiiiK thal if whiskey wn down ln price
when I arrlved al New-Orleana tobacco mlghl bo
,u,. \. ani rate, i abould nol hav- aii my agga m
the .same baeket."
\ni -,. ha atarted for Nea Urlesns on thi* nat
i,.U' nol as b "flstbostman." bul as a working
oaaaenger. Contlaulag hla narraUve, Mr. Uncoln
.,,i . nlghl ai we wers tylng up aa usual to
a hig tr.?n th- rlver bank, two men came io our
!,.?..? ,,r landlng snd asked me whal 1 would charge
t? i,,w them out Im. the atrsam ln th- sm.ui boal
th.u we had wlth us. to meel a *t*amboat thal waa
i? .ighi comlng down lhe rlver, but which wou?d
nol make n landlng ,u thsl polnl I told hem
IhoiH-li.. it would be worth a ahllllng aplece; (Bpanlah
-Miliinust were thsn ln eommon us- for sma.i cnangi i.
After putttng the ta i i isssngera ... -he ateamer
thev e-ave me a dollar. ' waa tbs onl> money i
.a, s-;'n m i,..?ny Jls montha and I -f'J!""^
for tha moment, tblnklng to myaelf.aa I r***?*^bac?
&d?be^Hchma*bSSn I dled. U 1 ahauM bve
Wlth .. good desl of qulst dlgnlty b?r pueo. i
was simp.v relatlng umt of m> m.inm ea|
through Wallfa and Phyalcal ewrctoe ??????
. o- l s .-,.-.gih than anything else. 11- waa
Vi?i_k1 ? -u:i ii '? hi> mlnd wUh ffinlted Uma snd
,_,.*? I ,.,.. w .i his dlsoossl. i?ut he cxerted avsry
-'"1'u;.;!?,1,1';;-l,r,"sl,,,K. InS ilthough self-tauaht. ha
I ? a misi.ik,- to regard blm at any partod of hls
nr*. aa anything olaa than the poaaaaaor of reflaed
.tiii-.s md noble tralts uf ehara-ter.
inVew-Vork Keh. 18. ML BXWBRT I.. V1K1.K
llnKlmn-Tn I'MlPlnnl Mnaiienla.?;nt Uf pi ?
mluin m-.l.il? award.-,!; i?r* Agre-uMe to the ta*t* anl
?malie.' doaa ih,.n otber Maajaasu. rot sale uiny m kot*
tlat with regU>t*r*4 trsse-n irt ' ?-:.
i.iinsi: THOMFBOM Al '!-- raaMaaes nf the i.riii^?
parcnta r*brturi 14. I'lalnlM.l. N. J., h\ th* Hev.
Kiitii'M- Boon* Wllllam Arthur Uoon* to <iara i.<u_,
d.ug!ii-r of Wlllliin miJ Kli?al-ilh H. 'n.,>nii>:?in.
MAll.-ll-l-KWI-.-On Monday February .8. ?. Bt JBBBBra
Chureh. i'i.iia.1. ipinii. by tl.. Ke? ? ? ?, ' l,.*;,, _n,t
D. I... aaalaied by th* Rev. .oaeph N B. '"." m^,_
the fUV. Frederuk BV"ta?a?er. A?bb Wl,,,.m
ilniiaht.-r of Ih- latB lianeia A. I_?ai*.
Toamg Marsh. ,_
Xotlcea of marrlages and deatha must be In
dorsed with full name and addrea..
?ariBta-Ll -Al Vorfolk. Vb., ">n Sunday evenlng. February
TBtoaS[ n..vd.-..: *ife of **r*tmTittwtt *
.,,,1 KiariMauKhter of Ihe late I'.-ter H*>den. of tnU
i-mkV-i-i \t XI." Plaaca oa ih* l?th Inatant. Sarah
''a';. :' ll, reri <L,.nKdon., wldow of BolK-rt Bo.,-1. of Tha
i;Kt'l'.1|Vi:Y-.-:u.l....nly. cn February l?. UM Dt*M Ogd.B
KunertV-rv.-e, wll. be he... jl MB hUB <aaktaB-a MMB
I-. iv N v -n Taial.r 8?th laat.. al - ?*? p '"?
?i'inn'i;. 'i."....i <v-..r.i BuUon ai hW ,? aa
copi'LTT ai r-4-tara, ?. v.. aa Pakraary m >""??
John .'op-iitl. ln hla ia.th y*.? _,,?,?? ?
I-unaral aervkea at hla lal* r*BiJ*nc.\ Vpp-r'.in n\%,
Yonkera N- V . Ml T.e.day. r*.bn*arr IB. .8 1 ?>_?*__.
carrta^alil m-< th. iTl- iraln froaj Ur-nd I entral
, ... and U"- 11:15 trala from P akakltt.
ii.-n- \t Rahway N. ?' . Bun4ay. IVuruai-y litk,
I ,'ul.r.M ll.', ... V."ghter 0. ttM late Alexander 9BBJB*
hTfuwr^ervlce. en Tm atay. Pakraary wh. at \M
,. n al her late reaMence.
Trklni"from New-York al 19:49 nnd 1 p. m.
Mm BSdwTo. Koaelle. Ho. 199 Aliaaaear ava. on Tu-o
,1,1 Februan 1". al 4 p. in.
,,,? Mr, i-.,,,,,,,,,. Hlrmian ^^
,:''!" P; '" . .,,? .nl-ti- Of tb. famlly.
,?.,,?,.,? ,-, .... ..^ h(>r rf9i|)pnr#
i_ock on ^"day. row ' , ,vi.:?v of WHiloBB Uwk.
II ''""T'' ",'"??! r?m*J.ibbw ? f New-Tork, M ker
and iu.Hi.-r ot Mu-- **-B*-B _???,
mu'.'vI-T M,.nh.v i-abraan 19, 1999, la _ke ?th yaae
,"V hia' bjw 1-h.riea Magaea eMaei bm af tba 1999
l-linll Macnua. _,
MKBKB On P-*ro*rj 1". Bophla '." . ** "*' "f *??? w
MOORE. \t i:i.H,...ii.i.i. n. J-. Pekraary IT. OeeafB
JnTr^JtrX. o- VeMay eveaJagei 7.1*. at
rtrw ^"^.na^ns: ffsjyaw*
.Tirlatopher ?i?.
[?oUBhkeepaU nnd NOWbarg papon pieaee ?"!?>?
l'AIIHY ?>r. kloadar. 8-Vl.rur.ry 19, f_-M l'-<>'.>. WliOW Of
iMml-'al'TeVVl-os wlll he hel.l Bl the residen.-e? of h*r
daughter, Mra LovaU, al 199 Keap-?t.. BlUIBjIya, OB
IVedneoday evaalag, at 7 a'ctoek.
HAV Ar MOBlelalr, N. J.. on Frlday February l.V aud
denly -f neari fallurt, O-oradanna Wtaeala arMew of
,lahT 34th-at. .nd Park-ave., TaM?ar, P*e_raari V% at
? o'clock p. nv
Intermeni priva't
,.,,,? oa Si.n.Iav Kehruiry lTili. M.o;. lane wtf. of
Rjarn**HleeTjr!. and dauehtW of th... la.e 9oO?a and
.-'''",'T,n:r!^wt", her la.e r-Woe*. 1.144 Paaaab.
''' h.'' "'? ,?-_.___? m havU-Bl tfl aiiend the funeral
l',!^;^1;:^. .',,p..,i I'laina. N. J..
,,;;Nl^;\;;''^u,nB..n.rn::. .,-,,,,.
stiabYN! Oa Moaeay, roaeran i. >? ?
:'"'"'" ,l"r",f'""- ,_ im. BtMia
' ^^i^^.MW^Wtb*.
?n Tueaday. K-l.ruary 1? at n p. ni.
Intermeni .1 "toooau, N. T.
KYMMKd At hia late reaMeisee, ihe BBrretl Houae, BbbV
,;;?: S-ritS^".??"?
,, ,-. avrnlna, February 1'.'. Bl a oa -
ani ..' *VlBchea-er, Maaa
ihe _Oth Inet., :o ?"? o'elocB
TowNHrND Ai ijUtlaecock, U L. aa Bwaiay. Jfaanganj
rV- ,'.-..,,V Townaend in the t-Mli year of hl. ace.
?taLffoa W^JatZy.!?tB Ol" from Si. Faiil , .'hur-h,
G|?n <'ove. l_ I. at 1 p. BL ,.
?iVanholl ,,i.l m IhOf of Kn. Pla9arlB \an I.'nnep. ...
Sotic* ot fnner.il bareafter.
Monnt Hope. Weateheater 4 ounty.
utn-e. 999 Si-th*va, M.T. Telephone UHO. IHlh-.t.
KiVSI.o .-rMICTERT. Harlern Rallroart. JLaBJaBIBI
fronTo^rand Caatral Uepot; n*w prtv.w atatlon a* aa
rar.ee. Offlce. 16 Kaal 4.dat. Telephone call. Kt XX
Special Xotict"*.
The aoi-iViTof itie *-...s ??' ifcjj ?*,V,!m"*"
.. .., ,-.. ih* on- ii-i-ilf'.! and six-v-iin-'l aasi.er
.fofOaort* w.-4Ungioa.-_ eJaaaajB
;,', i,,:;,,..,... ,'g n rrMay, Kebrasn
. . .. m mmmi morallon --f the *sm
;;.!"?',:,?,,, ?, tb. Brick ?^rcb.rifth-ave. end
wn-eatb-ai.. ?i Bunday. r.-ir- lary -4. ?' ? ?. ?^
Ti k, . . ,n b i: an i al taa i s* ? 11 "!"- ? ?>? " '?> *"
? mvs i: v BM1TK. ntBC/K a TAl.l.MAnuB,
- --ary. Ynild.-tm
Ulial'* ?*o*oilonlf "tll this you ??k,
i u ?.- ? in eaaj laak
, , ll.l'lld S-fl Rtl'l **V**t.
uh'i,'.V.ps t.-th bealihy, whlle .'n.i n-at.
Which make* th* roej icunis endur* -
And rendera breath. hk-- rosea, par*.___
Cnswail. M?*aey & to.'i
WITH l'KI-si.N A.XU QinKlKB.
I'rewnbed by ner.rly all phyaUM- '" .r,'f"f'"CeAV^uh,'r**
g,_d for clrcutar. 1.1*1 Broaaway; Hl TBXm Aesaas.
B?SlMtlM of tlie
31* Weal o;th si. Open daj mw *vealng. A.ittiiKsion. aoct*.
lloiUwooil-* Mleie.rplleon BlMe. ar* MADB BV
v\- s^-sajfa. -ilW^^rSaaaf*
Kh $ra1i*_ 1 44" En-utw.y Itetb-eU. __
Tlie l.lahe?l ??t.-iire. f?r AetlBrlnl Terlh
.,, ihe \. .ni.r- f*alr ?as sram.d t- im ?i*l,H?__"
DEAXB Dentlat, *M L-alngt nsr 4,.th-.t.
S,,..;",,-. .rtlflcta. Teelh Kxi r.-.-M -J wtored._
I'oatuflu-e batlaa.
rorrtan miills f-r tb* Wj*fc *n.lln? rVbn.ary ? wlll
? iP' mP?? I" -l11 ?""'-?-' '!' ' " ?_.'__U_'?t?
suvv *.. :t a iii for Kurope. p*T a S f-aai-. m?
... . I- ti countrtei mu.i b* dlrccteg "per ?**--*
i?;,?,, , .,1 ?;? p iu for '? lia Bl i. vla Llmon. per ?. a.
AWBDN_aDA" a."" '?"'?'"-r B?maaa, aer * *. Tr.ni*
l._ ? ail a. m. Cuppl-mentary 1" ... ia.) f-r Kunpa.
.:..?'? s H-rl-n Ma goutbampton ,1-ttei* must !?? dl
..,?,i ?'?p.-r B*rltn">; ai B a. ra. for Proawa.?. per a .
. ,,,,.! ,;,.,,,,. ,,?;.. be dlreoted "per C. ? adal ),,JA
.. ??? , m i*uppl?-n*nian lOiaO a. m.i for <-l-n *rM
in -.-in ., ui i for Kortun* l*land and Ila>tl. p-r a, ??*'}'??
,. ,i : ... (.upplemeniar, II ... ??" -^?f?_F*ltA_,_K5
.v.,,,! .-..s.a 141.... an.l Boutb ParlBe P-rt*. PJTB. BJ 'X
, ,.' . ... ,,, ? I'.u^rs fir liuatemala mu?t i? 'li
,.:!?',, '?:, , ror rran?. Bwlti*rt4_l. luiy. ^^nX
k*i Yiiik-v ....I Brlilah India. i""- ?"? ?? fr* '"***??,
,-,;v ,f W.jhlngtn-1' ; ;.t '?,,.,;*;?? Tu.k? I.h.nd.
b*J.ie* aml |.-m-r,..a, p-r *. ^ l -rri'
. ii im, iv vt 1 a m. f?r M**ti *??? '*" **?_? . _
hal-rn.i i. ,.' i ~ ?'? ? ? Hra',,i a,?i i?t I'u.a ae*Ja
?'.r":-". ,'Us'l. ,'v.ll,V.'r..,.,.l.u.-o. |:.l,l, lll.
"" ' ??.!.>_ (toll'r* for North M-.all nm?t h- dl
, ./I f, s. Ti-niis. St -Viix l.-.-*ai,l *-iWWnJ
Ulanda. Martlnlqu* ani Barbadoaa. per *. *. ?sribbat
ilettera for Orwida. Tiinidad aiul tobMO nsM be dW
ncted "Sr Cartbbea"): at 10 ?? ni. i-upplrm.-iitaiy P'!B>
in > f-r Kurtun- laland. Jamai.a anl Savanilla. p?
? - 4len- il-it?r? for oi h-r P?rt? of Colombla aml f.?
(?o.ia'KUa Ma l.lm.n. nrn-t b* dlr*_*d "P?r Al???*_l
?t 10 :t*> .. Bi. f-r Carnoeche. I'lilapa*. Taba?.v. ana >"?;*
Un p.,r ? *. s-auMin-ii ilwt-r* f"r oth-r Meslrart Xt.,l*a
,'u i-uha must be .llr-.t^d "p-r rieg.iran.a"i: at 11 a. ra
f,,r \-lherland? dlr-ot, pei ?. *. Ohdam, x la K?tt?rdam
(lettera must I- dlr.-.-t-'l "p-r Obdam"!; at 11 a. m. <?u>
i.l.i'i.-iitarv 11' Wji m.l for Kr.in.-.'. awluerland. Italy.
Spaln. I'-rtuuHl Turkey mii.1 llrltuh India. p-r *. ?. La
lloiirK-.n- ilettera f"r other parts of Kurope inaa* be
,lli-e.-ir.l "per l?i U,>ur*"irn.>' l; at 2 p. m. for S,'0|*,
land illre-t, pr- ?. t. Kurn-?*la. vla lila??ow tlet'WB
must be dlreilrd -'per Kurneiala"): at '1 p. m. for <j. noa,
p?r *. ? Kalser Wilhelm II ih-lt-rs inuet b- dlri-rte.1 "p*r
Kais.i- Wilhelm II"). at ?:iO p m. f-r Ncwfoundland, par
su-Hin.i- from llullfax; ut S:S(> p. ni. for St. I't-rre*
Mliueloa, i>er ?t-nm> r froni H.illfax.
Mails ',,;? ih.- s,,i.tv Islanda, p-r ^hlp (Jalll-e ifrtlja
Shu Pran-laco), clone here .iaily up to February Ti at iJO
p. m. Malla f,.r rhlna and Japan i?p?oUlly addr-ajap
onlyl, p*r *. ?. Kmiirwi of ("hlna ifr-m Vati-ouver.. ?"?_?
har* dallv up t,, K?hruarv -A ?t ii:lu p. m. Mall*tae
I'hlra an.l Japan. p*f .- a Oa*Ue .tr.nn San l"rail.-l*0_.
,.|o?* h..re .laily up to 1-Vbmary -.'T i* '1-30 p. nv *?-"*?
; for Auslr.lla lexrept tho*.- for V\'??t Auntralla. ***'_!"*"n "TJ
! r, i-v.a.,1. .1 Mh Uur.jp-). Wew _?l*aC llawal.. na. a^
' s?,,.i,....n lalanda, par ?. h. MarlDoa* .fr-m a.n Kranrli.o).
:. el, m ri-r.- dally .-i> to aUreH ??* ?t o.?o P ,__*_?_ inr
rlval al Niiw./ork ol *. *. Aurania wlth 6."Uh ?"*' J^
I Auatralia). Ma'l* for Hawall: P-r a ?? UA""L??\,'a?
San rrancUcol, cIom h-r- dally up to Mar.h fl' ?? ?;?
|p ,? Malla fr Auatralia (*S?Pt W**? .fgffi*
hawall ...i'l ng lalsnde, i>cr ? a. Mkrwars Bttm^r*^
.,'Uv.t). eloaa h-re dally l&J_*_fflVl3lh
1. at ?..Tii |. m. tlalK for N-wfoundUnd by ?'-'^
Hatltea ,n.i HMOC. bj t^fL%,n rVu ftaim
Po.lofflc. N-#-York N. V.. Pebruary 15. 1?S.

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